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^tu-^ptii* SrUmn?.
TTFRDAY. MAY !?. Itll.
This neictpaprr aa otrtird and pub
Ifthrd ov The Tribune A?*ociation a
Kew York torporation; office and prin
upal place of bur-inc*'. Tribune Butld
tng, VO. IM yatsau ttrrrt. Scic }ork;
Oodcn Milis. preMdcnt: OoJC'' lf. KfiJ,
rccretaru: JMBM V Barrett, *_?"_!_
'Ihe addrcss of the offtcers is the office
of this ncuspaper.
BT'BS'-RirTTOV RA TT* -By Mail I*oit
aaa Pald. o.ital.te of i.raater Nf? ^ % -0
D_ilv and Sunday. one ir.nnth. 400
I . . "Ix. montha. gft()
r>aiiy H- 1 Bunday, one yaat.
I'd- o_ly, ona moath.. n qq
Daily onlv, alx montha.6 ()0
gsall/ <*Til> . or.e year. .. j'ao
nuaoay anly, ali montha. ..'oo
I - ? ? ar. _'- it> tha
Fereigr. aubaerlptlonB t? all ?/"?'"^"i-e
Uatreraal ro-'ai Unlon. Includlng ?* '?*?-?
Ona paentl ?', 5*1 I '? * " *? * .*
flx month*. | I I ' ? ?r.*
l'Mi.Y 1 aiBTJNB: ?.
Cna roonth.ax02|One yc-ar.S'z-*'
r>All.Y AND Sl'NDAV:
Or- month.f .*0|On* !'?r.?1008
Ona month.S .8.? ,'ir.*n 00
BUNDAT: _. ?c
Ona month.> _>?'/'"? y*"r.*
B-tered at the PoaiofTlce Rt Nr-w york aa
Secon-J C'Imm Mr.ll Matter.
rjON_-U_-&-*-Senate: f'y a -
ir, | the Jolnt raaolution for ther ali
'01 -*nirr?_ Statea Senatora by dlrect i -
fasofthi r ipla waa flxed aa unflnlahed
'huajneaa. = Honae: The Democratlc
ir.? ii?=t hlll wi ' itnend
rnent hy a vote ot ""6 to l1 I
FORFlilN ? Lord LansdoT-vno IntTO
tjucf- a blll ln the upper honae ot the
Britiah ParMament for the rei'orm
^Htmias of Lorda ___= a -lapatch from
*Tok'o 3tHt*-1 that the t.v- fl 1 igata,
.Tap-n. was on flre and that a tho sand
bui'dir.g*' had been burn s A di<=
'?perrb frorn B^riin atated lhal Oermany
fcad warnrd Franr.o of the dangari 118 COU
Baequence'- that would probahly follOW the
^ocupntion of Fez. Morocoo, by French
ktroop**. ~? The taadar of the British
'a?_*x?dition exoaTatlng at JernsaU.-m de
?l?-d ln J_ondon tho theft of aadenl treaa
?uras irom tho Mosg.ue of Omar; all
antiquities aneajrthed wara left ln the
'handa af the T-irkish government. ?___=
DUota in tha Kwangtune Provlnoe of
"^hira, followlnn the Interdletlon of gam
*'mi7 had been quleted and rn1?alonarlea
b? Wu Chow arara reportad aafa = v
-lsnatrh from Kings'on rettorted the or'
kjaniaatlo- "?n m Jarnalca
Tigainst Fr??klciit Slmon of HaytJ
rat^h from Pr.king gtated that an
MI t had beea laaued abollahlng tlie
frhlnese (3r*?nd Coundl and c-ib'titutlng
le Oabiner ?f ten mamhi re : Emperor
v rn wrsai reporte- maklng a ganeral
noii o** German fortraa_aa on ih*
}*ron^h frontler. =_ e= The breaklng of
dam In Tai erfl rl Falr
POMF.STI"*.?President Taft bluntly
?old a delegatlorj of farnierr-- who ealled
on Mm in IVaarllni that li
t?,?. canadian reel igraement wa
.-, p.-,oi thlng '- ?- .''! tl of the
l'nlted Btatea, and he decllned to argue
ili? question. ? 'i he Becretary of the
[interlor, Mr. Flaher, aa! wlth Mr. Don
the Lai I Comml -:.-i!- r, dui
IVaahingtori -: ? ?
hurt. 1 ? prohahl* fataUy, aa the
reault of g wreek on the Lehlgn R
, . ? 1 Blra, N. Y
Ufred H Klttredg
1 1 . tea .- tor frotn South 1 ?
gi Jaffrey, N H
, . I, former atai Super
1 ia b, al Troy repll< 6 to
y atate i ?ontroller Bohmer
- The trlal of
? ? banker and ??*
turer, ? \\-irp,- -\ wlth brih.
n "-fth the munirini grafl
\ Ptttab irjr.
? lT*i" ? Stocka wi re dull ;mil Im
?ted li
i ? .. . ? '
, , . t xpreaa Company
t th ni lai worth $20,(100, whi h
i \ i.ii. aa
, Brooklyn, \ ai appoii ted fllrecl
ln Mu .mi of Natural Hla
H< rmon i' Bumpua,
- i iv ing to ti chnii il ? ?? eta In the
bond i loora, hla guco* saor,
Charlea li Hyde la BtlU dty Cha
i ? it n aa n rt< I hi l I ?? ln
? - irough would raise Ita aubway hid
r\. |26, '? - deel ired al
i ie ti: Bl heiLrinj; of th* ' "f ;i
, f thal ' 'nlted Bti tea
. : ? <? *poratlon domlnated the rall
?.'?! fr<>ni
? ? rlmlnatlon of frelghi ratea,
(b ? Hi| proti ttre Bo
i m< mber
.nhlp, ai ? ' al it would open flre
to keep chlldren off
t Vn aldi nt Jan H waa
ctad bj 11 :i-"' -i Btocl* EJa
, ga 1 n votl s.
the Wl_i_l_r-R.--lndii itlona for to
play. Blarwera Tha tempei_tui*e jreater
r) |i =!. | ? gi fl degreea; lowaet, 66
"Ttii* Providi'ii'-i- Journ.nl'' aeeaaal tO
think that Tha Tribuno lnld ItaaU opau
*)o tha cfcargje of l_***is_alata-Cv*a li (
denining tho pTo*irialoa ot the Ho_eton
rpHpportli.nuient hill whlch aims to pro
w__t any stmo w_ldi hai adopted tho
rlnlrfatlvo froir tisiiig that methorl k> r**
di'tri^t laatead of depe_a_!_gj et-hialvely
npon tho a^tiou of tha gtata _4*a^__iti_*e
?'Tho Journal" remarks: "Tt ls somewlnt
"nnmslDg to pee *o conservative nn I!n -t
"ern papor ns Tho Trihuno f-aylr;g a good
MgaggaJ for th<^ Inithilive. whloh in usnally
'-"roga rdod ns ??< r-'dic-il *Tiatet_ or
"Southern lnnoTation." 1Vr> ranuot ogr?*o
i-nith that **a-W. The Trlhuny would not
favor tho Introductlon 01? ihe lnltiatlvo
In thjs nate, and would not hnve gd
vi?rd nnr ottpT stato to omplo*. lr Hut
n r^oinocratio lyOnWriluro ln Missourl do
(rided to try tha plau, probably belng in
ifluenced by Mr. Ilryau's long contlnuod
ngltatlon in ita bahg-t Hlnce tho Pcnm
4*ratlc party in Mis?ouri la repponsiblo
jr-r the adoptlon of tha dovioe. wa _g_*
not pympatblze wlth tho franti- effortl
i-'f Mlwr-onrt Domorruts in Concrt-ss
to prevfnt Ha omployment to repair .1
gpo?s lnjti-'i. e done by a Pemocratlo
"Leglfiatnn Wa thlnk that th? It>pur'!l
cans of gfiaaouai are entltlod to use ?
?Aoepon pal iu thelr handa by tho lawa
cf the fctato ln ordor to termlnato cn out
ajgjgjajooa g*JCi*___B_ar.
"Thi* .f<inni?l" agrees wlth us that
tho MiPTiourl g^rrymander ll lnd<i
______? It snegests, howovor, that ln
othor gt-ttaa, Kopublloan ns *ap11 ns
I?f!iio<-Tritlr. the sarno methods hav< be*.a
uar-d to fivo one party au excessivo rop
Btaajagttattoa in Congress. If. rdtes Con
ajaxticnt n?- nn exfimplo, ? atate ln otkAcb
tho dha-id Vmos bavo not beon obangi-il
sinco IM- Wa hel'.ovo that Oo__ea*itl-tll
a>boiiiil ba ICa_aaUlUte-, and not long ago
?ggja"g_l-d a plan for niaking tho <i\<
Irlns thera r-ubstantialJy a*|__| ln popu
lat ion. Hut tha I'onnocti^ut apportion
mont han workod no bbjcB panisan in
jufctici; as Missniirlb lias, for belwaao
i?.f)t and IMO tha -MrpahUeaa eandtdataa
in the forrner gtttl 'arrii-d all tho ilis
Hepre_eut_tive (.'ourunv w. Baailla,
ia a apeirr-h id the Hou-f on Aprll 'J7,
tried to break tbo fom- <.f tho indlri
ment btaajgjfat agaitiHt thi- Mlfsouri ap
r,>ortlonment by rltln-; lneyualitlos lu
piapulatloii ln tbe dietrlcts of Rejrablloan
statrs. T"iit in a majorlly of the states
nn his llst thd dlatrlcts ooinpflrod--ono I
smnll .'ind tlio ntlior grently in BXfiafJ Of
tlio ratlo?are hotli represented by He
publlonns or botli hy Pemocrats. abow*
lBg no partisan dlscHndnation. Where
there is under-rcprrsenfatlon tba Penio
oratio party pomi-times trets lha advnn
tage of It Thna la Mliinaaota, ai lha
two dhrlr !**?*? eJaaaaat, lha 2d, with 174,
S.V., || repre*-ontod bf a l>euioorat, nnd
tho Bth, Bflth SS-aSOaS, bj n Uopuhllcan.
In l'onnsylvnnia tho 14th, wlth 14AVT99,
\o r-'ttrosontod by I Pi-miKTnr. nnd r'?**
litli. wttb 207J2t is ri'iuvs.-ntod by
n I'opublican. Tho 16th Ponnsylvanla
Plstriot. one of tho ?nallwl in tlio state.
| is pennrratlc. nnd tho .(Hh. unotlier
nndcrsi/.od OM, ll alao Peinnrratio on
?tata toanee, althdd_tta it hv* atwayi
elected a Repnbllcan CrO*_freaarf_ian. Ia
the thirloen instanoi's solectod by Mr.
Bamltn tha toaqualtty works jnel four
ttoea *t_*alne< Detnocratlc wnflidatea
md jtwka asatnal Raa/ohUeana Ln tho
aeven otbee caaaa no partlaaa advan
tage Ifl Involved. Bni tha Mlaaoorl ap*
portlonment U parthmn through and
thronftb, aad onurt ho so to aJkm xhn Be*
pnbllcana to dect ooljr three <Mit of "dx*
!,,n roi._risMnoM, aa thay tttd lo 1011a
whlle <?' rrylng tha atate for thalr fltate
The disoiosure of tlio eontenta of tho
te from tho Maxkan capatal to
tb.. peo] le of Mexlco, and thui onoffl*
dally bnl effectlvely to the Infl-Tgenl
camp. exactlj ronflnna tha forecaat of
eventa whlch we made on 8unda*f. The
venerable Prealdenl la nioved by conald*
erationfl of r_iis**jMI*b patriotjani, Bo long
as lt pooms nfljeaaafltry for tha good oi
Mc\'c<> that ba ihall ramaln in offive ba
will rcinaln. Tho inoniont ba can ? '
Bclenttoaaly reslgn wlfJi fall n?-cnrance
that that ronrae wlll ba fof tha ajood of
Mexlco Lo will reatgo. ^> may leave ';
- *>oiitirni nnd mllltary adveraarlea
to **ha*fOCteri*"e tbai courae. Tl e Inanr*
Igent chlaftaln baa already deacrlbad lt
?;? **tha hlgbeal kind of patrlotlam.M
it aeems not only deairaMa bnl Bbao*
[lutely neceaaary lhal Ganera] Dlaa
Bhoold Inal I upon the exerdse of pre
daely atach diecTetion, i* is eaaj for
Irireapo-ialhle man, and aven for Mr.
? Madero, to tath gHbly abool "reelgnlng
\ the rYeatdkmcy: bnt it ls a vaiy lerlonfl
j thlng for tha "faapooalblfl oconpant of tho
otfflce to thal fltap. Faa lt is not
? moreiy a qnaatloo of glving np a place
whlcb Jio has hold wit't hlgh CTedlt to
, hlmaelf Tt i? gfil1 more a qneatlon ol
fnlfllllng his dnty t" tho nntion. r.f dla*
I irglng bonorably the obllgatlona whlch
were lald upon hlm al hla electlon and
aklng aore of th.Da**qne*ocea of
It wonld li" nnpardo t*
? ahic for tho haad of a graal atate to
abandon hla pA-f and thereby leave tbo
natlon *? anarchy Ganera] Dlaa doea
not tntend to oommit auch an act ot
moral treaaon Ha arlll retlre when l >?
bi r*on_elentt~_aly convhiced that bti re*
' tlrrmrnt wlll hc for tha beneflt and nol
i tv,r the injnry of tha conntry cf whlcb
! h<* waa tha polltlcal CTeator
Obvlously, then, raaponalblllty for th**
nr-xt iicT ni tha drama reata nix,ti Mr
Mi-icrr, f\r.(] ble partlaana II la for the a
? tn make ll clear tbai iho tlma baa come
when General Dlaa may aafely reaign
i wlthonl foar of thna plonglog lha natlon
Into anarchy, and them la reaaon to hope
thal thaj \m'1 dr, ao. The ItfTreconcllable
j tone which tno ofton marked the aarlier
' utte*ra*_cet of tha Inanrgenta has now
i largely dlaappearad, and there ls an ln
rlalble ta racognlae the ra
8i*on8lblIlt*> whkh **eati upon the Prell
. and t" taka hlm at his word. if
this v,?>i* and reaaonable cotmaal prc
ralla peace and nnlty wlll be reatored.
ii may ba added thal tha courae thna
contemplated win be pecnllarly grateful
to tho Unlted Btataa.
"Tho Naa Tort Erenlng Poat" p*ra>
,.-. q laborlona explanatic_ ol i rery
almple thlng, to >?.lt. tho contraal whlcb
da between Dacaocratlc behavlor al
Waahlngton and Democratlc behavlor at
It --:
? | -:r long |] ? ? ?
? he senatorial atruggle, :T haa
to be .- ttd that the trli Ni ???
Dernocracy nan agaln and .
| publle r,t'itd"ii and Iihs
?is bl Bl tO liitikr- tl
btate repeni ol the dedsinn last N< ?
bar to i the party one i.
Instead of tha reatralnt exhlbrted by the
1 letnoi ral i at A - ?f'1
at Albanj a cynlcal dlsregard ot cam
ind an overmaateiini
Bin to aet partlsan elutchea on i ? many
This ittrockt-f exhlbltion by tha partj
lt Jrtelped to pnt ln power al Albanj "Tbe
Poat' exfMalna on taa theorj thal tha
Da__oerata al Albany do nol exped to
get control of tha Leaglalatora agaln and
ara *-nak_ng bay whlla tba ano ihtnea."
Bnt lan'l tha'fad thal government al
Albany la,gorenunanl bj [Yunmany o\
firui enongb?
What elee la to ba axpectaA from
i Lag-_alatan oontroiioti ontrlgbl by
.Murphy? Tho partj is atter tha "8WI '? '
?s Grady explatoed ln bia expreaalve
l.aray, becanae that is the only kind I
I politlca Tamtnany knowa Ihere is not
a atngle Inflnence a1 Mbany to pre\*eni
|_*anunany from behavlng al Iti woi t
The Governor \^ amlable and aplneleaa,
with no very lofty conceptlona bl
! nf the r,olitlcal doooiiclot. ;io his v,,p|>,irt
of tha icandaloufl rald on tbe Conrl of
Clalma ii.'ii' ataa, Tha Damoeratio party
Inatlonally i> not yel Tamtnany. That
\- tba ___farence. "'Hio r',,st." among
i nthi-rs. was roccaaafu] ln making the pub?
lle belleve dnrtng the racenl campalgn
tbai tho De_Qocratlc party ln tha atate
| was not Tninroaiix. I'lu- pnblk now
; knowa iMtter. There is no l^nRor any
Mi*a__h*8_ to bellara that Murphy is Beto>
ntod by tha beal of P-Otlvaa."
Tlio making Of fl IcdUO, Ifl which Ann-r
icn is to |,artieif>;it,-, t<> ( hlna l"r tln
purpoM-s of enrronoy rofunn and Indnfl
trial ilevoWipiiM Dl haa rausoii s<,mc curl*
oatty as to tha way ln whlcb it i-. aa
pectad lo da ao graal i work arlth ao
Kinaii a capltal. rhe ioan ls nonrinally
only $00^X10^00, bnt u lf I laaoed al
QZ it will raally ho only H7,50O,00O. Thal
seems liko an aboordly mail amonnl
with whlcb to reorganlte the currency of
Um most popakrna emplra <>f tha world!
and ln eddtttofl to effaci an extanalve
s.vsii'in of tcaliiatrla] tevelopmant tal
Manchmia. \<\ wbaa two nr three
thinps ara takan Into acconxri II may aol
aeam ao bopeleaaly Inatdaquate.
in tha hrst place, the ct_rrancj li not,
as is ivi \ii(liJ,v Mppoaad, to bfl tivins
larrad 10 1 goM im>i- n is ta ba ra>
ff>rrnod antl raOfganhMd Ofl I fltlVBC baala,
which obvtoualy wiii ba 1 much laaa
rbtr-oldahle tasl: than tha other and \*ill
c?ii fer far laaa capital. Agaln, it la not
ciilii'fcly clear thai the refmui is td bfl
undertaken tbroiighout the t-ntlro em*
plre. lt. may bo that it wlll be oonflued
ta tlie currenry of Mancharia, n* the ?*?*?
dusirlal dovelopinont la certainly to be.
This would not bn extra ordlnary. ^e
Ing that raeh provlnce baB hitherto bad
1t> own ctirronoy system and Its own
stamlard of value. Fnch a rostrlcflon
wmld bo regrettable, Foelng that ln tho
new oonstitutlonal ora natlonal nnlty
and iiniformlty nn- hlghly detdrable. nnd
gre nro inollned to think that it ls not
tnta*__g- thnt tha rofgrm nhail bo so
Bnl lot us M!|i|insi'- .whal lf probably
fruo-tliat llils Min, ir. lutonded for Ihe
rooratanlzatloti of tho fisoal system of
tho ontiro ompiro. We ntaat romenilvr
that the voluni" of rurreney ln Chlna B*
viry smnll and the tir-i\il t*r*U_aiCtlOa"*l of
the emplro nn- Insiunifioanf ln pr"|>orMoii
to those of other land?. Tho total debt
of Chlnn ls laaa than $7.V>,000.0Oo. The
yrarly budget ls legg than one-tenth of
that amount 'Ihe soio ,,nVlal eO_?_fl
_n*J inonotary unit has hltherlo been
tho eojfpet "caab,'1 f.f which II takal
I.700 to equal a gold dollar in vnlno. In
i-cenl years anotbar '"ln. ca-tad ibe
"hnndrodth of a dollar,*1 has been pnt
out hy' ppivinr-inl mints ln ereat qiian
i irio-. hut tho total ralue of Iti drco*
latJon ln ifrOi) was only 131,000,000. I"
deallng with flaeal flgnrei so b_mU1 as
ihose tiio sum of 147,600,000 arlll he a
powerful faotor gnd may proea f?iif_cle_t
for tho purposo bitetsdad.
;\r/ BTIQ \rio\ iMti.-n \ 8 Ifll r
Tho Commlttec of Bafety, whlch wai
nr.anizi-d as a reeuH of tho Waahlngton
Plaea flre, has taken op Tbe 111h_iie
iggi -tion thnt a leglalatlve Inqulry into
condltlone iu this cltj i- ludlipenaable,
;.!.?! yeatardaj nrged Oorernor Dta to
recomme_d racb an Inqulry to tho Latgla*
Igtnre l? h v> bo bor>ed tbal tbe Gor?
ernor wlll actrede to thla renneel and nae
all bl.s Inflnence in faror of an Inreatl*
**atlon Mr. Henrr* T.. stfmeon, of tha
Conunltl.f Bafety, iu bla letter to
i!," Q-*f_T_OT <'H fli" BUbJeXri Bald tl-''
II wn* ti;o dnanlmona oplnloo of tbe
. lecntire commlttee of tiii- coniinltte
that "no compiete or pernuiiiantly antli
"factory gnlntloa can be reacbed with*
"cut a careful leglalatlve Inveatlgatlon."
That has heon The Trlbune'a oplnlon
from tho flrat.
To leajbdate noa would he to art mere
lj npon what tbe Waahlngton Place flre
revealeii.' Hut thai Waahlngton Place
bulldlng mi' ono ..I ?.' thonaand d
gtrocturea all occupled hy workera, ln
no two rif vrblch aro condltiona exactl]
almllar. Moreover, there la reaaon la
ffeor that no adequate reallzatlon of th'
poyii to whlcb the workert of tho city
an exnpaed wtil exlal wlth<tni 1
!?'_? Inqulry, whlcb aill d-rCloae how
generally factorlea are om rcrowded a I
men and machlnery and bow commonly
they sre without radequate meana of
e-rjt in nn emergene*
f'overnor Iii\ can do no **f_atac ?*_
rlce to tho pnblk- than 10 naa bla Infln*
to brlng gboul incb nn Inqnlrj tin
will pnl the Leglslatnre ln po*_**?Mlon'of
tbe actual fact* ? itl awakea 1 raffldent
foreo of publlc aentlment to mako r*o*>
glble tho enactmenl of 'lio dra-tio ie_i<
lation that i^- requlred, lf tbe Legla*
latiiro v.n^ diapoeed to leare the anbji I
'.<> t\io Commlttee "f Bafety II now haa
tbal commlttee'e recommeodatlon Thi
commlttee l- made np of pnblk gpiiil 1
? :ti7o:iv alngularl* well quallfled by thelr
experlence t" conalder thli probiem, and
it ha!- reacbed tbe conclmlon tbal no
latelllgent actlon la poaalble without ?
legtllatlTI inqulry. The ggfet] of hun
iirods of thona Ddfl "f worken i? In
rolved Thi people who aro Intereated
In endlng thr- perll sbonld write t<< thelr
AaaemblynTasn ai d Benatora urglng them
iu rote for nn Invi ilIgsIIon
1 be Colorado t_r*r**iitature idjonrned
?':. Baturday nlghl without electing n
L'nlted Btatea Benator to ancceed ilr
Cbarleg J. Hugbea, Jr. The deadloch
ed nea ? *? 11 monl bi .md ibowad no
,,r yieiding from beglnnlng to ond
The Democratlc part) ln Oolorado i^
lorn wltb factlonallam, ami paraonal
ambltloni and Jealouaiee made a com*
promlae Impoaglbla, 1__ leading Demo
cratlc candldate, Mayor Brieer ><f Denrer,
waa abla to mnater on tho laal ballol In
Jolnl aaambly onl] .'::: rotea, or half "f
tlie party rtrtngth In tbe l_rajlalature
Kx-Gorernor AJva Adama wag Ibe lead
Ing randidate of tii" Bntl-Bpeer forci .
?""i be I'i'i'i. 'od tiio noldlng of a caucii*
i'i arhlcb a majorlty of tho r^mocrntlc
majorlty conld ho re_i-toro'i |t_ faror of
iii-. opponent. There *rai therefore n?
"sacred embodlment*' at Denrer, and
the grand old Democratlc prluclple of
majorlty rule wllbln tho oiganlzatlon
4>.as nor oponlv i!"iir.^| onl* becaUM ti"
body r-ouid trnthfully aay that suoh nn
entlty gi a majorlt] wai oret dlgcorered
cfiikinc abonl the <'apit.ii balle
1 be Goretrnor cannoi appolnl a Sen
ator, and there wiii probably be ? ra*
cancy nntU tho no\t Legiglatnre meet*.
.\ prlmary election law has baen paaaed,
and the lUr^glglaturi ^^l!l only latlfy Iho
? i "ioo madi at tho prlmary by tha rotera
01 tha arlnnlng party. Tho acihnonlea
oi tha deadlock bare caoiad thi pnbllc
? olorado to turn gratafnlly to tbe
prlmary noalnatikw gchani as a rellef
frnn the sonnrinl nnd Inoptttudos of .iTi
election thi-ongh the medram of a ma*
1 Ipulated and factlonfl Legiglatnre. Bncb
fallnreB to dlscharge 1 plain dnt* ban
brongbi leglatott-rea Into dlacredll ami
hari fnrnished a ipeckMii aa_r_ment f<>r
tboae who want to forca tho dire?t
n'oihod of eJectlon on a_ tha staf.^<. it
bebootrea tba aaa tea arhlcb iHH belhrre lu
thi Ktatail 4,f tho ,.hi gyatem to arold
theae senMoio'.s deadlocka, \\'o belleve
that tho Lcglalatnre is in tho long
run still n gattafactoiy lna_r_niantallty
through whlcb to <-ho,,?o senntors. Hut
h _l'lat'iro? ibonld ho more onrofiil nbout
oxorelslng *N*rloualy a sorhms f__Ctlon
conflded t,. tham hy the Caoaatlt-t-on,
They ihOhld stop tTr_a__f frlvolouslv nn
iniporrant nnd bonorabla trust.
ir hnstmti.H in Maateo nre Buapended
our City Hall wlll bs> tho only nrenn of
real ararfara left in tho "We^tern c-,nti
rn Dt
"'lh'- I.'iuisvii:.. ConI " r-.f(.urnal" jmb
llafaaa a rithar dlacouragad artkli "n tlie
flablng laduatry la ICentnaky, It appoarg
that tho \;,iu, ff th.- output of Kaa*
Mrky'.. flaharlaa in I'.hiS wai only Mi"
000. Bnl Kemtaoky oughl t.. ho asjtt 1.
f,. d with rj111 ii_r- ;, , ..rm.-ni.,! nnd rr.iflt
able rela la thi- hrdand flahlng Ittda
of tha wh< I-- ooaatr) thai of furnlahlng
tho l?-,li
? a .
Tha f-a-nij* 1 land Rallroad Ll anUtlad io
t.-.ke to itsilf Credil f,.r 1lio fn'-t that
urhlae I" oiKiiti' 11 \?-ars it has oairled
rnora than a thlrd "f a biiiirin pai aa
gora ri"t "nr < ?? ,-i]i that nnmhar ims bes-n
ktihd in ? traln aoetdent. ^tiii mor?
rredlt avauld h. iiriKiuilgingly given il
there hnd not been ao many kllled ln
those yeara hy tratns at grade croaalnga.
Grantod that ln many casea these
tras-ediefl were due to the carelcaancss
of the vlctlms, lt is lmpoeslble to avold
the convlction that the rallroad mlf****
and should hnve lesacned thelr number.
It wlll cost a hundred thousand dolla?
to have a "safe, and sane" Fourth fl*
july cel-d.ratlon ln this clty. That i?
only a fractlon of what the other kind
mtght coat.
Qencral Wood and Poeretary plcklnaoii
ara not a bit too emphatic and vlgornua
ln thi*ir condenmation of tha *'a'se
reporta whlch have been put forth con
etmtflg American plans tnr tho invaslon
of Mr.xim. "lt Ib like poleonlnir ? wcll,"
the former savf. It Is WOVafl* thnn that.
lt ls llke pon*n*ftflh_g at its foiintaln head
a Btreani which watera ah the land.
Ther? can scarccly be unythlng morfl
wlcked than, from whatevcr motlvfl, to
poison the aprings of eoalldenafl between
MlghbOTrtttg natione.
Thfl jokeis who pol B nlghtcap on
?Thli" Sheridan's BtatUfl prohabty had in
ir.tnd the possible atthra ot' that herowhen
he received th" new:, thal h? WM aaadad
ln a hurry about twenty ml!^ from Wln
Are not th? ether (TUfltfl aogagad in Biah*
Ins ard Bflllini commodltiefl under a t..nrr
which th* Democratlc party baa no Inten
t on of modlfvlnt* so fnr n.B thea* trusts nre
ooDosrnad ln any futurfl irhlch can be fflfla
Been??New Tora Tlmoe
"The Thnea** was v ry anxtoufl laai f-1'!
f,r thfl riection of a Democratld Coat*
greaa whlch waa to modlfy tariff dutlea
"downwnrd." Hns lt loat lt:; falth Ifl
the r>- mocratlc majorlty in tho House of
R praa ntattvea an-l repented of Its laat
?' ?.'-ii and et-lhuataatn?
polltkaJ managera long as;o dedded
that alactlona arera not won by paradaa.
This Ib a tlp to the sii*fraf*ettflfl.
Governor IMx hafl had to drtih lt int**"
tha baada or thfl t_eglalatu**e that r-pend
Ins $60,000 ? year to proteel the etato
foresti fr-.n, fire is economy, Bnt no lt
la. An-l ao In th-. aami way nre tnoat of
tha ->thet expendlturefl to arhleh Gov?
ernor Dll has objected on thfl gTOnnd,
eblelly, that they have groarn rapldly.
Tbe ten-year-old boy who, :" thfl eodfl
..." balng hlmaelf bttten, aalaad and heid
a vieioufl nnd poaatbly rabM dog ontli
cther per?ons could pet out of Itfl Kaoh
lf v,orthv to recelvi ? medal for herolsm.
rrer.'-h labor unlona oomptalii thal
aoma recent action of thfl forernment li
st blow al them. intended to Injura lf nol
to deatro] them. But tlielr recent "utn
jersai atrlke" araa confeaaedlj nnd boast*
ln_tlj ;i blovr al fh<-. government, Intended
tr. mjun an ' If poealblfl to deetroy II
They ghonld learn to tah? their own
medl< lne with better graca
\ aea Btraa hai mad* ? young raaa
consplcuoufl ln ? Broap arblcb fltfl i on '?'
Ptepg of -i Plfth a- ? nufl bouflfl on Baturdaj
H tbfl runiiflTfl When thfl ImI ono
' ot tbfl Btraavlera had passed the youag
| than abouted Thfl flhow la not ha'f
t for thi ladtee." Ani everj one ?
! i-v-r the amusenaeal ,-f hla I llos ?
' ot int observntlon pla-'e, bfl potflted Otfl
nmnv rei.. the ilng eroard
With few exceptlona tha persona rei ? ?
r.. \4-*>re not tha eelehrltlea meatjoaad by
elf-appolnted entflrtalner. One r,f t?i<*
,? .? . however, **>'.<! Joaeph H Chaate
When he pai ed (hfl houaa *l ? leteurely
? | . lu bu I :
born baadl*, th* reaug fellaa aald "And
t},_.rc p.,?s Mr nhoate, the lawyer bi
ambassador." "Now thnt's ah lugh," aa |
alderly nomnn aald; "that'a n--,t Choatfl aaj
mora than it i Ahe Llncoln." And har poet*'
Uva tona won tho Bympatby of the othet-I
in tb* gToup. Mr, Choata n
lon. for he leohed over hla Bhoul
,ier ,.t thi dlsputanta snd amlled.
That butler yni bad BBeXfled VflTJ BUpST
- ilioua
"Posltlvely Impertlnent," replled Mr*.
Cumrox "When he left he i--t i* be Ib
ferred tbsi ' ?? con?ider*d our ellver ? r
tutf H* dldn't take a III
?,,. .-? tVsal li ;ton Btar
\ BTINOL-CSfl i'! 11 BEE
[r.ff'..ra btb aow batna madi
r -
? ' latrli ?!? aa Ihe be? af to lay.
S*wa ' ?
The i osy bee thal ftroni tbe Bowi i
? ? tha i ? ?? weet,
? . heneefortb h, 101 trlpli h
To make our llfo eotnpli t< .
? is ordered by deeree
flifl BBust do ti ?? aroih of threa
Tbe '". lay bee" our fathera lo
w Bfl bul bb Idle thlng
u i ich labored for r,n hour er ?
\n-i then smpkryed Itfl atlflg;
Bul modern beea moal only ki
\r\t\ tl in theughl llka l I
\ w. V
? Vll the world'a a ftnf**." quoted thi
"1 e ?? a ? - Blmple Mt . "'-'it
thal li ti.
. ,,,. jn,r I.- < "ongn b*." Phlladelphla
Rl ?.'
Th* fir5-t onlveraal race eangreaa \* nn
nounced to be iie].* jn London, July M to
Phe place of meefJng li al the UW*
- of London, under the prestdeney of
Lord Wi ardale Thfl objeel l tho . en
graaa arlll be to fliseusa In tbe Hght "f
inodeiri knnwleds'- and tno-Iern cooscli Bi i
the ganeraJ relatloa BuTMlsting between the
paoplefl af tho West aad thosi ? - i&asi
a pnllradnary caatafeacfl of I'T'ons Inter.
'-?? l ln intrrnntioiiiil law wlll he bald fn
the day precedtng the eongn ' y M ?
fnr the dJaeuaatoB of **thi ? tlon Ib
tbe Kost."
?rtnri n. puncture. my friend?" a?i<r.i the
pa r, \- th nn alr of Intereat. Th* ?
four !,,o!^e,i tip ;,n.i Bwallowed hlfl feellngs
uirh fl huge RUl!>
"No alr, he r> plled "im |ua| chai.
r ln the tire3. The other lot'a rn
?i Imoa' Toutb i i lompanlon.
Aerordlntr to n romndtteB rhoeen by "Tha
Pi*o*vtdenca Bvenlag hTewa" Um tea atrosi
beauttful wordi bi the Bngliab languaga
ara melody, hope, lnve, besne, auhllmi
peaee, gentla Uf*< frlendahlp "Thfl ETsn
ins Weur***' f*ot up n oantflfls snaoag iii
: raadkva, nnd the 11st Kiven wan tinanl
aaously nnproved by Ihe Judgaa a mt ,-f
; Mnrk Twnln's works was tho Brat i-rl/.--.
I thlnk women would llke baeeball If
t!. could enjoy lt n" they ao a book."
"rloW 1b thrtt"*'
"Thfl lasl innina flrst." ('iev<*l?n-l I'laln
The arall knowa wrtter on *___t_ary topirs,
Ifajor v<,n ?;,,.i'.e, rflr.-ntu- flraw reaawed
attaattoB in th* Parlla "TBgahlatt" ta the
eiieii,! of aambltng >aiBBg Um oflleara ?.f
ti,- Q*t__aa aiaaj Acaordlag 'o him, tea
oflMera \4ere ratned In the bbbb* gambllna
. ib la Betrlia arlthla tha apaca of a faa
ti. nthfl ln the rourae of his artlel.i l,e
referred t<> gamhltng ** bx a Baasfl the
. tttary*" vlofl af Um flafinaii aaaoer,
rjuotii.. ? paraanagfl thaa Karshal
?? ni oaa -.' ?' ?
II ? laarhaek loha rou'ia r- i>?-rfr, t
f-.< 1'
Hr Jawbaek I knsn Bomethlng hk*> that
would happen wh-n marrlaga mada x-.'i
aad nn oai Toledo Blade.
Dr. Thaodor Lcaalag, pfi Ideal of the
onti nolfla aa oalaUoa at Manovar, Qae*
?May, ;n a laeUird oa the peyelMlogy af
Bolafl, Neantly _a_h*arad la thal , 11 \. saJd
thnf thr flsflsva t" make a n,ii*,e oould never
ii*) soBfljaerad "it nunlfaeta ItsaU n,,t <.nh
in th-? 4'..iiin4r nf tflansatara nnd Um v\hiit
iins af harkiaen bol '" Baadlaaaly **ner
Betir- WlaMtag fl? BOlflfl tnaklns Itnplfltnetits
flg tr;id?. Bd AdBttnafld. "WolBfl Ib Ihe
optmn 4iud alcohul of eotno poopls, ?ra
Ployej to forget mlaery. P?'*- *ru1 ?MoTt'
uhe." The lerturer polnted to the rnan
whoae work ran he done only ? aanieg a**
the grrateat BufTerer. but aaw hope for aj
no|?o m the fact that many hotel aflve r
tlsenionta contaln the gbbrevlation H. -
ntuhige* Haaa) qahrt house.
"What rloeo your father do when you ask
hhn riiiostlons?" ahked nni ame 1 >? <t
"Me g-nerally aaye, Tu buay w >w ooni
bOther mo.- - riplhd the other? ?%* ,h"
I go oal of th* room he J0*9*
buuji clopaaflla.** Waahtagttn bhw?
A Returned Tra^cller Denies That a
Revolutton Is Imminent.
To Ihe Editor of Tha Tribune.
Bir: Having only th.v.r W**ha ??-n r '
turned from Vcruzucla and bathg W?*?
ou^hiy famlllar wlth tha eiradlttaaa there
tt-oth bualnaea nnd potttteal). I *rk* to con
tradlct the articie whlch appeagud m *"
Tribune of thtl date, aattthtd "Venezueda
PhUM to Oust PT4*_ld*_t t.omoz.1 me
st.itement that Ve_*_-*ia la on the verpe
or revoiution la aha lutely falaaj tlie peopw
am tlred of aghtlng aad i-eallae that prns
parlty, althar in a gc*eagaanantal or a*Jae
ns.. sanse, can OOtn* onlv from pea..e.
Th? leading rarolutlonhrta have baan aa
nad and arlll not he allowed to return. Tho
.-. rrnment la aow la lha i^"1* of wl,
awake atattaaai man arho raalhai that ai
thOUgh they l.ave the ro?.o:ir-e- (aBd I
raBOureea nr" Itnnaaaae), they hava nrt
money wlth wh-eh to ,leVelop those re
WOUTCOa, nnd f> Ba**Ure the money for da
*-era***_Mal It is aeeeeaary ta traat arery
ono falrly. r hava baaa In a*_ny foreixn
eouatrlea bn tha eeuraa ot tha huat tareaty
yeara, but never havo r baan tfeated with
-w Biach kindneos nr-d eoiirteay aa m
I*raali1anl _**n_ani baa not only the raepeet
of th? higher claaeea bat the um af the
lowar, nnd his aim and that of Uaoee aa
,.,i in tl.'- irovermm-nt "f
Buela ls to hava thelr republir- takn
Ua place aa it ahould nmon? the leading
repubUea of tha arorld. Tha fact that some
eonceealtma hav* baaa r*f_**d ;md taro for*
fettad was almply for atralght bBBtaesa
raaaona "1 raoni now tn ei.arse ot tho
l ........ ? la do not. want any
? ? ? ing ni buahti m: they heva I ?I
rnough of thal iu tha pa
I arould alao Ilka to *,_>- that ln Coaaul
Ifaanlag lha Uulted BUtaa la wall repre
Mr. Maanlng ls rcadv and willing
At nii tlmea and In every way to f
tho Intereat* of tho Americana ln Vanea*
New fork, May g, nut
Sterili^ation Law Not Yet in Forre in
To tho Bdltor Of Tho Trlh ag
gli: Tha arti I ' . o'1 PUB
aouncmg that Governor Wllaon
,.r New Jeraay imd slpi.ed the Bterfllaatlon
r |] ,;...- ;? ?. rt ted me Tou numlfeated
... . . . eworthy tiourage by help
our conatltueney In r?''r.i
. . ... ,?? || taal law for tha areal ef
our people and I i i i aa of our nation
Thoueh ther#? ar,. BBveral tnlaatatementa
. . uTite-up, the workera and oftu-era
.- ? tional Chrlatlan Iseagu* for- Pro*
to yoti for
gnnoun ilng 11 em 'ment of tl
? ma Naw Jereey lawauikera
>r_g Bterfllaatlon law doea not axlat la
California, atthough eeaatderabla aglta
tlon has been rouierl nnd much affort neen
; -it fortb by o number of our - ? m e
grorki '' '"if prealdant, Ptank ^*
? i, ?. Mra Mary Wood Bwlft, on.
prealdent, end DavM Btarr Jordan, \ aa
lent of tho Leland Btanford Jualor Ual
verBlty, havo randered - rvlce ta be.
I |f r.f the I :; ' can fui ali rou arltli a
?trtr from Preeldi nl i"' '?' t
lordan lo tn elfeet 1 rnaka i pe*
dal affort to aeeure thla law "? aoon
Ogtg| iture i eta, i H '? " '""n *?
four atai I t tha a irgi a at th*
Btate I "
? ??? a yeara
Incon ? Ind* ana f ...
-thla iv. arhlcfa ara
, ... r- ? ,; ? :? < gary aerloua
atlon again irnuitory to &tatt;
that its *r_rgaona performed the operatlon
rlllgation befora tha law araa enaoted
i,r. it. <? perfon ad most ol
iheco opei ? and < rery ona ? aa aar*
i 1 lega : ? igta ''1 a majorlty of
nat tl.i v< H Ing
if, h.Ilng i ? "':.' ' ?' Hi ?
Carollaa B. Alexandar, of Caatla Polnt,
i tha Bterlllaatloa bill
lo tha i ? ' t la vi I to my
thal.? noi ? - ' t to i
. . ;? ? tlan Lsaagui ofll
w . r, .- oa ?? '- ?'? .''it and
:. i to .\ ? :? naa Blanchard H.
WMte, but wa 4';m ahow numero I ttei
. gma wh* reia Mr. Whlte ?rra
. , ., ... laatlon blll
to hai.ii oi r
i r..: ? ? ed In
fuatli a t-> repre* ntatlve m< n
i:,.,. Dj i. ; Banford, our i realdenl
for the Bl tta ol ??? ' Jei ?? . and many
r the enl
rn< nl of tl ?? peoi la ......
tor*. VV> ha
Indlvldual A ?? ? -? tor, to*
gsiher with a pei tt*?i .'"-i a rtamped
,. ? ? pg a I lefa ? many replli a.
[ waa convinced i l ? "rn"r w.Iro*
Wllaon, hi idew e edlty,
Ion f< i
' i .
littie eoaching nnd few appeala to
him to Biga the hin. Thla he dld about aa
? .
r ol
i*i ..ri- Th* Clnch ? ' mmerclal-Trlbuna
I - Qgured oui ?
upon playa -
ii.,\ ,i i . ,f |
tha theatre* nowa
? . . . ? . \ ii.u mi , a
irthor'is ln tha i ii t< i Btati
I'r,-r11 I _ U | .4 ? .
^i ? l ia i ? i. Whlch ' that
iven'l ; from Ja' Ej
rn m t ? Kochi ter Unlon and advertlaai
Crooked aealw hava been found ln l...
t'.n N there not a dty tn whlch I i
From Tha Hi rtford Tlma
only n\o iniuioaa ta raatara tha Hlbany
i 'apltolT ii took twenl ml Ion to
build i'.
I"i "ii '1 - - i?m..'-..i i
i ui.- of t. - Immlgraul ? o n eently
landi i ? .'.? -.-. rork, v^ h< u tlengi d for
proof that ha ?.<ir.'. noi I pul Ilr
' bai ? . | ? ?.'?.. ' hl " Iren and
J.'- '?' li I ??' III i;in.. r anawer woul I
have . iffici ?!
frooi Tha Pan] Fianeei Pn ?
"i".\< n yat," wrltea ?<? drarnatlc orltlc,
"i'r. in h dramatl . lua ia noi entlrely
rlp* " Ami wa ii;ui been under tha impre*.
*-1 ? ?n th.it in'i. h ol M wai ovei rlne
l-'roin Ti..- Hartford T
??To pay tha Idlotlan ol thli anl l-tol
rrank any attaaUon would be an ? fi
again ? coinmon bi n.v ? ? 11.-. Toba< ? i
Journ il" ..f ,i Ni ". ,.. k .1... tor who ha i
i . wrltln : io lHat papei i oul filea hai
tag been klllad by Imblblng tha paraplra
Hon of .i bmoker. Thi edli >r eema to k,e
a platrv : peaklng BOTt of man.
Peopie and Social IncidenU
Il-r-m. Thfl Trlbun* nur^aul
Waak-agtsa, May ??-*?Th'5 ********* TC\
Catvad n, delegatlon from thfl national
prnnK* this afternoon ln tho Eaat Kootn.
K. H. Hull. Hpokeaman for the delegatlon.
made a brlef epeeeh ln oppositton to the
r-nimdlnn r-*e|prorlty agreement. Th*
Trevident defrnded the airreement and bia
course ln urjrtnff Its approval.
Tho f*eiTet?ry af War wan wlth th*
Prealdflnl for a ahort tlme thU afteruoon.
No adMal glflgatflhflfl from Mexlr,; have
been receivetl at tho White Houh*.
"We are gohu to nomlnato and fltaet the
nest ITflfllll?t >,f the Tnlted Str-tes. Bfl
\r. Woodrow Wlls-m," WBfl thfl statement of
.Scnator Martlne and B New Jersey ddfage*
tlnn, Includlnr* JflBBfh P. Turnulty, ?'ov
<rnor WHeOfl'fl private ?,,.r.rctary: State
j BenatOT Harry Oehorne. JTaflflflfl Kearney.
i rditor of "Tho Traatea Newe". Ca*t4a_n
: Kalph Doagflfl, "f t'amdin: State Senator
Oflorga CtoUey, Jnadfl* Patar Daiiey and
Alexander Blmp?, as they left the vTMte
Houaa to-day aftrr paylnp thfltf IflepflCtfl
t,, the I'restdent.
A gaaoa Of R-df has bren arrani*ed _*>
hreefl 'he Pre-ddent nnd Governor Wllaon
nf Ksntueky foa Hay Ifl. The msteh wlll
h. playad al Chavy Chaaa
Amorif* ttie- White ElOflae eaUan were
,!? gaclfllBlf of C'lrnmerei* and I*ib',r, tho!
Itsloner of Flflbflrlflflt Mr. l3ower?;
Banator Burnbam, who introdticcd t-amu*i
Kmotry, of Boston; ex-Senat',ra Scott and
Blalnfl i:ih!n.<?, arho dlflcaasfld Wjaet virginia
patronage; RflpreflentaUvea mn, Omanmy,
Ffheppard, Ctafrler, B-anaedf, -bjrntaa aai
Anthon: and Dr. Bgan, Aaifliloaa *_B_datflr
t-, Denmark.
Tbe Prcflfldent nnd Mrs. Taft. and aeveral
frlandfl eoeupled the Piaatdanllal hox at
the Dnlaaan to-niaht to haar Frltal B
ir. tho new enmle opera. "Mll''. Ro?-itn."
Mlaa Keya, of CtndaaaU, who has i-'en Um
goeal of Mra Tafl for some tlme, retarned
to her home ln t.'lnrdnnatl to-day, Miss
Taft returned from Aaaapolla *r?fl"***nrday
Mfier attrn-ilr-K the hor> thST* on Sat.irrl:, /
[ft .???. i bfl Trll aaa r' araa .
Wau-tongten, Mr I Tl v" n tr; Oea*
r. ti and Mra, Wlckeraham returned 11
Wa.-hnigton to-da--- frotn a , rulse on the
Jantrsa Rlver adth Henry And*t*aoa ani al
party ot frlenda Btr Roberl and Ladyl
? al i returnad b Ith them.
Tha PostinasWr Oeneral Bntertalned Bfl*
eral *roung peopie al dlatner to-alghi ha
?-,-.- ta M i boulee Cltoarrarall, wl
marriagfl to Prederich Brookfl wUl take|
place on Mfl
llngton, Mfl ? Tbfl French Anshaa*
.... um :i> d m u i BBirand flntertalncd at
to Blghl it, honor of II a Mfl
\. . . xi m- otbi I - ll Btfl were the ,
,... ,i ? Mli ?? . Ihi ?' ban Mlnlater aad '
di Martl Rivero, l ?
? r Beerotary to th* \
. . ..,, .,,, Hillea, the ODunastlor
of tb* Btate Department the Thlrd Ai
aiatant Bi retary of Btal and Mra rharid
? - .-, the Vtnertcan MtnlflUr to Di i
, rk and Mi Maurlcfl HTancia Egan Ihe.
Minlstei to Panama and Mra Dauraon, Mr |
and Mrs. Pranklln Lane, Mra. Hormaal
Wllllams, Mhw Maury, th" Ftencb aavW|
attaehd and Via ? i Benohrl d*Aay,
A.,] ,i,r. fYenel ? aecretarj and Coun
! 'I" ! 1. fto, ???.
r. ?; , Pardo, Peruvlan Mlnlster, who haa
been appolnted representatlvs from bit
...... .,, thfl eoronetloo, arlll aall for
md on "' ?? Ki " ere he wlll m??t
Mma Pardo, who wenl to Parla ^^o
?;? ? Utaleter and ' mtesfl d*
... r. . returned to tha iegatton ti ?'"
Old Pi ? omfort whara thej laa I
from a crulae on th? Jamefl Rlver, ns the
... , - fi ??. Anderson, who had wlth
had company.
,The " ? ' ; Mlnlflter and *^im? Lou*
don have selecti d Bai Hfl i fli '
?iinimcr home and ta.h |0 ther* later Ifl tb"
| BSOfl
?fi, Kouds, hefl RusBlan
Irea, and O na Bt
E haubeck, Brst Beeretary, returnad *o ;
thfl capital to-day ft-<>rn a houde party en
tertained by Benator du Poal al hlfl Dela* i
Tho Becond BrlUsh Beeretary ai ' v
.; -o \ iung ?'ii g ? ? Bui aa the 1 l
of Junfl for a *rlalt r.f ?rv..*-ai montha
Thfl '"erman Councellor ant Mme. Hafl el
i/ofl Halmhausen liavs taken ihe iarK?
? ? | itn . ? b b m oi ? ipk d
b ? tha former Ambssi idor to Turki
>; hiraua ?- ? n on i ? ntly by thi -
,.r the Treasury an Mi ? Ha
? ? ??-, Wh,i left lt t , go lo Ihelr new home
ei I'xkuii hoa been appolnted "?
ot the Ruaaian Bmbassy snd arlll srrlvi
? ?
? ? ? May v The. Vk Pn
ngton 1
hla j ouni 11
ind two of hl
- - erman will enter thi
nament s1 I CI aae ? iub. Th* !
.Presldenl and Hra Bherraan snd
Thomas Bherman aad hla frlenda oe
., boa al i e ?? laaco t< alght.
Mlaa \ ? igi . -: ? ? rei irned to her
home m New t-.'k from ? vlall te Hi
Rl ird I" i oamaend, Mr und Mrs
,: . let ? lei i o are His Powi
until i he laai of June,
wben they vviti tfo to thelr pla-o on i ik<
' ib r ti. " ...d
Hri Wlntl rop Murray frane will go w
?, -,... K i, iton, \. . . on Hay i I
,. .>: imi during t: ? aummei Benati r ? 'tan
44iil joh, her there from time to tlmi ??
f! the close of Oongresa when he wlll b*
a perrnanenUy.
Mr?. DavM D. T'orter sntertaioed gueati
at lunebeon to-dtiy ln cOmpllflBBBl to M
Plerre r.;i tdontague and Kl - Patterson,
? ? | itei i-r the late IU ar tdin ral I
Ur <;? dloe EHgar, of ts trolt, wll
? to-morroa to ? hrtl
Mr-i. Po
Hr , -? Bougtttoa Wood an hoete ?
Taculty at University Heights Selocts
Commonceraeut Spcakers.
Dean FTancla Hovey Btoddard Burprised
tudentfl "f Hew Tork Universitj
tha ehapel reeterday when he n id Um
faeulty apf**olatinflnta for comnMwcaflaenC
Thera wlll be feur atndaatfl of thfl -
BflBaa to apeak ut the flnal axardsee,
The appoiti*-,-- are: Balutatory oratkaa,
|*rederlok Louis Kopff, of N'--w rork i I
claflBtaal eratloa, E**raaklln Perrla Ruaaell,
an HanUtk oraUon, Theodore
):rti-.it Vettfort aad traledlctorj ocatloa,
Andrea Ten E k, ot Albaaj Mi Ruesail
ts tba Rbodflfl Beholar from thla tata aad
i-i a aon of <'r;i,-t Justl ?? Ruasi ll, .>t the
....:'.'' r:
Th* Btuden! ?' turn In handln** oul I
eaaae at aoon, vunn tha fltudeni nu.
tlon offlcera . folloa ?
? > i ? ?? fonl, pn itdi nr; lon Holm,
\ ire.preaitleni; lohn !?: Ilyatt, secrel
. nd ' leorg ? B I .ark. treai
Waablngtea, Ma) I t-'ifty mambai "f
thfl i'm, inn.n i t 'omtiii-tvlal Club ai" Oflflfl
Ing t-i Waahltagtoa t,- aalp Um PraflkUnt
and Mra, rafl nalebfala thalr illver atad*
ding aanlvanary, aa Juaa M Thej edll
eatartala Um Praatdaal it luneheon.
i , .,ii Tha Bpi lagfleM i nloa
rhe I i thai Mi*-* Allea Yeii?. m ? ^>^
Tork Cholr elther wlll alao serve to pro
long the "-.hatslnunanie diBOUflfldofl.
at a amali taa thli afternoon for her gueei,
Mlss Mary Kno, of Snvr York, who came
on for tho horso show. Mra. William
Phalpg I'uo and afhaj Mortfari wer* at th?>
tea table. Mra. Wood wlll go to Naw Yorlc
on May Z'. and on June lt wlll gall for
Mr. and Mra .r. \V. Alexander, of Vaw
Vork, will arrlvo hei? May IS for a ttrea
day vlsit to Mr. and Mrs. John Jay Whitg,
Mrs. Madli MaCag-dadi w_s haataaa at %
taa thla aftorri'/on to open bar i eA lodfa
Ing and hoarding house for worklng
?A-ornen, one of her lateat Baa-gathraajlg
a ?
Annot;r<:ement has b?en made of tr* ^
aTJ-ajement of Mlaa J:!!a A. HLoyt, da Igfttgf
..f Mr. and Mra. G_raM livtaggtoa Hort,
to samuei a. WaOdon, of Waahlagtan,
litaa Hoyt 'a a aifiter of Lg-fg lloyt _-g* a
OOUatfl of John Applefon Tvk-rman. 0f
IV. "'.n, who married Mtgfl Kathartna A'ter,
bary, of this city.
Mr and Mra Stanley Grafton Mor'irr.sr,
ivho were marrled in thla efty 'n L_it*r
Tuaaalay wlll return to _ra_ from tba
?tath rext ataab and go to Tiiaada tir naj
Mr* Charlea W, BoWmom gaaa a d'-nn.
Iaat evenlng ln her houae. on Flft . avetria.
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Tarsona i.ava got.s,
to Harrleon. N*. Y., to epar.d _M re___aa_
of the month. The? -wlll go to 1>toi |n
Mirs Leonl* Alexondr* daughter Of "!**,
.1 Joseph A>xandre, wi'l bo :r,arT>.1 t?
Ftaaefg ,T TDanforth. of th'.n gfly, ag Ba??
afternoon. Mav gT, in F* Jor" s
Episropal Chareh, Bta*nfo**_, Mtaa Alex.
andra, vh-> arlll bo given aw.v
bn ther, larataa aJexa-dra, arfll ba-e fo*
hor attendanfs l.er eatJ ' "' ?' Vathal'i
Hioeum. :i\i" k_ata fa Wll la aad Mlai
'?""rude raocam; Mlaa Cefnelia H4*erl a
M1~s _____t_M Dog ga Tvi-ho'as Da_f?*t*t
am fl^t an hla brotver. baai raaa, ?nd th*
ufhara wlll ba Latham R ttoad. '"?"
Walter r*. MeClure, Lawrenee
rjaorga P I > |r . '-'orgo E. Hedg<v.
rga Heary Daaforth aad lUghuld f
Wlltlg. tvo earamony arlll ba f* lowad r
a raeeptlon in n raaa tha eeuatry aaaag
..* Mra Alaaaadra
Mra. J. as-rdaa H rrhnaa baa rataaaaa]
?- city from w*aablag*tea
Mrs riirence A Pell and Mlss Cr.ar.ott-.
r.-'i \<-ft torvn -raatarday far Kavpert, aaaara
thay arlll "!*""' ih*> ?''tnin*?*-.
Mrs Frederic P, gaada anl MaBB P*nd?
ta ' a_tar_ag from thaar
ttip to Barmuda.
Invttations have "been 1-sue/l foff tbe wi.
dlng of Ml?s Rutb t.aw-Tene?>. daup' ta*
. gnd Mra. laiwranoa, af ataatea, to
._ Parmelee Read. ot thla city. *
M reh. Beaauaa. Mr. a*teed u .
?.? of tba lla* Mward p- -' Hh
Maaa __
Mr md Mr-. Marsien J P*r- ' >
ta Nawpart tmm B*-te*ldaaaa ? aaag
v (.^k tot tha imaaer.
Vdrlaa leelta "nd bla two laaghtara Mis<
b and Mlaa T'^re^e taetta. -
rr.id m Paria fWMB a toar ot Kaiy. Thay
,n jm or, to laondoa at tbe gnd i ?
week _
gfr and Mrs. g _t*v*_a *UUada *"?!'. SP-^!
tha aummer h La anon Snrines. M. T.
?gn i-niaha Dyat aad haa Baaaghtar, mi**
I ura Bwaa wbo are aaw ta lw al
ranorn to thla eeuatry at tho end af aaal
, and aa to Kewpart for the aaaaaa
.. j . ??' . id wtn taaa **-?
of Lyndhurat, ber eaMtry idaea ?
[rvlngtea, et tha end of lhal week
rB. x, ,ri - . ?? Tb* TVrta??:-.*. 1
baaaa. M i >tr aad Mra. -Tracy ?gatj
?- trong, Mrs. _. t
Marrlll and Mr -' ??'?-? ' v>' VT/"
m ar* at I I : ''"?*? _, ... .,
gnd ???- rl de Gerea" B " aa"
wtB1a?, to at-ndth.
-oroaatl i featlvltlea end ^-.^'-^
Mr. ,,,,.,. ralaahlald. arho aro a
? I -' ?
.. Hl r.A 1on ' M"'
. ? oan a . - aVg*J
BRow .... ttor arlll latara trem Ba I **
thla wai ... in
Dr. William R. A. V
,,. h,a r-ottage, 1" Wttatl
Dr. a ao H ? ' ' "
^ork t .-d
x, aweadolyn Whlatler Howell - m
Un Joeeph p. W la
IF Telegr **** . .
rjaaid K'.r.g ta.
, Baalat
... ? i BR*
' ___
. . . re and "? i '?
Bpenci I ???? '?-' ,:" ?""'
. m |g ^o. rtad -?? b>ki
pr* f i tb - -
., Mr cochran ?eeapfc l ,tha
M, i rki B turned I N**
. .. rrf-gj
r ta ? ahort thaa
Mtaa4 i Maaon. i Boatoa, ara a*>
- vaa
Atea arlll
Mr and Mr laaaaa Lauraai
a,ho ?? ? ao* ?
for Europe on May -' t
? | M rehn "T'~" .
v. ui for th* ? '
,;. ,-v.-- H arj Wa '* ? r
I o>
, Ur, Ro-arl L '
Hem .ea*, ire ?? I * N i " ' '
Tclls Them to Flace Coimtrys WnUttt
Before Fartisan Illlaaini
b. glaa* i-Ia-rralne, Ma
Wllll m left to-day for ., -
a of 1 - fort" -
,r' -"'ler. , . ,,.,..
,i,.;,_rti.i" he gava ' ' *'
0f the unlveralty an opportunitj t r
cUI ' ' _a
? ' . "^"r tl ?" tn ^
tne well ir* ol thelr countrj ''ll
,,,, ui. i Ioo of the ui veltlna I ?
monumeal to _mperor WtlUam i - J?
? rau rda> tha atud.-ni
I'ai the position gtv?n '
,?., ,.->!,,!, ..Ild Wltll'll' VV. .
wlth tl . Kmperor In ? *
i thelr coaduet.
l-'ioni Harpar1 Waokti
i'h."." .ii<- not y.-t upon the mir_*| JJJ
rru'so ar<- not yi-i ui'nn in> i" 'n^1 joI.
I ti aoon ma> b,-. al ild tl 'M1?^J
ol ootton Bplnnera along thea* i :??
_> auccesaful ai ka rgpected ., ,i_sa.
I. , , !i.-,| ,?..!', .u is alm-'.M !"?
.md pruc??dtug ui" it thal basls I ".'Irebf
; i'.'m have rllacovered .. niatluvl ?;^TU.
ihn id may be manufuotuivd ironj ?' ^. ']
Ktraeted from apruoe w??o>1 '?',*' t> -s
t.ui aplnnem expevt in time. lt - '*" ,',?? al
produca wnh th.i* niaierlal lo ''-'*.. K a
tr, mely |o? urlcei Th. Mn *l . .
!-< averred, wlll ba rh^aper than ?''',?>.
Ihe bale; and thare i^ ., -'"'/'.' jw
mat.-riiil tnriy not takM .. ' tasl "*?' "^
g/ood dotb would, of coura*. N,'_{__
nnd it could bt mad* non lai inim***"*1

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