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( '-D?inu?d from gflfll pca*
that it wiU ha tagardad a? ent'r*!y satls
factory by thc:n it takan for granted
Only in a general "flrajf does the tnani
ftsto rafat to th-. ravolattoa. The gov
err.rr.ent's pottfUon i? lhal General Dtai
rouid not baaa. inada a paUk statetr.em
at ar. ggrUat ir.cmer.*. and It le ind!
eatad tbai tna "raTcJuUoalghi fallad to
observ? thfl amaaltlafl ol Um paaoa nego
datlOBfl ty rnaklag taam puhltc Of*v
nal.y H waa Btatad to-alghl that Madero
and his adv;$er? "ere gullty of hetray
lag an Bg*iaainaat by lajectiag lato thfl
eor.frrer.ee. I:*hcr secretly or opaaly, UM
ouestion of tho President s resignation
It vas daclared that 11 had baan agreed
?o in Doafldeacfl that thli polat BhoaM
r.ot be parmlttad to become an laaufl
Profterir.g thfl dfl ' ' bh* v':':*
irgnesa to rattra Um Praaldaat dlaengaag
ttapoWlcaloondltloni I Um coaatry 4\nA
Um cf?ort> thai ? tnada by the
flje***ai>anieat to eatabllali peace H?
cfllls Bttaattoa to the- progress rdreadv
taadfl Ifl the i rt I dopting the
gr.ti-re-elcct:on laa; ind daclarafl that
Ih project ol tha reform of the <
la*?-s aad ol ??,' Judlelary ar- bamg
gtudted Ke flhowg faitbar lhal the
govarnn-'nt in BU Ita Bajtfl arlatlflg to con
forro to the demand of the pubiic in BO
far as II Ifl arlaa aad for thi baai Intar
flflgfl of Um c
Rebel6* PropoattiOfM Considerer".
Eventa Madtag to the teyinning of ne- ,
gotlatlors for paaca ire tafcefl up. and tt '
** Ir.dicated that it BflBB the dlspositlon to !
take into considf-rat.on propoMtions the j
re-olutionia't had ta B*M*Uu
Itegardlng thi polat upon whlch the'
rupture ol negol ooeurrad, tha
man-.f'-f I at comala*M*flB arlth
the demar.rii or D1az > *-<-?i-rnat>n can- i
not be aatartainad. for the re&srn that (
his ImPMdlatfl raalgnatlon arlll gogbtlaaa
prec:;?."?,' ' "*"? A- anarchy
Uiroaghoul ha country, whlle, on the
BthflT hagtd ' ?' "??'.ent ls flged for
*, (utnrt da fll t a*Hl not
ha-1 buO . ? ? arunira Uw ra?
t-jr.n of noi tlona pendlng the
?ion of a new rs
in concludlag ippealfl ta
the, patiioUflm xf tl ? -. aii'ng up"*n
th*?m to ai-' I ' For'thi paaca an-i
I ?, ,. , | ? . I enl >g*l le* tV"*
gt ao place n thi ?aaattaate ifl *here
niada mentlon ol ? lactkni \r
, grd . ? ? ? lUtutloa -^vnation li
I deai far a? it
.-?-? rdoi nea-PreBl*
denl ...-.
be tollov ad by thi
.? . - in this eaifl
Ihe Vlce-1 ?? c-i,-k ai d
? ? m i Igh! montha1 i**\ e
.,f Bha regain his
laai Oorral
Ihe coui ' be time
tln Pi a | raaa ln*
caml enl " i Barra,
ihr , :lolce ?: ? ? ? ? ea for
p - ald?ni What o irrte af
K ? ..;?,. Bldent
H or
b? i
Believe Tb*.t Madero Wen't Qu'bble.
AJthougb the aanoum am nt ol Oanera
Diaz that ha a hla ooun*
tn- *?as at peaca a 11 not !???,
ela U*roagt offlclaJ channela, many ba?
Ueve it can b* ragardad bi Un bv as noth*
ing laag than compllanca wlth thalr chlel
damand Offlctala Mn? in the
rapltal b<-!ie\'% fha' Madi ro wlll nol
quibble o\rr taa mathod, m,l 11 be bl
alneere m his d-fire to flnd lha war h>
rr\T\ Bt on, e BTdflg thfl t*esaa1 ".i Of hos
till'-. ?
It la no longer derr.eri tha*. a gn-nt ina
lorlty of thfl revohitiomst? Iri all partfl
ri Um rapnblk ara acttng eithor directly
cr ind;r?:ct;y ui r.c-r Um ardarfl of llader ?
ani it is a \a<~x avall eatablMhad thal
haaMwaajg band.-. Btaapfl ted c-f iighting
ludapaiidantlr. hava during thi ia^
rtlgniaad ? derdri ? but only in
ixcordaiir? v-ith thfl de<:i?ion reBched .-:
Tbe leade:.- of theae bai.ds have hu
nounced Um ' Old conUnufl the rebel
llon or would st-,p nr Madatro Inatructad.
kn an Infltanc of thla, tha armistice
cegotiat!..:;- antared Into laat .k bj
B*e ot the FlfT-ieroa br.>*hr: s and Colon, 1
B^Hra:., of Um federal army. waj*i hrokan
off bt> Um --suit of ;, telagraia ?ent to
Figneroa by Madero ln whlch tha formar
waa told to gaarpand nagotlatlom until
the end of the confaraacfl at Juaras.
Few Ig Maxloo kaaar of ihi reault of
taa Cavl ? ? tlng uatll thi n<
publ^sh-r^ iti BXtraa tO-nlgh1 Shocked
by tbfl nawfl of * est^rri.-,\. ti e i Itlsena <.f
tba capital paat gundflj ln deapondaacy.
The. usuai CTOWdfl Bt- tl
were uv klag aud throughout t1.- ? ;t(
gioom aad aaa tad on
ev*r>' CBTtuataaaaca, Thi reactlon was
Immediate Ofl ' f nawa thal
Oaaiarfll D<az bad opaaad tha way fot
peace. even whlM ' ? ! araa await
I e Bararfl of ., k itrle.
Those who a
gellberate and wall founded judgment
rf.r^.t re affaln hen ?? uaarUllag to
Balb Department ln
ti of mora
th> r. approxlmatilj con l Ulgaaoa
op ??? ?' aaa of th- ? ln thla
j, | - ?.- that i
?fre Btal to tba depaxl naal of gra i
rlota at the Clnco
as ?n Uluatiattoa ??' thfl gravlty of Uw
t*a?*called - lf two or
thr?-- aeurBea. Invol ?? .-? ??
. "iT-n. and flfl>eta ??: a bl h afforded Bflaaaa>
.... . .
aaa with trutl ? b thai
Iwas rioting here. The TribUlM eorre
e-pondent paw one of iheea P Bltlea, a'hlcl
has been d'sorihed 85 tho WOral ef the
j lot. lt bagaa arlth the baatog of a tlpai
:aoldier by a feiv i>eoi'!? A CTOWd G iltOCt*
ed to see tlie fun and ivatchcd the Bpotl
until the police. who had OTdera tO heep
the throngs moving. made them dlaperaa
The fact that one ofBctal goaroa OB
, Mhich tho state Dopertmenl loglcally
I nuitst depend fot 8 i-orrect new of thf
Fltuatlon is under s?u*ri,clon of over*
6t:.tln? thg <l..nger. and distorting COB*
, sequenfej- |g raturally vexing 10 Amerl*
cans here. wheee llveg and propertl
: may hecome lmperilled gbould an 111
timed and unneoessary interventlon ho
Icaueed beoauaa <-f the American govera*
ment belng mlsled. Some sort of ropre
aentation to the I'r.itcd States govern
ment from the Mexkan governmer.t on
thi? aubject may b?j looked for.
Washinfton Relieved by De
cisions of Diaz and Madero.
Waaablgton, Mav T ? h-reMderr* laft aad
offlcia: Washlngton genera:'1 qufckly !
'.earr.ei or ,K.e BUddeii 5h>ft m tba Mexicaa
Htuat'.on. the anncuncement ol Preakaaai
Diaz tha? he wo-j'rj resig:, u> tba lBt*r*8t
Ol peace and tha prevfcMM oriier or h'ran
flsco I Madero for the trtkkir.? ot tba
rebei forceg BOUthward trom the h ,ra?r anl |
on toward the caplta!
The news of the. witbdrawal ef inwrrec.
Uenary force? trcm i poatUoa jo eloaa to ;
; the Arr.ericcn towns af to cOntlitUta j i OB* I
?'.ant source of frlctlon ar.1 a men.ice to |
*..' g^od tee'.'.ng betweau tha two peop.'es ,
was vjewed here wtta reMef, and the later
announoamaat from Mexico of tbe i n -i
dent a aelt effacemen* to ertec* paaea ln
hla iroualed count:* waa la :tne with the'
Wasningtcn adnUalatraUOa'a hope for peace
.and Maacleaa AAbaaaador Zamacona s re
. ? otton 1 ? paaea aooa wouw rr
'. reetored.
Praatdanl Taft, wlth h:s fainlly ?
th< evenlng at i-.ome whan he
mofllclalry a/i\tsed of rhe Buoaaaaioti
of even's in Mexico. He had no comment
to make pubUC AmtrgrtMT _anr*cona
had noi baan ad*rlaed by bla governmeni aa
i to any of theoa procaeemga, bli aoia of*
| nc:a: ad'ices reeulting ln ms taauing ot a
' -
? been Cioaed and trattlo in tne
ii'.reets prohlbltad aa a res'i:? oi tta riot ln
lla_ -. citi ? Perfect order and quiet pro
?_U in tbal dty," announced tha Aa
.Mr Zamacona predicted peace :n MexlCO
i ahorl time m bla fern
an bli preeentatloii to tha PreaUaal j
Bucoeaaof of Mr. de la Barra, now Meaican
Minister ot Foreign Atfatre, a lortnigi i
or ao ago The Preaidenl ami othei
aj offlclals then felt t.-.at peace
wa? aol a drearu, and they bava r
:h-..- ytew niore or laaa bopel deaplto |
frequent d_sceuragtag repor'a.
?*_t__era 16 tha only oaa who can gr l
ardera to atop ?ghtlng.' aald B? ?? ?
Genera! Oopaalaa Garza of tba revolution
,.,. reeently in aaraaetloa with tba
fannai deiaaad tor tha Burrendar of Juarea
? . Madero was the only ona who
hrect tb* altbdrawal of the Ingnrreeti j
frorn 'he Internatlonal Haa Us aetlou
Waa (n c-nformance with the WaabingtOfl
ilatrarjon'a demand upon the Mexicaa
g ?rnraent tha* Araerlcan border towns
? not he endangereri by Mexicaa oat
? ? formal axchaagi ? along
tbia lini irae, waa wlth the n
Mexicaa offldale, out tba taaarreetlonary
? ha a aepl ,n i >ose touch wltb
ar of th? Waahingi m E"v
jogg \ ?ffoncolat, Pr Qomea'a a.s?irtant,
who toofc the plaea nf tSotnea as diplomatic
.. ...... ,. heg th< n'"r lefl to Join Ma?
dero, to-nlghl telegraphed aa followa to
Um adttor of 'El Pats" at Maxtoo Cltj
?j appaal '?> th* patrlotiana ?-?i your n ??*?
Iraper to deny rumora of American Inter
?, ?*- up to th* preaent time no ancli
v Ameri an aati-fi ? -
tion would be b ghly in proj ei
unj iai
"Thf chtef obatacla lo pea r ' aa t ?
removed, and [ belleva
atored In mj counti \ . aald Mr V ? -
? eloa to-nlght, Mr Vaaeoncelea tbinka
,' Madero'i propoaad march on M< i
not bi on to-morrow, a.- exi ?
: and that peace negotiatloi a wlll be n
r-'iiiro Preaidenl Waa haa eon
? raal polnl for which tha i ?
? ?? ndod, Mr Vaa onca -?
ndeni that |< wlll i* oni> ;t matter 11 d u
? tcrmi ,f paaea wlll i?-- uodai con
1 aideratk i
Bo f;<r tl ?? - Departn :
no wi rd fi e embai i Mexico ?
cemlng the lateat development*. The War
1 Departmenl ?-?* no advl - ? ? to Madero'a
or li i for tbe * bMra* al ol i
I ? ? ? from the berdei ? ? i
..-.., i.. ing of thi ? ipl ii
jir.itf n trOOJ 8 Ol - '"? " ? ' - ' '
Bmuggle ai ma a roaa thi frontii ?
ir, ..... ? ? bl* ln?
vaalon of Meaican aoll, tleneral
William W Wotl ?' apoi ? head of ihe
Army I
Mtoeaa f the W ai ? ? n
Imilar t" th* worh of .< na i al i I
of sti ? | plan campal a ln tlme of
? ? hs ue;i ;.s in war, and that from
tin,,- to time practlcally everj countrj on
?!if globa waa aelected .? thi Bcem '
potbetlcal military operatlone. Mexici i ?
no exceptlon to tt, _?? n< rai i ule ao l
thla rrategk plannhtg l i on< ? *nf''i
Chief of Insurgents Who Forcad Realf*
nation of Presidcnt Diar.
Franciaco i Madero, |r m< m! ar ol
of Mexico i wealthleat famlliea,
didati for tlf- PreaM ? - i -? 11 a '
pr n< i| al piank of hi.< p atfi
? tlon. In November, 1810, Madaro waa
eoa*/*ct*d of iti' ' - .... belllon
| and put in jai'. II' eacaped Into
' '
| eral revolt on November SO Aln id then
l.ad heen acattered ii'-'
tha iep ih-' . but '?.?-!.??? . iti
. **r.?t deflnite form on thli date The .v
lata laauad a manifesto In " they de
' elared tl al tl * rai *i I ? lectlon h id baan
i enforced at tr.r pt im ol l a bayonct,
.^.it-d r.'.az arlth reaponi for the
iprl ng -ind deoiureil hia 1 11 an'l
prlB Iple of noi e-eli tlon was?
? th* auprema Law of thi rej
i and t'taz wa* doclared ,i uaur,
T_h manifeeto waa dated Octi ier I and
I waa ? ? lated pi h atai! foi nv i
1 mooth efora it b un* o I
; ber M Madero proclaimed hlmaell provl
aional praaidi i of .M'X!." and ha a*a*
augurated on 1 tati 81
? on Deean i tha aame day thai
Dl i b^ran hia elg!.th t. :
j On thi? day Diaz madi
; to the rel?. :? n to '-hi
| huahua. ofterltig ternia, but d.
the p^naltv of rontmij^d rebelllon would bi
'..'-. . T?4
? r ghi
Qorthcn I dei it thi lurgi l iow**l
nghtl | ? ? ln twelva dlffareai atatei
tnafiaft on
B r rw-aj * t-?- *-*<?? *>,,*T lwr-'- flala Ageeta raa tbi Vattai .-ut.a
The next forrnal effortF to aecnre pea<e.
go far as ihe p:en*-rti publtc knew. oecurred
on Ferruaiv .??;. i?lt tha.,* |oo, faile.l On
March I *\e_of UpuMtoar, the Mexicaa
Hia Bter of Ftaanee, reached Kew '?'ork
from Parta ami apant aevaral daya ha con
ference wlth the father anl brotbara of the
rtbel i' idet Maaawhtla tha Unlted Itatei
had ma**ad tweaty thouaand t?en abaag
afaxlean hord^r. whiie ih.p aeat waa
crdered to rendezvo'15 off QuantOaaiBO, OB
ihe eaal ooaet, nnd e_ leatlago aad ian
i. iro, ln fhe Parifk OrQera of thla rao*
blllaatlon waal oul r.n March 7, and the
Immedlata ecthrtty ef lha inauj aaata
red thal they were er.fouraged by tba
rtanca whkh thla i.iiv??rnment a'
tni l.nl to thelr rnovement*
The frulta of Llmanti u - confaraaica wlth
the Madero* ln Kew rorh were never defl
nitelj dlaplayed Bo far aa an latarrup*
tion oi hoatllltlea waa concerned, howerer.
had no immediate affact, the rebal
I tlon of Agua Pri^ta ard tha rnere.
ment on Juarea fonowtng aoon after lataaan*
tour returm to Mei i <|ty
Lat* '? Aprll the acMvity cf acattared
detacrmei.'* of the rebala near the capltal
itaelf Indicated il a tb D.az a^dastalatra
tioa waa -1 a ti-.or" i-i-M;. ai peetttoii I
had been BUppoeed
franciaco 1 liadero.
Jt . aitb hla army, wea c:.camppd at the
sate? of Juarea, threetenlna imraedlata at-?
tack, ar. araalatlea r<t Bv? laya waa declared
to anable Madero to traat with aawoya ?":-'
from Mexico Cltj On Apr'l II the l
a ixtended 1 daya I oger.
Al that time the rebala were practtcally
ntrol In tba atataa rt sonora. Cbl*
a, Duraago end Zacatecaa The
Btatea of Blaaloe, Coabutta san Luis Po
toai, PcebUi ar.d Ouarrero wera bi serious
lar tha total araa of tba du'urc
ancei covering nearly half tha total *r.'t-n*
? ?. repul lie
Crcrliteci with the Deve!o?mer.t and
Propperity of Mexico.
por-. - ? foi thlrty yeara dl' - ? r
of Mexico. wm born eishty ona yeari
Hii famll! waa I - Btock
Infualoa of Indlan blood Left father*
'.e.ss at t'.-.e aga of three, I a wai ited
of tha Blabop of Oaxaca
witj tha intentloa of bacomlng .i prleet,
but the young mai.'i refuael to obey gn
eccleslaatleal order thwarted tl la plan and
? dled law ir.s-.end At gradoatlon he
. . .:. offer of a profeaeorehlp, bui tha
outbraak of tba wai wlth the Unlted B1 it*
I him to ? mtlltan careei
?;.. aerred throui - a! eti iggle ir. i
i con p''-. ? * ??' ? rtelped orgaalaa
-.,..;. -. raa di medi
c:ai Btudy of military ?fience He ar..i one
other wera thi ot ? two ln tha eountry
r.ired openly oppoaa th" eontln i
of Santa Ana'fl dtetatorahlp. Hla execu-,
tion waa ordered, but v" eaeeped and
oioed Herrega'a revoll Hi apeedlly mad*
tatloa 'K ? aoldier and ai .the age |
oi . ? ? nted Chlef of Po
ptaz. now - brlgadier general, wai I
? thori ' '?? ol h"i '"'
taking adi antage of our
Clvil Wai dhey attempted to ? >? ? Maxl*
milian ei the * roni ol ? M
pirc ? ??... e Waa taken prlaoi ar, but
ped. He ha
atantly tlll ll .' ***?? ff
a ? . ? ?"
ond tlme tgaln he eacaped, Bnd
., r,,.. ina ,..- ed Pm fmmedl*
....... he moi ad oi
... ? p waa
aatal Uahed Dlaa revolutionary
. ihment of the
? ?
. nl In *(-"-' ii I ' ?? t a l
-'?-'? *i nmant, tnd
.,/.., . e cap
? aVtar yeat
ii,. ra ? ? ? Preaidenl ln IIH to
. . ? ?? r ' Da fugltlve I n
?4, ....,? x io i em< nt
. ? . ?. bj ini lla
? -? if. Hla aecretary, Ueni rai Gon
,. araa elected Pr* aldenl and l Haa waa
i -rt -ist',,. of tba Bupreme
? pj . ? remoi Oaxaca
. ..;.: n,vl -. . ... bui h
... . au foi thi !? p ? 14 ?
araa i . ted two aai lati r
te la* ?
.: waa abolished He wai fi
ous,: re-el< eti d tbereafl the l gtygl I m<
on Jui ?
To '.'-. ii la Ivep the cra 111 foi tl i ad
vani ?? of Mi Bli i to th* at itua of a tab a,
progreaatvi and proaperoua govarnment, ui
thoug ? thoda hi ? roplo* d
Pre firat wifi daughter df
;.ega Reye* ed during I I
mlnlftratli n. In 1 e marrled l
Manuel :. ? ??
hai i
i . ..??: ? ?? ? n
d< | '! om ?. i la :ti nani
i..- i :.i. i
FUnco i
itiafacl oi wlth hl
... i i-iii
? . i
Ex-Piesidcr.t, ot Hondortfl nt
Oeiba, Says Vicc-Consul.
an Vici ?' 'on*..
ln thia city. yeaterda lt a 1
iln reporta pub
N. -.- V"rk n< ?'? apupci
. -. 1
I ?
.1 ? ! ?? '
to-dai ice ol
~ .... ?
?. . r. ?
li g ali ntlon "' al
? -. ? -?
For inatai ? ? ? ?
ton'iew bei - i Man
. . '.. [ormei I eaideni ol Hon
Preaidenl Dlaa t< Mi I llla I havi
..\\ in
the Poi t of Celba Hondura ind not in
? n ? ikli
ment. I i that if 1 i
of the a .... i ?
itatei ? ?' ttli
. e given 1 ?
? Fn-co" Offlda] Daaieg Babali De
atroyad :-; 7 i?n Bridge.
'.: vllli May : ?L M f
enger agent of th*
....... that tna repot i
it bi lan Juan brldga cn thi Sal
Raila ay between a and Mi
? .
... i '. i ? rratlng da th*
! ., ?? : ? .-.-?? ? ...
? ?
- a
Refnaal al Deanaad for Ptee Trade Will
Brinf M'ka(.o'4, Ultimatnm.
-. i . * Maj N ? ? pei
I ?,: t r? ? ii I ? li i ind Ja
pan Tba Rech i . ? i t Japa
about 1 reaeni i
?v ith " fei ? i.' ? to fn ? ... |n 1
? |g| i rovim a and r>-i ol th* I
lapa ......
il pr* ? in ill i ? u
pittab ira da IV ? ? ?? ai a held in
nynn Theai .. Blde, t,..i r r.i
mory of thi L lehi m, ol
The hi i ?
... ? i ? ? i nt Epl*copaI Cl
I . ? ? ? made bj i' i
.. .i l.. i, t . i ? ? l i
\V 1 i .'!.!?'? i 11 J
n. jjy tha ?? all kni engl
Insurgent Leader Told Al! Rev*
olutionists to Withdraw
frcm the Frontier.
Abandonment of Border War
fare Move of Rebela to Securr
Early Recognition from
Ur.ited State?.
H: Paso. Tex . Mav I.?Feartag cor.ip'':3'
tlona -arlth tha Unlted gtataa, Franctr-co i
Madero. 1r ?o-dav :3vi- or.'."'? to a'l thfl
larolutlonlatfl fn tbe Mealeai bordar T"
\>it:idra*v froflfl 'he frontier
Genera! Madero, 1" i B*H?**dfflBto to hla
arnp- tc-day. dtfld thfl DOtflglag, Arl' 'n"
r.dents and d?c!i:..i ? It. wl a thfl tak'.ng
ol Juarea rnlgl > 11 bu Ifl i floaa m lltary
advanti??. ll would brlng about compUca*
arlth a natlon arhleh haa alwaya
glTBfl ua !?;?? Ofl of H ''"'? cdflblp " and arlth
arhom ni mi irnational ? ';!(* h
On tO Mexlco Clt: ' arg* the cw f*1
night in th* Madero armv M thfl IBflfl pta*
patad 11 i raak camp..
The polltleal ch.eff gathered to-dav for
9 fir.a! cov.iivpnc-. completfld thfl orsanisa
tjon ol thi ? *????' rnniflBi tad
bada faraarall t< thelr leadar Two <~n?-i
BU were appotnti I on< o! **'hicri ia ,
ro ke bi ?! ? ""g Juntfl l
any -. propoaalfl from th<> Mexlcan
.... nd the other i dtreet the,
dlplomaUc or commerdal relatloi ' th?
? ?? .ib thfl I'ni'erl States.
?? ? ? no a ret at tha Madero eaat
ment of ba r war*
lini altb rhe polley of thfl rebeta
.. ,, . on to a art aarly recagaltlofl bj
Btataa ol thflb baUlgareai y
.\in,: .:..'?? flata arerfl loal i
. tlon ai ?? ? ? I .a"' ?
?nera! OrogOO, wll I ? ? I
.? 81 ' '
-.-? svar raasaurad hlfl man *d
. . . expu, plana In tha
? '
ia andtflkfl
the i; '??. r' ?*?*?"?" ' ,' ;\L. f.
? iof.lortfla ?uld ha>?
proved :i??-.-". le and thai
..- ;?-? >our
iTing ai ifl ' ori ii l ;
? ? ? ? .:
took another l.
i f the t nlte, stat, ini
Aghtlng fell on to A
, ? ? ? -
npiic ition*.
' ?'
?? . :.-:?: on ? ? - ;
)nt fi *if? -.f
? ???>.. ?
? ll ?'
a-e mal " '
? i
,... . ?! - ?
Iohi ? ? thelr IH
irozro, e?pe slallj, who al thfl
.... . , the clty ot
.... ... obligatlen thai
noi n ? ''f'1 Ha>? ?|,: " "' '.l ;
, - - .,.-.. ' l ai e* '???
. . with flon w hi
otned me In thlB; but I i ft in .
. . ... ;...'?: - d llm ?'
nS froi n. on ?- rlll ih? i '?> J
tlve eampatgi wh eh ? :': arr, ; '' 'nt,?
*fv your Uiritimat* dealre of flghtl -
your co intry and yow anient wlal to ?
Ith ^i"'v ?.,,,
In :. word, 1 prornle* you tha! ?e win
mitkn i u-lumpham rnarcl i n''1 w? arrivi
nr thi ap ??-. of tl republlc. ?I.er<
will receiv! "i* reward whlch ?
trioUani and aelf-aacrlflce havi fu i ? imed
. ffectlve auffrage and no re ele
Camp ol tl a irmj ol llberatlon on tna
- oi Bravo, - fora i Indad l larai. ob
, j ,4 v of M y, iflt
tne ? p-ftANi :s I MADERO,
Pi ? i- oaal Prealdenl ol thi of
!? ? io Su;ire7.. ,>rov lalonal Ofl '' Ym
catan, i? eapectad to go '" B <? Antonio,
Trv . wttfi th? membera ol the nea ai
. . :. lll ng .? ? "
? || ??, realdenl there, Thla "tofl '
1, omi oaed ol Di \ aaojuea '<? rm '? r'ran
I ..,:1 .. d Plno I . ?
rebela tn tbe! I ? ; ? ica
.. , .. - , fedi ral government;
. t i M i-i- ro. Roq ?
... \ ... ,
other commlasloi
... | .f tha rei lutloi In the
?. - \m1I 1." ???? Of I>r.
. ; |on atle ? gen Oua v ?? A.
nan, lai ... ? neelofl
j . ,i, H inebea Al ona
U ber ti
l at El P ' v
. . ? .
. Unlted -
Arehbilhop Farlcy Addrossoa
. . <:ting in Carnegie Hall.
The ? - ? atlnfl t the La! men ?
e for 1 ?'??| ?-"' lai 81
n carnegli Hall Arch*
? . enl
ment l lon tf
:. ?., mbled
rhe Archbl
, ?? ied.
w ?
'? md tearhei
? ? eternal trutl
? ??
and . Through bu< h men bi
o i arlll be pul In
bi Iplei of the <
... |
. . ? flnd i ird to ni
. . , foi tn^ Church ln l
an.i l belii ?
, tarted wlll I
w h^re until ;? '?.. - '?? ,
. ?? ? ibout i s mti arblcb i
the othi luntrtea t the wm\,i m
religii ua i:. ttten aa H B ,.* In mati
? ?
\ .:? . realdent ol
l ,,.- puipoat ? ? ?
..-,.. thai houae
. , ,i on Btaten lalaa ? ?
... -.-i . -4
clualvel ? poa ' ' ? men'a ra*
? , i ara ??'-?? foi two
.?? ' ? ? it an
Bfl Of |
Aotboi Oi in H:s Steps" Favo*-s Iti
Infit'tnt:n;i m Protcstant Ch'irrhef
?ki Kan Ma I D
, trla ' paatoi f tha i rati tl
ongrega , burcl ll a*aul ol "la
H ll avei pfl ' f a
! .. ? .. - ; . , v -
..?'.. rcubl ng eai aad
recfllvi ... :
: tha ratnlatej to in* , on*
? itlon i, ghi M..1. ?? i i> aai; i **
? . ? mb?ra would be frafl to go
tO hll ? ??.. .: I I *?
? ? .. ? I do not ln the leaat a iv ?-?
cati tba doetrlne of tha forglTflnaaa of atn*.
a that tha mlnlater, ln
itv to i
.., ia ir. ikfl un,-'
lhal tbe in. in an a-o ild fi I
? ,. thai B*
Says Drossmaker's Bill Refutes
Her Claim to Dowcr Rights.
I m- Tci-rur-t! ifl taa ftHraaa l
gtehfaoad, Va , May T.-Ia dal*aa?a ofhtB
,.,:,, o Dalaaratty ,,f ( ''
-,n:.i and th- I BtTatfltty <>f WOTtb ,'-1J'"
::-.;, r., arhata bi h, ? willad practlcally n
BBtlra fortuae, John Arrnatrong Chaloner
. ., -.,?. ,-ur rhe foUowlng aUtemen
ralaUTg tu Priar-am Tioubctskov* re*'v "
1 - <ned siaieii., nl i B< Btrnlng hei
,,, , ilower rlght in hls> prop-rt
A r-ingle exhib.t provea Pnn *flfl Tr oubet*
Bkoy*8 poslrton .1 perjuie-i nno ThB am
axhlblt-'terriblfl ar- an anny wkb ****?
n-i- -ti DOthlng less than an unpalO ?w?
ra bill of tho Bubsuntlal amount oi
? ? ?? - a contractad by tha rrlnceflfl *?"?"
betflkoy before ber dreorcfl and atlii un*
; ald Bald blll containa ltemf ranglng rr ra
for a black aatin gown to fifteen
ol ?uk Btocklnga at n 2? , ,
But. to return to the poun ?? ;'
ablfl that a lad) who bad a bon* nde ciaim
aga.iut her dlvorcfld huaband to the tun?
0l 120.000 would allow an honael b?a wora
ing tfew Vorh draaaraakar a blll >f ??}??"
r-main unpald. to go bflgglng flocut. ina
Etreeta of Naw York '<h.l. her dlvoreed
husbairl *vas selflehly a thholdlng pay
"ient to her of a sum the incom-; of
for onlv one year would have corni
a hundred ar-d odd dollarfl of paylni H
Inmat-eg of Rhode Island Prifon
Smoke and Watch Ball Game
Cranston. R I. Mav 7 ?Five hundred
inmatss of the state prtaotl ind count '
Jail, flavaateaa of them doomed to Ufl
imprisonment, have rece'.ved g *a*aic?lBa
ieFF!*e br Uia InanfuraUoa of a garlafl
?f Baturday r.gif-hoiiday? by James F
McCusker, the arardafl
At a baseball garz-e yesterday and la
other sports bald in the prison yard there
m-'t Oll aqaal footing and without nc
Meaabla raawralai men eoavlcted of mur?
der. thoaa serving tirne for lesser offenc-s
gpd prison offda!? To the prlsoncr?
one of the best apprenated featuree of
the day arag a dlgtrlbutlOD of fiv? hun
dp-i Clay Dtaag and f.fty pounds of to
bacco. Barreral of the ' lifers" enjoyed
their first fresh a'.r and their first BBJOk I
ir, more than a srore of yeare.
Captatfl Bobert Cro**-, one of the old
ggt prtgoaarfl in the institutlon. Btniflg
a life eentence for murder on the hig!i
f,;afl. is BbTty-flVfl years old and araa
lockfld up fortv-six years ago Hfl
I bu) Qt-at pipa of tobaeeo lu i
de^qde _^^
Justic**- Morichanfer, in Giving
Woman Divorce. Makes Ruling.
? , . ? ? ? Trtbtin* i
I ???-. n v . May ? In hla **?
for tha | Blatlfl In tha acMon loi
dlvorce broi - l '?? -tleti '"" M
IBinfll iflb md, Burrnw? M-"
? ek brokfli "- ,x; w 1 Clt:
.. ruattee Sdor
? ticeMcAda ' "
ild not onl; 1
i?\ii. bul the of H " applle I
equally to marri'd men bj i rulfl of con
duci By flatendlng Judg? BleAdam'n optn*
;.,,. , ? . ..? ? judgi Mora
.1 thal 11 marrli fl men by l
mdu< > ????. > ? ? ?
,;;, .. .?,,?,.- |0 . lf Bllfl*
? . md 1 ommlttad ;."tc of i;1 :
tlon and Improprlety ll ej rn irai bo4 com
ubiic draw th>> ooncluslon
. ? aeemed Inevltable that the rnarrlaga
. . >.i ?..- onl] baan torgotti n l ui
Mra XcNeli ? uaband ol ln*
... . artu an ictreaa, known aa 511 Al
.: Qrace P/alton, or Orace t>p Roda.
-;. ? i ? i: la in nn apartmenl houae in
N ? Torb Clty In Ittfl The rharge waa ?>
- ni.i then waa no dir- ? ? lei
i Mr. tfcMelr, bul proof waa i'i'1
? , gnd hall nien. ? ?'lerk.
t\ eiephone opejrator and Barvanta ln other
;,,.:,,-? ? - Mr Mi N??''? bad frequenB
I. vi-i'...' Mli ? Aadri ? then Tl a
hi Id tl ? prera n. lf" M 'v-- i la
ent'a apartmi
| -. . ? ? I .'Irih
........ . ,|.- ? iii n : im, aa na
ther n laonablA r,i aanrribb conclualon ex?
. ; >uld bfl reached, " m?
. :,, our ? yaa to the acta and ? on*
duala for thi pui ? ? of flnd*
? ^? -. for uch m ta nnd .id
Thousands of Acres Swept by
Flamos?Bangor Threatened.
ton, Mav t ? Fir< - -ii thal ? I i
? |i rgraa I haa beca aa un*
from i-i ?-. of raln cauaad d ?? i
.,_?. ,it many polnta ln Maa England to
hou anda ol i i
.Ilai 'i and - urnlng l
' i .,? pn pared ] imi r b
? thi ? i". ; ? >d i" da
ind othi ? bulldli i ?
Th<. moal flarloufl Rrefl arara al Blddi
and Banford, Mfl Al I ford X mllitla
i" re aqusre mllea .,: tlm*
? i burnad o*. er and a houae aad
.,,., ,.. .. befoi ? ? Iii? " ? ? . on
? mllea 1
led irca
ro-niirl,r .,: ?! bulldlng i ln the oul
?.??'? ortfld ln w
Bi r. .... Ing all dav
ln *om ? InaUuii *e the flamea
: <i,i women and :
ed wll thi rai a ll
, ? .-in T-v ....
In E ' '??? i| aga near B
? ? - ? ? ? ? ,? ...,;
tha burnli i tltj
ird '. . ? ' ?
week ,-.? i i-n
w,. .? ? Thi
over two ? bb of foi
the rei dei ? I aepl
Clarb ? ? ? - - '? ?
i, i |brl Ige .! . ? ???.'.,..
... ? thi rnlng
-ii-rn,t -.?ii i itbuiia*
Bhi -i" lai ind had i t Paacoag Ma
ll< and Hh n la .'? ? n ^:cht hun* i
? . -. v ,,? ? oodland iv , - rnad ?
Can^'li^n fifttlcments Alor.^ Bit* Pi**er
Are in Danccr
TA'lnnlpei M in M r ??-? -."? firea ira
i ... Bjij Rtvei
ol Pl ' ? ' Bfl
? ? ? ? ? ? ? - ? \ il tral
oul *i- ??. I ': i ?? ? ? rought ?
tha dangflr ton to
At Claarwatar Bay, in tl of tn?
twc gaya Tharfl la bo
ttli mt theja rin porl thai
the country bi rai r drj ln ? ? a
.. lln| ,! ng the rtllwg] ??
' aaraad to danger ,-: porl
Walki i. Mii.i Maj . Dai peroua foraai
1 ? ?- ing nortl of thla clty oi
Ral].i Al
Bpar tha Bt. Paul traln aa I read to run
through t. - Haa
remd Man aattlei
nt of
W'alkfli AkeU) and other towi ? ?
ln iBiflaaraoul cl
' ol |, i | ., ,. ?,,. pl ;i .i.
.-, rlll I |
Dionioml Mrrthanf.v, Jtwdm and SfhtftmBki
Madison Square West, New York
Prior to removing to our new buildmg at
Fifth Avenue and 47th Street
we will make
Marked Reductions in Ccrtain Lines
of Silverware, Bronzes, Marble Statuary,
Photograph Frames, Desk Sets, Leather Goods
Also in broken lots of our regular Correspondence Paper.
- - ?-? " ?-??gg^'
Ba AltttUttt SC Qlfle
T ffll. flccnue, 34tb ami 35tl> $tnm, Ww Vork.
Dozens of interesting plaeea
to visit?Pike'a Pealt, Estea
Park, Colorado Springs,
Manitou, Roval Gorge. Gien
wood Springs, Denver.
Dorena of things to do?
mountain climbing, trout
fishing, bear hunting, golfir.g.
po!o and autoing ; or juat
Bauatef around and get
Two weekj in the cool. h
vigoratlng Colorado air will
give vou a new lease of life.
Low-fare, tound-trip ex?
eurswns all sunnr.tr
Vou will enjoy reading "A
Colorado Summer."
Milee wide, a mile deep.
and paintrd like a sunset. En
route visit the Indian pueblo*j
of New Nfrxiro and Arirona,
and spend a day in the Pet*
rified Foreat of Arizona.
El Tovar hotel. under
management of Fred Harvey.
look* after you when at the
Grand Ctnyon. Aa much
Hce a eountry club aa 8 hotel
can be.
Stop af here on your way
to California. A Pullreae to
the nm.
Vou will eniov r?ading
"Titan ot Chasms."
\Trlt? for our i!!uitrat*<i
xanawn |n*a b x4?
md tr?lB iolderi.
Oaa. C r>'!'4r?l, GftAft.
8"" Br(Mi*9y
Bevond a daubt the love.
liest of mountain vaiieys.
In the cool Sierraa of Cali
forma, a mile above the
8f3. rimmed by aheer clifts,
thousands of feet high.
Can you imacine a more
delightful vacation than
Cirapiag among its giant
red wood j ?
Low-fare sumtner excur
aioni. A side trip from the
California Limited.
Vou will enjoy reading
" Vosemite Valley."
Bathe in the blue Pacific
and try deep-sea tishing.
Or perhap* you may enjoy
golf, tennis or motoring more.
California maintains milea of
?mooth.dustlessroads. Mag
nificent resort hotrls. and
comfortable "tent citiei."
It e cool along the ?*out
all aummer.
Low-fare aummer excur.
?ions. Ever try the California
Limited t
Vou will enjov reading
" To California over the
Santa Fe Trail."
Corinthian Shoe
Russia and Gunmetal Calf,
Black Buckskin
and Patcnt $
Arcountant Employed by Oug
genheims Under Observation.
Rollo if Brown, an experi a**aeunteat
I laal alsat from h\> apart.
Hotal Endl ?ti ? ? lumbua
! -' ' traat, to tha p>\chopethli
i' !??'?- .. H ?-; 11 M (?'- ebaar*/attaa
Th* po '? .? Btaitoa
f Di Erneat L Ktcka, ?>{
No. :*i Waai Bd atreet, taal Brown nai
baan j tlng quaarlj an.! rnlabt baeetai
Broarn ??'- thlrty-two y*>?ra oM He aaa
iad .:?' :' r.,otns a' th* tindlroit !.>r
niorf thai ? reai \t t>-r hetel ,,r>thin?*
eould i" learnad >f arhat >'.H<1 caufed flfroarn
?., '.. rapi . t' >i i" tha r",,.!,'?*
i' Brai learnad thai miorh i< aaaployad
b> th--- Qua-fenhaima aad ihai aa aaa lall
?Miatk/e ..f audlttni ui thalr aeeaaata
.\ eal earnad
ao iiiirrH i\ ihe fvofU.
Om Thoiisand Men of Plttaburg Vi
vision Discuss 8trik??.
ptttaburt, Hav l ??** aaeataaf an*-.4*:
ilanieeart aaafaaaerei iBreaaaa aai
duetort i-rakemen umi lalagreBh opa
v a- boat 11 Plteelra te**B_i la eaaaeetaa
; with Uaa atrlka ot ti-.e aaoettnen empl
aa tba Flttaberaj dtvtaioa "f ttaa panaar*
? . b Ulreed.
No lafea^raatlea ceaM be <-M*tnei a'. tta
I eonciuctea "t thr nie-eting a raaaei Ma
tha <-n?rtne-r* thr<*4!#n to I<?a?e 'h*:* anfrt
? ? i. ? ?" oa acceaal <??( the a'.iea*' H
aqutpaMwi thajr aara aa aaa eeaM aat l*
i Eirerytatni la ^vorabie' waa *'?'? ' '
junloe otTI Hi1.* arouM *av ta-alflrl l*? d'*
joru*r ?a* r^roi'<eri _*eB" any potai to-i*l
Th? Mrik- arlll '..n a araet, etd l?*aaerra*f?

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