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1W N? 23,451.
Te-da- eeaaar
Tei-morroia, falr. nortlme?t ..inri?
ITaw Tgir^***?**^^ _at-?- - ?_-.. -?
:t0; 1911 .^TWEIaVE PAOBK ** I'RlCE ONE CEyT*"<,'^,^^?^yi*AB't*t'*
Bodv of Woman and Condition of
Place Show Evidence of
Violent Struggle.
Cnmp?iiup!i Oets Away Fourteen
Hours Before Discovery
of tho Crime I?
flndlng Of th" boSfl Of a -oeii
nr*t-$f i " aMAJI ln | rootn of tho Rrvant
- ith avn;iir And 44th strf"t.
pottCC nf 1h1s city are
. b.-ifTiiiiff murder myatery.
. !."d- lay .?ii a he.1 ln Room
irilj dreaoed and the rto.li.ng badly
. i. .ip though tho woman had
. | deaperatc fight. for her Ilf*. 1 I
WRA stuffed part ..f I lOWfl 1
preaumabty flnger prlnta,
? .1 that itM l .fl<l h'<\\
?Ij ? | ? to death. The furniture In th"
atr< a n about. aa ihough
,h- at, | a1 llied from tho
from the bod.
?? rka or her mouth led tha Bt U ctlve*
? - mc ;?? iii mlfhl have been
n ,] at the hotel
on Sunday mornlng. *he
a man aboul thlr
. ? ,.?. old, fl' arlng ? light over
lat, and earryhig ?
The man had ? allfht
. . and theae acant clewg
! ? ,".ij' r have lo work on. Tho
man left thr hotel fourteen houra I
nan's body wai found.
Th" conple n*er< n rietcred on l e ho
ia "J .im smith and ? Ife, Ifont
? ; w n .i ilgned to r"im
I ihe night clerk, Neuer. The
ti k b the reflned appear
;? f th^ eouple, the woman being ex
? iro?scd In .i blfck fur coat
i lumed hat. Bhe earrled a
. i to bo about thlrty
- ? waa about flve feet 1*0
- :n helg t. She weighed about 130
l mda, had tr. n hair and blue eyoa
Ing In appearance.
man and woman had baan
ihown to ihelr room. nothing more waa
from Ihem untll 6:45 yeaterday
. hen Ihi man la auppoai d to
.,, . . That W-41 th" only
. -,.t ..ut unobo rv d.
Hallboy Finds the Body.
d was heard from the room to
?hi<-h the man .-.nd wroman had been
, rlter in Ihi mornlns. and ll
n-ai nn untll FJdwln Cralgg, a hallboy,
ed "ii the door of tbe room and.
reretvlng , .r opened tbe door
and s?? thtmi *? ohair had b~n ?.v?r-?
.'no i.ulird (rom tbe
ion had baan
rhe ll| ?een turned on*. and it
? nr.. before hn could see
itlnctlr. Flnally h- made out
? rm of a woman, lylng huddUd on
. . ,i . taheel
? r . lothlBg and the
led (Taigg
- the hotel ofh>e. where hr told
?> hal he had aaaa
rj \\ la m Droge, (he pro
] th" three went to the room
Only a haity
. ? red room and th*
i n the b< I u ere neceeearj.
; the police or the Weal
: aa. Detei llvea Farley,
I ) Suaallk) wera assiemd to th.
? - Helleneteln was
n of thi room ahowed
. -.man mual ba\" fonght des
for hei ? king over fur?
being dragged along the floor
nbed to euperlor
i oloratlona about h*r
Three Rings Found on Body.
itlon of the < lf*. '??
. rlead aroman proved that
robably of greater value
tnd the Coi oner had
. r] in addltton to a wed
end another f=f-f * Ith two tur
,;. -. tl ? found lati r ?
? rontalnlag flve amall dia
? . roman'a i*oal he found
"i from Jamea
I , ( r.fth a ei ?? -""i
i;. ? ,i di-?? ? thlng and
?..-.. ?- .thlng, i
f thfl beal materlal, ??1,l ,1"'
tom< 'l
? ? ?,.). in ihe T< nderlo
? ' e?el
. hand
rj for. ihe naill hastng
I d 9 itlon ,. d-< or two.
to..k |
... - caae, and i
. ?! io th'-ir
ti nglble on
.. r. i ? auttonary
. ,.K |.)i,il.i.r. |
? ? ' ' ?
? ih< mo
| 0||< '
. .;. I'.r || Ol thfl
,,,,., \.;.v no( S. * II to
explalned lhal
Ot ,, | t" thfl f_C?
l ? ? f<.aangfl d
moi nlng. a a lhal
mlghl hat , d oul
Ing i
, ., ? ial thi !?
; near ih
II ,., || |, ,?. ,,,,, \\ llllam
I ; , hi did nol
I , - i .iir ?.f
ui poaed thal th? mar
lu golng
. ? . .
ervlci to ' Inc i
Loa Ratea T.cketi
_ | . H r uckat oSlcaa.
Brave Rcscue of Crew and Life
savers at Cuttyhunk. Mass.
VTooda ifr,|r M,i?t jan _*W Vichfan
n-,en. Infln.lne the romblned ? rev ?? ef
the uaa barkentine Btephen Q Harl and
nf ihe Cuttyhunk Llfeeaving Btalaon,
owe their livrj; f the bravery of Cap?
tain "8amM Jackaon gnd Franh Vaf-eder,
of < 'iiim lumk laland Heavy equalla
That thrmt'-neri to demoltah tha barkan
Hne. whtoh waa wraarked yeaterday on
tha Iglaad, fr<r. i . thi ahlp'a rrea had
ihe Itfeaavara, wltb tu.. flahermen,
iismeri Cornell, to ghandon their --fforta
to flArat The i rrifi gnd Beeli aafetj on Ifatod
last nlghl The llfeaavera. blf |
boai had broken adrlft, gnd ->^ thi
taen men were forced to i;ike to th'*
aurf boai The ovarladan i rafl roada
haavy weather, ahlpping ao muck water
that the er*. ot tha Harl had to throw
their dunnage overboard.
Flnally, a Mg arave overturned th**
boat, gnd fourtean of tha man rlung to
the bottom of lt, whlla Captain Jackaon,
who waa to lee ara rd In i power dory,
went tr. the fs. :i<- Although ?< heavy
*?ea hniied the gurf boai agalnal hla
tl'.r.v. punrhinp a hole ln har hull. ne
stuck H> h:s t;:sk. nr.'!, wltk his boai
gunwale under ln the aaaa, aaaiatad the
fourteen men into ;t to aafety.
\'i-a .ler, in the mi rui tlm< . who wm
na ar by iii hla yawl, leapad Into .1 dory
and wlth greal dlfficulty reacued the
"ther four men. who were flounderlng
in the water, All were taken to thi llfe
Baving atation, and From then the ere**
of the barkentlne were tranaferred to
day by the ravenui cutter Acuahni I to
Wooda Hole, where thes took a traln for
Boaton. _
Englishman Marries New Jersey
Girl After Three Days' Courtship.
Pelm Baach, Fla., Jan. 20. Harry
rirerlnt: <'. Addiaon, of Kent, England,
who made hla home al No. 13T-3 JerTer
Bon avenue, Chlcago, while he waa work
ing t'r.r <-> cereal company, flgured In a
sr-< ret marriage yeaterdaj a! Palm
Bea< h, when, gfteT a three daya'
?hip, he wfu marrled to Mlaa Janice
Then aa Broderlck, 11 Bouth ?Tangi,
N. ,T.
\ dlaon aaya he la the aon ol r\
D. Addiaon, of Rlga, Ruaala; tl
eoualn la Lord Cha aford and
that his uncle la *ir Oeorge Holmea,
chairman of the Board ol Publlc Worka,
ln Ireland. He is aald to have gradu*
.inr| from Oxford ln \'Uib
No ona ln Palm Beach knew of tho ro
? ? until ihe train for liiaml pulled
ri.t . ,iik1 then the ne-ara leaped ou!
thai there bad been .1 marriage yeater
ii.i morntng at tha chapel of Beth
eada-by-the-Sea, b; the Rei 1 1
Addiaon harl tried 1 1 arrange iho rnar
the aecond daj of hla acquaint
ance with Mlaa Broderlck, bul aa he waa
ungU4*4*4*Bgful ln obtainlng elther weddlng
ritit. marriage lleanaa or a minieter who
Wajllfd .-.-ripent to re.-frrin Th'* '''i''in"ir.
fliry h-arl t" poatpone the evenl untll
-,.- aterday
A'tev a week'a 1 1 ln Mlaml
Mr. and Mra. Addiaon a III tr.- to CI
and 1 hem e to London
Baron Eltz, nf Hungary. Em
ployed in Lawrencc Mill.
Lawrerne, Maaa. Jan. 29. Thai ha
ma- learn the ? ?' olll conatruc*
tion and the methoda of worated manu
facturing f-r the henofit of his country
n Kuno von Elta, nephaw of tho
? Mnii-trr ..f Hungary. dnily dona
I 1 and, ' !"?) Ing h dlnnt r pail like
other laborera, travela to and from Law
reace anal puta ln a hard ume houra*
nr.rk "ii the Nea Uawocu mill of tha
Unlted Btatea Worat? pany.
The treaaurer of th< ? mpany
iv aiso a dlrecto ? *mei an Hun
ggrlan Ha nk. and a hi e on a 4 lall to
...--. ir.. t thi * oung Bai 1 Elta, and
Intereated the governmen! In aendingl
him to i-.i a/rence 1 ? " th< mill buai
I 4 - -
Baron Elta maki ?' d ? ! r? poi 1- for
goveminenl on thi 1 igreaa of hla
u.Tk. and when 1 ?? 1 Hui 1 1 .
;.. luperlnti nd th? con I
of fat*tortea for worated mar,
? e
Wouldn't Give a Nickcl for Fa
mous Diamond. She Says.
IB*. Teleajrrapti ?
. 1 c Jan. -"?' "ii ma) be a*ortti a
moi .. ? 1 ? t glve an*
-|n tn- k' 1 t"i- 11. ' aald May i*ohe,
r.n> - Ihe Lord Fi am is I
? tbi famoug
biue Hope diamond, known alao ?
had hei'
4 ... - 11 f iM'Aird B. m- ' ? ? :
i.., n R Moi ?
"Thi ' ' ui ??
1 h< appa ar
ipphln ralher llian of a
11.1, ;.||i| ..t ? " I .,."1 1 !? ; ?
coll-rtlon are far more brlllianl Aa far
;.-- 1 ani ? "?" ? ned II haa (oal 11 li rrora
r p.tirel* for rn "
Wriirirtn WbOM Jewelry W**-; Found hy
P3trolman Proinlses to Praise Hnn.
lf enthualan M
end Pollce I'omi
< omma nding Patrolman
1 ilbbon of 1 ? \ ..1 k al
? rlter a* ill 1 ? M ? Iai .1 polttoff, ol
N ? TO Mlller avenui ? 1 ,,,\rt the
. ? r . t real eatal l ? 1
folkoff enterea
? . p ' and lold of
. pearl ? ind h dlai
tudded watch - lo a fr*
..1 'i mlr-aed Ihi 1.bli - |u 1 after
returnli . I
\n hour lat* r P.-iin ? ? n rporl
ed iaa*. ini* found ? .-: 1 ai d wati h
., f. ? ' ' ?'"llcff a
11 ???.., trta
. . . : ?
le th< afaj 01 an
. . ' . ;
f trafl I ' ' ? ?
j,n,j 4. ? - . I . fOI III
r- . pul into
operatl - "' "?"," '? "
anch ''f 1
.1 li nt ir 'a
"Death to Japanese!" Shotited
the Marchers, 1.000 Strong,
Headed bv a Red Banner.
riinishment of Kotoku Con
spiracy Lend? to Five Arrests
After Disorder in Broad?
way Requirinp; Reserves.
\ Bolltar. patrolman Wllllam Rellly,
of thr. Leonard itreei stntion h"id 'ip a
proceaaton of anarchiata tn iofl\Pr proad
uay la.tt night, tOOk from them a r"d
banner thej ^ave.i as part or tiieir pro
igalnai h Japaneae roajeat. for
having permltted Ihe death of Kotoku,
th? radical conapirator, and f.\r punlah
ment of his COfflpanlOfUi in far awa>
Toklo, and. in the end, mada flve ar
reate, atded bj the reaerveo, who eame
'.?ii the -''nf later Only one other pa
I trolman ?ns wlthln rra.-h when Rellly,
having a revolver in <>ne hand and ?t
i piiaoner in th" other, ask.'i ;i amall boy
Ito bi"-,'. hla whlatle tor hlm. At tbe
moal critlcal momenl he atood atone, one
agalnal a thouaand.
Relll. waa "ii :?'.?t nt the northweal
corner of Broadway ami Whlta atreel
Bl ll "' i. ? V. v. hui he luard the shouting.
and. looklng up Broadway, aaa ? maaa
"t men and women approarhlng. They
lille.) lh" weal aldewalk atid extend"d I"
tln aouthbound <ai- tra<k in ti.e road.
Accordlng to tii" patrolman the parad"
reached fuli) two blocka io the north
and iu aaa th*. red flag wlldly waved by
a man in tbe . | mr" of the foremost
ranka, Men and women who trailed th"
parade wer" handlng out circulara print
ed in Itallan, and ra.-h of ilv" paraden
s.-. in".i I" outvle hl" nelghbor in the
\ i.nr nt hia rriea.
"Kill the Japanese."
"KI1J the japan"se:' they ihouted.
Thal waa enough for Rellly. He dldn't
wail tO learn that ih" parade followed a
meet|ng whlch erowded Webfter HalL
in Baal nth Ptr'-ei. to it? utmoal capec
ity and that admirers of Dmjiro Ko?
toku were marching on the Japaneae
< lonaulate
Jumping ni rronl ol thr i ro* d. he de?
manded t-. know if ther- had a pernut to
parade. Aa h< did BO a man. whom he
afterward arreated and who ca\o hla
r.ame as Benjamln Welnateln, twenty
four yeara old, ?< Ruaalan laiior. of No.
18. vV'allaboul Btreet, Brooklyn. loaaed
the banner lo another parader and dla
appfl ared i*i th" crowd.
Whlle Rellly "as holdtng up th*
paradera. Patrolman Elamgn. ,,f th*
KWlHbth Btreei station, uiiore pn*t ''as
oti ih" eaat alde of Broadway, "ame up,
nnd th- fwo ofllcera followed th" rrbwd
a l-io. k dowa i:i"H'lfl'Hfl. arfcerd Wrtn
atein waa Been gain b; Rellly. who
i Hsjir.i mi.. th* ? rowd and aelaed him
Relll) ruahed bia prlaoner lnto 'he
hall way of tbe ..th. t bulldlng at Nr. 385
Broad ?aj and. dra^ing hla revOlver.
threatened to Bhool M) on" \*h" Intrr
fered, Th" crowd ^ai? Bhoutlng a' Rellly
-,, iat ei a1 lang'i _? I
\ small boy ran up to th" offli er and
_ald "Mltter. 1*11 help : ou what . an
l do."
MGel lnto m back' pocket," repi ?rj
delll: "Oel out my whlatle and blow
aa hard as- ? ou i an."
The lad. Who slipprd away in th" after
excltemenl wlthoul givlng his name. did
as h< vas told md three more ofhVers?
Hagan aud Uowenthal, of the i^onard
atreel station. and Poltock, of the ciiza
i? ,|, atreel Btatlon came to th" re.?' ua.
\s Rellly "as guardlng hls pr1son"r a
a-oman from th" parnd" stepped up and
? . itened hlm, h' said He lelsed her,
and handlng her over t< Patrolman Ha
gan, prevented IVelnateln from getttng
1 },.- othei "fi' ri K"t hus'- and
arreated Inside of flve minutea, bealdea
\\ e inati in. th" troman, Llllli Cheeman,
, ... three yeara old. a Russian dreaa
? .. ,,t N,, 41" Kasf ''th street. Blmon
rn.. eighteen yeara old, a Russlan
hair gooda worker, of So. 14* East 9Rth
.. Domlnick Valentlnl, forty-aeven
i ..i.i.-nn itallan Bllveremlth, "f No.
244 Easl 2Ial str""t. and Vletor Flaeaeur,
twenty-lWO years old. ;i BwlM COOk, Of
No 4 ."?? Beventh ai enue.
laal two named were locked up in
ib. EaUcabeth atreel station. whlle the
other Ihree prlaonera, Includlng th"
_ ,.,,,;,,,. were hun l< d lo ti ? Leonard
,i.,. .t al itlon.
Reserves Called Out.
I- tn< mean tlme Dai Id Barrj - ipei
I, ,,.,,,). n1 ..f thfl "'Ti- ? building. . bad
, aiii ?! up Pol'?r Headquartera t<> aay lhal
. n..i in progreea on Broad
?... i. tw< nl Btrong
f,,,,, |_eonard atreel were ruahed to the
. nand of MeuK nanl WTood
rtdge :< do* n ln a patrol wagnn and
rlghl sprlnting -long lhe aldewalk, to
i v,,\ and I.< ..iito sir. ? -a here th"
,,,,.b then centred
? || ir, thr polli < reaultad
,,, ... aitei Ing th. p..rad<rv bi d no further
tere mad< Ihough for aome tlme
.,,,,,,, | , ? . icltfl ?! peraflHIB gathered in th"
neighborhood Inqulrlng the cauae "f th"
? ,ii.i ' ommentlng on th" man
,., t hlch tiv paradfl is i "l marched
.... Rroadfi bj '" White str<-< i
. | ? ,;,,.,.! b) thr pollc*
v ths i""U' i f Alexandi r Berkman,
.,),,, ii ... aa r< porled, h;,d bt ? n one "f t' a
.(^?aais, ;. friend of the revolutlooary
.,.,,,1 The meetlng "a.? called
, ommlti.f ",- ,;"'-' Inn revolu
,. the A'i iti hlata lh? >??? lallatf
liat Partj and the l.ib
,,,,,,.., and a number of mlnor revo
,,,,,?, io make formal pro
,. , igalnal th? Japaneae governmehl
,,,, th. ? ?? itlon, on Januai? 24, of
taelve revolutlonlate, Includlng ..ii"
in |i Tokl< "
i),, ii t ? ? ? i ?' en al the mei tlng.
^bi. h arai Pf l Ided oi ei bj Ma\srd
, tutor al Columbla [Tnlver
,,. ,. _a made up of ir-.ui.s < v Tratna.
^j,,,,,,, p Abbott, Karl Bamenberg
i ,, PoDorh Jamea Hchloaaberg, H.
Yanoak: and i< Roaaon. Th*- apeakera
.,.] thi wronga "f the worklng
..,,;, .,nd crltlclaed severely th?> actlon
,,; ib, Japanaei K"1 ernmant
\, ? ..niing to ieveral man arho a ire
(.cinliliurd v* BBfl "nrl I'-ir.
\m ? ra io
bi sigels un
Whercabouts Said To Be Dis
closerl by Papers Seized in
Opium Dens.
Officials Declare Mass of Letters
Found Contpin Evidence
of Mnny Other
*?-? Idence arhlch mai prove to be ot
the utl**aOg| importanre in .Uai ing up
the mygtary rarroundlng the murder of
Elali Blgal, tha granddaaghtei of Gen*
! erai Praaa Blgal, whoaa bod waa found
i or. J'iiu 18, 1900, in a trunk ln tho room
of Leoo i.ing. a young Chlnaroan who
I has never rdnce baaa found, daapita a
world-wlda eearch, was placed in tiie
banda of tba Polica Departmenl ycster
A xrr.it niani iftteis and Other data,
for the most part written in Chinese,
were found in OIM of tha opium dens
raideaj by tha euatoma ln**pei*^ora last
They not alone refet t<> the Siprl laae.
and fci\e g pretty .t*""'! claw io the
whereahouts and nvthorl of eocapa of
the rdayar Of the gfrl, II was snd. but
also ruiuain Infonnatton ronrjernlng
other muraier raaria which ha e now
been eolved by the pollce.
Evtdenca of pollce protectton lo the.
opium marchaata atvi other Chlnaga
crimlnala In thla elty, contalned in the j
documents unearthed hy thr federal ?U- j
tl.orlties during the reeent raids. polnts
tO the gultty a.fnaials "Hh Ionsid'?rabl"
acctiracy, <t was sai.i yeaterday bj ona
whn araa cktaaiy uiacarnad In the ralda
The Polloa Depat-tm.-nt. aocordlng 10
Deputy roiire Comrolaatenet Flynn, will
begin t" foilow the clewa In tha Blgal
rnse .-in<i other caaaa referrad t" a* ?**,,",l
aa the lett<*rs and m.nior.ni'la have all
heen tranalated.
"Th'-re i" :i great maaa of data iii the ;
form of lettera and rnenTaoranda," said ,
Commlaaloner Kiy.m yeaterday. "and
half of it haan'1 baen gona through and
tranalated yet. Bo far aufflclenl evldence
has baen brought to my attentlon prob- ;
ebly to gfford aoma Important olooa in i
ihe I-.lsi.- Blgal murdar and other- .?rini'-*
e hla h have remalned unravalled Wa
arlll get buay aa aoon aa wa have all the
e\ idence ln hand."
Local Police in the Case.
i? ii Ukal) tbal aa tha Inveatlgatlcti
proceeda aome membera ot the Pollce
l>epartment. whoee namaa are aald to
appear in , Drreapondehce with Chlnamen
wbO bfUM heeia liaff?l.-i.t'.il 111 the RUUg*
gilng ot oplum and other .'riinio."*! prae
ti.-er-. -'iii b<* ealled tr. police Headquar
ter? t.. anawer to B#rioua chargaa
All the paperi found ln the i |
ralda made by the euatoma lnapa< l.n
ptocea iu Baventh and Elghth avanuaa
in the nelghborhood ef ?3d atreat have
heen turned over to tha ijfflee of the
Unlted Btatea Attornej Al the agme
time. || waa aald Pollce Headquartera
v is i iformed bv ihe euatoma ifflclala of
thr* naturi of ihe evldence The Treaa*
urj Departmenl at ITaghlngton also wai
made aware of the faeta, and it la under
^lor.d that Ihe federal se.-rei Bervke
men there bave been callad ln h a< rk
. n -eriaiti phaaea of the caae
while the go*. ernroeni guthoritlaa are
i ;irti. uiarh concerned ln runnlng down
Ihi Chlnamen 'ho ar? known to have
been actlve In the amuggllng and Bale
,.t oplum. with the apprahenaion of
these sanie man, it la aald, Important
nltncaaca wlll be Becured a*ho have
knowledge r,f the whereabOUta and man?
ner of eacape of the murderer of Elaie
Blgal and Chlnamen Implicated In other
iir.ini.nl-' Bome of the Chlnamen most
nanted are ---iid lo have fled from this
countrj t" i inada, as wall a- other
f..reipn landa, bui tha federal authorltiea
ara hopeful of aoon havlng the men in
Henry I Wloe, Unlted Btatea Attor
,,... for thi- diatrict. aald reaterday thai
he had not p-iv.-n tha dlacovery of tl e
-?\ida-rii*e found ln the opiiini rali;
1 rra'.nal Bttentlon, gnd That lf would
not ba egpedient, at an) rate, to talk
ai.ut a matter uiHler Invegttgatlou by
offlce lt la undaratood tbal O H
md \\'o!<-.-.tt ii pitkln, Aaal I ml
i nlted Btatea Attorneya ? charga
oi th" Inveatlgatlon bi ''""ir offlce, Hnd
nrr havlng the nuroeroua lettera and
doeinneiits tranalated aa qul< ki aa poe>
Trml of C**'o*e tg Other Citiev
Tha trall of crlme and pollce ?"?orrup
tlon m eonneartlon with The oplum tride
.-?nd other illegal advegtureg doea obt
etop hi thla ? it' a fgc| lhal i<- dlaclooed
in the farreaching i*ori*egpondenca aa?
cured, II li "*ld but Includea Phlladel
j.hia. Plttaburg, Boaton. ChtVagn n I
,.t . - 'urirr rltlea aa centreg of actlvity,
tt has lonj* been a myatei toi a fed
eral aut Bjorltla-a how the drug which
so many dtfeamera of pleaaanl
dreama to ultlmate daatruel ? i
broughl Into thi ? ? ? ? i n t *- ln am h trgi
quantRiea ronyar" lo ia" n la
undergtood thgl Ihi ? ? idi rn ? 11?:. h
,,.,,, ? |y fell into ili^ handa of
the euatoma Inapactora laal week in
iimle^ expreaa ivcetpta ahowlng th;ii the
opium came over th. border fr.-m Iton
ir. .i Quantltlea or ?. ealled Mg|gi k," a
)...or and adulterated quality of oplum,
i, |M i,^.4n c.i.i aa tha ganuim artlcle to
hanta aha ware willlng to deal ln
the drug. .md It is **t* '"i thai m me ..f
these merrhanta arlll raadllj turn al ?
,,. agalnal ihe big ilera .vh.,
havi s" Indled t> ?
(ir, the other hand. P'ir"- Oplum has ln
? r.iinnaii- been labelted aad pul Inatocl
,,? ".siH'*k'' nt aome ? . thi local dtapen
?-arias rer-ntlv \ islte<; bj the . ist mis
r.fflciala in ona o*. th.- rt-ronl ralda tha
inepa*a*tora ? iroa arroaa a large quantlt]
of thia auppoaad "-aiack/* Th4?j were told
by the Cnlnaman apprahended ln Th***
,,|f,.e thai tha drn; lr. Btocb was n..th?
ing a*aa**a than "ghv k.-' ai't barmlaaa li
was put in 'lr form -.f thr- gdllKarated
I i-nllllliral en aet nnd pggl
ui.,.. ? ,. -:-. knowa, wa. see a re.r mm ?treel entnwca of Ceatral Park the
oenlug Of tbe day she disaipearcl.
Crowd Marchcs on Palaee and
Forces Alfaro to Cease
Great Hostility Shown to Amcr
icans in Guayaquil?Dis
orders Not Yet Checked
?A Conference.
Guayaquil, Ecuador, jan, 29.?The op
po?ition of the people tr, th" proposed
lease of the Oalapagoi lalanda to the
United Stal"s h-is r"sult"d In the most
aerloua demonetrationa of m f.^iing
again-t everything American v.hlrh have
beon seen her" iti manv yeara The di*
Ordere, Whlch h"gnn on Fridav. conttn
ued all through Baturday, ind at noon
to-day a grea! crowd, numberlng not
towmr than ten thouaand peraona, headed
b [gnacio Roblea, inarched to the gov?
ernment palaee for the purpoee of pro
taating to Prealdenl Alfaro.
Troopi wlth loaded rlflea pre\*ented the
crowdi from approachlng. and only
Beflor Roblea waa recelved by the Presi
denl as th" people'a delegate, li" ln
formed Prealdenl Alfaro ihat Ecua
dorana were oppoaed to any negotlatlona
wlth Hi" United States on th" lubject of
the Qalapago lalanda After ? long in
ter\*lew, the Prealdenl saui tvat ln vtow
of the manlfeal oppoaltion the govern?
ment would wlthdraa Iti propoaal to
negotlate the leas".
Notwlthatandlng thla protnlae, th?
crowdi Btlll remalnad In the atreeta pn
rading in many Of th" thoroughfares.
Ifounted troopa have been diatrlbuted in
aii '.ans of the city for the purpoae of
malntalnlng order Detachmanta of
armed guarda alao aurround the palaee
rr. iidenl Alfaro has been arrangtng for
a meetlng nf promlnenl men from \ajr\
ooa parta of thi republic ln order to
certaln the country*a oplnlon on the
queation, and. as far as ls known, It has
not v t i"... Bo Ided i" abandon this
conferem e.
Scarlet Fever Force3 Jersey
Official to Advise by Phone.
Orange N ?' Jaa 29 (Special)
Counael Wllllam a Lord, of thla city, is
urantlned Bl his home r.n Park ave?
nue with s'..rlet fever. lt is not n se
... raae, bul ha must remaln in bed,
and auch bualneai aa he atona --an attend
t.? must be tranaacted ovar th.' telephone
for the next four week* at ha.-t.
Lh.. . itys i"_ai advlaer flnda this a
mn t incoi renlenl time p. be pui <>n th"
Bhalf. as be haa |ual -"t under way a
leglalatlve acheme whlch would have de
manded hli cloae attentiOn from now
untll the adi.'urnment of the L.-^islat
ure M" dreu a number of Mlla almed
t.mpel the rallroada of tha st..'
abollah grad< croaalnga al tha rate of a
i v.,] numbei each year, Th" bllla
? glven I.. .eeemblyman Bracken tnv
IntrOdUCtlon, and lt had been the pur
poee of Mr, Lord to preaa thelr paa
Mr. Lord ha.c ? telephoM ai hla i",fi
nd-. and. in iplte of ; ls illn"ss. unleaa
it turna oul to be ? m t are atin. k. he
aill i" abl< to keep In touch wlth th**
outer world. He had acartol fever when
he wa.? aeven yeara old and nearly dtod
from it. ao tha doctora d.< not expeel i
i,,,i i.,;. of it thla tlme
Lieutenant Ellison Manipulates
a Biplane at San Diego.
I .i^g.i. > ,fll ,lrtn .t? A "ommlKBlOned
offlcer of Uie i nlted gtatea na'. \ ma
an aeropaaaa to-dai for tiu iral tlma la
the kiatofi ot thr nrn>.
The fhciit wai made ic. Iilaiitaaaal The?.
dore O. Blllaon la ?? Mplane, and wai wlt
neaaad b] * inr?? ttomet At thr ceronade
.'oiintn Club, The fhght waa rhurt, but
... ? .. ful
l Vassar Girls Care for Actresses
Injured in Crash at
While Chauffeur Is Cutting
Across Tracks Wheels Slip
on Ice, Causing the
I Bv T.-irsraph t* The Trlruir.a |
Pou-hke.r,sie. N. I Jan. ?--UtUf1l'
,,lng from ar automobtte rlde In the coun
try. Mlaa Anna Marks, t wentv-two P99tB
old. of Providence, Mlss Otatia. Clayton.
twenty, of Boaton, and Mlaa Edith va
warda, nineteen, of new York. members
,,t a theatrical .ompany actheduled to be~
jr,., | three days engagement nt. the
Colllngwood Opera House here to-mor?
row, and Oeorge Bnyder, a chauffeur,
of Mtddletown. K. v ?nd ktthm
Ketcham, a chauffeur, of Waae-Je, N T
were aerioualy Injured when th.. tourtng
car ln whlch they were ran lnto a street
. rir latr thi- afternoon.
Mlaa Marks and MiM ClaytOfl are M
badly hurt that they may di".
The former la auffertng from a had
i ut .ni the head and har many body
i rulaaa Mlaa Clayton raealvad a had
blow on the head and has COncuaalOB of
ihe braln. Bhe alao recelvad aeveral cuta
ard brulaea Miss Edwarda'a right arm
waa broken, and ahe ?as cut about the
head and Bhouldera Bnyder'e collarbona
and right hand were broken and hia
righ,t kneerap waa Injured. Ketcham
eacaped wlth eomparatlvely '?Hgrit ln?
juriee. Th? injured are all at Vaeaar
Ho ipital
Ketcham, who la employed in tha
Bagui Garage, botrowed a car thara at 3
o'clock this afternoon. Accoaapaaled by
Bnyder, an ithar employe of the garage.
ha ni'-t the Kiris at the Poughke"psie
. where they were staying. and in
\it"d them to go for a rldr, promising
i,. be back by 5 o'clock.
Hunnlng weat in Main strret from \'as
College, the automoMla met a trolley
.'.ui for the rolleg" at ChUTCfa
... church atreel ruaa ^est. to
tha rIVer from Main street. as
?he machlne n".:r<*d tha corner, md
Ketcham waa preparlng tri cut across
Main Btreet tO turn into ChUfCh, he saw
the trolley car come around the turn
near the jun tion. Ketcham turned the
automoblle aharply to the left. and was
euttlng -o roaa the traeka in front of tho
car when the wheela allppad <>n the tey
r.avtroent Edward Lerey, the motor
man of the 'ar. leveraed p?Her. but was
unable to check Ita apeed, and it atruck
lhe automoblle al tha front s"at. The
force of the colllalon turned the nuto.
mobil" partly ovar. and all ex. "pt Mlss
Marka avare thrown >ul
Th" car "as Blled With Vassar stu
denta returnlng from town. and thev srot
. iii and alded in carfng for ihe wou_4ad.
The fronl "t the trolley car uas smashe.l
ln ..nd aeveral paaaengera wara cut by
flvlng gtaaa Trolley < mployrs prled fhe
aparl and earrled Miaa Marks to i
uearby drug atore. Becauaa of her seri
oui Injurlea she was ruahed to \'as?ar
Hoapltal in another automoblle. The
Vaaaar atudenta cared for Miss Clayton
m | p ,rnv 'infii do.-tors arrlved.
Scarlet Fever Kept Him Away from
Sunday School at Christmas Time.
>. | _r.;-' ta Tt" Tfl__oaa i
Qulncy, Ifaaa . Jaa B s.nu viau*
dldn't dare eome tn th? ex"r.-tses ptann"d
for the lunda* acbool ehlMren of H
Cbryaoatom'a Bptscopal Church at Chrtat
maa tlme, because of ?n epMemle of Bearlet
fever th"n prevafltag amr?ng the pupily,
I'U be mida UP for hls la.-k "f oiiraKe by
appaai ing to-daj
nwllig tO the epldemie lhe Roard of
llealth ordernd ibe church close?l over ihe
bolMaya Conaaaueatly it became Bacea
H' to turn tba han.i* ..r tbe Chrlatmaa
. I'l.-k around 10 to-day. l.ut ihe youngateia
had jum as mueh fun. There were o.n
crrt.- this aftemaaa and e\?-nini ,,nd the
. dlatrlbutlan of . andy aud gifta.
Wiman Friend Tells Lawyer She
Saw Missing Girl Near Central
Park on Day She Vanished.
Fear of Father That She Was
filain on Lonely Walk Home
Made Stronger by First
Clew Found for Days.
ft** Hght ans thrown en the dlsap
pearan-e of Miss I>orothy Arnold lata
last. nlght by a woman who ealled on
the telephone John ?. Kelth. of rounsel
for the Arnold family. The woman ??
fused to glve her name. 8he told Mr.
Kelth that she wai ln Park A Tilfnrd a
store.'ln b'Jth stre.*t. between I'M ar.d 5
o'clock on the afternoon of Deeember li,
and that ahe heard a young woman laV
etruet the clerk at the candy eountaf to
i harge her purohaae to F. R ktf\a_olt_,
ghing also her fathcr'a addre?M. .V> 1"S
Kaat 7S*th atreet.
Mr. Kelth's infnrmant sh'-wed by her
aonveraatlon 0*/Of the telephon* that ahe
was a wotnnn of refln*menT She saH
c-he was posltlve that the girl was M'ss
Dorothy Arnold. as ahe took note ?? th?
time of the low- V shaped OOCk in h?r
dress and also distliwtly remembera the
h.tt. both Of Whtek have stliee l>-en .!?
serlbed ln det-all In the rn>w spape.-a
It was about o oa-lo'-k. she said. a -
rording to Mr. Arnold. and gajltg dark.
This Informatlon. Mr. Kelth said, heip*1
to conflrm the theorv of Miss Arnold s
frlends thj.t ahe had gone mt.-. Ceatral
T'ark after dark and had aot loat,
Mr. Kelth regards the unldcntin>4
womans story as one of the most Im?
portant piaoaa of evidenee tha? haa \et
raaehad the Arnold family.
What had attracted the gttantion of
the famfly'a unknown lnformant esp*
rially to Mlss Aniold was that ?h? went
from box to box dlrea-tlng the rlerk w ho
was walting on ber to make up PM
c andy order ln the exaot way she wlshel.
Her acrjualntaneea were aware that 'hls
was her hablt when ordertn_ can-l.".
Sure Aa to the Time.
The woman was sure that II wa.? dark
at the time. bei-auso the j-tore hghtu
were llghted. She wae also sure of th
tlme. beaauae ahe had taken a streetcir
to he home before 4i o'clock.
This new light on the < as** helped tn
ronvlno* Miss Arnold's frlend?! that
their theory is correct and that harm
.-ame to her as rhe -e-alked through ttM
park after dark.
"Almost anythmg can happen m a en?
tral Park after dark.'' aald Mr. Kelth
The new clew wil| he iuvestlgated ta
day. Mr Kelth intlmated that a sean*h
of the lake mlght b* made "'-an th?
nlght of Mlss Arnold's dlsapr-***'**1'?? ,'1*
lake froze." said Mr. Kelth. "fMMO ?hat
time lt has frozen oneaa or fcwfag). hut at
present there is no la ?."
Among the le-tters and telegraph mee
??asres rer-eived at the home. of Mr. Arnold
3 esterday was a letter from RiiffaK the
contents of whieh the Arnold coun .1
thlnk worthy of poll.-f tnvestlgatl-n.
T]_e letter reads; "Mr. Arnold Thalr
ls a ladv here. She, is ?-lck in fegd She
ls Insane. rome and are."
Tht letter wag not slgned. hut tha
name of a Buffalo hosplta! was man
tioned. Fearinc Its pobHcatlon might
rctard the dgieettrfM " ho T*.H work on
the (Ma, Jr.hTl i, Keith. onr of f e U*r
\ers emploied by Mr. ArtlOld, rttUAkt
to make the naiii? known
Another Central Park Lead.
The girl'<* father placed a g*"*il dcal
of imrxirtaii'-r' of) the Bup**aOa*4tl0fJ *a>
pre?sed in a letter wlth a Ne- Vork CHj?
date line. that Miss DofOthy Arn.-ld
"walked near the iorge lake in Central
Park. and perhapr. to pb'k up s*ine
thing. walkad too far and ?"pped in.
The lake glarayg looks pretty. winter and
summer." the letter said. 'and she maiy
l*ave met wlth en BCCidtBl tfcerg whea
liobody was nnr to help."
Mr Kelth aoknowledg-d at Mr \r
rold's home. In Ka?t 7.4th street. ;. eater
day th?t the l.wyers and th? family
had nol been frank I" th'tr trratmen* of
Tiie newspaper:- < in Saturda* Mr Kelth
kept th^ reporters walting Three houra
and then refused to deny or gftrm lhat
ijoorge P I'riscom. Jr r.f Pittshurg. a.
relatlva of Lkryd C. Qtiacon. or s>-?
York. formerlv Ambassador to Tfaly,
had been nnder siif-pl<-ion relatne to iha
glrl's disappearance
Mr Keith haal more to ia< e^t.>rd<4y.
He eleared up one thing that had been
eaperlally poggllng <*n Saiiirday b; ex
plalnlr.a that "Jack' Arnold had salled
on January I Inatead of Deeember I, < m
Saturdav U had b< en said that Mlss Ar?
nold s brother didn't h-ar of hor dlaap
pearance untll Janu.srv lt, B statement
obviouslv untrue. Morer,' er. Mr Keith
also said that young Arnold saw Oorg*
S. QHfWOnL Jr.. In *r**Boranca. Italy. on
January 1>4
Mr. K-Mth said yajajtorda*/ "Mihs Dor?
othy kne*a Mr lieorsre S. .riscom. jr..
and she kneu about a dozen other men.
We d-.-lded that th" tone of the lettera
we found from four men aeemed to make
lt worth wlnh 1'ioktug them up. Three
of the men hve ln this cit>. I Inima
diataly began my Investigatlons of thoae
ln tnwn. found them, talked wlth them,
and learned th it thay knew nothing of
her dls-ippearatir- Then 1 asked wnna
of her Bryn Mawr friends to help ma
and from them 1 f"ii"d out that they
kn.w Origeaa. hut dni nal know hia
present \\her*abouis itrlscom left the
country on November I,
The Search for Gri?com.
"According to the young women re
ferr>d to, Mlss Dorothy had told them
she haal not seen him alnce two wet-ka
before he sailed. Then 1 communlcated
wlth hls family I MU Lloyd C. lirla
i.in He did not know where d+org*
ilnscom. Jr . was--has not ueen him in
twentx yeara- but put me ln touch aith
th.. nttsbiirg f.imllv.
' lYom OaOBgja iirlacom. jr. s. aunt ln
Tittshurg I found that Urlsaoni was in
Floramc. Italy. with hls father and
mother. The Ariivld family vvrote k long

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