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ehould ba to give plav to Pvodiictive
forc.es as far as nracticable, regardleaa
of poUUcal boundariea N*o 7''ds'':
can meaaure, the beucflta w ti? *?
re^phs of this freer commerctul mter
o.-.nrso. and no ' "' ?n^_.
>>? judgcd wboUy by ewataai haajaa aaa
*W>*"have I *? w __? oiy,ni
uxd I^road vic-v of our futtire aee
Semk atatua and Ita iW?w??2_ni2
have drawn upon our ?"r*\tlQVi"lo\
ln such a rav as to tnvtte attcntton to
&?neceaaa_T ualt Thla haa pro
arouaed efforti
avoid their wa*
t'.se to our neceaaitlefl *_? I
? md m popi ? ?_* '?' ;;;'
Humptur- of food r-o-m-t- and thi
neceaaltlei ,3', n-?
... ,,.. r t, it un
HUWmtng and Unporting tnetn.
Need of Eniarged MarkeU.
Exdudlng coti
ii ?
onr tr
rlng' claaaea we i
on the n
mllea ? resourccs of the
? s ;ondl
. ?. - ? ' ' ?
v !?'?
- r. ? ?
whlch we
cbnii hava tlrect a
! .... ? :ut an ob
? ? ? ? ? ? '
uohold II "1 that
? '?
- ? i a'ion ar.d
D our
rcial treat
><har coun
?? -her they
: ? ta laolftUd .
re to bt
' >nd adda:
thaa ? ;air-9 .,i,e
.;n if they
id the
on in
and flzed foi at i
thns .
? our peo: :
-. Effect on Cost of Living.
1 do not wiah ta hold ? ispect
j::?e of food
i . ? ...
?mall amoi
. ..;.: :"., as com.
? our own productlon
tion gradual. Exciuding
? ? ?
? ?
ild oertalnly
nta and
? irther
-?or:. price ot
la haa he?n
... : would bfl
but ene \ ? uld be tr.
?'v! ?
be eai
? -
?. - nion te
tO the S'l-piy Ol
? ? h?a. vaot
1* thi Don
their raw matei
r-?rg. ? -
i g RelatiOM th tha Dl
- . ? 1 ,
a proeperoue
. I f a
Prealdent Tel
? 11|
aratloae f1"." detmc.
? i ?
i ?? -..
i f?flei
? I :
I .ng in
greaa for ita i
Bnt': H Will Ind ii r?or to
Make OhftB I
iinderitgndlitg goaom?
P'.lshed. WM B*W*M publt'i to-night. The ,
Canadtin oommiaslrners: made lt plain that :
ta then miwaUiifMag ** m****1****4]
would use their bfet efftx^ to n-aH-a lata
i . . taitff eharAtaa by leglaiaa
,,f bv treaty. II wae a***daret0?" i
se..-a'i-a?. af Iha 'iit?? and labei
pended n roaturing rhe lawinent and i
... .-. ?-???. | 11 raevH eo Ibe pea*,
? - ,' both sldars of rh? border. it ***** !
rratloa foi ? oon?idrrabl-?
Bul r.elrJier the Qtattad t*taies Of
la rh'Jll b-> pr*jvente-1 froro maki'1-.
laatttt poiii y lhal may be
- tba fmure.
? tauiiaitaatai'ieri patpi ou*
?**s ivhtrb t'-ie Unlted Btati I
0 make repardinfT tb.a, ln
I ivi]"i and puin mual for th<
ent remaln InoperaUw riits ls b<
? .vm,;iai govvrnmant'e intareau ? m ?
not be im- rfare I a Ith I
I wbethet the ymeladai
c-oi-ernn*'nf* will daielre ln any ? I
rnod'fv thatl vegulatk-'i." wltb a ?*
twcming tho freae adml*??i<>n of puip aad
? .. tbetr pro-fbioti into the l
it be e i Bttlon for than i
cidr. ii tbe mean tim? the preaent datiee
on pnip 81**1 paper Imported from tba
: unlted state.-* Into Canada will ramata.
- end paper anter tha T
from all par's of a-.mada f
duty, thra almllar art ba admttted
"'??mada fron: tbe Uatti tF*A ?
- Han eeannili loaeri fearad thai j
the. ?onstructlan and |
tion ,-r thU eouotiy"! euatoma
i extent
i esent
peoMiH Bo they deeli that lt waa
? tbe utmoat core, most h* tahen
?meata to see that only iUCh
customa raaguiation*. are adagtad M ar? rea
pra-rvenl fraud. snd
i that nor.e ibould be made ORiaaeoai
rnore Ubera] e**.c?.ar.-*e af ooaaa
? legltlatlon neoantary
; to accomplish this would ba s-vjght 07 t'Oth
Naminal Pae <or km*-,-*.* Flahamaa
! The govt-rnment ot CgMda agr*.*c-? that
Oafctng vessel* shal! bereaf'er be
. m watara at a nomi
. ? year
? v the iegi?!aticn on
- may contala a prorlao that it
ehall nol become effective as to rates untll
.'. a4*-t;on on that Mhfeet in that dlre-*
... assuxed.
te lated January
21. fully -onnrms tl-.e Panaflrgn understand
ing oi t e exact maailna, of tha agreement.
lie ragrati the taabtflty of tbe commleabm
? adjuat their dlflferenoee on wood puip,
. puip wood _ad prlnt paper. He &ava:
we : ffleultlei to a bich you
? | out of tho aature of the re
bomlnion and provla
- ? te, and for the pre-,..-nt we
be 4ur.t.e.*:t wlth the cocduional ar
t ? ?'- has been proposed in
J ile A. att.*cr-eu to youf letter.
The _U eral u*y alao undertakee to prevent
.d ouatoma ndrn.r.istratlon. ar.d
?- gratlfloatlon et the reduction to
: fee of the Mcense for Amerlcan
men fn Canadian aratera.
teepoadence eleaee with mutuai
:ion.-* cf ?"-rauiic&'.lcn and apprecla
uon of the apiril ln which each siie haa
: Stato Departraent AnDonnces
F.eciprocity Terms.
Waahlagtoa, Jaa. :*.-Th? but* Dapgrt
afternoon gave oul tho follow
immary Of ti-.e tarlff chantee pro
foi ie thi redprocttr agreement wlth
j Can-;
ia?i^ of thi agraMrment ls this: P.e
I clprocal hst-s on leading food products.
. euch as "-beat and other grains. dairy
: ? ani i*eget3'1--3. flan
j ot all re and poultn*. tattle, shasep
i and other llve ijnlmal*
nunodltiea now free m one
: couni .: to be i iadi fr--_ bj i!-.e other.
? -4 .ci ol' by Cai - - ei d
' * ? ?
. platea, n >w duuable li Mth
? ura i*aade mutually frae,
I now exempted from
exanapteaj by the
Bome raw maw.-ial*. euch
4 ,:*'?!' into
? ? rous industrfe.".. are to b>> made fre?
- ?-. t.*> fre? op tba
?? ? ? on tbi exporta
Mui ? lentical i 6?c
ondar aa fresh mear.*..
oanaed i i l?aaaa. i***d and
. ounds, car.r.cd vefetables, flour,
me ani other fooalatuaa,
Mutually reduced ratei on \ 11st ot man
ommoditlea, v.-!.ich bieludaa no
lUary. cloeke and watchea
? .i
iti . ? ? bre band tn*
tuig lak aad mu I loaoiu
j. .
Implemente, s-ioh as ploughe,
: harveisters, tlirai ? l aod dnlli
Canada to the Unlted
llst of artlelu u jn**-n ipaaoial
i; rati'i by .
md emeat te U
? ? Doundi rhi '
w \fi ?**'n,,s a ion.
I lowe - ? -rn ?1,'J
, or. dressed lum'.-ei
Amounl of Duties Pemittod.
? . Ita. bj
rlaaa now duilaM
?i : '?? * ?...; tba
. \ per cent
? - - i into the Unlted
. :p:o-4i
? :?'. pw cent
. of arttrlrjBj rema '\to% iiutiable
(..?.-_.- pe ??!:?.
?? ?
, ... . take frea ?
ii to ratducfl duti
. . i er.'
? mada
i m redprotal ,- *?
i cent,
I ?
-, ? fO'.d puip,
paper ? aati ".?? -
0; dairy pi x) icta,
. ? * .-:?: .;*i. tOl
-' dut; remltted by i*.-injda ert
? ? a the 1 -:..-? ?!? >.ia*e?
. . ?? f_ .
? ?- 4
? ' ' of fl ! IndB, V.nfi.
-?-???.'? ? ?'? fftr.'.ta
? an-I WgfaTJ r* -|p Proviglgn
? ei tha pn il papee yvmajt*
, | t *>llo"-*
ed pulr
. - - ?e.h-il.
, ii OthaTar 1'^P-*** a-d ;-?..
? '? ? ? ? -*Mir. ar
l ?" -? - ? moro
than 4
n.-.d hoard
vahed at 4 eaata ? r " nd er (rjia. and
? ? - . ta ef Capade.
te th.
';?? c(
? tnai na
?rhate< ever
? ? ? ?
? I
?? J ill hiv^ t.??n lm.
. paper boa.ra (l. wood
'i-.p menufaetun
4 pr th?
-? * ':i iha ma?
T weod milf pa,
\rta ol Canada free of
Many Concessions May Tend to Lower Cost
of Livins Here.
Wa-?hIngton. Jan. 7ft TlflMg ldea of
what the commtssloners have <b.-.? "i
reducinc: dVtfea on ?"an-dlan goods to ba
admltted lnto <n0 United irtates and
Axnerlcan gooda admltted into Canada
under thr naw agreement ls glven bj
rxtracts ttCtB t\\o exhaustlvo schedule
includcj tn tho oorreapondence
It appeara that among tho ar
now- d'ttiahle that go on the (ffa Hst 9Tt
cattla, whieh aro now ilutlable at the
rate of from U each to -7'. p*r cepl
coming into the O'ited ttdfcau and at 28
- >-t gomq into Canada. g
Caaadlaa hog p*ys IISO wbect he
UfjMI th.: Vpatk and ao does a nh-ep.
x.Mie the American porker is taxed V-,
cegta a pound wtM* he entens Cv
and sheep 999 19 r*r cent. Caaadhth
pOUltTJ now pay a duty of 5 cen's a
pound deai and 3 cents alive, and
?-- crosslns ir.'o Canada
I J noi cent
CB-ttdjBUI ?'heat ts taxed _3 Cfcnt3 a
buahel aobarihf Amerlca. whlch ls roore.
than double th- rate American whea4
eoata Import d tato Canada. All food
producta, luch as oats, barley. buck
wheat, ete, now pav duties ranglng from
I'. to 43 cents a bu3hel coming from
Canada. ar.d from 10 cents to tt cents
enterlns: Canada from the United States.
Hay paya N a tcn -Oing into Canada
ahd ?'- r.tur_i-g. AH these wlll now be
free, if tho agreement is ratitt-d fo
wiii onlona ami poftoaa. drted Cratta and
cheeae and fTagb mUk ar.d e?gs, whieh
now v" onaidaTJibla duties, as rauch a3
28 cents a buahel in the i^ase of potatoea
gnd .*> eentl a doren Ibr egrers of Canadian
Whlla tha Canadiars will get thelr'
cottonseed oi! free, where they now ra*''
a duty cf 17.1 per cent. Canadlan fla?:
?eed, whieh ls now taxed 25 cents u
bu?hel, will come into this country free.;
Aii kinds of garden eeeds wlU be free. i
i Ttvy nw pay mittoa raagfng from I
t.-. \o cents a fOUOd
Duty on Fish RemoveH
XtM Canadi-.ns can rhtp codfijh lnto
the t'uiu-.i Btatea, Cregh, aalted or
? -I. ti :?-. wbere tt ni ? * flutj
[of ". of _ atnt a pound. Tbi. aanw '
trua o4 haiibut, now duttaali 9\ i cent,
aad htrring, whfefe pa>:' a\ of 9 ?
pound ffajgh and u cent plckled or aalted
l Any hlad Of mack'Tol will be fr- 9, l
lt nou payg l ceut a pound coming frorn
ng itito Canada. All Othef ?9B llah
and MbXtOQ, freah and smokei and ? ?
pared m various way. 9 ill he free,
tn?*r* thttf now pay as much as
cent duty on each side of the line. Ameri?
can oyatan a^e to have, ttoM entry lnto
, .-, t. r,. re thay ar.-- uow taxed 10
. or i io ?, eaai -
? n?h cii goaa i n lha trea liat li
? pa<s I cetltl ? gallon ent'-ring inl
- .- - ? i- | *? | p.r paul antei in^
?-" ida
1 ? r--sant duty af II oenta a gaiion
ion cod i-v;r oll Unported !,,,', tha United
.s*3'-'. is wipad out. Bo la tho duty o(
i: centa a bundred ponnda oa sait com?
ing trotu Canada, whtla tba Canadiana
alao retnlt thelr daty of T. eai
! AmericTP. Mtl
Caaadiaa tlnihar, naru Iutl4bk ? -
i a cent a cubtc foot. aad all ktada of
i pianks of dUferent woodu, now dutli
at 50 cents to Ji II a thousand. and tel
graph poies, now paying l" per cent,
and picketa, at 10 pei r~".t. ill go on the
free 1!M.
Anv.rican tin plat.- and crudbla itaal
wire, Whlch BOW pa:" B par cent duty,
will be admitted lnto Canada free. and
the sa*v>-? la true of barbed fenctng wire
ccrr.tns, from Canada. whlch now paya
-.-juarters cf a cent a pound
some cf th& artlclei that ara to h*. ad
mltted at reduced rataa ol duty an r^'h
, sldes follow:
Mutton and ianib 1?4 cgpM * P?"nd* ;l
n -lut tion of yx ront on pga*dlap mutton
, and of \% eenU on A.-e.iran niutton
j The sanio rataa apply to other fr*eh
] meats. Bacou Ib reduead fr""1 * ?'"??'
lo 1 -, ??? id - . .? -!,,__ fxtwa Canada H,",
from 2 centa to tl. ajue fi",Itv aptarlni
I Canada. About thj* ._nie late < f vedur
i tioa holds good in tbe easa of 99it b-cf,
: poik. Mad aad smokcd meats and .-alted
D . if. Canned iceats liaajlJWJ ln*<m
Canada Btt radttdefl I pm aawi *** -?
. per cent. .??n 1 Croaateg from th'' Ciiltcd
i they wil] pJly _<> per cent Inafc '?'
: ' , ? i-, t i-rdur-iion of 'i cent
a i-"U'i'i oti Cgpgdign tofd and X of p
c-iit. a pound oa Amerlonn lard. Whaat
llour from Canada, rnattf*1 of 23
cent, will pay BO centa ? barrel, and
American Bour wlll pay tha wm11 rate
iu Canada, a hara tl la ":" ,',i' '' '
' Cornn Cai la aill V''' W*
centa a bundrad pounds Inataad of l4'
? ?; and thi lame maal trcm the
? tn go ln al i'" i cenl ?
lrimif -.'. where l< now paya 25 centf ?
1 ?
There i? no reduction In ihe eaaa of
idtgn agrKultur.il i:up!ea..-nt* enter
? Ing Amerlea, rblob wiu atiii ooatlnue to
\ pm- 1". iier cent. Fb.it American implo
? . | ? ? rtng ''anada wtll do BO ar 15
? ? they rtow pav from 1"'
1 i ? r ':nnf Bome apeclal Canadlan
uaehti luch aa botajapoviara, part*
I able anglnea, hav loaders, potato dtftai ??
rallara, ? and bay t.dd.r..
j whlch P"-v pay from M io ..'? par cent
duty, nuv her nne in for 20 per
'(.eni., v.hiie tha Caaadtaae rewuee tiu-tr
own dutlaa on tha *-am-^ artlclea from 25
! prr cent to _?'>.
Unartcan cutlary, wjilck now pa! - 0
I per rent entering Canaflja. wlll be re?
duced to -ITH per cent. and Canadian
: cutlary may come ln at tJoe eame flgure.
v. here tt now pays rates as hlgh aa 10
per cent.
American clccka and watches. now
taxed 30 per cent. will go lnto Canada gt
074 per cent, and Canadian ngnnaa and ;
small boats, whii h now pa- ,-". p r cent, :
ngy enter at -2V. per cent
AvtOfttOMlea and motor vehicles. whieh
now pay ?">?"> par oaat entertng Canada,
wlll be reduced B per oent, and Canadlan !
a"tomobtlea. wbich now ra*- 45 per cent ?
when they croaa the line. wiii enter at 80 ;
per cent. I
Bitumlnoui eoal wwh now payi
centa B ten, may enter Canada .ot 45
centa a ton, and the L'nited State? gjves ^
'ti... "ara? rate on Canadlan coal
fnnainiied from flr?l pn
no mor*. of ihe i.nrpo-f af thalr t*****
eentatlTaa In *taraabln?to? than inembera
ait Congriaa liaPw *>f ihe iateatleag *t
tha ."'mlnistrallon, and thgl lt is quite
poaaible tha Bgrpajfnant wlll tmeawntef
.-vi-ii mara obataelaa at Qttgwa thgg la
Waahington ?:'-**itiiin tt Irj that word
from Hisi capital Ofl Iha atHMide of the
, , ? lorttiea wl_ aa awaltod
M-ltli thai k-*:*ne?*l tnteri ?t. hy tiie utates
,,v ii in Bfhahlfagtow.
Argurr.ents of tiie Oppoiition.
Oaa iiifi'i.-iiU.n ruewbar af C**aaT**a*
from a *>foi th waatar a atata dadaral ",|"*
evaalag that H etapaaa upproved ?hi*?
.?arre^mr-nt it would m-au ndid Demo?
cratlc deleg attoaa la Coafiaaa lia*ll BM
, .' - ? m, ... i tbal |f 'ho .rm*
, r. e| ;-; ea< tl ra an ra to ba thaa aaarta
,?,. - i ^ hlmaelf would agvaf agati
?iff on any I
fgqttirad produ**.
i? ll r>4mlttadly Mtaethlaf of an anom
aly that tho "BoutlH sal-at'.on army"
ehould ba tha lir&t te dealara KaaW i??
equlvoeally otpoaed to tha proposed ra
duetion ? kti duti oa food ra-oduata aad
ertlelee of gtraaral u.-c This so
army la eompaatd ol mtn wtu*. chlaf
trade has been critid-sm of
t rafl becauee he ap| '
I - tjarirT. bill, v/hieh, <h?v OOgtead.
Inpoaaa rataa ?t duty thai ara too high.
And yat tha minute that tha PregMant
- . partial raductlon on the ne:
eaaartai of Itfa, or al laaat a part of
them, these. ?ame men -.ro the first |
nounce his course and to P'Jt obataolaa
in hie PBjr.
Another eleir.ent wbieh is oppos-*-l ta
this agiaamant b_ tha Pdaiae deiegatio*i,
whlch is i-onvlnced that the plarlng cf
potatoaa on the free llat UgBM thj ab
ioiutai ruln of tho tarmari of ita state
In' a word, no aaa waata any reduction
cf th* tariff. *y*9 PBTtU] and in favor
of a einde country, which will in aay
way affact tha products of his eonstitu
entf ..
it le pradlctad that no sooner are tbe
??-*-ms of th* agreement known through
o lt tv*'> country than there ajrill follow
au avalaaohe "of protents agalaat Ita
being- r-ut into affaot *a**hlcb will make
impossibie thi naaaiBBn* legisiation at
tv,jS geaaton, and probably at tha next,
At the beginnipg of *
cigar a longing--a. it%
end satisfaction.
That's smoklngl What
il the Ricoro (Saratoga
size) should be the
cigar? Muititudes of I
smokers sing its praises.
They are 7 cents each?
three for 20 cent:. For
boxof 60, $3.33.
-C I Q A R
rfenti ird rarj
! lara \ ???!"* togeih.or \\ -.? . -, \ '
j fon tr tbe i ropoacd lolnt r*anhrruy\
could be pui through tbe aenate
There is obvloua reluetgnce *o crit|_M
'. the 1- Ident < to aay ? f te riu.
' courago him, at i*j?r foi | -*':rin'.S??
aome of the itandpattera *'\ privataiT
hiiisting that the egreerrtei.i lufcgSS
. to-day conatitutfl i ronc!u
, that 88 -a prottcttonlflt h- is a . .' .
! fulflla tne apprehenalonn they haw ...
i cretly i nti rtalni d ever .- b?"
?-?rt, _eU~nred two yean b*' ?,
hls nem'natlon for the Presjid
i ... ?
, LONDON PRESS 0010001
1 "Moming _rW TUlfci Mr. Tifj
Foresees Politlcal Ur.ion.
; Ler.dcn. Js*1- 2".-Few of tbe L:atoa
mornlng re^.pap.n eomaient on tha *ri.
prodty agreement between th? rr***M
S'ates and i-fir.ada
"The Morr.ing fct' BOWeve. taya T>a
American goverr.mer.'. vi'.l xe.c -e at hat.
[ing faraad ?h? door a. uttla wer, Btareti
] obtainm* levarage to torce it fui
, fu:ure. Prfltident Taft *-xpr*?.'es a* c i
ea dil ' wojtt Ml con.
: ceptlon of the aereeme:-.r _s 3 preledfl t,
some kind of future P''h'.'ca! unlon "
'The Daily Express" derlarea tr*-' ? .
i new barra.n itrlbaa * laedrj Maa at th*.
? eeaafefteMo aret?iBtoafl ot BmiiH tr*m
tradors. It hapea, r.otv.v.r, tr.at th?j treaty
with on. af Draat ?rttala'i trade ru*u
: may do tha amptre invalueMa s?i vt.?.
I demouetratlng to the mnher eatgnry '.?
'nece.st*? of power to negotiate.
___ , i
. y auuj
** ^^^^^_^^^_^^-^^?^r^^-^MBJB__B_rB?aaa?nmr*BaBaT_iBT*^^
The Aeolian Company Announces the Great Mid-Winter
And the First Special Sale Ever Held of Exchanged Pianola Pianos.
Sale Ends Saturday
/T^HE Used Piano Sales at Aeolian Hall have come to be recog
I nizeel as the most important events in the piano business
\ of New York. They attract the patronage of diseriminat
**** ing people?people who know values and who demand
something more than mere cheapness m the articles that they buy.
.'.-?d Pianos is scarelyan appropriate term for the majority
of the instntments included in this Sale.
More correcrly speakinc*. they are umued piano* as the neason
for their coming back to us waa because their owners could not
ftlay them, and desired to rcplace them with the Pianola Piano,
which every msmber of the family can play and enjoy.
Theae pianos came from homea that can afford such inatru
roents as tne Steinway, Weber, Steckand other Ptanola Pianc*
The tnajority, tberefore, are of the higktat efcw.
Moreover, the circumstances of their exchange insures a qual
it- and a condition in these used pianos impossible to tfnd elsewhere.
Permanent Satisfaction Assured
ln no detail of its enormous business does the Aeolian
Company exercise a more rigorous surveiliance of its goods than
in its department of Exchanged Pianos.
No instrument below a certain standard is offered for aale al
Aeolian Hall. Those that cannot pass the censorship of th**
Aeolian Company's experts are sold from our warerooms bi lots
to piano dealers. The standard rixed is $150.
lf a piano is not worth this sum after going through the
handa of the corps of skilled workmen in tiie Aeolian shop?, it is
not deemed worthy of our customcrs or cf our guarantee.
The First Special Sale Of
Used Pianola Pianos
I^HESE initrumenta have come to us from our customers m
ochange for new and improvecl Pianola Pianos--the
Steinway Pianola Piano, the new Weber Pianola Piano, and
? the Steinway, Weber and Steck Grand Pianola Pianos.
The leaaon and the onfy reoson for theae instruments coming
back to us was becauae they had given 80 much pleasure and such
complete satisfaction that the owner deain ,; to I ocreaaehia investment
bv exchangUlg for the beat Pianola Piano il is possible to obtain.
These instmments have been put into perfect condition byour
own corps of skilled workmen ln mnafcal quality, playing effec
dvenessand ln appearance the] -,f ? ,- rfyto be diatinguiahed
from new,
Moreover, every Pianola Piano in this Sale, irrespective of
price, will be aold with the contpleio fnarontee that tweoatpotUot a$w
To thoae who have desired ,a p I fl Pianola Piano, this
oppnrtun!ty to secure one of these celebrated inatrumenta at a re
duction from ita rigidly maintained price, will be eagerly availed of.
Grcup 1-12 Wehrr
Pianola Pianos
Regular Frue, MQ up.
?^pe-i-.l Pr<-. $4178 tff
Pianola Pianos
Regular Prire, $700 up
Spcci-:! Price, $500 up
Crroup 3?9 Stuyvesaol
Pianola Piainos
Rt_u!ir Price, S^.SO up
jpccia' Pricaj, ? }r?0 ?r
K Srnel! Down PaTmenl ird V^rv MwJcrBte Monlhl-/ Far
-'?>'? P-i* Or? cf Tline ioa?!.i.r-rti io "in-.. l'o;i-?a" |
Exchanged Pianolas
limited oumber of Pianolas exchasupd foi Pianola Pianos and
f'i(i\ **or\a*t*odt
From $125 up
$10 down, $6 per ruontli
Jl JTlEj aA&JC^^/1^1/^1? \aJKJPa\yX\ JTTkl^l I a) The Largeat M-mufacturen of Mui
ifth Avenue, New York
ical IitstrumenU in the World.
.? .| ? BBB??

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