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Restaurants Which Glitter with Broadway's
Reflected Night Light
Scenes and Habitues of Some of the Pseudo-Bohemian Places
Where Pseudo Hunger and Thirst of the After-the
Theatre Crowds Are Catered to Are Here
Drawn in Heavy Lines.
SOMETHING lib ent h.
1?, . ;: . SOI ? '? ? I ' ' ! ??'
exalt the fa? t that ?
.? : ? rest
Pari ? faahlon of iervlng -- >i
llqua - - l . ; ' ; ??' - Tl??' ad
this pi
? \ i of that mod? i
... ?... ? ? ? mini?
? ?sumption of ardeni
. ? ?urnged, and tl"
!.. gainai i ring ? ohollc ?
?ht I
? d
j.-?... , i of Pai
\? w v?'tk who love things th t savoi
of tl rvards." pari
i? ople v? h? w ki ledge of th?
: xmyt i-- de?
.... f ent?
. ? inat? ?I "tr.iv? '
,-':.?? - t at r of a paper vol?
.... ? ; It ?i
tloi ? i iduat? 'i bot
oplnion "f th"
? . ? I and
sin I, ' quite ?so ? ta?
,.?1 th? ai ?
. ? . . I over y?
,????? : pro -
drop .? ??r? a ril> ?1 by the
' ! ??
elegant pot
Yen. *
?great ?rot? v. N i proud,
w h" ?have the hu
the two Inv? :;? ?oni I I ? ? allud? 1 to
; ' ' ? li 'I Ml j
?eel? telephoi may l?
?? ? icful alaol
? .
: ? ? ? of M IM ?
in ' dry int? A dry
ty! Pr? ? ? 1er?
: ;.-:??
dry nor atari .Vhat
y be tl ;.:. : ?
111 ? re II the 1
a ? tauranta ol ? . .
t If I
S rk a res-1
or even aya?
t- ? ' . ? ?
... .
? ?. i-j
rve a re?
1 ! It
... tola ?
a 111 have their \
Olyi ft
their pi . ? ?. ?
? .. the
? ' :
to I
New York that t h?
?some sort of caehet
tendante ai
? ' ?
. ? 1
lj in t,1. . ...
? -
strani .? rae loni
Ich m? ti and ?
their v
In < - " ' ? ?
. .
the Fifi li avenue <
groupa of ov< rdi
| r< M Ion of wl
?eral demeanor can 1
??r t- taken lhat t
in ?tome way advanclnj i ? ,.?:?i <
I ?:?..? i ? , ?
enu! erat? th? ??.. ? \\ ? ? am? ng th?
?tal i i- ' ?of four hundn ?1 by eating
?nd-ST t: t ' t ]
v f>-, im* thl h< ad ? alt? r out of all
i ortton !?? hla ,1 ? rta
Th? y ti. maelvea may li;- \. ? a ctear
t.. why thi v are th
lut il:-' observant philosopher, knot
Ihe utter futility of th? lr purpose
i u aate of il,? r ii)i ,-. would t;.|<
\ '??< W -?! the v :is,.:i <>r 1
;?-??? Ordei Ing th?i ! monade wl
:? Ith< r i h,. ? ?. nor i n? i ?r in t * a, and 1?
?! h 11 delud? a, he would ? ?ntemplat
and t? ?- modlah multlti
ly \\ lth gentle raillery to hlmi
ri;, i omic aong, " !'ii";
I they're here."
'I'h,' v,-i.i. ly dlffua?, ,1 and ci prlcl
Ity o1 the United BU
!? ? ? of our cit 1st
i- h. th< ?? rusi - ' irl an or provine
i the ] Ituntlon of having m
? ? ? aaary for tl
i] living. Such p
I>1< , ? ni Inue to fl. to Now York
imbers, ? Ither to pa;
ilalt or t<> live her? permanently, it
ii h :i ]?"i ulatlon, floating, floa>
>r in the so-i i va Im, that the i :
?,f our more Imposing n si
? \, ,i. Th? r
?vell-to-do Sew Torkw la very rar
-,, n i', il i dli ' s ' hich :
,| t<> be among th ? main attrs
!' tha? T. hii-li is riff, , t? dlj ? .-il
i w ? ? W y, so denomlnat?
se 11 la anything i
rvhtte and its waya ar< anything I
,.- (.u | he ? n In thoae i send
n restaurants which "f late j ? a
\ ? ?prung up I " i mushr on
n thi m w T? ndi ri? ;". t: n? w Tende
h bel; g that portion "f New Toi
1,-hlch 11? - betwe? n 34th treel and 591
ir.. t and i xtenda ? aatward and west
v ?-,? ,. block or ao al? n^r the anguls
iway. Theae peen lo-boh?
. ..?i, mi up aft?.' the th? at?
lave closed, with a peculiar, strong]
I -.,, -. ed, nols>*** and flash) crowi
vhich I? by tl ?se whom X
pired art th ? I? aser magasin?
nd the ron i ? - - ; ? ' novel
. Hi? hav. indue? d to aun
., th ? -I ? Is to be sei
hi ? ? ..r boh? mi.i." th.a moal
; -t mlsund? ? I of phras? -. '?
,oh? n.i;? "ia ii"t :i locality, but an ai
n isph?
Gaudy as tin s? rei rt? actually arc
m.i alluring aa thoy are supposed i" b<
>., |r . ,;. ltl< s make i< a atroni
? ,,i busin? ; no1 '?? weltonv
? . . ::'?,si\. ly. Th? J ; re arix
: .. ? . : ra or wor
?- ??. ! that th' i. H ai tually som?
llstinction in being permitted t'< -^i'
Lam? at those . !.. trlc-llghted tablea
to ord ? cap? naive and m< Bgr?
lish? s and '?? di Ink thoae costly ami lit
: lie ular pseud
ens t<
ave of populai
i i i horl
tero uftlshness
Ion, those
ils. th.? head
. ? ?: anxl? ly
? i ?..
.,ii m,y ? ? : -ht.
I:.' I I?
? a ' ' ? Nol ? i ' ? do 11. ? ? ' :
Not ?
I d p, vexatious, sick
babi I, an I 11 all,
: ? ?? an
an heard the tonea
nstrui mall bul vlgoi - i ..t..!
: , for did 1
fall ? I to and
th? i urn ; .- ? th tables,
patronas ? ? ?- places con
lists, as wc have Indi ated, of "1 i he*
: Ink it a smut
'. "boht mians" i
: ? ' sold now that
and th? se bor? d, fi r
' - whal thi an In sol ? r and ultl
ais, b long to that
who will not ord? r oystei
xpenslv? and who
:i'' ah anxlo ia i i make
islon on the waiter.
Look around you and behold the celeb?
rltles, "the bohemiana" The tail man
over there In ?the ?beautifully ?cut even?
ing overcoal la a ?prizefighter who lia*
!? g? :i? ?rat? d Into a vaudevlll? enter?
?tainer. That ?gentleman with the Orien?
ta! eyes the s??:t ?collar and tin- bat that
I? "ks lik- a disorder? ?1 pancake is Harry
von ?Btllsman, the writer of ?the ?great
and art'? ' ting i ?ng, the unavoidable ?raga
of the ''.'.-. "t Sr< el Me by the Oangi ?.
i;?...-?;.??? i>. ar." Thai ia hia i.t, ?Lou
i ? ?son, by hla aide, They a:?- no ordl?
nary men. theae pong ?a rltera; there is no
nonsense of classical music about them.
"They are the men for ?real melody, sir?
melody what goes rlghl t ? ? the hearta of
the ?people. None of your Wagners and
Beethovens for them. Take Btllsman'a
song whal he wrote just befon 'Oresl
Me by the Qangea, Q?oo-Ooo ?Dear.1 it
was ?sailed "Nevada Nellie Knows I'm
True." li.? made $100,000 by that song,
sir. is there on <?f your high-toned
? Ti.: ? s? r that ?can '?'" that '.'"
.\t another ?table are a ?group "f "ac
???-.-?..' . ?? ;:y b* autlful, ??' lebrated ac
Surely "a? In 11" is the m?oal r
< laatic ? ? termi An) of th?? habitua
win glibly '? ?: -. ?? ? ,? names ??!" theee
"a tv? I ' ? Vlll? 'i himself ,'
: nv< ht' ?i or handed down
to : ' at? ? and n or? fragrant
?, those i oi :.? by th?eae
t hats. , skirts, hobble intelli?
gences and ?squeaking voices. V???i ask
\\ h? re th? y "a? t." Well, you d?as i r
are ? is girls, show ?girls, and, of
., ?se, ' und? r l util? s." The number ? I
si udi? a it? th? th? ati leal profeeeion
Is probabl? about slxtj tim? s th?? num?
ber of oversl ' nagers would
. i . ; ?? . I pops!hie sorts of i
U contint ici? - an i .?,? ruhelm?
i, even for l;" r< ?peat* d
wiping vi ry pi in? Ij al In ? alst
Ah! ??v. r then : ? th? i Ird assist nl
? ? itl ? ? of "The M ' ng Moon'
talking, quit naturally, ai li unaware
that everybo? ? g al an?l ad?
mit ng him, to "Pit" :,iai ? Pan," th?: no i?
and table aul horitles on all
n.' qui and probl? n of vaude?
ville. Els? a here "Pit" and "Pan" ar ?
bltt? r rlva ,v but here, undi r the ?ahade
of the ? I waiter, ?th? y are
frlenda a while, fonder Is R? nhelmer,
the man with the big dlam nds and the ?
i ell oiled hair. ?(<? ?,<>,?? to Brat nights,
and one? spoki to "C, P."
Pleasing Prophecy of a Proficient Professor
Dr. Hollander Says That Some
Day Poverty Will Be Ban*
ished from This Earth.
S OCI?LO TI ? ?d?llate, ] lltical
. S and Othl ? ? ? I In the
i] prob?
the world i lay were
gn i.? ?1 by the
.... pi -?
? arm,, nt of
po ' ? ??'. the Johns 11 ?. i ? k i n m
i ? h ?all
j,"- ? ? ? ?.-. like '??"?'. would ultimately |,;iss
u a ?
Prof? ? H ? Ing ?h?- Ii
weeks has tutea In i
letters fro? ? ? - "f the
on the
? i h v. h. Mur th<?
t, while
nfortonal i ho have n?.t
, |
ey will be fulfil]
big ? century. In order that
.? ? . : r ? ,
anl Joyi of lift
\\ i ? ?
. ,n that ; ' a
I ' r.
folloi repr?sentai
?; . -i ,
"Whiit I v. !.!'!? I to I
t?, t ? ? ? leal world si ??.-. ry net nx ,i a I
I os? ntal ?? nd Immutabh i. w oi
_ ;,, pay a an ? \-, at lad? ad that Plata
in Msvtructlng as nonwealth
, ,, ..; BOt OOTaV ? IV? < \ n I I '")? ? v. ,.?
..,.,.., would not ? . ' ??a ar,,J \, t ths
world baa m far sutt res at new l
am iin?i it ?um?'ii> to it it i
, r? i M? t i??? i ' I? '?'
?in tha arasas way i . r. i that the
Has? will i?,n., ???? en or 1 a It h
ebUdi?!. la eossj? etun wh? ?? hi mai I i
will i""k bsv k v.nh wondesnnsnt to a time
li. whlcb if ant thought inevitable tl
large Bttmbcn of iiiij.aii bsslgga ? ist ?<
? ? . ? ? fflciency
? ? ? -i and
una i :????': ? - thl ? ? ? ' ? :
ind their fatni
[ need hardly add t Ms ?poverty
, the lack ol thoae
?me phyi leal
Says poverty will ultimately pass a?-vay.
raph I i : D
. i... ii.. ral i.i? and not tb? i ol mais '
, on? mlc I ? ' ? i had in mind."
Professor Hollander, who up to a recent
pi I? nl "f th? Hebrew li? nevo?
ol B iltlmoi ', ?has ?had ? on .?!
i pi hen? ?? m chai It \\??i k ii<- ?
itat? - that tj.u uii.i'.t m? ntioiicd -rtewaj
' . Intli ate ?knowl? dge en i a
.???t.- treatmi of the ?problema
which had to be faced durlna the last yesi
irganlaatlon of a ik h he a a the
"Th mor? ? lot ' the u ork wai i i? m ??.?
Hu? 1. i g* ? the '. : . I || spi ' a?l 1 .??????.?
those who contemplated th? rotation of tin?
I : 1 a.1. ' ?i he. "Thl 1?? Is a limit to
needs of t he ?poor. The Mum
i ? i i.? ? _in_ f.i. sheltei and plot ng
th? :in:?? l ? In -? ? mid i.? ileflnlt? 1
tabled, and It < ? ?rtainly would i "t b*
yond t ? - ? a i ? ? ? ' .im mil ?> lo re?
I hi ?se Immi dint? ?? anti But ? ;' n
tl ?? domain ? ? i?i? ? nt ? i harlly ???' phllan
tl ropy It r< ?gard* i then Is lit? i ally no
limit i?? what should I ? de
lu ?pit? ??I the llmltlet bo ?. :
Uvi woi '.. I.? ws optiml die eno igh t??
believe ti.it in lime there would be a mas?
t? rim "t the pro I? n and, In t i.? ? nd, per
?hap?, i.'f would i? a thing ??f*tii<? ?paat
not In the ?i?ense thsi ? ? ???. one would have
? >airf. ii <?f ?wealth, i? it lhal no one wmili
?suffei fi ai? Is? " "I ' :.tual no*??? rit'.es
?a l t*
frote or Hollan I? i lau hinsly I? ni? d t ?
Imputation made bj come Ind It ??duals i |
he had embraced the docti im ? i f so? lalism
??No ti ? i?- i- nothtni In that," aid i. ?.
?Prof? ?ssor Holland? i Ae* Ian I that s ? her?
itable Institution would be accomplishing
ii? tall put i??? ? If it ? ould ?i?? a ?m? thlni la
hi ing about the il n? not st on? ?? or In il a
Indefinite future when the wnndei w?ould
be lhal we consider??! povertj as toiaepara
, ;. from our -?" lai and ??conomie lif??
?Professor Hollander, altl oui h ?not m ? ?
? han forty yew old, h is had a rsrii ?t and
Int? i? stiii-.. ? ir? ? i li? ?? ? ? i- ? ?i hi A B
and M? i? ?from lohnt Hophtn ?and ?
:- ..?t n.i.? afterward u.is made asso late|
professor ?" Inance and ?political .i myl
?,? ?the ?mi?? n ii i ii? ?bat ?bet n appointed
on s numb i ?>f conimh dona by the 1 Inlt? ?I !
?States government during the last Hfteenj
>?.ns Bines IMI he has been ?i"- Dnanclall
?adviser ol thi ?Domini? ?an B? i ubllc u.- is
as luthoi <f many treatlsea and volumi i
? ?ii taaatlofl and ?kindred aubjsata sad his
works ?are ?used extensively In many lead?
ii,_ ?atdverritiea i.i .,...? a the ..mid.
Ti ut ir..m in the ? orner II Ihs third ? x
huaband ol Iflss Mabel Molyn ux "Isn'i
it wonderful," whispered Allegheny
County t,. Oloversville, '?;>. see all thoi
Interesting, artistic people in tety Bo?
hi miau ? w, ha-. >? nothing l?K'- i' In
Pittsburg ?? Bhe la quite right: they hov?
not. Then sh,- and her friends and es?
. who are ais,? .!;./??.i i,> the gran?
deur and Ihe beaut) of it all, ord? r s ?me
"cream de mim." a |*olyglot leverage, aa
you s, p. This h? fore them th< y all think
they i?, i Ilk? il? mi Mung? r
it ? as int?. Just auch ? p?a? i that ti* ?
came v*. it;, me a feu years ago a young
fellow ?,r s,,im- alight literary promla?
M?- i ad i gaged his life up t?> then In a
i ro? im lal tos n of noms t;.- ie and In?
dividuality i had aaked him to aeeom
pan) ms t'> ? tnttti and oose) tavern
where \\, might discuss a chop and some
?if the best ?>r English sie, a genial pla -?
where converaatloa In tranquillity and
amid subdued aurroundlnga is permh
i-i!- until Ihs ?aiiy hours of tls nsornlns
il. would no, 'h. this H? was i.,i th<
Palais .!? Homarda, the big hats, the
clatter and the vlnchbeck celebrities, i
?We entered the Palais dea II,?maul?,.
\v< ant ?i"'* n. H< look? d a? hile al the
a hli ling ol i ui bid, uns? ttled life ax.mi i
hi o a delight? <i gk i?m ? .in.' .m . i,im
?ayes. He atru? h hii hand up ?n the la ble
? i ?y .1 it. ?"? raid h?-. in a... n t.s afire, srtth
limit?niiibl?? ?iin?"ilty "lly JoVS! Ulli is
living r N?? ?n? Hs to Mg hs ata vary,
very young. Perhaps, after all It was
in. to him. and fssuiaslug la estay. Bui
i, has ? hanged hli Idsrahi allies.
Lsavini ths Patois dss Uotsrarda, i
I'Hhh throsigh ib? streets thai Issvd from
Broaj^sjjg| tu EUtk avenue. It la late,
' i ut the ?? if? ??i a ?certain faahlonable
?hotel la still open. Orave and ariato?
era ti? '""kirn; men un sittin?^ at small
labli ? ttudyli 12 t i1?- si rlou ; re? lew s, dl?
g?eating the \\?<kli?s and ?ronaumlng th??
whiake) and the club soda which are
i.? !?i 1 ? >?' signs manual of aristocrat ?
I Ever) "ii" knows the club s???!a ?bottle,
It us? I to h?? ShS| ? ?I ;??? that 1! ? lUld I?"'
poaalbl) I??? made t?? stand up, and thai
accounts i'" us fantastic appearance.
Put nos th? \ make it s ? thai it ? an
stand up, and N't it preserves f.?r no
1 ? t n ?:t all ?sjomethlng of it-? old fa
I millar forra. N?rverthelesn, a ?viii-^?..
and a elub soda m Ita ill ?glcal bottle
i""i; capltallatlc, lmpr?eaalve and sub
1 luntlaL Thej ?go ext ollently ?. il s ?th
1 apes tries ami ?servants in knee breeches
Th,?. suggest an overflowing bonk a
? ?Hint.
V? II al?- li"V.' in a ??"-? all? ?I I letllon?
able hotel, a- faahlonable a 1 m 1. ?? I
?an ?be. ?Beware of Ihose with t bom you
. nt, i- hiii conversation. The c iW ??i
th?? hotel ? i? ?mods an? !'?<? hum -,?-.
?grounds ?ol thai which la euphemlstlcall)
?M. 11 the promoter. Al flrsl he is ?re?
1 rved, ?Saltish in ?manner and ?hard t"
approach Ton tool lhal "t neceaalt) h?
must ?be, in ?Stevenson's phrss . -i ?great
chief." 11??w? \?i-, ?f yi'ii are fortunate
enough lo obtain ?sna ??f thoss ehsn?ce
Introductlona which ara ?responsible foi
??? many strange, eventful in? Identa In
Naw Y??rk hotel lit?-, ha ?rill than
?Before long, by vlrtui of a ?certain lofty
and ?genial ??*o?ndsscsnalon ?commingled
with a iitti?? ?stilt?? ?flattery, his ??"?gaging
mannera and hi ? authenticated stories of
?powsrful ami par he pa titled acQiialntan? ?
he ?ill huvc so guimd yuiir cuntid?-in ,?
Reflections of One Who Has Wandered Amid New York's
Lobster Palaces and Has Been Impressed with
Clattering of the Guests and Dishes and
Loudness of the Music and Attire.
that hs will let y*ou in on -i1" uaaat ?i
some nebulous but gilt edgsd Inssstsssen
In which be ultimately gets the gill aw
you not tho .'?lg?-. One much fr'''|ii? nt?f
i?i,ii iplsndldly managed hotel iraa so In?
fested by this type <?f afreeable advent?
nr. r that the manager finally asta* la
his trrath and practically (..mimt..i i
raid ni" n s..m.- of his host dressed an?
b?"8t paying sjussta, and drove them fottl
Into outer darkn? n.
Ami who li it thai the? pretnoters
manags t.. deceive after ? friendshii
begun over i cocktail In ? refined and
clubtiks caf?? is it ths type <>r man
known ai Reuben? By m. meana. I* li
i.,.t the countryman that g?-ts int.. these
Uni spun and silki-n n?-ts, bUl your smart
city ,<ii?>ws, who know all things, bul
who rtee to the bait "f ? fen resonant
names artfully utilised.
I should nol forget the all-night rea
taurant, the place \? h< re "om " goes s h< n
ill othera are closed. Who, again, is
"one"? Who seta this pace? ?Who <: -
r*rees what "one" does? Tou may bs
fairly certain thai the leaden among
the gilded social youth ? :' ?Sew Tork are
n-,t compelled t., go t?, all-nlghl restau
r i ?its for drama And graduated bottles.
They have their clubs, their homei and
their butli ra Bui th< re i.-? a I? gend t?i
thi" effect that "? ii' " >?". at times t-, all
night restaurante; then, bo must othera.
Legendi are powerful things, and men?
saya Napoleon, are ruled by imagination.
Your all night restaurant is always t.?
be recognised from a distance because
in front of it tint? .?tan,h drearily a
broken line of froway backs snd tatter?
demalion taxi?.?hs. Within there Is glare
ami again clatter, hut no geniality <>r
genuin? comfort. At the tablea is seated
a strung?' assortment of non leacrlpi per?
sons. They are the othera who are doing
what they are t"i?i "one" does, Mans of
them aw eating, n?,t because they are
hungry. !>;;*. bscatiss they have little else
lo ?in. The majority are drinking for
mere drinklng's ?sake, since the begin?
ning of time tin1 must dismal ?>r occupa?
tiens. Many an observers and sympa?
thisera from mit ? i town. Mora "othera"
arc obsequious t" the ?greal .r??'i ?* n??."
lOh! ?comprehenalve phraae, thai may
'ruar t?? ?ran youth f?rom Va!- or
?Primeton, the plut??ocrai from the Middle
\v? at, and, in the I ist dit? h of In ?lu ?I'm,
an one a ho haa a dollar i ; .-??.
Aa ih? nighl go? ion Ihe "revelry" be
comet only the duller and Ihe more
-mi hi it li Ma. .-hie \? Ithoul t le Une
i nnd mj ?self ? \ en longln : I hal
some one should ?I" somcthlna wicked
?soin thing Corybantk or Msensd ?Dur?
ing tin- frequenl bursts of sllenci th?
Btmospher? is the depressed atmosphere
of ??in?- Pundaj schoota, tempered b) a
graduated and stupefying whlskej i???t
tie. ? ?v? i- y ?i-?? m the , orner, beel? ?fed
i?\ .? a t?r m Ith a brogu? I hal la as
tlii. k as the North W ill in I tublln, la a
parts ??? ' ?fog ?real life in Nos , ork. The
worn? a 11.is .?i it look furtlv? i\ ov?er
their ?beer stained menus hoping, p?ray
Ing, thai Mlaa Edna April, In th?- red
? ?? ? and Ihe ' I oai." a III ?i.me tiling
informal, or al k aat unconi ? ntlonsL
i I.? ar t a? ? on.e?rsation of another
?party, this ?one metropolitan and "n lae."
i catch snatches ol their ?cooversntlou.
it la an Incoherenl aurrraalon of foolisti
i??!.? ?a, ol hair-iiiii.-iiirii aiui i alf?s ,tt. .1
?sentences, of the ?repartes ?>f ?the Britlat
?barmaid it is a ?babsl of which school
boya would be ashamsd, it is thi
broken delirium ?>(' the ft, r of ?mor
1.1,1 Nan v.'ik ? life "
Aa ttn? Hm ? 11 ii.>uts ?row largar ?aa?
?UM rounds u? diink? circle about tiics?
1 groups th*T?? r<itn? s into the voices of ths
women a atrangs and unnatural tasa,
while the laughter of the m? n has slmeat
the hoHo*am?t*ss of the death ratUs. it ;a
thai empty and in?-jt laughter cotseera?
Ing srhleh the port has iaM that there
la nothing mor?' Inept or more empty.
Buch laughter ilwaya ??< hoes of tragedy,
th? tragedy of empty hesvrts ami vacant
souls, of vapid Uves, harren of every*
thing except material posaeaaloni and
graceless enjoyments.
As the night weirs on toward a ? rHl
morning the human derell? ts Boat it. the
' well-to-do tramp In evening dress; the
tramp srtth the Incoms, who, aourtshiag
? disiik? for ordered life and for o ? ?
tuted ?xsctety, wanders along Its fringas
and its hedges or paddlsa In it. .-? ammy
backwaters. Bim h i on* hat i thai ? ?
iii<K ?'.??m. bul he loves the barroom Hi
aieeps in the ?lav; he Uves Uk?- a hat,
l.l.ii.ll;. in tix- night
One of them comes snd sits down nest
me. The moment be comes In th? whis?
key bottle Is put before him. Loi k at
this victim of the wrong Ideas Bes how
the i" ast has made Inroadi on t
He leers al tl ?? bottle, h la his wife,
his love, hli comfort If la not iradu?
ah ?I. be? auae he will drink al It and
pay liberally for it. As be pours ths
phrenetic atuff Into himself the rugoua
features, ol hia face begin t?> v...rk in
? fantastic, simian actlvlt] H i lodden
ill'? ks twitch rapidly; hl| eyei gliin
mer and rol!. I realise with regret that
1 am n si an epilept'c, a : itei
revelling epileptic, i betra) a i"<?k of
repulaion which i a >uld willingly have
? on? ? all 'i li- laughs obi lousl i ? :..
j i ally, at n n. The habitu?fa ? I
] the put? ?. the priviiegi d pen rags tj/t
' high and i '? gant liven srho know ths
Walten as Mik?". Terry and Lar:;.-, pay
I no attention t., him. The waiters an
' the only people to whom he talks. They
ply him With dr::ik; h plioa th? m With
tips. The derelict La the i r? j of the
i Irate. There ar-" dlfferencei between
a wait? r and ? i Irate, bul they are oft n
ao small that they arc not worth i a?
sldering. The atrsngers, the .-...
life, on the other hand, gaps <>r laugh
;.t him. "Ain't it great?" "Th't?.'?i g
fit ah."
Now he has begun to make "?M noises,
hummings, whistlings, gurgllnga and
acrid groanings. He has begun to ram?
ble in the language srhleh Is noi I
languaga of men. I ris?' from my tabis
aickened. I ran.?,,m my hat and , ? ..t
from a rat-eyed Oreek wtMse sole en?
tity is Involved in the raamoeyltobli
"tip." I pass beyond the doora, along
the line of diahevelled and battered
Th?- dawn Is i-. t!i<" "ast. it li begii
t,. make the garlih and Instnosra lighta
of the ail night caf? look still more
gartoh and Insincere, it makes the padgt
on tho faces . . .
it is hard In inch a mood and In m h
n j la'. to n alias thai the i ime ??awn
now glimm? ling al.mir titOAt bive-luafd
stre<ts ?? als,, iilvertng the roofi of
peaceful farmhouses and whitening the
foam ??i' the league-long breakerv as
they bound toward the golden b? ichsa,
Plan Canal Forts
( ?inliiin.l from ||r>( insr.
' ? xi ense of preparing foi ? ? larterinfl
Of this f? | ??. ami th.? building of Mi.? !??
fencea would aggregat? .-T-MT?"..'!-^.
? which is prett) ? lose Sguring. Thei
mi n in Congr? ?aa, howev? r, i ho
' .h? ]?l that the sdo| ti.m of this pott v of
canal defence will menti the expendltura
?.i from sa? mu m u h m ? t?> si??'?.???: t,000 c r?
-tain it is that from the itandpoinl of at?
tack the ?anal would be more attractive
I to a nation with which we were al war
i than any other (an of our poeseseione,
for the ?possession of thai point would
[aplit ?our ?navy, ('?mi;: It is. also, ?thai
the ?Panama Canal la the object "f their
1 -soneti ii? f. n in r hi? h I ie i ? ??
I'nit-pci Btat-ea ?take ?moat pride. C-ertefn
it is, also, that ?this ?government
almost beyond '?miar', and that bet
revenue ?sourcee r??;! In In such ?suma of
mon? y aa to enable hi r to go to
any extreme In matters thai appeal to
her i ritJe and imagination.
Bo it .-??? ms ?reasonable t" euimlse thai
in the end the fortlflcstions si ?Psnanai
will ?be auch aa the woiId a- n ???
fore known. The f? ttlfl ations at Q ??
tar will i ?? ome unim| oi ?tant In
i .: Ison. Those si \?i n, Aral a a : I
as a ?single fort t "i' hing ? i Ingl? ?HP
ii >?? ?compared a Ith ? ? ? ""?
mandlng the ?greatest of trsde ? t?1? of
th two gn steal "? i
if the strong? st of naval for
Pacific should ait' m| I ?to atta k a ?frag?
Intent of our navy si ?Balboa, the ?Pacifl-J
;? rminua ??f the can il, the ?' ,h!>
roast def? n? ?? ???? ild i. ?Id tl llanta
at hay until othi r : altl '
brought through the ?.mai Th y '"till
hold the < nem) at arms length t:' on
Ami rie m nai v ? ould foi m In ' "'?' ;,r'
raj and a illy forth i ?? i ared I ??"??? M
i sei ih nt s? count of Its? If
thing would be true If the iti ? t
made ? a Ihe Atlanti? side with t--'
i :??.. ? sa i? v reed, in a dai '? I ' l
lighting II ?t could be tl ;'r,,in
one ?" ? a ? t?. tin- oth i
Al Ihe gwal drydocki lhal are "' "'
?built at ' it:-.? r ? nd anj Am? rl an veet ?
disabled mighl be re? aire* ITnder tbe
guns of the f? rta ahatu r d ira i ta ?'
a lighting navy might n aaaembl . re?
form an i i nv forth I ? Ugh! again w>
,i . d, Panama glv< ? ptmwim oi
v* i. ped Into a ilghtli i ' '-? ? ? s ,!;,%
world : as n? ver ? n I fore, aor la H"1"
:y to I.""" In the future The :? r Mi
i.,?. n I.ii.i down and ? nl) time I n?ttft?
i:i is a orkl?ng out
C i ? Qlbooa waa talktag al his atailoj
In Weal ;:i>t street a?boul the bletertari
.,,?, ?.?.-.? | ol Uma TadenuVa i amtmp?
??m. j ?!?? ?ay." Mr. Olbaon iledaiaa.
thai Alma Tadatna OUCS l-.imt"! I ?**"
ure of an Aaayriaa hath whereta eentf
hath towel was marked ?NebuthalM?'
njnf in the corner la cunelforaa <-,tiar"
a? ten."
a eaaa al bat r may Mmft lop late a enae
ol a?saull und ?hattet]

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