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Xou J.XXI. N? 23,595.
I,. ,';,. -n,| to-niorro-r. ganrra!!? f?'r
Ifftlt ? pat uirtrla. Itprnn.liiF \rfielil.
PRICE) ON h ( l-4> l Kl.<r.WHr.8f1VIO<f->T?'
Tariff. Railroad and Corporation
Leqislation Less lmportant,
He Tells Bankers.
Peclarr? Propoped National Re
Ijrve Ap.-orinrion Contains No
Otriectionable FpaturesUrged
Against Crntral Bank
jliai ? ? membera of the
vpn ? Bankers' .nodation,
f-arp 'ith their wivs. gath
Hotel, ai Manhattan
ttarn -' tniaht to Haten to and ap
? Tafl ln ,-i carefully
n . urrency reforni.
" ? ?? nut
-?hat ft, rallroad, ? irporation,
;".iiti<;ii character, thnt
at a'.! Importan ?? ;ttinjj
? and currency ayatem oai
?: thi National
Xonetary i laalon plan," the I
rvjt ? ringr tl .t he waa a
man nd dwelllng on ihe
,-' . nf the party ayatem li
? ? , haa ? the faci
the Monetai I mi m non
? and ] raiaed thal feature
?gn ? drawlng of the Al
\-- ? letaili 'the or?
uniza1 tl s National Reaervi
It -.7- | . :.:? ful and
?? to avoid the i oncen
.wer ? Ither in Wall
Ani he
?ed aai tion con
? ?
... ?? ? ? had
-r.. ? in his fipht against
??lt dlfflcult ui r thi
4 tion," he aald, "to
.. .- : ler < ontrol of i
? ? working for thr beneflt
nd it aeems to me
Mem that ougl t to '
_fr ? ? all thf Intereata of the
the bi nkera. bul tha
Bife earnera. tt ? I rn - and all ol
.-? ?? B nking < AsBociatton
resa upon the peoi I lh*
? i there waa no othei i
? r aa that foi the - -
.? g
?' - -?? Tl
jrv ? r apeakera wer gresa
-? ? ? .1 idgje Cn irleg F.
r Ed**ard v. M
W. afott the tnitsolni
- -rt of the aaaoclat ? tho
. aatraat. ? Thi othera at tae *~4**\
w H. Bennett, *tn*i arlll ba
president ot tbe BSSMPrlatlon tO
B-areni) f'rr>tr.pr<>. of Mur'
i, i- aecrets I I ? !
114 8*n. Oeneral Wickeraham,
? \\ Butt, the Preaidenfa
aarra nee 0 M. ' ntroller of
I n*ei Pra nd< i ?
? | Vi i T'tvi. Buperlntendent of t1".
Hata Banklng Depflutment; Congrreaa
B. Vreelai ? ongrra Bsmai '??
? . bmtnlai ?
Ju?t Eseaprs Heavy Storm.
Prei ? ' reached Manhattan
re 7 o k, and Juat ln
Ihe i aavy atorm tbat
reaorl mt Immedlately
Thi party '-ami' in tsro
sutoi . . on tal nii i thi Becret
ai'! tha other the )"'*
? ? ? .rna y Gena rai W
bV retary Hillea and afajoi Butt.
t8o'i lajck, at '1 11 a as
: ? :.. ....
rgtn I ;
re perplexing and
? .li. i
? ?
dlfferent i
? .
? . ? ? ? . ? ?
: j.
ment thai
Ita ?i' -
anl the prob
.... ? iton
? t |f; 1 ? I
. ? ? ih i
na de
.... ? 04
Ity at
| ? . .'.IS':
. . gfiiii.. | bana
.... ? ? 11 a ?
.... kIH edaed
? tlmea, It
? torfl
? ?., tranan ? '?
. , ?? . .i ??
? ?
1 ?? ? maklng of
.1 ? ? ? ?.r:r| t<. tbe
t ol
f .... barkfl I thi
inat i ? ?. t ? hank ch
? '.. : Ol ??? I
of l ? ? I'ndai ihe
of a ich ??
I ? " ? !
profii ? ? .
aue In thi In
, ? 't ? ? ?
. . . !
great \* thai betwef-.i
. . , tra.il. n o
?* .. n i
? .. . ? . fl ?? ? ?
. "
l thei '
... , ? ? al an<
. ? -? io the
?' '',|r
? "
. "- ?
?. rlrtch
M imenl
? n . . . | laah
an.l '" i
' . ? ? ?
? . ... ? . ........ eat.1
?:???'?? ';
would ha' e "'>v "hai ?
*?:??; ,. me Benata. I l
tiafactoi : . ? ' ?
? . . ? . . ?-?
,.' ' '
aaaa, i gaa. aala oii u>a
lui.Uuu^tl oii Mflli t?B?B.
Who were crowned in Westminster Abbey yesterday.
7\AILITARY cxperts
? * will discuss. m
next Sunday's Tribune,
the 'doubtfu! utility of
"hiking" troops to the
point of exhaust.on in
(ime of peace.
ttized Sifnall and Wet Rails
Oanie Accident. in West 34th St.
Owlng t" a mlatake of aignal and ab>
p.n tracka a 84th atrecl croaatown car
? ;, enue car were In coi
mon ,oon after S> o'ciock laal nlghl al
. . ,.; 34th atreefl Both
cari v... | rown from the tracka and
. Wert Injured, threi of
whom were attended b) Pr. Irvlngham.
.,. N< w York HoflBplUl. before they
?,.,? hom< A number of peraona were
Bllghtb Injured by flylng alaaa. Traffk
. .?,). avei ? and In 84th atreet
,?.,,,,... | and Bighth avenue
waablocked for more than forty mlnutea,
M? hai I Oilerdl. motorman of the Bev
?n,h ; '. told the pollce ihe coi
ILIon waa due to thi allppen cdndltlcn
,,f the ralli aftei the rata Thonuu
... motorman of the croaatown car,
?ald algnala had been mlaed up.
? i thoughfl h' : '"'' '"" <-n
theavei ei ? ?? errlng to Larkln.
-When trn eai lefi the croaalng i
. , . . ... . . ,,, avenue car \>;ts raov
M .... ,,;] m) emcrgem ?? brakea,
bStcculd noi brlng my car to a afl ip be
,.,... .HXTOd
Wins Racet, Then Loses Life in
Attempt to Cross Hudson.
laaac Olurk, flfteen ???"'? ?M. "' N"
131 weafl INHh atreet, competed
. % gerlea o! a- mmlng con
.,, HudaonRlveral lltthatreef
....terdaj afternoon, and, fluahed wlth
rtarted toewlm ncroaa the river
. | .. ,... [n mldetream he became
and aana quickly.
.,: Bamuel. of No. 121 Weat 127th
.,,,., , h?wai followtog Oluck, trled lo
rompanion. He managed lo
,,. , ,, donQluck, bul thalattai I
K,,, . ? thafl Bamuel waa aoon
pzhauated. Harry Roeemund, ofl No -i
*>., U4th atree! reached Ihe oalt ,ual
.,..., Bamuel Ie1 ga bia hold ...? Olucfc
mund turned bia attentlon to Bam
, and kepfl him afloal untll a boal
,,i them They were takan lo tha
H6th atreei pler. Th.- polica aearched
Lntii late a( nlghl for Oluck'a body, bul
, ouid nol Bnd it
Hitchcock Plans Sories in New
York Chicago and Bostort.
? f Tela srai h'l The 1 ?ine
Boaton, June -"-'? Imntediately after
.Tiiiy a chain of poouti aavtaga banka
wiii be eatabllahed throuahout Nea
Yr>rk. Thla ann.nin. rrn< nt araa made
to-day by Poetmaeter Oeneral Frank H.
Hlti hcock, arho araa here atteadlng ,n''
Harvard claaa day. Banka arill alao b*
opened in Boaton and < !hh ago. Theae
two cities, arlth Nea Y..rk. arlll i.r the
first three fir<?t .-iar.? peetofflces iri arhleh
the plan arlll ba trled
'?There are Brtra mora ihan taro hun
dred of theae banka in Ihe aecond Hasa
p.istoftiffB of the eountry.'' *,''i'1 *,r
Hitchcock, "and th<- idea haa becoma ao
popular thnt i am noa golng to try 'n*
blgj . Itlea Thr- people have been pretty
harah to me, bul now the) ar" *uat be?
ginning to underatand whal Pra been
trylng to do after three long yaara.
? I have dealrad to obtaln the higheet
aundard of efrlcieney. aty pollcy is t\o\
to economiae on aalariaa, bul on araate of
tlme. No man haa beea takon from hla
job without apeclflc cauae."
; Christian Scientist Baek from
Panama with Typhoid.
Charlea O. Young, a contractlng rn
x i ,rr of No 80 Wall Btreet, arho wr-nt
to the ipthmna of Panama a month ngo.
arrlved here yeaterda) on th.- Unlted
Frult ateamahip Almlrantt* aerloualy 111
fn.m typhoid fever Mr Young. arho ia
n christian Bcientlat, refuaed medlcal ald
throughoul his lllneaa, and it araa ael
until ha became dellrloua that f>r .1 F,
Hadley, th*> -shi.i'N Burgeon, dared treal
1 tm for hl<* afI1i<'tlon
Mr foung bacarne hi on th* lathmua
and aoughl the aaaiatance of Mrs Bln
. lalr, a Chrlatlan tk i> nce healer He wns
advlaed to r.-main ln one of th<- govern?
ment i.osj.itiUs in tha <;.n;.l aono, but he
refuaed and araa taken aboard the Al
mlrante. He lefl Inetrudlona a'lth afra
Plnelalr to glve hlm abea nt treatment
during tha Joumey north
Wh.-r. tha reaael arrlv. d al Quarantii a
Dr Doty, the health offlcer, ...his. .1 thal
Mr. Foung be taken t.. ;. hoapltal Mr.
foung, arho had regalned conaoiouaneaa
wanted to i>< taken t?> h.s home in \u
,. rs but hla brother-ln-laiv declded to
taj<.- him to Rooaa ri't Hoapltal It
arlth tl ? underatanding, li la aald, thal
i.t medlcal treatma nl that h< aa ?
admltted then it wai ild ... t i Ig ?
v as reetlng romfortably
Dix Says He Has Rectivcrl No Letters
For or Aj-ainst Them.
albany, Juna bj Qovernor Dla i ild ."
r.i-,-1 i thal ba had gla-en .... eonalderatloti
to tha ' Mttlna I llla gaaggaad lo mai i
Btrtngent the anti raeetrach gambllng lawa,
nor had ha recelved an; lettei foi ?
? -i ? ii
a -
, Farei ind Parfeet corr.f' rt to < I
from igo i. . me
. ? oui l ? ? ..??-, and
iHiokleta, 101 Broadway, .Vlvt
New Govemment Will Protect
Them. Says Madero. Min?
ister of Finance.
Capital Engaged in Legitimate
Enterprises Will Bo Welcomcd
?No Crusadr Against
Bic Corporations.
IrrMi i ;- ? ? " :? nt of Th* TrlboM.]
Mexlc.ty, June 22 Wlth the ..bjeot
of preclaelj definlng the attltude of the
Iprovlslonal governmenfl of Ifexlco m?
?r, j forelgn Inveetmenfl Intereata eatab*
llahed ln the repuMic, ;is well us for thf
Information of peraona who have tenta
tivi projecta pendlng here, Brneeto Hn
<Uro, the rl'nlfttr ..f Plnance, to-daj
gave the Tribune correapondenl an au
thorttatlve outllne of the government'a
pollcy in regard to this qneetlon. At
thr beginning of the Intervlew the Mln
ioter remarked thal the tranavniaarion lo
the LTnKed Btatea of rartoua reporta re
garding the pooltlon the c'U'rnmrnt
mlghl be expeeted to take In reepect to
corporationa araa calculated poealbly t.>
Inaplre uncertainty aa to the aecurlty of
thelr Inveetmenta Bnd the lejrai rtghta of
forelgn Inveatora In Mexico,
"There la abaolutely no feellng of boa
tlllty on the parl of the governmenl tow
ard forelgn corporationa or companiea
Bnanced b: forelgn capital," aald 'he
Iflnlater, "nor wlll there be Thaw la
no dlapoattlon to hamper thelr work or
curtall In any manner the righta and
privHegea granted to them under Mexl?
can lawa. The) noa itand bo far aa the
govi rnmenl ta ? ono rni d, i aai tlj whera
they -liii in the laal edmlntatratlon Mex
i. ar capital reata on ld< ntlcall) the aame
I ii na forelgn capital. Thi re li nq
reaaon why capital from domeatlc and
outalde aourcea ahould be In confllct, or
why alther ahoold be diacrlmlnated
? ! in favor of the othei Wi need
. apltal. There la room In Mi xii o for all
monej thal ? an '-?? drawn here for ln
veMmenfl purpoaea, II would manlfeatl)
i. |. or |udgmi nl for the governmenl to
,,,!,.,,, mraaurea or pollclea hoatlle to foi
elgn Inveatora. There la no antl-fOraign
?H aboul tbe republlc, anj more than
,,?,.. WMa * ,.:m ago The governmenl
,. ,,..,,;, ?...? ,,, f\va thoei peraona who
hav. thelr monej In i '"> '" "??? republlc
every guarantee afforded by laa tha!
th.ir rUrhta and preeenl atandlng wlll be
T # -1 -. 41. -l The governmenl naturally
,,, |rM t.. make friende, nofl enemii ? aa
,?,.,ii. among tnooa arhoa. Inveetmenfl
,,,.,,,,,,.. rontrl aite ao Importantl) to
,i, ,... , iei ind wealth of thi.intry,
Ko '. ? ' ;:":' ' U.,!
l?_>l_u?-.l un flfHi l>?8*
Lee ON. Browne Knocks News
paper Correspondent Senseless.
Bpringfleld, III., June L_ Repreaenta
'th< Lee O'Nell Browne, of La Balte, to
I nlghl knocked down K. ?>. Phllllpe, legis
llattve corregpondenl of "Tho rhlrajro
Tribune." Phllllpe waa unconacloua forty
Sin. e the lneepti..n >.f the l.nrim^r In
veettgatlon Browne an.i Phiiiifw have
hr, n unfrlendly and for more ti*an a
yrat have n.'t apoken. Meeting In the
Sf.rak'r'H room nt the r;ipit?.l tn-nffcht,
; ,\ir. Phllllpe addreaeed Browne, aml
the Aaaemblyman Immediately Btruch
Ft Penick waa ?ummoned to the
Si- kar*a room. and he revtved the in?
jured correepondent Dr. Penick aald
th it the blow, Jual bai h of the ear, mlghl
be aerloua,
Mr. Browni haa been In thi foreground
ever alnee chargea "f bribery were made
in connectlcn with the election of Unlted
Btatea Benator Lorlmer. Browne ^as
named bj former Repreaentatlve Charlea
white |n the orlglnal story publlehed in
"The Tribune." aa ihe man who pald him
$1,000 to v>te fur Lorlmer. Browne, who
wai ? Demoeratk ndnorlty leader when
Lorlmer waa eleeted, was trled twice on
the charge of brlblng White. The Brafl
jni\ dlBagreed :in<l the aecond acQultted
him Browne later aaa re-elacted t.i the
Mr. I'hinij.s has written muc.h ahout
th.' bribery inveatigatioii, and his work
broughl aboul the i atrangemenfl wlth
Policemen Use Clubs to Stop
Panic in Burning Building.
a hro atarted ahortly after 7 o'ciock
lasl nlghl ln h reeond floor apartment
OCCOpled by F?afae| Alhano and hia fam?
ily al N'u if> Ollver atreefl it galnel
headway rapldly and ln a fea mln iti -
the house waa Blled with amoke. The
tenants on the upper floora gathered
thelr bousehold effecta together and
inn.ii- i ruah for the stairs. Many of th
ni n and women carrled huge bundleo,
whlle a awarm "i chlldren held t" I ??
women'a Hkirts.
patrolmen Mi ? er and i fl i< kej. ol the
Oak Btreefl Btatlon, aaw the amoke and
. _ into ti" building, tu flnd Ihe
?talra Blled ?rlth atruggllng men, women
and chlldren. Chlldren were belng
knocked down and men were flghtlng to
gel oul
The potici men drea thelr clube, and b)
beatlng aome >>f the men back managed
to gel averybodj out unharmed, ea epfl
for the brulsea aome of them aulfered "ti
the atalra.
I'.itrolman Hli Im j bi Brd thafl ? a omen
had been lefi on the flral floor and,
ruahlni through the amoke, reecued Mr*
Anl.un. tte Viiniila. Who WBB lylng OO B
t.,.,1. overcoree b) amoka
Th< iir.- u..* |nit oul after ll had eaten
Its WB) t" U"' roof and AotiO ffi.OflHI daui
Hi:< The i auea ? I tha fli a a nx nol
!?! i ? i i, ^..ina Hi.jpcieil bottlea.
- Advl
Coronation of Successor of Edward VII the
Occasion for Great Pageant of Imoerial
Wealth and Grandeur and for
Remarkable Outburst of
Patriotic Feeling.
Peers, Peeresses, Heirs of Foreign Rulers and Special Rep
resentatives of All the Powers Gather in Historic
Fane to Witness Apotheosis of Mon
archy in Ceremonv and Ritual.
George V, King of the I'nited Kingdom oi Great Britatn and Ire
land and ol the British Dominions beyond the sea^. was crowned ifl
Westminster Abbey yestcrday.
\>vor before in history ivai the imoerial note atruck in inch a
magniilcenl manner. Its imoerial aspect undoubtedly a*u the most
remarkable feature of the corpnation.
. ieorgc V, more than any govereign of the past, represents the em
I bodiment of the imperial idea. He only nf all hia predecetaw on the
'thr-me travelled through his vast dominions and thui acquamted lv.m
setf *\ first hand with the needs and aspirations of all the varioui peo
ples of his empire.
The great -tate pageant was carried through with dignity and im
pressiveness. Probably upward of two millton persons were masacd
along the lineof the procession, while seven thousand saw the ceretitony
in the abbev.
The many events of the day passed of! without hitch or aenoui ae
cident of any kind. The weather was less favorable than had been
hoped for, but even that had its compensating advanuges, so that there
wa- practicallv no need of the services of ambulam es for cases of faint
ing or exhaustion, which are commonly attendant upon wch occaaiom
in hol sunshine. ?>n the other hand. the rain wa- not lufficient to da>
tract <criou*]y from thr ^ph-nd'T of the pa^eantry.
The attendance of the j;cnoral public in the ^rcc's. whila- large. did
not approach thai at King Edward's coronation. Thig probably waa
due *?- fears engendered by the unusually severe polke regulationi and
thr barricades erected to protect the line nf the procession route, which
under the circumstances, therefore. proved needle-. Gloomy progrnos
tications of trouble arising through public re-entment of the<r precau
tions a- an infringement of British lil.erty proved quite fJJOUndlesS.
i ]?' orvthing was carried out with ?mo"thness and in perfect order. which
I exctted univataal admiration.
TR- .-ahla M Thr Tr'Mme 1
London. *?? 2tt-Hoa? BVaah could a
ain*le pair of Ameriran eye, eee of Ihe
,-randeat of Imp'-rlal functlona? T,?t!e.
indeed. outelde Weatmlnater Abbey.
.nrinklug in Buetere dlgnlty behlnd the
improvlaed Oothle entrance hall and th.
j r iinatflrhtli K.-nffolrlin
barricadee of unawmu
?ri.-ked out ln ju-arlet.
Ilcmbera of Pnrlk_menl and peereeaea
! lorgeonely arrayed eoaki go by Meamer
rrom Chetoeo as late aa B o'ciock and
repale themselves artth memories n
alling t" the imasination the water
r?tea "f Ptantagenel and Tu-i-r daye
Ordinary mnrtai* "ith Abbey H-kets
and police paases bestlrred themaelves
by rlaybreak and jostled through streets
already thronged wlth alghtaeew f"
j.anir over'the exceoatve precautlone of
the pollre.
Lord Kltchener'i battaUona, aeaaoned
nr raw. wr re already bniriK the r..ad
waya gayiy deeorated wlth maat* ban*
nrr?j. feetOOM, UMirel and basketo ? f
flrwer?". and the barrbrs and R.-'es for
hoidimr back rlotoua moba an.i Bhuttlng
up orderiy, good-natured crowda were
not yet cloaed. Multltudea were awarm
ini; ail a]..nir tbe proceeelonal route
eveiyu here.
A Long Roman Holiday.
Ther.i was an eier?ri,' tirill of experta
tlon an.i pleaaurable excltemenl In the
metropolla If it had alept at all it had
awakened for .1 long K-'inan h.-liday. not
tn be ended before midnlght, when hoeta
of revdlen in the brtlliantly lllumlnated
Btreeta would stiii be ninRinic "Ood Bava
the Kinx" and beacona would !?? ablase
r.n the hllltopa throughout Bagland..
Perhape thf moat vlvld Impreealon in
ti-r- enriv mornlng a-aa produced by the
. nveralon "f Whltehall, arlth its H.-nais
aanee publlc OfBceO, Into a lt"man
triumphal way. Marveis ..f flbroua pias
t,t could be admlred and th.' ..nrush of
BpecUtora could be wltneaaed, but it
vouid be houra before th.' paaaage of the
thr..' r..\.ii proceealona, with th.'ir troopa
,,,? ufe ?;:.ar.i?. well horaed equlpagea,
daxxllng liverlee and pictureeque me
dlaBvaliam. Theee ? evalcadee n-ishmK bj
v. ith Jewelled gllnta "t ' olor wi r-' re
?erved for th,- holiday crowda maaaad |
b. hin.l th" Boldk rs .u..l poli ?? and for
th- tenanta -.f the deeorated timber
>.:ids llnlng tn,- proceaalonal route.
The Abi' ? * -it holdei i Iurned thelr
ba< ks _j mi . tefrythlng outaldi and, en
terinK ihe tranaept '"? the ? bolr, were
, ntertalned t-! houra wlth .. Bertea ..f
pageanta an.i ceramonlala uneurpaaaed
in ?tatellnesa, Bymoollc beauty an.i regal
magniflcence Thej alone were ait?
,, ....g of the eoronatlon, eondueted wlth
l_a ritual a thouaand ><ar? old an.i arlth
,,ii the grandeui of Imperlal atate.
Vaat Expectant Multitude.
Outalde waa a vaat, expectanfl multl
t ,.|. wlttlifl a*aa tl"' siien-e ..f a hal
!, wed fane before the aaammbllng "f th
grandeet 11 all i wurta,
a Bpectator*a flrat loBpraeglpa in i>._.
ing down from tha heigbtn of tha trl
'forfum nm that of a harm.in'o.iB *n
virnnmi-nt r.->r thp statpliput of hutn.in
j rerrmonlala. Th.- fioors arera eajrpejgflaj in
two Bhadan of Mna, arlth heratdtc dp
sians and thr. Inltlals ..f thr. King BBd
Queen, and h^si-lp thp altar and under*
iifatli thr. orlmson TafObaan fhmnps. thu
jrhalr? of statp and the anrienf erj|*oM
tlon Bfat arere Persian tappurrfps ..f
matrhlPBs hi>aiit>.
The hatiKtnaTs ln the f-alWios urrp of
|blue i-etvet Bhot "ith Bilver. Thero araa
rleea amber and moro siurr in the dece-.
Iratlve acheme than at tbo |aai corona
[tion. and the effecta a'ere leaa garlah
and m..rr. rpfino.l.
The Trontals and doeaala for ,),? n]Uir
arera near (mbrolderlea of arhlta datnaaj
praoented bj tiu- Kh.it and Queen and
wrrp reDroductlona In allver and c old ot
Rfteenth centurjr dealgna Bannera
gleamed and gold plate Bhlmmered and
amior and nafmleti tapeatriea orna
mented thr. entrance hall. [| ?as B
rnagnlflcani Btaga aettlng for thla ualqua
jatr.anl of royal*- av,\ , mpire.
Compared with 1902.
other coronatlona eould not hava beea
nthpr mor- Joyona it, apirli or bHghter
and mora raried ln color t an thla otth,
Cerulnly not the laal ona, arhen the
Bovefelgn ha.i barely rca*oa*ered from an
alarmlng lllnesa and I ? Bpeetatora ware
aobered and rhaatened by dtaappolnt*
rneni and anaiety. if ri at araa a
thankaglving aerviee maklng aa la>
tenaely hurnan appeal to thr. heart, ag
the one before lt had eea med a ranaana a
of fairyland, thla "as ;. Bumptuoui lm?
perlal pageant, rlvalllag in apb ndor tha
eoronaUon of Q4rorge iv. aad bj Ha
sherr magrnlfk*amce atlnaulatlng the i->y
aity af aii th. Britona There araa no
effeet of anti cllmaa ln a belated i ere
nioniai. tnatead of .. de. line of popular
Intereat there ?.'r. unrgatralaad out
burata ?t rathuataaai arlthin and without
thp abbe* Tl ???? araa tbo li-rcomparabla
beauty an.l aparkllng vlvaelt) of the
apectaele, and underneath tha glory af
pageantry, arlth Ita grandeur o* ritual,
tboro araa the aaeranieni of royalt*
Tha Abbey arhen n.p Bpeetatora hpgan
to ti11 it at an early hour looked as it
dld nlne raara ago. Fron. tha areal door
t<> thp oraan B(***eea thprp arera lofty aal
? - and theaa arera continued ln tha
Intermedlate Bpacea ..\.r tiu- <h...r alelag
and on both atdee <>f the traiiaepta, Thr?
ra*a*ognltion platforra under the r-entral
tourer araa enaxanpaaaed w.th galltrtea,
The Abbey was almoal iinrrmgnliahig
excepi for the roaa a*lndon*a, thg ccaV
iinins and the .aultlng, but nave, cholr,
transepta ..ml preebyterj arera brought
i ? omogent oua rel I na aa a t heatre
for .. unlQue apeartacle. There arera
boxea for membera of the royal famlly
an.l gueate of honor; the cholr ??? re
aerved for foreign eavoyg, . ? ? t? ? riir*.i pgg>
mlera and tae dlptooaatle corpa; the
paareaaea arera la tha aortb tranaapl gg
ti.-rs of ehalra rtalng t" th.' level <>r tha
trlforlum; tha peera arera in the aouth
tr.ins.'pt. arltti th.- Comaaoaa in .i kh i
above them, ami .ni aach aaaa of tha
cholr thera arera s!"i>iiia* ptaUoraaa fag
prlvy coundllora, dlptaaaMtlsta, judK.s
an.l maa and areatW n "f .listin.-ti.>n ln so
Gold Lacad Officiala.
Thr ipectatora theinaetvee, aa thry
Bllad the empi) sia.fs in these *ai
., .. v. ra th- Bral p..aT*:int ln tha aVb
lu; Through tba na\e and up laal

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