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Many Employes Working Under
Conditions That Threaten
Life and Limb.
Joint Board of Sanitai-y Control
Sends ? List to the Mayor
of Opr>n Violations
of the Law.
\ ? ""? i -.i xammatti ? l IJ30S fa tor:
*i,., |of? wilding* '?',-, !*,?i\ .-011,11101??,!
ahr'v. ? ?! ? ? ? ???'.?' <* ? loos eon*
SHI? tins r. : a? I k>u? vio?
In? ? - ? ? bull? ng i ,\\ ? wltl ? '? ?
t.. ? . . irnlng. nrmre sent
|aj lab? ? uni ms tti ? ?'. mptojte. ?n ? r?
Working und? l ?? ;.ii? ?'--?> '. ' ?
Hrfs and limb In eaas -f Isa
T \\ nshlngton Pis
thni ih?? 'nint Board of I I ? -m?-?>i
o: tii ,,. Bail and Bkli I Ttwd? mai ? -
ti " .?i- -.-?,- and .- ? ? ' ?? M ' ' '
ir -? aaaran! .,.-?- of i latstm. of Hi?
aaaMary - ? ? : - a ? n lav la aument?is i it- , a
?rlt?!.?. f:-"i". Mu? ir r, lynor doara
The Board sras fwimd aftai the
ir.ent of t'i? last geraaral rtrther, "f r*?eventy?
Jlv *v ikmahan and one of'lts
raMlvttles was an Investigation of the ron
atltinn?. .imi'nc th?'-<? wrK??r?-. 1
?-nr??i.?.t? "i' two members of tin? ?Cloak and
t. . ? Manufacturers' AssocrtsAlon, two nr-em
4>*?i ? of the s kermf i km, and throe ?
**?-? - ? ' | esenting (he pobli? Miss Lillian
a bi l -.-?.?
More Than 1.200 Places V-nit-H.
Thr chairssaa '.?in William X Schi?
and t..?- ai^-rotar - Is Dl I ? v ? '
- | | ? . .
lasp?i tori eni ? last t*a
.*i ?<..>ini; thnmrfh more tin,:' tweh* I ndr? I
fart?-,*-? and lofl bulldin--*. tti s tbelt
i 'i r< noria ha I nrat beei | - ? ' ihey
i-., i listed ? ? DSjNS ;' i-r,uii rares ?
latkMM of Hm sasSvar] and fir?, lajwi
i wan! It i? ? - *
v. nt .?ii to . .iv. "t| ? ? spite of tlii?-. ? ??
roartttiosM m 11m chsBh fs ? or?? s na, a -
rompara Psawabab with thooe ka Ike -tiirt
wstsl ? ? We sen! evenl
throe \ lolatsoras wMel ?*? i - ?
\ :-,.,i ?, John T T irnar, who ara i a II? Hi
C ? ilon? i for tw<'?' ? ?' '
, ?-..,,. ? ,? of the i .?" I ?"? i- s
retir? We have ilso
sen! .-i? ? of the list i v ?. ?
Hudolph Milk H :??? ? ????' n k n? of B?
,i.-c Polk-e Commissioner ,-?-?? ad
mira toner Waldo
? :? n batst) sen! I. inufa? t
, ? : i ? ? r- I ;:? tli- -. : .' . ?
m ?ahowlts --r ? the I wing la! er
P 't.-ik'.?-! ? _.ir ::. .i; .' I ? I
-.. ? *.?.i?\--i*s' T'nif'11 .
At the reo
'? ? ? .,- lion? of I
t ?
t- .
- | pe ? lieparti en!
. i .v. ?? item
*.-... r' .?? ?
t ? ,. .,',?-? that, ?ml
?. .?-??., n |
? r
????<- X <
vt a . . mM .. t p
.? I .. :
Union a! Clinl ??- Hall, So, rl
tll-r |
D the g
? ?
.,- <?.-<?-;sf-<-.a. A' ?Lt- in-? t- i
> , ' .. I
t the ,
,. ?
? ? ??
, ? . >? ? r
? ? me r v state-]
rrimit - - - ild
s. In
; ? ?ill, b<
rork on t h?
. ? ? . ? '\
rfff M. I
*? ' ? i c ? ' ?
? ? ? md
?? .-? ? ....
: .?? ti'.ii
Fjr-star?SS Viointinq tha Laa.
? ? tentent. D?
' - gar? -? t ? < itldlns?
nt las ?l'ii i aillai
I ?. i . ....
? ? .
. ?
:? ? ?
. ??
. ? - ?
: ' i :
....... ... ,, i,? ?
? ? ? )" n
? ? , !
. ? lora
\. . ... ? .,
of about fifi
f Ib? ? ? on .i
: ' ?? -;,- ir*
I '
* ? it
? .
??. .
If. Ill
? . ..
r ?
t I
.... 1 ...
s ,?? 1
d ?
? .i .
Atlantic City
Pennsylvania R.R.
Every Saturday
$10 or 312
i , .? ;.. . '
rj?trip Irai si n am
r ',.
*.. *? V?
il . at
? .. ? - - ? ?
- .? .
"lirai ?a <
Washington place, thcr?* were two ?floors ,
--coupled l>y the rlonkmaktiiK Arm of Horn- !
?tin \- Mayer, ?employing .?ver one hun?
drad ;"?r:,ojiH in !hat -pu.?-?'. an?l ? -.vn-? '
?nl? inank.-? t.? th? Satintay imlf-liolldny '
?vln??ii tii?' unions Introduced Into the In?
?lust**, ttiat tt? lives Of 111?- '">e liun?Jred
oloakraakei s wera sav?sd.
?There la a tofl building. No. : Wash
Ington I'll.??, next t<> this hooee, witere !
Ul< r.- ?.i-?? no tlr>- ?????Hpi'S wli?if?-v><i ,in,l
'\ lior?j? hundreds of pemons ere employed
The |otnt ?board ol -unitary ?uiitr??i em
ployed ? Ik ii Inspector?, under th? super
vision ??i .lehn T 'r?iru??r. a fonriCT a.?-?
Hlstant ?in?. snltary lnspf-t<_i In tlie
?Health l>epartment, and th? dais nth-1
. ? l bj these Inspe tors throws much lti?lit
? i ???) ihe lnad?niuacj of the Sre proteetmn
farllltkw in m'.st of ih<- 12*3 shops ?Sn?
ap, . to?! i?\ i'i?? hoard.
In fourteen ?-li??i?* n<> lin- ??????ai'? ?- ?it at! ;
?have ?beei found In ?ataty-flve simps n ??
i.r, ea-cape* w,-r? provided with Straight
i.i.i'i? rs. wlil.-li ?ir.?. ii." If well ki?"'vn. \<ry
-dangei.?i'? and whloli n<? ?m?? who la not
an experienced ladder climber enn ?make
n-,? <>??
In i??- shops '" droo ladders at nil were
found, ??i "m? . found wen pla? ? ?! ?out of
In v.'i shope, 01 M y*r oortt of all shops
Inopected, ihere was no other ?*\it hi ?rase I
f Hr? e\c* p| ??ii? tii? ?escape
In twentj tl r?? ?shops the d?mrs leading lo
halla and atalrwa; wen fmind locked!
?)urina tl ? <i.i\
In ?int. shopa th? ta'.?- w?ir< ?--j thnn
?? reel a Id? I
In 1,11 - oi K .'? ?pw cent "f ?all
tl ??? ? ending to halb? ?peni I lit
li '? ..i ol oui us thi law i ? .?n't-? i
in a word the Investigation has ithown
?ha? even wttl thi low atandard* for flra
(?i"t?''ti?m as demanded at ?pr??eiienl by the
? laa '... ?re ar? hundred? snd thou
?and? f violations In one Industrj alone '
When we r?mne, however, to ronsklei the |
?Tlxtins reg ilatli ? ? I Hr? orot? ? tlon
u m i?t admit thai the; ire fai lna?le
?i .it. and in?i? ? ,? a rlelualon ?hd s mar?
'I ; .?r< l-j u?, r. i,.-., i ?arhj the s-iallfil tire?
pra if buildings, ?? ? ? ? - I ?? -?? numbw
: w?omen .?r? mss*?M] ' ?re ii
no f? ?-'ii wbj ? es? ^i ?. :iii not ? ? ? ??m
?? led i?? i?!?i??ii!.? ?...? ?-. apes Noi Is there
si * reaacn whj t lie ?hopa which ar?
'i"v-?i ?.. ? ? ? . <',r<- .-i ipea should hsve but
? -??.ii?. ?- , oar man) persons woi k
\? ? ?T'liin. i?> ihe !"? sei ? ' w, if a
,- is provided irlth ?" ,% lire escape ?
l? nnsa era th? ? . >ee, u hex hex ten per !
? ten hundred work ih
No One Directly Resnonsible.
'?? ? ) ? it .H presen! . ? ? I
real!? i.i.?? * ngle department whl h ?
i ; ? aponslbl? :?'? fire ;.tlon in I
illdlnga \?. hen .i complaint la
M-nt in to ?ibe i.at'??r Pepartmeni ihej refer I
Bul .? na* t '.?.:?? ? ??.? nt, nd II I fur- j
? f? rr? ?l som? where else
The Joint ?board of sanit?r) ? ?? I ol has
? recent y, within thi las? few n*eeks, |
In? estlgatlon ol flre pm
? ? result "f this lnv?eatlf?atlmi
:: , hoard -rj)i ., ; -? ,,f sf?v< lit ??'! r?^?
?Ahlch were flam I ? lolatlng th? ihm In
????tori nee to ? prole ?tlon ??? th? Mayor,
Hie Hti ? ?? ? -?? ?? ih? Bur? ??-?> of Bi Ild
i'? ? Coi imleaton? r ami tin- Pollc-t
Commissioner Th? ?ward sent s list lo th?
oakmakera' t'nion. and lnform?*d II Iba!
: . rondlllont I ? retn described are so sert?
'. ? ? ? ?- .n- vin. ?ii? ??. the m-"n i
in.i women ?? I In these -1 ops work !
m der cl threaten iif? and
i ?. ?? ? fire "
a letter was aeni lo ?each employai rep j
? ted on ?'.';- list, Informing him of the I
itnlattom? with reference to tire protectton
found h his -' op by our lnspect?ors.
Mayor Invokes Aid of National
Red Cross, New York Chapter.
?ent out an ai?i??'ai for
contributions last night through the
n? Vork chapter of I ? Nati??nsi Hr?i ;
? ? i. in aid of ' ? .- ?i \ Ivon ol ?.
: ? li He atari I th? I with ? ?con?
: ; ? id later Issued an ap*
to ii. public, which was ?as follows:
tlsens of New fork:
"The appalllns loss of life .?.rui ?personal
factoi '?' ? ni N\'a-;?'
-.: -????i Pla<*e ??? Baturda; afternoon call
for laraer i ?? of elief than our j
il ;. ~. . ?,- ? ??. ;. ? ,?\t., ct-ed *?? meet
fp'-ii ? ? -i ? ?resour???? The New
v.'i'U chapter of the National ?><] ?Cross
iUed for f i?< ? nl '-'?iMri!) I oni
to be diati ?? through the v.oA < 'rout ?
if 11 afflliated member, lbs i
^st?\' Y'ui. Charit; OrganlS-tlon ?Society. |
?'! urg? ? i to -iv. f ? thla pur- j
' ? ? ending their -contribution! either
? i? ? ii. ?Schiff, treasunr of
th?* \. \? v??vk County '"liiiior ??f th? Na
*. onai R?ed ? i"-.-. N??. .'.7 wiiiatn ?street, or
to me for reuilttanc? to hira Acknowledge
m? nt ail ' niluugTn the pre*??
- anedl W l, GAYNl IB ''
The headquarter! nf the If lief comn ttee
? at No i Mad ?on avenue, tho Metro?
lonn for relief
?: ?i dlstrib'jt? ?. rr"in t?her<.
i ?i. i : )?? ard T, i *ey |ne, tai ol th?
Set Vork charity Qrtto nisei ion Po : i
will I? In charade ofithe h?eadquart>rra II?
? i ?- ?t. ita ?IIns R?ed ' 'retas
? f Commute of the ?
Organization F ?? .
'. ? eat. chah ?man, ? Uto T
?'i. Mr John M. Glenn Uoyd C.
?i.i Mr w llllam P. Rli ?? ' level md
it i.ge i? ? ?..?"??i". in i Mr? R*. K.
? ? ? ? o add to il
? ? ent of in; dlsast? i ani
Invite the Sea *i ?????k Keno<iatl??ti
? ? .?nd'li"n of the I "??r
: nd tii" i'i.i'.?i Hebrew Charit lea !?> .? nial
Bureau ??! Charitlea, of
?\1fre--d T. White Is preald? nt, t ill ?o
I ? 11 ? ? ihe b? neflt
? , Brool ? ? l?ent ? ? ? r? luff? ? :
? ;,iif i < 'asasza. dirt?? l??? of i)ie
\t? i------ ? ? - n * ? House, snnoun-red last
? u ni? ll.??--??? of the 'in?-.
. of ih? ? i?? rs i?'? i- ha been
? ? - ??- -formani e to ;ni i he
- ? iff? re? i fi ?i-i th? flre Tlie
? .-??? . pla?? un .M?Ti'i,?? .??
? ? ing? menta aa ??? tl e nat
of tl i?r??ai ?- .-?'..?i made,
. ? . . . hh- ? etya*cted
? harl? Il I il nrealdeni of Ihe The
' u lation, and tiio
rganlxatlon, to i n snge
?! ?? . ? .?erformanc?
\? ? f? ? ? eid at ?????ti ?,<-'<? via? m
Ih? im. ?u charltl?*? Building, No MS
enue, tatemen! wai given out,
? ? on munll ? "f New
fork snd lorrow .?<
;;< n m mam of
,, ? ..-, oi Oth? ?? e? In
?-???? The Cnlted Hebrew ?Cl ?rl.
i ! ?rew Free H';r : ?I ftecl? H? a
.,. ffer ?every assl tan ? In
. . ? ?
M ol ?: ? lewli arliahl? ?? lanisa
tin? elty TA-'i?? drape?! In
f ?' . dead
magei ? ? \ ??.?. v??> k
? . ? ed last nl| i the re
of 1 I heat re (?-?. Mom ?? ?. Tu?
and Vi'? ?in- da; s ould la lui ned o* to
. ? ?
Thousand Persons Extend Condolences
to Pvclatives of Fire Victims.
Mor? ne thousan? persoi Rath? ? I
? dai nf'? ; noon In ? i. ?????? T< mple,
? ..... ;i?ii" .1 I. -.,.
f??i ih?? ft i? nd - ,?n?i
of tin Waist ? ompanj
The i:? i irles Stela ij ?erintend? nt
temp id oi s church ?and
depa ' ol ?: !':< bj t? i inn
. : ? ?,n "The
;. 1 I.i ?
snd frl? nd I I ?
? d ws
?v i- K? ?? Mi - ?? d fv'i'i'iith i?.
whl I enveloped
?and th? enth.u I
suit ol ' ? ? ? ? irophe, and i.sd
of the reaolutloi i.?
i , ? ??
VlK-r? . |n t ho
Tel ro Ight, wIh
.i ,. t
pursu? ?rder l .a rs
ast? :
M arel ?', Sotli ? srer? ?snt
? i ? i. District i :? |d? i. .i"-?? i h
sn to tl. lh< i nd< ? i, ' i i
r of II'rli ?aland
? ? ? \m k S'.i'' ' ? ? ill ?- a ' "-i
.h [ to ihe n Ins -?i fui"!
. || i ? ? ? d the fa
ii? Of III? V.u. I,.I ' .?
i'U.?-' Or? ?n Nsw ??wk i Ity.
Twenty Organizations Join in
Fndeavor to Fix Blame.
Committee Will Ask All Factory
Workers to Report Regard
ing Conditions.
In r*aSB*oaSS t?1 a linrr\ <?ill san! OtSt hy
Hi.? Waaasa'a Trsals Calan Lsasjae, rapr-s? |
?. atathras of tw??nt\ ina-ar rngantsatkms
araramljlnd >? Um kra-agus a? u?l?iin? tars yes
terday aftsraaaw far the purpose of takin :
Immediate aetsaa in the matter of fixing
the ?ilam. fer ilio m?? and loas of lif?? in
tii<? Triant?]?? Waist Company's factorjr. II
?w.im regarded as the most lasportnal labor
meeting arre kaki in ths lesgus ? headsjuar?
t. ri
Mis- Ida Rank presided, aad am^iK the
speakers wfr" Rabbi Stephen h Wlsa, waa
said, in pan
if tin Mame belongs anywhere, wa shall I
And It and it \?iii bs pranlshad Sen v??-k
oui il to i" able lo r**btata a r**?ra**"*rtttee al '
twenty*flr? mam and woaiea who can ??' i
ai the facts. Then we shoold frams lagla?
latloi i" ::' : da disaster. Ws doa't waa!
this to croate a srsal panic of eharlty low- ,
ard those who suffered by the fir,?, arid ti?n
forrgol the whole thin?. Wa want t,? d-at
with the facia N" <?*!i' la I rnv-jstlastloo I
should satlefj us, Ws most ha\?? s tars*?
cltisens' rommlttse and we should .?r-k Ihal
? ? . ; ;.'? ?? omen of ihli 11 i :<~? MfTS '
on it. '
Mrs. i.'xn.'i.i ??Rpiiu made
?,<ti,'i! .)?(?ni t'? those pi ??' al ? ol to waste ?
t 'i"- in going orar details '?i? ?" ait *t
oners, and appoint .? committee, so that !
their names could be given t,> the pr?"-?,
in order thai th< great army of Ktr'?? who
are going to ^<Tk each nrt-ornlag in stmtlsr
traps may know thai awniethlng la
i,?"ni: ?I"- ' to protect t ''n
?>n motion of Algernon Lee, a committee
of ti?.?? was appolnt?*?d bj the .hair it went
i?it'? session at once, Rml drr?- up i set
of questions t'> ba sem to .-?n employ*** In
.ill f.i.t.Tt.s ,,f th< ?-it;. The committee
consist? of sirs OlIasbaftiMNr, "f Ko i East
6sth street; sirs. Charlas Board, of No.
6801 Seventh avenue: Mr?. Stephen S. Wise,
of No ' W?w*l Mth street, ?and Miss Wa
Rauh, ' I NO. 4< Bast ad ?-tr-?*?t. Ths SUSS?
lions they formulated follow:
"Are ths noon lockad? Ara there any
l in mi the windows? ?ire ihr freight ele-l
? at"r doors ckwed < i -?i i-? 11 ?sr the day. Ara
inoro lire escap-sa on nil the ftotnra, and la
?!-. re free access to the lire ????,.ai"?!'' Ar??
there any si raps lefi near ths motor <?r
engine? If any of these conditions prevail
you an? in danger from Bre. If yon nanti a
letter to sny nrrember <?f this commlttso Itl
will |?? treat?*-?! tu absolutely confldentls
and the mattei "ill be attended to at once.*"
Mr Maley, rapresentins ths Ladlea*!
Waist Makers' t'nlon, >ai?l that at a spa*clal
meeting of ?)"? executive board of that body
i "id yesftordai morning M a*aa decided to'
establish a relief fand, and a commit.?** I
VH- appointed to draft an appeal to tlie i
public, li? said thai II was In lia Triangle]
Waist Company shop thai the rar-cenl strike
first tock place, because of Inhuman .
men! "i : ? ? mploj ? p.
A committe? of three, consisting of Mil??*',
M. Dnweon Algernon Lee and Morris Hill-1
? iiiit mi? then appointed bf Ml*. Rauh to
draft o resolution to I-- Ri',*?n i" ? .?? presa.
Here I rearable and resolution iinani?
n<oualy a?dopU ?
Whereas, s?. soon following lb? ? II ;
h.lust In '? .'. n Ighborlng rli; ol New?
ark, and In --i it-? of the solera m g to
our official. In a lending Ne?, YorK ma?a
sine thai conditions arere as had or a-orae
hi re, Ihl i ??rea-Jfu ?i?-.it^r? r nas come '?? the
n... ? he leas of oui p-eopl? tin arklng
women of our etty in., tin??.? dependent
upon them; and
\\ ii.t?**?,. it is ni.iNi evlalant thai
has been leglecl on lb? pan of many, !*>oth
,.fti. lals and private cltlaiens, h-m ? -;? ?Inlly
lack of " ? ?peratton i?? prevent such acci?
dent and thai luch negi**?*? Is lmm?-dlateiy
?i ? cal ? - - i,i..-i d. nlora 1 '? aflli? tlon ?
V? r.ereat, Ve! deeper lie ea i ?? such sa
tin ontlnuation ol Industrial '?? ?? tare, the
., to ? fact and ? i force proi ?? fa? toi y \
?i -. . ? t,. ? thi ;?.,-.. usa l?l? dela> abo?il
? ? u _? mea r? ? hi? li h ol et ?? ni
il mis? i su h ilanffei and ?provided '
i'T |h< "iiii"'! ..i'ioi. ,,? i ?? \i.ttni?? ,,f in
i ?.i ., mannei s hlch ie?
suits In s maximum of prevent loi ai d
\\ ' reas, T ? ? n i lister and oui hrotl -
ers will have died In vain If the e i
es without .-? full ?>!i<i firm exprerwaloi
id ? .? indignation -'am?? and grief u'lth
whirli ih? horror lias leen recel e?l by all;
now, therefore, he it
Resolved, Tiir " ?? who are here .m*
Med deplon snd ondemn ? ? illndness of
public official! who fatuousl permll such
condition to continue, ibe greed of soch
employers as dn not welcome hu? Instead
I? ni i ?? it11 n mises ??mployes e-lio de
maud aaf'e rendition. in,:?i arhlrh to work
and th< In? tie of th< urea!, busj pu ;i
?A'hlch does noi render such unprorttsble
h,,th in ti", publl? servant and the em
i,... >?? and ? I! aim
R nolved, Thai \,f. .tu upon ih. il-"-, e
of "in- ell? Mat?, and nation ?.ng to
nt at who are respon IWe for m h
, ondll on. and t" t;,k?
Inip.? rdhle thai we should e*i*ei again be
grief .?d r.'c>- and ?hame a: ? il
thouc i ron Id o east I] jirev? il
ai d )?" ,i dual y
Keeol ed. I*hal we rail iipor the 'r'.ii.^^c
peopb of Mfea Vork and ? : In sympaih?
wltl them I? l"-ti i?, t:,. f ineral pr?j?*e?aeli>i
..| lha victims, >i"i Ibus ^i.o etpr
a!ik'- ?,. ?...? orrov ''.d i" i elr resolve
t,, pr* ? i ? ? l oTrors In f- lui e
,a Mill
'I ho f.,1 ,,\\ Ing I o--,.!.ii r,?
, it ? . - also ad,,|l> d
n ? ., ommlltee "f tw?mty?flv? he ap
point??I i?-. ? i,. . ' .ni. r-onsUtlng of mein ?? i
?,. itad?. unions and othei l??? I?. ?-. ?., .-all n
mass meeting to determine a plan of action
ju regard to the Investigation of ihe fa?*ts
.* n. fire tr, plan leg station and to taUo
i,|"|it measure tu enforce ni* la?
Appeal for Relief l.-iue.ri.
The ejecutiva board of the l?adlei Wal ?
and t>rraamakers r-ii,n. Xo .'? Interna
tlonal Ladle, ilarnraml Works of America,
.- a -i.o. ?ni meeting yeel rdaj ?? ? t? ? ?t?>ir.? -:?
m relief fund commute? to lid ll ? farm! les
of th? i letlms "f Ihe tire In th? Pi
\\ da! i ompany'a factoi |
ah eontrlbutlona ch?r?cki and postal ^n?i
., eat money orden should be mad, oui
m the Relief Fund f"ommltt?**e and sen!
?hi".; "> the . tti., ,'f the l*adlea' WatrM and
Dreasmak '-' I nlOn So .'?. So, U>1 Clinton
-ir.< t. N? w Volk.
Samuel l'ntei n r a n?n sonal con.
irlbutloi "i *?'?'-" to the i ind
Dr. MaeArthur Refers to Factory Dis
?-fitcr at Evangelization Service
.\ 5. i?,,- in the Interest of th? evangel!*
a tlon ?>* N< ? V"ik wat held in th. ralvary
liaptlsl Church ? terday nriornlng, al
which addreasss wen mads i>\ the pastor,
-.,? Rs? Di i: 8 Ma- Arthur, the !?.."?. pr,
Edward Judson, of tin- Memorial Raptlat
Church; the Rev, Robert \Valu?i and the
i.. ? lhai les 11. B? in
In i is prayer i?> MacArthui r< f,rn i t.,
il. Are of Raturdaj aft(*?rn<XMi raying:
"Almighty Uod, regard with Thj ti?,-t
ri... Iou? fa? ??! ItK i" i? -,-..-i i ?. th<?
t? i riba lira n? oui ritj C< mforn ii?,ih-*
i lunn''i ,ni" ?i? ?, orroa i:< gracious to
i hose who r? Buffering rs?*ruclatlng pain
reasoi of ( his greal dl ., iter Be pk ? d
i . gii >? .?? i ?.- slclan. wh" iiiini*-)' i la thorn
.-?i- i? wisdom and skill .m.- the sufferers
i lent lurag? is, heroic and ti m fui
m ? ,, ? i..i n.,m ?? "f pain Men if-ii Ood,
i ?? ? ,.i !.,i,.,i r ,,. .inn. ?< lhey
owi ' . ItMMK iin?i?-r th?!i .,ii In th. proper
lonstrucllon of factortas, ,n in.ikiii), propt^r
caita, und in ?.li other <?..>.?- ,.,iin^ f,,r ih<
romforti and MpaclaU) th? llvea ?.f tn-.-e
?n ih? ir emplo "
\ m-,,." lai errlci foi ihe ? i unu of 11 ??
dl ? ter rill ' ? held in ? .ra. ? ? "h irch, Nth
tree! and Bi ads a , "n W? dnesda ? si
? i ii? will last tw? m
? ?mu i? an i ,?? 11 In?.lud I.? mn , i r i ?
. snthim i?. tiir <.ii??ir uni un . I'M
Insurance Men Think Better
Protection Will Come.
Revised Building Laws and Auto
raatic Sprinklers Among the
Things Demanded.
?Man*? ?tending tir" Insurance ?men ?In ihls
, ? 11 y vristrrda*. ?ureeil that the disaster of
S'aturdav nicht iind??iil'??"dl.- W?9UM bring,
i),.iiit vartly Improved ?SOndttkms In tire ,
?protect-On nuch earlier thnn would ?other?
????r have ?baan pnssiPie ?Bhrldga <?. ?Snow, ?
?,,. .-ddctit r'f the ll.iiiio |n ?iran?e < 'onipany. ,
I'harlr? ?I. Smith, e??i retary of the Herman?
Amer lean insurance Conspany, and Theo.I
lorn H Trie, a former president ?-?f the |
ITaKK OWTO ?ant-tig ?hose who emphasised
?the tact ?hat any ?lay ?flBtghl "ee another :
nlamitr greater. If anvtMtiK. in it?- hor- ,
r'?ra. The ii???-c?||y for a lavr nun pell In ir i
the Installation of automatic aprinkier? in
all buildings mo?-<? i han ?S ?tost i li?l? ?i??- i
\??'e.i t?? memanlihi ?or ?anuinfMUiilns nur-!
Sttltl WM imiiileil ?.nt by ?'harles ?; Hriitt M. j
S mambei of th.? |i<?.ii<l ?if Fir? t"n<ler*rrlt- |
er--, and Who has sat Tad "it the Building ?
Cods ??<mmi;;.'?i'?ii sinos Ml
"??iir hull.linar la?.- ar" .l'fl? iont with r??- i
?pe.?? t,, nafSty of life an?! property n?_ain.-t |
?.astnwtlan by Btn\m ?said Mr. Smith, "and j
should b? revised completely ?and made to (
?',? ?the prsMnt metii".i? of buttdtng ?on-,
Itmctkm. 1 belief? ,liat thie '.orrlt'le o\- I
por!en<~?? i? anipl?* rsaaon tor takinu Imnic- j
dtate and active ?-step?? for ?tlM adoption of?
all neeeasary buMlng tpgutatkas having .
tilt? ??nil in rlew,
Warninq from Newark Fire.
"That ?th?ere should have heen fn?*h a Ural
Is n<> ?surprise to me. i am on ?record he?
fora ?n im estimating committee in Albany?!'
.-.ille?l vrhen th? Newark fir* waa the ?ub-i
???rt <?f much eomm-nt. a* ha\-1ns predi?ted
?li?t New vnrk ?CMy must expect far worse
. ataiitrophes. if tlie ?Jogs of life had bean l
turtos a* gnn.t In Saturday'?? flre I ?-hO_Jd li
have fei? no surprise. And yet tf the!;
?building had ?bean ?sojarippal ??-1th ?aatoaantte
sprinklers I doubt tf there wo'ild ha? e Peon
,t Uf? i?,-i la ?tact, my *xp?cTi??nec <?r '
thlit' \oAre leads mt tO repeat that there
aould not have l???en on?' life lost
"Automatic sprtnkl'Srs ?should bs ?reqnlred '
in? law in ?such ?buildings The difference (,
in the Insurance rate goe? largely to pajr-j?
int ??>? the Installation of the spriakl_ra, i ?
hare knwn cassa where the ?reduction in?.
?premium coat i ^ reason of tno Installation li
of .i itomatk aprtnktera pal I for the ?equip? :
moni i?l-iiorjt at on? ??? Tlie average reduc- j
ti??n in insurant*? rate Is equal t?> ? return 11
of :'."? per eenl upon 'ho money Intrusted,
.?. i. h m ?ans thai the installation would '?
paj f?ar Itself by ?saving In Inaurancs co.-t1,
alone in four ' Sai8."
Mr ?Smith s.-ii.i thai .? stream from the/
???.-..??? i??'???i i" ?'?> ?good servi.? ?should n??t :
?have ?to i"1 played upon a building higher
than ?slaty or slat] -flre feet.
"This la thi height of s live -tory build
?Sag, ' he ?said, "u heresu the eighth ?st-orj
?->( the ?^liirt trapst ff-ctnry, ?,?. !-.? re the tire'
atart-ed, was one hundred feet or more
above the ?street. ?Because ? ?boas ?stream
cannot he ?played r?*t'< lively at a height
greater than ?slxty-flve feel or live buhIm,
non-flreproof buildings usad tur mer. .nuil*-1
or manufs t'?-' an i irpoaas should ??? r? -
M:i?t.??i to slxty-flve f????t. Own?srs of Bra?
?proof buildings taller tiian ?dxlv-tivo feet'
whe-n used for mercantile <>r nmnufactur? ?
lag - ould be compelled lo in-tail aiito- ;
mat!? ?prlnkleti
Tight Bulkheads Needed.
Another thing Tlie pre ent la?* pis en
no limit upon the .-?7.e of the flooi area ?if .
-UnOlngfl l?"Wi"?H flre ?rail* Tl.* BaSM .
principle exactly tl.af ?hip OWlteri fedlOW
t?? protect their paseeng-ers* lues a' sea. by !
the us.? ,?r watertight compartments, - ?miiii
be adopted on land to -a\c the Uves ?-?f;
aorklng ?men and "??men The ?'7.?? of ihe(
flooi sraa between fir? walla should not ?be
permitted to exceed 10.490 Kiuan f?t?tt for ?i
fireproof building and ?"..??' ?sqtiar? f??rt for
non-flrep.( building*, an?i In each case
i e t'n. walla should be equlpptsd with
sutomaticall? opera? Ins flr-eprool
1 ? ?should ?be i"? oppoi I unity f?->r .?n*.
mai ' ? turer lo crowd an many a* one
d working pi ople i ? one room."
Our ' '?? .?.? been made tafe, Mr.
Smith pointed out, sinos th? l?esson l?*amed
?by ihe irn,|ij..jH Theatre Hire In ?Chicago
Automatic Sprinklers are required In ?!!
i eat ? -. b? ?u? \n?i ?,n tin? atrange etas
'??m of prote ?mi to ?lie utmost Ihe pie
?re seeking ?public, whl!? omitting to take
similar precautionary ?m?easu*-s "ti ?behalf
of the ? ? ' ? ? ?l ?.. .,. ? : in lofts, Mr.
?ml< ? _r?nt Injustlc? i ?- ? ommttted '
Kll 'iLe C. ?SnOW -aid '".?? th-ouglit it'
I be a r;.?????) thing f?>r t'ommlsshmer
Waldo to '? >< ?? ?l.a?'L?e ?if tl,-? !tl?|.Ii??li ??t
hnlldlnga. Tue intimate relation betw?een
puttins '??u a itr?? and preventing one '*,,,,
?uch -* i?? render singularly appropriate
sn lo luthoris? i '?omnilasioner A\'a''i >
?i? ?jet,, ?it suitable Intervals tuen from !
own for? to Inspect ?buildings. Mr ;
? Id? i thai ' ?? believed this ?policy
?? .-? light! n ' esifill 'n Roston
Faith m Aiitotnatic Sprinkler*.
lutrnnatle sprinklers ?would ?have ?put
??nt ihe ."?? in Ihe ihlrt -??'it I ?factory at.
? nor'- ,i 1 Mi sn"?.?. "ftpeaklng r.,?iclil
i should aay Iheii Installation there aouldl
rest not mors than it,. \ better!
name than Breproof for such ., structura
Would he ?' ik>w burning conatrti?etlon build?
ing And there sre ????'al grades of slow
burning rotlstriMrrlon Borne of 'hem nio'<
le-tr; il ,.| .,ib.>;-<? TI ?re slioilld be -?Hie?
?? tii tl i bj law i? t" ?he number <<t per
sons on ? floor, an?! then lome provision
should ?be ?mads for ?ettint; them ?out ?by
?... escapea The rspaeltj ol flre e?,.,-(p?.s?
mould i? ? regulated a?fcordlng to th?-? num
i ?i of emplo; ???.
"San i r.'i"?i?<i> ha? le;irn???i llil- I ha\e
-, en th? fr?Mit of a lift?. ,.'??t building eav?
,i??il \?!lli lit. **cAyo< ..ii* there
"I!.i?< >"'i not noticed ?he amount of
rubbish tl it Is permitted to ?-hnk? flre ??>*
capea In this ?rlty* These ?rnainads of ?salta
ehould be Inspeeted by somebody al le.ist
? i?. ? ? month.
'"n< ?trumpet note to ?be s??iin?ieii al tM
lime should be, I think. Inspection cleantl
i????-.- ?and protection."
ti <. i r? H ?Price v.Hd he had ?retired
from Ihe iiie Insuram. lieid hscause the
fundamental fault in Neu Torh Cltj was
ti<? t.'.?.'t!"ii nf ?al^aorapera Mr. i'ri??e is
opposed to ?tall buildings, in the pressai ac?
cepte? undsratanding ?<f ihe t?-rm. and as?
p.?. i.i ii-. ?so In ail ?eases where m?srcantlle or
manufacturing purposes at?? uppeinmst
T: ? height of ?sverj ?building should i?e
governed, be ?a.,?-, bj the ?sJutfacter of in
? cupanpj Four or live ?stories sh?ould ?bs
hi legal maximum v.'.i-.o induatrtal par?
m. followed
Board Adoptcrl a Preventive MeaMire
After Big Newark Fire.
M ?? ?-.-? t<? ??ii. ?i lii-t niuiit thai ?i few d?\M
,,fi, ? the ?factor] tu? m Newark?! wh??spa eo
?many lives were l?ost AMenaaa ?Ralph ?folk
rodu sd ?? measur? to prevent s similar
., .. i? i in t!ilr- ?tty.
ii, ?propoasd thai the ?building ?suporta?
??nu?ni? if tii? dlffaronl boroughs i? ?re?
quired t<? !"??k Into the maU'T nf tire
? ? hi? ? mi ?all factor) buildings, snd i.i-?
i? ? ''??n ?is unanimously sdopted bj tue
it kli m n r?iii. aid last nlghi ?thai ??> far
i ? r? p..? i i, d i ?. n made h lb? i upe? In
landen ? p? tii? Board al ?AMeraan.
< ?>i?i ,n?i?-,l from flr?t m?a?*
l>f?in?>i-r?tir ropr'-eontati? o win? ?lostr??**
to ?. ,.to for m?. In the ?ai.iirt, I will not
?>rfrrifl tn?. loyal mid courageous m?sa who
ha*,??? he? n supporting ni? sines my n??m
inaii?>ti by saying to any "ti1* of them
th.-it h.? shall not ?!?? so."
Mr. sii.? hin'.? Istter, In full, folliyara:
Ta tii" r>? naocratic Meinbera ?I the Legla
laturs ol ths State ol New York.
B) Ihe unanhno s vote ol the Denur-erstl?
members of the [.egUlature s caucua h*.?'
i??.n rail?'.; for Monday evening neat t" ,
conaldei tin matl r of Ih? United States
Mj position >'ii the senatorshlp lias nevar '
been a matter "f doubt. I hav? repeatedl:
Bald, and I n??? reiterate tiiat under n?> clr '
eumataracea ivill i decline the mr-mlnatkai i
arhich waa given ni?- by the unanimous vot? ;
"f tii?. Democrat!? caucus held on Januar?
t? last, lair arfll I soluleece In any suggsi
tlon rhst in.. Bams r-haii n?>? be presented
for < ? Msl'l?>ratu?n to an? fiirnr? |)ptno?-ra?l-*
cau? us
ir. a lottor addreaaed t<> ths Demo? ratlc
members ?if tha? [legislature on February Ml
J said:
"I cannot, as the repr?sentative .of my
party, r.l??a?.?' mon elected n? lioino?-rat?
from an obligation which they ows t<? the
party ?rid ncd te ma I bear no contract'ial !
rolatlo is with thoai who ar?- voting for me
If it be pnaaltilr to -.lens?' thorn, the perty
moat ?i<> fo. n,,t th?? part?, candidate
"I shall rams In ss my irerty's f*andldate
.'m Catted States Senator so king as the
(arty rJeaires m< lo ?fo so, no matter whai ;
lh> persona! rons-xi'ienco?? ??? in?- may h> : .
tor ?will i i ?? word or deed -1" anything |!
that v in trustify trio minority in their ef
form to frustrate the declared ?rill of thai,
majority. If, howaner. the majorlly of ai; I
tho stoned I'oinn?-rati.- Senators end As ?
semblymen ?.hall s>kii .-? call ? ?meeting ' ?
tho Democratic caucus be reasaembled, 1 ,
si all loyall) abiiJe bj rho decision of thai
ta ? , . and If such emu? us shall rl Id?
thai another than myself shall ho chow -
t,, carry rh.? party standard which I have
bean carrying stncaj January W, ir'". I ailj
t-'v? to such candidat? tn- unqualftled and
wno-te*heart?ad support, bul short of su h
arii'Hi I shall n?'t be a ;iart< to tin? da
struction of th-> principle of matorritjr rulo."
nom Ibat position l heve no! deviated
end a III no| da-vlate s hah' i breadth
if. an?! wtion. a majority of tho D?mo?
cratie rapr?**sentallves shall d**-ci*Ja In ra?i ,
cue to roi ?'ii?i'lor iiio vote by which i waa
nominated foi ,'nlted States 8enat?>r, t?
anj person partl<*tpating ih?**reln who feels
that ho is thereafter bound lo continue t..
v?,to fog m? becs use of the prior raucus a?
Hi,-, i ?jay thai the de? Iston of the new
mucus should '-o as binding ami effective
ss the rlrat if. k? the result of the cau?
cus Brtton ir "lia i i.?- determined t" assin
proceed to tire nomination of s fut?-i date
for Cnlt?d S'at??a Senator to ai | man who
'??itiHidor? that he la hound for am- reason
other than his "-.vu senas of duty to cote
for me, i releas? him, so thai hs may vote
fo. whom ii?* wills Should s majority of
ll,.-> Democratic reprewentatlves rhoora an? j
other than myself ?a the part? candidate
for Cnlted Btstet Son.nor. such action, in
mv opinion, will operate a? n release from
nM the obligations <>f the prior party ra i
??? ??. in rh?. event thai s Democrat other
firm myself shall ho selected, I am sure no
?Senator <r member of Assembly t 111 affront
n ?? '? continuing to ?rote for me In tho joi-.t .
issembly. If, however, those srho partici?
pated it? the Aral caucus, or Bnj others who
may not have participated theraCm. dealre |
t,, rote for -no 'n ti ?? mo\>- caucus, they have
mi full consent t., do >*< Even if ( ere be
i || i ningl? Democratic repr?sent?t Iv? ?? ' ?
?,...,1. . to vote for me In the caucus I will
...? effend the loyal and courageous m??ir
. ? ? i ave ;,'?T ipportlng me since mj
nomination >,v saving to any one ol them
that he shall not do so. R?*spe??tfiillv vours,
??, Vor!*;. March tt. 1*11.
Insurgents, However, Say They '
Won't Enter the Caucus.
Oovernor Dix lef! Sem Tors for Albany
ru ih" noon train rraterda? spparently '
more hopeful of Ih* outcome of ihe sena*
toiial Ighl than an? other poUtlcian urho '
i ruld be found in tlrlr- ?dry.
Charle. F Murphy, who gave matter at
V Iban y his personal dire,**! and undivided ;
attrition when William r. Bheeban's name
run?? "in of the Democrat? ratr-cus on
Januan H tost, lefl the city about ?i'o?
sa. timo **-?r his country placa at Qood
Ground, r/onir Island
Nvitii?r Oorvarnor nm- ' immni bad anything
lo add in rh" wa-. of common! ta prophcy
a? to the possible ending of the deadlock.
Rven with tho new cau?*us scheduled for
lo-hlghl D-wnocratlc politician' who ea*
t... t r.. ace th? flgl .:.,' ih,n could notl
h found! fnat?**ad of anything as hopeful
lhat, thera was onli the repetition of
the wore from Murphy thai II was to be a
free and open "unbossed" caucus
The ' nbo.sed" peri of i! will be for <?-,
t,,n.,i ob ?'?-.?>Ion only ac-cordlng to 'ho
aoiv of one prominamt Denurcral yeater?
Tbie man de< tor? d thai Ihe T im
many leglslatora recrived their orders for]
the "imhceraed" raocti yesterday morning, I
end the sum and substance of the orders!
i- thai the Morganlsat!<Hi*' wants s rertaln
amounl ? f Jockeying to h* done, to tho end
:?.,, . ..... ion ma? he reached aa t., the
rhances ?I bringing forth 11 name of i ?an-1
Id i? ? -.di.ihin aa ihe can ? ?? ndldate.
i ? .. j.'.'?-?? ins. it was understood, would I
Ir.rlude such detail. ?? i an apparent *-pli' in i
I ? y ? ? many vote, i-arefullj handled, so
ri ? re v ?? ild h?? n.? of ., d? ??isl? o \oio
? ?i snj ?.-? r:? i,.' ,? ? "ii ?)'? (1rs! ballot When
that 1 ; he lead i I h* Ir i no
. o the < 'obelan ? han? ? ? ti ?? ordei ? wmild
he changad so that the name of Murphy's
right hand m-?n In Mie organization would
i tho only one voted for on s so**ond bal*
i t
in .pit? of ?' fs ? lha! the InsurgentsI
I ,-? furnish**?] a black ?^t. arhich Includes
befiidea Cohalan - name tho?.? of Bheehan
John R RtanchfleM and Da l.?n--o\ Klcoll.I
?I loomed to ho tho general opinion yeetei '
<?.-,? that fohalan wru the chol?*e whose
name I most llkel* to com? "?it ?.f tho,
o ond i lueus.
Insurp;rnt,3 Probably Won't Enter
It?Smith Still for Sheehan.
Albany, March il ?T?evel?>pm?*ntii h-r?-?
? . nigh! a luid indi? a i thai little ??. ?n ,-?ni?
I ' ? ? 1..I I ?i,i,., rail, CaUtm. to ho ho],?
td-morron night to selec! a candidate (^r\
the ITnlted Btatea Senetorshlp who win be
s.ui'faotoi v t., , surf!? t?-1.i numhei "f Demo*I
erratic members ?,f the Legislature (?> ho;
elected Tha Inauraenta on lha one hand
an lusphrioua ><r the motives behind the
? alun?, of ths caucus, and '?.hi probabl) no! |
?-.on .'?itri it on the other hand, thereto
a strong tendenc] : -imn? main of the ao-l
called r? pniars to stick *o Bheehan, n,. mat?
?or nrhat happens
When aaksd if ho arould go ln?o tho cau*l
rus Senator Franklin D Ikioa? elt, the In?
urgent lender, to-night aid
"1 h?! not kn.iw definitely until ?' .-',
o'clock te-morrow night. ,m? Imprrea ton,
however, is that ?, ?ill not go In."
Ths friiMids of tha Insurgents say thai !
it is tii,- [iian of Coartes P. Murphy and
tha other Tammanj toa?torr? lo *"-aiti?r the !
rotes of the regulars to*moriMv night after
getting ?s many Insurgsnts to ,?tt"n?i asl
i o.ssii i<?. ? in Tusada*! nlghl thej look for |
ward t" another caucus being . died, wh??n I
thi same pr-ocednre aill be gone through
< ?r. Wednesday, when II Is thought that the
Insurgents ar?. believing that everything'
?t ?.-oii'n ail rinht. ? third caucus will i?e? (
called bul tiio Tammani members will and?
senli units on i?.?ni"i v. ? 'ohatan, Mmp
right hand man
"The arguments will be mad?', if u, .,,,
??i- atis|,..,i, ..,i,i one "f ths Insurgents to?
'-"? I. ' that a a hav? la tos gom Into tha
'"''-11- .i raranol ?.mi arell iham ge bock
<?n the eauens eandldata Ths aama kind of
I reseure Is no? being broughi on the in?
surgen] to gel them t,? anter ths caucus
i i a- basa Iwoughi to sat ths? lo \ot^
toi Bhaahaa
Man) legislators, both Rep iMlcana and '
Democrats, began to sppsai in Albany r,,-r
nlghl -vi" Smith, majority toarSer <-f tho
Asssmbl] m.? i s.u. i,,; Wagner, of th.?
' ,,!" '.? ?rrived together shout 11
,"1'"1- Mr Smith d rlared that i. ,?. |
l""1"1 to ?"? '? . - ? Itaa, n ? raattei
? ii<->in tbt '?ui-ijj.selsctsd.
Ready to Acquiesce Fully in
Czar's Treaty Demand-?.
Japan Was in Readiness to In?
vest South Manchuria if Sit?
uation Became Critical.
Peking, ?March ?M? ?China Is nd prapnred
to antagonist Russia completely, and a
r*?aiiit at ?prolong? d ? ??t.fer u ?*es the i 'hlness
Foreign ?OfBce t ?- -. ?. i >- a.-s ir<<! the Ruaetan
-llalster, M. K-oroetoreta that ??Thin? ?will
acquiesce unreservedly <>n Monda] lo ? i
demanda made i.i the Russian ultimatum
con?cernlng th? provision.- ?i the treaty of
IM. Rossis in.'i??ted upoi ?t. an iwer ?be?
fore TUSOdai
It i- ?generally eon ld?et_d lhal Iher? wna
no alternativ?- course in xrion ot i^ilna
utter unpreparedneas for war Intensa i i ? -
teres! Is being manifested In the attitude
of Japan, which ?? obviously holding en?
ttrely aloof, ?although nuire powerful than
? ver at Poking
While th? p.?,in? between i linn an I R .-?
sis have been shnoal oMiterat??-) by tii?
t'lent ?series ?of ultimatums, an i theoret :
lealty iti-niflii'ieiit cause for ? ??? upatton es-l
lets, Rusats apparentl; fear; thai sha ? I
nbtaln onlj popar promisse, which tha
riiinosc would not observe unless Intimi?
latsd Russians h?ere point oui that they
have losa non In the ws ot concessions
from Chins than when tha treaty ^a.?
sign? ? i.
Some gre?i'.t?-' of ?lie i???4ation quarter
?i ni? Ruasla for not foHo?aing in the
first Inntancc the ''cent example set by
?"?rent ?Britain In rx-cupylng lerrttorj an?;
swatting Chinea? re)i?line?-= t?-> dlscuM the
contested points. But II it-" recognised that
Ruasla, by failing to do this, hs -.
that eh? ?!o?s not posssss aggrsaaiva do?
signs. The ?''.in?-?? newspapers, which ar?
:r,fens? ly Ignorant <?r ?foreign affairs, ar?
very hoetil?t ag Insl Great Britain, which I
the] accuse of i egtnnlng the present land
grab, and th? y prophesy that both Japan
and France ?-rill n'?t ?be l"ri? In following]
Reports from Harbin atste that 'he Rua?
??dan railway has ?refused t?, t?ranaport
aetreral carioada of arms ^r.d ammunition I
?i. ?irie,i toy i'i.in.T. garrisooi on thai
?frontier, l*Vom elsewhei In Manchuria I
loin?'? IndlcattMia of Japanese readio?-*? to
? iveal South ICanchuris ?h^uld the Ros- ,
ilan Investment in ; he north assuma a
letioua aspect.
in a ?rece?? Issue "Th? Peking ?Dal |
Sewa,' In an editorial, evidently Insplrod
?y the ? hin??.??? Por-eign -Board, d riar?ad
that China would not submit to 'he so-1
sited aggression* i?f various potrera, an?!
that .?lie would not sign away h-ei .lationai '
rights, whkii ni'iat be taken from her.
Whether thi-' was ?>n!y s threat Intended
i?? a.<M?t China's d|plomacj to?morrow
?ho ild -..
GMoUtti'l Probable Cabinet?Five of
Luzzati's Advisers Retained.
I'orn?. March -?' Ko oIRcla] announ*!-*
nein ha-i yol ?been mads a? to the now
? net, t?':t it Is c-onsidered probabb I it
t ".in : e conatituted about a- follows.
?Premier and ^r i n ?.-; t - i of tha Inter! w,
;i?iv snnl Ololitti.
Mini iter ol Agriculture, Sipn?-?- Rlssolatl,
*.??'? r of the Bo* allst Parliamentary group
Public W oi ks, s "ii??r -' k > hi
Publl? Inatruction, Bignor i.Yedaro
I li sn? ? Big. ?Tacts
M-tine, Admiral i attollcs
War, i ,i neral .-pluear?!!
Foreign Affairs, Marquis A ?ii Ban GMu?
Justice, Bignor F"inoc?-hiaro
??-. ?iv'ti?-!*- Ablgn?nte
Poeta ?ml Telegraphs, --ii.-? or tiaccei'i.
Five of tiic ministers mentioned were in
? Lussatl ' ?i. Inel
Cassel, (lermany, March It ?-Four ?pas?
?sengen In tha ipherl? ?i ?balloon Mi?nhurg!
m? .i teirlhie experience while attempting
?.. the N'orth ?Ses to-day. A hurri-j
sne drove the balloon, which n-??n?'i?,?l atI
?jtenburg In tits duchj of ?Saxe-Altenburg,
nto the ?Fulds ?Rl ?sr, ahich Is orer Its
rinks oo SCCC-Un! ?Of the il??.???'?. ap<1 tii?
...-t? wir? ?rescued ?with difficulty.j
me of th?etn was severelj injured Th?*
ulloon travell? I ? ?'?? mllea In tl ?roe h?-?iirs. ?
!'.?" ? March M Lieutenant Baron its?
?-I./II Pat? n??. wl o murdered Prln????ss f?iu
The home-owner who makes age of
our ten-year mortgage ig free from
renewal expenses during that period.
He need have no fear of his mortgage
being called In a, panic when he can?
not renew It.
The liberal provisions of payment
tempt him to try to pay off some of
the principal every interest day.
Call at any of oar offices or write
for circular.
Capital . . 5 4,375,000
Surplog (all earned) 10,625,000
?7?BVay.K.T. 178 Kernten St.. Bklm
r?50 Pruton ?St., Jamaica.
iia Tri-gona 'ii Bast1 v.ii?. ladf <n ?-Ming
t?. 'j'Ken H??rfena, has boon ?-xpeiira ? ..m
ihe Hallan arm!.
Abbatemag?io Urged to Continue Hn
Revelations Without Fear
I'lterho, Mar.ii jK ->Abbat?Hnaggto ? ??
' at.,1-11 nsi tn'ornvr ?Alio SSPOOSd the OS k
inc< ot tha terrorists on tii? irttnosa -??in?*.
<?n Kriday, las received aumeroua letters
Urging him to COnRhiM hla re-, ?la?ion* \g
t?? ?mtereel of bis country, some ,,r t>.-?
??rl?e?- :oc lilm not f?> fe;,r th? ve?..gnan-?
??f the camorra, as all tha world arttl sip.
tot snd defend him
"Evolution of The
'Standardized' Desk"
A Wanamaker Exhibit
For Businessmen.
Near the "Model Suite'' in our
Office Outfitting Gallery we are
demonstrating Desk-manufact?
ure?from raw lumber to fin?
ished Desk.
To business men "From Mis?
souri" (who say "Show me")
the exhibit illustrates the integ?
rity mortised and tenoned in
our Desk-warranty.
Also how and why Wana
maker's Desks have become
And how a thousand human
heart throbs and wf*ar-resis?ing
qualities are bestowed on each
How each "Desk-unit" is the
product of specialized skill and
marvellously accurate machin?
How we obtain the beautifully
matched grains in our three and
five-ply veneers?etc., etc.
Ask for the booket "A Mod?
ern Miracle." It describes every
process in detail.
Observe how similar selected
materials and honest workman?
ship are embodied also in Office
Chairs. Filing Cabinets, and
"Everything for the Office."
Note our reasonable prices.
John Wanamaker,
Originator of
"Standardized" Office Outfit?*?
Astor Place.
(Subway Station directly in Store.)
Seventh Gallery. Nc*v Building.
A fj?(Amfy~ Caer?s
present today their showing of Summer Furniture for
the Spring, 1911.
The Seventh Gallery
Is a Veritable Bower!
One ol the most picturesque features ?| the showing nf
rustic and lawn houses, arbor?;, furniture. All are fashioned
from the boughs of Vermont's grand cedars and Jersey's wood?
land monarchs.
There is scarcely a need for lawn. walk, pathway or park
unprovided for?from a picturesque seat or chair to fencing
panels and complete rustic equipment for a large estate.
Whether you desire to expend much or little for the summer
home makes little difference. There are prices for everyone?
beginning around eighty cents or a dollar for comfortable chair--. ?
Come and see, on the Seventh Gallery New Building.
Everyone of these other great galleries, in this separate ;
' building devoted to home things, are in tune with the season
Among the Fine Domestic Rugs
? are these exceptional offerings:
At $16.75, 9 x 12 ft. high-pile Axminster rugs Princi
. pally bold OrietUal designs?copied from Serapis, Afghanistans.
At $21, 9x12 ft. sterling Body Brussels rugs. Fine Per?
sian figuration. Oriental medallion centers. Light gray and
floral effects. All of exceptional refinement in color. Splendidly
sanitary weave.
At $21.?SO, 9 i 12 ft. close-woven Axminster rugs. Also
up to $32 fpr super-quality. Patterns for living halls, dining
rooms, libraries.
At $30, 9x12 ft. Royal Wilton rugs?good worsted weave
Skillfully rendered likenesses of Kashan patterns and albver
Persians. French gray and chintz effects. Old tablet patterns
? copied from silk rugs.
At $32.50, 9 x 12 ft. Fremont Wilton rugs. Same variety
! of patterns.
At $35, 9 x 12 ft. selected Royal Wilton rugs. Cluetlv
Daghestan, allover and Asia Minor patterns.
i '
John Wanamaker
Formerly A. T. Stewart & Co..
Broadway, Fourth Avenue, Eighth to Tenth Streets

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