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VO ?>?> "'.II
I O ,1,.. r.i? .,.,? , ?Mm
vi:\\.vnuu Tl'VlilV M\l{( II 28. H
911. -.si\ TEEN PAGES.** PRICE ONE
(?I.'V'T ?'? I*9 et "?".v V>irk..l?r?#r 4'lt<r anri Habok??.
yam |,\A.^ -'?.?
?itsi dude' i
fflfflf wo mehin
The "Free and Unbossed" Then
Widely Scatter Their
Leaders FinM Over Proposal
of Bracket* and Colleagues
for Coalition with the
B - |. ? The Ti ibtiM '
Man h tl. Ac? ordlng t.. Tain?
,,.,. i ? reful > worked oui plana,
., ;..-.? and ut tKM? <!'' IHlio r.iu, :
, i . -. ghl William F. Bhe? -
i.. m i . aacred embodlm? ni of ? aucus
. ,,,;?'? n did i "' find an> oth? r ter?
rent odgeihen! for that aacred aptrlt
domain, includ
\ County, Kings and Erie,
tiered -; numeroua candi?
Only < ' I watt iken
fir* ?? did ites w* re vote \ Cor.
leading a Ith a ??ote
? ? -m >-*elghl ! sa than ? third of
m pari Nlnetj of th? l If
Democrat Leglalature
rol lea 11 'r'..-,- in? luded ;?
I . .ni.? been ?? otlng for aomc other
.? . - nominee, but
th? surgents wet, abaent.
? , u- ii*- vote for candidat? ? f??r
nit? .- tea 8? ator folloaa:
I - ? an .-? ?kuguat us V <? n
lohi i ? Kernan i Krancia B.
\ ' , ? ? . I h mea A.
lame. W t?erard
t Rtai : William
F Mllson, 2 TTnaodor? Butro, I; IMdor
Rlddi i ??niel P. < ?>?
;???.?., S|. G Morgan 1
.1 IT /.?;? \lron It.
? .i i ??? ? ? ?* ; ames A.
Kdward K. Mr?'all, I; D. ?'atiy
Samuel I"i .i"lin A.
:i !,\ mi. 1.
Organization Men Worried.
Ihe organisation pawns were
.h ff'i .". er th? board In thia
.. i all the big m< n In the game,
Boas" Mtirphj doavn, were trying
?I .' frank
? ? Bi tl and the
tori illtion with
???-?ut Democrat?; to elect an n
Sen! Democmtli rnlted BI I?
? il Thai propot 'l ** as made (o\
? i. ? ?. nci of lh< R< publican
gh a ithorli y
l ? ,?-,;. , ;...
? York " ? hi? ? " ? ? Btat? ? 'ha!i -
? '? r Bra?*k*
I v. . . ? r Republi?
can - - . giala ? ?
.. ? ? ? pro*
.; no! t<> t.iix ? tins propoa? ,| ??al,
? . r-nt of Ken?
? , ?
? :nl ? hrn n ? ommltl e
? ' m- | ? ? - evening
th, orgai ? tii??
? ? .i aenatorahl
r. naurgents
- ' entMtgh inaur
R< i'?i!. I? an of?
? . ' .11 lri<lrprur]pnt.
high ?la >? nal or Th?
are no! ow in
K thai ? ? kind elect
. ? ? ? - -....? would al?
? ? ? - ? "
? ? ? ? im-, would
iny'i pel measur? i ?in,)
? . . r? I '|J ? ? pprO\ er\ ],\
lishmn nl ol thi
High ?va ? ? .....
Ml Otnen for Tar?-m-iny'?? Plant
| ?>??., ,-. 1<. ,. . , ? ;n|n
1 '....- . .
? !???' ' "i" ! h? . "Iiilllit -
I .... ?
I V. ?. I
thai lh?*r<
n thai d? -
ha! |. |m t- Ihe ':
? ? ?Misai m? t ? ' the Ii surgents
.... ? ? -m ..). ? \ ? ' II
--. ?? ? ?. Itidc b:
? ? . ? led th- . :i'i
... lor V
? ? ? ? . ? . ? -
h- v i hi i v? aited
? \ ?. It WHS
.- ? ? ?
We held ?
I ? da). bul the!
. '
? i ?? ? one < Ihe r? guiara,
. ? ? ? nt? i ??? o i"
itton 1 th? pui i or* ??'?
? : ? n<aurg< nts
? ? . nt.
gn? i ,i?, lined t.niw n<
i .- ? ... ,- ?I] Bpe i
a R? publican
-, . i ... t ej
. them v?ite \? ?th the R? publl?
oat th? part?
T!i<? insurgent I sraaaed at
numei ?. I ?
,. m like lo ? a ?
? ? ? -.? - lor 1 Irra? ketl
i v '..?ill la
. -..i Tliomai Mot! < ?borne
'.i .mu n W Littl? ton
? Id i..?\> .??ti'-t,?,
t l ?? ? . rat I? folio? ii ??. Repub
*? ? .??'.>? ni? n . i ? Ing aount/J? ?
'? i ? , ty uf their i otlni
n .?K' i,' i?, m,,, rati tot im
?a ... did t???t lak?
II .??I M< .-"ill' i H.'i?
Mi - epard'i repreaentatlv?
egli , i ?;.?? .-. n.ii'.i...
'?? aight, I'D
ki im .- .? ? ..m ".. , ?i iti.i
.i .if slighl ?' .?i ???'??
Mlv? ii? .i ,.? m, argum? uta ??
? : , ? i. . i. organl
1 ' ? ?: ? ? ? ... ? .!? ni- .?'i'
| ? . ,1 ? : III? ' I 'Hi
? " ? ??'? - i|i ballot to ni"' '??
I '?! v in- ii iii? ii futur? coura
III i>. dira? hi-??,i s? \. ral "i tix m to
1 Ihl aren ? trongl) m i.i ,oi "t Jolnii*,
tunliuu?-?! un Stgfctt pat"
E- T. Bedford Says Daughter
Had Medical Attendance.
IB) T? legtax h ?<? Th? TrlHm? |
I'n.iR? ?port, ?Conn?, M?arch 27.?tirs.
Mary ?__sther ?Schiott, lh? wife of ?Lieu?
t? naiit Johann-ea ?Schiott, formerly of ih?
Norwegian navj sud tin- daughter of i?:.
T. Bedford, director of the Standard ?OU
Company, died here on ?Satur?las from
blood ?poisoning, following the birth of a
child, S-wordlng to ?Dr. C. E. Btockmsn,
?Both ?Lieut? innt and Mrs. ?Schiott wer.
( Itrlsttan ?Soli nttsta
it ?Is ?said here thai 0 physician was
not ?aii??i in until ?some time after Mrs.
Bchtott'i -condition ?becume ?grave. This
Is denli 'l hi r* bj the famll*,
}?'. T. Bedford ?said last night at his
horn? >n Brooklyn that his daughter had
?the best medical attendance ?possible,
snd thai heart disease M'as thi direct
?aus.? ,.f her death. He sdmitted that
bis daughter was s ?Christian ?Scientist
Demands Refused by News?
papers Are Quickly Withdrawn.
Those Inconvenienced yesterda? and
or. Bunds, by th? absence of their news?
papers mi ill?.. 1 ?accustomed stands In j
? i ? naii, parts of upper Manhattan will
I tee* Ive their pai ? rs ? Ithoul further j
trouble. The small ?strike of 0 few news? '
I dealers thai caused the trouble lias beeu j
? . ailed off.
The association which caused the trou- 1
. ble by Its demands on "The New fork
World" has withdrawn the demands,
which were refused, ami ?ill again be
suppll? .i n ah n? ?\ ?pap? rs.
Mrs. Morris Hewlett Held Up in
Queers by an Italian.
Mrs, ?Edith Howlett, wlf4 ?if Mnrrl?
l!??wl?t:. th? ? II known whip, rrportod
.?ay t" the Newlown police pr??
li Qi ? ih.?: she w .is ?held up
?-M? ri!.?.?.- morning by an liai n,
? ? 1 rings 1 r >m h< r ears
At th ? ..- ? r Mis Howlett, No 73
-"?1 street, h.lmhurst, all further Infor?
tion ? om ?rnlng th? affair s as re?
fused, in lur report to Ihe ?police which 1
H .':?' o'? lock i..st night, Mrs,
Howlett .?-?ill that the hold-up took place :
rdaj mon Ing ? ?? in? n _ ?". ? snd ?'> I
,,. ?.
? ?? : an mtei tainmi 1 1 ? hii h he st
? i .?? the lious? ?>f fri' nds, Mr- I
: 1 ? ' tarted foi ei ome. ?She had I
i??a. h? ?1 a i??'iiii "ii Bh? II Road, .11 ?"It
? feel off ?-?'" . I ?' '1 . '? hen ?-?h
Italian Jumped al h?r, ?grabbed hst
?? 1, ? ' ? m froi hei ears
t'' fur? die ? . " 'I <!" mol ?? than i : y ,,?it
Mrs Ho? ?tt t? the ixilli e the robber j
???"n ih'" ? .i. ?'? feel
,? ighi and stout
Headquarter*! at Southampton
for I:.- Canadian Fleet,
;, -7 it Is snnoun? ??''
that th? 1 unard .-"? ? * 'omi any
proposes to maki South impton the
In adquai lei 1 'si adlan fieex.
Thii - ? ? ? ? ? ac? as s sur? in ?
ilication of furl ? opnv nts
11 th? suai? si? ?point
, pplng ? ? ? ? i?. 1 ? . 1 ifHc ind it I
# ..,:!? . r|u< ?-1 ?? >i "i il ne snd s ?
oda tion for the ?N4 ? \ 01 to st# ?m
, rs of tli.ipan to come ?sesith
A . onsiderable proportion of Ihe pa
trav? IHng b; 1 '_ ?hi d grey
? ounda 1 ? "" w "' '"
. at? h the i????)"- at L ? 1 ??? ? * uthamp?
' ton would i" mor.?venleni g< ograph
1 ;,,,,! h is no I ??? paaonable I?j as
? ih. refor?. thai thi.m anj maj
. - . ? ; ?. ;?.,?,-'.. -. ? . . . 1 lion Hi
N? -.?. Y?'i 1. ?sen I? ?? lo ?Soiith
; g nipt 01 lo 1 ? ? 1 this si ? '1 ??'' "f irai ' lie??
R F Hefflyn, Accused of Shop?
lifting. Implicates Two Others.
It .,. n v . Man h -'7 R l". Heff
lyi , ; >;, ?,? Vori a si ud? ni 'ti t he < '<>?
. .. ni Ag? i' ultur? "i ?'"!??.' II Univer
\ gjiy, 1 Ith ?hopllfting In ?
warrant Issued l?j-daj til lh< i???ii?.-i ??f
ruber of 11 ? ri'hanl H< ?fflj n has
i?.. n . Kpi II? .1 from th? university snd
?.. offlci rs
1 w ho tried to s? ? thi warrant.
i?. fflyn Impli?
ca trd two othei si nu? ms. and they have
. ,. n ? 1 i ? ndi d tur ?i j pai 1 ?ie authorl
n-fuslni lo make lh? Ir* names
Vu at:..? hment f?n 100111 renl ag nst
Hefflyn revealed a quatltit?. of goods
11,?m ?.ar in his rooms, and
hi th? ti mad? ?? ?nt to the ?college
it 1 estimated that the
? i.f I ?i?? 1 ? "ith of
Women Student?! Ask That They Be
Barred from Dormitories.
Ith? ?? N 1 M irol _: More Iban naif
! f,r th? threi I undi 1 ?? ? si idents .?1
' I i'orn? ? ' ? ? ned a petition
,...,. day to Mrs. Gert 1 ide a. Mar
' tin. unlversltj sdvlxei ?i women urging
? negro ?lui ni ? noi , ei mllli ?! to
n : In ?I??? iii.t.ni??? Ml Ms tin ?S ill
?/,,? ?jraril ': ?? r" " ?? '" ?"' ?lent Hehui -
!? w\ ":n It u ni I??? laid before I Its
i truste? T ? im fu?.n?.... .,,,1 ?give tii<*
. - f.ii making tii<- ? l
: Reported Merger in D'ihith of Steel.
Ore and Shipping I::1erests.
1 .. Minn Mat . ,\ stli >? a? ?if
.,,, ,1 ?n Duluth t :i..in ,?i ? Ii ? '? - ??? ?i., m hen
II . gg 1 nin 1 "i lhal ?> mi " . I. n,...
1 ,,,, m, 1 shipping ? ompanl? - s ? to 1 o
x formed to compet? wl( thi 1 nn.?i ?Ststei
;.?,,, con "i ??'i"1 ? ?*'lth Dulutlt n.? 1. snd
? ? ?
H i- 1 : ' ?? .? ? ?.1
.;,,,.- j
, . n 1 ? Mi . 1 Iron
' rt ?,:,-,
I .,,,,1 rtgi 1 tin ? -'i.\? ? "I'lu...
. ? a Toiullii .,,, I ?in. ?,f ,,.,
(,,.,.-?, II ??? lh?
*' link "i th? ! _^_
Ai-.ted!luvi?in Whilk-y ? ? ?I ? .j. .?
?* ,,,.ni? III? ?? ? I?" ' ' "' " H? '? ' : Il i*
dm 1 L-Uyll? ?Ltrus?, S.\
Tbo fire escape that ends in midair
a 1??* abolish??
Whitman Tries to Get Ex-(
Black as Special Counsel i
Carnegie Investigation.
Arc Indignant at Questions.
Important Developments M,
Result?L. L. Lewis Be
fore Grand Jury.
Samuel l'ntermycr appeared In
Carnegie Trust Investigation ytpster
as counsel for Charles H. Hyd? his
activity being ;? \i^;* to T>i?tri?-? A!
I nej Whitman, for ihe p'irpoae, it
: "i"" i.f getting his tl<-\?. <-|?' lit br?
ille pr'inii jury ., i a Itneaa.
i:x-<;?'\. 11 ,r I'r,.i:K s Black will pi
abl) be a*k< ?I b? the I ?lstrl<rl M toi
t<? coma in'" the caae aa a sp,, | i pi
ecutor Mr. Whltmat? feels thai tli?-<
h.?s attain? i auch proportions and ah?
such possibilities ol farreachlng ?fi
i hat he ?? n""t ?l?, |uai Ice t-> il a ith
i aid m additioi i>, Me r??guiar staff W
th? poll??? .'i,m crime ?Ituattoi i*ig?:
j v iti\ the Waahlngton Place fir?- inqu
: i?n iii i hands now. la aldisa ?lie regu
heav? routine of hia ofllc?. ha belli
the Carnegie Trust caae should hav?
full and ? ndli Id? ?I attention of a ape?
i. ounael, and ha has made an nppol
m. nt '?.lib ?\-?;?>\ ? i "i Black i" ti
over tin matter to-da)
Charlea ii. Hyd?. ? i t v Chamberla
? titr? the ?.ni?-?-?? ?<( Bamuel ITntermj
yealerday, ;?n?i trdthln .? half-hour ??f l
'\tsil Mr. riiti'iiii\?-r aras ?-n his ?>:?>
Ihe I rtstrl?1 Att"t n?-- 's "tti. ?-. in rega
t.i the ri-|i??i!e,i dealre <?f Mr. ITntermj
? t?> i.??t Hyde i? for? th' grand jury, t
' du trlcl Att',i nej det lined t" off? t ai
? iiiinneiit. I?iit it wiis known fr?,in rsrh
Mi Whitman saW srhen Btephen
Baldwin, ai Hyde's atorney, \?.is u
i,, have been attempting th? Mine thin
, thai ih? "Hi: a*aj the t'lty I'hamberla
1 ? ? iil?l k?' i?? t"t? Hi? Investigating i""
i-aa i,' tiin aralvlng any and all nun
thai su? li ?? step a ould othei a la? gl?
l im
Bankers to Testify.
Benaatlonal leatlmonj along tha lin?
nf the reiterated stories ?>t Hyde's ^i?;
I friendship for Wiiii.iin J. < ummlna an
! th? dlrec! connection bet?r/een Hie Cun
mips promises <?t ?lt\ depoalta t., thof
banks win'h loaned hla syndicate mone
and the "nii-nti- n'suiis ??f tin??., proa
, it-? h la expected lo develop to daj In tti
? v iminatlon before ihe grand |urj i
v, n,. ..i iii< m,mv bank? ra a h" ha
i.. ? i lutrinoned
Mi Whitman said eat? rdai thai th
number ? i bankers in In aummoneaj wa
? I'M i?. .m, ii,null? .i and thai th? lia
; ?i qiieatloni prevloiialj reported ,h?i ihi
Include bj .?n- ineana, tin entln grill n
i ? u hi? ii Mi? ; ,? m i?? submltt?ed it
i" n? \. ii i hal n "in -"in? fea l| nol fron
( uni In,ir'! ?n .igiii.'i i,,ig,r
Walter Chucks Arthur Into the
Scenery Instead of the Tiher.
11'. t. , crup?? ??? be T ? i I
Philadelphia, March -7 With Walt?
snd Arthur ?Vh??eeler enjoying lh< three
? < ?i ? l advantag? of being physical giants
prominent social!) .?i??l possessors of eon?
| slderabl) mon than Mils w?orld*s pro
i,-. . ..' ?'..,! .n? th? prod ii? tion
..f "Quo \ adls ' at the Metropolitan
? ipers House to i Ight th? hug? .-. 11 * I : ?
toi min s s : :? ?: i"'ii ii.? - m?! ? . ?before
the ? urtsin f, i' .... iii, third s? t th?
1 ? D -? ?.? as '?". Its feel calling a i l ? 11 ? for
I h? broi ! ? -
Walt? i Whe? |< i. takh i lh pari of
i 'raus, ' !?? giant s ho enters lh< an its
and, -? '>.'-? ' hi ? oung i'hi lal Ian : laldi n
m? i..?? ? ?i i. .i i in? ted bull, r-prings
... her i? w '?? .?ml peul i Its neck, m id?
a mlscalrul ii Ion I'l?!. ?? i.. n it I.
his h? ? "i? ??nt ? . ? i"! (in?!- his br< iher
\ i ? m . taking th pai t nf i 'roton ??? l'?'
man gladiator, crai him top of th
~ ? -i? t h. ?t skli ts thi Rli ? r Tib? :
-t? ad "t Into lh? Tlbi r itaa if \\ .'it r
had misjudg? d the distan? ?. and dung
his brother with s might) arm Arthur.
, j i? idlng linn" if to in? stn ngth <?t his
? ?; ? had a bad fall. 1 !? gamelj
. -.?raini'i'??! ?" his feet, I m ? ver, and Hum
himself Into th? river *?th s splash that
1 mi hi ard in all pai ts "? ti"- i ?? ?v
N?i soonet had Arthur accomplished
J this prop? r ' limas : ? thi third a? i than
i. . a aii? nee roo* !?? its fi t. ? spei ially in
? th.? i oxi t and ? ? 11? d for th? broth? rs,
The appla un? did noi ces ? until thi y
i ? i '?.-? ?i i? ippear again
? ?? _
Amundsen, Norwegian Explorer,
Riv.il of Captain Scott.
K] ? i - . ? 'il n .' -, ?
I. ?nil? n. March -7 Startling news hai
come from < 'aptain -Scott, ? ho, at t !??
h? a?i ol the Brltiah Antarctic ? xp* dltlon,
li ? ngagi ?i in ?'m alt? mi t t?i t ? ??< I? th?
. ?SoUtll Pol? An uni N|" ? t? 'I rival Is I'-"
- :?!" him at ; h< Mart Ing ?just, In the \? r
?son of the Norwegian esplorer, Captain
' Amunds? '
There Is ? \ ? i prospect ?I s raw
southward between thi Britisl snd ?Sor
weginn purtl? -.
i < l.rlsl M ' ? i ?
a in. broughl Ihi T< No ? ; .?? ?
thai ainsi hl -? res ? ; ? llaj ?
\\ at? - i?n i ?i.? uar) ? lliej ,?. ml lhai
the Kram aa* airead ? ? ? ? with thi
Amundaen expedition, snd had gone int.
u ?nti i 'i'ii.i lers Thli expeditio
i i in M a n h h full equipment foi th? lour
i,, lo th? noli
\ dial .iii i. on ? ..,.inn ?g. .n date.
Mi Murdo ?Sound Januai ? ..'. u Ils ?a si
...i. ? nturo ?voyage In i ? ?. -
was near I lost In -i heat ? gal? ihrei da]
fr??ui N? m ?Zealand i i,< d lapa i Ii -,.?
I the) encou itered ??'???' dlffii ull k - owing l
ti?<- ph< nomenall) hea | pa? .?. I? ? a i;i.
da ay< 'i ' i ? royage but thai on n schln
M< Murd? ? ? found th? ?sound ? >? ? ;?tloti
all) open aad ??? ? *kted i i maki th? Ii a In
1.1 qua i lar* ?? I ? ..i" Ki am Th? i
ol ?ii'i? ? r.iall? d ?. -? n ? . :? ? In lh
. . iitn leda? i h rougi an I
I liol?
I W.I ?I ',. ..!.?. ?Sl-Ol
t ng on 11" i olnl of ? ?. ting on ? I? dg
i |oii i iiej i?. . ! ? ??ni ?i ?vu' i ?.? ? h ? m. n 11
? \i.? in return In Iprll
i or rut COUQH avoid opiates
i in : .i ? i ? i... i Ti "? : ' i ut v i n? m
I A?'? i.
Wearing Masks, Thev Hold Up1
Eleven Youngsters in Dress?
ing Room on Pay Day.
Nioht, Clerk. Also Searched,
Sends Alarm by Wire When
the Men Make Escape
to the Street.
i:i..\. :, m< - ?eng? i boj - a "i-kma m the
IVall Street branch <?f the Weatern
i Union TelegTapli Company, a' No '.?I
\\;,ii street, were held up and robbrii
i.i?' nighl m the dreaaing i.i ??? the
riffl,. iij tin- >? maaked ma n, ? ii"
;i|? il,
it waa about ,'".-nie tun?? when three
m. n. with their faces covered below
the n se \'i?'i white handkerchief's, ? n?
l?>red the drea Ing i->??? it. beton tin m;iin
office, which haa .1 separate atalrway
t., it ? atr et. The men ordered the
'. r,? : ?. * 11*] iivei Hi"': nagea, which
' thej had Jus! i? ? ? ii ? d. The boj 1 re?
fus??,), and then the three men drew
revolvers and -;ii?i: "Now, bach up
agalnai the wall, pul your hands up and
?\. will lake your ni'iti? j " The boya
did aa thej were told.
w i?. . ih? men starb 'l In their search
,.,r mono.? it' ? boys began sticking their
paj env??lopee down their punts and
Iracki -?? tin* hold-up men could not g?M
..t 1 hem. Bernard Gallagher, >,f \<>. 103
1 -1 iSMth street, who ir. known ?is the
a ealthl?*sl i,??\ in th? ofll? e, on act ount
.?f tli?' "ttpo" I"- re iv. s fr"n 1 tin? brok? is
in the i'"tt<?ii Kxchange, dropped 1 $:,
gold i'i????> ??ti the f "H 1111,1 put his fool
? 1 it lb saved the gold pie* a, but
losl hla pa) - nv? lop ? containing 112
Benjamin ililanenter, of No lid Wall?
bou! ti, ? 1. Brookl? a, b inded ovei hla
? ?! ifter 'Air ictlng 110 he had
; 1 ved t? buj ? .-nit "i ? loth?
John K< 11. . of No. 100 Warren street,
FJ.klyn, ihe niulit rlerk, hearing the
1 u? 1 downatalra, ?>it down t?> s,.
?1 ,1 ih? troubk n'aa When he reached
th? i"?'t"ti, "i lh< ht.dm he ?aa grabbed
1 i,\ in? "t the ni' n .in,1 throw n against
lin tall Th? men search? ?! htm, but h?
had I? fi ht? 1 a? ;', hia . upat lira.
Mi? r ii" up n had go! through th?-ir
- tnh Ihej pi? ked up 1 padloi ?? a In? h
. ' , ,' ih? i- l - had left ??n th? tabh
aft? 1 '-i" nina the !"? ker Th? > then told
Ib? boya thai it they \tti up ,t crj until
iih>? \??-i? ,,-it "i siuht the) would ?-??nu
b 11 \-. and shoo! th. one that k<iv?- tin
alarm Thej backed out of th, door
.till pointing th? n i' voli ? rs it tin hoya
\\ ,. n ih? ? -"t iiutaid? th? > pulled tl"
,,,."1 aft? 1 lh< ?. and lo? ked it a Ith th,
:.,. , ihej had taken.
When the boya though! ti" men ?en
"?n "i eight, iii' ' i< 11? 1 iialu <i t<> in?
t. legraph k< :? and t"i?i th? mala "fti. ?
j ,t ii.ipanj ??i th?- hold-up it
' iniiiuioii uu ? Isluli iiai?
i hief Croker lia- -ai? 1 th,
thousands ol building- in th
city may \>c tho ?scene to-day i
at an\ time ?>i a fire calamity fa
worse than last Saturday's dir
aster, All these buildings hav
been pa<sc?l as complying wit
the law as t(> tire r-oapc-; an?
construction. Most ol them ar
fireproof The Asch buildin?]
was fireproof, a?? it?? present con
ditton shows.
Individual responsibility foi
this disaster is not the most
pre.-.?in<_; question. If an?\ indi?
vidual is guilty, by negligence or
greed, he should he punished.
Bui the community a* a whole is
responsible for Saturday's <li>as
ter; it will he doubly responsible
if it i> repeated, as Chief Croker
sa}- it may ho repeated.
Chief Croker warned New
York after the Newark disaster.
His warning was ignored.
Chief Croker has warned New
York again. What is going to
be done about this warning?
News of the developments in Sstur
day's fatal fire on pages 1, 2. 4, 5 snd 3
! Regards Neither Political Friend?
ships nor Special Interests
in Work for Peace.
i Anpointment of New Cabinet Has
Tranquillizing Effect?Great
Credit Is Given to
? Limantour.
[F?"*?in x ??r?'1'5' ' ?"?;-'?p?"'.'*? mm l?i The rHtu
Mexico i ii?. \lar??h '.'7 - -B?_05 atv'V
given t" the situation t??-?i'i' and
2??\'ernment's progxamne off reforma
COlved sn Impetus b] the appi'intm
of th? new ?Cabinet and th?p.pr?pliiiun
drafting off several lawa '??''laiin- to
admlntatrathWI of internal affairs
presentation to ''"nn;r<,i?s at the seal
beginning on April 1
i? cr,.mc ?apparent that Prealdeni Di
?tfior long ? ? iiPitlTat-inn and ?'?flgh
Information from all parts of the
public, ii.?s determined to cut d?e*|
?sparing neither friends nor special
(crests in ih?" endeavor to satlaf*.
disaffecti <l elementa if he k<-<,ps ?on
he has begun, It ?'III not be hi? fault
h< fills,
' ?'?? ? - i as first held here I hat
Maderlsi ?group of Insurgents "????'ui.i i
latlsfii 'i ??. ith iii? ? til ?"?nient ??f
| f??rin?"M' Cabinet, but sould in>>ist ??n ti
ther and Impoaathle conceasions, wh
?Pressent Pia/, despite his sin-cere ?lis?'
?in.?n ? acced? to the popul ir d? mai
? -.' ' ii??t -rant. To-?*lay. however, it i
sme generally appreciated here, throu
th< republi-catlon ??i The Tribune's ?
lIusIv? news, that the Madertsts sued I
peac? ?.n ? condition of reasonabl? con?c.
sions and am neat y, and II is fmin.l ?lif
, ?in t.? f? ?retsee thai si rlous obatac
stand m in? path of s?pecd) tranqulUI
approbation Is ?general for ?Preald*
Dias for being sufflclentl) patriotic a
i.i ad?mind?ed t" meet the Maderiats hi
v ?\ if ih?? M iderlsts fulfil tii? if <*Kfo
m? ut and la?, ?i?? ?; theli .'ums. (?hi fe
. ? r <i troops s III be left free to proi ?
n t ;. i n>t the lawless bands ??? 11i? li ha'
taken the field In various sections ai
un<)er the guiae of Insurgents ??ro pta
Using brt?gandagi pur? and simple, it
i ;i -..f.? est I mat? that ?M p? i ? ?"-nt of tl
! sn-. ,.ii? ?i rebels are animated bj i
oth? r d?ealre 'han r??>?t>? r>
Th? Tribune i*orreapondent ?sacertalm
t?> da) th.it the peace proposais laid bo
?fui?- s. ?flor Llmantour bj repreaentatlvi
nf Madero ?when Umantour halted ?
Monter > one da) "ti his ?araj from Ne
York t" t'nis .?t\. were overtures con
Iing from th? Msdertsta ?Tamil) infli
I enees were brought to bear on Mader?
| t.. a (??.p? it was represented thai h
l ua?. waging ?i hopeleas _onteat, and ths
i his kinsfolk at..i friends were ?sufferlni
I flnanciall) and otherwla-e, ? i ? < ? t? ? than Lu
Madero ?Aral insisted un having hal
| representation m th- ne? Cabinet, bti
this the government refused aboolutel)
and there is nn Maderlal In th.- Cabln-et
Th? credit is ?given largel) t?? Beft?
Llmantour for the ?selection of the net
! ministers, all of whom ?are romparatlvel
I young men, with ?i i ? ? i ? t v. honeaty am
i a? ? ompttahmi nt t ? their ? r? .in Th? ap
Ipolntmenti . i aaaatlafactorj as an? .???
of ministers could ?be t.? the ?hopeleaal!
? dl* ??i'?!.tit i?.lui? al ? I? ?JIM tits i ? ti st i t ?if Un
M< ?lean cltlsenshlp.
The proposal t? diafranchtae llliteral
> VoUTS ?Lf palpal. |j a |.?n?, Ml p t??w at ?1 .
??,?luti?m of the \*?x??i quaatloa of Meal
' ? an ? i?N tlOtU
Il is ? egarded ss significant thai Preal
dent D?as >??'i?i outalde dlph?nath rank
m appoint n?; Manuel de Zama??ons i
In? Ian. ??. I ' <?-?' nt l.n.iii lal .???. ni ?i
i.?indon, to the Imp rt mi poat >?f Am
i,,?.-,.ii?.i t?? ih' ?United Slat,?-- The In
t?tiii? is that there is t" i?. .. n??w dea
all around
l'1??,.?! ?making an.i Nourishing
H T Pewey *k gonsCo?, 1.1 Fulton m., N.I
- A?vt
Responsibility Denied by State
Labor Commissioner After
Whitman's Statement.
Says Buildings Superintendent
Did All iii His Power to In?
sure Safety of Factories in
Ail Parts of Borough.
Scene of Disaster Not Among Those
Listed as Dangerous by Fire Depart?
ment?It Conformed with Law
When It Was Built. It Is Said,
and Bureau Has Had No
Complaint Against It
Since Then.
The death list of Saturday's fac?
tory tiro rose to 143. [nvwtigatioo
o? the disaster continued, .'tii'1 the
General ?Sessions grand jury \ol
unteered to take up the matter.
Attempt?? t?? ti\ responsibility
were many, District Attorney
Whitman pointed to the State
Lahor Department. That depart?
ment pointed to the Bureau tsi
Borough President McAneny de?
fended Superintendent Miller, o?
the Bureau o? Buildings, ami Mr.
Miller'- assistant, Albert Ludwig,
joined with him in saying that no
complaint ha?l been made as to the
Asen Building.
The Asch Building was not
among those reported as in dan?
gerous condition in i list o? more
than thirteen thousand buildings
reported as such by the Fire De?
partment, n<?r in a list prepared by
the Board o? ?Sanit?r) Control o?
the cloak, waist and suit trade.
Mayor Gavnor's appeal for funds
for relief for the sufferers mum
prompt response, and nearlv
$15.000 was given. Andrew Car?
negie gave $5,01" '.
While half a ??../?-ii InviMtlgattani van
in pr??zr-??- ) aajtftrilal] to ?ItSl mtu ! If
th?-- r? >|'onsihilit\ for the ?li-.i - ? ?- r (
Saturdav In rh? Tri^ncl. \\a|*t tu tot
could be charged to ruu dim is-reot?, I ?
t appaiiiiiB statem?Fmta of Flra ?'hi?--f
?'r??k??r. District Attorn??' Whltm? ?
the beads of vartoua ctt; department!
tnat tii<? catastropha niu-ii? b? rep? ? ??
n? an; time In on* <<f th? ?on ? Iowa
office or lofi bulldtnga, led th<? chief In
t??t?=-st au'i ih?-> great Importance ???' th*
?la?.'? arork to lie In the Investigation ta
determine wh*ath*e>r tha As.; B illdinii
complied *^itii the Ina In Its construe?
tlon an?l the tiro aafegtisrda provided
It \?as asr-"-.?! by all that If a building
ronetructed and guarded aa was t'1"
Aaeh Building was technlcsll.?
th?'- terms of the law, then tin? las must
be S" changed that the lives of ?'orkera
w on|.| be ante.
Alben Ludwig, at ?tu- superintendent
of the Bureau of Buildings, could Und na
fault a ii'i the n aim? i la s bit I ? ?
Ar.-ii Building had i ? ti !>!.int"'i ?r the
aa! in n'htch lire exlta had been pre
? Ided, though be anld that If there id
been an in - p? ctlon bj the Burerara of
Buildings under the preatnl administra'?
ti,,ri man] -hum's arouM have been et>
dered, and he found man] pointa "f
which to complain, all of which ha i i
rarere contribute-* lo tlbe loaa of life,
Mr. Lud* i said thai no report "?*< tii*.
Asch Bu''ding had been maah aa -?n
Inapector of the Bureau of Buildings
since 1901, when it wss built sad that
no complaint had ever been received
again the building He laid the fall ?*?*>
t.? conduct regular Inapecttona to th" la?
adequate force at the disposai Sf thai
Borough Presid? si IfcAnen? said that
,ii Pebruan v. IWI? li " Wn i-'-part
tuent hsd reported to th?? Bureau ni
Buildings l.t.603 bulldtnga tu Mannet?
tan snd The Brona as .?-tvi.-nt In Ira
prot?H*tlon and means "f escape.
\tt. t- the b? arlng at th? Pitre Hall ta
determine the din ci ca is?- ef sad re?
sponsiblltty for tlW ?lisas?.?- PITS Mar?
sh.?1 n? ra sa-1 i ? I.? IV v ?i tha n ? iM
would be the forming of ? neu branch
of the ? Ity gov? rament a Bureau of Phra
Prote? tl<m. He agre? ?I a Ith Chief
Croker thst the Are was started by a
clgsrette or ? match thrown la ? pila
..f clippings
Up to State. Says Wmtmarv
District At torne) Whitman said thai
thr reaponalblllt) for the less of life lay
with the State Labor ?ommtsslo-a, und?**
s- ?t ?..us Ml and K2 of tha i?*?, giving
the ' ,,iiituissi"ii powei i?vei the safety
I of employ?M In fac?.s il- raald "'-<t
I Factor) lnape??t?>r Harnrton had niada ?
' r, i ?,,, t on the Ai ? tt Bi Id ng on Pi bruary
?j;. ton
State Leboi C?omnilaal*-*n? Wllllami
i. pit? ?i that th.? i? port "? iiat-iii.'ii
[ showed the building t" be In k??",i .',h
i(iD!,,ii and that the commission cot 4
I onl) i?'???' ?mm? ii'i changea and could asf
|enforce Its ortiera He s.,i<i that th?*
Appellate Division h??,: irlaeed th? ra>
ponalhlllt) i,t Bra | ? i i? n?,ii ?>n ?h??
Bun au "t mi Iding*?, r?
Borough PreeWh 'it M< An? nj mads *.
strong ?i?t? ti, ? .-r sup. i nu? n,i. nt Miller
| ,?t the Bureau ?>f Bulldtnga tad hla ad?
ministration of ins bun au
Th? at.i Mai. h grand )ui j Ig the
?'?"?t I of ?.< n? rai S. rtol ?ng ?i . . | ,| ,,,
Judge o'Sulllvan to continue m aesass?n
during -i" n ,. ? atigate the ? ana ?
of the Urs an I the reeponstbtlit), with .i
ape? i.ii - ' atlgatlon into all th. cltj ?i? -
? partments thai mtg.ti in an, ,? ,\ t ,
! liHii reeponslbli i??i the dlaaat? i '
i>'strn i | ttorne) u hitman raald that
M s,"n ?> kkt assistants had bbmbsssmI

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