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aSt.iii.iu ir'< ra ta vario? I
th. CSipttoL
Sj eaktag of the Are to
Tjix Bald:
"it la an appall . i 1er. 1 con?
sider tho ?ics?ru tl . oft! i si ?'?? libran
a national lorn. Fortunate]
<pf-Aira ham Lim.roln's em im ipatlon proc
Limation an.! ? i
?well nddrt ss wen rei oved no! long age
fn>m the library t., the si.'.? In Commis?
aionrr Drapi r*a . fflco^
Coniinisuiont r Draper, h<?ni nl the
State Depraitmenl i;?iu.ati.>n. estl?
maud tiie Iom t.. his department alone
at ?$L\?>ft'.<*'?'. Work en the new build
In*- of education in Washington street,
across farsa tho Ca] it?..'., whl? h for a
timo was thrcatcmd by the flamea, will
be pushed t<? afford a home for thai >.??
After a oonferrenoc with fJovernor Dix
?Hug nsfta-oiag Adjutant General Verbeck
too)* over the control of the Capitol with
tho military arm of the Bteti Ueuten
ant Colonel Alisa L !.? igaii ^?'?.-; placed
in charge, and ho at one called upon
?Major Charit > B. Si Us fc troops Bev?
eral of the local ? panics eatabllahed
"headquarter.?? in seem ??: t?.. national
guard room? *'. era the leaai ?: un
agid. BoKtteri i oa patrolling ail
tho corndi.ia an?i entrances t.. the Capl?
toi. and n?> dnc sras alio i ? ? Inside unless
he had a pass, sign? d by tht militai ? .? ?
thoritu-.?? ..r th?- Oovernor'a secretary.
The fir-' started .?: I 1er 2 ??Vlotk
this morning . ' the As
i ? y, whl fa '.? is? .1 ? ? ?mmltte?
rori-n. The flat pi? ?d *.\ith -remark*
able rapldi! Brld ol th?
ny Fir? Depari I nnounced thnt
the Are was m ? i ??'? si 11 ?? nrt
Ruins Still BmouldoriniJ
Tho rtrins of the western winp w?rr
still amouMerii I ?-night and fire?
men wen aeveral i
?f water In th ? "h th
d.-.v.p -Ai. ked out from tht
Btate Library.
The , gs of th?- fir? has no'
been -i? t< n
?mown Boina ol the offlclali teltev'
that ?t v. - ? . ! :??? .1 !? '
virlr.e Th- <>. tri< al engineer In ?!>ar.k*<
of th? building i that the ?
tr.. ?? : I.- . nt ' th
?r th? b .. Ii
BnaPhsys s com ? apart?
ment of the Bv of Bui lingi
are of t!.- .Fed bj
g lighted t;(4';??. tl amone
gome papers ... the Amenably library t>\
i a (me who had atten led the Demo?
cratic caucus last night
la-tod ur.tu nearly i o'clock and then
were men about " . bambei
and the adJoinlnK rooms until r.
A rigm ir;\i sti| ? .i :.? it?
by Governor Dix to dot? nnil ?? the ?.ause
Tho tavaetigation probably trill be pon.
durtcii by the L. |
The flanes spread ??? I ipldlt]
that oven bsfor th? arrival of thi fin
men they had swept out through tM .or
??don r.f the But? Librar] and grea
r??4.r.i''jtm of jiamt- art -., >.?,.. .-. ah ??
tjf ail tho window? on the third :'.? i oi
th.- \m st. m aid? ol tl? b illdlng Th?
wooden i-art:ti?.,',?i In the libi prove?
s-gcellsrai fuel im the blase, which quick'
ly at,- its Way up i,, t...
fra-nklta B. Ware, tr..- Bute Archlt ct
Issursd the fo;?..a. | ? ,? to-nighl
?Aral av p to be taken Is to Lav?
the L-egislatui ropei stab
??ff.i'iaiH to r* move ...
geio.js port? na ? I the I . :,.| ., .?,.
out all rubl lah ... ;.. . slasure shotil?
gjao iirilli- ?'i.it. . .. .'. :,. ?.. ,,.. para
tiori ?if plana and the i ? n<. cs
sary contri r thi itruction
am.) ,un|.i. : .:.-. hould i . provj
oi'i'T that th< ng th? tter it
? i ?' : .-.,..
"in tn?- compl? ti n of the work Aft? :
this la dot.iplet? ? ?. ey i an b<
tl?>ns prepan I the r??storati?*>ii ol thi
bulldins ind fm ? '.?; nl .. the lnt< rioi
I eat l of th? irions stati
d< ; an lo- ntf.
?*' m an ??i illdini
? " ' ..|.|..?,:
that the entire Btai . ? ited Ii
the thit'i and fourth I ? luding th?
Bjorthweal and ,-',.? i \< ns Y
< ?
? ? nd ? ; ?
r - ti I v ? "ihlv
ex. ? ? t rr.iii m
The ??? - - '. . ,
etiamb? i. In ludln? t. . liata auf
f. nslder
at?r,].- water dai
this time. ' tlon n
tl. el I Ins '? ? '
b '
Tl:?' I
gi ?*?., lv al thy
ar..| fifth fi?x?i Mai rtmenta oi
t? ? ? ? nd ' the west en
Husty--' f'-'/T^
Natura S
Laxative Water
Ouicklv RamammmS
' ??.???i.iri of the Caplt ?1 ha? ? sui ? ? ? ;
..!?.- than from fln
< ?ii account i f th< dang? rotis condition
of some ? t the Inti i lor ?walls and dormers
tlirougl it 1 ??? ? st< m a* ttlon, It *'? 'It
he Inadvisable ?... um the offl? ? - "
. i dlately th? ri und r
Mr Ware also stated that In company
with his deputy. Charlea A Busedorn. he
had taken observations on tl:<? extertot
. t ??- walls with a transit In ordar t<<
.determine whether the Are caused any
? ?n d< flection In the mas ?nry. The
, Ismok? being <l? us.-. It was Impossible
'? to obtain a? curate resulta, but from
i ! those which were obtained th.? Indica?
tions arc th.it the walls are practically
plumb as when bull?
This is undoubtedly due t.? the ?maa?
sive brick and granite construction. Th??
Are seems t?> ?have had mon effect on
. the granite than it had on the brick
No Extir_i.'ishers at Hand.
1'wicht L. Goewey, who ?has bean for
seventeen years s proofreader in the
Assembly, discovered the Are. Hi:- work
k< S] s him most of the time in the As
sembly Judiciary room. ?le remained
after the Demooratl? caucus but
.Mr. ?Qoaway .-.aid he left tlM room about
:_:30 o'clock, and was gon.? about halt an
' hour. When he returned he ?j-melled
. smoke, and. looking about, Saw i :;!'? of
the woodwork near a ?bookeaae ablaze.
: He thinks defective Insulation of an sis -
tii. light wir?- at that point ?started the
lire. He ran ??ut Into the corridor and
gave the alarm Nearly every one had
left th--? Capitol except two New York
newspaper correspondents. The three
men ran lick tu the room, but could do
nothing t<? stop the blaze It liad spread
t"u rapidly,
John Mullen, the watchman on th*
Washington avenue side of the building
UHU on the third floor when tSoewey
?rier'; "flre," and ?one look into the As?
sembly judiciary room convinced him
Job for the fin department,
i ? ?.-. ?ut ? th? street, ?and sent in the
Got and the others, who
? w '?re first on the ?scene, said that they
. ired tie ? '. i h i-??? stopped the fire
: in its in. Ipii ? If tl era had been ?any ex?
gulshers or other preventive ?apparatus
Th. Aremen ?made a sti i effort
:?? conAne the fir" t" the third floor ! .:
! the intense heat drov? them back from
positions inr-ide the building and
t. water from ths out*:d? could n I
? ! reach the flan.es
I Chlel Brldgeford and fifty Aremen
led up th?- ?great western ?stair-case
? ._:. the smoke to ntt.uk the fire
where It burned most Aercely in the
?. ?. library.
, ?Several of tht Aremen were overcome
bj the ?smoke ?and had t.? be . trii?ed
1 from the building before the rest ?were
; Anall*. .inven out by the terrible heat in
'{that prut .'?i th? structure. The ambu
' ii.:.' ??? surgeons on ?hand treated mr_ny
?:.en <?n the spot. Three ?fliaQiefl were
badiv' cut at,.] bruised by falling glass
and Stone and were taken t?. the boa?
' | ItaJ Their injurie?- an Bald n??t t" be
serlo ?s.
EmDloyes Storm tHo Building.
( a crowd "f several thousand persons
j 'gathered on Capitol Hill within a short
time after the Are was discovered. De?
spite the efforts ol the ??. held
the crowds n? check, hundreds ol ? :..
ployes of the various departments broke
I through, the Unes a;.?) r.,~h. i i?!'.-? the
smoke filled building l? their way
to their offices and began to remove such
i I article? ?<f value as the ?.: :
I The h?eads of ' depart ? :. ???oon
ed "ii th?? t<-<< phonV by th,- orderlies
, ' who are on night ?int.- at th.? Capli ?;.
i and ?several of them soon reached the
j Capitol 1.1 ?look al't.-i the i.ks and rec
r <?r ?i? in ti? ir lepartment -
B* retar* Ifaeon and others of th.?
Governor's Immolate office force, ap
peared at the Capitol during the early
. , ? is of the fin- at?.; ed various
? ?:?- from the iflii ? ? ? t i .? ? 'i,i, r
-' i:x? ?it;-?? ?Later In the forenoon th? rec?
.?.i- were return??*d, a- !? was s en that
. the Ooven rooms t >i ? not In the
? ? ? : ?
t During th? ?. iven r
I summoned the fltate Architect. !dr,
, w.'f Chlel Pol .i M
? hi? ? Brtdg? ford of the i? Ire Dei
- ? ?,? ? ?
. ' the building The thi? ??? ??.h. Ii I
- G r that th<- ? Ith the
? poasl ? lion plac?
.... side ol th ? bull ling ? ? ? i
?????' | gi [ran I te
. ibes?, '.vail spill lindel the . lion ??(
II the terril ? ?t. ind tumbled Into the
1 sin '. It ' ' lh< ughl i hat the stablllt y
,.i the ??? alls bad not been shaken
Th? si seta? !?? the fln I in nlah? d on
Capitol Hill d ' Ing the hi ira Ix fore day?
light ? in ?long i ?? i? m? nit.?- red b
.? :.:? i - ? t ?.lbs The ? apltol stands
,i i conspi? uous posit Ion on ths top ol
ri..- high? st hill In 'h ? It) The flami s
..i times shol u] two hundred feet Into
?i night sk .. and? falrl* illuminai? -i l b*
:?? ' n 'i be i?i llliant Ughl from the
;.: ? ?. iid i?- m en foi mil? - ?ai ound
?With .. st i ???:.? Ind bios Ing from the
north, the ii.?/.? leaped In the direction
of the centre of the eft] and swaj from
t?,.? new bulldini ? : education seros
liVaahlngton avenue 'Jt.at ras the only
?thing thai saved It. the Aremen said
Thousands ?-?f sightseers ?thronged ths
,- :
Capitol gi,. inds ail dsy, bul non. ?? i
allowi d in the buildlni witho .1 s 1 ass
in drizzling rain, which vividly brings
oui the gi .i . louda .<. st? am rising
from the ruins against a dull sky, the
Bremen are tonight st?i pouring watei
Into tin flreswepi weal frontage <?f the
j State Historian Says He Opposed
Placing Records in a Fire?
proof Place.
? '. ' , 1': n .
Albany, March ."? Vlctoi Hugo Paltetta
gtate Historian, Issued ?. stal :?.. nl to-i tl t
laying tl e I lama f.>' ih>- ? h rep 11
. ? ?!.? t?te r? ? ? ad historical
document destr? >.-?: bj the : '? upon th?? j
Commissions) of Question, Andres I
, Draper Mi Paltslts aaya 1 omm l< m
I ?rap? : ? om tantly bio ked the wa
itloi irged thi B .. ? Hiatorlan
: ? ... ? iced in the latter's
k? : :.-. rhen -Mr Paltslts ? ? - they I
would hsve i?.n properl) pr?s rved from]
ivages of fin He add
l".i: '. ? U t:.. I ... krl : i l ?.?!-? had
:. ? ? . h ? ? if 1 moat Inade*
n ??.:;- 1 : the 1 aj itol .1 room a Ith
... ictlcally ii" \entliation and aubjected t<>
heat an.i stufBraeai ai: ? slvei and
furnishing?- ??'' their resting place were "f
.. 11 ible tomb 0:' t,:i...' :-. whl? .'1
could '...' ..? a wlthst.i tira from within
I o.- from .'? H ? out."
Engineer Describes Precautions
Taken Against Fire.
The ; .? : itioni .. ilnal fin c 111 : Ing ::.
th? Sem York Public Librar)*, where ac?
I comni'id'.Uoni for thr<?e tnlllinri 1.kl ! a\
I been ; lanncd by ?".ir?'?' ? Hastings, the
architects at Ko .."> Fifth avenue, were
outlined to a Tribune reporter by Own
Brainsrd, chief engineer in ..'arc?? al coa
f stru lion of thai building, ? st? 1 ;..
"if an In? en?l:ai . ted t
? ?? New Tori Public L
to take Into the building the
material with whl \-. t?i .... so, uni?
'? burned .?.nie of thi said Mr.
building i.? Completel' | ... .... !...? a
lysten ol stand) lp< - ? ? 1 i": .? line? ? I
i 1. nn< cted host on each fit 1 stand
are under constan! pressure from
'... ? wat? I .:irt.- .i. th? attic, and are
' . nu.-, ted at the bottoi ? .. : iplii ate
.uani pumpa eap?scially arranged fa
... ; < tullen has 1 sen taken
j ?n 1 h n . Uni ? ? ild properly be fol?
i lowed w ?? m.1 1, ? ?? .
'ai-i Inkier . feei lui '.. ? I that might
.: 1; any tim '.!.'." .?- the opi 11
I the spiinl . ?? ?. ??
fire needlna attention Thi bt I ??; .:Mer
ni s-leak r
buildlni a pi ????? ted by s sj stem ol tire
?elarmi conn rted with thi ? igl room,
. 11 ...:'- wat? hm in mi 1 s ? 111
becked bj iai an tin d-rt? toi ? '
? Mr Bramai I added thai ? era wai not a
?single ? ip| n ttni n ? ? t in the 11
? ; 1 .: , . :.-... and thai nl; . ?? ? 1 small
i amount of n.? ? id been used in the con?
'1? All of that
gi it part of th? . otad to thi
moi .-'? of hooka, laid, wai ? ?mpletely
firepi . s*il ' ? 11 ? 1 i i- ?
entirely of iron and steel. The great stair
?. a are ol .?? Ild :.-., ..... r of 1 lee\ All
of the vertical supporta in the building, ex?
, 1 ? : ? in., if the b< ?kata *.- are oi
. . mai onry The rool ci ...-t... lion 1.1
;:, . . :. . a d J .1 snubert. Lew Field
, William a >'?? -'??? Uel I? 1 .-. ? ??. Henry
W *-??'?,? will give a b? ??? ??'.
, . : , r,:..,;..,- .:! th? \r*t Intel ? Iai I n on Api !:
7,1 : |. m .1 -il ' "" '???? ? who a:.- suftei -
, ing a tl ? result ??' the W a bin t.,n Pis s
: .
EPI COS?, $5,000,01
State Architect Says That Sti
Will Redore the Capitol.
Albany March ? Five milli?->n ?floU*
ly co :'?i repoli U ?? damage done
: ? ,-iai.- Capitol to-day, but nvn
i ?? ? restore tu.? hist " k >' n.Is whl
were the prid.? ?if its State Lib-ar?-.
After examining the exterior walls wl
.. ii in-,-. ?Stats Arehltect ware dectai
to-nlght that the maasltre pile of tran
...-- plumb and true Si svar, an?l th
the loss would i-e no ?greater than appear
t?, th? . v
The flames licked up the stnte lihrai
the Court of ??Claims, the Aassmaty libra
and doeument ?rooms, most of the ofnces
the Kvel.se l>e?,.artment and the rjuarters
? ? ?Senate Plnance Committee, and wat
an?i smoke t* oh up the wort that t
flarc.ei laid down, and the damage fre
til- ?niise ?sxtends t?-? every part of t
. ?? ding.
..?sat to ?ins destruction of historic re
or?tli ??-nil tin- ?flnanclal loss, t;..? chief ?tre
?if the fire will be Inevitable del?) In tl
machinery of state government Althoiu
the ?Senate ?Chamber ?stands practically u
. ?t end s few thousand dollars can r
? ? the meeting place of th?- Icfarei boa
t'? ?t.- former beauty, s week ??r long
may intervene tx '??re l?egislatlve buslnc
?an pro eed h Its sccustomed channels
There WSJ talk to-nisrht of S ?recess, ar
only the constitutional ?requirement ?
taking ?i.laily ballot until s United Stat?
se.? ? : is chosen keeps the leglslstoi
here Such ?? recess va? expected If ti
s< it?orshlp tangle could be unravelled t?
moi r??w.
ii"?1. housei m?et to-day In the ?City Hal
?hon Strati h Of park fr??m II
Capitol building, the Senate In the Con
mon Council chamber and the ?Assembly i
the <-?>unty court room, where the Jolt
session siso was heM. and the same ai
get ?? win he followed to-morrow.
Th? r-tal carried no Insurance Th
cap?tol building had been regarded a? si
utel] fli proof, an i -" firmly *s ??
Imbedded in the minds "f mo I A
? i in- ti.it when they were roused froi
? ?: - ?!. i morning aa.i t??!'. that th
Capitol was afire th?e*j laughed and ex
? d ? : ellef that you might as we
?look for a spectacular Are at the "??'?
The i'i ? lei i ?Montai and Wssl ri
snd ?Lincoln roll's in the custody of t
?? . ition ?Department ?were In 'he bi
? ?n the ground floor and wer? unta
jurad These Include the ?.riainai manu
.-? :. ??? w , Kingston's farewell ?address
the original of ?Lincoln's ?Bmanclpattoi
smatloa ill the ? ricina! eopum of th
? .t titution snd tl ? ktajor An.in
Among ths documents lost aera
g ?? ith tl ? I Istory of -3 > itl to*
during ths ??evoluilon At the ?request ?
i that state, s bill was ?pending in the Leqn
. . ?-? i-.'-r?- to permit the department t?
: turn them ever to their original possessoi
Jacob H. Scl-iff Adds What Mayor Re
ccived to Red Cross Fund.
.i... ob H ?Schiff, In ?s'u.-r _f t... i:, :
Crose, nnncunced last night that .-. total
?.: - " SIS5*1 hi ?? i" ? n i ??' <?:? ? ! f..i the Ars
? :- TI : .. ount Includes |7,tlJ Ml
- ?ived I ' !?? iw _aynor en March tl
,?r.?l a y'' ?'" received fry thi Mayor March
-?* ir tu bun events the Ms I ...l re?
, ii ,? ,| i total <?: 13." It - ?
'i ' ?? Lai ? ??' '??'?? : !? ? elvi ?i i \ Mr
8 r yesterday v ..'. fr? the Met
Ptan . Ii ?? nee Com pan] ??-r the
.. i. . ni i .11. ? hold? :.- |n (s illl? In whl? h
: ?.. i. v. r< flr? v i? Urns Prom .'?; C 11
:?? i?: n ?? a- re ? ked 4i. sn I Mn Jef
Beligman ind Mrs li Neustadter
., ?? .....
City's Archives Exposed Reck?
lessly to Visitation of Fire.
I Ther?? !s inadequate pr<v..<t!on against
destruction hy fire for many valuable city
-records of rsrloua eorgrti and eity depart?
, menta The only . 11-, bulldlag ?t tnodern
tiroproof constitution II the Hal! of Rec
: ords. At? th?* asa munlcipsl building will
he ready f?"ir occtipnn? y Within tW?0 \ oars It
would hardly pay to peoriAt aspsnalve Bre?
proof vault?? for departments that will be
i housed in tin? new bulldlag.
Robert B. Insley, Superintendent of Pub?
lic ButkUnga ?and Othcaa, said yesterday
? that h*? Intended to recommend the in:ttal*
: lallen of devices Which would n!<? in the
quick detection of anv fir? thai might <>? -
in In any ?>f the building*.
"There have nevor leen anv Ur?? alarms
! la tue publif? buildings, either autOtnatli Of
' privat?? boxes, thai ??in be pulled by who?
ever discovers a i.:e." asid Superintendent
Insley, "I have done slready what i could
in Kuardlnfl' tile buildings by increasing; mv
staff of aratchmen; '"it you cannot be sure
that watchnrtrSn jiatrol carefully unlasa l "'i
have wat? bmen'a elo-sks, which record their
work, i am about to make a rec?>mm?mda?
tlon ror the installation >>f such clock?, and
also ~omo l:lnd of automat!.? fir*? alarm "
Many of the most valuable records "f the
guprems Co?art and <a the county hav?heen
removed to the liai! of Records, where tney
are supposed t.. bs safe from fire. There
still remain.- in th?- Courthouee, however, a
masa of records which would furnish fins
food for flamea
l';i to recently there n a.s no fireproof
vault hi the City Hah. but within tl,?? la st
tan months such a vault, about twenty
feet square, has been constructed in the
basemen*. In this are kepi the \aluable
roconi? and docuntenta i . the Mayor's
A ftre\.i-o-f vault h i.s bean rmatr? t*?l re?
. en?!?- ;r. the Jefferson Market i ourl build?
intr for the old ;."!!. ??? court retords.
Then are man?' valuable (records of the
Finance Department which era not in firo
proof vault.?, although the department has
a \ gull In the Hal! of Recopls. where acme
?if th?? records ara kep? The i It) baa never
carried anv fire Inaurann
No provistos has i. ??n made foi safe*
guarding the almost prricelesa documents
gnd rarcorda of <jue??ri..= Counts Housed In
? >ld?fsshtroned County ? ?????k's oft,? ??>. m
I Pulton street. Jamaica, a .???.irk is all that
?would bs required to repeat on a smaller
< ? air- the losa in do umeata destroyed by
the burning of the fltate Capitol
i Plnce th? organization of y?io?n!? County,
moro than two hundred years ago, do u
I ments. have bean accumulating M.inv are
' lure historical .? cumenta and relics In the
luv of grants and purchases ..f land from
! Indiana ?Prom the ?!?' when the minutes
I of different board mesttnga ?nd ?ho tecor?s
of sales, transfers and Other buSlneM "f
i th?n eount) were kept tn a small i.?dg? r
: about the etae ><t a petty caab look ?.f to?
ldar, off. ill re. or.is of tin? county have,
bean on the in. rease. until now tin? volume
of business keens a Mg .lerral fore at
work. I'ndf-r ?he old tee system the COUU?
* ? lerh "like??, between lasts and att.tS) a
year, and there have been years when bis
fees netted MM a year
Tho tire which ?destroyed so muir- his?
t.- ri ? papera m th.? gtate Capitol cauaed
toma Inqulrtes to be made yesterday in
! Brooklyn is to the mannei in which the
Mili ib'... i Ipeva "I" Kir,;.? ? >un?\ aro st rol
in th?? unii of Itecorde, Brooklyn, one of
ii..- largsal public buikunga m the city
.;.-..lu-.- Hti.-1 i.i.in. who his 1 men supertn
tiiiuent of ii:? bUikllng 'or many years.
4-.ii.i las! evening the recoitls ^re kepi in
metal i.ox..-. win. a ire ranged, acconUng
i,. numbers, in metal rases Th?? doors end
wiMi iws 'A the building also are ?>f metal,
lui tha dtraka and fl?xr*ra a.f* w.i. The
winding stairways are -a iron, as are ail
ih?? supporting columna tu the atructura,
fJAHTOL COST $27,000,01
Work Begun on the Great Buil
ing in 1867.
When Completed It Had Cost T*.
and a Half Times That of
Capitol at Washington.
The present state capital building st
ban} had been In some stase ?if consti
un erer itnce ISM tVhen pructlcally ce
plated it bad cost sboul W,bwV h, a*
two sad a hair times that nt th.? ? si i
at tVaabtaston. Around it*? wall" hotel
for rears a cloud "t scandal
it was in IT??; 'i-ni the ?wate ?Legtslati
?rst met :n Albany in the ?Stadt Hui*.
Broadway and Hudson avenue Latei
morad t?. the oM ? a.,hi ?a, gt ???? fltr?
inn in ]?''?i was begun agitalion for a n
i -tiding in i-.? a . -i 'nil tee ws ? i
pointed snd Hans submitted, but tw?. >???;
more passed before anv a? turn eras tak?
Il ?.vas i??,t fill I ?i?.-ml er :?. 1'-". tl
arorfc was s ttiall) begun, with the t\
shovetful of sari from an exca**atloa
?rfaa i. and Hats street
In th?? spring "i" l_-?S ?7'.'i.i".ii i., we a
a|.|?i?.|?iiatad au.I f.? ",?? Capitol ?'?imm:
Mm, was Sdded James S Thav.-r. Al?n
i: ?Cornell, William .\ Rice, Jan?. - :
irlillgsr snd John T Hudson They wi
authorised to buy more land and aft
plans ?s long as the uitimai. total e*
should not exceed ti.tOO.teo. in case tti
iiti.lt f-iir>iii?i lie passed fix- rovlaod pta
should be submitted to the ?L?gislature I
in t.? spring "f i?iio the snhvrged pis
prepared ?by Fuller & t-Ssrer wsre fina
sppr*ov<*d by the Legislature, allowing t
<i.r"'"..I limit ?to be passed, and <->n Ji
7 ??I that year the flrst ?tone of the fOU
dation ?ras lai?, by .John V. !.. ?Pruyn I
corn_Tst_ne was laid on tune ~?i. 1171.
i?i i---', th.? <?tti ?? .t Capital Comn isslon
?was ? r?-at?-i at a ?salary of l~ hh$, o[
Isaac ?; Parry ?was appointed to the pia?
which i ?? held for eleven years Thorn
?Puller, ths '?m srchltscf, had been su
caaded in i*>7c. by an sdvisor] board ?
slating of PTaderl? k ?Lew Cdrasted, Leop?
Eldllts ami Henry H. Richardson, t'y
this time th.? jian for ?hi? exterl.ir h;
been Italian re: SlSSanCO It vvas i.'
mofiiflci i?. ?Romanes tue, but ?srorfc hi
?-?-.ne ni ly a little way alone; the new lln
when ?ii" ?Legislature directed s return
the old plan. The ?result Is known ?as fi
?renalasanca. The interior Is largely i
?work ? *' Henrj h Richardson, Leopo
?EMdlits snd ?Isaac <; Perry- Mr Rl bar
???-??i teslgned ti ?? ?Senate Chamber, >!? Fi
liiz th?- Assrmhljr Chan ber, Btdlits si
Richardson the Court of Appeals and tl
?Executive Cnambe?, snd Isaac ?"? ?Psr
ti ?.- western stairway and the northeastei
stairway Mr Perry also designed tl
eastern approacl to the ?'apitol and tl
?restera facade
Th.e total . ' it ? f the building and lar
up t" ?September .". Uhb, wna Ki.ttA.OK ?"
It is SSttiaatad that sum:- spent pin? e
completing details snd repairing defe?
brine 'he t. ?tat to I?7.I./?"". Mar
charges of graft have been ?made in c<?!
nectlon with this expenditure, but r
pros? cutlons have ever resulted.
The IMW building was first occupied *r
th.e LeglSlat ne on January 7, 1-71
The ?-.trueture s'ands US feel above th
?level of th.e Hudson, it Is W feet lor
snd WO feel wide, ? ox ertng in all th?
aeres. Its walls, of sottd whit? grianite, ril
ltd feet in the ?centre Is s court 117 by :
feet Above arc red??eapped towara.
The (iovcrnor's room, in the southeaster
corner. 1?= wainscoted to the heisrtt of :
fael with mahogany, and from there to th
ceiling are hangings of Spanish ]e_the
i'n the third floor are the Senate an
Assembly ii-.nnb.-r-. connected by a ? h
ridor iined an?i vaulted with ?iray saw
Stone, With sandstone columns |n IB
centre. In the Assembl; chamber srs
originally s stone celling, bul this provln
unstable there was ? it l ited f??r it th
! famous eoiitnp of ?>ik r.??..i ?papier ma? : t
Put one of the most magnificent r" mb
In the bulldinsr, and the ..ne a*h?o? loai
with its contents, i- -'? itest because Ura?3
ly irreparable, fan the .??tat?. ?Library, ex
tending completely a ross the western win
on the third floor, in a central hall, whl?
had s high celling painted with flyta
Cupids with carlanii-. were ?hairs an
tables f'?r readers. Here was the centre
idminlstl it:?^n ??f the hl?ra y, where refer
,?n, r books and other ?books could be ob
laine-i from the librarians The It it
?Library h?'?'i W7.?00 volumes r.irt of th? s
vero law books. Ths law- library accu
pied the northern winK <-'f the ?Stat
?Library, while the south 'm?; was use,
for ti:?- books of general literature Th
oak i.k shelves and steps end messa
?nine floors In a*' of the libra:'.- were o
great beauty.
Tl ?? State Library, whl h contalnad man;
important records and relics ??f great valu?
from a sentimental Standpoint, was found.??
in lsiv with ?i collection of six h und re.
volumes De Witt Clint ? was one of ?tin
original board of trustees. His cotleagui
?rere Governor John '..vier and jam?*
?Kent Th.? following year, in compilan?,
ivi'h legislative order, there was pro? .:<?
a complete set ?f printed Colonial and star
'...Wh f???ni l?tn t.. ?i. t yeai The laws o
the Colonial ?Assemblies, enacted betweei
le_3 ind ISM, were nol In print ;md wen
supposed to be lost However, s manu* rip
,?opy .?? these laws was found, togethe
aith tha original charter from Chai
t.. the iMik?? <?t York In ISM, snd lb
"Duke's Laws" of ixYli and the laws ??
i.???.-;.?is sdmtalatratton paas-ad in ISM an?
UM To theae ?rere added Congreaalona
?ni.i stat?- .papers and Journals snd th
laws of ??tier states Man) <>t the earl]
Dutch r?scords w??i?- mlaalng, howevei <;?>v
? i .,,; De witt Clinton thereupon ? aus.-?
ih? Dut? h records lo i??? translated, i i U
twenty-sis volumes, known as the Alban?
Records, were sdded t?. the library Ii
>.; ;;,.? ?Legislature purchased snd bourn
the original twent) three volumes of th?
public pap??.- ?'i Ueorge Cllni m, Aral (__%
. i noi of N'-w \. ?i k
Othei valuable record?, manuscripts sn.
: ?ii, -. ii.i. ?i i rom time t.? time snd n? ?
destroyed, were the | ipen of Sir ?Vllltan
Johnson, the Van Renaaelaer pap.?is, ihi
rally Indian treaties snd man) in>t-.? i
Indian ti ophl? ? tin Andi ?? papera, with
keti h ol ? i ? : i\er ms le ??? indi??. m .i
Washington i??li?-, Including ? ???? k p
\\ ?ashlngton's hair; a word pre?
him by !?'? ..?ii, th? ? : : ? i .. ,..,.. ,,
pist.ils given htm bj I.ifajette, v\ , Ing
ton's confidential estimate of his ofllcei
?whvti startlns on th* Ohio campaign in th
i'l.-ii? h snd in.!::?. War, his lurveylng la
-ii imenti snd othei ? irios
in - he reading ? oom >v? 11 busts sn
?paintings ? gn H men .?i .?? ?men dun.- t.
? i..-'. ? ? nil t ? i troy ed. The la?
?sect! .. ol th* llbi "v w?.-- considered t?:
? ? ? t he most eon In the i ountrj
i'' 11 in it'?i\ th? km ol some ol the ai ?s
valuable manuseripts bave i.s i.>erv*
i?) publication B) ? laa passtd In IM
? ? of] ? ol ? . ? historian was ? rated
.? ?i i thai ofB s Hug Hsettngi ass ..|
1 . in? I 'l ? -? :\.-.l till Ittfl I '11111117 hi
sdminlstration th? re warn * ' '? I in | i ai>
llsh? ?i two rolumi s of i 'oinnlal t*
right ? oIuhms ol ? Itnton papers, three i I
??: I 'Hlil.l I mpKi | lap. n
\ ? inn .??- of i i ? ? ..i i ?Monds, r. .lit ?...
. of ths ? '"inn ii .?i Appointment Mia
utes, one ?volume on **?'??? \ urk snd ihi
Spanish ?rYsr -i\ volumi ol -sit Wtlllan
1 ? - n papers sad tiro ? olums ? ?i i ? s
,i si Pstei ? lanaev >ort .
.aid* from these, hoaravai aas .. ras
i ? bei of !?? ?celes documents wi-ik-h wll
h sn Irref/araMe k -?.
Would Vou Like lu Own
a Railroad?
V'.'i do " hi n you i en? fa? tor
Ipace 01 distributing spar? i ~t0->.
ips ?? M the Rush Terinli
k a ?? ...i own ;?- m i ol .. ...
road aa 'our buain? ra ? in ??? Tba
i.u.-h Terminal h is a ralli ad, rj
I" h ste Une, fully ? -i?. ?
si.i -?*? mil? of trsei
In iddli ion to th mtlet
othi i r ad - ?? h h i un into th
Ti i minsl i Isnt,
Now II ..M ..?? ned a railro ?.i ?7,
miles ion?, wind
tot o? ato? k rooms, you
?'i flne . ig Traft!? Man ig i rot
;..i ?i."..?mmi ?,..,. |. . md th? : ? ara
left) and i ka
Uve o? i . ?? - ikli ?;? ;
ferrang? menta ?? Uli all the ra ,,.."
?a hi. h entei Se ?? York ? 'r ? .. *
?u? so that yoi ?
th???.. Im?. . ?/ou
millions foi trai k ?
rolling ato? k. car ? t
ni-, oad I n g i I ? ? ? ?
ouldn't >u ' Weil, th 1 ?
minai il i
that. Help oui
?inst think of the wast
In " hi? h ?'???i bu p.
Itli or ate m, aheth*r I
. o .i
The i plant u-? -
200,?100 kit ? ttl houi of i
pei month. It ? 111 aell ? ou ? ?.?
lar a a orth p. r month or om
sand doilara' ????rth pe?
the sat ?? ?ti i flat m
sato, it ua i end aell . n ?h-?
same ara? ? 'ome to I Busl r St
minai. where ? ou . long, and v*l
your pos ? ? ti?.
Ask us "HOW?"
Bush Terminal Co.
Piano Makers K>r mm imiki? mr.s
For over 42 yaara the JCrsksust has
L?.' a the acluowl?*siged choice of tns
music lovm?- *..'.iblio.
The Krakauer has Ir-ten aetected as
the leader of Inatrunumta tn the con?
t? -t conducted by th.- Now Tork Tub the
The ?Prias acianos are on exhibition at
o?r warerooma, 17 ?East 11th s*.. bet.
Broads ay and Fifth A,ve , an<i dupla it-?
of t: ? : - " be seen at ?rjr othtr
brai h w arerooma
Prl?**ea of Krai auer i latios i inga from
1875.00 upwsrd. Used | ianoa at -*T-?at
reductions, other makaa ranr-e from
y 1 <"??> upward. Terms mide to suit pur
cttaser. Pianos to Rent.
W areront.is 17 Last 14th St.
llrooklMi?350 I.i?. iiiK?t..n ?1
arena?Cjpamaa Ave.. IMtb*l fth Us
Desks of All Kinds
Office and ?Library
Chairs and Tables,
Sectional Bookcases*
Filing Cabinets
?n Wood and Steel
Prompt Service
Honest Prices
t%9 S!?b??*Vcrnic'K?(?o.
3SO-382 Broadway
Phon? Franklin 3B70
What Fire Protection
HasYOURBuilding? '
nf Sal iy*s . ? ?
1 ? : 1 IH
H',III IN?. APPU?N4 gj
1, i \ ?? ? ?? . ? . ? ? -
? M .. . OM ? . . . '
rt\o.\ ?ha? ' i '?
... . |t ilM
i:? ?,. ? ...... ;,lln t<) ,i, .
for ? . - ? - . i
? IMJi?
f A DOS?
" ??
: ? ? " - .
| A,
? ? i ' !
In s <*o ? - ' ? '
' ? ? . ? ? . \
?? ?? :. it minimum i ??
280 Broadway, N. Y.
* ;. .,]?- a it I ir,- Flgkttos M'11'? ' ??'??
.-?il S. it-t ? fterltea
Bronchial Troches
Can be esi ? lad la parse or rea* i 'k-*t?slwsri
v.ii.iv to r-diev? CiMig-hs, 11 u -? I.k*i
f-wtfaia Tska wktts* at rao. ?. no
fsjiatas A fairsriti amrmr fTr ? laaiBssssSj,
P.ici*. 25c. 50c amd* 1.00. .*?a..'plefr*?
John l_ Brown & Son |v.at.?n. Mm?
g> Fifth rVve.
N Art Galleries
li, JAMES r II ?
\\ I! ? SELL
at .*?.. FIFTH Aa?.
,i?.|,i,.. i, Mh sa?! si IS -n?-?'??.
i. Y
?RI I 15
\. Loweabein's Sobs
,n co ?? . ,. ? ? J
nd for ,
? i i.? ?..?i..??? ???""'? -'?""" ? ?'. '?
aSSfriS?' lar-Mr? ??.'.?'- ..??-?;
M.M.. : MKN'l> ?*?> '^
for ..,.-? i OSsrs?
Ko <....? ' '" !**?
;,,,,.?? ? ? *??-- :
,, - nt?
..__.,? ,. i ??.? .?.'??
, u i. " "'.;
... . . *

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