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ei.?h'h floo:. in tha corner use?! by the
? uttart Thc-v worked a? ?? long wooden
?_g__a, and under it \?.a-?? i ?BMM ol ?lip
pings from vrrN- light ?and ?inflammable
materi.il TIMM BaOM WOta In?
cigarette ?anotom, ?tad Um flre probably
started either tToa a lighted ?clgniatta or
a match dropped hy one of them
"i am eagiviiiMi o? thin by no ___un?
Ina'i.'r. and by the ?tatttgjMM*/ ?of several
witnesses i have examined ?Beg-dee
this. ! have bcr-n through the thive
floors below the ?>n?*F ?burned, and which
were occupied l?v a firm in ?he same
business 1 found OB tbOM floori any
qur.nMty ,?; ?ri-arotte stumps and
matches and mnny empty d| nvtte
box? ?
Delay -.o Sen-i"-?7j Alarm.
" Hlghl? ?:.7?:immablfc matarla] was
pikd all ?aver 'ho ro??ir.. and nrban once
UM ftro started ?r ?c.r.r.eci headway fo
: ..?? t.u..?' .' ...;!ii Ml '? ? ChCClfd.
But in ?gpite of t1" ?tancer ?hat
any or.e could n i ? - '"?i wmm
t turned in It 01 ? That. bMAft boon
a doaan small Mitres In the factory
?tritt . st f? w montha, and they
t. | to put out 1 ? ? ?? ho.
fore they turned in tha alarm
"Thcr- Is no ?law to prevent snv'kint:
In such places, ?but th? ?proprlftOTI fun?
eral.v make tli-ir own ?rules I under?
stand that there were rule? ?here -r
?-Tnoklngj but tl .nhout
as well enfoi . ? ? . - ganaraUy
nr? And v h< -a It cai ? * ?se fellow? i
trying to put ?Out the fir'? themselves j
they had the same ?race? thai K-ner
fllly follows guch sn attempt. It was i
Impoealhle for them to i ?ntrol a t?re in
su? h material as Mied the place It ??ot j
nway fr??m them In flv? ind 'h?-?
t? rr;ble loas of 111
7!:e ?flrre ? was -'? ?agitated by
the long flf7ht anil thi gpet an of j
Saturda be continued with I
_. '.? ??? - t of the fire nnd j
building Inn ? f the city.
I h.c a pi lust ?cur- I
ren the on j ?? i 1er
la tha not take :
ntnl '? ? ro* rlghl ?now that unless
radical *-? ?ire taken to install
flre escapes n bu
?proof, a ?
nr* at work Nea Y???k wl : witness a
rlous disast? r I
Washington ?Plac? ???,.? on;
tetuda, ..:?? :.? ? n.
Too Many Have Juritdic*!?-r>.
"Six ?tlepartments -of the clt ~??\ern-j
inant have ju 1 to tha order?
?. ?ings. They
ar.? the Buildings Dei ?*nt, the Ten?
einer,' Houae C : Btal I
men' of i- tment of W ter
Buppt ' ? ?: I E ? " ' thi ?Police
T ?e - ?srtmei I ent of
"The departir.
rated in th q .-ti? n, thi Plr? ?De*
ment, can make 1 mendat
? egarded. 11 shoul 1 *]
?be given to th? Dei rtment to or?
der flre ei ' ich illd ngi
ere of mei
???? . . ?
this 1 ' hea ? ?
wide, ai ? nd was wortl
?the heal . ? ??
? ' alwaj b ? ontendi 1 and r - -
me.? i- : ? at all buildings, whether ?rated I?
- ? . ? it, be equipped s Ith a :
...??? 1 th tv
? ? ? ?
ild be
?' ? . late a
1 two .- ?ilng ?aida by side,
? ? ?
Worke-s Should Be Sa'e.
[t saemi ? ?*' man or
won., it ling to
esrr h s or h?
Ing roasted
allv? ' brea : ! tl depen is ;
ther band,
- ? ::.. laement
thro** n about Exits
67?. I I put 0U1 ?'??"
- - - : ? 7
fflce bUlld?
! r. I ; I . : ' ? :
wa will ? .- latent
?.?-??-. - ild t
Wl loroui ? lent M-A
hei - ??: ? the Pi ulldlng
I ? ti - to 1 ? nferei 1 1n hi ?
of/ice 1 ? bullding I I I 11
? . Rted ma * - I
them ?soma ggestloi
ehaaf tt Is ?the laws Once 1 was in?
?-vitad ?'? dtun? r it Mi McAn?
but ? big fln nj : . : uldn *
' The- ! ? : ? J ? . ? -f. -i? I
: '. ? C architecte then ind Ru?
i- In tha Bur^.i'*
?as there I fot
? ? ? - lationi
. ?
for saf? ? . |g
tha clt .- ; -
turn would ?be spol .
' ? Baa itiful, au m? Heard
? ? - ? ? ? . ? \ ?n$
I . But all 1
wag tl - ? ? f objected
:? aaalble
... .. . _
Is ?no chanc? ?? -
- who get 1 ? them
end have no 1
I .' The bodies go 1
:? ? the nel
? ?
l ?own 125 feel
awful vmm
and more than 150 souls
saved had the Asch
Building been equipped
Prevents spread of fire
and effects great reduc- |
tion in insurance rates.
r.tRTKt LAM *,v M<ll i>r
12-14 Walker St, ?New York C
"he 'attl 'ed Iroa ?a-- ( the staira .h to the tent'-i Boor. Many
are found in front of this e^te.
, ?.. ? 1911 i Press - lea ?
n ? h? ight. is it would he i" the
,.? n .-? di fBce build?
.hi? : When i aaw
M~h th?"- Iron e)er\d
the r---:- alk Saturdaj ' aras
. ? ' | of I :" litt r?r;?
?>r a tir, -;: - - -
"Th,*- Fir. Dep " " ','?'' bava
ontrol over < i i rythlng perta Ing !
irf p!'' ? ? [I ??:':?'
ontrol bul tl ? i ??'? ? r to enfor? e th? law,
it th? | ?? ? nl tin* it is not net essary
indar -. I kn<.' goven ng of.
|cj . . r, .. ,-p .,,., ?.,?-?,-r tmnamga
? issed as ! reproof to hava fire?
... :i rhink of tl - ipp dllng ' i re of
if?-, th-- would ne of th--1 greal
bul llnfi '; '??' often -i
\t ? i man: ss peri ??.i of
h-in girls If a fir- irti :
;-. m
Borough Pees dent a'. Seine
Bor? - I? * McAnenj*, ? ho
-..ade a nap? tion of the build*
?g, pointod out that 'X B ullding Code,
i Section 105, provided thai all build*
: specllled types. Including
ihall be er.?jippcd with r. .
. tad sufBclant fir* escapes, stair*
ayg or rtfcer moans ol agraaa" as the
ntendaal I ....v.e? may re?
Th? . Uon ol the adequacy r: fl n
sap'* he said, hag been determinad
>wevei whea the via:?- were prasanted
:r approval Once a. sptad ss ade
uata they have been permitted to re?
I to the recordi x the Build?
iga Da] irtmeni the ? im for the build?
-.i- war? paasad In 1900 by Buperla?
radant Brady ihr- original plans ---'er?
led on April 15 1900, bul they -vere
isappro? id and amentSed plans ware
led b' . ilius Frank, an archit*9cl
Th? Buildings Departm?mt at first r?
iSf-'I '.. ' v plan?, to? c ml
t lack of fair? ii demanded ? H
Bights of stain should be ?.??"''"'i-if-d
? the two contemplated, but
nail the department * alvad Its objec?
?i?. and the building i i nstructed
Ith only two stairways, ?leading ?i
? n? streei and th? oth? to Wash*
Ftom a statement issued last night by
gb President McAneny Ii wgg
arned tha? he and Fire Commission?!
"qldo had takf I - n?-??d of re?
tape? tion of such l dli :. tfi r 'he.
? ? .?t fa torjr fire in \>\?3>.k Commia?
? tR . -. asalgned MO oi 000 flra?
? ? conduct - ?? ? nan examina?
? hl ordin?r-.- force of tha B?j
au ',f Building.- could no! do the wort
reported fing to Mr.
:. ... ii ;;,5?*<? buildings in which
te firs i : vial n waa not adequate,, bui
. - building on "?V i?-h:ngton pia^e and
? ? ? wai i ' Inclu led in the
Report for Firs Department.
Ir v.o? InapOCted I'V order cf v:- t.
? asm on Oetobar 10 1910, by Ed?
srd O'Connor, foreman of Engine
- y 72 T' i ? la tha firsi engine
impany to reach the burning building
Sal ? Tha n port of I
ig i the result of his Ins] ??? -
?!-. - building " n sa fc IB? ?.
Looatior*??No. 23 to 29 Washington
Construction?Brich -???d iren; ten
ories in height.
CI?ss- Ft?, pi-o of.
Date cf erection?1001.
O/.ner?,1 I Ae'.H, if Sou?!*- N-?r^ all?-,
Number of employes in building?1,000
FifS etcapis. outside?One.
Location?Rt?ar: condition good.
Stairways?Two. located a*. G-eene
roet and Washinnlrn Place; condition
Stall * lys good.
Elevator s?Four.
Fire appliances?Telephone connection
ith departmental headquarters by
tourn?t??* R/?terr.
Two four-inch standpipe*,, connected
Outside?S'iwse connection, No. 2
ze, three inches.
Tnn'-c on rcof? Eight feet by ten feet
capacity. 5.C00 gallons.
Buekete? On all floors, 2*35.
i ? ? ? p.. | -,,.t ? t.,?-?. ? . arias I
Bostwick, who has ?been ^s?icn?'i'l by ?Mr
wl- tman to hold an Inquiry, wna al th?
?scene of tha lirr shortly after the name:
started on ?Saturday afternoot Hi ?sas
the disaster In Its most horrible asp?
and asaisted In the ?rescue ul ? it w!
ittempting to gav?t himself by p=ii?i
lr?K 'i?-?-' n tha - levator r ?pes . th?
The man fell to the bottom of 'l shal
whan his iian?s ware burned and i-*?-1
their hold on th? cable Mi ?Bostwlcl
assisted In ?getting this ?man oui of thi
ittafi ? ? Into the fresh sir. He sat?
? light
Pictures fdf District A'.to-ney.
> - ? iv?? ordered nui .?r photo?
. tphs taken if every part of th? burn? ?
strut tui for eviden? i I atiu
Ittions ^ far u I a n > ? in I ?
only one flre ?ese tl building,
and tbl it ' ? ' ' d
tuti 3 'he only tans of <
hundreds who could not gel doten the
stair?? ':? i ?levai
'We h?ve _ s k c 'i th I ?- Depart?
ment foi -? report ? i ?the burned I
Ini ind ill the I irtmenta coi
1 have been i : ? I I tc
rti ? ? the D'strict tttorne? :
ofl?C? Thr- report I the Build ngi De
?partment will include ?tlu plans for the
buildlni md the? ?? 111 t t.. :?
i iU?t J as i ':?? .r strli ? tnpll tc ?
with ?th? law
Ar. Investigation of the lefecti that
:?? . to the catastrophe ma-- develop *
remedy that win prevent a repetition
The Inq Ut ?? HI ? ' it rigid ind thor?
ough is H wllj be possible t< mak?
?nd ! hope facts will be t ui ? r thai
?nrlll point to practical metbodi I the
safeguarding el the publl? ind *
?the responsibility ftvt ?th ? dlrast?
?estioi f doubi
Flre Commissioner Waldo ? ? ? P
He--. ???i ? ? ten yesterda? .-??.-.
; *:'-' ?"r-"-;: the men " till lepgrtl "
He wai In Boston or Sat irda?. '..?-? tl
r. --" s of tha fit i b i?? I ? i ind 1
->??-- back earl yesterd nornlng H
? '?? "'ni to I - rned I ij d
in| where he was met by Deput; Chlefi
Langford and Worth with whom ht ?
?reacted the premisei The follow}]
the }?'.itement issued by Cc mmissloner
Meana of E? * ?Adveeated.
Tht . ? ? mon tl in 14?? II ?si : -
suiting from the Wgt ... ? ? '?.-??? ,'v
. is lem nstrated forclbi* to conten?
tion ? tl Fi: Dej irttt t th il vi bl ?
buildings ?ma ? ? flrepi th? cont? ta
? fl eproof Th' ?? : ? ??? ?- . .
?:.. i trthi :? good ind u ana ol
exit ?should i??? required In building
l di !'.-,r?i? ter, especial ? those in which
large numbers of ?pe? ?? - i issembled
t . ?work oi otl ? purpo There ar-*
. tan; bulKUn?gi ?f i ? this city ;
In ?? hi? h even * ores ? ?????? ni : ?
!? thi opinion of tl ......
: of exit ?ft, n thli lldii
insuffi :? ??? Th' r>- a as ? i out
- ids . -Ji on ?Hi ?- ?escape ? hi? to
?so ? onsti u< ted thai when ?Iron il ittet
lind ?.- rere optr. I It wan i
? if? i r- rax i si um H " i':i" ?'
?Si i ? losli ? the shuti ? ? hi? h could
e If persona re end< ? n ?
i? e?- gpe from th? * Ind? wi ?? ? ? ? ?
i ? ? :'
Th,?--'. ?? ? ??- ??? ?? Lp? i sed ?tt pi "
Kalt ? n Ith window dooi I 'J
Then . ' " ? consumed b? the fl r?-*
ind kit tl itairs open i tha (la itesi
'r) .*? stein wert onl ? ifflcW tl
I ? one pe? ... * dei end al > '
tlmt and s ith rinding stej t the
Entran-res to .-'??. e 1 ?'
i.' partition**. From indlcationi g : ?
ind daora appear to ?have ?been I? ? ' '
i? the lime "f tha fir?
WanM Fire Prevention Buresn.
!.. fir-*- ComirIsslonei i endea
'. g i i?'. ? n" legislation whl? h trill ere? It
11 i bureau of flra prevention, with i -j
Sclent '..--fil power to Inft.-i'.l fi'iti?*-?.-"
and suxlllary fire appliancea, to enfo
fin preventive measures and to give
the department the right to insist
ad?quat? moans of escape In caa? of ti
Th? Fire Department is the most ? o
petent to paas op th?-? necessity fot ?
<'.-. t., their exportan? a w
- ? i
? .-?? \ eral daya m? '"'in?* was h?
In a VVall atreel law ? ?fTi? ? denottnd
th? Hen of the department In roqu
Ing automatic sprinklers In bulldls
which, in th? opinion of the departing
" quired the san ?
1 i 'nd? ?- the pn sen! laa. the Fire D
partm< :.* has no control whatsoever o\
fir? ? :: ipei or means of exit from Un
Borough President McAneny isru
the following statement:
i ti u il thai one definite i I f tl
rlisast? r will I g tl orough overha illng
11 . ifiM'i snd ordin ne? i with r? latlon
, .. , i ? ? non ??? -t t1.-- prop? r p?
i?i iii n ,,i life Th? Building < !od?. In M
? ? ? | that a ding - ol
tr.it. sp< i Ifl i i- : ? s, Including factor!?
shall he equl ? Il "su go A .?i"i ml
elent Are < ?. ? i i or other mes
., pgr? ., ? ? .-'.... Int? ndenl of Bull
: equlr?
of th? ri? ?, iai y ??f fire e
mined, ?wever, wh?
m -, ? ?? i-, -? nt? d tot api roval On
? : j a?l? quate. they I ?-.?? t been pe
mitt? ' Th? plana of t:,?- A?
w< ? .1 by Bui et Intend?
j; ; ;-. in i oo \? th? time of the rece
,.,,... .... . ? , ,.| .,?- . tai u
. ? up .'f similar building - In N?
md of providing I
- - ?? rough! : : grplj fo
Waldo Act-, on Suggestion.
? mattet up at thai time wli
"? mail? I? i - '-' ?'? o, v ?? agn ? 'i to det?
some Bva hundr? . hundred tlrem?
for th? pui , prellmlnai
examlnatl? r ? i ? Insp? ci Ion for.
of Bureau of Buildings, which if? si
gage? most e? ?
?, an ?? boll? Inad? |uate for su.
..*.?? -ii -.-? stigation i
ri mm, iboul thirl ? *fi? ? lim dred ? i -
. ,: ? ? ? either ol lequal
?? . .-< h i ??, aera n
to Su pe? Intend? -.* Miller.
Mr Mill? detal I a squad <
iv..- or .-w .,r 1.1? men. uni.? Chief Inspe?
t".- Lu i-?? to Insperi <?m' ii or the esses r
: ?? , , ????.,,
ir-.? to which th? code refers hotel? Kb?
ling 1 ousee, factorial
sd of the I;
? - ? ? ?? .i- four
i of the case thai tl
law -im not sppl? but li it least 10 m
? ?. ? of then t .? buieau rep<
been takei requiring th? owners ?
.? ? . ;.? tod
t: .-? ? ? j- i ? --.-??? *t Luda||
ol ? .
from ? ? Fir? Depsrtmenl shows thai tit
Ai - n vas i t Included in its ht
i for th? ?son tha
... . tiding tppea to con
r I concl islon I or ought l
-- ; >Uld ? ifl ?
... that i ? of evei
other pr< vision of las % to su?
I tho -- ' ?? '???i 1
lit I ofl ind just wha
? . ? ?-. fa l -1 in
? ?i . ? ?' of building? of 3".;
? - - iceo ui wi In
? ? | .,.,.. . . urc toweri in
upor - 5mi ' Br? rather tl it
;; - ? -.?..-'- -, escapes of th? old * rp?
. - ; mould '??- ipp
. - :? ? ? ? ?-.-??<? mat? r
:?:??-'-' ??? Bui eau
- -*? be gli?n also
?? ? ,,.--,. r,f .1-,'),-? rr.r, er ,,
? .'? ord
' had uadei mstderatlon other Im
pen aw : nsni ta th? 13,;i''*!n; rod?
that " . ihori ? read? ( u presentation
Seme months igo i irked i joint .:????
tea ? ?=???:-- the Sat \ ??:'.?-. fhaptei r
ts. the Building Tr idei Employera
'?---,.: th? St* '."??;.. Board oi
.-... | cd?r?r?-ritars, ta prepare an entire re
? ? o* ?he theatr? 'cctler. of th r'--i
-.orklag In eoniun *tl i
with Superintendent MU!?I Mr Ludwls
Imp? ? Lu s of tha Bureau of Build
I | -> .11 .?.??? ? ? ; *; -.'-. ? Ml
;- ??., ? 0f the Fire Department
i? ;" r ?? >f th? board of examiners
?seta Law To Bs Bnaetad
- ? : -. ? forms me < t I aha
v ? .?... ....... , - i ,,..> i m?
-,?'--'. ? two i* ??? in rr'r'"?:
ra? i nts cslc ited to plsc? the r .
tion ol theatra t illdi ij i and ? I !.e pro*
? ? r || ? tree a ice? of
. ... Upor the |g] :, barrti thai
pert i ind I im hopeful
? .. ??? .?.? the obtec! - - ha*-?
I. thai ? be lit! del i! " enact?
.. ? ?-.- ' i -
: ? - ? : up a ith Sup? ? ? lam Millet
?? i. month? i-., tb? matter ... fin exits
Ii i tal J >?'???? .' . oflli ? I illdingi A l
.?.- a the i ?sei ? i of sixteen
-i the larges! ? ? uildinga mei Mi
? Croker a? n IH? ? in f* ?
or thre? tl leel
T.- qu< stl? n I was s :.? I in St?
ids to Instal - itsid?
fire escape? of in? ?or? upon I i it
twent or thirl itorl?
? ' ? hould taker to >rop< I is
proper li ? f ell stairs ivs und ale*
ifl i i at ititut? T ?-.ii oint? I
mitt? slat ins oi Allan
Robli presid? I ? ? l Real Es?
- .... inter? I mi : P Da prei Idem of
s Real Estai Board of Br *i?-i-.?. Pa-il
.*.?-?? of ? Fullei Construction Com
. my /i Kim n i William
Crawford l tli is in ronference ?*?!?*.
Ml Mil ind with Mi Q lrl tha
i > ,...,?? ? is vet received their r?pArt
? ? . doubt that when H ????. - Il
?pose furtti . f th?
?,? ... ? thest possible i
f safety to ? it:, build
Ipas of tl
n In i.- up to fhp presea time
tlativa and
I to ? ' ?? of tl?.?- Bull i
' ' . ? t eral with
nt et th? las ?? !? finds I*
Th< time 1 ? r
Id be made right ;m,l
?ve that th? ??? . * o*i ; ? ? men
: ? i duty It Is to look after the
i feI ' ? ? Into! ? ? wIII
. ? . ? ,.
?.Ih-11 ?.. ? ? inspector of ?he
I**- ? i r ? i? ol Buildings ind ? i ng super?
ni in the iba* n? s of gui erin?
?i dolph Millet n id? tha fol
? riui gtati n i I for hla bureau
? The building could b< ^nd
oma within tha requlrementa of rh*?
i? i? no! r?rqulrod by laa th it the
? il ?f snd *?? ?'? w i] i be in? !'-???d
rhesa ar< In this building although th??
ire doom ara n t sell losing and on ths
ii" Ro ?? ? of the .-' ih ? i ,re mads
il ' .ii. and wlreglass, Instesd ol I *>mg
Ir? pr? of
' i am ! ' prepared to .- \y ? bather
! dl - . ? ol the fire .,. ipa sre
*1U?in t., : u ? as la B< lion i ;; ol i
I th? Btlildlng Code the Superinten^r
? of ihi Bulldlngi ns? hi
dtscr? .^ ? the means ??: <"-?r'??s t
the Are ?"??rip???, therefore, arg would in
-is? upon ti ?repre?e.f ?pagasgl from th
Court it ?the f?_Ot ?Ol the fir" escapes I
'he street Evidently the etmdftkm '
this building met. ihe ipproval ?if ?h
Building D'pirtm^nt when it ?wag ?Steel
?tl in Itbt
When T investigated tho ?building
found the structura ill right, except foi
?llM Unten fin the top floor ard some ttl?
ir.g which hi?i he-rx destroyed. Thcr<
?ware Bra ?escapea, ?bacaase au lof. bui'.d
?Lags must have ?hem "
Safety by the Roof Was Possible.
An examination of tha building yes
t'T'iav ?showed ?hat if tboae ?employed :n
the three loors which were burned could
h-M -rot tu the roof there would have
been no ?loas of life The r?*of was not
?limage?! In anv way Thi two sky?
'.??*hts v.-re destroyed bv the heat from
below, but the roof .showed no marks ex?
cept a few pools of witer on the ?-"ment
and gravel ??ovaring, while half a dosen
?marks on the ?bricks of the building ?ad?
Joining m ?ir-'cne street ?showed where
soute of the girls who eacaped ti the
roui made their way to the next ?build? j
lag ovar th" top ?f th?; ?shaft of ?he,
freight Ale\ator an?i up -i ladder of h.-i'f
a <l'^z?-n steps.
The ?HOOTS below the one3 burned wote
dripping With water, ami ddflkg and
str.ck were covered with tarpaullna I III
ther-t was no ?,?gu of the fir'-- ?having
?reaclMd ?below the eighth floor, where It
started Th" walls and wln-dows of ?the
adjoining buildings, however, ?sh-osred
[the ?terrific heat that they bad had to
Iendure. The bricks were scorched ??n?l
the paint ?scaled off, while the glass <?f
Iwindows th.-it had ?ban ?protected ?by
[heavy Iron shutters was m??lt??i and the
shutters were twisted Into tVuitastlc
forms .hat never would still again to
?gave 'he windows.
Acroas the narrow court on the west
th? iron shutters of the library of th??
New York University Law School were
hanging twisted and torn from their
hin**?, while the glass Of the windows
was gone and hooka, shelves and chairs
?rare all ?searched and scarred by the
torrlbls ho.it from the flames that had
not ?penetrated the huiidinc.
Shows How Victimo Were Caught.
But II tras on the thru door? through
which the flames swept artth such fear?
ful rapidity thai the signs urere ?Il ;>1,""t
of the way In which th?* girls and men
h>?d been penned in and held t?i meet
their death In the flr.? or jump to an
??qua ly ?terrible death on the ?stone pave?
ment ?more thnn s hundred foe! below.
?On ?Ihe west side of the building w?ers
two pna__nger elevators and neal to
them win s narrow Incloaed stairway,
two snd a half feet wide. This stairway
v m unilghtod and ?ended at tha t?>?>
floor. There was no egresa from it t?>
th?^ r?)"f. though the ??hilf? ?penetrated the
roof, where it was ?covered by a light
metal skylight. Next to this shaft ?an
the "oof was the shaft of the ?passenger
elevators, and it was ??vor the two shaft
coverings that many of those who l I?
. ai'.'-d climbed With th? aid of the stu?
dents of the r.aw Behoof.
The wails of th? ?statrwaj shaft wars
una or? bed and unmarked by any sien
of fire, ext.ept Immediately around th??
doors, where, <n th'? fire burned Its e/ay
through tii?1 doors, the whitened walls
?had ?been bia?kenrd for two or three f-eet
otiK The tire had not rnt.^r^d ths
?stairway shaft One pane of ?.las? in the
skylight over the ?haft had ?been broken
by the boot of one of the ciris in i limb?
mg to safety on the La? ?School roof,
end around this h'le there 'va? a Slight
smudge showing where s wisp of smoke
had ?made its ?a> thr?'iic:h the era? l-..-, of
the ?loor? an?! drifted up th-1 shaft ob
thro igh i chimney
Facto?-/ Hose Not Put to Use.
Hang i ?beside ?such doo* m th?' I iff
was i roil of tir* hoe?, untouched On
the ninth floor only h.id the ?hose ?been
from iti hanging, and that It waa
; ??? f ??own down until after th.' flre was
oui was shown b) tl . ?all under
the plact of the hos.*, contrasted -?uh
th- ?scorched ? radltlon Immediately
ground It showing plainly how the ?roll
of hose hid protected the wall during!
?the flre.
In no Instance -?i; ?he hOge a ?tachad
?o th.?1 standplpe r stem ?with ?'hieb th
building was provided I ? ireful esami?
i ??)'? n ? ' ill the tfoors showed that the
?hose hung beside ths standplpe and the
coupling had n?-ver ?been put li pb?*'=
fot age, a*hlle th* d'v>r-5 ?ara closed b? -
the hone ind those whom It might
\'at * ? r ?sd
n?? doors to the stairway ?h3f* had
???en b'irr.ed and after*-* ?trd ""-n fr tn
tha '? him??*?, but the doors to ?he. two
?passenger elevators still itood i n? i-1.
Tl if wire ilgss ?panels were ?broken and
melted, but on two of the fi^or? the
gU?* *?> it ?still in such condition that
tha ?name of the firm ?-o?|i.d be read upon
b The doors to ?the ?right to tnd elevator
were tightly ?-'^sed on aM thre* or ? ?
rned floors j?d ?Ute doors to the left
hand elevatoi *? '?r?*- cloned on both the
eighth ind ?he tenth floor It wag avl? !
lit-o* that no one had escaped from
? n 'he eighth or th? tenth floors by
? ?- ?paasengei ele? ato???
Shows Freniy That Prevai'e-1
r"i Ihe ninth fl^or ?he do-?:- of iv_ ???ft
hand eievgtor a is ?open, ind the lie?
. itoi ' th? ?bottom of th? shaft ih ? !
for what i terrible purpose 11 had ?beep
pen The two elevators stood it
,1-, ?bottom of ?the ch.ft the ?right hai ;
unk ?partly below th<* fl ?? i |_i el ?--:
the left innd one, with th'- door open
ind *'?.' Iron top broken through as
though 11 had box n but a model of pap? r,
... ir, evidence ol th? desperate !*tpi
thro igh the open door on th? ninth (loot
Th!.* fot the weal side of the broad
rooi r
In ?he far ?northeast cornet was ?th
m I? ' ther hop* of the ?man and woman
penned In with the flam-re, and to reach
it they mus', fight their ? ty through
their struggling t?!iow? and over the
hundreds ol ?machines that ?h?>k?**?i even
-possible inch <?f floor ipaci The bent
a ?id twisted Iron lega Of 'It? work t ibles
?"'li sf.i In the ?long ?rows, ?separa! i
t>\ narro? slsles, with only roon ? ?
. ro? i Into th? o? t ro ? hair i ? ??. .?_ D -, i,
l?. l?;i? k
In the im noi tin ?-? ? orner was the
ihaft ? ? the freight elevator, guarded b
heavy Iron doors On each of the three
floors these ?doors ware closed, and on
th? ninth floor there was i heavy iron
bar before them There waa no sign !
?t.a? the doors bad been opened op im
t '? s Boon during the time ?-'f tha flre
Hi g! ta the freight eh ? it? r was th.- :
shaft of-thi main stairway o| the i ? ? _ t :. i
lag hike the stairway on the outer
??hit?, li ?? i? two ?and one*half t.?.-f ,V!d.
ind only '-ne parson could go up ,,r down
n ? time To ?page one had t?. ? in . ? ,
me of ihe landing.-?, ?rhlch occurred n
ivery sixth step, where the stain tui : .
m the narro?. , onflnas of the sh it? l .
lurry up ?>i do? n these : talrs s ? ,.,
mpoaslMllty, even when ? ondltlons ?? :
it ih- ir inst. j,
Hele in dead?sh* St fid* of WashlBgton Fiaos buUdhtl IMdS kj the Imp?* ?Si
victima who lampad from n-.e winooi?..?
,. , rlsbt. 1811. b Atv-n.-an P.
The light for these stair? 'ame 1
windows looking out upon th ? >ui
x'hlch the firs escape was p!.i<->'?
nltatod through dlrtj panes clouds?
th?- thick wire thai lavad tha ft
After the fir?1 th?-- stain ??/are < ov
with broken glauM from ?lie ?aindows
tha wtreglaag panels of the doors
th?? shop Boors, but * He th? fl-i
raand only th? ??iris on th?1 tenth 1
. mid US tl :? <?n<* possiM?? means
escapa, and they had t,? tight their
through Barnes and ?'nuk'1 that pot
in through ti'?- broken alndowg at
.-;.i. s <?r thS shaft.
?in th?? eighth ?nd ninth floor?
girls were held back by the doors I
opened inward and against Which t
pressed, only closing th'-in the- it
tightly m their frantic efforts to csci
If the doors had been h'iiit to open r
ward, in the only way ?hat would h
offered any hops to th?? panlcstrtc
workers, escaps would have been equi
cut off. fur in their desperate anxiet.?.
.save space the builders of th<- struct
! sd s-? planned the stair ?-haft that
loaves ?>f th?-? door would have blocl
th'- stairway, either up or down, if
doors ??ad been properly sarung for
in an emergency of life and death.
in this shaft, aleo, usetess aa it *?
in the other stair shaft, hung m,'ro
lio?e. Just without the d'^r? and wh
Un-r?" a ?s no human possibility of rea?
?r.g it. hung colls of hoes that had no'
been attached to the pipe couplings a
bad never been uncoiled since it s
bung thers when the building vas II
opened for use Like the hose in ?
other shaft, It had prot??cted tha wo
from th- scorching of the flames tl
burned the lintels of the doors and
lar-t left th?* a/ay to the stairs free ? h
there wgj i o i as sllve to uss them.
Iron Ladders Twisted by Heat,
On the north aids of th* buildit
<-.?, ?-"nin? on ^ narrow court, was a r
. f i hilf dozen winrtovs. In front of t
middle two ?>f which vas the fire c
< ^p-? After the fir?? tha tr.-n iadd<=
?.?ere twisted and bent b> the heat f
sway from thr building and the run
l'ii-; i- ,in>? rivet oi bad dropped ?
cntlrel? The Iron balconies rers twist?
and distorted and their slender rallmi
had been torn from their fnstentnga I
? ?? efforts of th? maddened women
resch the i from which they we
bam i |??? ? preat I ihuttsrs. F?
ea?-h of thsas balconies ?aras wall?
across by two folded iron shutters ti?.
complete! blocked the passage an
mad n mpotsibls to gel from *he la<!
dev coming from ths upper Boor to thi
rea hing to the f,
What ? as lat? "' i? only a -lash te *''
courtyard a hundred feet bslow An
bert a*ag a long row of sharp Iron pteli
?-??. on which whoever tried fha* mean
of ssfei "i- csrtiln to be Imi tl
But if by . hsnee the pickets a*ei
ised snd Ufa n ss not dis!"ci out
then the unfortunate woman * is im
prlson?fd In ? - ige from which there ws
no opening M on?* snd wai ? wtndoi
with ' " ateel bars opening Into
neighboring b itldlng, a-hll? it the othe
-. ig the opening of ths sub?cstlar of th?
burr ng building and this, too, was pro
tec ted by steel bsrs set close togethei
?nd flrmly tt-sdded in eemenfand atons
in fiy. eteverty constructed trap ' . ?
dreda of a*omen were held prisoners
while th? rl lines rushed at them and
small. - tdequat? I ind Are extinguish?
?rs Is; i i ittered over the floor besld?
? y :? t>ts empty of ? iter and ?? hi? h
could be AUN d onl ? froi I ? ? little
i pjgi r j in ;? h md ??' '? hstsnd
Cowpisir'?'. from Law Sr|,"*?'?i
Professor Frsncls t? Aymar, of ths
law department of Sen Fork University,
said yesterday ?ha* he s nt i complaint
to the Buildlnga Department ibout two
rttl i sgo, In which hs i Int? i out to
ths authorities ths Inadequacy of ths
exit i ? li. In the turned building
The Neu TorV L'nlversttv Law School
la h the ism? block uith the burned
building and Prof? isoi lymai could see
from ths * indows of his o n .? ho? mam
... i : ? were employ?*rd In th it building
and how flimsy snd Ins ess Is ths
a fire escaps v la lie ?\\r\ thai i,,.
kne?v ?i ir thers ,i ig onl) on? narrow
statrwa? leading to ths roof, ind de?
? in- ,1 th n hs hsd < tiled all th? as da?
fact! to ths a"' ntlon of ths B illdtngg
Dei u tmenl
in due ' oui as of time, Prol
Aym it idded, he ?? ? ? ivsd an a? kl s
adgmsnt of his complaint ind th? assur? !
ancs 'hi' ths msttei would be investi?
gaud Tin? h< said a u ths i ist he
had he :?'' ? ?m ti!.- Buildings Depart?
Mag Rottner, of No 190] Washington
ivenue, a ho. after Identlf? ln| his
Brother, Theodon went to the Mercer
?ti set | ?? --? : ? ition ? ltd tb it both hs
ind hla brother ?ears it work on ths
ich?:" ? t the factory building where
? ? ?Iglnated ind th il h threw i
sw bucketfula ol a it? i n ths I
(fa de? in d th - ths bi ?,-? rained : ? ? i
?? av snd aoon tot bt] ond ths ? mtrol I
boss w| '. and! ivored to stin nitaH II
Hi ?Id that whan hs fo . d thai ths
1rs waa : ipidl] , t-dli
Mghth floor of ths building he i .?. -. ??
1 (l ?' ?' ""i d? ?? n i.? ths -i-, ind fl "i
md sa api ,i rrom ths building n asid i
'???'?? bt tho i- bt bit i.i ither s ss : ?11? a - ?
?ing htm, but that whan ?he ?got ?to the
t? troc? ?be ?sa? i thing of him ar.d ?*.?,s
unable to -< -anti i tha I ill '? ? g to smirch
for him
He add? ?i ?that a number ? f ?the ?retail
employ? the ?building ear a pad from
the structure at ?the ?same time as he.
Rig face was slight - ted The hady
? ? hi ? -brother was ?burned -? I ????? ad
Forewo.-mo Telia of Panic
?Lucy Werelofsky, forewoman over the
pr? sser i ti tenth fl ?r. ? ..f the build*
Ing, told the ?st? rj of the fire gg fi- .,,
?he ?ind h?"r girls mer? contented whfi
She called at ; . M - f.r sir?-??*' police
station ?. ? : to claim a ? -? ?bank?
"There wrro sevent] - ighl girls work?
ing under me o tl t? ith Do? r," s!. ?
laid, "and a dosan ?man working as ? ?at?
?tors. We ware about to dose \?.hen I
h?aard the ?notas of crashing ?gits, on
some floor ?below. 1 ran to t'n?> window,
and, opening It, looked ?toara. Tt was
??erh.ips two minutas ?before t saw th*
tire, an?! ?then 'he ?cries ?rom the girls
on ?the floors ?below h? gan te ring o??t.
and my sir's ?got Into a panic
"They b^gan to run to y ni fro. gom?*?
grabbed their tlvng-? and nished toward
?the elevators, and whan they found tha*
th" cars were not coming up thev ran
?back ?toward tl a .-tatrway on th? <?r???n*
Street ?side, ?rhich leads to the roof.
"We tried to calm them and we erled
out at the top of our VOtoeg that a".
would be saved if they only ?could 9*ep
piling into the narrow stairway. And
thev all wer.? ?SgTOd eacapt ore. ??.hi wts
to terrorstrieken that she must bava lost
her min?i "
ThlF girl. Miss Wrgrlofsk; ?Aldi '?a?.?
?'loti'.,!-. Tei-dan"va Bhe tve. her lialr
and ran ?fron window to window, ?astil
flna'.lv. before anvbod*- COttld s'op her.
?h? Jumped en ?the ':<ize and leaped late
th?-? street
"SUm was young and vary pmtv." ?sell
Miss Weaelofak?, . "She a a6 to I-eava -i
next Saturday, and her marriage wag
set for four ?snake from to?day
Polite Find Lest Monev
: ?Veael ifak: " ml to the pol JS
station to Inquire I>r a baakt k ind a
; irse ?rhlch she dropped ? Ith if VMton
rhlle making the egcape to the raed
She ??aid ?the ?bankbook ?showed a bal?
St ce of $5_ and had >'4 Id cash between
bs leaves, a ?purge ?rlth ?;1* was ta ?lbs
gpron ?ppeket Tha lleutenaal tt 'ha
desk told her 'hat the articles liad best
found and tha? ?aver, thing a 4.- .-.'act.
but ?Hiss Weealofsky did not '- i _M
numbet : bet ?btnkt >ok md so she ha-i
to go back to her horm oui ?aal
?the number ? ?it
O? rge De Witt i student ol ?the N?"1'
To ' ?Uni? ; ?sit? La? Ich . ? ho lives
a? No 117 Waverl! Placa ?tld last night
that the ?first ?Tire of rh.e women ? *?*
tal ? ." * ? - . : ita is mere I letei ?us
yt -, || >t uni ?a ai** the San a
1 what ?as happening, '
h? added I mi .ihe j * ? the re " tt
? ?;: building to t wi ild be ol ?sa?
i tance We ?sa? it ?ist slat? t men
?rath ? . tha rool ? bu Ring
bulldlni ? - ? ? . : ? ? '
of out
P ?got a lder, but it i.I
"..:. i .-. ' to wa put It f it - m the
spare . ? ? [tiding
and the a - i i it or shaft
on the V - pis * ??
burning Iding But this si ? -, ??
:,..i ?-orner h id to ? ? llrst
* ? i ? lowei skyllgh<
? . i so
they i ' i i_ ' *?
them a ?? ?s to th? i ?r te
? -? '
.- the girls d p| I th? ? ?ets
ind hats while elirei ng 1 MB oi
th? ikyllgli . Mr. De Witt a I. and thej
Insisted upon going back i get their
thins?.- Tha students, haw*?. r, hi net
permit tii i it ?hut *- 1 ' "
themsel.I t the loe? things
THE Weed? your
ran ?nee! the neta
c t\t e tut r. ol men? w0"
KPE6VIM men,,dchil
THE dren who
CKEIT10N ,hr^h, ?J?
?.FTHP ?r mi$foftunj
ur ,nt ire m wautdbi
00 R **_??
Will You Hold Out a H?lp?nK Hand t
I , ., . . ......
,. .... ?. . -?
W?.ni to ?ave $5000 on
cartage, $5000 on insur
anre, $3000 on labor ant
Writ* and ask us "HOW?"
Bush Terminal Co.
\oa lUo-J _!i?fut. New V?r_ tltr

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