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/*9 ?
V* I \\ ...N? 23,510.
I o-rinj. min
In innrrr,??, f;i|t ? nnrl'i-,?-?? nincl?
\ i:\v-v< m K. Tin i.si my. m a m 11 30,
r0URTEE> PAGES. ** PMCE ONE (CT'"f^^fe^^ _
Head of thp Architects' League
Indorses Denvand Voiced
rhrough rhe Tribune.
J, W. Alexander Point- to Hoavy
Loisei - Worker? Will Hold
rive D'il1? -Insnraiicf
jvren Favor Reform!.
William . Borii K ? ' ~',>' ' ' '
? . ? l-i lid yes
?- (at thai he wa? ;n In irtiesl ac
? ? ?. .-;? thf nev movpi
. -;-'*? m ? safeguard the
ivorkinjj pl< * ci>c
eeting tho Vn hitectural
grin --ill ' led immediately
????-. v. ill be app ' '?'?'.
formulai tical rei cm
? ?-.
h H ?tn actories
? ? ? -, nd< ? ? lenl of ihr
nting both the
? ' -? ,?!. \ ps . ,f tlio
vorker?' ndusti \. and
;? of Sanitai Control ol
lustn began
? ? tin- immediate
? ? ? ? ' ' lea in the fac
?' ?
Marsl il '? er? and Disti
; ? ?ntinue ' their
? - . of the \- h
il was trsl i
latter in juin thai the
t *, i apparatus in the
I r, ? 55. on .-?? r? mni
? ?-< and absence i?i
wat? ? ? rrgenc; pipi
lerbi ?tt< " . In i
neighboi h?ood of the
thai the work of
n that oc? asion vas ?o
c' ? i f?x ii ni ,,.:?: the speed
I tepartn enl v.
:??< ? ?
P. Miller. Superin
tei ni Buildings, returned t? <
? ? ? da?j. and immediate
? ? re? ;?"??' l he ??? ?.rls ? if his
"? if] ??? ?nnectii ?ti with the
ind the fire. He
? ?'? ? ' '??!" '" n - ?thin the
'? ? to Roro igh Presi
\. Borini n ar
. ? ? ? ...
- ? ? ? ' ? ? ? ,-i
. na i
? ? _? Phi ? ? for !?????
i hiit '.?..?ul.i ?af?f??-iiHr.1 tl"?
? - and pra em\ a
' the ph< thl ? t???? 7
'*" Archit? tural
? ?; b? Mr ' ? ?
m tub
? ??' :
'? ? ? ? ?? ; ?
? for? th?
m mend ? ? M
? to the leaf ui,
and wl . - ..]?
dons, v ere d?
i ..._ >?.-ti-._:. I?
??? ? fundanimtal ?unit h_y n?->t In
. t that the d
i igh thtir 0-CQ
? ? ? ? ' ? : ? ivorkini too
fi ? ? .
for ii ist ? Idlng like
... ?..? t
? ? ? ?
? ? - ? ?
? ?
? ? ?.
?. .?... t
? ? r from I
l B'-i Loft-?.
, r. |
? ? ?
' i its - *
? ?
I < I ? t ;
? .
' -
? ?
? ., thai
.... .... .11?.
' tl.
H?? ScHoo1? F.rr Esc ?-??ne.
i t I have j ri su
? '
t mer? m ? sal ni
the inal- .ul
, nnot ? : open fron
\\ ? ai rang?
? ? in . n get out oi
. v. itii.'.ii n? ul : ind a Ith .
- ?lid !'. and noi .
Dm th? get tu
;.i ih?? woi st, only i f< i
folio? them, ao the)
ii i'.:i an?
their < ? ; t i?, i h? i-i :? ? t
? i.,. i- uffl
I, ? . : . -4M tl I
and ' ' ? ?? rt .? iru? li ?i a? ? oi ?l
' ?.? ? ? r?gulai Ions M
t ?iiiiii.ii? 4 ?... ii.ii.i ?i .t?.
Firepnnof buildings, whether
factorie. or tenements, ;ir<- nol
*?af? without ample exits, nro
i '< cteel fr<"n tht reach "f flames,
, ;",! "' quick, easy and familiar
'".'i-f"-? There arc thousands of
buildings in this rity a? well fit
tco for ftr, resistance a? the
Asch Building. In afjy one of
' i m, i hief Croker has *x<\. last
Saturday's disaster ma) he re?
peated Some comply with the
lau Perhaps m< ?si of them ?I".
in s? ?mc respects.
Bul onl) constanl supervision
will insure compliance with cer
in parts of tjic law the parts
relating i" l<ockerl doors and free
? access to exits and fire escapes.
1 \u'i until full authoriti ami full
n sp??njibilil j arc \ esttcd in
sonic official oi department vio?
lations of ?lio law will continue.
The Re\. ! >r. i harles I.. Slat
111"?. oi Gi arc Chuh h, address
ing a memorial meeting for the
tims if ?lie fire ? esterday,
said ' The resuh of this fire
w r .?11 pra.? ed would be a bet
ter conditi? ?n : thai they who
<lie?i would n"' have died in
vain, and civic pride would rise
i" the emergency and insist
up? ?n improvi d conditi? >ns.*'
Chief ? rok?r warned New
Vork after the Xewark disaster
thai it faced the probability of
;? worse calamity. I le w as a
true it? iphet. 1 le ha? repeated
that Warning.
rTIw American Ambassador Ad?
dresses Great Meeting at
Albert Hall. London.
Bible. Greatest Guarantee of
Peace. Says Ambassador Raid
American the Evangel
of Arbitration.
*? r*-sbl* ? Tha rrlbnm
Ion, ?starch 29. Th? mort Impre*
? inciden! of th? dims meeting In M
Hall this evening in t**ommefnof*a?
I ? u <<f ths tercentenen of th? author
,/?.,! version ? f the Bible " ;??? ? messag?
Prei i?).! Taft This aroused mor?
? | , ? dit tset A tht
Prims :? and th?? Prim* Iflnli I? i
Igious and literary aspects of
i . celebration wen of unique Intareat,
,,. ,,n;c.. ie*H perfunctory, ?n?) enabled
? ,.i repree?ntatlv? Englial assem
.. hi nor the .-. me of an Ami rl
,: ? i . fvangi absolute arbitra
r.timal >ns -A what ?a?
umlni Mr. Rcld, the American
. paring lh< Rng
- i,i . . Rlbl? .'ii i: ? sub
. ? | . ? ?? .?,.,.?;.I )? I ?? ! ? ri 11?
i . , thai ?? fui nial ed the
:? i .. ? nd< str irtlble
?. rut prrwi leal unity ?f
; rainllj nf riHtinn?
:? i r . i ?
Greatest Peace G?.?.??*antefc.
m :,. : ?,. ii ri .in i and
, i . ? ? iitli ' ??? ' diploma? y In
?;. I?] added that the
*? irting from th,
. Bitlt! of tlie f'"K
t ? gr*;.t?-t single guar*
? ? ? , ?.. ? nd pi tigresa of Hi"
? Id
? ? ' ' lias ?'as inbound? tl wbt n
\ i d? ? ?" ii na vol?-?.,
lha! fi"iii i'.< m? n and fro n
i. . nurtured on i hi pr
? ,.i the Rlbl?. main ?n thi N ?
? ii - min th? atateam in
sal ? : Pri sld? nl Tafl and the
Inspirit ? ? -i ' ? "' K n- tl? orge
igli :-,i l ;d ?.I t?rej m hi? Ii |ir??m
...i tn ma be war a i a? 111? in? nl of <!i<?
i m, s i?t\..,.|, i.nt'i.Mi speaking peoples
. ?nd i 'i " ? ? n an othei < h ;l ?
,/.. ,i ? ? ? i ditable. rii \ ;i?t au ?
I hi rl ? ? Kmba s
. . ni i,.h u.? i,,,M. r l?.?.?.??!
? ;,n adorn the coming .latloi ,
? dlrccl i ? f? r? !.. ? as v. t
In it. ? ..?.ut Taft'i Bgi 'I'll it . ame
?i., the Ambassadoi had explained with
|tici?llt> a id for?*? hot lb? authorised
l i,i h splr? -l the ? ? ? rgiea '?I
? ? ? nd i ? m ..i?- 'i the hook
Ii the ?m..-i effective - pi aki ra
. :?? .m?! Illubtrationa
| for reaching th? i ?pul u hear!
Taft Warmly Applauded.
?, ,, licit ?? . - quoi? ?i from
j Thorn . ? ? '??' ? In's : pi ? i h? -. and b not hi i
..i \ braham lain? oln lo ?
-,gH| |on, v.' hlftl i t* r-1 ni' 'I linn
| ? ith Blbli dui n i "f ' 'i? i; Wat
?i | . , itt'rant'1 ?? ? i ? " artnls rccel ed,
1 4 iilllllllird mi llflli |>M??.
Fire Commissioner Says New
Laws Are Imperative.
Pin Commissioner Waldo outline yes
terdaj what b? believed i?' be Imperative |
changes n legislation affc*cting fin fighl
..'.?-? and flri prevention To maki thnn
effective, hi urged tha? (rower i?< ?given
the Fir? ?Department to enforce the ln
stalla?on uf every appliance i rut would
worfc toward ih? saving o( \'f<. In order
i?, ?previ ni tu? h diraati ti .!:; thai ?it
\\ ashington Pia? ?
The Commissioner ?summed up hi? I
reqpmmendations In three divisions.)
First, ?removal of Ihe causes of tit?. .*-=: n-h ]
.?- Im pro] er ac< im ilai ion ol ? ubl i-h
unsafe lighting and heating, smoking In ,
dangerout places, carelessness In the uae I
o? olla, Impropei storage ol explosive*.
fuin highly Inflammable materials; sac-1
ond safeguarding by tht lntroducU?on Jt .
appliancei foi the imm?diat? discovery,
irtarding and extingulshmenl of dr..
mu h si sut? mal i<- fin alarms tor de?
tecting fires. automatli sprinklers fur
extinguishing i?n*i holding Hres in ch?wh
and hand appliances for un* under the
protection uf automat i< sprinklers, -mini
? ;|? | ni'i !'.-? :-? Il ? li sing I'll'? !T"??. ?
doors, hr? strips and ?regulation Inspe.
ti'.ti t?? compel the maintenance ??i *-atp
rondil iom. and ihlrd ?<? an of ? ?leap
??il? qua le < \j? riui In or tow? r
tire escapes, or properlj inclnaed ?tali ?
with self-closing fireproof .1.?? ?i-\ opening
..?,1 ward, sufhYlenl In ? ns bli ?portion? ol
?1, building or flr? In he ? mptled
i n umptl*
Aged Naturalist, Rcfus:iiK to Ride.
"Hits" thr Trail.
... M ? ; ? :
y ? Ang. ? Mari I ?9 i"' i Burn
Ih? natui -'. ? i " if -' \?...?..f.i .?
old, proved.hit metlli yenterda? b walking
i" ? ? ? .'nuil of Mount w ??i
Bl? i r ? M.i'ii' ? ?n Man? ? of . than nln?
? |i i v-ii m?.? t.? \ isii the notar ubs?
ii?| ne* Mi?- trail
;'-.?! to i Id? i" Ihr Kunimll 6.20.1 tool i ???.'
?. ;. ?< ?,. 1 lie reach. ., the .?>?<- . :?. ?good
?. I'li'i'jn and aftei . on r?es( I egan an
Inspe? lion i>f Un ??.?-<. at or* il<? will re?
main i?ii Ihe mountain -i '?n - oi two i?? oh
tain nlghi .ft raven
?? ?Hi- Rill | ?: ? ..??? i|te?l Stall ol
\ i,,, r ' .. tl.il vas the on. ?.i ? r,
a lettei which ?was on Ih? desk of t'oni
rnlssloi ? i d ? ard? ol lh< .-;i.. ? leaning
11. |,..i inn ni wh-rn he reached his offlci
?, rda; Thi k II? i r<
?i am ttena n^ this lettei from pori Said
i,, ?,( if this H'l'ii? a won't Und you I
s,,? ? m.? ? h i- ? "r 110 ll will, to keep the
?envelope until I.return.' It a si Ign? i I
i ? liemmeni
? ? ??
Richltl.I, \ s M m n "' ' urg? ??'! ?
pV-si .ni.?/? m? m si Hi? '?'<-? ??i *? y Jan
kins, electrical Ini Dt? I om ??i?"H; exact
, |) 1,1 v i ?gslli tont a ? i ? ' ? n.I b? an "i>
. rall?n i.. ? mi l.i i ?i Munit \;. i..
nui -? ,?? i.? ? ?v.? oud ?' half i ? ?i - i" ",??
Li ?? intu? ? m ? st? '>? '
? ,,; m.. . ...i.. klsVch ? l eral ail
lo-ds ih? fsllun ?i hnothei -if..it
t?. amend I hi Hot ? ? uni ? ? ; I s Is u u
lo allow t'lti? I ? ' ? '
: ,,,, -ri,, ii' ..??? b a ote ol lo ?M
?_< r? m? ,i in? i nii"ii M.ling ? ??? m I'?
ll"!. ..' 'II.f '"'.I Ill' I?
-, m- Roo KELL N 0> THE SI VTE L1BR VR. 'S Ql KM I R*
Phi i??. ??, ? ' ? ' ; ' "' ; ?
Uproar at Memorial for Fire Vi
tims in Grand Central Palace
Breaking Point Conges Wh<
1,000 Rise to Pay Minute's
Silent Tribute to Dead.
?. ? emorlal mi-nin,-" for the vl<*th
? f th? Washington Plae? ru" ?aa aim?
broken up las! nir*iit at tht Grand ? v
lac? a ?i< n half a ?'??:? of th? gii
id ? ? i|.? ii from the disa I r I
? ame the pr? .if hysterics and neat
ted ??? [rank a Ith th? Ir ehrl? ka Be?
. ! of the j oung a om< n fa Inb I and hi
? '?. ? an ?. .1 ??ut into I I ? aid? alai
? ? th \ aren n'n> 1.1 - ? ?. \re?. It an
to the mthing Influ? nee of ti
mlii ? and the uih? is th;.i tl>? s. ? ?
?thi : women who had reached a stage i
quiet '..ping were not driven Into a
outbreak of hysteria through auggestto
The in- ? ling \ .is held a! the call of tl
?Ladles VVaia! and Dreasmakera' l'nii?;
Despite ill-- heavj rain more than ??t
thousand m? n ru,.i women attende th
? i ? ., and among th?*m m i re many <
the young wom*n who so narrowlj e?
. , ? .1 "i|n Ill? ir '!'. ''S "11 S;il 11 r ? ? : : '
?Some ?if 11" i'i were Mated on I he plat
form, '\iiii?' othera ... ? iplwl aeata In th
i ? '? ' row a on th? fl.
Ileginring with thelntrodu loi -i ? i
.' .i .. .. . Panken r/"*h?i pr? aid? ri, ' arrow
Ing tleaerlptlona of ?h? disaatei racka
ih< n?rvea of the women In wins? mint
ti,.. ?'hole terror of the even! could no
have been obllti rated In th? feu day
Uta! hav? pasfM-d ?-irr??- th? f;ii I hour
Their faces began to twitch and quivei
and when Abraham dahan nnlehed ?
? i. i ...i in Yiddish, In a hi? h he picture?
th? Bormu ol the mothers of the victima
tl ? girls wer? read? to break rtoam m
the I? ast proi ocatloi
Phis rame when Mi. Panken asked ih?
audienei i" rlaa for a minute '?. h<r-iot
i, ii,? ni? t 11 ? ?r ? of the dead, Thej roaa
; 4 ii ? i stood in ?' aorr??wful silence, rlvi
. i s.\ ??vonds |.isu...i before the flrsl sol
rd then n hlv? r ????? med lo -*?
ihrnugh ever; memmfr of the <t sembly
,,,,. ? ... hri? !? i nf hysterical worn* n
.. ...?i from the platform and among
.. m th? f' "i Boma of the women
In a faint, and m< n i ush? ?i
toward them with s df-slrr ?.. Iielp, ESvery
. i i mas "ii his feet, nnd-a ;.?ni? B**f*?m<*?*J
The pollcem n a ho had bi en i? aning
I againal the walla In the rear all evening
?marched alowlj ihn?.ich ti" a latea
; toa ard th? iro ipa thai had m ii? kly
I formed around the fainting women.
Thej quiet I) ruin? st..I all t.> all down,
and then ? ?. < i ? ? I In having th? swooning
. ;,i 11. ii ,.iit i.t the audlen? ?. ??. here
fr?..sli -hi and h ?Itu.k Ol ? "I<l ugicr
asa th, ?i ?h? ,i shaken n< ? ?
A. m Bitnona i ? onotra O i:. Illy, Mania
in!!.imh .u rj .i.f.roldati in spoki aboul
ih dl latei ind Its k asons
? ?-1
Hi Paul M > ? I i i ?.u if?
.. i,in w.? i- tiled in tin . ? i? .?? n i ir
Antrdi'iiviari Wiil?t?ey Strall I II
pb hall add i.. I hi di h? 111 ot Hie??.
pr>|?,ili. nl,- I ,u\ ii? | , .i ? , Ni? \ ork.
I ????"?
Accuses Him of Being the Myste?
rious Power Which Prevented
Shechan's Election,
Tammany Boss Willing to Per?
mit Section of B Srnator
This Week if H^ Can Con?
trol Insurgents.
? "harles v. Mun h? ? lead? r of Tam
t>.'"i> Hall, ms?a> puh In ,>'? I ome, So.
:',(>.*> '?'?--? 17th street last nlfhl s blttei
???-.?: n ?? ich he ? h u g? I ' ?? '
[.ynd? Stetson will trying to irre t. tiV
Democrall? part? In this state. He ac?
tes Mr. :-'(?( i -? in.xtr- x\\o "mysterl
? ;????-;?' in? has frustrated Ihe at?
tempts to unite ill? Democrati? (?eglsla
tors ir; Mir eto-tltM of Williiri* P, ?_-)?*???
han i?? th? i'nited states Renate, and it
tacks him for aiding in m attempt to
?hting ahoul ?i coalition ?between the In?
surgents "*i'i the Republ cans.
it; t!:? ??! temenl Mr. .-'i< tson is ??n?
nected tvltli ?many corporate sethities,
Rnd it is ?saaert-ed ?ha' hi is "the p? r
sontflcation <?f thi? Interests."
.Then th?? Murphy statement was
iir?-nifiiit t?i the attention of Mr Stetson
in his home, So. \ -Sasl Tlth street, l?aat
x\ighi he >-rr,i!?-'i .-?nil ?said
"Mr. Murphy is entitled to form and !
expresa any opinion ?if me in sees (it. I
think ba is- largelj justified m his re?
senttnent. I am a f?ree American cltisen
snd an nol a candidate for an
"As t<> th?-? ssaertion ?lint I organised
?h- St???! Trusl and the Harvester Trust.
I f.n. pleased to sa! i!..?t ii Is true, and i
am proud <?i' it I <i>? ii.?! care to so into
th.- details < i ill?- stat? ment, howevi r
Murphy's statement ;??ii??'. ??- ?
.'"? mon litan two and one-half months
the Democratic part] lias :.. ?n ? i???.r.._. -.i ?m
,.n effort, bj ' Irtui of \\\o cm* m ?Jon
given t?? It bj the |>eo| th? polls in
N?-i\pnil."r last, t?> eleel .. representative <?f
i :.?? pai " :?!?,? vacan? d by ? he ? \
? r i lie terni of .-? latoi i ??-;.. ?.
?From :' ? outset th ffurti to unite tiio
?um in t _i <?f the nominee "f the rau
? iis ha? ? i ? : i?'. (rated h tome my?-t?f>
rious puwer, which ha- remained in tiif
i... nt- ???.!>? .-:n?l ?caused Mi 8h?eehan ? " bx
assailed !?? ? ? ??) > ? one? :?. ? I ?!? form ..r'
ill efforts lo disci ? ?
man reell* responsible foi this ?:'...? . .
l ?-??': :n i .?in until yestei -i.?: . a ben
i?: .-?, ? i. . "front? i chara. ???: I ill. ol :.?~ en?
tire rare I rancis Lj nde Htei ?on,
lit Icol Pharisee, stepped Into the limelight
?and boldl* assumed i-harge ??f tin- en tin
Sol . stlsfl? il tritl preventing
i ? i ?? m ? ??? attc i sit) fi "Mi making a d.
for -Senator, Mr Stetson now
.?i- ni.? aith Frank it Plail son of foi ?
mer Senator Platt snd for tw?entj ? ??
th?? representative In Ali.au? ol thi ?????
i oration i until he a si .h <\ en oui ??t
Is engaged In making a deal with the R?
publican m u hine to ? led ? man ? :
own selection fot I nited States ?Senator
with the a?. ????.< ???I purposi ol destroying it-o
] >? m.He part) In tl - ?stat? and ? .- Ins
his in? lor-K *truggli ' I?? ' ? ? Ta n
man] Hall
Flays Stetson as Tr^st Maker.
? ailing i?? his aid all th? di nal Isfii ?l I ?em
ocrais in ths stat? ind wltl th? assistance
..? ?several Sea v?'ik ??apiei'- which have
been trying i"' ?/?ears to digtro) tin Demo
cratlc organlsatl ?, this man? campaign
ins nur?; with the chargs that Mi g.
I, m. s ii"iii he hs - i? i lonslly certifie I t>?
be s man ? f high character and sterling in?
tegrity, was until lo be chosen n.- i nited
Ptai-K Senatoi because he sit the ?repre
?. ?.i.iti?. ?? ??f the Interi tl
wiio i? Hit? Mr Fran? I? I.ynde Bt? I on.
who thus speaks upon i? i ? a I r .?t the plain
peoph of In? state *t??i ? <?i?< vps Ii i be
his dut; t" prevent, ss fai ai poi dble Tam?
many ? ontrol of Mate sffalrs
i he I hi same man who organised as
,,,,?,?-. i, th? Steel Trust, thi greatest -.?i--.
,,f st?ocfc watfrins .'?n?l s''.??k |. bbing In
modi m tlm? ? and which lusi at?.. ;i to
be Investigated b) th? rongresa ol the
I'nlted States? ?i he tl e same man ??<?'. ia
the attornej al onci for .i Plerponl Morgan
nti,i f"t T ornas K Ryan?
isvii?-? iii#? mai. who organised the Sorl
?i?n Securities t'ompany, which the Bu
preme Court "f lbs United Btatei held i?>
|. m Illegal If nol ?? criminal organisation?
hi'i he ?i"' organise th? internatl nal Mer?
, intlli Mat 'n? thr si h?,?.'lu Trust ? ? ??
Ruhbei Trust ti.. Harvi st? 1 nu I
..i her slm ?ar ! od es"
Is he not il e large?l - lockl older In the
i'sIsrael Power t'ompan) win. h t?k? ? ill
pow? from the Slas ira R rer, wit ho i
anj ' "'.naal. I I fran? hi.ii ed
? . itsti snd ? hi? i dlstrlbut? ? I he
?,,,.?,. r over Ihe stal ? a ltho*w i..? ing a
dollat t ? the i"ii?ii? 1res nrj ?
?.Vas h<
i... i?.,- at reel rallwaj ici of IHM,
which ir rllent, "lake" sh.ni?. procured
Ihi Infai.? Bi ??..?l?.:,? ii an? him ' I he
not genei ?U\ i he moel ?.nlnenl ? i
i itinoti-i ??i the en tin ? a "i Ihi I i n? ?i
-, U
?a , - n not In the interest ? f I ?da .??, \i
tthepard ounsel ol the Penns -1 nls Ral
i ...,,| i*ompan) ?.?!??. method
i, ,,,\y i|e ... ,. i ? ?I i lu nol It 1rs of two ? ?i
ImI ?f lIn i . that h? ? si sp|
,? ? i?,, \ til ??ear?
?Metson Director of Railroads.
?| i., | m, i,.i ?. i >n .. lot i" thi ' II) of
l iii.i.mh.iI mi i, f 11 ? sage,
The Sitte of Sty, V?rk ar
? :??(! u?> insurance < n the Ctpi*
j tol. 'I he building *?a?l been r?
i garder! r.s absolutely fireproof.
So criticism o? \hn fire resist?
ing qualities of the building itself
has been heard, h was ?lot the
building that burned, bul its
contents, and these contents in
?It -???. I ion where the fire
start cri were of the most in?
flammable materials ? wooden
shelving, books, pamphlets au?i
loose paper?.
Chinese Surround Capital of
?moor, Is Rumor.
1 Bt Peters! urg Msr? ' 2? ' flso?
" .-i?; eurrei f t* nlgl I tha r tl es*
1 had surround? d and ' : ng
Blagove-stchenik. capital tl ?i.
I Provint**?, on the Amoor River In .' latk*
Russia, "i'1', rumoi la without ? ..?.r.'?.?.
Blagovestchensk Ii cr at* close la
Man?-hiinn i? i? cholera Infected Sfsd
*fotlH tr. 'ibi-> has arisen " I? en th? Kus
?inn?- ai?ri PhlitetM over the eplden.i? SJsd
?quarantlm measurea. Thla town sw
Mnsucceesfull) attacked >>: the ChineM
In llHie, 'luring the Boxei trouai?
Put Her 300 Pounds in Ambu?
lance and Traffic Moves Again.
Rain " :- mini down in torrents .nd
Rtreaka of blinding lightning were , rk
ing earthward at Second avenue anil
1117th itreet last eventos ehoi ? 3:801
o'clock, when Urs. Kate Bhes ;? 'm?1u?,?
?or" So. ?">?">?"? Ea?i 117th street, ?'?ml ',?**> n
In a heap ??? I ? northbound surface ?tssT
tracks. The Is t time she stepped "n a
:? pair "i scales sirs Bhes weighed turc??
ndred pounds. 81 ?? aaa unable to sot
up off the car tra?-".* nd three mitoi'
men from h? man: blocked cars, '?ere i
unable to lift her in?., ?n ambula*s-se|
from the '? larlem H"?pitai
Dr. McCullom eent for f??nr pol i? ?iikii.
who vit h four ;ii'it<>rii)on. tlnail ?1?~
posited Mrs. Bhes In the ambulance.
i ? prior to tiii?-. however, a truck with
oats, ?. si nt:?i haj belonging : > P.
Angelonl &? Co., of North Henrj itreet,
, Astoria, rumbled alontf. and th?1 driver,
i happening t'> peter down ovet his seal on
j the off side, saw .Mr??, sin?? atretrlfed ?"?ut
? <.n tiir tracks He pulted up his horott
ifa'.???i from ' ie truck and ran 'ikr a
d*ser up Second avenue, .mil disappeared
j in the ram. He sppar?mtly waa eoo>
j vin?-?"?i ihat he ;.fi<i run the woman down.
| ami v.fis fleeing from arrest.
After the tracks had been cleared and
the long 'm?"- of crowd-ad ? ar? '??R?an t?
move nortliward, the police t?<>k the
sbandon?*d truck and the horses attached
'? th? Baa* 136th Bti*?t s;;iii.?n. wh-srottj
waa placed In liver! At the hoapttal
Mrs, Shea was found to n?i\- serme J
bruises ou bar ba? k She wai also suf-1
?vrinc from the effects of overmucli im
-? ..
W-fe of Patent Medicine Man
Asks Divorce.
Baltimore, Mar '-'?' A creep hill for i
absolute rJlvorx-? w<aa lied in the Circuit
< 'oui t hen to-daj ' y toi ?, Em II? I
Em? rson agalnai i 'aptaln Iss '?
Emerson, i lanufa? rt r of ??? or??pi tar
, i? ?h, ine, charging desertion and aban?
donment. Mr??. Emerson says thai sac
and Captain Emerson hsve not lived t*>
gether <?s men and wife since ? ?? t,,ii.i-,
1004, wh? n tht alleged abandonm? nt is
nid to ha ?. ? a pi i
in Januar? laal Captain Bmerson ?i>
'....; ? ..; foi absolute dlvorct from h-Js
I wife. Recently Mrs. Emerson ;il?.l h?-r
answer denying lila rhargea i! rltaj
Ithfulm sa Their ??nutr?:?, r, Mls,
smith Hollina McKIm recentl) obtained
n divor?a from her husband. A later
settlement with Dr. McKIm released ?II
? .?i?.i persons from pcsslbli Htlga
- ?? e
Boston Suffragists Object to;
Nnm?- of Shrub with Odd Powers.
I n- ' k| ?: ' ' '
Roaton. March it Chi 1er I ''mip
bell, auperlntendei t ii rha ge of the Na ?
tlonal Rower Bhow, In progresa ai Me?
lea Hall, wai '-? sie?ged bj ? i i,ir?>rs
,.f th? Equal Buffrag? Association to.'day
il ish .? to hsve th?- r<-*mmon or gar?
! den n.?tn?"* removed from the "IX fon
1:. -?his plant
The common name f'-r thla rem irkaMe
plant la "the mother? In ?la a plant." it
If ?.., ??all?f*d ?because, It la aald II eos
itere to rheu up ..!.? ol t|.ivea all
power of s|**eech would be destroyed for
? leaal a m ?nth
\\ llllam R""-bertson Bmlth, r-upertn?
tendent of the United States Botanical
Gardens .?t IVaahlngton, Is authority for
this statement He said lo-daj thai Um
ene amall plant on exhibition rontatsssd
igh poison to kill .i buffalo, if he at?
? n. in ten mlnut-ta The name of "mottssjr?
ii -Liu- plant" ?aill not be removed
I Hi T? I? Riapll i" I i'? '! rilni'i,. 1
Trenton, N J . March k\ Mlsgakiagj a
i Is ;'ni a pocket book, ("harlaa Kiua!?>>
matched i? fnmi it??-? hand, ol Mn wiu
inn I-* gall t ? ? -? ! .a \ ai.m In th? .nun
t- |all Mr? Sal! wftt sitting In .? tr?.ii*>v
the t?m>iri i.,?mi,I tttajfc m her
hands -\- ii" rar appr-oacbad Broad ?n?l
I Pa?rrj itreet Klnsiej grabbed tv Bible and
mad? i.i, i < dooi Patrrt-tmaa '"?.k. who
as a paasngei ..n tru i ?r ,-aimiit tin asas
i i ,
? ?? ? ' ? ? F*oi i \\ in,, -ni,i i ihv.. ? ?i
Ml i I'.w.v .s. BonsC< , 138 Hull.mi Bt.'.M.l.
Fire Destroyed Only Part o
Building, but Property Loss
Was More than $5,000,000.
Work of Restoring the Buildinj
Will Be Begun as Soon as It
Is Authorized by the
[B T ,sr-aptl ?-? . - Tr. ?.;??.- I
Albany, March 20 Tl - Last : ?r.Blatoi
had left th? ?Damoe-ratie s'natorls! ?-Su?
cus ?scarcely an h?.-.r lntxtota> early thi'
mornin- fire broke out In th*- 'vesterr*
c.inK of the Stats ?ati:"I tnd .??? v-.pt
ecross the entir- \\?? ? IngtOfl street, or
western, ?frantagfl of this l ig ?building on
the third ?an.*, fourth R?oore. Th-? a?tuai
property loas ?Is ratl?mat??td fit b-tat-M
?t_,?Kst?i??.i nnA .??;,<?? m ?lax?, but it Is
thought repairs to th-- building may be
completed within t??? former flg'ire*
Thousands ??f hook?. state r??? '?n'.s and
historical documents, Whose value <_n
not L.e meaauf-d in money, were de?
voured t.y the flamea The are?test
?damage ?r<?rn the fire centred m the
Stat? ?Library, with Its sis hundred thttf?
san?! volumes. The library, ?hi? ? was
on tii?-* thir?l snd fo irth ?floors was ? om
pleteiy destroyed, His ? ?ri-'.n of the
Are is unknoa n.
The Qie r.te Its "ay ;n?o the Assembly
chamber, but was extinguished there
?grflhoul mucli actual damage from the
flame?! Wa'er and ?mo-.?-? w?>rke?l h_v???r.
howe\?i?r. in thS meeting p.a. e of the
lower h?)iise. and the 'amous papier
mach?1 ceiling bulged ?oui in spots. giving
the appearance of ?punges < '. nging to
?Macks of slate. The huge brass and
crystal chandelhfr in th'f room crashed
to the floor, .lenioi'-i'.-ina: many Assssb*
blym? n't desks it ?fell
The luxurious chamber of ?v*e -tenet?
wns ii"t Invaded by ?th? :'amr??. The
massive panel? of the ceiling apparentl'-'
wit list..??d the tons of *?.ater arhlell were
pour'd Into the building above the cham?
ber and ?retnaln-ed !n*a? ?. Ther? was
only ?!'s*ht uafr and smoke damaxe to
?furnishings ir, the ch?mbar.
Granite Blasted Away.
MiP??:'.'e ?zranite biockS of th* <?ute?*
v.-alls e.vl trie beautifully rarv-d sand?
stof." sn bes s*n<i marble c-?!?-:nr,s in the
c-orr.iioi ? of the western wins fairly
ineite-j stray la placas fr?im th? blasts
sf Intenta heat ?-i the path of th* flames.
The grnnd western staircase, costing
hundreds of thousands of doliars, was
badly damaged a: the fourth und fifth
The iron framework of the die roof
alorf* ihe weetei*n ?.de ?of rh? building
twisted and broke from its fastenings
f re : 11 the Itttettae h?eat, nn?l th- toot fell
in nearly the whole ?way aci*o?is this
IftStern frontage. The massive rower op
the southwest curner. "lie of four which
l*n?l so much to th? architectural beauty
of the Tour anal"? of the ?'apltol,
cnimbled and feii in??, the building.
On? ?nan *s U?ndbubladly burled under
the tons of stone ard iron which fell
from the -?.of to the fourth fl'-x.r. He is
?flamuel .1 Abbott, s?veut>-seven years
old. :h<- idght '.? a't hnii'ii in th.* state ||
brary It ?.?.a? Inipoaslhla t?. make *
thorough s'a i h ot thai part of the
building to-night a hare h? body is
thought to be. H- ii?> m been missing
sln?e the flre siarte?l. and it is supp-ised
he *?as ?.aught b> th.? flame? and burned
;?. ,i??ath
Kone "f the .-t.it? .-fFlcin!? would redet*
ur<> ? close eetimati of the property loss
-??night. Stall Archil. ?Tranklln b
-Ware ?said n was imposalbie to _o sa at
tills time He ?said, how-evei*, * n?i t it
?would probably be n??t (?ess than $.? ?oo,
coo .1 ??iiiing from ihe relative roal ?>f
the ??hoi?? building, which ? ?s ov?er It7.?
nOO'iOii, ;,..? estlmatod the toes a a
million '?: two mors rh:?-.i th.it Mr.
?fare .<-?? d thai ?i ? ? a of the n?"r? sob?
MNDlval methods o? lonatructlon ?.ich
can be employed to-diy In the tcst?>ra
ti??n Th?? r?!?iti.r? loas might b.? ' ?nsld
. m ': reduced.
Rivers of Water m Building.
Though the flames swept ool* om en?)
of the building, t.ie Ra:?"- and smoke
daioege was hcav) throughout the
?Structure. Ill era of water (towed '.own
the weatern stair a a? i ?and spread out in
a rentable ?flood o.ar the lower fl'?or
t-ftai streams <?f murk) v.ater r.?n down
?Capitol Hill, ovai the tar traiks. and
bac!? <l ip In I.irs* p?"?ls in most of th?*
side streets in the '...wer part of the ?.ity.
The ?offli es ,?! half B dOlUH) ?i? partin?nis
hi.us-d ??n the i??w-r ?floors <~t the west?
ern vvint* v?ere ?rendered useless i>\ the
vvai'?' These Included the ??(fleet. <?f the
stat? Tax Conunlsatonera, the stat
Tisasuill. the Stat?? l.unacv lommis
sion. the Attorney Qeaaral's ??ffl?e. the
headquarters ?f toe national g:iaul on
the se, .?mi ?floor, the l.teut'-natu tlov
Srt-Or'S i-Alce an?l many commlttas
Qovernor i?ix's private offlcs was no*
liania???! bul furniture and documents
in th.- ?adjoining rnons, ?occupied by the
?o\erii??rs ?secrotary, arara damaged by
wat?' The CO_.l1 "f v'liiniis and sev?
eral of the ..?minittec i-oins of ih" Sen?
ate end tsaamhljf !.*i? in the patli of Ih-?
flam?- and burned up Hke so much
The .-?t?te Architect, Mr w.-..-. ?al^
|a>nlgh| that the \? ork of restorailaa
would t>? I-??-*?mi "us? SS ?toon as ihe leg?
islature should autttoriae tiie pu-para?
tlon of pl?ns ami the m ?king of th*
necessary contract.? ?Both houses <?f the
?Llglslature have taken up temporggy
qusrt-rs m the <'.tv Mall, which was
ggaclalmed the temporarj state Cap|aal
by s formal resolution adopted ?st a
meetitni of the members of th? i?*g'sls
tun- there at l oclo.k to-da>.
Appalling Disaster, Says Dm.
The ?Lleutenanl Qovernor t-???k up his
j ofll? e m that of Mv>r McKwai Ths
| i.tl'er departments, whl?h were driven
I ? ut of ?he Capitol by ih" fir??, csubllshed

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