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LXXI....N* 23,548.
T?Mlaj an<| to-rn ,itom. fBtr.
iht MorVrnlr Muilmr,) jJJJL
? ?
price rivi: CENTS.
a Feature ihe Banners Showing
Numberiess Occupations of
Women of To-day.
Girls from Smith and Vassar
and Babics Share Interest
with Oldtimtri Too
Fccblc to Walk.
? Toung man. U
BMika thla i irad* l< ? R ridlculoua 1*11
never forglvi ? ' ?'??"'?'
ta your oflli ? an I i ?? -
Thia adroonitk>rj waa d< Hi?'??r| '? 5 :,n
Ii ln vrhlta lawn and an old-faali
loned i.i.H-.. honnet, and it eoneerned
? ntnai a aulfi
gaj afli rnoon Bl t araa I ? ted thi n
aver the flrat I I
? ? - grand'
vv tri. r i ?"? may be pardoni d for
??joll: Ii ^1('- Ri homa, bui
irher ahi appi ai i ln h< i cap ind go*8 n
; of her felloa gi
a;. | ahi, too li not to be rtdt* i led; nor
j. ? . -i,: apher a ho ? ai ri< t i
raal nationa
i i dosen Btateg thai havi
nlaed the di mandi aha mag -
lt a-aa noi ? thal onl
. rrowda thal lined Plftl
T . eati rday from ."'7th to 17th gtret I
? ;. ;,;. nulit.int BUlTraglatg in thelr
? ? ? -? lt was n.it sn. h a
? ? (h! John Blgelow,
d oul in his auto
parada from Ita
nart i ' that kep! ea r"lr<
?; ng from his oflli >> win
? , rtreei and Fifth ai ?
pr tl ? out thi cheera from the
, ? ? ng with th. h<
thi whcle two and
? h
. ii. > ?! not havi
Butterworth Danl
Id, of Clncinnatl, ahi ?
mar hed th<- entln dlal i
' "?"? rtreei t<> Unlon Bquai ? and
n h"ui and a haif in ihi
?ti ned t,, th*? apeacht ? d< -
aromi n.
At 70 Figntmg to "Free" Women.
"I beiong to th< Cirginla B
arorthi ' freed thelr
to Ol
araa Ngncy Butterworth Bhe llved to be
? nety-flve yeara old, am f< ghl for
?flve years for the freedom ?,f thi
*)a\rf. i atn flghting foi freedom t'>>r
demand that wlll never
be al
??[ ? . ? . ? ? Ohio to
-? ? , ontinued,
? 'hr whole way Th<
v for is thai it dldn't
w aan'l 11 llne? I am - i -
and it la th<- flral parade
I Waan't 11 Bn< ? Dldn'1
? ?
? i. ' iwei could be onlj
I ?' i;
Mra. U . ? ; n<
' ? ii Ing featun 8 of the
? li h the col g< men, in
Ittle ba
milil men thi I ?
tha po* f J. W Ti ra 1111
?-. hi .1 In I hi enti e of the
M Aaa
T ? rli l, nnd the lonely man i
i< ,,i .,: thi Brookl: ?
to march wlth
. bui i * aaid thal
.;,i. ii and aho* hla
I atart
? . i,i ... ? alon movi d
llUri: ; idi 'i
the mlddle of the
? ? unded
; ... ,., ?. oraen and -<~'^
?. b, dlatlngruiahed aa he
fgrg ..ii? ngth ati i'
A Mora Man in the Ranks.
-> . . ? i . n t-ari
> . ? ion. and had ti
: ?
,.:,.. ?:. and
... l?w. i.. i? i
i: ? :
u ? al th- ti,
r\Ol1 ' 8 ri,, .lt im, l
tr . , .
n thi ? ? gation from
t .-, I'r ;ui, hll ? Buffl
1 . . | ? ? ,| I- I lOOBI
. . thlng i ' ?"? ''
} . had ' ? " appetlte.
i ? -. ? i. - i... - 1.aldlaa
ed th<
, .... , ? , two him
, , r ? and iist'ii. <i t..
t... . mtneiil nf wi
? ? , ; -;
a . .,\ ? i iik banm i
? ti.
la daarer
i Mi."oUllll
i .i . , ? , , . , ? ? ;, nioai
? dl ? t<
. . , i ? . I ? i
.t bnl th< moa
. . ? .. di lotlng i ? "
uiari-hiug h*
all ol ih ;'1"1
?. -. ,,. | anj lavontha ""'-1
r. .i i,, ihe pii uarallun '"?
i ,? ? ? ?. rdaj. nnd to Un avei
. it, mi.in in th, < i-?-.,! thi I'aini. ra arei
revdlatton aa to thi
? men t" ?
Tlv i ? gphii
.... ; itet-ti farim "
,, . ..,.. ilptora,
? ;,.,. i . Iiain, d
i ... ,i l i-rafta, balrd
? ,ii. ra, iwka. milil"
i hlti gooda
o.', .:,.,.? .,.??,- ?-'' oogra
t'4,1 llldi I .,|l M.lll B?*g*<
Arthnr C. Train, His Wife and
Three Others in Explosion.
- Iterbo, Mn, <;. Arthur C. Traln laa
yar aad author, of Naa Fork, hla anfa
aad three othar women, had ? rw rrow
aarapc fr. m acrloua Injury or deauh to
day from tha exploalon of petroi in thelr
Th.- partj ramt rron Plorence | ?
na, Mr. Trala expertlng to be prca*
?nt ,-.t tho Camorrlal trlal. The atttlng
'?? th- court, however, adjourned a<
,;'' ' ?'''"' t'i- partjr atarted on th- trlp
to Rome Leavlng Vlterbo, the ehauffeur
- uttlng ln ;. aupply <>f pctroi arhan a
'" *W>1 roat hed n Itti .1 llghted match.
An . xi-i-isi.,,1 occurrcd, aad in b tuoraeni
the automoblle waa in namea
ti,.. wiiin, n'a draaaea raughl fii--. but
era 1 <.!., thi nelghborlng barrai ks
' ' '? '" ,,,?' apol .-ii-il nUtBaged tn
amother thi Ramea by throwing thelr
. ..;its aboul the aromen, who were prac
tl< allj unlnjun d. The automoblle aad
,.n the haggj ig< ? , r.. deatroyi d. Mr.
''"' l; Si,i,i thal h-- had loal aoma rery
Importanl documi nta.
Data oi holding National Elec
tion <\lao May Ee Ohanged.
Waahlngton, ? ? .1 > ?;. ,\ , hange of the
dal - i th Inauguratlon of the Preaident
- i?? ii of ratlflcatlon by thi OSi Con
gi aa, .,!.-! t la not Improbable thal aim
? a tlon wlll be taki n to i hange the
? Iding the national ? v- tlona
rance haa been given bj a two
thlrda majorlty of both h luaea of <'<ni
jr> aa to Ri pp aentatl ,-e Hrni ol '.'- gg -..
..rn "i" the Un ii ?? Commltti ?? on
- a*ho reci ntlj Introduced a Jolnl
: ? dlng 'rn the Bubmlaalon
of thla propoaal to Ihe leglala! irea nl the
? I
? i-i-'j 1..-- .1 imi n-liii. nl of the ? 'on*
stitntinii of the I niinl Btates i-hangea
the data of the Inauguratlon from March
l. uauall) .ni lu< lemenl day ln Waahing*
ton, tn iii. b1 1 ? adaj t. Vprll. The
dati i-r holdlng national eleotlona would
!- ehanged from the flral Tueada In
N-i\? mbei to thi flral T eadi - In Aprll
preceding the explratlon of tl ? I i ma ol
th-- Preaident and tncmbera of t'oni
Provialon la made for extondlng the term
>1 - 'ii- of theai offl< lala aft< r the ra!
? atli . n m Man h I intll thi Api
Tarrytovvn Stirred by Prisoner
Heid fov Drunkenness.
l nebrlati deaf i utea ire Immum
i'i<-t in Tarrytown after tlip expei
thi i olli ,"i a nii om Frlda> nlght.
? man s hm ??{>? the . i- -t
His \ ii tlm entered n ? w ord of pn
and ivhen arraigned .it headquartera hi
? ill non-i "ii munloatlve,
ll, ?aa | laced n th< lockup lo aleep
11 ofl H< -.- ;>t nn midnighl and i hi n
arlth an Iron i * >? i he pounded thi rulla ol
ii- cell uiiii! all the windowa ln th,
neighborh.l had angi heada popplng
out. Then he made th< a lld< l n
thal ?(n .-\ ? r heg rd In ;nir' lo kup,
v- sti rdaj moi nlng thi rourl araa
iwarmed wlth ritlaenn ?who nanted the
mute sentt nced I llfe Thi
. nol read ? and tn--- pou t
lischar ?
Craft Was Hit by Larger Boat,
Which Sailed Away.
Afti Into and damaged in a
? | li ili-l imi atand l-' lo
offei Two Jops ?
d ii ft ed ? ? ?
':..t', .I.in alt;: Baj earlj laal evenli
;i broki n i UI. and n and ai'1
men ii er i all
l-.-i ;," ??
' ? -
lo tho ri thi ?' " Joe* uttra ?
?? ? ? ? ? II. -.,.-?? i ! '
i Ba ? Ight ol
? . ? raj Id ??-1 ng n wa1 r ai
ri:- 1 vi . ,i 1- 1 '? "'ii :
Johi f> in, nf ?
n.,1.-!. i rlg W ol Ibold. - f So. 512 Bed
ford a ? ? okl) n and ' leoi ae Mo ?
in * iddi *aa were ? Un nch
Women Drag Negro Out and Then
Marth Him to Police Station.
M ia Mar; 91 ? ; , w ho, arlth her alater
a 1 ed ro ?m ho ?? - at No.
211 Ea st 1 ??? i . i .i ced undi .
the bi ? ? ' Ihe room a I i ghl an<1
flgun ? i man prawh d on I ?
flooi She ? alli -' l-' and the 1
? . ? ; ? ..?? ndi thi bed
burl i i- gi n, i i feel
. ? ? k< ?? ne rould "ff.r for
i |. !???'? n thi ? II l he a bb
i . i fhe two
.1 ,i ? i t-iik liim
Baai lai atreel ilaltnn \ ? iwd
of men aomen .? ti? i chlldren followed the
: ih.ii captlvi
Pr>iinsylv?nie Mnn Ts Goiii'* to Lrt all
E\ rrcpirlciit Hfar Abont It
W li -!-'. I ? ll"
i ,,,, . i-.iiii M.i- 1 Sathar
ll ton l?en mi Ihe proud
/ hl iwi alj ''f'" ' hlld, h gli I
. ? ? ? ' lo-da; \ ? ? i' mi
;,.. ,,? ? i ??. . . olng '?? hear aboui i'
. aloni >?> ? ;in" an Inu i - ?"- ' H* n am'
, ,: I, |flg| m ? i i wlfe 'ii"i
go after ? entlnl hlm
. . ad fo ni lle mai
i,, ,i ..?; :, ten ? ' - Wlne ? hlldren
boi n ..i ih . mai i lag<,
\ al. '???? ln iii- haa k- pl |*a< ?? wlth
II, i oa on ii- :- grocai lon
,. fruli Bture aml hl? own h?itm
-. \ >?: ,-ii ,.t her li-i'i' i
Vi< lini Diteovnttad Staek East in Rivr-r
Mud al Highbridge.
. ' \ "i-- who i .n-i .? Ilved .i I < .i hai
\.. ;7" -I N" '-7' Ani-i, iii.im avenui wafl
. ? t frotn tha Hai lem Kl er
?i lllghbiIdgi afti - li-- v..:.7 .ii .. flred
ii ? i" mud u li- ii Laa r?*nre
: ?? ? m - mployi i i n t.'i-- B|i ed
. - i i im oul I.- i ii-l he iii-l !"?? ii
,;, ,ii,-i i .-iii.-- i of i'-. i.i lha -iii,iv v
,,.,,. id ti B| ??- I--., in in [l aidgi flnd
,(,:ii ii,, in- ii ?i-'i had robbi -i him j- ?'
. ii liim ov* n.rd
I . K Ibui ii ol W aflhin rton ii- Iglit* I loa*
i> ok hlm Hi- " to traal liim fai ^-.,'
,?, j-.-i-.ii apd eapoaura
ii.i.i;i;i: i'ivisi<>N
n i i: PORK8T. W II II THB H
Hundreds of Marathon Runners
Swarm in the Corriclors.
Oouncil Ohamber Like Aban
doned Army Camp -Police
at I.ast Take Control.
Thi h atori. fMtj ii ' ? ,!"' "'"
a hugi dreai ng roorn afl the Marathon
ra, .. v hi, h ended ln ?'" Hall Park
?, aterda: aftei no< i \''- >' "
ovei th !,? II looked aa Iho gh an ann
had been nuartered In it
Por more than an houi B< - h ind ? d
r nnera. begrlmi ' nd i iha ated i '?
thi Ir twelvi ia ? ? m were lying aro md
,.,, the fioor or dreaalng ln the lowi r an
,,,?,,,? corrldora and in the ol I roiincll ?
,.,,;,;?!? | a aoman achool '-a her, ?
had 1-" t, ai ti,- - I art*r bearing '?> the
old ald< rmanh ? hamber, g< I half ira;
,jowl) ,-,.,. italra, a/bi ti ihe look* 'I up and
found ',? raelf aurroundi d hi a i rowd i?l
i . ? and I oj s in varioua - ? dreaa
and undrcaa Bhe atartcd lo go ba.
: and aaa mori of the aame klnd behlnd t
[ ),. ,? \ (aoliceman ? ame to hi r rei i<
.,,?] |ed hei iiul of the bulldlng whl
i hid her face undi r his arm.
, ithi r v "iii'-ti Btarted lo i umi down,
hu! were lurned ba k Thi. kept
,,,,- ,,.. i in th aldi rmanli ? h mbi i '???
. ; han hall an h<
j?hn 8 V-->-<". Ihe kee|iei ol the i ?
,' ,iMi| ..;,:,i thal Jullan B Beal . ?
:,, Bormigh Preaidenl McAm n
: who has ihargi oi all publl bulldlnga
... thi i" roiigh, told him tn permll thi
M ,;;,ih,,n i unm n lo iiae Ihe i*nun< II
' , hamlx >? foi a dn bi ing room Mr Beal
' i,.,,i ;,,, id< a tha! noi more th tn tv enl!
ti ,. ?( thi athU !? i '?? iiiild flniah ;i1
though mori lhan on< Ihoiiaai il had
, nti red li ? '? ?.' I ia1 mon lhan (I* i
? il au.i r,th' ra " h?i liad
droppi ti ""' *''''' l,r" li;,,, dna n In
mobilea i" thi ?' I Hall l?> dr*a?, hII
thi |r rlotlie* hi ? . l i. i. taki n do* n
; fr.'ltl lh* BtUI I Ing : . i ?
r.onncil Ch.-.mher Packe:).
i, w,..v <,.. n .,,!,. :; ,.-, i,., i i hi n lh<
. (,, st i iinm i reai'hnl lh< < '.t ? Hall nnd
1 f.,r an '","' an>i Ihal l h< i oni ln ie?l lo
, ,,ui into the I ? . ? ? , rooalng Ihe
,.,,?. 11:?. 11 r unni , had t n ?? ,,i I hri ?
i,,,.,,,)- aho arted nibhei nd (>?>
. , , '.' i ,i in ? 'h ? ? hla
?;,,, iii,i ihi igl ih< ron Id Thi
...iim-ii ? hamln ' ???' - i gi k' .1
afi ii w Ith littl.ki ? kil Itini ? ei i
,. |ng hai k ln llu i hah i thal bi uai ,i bj
Ihi dlgnil ? d mi mla ra ol th* Board nf
i itim I ? ? ' Thui da Thi flm ma
hogan ,;? ? wen ed a i ibbln l
? i in i, .,ti,i hoya
,,. : iretchi 'I whll theii frk nd i i uun d
, linlmi n ov< ?'??. The al ohol In the
liiiitiii ni i ln< il ti,, rnlah on ti" tabiea
gjotne ol thi rui m uttei.auati tl
from thelr rgertloi , ,| ii? , urrldon
i ai freely -^ the; ., ,i,i ha., ,, ?.() the
I ground In a teni After 11 >?. ia all ovar
, th<- Ma 11 11"?' ' n thi rtoot aai a am ek.
( ontlni.ol .,ii alstfe gaaga.
Women Fight to Get Out of
Wiliiamsburg Store.
Firemen and Policrmen Quiet
Shoppers and Rescue
Many Tenants.
Tl ? r iii raa aere k?a1 In i Bre In
Wllllamehurg laal nlghl Thi threa
dozen lh i i poaed In the bodli a of t"ur i
kitl na. II Ihe aa: ing tl il everj ,
. nini llvi - la to be taki n a ?
. ? ? ti , i.n, ni " n an othi red lo
h the hall* a ? ol ll i foul Btoi ? ,
hi i ,- I, iu menl ??? Sa 1077 Manhatti i .
. \,,, , * hen thal bulldlng waa t lalted I
by flre The blaze Btnrti d in thi rellar [
ln M>me t ubbl ih, nnd Bacendlng the .n
si, mi rapldlj mounti il to ll ? rool
a here lt "mtn hi oom< 'i nnd i" ';"' '"
t he i ? " ndjolning leni mi ni -
i in ihe ground fioor of the ti n< mi ni
v ia ,, t, .? and '?' ? enl Rtoi ? A ? rowd
of p- rhapa a hundred * nmi n Bhoppi ? -
v. ere ln thi Bt< re ?hen thi Bn broke
,. r When Ihe atnoki from Ihe airahafl
i, i:i r ta pour ln the i ? a i * indon i "r
the aton the ? i mi n ? i re panlcatrii ken
and made a ruah for tt','' do >ra Man) of
r hi m falnti ti and had t, Im hi Iped to
the atn * t bj Bn men and polli i men
it * aa about II o"< i"--k ->\ hi n Bergi n l
Bui ??< i .. i in ? npolnl a? enue i tatIon,
, puff "i amok i nmlng from a fmnt
! n Indoa nf the lenemenl He t urni <l ln
an olai ni and thi ii ruahi ,i nt,, thi bulld?
Ing. Burke and Patrolman Drayhelmer
fotighl thelr *yaj through the fire an<l I
amoke and galned the fourth fioor, avhere
Ihi found aeveral frightened forelgnera
trying t> ,i-av. i down Ihe ataira Thej
direi'ted Iheae paraona lo the fronl and
, ? ? i ? ? ?-? , ? i *a and Ihen t urni l hai k
iii d.led t" Ihe t,,"?', fi.
H- re Bgaln the g?? *i*? >?; n n bui ? ???,!? ,i In
rri iing m ? ? a' of 11 ? t> i,..111s a ho had
i .<: 11 ? .ne h amoki \- ihe)
,., . ,| thi a om* a oul of Ihe a Indowa tn
ti, t.-ar flre ? ? ? ai <a ? th- r (rolli i men and (
en I'lltnbed up and ran led Ihaan t"
. th" Bti .i When th< ) had n ? c led
i hodj i ln firei k n lui m ?i the hoa>
Inti Ihe ra t?tn ol the flr<. a :-i. afti i a
hrlal dghl go1 |t uii'l' r i ontrol
Tlie .-iitit. li lilding I rotn ihe flral fioor
to Ihe .I ?? ai damaged, and Ihe loaa
t, >i a), mi,, th- ihn ia nd i 'aptain
i ol.n, '?? Ihi i ln - npolnl b ? ? nu* ita
' tlon, la un hif I lo !" k v ? thal Ihe flre
? ?' ,ii ? nd.' Igin ai fdtii other
'.irred iti llu diatrii i arlthin
lai t :? \. ,1a - '
i'. i . " ? '? 'r'. \ ? mWj ..f
t'olorado ?u ?? "'' ? ' lo-nl| .? a/lthi .i
II '
loi N J N"" ,: I t ara . nnouni <d
lo da) b) lh* s' '* '' ' K. \ ??? La
i i. .ii th ,i li would hotd . , a., ii s.nvi..- .x
amlnatlon I ? tw*H h ?' tne i ??.| j ,,, ,-, fl?
?tat* baa li .' : ? i w lal oa alao
di ? i.' ?? ?' i'1""1" ?' a i . ? ? ,. ., T, ,
i . , d . , . ?. it"' ''""' "?? ".i tn. , aU.-ns
,.i larg* tnlgh! ? 8P< 81 ? in i| Impron m- nt
ln hai*r)
MI'.S \\ i 1.1.1 A M I. COL.T.
- ;i .1 nd mai flbal of tln iiaradi
Mascot of University of Chicago
Nine Returns.
Pranklhi Page, the nine-yi ai old mae
.,,. 0f the baaeball leani 6\ the tfal
ol .-I,-, ggo arrlved here y< ati i
da from Ha re on the French llnei La
The boj and hla fathi r, Frederli i< H
Page, lefl fhk ago for thi i ?rlenl wlth
nlveralt) t- am In Beptt mb< r, w h< n
the college playera undertook to ahow
ti. Japaneae aomethlng of amateur ball
playing foung Paga attended everj
game and taughl tha Japa the American
, Liatom ol roottng." The bo) 'a couatn,
l'iit Page, pitched for the college mi n
ni moal of thalr gamea In the Orlaat.
Had Been Attending Public
School at Pawtucket.
Paa tucki I, R I., May fl FolloWlBg
th? I'loalng of the Darllngton Grammar
Krhool ? ??? t- ? daj ll " aa anaouaci -i to
da. thal a bo) - iff? rlng from ? pro*
nounced caae of leproaj had been taken
fi.mi the iiivtitutinii whlch la attended
b* i, - hundred - hlldren.
Thi \ I'-tiin la Harrj Bherldan, aeven
teen yeara old, the aon ol Bdward Pi
Bli? rldarl, buoi rlntendeni ol ? knitttng
n,iii here, and he la noa laolated In .?
Boaton hoapital. The achool bulldlng
' - been th'oroughly fumlgatad, but the
authoritlea im-. >? nol >??' dei Ided how
aoon it wlll be reopened. Haa yount
Bherldan contracted the diaeaae haa not
i*i t ii--. n determlaed.
Two Dctectives Make Capture
After a Lively Chase.
rharged with burglar; and Bulfei ng
from In'ternal Injurl4*a Jamea O aburne, a
negro. of Nn IJTJ vVeal MaSth atreet. la a
prtaonei In thi J H.I Wt igh! Hoapital
, . ;?:,,- t t - r-s< Bpe I '? ?!'? tlVCB Plll
and i.'M- reux, of thi W eal iWBh atre<
gtatlon, Daborne flred aeveral abota ai
thi m and li ap< -i n\ > r the wall ln H
aide Pai u al 108th ?"? ? l
Mi ui.i Mi a i loorge \\. Pai khurat, ol
,\v i*i?i \\ ? bi l"!?tii atreet, repcj ted to
the pollce B< l? o'i !??- k laai nlv* t thai
thelr apartmenl had beon ranaackCd ahd
l.i.lt- rui-l sili-ni itf \iiii'-l Bl BNll
?tolen The t"<i dettctlvea found fool
printa --I' tnn in- ti ? r> ? had prei loualy
v alked In Hme, and iraced thi m lu tha
roof of .in adjolnlna ' oaaa.
Wl- ii th- -ii t'l-tn - - came dow n to tbe
Btreel thei aaa two rtegiuea ahom they
11,,|. i I- .i md i.'ii re ? haae up Amoterdam
;n , mn- \ - Itlsen - aughl i hjborne al
ln'.HIi sl !??? t bui ln whipped --nt .i Kn'i
,n ,| iii-.-.i ,,it. detertivea and a aa oon
;,,,...! \\ . ii th- . i aae hei aan to -
nol for hlm h< k Bpad o\ i r lha wall H's
, . n| mn.? uped
S-jvcn of Class of 61 at "Golden
g i,n ,,r the ten auhrivlng gradu U af
ti,. , i, . thal - n W eal Polnl ln 19H gaih
.i al the Hotel Aalol laai algl t to ? ?? la
brate thelr ''golden annlveraar) Hva --f
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Ve<*.p/'t Ever-Flo-Ainy Wine Dottie
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False Reports "Like Poisoning
a Well," Says General
Officials Bitterly Denounce Sto
ries Calculated to Work Mis
chief?President Taft's
Policy Unchanged.
Waahington, May l.-^torlag printed
to-day to the affecl that Oeneral Laonard
Wood, chlef of ataff <.t' the army, at an
Informal gathering af memhera of the
Houae Comralttei. Mtlltar) Aifalra on
Thuradiy pxpregaed the opihlon that In
tervention ln Mexlco wag Inevltable and
that n would laka 500.000 Amertcan
troopa i" patrol tha tr.?>]i-i?*,i repubUo
i-.'iis.'ii greal indlgnation Ln admlntatra
tlon ' ln :, i
i leneral Wood hlmai if and Ba* retari
Dicklnabn lere particularl) bitter In de
nounclng the circuiation >,i atortea ,?f ln
terventlon at this tlme, declaring that
they conaldered tham calculated t" arork
liifinlte rr.iechlef, to endanger the livaa of
Americana in Mextco bj Inflamlng the
nativea t,, murderoua aaaaulta, and even
to plunge the two countrlea Into arar. lt
is llke poiaonlng r a/ell," Mld Oeneral
W.I. Secretar) Dicklnaon was even
more emphatli
Offleial deniala rame from a number,
,,? nourrea and care ?,,s taken to ei
j.i.^s anea the admln atratlon'a poa tfon
thal Interventlon is a nioel remote poa
Blbillt! i int- ',r Prealdenl Taft'a callera
lo*da) A,i,t s,, iar ri to quoti the Prea
hl^iit as aaylng thal "Wood would have
tn he go deep in Uexlco thal r man c >uld
t-ade throftgli It" before the Atnerl an
army would croaa the border. This haa
[...?ii reportcrd to be th.. Preeident'a t>,>si
tnni (hroughoul tha Mexlcan trbublee,
ahd agaln waa generally accepted as
Bt|l li t'l-ila )
A Question for Congress.
Through all the confilctlng reporta as
:?, the American attltude to-da) thei-^
st.1 "it t'n ? facl that interventlon in
M. rico an eome onl) through tha ??
ti, n nf Congrea*. This ia, t aerved to
malntain placldlti al th.> Capitol Preg
idenl Taft, ronacioua of the conatitution
al reatrictloha as to Intadlng a foreign
luuntr? and th*?reb) rntiimlttlttg an aci
ol war. has rliii>' an.l Rgain nia?l, the
derlfiratlon thnl he would la) the whole
?iihjei't i,'r,,r. Congree? If the tini.
hlmnld ever i*ome f?>r Interventlon by
thla ,.it;t'-. mi.i the reaponalblllt) for
,,,u,.ti would i" placed ayuarel) on Con
. ?
I. adi ra
opiniOfl 9,1
ilon, and
have tn
:n r*ongi ^,? are "r the aame
tn, Pri aidenl aa to Interven
he Rttuation In Mi Rlcw would
r., i, ;?, h hii > \ii.i i"'\ deeperati
|,,i,.r< AmertVan troopa were or
,., r-..,| a roaa tl,. Hne.
Thi Bghl is H< \i-,, - ahd the i'nlted
Ktatea proprava lo k?'i' handa off unleaa
iniwiiit inti ,i outragea ahouM be itrni
mitted on Amerieaha ind other forvlgn
hiti f il
Xhi auapi i alon oi th* annlatk e in Mea>
leo and >wn the artlve reaumptton of
hoatllitlea bj the Ineurgenl forvea wlll
rauae aliaolutely no rhange ln tha detar*
tnination "t the ITnltad Btati '., refrain
from h,t'rr.-ntiuii. The Preaidenl is "as
j,.,,, aa a i,m k" in his i in pooe i" ln. up
(,, ii,,. nbllgatlona ,,t' neutrality, and evgt)
lh. gllllng "t Ain.Ti'-aiis. PTOVldJOd it
v,,,. an Incldenl >,f warfare, would ra>t
!? regarded as snfli, i, nt ground for i
?*Qgle American loldlei t<? tToaa tha ln
ternational boundary armg in hami.
Caution to Army Officera.
Thia Btatemenl a/aa tnade Iohbo) wlth
i ut |, s?r\atimi b) the hlgheal authority
,,, xi to the Preaidenl hlmaalf, aad un
douhtedl) rafloctg th<- Prealdant'a policy,
ll, Inaleta mi abaoltitaly technical ad*
heranca t" tho Laatruetlotlg alragdy gtvon
t,, the Aroaiaan milltar) r**mman*Jara
(lll th*- border t" kaep tinir goldlara
ii.,ith of tho iHir. Therafora Oataarml
Wood, <-hirf of stuff. haa Hirain ?hii
tlonad ih> .urni oAtcerg t<> uae elvlltan
naeaaengera In caee they tiud it Moaav
l oulluiirj un an uutl uara.
Madero. Receiving No Reply
from Diaz. Threatens to
Attack Juarez*
Federal Peace Envoy Snys He
Crn Go No Fiirther or.
the Basis Rebels
Rebel Laadail D.rappGir.tod by Pailntt
of Conl'sreacc. Say Reroir.tion
Must Continue to the
Bitter End.
Peace ncqotiat.crs in Mexico were
si'spinded yssterday. Madero receiv-nq
no reply to his demanH for President
Diai's rasifnation. An attack on Juarez
is exoected, but not in the nevt ?v\en*.y
four houi c.
Presider.t Diaz helH mr.ny confer?n;*s
with rr.embcrs cf his Cab.net. bi-t no
btaterrent as to his possible raaiflfiatiaa
v/rs n^^e. Reports of riotinq anj cf
danger to Americans in Mexico City
v.-ere denied.
Washington offioals declared enohati
cally that no -ntervention in Mexico waa
intended. and denounced ser.sat onal re?
ports. as calculated to cauce grive
Torrccn v.as reported cap*ured hv
rebels. and attacks on Matamorai. No
gales and other olaces were threatened.
f-;i Paao Tex.. Maj I - Thi armla
ooverlng thi Chlhuahua dlatrlcl and all
unofflctal communlcatlon betareen iha
? Mexlcan government and the revolutlon
}.,?.. arere broken --tt to-ddy, aad to-nlghl
tli-- i:isurn'-ni arni-. in-1-? I -i -- - I
Madero, jr. i.? preparlng to pureu
n i olutlon aa i Igoroualj ia evei
Juan /. wlll i-.- the Bral p ?lnl of iti ick.
lut thi rebela probably will ni>i move f--r
I another twenty-foui houra
I T!u- Inagpllcable ambttion ol Preal
Idant DaBB," who rafuaed toaccadi to tha
i i^bpl demand thal he mak- a publli ai -
I nouncethcnl "f hla Intentton to ?
waa rh?? agpreaaion by whlch M
1 t-i-ilgiit epltomlged Ihe reaaona I
' brr-iik.
Judga i 'arabajal havlng it.'' ??? nru d D
; Vaaqui ? i tomeg, haad of I ? p< ? ?
j commlaalon, to-day thal It wg
sii-'-- for him to cantlnui I ha
gotlattona on tha bai - -
1 ?? bela, iiini tli-- rebel ehli I hai
?? \' iti.l the nnnl itice, a atatei
'? laaued bj Madero, d< flnlng hla i-- aition:
Madero Explams His Atituds.
? Aa is wall known h. aald, ' i Invited
' Ihe i tople of Mexlco to taki
iiir.iii!---t Dlaa a hi n all I na lo
i-i ing about tha a lll of tl had
btH n ? xhauated ? Thi a ai ?? - I \ lta?
i .- gad Indiflpenaable ai ?
have begun t" aat Ita frulta, Inai
;,s the prlnclplea whlch the revoluthui
proclalmed hai ? ;? n
fral Dlaa ..t"i thi !-.- mbera
[ Inet.
i: ii thal la i ol eno .
? rjen< ral Dlaa la la power all lawa wlll
be tl' titiu'iM and all pron i--,v trtcka
war. with thal kh ?> aad la ordei
obtaia peace la M< m< ? i aaki d hlm ta
! make publle tha latentlon wh I
manlfeatad i-i Irati ls ilgnlng
the govi rnrnent. Ia ordi r thal h< mlghl
nol feal bumlllated - r ha .-? ai i ???'? al
[to dcajr auch a requeat, i pn?pneed thal
|i aloo loolgii aa Piwrlekmal Preaedcat,
even manlfaatlng to blm lhal i rouW
: g(. .-i-i aa Pr- -i-i. nt i-i-. ti mi. ?'
I her of hla < teblnel . ?? - a pnat
' of much ' onfldi nv e and w ho la - ar*
I reapondlngl) ebla lo Bll It.
it is ii-it poaalblt for - ? lo "?' mora
' for y country, and lf thi rai ni Baaa]
J ,t *r||| be due aoli I '?? the InexpHeaHl
; aml Itloa of 'Jeni ral Dlaa H ihei '"ra*
: w jii i,.. fl|on< reaponalble befon I ? ? la***
! Ha, ,i n-orhJ and In ???? all tha
i mlfaj t b hi'-ii th- m ar tn
Rebel Leaders DiMBBaintad
, -i hough determlned to pnra u ihi b 'a
' manda to tha kaal dltchi ' ' " '".!?*?
; to-nighl plalaly al ???? ? ?' M?? li dlaap.
polntmen! a! tha oute.( Ihe dajr*g
a-ventfl Thaj had thoughl lhal aon* aa*
noum mnenl from Pn akh nl Dlaa would
. |,. |..rtli i-n.i'iK. Tli- > ' ?'?? Undei tha
linpreaalon thal lha gove-rnmenl had r#?
, aived t't-.Mi Judge i 'ar b i lai a cop; ol
| their ??.i-ii'iHiiis" vi ith regard lo taa
realgnattou pf Preatdent Dlaa Tha
? tnaaer a hh h Judga CarahaJ il gai
1 them to-daj adJahri aaad to I hr ll
thaj f?Mind ragrae aad hiadjaquate, aad
withoul eaplaaallon ol thal potal Dr.
Qotnea had eatitar to-daj aaked Judaja
< 'arabajal for aa gnawaa to Un rahH ia
? in \ i. -a of ihe farf ba gald. ' thal
th-- armlatl ? tarmlaat*^ lo day at II
.,?-i... lt, aad siii.. we have recelved n?>
r |,i- tn the prapoattlan Bubmttti -i on the
att.rn"-iti of Ma) i al Hi" peaua confara
[enca, i beg of pou t<> laform ma cancarn*
IIng tha mstnicti'ins whlch rauf gavama
I ni. nt ma) hava gtaaa on thal point, aa
tha tlme al aar dlapaaal i-? \.-r> hmit^d
far tii-Kiitiiitiona in lha eaenl thal thaf
ara to rantlaaa. I fgtwi laa ahava ta yaa
b) "iii.-r af L\\n l?aaaa*aari of tha Pro*
vlaloiaal Qovernmenl of Mexlco."
Diax'i Envoy Can Go No Furthflr.
Judga Carabajal had racalvad Beveral
[aaaaaagaa froaa lha ManUeaa toramnaaaal
1 .iiiriiiR tha < l; 4 >. bat ?i'?t until after tli?
grmlattce had haaa tarmlaatad iiid lu:
s. iiii hi- anawai
"Wlth rafaraaa?<? ta yaar n.it" <>f o
da>.'' ha nai.1. "whUh \nu liuvf dir?>.?: --I
lo BjaCi 1 baf vj iui'uua >wu, aa wgli aa

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