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ftm-fM Sribniu.
\\KI?Ni:sl>\V. MARCH 2?. 1011.
This newspaper ??? oitiieii tmi ass
l?eke? be) Th* liiii'inr \>.*ocniH?i>. n
Sea York corporation; ogle*. ??*< /"'"??
tisml /'?''" ?/ aasisess, Wbtwe BafM
-,. |31 \ /. w , ifi. i r. \? ??? . ""' ;
., iiiUa, an ?. I? if; Os*am '/. B?W,
,., rtarn; Jam* '/. Rsrrstt, tressnrer
-..: I.',.'.,,' ? /.?? la tl'< OBt ''
-a*" that n( fCtfrS ?
r ..?,-,,???
Sew Tora _
i ? '? , ' '
.' ''i
m rum
. .... sr-.S-M ya*si
DAI l.f "ii: >?? '
?? .. i .... ... $1- 5*1
? \ ? ? 1 \ \
:.- ?. !? V ?
?... | .M; ! T*tr |1(Ml*a
'.\! ?
' $.'?''.
Kt'Nl '
... ? ?I"'
I ? ?REIGN a ft !'? terab ira
........ ? ; ;
itum *waa mi The
Mi '?bli ? t u ilmousl:
? ? - ? -ulatlng i- ' ?? -y
'?'?.. I ?.Mima,
? \ | ot 174 to it, a?f*us?*'l l!
a uncoi ' ' ?!
, n promulga! ng u??- /.?
? ?? mroi ..i Kai -
. . 'aw re< cn.ly ? ? '? ?
i ? It?.in ii?- depart?
.... ? .. ?
. .- ' ?
v . lo is disturbs ??? ?
? t | ring of 5 '.
Prt ml? - Brland of f.
i in rt ? ? men tiera were ai i
? ? ggio. the In?
former, v ' I ?
hours In th< ? ' ? rials* 1 I I ?'? ' b .
!??? - ? f i mui ? i ' ' i *uoi -
i oIos. a nd purs
prison? to. Ol,
'.liic-.i v hilo Rttemptl .
night i ' ? i? ? '
\ I '?.pT' ...1,i, Mated Hull
. ?< ? . ? ? w the
I. ? treaty, on th??
groin thai ?? I lbs 1
(States i ? I? I oil arhlti
.... .... ? , .
? 111 ; ?
... it ?
? ! ' I
I i f?ll m ' ' .ne? lu
?ton. heard i ' - ? porta
I I tranquilllaation of M<?yiro.
!'.,<?" -?? ? ;? pral Hi! ?ck des?
ignate?*] forty-fl' tlonal postofflr?-!
1.9 postal pavings - : Th?
; ? ? ? i -n ?Hfl iiif
A mei Km t Ion, 1 n con -
'.'??? \\ ? I the
??-.-.- f stal Th? i
1 ' ?? as In
rt at Alb
t] ' Grads * -' irai? ment '
?. . Many I d I
? ?? - |t les ? '?
'?. ? ? \ i ' " rd I '
' ?
? ? ti .????.
... , ? 11
? lit Pitt al g a a a
:= ? [ontrea
? ? ? i. ent of
naa said lo liav? uimrtted
vas ? hui i? - w. Robinson, :"? ?
->mbe: rdt ment of 120
I ..... t" ? '?I\ ????
and strong
-? ? ' ? '';-,:?
? ?.
? ?
i ? . . , . -
... ? ? ?
? ' ' II boi
? tna 1
. : f crin
?all? of llenera!
i ? . i ?. ...
, ??.?... | his son m ras
pate Cohalan
? ? -? ? i tri
i .....
.-? ? ? ? .
. fire apparal
a*. ] ?,- ? .
i "ns< tc.- -n.o
- ? ? len , IC de*
' ' Pi 'i<> I/.-.
? ' ? ?? ?? :m e.irnet.1 ?c
? ? ? ?? ? : I of *a hai The Tribune
aimir the Washington Place
1 ' !'.'.? I1 ?? . || ' Strong
??? ho] Maine upon Indh i<i
Perhaps ? ?rtaln indli Iduala ware
mi fault. If ;ii<'ir responsibility pan he
? tbem -. punli bed . hut
. n?.; : " i.L.'ini.'.l BH
? - full ?Inly of II e publie. !.??; there
??goal if il??? shocking ills
regard ol nafei? exhibit<-d m ihe
Wat ilngton Race factory w?-r- iieculinr
t?i it?;;' on?? eon.i, then the reaponsl
would i r opon ir.*ii-. Iduala 'a?'
d ??? _ ? il - known t<? i.u oiou
Indeed ij pical ?.;. many In*
? ?'? city. I'..i- :!,?>
-'? of a w Ide ?? pi avalen i evil
? ? i ilanati? n mua! be >>oiighl than
I lie greed atopiditi or r ? ? ? ?? of in
\\ I:? n 11 '????? are IhousnndH
m Now ^ink ?rhere last Sat
- Iraged.-i migbl lie dupllealed
??"ii . ere i (
i : >? .
v. .n n ? dares ri"' h?esltate
I.? ?? hundreds . r -*irla In n plai*e
fi?. ?i p of Are is rlrt
nail? . ? ben, as In Ihia In
Man- ? . : ? ? small
I ? ill!?-?? Ii.hiis f..r (he
?arnrking fon e to lea i ? building by
II ? ? Inhumanity n
. la ??ii-.- In
If < mployer* had do|
. -?I ?" ?Ii?!?-. ir?! i heir iv
and welfare <?f
lli(we tl
?u n a repon :?? . . .?..
liy ill" .i'.iiu ' ? ....?in- lee
w if- ihe < ondllions ?>r Hi??
H n aiui litation in ? .\??:.?< hun
ill? ?: Sew ,??!.. i-loltiiiig ...?... .\
and iiuiii.,m? ;., ?, opinion
?i ui?i drive ? '."?ir i?. Ihe i> i f
... M?.
H ? houi pro| ?
I ton. . i i '?:?-? i n.? t.- flre
i ?i ?laii.. stair
w .?> . m ill? i'h- iiH-.'ii - of i I in no way
? i O 111? ? Itf |M
t?. ? ?? eiupl? j??I In (Ik'mi ?iii'li iiiiii-ii?,.?
pre ? ?? i--i '?'??. n?, . ? a demand
pem lor? for iict'oiui mis
i - , lu n ,m. And i!i<"
? - ? ? . ? .i'-ti.
lil?-li ii has neen i In
- ' i half
d In i lie | ' ' ' dul
g la i thai . ? er a en! fa i ei
;,? ?, i mi Idlng '? i i rracth-ali ? i
|| . uldl I ;.l Hi?' " Jt?-?- .liii?i i? -*i <?(
Ii.--.k-?" by the *.?. orkcra, witb-out Bt-o<pplmi
I to r? tic? i linn iliiit i???iii|?i?i<-.'iii ?I.? liiiu?
? | ii>.li;.i?i| ;i iallouan<*?fl ??'_:ir?liii_ ;nl.l?
ttonal risks, im?i Inherent In Ihe trade
I which ui-ri..?i-?- were -forced i.? rnn, fu
ib?? Wanhliurtot? ri;i> <? iatasti*opbe Ibal
I l-.'lll.Hl^llt?-? |n |?,.\ ,?,:!, ?,| |n ;||| il- ili?|f ?ll<
; ni???.
\\ .? ? BU) |?. -.? ? ma-i.-iy tnkc lli?? r?'
-|>"l'-:?l'ilil.\ ??..|.?;?\ I?. Itself. W? W.l?t
11.? s?>.' .-i ?r-.ii?, ?i,;??_ ,,f ?hrarti by employ
ers. IVe want lo ate ib* boasted bu?
, manlty ?f Ibf i?ii*-?*m ?day ronf?f-M its
?hnil ?un) rnillaatk-:i it*. ?In I'Ii.mv i-*
i'" ?Jach of Krim ii??n.\ In the ini?i?-?
, .i??.l_iii_ ..i' |,,ii.i?. wrath by the little
? ?tii? 'als .-.nil in ill?- clamorous zeal fora
' victim. Bul i ! il ?it* ;..? no srapeg-oats!
\ doxcu ?neu in jai] win not ami the
hei ni.'??? ?'-i.,in?..?).. ji|g| non ??i? luridly
r?'v?'.-i!i'.i Bul n quickened ?sense of ?re
sponsibllity on lb? pari ??r employ?-?**? and
the publie for the safety of the workers
v? il! ;i??.?.iii].!i?|i n]| i|,;,f ,.^ .,, I((,
i// \i< i \ coy DiTioys.
if i- no* poaslble, ?from the illuinl*
Inoting ro'.??n< ..r oar special comspond*
en in Mexico citj and alto from the
radical aeta of the Mexican Koverument,
i-? dedn? ?? ?a more comprebenaire and a<
curate estimate than han hitherto been
|l?oaaible <>f the mot Iren, extent and In*
r!''.?? of ihe revolution?r* movement
i.i thai country and of the attitude ;m<l
imrpoaea not only of Ihe Mexican irov?
lernmeni bul nN?i of our own. There
ran he no ?]??ui i thai the orgni ;.'??i | ro?
les! agalnal certain abuaea of tii?? long
rontinued administr?t Ion ?>f President
Diaz Incited, as is usual lu ?ich vasos.
many ?reetleaa and lawless apirlta iu
both Mexico and the United -State? to
adopt a profession of patriotiam n? ?i
pretext f?or marauding, and thai tbui
reproach a-as hroughl upon the revo?
lutionary moviemeni -is n ?mere outbreak
of ?brigandage. Neither, we believe, -ran
? longi r i?" doubl thai ?the h sur
rorti?-?n lias ?.*-??.. far more ?linn that,
If su. it were not the case, and If the
demand for reform? bad nol bet'ii aide
spread and ?resolute, it seems Inconcelv
?il?!?' thai Mr. Mmantoui a?ould have
I uttered thai remarkable ile . ration in
a* Inteniea- In Pari? the antbenticlty
of which ha? never been denied; thai on
- way ba?cfc to the Mexican capital be
would have ?negotiated with insurgeni
traders or atenta; that the whole Mexl
? i ? 'ahinel a ould ha re i eslgucd and
?complete]) reorganized, and that
there a*ould have lieen ??? exten
? ?give .?i sweeping out of i!ie ?tate _?o
ernors throughout too MexicanRepnblle,
I These act? and faets speak unnilstak
I ably of ;? ?itnation of gr?ai ??erimisn?*???.
1 Happily they also Indicate lliai it is
being dealt with In a wa? al once ener
it i? and eon? Ilialor?. ?? hich afford?
ground for the hopeful rlewa which are
non* being expressed on : ti - ?e* and
.partial ohi*er er?.
These dedu? lions, the logi? of
appears to ?be Impregnable, clearlj vin?
dicate tbe wise and ?pendent polii
it;.' rr,i:?"'i state?* ?.-? ernmont In ?send
*> ? ? ? ? n.-"?n :?' bai ?? ?been
critical s.? large n military f?'.-,-.? tu
. v itbln sbori dlstam ?? ?? e might
almo-at ?ay in ?-Itbln striking ?listan.-??
of ill?- Mexican bo?r*_er. There a*a?
-?? Ication for it In the ?uppresslon
, and prevention of filibustering, But
?wo muai Mippoae our ?^vernment to
bave been well I formed of the real
' ?t?te of affairs in Mexico, fat better
? informed iiiau the cfnor.nl public, if II
knew the situation and the outlook
? there to ?be a? ?eriou? 8? Ih-eae ?recent
nf the Mexican ?jfovernmenl Irre
. i.?,;.'?' ?ml1--? I. Implvlnc "nl dancer
..? an upbeai ? ? hi? h would bI on? e
resulted in ?lui?.- throughout the
great neighboring republic, then no ??:
provnl ??f "s a? ' i'"i i in ?be loo si rong.
i he tni?' tu?asure of Il fiado n ran
il?, discerned b* i*on?1derlng tbe eon?
-demnation whk*b H would have io
Icnrred If there had been ??? ?greal crisis
. and ll bad lieen caughi u:i|.r ; an-?i to
?, orm the ofnees which the a? tlon of
CongresH und Ihe ?general judgment of
j i;,,? iroiId ?? mild have ? ailed i?i??n it to
? perform.
vor i m i u ii of i m i nr.
w> an- surprised to And "The Ob?
aerrer." of ? lia riot te, S. ?'?- ' ',- - :'?"
i.?'i"\vm_ ?complain) agalnsi the fiHieral
Immigration laws:
w ?? r. ad that n ore than I wo hi
from yorkshlre, England,
l>riiiKln? Iheti f.-'ini.i' s. ?landed In
Vork tii'
?. : : . !;..??. ! liai d, M ?
. n ?i.i. It is a t
.... ,? ih< -?? ' annoi be
., , - - ard t the pra? tirai
toi the nal lonal Immigr?t on a ? -
;-- io forMd.
The all?gation I? vague and *
have i"",n ?upporteil by ?orne s|?-?r?ii<?
orillen? en of tbe deterrent effe? I ><t the
pr?esenl lawa on alien Immigration Into
, North Carolina and other Staithi rn
states i' ,v certainly not the federal
l oTernm? ?? - Intention to discriminate
in distrlhutlng Immigration again t an.?
. or s?pctlon. ii?''- do tlie state? " lik'h
liioa receive a tlisproportl-onate share of
Ihe Inflov fro n abroad exerl them
scIt-m in any way t?> encourage a rein
f..r?inMi' in i?"!'iilat i"ii. which ha?
many dlsadvnntagip? as well as advan
Mo ? of lit"-' state? a*odld like
i.? pas? ;i large propoi lion of i lie nev
!. nnipn along to oih? r ?1 itea Sea
.. ?. r In -m :i????. w "iii?l i??? ?.'i.-iii t?> as
sign t? North t'arollna a liberal share
?.'' its surplus alien population. In fart,
private agencies In tl?.'?- city have I en
doing a hal lliey i-ould for a d?ecade or
more to distribute through the ?
! inuiii?ji ? -. - \. In. !.in<i here and ?h >w no
Inclination to move further n'Miy from
'tin? sea I ward. Tlie liniii^tii.'ii Removal
(?fflre ha? - 'it .''?"???",? alien? away from
', or] i Ity. hearing ihe cost of And
in_ for them ?better opportunlti?e* to sup
Iheinselvcs and al ill?' same tim?'
t?? do ;i greater ecanomk' service t" Ibi?
countrj'? Tlie problem In tbe f?1? state?
a ' :, ihe alien mo? emenl If great* I
I ?'. uni' h to al Ira? t ?snore la mi a?
. tape t be burden of nsslmltatinm an
i.?\ itsii|i|.!\ .
'I in- r.'.i.r.ii Immigration authorities
have also lentousl?* endeavored Io ? 11 -
tribute Immigration and divert a larger
|ii-'ijii?iii? ii of ihe annual Inflow In (be
Son lei -i.iti- Bul Ibey are |aiwer
I.?.? in make over the natural condition?
, ^ i ? i a immigra I ion, and I bose
. ? -ii? mi? i. ?? ? "iii|?'i the laud Ina ol alien?
;,i :i i?'\\ Northern ports, wblcli are tin
nuiin !??iiniiii of Ihe ii.in-atliiiiii. lin?-.
: mi tii? Bo? of labor i ? Ihe market m
?,'. here ibere la Ihe readiest demand I r
i i,..- ,n??-i capa? i" - labor market?
i ihe big < Ule?, In i he coal mining
and Iron and ?te< i Imlpsti I? - and lu lin?
' lumlier ? amp? a id agrl ull ur? I land ol
? in.? Vori I.?.? ?? : and ??' * 'anada v? cortl
Ina t" iii<- i?-|.?'ii "f Hi?' Pom mit
<;? nernl of Immlgrntlon for Ihe tlwal
? .i ? ml? 'l Juin ?'." l''i'? Ihe ni'-i
p stat< of ii'- tided future n I
dem*e nniio'ii by Immigrant? were, n
*i??rk. 280.880; I? ?iiii?.vlv.uii?i. 171.?*
Illinois. :i::.:;4ii: Masaachtaaettak vj.'ii
\?M\ Jersey, utkHJ?; Ohio, 50.7?M, Mi?
pan, 37.172; ('?winecti? 11, 27.R40, ?
Minnesota, 21.S41. imly ?112 selecl
Sortb Carolina, Vei i? la obvloni ?
n<? goverrnmental regulation coold hi
operated to kssp Xorth Carina's ?in?
down and Hi?' quotas of the ??iii?'r ratal
,111?. It was nu ?conomie rjomfN?Si
with ? bled ihe technicality ? f Ihe I
Itnlgratloa law had nothing t" do,
? ?
THE hi | DtRBi r PRIB i in /?//
'i he wprda "atate a i?i?'" in Tit?- I ten
cratic platform regarding dlred prln
i lea 11 ; i \ ? ? Dow iit'fii interpi eted. In I
"offlcial" iiiriM't prlmarj bill Ihe iroi
' 'star?' ai?i?.'' mean "local, bul nil <??
id" state." There are i" he no ?iir<
primar lea f?.;- the Domination of can?
dates for state iMHcea ir tbla bill
i ssed, in other regarda ihe Dig b
1 follows Hi?' linea <?i the Western p
niary aystcma. rather than Ihoae la
down in the I lugbes, bill. ?The par
committee -v-i? in ..f Heiecting ?an?
I dates to be vi?*r<i opon a! Hi?' primar!
i?, do! adopted, bul their ? bol? e la Ii
to ill?- people theinselves For II
plan it mar be *?:?i<l thai H la I he on
?ni?? w bl< ii baa bad a praclleal dem?
si ration. li ban shown certain defec
w in, h the Hughes plan iwnghl lo obi
ate. The public had become educated
i ; prec?ate ill" Hughes plan nnd lo i
gard ha features as desirable. Tl
adoption <?r a dlfferenl one by Ihe i??ni
i rats re ?pens the debate aud w in on
' bar? the effect ?>f dividing dlred !?
mary advocate** lulo two hostile cami
a??l ?.f di laj Ing the fonnallon of pnbl
' opinion.
? s?i the detalla "f the Din bill II
impossible to form ;? Judgment, for on
n sunimar) of i' baa l?een made ??ui'li
(from this summary l' la doI possible i
.. \. u? ther eertaiu : bu**??, -1"-'? a* H
excessive use of mouey, have I.n auf
cientl) gnardwl against Hul | rol-ab
ire do doI need to at la ii special "
jMirtance i" tli" Introduction of Ih
measure The D?pra?"'-eratk* partj li i ?
, in . arnc! I aboffl din el primari?P". I
1 ihn! partj ill?' refni m hat no derot?
adrocat? vml one thing la cleat in II
. .-infusion thai exista In Ihia atate aril
i\\i, systeraa having advocates th?' t*
form w\\\ never win without some auc
ardent nnd effective ebamplooshlp o
1 ihai '?: which Govei nor Woodroa W
son hi like!) l?i secure the pansage of hi
direct priman measure hi See. Jer*e?
;/// 77 fi ? i ?? Itrii i a:
? The ?ml) Ab "onlani or ?'?" ni n? n ?!
In ihe i-hoi iw of rejoicing ?1 the |ubll?f
of ih?i klngdoui ol I nited Hal) I r?s**eei]
from Rome Itself. 'I he \ atlcan has n<
forgiven and refnaea to forgive the it
Huston in the kingdom of !'??? old tat*
.,i the ? ii'ir.'ii Thai m? n?, of < ours?
thai the i Imrrb, or a portion of ?'. coi
? ;. mna an a? ? a l?i? h ? us ? on ?picuoii i
?mi.I ?? ? .'ut t., .-. n?-.-- - tarj i" i he unll
???i itnlj. ,\ i nited Its!) ? ' Ihoul ib
?? in..? of the Pi nlnsnla >? ould hav< b ???
?m anomal) ? l'nlled Hal) withon
lion ". nnd a lihoul Rome for its cap
m s ould ha re iiei n Impoaslble. Turl
wai? acceptsble lo the Xorth awl Naple
.in i!i" s?.in?i, and Floren?**e served Is?!
provisionally, bul only provisionally ?
?i stepping ?toi p ?.. Rome I lad Victo
Kmmnnuel n ithheld hi - hand froi
lit?me he could no! iia\<> retained iii
hold ?i|?'?i all the real ? ?' Hal)
Mi?? seigure of Rome and It? tributar;
territory was a pnrely se?*ular and i"'
litical act. aa waa l?erroany's selsur
\Isace i.'.r; ? ii ". The dominion o
, the Pope over i hem lia?! h ? ti n lern
?-?oral ?sovereignty, exen'ised In the ordl
political and military faahlon Tin
?"ubverslon of thai *?-oT'*relgnty, with lb
- ? ? i -.- ? 11 ? ? ? ?if iii?' territory, was an acl n
military conque.??! nnd h properly lo hi
iudged a ? mi? ii Ita vindication lies <
? - .salt) i" Italian unit). a hleh Is ;
imi. it stronger vindl?*ation than man?
other a?"ts of ii nquesi ha*?.? had. Tha
111 was ratified hj the ?vill ?.?' the iieopl?
. ran -a-jir.???!> Itc disfrute?! Thai Ihepeopb
o| Rome as well a? of Ihe res! .,f th?
Peninsiiln exnlt In it lo-dny Is nbvloui
'. in Hi" world.
li it be argued i liai the ? 'hnrcli auf
: ?? red material loss, for w hlch it mlgli
[property lie materiully iuderanided, i
i iay nlso lie argued thai Hpirituall) i
was tbe gainer. 8o long im i? had th?
? i? - >,f the ? 'hur? h i".' It! o?n n |i?.!ii i
: cal and ???? iiiar ?eal. I! was In n en n
ii territorial Imdllullon, Itelonglng t.
i lia. i a ? i rltor). v?' n . doprh ?I of i lia
lerrllor)", it belong* i?> the whole w??rtd
Xor will lb? in? ? : lud oliser? en
agree thai it suffered an. i>..- of free
?dorn; rather was there an a<*ce*?sion ?-I
in edom. l or noi h? re e e ii i I he world
| i- ihe ? 'hurch so free or ? ? , roaperoui
as ii i? in Ihe Iwo gres! eountrtea ii
n i i ??-li it i - eolln I) wli liont temp? ral
hiower or political consideration, th?
i 'i i.ii i\ ingiliT and ? he I nited 8ti t<
iii" m"-' ?I?", m Italian adherent ?
? "bun h may Iherefore Join whole heart?
'"|!: In the | reseat Jubilee, i? ifhoul tii"
ght of apiritii il disloyalty,
ami II may be i bal ?orne tina? : ??
? 'hurch Itaelf ? ill regard this anolvi r
? ary a- It i own Ihe anniversary of Its
own redemption from Ihe fetten of a
material aovereignt) and it- ? ntry into
a purely spiritual dominion
DlSflR \i II l i
According lo au excellent Hemocn ii<<
authority, "The Philadelphia Rword."
there are fiO.0iaj candidates for the ?"????
plae-sa ?.n Hie ??,-i' i| || ; ? 0f ,.,,. ||()l|...
? I Repr?sentaiIrei about i,. :.,? .,,., ,?, ,
vacated. r?lese posta range in Im?
INirtance from ? lasrk of the House doa n
i?. m? saengers, (rages, elevator men and
laborers. B) n riclona tradition thej
hare bee? treated aa political spolia
I Hi rough all the years in which Congress
lins t.? "n graduall) legislating the spoils
n!? a out of the executive ? ?\ il 8ervk*e.
thua furnishing another illustra tl m of
1 Hi?- fa? i thai iii?- aort ?>i \ Irtue a bleb
| ?' often iii?'-?i popular la thai which
'f.'"" n't liave i?. lie pra< I laed a! home.
I r?ng ifter the distribution of patron
age b) fa ror ba ? been made rldiculoiu
and odious in the governmeui service
generally, member. ..i Congress cling to
tl ?? pettj Idea thai ibej should ride In
ri? ; atora mania tl b) III? ir [tollt II al .1"
|.? iiiii'iit? and have Ihelr errands dpi ??
und Ihelr olfki iniarded i,\ partlxniiN
iiii|..ii i?.i foi that lau i?.-., n?.m con?
stltnencleM one, i \> ? ? or three Ibousaiid
ml . m a ,\ a) 11 ??in w aahiugtoti
\\ henever control ol i he I Imise -inii>
r? <? a>< one |.aii\ '?> i!i" other there is i
? li ..n sweep both in Ihe administr?t!! ??
for? " and In a bal lulfhl pi opi i Ij | ?
callml ih" ?'.Mile !'<?!-i.iiin I, i.\
i ? i Ion? ?'. fnmllliirll) a ith I lie rout ii.f
Lu- m. - ami - a|ai? It) i", i he ia-k re
.."?I ;n. all dbaregardctl. iiud employes
?,|m i,i.. iiMin,.| tai i... t".ii\ iiNcful lire
i uthi? ? i dh miss? 'I and Ihei
i?., 111 ii?"i mil ninoug i n?1 liungi.. und
libiratj nt ?m iij-i."-ii" |Rilltscal ?.i?ii
Ii is :i ??'.iii.-dy ,.f (jr?v??l and favoritism j
which i;?? longer a muscs the eovatry? i
and its sordldnes? casta an nnpleaaanl i
reflection ?sa the prof-wkNM of ?stales
?men who ?talk about pia-mottag a-Otanny \
and efficiency in Hi?- iiiilill?' sorvi??' and j
then participate in ??? ?paU-onil* ?gn.il*
which retalla the wore! days of l___lol
is'iu in nalioiial poHtfCS.
lto!.!-.sr.'ilalivi?s. forlnnatcly. suffer I
:?s niuoli from such a inversion of ?
orderly admlnlstratloa ?? ?Iocs the
Rvrrice which Ihej ahuae. if Iheri ere
ene hundred raadldat? for each ??Hi'?*
ninety nine most go borne aore and re
rengefnl; for where faror aloae counts
on? h dlsapprt?t>ed applteanl ran rightly
consider blmaelf '?? bare hid as sound
i i.iiiii <?n the office us the amn ? ho ?
ama Inducted Into it. Maj 'i>" bouse <
offices return Io plague Hi- Matesmen
I who assnnif the f"??lis|i right i?? dispose |
,?i |hem as political assets! Wiser
stataameii would ?refuse t" Mnctloti ?so
?demoralizing a scramhle and ?save them
selvea annoyance and discredit bj
having >'i i"" the eleetlvt-j offleee Mied
under some ?or? ??f civil s?-r\i??' ralea,
Red tai
thousand ??-.
?till continu? ? lo stay its i
The editora af the two French netvapa- ?
, . ?.. ? sen Otienn . "Th< vTmmp" and
? The Bee, ' * ho * anted Io fight a duel
?after it c Pai lalan method, have aci epted
xhc veto ru' upon an appearaacc on the
Hold ? I honoi by the police. They will .
.tlnue to lacerate ea? h other with pen
point? 'i.sir,,.i of rapier points, and the
net damage will probabl] be about ?as
complete ami aa assuaging as is usually
ii.il, ted when genuine up?to?dat? Pa*
riaian duellist? me< L
A dollar dlnnrr ?rn? polled ?iff In T;1^"'"
m on ." of Mr Bryan. It ttaa a t-,Prai
teg , of thai rhara-t-r- coW aaadwlches. !
?,?} reler nine Sla?*eea of ?rater and
fn?? hourr? ??: Ensilen vocabulary. Ow I
? ,, ? i nevei abort <?n rocabular>. noua?
t? ?. r? it
In the matt?er of .-orabularj -an im
portant flepartmeat "f rtat-asmanahlp -
th, course of the Democracy is ?-vor
?onward and uirward," bul "ateady, ?i
?waya at??ady "
Ti"- evidence of an "unboeeed rau
?... ?paclty In t r??^ caucus
Information to the grand Jury bring
I, ... .?,,, ,unlty, It will not be "aedltion" !
i,,, a .?? one to tell that bod] the truth ;
th. crim?nala Infeatlng the cits ?
ir i?, now complslned that the In-;
t?f?rborough Rapid Transit i'om-pany
,. ...... i nough platform
?jafety In th< opera*
guardi I
lion "f i
:. .i ...? ? Pi rhapi II 'v
?-,,- mon pass? ngera to ?be
t-, provi the ni<d of more
Th? only thing that I ?? n or? fln -?roof
ll .. .. fini class fireproof building la i
,. r. Both ??' " eonetru? ted to with?
?tan i the consul .ire: effects of a Are
raaing ?? I * them, The Tribune baa
? ? ??ompartaon !.*:".?r??. If the
public would only i'rr,r It In mind the
of security that i he w ord
"fireproof" Imparts, without regard to
the Inflammable i atura of a building's
. .?nt-nt?. would perhaps be destroyed
and a t-atn would result In senalbls reg
illation? Inspectloni and mrthoda for
: ? r-ntlng fires and for ?protecting bu- j
man belngi ? : om them.
THE TALK OF Tilt: D \\
- ? lyler i ??? \II an? . ?' Mob
?? ! ? ? . |1 :?r?-| ??. t;. ??f th? Mate of
I :; o ? Dial the ?;?? - ,
i.? ?i t ? bill for i- ]??ir? ? ..-????. has alwaya
on? of tiv ?sho* placea ?-?f th?? ?capital
?o . nn?i ita ??cqui?ttlnn i ? i a Mate vus
i?,.. ted long . ? ?. i ?? the fratm ra of I he
? art ? ? ' matter Bhortty
It ?? '?!?'-. ??* ? ? ' ? 'I War the I.it?
?Sheridan lalted ?VI
a . i r. .. ??,-,* ?horn, an ' ?? litio thera ?.-. - ..
- ? the van R< i.- ria< r ?mai "i- houae
? ?-? ?Schuylar mansion The lattei wu.i
? '' i ? I I ?? ? ??. .1"! n Tl ? ?; .???;., ,-'U
ln_ t?. an Ail,a??- phyeiel ?? about lh? two
hIMorl ) arica, ? t mU t'><> Bchuj l?*r . ?? ae
have at?"t!i.?r nwiior Mr?. Tin. y
? ? a , and ?aak? d, "Why?" "You nr.?
: ? ? lid Bh< ' Idan, "and i d< ..':
to ae* "i diaposs? s-> d, but the .<=tatt?
lai 'ii ??I ' ?Sb* ??? :!.. n th? '
?: . .i- mai oi houae liaa I een 11
? ?'. Illtama ?'.?ii.-.:.? . ampi -
"1 don't ?believe iii<^i-<. la anything In I
i':?- ??-' being hard up " ??alii
I? Hinka. ' IVhy, hea lual hlo? ? |
? . footmi n ??ii lit- mot? r
?i ? .h - ? ..ii". ?i .i nktnuon, derlnl? ? I?
man i ? i.I! ti .t i?m'i a f?'??'.n m
It' ?' d< pul lifl n charge of the ?
Harp? vY* ek\
i ' ??.rll ? tra
??.? ?I .. ma? ?m? i Ing i ar J ?l n the ir..tn
I ill? i "'it of a ant in baa tatloa, "bul i '
had to gel my papei "t'oma ahead,
loha .?watting! ' ;? ?sotnmut? - ?uted
the other < nd of the ? ar, and, Mill '
? f? ? ? . ' ... -|.. h ? ? ..
?man ? ? m f??. ?? ard and ? ?... i?.
i? ?i In ?. game of aii -? TI a a an .
..-? i i til il ?? train ? ame to -. ?staadat I
In the i Irand l'entrai t< i ml lal, ;it:?i then
? ? ?i inward the door, ?n*?? iia ting .? ;
i companions, i? ? Ini ?
? i" ?;?!;.?? ? ? in ! "Y\ onder ? hat he
? ? ? paper? for?" asked .-? pa ?a? ?,
?. I aeen i?.i" make th.? running
lump for the train. "He <i"? i thai ? ? ?
morning." Mid the braketnan, ?gathering up
trds, lapboard nml the ?-?.m o? xhe,
w ndow i?-'i[*<\ "and i begin t?. bell? .< ..
? ; ? i for me."
.....i . , -.? ... ... ally?"
i -? "i.. ? It ? osl in?* i:: ::.. an?l the chap
m .i it drew t?'? rarda, too." Detroit
i ree ?Pn
Th? propr.?- '?f a ?manufacturing ?an
?? h In ?am? ; aever_I hundred women
. ? - ? nploj. ?I ?n ? ? i ?.i a qu? ex
commun! atlon from .. "?committee ?>f iii??
i nd ' a few da i ago, In a hlch th? com
mitt? ? call? 'i attent on to the '?.? i . laud
able auggi 'i"i. of the f:?.?-*-.n 'Watchta ir
that thera be -v\? ?Sabbath? In I-:.? -t. r
w-.k ?namely, Baturdaj and Bunda)
Th? document wa? wi I worded and the
men i" whom II ?>?.. ? addreiiaed_wei- .i ..
losa whi ?"?? i *.?elder It -< rlotwl) ?>r
not. "if ?t ?waa ? loke.' a member ?>f the
fli m ?aid "the gii N found thai we were
them !?"? ??? i.;??i .. notice poet? I
'Satni i?? ? lalf-holldaj i a ill aoon
'?? ? i? und even ?'?? II be Bunda
and bj.' "
? Ho? gi ? off for h.px nina
i you killed your grandmother ??if
ii "
??ru gel "ft' to y? to grandfather'* \..-,j -
ding w hat'a the math i with it.i?i
i ? ?man getting married again?" IVaah
i ' ?M h? raid
The T la I heati e, ?>?- hlch v? II i.i
et auction ?.ni? cm month, ?'.a- the aub
J? ?i ??f ' ??n\ ei ll ...ii al .. ? ;??. m,m r? -.?.in
i.i.i ?. ??-i? i?i.-j?... ? ? veteran who waa
.? ??:? ti ???i ?if t . houae in the <!;i ? ? g \?ou
i ml ' !_ ???? dli ? ? i i ?! that ? ? ?itch
?ten I hei ? ?uld 11 ? ? v\ be
?se? n .o .i <;?. h. ... i ? r n ?,, m? ? ? w , ?era
? '" i man then ha added, and llk?sd our
? '" i m?m drai is "i ??!?? retta with beer i??
I?? ?o H.I Ii .i ??m ? li:l?li-. i, ..i? \, ?,, i
i j lot ?? foi moi Ing !?? ture ahowa
'" ? i? ??; i i ? ?pi? Barm from ??.,.. thai ?i,
lance h hoi ? ? ... i?. heal I ? ?\ laon rial
1 '.? latlng? r, tl illma.
i .t II i other great enea, ?? ho,
lh?) ran. ? la N< ?? .??ik, atvei
Irani a WOt? X BnglM W* ??*???
Bubbube? I'm gates o? "" ? l??jn,!nK WP
to-morrow. .,
Town? Uamr, houae or eesk Boston
Traascrlpt. _^^^^
views on the run:.
Dangerous in Daylight Even Without
Fire or Smoke.
To the i-Mit'T .?f The TYtbun?
s. Among iii- many gueetlona ralead
,?n...v by laal s.-ii rday'a Bra i elamlty la,
naturally, lha mu? h dlscuaeed ona of tha
1 :.r i ronstru? tl?m ?.f Are escapea
\,|i,iat. .li' tli? ' .,>? it ai li '?'? a n?"
j,,,,. of ? ; I'-ii Pity building as Its windows
?nd ,i.. and should I - bo r?nal?teratli re?
, r : ? fai t that lh< y >?ar '' ?';"
pearance and aoa md Iban tarea iba pui -
I?.?.o ut 1 ?? .-!i??n 1'. thief.
However, to fulfll theli pnrpeae properly
they shoald be construct*-?*! with s ?ries t"
withstanding ihe onalaughl of ?< panic?
stricken crowd; otharwlaa Ihey mlghl aa
,.,ii i,, ;. painted r*ounterf?rit adown lha
To m"? people, rMpeclall) woinen, lb?
?ii/,7.' ilanl and -vim-roils puasllng pltfalla
r,r thf svaragc Bre aacapa arouM ba nego?
tiated tremblingly, even ha broad daylight,
?i.?, i under no stress <A tear, whlla la tlm?
..( iir... and thai nuybs al Bight, when bur?
dened ? it 11 iii?? pari of children or old ?,?'??
pie, ?ii trip would ba almost an Imposai?
Wliai neeals to he taken Into ?naaoera?
Hon i- tin. the avtmgfl person be?N?m?ia
lrt?-..?.pon?|l.|.? In .Inner, and ??" util'*1 WS
..?muni have paaic proof peopla wa must
? talc proof ?r" ?????' ipes.
??VI a? v. ill ?n Ike rvi?ii i';, most ca? a
.,, sei er i- the fact H al th? laddera <>f a
Bra escapa rUmoal Innlariably l?ead down
directly In front "f windows, timr? making
i hem ?seles- for all persona living abwa
s blase should it occur In line with those
v ' ? ?? the ?mok? eecapes
. ?_?? ?' ?
Now, In moat h latneaa houaea sad in
aearly all apartmenl house* there ars
plain apecrea In the outer walls, and II
would team tha! down there mlghl be built
broad stepped Are escara to which plat
?.., m ; mlgl ' lead from the jrdndos i of
< ;>"!i
B an arrai gi m< nl would I. ava Ihe
it ;?-. - msa-lve* free rrom .?-m >k<? nn.i
flams ?ni Hiis *ri- ?? perao i mna\ n e.
Tl ?? i hntogi aph ? f the laa h Bullding
? ? ? cape in to-day'a Tribune la an outcry
sgal ?t the i ?-.iii ni Bin u ? of ? onatruc
I...H ., pi, val? m In our city.
UKS vi,;. i; .' RUSSE!.!*.
.*?. ?..?!'. Mar? . It, ' ?
Such Device? Would Have Averted the
WaUhingtOB Plica Horror
To Ihe lidltor of Th? Trlbuni
.-?? '.' im? :" ? asli " ?? suggt ?tloi - for
tl..- Improvement of fa?*iory and other
buildings In Nea fork City have appealed
? ? public prti la enure the Asch Building
holocaust of laal Batu la a
Several things : uel be taken Into account
ng into i ? i ' by means of let*
tei lo the - liter, Bj the constan! appli?
cation if ihe golden rule '?I. e., keep down
the ? ."i conditions .^'?'", been created in
brick n?"' stone and tri n and it? itl la tiii?
<?]?'? -.? I i. h cannot he ovrri<->ok?d nor now
ri n tei] to n'iv appreciable extent. Build
Inge yel to c up may be controlled and
tr?fet: provisions may be required, but
tho*M tkai ,ir?r already up constitute the
factories we liav?? to deal with, The hlch
ralue of their Boor apace precludea tha poe>
slbillti X opIt?hk nivl enforcing thplr re?
construction so as I?' make these ancient
buildings conform i" modern Ideas of
'fireproof and ?da-athproof construction.
I ',.- caiioi?a forma <A protection muai then
',,r. rol|??.l upon.
T ... Ascii Building bad Iron afalrwaya; II
'ia?l iron r-hiit'-r?- Si tha window?? which
opened oppositi other buildings or courts
although ihoif. shutters prevented ?inio??
aboil] the uae ol tha flimsy Are escape
?I Ich 11>ii.rr outalde; it ??? equipped witli
n standplpe an?l fire hose; Il had an auto?
: ? alarm; fln palla were locat??d
hen and there, and yei rail these failed
n ? ? 1? i ntously s ' ? I wi re pul f.?
? ? ir.; urna ta t. TI ?? one additional ap.
plia . ?? \?. hl? ir a i ni?! : a e held th? Are and
i-.. - * ?l ?ii" tires of the aw'* was ?'? sent, vis.,
;i itomal le iprlns lera.
There has been s cowardly Insinuation
II it tha recen! order of l'iir Commissioner
Waldo -t t.. automatic sprinklers waa In?
spired by t. ? promise of flnandal reward
fi ,.i.i ihe ' .?n ??? i s m Hing sprinkler In?
stallationa Do not all kind? of -r-qr-ripment
bava ?o be sold bj son ? body, pray?
Tha automatic sprinkler would have lei
:.,..?..., kii?i?, ;,..|f volume of water al exact*
,? ' ? ? point to ha ? ? :?>.., h??ii the Are
? a thai cutter'a table a! Jus! the rlghl tim^
There would, of course, have beam no iiich
showing up of the other Inefllciencies of the
building .?s v? have now before na bul
s ruld n.. have been no loss of lif.
? Ptoi ? :' ' h? bulkllng ?a5
n . Illlng to mak.der Im
cmenl had ihej been suggested, bul
an? thousands of factory owBers In
1 ork 1 m- who will never mak. s 1
:?!?? improvement until they are forced i".
1 01 ?hit reason the order by Commissioner
'?' : " should 1 ?? ? 11 -.n? ?t lei an 1 ? cten li I
10 c. ail placea where employes .<i>?
crowded intu narrow quarters The iprink
let a ill do mot ?? t.. sa 1 s Ufa snd propertj
('?an Are damage In any building, frame or
Areproof, than aay other knoarn device ?>n '
li.? n- 1 r! ? t ?., da '
Borne .-1,. :??. ? ent s ni anawi r
thai the.*? 'i" !:??? ? ' -11 r r?.?? time
? n? n need? d 'I liej ., 1 .
'., lien pi operlj 1 ared f"i, snd
in- ' i" ??1 n" mora care than m ..t1 er
foi m ?? i ?.. |. otet c.\e d? \ '.... The prop
... ners a ho do nothing, erei, unktss
eompell I av< 1 othlng on the auton a< '
? ?
::.- p ?' ? ? ti. we ?' 1 ;.j. a the
building snd km a Its 0 ?cupancj 0 .. il
ha? a taken Into sceouni th moal dang? 1
oua thh r H ai ? ?ujd happaa to II and ha? ?
proi Ide '? .n-' ordlngly. Thej ahould I ave
know n tl al in time <.r* Are there wou
a t*anic and panic stricken -r-ni-.i..\. -.. '
r.i k-.ii with There can lie .." excius
n." b lildlng was all tIghl "undei ordinal
ponditlona." Tri?re ai.rdlnary condl?
lloi a In 1 ime of Are. < '? adltlona become
extraordinary al once ami u Bra escape
? ?? ? ,:.,:? three houi,; t.? empl
? ? ? ? worn? 1 ban noi , '??
?me m ghl foolish!) ret* upon it
N ai? of us sxpecl thai am one will lie
1 ?? i" suffer a-r sertoua peavalty "ii ... -
'??.util .?( ihia fire There 1?. no excuse,
however, for no! taking Immediate itepa
i,, protect othet 'u loria '?? mi 1 na of
Biitomall? tm Inkl? rs M A BRfX ?K>.
Managing Bdltor, "The Weekly I'nder?
a rlter "
N? u ^ ??! : Mat ch it, 1911
To n,?- i;,ii',.i of ti,. Ti Ibun?
.-?'n Th? rs .in- two matt? 11 a hit h . ail
f.'tth "in" Ideas for which 1 hope you
ma. And pact in re the Ara horror,
there are no Are appliances agatnal panics;
in.. 1 1 ii? ' poor women ? ould ha ?? and
v ould h > a ssa aped bul i"i tli-- bralal? ??
11.in? thai ?? 1 ? ?i 1 ii?? 1.r 1 orki ? 1 prink
It r 1 sit m ut?? "f n? \ slue in ? 1
I in . ? ? 1 ? 1 ? .' (of! ...?i tm \
buildlni ?uld ha ? ? an es ,?< rlenccil sen
..tat.- Are patrol, paid for b Ike tenants
it 1 baa? ' ? 11.rolled, whj aol factoi kta
! n- a in. ?! ,.i?\.>> ? m un If01 m. \\,niiii be
slwayi .n band hn auch smergencles before
Hi-- 1 ? aula 1 in?- 1 >< pai tin. m , m .n 1 h ,
I ? ? H ' " ? ' .?? ? t !:?? 1 II tli I I ..?,.
II 1 ..-. ..| I hi ?
Tin . .?i-i ih" Irish v ulunl? ? 1 i|tie -
tloav n -ii'Ui'i kg Um ?uti x ihy Altar?
People and Social Incident*
. ..., The Tribu? ? Bo?reati l
? vVaehtogton March J rtis PreaWt i i
received advtoea from the Ame lean Anv
bna abbe to Mexico that. In hla <?i?inl"n.
the appointment at Hie aa? t'aMasi ?ill
go far toward bringlni about peace. The
Mexican aituation ?n?' arbitration were ?Hs
. u-.so.i t,.? i'i ild-eat T.i rt this rooming with
Senators Clark, Lodge, Bmlth ;?"?i Cullom,
member? ?>f lh? ?Senate Commltt? on For?
eign i'' latlon? 'i*i" m - ib'?* i
th < hlef topic ?.r ?*>? uaalon at I -*?da '?
? ? net meeting.
?President Tafi hopea to '? able to attend
a 'Hiiriot- to i.?-- ?gtvea by the Marlon Club,
of Indianapolis, la that cu loma tlm In
[July. Mi ii' > ? ?.!??.??i. promised t?
! vtali i'.o national aoldlera' home In Marlon,
I lad . that month, and h ?' Davidson aad
?chari????? O. Roomier, member? of the club,
will ?rrfltiRo tii?- <lat?c of tl I ?' ?'???? '
Hi? ?Preahlent'a conventenee.
Kentucky patronage a a-- dlri - ?? I ?
I Prealdenl and ?Repr?sent?ttre*elect '?al?*!'
Powers ?Senator I?odga ?ii tcuaaed the va?
? ,i ??? h; a Masaachuaett? (?udgeahip ?and
? al<?o annoiin.'r'l hlg iBtentlon, '?' '''ftn !?avin.
lh? executive ofrw??. t.? Introduce ;? hill at
the special aesalon providing tor an addl
i tkmal Judgeshlp In Massaciiusett
?Secretan deetgaate Ifillea waa ?t the ex?
?cutlva ofRces ??u day ?getting In touc wit
the work <?f ble aea ofR<*?\
Th? ?Prealdenl baa promit rl to r?ecelve th?*
? members of the Survlvora' Aanoclatloa, who
I enlisted In the ?District of Columbia militia
on April lb, i*-?... "ii the Hfl tb anniveraai
I of tiipir muate
The ?Praald?tni ?tlellvered i pee at tbe
dinner tins evening ir hoaoi
' Oalllnger by th? ell ?sen i ?__ th? D ?? Ici ?of
? 'olumbla.
Among the (Vhitfl House callera were
genatof ?rtool and Representative?? Morgan
' an?) Mondell
The ?President nn?i Major nutr ?real walk
big late this aft-moon.
rProm The Tribu
Washington, March 9 ?Tbe a i ?n
Ami asaadOr snd Bareaess Hragelm?ller
i -.v-r-111 to New "i ??rk this afternoon tor a
i vi<it of Mv?eral daj i
The fJerman Ambassador and Counteai
von ?Bernatorff, who a??-? entertaining Mrs
?Bdward Ijuckemeyer ef New Toril, mother
of tn?? int? m Im Iti ?i a few tu? I ? ?
meet hoi to-day. Mra Luckemeyer ?rill
return to New ". <?rk to-morro?
Th? Hri: -?? \m: a igdOT an. Ml- Bryot
entertained a' dinner to-night, and were to
?have ' ad i ?' air guest of ? m -? the Mexl
,.-,!, \ ? i. ..?,.?. r, who wa Idenl] called
to ? ? ..-.ratal of hta ?country Dining with
them '.i?- the attorney (-?eneral and Mrs.
Wickeraham, Mr. Justice aad Mrs. Holmes,
the Portuguese Minister, Rear Admira,! and
[ Mra IValnwright, the ?Vsetstent ?Secretary
of \\ax and Mrs Oliver, Mr r*v<\ Mrs.
John Hay? Hammond, Mra ?*? z. ?Leiter,
Mr an.i Mra An i I aid Hopkins, I-sdy
i;r??v Lad? Evelyn Grey, Miss Ashton, Mr
\ Kennard and Lord Eustace Percy, of the
embaaay staff. and 15. Kessler, of England,
tii" nepl aw of Mrs. ?Bt ?. who i* a \
al ? it.? embaas)
Seflor Antonio Martin Rlvero, wl ni i
ceed? Dr. Prsnclsco Can ra Ji itli as I
Mi? 1er to Cuba, haa Join '?! hla family in ?
Washington, aad arrangements a<o now.
being made for both ?Seflor Rlvero nn? j
?Seflor ?Don Romulo E. Nairn, the new Ar?
gen tin?; Minister, who arrlvM y-eaterday, to '
present their credeatials to the President. [
The Cuban Legation ins been altuat?ed at :
No, Ittl Wtb street, and ?Seftora de Rlvero
la now eatal llshed thrr--.
Count Felix von Brusselle-Schsube -k.
firsi -.?^rretary of xhe Austrian Embaaay,
who has hoot* abroad for several months, '
rHuip?-?'*. tl -? embassy ?'nT t-, >ia--.
[FleWI Tl.? Trlh?in? Rufiu t
Washington, Mardi W Mr. an-t Mir?
John a Henderson entertalaed a dlstln
gulahed dlnnei party to-night, having aa
en.-?is the French Ami issad - and Mme,
Juaaerand, the Italian Ambsasador and'
Marches? Cusan!, the Austrian Naval At?
tach' and Baron?esa Preuscl en von und 11
i,i benstetn, Mr ??n?l M-.c John vV P? ter,
Mrs Thomas F Bayard, Mra. Robert Lin?
coln and her daughtei M"- m? ?kwll Mrt
Chargea ?Boughton Wood, Mi?. Ma -
?Boardman, Ml-- Roaall? Spang, "f ?Fran-**e; ,
>_fias Miriam Crosby, ?Prince Koudacheff, I
Russian Charge d'Affaires; Baron von I
Hanlel Halmhsusen, ?fJerman Counsellor;
Mr Dmltrow, Russian ae ? -n ? i ?e<*retary;
Charles gymon, Belgian ?Secretary; John'
l.arrr-tt. Charle? A klan and John h h??:i
derson, |i
Mies lln^n 'I-?ft ?i"> the gt set of honor
at a ttieatre party and ??" to-night,
when Lee MrClung waa host.
?fjen-eral of thi? atate to determine by
a!.?' "i <m wboae authority th?ese ?n^n ?? ??
arms To me they are under any clrcum
staa-sea i blot "ii the history of the t?te
N<? Jewish -rogiment, or any ?recognition of
any race or creed un 1er a "ms ?
?? i*e ? component part of the regularly on
roiled militia or ?>f th? regular army. l
hope you will keep ai II ?tdltortally until
the proper authorities determine the facts
X, w Torli Man b 21, 1911. ir P. M.
To i'?.? ?Editor of Tl ? Trlb me
si-: I'n.? -r;i|.. ? to ? of real value m
t m? of n ?Itemenl and need, mual ? ?
? ?nl\ u ample and convenient, bui Ii ?
? .- lei ? ?? immon ?or dally) use
A atl ;?; i ? ( apa an axaggen ?
fui in "f .i firs eseapi, 1 ?g t refer you
to tii????? on the H? I the Pi lendlose,
\v.lycresi avenue and '?? i r ? in
?. d nu ' and fa ? weathei ; a ? ? lldren uae
: '.?-m in pi efei en? ?? to the iok.i?' ir
way?. ?A ILLIAM B Tt 1 HILL
New Tork, Ma-- h 9, IM]
Plan for Memorial for Geori?c T. Anft^l
at Boston ?approved.
Bostoi . Mar.?'. 7s \- i memorial to
rjeorgi ?ngcll, and to p? ?rpetuat? l ??
humanltai Ian woi k I ? i hleh he dei ot? I
in'", the Maasachuaetti Bodel for the
Prevention of Cruelti y> Animal i ?ted al
it- annual meeting to-da) to approve the
plan uf i'." ?Rev, Dr Francia n Rowley,]
, eal i ?? ' "f lha society, to erect In ?? ?ston
.? i'i?-?? lapital for ?luin!? anlmah The h?oa- '
i .mi which is t?? ?ha kn??\\Ti as the Angel? ?
Memorial Annual Hoapltal, will be equipped
with ail the intfst device? for the treat- i
ment of an?mala la distress and will be tn-i
iirst institution "f ti?.> km.i on -.. |at ? a
????.io m this country, The loclety'? offlces I
ar? t?. be In a r^rt ?.f the hoapltal building '
Mr Angel? was for many years the head
<<f m.? Boctety ?or the Prevention of ? 'i u It)
i?? ?An?mala and lha Humane ?Education So?
ciety, aad ?a?< ttip .?.iitor i?f "Our Dumb
Anima ?
American to Lecture in Prussia and a
German in America.
1 ?? i .?i?. M.tr. ii :*. ,\n.,i gem? nta iva ? ? n
made bet we? n the 1 nlte i Bt itea and ?Prua.
?Is for ?m exchange ??; professors t?? lect?
ure on technical subjei ti The fii it ?Vmerl
' ?'" '" be w . i . ?.....,., Qrnni Me?
cture; on u anspoi tatlon al
John? Hopklna t'nlvetalty, Baltimore, who
win lecture before the < Karl ?tt. nbui I ?
vi rnlt) h. m Wim.. ..,, ?..,,. .,, ;1 ,?. ?
i'i??? Qerman [>rofe_aoi hai noi ... . ,
""""' Oui probant) ?m ,. ,,, , ,: ., V?m
Nl' ' ' ' Dread? n. who will dl ? .
"""""ll Problem? at ... Amerlcaa in ?
lion, iti tu .? aclecud.
Mi Helen Cannon will ratura to tj,,
capital earlj ia Aa*ril and will hav< p*A\
! her i-.i Hi?- aprmag ?-?.??.?,11 Mita \'ir?-in ., r.?
fjeure, shosi parente an going a^'oa.i r,*
sei eral months.
The Ambassador to Oermaaiy r?n<t Mrs
David .i.'ii- Hill win rsjanad aeveral ?p.vi
1 ai n?- Artingtoa later in the "-emon %\r,
I and Misa Hill dkl not acceeapaay the ears
idoi lo Waal ii gton on I la recent h ?.-.
\ rled ?-sail
Mi nii'i Mrs, EAsea Bradley ?11 kavaaa
their gua ;: to-inotrow Mum Baatrleo ?i.?,.
'ling, "* San fork, f." ?shorn they win <??,.
lertaln Informally ?iming her few day**
Ai? ami Mrs Bradl? a ? thstr
?rr-?!"!! houae seal nee* ?-,.,4 v #_
main in .\"? ">nrk until they ** ?-,..
I i*., a?rera! weeks In Rurope. 1 poa 1 ?1?
i?-.iurii rl'?-v ??ii divide the sumtn? betweea
ih< ii houseboal Arcadia, m Alexandria Pav
id ? t -? ? r? *-. ? ' , ti??'ir summer hoa ? *,?
Tuxe-Js Pari Mra Her-t-eri Bkapmaa m?*,
hi - basa ihelr gui ig thej ?,
? ?;.j Polni ? 'omfort, 1 ? - It ! ? . t
Mrs Colin Campbell - 1 t ?"?-*?,.'?"??<>,??(
arre .more of lest tef?*-rmai owtna ? *. ?.
and tha absence ?>f Colonel ? amp * \.\\
v. h?> t? constantly la demand by 11 fr-iejasj-f.
entertained in Baltimore t?,-a.i..
Mi a. Will am H Bliaa a '.? s ? r.-ns'i
luncheons t,,.,i?-. to?morro*s an" , ? .
r her house, Se I ata I r" 1 it rest,
Among bei gu? II be ? ? ?
Ambsasado ? to G msi I ' " r>avt|
Ja: ne HI
The Ambasaador of iuatria-dWuagaii ar??i
? ?? Baroness ? on H? ngeln ... ?
?a town to-day from Wsi c 1 1 all]
;?? al 11 a ?-'? Reg? '??? a fes Ba
sad Mra I eg nal I Brooke <??-?? -)-.?
to arriva in *?>??? from ? ? o-i
.. ? rday.
Mrs. Alexander B t an of Ba iaa
arrived in town froi Ball ? ind la at
1 s tValdorf.Aati , I 1 fa * I ta Baa
Is the mother of M -JutTern TaJle?
Mr a. Robert v. LI Ingatoa is tha ?-.???*
of her daughter, Mn 1 tl Ka-i?.
In Brookllne, a
'..??? I Strong and kef
daug tei ?? ?: ? lose their a isa ?? laj ar? 1
g.? t.. the Plasfl for the remaindei of l 1
? 1 , '?????,'. !
'' tOS ' ? ?? ? : ? ' I V IgtOI ,,\ ? ? .
a here she a 1 1 1 t for 1 fea d ij ?<
,,r Mra P* Jones
Mr. and Mrs, H??nr T" Hum?!. }i
.....,? msn led on M. ? trace 1
chantry, sstled f ?<' ??'?r yesterdayea
board tha Cincinnati Mrs Barata **a?
Mi*-. Ma*.??! Irving Jonei ???nd la a aaah*
rey ??<? Mra fids ird R?enshaw tonca
atra Qee-rge H Hull, |r., gava a srttge
partj '( terday at tha houae o?- m.? j,
W ad f-*1erson, In Wesi Ud al ? al
Miss ?dlth v,.ii ? ortlandt .la?- also en
tertained ait I idge ssterds; at bar
"?'.to. 11 ?East 79th etrett.
Kathi ne Hamilton Blckels, laugh?
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dentae Blckels
v.?ii 1? married to iior-K? Dtnaaaora Ljrea
on April ' " In All Boula' ? ti
a sal-? will ho held thla afternoon ar ?
???? g at Delmonl?*0'a for the fr-n?*-!-;* of
th?> Non- York Foundling Aaylum Mr?.
!.oeinnl?l ?'. Vsn-Santfetlt, Mr?1 < ".ai'??.- M
OelrichS, Mrs. Morgan J ?'?'Brf?,n and Mr?
.T?"-l?n V Bourier will be m rharee -*rf
? '; '? c a
!}>?? ^elefra-h le Th* Trlb-m?.)
Newr-'rf, March ? -Mr. snd Mrs. James
J. <"<->ocan and Misa Jea?ie ?' oogan a*.'."l??*4
to-day from Mew Torh and ar?? ?r?e???! ??.
tl ?> New Cliffs and Boblaaoa ?-o?*???
Mr and Mrs ^?i'tin L*ed***ard Baada were
rer*?ivinsr i agajr^talattoM to-day an the
birth of i aon Mira Beoda aras fei taw iy
Misa Mariana FHillam
Mrs. Thentsa H Htrward bas raturasal ls
New York
Mra aSdward J Rerwin-l la here aaskl ig
an Inr-iie.ti^n of t li *-* PJss**aiad estate
The new : oma of Cosnrnsodore and my?
Arthur Curtlse James if to be mr-mietei
rlio latter part of Ar* II
Frederick h Pakts la expected i>a.?k from
pa the latter part of the proeeal ????*/
Mr and Mrs WY'iam P T.vran it'"
gut sta .if Mrs. L L a^ataWUtard
M aa .Mar--- tppiet?*?a. .-. ?ompsnted ty
Misa H. Jinis, of Y?-.- vork, in?re-'t?d bar
rsuro to-ta-.- Mr. ani Mra T. Bufferfj
Tatif?r ar?-. exfiected ?? -morrow.
University Trying to R?aise S500.?
000 Fund by October. 1912
The ?? flsk I'nlraratty !ia*.-? ys>
? *?>?-. *i'nrk p'llI.TO
' i : ? r' ?? ? ? ? f?a.-'' to go "?'
.1 i ? endowment fund of |.W.aw
aow being re ed. These gifts, with I 1
reo<?n'. appropriated by the Oeneral Ki:
catlon Board, make |ss\OM ral'^d r.p M
date, Th? trustees v.o^e t? complete tha
fund by "???->
i' Booker T w '?-' ini I ? 1er et
Tuak? gem Tnstlti - ids s tnaa>
tea of ?risk He re ently made I la atate*
men! regarding the ??> "ik of the university:
? [ ha " pted this pla of trust
reuse T bel ?? i . ? it \''.->\. I'nl
.. ? ?| ... [have
ed th? Instil ? ?? ? I bajear
something of Its I ic ipirlt u I 'the Ftf?
-? . ? Ina resulu ? t ir< work I r oar see?
Waa ili*4fton '< a k aduata ef
V k ITntve -?? and for ti i reaaaa alaa
? th ol us feet that we as mere sa FBB
? s ,? ean erer rei
"During a long period >f? eara Flak ^"
n i ? n n ?? tlj !? rforming (In aawasi ,'1
the training of ? the best sstB ft1,1
? n ?n be found anywl ere la taa issaa
a? \\or!s fir- our i;"'?" The university nii
n,.'\ rea bred the point h'awewr, ahttt a
mus! iir.\?. larger support Even ,rn''
\ lali i ? '."-?: ?:?? i ' im nu ut Mai l ,l
such ? ' ? ??? k can b? d ne oa i:'-11 *rn'
der la.?-?
"Much Is need was of atisaajth"
?T-.incr il" p .?? it :>:atii and muel la rt***
...i to enable r traateea to aaaet the aa
mini eurrent expenses, i ara et ?
anxtoua iual non that the I ' ?" **
Cnlveralty nn,i aagro ed? itloa ? ? '' f'*'
courage lbs nan pi jsUentt Df. *'?*?' ?', v
Oat? -. i" gen? roua and bnasa i
? i ii support "
Oalea have broken pi i t t '-" ":'
In N.'w Vork Jealous) : ?Jothani In
sko'h skyscrmper?, and now I?
nils- t.. qualltj as a wlndj ? l? ' "u**"
a wooden IraeTriaa waa arrested t,> :t %" '
Vork t ollci man, while ihouaai ? ?
live sai iges are allowed to rui at. ? ?
the m iropolla nttaburg Oaaett?
Lobaten :.uv? gone to thai ??h#*r?.?l
l>rl. ?? "' ??? ????m.?, a i/ound srholeaaw >?"
HiMuon market, and we ma> >??
i,,.;,.i line ? m Heated In ihe p.?.- ?
snd hunarj eyes ol the lobster i.?-. s '
streel In Sea fork ?Uwsvllle < -nrier?
.l.iiii n.tl
Nen i'ork Is lo give tree ?vagUasee 1}
II . school children Boston In daiiger ?
losing her f-reatesi ?list nctlon wITMJ
? iiv give ?aaah kid i*?o pairs l hi?
.1. || lu i North Air.fiKun
Kea \"tk.? latee! cyclopean i.n.leru?'?'
t a hrldte t.? spaa Hell c.vue The aruei.
,',..-*. i ; ? > "? "?i?'*' long and wilt stre^J
,;?."V.,?1 M,?,,.. ,.. RaialaU's lalaiiiI. from
,?..?. ,,. u.,1 '?. Island, ??d onward to t^onj
I.?.m,I fill The .? hlevement? of "'*;,.
,?;.1 ?,??1,,,, ??ted. of Ms?''n;??;i; J?
,,.,. Mem trifling compared with th*?"^
up fabrics of this Babylon of ?be Vaeaten?
,\ i ? Rocheater Poat?Biprit?

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