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ni FOR int m
Diaz to Reccmmend That C
gress Appropriate $40.000.0
De la Barra Gets Word of Proj
Before Leaving Washingtoi
to Assume Cabinet Duties.
Dm rrrbun? Btonev l
Wruhragl n M \a a fur
?t.f, toward reatoriag ordar in las r?*pi
, f y.v ? ? ' ' ? - m Ills me?
. ,--._ ?mmend that apea
t ? - rorphaa in
Be used for ? arrytna
...... ?v of the r>
nsoftka larger haessi
ilth ittoa and ?i1?'
- aasoaaj Ike p
' -Ar. country.
iras reca hred I
H ?> |a Harr?
day Bbortl? I " WamhJttgton
..,,. - - un? the duti"? o
?... . . u ... ?- ,.f r -? urn !:?' .- ni
?... d ha I ? Josl heea appointed
xhf mcaifo of Presiden! Dias rre?
nien ling tbis ai i importrsn! refo
?ill be sent l tengrass a hon it
.... - . n nex' Satnr
BnouM the tai ttoa plan ba fa
nr' .'.-d that f
tarea minion ? Ion s? r??n w I]
parti s small fort ? ? arj Im
, 7r from II ? ' tw?si ?- ?" res to 'ho r,n
I d that ?ovoral hundred tl
tajai i a thus have 01 nor'unlt;
bocom? p"Wid?ml land own? r? ?
?? i of the | bite domain as
?.? ? o; r;,p t'O B
suits - md public Impn
- ? Thir? a?
the dm ? I ' ?*? aum apt
aril] ba ua? I r tha purchaa.
????! in lartre ha,
(id mors or '?'s for sp?
II ,. auinetoal numb?
-? ? ? :ntcer to ?e',1 t
?.- n ent a certain i
tagi ? irger < ??'ato? win he <
Many Ian and owners
-.-. ?- reigne s," Mid Beflor de
racta of their la
not be? improved. Buch land?
L- ? Ia or.e of 'he r
? .. na ?'? ri king is to s ? i m ? j i
Bat the pri*
??? I ?? offer***.! volunta
|| v." i r"iro"e5sary to res
????-?- , ? edlng. to any c
11 . . T ? '
? m lands will be .? Id to the poor
? ? - system similar to the ?
Ing with raspee! to Ihs purchase
tenants lr. Ireland The report
? Limantour, who Is to ba ratal)
Mil toter of Finar
red - ? g ven rnent's klnances to be
? 'irlon tha! II is purpose,!
. menu for th< 'and for >
it th? bolder may mi
' ml en ps he produ<
mil irlll le paid for in ter; ani
? - t s ara?es will ba made
, r land dlstrlb ;tion I? mer
as? I .- ? ?? scl omo for put
emente A programme will he
y which it will he possible to
ind purchae? ~ '
",-? sai.t and to con pi? *r I
? river and harbor improvements.
tortor ?lev
\ he land la i ght :nder c
tlon ?. ? rallr ad fa rlltttoa will ba ?
knt 1 Has h <- ? apresas i I
Dg to the report received
the retlrl - mar tl !c measi
- ? ?. : ice n tha ?uvernme
< and I ring abo-:t g? r.eral ?>r?
' --?-nt.
OfAolala Hopeful of Peace.
r Maat,? City i
of ft irra offldal w'a.;
i* rrtaga of an ?*
: ? egtj
-? ? ? i*rj Kn< x,
?eii ..? ? ? dlplon
- need kef-n Intel
? ' tries In the dev?
n situs ? t Is know
ef. Mai
?- ?? ? rsons m vatic
? ?. -. ? De ta Bai
ntli ? ? Andrea i
? ? ??? com? : tlon wl
of the lattei
If o! ternatloi saca
Although i
know it I? f
f ...
of the go
Can ?? .....
. ? f the da
? ? ? i Barra s *ed to i
? .
of his thirt? . l-'-a
? i .... ? ?? \J. y
a' the I lltloi - m th
ounti ere as th? most si
r ? n th? Mea n situ
I? n all ? - ? Minister
rinanc? ? -.. ? fork wli
?- i Quatavo A M.
respectively, ?
: ? ?
Cenveraani W,t>- Inwrqent Problem
the igh bat,
? 1 rk In con pai
nf< en?rea ?ho
e ?he felt i . , |or ,,, n
na were ? am em?
.- Internal ??
.. |Ualnt?
nfei an an
...,.i raa opporti
?-" learn of ti
itlei ., I'-- mk
? . ?ped, pe
- ,. ? ntour, *t
r. of Mini
tk?n froi
I .-. Mr
\ M l?'-r,,, Wl
III t oi ? ? .?
.... wen ?
. ? . r i ;?
it ronghold i
In Ne
ind th i .i r
eved I . .. n .- a ? ? . ..
i I ? iti ii
it to I" lleve
? ? ?? traa
Re'uses to Disiuss Plans.
rKltned t?
i ana a ?
l .. I PMC? Il
? ?? I foi
: :
liiai ?.??-'.?
? . ,,?' i .i
ill his enen
?'? ?,? ? of I h?
, . ,- |1 ? i? sd
of i r>\. 1? ? ?
. ... . t i..... ?
the .a-.
, . ,. , . . ? ..,!..
Il - :
, . .-...i thai
? ? ?
i ?
Thar Mexican u ?
; unable t.-. H?-????<ir- t., this ?request, ?because nf
tho fn,,. tfntA it?, ?liuni',? i-.ti'i prMUfsl
j Mi?ro.i?i \??,!ii,i bo ?wertetied in ihe future ?bjr
i ti'.? pr??(*p?if?t??.. su?"i fermai ?nagotlatloas. i
?it is argue?!, miKht bs hiterwoted ns a I
| ?rscognltlon of tos betllserency nf xhe in
?surgents The Mealeaa povonimon? I?
known, however, to 1-0 strongly ?i i ??p. .-fo-i
t?> trpHt for ?peaoe asai "Hi ??n-ioavnr to]
??on-oimmato a ?-..rvonlont m?nn?= ??f nogn
tlatlon n?"\t w-ri( I
Politicsl Persecution Unlikely.
Peari ?xptressed by members ??r the r-*vo. |
llutksian Pony th?' ?potltteal ?perse-Utkwi
j mish? folio?- the i;i\iTiK donra of nrms will
lbs ?sel a rent, it is ivoii<-vo.i. by ?saeurances
j fron? ?members of |h< im w ?Cabtnet In un?
Imlstakea ?guarantee**. ?Such ?? ?step ?andoubt?
ledly win i? ..??-,,. oi the flrsl taken ?y ?the
' n?ea ? ?al Inet, ?a? cording to ?adi ?? ?? ?re
The me:ho?i of jna??- ?aegotlatkin S i h
I probably arlfl ?bs ?arfced bj ?Um CaMnet, It Is
?believed here, win ?h.? fonnal ?pi-aentatlon
by th? revolutlonls! ?party of ih? ?pro
?gramme ?they -desire ThU ?rill Is ?foUourH
bj correspond en?c< and e?mferences, de?
sign? ?i t . ?satiafi all fa?cttoni
a i ?oof to th?> revolutlonlstt of Its
I good Intent Mexican sov?ernment. it
j furt?her was loarmri. may in the ?near ?future
I put mt?. .?iron in the ?State of ?Pueblo ???
?corrective elertoral ?policy, ?and th? ?results
of this move a?o calculated t.. con ?re? as?
surancea of ?Um ?adotptlon ?of ihe ?refon i pro?
prnmtn? ihroughQUi the republic,
Believed Unfriendly to Reforms
and War May Continue.
El ?Paso, Tes., March M ?On Im nrnttona
; from Francisco I, Madero it i< given ??nt
i ?T?? to-day that thi ?selection of Pr?esid?ent
?Dtas'f new Cabinet 15 regarded at ?entirely
unfriendly to th. ?reforms for which the
erection Is i-o-ing ?raged, and a* a con?
i sequen??? th? ?rar probably ?will rontinue.
, it Is r'"'t',r'?i out thai sinong th? men ?se?
lected non? Is distinguished foi snj ?a-ctlv?
Itj In the >?pf?r'Ti movement
A rather pessimistic vleo is taken bj the
[Junta, althoui :? for th? Inaug ?ration
[of ?great reforms, ?such as tho ?removal ?of
governors ?of many states snd t!?? ?ii'-ision
<?f i,in?i bold!n?gs has not ?been entirely
, abandono?!
Th? promis? f Joed Yves Llmantour of
an ? ntiro change of ?politics In Mexico,"
. Kivon t?. revolution?r) ?sgeats in Sen fork,
ok? to by the InsuiTectos.
?Oonsales Garsa, th?* Insurgent Secretary
of Stat?-. yani h< did n?'i believe Ihe promise
of So?'.r Limantoui referred onlj lo a
r? an_o "f Cabinet. Beltor i.iniantour. by
- ? ? ting tl e revolutionary eg?snti an?i hoinn
riiiotoa ?as saying th? ir demande bad ?sons
i reasonable foundation, Is ?regarded ?as the
chief ?friend of the Insurrection in Mexico
Whatever he does, th? rebels assert, win
be sn effort to bring about peace as soon
.,? ?possible Yot it it? known that ?Seftor
Llmantour ?does nut sympathise with ihe
demand that Inaz pliali rotlro and that
??.!?? negotistions :?< -**ottdu?cted under an
armed ?ti ?? ??
?Sefior Garsa nn?i othi-r ?revolutionary lead?
?Sri Kiv?? it as th?-ir -belief that an Inunedl?
? at?? t?ermlnation ??f the nrai Is ?not i ?r" ?it-.
Federalists Sent to San Carlos
Not Yet Heard From.
?Del ?Rio, Tea., March *Jt?Th? ?troop of
oRvairv ?tent fr.?m ?Las Vacas, Mexico, yea
morning ?to ?Ban Carlos, where r*v<>
; lata ?sr?are ?sold to be ?making s threat
I demonstration, has not ??????en heard
from, ^5 telejrrai'ti wir-"? i SVS he? t. ?ut.
Por severa] days un ist il a tivll tas been
: <?t??<i ainon-j? t he M? nu,?;: federal ?soldlers
at ?Las Apprehensive ?f attack,
they ha?.? k?; ? ?sentinels ?on the adobe I ?
? ? atlons ? irr ind ng tl s barracks.
.?. ?meaaeager ?who left ?San ?'arios yester?
day inornln? reports a well 01 med i?o?Jy
of revolutionists operating In ai.?i oro ind
'that place and also at San Blcente, confia?
? ig horses and provision?5.
i ?San ?Carlos is thirty miles ?south of ?Dal
R .? .:?.'! is heodquarters lor the ?arc?- ?ranch
of ?Don ?Lorenso Travlno, where ?large ?i?ian
tlties ?of con., ?rico and other pi - - .,:.
The thirteen ?revolutionist! an?, sd ?re?
cent 1 y r.< ?r ?Sanderaon, Tex., by I'nited
Statps fleer?! ?Service men ??-ro r??ioas?ii <?t.
?bail to lag I ' ITnlti d State Com?
Garner, ?several Americans slanini tho
!??-? ,r ?? . sre sel for Mon?
i g y
Major Sqnier Establishing Stations
Along the Rio Grande.
San Antonio Tex., Msrch :?.- Ma.i??r
?G? ? re-? i ?. s?,'::? r, r H ?? i Ign ?i ? 01 . -
? -? ? ; t? ? ? man-ceuvri to-day aft? r
n w?ok.? trip al -i.: the Rio Grande, ?estab?
lishing aeroplane scouting Btati?ons
He made ni i thought
: by ststionlng a? ? ? Paso, 1 lei
-?? ? ... .. .. L? tl - -
ould be ohser (
f'?< snl - ?;? ? ? -' il ' ''it tho Rio
I Grand? an?, al San Antonio ?>? Lieutenant
Koulols hav? del trated ??.? \.ii??,.? ??f
i i.in??.- as -...??-? (in*- additional
Wright ?machin? an-l t--.. f thf Curtis?
, ?. pn have been ord? red ?? ?r? ind
Lieutenants Paul '"? ?Bock, J C Walker
Kn?i ?;eorge E M Kelly, -*-rdared to raport
t'?r dutj In ".nu'?' on ?i'ii th. ti?-w i!?n
of ?patrolling Ihe 1
, S. P. C C. Reports Increased
Activities During Past Year.
rx ?seveni snnual i eport of toe
jj ? ?,', rk S? ?? ? for th? r?-ovonti?>n or
? . ? ? ? ? i '?. mad? : ubllc yester
! ii?y. thon ?td that 18.&4 con lalnl
?.???? ?? elf a re of ? Id vi< tims <?r
r.- gh ? ot .? ?? m '?? .-i - ? last? i?. ' !i?
lurtni '.
! Pr? i-?i> ni Jo i> i. ? dsaj said thai dur?
ing thi ?ssi ? ?>.??- MM ??! <??-? hlWren
j w ? r. temp rai 11] ... ? . . . ?
? on i . a '. : received '? ?'? '
. i clothing it ?i??- "??;'? ' of l . ?stj . T..'!.
rases which < ? Ih? attention of the
wer? , ? - ted and ?'? t "?'? off- ti'ier??
! wer? com Icted.
In 1 thirl ? listen? ??
?. ? tidren ha - ? -passed Ihr? uah
i rsxiety's hands or r* elvcA its attention,
? ",, ?i as -? n - It of i - - . ? ? ss, tl ? i ? are
el ? ? d In child res?
on the Nori At rlran ?rontiuenl
I ? .-? il x ? ? ? ., Keux \ ? J
; ?1.iIm lia? ? ??i' .?-mu? ir
4 n . ? i i ? i -
, ? ? volum? ?of th? -?? i ? woi k hss
I ,.,.p moo M ??>' '? i* I wl In lhe ?ast ten yearn,
nd ? ? ?same rstki of I . r..,?. ?rill ? on
(,l, i... ? II . ?? II ? |...pi?|;itl'Hl
g,. M TI ?-..?. i ? ? . :? ? . ? i, ii intei
eut In Inv? - II picture show*,
? ? . ? ? ? ? ? ?herein 'I?
II .11? ?I ? I.II.? I
? ? . \. rii '- ?? ? ? ??? ? ? ? II ? ?I
r*<?4igstriai1 Mako- Disiovfrv on Shorr
of Potomar No Olew.
Ion. Mi \ lit ?mm en
? ???... ! , ?l\ ?,? a m
, on the Vil ' ??? f tit?
? '?? '?
.1 ri ? ? i ' " ?? - ?;i ui?- I '?
-i its
gUI ' ? ? . ? ' i ? ,.?
i . i Th? ? . ? ?
? i .
11.? i .... ? ,iiiiii\
? .
? i ? <_ white ? . i ?-i,
Contestant Writes Card G
Have Given Way on Tra
to New Pastimes.
Trust Not to Popular Ptaras
Says Manager of Prize Co
petition, but Get a
Tribune Book.
? ?n- "i tha developmenta of Ths T
r /.?, proverh pontesl ha?. Been b
to th? sttentloa of the Contest Mi
' ? a rea.lor who I? a No*- ,J??r?o\
muter. Mo ?ru?? to say that tho ..
of tho princrh ploturo? ha? taken the
of the morning and evotvn?" gana ? "f
and whtol on tlio trains on ?oM??h bo
Tl * '?? ? ? r Manager found out for h
that not only ths Nov. Jtrnty ronir
hut 'hoir Lnng inland and W'e.t.
trothron no? look to tho proverb bo
.-'oa.J of th? bOOh of Moylr to d<*dd?
Moei rorsons use proverbs thai ap?
ed i-, ?K-. Tribuno i rovsrt P-'ok in
ordinary conraiaatton every day, b?
ordinary tihrasini: of ;, proverb if? n
srays eorr*?*t. in the njur.. ,,f yewra
of tie otd English proverb? have
changed '<-? It modoi-n OSes, and ma
?ho contestant, mn? be tompted t<
their own v?-r?<i<.n. without irferenc?
riglnal proverb
l' i- principally for tho *-,or>o?i? of
contestants who may use su? h enap
nient that the Tribuns Proverh B' ?-V
printed vu the proverbs pictured i
scries are printed in theii correct foi
the hook an?l the correct ?-."rdine of
tlons. a.?,-ord?nn ?r? the printed rule?
COUnl a s-eat ?le:i| in t ne ?s. lo^tlon ?
.?. Innor bj tho Judges
A- has boon announced by the <?<
ManaRor bofore, it i.? not to,, late la
(he contes! at any time ?turin?? the pri
of ti-?. stxty?three pirtures. To-day ?? pi
I. No. 2t?. and nn>- contestant ma\ hu;
ha,-k ninihers of tho pictures at
I T*.ibune office or bav?- them mailed
application II wouM be hotter, bo?*
| t > get tho ptotures In The Tribune fron
i t" ?lay. thereby afordir? a dally an
meni and ?dvina th?? oonte.-tanr- a l
j opportunity to mak.-- a correct hoImu
I the provorb pirture
For tt,?' protection of rea?ier?> who i
| the eonto-t und **.ho .may bo called
place soin?- pr.-a- distanoe from New !
the Contest Manager announces that a
' time Will io given for the mulMn?- ar.,
ooipt of their annwers to t..e pro' erbi
\ fore a ,1? i IslOfl la made.
Tho list of :i). r-- than 0T04 thOU
prize.-, valued ai rt tota: of tlZSOO, a
1 will be award?*d to the ?ucceaaful
' potltors in the proverb picture contest
?? found n the columns ?>f Tha Trl
from day to day.
Queries regarding th* contas! mai
adreaaed to tha Contest Manager at
Tribune Building, and answers wU
printed In ; ?? contest column. Many <
i plications may be avoMerl, howovei
I contestants will read carefully the i
{ governing the contest, which ara pal
, dally in Ti.? Tribune._
Passengers on Caledonia Stir:
by Scotchman's Wager.
Percj Ferrie, an Amt-rkan travei
remarked t?> J. B. Macdonald, a t?,*oi
man, while in midocean aboard tbe C;
i ?Ionia, thai the st?-atnsliip would
land her passengers on Sunday He ?
. llgUling that the storm the vessel ?
j encountering would delay her arri
Macdonald agr?-???l With Ferri?-. 1
', ar* w th? Bra of J. P. Averti!, of P<
. ?and. Ore., wh<> happened along.
"Two t,, "ne. mak?' it any amount :
like," said Avertll, "thai her gangph
? and at least ona paaaenger ara
[ashore before ?"? p. in. on Bunday."
? Noi a chance In the world." repl
Macdonald "If you want t,, put
1200 agalnsl ti*** ?v.e bet |a made."
"You're on." reaponded Averti!
\. h* i? the Caledonia rame abeam i
?,.. ? ? eaterday all ihe pass? ngers an
? >.. it? dly a** siting the outcome "f I
.- ag? r.
Th? gangplank ?as pul <?ut an?! i
[ fire! paaaenger walked ashor? at I
; p m. Ma? donald rushed A trill to I
smoking room, ordered drinks g
. "forked un?" the 1200,
-a> ?
Laughed at Captain of Volu
teers of America,
?j -, | aeventeen*year*o1d girts annoy
?'.ipt.-iin Boas, ol the Volunteers
\ : rica, .?' i Is o itdoor nwetlna
s> ? nth avenue and I2?kh atrreet la
n ght. and when the captain save cha
! Patrolman Thiel, "i ttM bicycle aqua
j int? rrupted the girts al an adjace
corn?*! an?i took them to the Weal 123
, -;r. , r ?police station.
The girls had laughed during .?he a
i-.??, delivered hi Captain Boaa, and I
i ,i tarice (requested them to be oui?
Wl ? r the? s gain dial irbed the meetli
th? ? apta in ran ift? i then to 12.
. ,. . | ||, follOV ? d th? in ?,, the Btatk)
but r? lei i''i - h? n the poll? a ask--?! If I
. id ti).'k- .? charge against them. A
apolng) would sutllce, he ?aid. and ?l
I | onsidei abl* subdued, naked pa
don " Ith alacrttj
They w?rr? Miss Marl? Almond, w|
said i-i" wort <i m ? candy factor] pi
iiw<) al No 2-W Eaai 121s? street, ai
Miss Kmms ?.?unther, ? maid tor a fan
I n Th? itnu'v here? If Hi Ing s! N
! _? i?; blast 04th street
Brooklyn Man Falls Dead Read
I ing Fate of Former Associates.
.\-'t. r f idlng ab' ?it the tir.- m . n? ??? 1
I prapei y??.?aterdaj morning, Benjamin Gia
i mund, <?( S ? i ? " Pltkln av< nu<, 1 ? ok
Ivn, form t*r employ* ol th* Triangl
, \\;i ist ? *? .?n i an]. 'Ir, 11 ? ?l ?!' ad H? hs
lusil purchased a i aper and r.ad :, fei
\\neit ?'hen h reeled Bnd fell ? ? th
tr- el
An ambulance surgi on .aid ha I .?d die?
. t.om h ? ? d sent illgmund b?,i man
:,i among the v? lints ol ih? rn-.
Xma I tha turbines '."< the hettl*?shl|
i ortda i ive be? n i ? mpleted la tti ? shop
,,r , .,:.i, inn, rj di? i-ion al ti-,? m?11 ? ,r
ir-ooklyra and wer? shipped esteras
,. , -,.,?? illwaj Un,- i?, ft,,
: wt" ?hip --?i Ich i- lied to lb? serawall Th?
- lurbln? - ?'?? ?? tot a ard high pr? saur? se
. ,,. ,,i h .? >in illet Iah pn rssui ? In?
i. nd< .i for reverstni "? nr-atlam of tbe pro
,.. ?.,, | i,. h hip. The ??oik , i
i ittlng in ? hi ramall dei >.i lb? sel ??t ? n
... , . : i .h 'H ,.| m. i
, tnd alghi
Many of our Contestants were unable to secure
a copy and for their benefit we reprint
Mir l> \: ?t \R( II
$12,000 IN PRIZES
The New-York Tribune's
Pr otter b Contest
NO. 29 PICTURE FXw'nVProver
\'o. .Street
City or Town and State.
?SS Do Sot Bond Anawcn Until Alter Lnat Future Una Appeared.
It I? not nff-'ir? t?i -?-mj lb? pi?-'?irrs. In???*?? SB), are roqiilr?*?!.
What Well-Known English Proverb
Does This Picture Represent?
Done. IT
New-York Tribune's Proverb Picture No. 29
Another Proverb Problem tn Tomoriotz't tribune.
First . rise??tl ?"'* ?1 i? K-"n '" 'ring '''*-''?
full? .?.????? ?;. purchaai d from th? Js ?-?
got* Mi i? r ? "i." .'i- So I? I Broadwa: .
s.-..,- d prli? ??'.."?" !'
door touring coi \ i ' ?? ? " ,:i ?ha
Bmplr? Cltj Automobil? Com? any, No
1800 Rroadtvs?,,
Third prl? RS Krakauet player
pleno and 133 ?woi
fr..m Kraka i?r Br >th< i - N? II Enal
[|t| fo.M
Pourth pris? **" H t A !???'?<
, ia? ? piano snd ?BO w* rtl of m iri?
pin l aw ?i fri m ti ? Hallet A I?avls
Plano ' ompanj No " "? I Iftti ??' ?n '?
Fifth prl :?? USO Hall? I <? Da' '
?,'a?. ?r pfi.ind *'?? ii "i th ??(
pur? hnsed torn ? ? H ? ' ??? Davis
i??.,. ., Company, So. W6 Fifth avenu? ?
Sixth pris? ?JOT) Conwaj player piano
and V'?" wortl ??'' m i?l ?? : '-???' ? ?"'?
i .. ifallei & i ?:?'? I? Piano Comj anj. So.
?SOfi Fifth sv?fi ?
.t ?prl te '".'.?? Ki si? mer Bi I ?
; ,,.,.,, pi ? ?a-> ?i fi ??'! Krakauer Brotl ?
,.,... \,, .71 ..? || -??.??
I rii .?-"? llnini oon t? In
a)l ,, n i, ... - i ? ; ?? r a - ? ? ! !?.??. th?
Brooklyn Furnitur? ? ompany, No ?"-'??'?
r ; t..o ?'?<-??. Brooklyn.
Slnth pris? V"-? m< torcyrl? d
from in? Sea York Sporting '?.is
? 'ompanj. ?o IT \. srrei -' ? ? i
Tenth pris? ?BOO Palmer motoi oat.
: urcha -? ?! from Ps ? ?? i Broih? -. No I
Ram ?i t mreel
Kleventh i rla? I '??' 111 ran -? i ? ? fur
nii Mr?. ir -?"?i? and leath? pui
i iom r o i: ? ? i- i- Hire < "om?, an?.,
\.? .v.: Pulton itr-eel Brooklj n
Twelfth ?prise R ? iiamond ? .
? ? <?; o of mountli i i ? l ? ?I .
i:. n?"!i- ' Bi '?' i< No ? ?
Tl.|rt???-n'li prit? ?UM Hut ?? :????? ? I ?s
?. i?i.?. . it? leather, ; .> ? h \M ? <
No. :t ?:??<?.
the D. T ? Hi'n ? ' mpan
Sid -?root.
S:x prises ?'.?'. fourteenth, fifteenth,
sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth and
nineteenth-~M00 scholarships: ehol?-w of
court? in tii.? International C'ojrr?-opond?
.??? liool* S ranton, r? nn.
Tl r. ?? j.riz??? ?."??'. twentieth, tw-enty
::i-t and I r? nl '.-<-.???? ?ml -4100 Own l"-,l
davenport**, cltol s of leather or mohair,
i ? .1 fn m the I ? T. ? iwen < *om*
pan . No .i East ?3d ?street.
Six pris?e?1450, twenty-third, twenty
fourth. twenty-fifth, twenty-sixth,
twenty-?evenl and twenty?etghtl IT"?
round mi.- to ?Bermuda on the palatial
?teamer Oceana, purchased from I ie
Bermuda-Atlantic Steamship Company,
No .-" Broadway
Three prise? tl.".??. tw?nty?nlnth, thlr?
Mel . and thlrty-flrst?150 Turkish ?rock?
en, ptir -hassd from th? Brooklyn ?Fur?
nitur? Pom pan y, So 53.1 Fulton itr?eet,
Two pris? ??" thirl -? end and thir?
ty-third?thi Old Town ran-ot&s, pur
. i.a>.?,i ft?.mi th? ?V? * Y?jrk Sporting
? ?<" ?i-? Pompan) N? it Warren street.
!??T prises $1.252 50. "*.4r vi to WOth ten?
? -.?t? of :?? i? .l.ir fiction, ? , ?,??.? .,?
?..? tu - ?
?"" prise* ?gt.-SOO 301st to ?SOIKh six?
valume i??ts ol popular vtion, valu-sd at
??' ? ? a? h.
M prises MM, OOlsl lo 100th four-vol
ume ?*??? . ? ,?? .-?? -i ????n. ? slued si **-<
IM ? ,-.. - *??? | -? ?,, sooth Parker
Im* ky ? i.r'.o fountain ?? s, ?". .?a??ri. i? ir
? i.:-??i from th? Parker Pen l'on i
N?> I! ?Parfc Row, N? s York
IM prise? Kii. Mist to 1,000th ?Parker
'i!.- fountain ren??. ti so ?a? h,
.i^'-'i fi ?m ih? ?Parker P?en i *oro?
i any, N" II Parh Bow, Ne? Fork.
'"????. 1,060th fountain
Tribune's Book
of English Proverbs
Is on sale ONLY at the Main Office of
The Tribune, Spruce and Nassau Sts.,
at 25 cents per copy.
By Mail sW cents.
Address your orders to
Contest Manager,
New York City
mTE. Tha rribun? I ?Hoot ??f ?Provert? .-??main*?, our a.OOu popular an i
? ?II ?known I PK1,s'? i?r??\erl?s al|?liHl?eii? all? at an???! and i-lassino?! for ??il. k
..f..,,.,,.- cmtestanis ?hi ?Sad it of-great assistance in arriving at the eolu
? ons "f llM ?Btovorti ?problema, logethei ? th th? co?rroc1 aordlng, spoiling un,i
,.|.,i.inctuatlon ?San-MStaatS lialOf ?ny otl?er Proverb Book do ?<i at their
^.Nn ri-ik.
g! r**.i". rn? tnini Bt'VDAT. ?i*?i;?ii ??
$12,000 IN PRIZES
The New-York Tribune's
TrcVerb Contest
??*> ? ? ??? ?_
City or Town and State.
t#*Do Vor Senti Anawera Until After Loat Picture Boa appeared.
It !? not neret.irr to ?end the pielnii**i. Anamtr* SBBJ at* repnlrrt.
What Weil-Known English Proverb
Does This Picture ReDresent?
New-York Tribune's Proverb Picture
Another Proverb Hrobltm m To-morrotc's Trioun?.
Contestants, Read This Carefully
Wh> i Th' Tribune's |12,<HH1 Conteft ?a. inauirirat?d the rule?, wer?
carefnlly compiled !,- the ?'"!.t??.?.-t Manager, aaatated by vrrlou.- nv-mbere of
The Tribune ?staff, f"r th? purpoae of rnahlng them fair to th?? urg?-?*,? nuaa*
ber of contestai t.-, it ama d?eemed sdvlsable at that ttrr.e to give ??aeh oon
te^tant the privilege "i ti\" snawers and to show n?> preferen,?? in ??aas of a
tie botwe-en two peraona ?<** tu the leaat number of answ-rs ti?*"-d. but th*
Control Manager hag ? vh'-d BO many ??otnmiinlratlr.n.?' rlalrr.ln?? that thl*
rn i? Is unfair thai he has taken II aa .. popular demand for a ?-hange, and
herewith announces "Thai In t'.'f event "t a ti?-> the contestant answering
th? largeal number of proverbs correctly, with the least number of answers,
will b? declared th' "inner and awarded the prise." \v.? f.-??i thar in making
this Important change at this late day we will not be dla-crtiBtaaUng againat
any "f our ,-',r:t. stants
Rule I !?? herebj amended t" read as above. contest manager.
Mun\ ?ont? ?tant.- have attached undue iniportanee to th" amendment of
Rul? No 8 in the .-"lit' ?-t which was announ??ed ".esterday morning They
iot< that til*- chang? appllro only In the caae of contentants thai an?
"tlajd." it is not likely tliar sny tw.nteotants a ill furnish snawora that
ore exactly alike, yel II i?? neceaanrj for ?he Content Manag??r to provide .-.
proper ruling In the evenl of a ti?\ an?l ;??= the po*pular demand seetraed to
f;i\ .? .11, t. s change the ?i? mand was heeded
The Conteat Manag? r d?ealres to empnaaise thi.? fart that, in ?a??*? a e?*?n*
testant Bends 115 answers and has ?51 corred oui of th?- total of (>?<. and an
other 'ontestai I sh? uld i rid in only ??.i answers and have M correct, r>??? first
onn;?--st,-ijit would naturaII: be adjudged the "liner ->.er the oth*?r, b??oaijs<?
he had il rnesl numb? r "i c-arre-d answers.
Contestants ara rar-q ? -t!'? read the mica and the ?stori??* rbat app?--ir
eacl du? In Th? Tribune regarding them. Many queries that ariee men?*
msII] '" Bnswerad b> th? contestants themselves if th.-> rule?! and the r?ad
Ing matter w?*re followed carefull) each day. Home maaSe ananver blank.? are
no! pern.isslble. \ printed blank s<*companles the proverb pussle picture
dad? Ti. alone are sccepted. They may ha procured in any quantity at
on? ''"i ?each for the i : in? ? nta <-;.<-h for th?- Bunday ??Jltions. One
cent for |"?.-ta;,r?' should also b< sen! with sack mall order tor coupons.
Onlj one sel of ananers can b< sen! in by anj ??ne cwteatant, but this
s.?r maj contain to answers, or any nuntbar up to .ii">. provided aot more than
five answers an "aubmltted f? p un? one proverb Whan more than one ver
slon of th? priai ?rb oas in In the Tribune ?Proverb H?,?'k. the most ?mmmonly
uaed form of th? proverb Indicated i?1 the one to be uaod.
PROVERB CONTEST Is open ?" ?,l1
..,.. excepting employ?*? of THE
TR Bl NT. and members Bf ta??lr fiin
? ???- if rou ur>- r r s regular raadei
n'-iin: TRIBUNE tDallJ and gunday),
...,. ,..,n be. c*.i? '-ne and eatttr th?? con
? aay tima.
tSnett picture represents a weR
lino ?h Eng.?"' erb Contastante
? ,i cate lb? prov? rb each pi< tire
j. pre.eni upon the blank provided
Iherefu Blanks may be nile?i oui to
on- legli le manner, penrit ?en and Ink
,,,? ij pewrlter
3 if you are not trasTtala of the
..,.,, . ? , the i , turg reprei i nta and <i?v
?j?n to Mtid more M an one answer to
.,.t .rt; . pleture you may do s?>->bul
r. , ? ore than three hundred ai d Rftesn
,,??, .,.,.-,>, r ' ?\ ?>? submitted In a
? .;,?,,?. r.? ?jel Thai Is conttestaata will
be allowed to ????n?! In no m??:e than five
answers to each pld ????
i inoorroct answers ?ill not count
.(?in*-* coniwitania if the cairraei an
.mtt |M i leo *i i \. ?- ii ? inly on? snswsr
,,', ujjj b? written "ion the same blank
? v. blanks ihould bs usad for addl?
tional answer? and ^n answers to the
.;,,,, numbei should bs k? it toK?*th?'i
in r .iKlmi up the ?? I
., | , k LAST PI? TI RE HA* AP?
i-i' \ i ? t ; I ?. tiirii arrange your anawers
L ; imeileol urder fastening ll-em se?
. ,,,,. togatl ? ?' sod del rar or ssall
i hem In a aeal Hal ?jachags in.-i folded
lr rolletl), -hi"!, sriil. ?f malted, with
, ?i?mre lullj paid, plainly addressed to
The time of reoe?vtPi* answers will
1'u.ve no effe?-t upon a?\ard:ng of tha
prfSSS, with tills e.'?..'ption: All an
swera mvst t? in t.r-a Barada of the
(.'om-*si Manager ?<f THE NEW*YORK
tii? !a?r pleturs has appea-ed.
7 T:.^ pi ir, i will bs awarded to the
contestants sradhsg n th? careract, or
nearest r<>'re,-t, >et ?,f answers to the
entire sertas of sixty-thre?: tis> Vrover^
?? itiOttf
? i , ?t m ti??. #.\??n? ,'f a tl? th? ,;,n.
???>?..-i? snswerlna the largest numbei >-r
proverbs i?orr*f?*tly, with the leasl num
i ?t "i ?ii?>a?.??r-. ?aill be declared iba arta*
im r s nd awarded tha i rise.
'. <>iii> one complata sat (oomp*r"h"?t"ng
not mure man W Individual snawarai
may be subni'tted by any one cootsat?
snt. and only one rr'??e will be aw ,r?iei
to SO) one family or member tti?*reof
i'\ in iiiakiii? tha awards tha Judging
Committee, to ho announced Uier, wul
tak. into .?'-eoi.ni tiie similarity und
<?a.. ? wording of the Proverbs as sa?
lected bj the TRIBUNE BTAFF, and
ss contained in THE NEW-TORK
il,: Ml NE'8 Book of English Proverb.?
Bpelllna, wording, puractuatkm und the
?m re?-t '-, ii-tru.-tion of proverbs are tha
essentials that wll be graded.
All ?.'.niniiini'atlons or letter? of in?
auiry coucernina the I'roxero ?"ontest
?hould te addressed to THE CONTEiT
You May Enter the Contest To-day
Bach numbers of the t**TO"rorb i*leturog ?*:*?i thalr Mn?*.ver*tdank9 may be
,,,,! ,i th? Tribune ?it?;?-?-. l.M Nasaaa itroet, Wew Tests <"ity. or by tnalL On
orders of one t" six numbara, t?. be aanl '">' mall, ronteataatg must inctosa 1
,,,,t ,,, cover poatage. Addroag orders to PROVERB t'?">NTEST MAN*

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