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And New Mexico on Making
Her Constitution Easier
to Amend.
Resolution Admitting Tv/o Ter
ritories Adopted?Littleton,
in First Sp?rch. Dr
nounces ReraH
" | ? - r
VTaahlngton Ma; B Ifter rnembara on
both Btdaa of th* '?i:aml'<r hid *ak*n a rtna 1
Uinifft at th<-> Inltlativc referendam 2nd rc
r tha ? ?? lata to-day aa*o**ded th*
?aaolutloa r'-?'ir>mittine; to th* f?rri
tr>r"*s ..r Ari^^na aad New Moxtea tha
?oaatii ? na rropofd by eaeh of ti**?*
gpplicanti for Matehood Tha reaoiutiafl ^'^b
pn*ff-: hv a \i'.-a voc- vote. after Rapfaaaa*
t=iti\v. Mann nad atteaaptad to havo N r*
eommftted to thp rommttt,'* on '1 arritorlea
This rnotloa fa.!*d bjr a rota ? f Bl to ?>7.
Anr.'-n'i i> Nqotred1 to rota acain on tha
fh.- iirvijr* nalatlng thal it shall
gjO* | rr ? t| N?r*? MfXlCO ls
jr, \r-tr. on a provtaion making tha fn
etitution *aal*r of ameadrt
lt*pr*eentatlve afaan i laotlon to recoai
rri' -.?. hlch recelvod tha aappoii ot th*> mor*
coaaervatlva Repabllcaae, trtabodla I,l ?
gf"non5 of the reporl nr the minorltv of tho
commltta* lel I '?? ? il Nea llaxloo'a
cetiatltutloa **bb rtaaeibltcan in form aad
thal tu- territory ahould 1 ? admltted forth
v ?? without !inV:!'*c A**iaOB8 to lt. It
aroQid alao I voa made nsaadatory that Art>
rrra Bhaajla* Barer Bdopi tha recall of
? ? ,,i tha penv
Bi mbera ol tha eommlttea eoaa rf* rxact
aurf* a promlaa aHhough lt Indleatea that
Iaa Houaa dleapprevei ,,f tho recall of
th* *udk:
Tha rlthata mav aar *e ta raanlad Ari
aaaa that tf tt perstsi tha recall as
gppiied to ? lary th* flnal approval
of ita coaatltutlaa I tha Prealdenl 88*4
Caagreaa la douhtful
.... BCaaaon Mo ili Llttietaa
gad gherlay ptayed tha piinelpal parti la
'? and th*
ganger of the i Repioaeatatlva *.'?
....... ....- iliyi?-?.
tnri x> . mpllmentad by tha rrttendaace
af Biori ? - ' ? huadred ni mi-' ra inst*ir*
<? ? aeora r.rcsont in tho laal faar daya
at thi a* oi Ira i h- -.va*- foreed
- ? ? ra b] ? -.n arhlla hla
rdlei of r olttical affiHa
ti^n?. fllad by I ''i''1
Llttlataa'a Soeeeh Mak*s a Hit.
jr.f. recall of f/adgaa, Mr I Ittlatoa ar
,? :-1 would placf- tha lodtetary a' tha
merrv f diaappaatftafl litigai tt. tha r.ibbi*.
Um a*a**a1 i m taa pollticlaa, thr- <-.<vr'orat?
baadH th* irlni emagogue and taa re
foi aaar
- ? ? . Vi int paaalona of
an uaiaaportani frugmeni of tha commu
- aaaly icauaa
th* mo<t s'Ain'^si- ride*. and hy ground
\p?i ... gpiclon in tha placa ol
ln tha piac of
fa;>- T'.^.r- aaaaoaad aad atald tradltlona
of impea ? ? l laalatad into
a trial ay turnull rh? reeall wil! >-tv!k?
from tn* aplandld -.of fr^e govara.
? arhkB it ha-- eoraa to
..... , - , ?... -.. f. )em P
?*nc fi 'ii gt. Laika, tpi'.ins hoar
Pilate, bendlng befora taa e**tea af tiie
;r.. !?- Chrtal to ba takrn away
i hat tha aaacl .a.?f tho
?hall ater ba ravlahad
a mob . ryii j.
? ? | .. ify mm:' '
gherley. "' Kaatucky,
raa i '? ? uaa fo- ral
\. . | . ...
ai- a prineiple of govarameal it tii'?-at?np'l
I ^^Kuard of
thr ] "Tha < ourta ar< tha oali i -?
*? ? ? f th* li divMual " .-aid Mr 8h r
la | . itjhi 10 r<*'*'-'un'?'. tha na ? ?
i ? n th< rnenta foi malnl ? ? i
. ? ind un
? on th'-ir \ ." t :r, lh*ll ei '???
n aii nti
In urglng ? ? ? Saar
? iaid ,hc
Houb* had paai Hoi
, .... f tre
li-? i na wera or
rar'd lo acl for Immediate admla
aj '
?;.. Ha ]?r adjoui ned i T" iday.
I any. Ma: 1 v Oovaraor B B
rvd^'!, r- B B Odall ind Herben R.
. . ? v. ? . . T.r? r,f tho
Naarbtiri Auton \?.hi'h -was
ln, 0ri rated 1 of *?*''>.
? . ? ?
f ? ? ? i throui Orange
i i mty
Tha Ci ? ?. . r'f
v ? i *- . panlsed lo eai
neee I ? rainlaa and man I
urincr of all klnds [t
rated to-day, a "'r i rkpll ......
i.-. aderli k R gwlft, Kari
Thomai ?
r aa W. Lyaa 1 nToar T*?*rli
Zh- man \? ho drink? to BXCOSa Itttla
rc-< '.oa tha i? *--r;l i la health, hapj'i
ri*?!- and buslneaa Retattvea aad baal
nesa aa* atea ar* tha onea who eom
prehend ,,;'- tnith Th* exceaalva
??rir.k. ? ? ? itea the letleae daali
fr.r liquor to dotneatl. . buslneaa or other
aaorrlea H* thlnka he i in glva up dnnk
ct anv t:n-.'- H* fooui hlmaelf only Ob?
.*?? k on*s know that liquor ha- mas
Th. Mquor appetlte" la th* reauH efj
alcoholii i ola< n Thli lurka In tl
tarn of evei exeeaalve <i'iow? and raa
y.c r ??-..?. ,. rnedlcal traal
aiani I " ? of the Neai Tr*a?
ment wl I appetiti ind ? i i
?nc- <>,? -irorc drlnh 11 createa Inati ii
n i. i ?? . laat* of
, ... ii
y ia health hapi Im ? and ' nam 11! r^
n * Day
l -t inv Btment I ?
!?..??- ? || malnl alned
? ? ? ( .^?i,,'d ln
... t partlrulai
U] ','1 ? ??? th?- i'h'. o|rlnn
?a ho ti ? ..... t the Neai In
i> | ., . .? i ***** Tork
i i ... ??.??, v idli ? Rquan
da' Bnd niebt
iBW?ii mm.wmtm mi< i i i ? nai i ibmi
P I A N 0 S
\ >t,-*blisht*.l I7HV
Fiar.os c\-'ha^lz* ar d r^rilrrd b r
h.!."'i ersda avorarnrien at ?r*'-:-il
IPtem The Trtaoae ajurtea.] i
Wa.hlneton. M ,v -
iy.mkri-.ni-; POUTtca-Atlaa PBaaaJr
rr?. Drvnorratk- Senator fr'm OblO. "h
tnlned the paar-ni--. by the flenflte M?-4ia.J ?
hla readutiofl calUng oa the Attorney wm
eral for informatlon BB 18 whether_? rtmlnai
,4-oaecutto-i nf ma memher? ot ihe BUitdaril
..11 Company baal baaa Baasettidan. and U
?ot why not1 The praaalna ol thia reac ?
tloa le nmhablv 4*004 pOlHetfl from a VW
,,,,,, ,.?m, -rf naw, althoath M bardlj re
fli ta creat rredlt aai Ml I'?m-rene s al 11
ii, aF , lawyaa There nre. .1 IB BBBCUr
?tood. thrro food raajea-a arhjr no - rlmlnal
rareaaeutlOfl Ol ?he Ptaniv.l rnn b? 'inrter
,Hken First. tho oaVera of the cornpanj
ruva b-m tbrovmb lha ' bntnunit* -??>.
T*Bt ll thev were permltterl tr- glVB UBtl
rnonylri tha rlvll pro aadhwa, arhlch arouM,
,? um lifht al lha da*lalcna ol th. eourta,
.?en'ler thaflB ItnUaUM f-om ptoaaa^ttoti. n
waa on thlfl irouod ll arlll ba reoalled, t??t
? .. Beef Tmai aacapad when the Bra
,r,.r-.inrri of lhal cotwara arta onoer
"ik.n BltJlCfllffB I" tha onfnirn 8f tn* ad'I
mlatatratlOB thara was less reasen for BC
qulttlng the P.eef Trust on this groiin-l
.i ia there M in the rase ol the Stnndard
ln the second p!ar?. th.e BUtUta of l-.ml'a
tlons ha? run on practicaJlr ?? -h8 ,ran"
nrtions arharaby the Itandard BBtabhebed
IU mompoh-. And. t'nally. were it not that
hr-h of the reasons dtail arara aufaetenl
ro praeloda a rrimmai proaacutton, lhara
aroold he ?rn\e question as tb whetVr a
crlmlnai pioaacutten of the Btaindard arould
ataad m court tn raear of tha facl that tha
I preaa ? ourl has ordered that the cofl
Mra ba partalttad to carry on Ita |?reaant
orcaalsatiofl for six month? baforfl reaolv
Ing Itsejf into its rompcnent rompanies. It
aill ba racalled that ihoae --harped with
baiflj mamben of tha Baal Trual nav
I ufhl ara'n to teatlfy rfcanlinu their at
fa'rs. an.i thal Ul4 i^.vrnm* nt. havlng
bcatl eaught once. has takm precautlons to
pr?4-e-it tha IfltroductlOB of auch ter-imony. ,
a<. eonaiderablc consideratlofl alraad
t^fPT-, ?. ? r ? tl BlbMty of matltutlnt
. rimlnai piOceedingfl ai'a'n.-t the Btandard, '
ii Ifl regarderl as p.robable that 'he reply of
tha Attornay 'V-r.rrai to the poraertna rean
rollOB arlll no* ba loni delayed
orh^r penaton Wil looma large on the hori-i
7nn rf f^.. i4A,]cr. anl ODCa mor? thfl Demo
rrata ara rn a ata a of ?"'t Ha li \
.'.r^^ffi their detarmlnation to mai ?
i r.-ror-i for Bconomy and havlng, they be
ii*?.. r | reaBftiDy aldetracked ?',-' Aadaraoa
faaaeion Mll, wMch wotjM Incraaaa tha pan
ajoi] r.u(1lr'?, hy Bboul M5.0/)8,00(J a year
tha riaiBocrata i,r n"'w broughi faca U
almllar 1 111 Intri ducad bj Rapra*
Btatatlvi Bhaiwood, and by a rlpmari from
him tnai II bfl aubmlttad to th.e caoctia
r,.* nr? 'inwilline Ifl pn?? an Bxpan*
eriBitm hi'i iu?. aa thay ara redueing
th.e >? their tarlfl teflBlai
? ? r. . reluctanl fo appear to
I.? leldlei nd 1 I
that, aven arera they fo paaa auch a
blll ll couM nol r>4Korne a law- irithoul fi
? orabl^ action hv the R4rpubllcafl Benate,
n-vi therefora tha Rapubll am arould re
eelt i a lartre <?hare of the r-rpiit. Mr Bber<
ireod is nol only sn old aoJdlet, bui ha
comea from a dW I '' h ^^^ aral
many old aoldiera, an'l he i? oMurata. i
ng the le'.rierf <-an ?34- appeala to him
h? winta action wi his bill and i*,5'-,:'
thai It anual ba placed before the caucua,
all the Democrata who <-^m" from
oa aoldier dlatrteta are itandlng with hln
Senate Msy Vot* on D-rect Elec
tions To-day.
[a*t4a*a Tha Trlbaita "Bareaa ]
Waahlngton, Mav fl Earl action on the
(-r.^stitiitional imTdmint pTO*>idlflg tr- thal
electlon of Benatora araa for;-1
?hadowed to-day tn <? Uvelj debate in arhlch
I jot Butherland an.i Brlatow on
the Re] ibllcan alde, ano Wllliama anl,
Raynor. of thf mlnorltv. took part Ifl
orrler ^o press rr.r,-Hpration of the Honae
reflolutlon the Benate dectdad to tneet at
12 o'elork to-morrow, on rnotion ol Benator
.jr.pjtr. the hoi ?'"?! I -?'
a reached before adjournment unleaal
. i orlmer caaa take? the rtghl of aray
-]hr. ,^...^ eonaerrathra Benatora, erani
?n fa4-or of direcl eiectionB, Ire con
entratlng th^ir efforta on the ?"!'.r.tir>n of
i i..,-,... aT^nrlrprn' ?-. th< raSOlutlOfl.
v i-stantlallv th? s?me aa 'h* ?'ith'>'-'ap'1
? :-'T-nT, arhleh ?limlnatr-s tha queation
? ? , . .-.i iver thi ?? te electlona
Rooi announced ?hn* he vmiri
favor th? Brlfltew amenrlmr.n?. -.nr] whether
? .? hould be adopted or not, arould op.
, r,f.f. thi rei ' itlon aa a i hole
-|--.-.-. leatlon relatlng to federa
nntroi ' <-t\<) he, "ia arholly unneceaaarj
t,, the ndmenl re^v e ? ? elei tlon
? bj, r||? ? ? people T^^-e la no n..
caeion to dgBtro* t^r- powera of the United
i--. .-...nt in thi? reapecl and it
ha? no pl8*'? ln th? ri'-iibenrnns of thla
body Wo oughl nol to be compella
? ?. fnr th* nia.ri queation bj paylni l ?
? i ri ? - | I ? B.lua Me r- q liti
r.i {t.,)r*rz] aupervlalon
Tn amend cMM'in IV, givtng CDngreai
?: ? e elai tloi a, arou ri be
f tha thaory of tha Conatll itlon H
s'-ik0? .i bloar at the 'nri?p?.r,,ir.nt tp)(.f.-n
I ? ? ?. aetai to the perpetuH i ol tha
gavarnment, a-ri la nn abandonment r.f iho
tbeor* >f the < onatltation thal ?'?? govern
.,,<-.-? '.< >^r i ..ji.-r] gtatea ahi uld atand
,.r* > -. - aelf-s iBtainrng, abovi all atatea
"1 ahall oppoea the pr'pr.-e'i Hroenrim?nt
,-. .ho i onatltutlofl for tht dlre I rleetlon
f Banai ra on tha ground thai ll Ib ,n
Bxpedient ;hti imneceaaar: The aame ef
.. ? talned imendlng j
? .. |te| I fnllv i .ii7? tl 81 thi r- I
tl ge part of thi
rountn a proceafl -,f ehange and r'-\'<
raeni aith regard to g? ernmental Inatl-j
tutlona II greal l . wlth th*.
y toA tn\" Intereat ln tha i ?". r
. . .. elng 1 But It ll
? axperlment We eannol changi 1 r
Inetitui ona more man i ? enturj old arlthoul
ion? trta onalderation Kipi
44iii fall ? ? l ? ? i ??? imi nta I. All
,.f .)? m, Sfp opportunltj for ehange and
... *.a*ever, La I
.ni ation Thi ? ati
undei whlch w< ,:v^ i.;.s produced th.- baal j
? ? . . .....
In ? ?? esperltnen! ol governmeni \v*
ight out. wlth the pro o ol
inder thew tnatitutj i -. resulta a ,w h
....?? Ubi rtj ani
the | f all manktnd Wlth hunann
natur nchanged I ah< I h<
. ? ? ? tdgmem r ? tha
. ? ? r.i of all of ii u rovi tnta
. d .. i o nol llka to
*f.f. axperimenta begla oi hroeeed I I ?
aarly atagi
,nmt? to tha - onatttutJon
? . ,. ? ? g c< ii" ii and
., and t'i-ii
s-n itoi '>' - taklm .tlon to
taten nta, aaid "
,,r.. .i?r- ti . hangl tl ?.dtna l rel?1
lng tq 1 ti ...
,-iprti^'-' to i aaarvi tha aplrii ..f tha i on
atn ii ton To thi aVnatoi
yUprl ry lengl
7O-?ACC0 COMMO" it\.L8 AT 120.
i | r oba.
< mreoi ii aold
np to |] . ... ', |- |
? ,- i -
? Bl '?-!?: aold Bi 00 I trek II
Btandard OU
l , . . ? . ? ? | , ' ? ?
i di;i. 1
N'-.ik-d anywhere io x'n-j United Stat'js
for $2.00 a year.
Already th* pataocrata ar* fomrf|1*1' ,n
adjo'iin 8V8f BBCtl Monday to a\o!d BCtlBg
.-.n ih* Aadawaoa flBotJaa to diawharga th*
r*nBion lommiti*** frofa furth*r ??8BUTJdera
Hofl r,f hia MM. but th-rt- * OVOtt Prf >r"'n
thal 'ho BherwOod M11 will be i*ep**e*t88, an<l
thi leadera *rn wondcrlntc what they aill
ha\* fo do n?xt t'< avold mrrmlttinc th*m
aeh <-? , n th" propo?<|t|nn
i,. lastataace "f th* gaerefaif of th* Tr*a.?
ory that Laarraaca 0 Mtorray Bheuld r*
tnln hls 88888 of ?'ontroi|*r of tha <""r
tmM. at l*a?t unt'l hls t*rm exphrea, ("n"
BtitUtea B atrlklag trthtJtl ft tha rrann<*r
and "xtrnt <n niirh that offlHal 881 88588
t' r?\ Mr Murray has praetleally i*or
gaalaed the fotta of natlonal bana ea>
iminara aloag bn*? w-hkh i-av* baaa
heartJly appiov*d by S<*rr.farv MacVi il
who n?vr ho?dtat*!> to tfatlfy to th* hUh
f.(!mai? i*b plar^a on \fr KUrray'8 aat
ricaa aa epiakn* t hleb \f *horrr\ agual
hv tha Pr*.ci^*n? Nuraoroua Itatterfag of*
f*-rs hav'* 68898 10 Mr MOTrTBy Blne* th*
hr^inninr of th!? adtaialjtratlon, bai ha
haa deehaed a'l at rh? instano* of BJeere*
?nrv MBCVaagh and of th* Pr<..?ir,*n*. both
nf .ih^"> iiopp h<? w||| r?ta'n hla o*n><* w-hll"
thla admlniM' ation last? Mr Marraj l" ,
n^t tha onlv ftanrh Ro.>sfv*1t man arhO !
hn<- mado con,] |ri thla admlBlatratlofi aral
haa raadared raraahla Barelae Th* extent |
to wMch Willlam T.o?b .ir . has madi- j
goad aa ('ollactor of tha Porl of Nvw
York la arldely known. and to an aqaal aa
teat. altho'itrh thp fan rr.a.*? b* laaa arall
kr.own. Charlea P. Neitt, r,i.mm!?l"vr of
Labor, ha?* r*nd'rri lavahiable aartlca
Aa Brbltrator of nurr""-oaa lahoi dtaputaa ,
ha haa BBVed th* country m!!!!cr.? which
otherwlae would hava been loat'through i
pretracted nnd diBaMro-if Btrlkea.
cere aad earneai Pafnocrata r?r- oi miK
ine a mncnifW-nt record for ernnomv.
Qeorga voa i. vov<?r. ?frr-f\r* of th?
Navy, appe-iv* to be aho'jf th? mo=t h<-irt
leaa man tha* evat hei) publlc onV" With
cniai ralteratloa ?*o.-,=nrv m-.-t hi? amin
taken occaaloa to potni out th* aaiount
which WOUld brt B8VBd in the COBt Ol 8d-|
"rint th* niw if <-*r*"*tn navy yarda
wara abollahed T't- naeleaaneaa of theae
yarda haa often been domon.'ratod. and
thay arould havi been ahaadoaed long aeo
had ll nol been thal Paraocratk rtrembera
of both houaea of Coagraaa in?!-,_d thal
thay BhouM not ba, and mad* thelr contla.
uatlori thr price of auppoii of or al
-?'.? | determtaed oppoattlon to, an
adequate naval programrae Of couraa, bo
good argumeni can 11 advaaced b; tha
Dairiocrata foi *ontinulng theae obeolete
navv yarda ll i? obviotaa that <." theae
daya of ataam i aaeli I la no r*
whafevar for ?>? man.'' ytarda aa wera
naedad when naval reaaela had to dT'nd
i !r?r propulsion H<it eai h aat yard
employa manv men and h*-,'''i:<> thouaaada
ol dollara Into th* atata of f-.w-r- Beaal ?
and tha dlatticl of som* m-mfT of th^
Houae, heaca ?h* D*morrat!r op!->ocjtinn to
that prograaa In th* reorganlaatlon of the
navy '.':i'".' ia elearly radlcatad ho?h hv
iBleal prograaa and the demanda af
tconom Bul ta hava .tha Becretary of
tho Kavy polni bul thaaa facta |ual il i
time when 'i*1 De*raocrata bm putttng up
auch a huge ecoaomy bluff la, in th? eatr
matio;-! of the Democral .*. an
a?rooitv which cal!r- for th* imra.'i:at? In
if.rtoron^. of the ao lety tor tha prevea*
tjon of erualty to Democrata. Q Q H
fontlnu?d from flr?t pnu?
aroused vaet Intereat b*r* md h? ? na
a th^atri^a! fltrnr^ trhen, rl 'ndinc with
putatretched ann, the rlhhon of the
Brltlah Order -\, ro<-- hla breast, he aa
aured the Engliah noblea bejewelled nnd
covared with ordera arlth eagerly up*
tirnf-d facea before him ?p,i h)a p ven
colleaguaa, th* heada of th* greateat
Pritish colonlea, thal h'-. a Brltlah aubje ?
of Fronrh bio.-,d. jieide i to none i"1 loyat
ty to ih* ? rown
Bli Wllfrid Bpok-. at lengtli on tha 'n
mlgratlon of Ameiicana to Caaaaa -nd
the appreheaaiona he bnd b?nr-i ax
preaaed that lha! mighl threaten iiio in
tegrlty of the poniinion fi. aaid thal
tho malori" pf IllCITI took the 08th of
alleglance to Oeorg* V. it araa natural
fr.r nicn . orriins froitt a countrj where
they bad 1 <-on ralai t In tho tradl'ion* of
Engliah Inatltutlona t., return to ai
l^gian. e to tha Brltlah Kine Thay bad
fi.nnd in Canada the aame opportui
r,, ,\ the * "?oo freedora under the ln"?
whirh thay bad on 'ho othT old* of tha
i.r.r,v,. Moreover, thay bad found that
democra y under Brltlah rnonar hy v*.a
not lesa than undei ri r^publi"
"Annaxation hv P*^i"-tion."
)fr, arould nol i ! lha! Bome Ameri
caaa dld or.t povel the fair a ri ,f i iaa
da; they would BOI be Iviman if the)
aid ?? ?
lf the United Btatea ettempted to ai -
n*x '"nrai. ? ' ' iu? . ti ? Premier, it
-? oui i nol be by fc-rc** of .r ma but by
Bedurtion In ,hnt avenl ( inada would
.iv is i Mofpn^B bd to Alexander
"Stand oui of my aun" There a is Bun
ent ugh for both
Tb-- Iaa.la of i. i 'an dian Pr*
mi'-r were aimost d**iy?'ned li applausa
belli v . he i ild, "th it th* t ty wlll
.. . of an ? lllam ? ??' all landa api
Ing from England'a l^in?. Inautiag tbe
I . r,f the " arld forei ?r '
-.?? wllfrid Laurl8r*a apeeeh waa nol
..-. eived ? 11 uiuuUrnoua enthusiaara
th*-oncb^'it. hecauae a targe preportlon
of hi? audil ng lo 'hc party ow
i ? Blng hli " ? l|.11 i "'?! ". for which
ti.... avldantly Interpreted hla worda a.s
an 'rd''1- i p ea
? ? -
Oolonial iStnif,:"*nor nt Work oo
Problemi of thi fLmpi*^.
Lond n. May 13 Th* Imperial confi
a/hleh haa now praci umed l e
? ? tioaa of a prand eouaell of tha Brltlah
Emi Ira, up*n*d the thli l ranii rf Ita q ?
rei r?l il d'1^ < ? ? - to-di adei
ehalra ? I I ?? . \ . ? ,, ??
Foi Ign t rftlee
ihe i rnbera ol tha mi ei i
. ... .. tTCn
- ...
ia tl ??? r the ni I lanl
frrcea fcr li lefence. the Deela
' I Imperial rt ol
peal. ai . . ,, ilr* to
enclrcle th* i nd a future co irtltul oa
' t lha .Uni | ?. i,,. |, ;? |a , x.
I " ? * thal ' llBcuarioa of tha
lat topl ma ? i.. . ? ,,,.
.leral . rnplre
I ? ? i la the part
Ihe Aiutrala ? . u t , . .
ni that defenn , ? ki , . ?
fet to thal
..-I -i'i
In ina roli .pc . ' tl
' J, i'i, , . ..
? i ta ' - i i ? ? ' ... ? ,
harn l - hrari I taheo] | | , . ? r .
' ' ' I . r . p ,. ., ? ,
' ' ..*
' ' '.. 11.
ationi ? ? ? : i . ... ,.,,..
: -? so |fO l itaau itraei hai *??
In th i |i ,ri. ra l l wlll
room for more than r ur bundn I
Senator Martin Wants"Jackpot"
Made Subjcct of Special Inquiry.
Trks to Provent Stampede to
Support Ia FMlette, Who
Cortinups His Attack.
;F>.,m TheTtibutte ^'ir*,') i
n'eshlngton Mav pj ln ihe hope of pre
I 4^nti'^c a atBJnpede of a i ;vi of the Dento
cratfe side to th^ BttppOrt ot the La F"d
'..-. reaolutlon ealttng for the laajpanlrif
r.f tha i ortrner mveartlgatlon, Banntor
Martin lntroduced nn^th-r reaolntion to
day, aubatavntlally i ? aame as that lntro?
duced hy BehatOT ru'Vntr^sm yeaterdBJ
I< arovidefl flnt th* in4'o?ti-'.itloi ihall b?
D- Bt f' the r-ntir? ronimitteo on PTtvllegea
nnd Eleetlona, and tnat Ihe ? inckpot fund"
Bhall also be made thf S'ibiert nf haOJUtrT.
tnOYB wafl made to arta 8Vaf the
Democrata opnorM to tho BclacrJon of tha
Inveatlgetlng committee by th? Committee
on Prttflefljea nnd VJer<\nn* As ?'ieh H 18
tt tended as | comprnmi.'V nith the I^a
B-C|latte rrsolntinr. hut. in tkCt, dlffcrs
htt'p frnm th? DilUngham reaotutlon it is
practlcally r.-.rt-1-i that the Benate <-om
rcittee artll make the tnqulre daaplte the
ccmpllcatloni lhai ha ? iri m aa a reaaiit
of Benator La Pollette'a d*term'natinn to
appoint thf. committee htmeelf,
Benator La F llatta dM n^f 'mish his
m a li 011 t' ': LorlmOT < a?<- lf 'ln.- II Is
o\\ ertet] thi* hfl Wlll do BO tO-raOtTOW,
Bftei whlch the rpipsti^n Of the r" i'enlnK
bf the luveatlgatlon arlll ba tflan ed of
Ha devoted htmeelf to day to an analysifl
. tha teatlmony taken by th.e inveatlgat
ln - committee of tho rtUnot* Betuite
Mr La Potlatte s,.i i ba araa eonalnced
thal there waa atlll more teetJtnon] to ba
hf.'ipht oul "Tha people o< tt-p country,"
he aaid, "rejected our former rerdlti aa
if by-one volce Nothini ever la aettled
ttntll 11 is aettled rtght; II la Ood'a eternel
|UBtlCe T'l'^nc to mgkfl thlnga phimb."
He waa aura thaf piibii" orinien had been
rn'ht ifl thi* '(im> and. deelartng thal he
.. ?'r-.j tha Benate to vlew Itaelf ln tha
mir-r.r ef meh OplnlOII 8 '"'il Blofl a
l i.?r. collectloa of newapapar ellppinga - b
d.mni";,' the Benati a de laien.
S^ririte Adopti Retolntiofl Look
.inc to n-irninql Prosemtion
VTaahingten, Mt 2- -Informatloti a? to
whal atepi bad heen iik-'n for tl rlmlnal
prjBfl utlon ol the ofl f 1 Bt mdard
<*>ii Company iiadei the recent deefkton of
- me ? ouri waa aaked from thn
Attorney GiHieral to-day by the Benate,
adopted witho.it dlaeuaaloa a reaolu
tinn of inqiiry offered i' Benator Pome
The reaolntion nameg apeeM ill .irV"" -r'
Rockefeiior- Wllltsm Rockefeiler, Henry H
Po^?rs. Henr? M Flefhrr, J?1 n n Irehl
.od. Olfver H 1 Byne and i i M
pr,, i? aaya thal ,hc- Buprema Courl
h.--!d thi eerporatien lllegal, v.-.d in
(Rcerfl gullty il formrng i eomblnatlon
ln raaUalni ?( txada Therefore, the raao
lution cotttinuai ,the aeven men nam<?d are
ajni jgblB '- rrtmti al roaecutJon, and "the.
Attorney General of the United Btatea ba
and ho I? herel dlrected to Inform tha
b>, .... nf .I-,- L'nlted Btatea What, if anv.
utlona have been r<-c;n or are now
pendlng agtainal t1 e aaid Btandard Oll Com?
pany, f JCew J raey, or the said conatltu
??nt compaolea or Indivldual defendantfl
above nanvd. Ot anv r.f them, for vloia
tlona "f snid -r-ni.-ns i or - of - ild Bherman
anti-tr l.-t law Henry il I - named
in the reeolutien aa.ona of tha dlrejctorp, is
Newspapcr Me" and Others P.e
fupo to Teatify ?Two Arre&t?.
Colui ' -. i ?hlo, Mav U Thr BMtfl
I ngte'i mlttaa ? atlgatlng leglale
t;>-? hr ?? took 'in i,c Inquiry ^o day,
made no headwai beeauBe aitneaaea
rummoni ' refuaed l testlf) Tl a newa
pppr men .-.nd ( harlea J Pretaman, for
merlj preatd ni ol 'Ue Columhui Chambei
of Comrjieroe, who a <p<\ an attorney for
u.e h ii ??' tlvea ln tha *->.?'<?? dis
? - dadlned to taki l,o o ith aa arll ?
Tbe neerapapei men r]r- ired that they
aived much Lnformetlon concarnlng t;^e
fmdal in ''onfidenor.. and ob*
ka ?? i '. dlacloBing tbe n ibm "f legta
latora and othara who gava ti to them
Mr. Pretaman ar.d E E. Cook, adltor of
'Tha Columbatfl CHlBen." wara arreeted
tnder a ompai itl n ? tatuta,
? i'lditv of arhi<h the o ta have
not | -i . ? Iding ne of from iU" to
j-./.v) fnr faihirr tn 4:iv<? teatlmony :
I'-cieiaiHr. L-ommlttaefl They ??"? i.i. . l
1890 bond ? ... ,i ?
? .- '? -nnn To Id of the mmlti ? ? I
j. hH been '? fl, -i ind | ointi ?! oul i ? I
., ,:. ii . n... ,,t the ? ommlttee waa
iriijt'.i to neal '.\ -i'.. ' ? iny del ij
. . iiinke w ineffl i ni
Orpha Bfoore, aecrel I tha <?hlo
Manufacturera' Aaaoel i on, ??? ? n ifnored
tha aummona mi irri ated
The ?|ral ot th.. laal itlvi brl triala
araa begun f.. day, "h.-n eleven membera of
a Jory to try Rapreaentatlve Q B
,f piur. Counti were prrx irrM
Ia break from eddyism
! Thc Chrbtian Science Rf formerl
Chiirrh in iVfinnr''Orfi.
Minn*arolis. May 'J.'" - A. K. Smlth.
j c i. n.. nt tha Fr.'irth Charch of Chrurt,
af a raaotutSoa rtfoptad at a mooting of
th* church raarabaia by arMeh. by a row
, ,,f >.K, tn -'. they d*<*fd* rt tn withdraw' from
th" Mother Charch nt F'^rton.
Th* i^aBonp gi\*n in tha raaolntlon
ar* that slnr* tha dratb of ttta. Kdrtv
thp Chrlet'an P< l*m*e board of dlfBCtoM
, hn< ahaoluta authorlty to c?8atrol tbe
' tcachiag." and that tha board ccmdaranad
I rbrlPtiin frlenr*. nn tauaht by Abbot
i pmith. who araa a peraonal itudeat af
, Mr.? Eddy.
T-h* Mngregatlon, therefore dcr*i<i*%'i ?*?
j geif Bavered from th" Moth*r Church,
aad r**a*tfvad thot it? artlclea b* ara**rnd
?d fo aa to become a Chrlstlan Iclarica
I r*form*d .'hiiv-h Th* Btateeaeal a'*51''
1 anm Olacea thnt slmllnr actioii araa f;>,"%"1
bv th* Second Church of Chrlat, Bctan
tlit, . f Duluth, with nn'y on* diaaaiiUng
Th* reaolullona adopted at poin'h de?
iinm that ibo rhurrh orgamltatlon la
j r-niy a materlal framework and not tha
I church unlreraal; and whon a rhuroh
?rgar.lfatlon becomea i.irr^. iir'i aad
i powerful, Ita'nambara maernify and wor
I ahip tbofr parfieular church orajaalaa
i tion fo?it.-ad of 'i?incr tha church oa*graBl.
7ati"n merely aa a tpmporai help where
| hy thopo h'.imhly 888a*JBg to follOW J88U8
\ may co-operata to p..\o trr*ir fOllc '
, b*inss. Thorrir.ro this rhur^h hereby
: poverp it? ronneotion with th*> Mother
j Churcltu"
Oalifornian's Dop; Story Para
lyaes the 3fe*T-'2:rapher.
T\#)ci.jnc?r.ni Mi I rtepreaentatlva W
p Btephena, of Callforaia, told tho Hou.*-.
to-div a atory of a Chlnamaa brought int.;
a pollee eoon in Loa Aagelaa
"Ha araa aakad a hen h* ia?* raw th*
r]^g. fiid Mr .*:*'?ph*nf. l.ut th* ow-stl.-n
wa* rut rh-^uirh th* Interpreter, who
tu'-nod to tha ? rlnaman and aaid "
Here followed a How of ? hineae tha'
, | -i .qIi] it > apd ?"n* tl l Houae into a
roir of lauRhtBr
Theae word* oaght ta h- rak*n di arn,
fiid Rapraaaatatlva Otmatad, aa tha offidal
Btaaagraphar .?at '.'ith hla wrltlni a-m
? jh* I hr*.ir.*i" replled?" ?>fr ?f*Pb*n-'
b'-ran nsain. and BBOther \rnz iarc->n of
1 ntaeee rollad oui on tha defeaceleaa
( IiOU?*
! u'hat did ha actually aay?" aakad a
I Baember
? Thr"? o'clock, ' replle I Mr. Btepheaa
Thc r,oncr**?!?lon9! Record ' to-morrow
' wtH B8g 'hit ? Mr ?'*pr*n.? h*r* g8V8 a
j. , ineae aentence occupytng one mlnute.
Suspicion Attaehes to an Armed
Vet)gf] Now f%\ Li? P&lin&B.
l*- p^in-t*. Caaary tslaada, May :*
Gr*at eurloeity -ittaoh*?. to th* preaaaea n'
a erulaer fl' inc tba Oermaa coxnr.
fl . aad bearlng tha namc Qroea Luce.
t * reaael la of r* nnt eonatructloa and i?
firtc-d out arlth modaro armaraaal Bhe oar
rlea alxteen guaa and hu a cargo of runmu
Bltioa Th? crew numbera alxty-cae m*n.
Th* crutawr arrlved h*r* trom oeaoa by
way of Olbraltar, and la reported to h*
deatlaed for the Republlc of I laeria.
I.ojrlotn. May 0, ?O Orotatugkj formerly
E'-'iadorian Coaaul af Beilin, ta*pan Bagoti'a
tlona aotaa tbaa arA to buy ih* oW erthjer
T'mbrla from tbe I*a!ian Rov?rnm*nt, but
not heins abl? to prove that th* veaff1 waa
for tha aovarameal or Ecuador tV" 'nban
_,,,? r nmenl <!i?mantiPd her
Orotatuck bouabt th* diamantled al Ip Bnd
pnr.'ln'-Bd r*parat*h' rannon and other
armi Tha veoa* I aalled fro 'lo.ind
ln t'** dlrectlon of Gthraltar on May 8, and
it \f ?xp**t*d 'int iha haa now reached
th* Caaary latonda
gt ftral lt was h*lip-.?d that th* ^r'ii?*r
araa mtended for aervlca In coaaectloB aitli
th* Meclcan ravolt, bul now II la i
taln*d that ah* la bound foi i'i H '
ll ic. bellevad, Bhe arlll be uaed by Brlbuatera
- ?b
T. C. Dawson Bayi He H?d No Psr
6onal Knowledge of P.ivTb'-rit.
\Taahlagtoa alay 0 Chargea that Dr
lacob n HoUsadar. Haeal agent for the
rni**d Btatea in Btraightealng oui I
ur.g'"d flaaaclal affaira of Baati Doi
h*.d accepted m*n*v from both govera*
mentB, alfnough in tha pay of th* T ?? ? |
Bi ? . were aircd t< day before Ihe Houae
? ? mtttee on th* Btate Departmeat n*
ft'.iinnd*r recelved M8.888 from thi*1 civ.
ernmenl for hla aervli i d li aaid to
hava accepted P00.0O9 fr^n1 tha Doml I
ernmeal arlthoul the kaowledge of the
ted Btatea Thomaa C. r^waon, formerl
\. erl an mlniater to Baata Doralngo, toid
.mmlttee t'. a * h* dld not bava par
laonal knowledga that Dr Hoilaader had re?
celved naa,8fa), although ll was geaerally
: m ,i^.rjito.,d that .:-"' ' ? thi i r>!
I ' lader ha*< hr*n aummcaed by th* com?
mittee to appear to-morrow
Mr. Owen Wister's
Members of the Farnily
Fivid, eicit
i"- rfra ? '-.'?'?
..,,?"-''''?? tkriU
Bv the author o1 " ihe V lrjfinian, ... ?. ,. ?t-?
"Ladv Baltimore/' etc. [Uustwted. ]': :! ? ???*"?
4 ni ago.
Mrs. Watts's new novel
The Legacy m?aune.
A big, deep book ol a woman a nre. ?,?, ,, t> , .,
By tne Author of '" Vathan Burke." ?-? ??'???? -""???>?
Cidth, $1M
Mr. Mark Lee Luther's
The Sovereign Power JJg -".,,:', i
Bv thas Author of "The Crucible," i "" ? M
.. ;.,. r? , ,, . I?a Irel popfl to
1 ne Hi nenman, etc. m, i .,.
HhtatraU ./. ( 7../A. ff,a90 Me3. '"/ aieifl ?>/.?_'
Gustav Freiwari'l great novel
Klaus Hinrich Baas ,,"
The extremclv intereating itory of a ,' '
aelf made man. By the Author 0, .......
"Jdrn rhh" Cbtht$l.ft0
i' ibl itl rj
64-es iri Ave
N. v.
John Norris Attacks Inter?
natlonal Company.
Says AgreemeTit, with 0a?lt*dt Is
0*i!y Way to Obtain Cheaper
Print Paper.
egaBhtagton, May H i hargaa * ^ m * I
|.*an newapapeT publlahera *r- conipellad to
pay hlgher prlcea than a*-* nec*8aary for
tn.-.|r nnw? prin? ottr-r becauaa tl b Intoma
tionai PnpT Company la In practli alconi
of th* laduetr ? io ty.it country arere m.id*
t? dav Bt th* heartng nn the anadl i reel
nreelty '.ili befora th* Benate Flaaaee
Committee by lohn W?**rt*le repreaeiitini
the ?\",*r!'"an Newapapei Puhliehera' ?
< latlon
Th* rarr" *"ii<rr*i. Mr Norrla aaaarted,
hay* made Bfforta to reatrlci production
and to atarve the print paper markel ln
ord*r to matatatn prlcea al an agreed flg.
argi have aold paper ihroad cheaper than
ln thla rouatry, aad arrayed ihem
agalnst open pri'-*.. Bnd publlc auotatJoaa
Tn an effort to prevant raich Becrei ftxlnf
of prlcea, Mr. Norrlfl aaid, ha had made
affera to buy paper nnd pay eash '"r '*
bul only two mllla oui ot Bfty la thla coua*
try had aoA to him, Tha reaaoa tr- tn
refuaal he aaaartad, wa? that the papet
mak-r*. d ri not araat a puMte quotatloe of
thelr prlcea, aa b* would hava boM th*
paper Bt auctlon, thua making tha prlcea
r ublli
Mr Korrla BCCueed th* !nt?rnatlonal
Paper Comi of lelling nan**- abroad
. haaper thai I ara ? iti havtog "lt
lr.to a glgantic wood land apeeulal
aith havlng an Inflated capltal of a* i*a?t
I48.O0O.O0O aad with keeplng down produc?
tion hy raaintalnlag i ,; lettj at "oaly
.';" pt -*nnt of mod*T eojulpn "'
? ? ? tha loternatlonal Paper Corapaa
be Bdded, "bi aaklag Coagraaa ta pai a
premlum upon ,v** antlojulty rf plaata ba
mr.if, tha' were verglag on bankTUptCy thur?
taea yeara ago
Mr. Korrla waa aaked I arloua meav
bara of th* committee a<*o :t th* purpaaea
of the Am*ri'.m Kewapaper PuMlahera
Aaaoclattoa. h* aaid bla duty aa chaJnaan
of th* rap*r commltte* id been to do
miBBionary worh among Benatora an
nth*r placea." Th* work all bad h**n m
tha opea, he add?ri no effort tiavuig
r-, id* ' Ol " ll 801 thlng.
PThea Benator Bmoot laked hha if hla
bureau '*<*d no* *.n> out pamphleta urgtng
th*> pa*?ai.'* of the reclproclty Mll, I aa
to- vniltama laterrupted by aaktag
?You did not coaalder II an*.- crlma, d I
v?M. Mr Korrla, to aead out lltaratura m
f.Tor ol r 8ga on th* fr*>* llat?"
?*Oa thr- ontrary i plted **rr .vor-'e
PThaa Mr. Norrta raad flgurea from th*
Tariff Board i " ' iag that Bva
mllla in thla country manufaetura at about
?*j" a ten more newa paper than the l i
nadian mllla make i1 I '58 8 '^ .--*nator
Lodga laatated on reading the eattra table,
ahowlng thal tbe averaga ? aal of prodt* tl .
in thi? country 18 mor* than %Sk a ton. Mr.
SoaaU roplled thal thla waa due to aatl?
o'.at*d machlnery ln the Amerleaa no
Pnust X.at-ir.il Kprlng
\"Y:itpr lu tli*j World.
Bott\ed enly nf. the aprltt]
CflaSat iv-rfprt "?'n.iiltnr.7 Condlti'ina
1 K.RitM RI6XER & SONS, PraJ
Seuth Poland. Ma-n-.
. \. Y. Oflaaaa. I'4.: i.ifl Sprlns Rilid.nl
llMi Kio.i.l vn.v (riPar 28th B* ?
? ? ? "-1 nf the :v ?,i!|%
. . ?> . . -? ?. .- , , .
, ., cheap paper an'. ,w > rete-tt >f ,?_.
print paper ll the Cni'?^ ? ,.
-i ln thi ? ? ? ' '; ? ,
7 ? ? ? ? S'orrla -ald that ?
i 40 p^r renl ot the w?4 an.i , 4
? th" T'^if.d tat* ea ic rh? 1- i^iteraB
.? f-n-n tyrr%A ...
I'en'!-. r 2
con ----- 3
lt; ')J
Iraufle fher? va? an aderju -' >.L
! \,r,r -, in Canada available f 'c'tj
r ? ' ii
I fnr rh'iip paper rr,rr>?? f-n-n abl - J -w.
I pepei "? i'l.rrv." h-> and. "pald 119.4 ;,
to fr.,c gnera In th-- ratoaidar
pulp ? Ifl and nnlr
111. 1 ;?? 'jj
r?'- - - - Th
'? it
-vi" tr;er? v a? an Bdeojuatl -'
imed ir
i Unitanans Indorte Tgft'a Ideg fw
Cat'oHral in Wi?n'n?ston.
? - - "I \ '--.--. ? .v^
? '?'*-..*
. of thi domihant i ' * "-r.-.^aj
of t he a ? 4j
U tion and atll? . aom
? . . 'i?r^ to-d i>
rldenrl Bai - v-L
clatlon advocated 1 .-. of :? --'Jl
ll ' n.tiria
h pi -1 erti ?--??
ti'v tlon .r.towri ;'.-.??.- ^
, ,rrhr.: |f| " .-.-.? V.rk
-' Natton il ? ibJ
r..l-6r 1 rrrd - ? | - J<(|
? idea. of Preaideni rafi l i - ti jbjj
h and cethedral ln - 4-4
. Brk toward I
cor. of Mayor P?-vbum cuccssffn] fcj
r -; a
''iv?' man to be ??????? I 'r'"*4
ln the Sd DiBtri--* ek mt ,j> m? ?
late loal '"ook
iprei. ? itrtct a
? lvina e|4?cl Ma {ta
vM'.- >-id Hi- ? neat 0
Iwt yeara lenlor
Th? ar 0 loan for m: h.
provr-m'n': . - na.
? vote.
p.??tr.n Mv B.?The Wtl --??..; *-.}m
four houre a week'i ?-.-*- 14
minoi ?? In textl . -g
peacef ' r-L.i-.on bill a-ere pitted 1
Tha ? ? '-??
1 ? - Bon favOrab. - ij
rf ??? r ? to ' ' Gr ??-rr.".
Five Million Doliars a Year!
An averttre of ONE MILLION p?r*r>r:, each
dav crosses the East River ronnting- thr tide ;n bfJth .
directions. This vast army the workers of a crMt
city- brings to Manhattan the brains and hand.*, which
in larce part are the active forces in Xew York's in
dustrial and mercantile life.
A few of this great multitude walk acrosi thc
bridges, a few are carried hv ferry. but the great
majf'iity must now and in the future depend upon raii?
road transportation; and of this niajority hy far thc
greater number must use the lines of the Rrooklyn
Rapid Transit Company, which now carry their
passen?zers only to and from the gateway of Man*
How manv out of thc million now pay two fares
in their dailv journevs nobodv can actuallv determine.
Thc number has been estimated at from 300.000 to
.500.000. Call it only .SOO.OOO. Our transit propot*]
means then to them a saving of $1.5.000 each dav -a
M\ring to them and to the community of over
$5,000,000 each year!
Five million doliars a year represents the interest
at 5 per cent. -m an investment of $100.000.000. We
do not ask the city to make this investment. We
merely ask the city to let us have the opportumty of j
gh ing to the people what is equivalent to the return on j
such an investment.
We do ask the city to inv, st <n.V-00,000 of its
money in subways which. operated with our rapid tran?
sit lines, will make possible this enoriaaous gaving to the
people and at the same time furnish transportation
relief to three-quartera of the city s population. We
present a financial plan and transportation routd
which will ci rtainly yield full interest and amortization
on that city investment.
For $78,500,000 then, expended u we niggest,
the city is assured not only l full return on iti invest?
ment leaving no burden upon the taxpayers hut it
may, in addition, save $5,000,000 AXNl'ALLY
in carfares to its people!
CondiiJovn render ii impossible for the city
to make such a profitab'e investment by contract
wUh any other company.
'' ?'? ''? be any doubt in which m'rection the
nty,, ?,!t ,( t ,K>r H ^ t,n. knowIall,(, a|1(1 tppWcat
k?on of facta Ll e these which make our propotal streng
with the people and commend ita adoption to studeofcl
of ^wnicipal welfare and progrets.
Hrooklyn Rapid Iransit tompariv

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