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Glove Factories
Leigh End Westbury
Cross ;5ewing Stand
The Wds of art and noveJty ar# mex
kaesrjb!** to afca carcfu! studcnL We
forever studving
'! tjaaaaa ? Diflflflflflflfll I 25 ImImb High ssed* ">f rLngluh
""4- Ca -? Wfljeea Caaafalrji V arm?hed?The CVitsid-s -*
---p. i- CareBrad 1 Gtaaaa, Rad Biu?. Purp!- rflHBracce
.-;. - FJaakflk ~; r:-at?d lisaal 5-.!k ? Coi<?-? to Ma?c>
- -? - ADpevence v-t S'urdv and Well
Balaafad Al SewaBg rWjutte* Inciuded---V %
"??? Eic b - EaajM Fai aiq cri
Oa g, -
Cros!- Fiower Baskct
Anv vvom.*!? should hav?? gcod zrounas
for 'jiins 2 CROSS Garden Basket.
BJ . - - ?Baiket P lai Baa Long 1 ,r> in-hea
aj -._?-; .- ' -v. Tu-g; aiaaaipaeof Leatherett*
--?- -.? - ? . ?-- -?,-?? 5poo: "f G-'-1
?-? F -i F.8?Willow Handie?\>r- r~"
- - I - - mg Fiower.?Alao Make. (IA CA
#- ?.-.,.. . Porck O-na-nen' J,iU,JU
? r
"? ll
nche* Long x t in-he*
Engli'h Wi!lo44 Twigi?LmerJ
?? - ? !nrh?i D'
I'aterp? LaaaWtaWa I laaafk on Too?Coniair
??on. Kn.fe 5mal! Hand Rax
.. .. ShaaA Ceaa?-Tagtfl MaaaBara ^r"
M-rooranduro Book *nr) PflBBCl
Cross Air Pillow
TfafJfC u nothing in it?but it is the shstk
a\bsr>rb*r of the journey.
- I. 18 I
>M a Caraei ?
-? - 1 -. -*.i!k Co^erea?C'pen
Bfl wiab Air?U'hen \f f< Pr-?ed
I-it, Inlo a MaaatlB Eo".?!ope < a?- es
yaka -Motn .. Lined. and F?alem
-? ? - ?- ? " P.Hnw Innd
-? -'"ompl-'t*
DWS-k.-J CaaaaaBJ Fraai $6.25
R?d Gaaaa
viTRR BAG Sii Covered
- - Mcrrxco Ca?e. Silk
MEDICINI CASaV-flW Green. BtaB Morocco?
- - - . tt* Bottle,. Niekol S-re* Top??CaatH
"* ? ?-? - tioa Poeket?-4Gitl Snafl
r ut.,-.
Cross Book Rack
To copy others N commonplace ?this is
life. To create for others to imitate - this ts
17 I.nche* K'jth t '7 [flflaWa WinW t 9 Inchei Deetv?
Made Entirelv o* Enghsh WlaVfW Twig,?Ha. J D'.viiioni
i' Top ltr V?v.,pap?r? and J Sh'K'e, Lnderneath ?-,r
Books and Maf-zine.?Thi? Arhrie !? Vflty lv;
;ummrr Home,?Ligrit n Ml sight and Poriabl*. Making
(i Po*,?iM- in Tr,nsf*>r from Hou?? t?
BOOK COVERS? R-d Green. B!ue. Purple M~-- -
?5i'k Lined?Supplied with Bone ^aper OtEet - I ? -
Side* af Caae Held Togetne- bv ^n-ap a-"- 8JC 7C
."?n-p Fastener.-Doub'i- H4U?cLr< H T,r *pO. I O
Cross Wastc Baskct
Made for was'e ? mtended for use
!?' IflarJaaa Hiajk i I2J4 lan-haa .^luar- a- T-r~ ; asj ad
. T, .g.?Green. Red. Bhef MoiOCCB M PBjaktB RflB
?ad Lining?On nSe Outs'd- Ther* I. e 4-lVh \? ilkr*
Opafl Wcrlc Through Wht-h th* Colored Lining Mai Bfl
- ?,*?-? -?,nd? Solidly on ?? Feet? This Ifl I n*
aawfare from th* Saaiauriiiad Ba.k?t and
L?nd* an Ird'vidufll'ty to Anv R"<->m
Other? JB R^und Shapes--From
BOL'DOIR BASkET?Whoe Fnam-iled W tll-iw-Gold
Plaaed raVhal R'.ro?4 inch Open?ork through whrh any oklet
Bibbon mav be laaaaJ aa Maflch Boudoir Furnmh- *>r oC
i-flj-s W
VX'ith Ribbon. $! -.xtra
Cross Desk Baskct
praetice made u? perfect, but first we had
to praetice perfectly.
16 Jnrrte. Long r 'I iBeJeaa Wdfl i * >r-n-? n'en
Png'nh WiliW TwiflB e^BJred M4aracco Rim and latag
-Librirv SLBBflin t.nvelope Opener. Gold <Pg e-Q
Pla'-d Handlei , *
Gold Plated in C.olo-ed Moro-'e- ^heath gg 25
ISKWKLLS-Cryita! wi* Paarkel Spoma
t.over- Pen R-st
L?TTFR RACkS -10 lacaaffl Long x 6 lachflfl H'.Bh
, v4 h'he. Doea 2 CiaapaalaiiBai raa $4,75
| ......
DLSK ACCESSORIES V,-. Alaa B* Had Laaliaat
Triaaaaod or Mana of 9ekt\ Bt,-*
Actual Mafce**
89 Regent Street
A.rxcunt. Pncaa Leaa U 5- Dutiaa.
An imperfect CROSS ar
ticle is as rare as a dividend,
^e ha^e been in business
since 1845, but we have no
old stock.
Buyinj inferior articles to
"ave monev is like stonpin*
the clock to save time.
Novelty must be loined
with good taste. To be "up*
to-date" is a paltrv ambition
evcept in an almanac.
The reason so many suc
ceed who mind their own
business is because there are
so few doing it. This is our
66th vear.
There is a friendliness
about English willow?you
might say intimacy; light
weight makes it companion
able?you can take it with
you on the piazza or the
shadv lawn.
Cross Ncwspapcr Rack
Success is attained through failure?but a
review of oijt mistakes before they bappen
would be trjost- valuable.
13 Inth*'*. Kigh x 15 lacbaa 'v1 irJa x 1\ ? in<-he*. De-p?
Vla^f 0< English V IL I *rig? Al Back and Front. Hal*
Way Doun, Taara U an Ovtn WUbar \Xork Through
?T -. . MctfBCCO Lmina Mav B? 3888 2 C8BB*B***8Bbbb1i
l-r MaajBiaaaa ~r *v<?,'?.rap*r<--Hand!'* on Top- Stand*.
SoIktH*/ oa 4 Faat 5b Thai li May q' Placcd G***v ??/**
-.? Tloor Bf Por.h B?id- Cha.r \TVn R-?dtna *?? .*JV
pOfTTFOLIO *a **-?"> BR!Er CASE- 15 - i II
Incaaa raa ai BV*. HaJB?UBliBaa1 2 Gaaaaaad Caai
-..?r.-.. ;.ph.. -, ; -r 2 """-ir aarJ Ce Cn
Buckla F ?**--?*- . dKJ.BJU
'1 }a*j i | "rripa''***??"?
Cross Scrving Stand
Good taste, like wcrry, ii KquuedL lt
ecrnes hard at 6r?t, but custom soon recon
Cl!*?5 us lo it.
?... ' a?i iad Laaj ?a '?? - h Hatfj Staael Ma Ba
p || haaad 5?*paraaaf?
OBLONG rRAV-Z" iH ladm Paap Fnglun
Rna, ?. ..h Two WUaW Haa-cHaa at SaaVa Bofinaa
oi Tray I* Cr-:onnr Cerrerbi and Has Rffmovabi* Glasi
Ovar |l VI hicB. Afford*- Protectlon to th<* CfB
VI an 5tand tor Tray
?, ai j Iracrtaa
1 DFFEI 5E I ra* rXbera- 6 Capa. 6 Saatata. C*raaaaa
Mgar, Coffaa Pot - S/oty I Undsomelv D**o
-?i*c\ Criin-*
i, Cr?am?*'
. <..
Cross Mail Box
Nature abhon a duplicate What
find boe Is not duplicated elsewher**
| | I... ,.r, V| :. | ? iaa Htgh x 1 ^''-e* Deer*?
-?,.... . . ? i.. 3, ajriaa RV., Mataeea Lav
... ' eroi :-"*i" F.ncasing Giau D?or.
?'.... \[u\ \U Ba Saaa Oa Top Th^re !? a
Braaa Plate Markad I "'<?'' ?"d * Slrl for Droppmg ta
i. . ratSlal for Maaanraawia Iar8
and k*n - ;'"' RiBgl on Back. Making lt ga a /?? f-/**.
.^.. 4i \-n-ra \
SMOK?R' * S 1 AND 2*1 ladaaa Higb t Umchea widr i
IfJJi lataaa Pf*t* 'Saajaaa Wi ? I ?ig" Ciaaaaaa Caaarad
!op-A'th haa ?? - *5' tor hraaaBlBBalCaaaaaa?DaaBj
U rOea Rim I *? nd<"*i?*."- BBB8 '* g> 1 C Ari
. .-,?,;, ir, Htiaaa* i Ea ^lOAJtJ
Leather Factoria*
London and Waltall
.. ?. '.
Cross Lunchcon Baskct
With ComDartments for Thermos
We are forever lmprovmg the product. !t
is only the wooden Indian who refuses to
ehange his mind.
For 4 perioni ?21 Inches Lcng l \YA II "' ' -' I
fl: . Inrhe- D?er>?Englnh Willo*. Leaahat Lbaad S.:
plied arrlil Enamelled Plates?Glaiie. and OSve J?r
M irk?r CuiaieJ Naplina Pnrrtlaaa Barthrr Ja- PUied
Kaivea, Bone Handl-v Forii? Spooa p-rr" and Sall
Bottle,-J l.nbreakabl* Porcelaai Pla'fd road Baaaaa
Double Handle on Baikei ? Lork and k?v
VI iahout Th'rmoi
Pj, - Pbibobm WbbbbbI Taaafajaa B^ni-i
t M n Perions VI it'no.j' rWaaai Battksi
Cross Umbrella Stand
Something for a P.amy Dav.
-yv? 11 ? y-c^Q?
? J
.- -.--:--j.-.
Inrr.e, High z II- lacaaM SflBBBN ?' 1 np?Eagjkflh
Willew Twtg, u-iih Open-."'1. Neac Top Wliadl ftaaea
Leatherelte M alerproof Lining Which Ex'ends Ok
F,r Doun In.ide ?s th' Obwbwoib - EaUBBaltaal tT-* r**i
Maaal Rim and Pan ifl Bo'tom to Match Lining ?P ' ??-*U
rhflflfl Ma-. AIbo Be Had in Round Shape..
? --
ENGLISH UMBRELLA5 Be.t Quaiitv SaHt?Waaaj
Sekkfl ? \T -H-raade Englnh
F rame?
PARASOLS--Of UaagaM end" AltsxlreB
Designi - From
Cross Houschold Box
We suggest agam the dark. and dehcate
disclosure?CROSS goods are made not only
for sale, but for use. \
* in. hei Deer x fi lachflfl Waaa a o lacaea HbbJi
(jreen. Blu*. Red MofOiXO- 4 (. "mparlmen's ^upphed arrfla
2 Sixaa Ceeai 1 Drfareel KaneVi oi Pbbbi 1 aara 1? ?*
0->ening on Farh S-de Througn Vt'hirh Cord I an Be Li*d
VlittSoal Oper.ing ihe Box?Drop Front on Uhich There
Is a Pair of 5ci?,or? ?Porket ? Ceaflf ( onta-mng Labei,
and Iag? ->nar FaaaflBBI I ompleielv lom- a a a r*f\
paci and <? ompa-tK- CuBBBiaH ? ? *P ? 1?4#U
PAsn \m> rwiNi >i-wn Red *7 cn
t.ieen Morocco Also Supp'ied wraV s-ision y'tOV
Second Ftoor-Truniu and Motont.e.. Matal and Glaw Noveltiej. Sadd'ery?CaUlogaje Furniihed Upon R*que?t
World's Greatest Leather Stores
Agents Throughout the World
253 Broadway 210 Fifth Ave.-1132 Broadway 145 Tremont St.
_ u u e-twe-n 25th and 26th <M, Oproul* "Th.? Common
Oppcsil." Cirv Haa

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