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AOI, I \\I. . . N? 23?552. fo ??.rr,.?,
Ta-ttt-T, falr.
namamta\ iiin<te-ntr- ...,?,.. -rlnda.
lo I Mr of Ne\*. TiorU. .|er--*T ritt and HohoWea.
i:i>:.wii* ki r\?o < BNTB.
Restrictinq Carryinci of Dan
gerons Weapons.
Tells Fellow Senators Thnt Crimc
Will Be Lessened. and Givrs
37 to 5.
- ... in T!..- humi
rvrrr.itne loglc m convtniln** I
_ . whea th. Bi nati i
?an? blll r??Tti
dangeroua w<
- ? '. "Blf Tii"" wanti I thal I
Bd arlth an tho forci
? would mtalmlBB reck i
- d gai | Ag] 18 *"hi n
? man
..,??,,, ? ? arhleh |
i- | ' ] thf' ;
? ? f. |ony ?
on. r, quln thi ni ' ?
..... .---?. . ? - :
anri com
r conci rn s- lllng re
.. -| ? ? I:- ? :
. . -
,.? i" "
%Bom ? i art tw< -??
h.. | btli f4t- Imi ' '
-. ?..---'
flflfrl 11 :,,n'fi hrn '
PVl ?
,t. whlle in Itab wlth
? ?'? - '
indtntt ' ' ?
Np Trouble With Prer-ent Law.
...... n who
? - , IW Thej don'l da ??
b ? ' ' ' '
ver tba road foi -
of imi
.. , ? n the U*v<
? ,. r t -Big Tlm' at laat
M-fln of qutfll
llOW .Iri
? ? I .
... M ? Iti H
I ' ?
_ taWon: H?
r fell. I chlldn Thai i
? ? i
J . -,??'! t'1* I"
' . ? .
' -
....... ?
' ' - '
- - 'Tim' Bull
Ha, i
, . tten doi ui ; '
? .a.. .te rhan bei o\
; l ought
rl rall
?.ni. bul down on the B
.... tion
Prominent Men Favor tha Bill.
; DlBl
. rj pollci
y and tho Amei
. ,. |
? ? ?
l ...ir.
?Ti-.- ?.???'? Btrtaui I
tl ,it man Bta ndi
? ? ? ? Blgl
. . ? ,!!'] ill
eagei to evei
thej t1 ink h
the I
--n earth 2 00(1
[oni r the pi or.
ind Judgi M ,1
. ? ? ? ge ol . < riminal < ourt
in thi the're's
bl : agali it mu
? I
' ?
?>>;,r l W mu I :?.-? | harj
. it wlll <li' mori ? .t the
: Bhalt nol kill' and
the i.-iik "f
? . ? ? ? ? art-''
? down, hlfl fai??? n iahed.
preeented a nt to
. A.. r ng to Bti Ike "ui "?
or iiis am< 'i'h> n
enatoi 1 lajrne,
... |n '.\ hof* diatrli l
? >rj . Looml*, and Tl
: ? ?
Women Probation Offkcrs Object
to Magistrate's Enl
"A i ? ? aci-idi nt ?
? from ?
, hi- r
; iwi.
M M. K;rm ,,: i ,?. mai k- '1
ted upon th<
K- mpita i thai ?
I oiu-y.
Ill.'lll, I--. '.Hlll .
' ? .ii,- of
. i . . lall.*, Mnce
'? . - ,ti tha
? ? ? wlth ih.
ther I
- " m
.... . ,
aii. man. I. yrti AdvL I
Civil War Stories
J*HI_ eapture of Forts
Walker and Beaure
gard at Port Royal. S. C..
will he desenbed in the
ttcond arttcle cf the Civil
War Serics m NEXT
Sunclay s Tribune
Tho Most Perfect Democracy,
Says President of Venezuela.
? " ia, Veqeauela, May lfl, Preal"
dent Qome_, In hla meeaage to Congreaa
-is' .;i '., i |_|8_ thi Unlti ?!
n terms. "Tiio United
"un? never r-si?'nsiMp
for ronfllcta in Venesuela, nor dld thal
counti ? Ita atrength, ,to iinrn-5p
ce. i'n th* eontrary, s'ir Inter*
wh< re foreign powera wi re con*
? ;. Inaiatlng upon the recognltlon of
our rlght*. In no ?va* ham Ihe L'nlted
? i harmed ua, l do not feai l
? ? Thal nl ? . ... pei -
humanlt) ha evei
in i, ? - - i ? aldi nl GVomi arei
f hlollandi nd '?
wlth !?;?' m ? i" thelr clalma agalnal
?-..?.-. previ '.!? ?! tho renewal ol
diplomatic relatlona, A greai Improve
? in the ftnai own In the mea*
... .;, bt. the paymeni of whlch la
the pi ocol algned al
Waahlngton In 1900. having I en red
-;,,<>.m,n,,:> bolivar* ($7.8titXOOO) to
;..-. ara ($1 riTO.000).
? apreaaw .1 regret th u
rn ol Veneauela would noi
mlt the ? intlng of the Am* ri. an Btate
? ? requeal for the eetabliah
..-, - i y al Ouanoco.
.. . . I8tai iphali exp ?? i
... ? . ? Bhipmente, tha
- a , \.(.-,, .mri. r.t aome montha ago aought
Vaneaui objerted 1
... ??- Md a
? ere arould .- Incon
Bnicide Paet Bnapected in a
Philartelphia Tragedy.
p ...... M.-,,- 10, Thre* peraona
two othera are In n hoa*
pital aa the reaull of drinklng beer to*
? ri Ide ol potaaaium had
T] . ? i ,-. \_h'i< kle ngod nftv
Bhinn. aged fifty-three
? Burr, aged flftj |
I an Emily Bhlnn,
;.-..) flfty-flve yeara, wlfe of John
Bhlnn. and N " ' ? '' ?? ?'*-'"'
4 - , , - Bui i livad im a tenetnenl
-. t arhere
? ?
.. i... r.) to hava
p paet whi
. itha
? j . iph< i. and for
. , ? . ... proprletor <?' ?
mount Para Hi I
i forttim a, bui ? aa
? . < ,,.
i .....-..? Bhlnn,
il - -
Th'- two men lefl thr ho 'nnrn
re golni do* n to** n
.? . ? th< !? turned they
dre. Bhlnn,
i in the hoapita ? ';ink i art of a
. ? jni.i i.ut ii ii. ? li er
v aick.
.... became Blck and ra i
li. waa f-iun'l lylni
? . ? ?. ? t. half a i'i." k
-..--. h< a] Ital wh? re
? \ ri u tvaa dlacovered thal ?
ffcrlng fi ? ?"rl l1"' i'"''' "
When they ? nti ?? I
Shinn'a Ritol ? n lh? H",r
oman ll Ing dead ln
i was u Ing on a btu in an?
other i ln Burr'a i na1 wa fo ti n
Sevcal Hurt, in Accident on tne |
Williamsbur'r Bridge.
'? aa "f IralBc no
the Wllllai ? ?* 6:30 o cloch
jht, a ? ar of tht Metropolltan avi -
Tl,,o ] , ed into a Ri 'fi avenui i ar
lapan, and Injured aeveraJ of the
ii tin ir aaj
,,, Brook -.n. and only a few yarda aparl
. Btopped auddenly.
motorman I l followlni car,
Thomi ' " ;i1 ,i"' Btop u.
n the r< ar platform of the
i._ . i Inalde a hen
thei i'gi b< arin- down orl
them. Curdy, who aturk to hla i">st had
? ruahi .1 to
,i,.atii as ?t*?? cara wedged toa/ei
both condui tora loi ked
to prevenl engera from
? . Bpan iniii ralllng in<"
M.-n Bmaahed the arlndowa
with ? ' "' ' ' ' ' '' ' "
, ,:!| v.,..,..?., falnted and othera irleU ta
from '!??? car ?
.... ?. wnl i" the VYIIIlai
Btrl< t hoeplUlB, and I >rs.
, | . ,, attended the InJ ired,
ard Bronnie, ol N< 81
glaaa an4l I ed
? , j.'. H tmlmliii atri ? t,
ed i.i, hand;
_..,,., . , , | .1 gla-i . Btul
lh, ol Mlddli ' ' d
, ?( tn , | . had mlnoi InJ ?
?i, ,-: .,ii the trolle; ? waa
hour, ai ? a? -'
...i rrom i
and Ihe rallroad empli ?
Quarrcl Over Money Led to Fatal
Meetintf Near Berlin.
B< i Un, Ha 10 V dui I betwe* Iwo
army . ended fatall . oc
tO'day in i f"i< Bl
li, , Un Baron i .-?-.. |.l \ "ii Rli li'.1
.,,,, ,,i th, lat< Bi rretarj ol r*or< ikm Af
i iu om "i ihi
.' w iii,. Im \"n
v .pi.ii.i ot ? r
inntli ra li
3ret i Hi tela, v^1 Iti Mta . N. M.
ll -l-.l;
ay. Tel. 4741 Mao, la.
iPhotoftraplifl I ihe Amerlean Pn il aa i
*f?r^" ^-P*-*.te.-H '..fl..=, _-*
\\h,> Burn nd< red Ji arei nnd the Oar
i Iboii.
The Couple Struggle Against
Four Officers, Who Land Big
Man in Lookup.
BurgUum Work Whilr the Policp
Are P.tisv nnd Rob tho
Cash Register of i
Nearby Store.
\11en Tr.-n-- . fl bfBWny IronWOrkOT, of
\,, 280 v-'- -t L80th atreet, waa brought
to ihe Weal 125th Btreel statlon by Poui
polln iei ? - ?' he h.i-l ui?ker|
;,,,,! ).. ? i im ,n ' nn*} aai wreckH
, a noi ai 180th Btn ?' .i -I Bighth
avenue. W en < urej and hl? fellow offl
ni'B -.-. ? . .- Ini B Ith Tin.-v anri hlfl
. . ?? ;,, |oin< rl him In thr- flght, thtevps
broke Into the MrDermotl Dalrj i blocfc
awaj and
Patrolman < ?? ? ralled to fl
Mloon ? ' ? arlea Haberman, at
130th Btreel and Bighth avenue to re
,?,,.... Trary, who aaa throwlng glaaaea
;,,,.| threati nlng the bBTtendera.
i-;iS. j .,..!? ,i ln L-- Ulng the big
Ironworker ba far ba the ?lde door
i . . ?--.. - turned and knocked him
down. Before anyone rould Interfera
.... , e, Bveral tlme* ln the
head ? -? I ;| '",c - "' ,'1?
patrolman. rlghl eye and another oa
-,, k of hlB head. Trai jr*fl wife
j,,,,,,.,: .. - ind In the attack on th'*
.an, klcklng him and tefl-ting hlfl
Tl ? patrolm tn rai ' ?? >,nf'
? n-.i. j and b number "f hlfl
fri'-i,il'fl wlth hli ghtal Patrolman
Marr ?? i ! ? ? " anu' ?*
,,. me ?;, t-> i' ia, ? '? aa i-tin- <? They
found hlm bl< edlng fi .? woundfl
.,>,.,, | nd hla unlform almoet tom
from hla back.
Trarj and hla ? ?? Iried to < bc t| e
thi - aaa II.Iher pollei men com
I ,. then -ifl chaae alnnsr,
'.; irenue. Ti ?? \ ?? ? Bptun i ln
fronl af hl? bome, and II took all of the
four nolicemen to land hlm ln thi. Bta -
tlon houae He waa locked m> on chargi 8
of felonioufl asaault, n lating arreal nnd
h toxli it!"..
, ..... tti ndi -1 by Dr Btnlth, of
tho J. H.i W rtghi Hospltal, fli d tak ?n
to hl !
Wbllt Ihe polli.ren ^ubj a Ith
Tracj and thi btg crowd t 1i?t gathered
the aaloon, bui glarii foroed an en
trance In the n ai ol the M- I>- rmotl
i N< !>;: EEighth avenue, and
after bn aklni ll ? ? glati r, i mptled
i ,,? iti ? Nol Batlafli -I ^ Ith
thla thej armaahed aeven cratea ol egga
nnd rteatn ? othet atoek In tl"
The polli ? '???? ?'?'? 'in.iii- tn i<.-1 r 11 from thfl
. . : -. \\ow tn,,- h monej wai la K--H
f: om ihe dra ??? ? i
Clf-volanrl BchOO] Childrrn Will U.'.o
Brnshes Daily.
? ?
i'i,\, i.imi, Maj i" i:v minuti
? . ? :,,'? uauallj glvi n lo atudj a Hl be
tbb nii Ihe i- - ih I-- Ihe
Ai\i, thouaai 'i -. hool , hlldren ol ?!li rr
i.,, ij ,,. yt tern Thi d i dt d on b
,1,,. m h '?'! offl, lalfl tn day, follu
experlmi tha I.,.
,,f pupilfl al the Mai lon tfc hoi i
ln lh< pn ? !v ? ol iii wiii,, of thfl
? hoapital aervlce, and Di -I B.
Ni i ih tll, of Columbu i: ii i.n k-. repre
g( ntlm Ihi federal govi rntnt nt, and '?
numbi r "' i ' ' ?nd m hool
,,iti, i.-iia, thi tweni . - . hlldren ot
.u, _.-,..111? - ho ?' ?i tii.it ii ? u powera of
,,,,,. |.t lon '?? ? "' ? ??' obi ervatlon and
I llllll'l Vfl. 1. |l. IL I
than Ihoae ? r iheit ? hool
The gn al Improvi nieiil alion n
in me! Btudli aftei iii \ i, ui i,.. n
uhinltted i" ?' di ntal ? i.,. imi nl ha i ?
ult< tl ln ihblng ordei
L).-w<*, I rrv'*' ' ' -"'"I WlOB Bottlr.
i.i, every da
l,i... i ill . i , .N V.
East Skte Mob Was Charging on
Drivor Whosr Car Had
Killed Child.
Then with Quick Dash Oata In
tended Virtim to Plarr nf
Bafeij and Calls Help
? Moh Overturn.s Oar.
\ mob ol b II.aand v ?
f?n the lower Baai Bld
: ;?! arork of a lona patrolman,
i ? mpi to Ijrni h the drlvei ?' i tlrai d
and Phambera atri el rtown
horaeear, early la?t evenlng, followh - ?
acrldi rn In n hli h ? rdxti ? i m ?i tha old
. hild Bei ? u-i w im po araa Inatantly
| in fronl of hla hom* '>'?? 17a" M
laoti st ? <. r
Thi ? hlM toddled in fronl of th*
car, drlven by Prederlcfc Hinea ol No I
Bfangln street. The boraea atruck th"
iitti,? one, and knocked him under tha
fr.-nt 11_? I ' of th' . '
. i , i,mpli t,.|y over t h> chlld t bod; .
almoal aevering it In helf, and
i- cuttl x "tt 'li'1 hah. righl ll | I
a hand it th'- a rlal
Bgonlxlng cry nf the rhlld rea4-hed
the eara of tl moi Bl I up i
'..'i'i , r f.'i rengeanre, whlrh araa taken
ii|> by othera who cai ie runnlng in every
<iir.-.-ti.,n and a deten iit.uk waa
triail^ "ti th< cai
i Mnea drew hla * hip foi n and
for a tlme hi Id th^ rrowd al i t In
thi inean a hlle thi rondu ?
Muncrinaky, of Mo. 12 Broomi tr . t.
who h;ni hopped "ft' the car waa flanked
,,ii th. reai and threatened wlth bodlly
The moh al Ihia tini? a aa ho I
for th- overturn of the car, thal the
chlld b body mlghi be picked up, I
on >?? the frantic ci lea of Ihi i hlld'a
mothet men put thi Ir ahouldi ra t" the
. ar and t urni 'i it oi ei, A womai
, i,,., r a*a thrown to tha ground and
injured. Bhi fle*1 howi rer, avll
waiting for medlral aaalatance,
As tin- .-ar *.a _olng over on ll Ide,
I'atrolman "Bunny" Carhonell, <.i tho
Ma.ii-.ii atreel atatlon, who was on tha
fronl i'i- tfom of ;i weatbound croaatown
.?ar. battfed i'r- way through thi crowd
and r* ached the aldi ? I Hlnee, m ho a*ai
?ji ,.-, . y' uated ni'i hard pieam .1 on
, v,.,\ a|d< The patrolman grabbed the
v,hi|i_.ii"ni Ihe .hi'.er and drovi thi ? \
cited mob, a hirh waa ahoutlng ' I
the dr!' "' I] nrh him!" hai k for i I? ?
-., ? i;. doubllng hi? ? ti"! i witl -i
ivhip, the patrolman galned n.rmugli
,,. . toop 'i""" and pk*k up thi i...?i\ of
, | , , iniil. a iii' li hi held firml. undei
. ne .H rn.
Bhoutinn to Ihe drl rr and lh< ? ond ??
,,,, ,,, k. ? i- ? I" ? hi hlnd him, the putrol*
man made a |ulck daah t.. a di ua tor*
.,, |>|is, and Madlaon atreel . mIth ihe
,,,,.... cloai al hl h< ela still
bhntitlns "'?' "' h "" ''' '*''' '''" ' '"?
M,i,. tbe i Btore l !ai both n i... k< .i the
,,, ,,, s.-nt in '* hui i call foi .ni am
bulance I i ' i""1-' rneur Hoapll i
t)!i rnor* h rrled ? all foi thi n ervea
i.r thi Madiai n atre* I atatloa
i i,,,, th. an i**-.ai of Coroner v> h
,1,, drivi i i." "l?"'"' Wtro i ? i
.r|i ,,m.i. t> I) arrecked h lha
i ioh _ t___
II, ,.11 x. M a> W ii.- ?**ra i
, lMll| Minlati i "' Bdu atloti aa apiwlin
,'.| mi,,i iii i "i ' ba Int' i i"i Bi] mi. '
!i ,4 lu prealdent Dl i
- ? -
. l-a-l '??< .I
,, [t |b u_*d o. i u !? aUlna
- A '
[want export duty on art
Great Britain Is Bein-f Denuded
of Her Treasures.
ifl. . || >. ta n ? Tnr ?
London, May II Tha natlon la bt \
? Bii treaaurea at fnr tr-'1
rapir] a r iti Thla uan thr plth of all
tlng of thi Na
tlonal Art Cbllectlonfl Pund jreaterdaj
.-'tr Bdgar Vlm I. who - rr**
Trailr candldati I I ?' ' Ur-ftlon,
-.. d thal an expon dutj Bhould i?r
... the anir- i,f arorka ol ?rt Thf
of p|< tun i i -? ?? ' E -gl " ' r' '
Amr-rii < in an orilnary yanx waa be*
tween one anrj two mlltona Kt-riing, and
:1 ia i er - ? nt duty would provlde an
annual Ineome BunVlenl to pui
,,r foui pii tun ; nt conaldi
? ?
Mr. vim I fi,r g?dual dlaap
? ',,...- picturaa fi Brll
ru due 1
rapid ,-,. reaae ol arealth ln
, ,nd the requlremenU o( 1 b
. tl Bfl hequei ot this
.. nl
He had heard of ?< Btm ln Ifef** v-wk
. a,. of the laat threo
montha had mld bIi Rembrandta. Thay
,., deal wlth an alto
..-?.. m.ndltlon of affalrg, nnd lt
? to bring preaaura on the
(overnment to provlde further Btati ald.
Reservation Constablc Gets a
! Woman Ashore with Pikc Pole.
Niagara Falla, N v . Maj 10. Mra.
ibeth Hartley, of Buffalo,
old, waa previ nted from endlng
? ti,- vi rj brlnk of thr- cata
? ? ? , lonatable Thomafl Har*
i . ? ? aervation pol i
in making the reecue the offlcer waa ln
. i of bi Ing ' arrled ovoi
alla with the Btruggllng woman.
Mi . Hartle; ent< n I thfl aater aboul
... ? . ? M falli Bj odd
, han' e hi r dn ? aughl on a Ja
aboul twentj *eel from the
and flfteen feel t rom the brtnk of the
f.-iiis. There Bhe waa heid until Hai
rlngton reached the bank arlth ? plke
j,. |e Btandlng In b Bhore i ddi and
reach Ina onl al arm'a lengi I ? offlci r
wu jUsi ,i.i. to hook th" plke Into her
ll. r armi plnk.I bj the terrlfli
n nt, Mra Hartley trti d bj turnlng bi r
body t" gel free from the pole and go
ovei the falla, bul Bhe a*aa unaucceMfuL
Karrlngton, n Ith the ald ol aeveral other
nn ii. draggi d her to Bhore.
i ,ii i h. , n er bank waa found a lettei
and B bunch of flowera The letter ri I
??No longi r i" bi tn at< d aa n thlng d< -
?? ,i."
,\i i ' : , , ht It wa -.n-i
? m- n irtli j could nol llve,
Flovver Pot Falls from Window
and Hitl Child on Forehead.
\ flot ? i pol falllng from a fourth
story -?? Indow ? aa rea| on
B|hle for the di al ol Tim > H hi nek,
.? old daughter of Mi and
-.. ii- k, of No ?"'?*'''' Weat
. i , trcel The baby waa i"itio
. ,i in ita - ."t lage along Am
,i;im j v. nn- v. h> a the ai ? i.i- nl hap*
i I,- d.
.-:. hi ii. k dei Idi -I i" take the ? hlld
,i .ni alr Ing, and told thi n irai to
i.punj hi i They were
. i,,,i,t ,.i n,i i..:hi \i:, ti rdam
- . ,. . flower pot, fltand
? . rront wlndon of the fourth
floor M.,t. ai ? upl -i i". Mr. and Mra
rjeorgi ? aVagner, toppled ?>? i and
,, ii ,.?! ' ? li dgfl
\i,, , boundlng ofl ? I"-'11 wlndon
_!? ti k th< bab} ""? tha fota
?j i , babj btm kno< *? 'i uni on
\,, m ?l11"1 "" "
I ,i .,i Wrlghi Hoapital, bul tha
; h|W .., ,i. ,.i I.. ror? th< urgeon
?"!,','", i Mra W . Hi l they
?i. ' ; '"" ";
,.,.. , ihe window unli H
, .ii bj ta- wlnd. No nrn .n i
oiort made,
Who led the Inaurgent attack.
Weary of Attacks. He Tclls the
Civil Servico Reform
Says St. Clair McKelway. Who
Was Present. Could Tell What
He Had Ancomplished if
He So Dcsired.
< in one of thoa* ^-r occaaiona lw>w*>
i .- . when M lyor Qayiior laoth et**j"Bara
,i n..,, ii publk ha Imfaroved the
opportunlti laal Dtghl to aeold a Httla
thi membi ? ? ?'" the <-,vii Bervice Refonn
Aa-oclatlon al theli annual dinner al the
hotel Bavoy, dld all hut aerve tha afwitl
.,., ,rh word on Bt flalr McKelway,
who waa preaent, and lecturail Wa
rnii. i iii generai
Raferring to the atta< k* mndo upoo
,,. ,o-called OaytTror elt> charter on th*
Rround thal it would "pul the Civll Ber
vlce Commlaalon oul of bualir-r-BB," th**
- aald he had not read much about
bui had recelved lettera
,-, ,,., m, creelman. of the munlctpal
, lvil s-v." Comnila-KMi, and othera
..,?] wunted to knov. why thi reform aa*
aoclatlon dldn'i aend aome one dlrectly
to him to glve him advlce litatead ot
nriting him.
. n,.,a. are some people who are too
w,lling to atand ai a dlatance "*?*_?<
a, ,ha Mayor." he aald. ?Inatead of com
?1S, ,,, him and ghrlng him advlce whlch
?1.1 help to hava thi thinga cof*i*erte*_
ihal mlghi be wrong.*' ______,__?
Mward M Bhepard. who preelded al
the dinner. aaM . great many P^on.
aere anxloua as to the future ol Civll
Bervice reform when Mayor Oajrnor araa
.., toofflce.bul they had ^hap*
La.nmitlt.il.-h" 1-1 "-'-;?'
?G further its eauae. Referrlng to Mr.
,,,,,,,'s remark. ln that reapect. the
Mayor aald he dldn't aee whj there
ahould have been anj alarm ln regard
to Civll Bervice al tha, tlme. and,
.., he didn'i thlnk ha had done
.n ?" help II ?**"*. he bad mada a
,on. fltud) of the aubject from the en*
liKhtenlna treatiae b) John Quincy
Adam* down t" the preaenl tlme.
Questions McKelway's Veracity.
-, have been a long tlme on the Job
I ird to the atud. of the ClvH Ber*
I, . aald. " -1 ni i ? Bl Cla r M<
Kflway here to night, */ho, lf he la In
the.i to tell the truth. whlch laa'l
alwaya the caae a-lth him.
tell you -I -"'<? n>al *?'.' Bl- work '"
i thal dlrection."
Tha M typr aaM thal one tro ible wll i
tha civll Bervice reform workera waa
thai th. . wanted to pul as man) offleee
,.,, ,i.mpetltlve Hai aa poaaible.
Whli h he aald waa wrong. The) ahould
,,,,1U the Hne, he aald. aa there were
u me "th. ? i "" t11" 'i-1 whl ii ahould noi
i? there.
II, shi pord pn aented the Mayor, and
, ^ rei elved rronaai-erabto applauae when
i i,, aroae t" apeak.
? \), i ;,?i(l\\ iu gol ni- t.ne here,"
' h, gald, ' be* tuaa B iturda) he aai doa n
! and tried t'< i on* law ? me thal i aad done
?omethlng to further tha eauae of Civll
i S(.n,,, i, form Blt* b i I.. i .mi'' Mayoi i
jljn i i.n.,u thal i had ione It. i aup
of yoa tbought aa Mr Bhep
',,,! uiid, that tli. Civll Bervice and a loi
., other thinga would -" t,. the doga
when i aaa ali cted "
.,.,,,. M.,...r al lhal polnl referred >??
. ?|. ,,. thi aubjei t aad lo Mr. Mo*
i ,|,,|. i deaerve mu* h ihat i
(.ontinuf- on ar<uu?l ,'?!_
nu'S M
Veteran Federal Ccmmander.
After Desperate Rcsistance.
Surrenders to Garibaldi.
Says He Is Still Rtftdy '* Make
Ptace if Wm v/ili
Give Satisfactory
Dcaci Estimat".' at Sixtv-.lv** and
Woiinrled at 260?-Jum in I
Wrtcktd State Through
Battle and Fire.
Cludad ?' ''? ' ' ? v' ?" Tv?,'?,
llttla bultel rlddk d i Ity tn-nif-h' is tba
provtafcmal capll Mexlco aad Fran
,-i.w, o i. Ifadem, |r . Proi I rlonal P j -
rjent and hla fltaff '???? ? l xkmx poaaaaalafl
after wlnillng tha btoodJoal batUfl of tha
in n eorner ro n of tha barracka Ifl
?hi h for '?' '*?" *****
the fire ol thi r< i ? ? - i ? ' ' ,n '?
Navarro, tha federal commandar, flfll i
raptivp. havmc Burrenderad to-day wttli
almoal his entlre garrlaon of -.r-veral
hundred man. HM ffloa waa Bimkan, hla
h*,-i.i waa bowed and ha would wrf talk.
for the Mtter Btlng ' " oad hnt*
haartened him.
i? contn-flt, in another par! ?' tr"
town. la PraaefcKO i Madaro, rr tha ? k>
U?r, Burrounded by membarg of ihr '? a
lly and hlfl fltaff. k> . ? ?? i
fluahed wlth vli tory, yet i
I.. make peaci wlth the M<
rn-nt If It la 'rk,v'
and Blncerely wlth the n ' "*? ****
,, iti . u auch vagui ? ' '
dpnt Dlax'fl
General N - ma hla twenty-i
offlcera were pai
Invltlng them to dlnner ' ?
nonCed that If
tMt honor aol to I
rould have the II
yre-d todoao and ar* 8?**P ?
o-.vn heodquailei " ' ' ?**
Emerqency Ho*p.t-l. Fui' of WflunaVfd.
In hot.
? , | th* Imp ? '
battlefleld. ara m rrea of
tended bj 8 ho.1 of
nunaa from Bl ^ -
innmd Bld. Th. "
n >? Hotel
nlght. are coveied wlth i'i.I '
aoaki -i clothlng.
.?Th? fortum ?' ?*??*?" mumblad i
rebel noldlei ln BpanMi - '
Btood wlth teara ia W. *r tba
,??,.-,?? ? Meral aoldlai whotfl ha bnd
known tor yearfl
Mi thr- .1,.,-i are belng buried to-r l '
v oonaervatlve eatlraaU of phyali anaafl
Wf\\ aeof rebel laaderfl whoaurrayad tha
flarhtlng put. th.* federal daad at naarly
- ?? md the rebel ' '?' Mtmaa,
uith .i total of nemrli two hundi I ai
Mty wounded on both ald< ' ? *'^
number loat P* -ah nevar wtli ba
Known. as than " ?" many deaarl I
and thi dead havel i
T:, ..a I d '"'" ******* i ? rf
counted aeven d ? '
rmcka lata thlfl afternoon. A
,,P,(i were C Tambord and i na
,,11; sachudo. tlie formar tha man who
a few dayfl ago taunted I *** na
-, aardfl.
On tha Aroarlcan i ? * ?' '"?' ?"?
have been kllled and about Boventeen
?zounded, manj ol tham balng Inno
cently engaged al a dlatanca from mo
rlver front
Navarro G.ves Up Sword to Gar.baldl.
Tha actufll aurrendi r of tha town by
,;.,.,!-..i Navarro took place abo ? I
o'cloch Oeneml Navan gbring hla
kword to Colonel Garibaldi after tho
r, belfl had Burrounded tha barraclu and
threatened to annlhll ganiaaa
liifl.. eyefl wera dlm aa I ?? - urrenderefl,
[,,;t colonel Garibaldi, wlth a baad
Bhake thal b ipoke bia adnihratlofl ''or
thr- brave Bfhl ; ? *'? * '??? '? ????'r h<*'1
made, aeeured blm of tln - ? 4 tba
, to sliow him ? '? ' "? ?
of rebel ofllcera rodfl up ? ? t>
. i ,,, the fedi ral - ommandar tbelr
i3 rnpatbj aa Mi m- an* foi hlm and ina
in- n
?i*i,,,,. ?- the aame fi b nal aei liment
to-night ln the heartfl '?
armj for thi Ir i ountrj men who i ??
i.. en di feated, bul i i ara
hi ard a oi da of denum I' ? .*
,t, nl i 'i-? " ,1"1" l" r" hold n
for tbe lofl
ihe w
General Madi t" a'hen I I thli
;,;i. ii,.?,n ,n thi I* re the ? -t
, - hI prlaonera tre quai t. ed, m id< ?.
_ddreaa I ill ol aj m| athj an i ei
,;t. i ralalng ti'-- m l I i"..iv- -
l them thal In i baart,
\\;is BO ? : al
frlendllm ?*
Madero Prai-.es Federal Bravery.
??You foughl :"t xji nei il l>la: ild
at tln , i-.s. ??:' bta ai I
bad i". i" ? nuae you aa. .? < part of that
w.., iti ui a lu- h w ? an trj Ing :
i ,, i,-\ ,i.,.. > perhapa a ii, ba r?
, ,| \. ,,ii booo ? tll I" I ? ' ?
UiU i*- to '?? ? ontlnued, (ou can < i
vuiir i h"*. fl of beliu olntflf
,i,,. ,,,IUN , ilberatloa In the mnn
time wa ahall I ai yo aa brotbara, Ml
is i"'.-"
Wlth Bhoutfl af ^-fli Madaro!" the
throng "i prlaonera and rebelfl "hn x-th
(,-,.,! to iii-'i- hUn thn - batl an>i
Bhouted ln ?!? *f< nlng -
\ nu minutea kater down ihe mam
,i.igbfan a*aa bi ard tba | dloplag ?t
boraaa, and nonm thfl -Murgattt 8U__4fli_^

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