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Max Blanr.k, a Partner, Tells of
Escape with Children.
Thry Fa-sscd tO Roof Adjoining,
and Kreier Through. Drsrcnd
ing to the Street
Man Blan-ci who, ?rlth Isaac Harria la
j p-...-.- - tin Triangli Weial ??nom?
r,.., ?? occupied 1 ? Ifhth, ?ninth
and " *? oi ,nr' bw??d building,
told *n exciting it ?? last nighl In H?ar?
i w- ii i"vt gtieet of
I . . escapa n id *-ha1 of his
iali ?daughtei rho had ?gone to
?.(? ,-.??? ???? '? -n.~?-.-o. by mean*
r' bu. h dder ? r tl ?? r *?ol of ih*
; ibAiit foi t\ -other?
, .... , ifnblng
f .g build |
hreeklni i ght th nd d ?scend
? ? - ? it was * remarkable
? i - ??? 4 oi ly ? ay that ?re
i ? ? to) ad Tine? o*f
.. * r- Qgic (Calai ? ompany ?had
i ?(?tribute J over
rs thai upie ' ind
f tl . -???..- ?''?irv?v'1?
?j treat ' ? tora ready to
? ? - ?? ? ? ?? i Blanck, hie
i ?? m* ' " odd other ?pe?
ii | thi ? floors abov?
*?tl ? | ? ?? * the prest ?ne* of
?lg a b~?M* ?b"
? -..?-- ?-??of kep*
th* :.being even ?great
? ?liv
? ? . ? | , -, hen piqn^V'?
ghi ; ". tnd Mildred,
md five yean : S i*e*?pecttve.*r,
bom? Mo !44J f> ean
Park-va: I - ? their father'i
? - ?? rhey were ac
ij nied h-. theli i ernesa They
-' ?Blei logo wltb them to make
tr-r-i.- riir~hi??--? "i ooo .sf tb^ uptown
' -? . - 1 that they wait
-ir Fifteen
.the whirr -ol
- ?? fana was halt-ed ? signal f n
? - ? et thai they ?i ??i ? ^??art??- of
r'a grace to f for their da
? ??. for fb< rja'
Wii-J ?Serambl* for I if"
Perhaps? It ? i? t??Ti roinut?es later when
r and 1 fsced death
|| | -, ~??jft1e^
???? of "Pin ~ ? ? - earn* r']fh
? . ei? ' ' ' '' ' s'ith th?
... la a bout
? r ? ? i , s.<*ter their
? . ? -. f ht te?-.f h
?tii ? nng child
... ? ; rd?*r?*d ?h? govern?***
? ... ? ?? . . ?-. , g-iyl The.
gy-y)tr folloW?Nl by HarHB, ,,,c
?Tl.ornb.-r of *l"r firm ?~-?^<1?? their
? ???-'?. \ in ti~." ? ? r floor Tb?
?- ?? .- ptghth " ?or, read? to rc->
,,-,.-> ? human cargo from tii fia mes
? no tlm? t io go up for
i11''? -,?-.- sought te b? aaved h*~?1
?t -?.-?? By ibis ?"??-?- ??-<?? i ting
group had bei >m* foi ty
t - \t thia pa rhologlcal moment
. luggeal J ? ? atslrwsy to the
Th? ? ' wst < ruah, but ronatderlng
it 1 ?"?n k
,. ;?? d ? n i'1 the i oof
?r?.- ' ? ? ? . ? [ of th*
ng ? illdlng ' ? i ?h ??? ???lehl f?sH
th? roof of tl Ing building
' ' ' ?,-??' iru-n m.-.iint
'-?? ?? '?? r g ??hould . 'i aoon
ladder in p?a? r aa
? ! ?safe aa y thai th? flrem?-n
:? ' ? BlsncK lifted
- ft ? Then r im* the
? ? ? Vol a person waa
? - a? ?rat ? the pi toons ?Vnd
? : ? I *?' !?; ?1 lj-pnn
? ? ? ? air? ad* there
ind ?????.. , fn ?who
i.,-.,? .
Skylight Eaaily 0?*mnii?;i-,??'i
light ??? ; ? ? f 1 vhich
- - ??-??-it-Hr-,
for, with a iturdy k'>k.~-, it
? ?.????? loa? ng an
? ? igh ?? hi? h th?! ?e*4csping
?' '"?1.1 Ol^o of Xho
? ? m ... weri
? ? ? - firm had
? - of the
' ?-,'?? there w< i*e no
? ' . ... -,'.-.\-. t r-.-c r
Ihad ! - *?" flri
? hut only one to a
tmenl or th? B llldingi
r an Inepectlon of Ihi
labt i ?tro liijt ihat
I rd ;??v mor? about *'
? | ?.- ib? slight eel c \ ?
- th? *^r- tarted H
le of tii " if ' ? ' '
? ?*t;'~,r,/.?-i.1
- ' ? ? r \; "?Hat* i ? ' l^n of
il Hall,
. ,-r rday aftei -
I ?? -;
?? ni. fern ?r
? '. dug ? i
.... -> present
.. ? morete
.......... , ^ - ? . i? ??on S)l.';
_-,.?? Los ?pr?aaldH
Tha Standard of Pr?-?p-r Sir'-?*.
M??,h OuaMti and f>^n^ Ve,1?*"
v FimNiTi'nK??/
V si?ict
?Md St., WEST, at FIFTH ?VF.
te Ka I. Lit? n ?
Onlf ^ddrefi 3ir.ee 1884
ttn ?ice???.? N?-? ?-?ranch?-?!
f 1 ..
ir?\ir: ? un* r-Kunilt?TKO wot?"
JIEpy Hilt (.riir AMI BUBCHATtnW
1 A-M< h*J IA?IX. Al k'OU? 0*r??MM
Firemen -igli'mg the flames in the burning building
Strange and Tragic Occurrences That Marked the
\ r> Feldstein manufaef-ires hati ?r.d
i ->api .r, the building i;-* in the rear at
? va ?*..?. occtirred Hit bach artndearg
re three i*et ibi'?? ?>-?. floor, and rr<-,." tvi-.ro
- It Inte ?i??? airshaft, the e/has'i?.
? .1 de-aac f tin t=rr There i? sn Iron
-. ? ifB^? between >,1e ?irfmdowi end thli
ilrshsft, i*1'! Danone on "?p of It, Just after
' f - - ? ? quit n-^rv, Feldstein found ?Vi?
r, ? ? 'rnn-, n woman i head t? wist
? been tirp ??><** ft| |h< ?.-.."j-e] In..-, .ho
ahamblea below
T pullec them In right arey." ho said,
'?* e? en down ner? burning itufl was fall
Ing a? ?I romtng In ?,"?? T?;r>^^?- Just after
I we got the ghuttere closed we h? ird fvc
|eg?j hammering mi the itslde We or>ened
- ? ? in-i ? young msn ebout twenty
. no - i .. r .1.) PtSgger? ' (I*, ' -, erri1 v Ith
Fyidetc n ?as 'v", lire .,o irai |n hie
?tr.|.- 3ni heard *^e ?cr?ant?
? t? i. 9hsd *? we," Va said
Mg ;??'?- f?f r,|hb><.h coming ou
,-'^-\ tl.r ?,rle *'l"-,p..r) cr. fq(?t
ni? fo*jr i Just utslde one of it
- -
fust ?!?-* ?
of ib? ? n
*? ?l?ail mil?,
in try to
1 ?Ia-Vi b#
: ?? ' live."
F<-iUni") Shoes ?ni-i Hat In Street
t ? ing id (be gutter In front of i bul fl?
ing in Washington ?''a.-" T\--)f- t r'?s-f.t ?Vinft.
?rlth -<;i the buttons en? The heel ? n
bnif rlpp?Ml "f ii its? evident that the
riri ??.ho h?,l worn It ?iti ?-a')c-'>? her heel
r.n i wire <""-? projection erben fal'l*?.? r?n,l
it ha-i b???n rara f>'?r'i her foot. No? top
fAot awsy irse n patent leather Oxford,
|ff lace? tier! In * |<rii >Tancine OTSt itl
! cn'ici i^i'i-nv enri?-?- \fr\ H
llti ?? *? ??? et mi was ? f';r hat trlmnrK-d
with ?' el l ??' one? been ? c-'-- red rotw
\\ >rta ?->f por^finnl apparel and trinkets
-.-r.rr. ?? ? i . .. ., ? in the
T-'ijiMH'^ a well One fireman found
., hand ?' ',h braes trimmings -?i
? gbth floo? It ' ad - roll of paper
mon< - and a gold ral I ?i I'
Or\" el City's Great Dissstere,
i hiet Ookei aid tl it (> ? fire '-..it night
[could rlasaed ? th three othei great
nd of Manhattan?the
rt? , ;,. Hotel fire, when sixty-eight were
.. ? . part ? fir? where sixty*
,r.r, ioai their lives, and th? Pars Avenue
Hotel fire, where more than twent person
,.,., | . nf.,] to deal his "f ' ourse, doea
r , nclude ''f- Blocum dlsa ter the Broolt
I rhestr? re oi ther ten I? ? vt ? it ? r
furring I th? md Itrell
Saw Girl?; era?!-. Thr-?uql?, Olasa,
I i kne* lh? girl? in ,v,r" building well,"
gald M - ' rjoKlman, who rui - ?? ?mall
,.,.,- ihei hop Just half a
1 , north of ? ' timed 1 ulld ng In
1 cu ene ^,rn<' "They used m< n her?
avrr) da for lun*?h Th? hor Id ?<*reama
|broi e ? me running out I tor? md,
\ r,'v i iw th? ' . Ilk' ? n* ? out of a
.?in? when It beglna t? I iw two
girls ' ? Ihroui ? ? - ' -
Ingicn Pise? I ???, going
? i r)oi ? i hin It I rsn
? ft-, r i -, . er forget
CroWer %a~: Rnrliei p vervv. her-..
??Ther? ? o tld I "f :
,n ...r.rrr.; nlK11' ?" """ r P ' ' ' c Hi NOW
York tld ri ' roker "AI ? hearing
before Rorougl1 Pr? I I %neny I
or -?? ago i said the? ? I factories,
offle* md Ion bul ? ? ?uld have < utside
Are escapes
I went up Inside t ? h?ill -. si ?t me
ten you i rae a tough eight Bodle tart
... ,. ibero md espertan? iround tl ? In
Ing to ?i o fire eecap< mere
..,,,. i , ?,, i n an* ? ? ? < ?
? .-.,<? t whs* V'i soiild ?*?l
usual! rapid ftr? for all of this kind bum
? . ? t the d? portmei ?
. ? ? h I i tld ?? ??? ai al -"i* i ? a
minutes iftet the alarm ram? .>> th?
),.,.) ni t-.in") grr^-,1 headwa ""he ladder
, ; .r. i ev?n*h Hooi wai *h
' r,,ri? r.n?!*. T i*, re i ?i h Skylight
i , ?<- frensled girli |.ping ? tl
irengt ? ould muster must h?-1
.. through th? ati Ilk* i ?*ksti ^" the
? ?ii^r lights around t ? h tiding -???'-?
maeh?sd I ? hs< w ?< gaplt t
??,c.'": ?di ? rbese light
, ..r. ui ? ?? ? steel or emeni with the
I glass I ' ea about two in hea thick One
?ii light at tbe rom?*. ???' the building bed
. h ol? t" M ?' least sis feel wide It ? ?
? ?> -.. -? ? girls, clasped ,n r""? another *
-??.ri down through this another
I *??! plunged through ,ho gli.go? ei
, , urn er! ' ' ' pan; eat a ?
ment - ? ' ' ' trnlng i-'i1'^???.
- .? A!?rnn k ??p P.ro.^a
Mke ? l "?? n - leery, i : - or burglai
hell? ?.'-.? .inline ill last night In
Hi? gutted bulMtne Th? n?-??. had b*-?n
nged end th? - mi incesslnel:
, .(r,-.cly *i*.-.i,?r? ?I Pia.?
, . nrd gathei ?
..... n-",??!-. euriosH seekers
11 etned "J N ''' "' '?' m of the del
g then few persons I the tbrt ?
? - i- nee ant ? ne ? ? - - ? ? ?? . ?
; bad - ? rli I ""? ^^ hulMlng
plain' ' ? ?-.
? ? ? or re?a i rere s t 1
To?. Through Flreman'a fi?t?
11 ... n i ? -i '? best mam
nslderlni ' . ;..
? | ? , ? - to 'the s nd ?
p - '.? ? i ???? ? rlghi : ? .( but iii? girls,
.jumping ?from to ???????>? ?* h*Jghi tor* ,h*
i ???oq? h??rr>r> then* r,?;f of th? men ?- bir?!?
? Laat nlghi ?|,? --????"? ? ?- a? i^'-'c^t a? day
llirhi The ??ea? hllghta fmm "V ?tramera
:'?- -M ,)j, (,:i n?.r the ?building, fl?*-??linc II
[with "?*?"i? ?r< "?1 taran?dt*'*een1 light*
??>.-? ? itrijng In Ireen? rtre?' -??-m v aahlng
to'i V i t
T ???n-i ,i Minute? Before Closing
Ti-? Triangle ?Shirt Wale! Company la
. th<? Orrn in whleti ?>1?'- thlrtwaie! itrik? ho
nan a ?ori ????-> t? o>fcupl>*d thf- three *1P
floor? it i? ?nid that had tli* oto ?oeeurrad
twent* minute* let? the ? vat nf fh- ?flrla
? old have been aared, tot elodng Mme
in ?i-i? factory Is 4*<tt p m, and many
??f the viril ?~ 11 their bata os ready to zn
-??? ??hen th? Are broke ou! Thl? ,c th*
.. ib*i m many hat? ner? eonn?i out
nldc In f,,?? at reel There ?c,ro raid te b*
? il?*?', rnachtnre In th? plac?
.mi nf th? other Arm*, Including Vierer,
I ? n?b, dressmaker?, who et
- i t':? ??eventh **n<-.r. directly belo? th*
??? male rompany, had cl?o?ed tot the day.
?iirl th?ir eatabllahmenta ?r??r? compara
? rely empt? Other firm? ?n the h?i'l'llnp
? ?..-. th? Martin Batea, ir . Company, hat?
tet--, th? Hattere' Fur Bxchange; Bern
?tela I Meyera, cloak?; Harria Broth-era,
men'a clothing, and Maurice Blum, cloth
, ire The?* firme lulfered chleflj fmm th*
, nof.^i? of natei thai pnnr?d down from th*
floor? abor?
Thirty BnHi??. in One Heap.
<?n the Oreen? ??.??-'??m iMe of th? building
there w*a ? pile nf thirty bodiea In ? ii?ap
? ii the ?fdewslli When lb? Burgeons ar?
river) they made ?* hsaty examination nf
'?'?'?I?.. ciMnc ?ill llielr attention to
nho pf111 ?how??d sign* of life end
rushing thorn lo Ihe hoapltsl* tt\ thif?
heap th??\ rould Und none ?ho seemed to
I ?? .)!.?.? .in?~i no furiher attention waa psld
?. ? . ?i. ?[ .-? \g\ ?rhere the watei from
? _? ; , ?. .i not ?1 'ii? window?
i flood ?Vfter the fire wa* oui the a orb
of removing the bod I? wa? begun in me
f mil pile on ?y-r.io itr?*?H on?
? .ii ?rae fmind v.l'n hinted OVOt Tnd
I groaned ?? en the policeman start-id to
p|? k I ? (Hi* bad been th?**** aboul an
hour Bh? i rushed to a 1 ospltal, bul
I If *1? ? ?.<??. ??<?<? entertained f"r h'r re.
v moment later a i ian wa? fmind
movli a lightly, ind he too waa hurrted
R'? it-. |n an ? fforl lo at re I hn
No explosion. Say*; Cutler.
Mas Reihen of '??? M Washington a-?*
nue, The Brona, who wai t ? a = a
nuttfr ..? th? eighth floor, raid thai there
?. i i. explosion Rothen ?aid thai there
ras i thing of -o- explosive nature on ihe
1 :i t knee that th? po* er
waa luppll-ed by 'wo electrli motor? H*
Mid thai i ? and ? ? manager of ihe room.
Pnrn" Bernatela, flr?! na? the amt>ke la
?ulna '. : le of cul g>rmenti ranged
In tlera ?i on? ?M? of th? **?*?>ni Thej
Ihre? i?~keti Of w?ter on lh? eloth, b?lt
II wert unable to eherl ? flam??? which
qulckl] i - ? r??- -I ?ip ?nd lgnit?*d oth?ei dUm
, of cut ttarm'r.'? hanging r*i llnei abov?
' |. n?1
Saw G?r|?; Jump, but No ?Tu?.
Rnberl Mainzer ? ?* passing hi?l a? th?
. ? began to I ro? l smaelvee 'torn th?
aindow? He was not aware jel ?hut a fire
?? ? - ? ?.? ..?? h ? e buildlnd ?nd stopp?.i
i? ...... men? - i nklng thai torn?
ring drera form ???it of ?h?
i biilldii a
*? BROS. *%
Piano Makers
For ovei 42 eara the Krakn'jer ?,-,?
been th? ?acknowledged ?tdttdes of th*
music loving public.
Th? Krakauer ha* been aelected is
the lesder Of instruments In ?th* ?eon?
teat , onducted by the New York Tribune.
The Plis* Pi?nos aie on exhibition at
our warerooma, 1" ?Esel 14th ?t.. bst.
Broadwsy snd Fifth Ave . and dupll**at**
of th* d-esl-gna can i-e ?seen at our other
i,.anch '-? arerooroa
Pritrei of Rrsksuei ?Pisnoa range fr??m
?1875.00 upward. Used ?piaaoa at great
r?ductions. Other makes rang? from
t]ft't upward. T?em c mad* ?to suit pur
cl ? ? r P "v i to Rent.
?VI ?repKitn? 17 Eatfl Mth St
Bre*hlla ? ttt lliinrston St.
n.o'iv- ' ?fi'-s V?. IMtJMStta SI?
Thft Lone Island Railroad Company
| ?4{ J4{ OI V? Is
i.ni-i-M ?tu t s?"l nit HAMPTOyfl
I \ PHI ?- 1 H ?IN- "0 ,,..( 'O
ommenelni I Ii '** In? I ? ? fof
: . ? 1
? ? ? ! i M t
4 ."? D IMPOPTgP
IPECIAUS1 In i ? i lat? I ? '-*?? t-r.
vjji ? r ? ?? i -? minlctulag,
. ' im?nt?r.
?. || r.o r?-r ?. i '' , ? i- .?ni
? ri >\ ? -1 um ??i NF? ronn
43 Blnnd Goffee
?i v t. ro?
I 10 th?.? '? - ? - : III i ?
mini Milt) ? ? . i .? ?
, . I . .? . ? ?HlTl^?
I i CALLAHAJ , M and u Wvj t
Weird Alarm as Bodies of Young
Girls Arc Lowered to Street.
Crowd Sees Coffins Filled. Then
Borne by Patrol Wagons
Toward the Morgue.
A hrok?n i,?ireiar alarm somewhere up
in Dip hollow building, somehoe ?tsrt? '
hite Ufe !>v ? i-irokf?n wire, rang ind rang
SObOd] thong!,t .n ,top |t N ?bod)' 111 '''O1 '
to in'-oftiirnt? it tr?? the knell of ? hun
dred anil a hair young girls 11 n yester
da\ i?r,rke; op th? ?lehth. tiimh Bttd let th
floor* of \n ??? Qtreene street tad leal n - '
'""?" lowered 'n!. r fmni ?1"? windows Of
those doers In Mack. ?! ?-. ? -
Vin?. 10. U o'clock still th-- wort wenl
an In the ghastl? n'-ir? which f'""|r sesrch
Mchti pivoted on ??>'?-> ?*)"? f-i'u ii-?. ?h?"'1
Watcher! on the ground sse fli il an ilmost
Indistinguishable mesa appeal In ? rli
?low. ibas, a pair of helmeted heedi behind
It. an?-l Then th? ni.?-* SlOWl] 'I-- end to 1
sidewalk, dsngllng In th? cold night br?ese
At"?? ti.? street ,. pit? of r'-"ie''i t.len
rritlln? stood, surrounded '?? ? II in lirw1
of petrolrnen Their number diminished
gradually 3? each re,-?, ed n body, rhlch
wag placed unwept, unmarked Into ht wsU
'nu petrol for transpcwtatton ?,, the E tel
?gth itreet Morgue Nos and tht ?
patrol drere ?>p ','"1 added 10 th? pll? Bui
"in ?tie bodies .-nine .;," n from t' -?' ?
Over h? Washington B*)usr< s lubd'ied
crowd stared rarantli at the windows fi
f?w 'oiingstory -v|io ro,|lrl ,-,?.? ,.-,',70 tl ?
b.-.rror of it mi directed thelt ittentlon to
?he p'l?*f1t"K enc'ne. bUt ?'?1 they WCW
awed Into silence b*. ?h? f?e),p? that
tiijne not Tiit? natural had heppen??d Here
an?-! there a vn... of older peopli gat
closer aro'ind on?? ?V1 had a Ston to ten
*. Httle s omin m a sMlco dress, ???'??
a -,virst^ ?han 1 over her head, fold??-,
',o*- hands at the leyel of ? somewhat
ampia wi??t I -?a?! |US1 COmhtg hr""',
q? 1 o>]o<?k." she laid 1| rrai frightful
i ?han dr?--am of .t for months
The poor girl? ?<?? dropping fr0ro the
slndowg when r rounded rl- corner They
Hi.) .ir.t seein to ve able r , funtp Thev
lust h'ine in the windows until ?'-??? could
1 hane no longer, and then ihe? fell i
I could nr't ii?'-., thinking Wl it 'f m? girl
j j.r? ther*'"
? Th? ladders ij|?]*- t r^a-"'' up tO tl
?a? an Thej arrlred lust i little aftei I
j d'd. and the', ont] rcR' ''?' '. Up tO
i thi ?eventh floo, i dldn ? ?<?. -. ?
', ?ak??n down h\ the ladder? But th n It
! wouktn'1 hare don?? mti '?- good If I
? had reached They were toe late The
j whole t>?U'B nj; over ,n BbOUt
, min'ite?. it ??eppne?! to me "
.??fardinc by the engine across the street
; ?*.;?)?: a vo'irs: follow .n the blue ? ?*' X t
fireman "Oh I'm usl uh ' he ?aid le
, icpiv to q qoer*j as fo his Identity r?i'i
t 5ee i? - "Well, I -grot ] .-..- .1 the third
I ala?-m nl'h the ?re patrol It ? the 1
I |'\? ever ?seen and I've seer cir-i.- r.r, ,1
atlff Are?, too They wen i aught Ilk? ? ?'
I in a ?rap There was a si I rig it,
1 h?it with tve or fix hundred people on ?
floor_ bow ??o'iid yo 1 exi ' them tr? pet
r]nr\rt one ?ta-rwa-, ?
"What T ?-nri't underetsnd |? shy they
1 lumped oui of th? fourth ind fifth stories
i I F'ipp'.Be th??y ?ht? in?=? s^rr-d plan Stiff
I when th?y sa? the Hre, both shore end
I belOW them When w? Cam? lip ?h? ho\ ;
I ?ere trying te work ti-..-, nf. no?t. h?t uhat
good -lid it do? Two t three of them
wouff Hitnp a? once, ?nd ill land in the
sa roe place There ?or? fellows vi'h
blankets there, too, ?rd tesmstert holi Ing
tarpaulins orer ?he sidewalk, i saw several
aaved that way. But most or them wen?
thro,iRts, ??
' I must ?a\e :.?<-n thlrr of those girls
,1'imp m Oreene street," ?aid ? young fel
low In the midst of the orowi "Sometimes
thev lumped, and sometimes the? |uat
?reemorl t,, ?p||| out ,,f ? ,.? wlttdOW ill In
a bunch One ?iri. though, wenl ?'? in
serosa the street, I think abe .i'\<?,!
through glass and all ' knos om? oi
them did. because they wwg all rat op
i n i!.-- landed Bay, somebody -all
ilier?' ?,- afin ' M"' around behind Is
thai trot '
it wai partlall) a.nd ? ?? Waverley
place Herman Pohl'a thresh tactnn harks
up as-aii.st the building thai was burned.
Mr. Pohl aras there laat ni?<hi. on? *ii<*ht
up, straightening out I est?bil hmeni ?>
hi? aft?r i?>.? demora] tatlon ,>f (he after
noon "See." i?? ??id, "where the atael
fireproof windows were scorched through
by the beat It area burning down tier?"
Mr Pohl pointed OUt Of 'he window into
? at flrsr ?cerned ti.e bOttOtnleai I ra*?r
of a rolcaao Bmoke ?nd a sickening odor
rolled up fron i srell le a tlch hi? fire?
men had noi at thai time been aMe to i*?tn
a-??ess. though th? i Ii irai five hours ni?j.
Th<?re." -?m Mi Pohl, "is the fire ?*
cap? "
The fire .-., lj-.r about is narrow >??? n??
lau allowa, ended abrupt!) some tureety
feel from the bottom <?>' the well, nor- i?are
'. listlnguishabh through the stnoke ,i.i?t
beloa Its lowest rung s is the skylight ol
th? cr^'iii-i floor of the burned h?iiidine
mi the glass (his ikyltght was gone?,
.-i', '; ?? rli grating ind ' ame which eo*?
ered and ipheld ? * ? sted in in"'i
merabh trays Dostn froto above ?'a/'t-sr
tir.- ht'inds had tallen upon it. -md. eojnc
through, I ad set Are to ,,,,i room 'md-,r
neatl i' a is Into this pit that tho?* wh?*?
Iht isfel th? flir- escapo f"'1
Prom this well, so fsr o? could be dt*
? ? o ined lest i ?.r' ? i ei was no exit
\' botl ends wer* Iron gstes locked so
?i m. -iid. Tid even hsd tb?*se '.-??en p^??e,i
, .,. ?., .1 ?.-? buildings to go through
\?, o i,t one man oui f there, declared
Abrshsm Bti ?me isser, a hoy employed it
? ??, . ?.r>, place, several aeoi*s be
'.. ? He hsmmered on th? steel srlndow
... ?> . rfosed, snd we opened if -ind
,-i> tliroiiuli
i ? " ir? ?- felloe Mtlbsuer ind Raj ind
i cere down In the . i??m?ni there Hand
Ing >ip pail of water in case this place
ejiughl \\'?> were right under the rellar
light, and 44?? cniiM hour the bWdlsa drop
pltiR d??wn on top of it ilk?? meal hag? I
don'1 kii"W how many thero were we wer??
'??o evite?! t?i ???unt th-Mii Bit there W*T*
many. Th* Wie*? ?W* I?1' through was
?.'I'-? ;i ? h sheet. All he roilld ?,1V 'A a ?
'Wbsre'a my ?Mead? IV* -soelda'i ten
Iiim There ?a as a ?lead ma.i outside on
lh* ?;r itmg."
"it wa? apalMng, ' a r> FoMM?in, etn
ployer of th' bOfS, afrlrme<1 "Pn v???l
knOS) ?hut ?gST* me the tlrst Intimation
nf the f.re? it u^s tli? ??Tennis of the
girls. I have never heard anvth!n,r like
it in ?at* Ufe i hop* I may netrer ?ig^in
I was here In mv oflle* when suddenly
?l?e|. shrieking reaeher) ni4- ear I listened
for ,i moment, wondering what It ?.?.??,?
Then I ri;?<l?e<* t?, the , orner. The girl?, j
had airead?, begun t?. lump There was
P'it nill?~h smoke. b?|t If .?eemerl as If th?*
?4hole top .^f ;h? ho'ise area h masa of
flu mee "
Looking up from th-? ?rtdewala las! nigh!
r ?(.m?.! ?ia if th? flame? |?r??i nem their
44 ?rk reasonably or perhaps unreason??!?! v
??.ell LTndsr *he hrlalit heam of the
searchlight? th? eefiing? ?-r ii.? upper
floors W'kerl 1|Ve tho?e in ,4 ?.t|!| unflnW "l
?villdlne ? 1e?in. ?infoverei] terra ro?t;?
VVhSt the Irenen In 'heir sear<~h for ?he
rhsrred bodies ?hi? perhapa is better |?fi
-.?old And ?till ?be burglar alarm th?
kled, <"?n<1 tie crowd? at pointa ?it? \-nr'-*g"
down th? diffe-ent ??tree's still gnzeil \ 1
?rantly. walttns with ?ina?c<*euntabl? e?iri
0?|H f'.r the hl-iet; b?ir?rtle? In ?.. Inj r)n\xn
-.? .-^1
The Progresse Rep-ibHeans In the ?7th
Asserphlv DlatrlC! 'na?1e another mo? e yes.
t??rday In their ?"iTip-iiun to depose Ahra
ham Grubr-r from th? leadership there t?~
ea-b enrolle^ Rf-p^Mi^n thev .?ent n reply
?. ital cerd asking frt? an expression of
opinion on x-o rontfnusne* of one nf the
fnOOt cnn-spie?).-??]? memhers of the 'o?r)
guard,' Ahrnham rjh*Uber( a? leader of ?th?
district "
The ??ieners .-.f the ?-<?? ?m m uni ?~.a ?ion or?
Thomas \T Relknap. Willis p. Darts, Mi'e-s
m rtawfon, ?Philip h ?Mit?n, ?Samuel r?
Hannah, Perej McRtrath, n r f?o5? Hnd
nd'.vard P.-hmM?
Survivor Tells How He Tries, with
Manager, to Quench Flames.
The f-.-irf.ii rspkftty arfstlt arMdh th? flra
?p-e-,,! va? told hv Mat Rother, s tailor It
the employ ef the Triangle Waist t*aat*
panv. who ? -.? on M>e e.gh'h floor of th?)
btiMd'nr; wh?n the fVe broke ?*??)".
Rother ?a? a ?st klag on the v *. ?hingt *"i
ria,-e ?1de. when 1 e ' enr," the .?*?? ->?*
?(.?Ire'" /-ominar from th? f,r<".r? ?tree? %\\Ajg
of th* ioft Hanging ei sr M a beada of the
operators at the man-, machines in t-a
room was a Une of cloths, v htch wa<
biasing. V'ttli the manaeer of the It?,
Max Burnstetn, ha tried le ptst the Kit
o.jt \ttt\y ?,.aii? of tva'er it .?oread tea ft*'.
and the roaa on ?whlch the clothi we'S
h'ins wa?? h'irned througl . th***OWtggJ * I
burning cloths o? er t>'.\ heads of several
of ???,e ,,p,er??tors
<5om? of th? h'irnlnjr ?-lo/fh? '*?" oa to?
Hoot and soin the room was a roar!"*f
mass of flam*? Rother made for ?>.?? ??a".
on the rjre?ne> ?fr^er tltje ?>* ttSa, building
a-,l es.-aped He .I'd n?",f kno?v ? ha? h?
e?m? of Runtetefn, the manager.
The bor.'Kkeepe- Mnrr! I L*?WlP?, W*'
lives In Bap Ridge, Piiikh-n, was on tn?
ten ?i-floor ifter be heard the cry of 'Wita'."
he jfrthh*d fr,? b.-oks at the r*en9*pe*sy a*,d
fiaren them Inte th? *af- Tr*-'ina; to pit to
?h? street hv mean- of tun ?'?vft.for Which
had stopped r'lpnlnsr. he ?xas for-vd to gr\ it
the roof Two Rirl operators fOllggeed hini to
the roof. There a 'adder area found, ant
1 i>wit!? and on* of th? ptrl? e^mhe^ on H
an adjoining rOOf The other srrl had tnm>
appeared when he reterreed "?r h0r- Il H
ti-io'ight that ?he lumped frojtn the foof.
?'i _ ;_? _ ??m**?
S The Oriental Store.
A Rllg Sale-Offering Values Extraordinary!!
\ number of bales o? fin? quality Rnp?? received la?t week were bought to ??ireat advantage
bi our unrivalled organization in the Orient We Have priced the entire collection for
[\"S1 VX1 tali \"tr the unusualness of thesevalues:
Shirvan & Beluchistan Rugs.
.- - \erf . ? ? ?- | ? >j{ " i,
? rj ?, ,'??- ? 518.00
Turkish, Persian and India
Sizes ?3x10,9x12 and 10x13 ft CAO ?SA
Valu? up to $125 00. ?4>OV.OU
Fine Persian, Meshed, Mahal
& Qorevan Rugs.
Sim 7x9,8x10, 8j6x11, 9x12 ft fin Er.
Formerly $125.00 and $150.00. OV.OU
Fine India and Turkish Carpets.
N/e-? 11x14. 12x15, 13x18, *Cfrv Ar?.
! 13.6x19. Value up to$275.00. lOU.UU
?which triebe Ru?? arc offerer] non?* will be ?>*nt ?in so
r<\ {nr future deliver?/ ?will b?" ?-torcd fr?*?*. of chirj--*'.
Good selection promised for every day
We fill :?? ' al rders fot Tnrkt>h Carpets. < Ai<~?r d*s'?,r?? -ubmitt?d and Rugs made in c.tact size
nur) color combinations desired \sk fr>r details.
Cahistan, Daghestan & Be?
luchistan Rugs.
\ ? erage ?ize 3 8x 3 8
1 ? ?t H-?-1 h priced up to $30 00
Antique Persian Hall Strips.
?>??--. fi? ?p? >\ 10 to ) 6x13 ft.
? i prices up to $43.00
lr,?4- prices a
Rugs pur? ?h.
Sale continues right through this week.
NOT F M' ng to the extremely low pri?es al
- *. .. : ?' ,l" Any ?Rugs purchai
Please remember that though the Vantine
roods VRE exclusive, though they are the
FIXEST o? the kind, though they do have ?in
INDIVIDUALITY, yet Vantine price-, are
m?oderate. as a ?comparison will always prove.
This applies to Oriental Dress Silks. Draperies
and Wall Fabrics, to ?Lamps an-d l)i?me>, to our
Basement Section, containing Canton Furni?
ture, Table Porcelain, Brasses- in short, right
through the store.
A. A. Vantine & Co.
877-879 Broadway, New York
rift. 18th and 19th ?':?-.
Al-o Boston and Philadelphia.
Double ?i^(: Green Tradincj Stamps With Purchases Before 12 o9 Clock
BO?r? SIDES OF 6fH?V?. 18? & 191* ST
frpom our Greatly Enlarged Silk Store
Vrrj Hf-IST ?S//A- Display.
Colored Silks
Black Drew Silk
H inch Black Satm Duchetwe
n, li jet Mai h . expr?s >ly ?nr
..-ii,? - and beautiful b1a< i? m11<
dress?; yai I $1.05
.16 inch R!a?-t< Shantung ill
pure ?ilk and an i c< i lien!
black ; i ? i v dep?ndablt quai
it \- ; \ -ir-1
.Vvin.li Black Satin Mp??."tline...
,i ? ? r \ rif h H- ai v gi ad< . all
pure ill and < ai n d*? eH x,p
?...! .. tard 85c
40-inch Black Crepe de Chine?
hi ighl. ?ilki fini -Ii and g ? "I
? . qualii ? . pc? ial, a
I (elusive ?ilk novelties in bordered foulards, benajalines ind insraw
sett?* changeable and plain marquisette and chiffon cloth, duchess, p, pitas,
messalines, moire, taffetas, hri-la! satins, etc., tpecialty pn-fi t.-?r Mosiday.
Crepe Charme u**e. imported? Dress Foulards??-?'-.?ib'?* wiHtp?, ?n*.
ible width; evening and itreel ported gud domestic' d0**, QO
tints; (J ;,i quality . ftgureg. et< . $1.50 grade; Vrj ooC
??'r^ - $2.50 Imported Polka-Dot Foulard**?10
Dnuble-Width Colored Marquisette and42-inch; *6i in . ? Cl en
?*? rj desirable ihade. includ rard.. , ejum stio 9i?OU
ing the new French tint?, 1? to 40 inch Messalines?g \i,?-?-l
l^"1 HHc 50c, 75c, $1, $1.25 & $1.50
"'?ll'JIn*. Fir?. Floor.)
*t) ? ?:??.
? , ? ?
S?-M i rf,
'^y^.^^xt* ' -,V ^ ? 'Mi
A Brilliant Exposition of
Trimmed Hats for Easter
Hillinery That Is Truly Beautiful. Magnificent Original Crea
tions by the Foremost Modistes of Paris and New York.
Almost every p^ko ol every uevftpapei in tb"se days has at least one fashion adv-er
tigemenl on it. flier-? seem?, to h" a maze of words?everybody claiming superiority. Of
, nurse. Mich - thing il impossible There can be only ONE, leader, ONE best. ONE finest.
We Believe That OUR Exhibit Is Today
the Most Varied and the Most Interest?
ing in Any Store in the United States.
We ihow at least three styles to anybody else's one, including hundred.** of original
lut-; from Pans and thousands made up by our own clever milliners Fru-s h*-gin at $5
Httri rise to $7.50, $10. $12.30, $15, $?n. $25 and up to $125.
E ?? in '? you are "only liking" vou will do best if you look HERE, for BOwbtTSJ else
t*- th^te ?in much to ?.ee.
MA'"' SutMlag. Urtt riese
Ask tor ?rtf Green Trading Stamps ?We Give Them- ?

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