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A Poor Man Will Now Dispense
Uncle Sam's Hundreds of Millions
Representative John Joseph Fitzgerald Will Head Com?
mittee on Appropriations in Next Congress.
i:y IAMBI B M"i:i:?>\v
GOING, to Ihe mantelpiece of
plainly furalsl ? ?i slttlni rot
which ii<- hires by ths month
Washington, John Joseph Fltsger
painted to ? group photograph ?>f
n?,?,ti'c>- and her ilx chlldn n
"Th?ose are the youngsters," he sr
ring sont? i ri.]?- and ? aiaideroble
?? tlon with his smile, '"who k?-c?.
with the fundamental quratloni
The? are ultimata consumers, .1
the ? ' . m glad to lay, 1 ould
1. Improvi '. '?
In ? John J? sr? h lo?
? -, igh like '?'1 loi Ri upvelt t.> be
younger and smaller brother, th?
mustach? la redder, hli hair is blom
;.!:,] thinner and his eyes are grayer, 1
not s<? round or large. While he la?
Roosevelt'a v?ocal energy and fluency,
is a ready man of flaming worda n
will be hoard all over the land from n<
on until after the campaign of 1912,
The Psmocratl will centre their vol?
and efforts r? xt year on tariff refor
the cost of living and the tyranny of t
trust?. Economy, however, as a reg
ipiadrrnnial issue will not 1.verlooki
Fltsgerald, SI chairman of the Comm
tss on Appropriation! In the l!
Representatlvcs, will sttempt t.? redu
national expenses during the flrst reg
lar *-cs>ion of the ?'.'_'.l Congress, whl
? ?,n\. i,? s in December, and to prov.
Aguraa that the Republicans and Dem
crfit? have been extravagant; bul be s
omit the latter from his censuro. I'rd?
?asarod, of Alabama, will write the rat
**>nlsn tariff hills. FitSgerald, "f Si
"v?>rk. win try to excite the country wi
hi? table*?, of dire statistics ami by wa
inp the red flap of th" auctioneer on t'
front ttefn of t! ? national Treasury.
isMe from political ambitloni aid on
pide rf political conalderatlons, it is ar?
to )?n\f a v r,r man with six children
Ihs head "f tin House Committee ?
appropriatlona Buch a man has a pra
ttcal knowledge of the value of mom
II?; own mathematlca are reduced
ont' and the price of ihoes becomes
?personal The word "miiii-'n
*s Instinctively associated with hims?
even while he ir; financing for his cou:
try and la thinking of battleships, ha
i ? rs and public building?. Tawney,
Minnesota, formerly a blacksmith, now
? er without nui' h prop? rtj. s I >?
? . i?e displaced by Fitzgerald, has f>?? :c 1
bravel] : 1 ?! Intelligently agalnal 1 ? ?-?? ? 1
ca'ii\-. Holroan, of Indiana, weaacleye
chewing Inceaaantly, an ecosiomica] pe
s' a in rusty Ma?k. was called a Bktl
? ? .ii.,! was generally despised, bul 1
? \? .1 the l'un?'! states many 1
, f d - his unwearied and raiplr
lions Th? Senate has Increased a]
i ? prlationa and not redu? < ?l th?'in.
? T!. 1 - a billion dollar country
Tbotna B, Re?t*d exclaimed, in excuslii
? t ? .".1st Congrea
Bine? then il has ui<>'\n i" be a t\\
liar ? nuntry, ami Taun< y pn
? ? t It will l>. a f'.ur )'i!li"ii doill
a f< ? If the presi
? ibllc 'une- tlnuei ?
I to every 1 in 1
ther a \\ orker or an ow n?
loperty, 1 * th? cei talnty that if < \
t k heck new tax
win bavi to b< laid an I collect?
does not follow t at ? ti 1 on Incom?
will ] d by the 1 nd r ? II t>? ?!
? ?
reaj - exlstei - that rv<
Ti.e t ria Iple shed Ii
('< n^ri.-? N ? man arpu. 1
nts ? '?"!, clothing "t- rent f?>
\i r should he a- epi govern
? ' SI a (.'?ft )r?'in an? - .,f !.i
fellow tiiizu, ', ? ? nm< ? an be 1
form ?.f iliant'.. ?,s 1 nad la given t" th,
1 - :;??, burl th I] ? paria w it h hi
Independence and Identity. The men wh.
j a- r?.r goi? ;: ntrol govi rn
? r Anally.
a republic ? .' : ? 1 ned nto 1
nrlatoci ? of taxai ti
fTBCOme tax?and It I
f \\ ? ' , ? ? ;? ncn
? ;?)?? the lawyer and doctor aa well a
the mechanic and ?lay laborer graded
ne, s ;ti. m >??? cl t,, ? arnlnga, but
jhy. ? Bo the : :
of the m ' govori m? ni coi ern al
-. ork? rs and ail ? apitallsts
Just now- ri?/L- pot? ntlal by rea*
aon of hla Pn
?.? ver a good many itump ipeechei
c< ? igimi i- la 1 :??' 1 ? thai :.?? will
i ..?? hla pi ? l Ilia to tiie bom for ? 0*
il ?fleet, knowing ti ? ;. Republican
Benat? will mark hli figures up, not?
withstanding his ihow ol disgust and
thunderilke protest. Doubtless Buch a
j.- .- Ti ? ? 1 undertake the
were political ? ondi
? rs? ?1. Coni Bs 1 alwayi ?
? ? ? -board 1 ret i."; I >li mn ? ffoi ta
et il,. . !,, t? ral t" i !. ose ?? Pm aid? nt.
However, PltsgcraM will mak? the real
? ' ' . my Issue ol 1 part) next year, ii"
itei what ; ? hit motlv? i,
? ? ? 1 ??-?? : :?!. 1 a) liatm? ntai Ian and
1 ? ? . : oroughiy und? ratanda hla
i .- i I been at udj 1 nu' g.
dm nt fli for twelve j ears, lx gin?
ning at th? \. ry outs? t of h
the lions?- of Repr?sent?t!, a. Coming
to 1 B| ? *!.? agi of twt nty-slx, he
< - ... o? ,i. ao . -- that the men of
. 1,1 :. 1 n ; 1 ? 1 ? ! 1 ), ?-' . 1, ! ! ? ? 1. ? n d 1 ? 1
m? 1.:. . ' nal Is, how and \\ hi n t..
- ? ?? ngs done? and how the money ?<:
i ii ?_? >-. ? minent is obtained and ?
uted. Th - ? tel; apeclalll d
in : ni. s and appropi lati? 1 ?
1 ? ? ? ?'. point " 1 ? F< >.
,....'! ; !? ? ' hli K If-tl ????: Ing In 'he H.,11.- ?
.i Common! Fitzgerald told me, walk
Ing a? - tl '' ? ' ?? sad the
ei , photograph and alttlng down ??.
. ? s* i'\ 1 m n? d up i" i| ? akii g
?;,. g i..-. two dui ng 1 1- first ii'?<?
in parliament, and, looking
arai torr. Ihni h? had not pok? n every
night. Bo l follow?! d Fot in ?ni' 1
at ? ait, and 1 ??>? n garth 1. 1 know, .
i,u tan? ? ? dd 'a' "i'" ?? ! ? nduii
wi.? 1 ;, 1 > a i"? o?1 ? 1 '"? rel rants 1 1
lak? i),? floor and mak? a apeech but f
h? attempts t" help run th- buslnesi ??*
th* )<'.tlf-'- h' Il thought I?, I g ai, uni,? a.
ar... ,? ' tari 1 Ignorantlj Iran ph d ,ti
trad ? ?ni an 1 be? ama a I or?, 1 now
r,. Us* 1 ,t 1. ..'an pra? tics i ? ? ? ?
t good (Uni atout law mak
7 j. ? at-a-ai i- Itssn raid, svho ?. ??
Ireland ?hen s ?child, ami Hugh Mc?
?Laughlln, II "boas" of Brooklyn,
\><?ik. .1 tog? th? r in polltli - ?Dying.
?Flttgerald ?left his family In lean clr?
rumstancea John Joseph a*sa ?sis yean
old. "I nns ?weakly," h< ?said, "ami ?re?
member ?going ?from one doctor's offl-ce to
snother to h examined ;?,:?1 given med??
? im?, t ?sold ?newspapers In the streets to
earn moirey for s pair ? f ?rubber boots
When i waa eleven years old I was sent
to th? Pa? ?red H? sri Academy, which
\.,i- ii? the ?country. Th doctors ?said I
oi ght to leave th< i lt,v and ?-.< '? i ire air
and plenty <>f sunshine. At fourteen I
?returned to N? w Fork and < nten ?'. Man?
hat tan College, ?being helpt ! financially
hj a i latlve, Then I ?read law, working
m an office si ?*?1 s week snd attending
. dally,
?Th.?.1--?? who knew me ?rere amaxed,
Mnl emu* d, I suppose, s hi n they
heard what ! waa doing i might ?get
along In medicine or In one of the re?
Mgious orders ?: m; Church, they said,
bul I was timid and clumsy at speech
and would fall In a profession when
talking was .m |m] urtanl part of buel?
nesa I was admitted to the bar when
l was twenty?one yeara old, neverthe?
?less, snd ?soon afterward the Regents
<?f the stat? of New Fork ?gave me the
degre? ol Bachelor of l?aw s cum laude."
?What was your ?ash ?capital si that]
tint? ?"
i had just enough monea, lo buy a
?return ticket from New York to ?Pough
l.? ? ?pelt. wh? r? the ?bar i gemination
wss held, i kept ??n working for ?93
s week, but within a year Thomas F. '
Qrsdy, Hi?- State ?Senator, t????k ?me Into
lis ?allies gnd paid ni' *)?> a ?month. In
.', little v.bile I v."m? ?i .i ?partnerahlp '
w ?th a ?college fri? nd i got int?> ?poll?
nd was n* two in s? ?.. ra] ????>, let les I
f?-\iK't??i with the Catholic Church. I
Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriions in the next Congress.
OUTPUTA\ jgjfc ? ? b/iSV ^/i/^i0
/-1 /// m. w*??=--?-?-ns /ft? -'"" "?- '--~^iy- ?. \m^~
Aim? _ "' 3
"My oung fi i< nd i w ent to Hugh M?
Laughlin and told him Ihej wanted I
s? nd me to ? 'ongi ? ?sa 11 i em? m
mj father and k?i\? his consent. 'Th?
. - w< .? ? : ? all? ?I him, ? ul? ?1 th?
politics <?f Brooklyn for mam' years
n? vu s r* ti< ? m man, and a i ? n deli -
. ame to apt ak for u candidate
? i Hat? n snd th? n tell a
it th< ? I? -? lion knew his ways th? ?
would Int? ?rpn t the itoi y gnd n? t hli
anawer, i-ik?? all ih< < Id l? ad? n in ?? ??
fork and Brooklyn, he liad worked his
up by s good ?.-? ??? I ? ?pit
? ?When he was an old man s gr??i p of
? ? . ?politicians tramp? ?i into th?
14?.n i? ?.in whei lie had his desk ?mi
inded the nomination of,a cert ??
? andldati. He stood on his feet, es
i ?.nded his chest thres : a? l< his hi ad,
doubl? ?I up his Hats and said H j on
had ' om< around h< re ten
demanding Ihnt I do snythlng I would
I ii?.? k? ?i ?all ??i ' ou ?dos n and th? n
thi???' n j"u Into th? sir? rt.' I nev? i mc(
him until ati? i i was n? minai? d Wh? n
I called to | ?" ?resi ? he q iletl)
n iced thai h? bad ? .\|" ted to ax ? .?
little boy i?1 'abort pants
Ha? ?? th? sppropi 1st Ion oi ? ?on?
: , I ask? ?I. I.? ? '?n ? ?JO '?" ge to
i ? dsngi ?mus '
w. ii. ?ihej are m< ??? ibsn $1 iiOOtdOO
linn .? ? ? ,n that la puttini ii.? Rg ,i. ?
In snothei .?.;?_?? ihei sn more ?than oni I
thoursnd million dollars annually. Th?
? ' crop ??!' l'.?!<? was ?valued at ?ftCl.?
i:,.'!.iMMi and the ?oats ?crop at ?fJW .?OOfy.CMIil
Th? espendlturea ol the national govern?
, i.i? ut. then for?. are ?equal t" the sun
: ??i iii??it? ) obtain? 'I for all the oati
and a'heat ?grown m th?- ITnlted Btatea
i 'i"ii. ? osi ??i K'?\' i nlng the ?sei erst
stat? s .n.?i ol the i ;tlea ?m * normoui
outlaj in it >. h', is n"t In? lud? ?i 'ih"
? ?|in\ ,i!? m ?of ?''ir ??. hi at and oats ?m
? ? i .--i ? m from IVaahington for na?
? i lonal i M i ??.-? s Aii\ m. n v. ith a bust
n? ?-?-. h> .''I "ii his should? : I ? .m 1? II if
. ? n.ii lonal ? M" n?ses hs ? ?gros n .-"
i . ? us I?. I?. ?iiili?^? ?TOUS
?i ?,?i. ?,i two i bings mui ; i" done, in
m;, opinion. W< muai cui down ?the
.-:pfiropi iaii' n- "i ? 'ongn s and hai <? th?
si tes 'i" ?- ' m? ? th.? i ... h 11 ? ? ?v i" i -
formed by the national government, or
ni'i.-i And neu wsya ??i taxation
As for m\ s? ii. i bellet ?i m ?taxing In?
comes. N lax m. lulu i Han? ? s h.?.- als??
I?, ?n suggested. M i> tin- ?habit n??v\a
days i ? ''?m?- i" Washington t"i almoat
? ? i him lion '.?. ? i, we gn ?con?
11 lantl) ? xi andlni m m v. dir? ? lions
vV< .n? leglalating ?gains! impur? i.i
and ?bad "m? at Th? inape lion "t nu .n
?.. i \;; ?HMi ?Mi'i ,, ,, ?,. \\,. ere . i?< nd?
.; v, Miiiinuii enn isll to ?prot? ? i out
. ?? ?
in m statt ih< tsgpa en ar< en
i. ,?? < 'anal and an ?spi nding
;i i?mhi i.iKHi ,,i their own moaej ?on tin I
f f f
work. They ara t" ipend mon than '
.vr,ii,iMM),?Hiii t,, Improve their wagon
i.,;.ds There is ? rserioui luggeatlon
that Congren shall rset aside great areas
of fOreata along the Atlantic Coast that
the purity of the water supply for mans
i.v. us and cities may be se in? ?I. The
state of Sen York, b) ? very large ex?
pendltui. In the Adirondack Mountains,
Is paying to aafeguard its own ?'ater
lupply. Jamaica Ray la being Improved,
and buiinen men In New fork Cltj are
h. lpinj; t'. fool the bill.
"Elsewhere, however, Wsshington is
ask.?! for money with which i" pay for
all kinds of lOOal projects. 1 think that
when a stale or region desires help
from th? national government it should
be willing t?? meet a part ?,f the expense
--t?. pa) its share toward the thing it
wants an?! the thin?; that will Increase
its prosperity, in thai way pressure on
th. Treasury in ?Washington would i"
substsntlsll] lessened and th?- cost of
th?- w?,rk WOUM at tin name time I"
ch< api ned."
"Where should the big cuts !"? made
in tit.- money billa of ConayeaaT' i In?
I )? ?.iii.i i,? gin wit!) mu- militai y ? a?
pens, s Th?- p, opte ?i?, not r? alias that
?.ni- naval establishment cist the t?,.
mendoui sum ..r .<i:'i;.imm>,imii? ?h |010, as
against th.- aufllcient sum ot $2?,taa.).ilOi)
ii, 181)4, Dewey'i victory at the battle
'?: Manila Hay. let mo add. is costing the
American people an immense sum ,,r
moi ' : ? ??? rj j ? ar. in the mean time
,\\. ai.- annually spending flOO,tkNMNK)
?on our army, as against B24,000,t)00 m
IfcO-t. Pensiona, .? war charge, amount
11,, ***? lr.-j-?Mi?m>:? :l y( ?,,.. ?n,, tiii..- Items,
th? na\ ). the army und p. usions.
.un.,um t,. ?188,0 hi ?mm. Resides, we
ar? paying Interest on the war debts of
|8til*'US an.i I8BSJ Moreover, we are
?upportlng ih. militais scnooli at West
I olnl and Annapolis and a)?- Spending
about ."??s,! h m m m m i a yeai on fortifications
"We t.?ik sbout Europe groaning un?
di i the burdi n "i militar) ta tu s. if a ??
.n? not doing soin?- groaning ourselve.
??,? OUghl '" I" ?'ill right "ft Tie irio?
ns ? nu> s and ih? militai j ? xi ? n- ?
? .i, at Britain, ? ;? i man France and th<
I nil? 'I Mat. | ai,- not so w i.|el\ dlffl i
? lit. even though ihi army ami navj ol
Great Britain ar.- almost three timas
l.< i Ki i t ha n em OS n
i ,,,,, ? European countriea are
? n..inlng t!" n n? ?-m l's and gi Inding
th- la? i I of 'h' n Ii Spa) ' 1*1 S e |n-|sf
Imitate tin m, 11 ? ? ???? thai a ? an ? ?'orld
Ipowei and bavi becoms the t?ui. ato*
t? ? ?tor ??i the Philip] in? a We ought ?to
?have s navy and an srmy, of ?course,
??ut there la no ?sensible !?asi?n why we
should wast?? our mone) In ?strutting up
and down the earth ?carrying swords snd
guns snd w?earing festhera In our hats.
\v. an not ?soldiers or ?sailors, but
farmers, mechanics and bualnesa men,
"The ?phrase 'i'?? 1rx ?pared for war,'
?sounds very ?patriotic, bul it Is mostly
professional and commercial. The man?
ufacturera of ?-iin^. ammunition, battle?
| shlpa "mi armor piste, together with
I th? ?r statesmen snd lawyers snd our
army ami naval offlcerg, an? th?? chief
exponents of tho ?policy of preparation.
if C?ongreea listened to and followed the
? ? mis? i of military experts the Treasury
would ?ho empt) every day in the year.
New Taxes, He Thinks, Will Have To Be Paid in Order
to Keep Up with Federal Expenditures.
Wnr with thorn, you understsnd, m??an ?
opportunity f?or heroic deeds snd ?per?
.?-?nal advancement Also, they en ni t?
i i,rally ?proud of the'r ?profitsslon. ?Bo era
I lawyers end phyaiclana. Bul experta
i can ?he ?extravagant and visionary, ?Oc?
casinn.iiiy they sre funny,
"f wt nt dos n the Chei ir? ek< ?Bay
on? e a-- a member of a c ?mmlttee. M???
tai-'. gentlemen had ?pre ?sed upon Con?
gres: th? 'irKi nt n?t>ceseity of building
; and fortifying in laland ?between Cape
cha th- and Cape Henry, There wa
lahoal, th? . ?said, thai -could be pieced out
? ?jrlth ?cement snd masonry, Wht n we ?got
down there, however, w.> discovered that
,tho ?military experta did m?t know
whether the shoal was mud, ?sand ?or to k.
?But Ihey ?had the cost figured out
" ?Suppose,1 said ?one of them, that
Great Britain and ?England should de?
ntara ?ear on ?the United Btates?1 The
'<f_pp<is!lion vas rather ?groteeQUS, bul I
?did not want to tie Impolite and ?eo ?kept I
quiet. 'Th'y would put an army of It"0.
Oini men on tram-ports," ?the expert went
<?)i solemnly to say, 'and ?send it ?to Cuba.
! From Cuba the army would ?be brought
right into ?Chesapeake ?Bay ?and dlsem? ?
barked Then it could mareta ?mi Wash-I
Ington and the ?'ther cities of th-1 East.'
"'in the ?meanwhile,1 i ?asked, 'what
would we ho doing? it took England
' three years t ? ? ?gel i<ni,?mhi men Into
Africa. It would ?probably take a year
or two t>? land an army of that siz<? in
t'u- United States by way of ?Cuba.
Tour hypothetical Invasion,' i said, 'is
?not particularly Impressive.' Neither
wss hi- laland. The appropriation was;
not made. However, the proposition ?may
?be living yet it is possible that ?some
Congress in the futur? will authorise
1 the building of th?' Island
"Wat ?seems t" ?be an attractive pros?
pect t?i many Americans other than
?soldiers and interested manufacturers.';
.Mr. Fitzgerald ?said in conclusion. "Th?y '
ii., ?not stop to think that even in time
??r ?peace the support of our army li
?equal in money to t!.- ?/early gold ?pro?
duction of th'? whol? country, Including
Alaska. l.a-t year the mill's ?if the
Cnlted stat? s produced ?|0tt><0UO,?0O0 ? *'
gold an.i about .?.'.'s.??: m m h m> ,,| ?stiver, not
?enough bj a considersble margin to]
maintain the navy am! pay for our newl
"is t???? much money ??? Ing appro?
priated for public bulldlnga?" I naked.
"About ti\ ?? hundred b i ' lings ba, ?? '
been ? ithorlsed. Borne ol them nri
under way. Thcj are half foi us< spa]
half for monumental purpose! Whta
i ne of them I grown It < annoi kg
employed t ad
? )? off!? ' r. Without layli g th?
mai ilni ?, I would criticise the
ar? h:t'i turc t! ii ik< them aflt fag
any but fovei nns nl occup
"Would It be bett? r If sll the appro?
mad? ;- th? i loua? of Ri |.-...
? ntath ?.- ci me fn n a **slng ? -arg.
niitt ? ? i : iked.
??[ think It would, Th* ? n
Appropriation pi eparca tap
altout .v",.Vi.?,?'?).?ii?i. n ?! ? . |-m
Appro) i latlon
th?' Indian??, the POStoffl? D ?.
the i >??' artm? nt of Agrl tui nd fita)
i ivers ai d hai I ? ? i ?
<?,,),mint'-' b. PiImaillj . th "i-p?
wer?- created to consider legislation per?
taining to thi vai lo 1 govern ? ?ig.
?partmenta. Aa it ?s, most of their tim?5?
is now given to the Writing Of Mill ap?
propriating ?money. Furthermore, the
Naval Committee, ?by a ?perfectly natural
pn ?egg, has ?become the ?repreeentstive
of the navy, the Military CommittSS the
?representative of the ?army, ami so en.
"It seems to me that all gpproi ?HstlOgg
with ?the exceptli a, ?perl ape, "f those for
riven and liai hors, should I mi u.it? from
one committee, which would examine the
estimates of the different department!
ami write its bill in a full t.n'lr-rst:<.ndin>,'
of the ?revenues of ti.? government ?and
the ?government's legitimst? n-seda ?Re?
?gponsibllity would ?then bi < ?mraiizc'i.
and not aatt-ert ?l. Money, I am sur?,
would i? ?saved; and ail Interests, i
think, would i ? fair tr??at
m? nt.
"Fifty yesn ago th? toti lexp? ndlturei
of i;.? .?.i\ ernment . nt x'i; Mfl ?
?mm?. Twenty-flve years ago they were
>'JH.'. is;.i??Ni. a mm ?that II ??re'l
? a? h y? sr for ?ur arm:, our ?navy -: I
our scheme ol coast def? i M '?'
i< a dlaease of nations The ?germ a_M
over tin "??an after we wenl .?srlth
F; ?:i:i \v?- have b? en i Snaa?
' tally ? v< r sin? e. Aa an ? ? '? ??"
Bltion, if a ma:i were to si.?.i l lar?-?-'
pan of l.is dally wsgea or ??? ?me tot
pistola gun l ami l"?'v ie I
Sheriff ultimately would u? t t' ree?dss
??f hi- substance Llk? a ?-? thei? ?sreaM
- -.i . ommlselon in lunacy t ? ill ui-n
his eise."
. ".?H by Ji
S> What I Know of Fish and Fishing S
rii\ Chartes sien.t Mond) Copyright by I \ ia Prees - - III I ?
SOMEWHERE lurking In lha soul a
every rightly constituted man is tn
love " .uikrlim; 1'r.nn ih? coiitiir'
boj \?itii hi?? willow pole and cotton line t
the city man with his ? xpciisi-.e bembo?
and |ew? Ik ?i reel the love <>t the "gentli
art" li within )is. We love to -t. ;?I awa*
h..m the heal and turmoil of the ?ity ?>u
to where the streams run ami iskss ahtm
m. i in the aunllght, to whsre iiie old for
. r-i tr. ?s throw checkered ihsdes upon thi
calm water, and where iba birds sing li
t une \s uii the Infinite.
Over i!nri\ yeara of prowling about thi
ru..uns and lakes .a tita pram Wort bai
laugh) m.- aomsthlni ol si,*- Ion "i wood
and stream, n methlng of Dab and theh
habits, of nahlng and Its pursuit. Oui o
all this ntssa oi Information i have gleaned
: ? m.- few things not uaually act down In
books; among othera, thai " li not all ? t
i: hing merely t>. ?-?it? li Rah. There la boom ?
thing m?.re than Riling a creel or playing ?
monster Hah; then: li thi httsrcoum with
natura and lbs communion with the ran
<;,.i of tiiinu All these things i must a-i<
permission t.. sandwich In between
tt. m- of tackle, habita of ash and plscea
viiie the) dwell if theae thlnga do not
rsecm to rau Is be rstsvant t?. n..- auhject
you h. m liberty i,, blot them out, but ii
you ,io not tat them when >"u are nahlng
.in,, -. > i them is i ii? i ii'? 'u, tin h \, ii ,i,
im iiu. brothet el lb? angk
ru -i. i'.. i tell i ou a bet ?? m gab,
wl.at l? 11 -? i ? i"i ..i- bos i?. ii.**iii i must id
ou s ho to tleh with
r- i.., ,.|,,. -.*i? t . ?..a gas ?? i - oui pari m
but >?? ' ran cl os.in ft lands "
Sew hen I this mora li in than In i boo,
Im u?" companion with whom >. i ara t,,
ti. i. If you wish to see .? man sit |pm ,1
??i Un.- rassk thai all nrtrsn went take bun
either llshlng or ci nsplng. A mi n maj ? ?
ir? a-eil b* ?!-,?? mi the high I) p? liai i I i
of civil Ballon; he may be the lead Ins bank
? r, even the paator of your fs ? |
!nr?i y? t he n?? ?it ? otnpenton f< ?
jaunt. 11.? ai l) posases il ' i
? 'hesterfleld while In ?polite ?soel? tj ?> I
velop the manners of s ?Digger Indian wl
i lu th.- m.1-.
I thlnl ii was Bhak? s?p< at ??? i ?
The ?friends tl ou i sst, and th?
, tried, ?grapple th? m to thy soul
of si??? I." No? ii? i. i , . that adop
lion better thaa to take him Ashing. .. en
jrou have i ? ind the man with a i m you
; can Sah, one a do taki - h i hsre of the
water, l??? It l....,i ,.i i a?t. ? ho s
i ?petty trials and ?disappoint m* nti I
t" th? ait With ?? --i?... ?nd S J ' who Is ,
i? ady ?" '-i-? lenlsh \our store of la? ku?
from in- own. m short, abo Is your pal, ?
?tl ?-n ??:? avi !?? him through tbl? k and thin, (
?for h?- is mors than ? llshlng compel
be Is a man
? mi the other hand, if 3 1 hould
i?? ?go Rahlng n m ome ? ?satui ? ml 1
; i. man who Is lira! , nain t>? the h g, slum
him m evei > a a Ik ol life, foi ?som? s
I tu las anatom) lie ?will 1 hos the "y< Ik?? "
Never be ?coaxed, lured ???. enticed Into
1 Eotng with him ?again Th 11 Indian wai
wise who ,ii?i "White man fool Injun
"n ?. Wim.? man 1 fat It ; white man f""i
, Injun iwkri, in. m s fa ' 1 -in be .
tscuMl Is i? 1 going llshlng a Ith ??
1 ?an? ?? b it ?? .. ?nd tlase ?admits ?i ?no ? ?- '
1 ? use.
? ?? 1 one 1 tber thing abo it Us ing
. ompanlons efore 1 quit n?>>\ ?.it \" ir
witt* ?DM It '??????? oceui to you tl it lher?
? ' ?' arti itui look In tht ? ? ?
'?? sa she sas su geti : oui ?roui t ich ?
* H?.??1 donnli ?? re n fi im,. 1 m* ? M] ,1 , .
Ilablng ?hum la one certain little lady with
: k broa . ??.,?'. eye? that
a) mpal by into mit wheiu?? 'l
; i -i.ii.-_ g . can stand \\ si Is t?1'
wat? i and caal i tr 8) wl < H"
aim as at i ?? in ??.Itk a '"'"
?? ?!
\ wife. You ? ? '"'*
; iwt?
you i11x lie her to K will att
. \ .1? ??*????
man. s ? waa it mi'> a you teal
:'."'?' ? " ! ?*
? 'l ; '
count for an> thing aha s I I '**?
.;, al nut? ker than you
?The ;..-'- Art hbishou R an ?M a
Philadt Iphli ??"''
those ? hoot i Btmga and il si rteaoai
??ere mon ? matter of form than ? ?ste
1er i dlacomfi rt.
i on,,' heurd the |.: Ar? hl - 1? ? J
u| ,?? n ? i imp ' lurnu'ta ?It?? >? ? ?? ,,,s"
? ;i Bing during L?t nt their fa.? rite ,lis*
?? Trout.' raid the first, with i **?s*
>hai guns up, thanhi to the high rasl a
livli g .nal the i.' nt? u ?i- u.m.i '
1. a aald the otht r, 'lea'l M ,ir"
? ? i)at? is. terrapin, t. il du? k, wtak
cat lai everj thing kt d? arei ! uxx.
often wund* i Iht n daya wh.a* ?? w
K, I th. mom \ to lar-l S ill) ' "
Those ah ? msk? d ?? k> and draaaa ?
th. u propert) an gesst and ??,l,','>rS'
w.,, mesna hardtack for all aoldlf??
and haul UXCS ?OI ?ill CtUgtSaah

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