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Bulllvan oounty. H. Y.. leavtag yroitaAAi
aome timc^ to-o>v. . - ??-.
One bf C immiss'.onei- WaWoTl
ofBclal art? was to revoke the U'P
mrnt* of tbe futj alght patjaiitaaB waa*
Mr Creelman aaid. ?
rolntcd by Mr Cropa Mr WaJd
aurtc the O:\M1 Bar "imisslor. ?
Buhmit their ?iigii'.i" raat ad aifhtj
name* to him. and from that artB Iftaa
the appolntments. followine the letter of
the latv .-are!ully. It is und,-rstood that
th* new llat of eighty-six 88*888 froaa
the OIvll flflirvaoa Commission wlll eon
tain the name? of UM forty-oi^.t mer.
whoaf apuolBtflflBBatJ w.-re ravahad
yaattrday, and thev arlfl Utaaarfoxe hava
a chanoe al reapt*?ilntjneMit aJong arith
B8Bn? 4 ? - - arho arera paaaasad ever by
Mr i
Mr Croajwrj I ' ' w **? w
this I,lai aaid':
; ?- ip] . 18 pa?
. . ' '
ae far ??'' w
? a
ci. - ? -. ' ist vi hom l i i
falled -
tbey ha I
had d i-.
. ir former emr
Ihe nel
additk . or four nati
becaui investlga ?
Biem ha i r ,1 . ? en eoi
II the tlme 1 dlrei ted that a
irade Bhoy Ina i rea?e>n f'i
1] f.r" ' IJ ? ' ' ' ' ' '
rr?en rej
lha MunkMpal Clvll Service
Te bi i oint i the 1
pllcatioc for appointrr.en'
truthfuini m
vrhleh I have ittenpted fo d ? Conv
Men's Summer
.Suits in blues.
grays and browns
enlivened by
bright pencil
Blues.. v7tay9 and
blacks. plain and
with self stripes?
Fancy Mixtures that
include most of the
colors of the rainbow
and some the rainbow
never owned. All per?
fect fitting. $18 to $45.
Lighfwcight Overcoits . S lb to ;42
Oxford Club
for its absence of
gin rawness, and
presence of a rich,
palatable flavor not
t-qualed in any
OtaflBT BJEl.
Baird-Daniels Co.
fla,' > ? - n n skin appli tb it and
i ?' ',- .
pini ho) - ti ? . .
fule i . -i arlll
ciiarmlna ind I
that i noi Bhoa ut
tflb ot!
viee J' thnt
i:' ?
...'-..,.- i ... no
?? ? ? ? . .
BUCll - . ?
tiwihli m] ; |.u..
Tlft; all)
i ? i ne-ha.l
rV into the
? rs aa
fi bv
? . ? ? .
j ii.
ft re i
ftMO - '. U'v'i BKIN-:?? av? i
H..r. ? ? ? ? ... 1
fftlio ,-rr ? ? ?
gethet BB I Sll
IOff- '. - : , . ? . ?
5; ? *f" .
aratan rr i inexpanalve eraam*)elly
taiaa ?
an the :ve it ? ? '
the afcln ot pora diri and foi i n
Mackhi ? s v\-i [nkl,?.
? HCML-M/.LE I'I.' 01 OM ?T< ftei
the bloo . ?? lm >uritl, - pim
Plir. sallo* neat end '. ?? *
fnp there i? ro betta r; 'han lha fol
lowiig old-faehi ? ? ;- ? ? . Dla
*oi-<? one ?' cup fcurar and one
karnene ln one-hnlf pini I then add
hot water 1 - ' ' V table
epoonfu c' ,v ' take*
betere ' h tiic-nl '' th, 1
ergf*' -'??' '
fnr ro I | ' r.g up
the 4-v?f???:.-. fi sm 11 ll-dov ?
l43b-4^2 WEST MII ST.
Iring UP i5^7 COLl
?so li. i fl g IK i im B OaTUs.'
FOR N!LN. VVOMlN and children.
geaJaaaWVat; Ol Kti?i 1 OB ?CO>8l MPT14 i-s
at Ii . .-. ~.r- ? .-? ? Vo m .. ,!.,. r.i.
Jn ir:? i rty ? ? .>. <t .?? axlateaca, aavei ? ai
i*./ a aei ..t ia o.r :..-. . aa, "u
? ed or natlABallty, ln the
aa j .? peleee i'ft|ti >.f lUber, . ?
aic here tted l at ?..?'
. and - ' ?
r?,.- ES I IIOPP
V'v Treai 88 Baal IBi i .- raet, vtll be
r'^rr rf . y . v. Irrtf-.l
,,,.,. u nreCcanmlaakeaer w bead me poll a ferci
rieaeleaaaga, ra I *** Bretl ??
- oeh ofi? has been to eredleate ua
UOthfttineaa from tBB tOtOO .u.n..HaTetlnS.
I vrtl! gledry walcome any i^Wnj"
- the reaaona for rwrx any ot the men
v i m i paaaed
i-i earnlBjatBC hia feaa^nf for ttking
laaufl -ith UM Mrw lg rei^rd te, tBd
m itytiona partKrolarly arith rr-speet tn
tr -r.i!'->n of lnBpfi'tnrr 3!r CrOpaey
iald h? rtjUm-ed the number of mspectors
5h-"jld he r-till further reduee-d
? Tho4< have e(*,mpai-atrvi-- Httla "-<vV:
to d'\ ' he illd referrir.jT ro th*- in
ipeCtAfg, ''aa*e>8Cial.y flr.-e the rnstter l
'..ekinr after gamhline- sr.d dif-.\rd<?r:V
he'i?ej hai heen ttker out of their hmd?
and .itte-ndrd te. dlrectly ir'-im head
' srt "
71-r. QUtf"''?f-i: '','*'r*,!r,!':i?*i--.T*!^'- a'.?* ?>:
rireaged ninv-'f ItrOftfly da the need <;.-??
-?--mv in rAaard td ro"rA ? iptaini
ind quoted sjurtf to ahow thar many
precthetl lg v/hlch there a ij i^*iTa8thlng
1 round or leei than 1 =-^r. >1 iti
trere lupplted ?? - iptaini 1 - h ha
-j jn unni ;eaiar; waate ? 1 :
Told Maycr Me Would Qift.
Thi need r-t add'-Uonii lletttenanti
mil B81^taantl :? ever. 1881 ' l '.' ?
iddltlohgl fiAfttaUha i'-i taapactorB.*!
aaid Mr CrOpaey 1 reallaed montha
that 11 -- "-:f noi in a cordan'i t ?? Itr
the -"i.-he? of th*- Ma? i bd -? hc-n
. to thlfl mattar aga-r. in i on- :
nerrlcn ^ 1th the appointment of patrol
men wr. haa been referred to, i re.:d
him ! would certainly nol be any am- '
harrasemrnt to him and that I arould :
r ... ao th-it he mitrh' have the pro
tlom ide. '
? '- ' .- ItAterienl a/ent on tc
aay that there had heen ther i ittera
eoncernintr which he and or had
r.e.t heeg |g goeord. bui ha wt .1 n
into details
From'the tnr,f. of Mr. Cropeev > state*
ment lt 44-;,s e^rv t.. infer that hla ex.t
frorB tha departmeni though in a meas
nta foreed upoa him by the Maytr*! re
? : ol tha i-reeima.i cottiplalnt, svgl ?
. . f.e. and .:i a large measure. to h;:
i.wn Independent stand upon theae q n
. concernlng tvhich liaue aroae be- !
?. hlmaelf and tha Mayor arho ap- (
;? IntOd him.
tlon of the stnooth 4-.-ork
'hut may l.e expected Of the now in2
"Mjtalied ln Centre street yester
dgy hy the ICayor, Commii. toaer W'aldo'a
Bral verrsltl i-rd.-i to 'N?.!ef Clerk Kip
al hi i lould furnlah hrrn aa ojulck*
ilble v Ith thi . llgible llati 1
The nr-'.4 Coraitilaeiotter ?? bo more
than Inal In hia ofhee 'han hl
.:.-'. hll inteaUi n of promotlni
arjoB as poaalbla, fiva captalai tr. he in- |
ra twelve lieuienanta to bt
tatna, thlrty-two Barfeanta t-. he nr-u-'
ti nnd ttrcBty-i -. pgtrolmch to ;
i i 1c.1r.tr Another order whlch arlll ,
make foi thi new Comiatasloaer'i popu- |
larlty la tha departmeni arai thal here
'iftn polacerni lhall be pa | uj on i
f\r<x ot tht ?' inatead r.f on tha
lOtti aa herei I
Beoond Policc Joh for Waldc.
te praeeai mneci n rltb the
.. tent : ? hli aecon bxk i
Deputy ? .^ r.i ?? under
rai Th< re .\ BJ ..:,..., h- l ,
i . ?? i .
, h.ip-i ln thi .- ?'>? ipacitj il Flre
luartera Mr Bhtrehan quallfted for
-md ?? ? i ? ,rn Intu his n< -? i
tsitboul del
> ,t i ot ojalta so armooth Tha ? nly ?. ud
..n i). ?'- .i ? iky e ^ to hin
\-< a'iee the PotM, I ? ?
?ti the polloa penaloii fund, and ln thi*;
, |iOO,AO0 i. i M ii r? ojulr, .
hini The dllng e.t th- bond U a r.
:<ar\ par! ol tha quallfl, .'. i for thf
? - nnd the del ..I- of that i
noi c >mpai I -i laai nl hi but will |
? ? day
.\.:r oi <-; iyn r'a >fli lai i ia
( tha -j; olntmeri f Jdi ,v . . ? i
Mtataad la a I i.c letter to him.
? B 1. ' ll ' pub tl !?.
tfita ? :? M s '? higl .?? ? : ?
-,f Mr VTl . loni r
ina took ? aal >a pare that
aith the dolngi f < iep.-. ? n | ?
- ' ' diB]
ti..- lai ? pari i Ith reapect l
th" appointmenta from tli
a; thai he, th ? Ma) ?' had
... hla - i iei lhal
appolntrr rnta be
? otn tho li.-t; fui n.rhi d by thi
I - < ornrniasl ra, th ? Ma
? ? rbt lUegfl
. . .. ihe Pollce l
.. :,i . iirected i hairman ^r
? ,. ."i- |i |ai rli Board to l
about tbe mattei [ arani ? I ban*
It Pays to Buy
Electric, Gas or I omhination
Tj .V ' .-!.', f.tfl"
l r|v rij.lr * ?
..lille, !":-' ?? i- I Uie BflM8
ire nvU raaa< Rnetj -h
naiih l^ftf. -.... - .ii
Comc <And Sec
iiir?-'f I.c s ra. Braeketi
-4| .;- t- , . -,l|
a oi tbli I ? ' reaea
,,.,. . ... ii Nee ?arb ;? it 88 B -? r ..
...... rli ? i....... IM .jh
'<_W W, ta? ?->
JAMtt "Fr,F?t:v
BThfl h"i 1 -':.irsr- ot tha deflartrnent fdr only
lever. monthr
iah frdtn 'i-.e Palki D?p*mn*.e'v ??" yau
hava from the Fire D?partmer.t. -*ven tf.e
?? o! appointr.-.ent'- cr promotior.f
.. by favoritlan* or punJuua
Thera are a Mrge number of v.aranelea to
:? flllad by promation Th.-* rl<*-'.a" in that
reaptcl hai bcf>n ar-alns? my *ud?rmcr.t anl
wlahei Lct ty.it *-<> on- of the first 'hlnf**.
Bttandad to, and I would llke to ba
:' and rWttcJpate when the prom?*
ire confarred.
Thera *vap ?nm* .*|uc!tir>p. r*iipe1 JOfl*
cemlng tho legailty of *he <\Brion dla
mi.-sa! by Cropeev but thla *va* d!.?*i- I
patad by ^ommissionor WaMO'8 frank ;
-cplanatton that Mr Cr-peAv had offl
ciallv proir.'jlgated OBrltn* diemlasa! I
ai in BO a'eloak, ^horeas hi? own ap- I
pointmeni it thc hand? of tha May* 1 ;
wa* not made befora ll 30 <> lock in the
mornli |
Willlam J Plyna formcrlv Second I
Deputy Policr- <"o:nmisi>lonor. "'ho had
mentloned aa a poaalbla auccaaaor
td Cropprv. re-ent'-r?d th" United Stau-s
Becrat Bervfce vn-trrday ar.d waa or?
bai k to bla otd poaltlon as hr-ad of
the Naw Tork diatrict
C.iitlniii'fl frrim flrat paca
Bhe axptetaad tha' th. llttle giri, who
0 ta Dorla Brtxey, >.f No 210 Rlveralde
Drivr had fuk?*d her lf th.5 Pfgf
arga atlll Bllve, .ind nhon aha tOM her
' - wai frt llng tho nnsma!*.. lha alipped
from h r to aaa him for herattf.
The idcphant house p-oved a sir.ing at
tl ifl fo* Mr. Taft, and be spfnt rom>
tim** feedrng sugai to Luna ar.d <1unda,
an'". in raturn they did thair baal trteka
without stint for hltB, ann kept it up in
ahoer dellghi f"i some Uraa aftar he
p888ed on to othor BttMCUofll They
Btood <>n their heada and on thelr ninu
legs and on barrfls. and plalAl*t ahowed
that thay would have stood or. anvthing
alae to \,c-a*,: him. lf lt had baen necea
next things thal delighted the
Prealdenl wara th" waltstng flrtice. lt
him ??'rnr time to get hfcj ayaa
. .. iwn to th'.m alter looking a'
thr- alaphaata !"? tha llttle waitzprs ar*
about ..?? Li- ..b your thumh. in thi' flret
,.<?' and. in the n.'xt BI8C8, they koep
v.'hirling tro ind ;:'k< rnad
PresiHent'a Commaod Iqnored.
"Lho''.-- change," ihe Prealdenl lald
after watchlng thrm fof lofJie mlnutea
ajut waltalng ifllce hava ?? lya of their
o-n wheti it eoraaa to danclng, and rt
.. . ? righ! "Ti in thoir own way, regard*
lers of tho miitht".- one who had eotn
manded them to ? riange
al pythona ara oui ?: ? ? ? * - . ?
line 01 PraildentlaJ exaarlain ? 1 bul Mr
Taft l< arni 3 11 them
? ed him th 24
fool 8**?e4*liBen la the reptlle h uae ti.at
wclgha 290 pounSa rhe Prealdenl b -
came o ply Inti r Bted ln ih? mohater
when he a ia t< 1 that ll * ..- fed 1 75
poui plg ai 1 ? ??? ? ??-' h ? : ? . ?? n
? : ? iined visible in hla ai . -.
1 y.., for thrae dayi Hi raa 1
took a week fw th aaka 10 d:*.-c?' ita
. . th i? 11 t --!-: *jinn >r
Maay more wondari ln the way of
, baara aad it*Jky tlffara B**ara
ihown to the Pi*8aidaat, who - I
1 the tii .? ' ; ...
H< amiled and la ??. I ind aakad quea
? - thal . : ?? tai elther
to an Inqulring 1 ... .1 d< light. .
itlng h< a . !
ahould like tt . ? up here ind i| snd
.1 whi I.- day I gm delighted M''*" my
I grr--j- d'al Of
What he ?? il ? ?ld b- Madiaon Oraal
..? - ' ? . rall ?
the BO* :? ? th -' ' ?? . iid taki ?'
-?? . ? m plate 1 .. >1
Bll thr- Blght 1 :.? i gptft , H .-. ?? |g|| thal
tO d
Makes Au*o Totlf af Park
Th" tiali to tha aabrtali ? . 1
itttott ' tour ?? the parl
1- ? . 1 ' 1 ?:?..-..? 1 |f anhati
?, fjlna ii '... homa 1 Mi Cad ila
ii K ? Baal B6th ajtrt I Th" othar
Mi and Mri >?? 1, 1
Mr and Mra Aadraa <r*.,ir- - ?
Mi t-gtd Mra Owia Caaa Laedyard Mi
aad Mra rhomaa Hi'tint.' Lad Had
ttcld Mi Ca ? ? ? . 1 : ?. Df john
- l . igi .'. p Pa I
Ittorne' Oeaaral Wkkaraham
Ma* f*t 'Oa noi " w. Tafl -? tan
HUlea ind Ma (oi I iti
Th. Idani ti thi ?"'ad a lladei
lt 11 SO " l< Hia ti iln lafi ?h
? . a/aahlngi
Will Resign This Afternoon if
the Ksm Are Not
Betilieaf Prssidcnt Wil! Go in
State to Ohamber of Dap
utiPR?Pians feo Leave
Mexico Soon.
Maxloa Clty May B.*?l-reBldeui Dtaa, aa
?;firi'.r.r '<?> praaBBl aieaa, aill preaenl hia
reetgnatien ta the Chamber if DapotJaa to*
n.otrov afternooB Re arlll ao ta tha
fttamaer a4*eompanied o\- tha faiaoua Prea*
Identlal Ouardi aad tha seretnoniea arhan
hla loag tenura ?: >fBe4 ar-da ?'' ba moat
'-;.-<?-?:? r:-ic;.? COrTfl I ftatlOrJ BlBO
44-iii ea tranatnltted n ? 'am ?? to*raor
.? tha algaatit i ?' ?
, ? 11 u expectad all tha raembera ?f fh...
. aei aitl ? ' aa laa of the Mlaiai
of Forelgr Relatlona, lefiot da la Rarra
4. |I1 irffyf
Il 4434. ofnela!!-.- innour.c;el tO*nlght ' 181
a lt] tha '.-.-? ption ?' ?:.? : ; im -. :
? . ? the n, ?? C ibla I - 111 fce ia f, lewa
r.r.-r. ->RRXR|TC
Intcrlor?EM1L10 VAS< EZ *jOME2
Ir.atrti i " ? ? ?>'
"?Sflaaiaatiea ?na Indaatn-KAlfUBT- 'CA.
^Br-OeBflrai trdEKlO BA8CON
Comai -:: ? >' . ? - ...-,.
T. . ; rr i ub*>8i ?? BAJ4T" -
.i Hernand ttada robael. aii
- th, Mlaiat, i >t fuatica Ba arai
gcit, i by Praocii i Madero ir. *an i
Iti couaia Thli arin |tva the Madi
Uy ? *?.- Cabthfli taeflabera Brm - Ha
balni an aacla ot tha n ? n ?
Wiahtai td abota thelr reapecl foi lt
tinai Preaideni tha metnUra of tha dlplo
rr.atic cerpa, ttarottfh tha dtaa Hearj Uae
Wiiaoa Anv.-: ????? Aaiiiaaaailor raejueBtad
thi Preaideni to sa a thaa whea lt a iW
ba agreeabU foi him to roceivc them
i e>ai i G tu tl Dlaa
-.", h'li ippi i i ?*? ,he!; ' ' "
? aty aad ib ? ? ' "M ? '""
luef when fleaeral Dlaa aili leava Maxlco
lr net Itaoara, But ll ll tiertaln thai --''r
many djv- aill alapaa l itaraaa bla
natloa lad hia dapartura Wtth him arlll
e-. hla aatlre famiiy. mciudmu hia ?on
PorfUiO Dia* ir II bad Bfl B tt -.-"' *hal
thi lourney to rraoot arould ba mada n
aa ardlaary Btaajner, 11! lo-day tba Frencn
:..- ttloa aettag oa tha requeet of tha
,- . .- ,.-? ,.,.. .-1 ua reverament to
piaea a -iruiier at th - '?" diapoai
tlOfl There || BM now at JgtBfl
Ihould thr- rebeli retaln ooatrol m tha
Mexlcen Rallway. th Pi
ild he foreed to reaeh Vera Crua
thi Interoctar.iM in Whle.h 6888 lt rould
he imposiible for him 10 usa 'he .
laatial train. whlch baa Btaadaid ? i ig<
Plan Receotion fo- Mader<
Adhercn'r of MadaTO dlBCIIBBBd Bl 8
llc meetlng to-nlght tl ? iracter ol ihi
reception they would glva their chlef oa
..... .? ?;.. ? , Oetall areri
aoi determined, bui li la eertaln thai hi.;
cntry aill ba biilllaai
Netwlthataadlai the ofl ilng ol
the peaca r I " ? raore nearl
leolatad to*alghi thaa 11 ba n U anl
other thaa alnce heistiiitu? began I
ant. aasaareatly, that their eomraaader la
ehief has brougbl the war tn a cloee, ona
.man band of rebela iiader tha leaderahtp
af Candedo Kavarro, Laal nlghl eal the
National P.iilrr.T.i aOUtb Of Ban Luls Po
toal aad aaother band atopped trafllc ovai
?:.. MaarJcaa RaJJroad by burali ?
near Hu imaatlB
i.i lieving thal the rebi,. -.;
atould tntarfera arlth trafflc ovei the
aavai i branch ..f the Xatlonal Bai i i ?
tr.e managameai .<nt ne tralna aouth to
day 'rre train ??
fr.'m Cuera indoned
order of Ooverno Ala i tn
(i 'im??- nf M'i!fl ??
Tha ? ?!.:-. Uaa opi rat? I o il ot Meitleo i
nlghl tha lateri eanlc, a n
. . , :-4'.!in*-, eatteadl ir f" N'er.i ' l u
rhe land ? li ? ? a hl, h ? inne, i ?
aith the cableatVera
il .....
Reviva! of Rebel Activity.
Thi? re4-ivai ol rebel aettvttlea araa
reK-nlerl al m88Bfn| >BC88a8rl1y that th.
laaurgaata artll refuae to abade by ihe
terms ol tha paa? treaty Tiie urtnlatlea
anded yeaterda .i . . I I ad nol lm?
le t h at t he n i ? l ?
?l! |J thOU "
h:!is - have not leai t that 1
eeuntry la am, lallj it pea
tl. motlve for the t ittla f the Mex?
leaa i . ?? t ^4 ba foa i f ^T
thai ?. '? "i- liaii 1 :" 1
; tha ipltal
. - t ure 'iu' thi
tlned al Humai tl 1 ind eni
, body - , tttie Th, M< ai <ii
I ,., [j aa Ragll properl a
untll aaa hns bean llttla tn >*???? I
In fi' ' ' ' ' ' '"n''
...... ? -ii of all
lliB, ultl ?- la : band IBclal
timlsm li
?rn davr '
r.-. n k.-rrat!" atrengthened,
of the . ? - ' ? ?' ? ' '""
From Cu4trngi aea ? ?? 1 ? ' I
ti it, p fiahtli . ?
aei aen ahould a pi
It la alao 1 that 1
lieuteni ?
d that Asu
-? 1 uautia. arho ? l aa a
It la not Imp it
f 1 .1 111 the ' ' ?
. , ? 1 ??? ln con*
? - - -. ? ? ? - ? ? ?
? th
? .. - ? ? ? lo Ai
, . . .
ile to V '
Oalli Muider of His C4)TOts7BM ^.
Mnidd'l Atfrntion
? > - 4. ? m.v 2: ?' reepor * -
-? .? in
' .
baa agali
l affairea at
..? :
? ' ?
? ?
lr- ..
. ? ? M ?
1 at 1 li - ? U - '
. . | : ? ' r
: irothi
: . . ? . - ln
lt d ? : .?? ?'
id l the 1
nder of 1 ....
. ?
- ?
TallBhaiiaa Fia May H -1
imendaaent 1 ? natti
? - I fall of ratii
uraaaai .-r.=-.?ien -? ?- t
The P?nite tO*day i| lifl | '; -
?1 uttea bc lt ter one a
? 1 11 'Mn, -,. .;... preaent I ?
Mailed anyvyhara in <n<- L'nitaJ r" *c*
for J2.0C a .ear.
Our facrorie*.irc thc
largcsr in thc world in
this line. We make
every quality from the
good ro the very best.
Let us quote prices
on thc quality that
meets your need.
Library Bureau
316 Broadway
Insurgent Leader Not to Start
for Mexico City Before
Refusas Armed Ouard on Journey
?Works in Harmony with
De }r) Barra?Oorral
Otrt of Office
J'iir:; liaa M ay 0 -Conf-dcntia! Id*
? iccr te thc revolutJaailai laadara bara ?ro
?c 'he effeet th.it the rcelgr.atlon of Preai
lant d:.iz wlll ba preaented ro tba Maidean
Congraea to-aaorrow it tr aal oxpoet**.
that lt vi'i hc aoeeptad before laturday
md Madero U not plaaalng ta atart for
.: - - Ctty hc-forc gunday.
Kewa *ha* VMra-Praaiaaai Corrari
nation had baaa rr-r-dprcd araa recetved tr
I dav
Madero i> |uat laiglnfllng to reai'.ze the
llgth of the revolutionary moverr.er.' he
| rroatod Telegram* bave heen pourtn? in
; at hl? headquarter.. for th.-- Ia8l f8W daya
: congramlatlng him M thd lUCCeee of 'he
lutlon 8Bd aaylflg that h'ir.dredr of
men ar-* a' !.li di^posal for further Inatruc*
i tion? lha rneeaagei are from an r'-'t? '
!m..xico. m^hidins 'ho aoutharn and *entral
: r..r':on^'
Talk of i countar revolutloB araa heard
| agaln 'o-dav. accompanled bv vumor? of
Cientinoe partv ln M<>>:i<*o city
! 'he promiicuO'is use of monev to accom
lownfall .nd "he p05?lbili*>
-f i rr'*iap to hi*. train on its journ**.
BWtard ?ome of Madero'* frler.d.*
' hlnk ho thOUld 'iko ?t wb> tWO hundr*.]
. arlth hlm, bul the I* ider him
Idea. i ijring he arlll ha- *=
,rl ii.' Iisn eacOli II tr probable, how
[ ever, tr.nt n pilol locomotiv* arH] precede
j th' Madero tr.ilv. fo war. h for dynamlta
ba oi ather impedtmenta
To Supprcss Brigandage.
An Indlcation that afadaro .iiread" la
'.?.?<.ikm, ui claaa harraoay arlth seuor da !a
bai:-. la the fragaent .--xrhang* of mcj'aer*
tadei ?? i idviaed to~d ij for Inatanea,
? ni attai k .-n HonnoeMlo ?raa oontem
i ... ami money araa den*a**adBd baeauae
iraea the federal
' .ifflrcr? fher?* and thp raVOlUtiOBiata Ha Bl
ited '.'iti. Beftor do ia fdarra
paady rallef for oondltlona there.
.-. .. active arork foi the maurgenta, ll la
ofl Reporta are re
uentiy .it Madei uartera
? ?f thi ravagea 8f l> in<111** in th* interlor.
. . inata Kartda, i notonoua bandit, is
i ? aad in a rep"rf which came to-day of
robbrag ?< ralae owaad by Tarrlbe Btrothara
?i joad de <.'.i.? la, Born - i of gold
illl n ? ? ' '
? ? urn ? t i';.
I ? i dlaturl ? Iti x
.,*..! by Madero iir laaued the f"i*
l>.-.? .?... aiii'Miient ' -night, I'omtnenttng on
lawi arii , General Reyea at Havana
; i. ?Jaratlona >-f Qaaai i Reyea ir.a.i?
a- ii r.a, i are eatram< ly ti i iq .;.......
to the publlc
... i peraotuuiy never entartained auch
r...:- bul i1 plaaeea me that ha baa ex?
;....... xiilklr urnn. ba*
i fa ilitatea our arorh of pact*
? ? ina thi counl ind idd to oui con
? .
??Wltb all Mexkana 'initei and ia
by thi highaai patriotlc aentiment, which
.,? i prei n' time guid^s aii partlea eradl*
Oanaral n>\-(* wall say*. *u
il ambl la no
?n a 111 repoaa 18
?blch !iava> eauaad
i ? tion belng awept aaide, and the
% devpiopifc raptdly under the Bea
ed for liberty
Bgjnj Cier.tiflro Putv 0a>QaBTa1
Moyico's Troublep
? v -'; ? ral 1 arnardo Re,-eB
the n ???.'' lenttflco urpiiB*
Mexico City aga I Madero
i u i ibly oppoaed ta aueh a
? ni aaid to-daj The i rirnlnai j
ol b !?? '.cr. arhleh la dartalon onlj
I the Clani raa r'ne
f '?!:?: ...
? ? . ? . : ? iprlalng of I
... >?:..-? Madero '. arha
. ny i lood ft .. im ? ar
? - a who ha
? Kple ?- -i intry. a.-*..
t all the miBfoi
??? ? ind :'! ? e i ? * ii* to '
il ? rd. To rem thaaa
??. r aad taaibia
larata - and j
... - , .... f ta
ll. ra or
? ? : ?
: ' I
led 1 ?
, ... ...
Itcn ? ' - ? l
I hlmaelf a rina 'o ln
? ? .? ; ? i. ?
- el ma in out polltlcal
I . - .>-, >. ?
..... . . ! .,.
...... the |
.j h .. nfldence ln I
' ' ? tt ? ? ! j ? ?
Afi rim-lin-- Aflar Mi ind Mrs Wtaw'l
Vlall to UH Oity H*!!
mj* - toaad ?n-,.a ?aatareai b*
Bg 1 P.**?- po'. e i
f tha
: Llbrary l v nugh
. | ?.* | .
t W8 154 gftt ?ni the
? ? ? h*i
,. . .-**
.h tr. :?'. ?? ?" r-*r
n the y .'it'Tul h . * ?
.? ,. . , i the M
foi .. i- ?? r Inui l arltl ?
? . li rt tbe U
ihim i ' ? r of tha
i'i ? ? ? : i ? iv r. ? Tne
.. ? lefl the . ? Hall irflt la
ireraed In 8 ntti
Ii ??
ai g< nd i ? la I .?
of Newj Hampshire
TF you have never known tiie witehery of a White
Mountain Summer ? its balsam laden air and giorious
runshine untainted by the city's dust?you have mmed
your hcritage. Get away this year to
A Real Vacalion
where nature is real?sports are rea! and every hcur of
your time is filled vtth 60 minutes of rea! life, pleasure,
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with lavish hand, man has built real hotel$*?avhcre your
every whim and comfort is anncipated.
Then too, there are thousands of co*mtry
rctreats amid the mountains awaiting to
mak you feel at home.
Within Ten Hours of New York
On ar.d after June 36
Grar.U Ce-.trsl TeTmiral. N*w Yoik
Daily exccp". iuncUy
a:i Pi?u c*r T.iio *
Ccach Tia.n Pulor Cnr
f ? Sla.. per-. 4iid Codch Tr?m
Iltuatrated Literature
In ananainsyour plai.e yoi will find ot..
illuatrated book ir.dii.per.siU*' t<-.::<i 2 cenu. P^ujja
rv,.r.pt atten'av.11 aiven oil co?re?pondence.
rVom "07 fouth fta'lon. Boatr.rt
F>r BcaaB (Pa:!r ?r.d Slrapir.j C?: Spcc*) call cr uxd xn
CITV TIC KST OrFICIE lil Broadway, H>w York
OU may have funds
which i you are not
ready to invest per
^^S| manently. They need
"~~~1?^ not remain unproduo
tive. Exchange them for our Cer
tificates of Deposit, maturing at a
convenient date. These certificates,
issued in amounts of $500 or
more, earn higher interest than
deposits subject to check. I A!!
deposits are safe-guarded by our
large resources, banking experi
ence and conservatism assured by
a Directorate of unusualstrength.
CIIIDUI rKlflt lllllll un
Our land values are advancing steadily. The inMux
oi' gettlers froiM EurOpc and the United States is over 50^
hcavier than last year. Xov,- is your ehance for l tslt
and profitable investment. A few choice selections rjf
Alherta land. made for the Xew York territnry, are Iti
available at old prices up to June lst.
For particulars, call or write
Dr. PAUL FABER, General ?
458 Broadway, New York, N. Y.
.-jjti^i J . ~ a?aa
Andrew Alexander
Men's Oxford Shoes
that feel right the moment the foot
slips in?that htlg up under the
arch and snap tight at the
anklcs. Black and tan and
patent leather, white buckskin
and canvas.
Collaga ^s^,/
I Tan anci Black
Competent mer. aad ampl*? stocka asaure
sansfactorv service.
rancis Bacon
Estabiished 1789
are built on the old fashioned
theory that durabilityand musical
oxcellenee are preferable to cheap
construction st any pri:<\ It is
cheapcr to buy a piano which you
know will last. Franch Bacon
Ptcrto* have staod the tcst o2f timi:
i ?>? i foot raaaiaa ?*?-.*?* fa*
'?<?.* piino-- aa8 ?).'i'?''' 888888
''l br i ,(.? ,..-?, t from thi
' ???tnr,, ,,, tmjetortj ????.>??. For
? 111 r tnhr," .' ib u i lf? or
113 East 138th Street
New York.

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