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ihoir. Whera there was <i swnrm of Rold
laced offtclata with Btavea t<> raeelve
them, ihcre waa ;? contlntioua proRros?:
,. imbaaaadon In imlforaa. Indlan
prtncea In Orlental robea, cokmlal pio
miers ln courl coatumee wlth bteaata
ab'a/.e with drvoratinns?. peeis and |>cer
cssos with their emiine and miniver.
Prlvy Coundllora in blue and gold and
pagea in whlti satin ..nd hnoai braochee,
judgea wlth full wlg^ Mehopwn lawn.
membera ol Parnamenl and dignitavies
Of thi . i \ i i la 5u< h braver.v as
they COuM mUBter, and the gre;it d.-mes
and leadera of fashtoa in beautlful t.>ii
eltcs and coiffnree, Wlth thrir diamonds
anl pear'.s. WhO COUld ovor forgrt the
aplendora of thal atately court In the
Abbey? Whal palnter under rbyal com
mand rould hOD8 tO pQTtraj 0* '?<>
wHdering ravcl of bleoda of radianl
color, the Bhlmmerini brllHaace ol R,,ld
and siua ahecn. thi aparkUng flrea and
Boftenod Irideecance of tena of thousands
of jeweta and ihe a > of geyety and dle
Unctton pervadlng the anclenl fanel
?When the pcereaaea wen ln thelr aeati
La the north tranaept the cctota of the
crlmaon robra i ' mlnlver capea
p, . lered wttti attnlne wera maaeed ao
that thi ? aeemed to be dreaaed allke.
Each wore three oatrJch plumea and i
pauzo vell, and heM In her ktg coronel
and f-n The bars ..f mlnlver could nofl
i.onted, nor thf allver balla and
goMen vavo* of thf coroneta be dla
,i. nor the quarter yarda of the
traln be meaaure.i with the ev, . RMa
Uve rank could be detennlned bj the or
(irr,,. ? ttera nnd pro-hnlty to the .en
trai thr."-. but the beauty "f thf under
, ., and eoiffnres and the spiendors |
. diamond tlaraeand ropeoof pearis
,,,,. . - Ea h peereaa had en
joyed, however, her momenl <>r trlumph
in the paai ? v' aai cholr The
whue underdreea, veJIed ln exqulaitelace
and embroMerad wlth heraldlc or deco
..? . dealgna In gold an.i allver thread,
had been eeen, and every yard "f tho
. . edged wlth mlnlver had
tralled behind hei and advertleed thf
dignlt; ? iank. The famlly helrlooma
and beautlful JewelB had sh-ne from
neck ..rul hair, and '.a.i helped to pro
r!aim her as one "f the graal pirsmi
ecs of the i oronatlon.
ln the Order of Rank.
Thf peen In thf aouth tranaept, aeated
?w ii, ag ttera ln thi order <-f rank. wore
,-,,;, ? . . maon velvel wlth mlnlver
edgea and .rmine ia!'^s <?? ? courl dreea
oi- uniforma Thelr moat consptcuoua
membera wer In thi groupa bearinc thf
?i and Burroundlni the ninnari'h;
but tho main bodj <<f prlvlleged leglala
tora waa maaaed in the monotonouaglory
of crlmion nv.<\ black and whlte fur. and
there wa? n.'t n puppet peer among them.
Their lawdi ts. with relvetcapa
and golden taaaela wera in their hand*
to bf toyed wlth durlng the carlier atagea
?>f thf aervice and to be worn wlth con
g\ loufl pride when thf Kinp wa? CTOWned
in the royal boxea n - rved for the prin
. ? fl and InUmate friends ..f ihe King
and th?- Queen purple waa the doml
nating note nbove thi F"ld plate, and the
eager tu> o% ,.f chlldren i ouM bi bc* b
amonp th. i
ln the Commona gallery there were
welcome patchea nf black, man) courl
dresFf? and mllHarj uniforma an.i. not
wlthstandlag the RjmUc^I majorlty and
demo d< ii' '? a, a brave displa) of
decoratlona In the Prtvj OouncMom1
and diplomattc galli i k a, ln the chjolr and
on the platforma flanklng the kmi
._:.? through the nave, there waa a
bewildeiing varlety of coetuinea The
]adie? wen in full coum dreea without
trains. (nd i' they were nol allowed to
carry I had exqulaite jeweis.
ia. e and fana Theae gallertea were re*
lirxerl from th-- TO 11 II swny of
crimson mantlea and bla* k and whlte
fur. Queen Mar) had aefl tho atyle for
bricht colors gllttering metalllc tUwuea
nnd cryatal embroldered gowna in i.aiis
and pai' (- and had lefl it be know n that
th. I.- could i!"t be too man) jeu,!s to
p'? .^f her, The eoronatlon uaiieries
-: ? '?,' ' - ::.'l gold and BilV-T
texfl ? ? ? and ' ? il ora :?: dreea,
and never were then *<> many diamonds
and j- llngle roof, The
I and gold uniforma
\. nt everywhere, wlth the Prlvy Coun-I
<" f< w lnantle.a of knkhts
and tli ? ,i t dresa tn inne it
. : I Marshal, in s.-.irlet and
te, tral flgure &.?? the chlef |
atage manager. Mediaevallatn wbp- pictu
^^ ited by the heralds, pur-i
nta and n of th. p. iard. with
thelr qualnfl oafl imee
Bflatcci and Ddatory.
T en na time enough for a roiiraii
af the 4 nbaeaiea and of the empire in
the cboir and ,if the pecrage In the
Iranaepta, and alao to declde whether it
waa a whlta an.i gold eoronatlon like the
lasfl one, oi i more Joyoua one, wlth
brlghter.i an.i more brilllantly Jew- I
< There mual :iava been four hours j
? i ? nlng of the rloota ;ind J
the aniv.il of th? proceealoni -the n;it- I
lah prli ., nd i ;? rman prtnci b, the I
Prlnce oi Walea wlth hia herakta, Queen J
M and her retlnue and the KIng'B I
pn with the bearera of the j
regalia and awordi and tiio .
fum t ' ii.*.i li i >.f the atata and
| that long inter- j
\a! opera glansea wera freely used, and j
there aaa a continuoua buaa oi anlmated
converaation i.i all the gaiierieg. Tlie
orchcatra , tyed marchea and aelectloaa |
from Hand I and modern ESngltah i":n
"nal dnrn
.nd ti ir m of rhoriatera and rlchly
111 i,i I. ia the
crowded theatri Por the thoueanda of
oi enter
ated peera -tiair
jjiniii In wii oronata and the diia
tory women whoai elaborate colffures had
k?pt th'in nt hom. Aparfl from the
pageantr; t aaa ibtagi. wlth
its Inceaaanfl byplay, v.-.n- the atorted, |
t.m? . Boftened and traas
Bgun o atlve effecta ol t.iue
and ; i
Vivacdy and Modermty.
As ..... ^,,r) (,f |
trana < nd. nt atafl
Um Bparkllng vlvaclty and Intena
naodi rnit) of th* i ? i le wera apj
ate.i. it waa llke a command perform*
am ? i ere famlliai facea and ci eb-1
rite l ? bi <!.
Th< i ? w< Btmlnati i ?as
known b: her handsom. faoe and lovely
jew-:-. the i>.' hat ol Welllngton b
bar ? tati pn oam ? and the Dw .'
Rutland b .'.' ? q lait. gra< The
Ducheaa "i Buccleucb, after .1 |onj
' ?. ? ine .-?<-?? ii tha
da; a of '.' ? i v-1 l rla and Qim en Ali \
andra, m l
The Du< . taa of 1 und the
i ounti ai ? r CJrai >i i ipporti i Ami i
| fection of i atume
anl Jeaeli Th. Counteaa (aoon to be
Tha mnpnifircnt rroam arlth whlch Queen
Mary araa cnrwned yeeterda) la of arholli
Engllah conatructton. an.l la notabla n?t
only f..r tiu- practlcally Invlalbla srtthiK.
but tor its extrr-mp llghtneaa; with It- cap
nnd frminr it aretglta under nlnetefln
\.i qriiirs pul riiamondp appear
in it. Tho r-lrclrt t*0**al8ta of n hand nf
(llainonrls ln n dp=s1?;n of nlta-nflto rOaea
and rroaaea Above t'il?. arcordlng t.< tha
wpII rlpflriffl hpral^ir rulea foi thp yufcns
crown. aro four rroaaea petlefl aod fo...
fieur-de-lla, an<l from them i-pi-Ipk tha
Hghl arcttea Above tha l"'int wtiP.p thoy
mpot is an ori. or mound i:> pavg BBttlng,
and abovfl thal asrain .. larpo croaa patee,
ln th* oentra of lha croaa Jual ahnvp the
broa is sn tba fatnoua Koh-I-Noor, or
"Mountain of Light," tha hlatork if \\ r*1.
.... .,... <.?o>\ haa been called "ona long
romanca of fivp < r.^turi-^s." it araa onrp
among tha treaaurea o' Aurunaeb, and
Lord Dalbouale, arhen Vlceroy of india.
Ilarchl >npssi ..f Crewa was gownrd ano
robed wlth aimple elegance, Thi Counteaa
of Aberdeen wore irish embroiderlea,
with tlnstlos intortwino.l wlth Ivy lra\-v
and a norklaop of etneraldfl and pearls
Mra Joaeph Chamberlain had a good
aeai wlth Mrs Bndtcott. Mrs. Herbertj
ii. As'iuith. the Primr- Mlnlater'fl wife,
was where every one eould Bea her, and
her tio'.* was radiant with frank enjoy
menl <>f the aplendld acene, sir wnfrid
LaBurier, in blue, was the m art conapicu
oua nf thp overaeaa atatesmen. nnd ("r-n
eral Botha, whlla not in Boer unifonn.
was atalwari and atralght backed, liko
tii<- aoldier be la
Some Aaiatic Facea.
The dark. wlry llttle man wlth a aea
roll m his sttinV through tho <h.-ir was
thg modpst Admira! TogO, thp .lapanrpp
Nelaon, and a irldeawake, n^niai s>>i
dier waa Gcncral Nogl. The Indlnn
prlnrea were revealed bj thelr Oriental
robea and Prlnea Chtng bj hla typlcally
Inacrutabla Chlneae face. There wera
suitans from tho Btralta Bettlementa,
Bthlopiana in whlte, the Btolld lookinp
heir t<> tha Turklah throne, tiu Khedlve'-j
brother, trlcked out in BgypCian bravary,
and Emperor Mpuripk's -rwarthy faced
coualn from Abyaelnla. Ti.e Duke ot
A' ata and the Infante Don Fernando
Marie a'ere volatlle repreaentatlvea ot
the Latin races, and tho prench admiral
was well groomed and plumed.
Tha boylah German Crown Prim >? waa
in glittering unifonn; tha Archduka
Prancia Joaeph furnlahed another typl
call) Oerman face, while Queen WII
helmina'a broad ahouldered hushand
aeemed liko a proaperoua Dutch burgher.
Tho Ruaalan Grand rniko Boria araa re
ppi^niiont ln g?dd lace and deeoratlon,
whlla there wera tha gorfroous unlformg
,.? th. piincea fr<>m Rumanla, Bervia,
Bulgarla Oree e, Denmark, Bweden and
many Oerman statos. Prince Henry of
Pri.ssia a*aa conaplcuoua for his sra.Mous
Amaricana .*o'iid ba plcked out wlth
? ?j >: ? glaaaea as pasiiy as the familiar
Rgurea among tho Prlvy Counclllora,
Boeiety favoritea and brUllant hoeteeaea,
who arera aunnlng themeelvea ?t Aacot,
wera n.issinR fron. thp Abbey tinl^ss
they wera p8e-*eaaB*g or thp wivea "f
protninent Engliahmen.
Leas Conapici.oua Seat.
.1 Pierponl Morgan had a leaa con
apicuoua aeal that. ai tho ia<t corona?
tion. Captain t.ov* .<r the battleahlp
Delawara ?ns in naval unifonn, and
Charlea P. Tafl was ir. regulation '?':!(
ln tho north cholr gallery Mrs Taft
was d.pssr.l in a Whltl aatlfl R'.i"n om
broldered ir. brillianta, Hn<i wora <)ia
monda and pearla. Miss Taft was in
whlte tulle, embroidered in plnk, with
at ' beada Bhe wora a pearl neck
Amhassador Rpid waa with tliP diplo
mati< corpa in tho cholr, and John Haya
Hammond waa with tha apecial envoys.
Mra Reid a as in white, with ezojulalte
and diamonda. Mra Hammond'a
coronation robe was <.?' heavj aattn
rhanglni ln hue from praro. k gri-en to
Bilver turquolae, and her jewela were
dlamondfl and r'tnrraldH. Mrs Wllllam
Kave it to Queen I'lctoria ln IM ll araa
shown at the ?reat axhlMtlon of IBI, and
afterward racut, on th*. a<i\i<e of sir DavM ,
Breweter, by the Massra Oarrard, the
cuttlng of ihe tns: f*fat belng ierform^.1
by ihe sr,at Duke oP Wellinaton. Tra4t
tli?n says that the Koh-I-NOOT never
brnnght lll fortune to an\ woman Who
wore it, whataver nmii^n Influenoe it may
have exerte.l on men, Another naylng
about It la that 'who hOlda the Koh-l-No< r
holdl India '? Tbe s-plendld brtlllaie . Of
the "Mountain of Llght" la then carrled
upward and downarard hy two of the Leaaar
Btara <t Afrlca, parta of the crear cul
Hnan diamond, and their emptoymenfl in
this poaltlon impart*. a magniflcence alte
crether unlrjue to tlie Queen'a CTOWn. The
nendeloque atone, welghing nlnety-two
karats. appear.s in th- crOBB BUrmOUtttlng
the orb . . fhe square bfHilant, weigh
Ing BlXty-tWO kar.its, is in front of the
circlefl benaath the Koh-I-Noor,
Philllp? W4?W white aatin wlth silver and
[pearl embroldery, and Mrs. John Ward
white hrorade.
Admirably Stage Managed.
w hen thr proceaalona entered the nava
and . hnir, whafl had been a mHRnlflcent
court was transformed into a theatrtcal
epf.tacle admirabh stage manaued. The |
grande?<t Bcenk nT<"ts at Drury LaiM OT
His Majeety'a werr duarfed beyondcom?
pa riaon and Intenalfled wlth raallam.
InBtead of aotors and a.trepiea. nMIB
queradlng an n>\al penonagee, wtth a
i?arm of court dnminies ?nd Improviaed
ladlee-in-waitlng, there were ihinK plet?
urea "ith prln.es and prlliCBBBta playing
thelr Own parts. and with prehitea. pcr?
Bulvants, functionaiiea wlth gold tipped
wanda, nohies with atandarda and the
real regalla, all aurroundlng a ie;ii kinc
and rpieen. lt WBfl modflfll roy.tty
i broughl up i,. twentleth century date,
lyefl Invested with a giamour "f <iu.,int
iheraldry and the medlieval traditlona of
i chlvairj.
Ptrat eame th.- princea and prlnceaaea
of Brltlah atock and ContlnentAl courta.
a m "i" or more <.f prini eaaei 11< hly
|jewelled paased through the cholr and
acroaa Ihi theatre t" thf royal boxes,
arlth attendanta io manage their tralna,
floatlng behlnd them lik. < nms.?n i
Ipurple clouda with ?iivery linin--.
Tlie Handscn-est Prince6S.
i Piinceaa Patrlcia of Connaught wga
leasily thr handaomesi among them, and
I thf Oerman crown Princeaa had rne vt
| the frefhept and moat lentltlve facea ln
I the Berrled llnca.
More than two hundred flgurea had
j been alread) marahalled ln three divi
Islone, wlth thirt) pacea reaerved for th?
J Kinn- and n? much apace for the Queen
i Th? flrat dlvlaion ind moved Into ibi
> nave, the aecond waa waitlng rbr the
| Queen and the thlrd for the K\:\x. with
, Teomen of the Ouard aa a rear guard
The Prlnce ot Walea with a m.
1 retinue, was with t1:. prir. esa ? boy
ish rigure in Qarter robea paaaing up the
cholr wlth uncertain atep and face
fluahed with excltement, and taklng hia
place in front "f th. i;rr;it compan) >>f
nohies beslde the Duka <?;' Connaughfl
where his father had afl.l afl the laal
. Oronation.
After a brief interval thf Queen'a pro
cession ent.red the naVB and Choir "ith
an outburafl of tiiumphal muak and
vlvata from the WeBtmlnster aelroolboya
Heralda led the way for the gentlemen
at-arme, two blahopa and thiee noMemen
Icarrylng thf Queens croarn and regalla;
i but ?i" could ha-. <? .. ea for th< m n hen
i the gneen herso'f waa behlnd them wlth
| nix tralnbearera, the Mlatresa of tne
' Rotx .?. the Ladlea <>' the Bi d< hamtM r
and the MaMe of Honor?
The Queens hor> satin dreta "Ith
Tudor roaea in brlghl gold thr..,,; .,, tha
centre of the bodlce, end Bhamrock,
thlstle. lotua <>ak leavea andacorm
I where, waa of matchlesa lovi
nrooiiinR from the furred cape waa a
train <.f purple velvefl embroldered in
gold, b i?h .1 apn .ni of alxfl aquar ? feet
Hi r Quei n'a moiu gram wlth crown rai
reaplendenl among the ahamrorki roaea
fa_M_f D -
sgftf. a\
/fl**" ^Jaf*" .a?7 aa .a*8 aaa .^a >1a _
Running faat hourly traina (ever) houi ofl tlac hour) front
Jersey Citj lo Phjlgdelphia, witl.I CHANGE -,, TKAN8
FER 7 \ M. to ln P. M . gnd midntght, witfa aleepera,
from Liberty St. 1" minntet of tha houf frotn Wc | 23d Sl
.? ,.f tba train,
nnd thistlps In tho rel T8
i in'i'il V. i. 1 i
whlch w:,s bordered and
armine. MagnlAcenl Jawela f???P .
the gtory <.f this ragal -"?<"1"''
< ni.?p|1 Al' *?
differed eatantlally f",m w , A
, . ???*?* mantla and
andra i coronation on -
dreaaed ln whlta
Taii. handaome glrl
tissnp. w.,,. rnoreeffe- ,h.-than i^? ??"
tr.lnbr.rera Nearll all arara ????'?<? ;;?'h
... ? 1 a.lv J.ilern
l.riniani complaxlong Hka ><?"?
Butler and Lady Vtctorla .v.rri?*tm.
and one, Lady Daraaby Brown
type of blond Irtah baauty.
Th. Klng-a retlnue waa ao ?*tttI**u,e
. ....- p 1.1?? flotni
and magnincent that ho waa ?
natlng ngura than he mlfM hnv" '""''
,, paaaed oul of the nnnW ?-d ,,,n"K'"
tbe ii.iv and cholr arhlia tha cholr waa
Binglni Wr Hubert Parry-a oiianlni ???
lum. "I Was.;i;,d." Wtttl tl- WestmU.
-rter aehootboya1 rlvata i*-a?wved for tne
n, proa.li of thfl Kfeft W 8/88 l"^r.
qnalntar. graader than N*'ie W*a*araa
proa flaaion ha.i been.
Blowly i. approached lh? -*ntral
theatre, headad by hr.awJo tha A?-f^
ctergy, offictala of tba royal fcrugabfAd,
bearera of thr ragalla aad ilafjdard
Four Knights of tha Garter.
Thr an hMabopa and blabope, -rpletidld
ly vpst.d. wara attended by clunlalna,
and tbe ttPditional coronation f-mrtioti
nrirs arera foiiow.-.i by puraa liaararaand
pogea Pour Knlghta of tba oartar, ln
blue mantlea, arara raady ta carry tho
Ootden Pall, and tha Ktng^at-Anna
Teomen of tho Ouard nnd taWtanen-at
Arms revealed In eoatumi ?nd araapona
thr glortea of chlvatry and iiiedtafVallam.
Ho rarled were tha Bpl4?dorg ..f pa
geantry and eolor that tha King hlaaaelf.
with his Pariianr-nt robe bo**darad nnd
Hnod wlth armine and the train carrled
by eij-ht pagaa, was aacriflcad to tha
prandpur of his own rr-tlnne.
When tho King and Queen wera in
thelr rhatra by tho aouth wall tbara waa
a ipectada of ina*aNnparable atatetln m
and beauty. Blabopa and clergy arera
around tho alur. Tha Queen'fl retlnua
was on OIM glda and thr. Klng*8 BUO?
pbi tara arara on tho ..thor. The chlef par
formera wara in tho centre, ar.d from the
stops of thr thaatra to tho cholr and tha
upst door the nave waa a long nn* of tho
King's retlnue, with meduaval coatumea,
banners and Rolrl lace.
The Primo Minlater waa In hla own
placa, near tho throne. Ha wag aol
niasrj.iPradinK as Lord Privy Baal, nor
wrs ba Infertor in stato to tba Kari Mar
Bhal and the Lord Chaniherlaln. chlef
aervanta of tho royal bn-taahold, n?>r to
tha Uard Hic;h Btaward and Htgh Con
Btable, Wlth offlcrs revlved for a amtlo
day aa ri'inlnlscenc-a of the storled pa.-t
He was not tfuing as mentor for the
Bovereign, like Lord Melbourng behlnd
Queen Vtetorta In 1888, bul wag thare In
aimple unlform as Prime Mlniatar, an
offlce prevloualy unkaown la tha rr . la
of coronation staae managament.
Sincere Radicala Reconciled.
This was the Innovation whlch recon
. iled sincere Radicala l'.ke l.ord Lot*e
burn on.i l.ord Morley to their grandlooa
trappinga as Lord Chancellor and Lord
Prealdeni of the Council. Another de
parturg from pracedent was the multl
pllcatlon of the standards of Walos, the
piinelpallty huvinsr for thp Bral Rnaa its
..wn l.anner. Five pygraaaa dominions.
t..... wera repraaented by former vice
There wera fantaatto contraata In atat
ure whJoh would hava jgaeu comieal <>n
the burleaqui atage. Lord Loud '111). wlth
the apura, was a gi.itii of six feel three
Inchea and the Duke of Beaufort, \? i 111
the curtana, was nearty aa tall. Cloee
behlnd them v\1111 the Btcond aword ^as
ihe dlmmutlvi Lord ftobcrts, trylng to
: keep abraaafl of Lord Klti bener.
By-play of thla sm!. h_>wever, made
J fu. impr.ssi.ui on th, iightaeera. 'n'"
! unlque majeety of the glorloua apectacle
; \4.1s overpowertag. Th.. ptutaaalim-' i,;|
[geant waa converted al once hrto ? ?s"1*
| emn ceremonial, full of medUeval sym
' bdllsill.
The pteiude waa the hlatorteal "reoog
Inltion," implylng in earllaat tlmea B con
I flrmation by th.. peopie of the chotce of
i monarch artei he had been llfted up ""
i thf warrton* ahlelda li waa ahortened
! and iinpaire.i ;,t the last eoronatlon,
when in place >>f four proclamatlona
? there wera three only.
One mn ntuai waa reetored when a
gn up ..f dlgnitarlea headed by Lord
Loi iburn, the Duka .a' Norfolk and the
Duke ..f i-'it. waa formed on each alde
, .if the theatre, and George V waa pro
I claimed by the Archblahop of Cnnter
i.ury and the heralda The Archblahop'a
' voice rang oul wlth reeonanfl power, and
I acclamatlona, Btrong al the outaet, aith
the help <>f the Weetmlneter boya ln
i reaaed in rolume nt every rapetltlon
; nd flnally muffled the fanfare ol* the s!l
ver trumpeta s<> waa made Bejuare to
every wtnd the Klng** state as conetltu
jtional monarch, governing wlth the coo?
_ent of his BUbJei ts.
Placed on the Altar-.
Thla dramatlc preiu.ie waa followed bj
la long pause, durlng whlch all the regalla
except the iwordi were pIh..<i on tba
altar and tne utany araa begun wlth a
aomnolenl drone t<> the accompanlmeni
"i TalHaa*B aettlng. The introir _ung at
the in-t eoronatlon waa repeated from
!<>-. ot Pureell'a acoree, and the rolcea
eame oul well In aupporl of tha organ
In Merbecke'a .?.>ng and In the Creed.
The Bermon, by the Arehbumop of Tork,
l~ ar as proaalc ..s tha music and dellv
ered in a droway monotone.
When the patha were admlnlatered the
Kinc reaponded In a faint volce ind
klaned the Blbta whlle on his kneea II
OUghfl t" have been nn" <<f the Rreat mO
menta In the tervlce, bul the grouplng
ra inaffectlve and the trumpeta arere
allent The apectatora wera n?>t thrllled
| until the anolntlng functlon bad opened
Wlth the "Veni freator BpllitUB," BUBl
tn an ancient ineiody of Borene beauty.
The orchestrai pn-iud*' nf Handel'a an
them "/adok the Prleat" Insplred re
(iigioiis exaltation. The aoiemn proeea
BtOH of the pnests at BOkMnon'a < ..rona?
tion aeamed to be movtng through the
Abbey wlth ? stead>' march. and when
the ohojr aang the trlumphal paaaagaa
thi re was for ihe first time muMc arofthy
of the luprame occaalon, PeereBeea
ceaaed to toy wlth thalr coroneta and
Bfflafl women in the gallery forp.d abou?
i oronatlon clothea
The Klng by thla time was in th*
' .oronatlon chalr. and four Knlgbta of the
Qarter baarlng the gold paii and a cius
ter of prelates and chlef OfBceflTB of the
royal housrhoid Burrounded him. whlle
the crlmaon rohe was taki n off and the
ptiestlike eoronatlon vestments were pul
mi The Archblahop'a volce could he
heard. and the dean's upllfted arm .ould
in- sren during this parsace, but the
Klng waa Inviatbla until the Bupportera
drea aside and Iie was rcvealed in the
full glory of cloth of gold. atmlnted and
coneei rated llke n hlgh prlest to the ser
\ ti-. of the empire.
The aymbolic rltea of the investlture,
whlch were Jumblad togetlier at the last
ooronatlon, were more Impreaalve when
taken alowly. Theae were thf piesonta
Itlon of the Bpura, the BWOrd "f redemp
I tion offered at tii" altar. the beatowal <>f
tlie royal robe, the orh and two acepi ra
?hc eapousal wlth ihe rlng and gift of
the ri^ht hand glove.
Without underatandlng thf _ymboiic
aubtletiea of theae ceramoniea ihe Bpec
tators were thrllled by thf glorloua ap
Iparltlon of royal power when the Kinc
U a ri
...yr,i in majoety nko a goklen
?nTght"ln embrolderod roba.
Ti.e fifth Oeorgo'a crowp waa wa.t.ng
?? th* altar aa the aoorcaofdlvlne order
? Stranaferofe^hlydtwdty. Th.
,,,n rnis.d lt reverently and thf Anh
biahop placad it upon Ihe ainafa hami.
T1;e last auprema aet b.. ????
tramendona limpHdtr ? There waa i
Bjnflfl tn.uM.nt.'fhallo-.sed.i.en.ebf;,,,..
tha Btelwert Klng-atgArma gava tho alg
pai aml the tiirer trumpeti rang out,
Signs of Hositation.
The peen behlnd tha Klng p?l tm their
coroneU promptly, bul thew wiara algna
0t healUtran and fumbllng In the aouth
?lh(. well drilled emotloa of tne weat
i.but bofa unelar theti baad waeter
noa found renfl In thi Joyful ahout oftan
repeated. "Ood aava th< Klng!" The
eboir waa alreadj ainglng si. Walter
Parratt'a hymn, "Be Htr.-ng and Play
th- Man- IVhen the Blble had been
preaenud, the Klng. glorloualy crowned
and armad "ith the iymbota of aov
erelgntv. turned tOWBTd the thron'-. and]
was falrly llfted Into ll by prttatea .''nd j
offlcera of itate,
As he nl wtth orh and ? eptre. aur
roundod by heralda, beartro nf the re?
galla, blshopa and courl ofltctata, there
waa tbe grandeet tableau of the whole
' coronal on, The dlmax bad been
reached, and the rarloua acta of homage
! by the two erchblabopa the prin.es and
the repraeentattve peera wera not Im
[preaaive, Inaamuch ea the coroneti wer
not taken off almultaneouely and the
ceremony had nol been rehearaed.
? sir Prederlck Brldge'a homage anthem,
I 'Rejoi.-e in the i.-.rd." v.aa aplendidly
_ung, wlth ita motlve from the Luthetan
i chorale.
There was a thrining touch of nature
when the Klnf, foUowtng the procedent
i set by hia own father. embracod bla ion
1 with unaffected benrtlueea The Abbey
Iraaounded irlth acclamattona and the
trumpeta were Mown Hjjatn after a long
; drum beal
A Beautiful Interlude.
The Quaen'a < oronatlon th.-n eame as a
beautiful Interlude before the < on< lusion
of the communton Bervlce. Bupported by
two blahopa and aurrounded by traln
bearora and maids of honor, ahe kneit
before the altar and then behlnd the eor?
onatlon Chalr, and four handsome
duchessea held the golden paii over her
whilo she was anolnted and crowned.
The Ducheaa of Devonahlra, aa Mle
tress of the Robes, gave the signal. and
up and down the north trans.-pt white
arml were raised and COTOnOta were put
on. The aceptre and the ivory rod were
plaeed ln the Queena hands. and. with
tlie Archblahop'a benedlctlon, ahe re
turned to her own place, pausing before
the other thront an-1 making a grareful
courtet] t" the Klng.
The Queen WM as COmpooed and lovely
as a bride at B weddiiiK durlng this <ere
mony, and the gTOUP of ladies around her
was the lovelleel picture ?een In the
The communlon ollli e, i onverted Into a
consecration Bervlce, was bTOUghl to a
close. the tline-worn prayers beitig re
peated Whlle the Klng and Queen were
kneeling in their grand robrs.
MuMC b) four Mvlr.g Knglish cotn
po?ers w.-.s introduced, in eonhection
with Stair.^r's and Ortando'B pevcnfold
and thraefold amena sir Bdward El
gars offertoiium. "O, Hcarkfn Thou"'
waa empty and withOUfl character. Dr.
Alcook'B "Banctue" an.i sir Bdarard
Btanford'a "OlorlB in Bxi fi.-is" laekad
the dlgnlty of th.. okter compoeera'
scorea. Blr Huberl Party*a "Te f>eum"
waa Jubllanl Without belng deeply Im
Filing Cabineh
to fit any bujines* r-quire.
ment, equippcd with
(icographical, or
Numcrical Ind-xes.
The mojf compl-'e ;;nc
of Filing Devicci man .'ao
turcd is shown it our *'ore.
Library Bureau
316 Broadway
preaafve. Tba oM mu*i< waa ^? tuned h?
the simplioiiy ..f its setr.r.j* to the gran.
ii. .r of tha rittsal, aven wh< n thpr- *-.?,
aplendld reacea iiko Edward Lloyira,
wiiiian. Orean'g and Uai- ?? , <-,
for a mlxtura of Bt] ka In nea coggngi
Afta r tha retlremenl of thi Kmg -rj
Quaen to the .hapei behlnd tha aitar th?
?Te Deum" Bltad tho long piuxp ??
<ame as a ? i.ili aiiti-dimax aftgg Ki.-.g
Edward'a coi*ot?atlo? P/ben ti-." bov.
:rri.iciis en..ri""i in thelr regal rob-a.
I Wtttl ? rr.-.'r.s an?l s< pptr?s. portlflag <J
their rettoiiee bad alread* retlred
The stiteiy rgjCflaaftonal priccantry hai
lapparently eabauated Ita reaourcea aaa
1 ing th< protracted aarrtce, or rath*r tha
: apectatora ad feauated t.. Batlety ..n th.
glorioua effe.-te of color and crr?mr,ni4L
and yel thla triumphal progreaa ?aii
' marvi I of Imperial magn ti ? n 1 .-'??'.
and wlthoul confualon or heattatiea da
Ida, the feomen of ti.e <;uarri, t-..
Btandard b4*a*ref?, the courl offictala, tl*
Btat< functlonaxiaa, th" Knlghta ? ?-.
.j.-.rtrr tha pagea, the maidi of hoan
tho blahops, tho chaplaina and tl - am*
, ..;.... paaaed out. and tl ? i-.ir* ggfl
... aen a ith them, tiu 1 nan aal
! Kohinoor dlamonda and 1 rcaaf
i<';r..,i*'p ni flaahlng from ? ? - rreaaj
; and t!;pir facca beamlng a tl gnatlaa
, amlb a.
Tho organ and ora*heatra "?t ? pU r
joyoua muaic, and the Bpb*i it ng
acene left thg gpectatora bn
, their loyalty eould not be ailenced; aa>
quettc waa forgotten, and. the \\'m
[ minater boj 1 again leading the agjr,
there were rounda upon nnn ' v,**i
heard aa tha K;t;e and Queen dtaap
peared Theae 1 br< ra wa re renewed aaa
Burgea of enthuaiaam when t*. ay **n
1 welcomed by aubjecta outalde th* Al ?
11 .I on the<r homeward -? 1 Bu*|.
ingham Palau a.
Bo ? nded th" 1 oronatl n day ttu
; and rejolclng, whli li conl 1 ? i I ? .raftr*
1 hour until mldnight. There had he?ns*
t of antltheela or the dlacloaara I
? human Inflrmlt* at the 1 i| rema ir.omeat
: of royal groat. - - at th
: pravloufl coronation. Tl..' King *-* h
robuat health, at.d tht Q ; hapgy
inclouded a ith ana
Th- aecreta of Btate functiona at
intll dlaiiea are pi heg Ha
truth la revealed that the ring ?u
Jammed on the arrong flnger or tiutieaw
great peraonaga tumbled down tba **.?;?
oi the throne or that the Arcal ?
turned the crown half around on th
I aovefeign'a head. Appareiitly, Bgeanaj
nobody had blundered, a'..i i..;ther tba
Archbtahop nor th- deaui bad baag ga
; nerved in hand or foot, Tt had not r*vn
b tbankagtvlng aervlce for the convi
leecence of the aovaaelgu; it had n".
I appealed to human aympathy, .? 1
| patrlotio f.ride and Imaginatloi Tbg4
h.oi baan in pomp pgagflauitry an.l he-a
1 aj;.' a doae approach to the apotheca.*
1 of royalty. The golden link -f l'.?..?
had been Btrengthened ln m-ti'i '
tt ition and th< em;.ii 1 .
I. N POtfc
Late King Edward'i
Dr. r.tr.-V Otti M-ri'nbid:
I ha. e hMB Bltaf can.-.!ogen
for a nueiber c! yeari ln mr
prai-ti.ewlth Bsecllcai rtnltt.
e?p?<-lally :n IbcaWOfCldlrlf
peopie whrn H B a? BMtrlMl to
b.ililiip'hearrength, tosl.jnu
lile fhe bodity fMCtlBM, .n1
lo Imp'ive tbe clrcuii'.eri of
the blood."
Emperor nf AuatrU'i
Prirate Phyiician
Surgeon Generai Dr. Keril,
Of Vlenr.i I " I have BBtB uvng
Ban.'og'nach IBlSBdMMSBNl
? ni '" mmrnd it contmually
nnd llllfwhlll horv.f I ,im
IhnroiiKhlr rorivin'e* tha! f li
in r*cel!*D? food tCDIC."
Tha K!ns of Saaony't
Prirnte Phy.irian
Furgeon General Prnf. p?.
Tlttaaaas: 1 ?m, anl ?v ."i
e\ ? >v? be, ? irrat tdmlrrr rf
LONG livc the King ! This national cry echoes the
feeling of a peopie that the health of their estab?
lished leader is vital to their peace and security.
And the wearing effect of the burdens he must carry
gives the utmost irnportance to the choice of a med
ical adviser who shall safeguard the ruler's health.
The King's physician is always an eminent scientist
of the highest integrity. <^The weight of his responsi
bilities gives weight to his opinion.
In writing the hearty endorsements of Sanatogen
which are printed on this pagc, the physicians to six of
Europe's famous monarchs are testifying to their personal
tcientific conviction ? after personal scicntific trial.
They have come _ace to face with that great modern
puzzle ?what to do for distracted nerves and debilita
ted bodics -and have found the answer in Sanatogen.
Their trihutes, and the earth-wide tributes of scicntists
andlaymen?have crowned Sanatogen as KingofTonics.
The Late Emprror Frod
_ erick'a Pri-a'e Pbyaician
Profesior T^Oo'd. M. D. !
"My exp-rl?r.re pcltti lo tse
f?c: thar patjen'i s'lfferlng
from n-rvoui evhaujncn .M
who pres-nt th^ tro.bles'nr'
lyrrptorrs if n-.rasther'i, ry
UMngSrinaingen, ma enmpara
tl\ely ahor: t i m - reg- IB
Itrrngth ani vri'.ity."
Tha Czar of Rusaia'a
Private Physician
Dr. F-rrhmin : " M , | .
'er. who aaf \ery nervr>u\ i.'l
imemic, haa been grra1 ??
brnrl 'vd bv the p;o orjed BM
cf S.na'ogen. He: .ippeaa
Improved, her ?ei^(-. ?.-,.
creaaed, ar.d the cc.ot of her
?*in becaau htalihlei."
Tho Kin? of Italy'i
Dl Q Oairica: '' I _a~l
U5ei S.uatogeii with tr.ark")
Nr'flt in Iba raje rf Makl]
1 h ' t'rr, an4 in conv.i'ear-n.'
ttmt .'ng iilne??e4. 1 ?-? ttf
Sani!o<;en a mOit tBCellaat
lemr. foM."
Y?ur worrir*. aagf overwnrlc, re*u!f in wearinea*, weakenel
nervr*. impaued appetite and dlgtttioa, ju?t a* a Kiaf'l worriri
or overworl briaf the.c reault* to him.
When the piiviiriina to ro\alt\, anrl l\fino other phvuirian* up
and down thf world. enthusia.iically comnwnd Sanatocen?what
dor* iliis mean to you f
It mean* that \ou may u*e Sanatogen wlth nll conhden.e that it
will rrmvenate \nur nervou* Ijrttrm, nve new enetgv to your BPPCtitB
and digeadoa, nrw \ig0r io jour health of mind Bad Ixnly.
It mean* that Sanatogen i* not a dmg that borrov.t relief, bul
v.tXentra,C<l Vif",ific f?ml thlt rons,r,,cfi^l> **bbs Btm-gth aad
Sanategvo Brorha ia petfect haimoa*y uiih nature-e ealee of the
h?dv ? two vila! elruient*. pure -'^-,., i
,, , . ii., __. , ,: * , ?"?ume? an.i orranlc pho*phoriu*,
thut actually nounahea ce and *<?..- ... _?>. c . '
lnf mmm mama a* only Sanatogen un noun*ii
Hundred* of IbOUSanda of BMB and ?^,?_- t i c
.-?_? i . . i - t i a " ?f>men are grate .i to Sana
togen for tuneK and pnceteaa help-help .upplinl not w?h ihe de
.ep.ve ,?rkuea* of . M.mulant Su, with ,l,c iteadv fou-e ot a (5
_ i,n,i,.!??;?_R "r" ''r1 rfh?hil'??'" the Yv*,em-lhe OM
?<ien?.hc food ton.c that att, atFtatt) where BCtioo ia neeJed.
rrtita for a frcc eopf >/ 'Our ,\crvcs of To-morrow"
n-hrTl _S_V?rnh_Vl.y '? ?__ ?l'i--in"d araHi laaaioaaa, laveetajBta our daim* taot if tam nu_
fSSSSSs^ts^ 2^~^..^^'-it,_st_^tS_li_____
SanatoRcn is ?old in thrcc sl/rs: $1.00, $1.90, $3.60
Oat it fram y nm Braagist?lf mat taaaomaAk tr m Aaat, mai ??<* m raaagB of pr, n
fHE BAUER CHEMICAL CO.. i ;7 Everett Bldg.. Union Square. New York

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