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-aggugltlei wen foxver than yeaterday,
owlnR tr, thf efforta of tha Unlted Statefl
troope. who have kept Blghtseera ?eaei ,1
hundr* 1 yarda 'rom the river.
Ther?^ were many sorties to-day. the
insurRirts manoruvrlng to draw the tvri
erals from thelr forl Th<-> mor*
ur;- ol ti"" governnjent troopa kept up a
dr-.if. nlr ral houra, ^t*1
wlthoui .' ? to prevaat the
tnsurgenta from r-wooping down on th*
federala from ih- foorhllla weel ol
Jn ir*z
? artlllery pr"-. ed of little
value, and the revolutlonlsts ??
mor.- deatruetlon In Juares by toaalng
dynamite boi boul wharevar they
Ib ivrr" concealed than
\t.th thidr i-annoi Ona ol theae botnba
; to hav? Bel tha poatofllce on
Varloui raporta wer? euyraai that ln*
aurgent chlefa aa - tll ; '? derala had
v . or noun - long tlme
it WBfl bi lll V? tl ' ' ' ? ' '??"fih;1' li
[paamanrlBi the A
i . r< d, bul to-nigtal '?? a
l ? ? . ? ihurt
Oeneral Pai a and Colonal
Viiis are commandlng the ntovemeata af
th" Inaurgi U v' ???? u*\ ?? ai gboat
th-;-1 ?'?' >'?' ' 'olonel
- , t 800 tak'n
up .i poaition -? U ' bbarj near tn'*
. ? ' uik move- j
ht, ? .-.
Msdsro Watches tha Battle.
Qaneral IranriFCo !. Madero. jr, |
lcatjer af thi Inaurgente, abaarvetl the ;
propret-c- oi th< battw from a dletaiice. '
He ueed powerful fleld glassrs and not
fsfrequently gav. shouta i f exultatlon j
at the sd\an e of the insttr^ents. When j
a detachrr.ent r.in peroaa tli** pl&iu in the
_ , ? | . , i redergja to ?rr><'t a
f ? ? whlch n ghl draw the federals
from ihi ?' ? hi Madero be
came graatly aai ted H waa eager to
gg t ? the fre-r.t and thwel '.iimr-elf Into
t ittla, but hla rtall olllce*-a raatralii- ?
.: control tha }
rlvet bank ai fl ar aldlhl rafutaaa, aaaa- -
I - taken pOB* |
aearion of man: md ai procur- ,
ing loed ir. they hava :
?juarteu-d t.-.f:
Whlla Oeneral Navarro la sald to have
gufficlent aarun m ar.d proxislona to
hojri oui at leaat a week agalnat the
gentl lt .? aaid, sre able to hai_8s him
for t:. Bfl made con
I .. . . ? .-.,.' (r, ar.d
II v 01 ',". caui" n< . ? they i apt
*.;rrri the lawn ln another daya fltrhtinp
laana of a.p anthualastic inaurgent po
:.-.,.. ? :n Kl Paso. who thought
Juarea had been taken ien1 'ommMnlca
:. iggeal ng that
... town in 1 ' -a**t of
B11 ?
Navarro Simln at Talk of Surrender.
amlled when he re- j
? .. ntlnuad try
I He '?vas re?
ported to have bi -" about
th<- strei ?- ng, nut in- j
- of tha Ini .' ? snt Bi my are j
; ? .- .
>rders not to |
shoot i ? ' ? taka him i
| ,-<- rv, ? .rjr,i hard tO-day 'o flr.d :
th' general, and to-nlght me detach-'
marat of Inaurgi ati b plannlng to capture j
thi ?? . ? ? i-morrow.
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? ?? .. ?,
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from tha C ? ??' lata
F-rederick Q. Nlcbolaa,
Inc uoir.f examp'e. by w*!!-known
Masters al h Pi ? Itallaa and
Spani.'b School
? for.1 ? i 01
M VK'l: ' \ii;i)iCI
sttril-u'erl tO P?'*r Paul I ?
rtnrl < <;*?< , ? - ? Ug tn
?:'..? ' .-.-',.
f.%11 l?A"?-?fs-msrrofl (Tbar-ftay) ??
I r Bt 8:ta <.'? I'-'li.
Th* aali
'home ta El Paso. was shot late to-da*1
The flamcJ which started in the poet*
i otncc spread rapidly. and could be iOen
for mHaa arouad The aaUra northwest
\ *a*ctloa of tho ,-ity was threatened The
: large drygoods store of Claridn?, fcroth
rro. in Coatme*aCJo street. the raaln thor
l*o_a*hfare, waa caught by tha names. ona
? another flre Marted in the aa*Jlheaal
I kaetton of Juarea. Dyaamlt* boml
i pinded oonatantlr and the exploaiona
i could be tteard in El Pa'tO. When the
flre broke OUl the rebols bad completed
a portie ar.d were flrins* at tha ChuTCB
from their trenches -_?**? helteved that
if they could capture the church they
would be 1n compiete ronsession Of *^c'
town At fi.2<? i>. m the flre had gone
(?own aojaaararhat but flamen ocoaalonaU*f
were viaible above the housetopi H
was under contro! aoon afterwnrd.
ColaflatJ Garibaldi said that only c,ne of
thr- Amerlcana in his ^ompany. * rnnn
named Kelly, had been killed and thar
Icaptala Lindafeit. his <hief offlcer, waa
i unhiirt.
Annricans among the vrouadad are
! 'Ueoaard Borowski. of Chlcago, ?,11f't in
thi rig-ht eye and left liand. B4w_rd
IBeughatata, Ooldwatar, IVfJeh., and a. E,
Ar.in'-son. home unknown. Tha latter
two a m a thoi la the leg.
Oerald ?*randon. of New York. i
apondi nl af Bl Waro*' ol M< *?< ? c,t>''
troeeed into Juarea wlth a fl*i ,l!' truce
gl 6:80 O'cloch, bearing n lett i
Judge Carabajal, the federa! pea< an*
v'.y. implorlafl 'h* comaiandera of both
afdea to atop flghtlng for a fe*
that the dead aad wouadad could l
ir.nx fid
Rebel Force3 Began Attack in
Early Morning.
El Pa*o, Jr\ , May 9 -The seneral BB*
|_l between lh* revolutlonary foi Ba
ol Ganeral Madero and the federala, under
coman ind Of Qeaaral Navarro, at Juarez, be?
gan . thla aiomlng. The antlra renei
army bad broken ramp ir, the nitiht and
aararrri d Into the to*\n. The de
Claion 10 attack ihe federal forces wa
? - the envoya sent BhOftl] aft-1
mldntghl to Generai Navarro leturneo BB!
ing thar he r..f-,s! d to surrendei. Y
tlc* arrangement he referrcd them to
Judgl 1'arabajal the federal peace envojr,
but he, ioo, refus-fd to enter into aa agree*
men v ii h part of the rebela ahaady ln
Th* laal rebel demand to the federal1- to
Burrender the town was transadtted to
Judgi Carabajal, th-' Mexican peace envoy,
? ?- ''?? Moon. It read.
The underetgned, memtera "f the pro
. ivernmenl of Mexico, ar1
i to ? ou !n th.o chara "ter of bi ? ia
? ? ... governmeM ol i.eneral Piuz
and i < you to i onaadei tha crltlcal
ation In v hich Juarea la a? preaent. almosi
oecupli by the revolutl
?-iri.i that the whole forca thera will
b< aaa under the clrcumatanci
r-inre extensive reinforcemenl
arrlv* to-day. Conaequently Bl?o if a '?
s to shed more blood and lose
? ril - i omba.1
Generai Navarro ?xpres?ed hla resolutlon
-, - terj to foJlow your ordera ln resi
? of the to* n For these
eratlona we com* to i.etr of you tbat,
inaplred Jbj the dlctatea >>f the rtlgheal
. rs~! and tl a noblest aentlmenta of
ll ity r.' tt ';rr i whan th* ?"uaf!')ii de
penda on you, you will reaolve to order
ii: _ -. . r ' ;cn. rai *> i
? . -..ii.'- ' luda - J arei ln
tlme o.r noi - |<
Vou will ui.deretat.d tha; ln theai th nc
- ,,., ? ... . -,. ,i.t-. j ,-, p.;ir ?
ihe iole arblter wno la ei | a ? to aci
with n *-?? ? ?? avoldlng i: dahed and the
f llvea in the battli of J bii a, and a>
the povernment of Generai Dl?a, beina i -
iv'a -n rrroar:zo 'he true gravltv ot the
li n which wlll follow In coi r ?
^?oll arlll r-e t:.e only one rm;
iter ii rea
GU8TAVO MAt)ERO, Plnancial Agen!
I M t'i.\'i BUAREZ. ' ? of tha
I ? Commlaalon
JI'AN SAN'CHE''' AZCONA. r.?>raher o:
the eaecutive conaulting con_niaalon of tha
pro\da)onal government,
Generai Madaro n_a ha eld when
the communiratlon wai-. drawn up. The
d*-niand was tranamltted to Judge '"ara
|al in per.?on hv all thoaa > ned lt \
? '"arahaja! rer ird to tha com
him thal hl ? l d rommuni
cate arlth Oeneral N'avr. rro .- y tele?
phone He tnfr.rrr.f'l them later that be
wai unaMe to reach the zeijcral.
Hew tbe Fighting Began.
T"..e f.ring by the I genti
I .:. by a amall detachment of men ata*
tloned ln ar. ndohe \:o:tr near the Btan*
ton ??re^t hiidie With their machli
l4>*reiiad ti aweep the mala stieei.* of
Juaraa, thev waitcd patlently for
r.reak of dawn ar.d r*pen*d "re.
Cert-'n) lladere adml'ted that he had
? .-.: ?:,! to a generai itl i
Juaroz. hiit explained that vai
had haptenr-d it h<- declared re
porta which hai reaehed htm we-.
the federa I had op.er.ed Br* ar.d thal '
men who had been repoitc-d aa revoltina
anBinrt v.;? l^ad v,a-i pura Mad thei
own aocord and could not r< ... U h their
Hi Uatened to "?'? counael ot' hia
who advir-ed a generai attack, and.
igh h* made an ettort to l i
armlBtlee 1 tt fnied. h?rau.c" ol
the pregreaa ihi attack already had .
ai. tha leaderi rad beea actlng
,.-... . ? ili .- ordera and
] .:
ro would 1 ? :. ? nted to
mlBriee if the inr.ircen*? had ?
u&t*'i th* towa, and he toid thla lo 6*
5J ,,., ro ar tht teli pboi
but thi ebel lel that i
? K'-nerai attai n Inforce
? v '.... in 1 men ?? ho h 11 ft?j ?? I their * ??
Into Juarea deaprte the federa! trenehea,
ha-r Icadea and a >tp< ta
_m:l,o Gar, ie and Caaatday of 1
leaa L*mon." with the Inaurgenti canv i
Ei Fas-o thla morning to get 1 Thev
aald that flfteen Ami kai ly had
teen kiHed ar.d .:. I
Id then , i "'?? ibly r4 > killed
and WOunded and that the ffdfrrd lOBfl
wa? more than doihle rhat ainounf
"ln rn< trench I couated forty-eeven dead
-lght They
wen ntripped (.f moal "f '.. i cloth ?
Baaida H< added thai ??. ? ? th< ai
tack begai eaterda iher*
nd thal reii
? enini H .-.. d that
I from i
two i f arl
Cirje Brai the famOUl '?' '
Coloni ? lai ll ildl a ..- ln
ind ' thi? .-"- in I.e
Says Attack Was Due to Presi
dent's Vaguc Fromises.
p:i Pai Ti i M iy I.?M
BlajtH lssued h atatac
cauaea for tlx tttack on Juarea and the
rorflict:np Interpretatlona whlch have
b'-er put on hla leaderahlp h<- attril
the atta- k princlpally to the vague prnm ?
t Diai hl manlfesto
pit oppoa* d to the pi ? ? lae \ ot th<
revoiuiioniM." ??? tht feden . ? meni
Tbe Btatement folli
i o | ? atatemem i U
i ;? taken place yeati bi
..i..-- a aklrn
? ? - ? i i 1 k l ?
? ? ? .attcr from th*li | oaltlon
' : . ?
? ? ? ' ?
amall*! numbi
'.i'r- . ? ? ' ?
people, and *
/? fri El I
Aa thai
? ? t . .. .
? ? . ?
turn back my troopa. and
. an offl. ? " .. who a
i beea ?
I . ? r .
? .?j- v | mudt
to maki tl ? peo] li retui n, I ui I ? <
ha,1 unlted to my foreea several pcrxons
from El Paso WDo were not ?-oldler* and
little s^.-ubtcmed to ?r? y ordera
Aftttwaid. not ha\ing arranged a ce?$a
tmn ol hoatllltlea, aad haxing received
new? that Me mjnlte?to of Ueneral E'laz
>a?. very rague. snd permitted ot divet>
interpretstlons, I wlshed to tak-* advantag**
>f th" mllltary oppoitunitie- whlch tne
?itustton presented, and, thmigh the foreei
0( the snemy had .-.\^ial rannon and in?
chine giins nnd ocrupted good poMtlons. I
thelei rei olved to .>nier an attack on
juan z
My - hlefa llrl BOl make thi? attack arlth*
out haviiK reoatyed aapraaB orden from
nif. It my ronduit ha.- bten Interptetad
squlvocsll) il la becauae, tiavlng nothing
lo conccsi, 1 pertr.lt tl,.. nevs-jpaper men
to walk sboul in my .lea.iquarttrp. aa weil
as tiiin:-1 ?'i- other persons, arho ar--- not
adlllsted wlth ,i*. anii many timee thaj oa
. > ? ta id '.. ?? ordfl or orders. an>i
| pnt varloua interptetatioi-.H upon them.
At 4 o - lOCk ln tne rtfternoon I gave a final
order to mv tr<n;k.- t.> i repare for an at*
I tsck l nipi>??e<i that bome of my chiets
dld n'.i rlgntly Interjprei >n) ordera an?i
wenl to attack Immediately, snd I ordered
them to auspend operatioaa uatll a*1 llUL"
I could be Ixed and lecaii?e I telehed to
: sdviifl Ofnaral NavatTO by telephone of the
ittack i appreved tn- momeni for ar*
ng rr.- in en. nnd they _? weil a? tne
J otttvtrt ahosed tn? ir Mubmtsston to my
orden ,,
if j waveren m-.icii in Bttaeking Juarea }i
?-iif foi- f>Ht ot home mternatlonal ,-ompl'*
ratlon; an,' (;\e:i ihough Mich cotnpllca
?rould ba a<ain*t the government ot
,1 l,.az. 44 ho i? tn\ ?d\er?ar?. I dl'*
not srlsh to invoive my eountrj in any
idtfflcuitv. Hnt agaln, alnca the attsek ha*'
.. ? n begun, 'n*- conaequi n,?i could
t.tki-n Into BCceunt. alnea 1 wa* continu.njr
pportlon to myaelt tbe mintary ad
\ sntsgea ? f the situatii n.
if i nhould trlumpl i flhall noi clalm for
mvaelf any of the giot>. fnr it will l>e due
h th< valor ? ? my itoldieri an,l the bravary
?f my OfteerB; bnt if I olaitn all th<* re
rponflibilit} tn casa tha anack la a inthtaiy
or polltlcal fallurs i r whatever kind H may
i hava a i|tiiet ronsrlence becauaa '
. ? bi tad v.ith B<-,-d faith and riffht ln*
tentions. .
Wltl, that motiv*- 1 reren?*lv await tne
verdli-t "f publle opinlon With r-f'renre
. neaotiationa for peace i b1ws>'?
have rnantfested my dlspositloii '?' can*y
them tn ,, conclusion; tni if they hsve not
.uiive-i ni am fu-rmnaem-mt. lt ii" nr-' ? -
lo ui ambltlon, for i am dfeposed io re*
nonni e my posltlon aa Provltsonal Preal
bi ,,; tii. smbltton and
- fJeneral Dlea. arho baa been
aski -l bj tha national wlll to r*1 n
The promlaea arhlcfi he mnkea ln hla
manifeato an vagu? and there la Uttle
thal thej a 111 be fulftllsd, if no take
into . otiBlderation thai ???? hai
promtsei much mora prectse.
Navarro Had Reported Ability to
Hold the City.
? Sr-fc-i*.' CBrraapBadmi r'f Um Ti
Mexlco City. May 0.?Until late this
lafternoon tht government waa in touch
j with General Navarro. at Juarez,
| through the Mexuan CotUWll at El Ptao,
who had telephonk connaetloa arlth
juarea. Tenaral Navarro advlaed tha
govenunanl that ha probably would bs
lable to hold tha dty. Communii-ation
then ahniptiy ceaaad.
it tlio whole force of rebela la *n
pac^d. there arr 'J.iiiVi men array'd
rtst Navarro's BOOl
Beftor oe ia Barra aald to-nlght that
?.iii of juiri-'z would not chaafe Uaa
government'a plan ? II would ba re
taken, as Agua Prleta waa Hi eKpect
orl in Th" event Of ? rehel vlftory tha*
Born - propoaala would come from them
to make po Blble a contlnuatlon of the
peace negotiationa
if.. remarked that the lasuanca of the
rtcsifient.i proclamatlon was merely a
preludc to other Iroportanl aventa.
l:xj *. tlng trouble al no dlatanl d ?
commlttee fr?m the National Chamher
of Commerce to-day asked of tha l^
partment of War permlsalon to keep
arms for defenci ' placea of huH
Tho departmeni la conslderlng the
In the str eta ol tv.o u.r'lt.,' men dl*
vlded thelr tlra< between their buatni
thi buylng and readin^ of eztrai
. ;? . lini *h- lataal level
Iopmenta On all Bidea the situation waa
dlacusaed a*- freely aa in a i *? iiri? al cam
i nited Btatea Partlaana
of the government frankli srguei
rrnera wlth frlenda ol the i ?
lution, and none appeared to thlnk of
interferen, a bj th*-- pollce, nal i
men loudly proclalmed thelr
in the Juatlce of Madero'a contentiona
Wlth thi exceptl ? ol thosc In the dla
th of the i apital there a]
? .... .:. : ised ai tlvtty bj thi n bel
ln all parta oi th
... tha capltal to
from the ?' l Dursngo, Coa
huila ? I ^-??> Crua tell of hahting in
iplta] of Durango ln Torreon, Coa*
huila, and ln Tuapan, a small porl t ? 'i1
: Vera Ci us.
The Department of Wai admlti thal
attacki baye been made, but aaya it hai
. -.? ?? ? ? ??? lali ?:? ? I ' -
His Washington RepreMiitative
Denies Insubordinaiion Beportl
1 "A ishlngton, Mai I Thai there h i
lnaubordinatlon in Madero'a ranks at
juarea araa denied to-nlght by Mi Vao*
i- prssantstivi
:..-?. rden among
- ? trol on tha part r.f
Madero the Insu ts I lieve, orlgtnated
..? f the f, ? ? nment
? icfl ?: ? arai idt aad by I
bi thal tha* aasault un Juarea
Ita oiigin in an attack on -in kasurgent
- utposi by federal volunteern 1 ba
. ? ? retui ad thi ind Madeio, the
itchi ? aatlgatlon or*
entlre forci i on
? re li perfi i edl< ? ind
pline ni the rarkr- of the Ir.turrectfl nrmv."
..:,..] m ii - all i ? com-i
dlnation on tha part of col
uoint Ihi parta of the re
1 publl,
Embaf-sy Expraaaea BnryriM at Btata*
ments to the Ontrary.
? ? . i,3; l statemeni
lej ? Bmbfl deel
th_t ti,;nrj illllty ? ontln ici Ib ?!?? Clty
md that j i li ? \. i ? -?" ?' thara
it the i imi 11 to '? ntran The i
rr.ent, 1 ?
All tl ? ll thi - -
.... . ? , ,,| , ;
. ' ? ?
I lt Ifl Wl
n thi p sgslnsl - thai
? ? ??
? ? ati ? ?
? . ?
"If Juirf-z Falll, Dia2 F.illf," Kaici
Brother of QanaraJ Madero.
?[?).. . ?? ? f Jusn ? ? ? " :
?? ' ? ? . . ? r ?
\ M iden -I wi ? i la thi kej i loi e of 1
if Juarea ra ii*- n,e admlalatratloa el
ill fall ?
:, ,1 ? |uni?
? ? ,:.\!:?e.) tl,_r ?..? |
dlffi i ? nr footing and musi
,-i profound ni....ii etir, ? ihroughoul Mexlei*
. ? Gtaatave Ma
I t tbai arlll i , i ? i tn Um bandi
,.i..ti.. i. thfl tn,, i,. -, ?? ... gnition
from ? ? ild ba
'.!..? ?> \r. ordei asued
i-r- hll lllng thfl !??n'1in'- of
Into :i- " i I to-da] All asali
? i
He Remains Firm. However, in
Determination Not to
Senator Stone Urgep Interven?
tlon, but Is Rebuked by Mem
bers of Foreign Rela
tion3 Committee.
TVashington. May 0-There were
enoutcli developmenia in tha Mexban
tangie in Waahlngton ta?day to compll
rate still more h attuatlOB tba' evn COB*
aer*ratl*/e aiiVtaera ef Prgaldaat Taft are
now wiUiag ta call fcaoat alarnalna.
From Airi'tlian coaaula throughmit
Mexico and other Bourcea of Informa*
tion tbe rirsid.nl and the BUtd P'-part
ment heard to-day that the ravotUttofl Bl
spreadiiia.-, and fcotn the newa dlapatchaa
and from ColOBOl iteevet ln command <>f
the United states troopa al El Pmo, thay
recalred bulletlna al ahorl latervala tell*
ing of the tight that is endangerlng
Ametican Ihrea on thi? alda of the boun*
dary. .
lif.f<pitf> all the unfavorabl* latelllgence
thal -ame to the aara of Prealdeal Taft.
h' was tu-night still in !!ned to hOBO for
peace. From Mesico City the Pnaldenl
learned that. %v ith the exoaptlon of tWO
or poaathty thraa stat.-s. all Mexico la
more or laaa Inirolved In the revolutlon
But at tbe PABH time the P'on ien Min
later, Bairftor de la Barra. waa QUOtad as
being confldaat 'hat peace wlll ba mad'
between the Diaz govrrnment and
Madero ar.d that afterward aaparata
aegotlatloaa nrtil be carrled en artUi the
other atatea in which other tnaroluttoa
ary leadera are in command.
European Powera Keep Handa Off.
iine Mi of information given out at
tha Whlte House to-night ihowed that
European **overTnmenta are apparently
willing to glvi Mesicti an opportunity to
solve her own proMem The Prealdent
told callera thal so iar no foreign gov*
emments have auggeeted thal the United
Btataa take actlon t'"1 proteel American
and other foreign propert: and thal if
this nation Intended to Uva by theMon
roa Doctrlae it muat malntaln order.
Italy is tbe only European Bation that
haa ai em< I - om ? i ned about the mati
lul; merely aaked aeveral
montha ego'what atepa thla -o-.cvnm.-nt
would take to proti 1 Ita own eltlaena in
Mexico. Pranci Germany and Eng*
the Prealdaat andetatood, ??
handling the altuatlon from their own
point of vi. ?? through th? Ir r<
Uvea in Mi xl< f<
Rerrreaentatlva Bulaar, ol New York,
chairman of the House Commlttaa on
Porelgn Affalra, gave out an Intervlew
reiteratine hla coavii tlon that the Ualtod
?ta:'.- must not Intervene,
Sulzer Against loterver-tion.
Mr Bulser'a atate_*?ent waa forth
comlag becauae of the exdtameal he
feared would reault from the kllllng of
Americani ln El f'ai:" YeoMtAoi
?_,.... , . , d he, H a trlendly
treated ai Buch
Any Invaalon of her aoverelgn rlghta by
the" armed forcea of tha t?alted Btatea
[wlll be an unjuatidable a<n af war, en?
ponaibilll ? ? the 'nn
aptionol the ftnltc mlnd and i
. proteatal ?aa of i aace and
Ifriendahlp for our alater rapublli on the
Weatara Hemispher.-. Lei ua tnalntain
.-.,. o and kTaeep out of M< i
Majdr Geaaral Duncan, tt .-w,
Antonlo, tranamlttad th-- followiag tela*
gi ,m from Colonel Btee ?? mmanding
,u f.i Paao, to PrealdeBi Taft late thi.^
permltting wounded of federala and
nsuri gathered ap b Ameii
? ?.,,-, volunt* ered ind - I to
i . itatea Wom led i tly in
. rg( ,,, xhi! -j don* for humi i
although I :? i ? ??
omradea n Incumbra i
? M..|, t > ir,
ll ll ??
? rai Duw n' approved Ihe a< tlon
Gem rai Madero I raj had to thi ?
,,,,,., nt Junt ?? tl al hla tor ? t had
lained | Ion of th. . I part ol
! t! nt the-r lop?e3 were ? ?
i tha imprudence of federal vplun*
, m - v bleh bad been
. in j'iare* all day.
.-. Bt< ? er hne 1 '-day telegraphi d
, . w Departmi nl that th.- li
... iti ? ? for Juarei hold tha
I north end ol thi inter
? ? i] brldge, bui not the ?
"The Inaurgi I trled to
tppllea ovei theae bri.'.
Colonel Btei ei tdded, "bui i have not
aiiowed aam< and wlll not alkvw ui lea
I .. . .-, inatructlom to do ao. Am act
ing ln ippp.rfr.t accord wlth Collector
C iritrover?,y in Serate.
The danger to Araerii an llvea on th*
n,-ir,',a; ill ? -dav the aubject of
Fi,, -p -nraj! ln ihe Beaata, The
kiliine of aeveral paraona ln El Paao,
j.\ aa the reault of yeeterday'a ftght
Ing at Juarea araa th* Iramediate provo
catlon Benatoi Bl ? ? urged the
Amerti in troopa to proti. I Amerl
canl md hanglng his attltude towai I
taa Prealdent'a cooree, pra ? ? illj
charged him wlth playtag a gama of
nding the troopa to the froai
.rgla; Worka
ea ma. and othera replled. commend'
Ing tba attltude ol the i reeidi
? .
? li d f'"'.- the r iuht
of the Ifexl in .ibatanta to ,
then- war. even though American
ahould a* Im Identally endiiir-'ered.
Mi - . ,| hl - ren ara i on I ? re
; ? of the kllllng ol Amerl *ana.
Declarlng that apparenl I rern
hfi ? h ind for ihe
. ... oi Ami rici tlaena in thelr
0" li ! ?.:?-??: ippi
i thi .i, ,t j. -'. rday be foll
to-da- Hi
? had i. ii propoe* d an Ini aaton of
Ifei ? ? th thi i ? t of ren Inlng, bui
? ? ly to diepateh a '??'? ?? a< roaa tlie Hne
' ? ni to ai ? ? mpliah thi end In * le*
and than .
Accuses President of BUiffinq.
Hi di lared that the Preaidenl
. ;?? t,, i . HMind i
tape. thai in |
i I lent'a dla| al h of i ??? th* bor?
der he had - i, . d thal the Btei ?? ?
taken in the intereai of Amer.. mr and
that it u,,K noi a ni. i? - .i.i i blufl
The Prealdent, he thought, mual have
I >?< ?? _* ? ? *n puipoa* In mh I ai
Ihe atai t, bm rnantfeetl: i ct
? om* over the aptrti ri am
j u hai i "' nl aa I mil
i,l tvi api ratad to ? rodw i that i aaaaa I
[do not knoT and cinnot tell," he ?aid
Mr BtOlM said this inartlon "Rmacked
too much of aamathlng he dld not Hke
to name."
"I am more ggngUlva aboul tn'' *****
nt Ajnarteaa men. WOinen and children.
h- eontlnued, "peaoaabty pureuJnf lha
even tener of thelr ergy on thelr nwn
gofl and abOUt thelr own home.-. than l
am about the pride and Benaibllltlea of
other men who have on their bands tna
innotent Mo?d of o,ir p'eople I WOUM
gt all baaarda defend and *>e*otect atar
paopla af<a:r.sr auch monatrotis OUtragat
gg thor-e iii 1-ouglaa and Bl FaS", lat thj
conaaquancaa ba what their might; and
hence T appeal to tho Commlttef on FoT
elgn Relattnns at once to < onslrter th?
r'soluti.-n I otfprrd and make BOOie
rer-ommendation as to our duty ln the
Becon An?wer? Stone.
Mr. Ba-oii rephed that Mr. Stone's
propofled courae would plunge thia coun?
try Into itnmedlate war. and that the
Mexlcan government had a rlght ?"
aaaert its authorltx even though hi do
ing so lt Bhould endanzer the 11**-- of
persont on thla slde of tha Intarnatlonal
line. Ha declare. that lf the -dtuatlon
aytra reverjed nnd Bl Tasn arara ln the
handa of ? mob, tha American govern?
ment - ould hava tha rlghl to quell the
dlaturbanca regardle:-s of condltiona '"
Mexlco Both he and Mr. Werte de
clared that Intarvantlon to protect b few
livaa oa the border would probably mean
the Bacrtflca of a far greater namber of
Itvea of Amertcana ln the interl<>r of
The Unlted States could r.ot weil Bend
troopa int-. Mexlco wlthoui taklng one
Bide or th? other tn tha pendlng con*
lllct, and Mr Becon eontended that ln
any event the gdoptloa of Mr. Btone'i
reeolution would be ? daclaratlon of a ir
Taklng up Mr. Bacon'i contentlon, Mr
H -. drew the inference that fe.ir of
war deters the American government
from proper stapa for tho protectlon ol
lis- own peopie.
Ma Bdmttted there had baan no Inten*
tional Bgeiiflce of American llvas a :
reaull of Mexlcan battlee, bul declared
that the kllllng of American clttaena had
been aqulvalent to dellberata Intentlon.
??if i underatand thi* Banator from
Oeorglfl " sald Senator Fton--. "tnstrad of
havlng the ..eopie of Bl Paao prote< I
themaelvea ha would advlaa thom t,, run
Americans Should Be Cautious.
**Oh, tha Banator puta it in tha meel
rldlculoua aray,** retorted Mr. Bacon. "1
du not advlaa them m run away, but i
n-i. dd advias them to ba partlcular abo it
the order of their going. They aftould do
the aama thing that tho Banator
Mlaaaurl would do if ha found two men
shootlng at one another ln the Btr
get Into nhelter."
? Tf two men were ehooting Into my
ho--,?e I WOUld get n ahotgUU and go
after them," retorted th,- Mlaaourl Scn
Senator Eacon rephed thal the men
Bhooting into his house would be be: ? i ?
their nghts. whlla the two factloni In
Mexico hava a rlght to be fighting on
their own soll.
Mr Chamberlain auggeated thal both
trie praaldenl and Mr. Btone bad forgot*
ten that the treaty cf Ouadalupe H
covered J".5i such a, Bltuation aa hi.-s
Without action the Benati adjourned
until Thuraday. _
Lower California Town Carried
by Asssult, with Heavy Loss.
TIJuana, L?ower California, May I
,-ompaniefl of !iulr-p**ndent refoei-:. compri?
Ing Md men. are encamped tn-nnrnr m tne
, ttreeti if TIJuana rhi town
was taken by assaull to-day, the battle
lastln* from S-JO until f? 4*> oclo<*k At tha*
hour realstance csassd
conservattve estimatea of tbe d*ad ar.d
led on both aldan place tha number
Bt i t the exact ftguri may nol he
.... r b la: or twa The aaa luii waa
l made !? , company ot eignty men Tne
r rhe rebel tor, p beld the passi -
8 and to Entenada, eaBi ind i th of
TIJuana Out of ar-o-ir one hundred men
arera hi TIJuana yeaterday, guarotng
galnsi attnr\. r>y th* rebela, tweiva
tueir aray to taa American
w here tney aurrendered to 1 nlted btatea
There >j|.. its bOdlsa in the main street
of TIJuana Two of rhem are rebela ti
underbruah ind behind rocka u* more
wounded ind dead men The wrounded are
[BBt as tha. ar--- tound -ml
rsred for bv an AmerlcsB Red Crosa panv
undei the dlrectlon of lu .iam,-;- jnckson
? | -i Dtege Cal A bullet rlddled butld*
ib been turm i Into ?
? ?-??
Hnid Up Traln and Get Eiflcs and Am
[ >u| lai Arta . M iy I ? Hermoslll ?
ra. ta aurrounded by aev*
Ara) hundred Taqul Indlana, accordlng to
rapori bi ighi here bj a courler i
ThP ii ?: , lefl
Ftlvi ? ? *al lai go to < onfei
[aytet Ino, Proi I
: . nora. who emplo; a most of 1
lld not nnd May!
ln Hermoalllo, bul learaed thnt thi '
... , ,|. fend< -i by onlj three bui Ired f ? l*
troopa, commanded by Colonel r- I
OJeda, who !ed the government foi
tbe Brat ftfhi ai Agua riieta
The Yaojula datermlned to beaieg
.\ gouthi rn Pa traln wai
up and la ?
? n The indlana ther
. i tha H All telegraph eirei
Sixtr-en Hundred Fehi-lr, Marchinc- nn
Big MiniBg Camp.
DOUglSS, Ar:z . M I', ? A
ports racalvad ( i . min
.... ? - ? aboul to bi
: by rei?
Lang*ston snd Juan Antonlo Q
? ba lie-i-1- | ?? i,fi,i men. '
? mly Ibx fedcr l lleri nre avsllabli
,]ei?n-i thfl town, h'.i machtns guns ha\
mounted ?r all Bdvantagaoua i?,intn.
aportad thal rebel bend ? ?
ing up tha Macosarl rallroad to
... itiom ? ' .gua Prleta
Pri.Honer Is Alleced to Havr Vutinii:ori
flnainmaaa .Secking Placaa.
- . irometi ippa tra | jn thi \x ? .- i
m ml
? ' >' mt D i| -m all > aa , -. aliaa
rralgnad bef Ma
? rlarrii oa ?
and I -?- i ,:- for trlal Dupont
? i from Bh .... -nti,!,
' ' i Ii method I ? ?? id ad
',"1'' "f -? ?" ?. ror
pl ? 'f ihen to tr, ti ,. ,.n an,,
"?"?*? ,h* *Pl ' ? pa n ni- thi
; - ? with h n to - fl tltl b pla e
leni ii, wo id nexi expr.
?' ' :"r ' -Irtnh o| watsi bb i whlla wa
? ' ? ? room wo i.i taka
"fhatevei -.n .,, ,, , .,. , ,,n it,(,
?' ,f>c "harga . - ,, -*-_, ,?,.
reln from Mai
-" ,l |,'!l ? ,,f -N" it Wx . Mth Btreet
fontlnueil from flr*.t pis'
p-maltv of a crlminal prosecutlon. and
suhfttltuting therefor a ptirely civll prose?
cutlon; ln effert. of piylng 10 the gov?
ernment approxlmatelv the renta! pri"e
of sald lamis arhleh siid Golconda Cat
tle Company, "Billy" Kent, presldent.
did, It ls chargad, lllcgally fence in direet
violatlon of the |gw approved Fehruary
25, ltt& -ind to be found ln the 2.Sd
I'nited StateS BtatUtee, Parazraph .''.21
\M har. heen tn.n. thene facfs are now
belng inv'-stlgated hy the fienate Com?
mlttee m ,Iudl< iary. wttlch hns appolnted
ns ;i suh-, ommittec Fenntor Borsh. In
Itirgant Kepublican. and Senator Baoon.
one uf the ni',st reapectad membera of
thu- mlnorlty, to whlch sui,-commlttee
thiit commlttee hag fiMegated the im
portanl task of pn-blng thfl fitncsa of
Chaiiea W Cobb. ,i!.?o a Repuhllorm la
Burgent, by the wajr, and alao a con
?ervatlonlat, for the task of acting aa
lcgai -i-i laer ??- the Beeretary "f the In
terli.r. nnd 1n--identally passlng on the
compromiee propoaltlon to his patron and
, hlef Indotser. William Kent. Repre
sentatlve <>t the 2d Difitrict r,f California.
In view of tho affillations uf the lnter
sated partioH. it is not to he expected
that any mu'-krakitig magazlnc in good
ptnnding in the inii'krakers' unlon will
Bpread theae aorjaewhal aHtoniahing da
tails before nn Intereated and injured
publle, and ln view of the fact that J'fige
Rlchard Achlllefl Balllncer is 110 Pmger a
member of this admmistrriU<>n and in s
positlotj to protect the publle interests. lt
i.? regarded ai sntlrely i-'oper that thr-se
fg< is ghould ba here made publle as ulti
metely thay most j>robat,iy arlll he
through thalr more or les? extenslve dls
euaaion in n secret ttession of the Untted
Btatea Benate.
Home fcr Fricndless Obliged to Forego
Big Annivcrsary Affair.
Up in Woody Creai avenue IM he?e and
Birls have Heen practlBlng .-ongs and dia
for the laat -i* weoana, and thlrty
etght tVoody Creal -a.l"'*. is'lonous ln
unlforma -md aoldler caps. have been
l Bhouldertna arma an-i mareblng and coun
t.i innr-'hinif for the ?ame length of tlma
b|| wlth th- expectation ,-f entertelnlng
a hoat of friends arho had been lavttad to
e tbfl anniversary of the Home for
,. , K-:?t il-.- at the Instlttltlea to-day.
Bui "ii Baturdaj rma --f tha twaa gevel
,,,,.1 , bm of dlphtherla aad "n Sunday
-r -.trne down with n;<a?les-. So the
Invltatlona were hurriadly recalled, and
? more disappolnted company of boya nnd
I ,.? t| ,;i .;,,,=.-. in the taroody CrBBl Inati*
,f 'h,- preaenl m^ment tt would be
hard to (ind anywhere
The managera, too. ara ,h.=appoir.ted, but
thay wlll celebrate thelr anniversary wlth
what chaerfulneaa they mav ln the chapel
Avenue Praabyterlan ?'hurch
! at 11 O'clock thlfl mornim*. The Rev. Will?
iam B. Hamllton of Elisahe'h. N J. an
old home boy, will be ona ol the ^peakers.
bratton araa heid out
llde the home last vear for n similar tea
son The appearance r-f contagtou- dis
ease thla year 1? BttrlbUted to the la.-' vls
lting day.
On Completing It. O-rand Jury Will In
vestigate Tombs Prison.
Divr-r Attorney 'sYrutnun had a confer
met reeterday arlth :...; BeMetaata whooeta
ted <!-.e inveatlgatlon of the Poitce ue
mt be.ore the grand jury ar.d wlth a
commlttee ot that bodv which is drafting a
? ? tetting forth tha result of ita
labor? if waa announced tha* tne preeent*
? probably would be mmpieted bv the
Wf-k. when .t **.ill be made
| .
I\.> Inkllng ^">uld be e_'.ned of 'he recom
mendatlona whlch li arttl contain. exc?p'
ing thal they wlll be in favor of ridicai
-i-p in the ptesent poll<e metiioda ot
. B
it :.- expected that tha gr9nd jury wiii
iexi week tn Inveatlgatlon ot coadl
? ? - rombe, dlrected by Judge 0*?ul?
1 tne reaull of complaiati he re
ceived of favorltiam shown to certain law
teeklng cltanta imong the prlaaoara
? -
Court of Appeals Orders Dk.charge of
Min Accused of Murder.
v I ar. May B ?>I'pholdtng his rontention
| Ol ? been pul tn k-oparh-,
) ui of Appealg to-day ?u?talned the
m oi the courta below in orderine
^e from eustody of Vin?*ent J
Btablli cbarged arlth havinc shot
and kiiied Jfohn M Orath In N'ew- Y?rk Clty
.- i iti ?? ir *ric 1 before Justlce ?"r^in m
? ? ? G neral Beaatona in March
? ? ? !., ira tl e lurv
w;is illschargad without consultation ?
.- counaal it 1? understood
' e ' 11< 1 iulttai and two for
manal ughter
Tl ? Court of Aprea;.-- he'd.- th I Btabllfl
'..- "ln ..uni ,.f the ? tiarge a~ ,lt
Hrn ai nol ba axsin pla ed upon
11 n the indlctmem
? m
Weddinl of Mrs. EvanR and R. D Shaw
Tak*1*- Phcr in Astoria
DcBpite th< objectlon of the brlda 1 fam?
lly. Mr= Luabala 0 "a? w Bvana and
Robet t D Bbaw were marrted yeaterday
the h.,me nf ihe brld-cronm's
r, John C Shaw. Ko IM firaad aae
.1 The ceremonj waa performad
by the 1 lohi C Rauscber, rastor at
lutch Reformgd Chureb They "\p*.'i
?.ii . ??! theli hi ne- mooii ib Aa*
The ? . iivor ? .1 ? h 1 *? - or leur
- ? la thli t) -ali \e.11; old. Mr.
Ifl twenty-aeven 'eais bM h.is
Dr loha C snuw was in charge
of the Kingfl Counti Aaylum In IMI and
? ?:..,] restrsim ane p-ih.
? itjackei "..1 other ,ie.
11 d on lunatlca
69 Regent Street
Gooda Charged in London to Home
Account?Prices Leaa U. S. Dutiea.
A man at his ownwed
ding has the same "l
hope I don't intrude" air
as he has when his first
child is born.
Cross Dcsk Equipmcnt
DESK PAD?163.-4 x IZyi Inches
?Red, Green or Blue d?o CA
Morocco .*p_i.4_iv
LETTER RACK?10 Inches Long
x 6 Inches High x 3'/4 Inches
Deep?2 Compartments &>a n\T
for Letters or Stationery *P*t.#<J
STAMP BOX?Nickel with Crysttl
Top ?3 Compartmenta 4t*0 AA
for Stamps or Pen Points ?4?*w?vV
Nickel, in Nickel Sheath .?*>*? 7C
INKSTAND?Crystal with Nickel
Spring Top and Pen d?1 gQ
Pieces may all be purchased sepa
There is nothing so
terribleasenergetic ignor
ance or a manufacturer
without taste.
Cross Dcsk Baskct
16 Inches Long x 11 Inches Wide x
4 Inches Deep?English VVUlow
Twigs?Red or Green Morocco
Rim and Lining?Libr.iry Scissois
and Envelope Opener, <*__?? Crt
Gold Plated Handles *pO.OU
Inches When Folded?Red, Grern.
Blue or Purple Morocco?Surphed
with Blotttng Pad, Pen, Pencil,
Large Stationery Pocket, ?*_o *?*e
2 Stamp Pockets. yo.lD
Catalogue Scnt Upon Requcst
World's Grcatest Leather Store*
Anents Throughout the World
I 210 Fifth Avenue
1 Near 26th Street
Downtown?253 Broadwav
Oppositc City Hall
Boston?145 Tremont Stre.*!

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