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Unanimously Advanced to Order
0f Final Passage in Senate.
irnendmcrit Would Give Gov
ernor $20,000 a Year-Anti
Black Hand Bill Passed.
H, T'i'r'?r1' ,f* ""'? IHkaaa.1
, .. ? Bv unanlmoua consenfl
.1 i - --
? )>r t .-<? *dvnn.-ed t-> tlie orr)rr
..?. R=?. B* ' Saxfa bill pro.
*_?-? fo- ? y' ichnaetta f. rm of hal
' ,f ? ona Nevrr b??fnip haa
J* I ... 'ii advaa. ed ^r,
nulsta be wUl h?\e
. ii ln tho upper house,
j. ^ !>-.* civli organlaattona
I .i aren't bo aangutnc
. for the arronrl time
amendment in.-rr
? ?n BWjBBB to
? ^ ?.,-.- .[, h> the Aeeembl)
Itted to the i otei i Bfl thla
? Two Mlle hy Aeaemblyman
hand khl
? Ina, were adopt
flrat. relative
dietin* il?". i ?
wf ? - kidnapa Ma o*r.
ppere 11
, t prnvide* tlie
Kirll Rl ll R a ehfllrfl
? . . -. . r . s, bul for
? |o-? than tfi> nor i
i.l meaaure
? ? ? - , , ? \vbr>
? ? i t^riHtms t >
p ?nv
Th- mlnlmum
? ? ? .i-'.-nv ni for ' ofl
-i,; ? woA \ ?.?? ? - blyman
(..,. in. H ii-. - ?
? - . . r, ? f ? n? t ? ?
,,, . ? - m Ifl | nt a jfar f.r
watrea o^a <om
araona or " ?
Ihi Count; (lerh thf,
..... ? f t b< rrsona
?' "
paaaed th? Mll of
| r .-.,-.? .
?o ..p; r.
jea aft.
. ffecfl Policemen and fli* -
ite hav* baer flghtinf
foi ;. lon? time. and feel
liovernoi wlll aifn lt,
' :oTo him foi hlt. ao:
ntii ne:
Ihi Hoey hii: t" In
i l*ection t vpn im^ntv
K . -er\ tr>-rta\ hv Benat1 ? D
v_T. iii ihe ln\.
... enae ahall
. to operate inov in
aaa lha
ia an ippre i
i -, perlod
? ?
leweomb Wants One Reqniring
Signins of Editorilll Withdrawn.
41) Deelaring thnt Benator
Ora_ i raqulrlnf thal thi ??- tha
newapeper edltoriala mual atan
..,.. *.*% -h Banator Newcomb to
|g- b i tion aeebli I m r*
r. - tha Aaaembly. The a ?
.. .; ? ?ad tba upper houae, now la in
tr* Ralea Commlttee of th?> Aaaemt
?Thi* Mll Ib vary fa Benator
rtawaaaa. and ahowi ihat ita author waa
afl a: aeq lalnted arlth thi praefl
?rorkirits of h newapaper offlci ' auppoae
- j I'aed by'tba Seimir OUfl Of BJ mra
tor Qrady, who waa aub
r* to ?n wnju?t anrl unfa'.r attack by
BawBpapei - ? law It a
,, . .., - ... you r -. determlne |
aha aetually write* an aditorial?the man.
? ibmlta h. or tha aditorial chli I i
rci\ raarrite it *o bardly i veatlax of the
f- g. . ., M | Bi whafl la behlnd an edl-;
it the indi*. dual tj nofl of any mai. >
t of I ? blch printa
ajood over eame or could coina of
jr efforfl lo <-h?tk newaf In thf free
Rar? -r -' Srr WCe B"n
Bmb did not preea hli reaolution
it up
R Monday i ihfl Thf ?
. ., c y tr. takp BB2 ?' t!rt"
l .. meantlnn
J 0 Hammjtt Exdorps Amend
?eati tn Oeneral EWtion Law.
?n- -. ._---' le Pi* i bune 1
? ?- . ? hme -3 ^?"?r' arl"! "
... . , .. ,. Imenta to tb?*
law are ed ' rnnk<
rr,rm in Ita pi nai rough
.. ., ,, Hammltfl aecretary of
tisana L'nlon l< di aai
of ihe Tammanv meaaure wee not
thafl o Mll waa a polltleal
... Irafted ihe bi '
. ?? food car* nol to have ?omp of
na apply unlfonaly to thA p
tbooa ?? to election
f thi termed by him
l of of
lr, . ,.d of Electlone ?n
jl0 lty ai provldea for thp ar
' . aew hoAj-rt h\ tha party
(ha Board Of AMernvn Mr
?? uld
-., reaaon fr"
, ? mai tho n,sran>7?
ih|f Waaner ' ? !" noT
..P . ,, .,n, . ommlaalonera
better eai
.-, .... ,-i apr> Inted by tne
nstfad of 1 y "if Ma\<>r ^ev^
? . tate roi
? provlded ?'??
? ? ?? l>?vj blll. Bvi.I ei Boaru
? mga to a county. puta ae
|t) mr- Hoar.l of Elei Uona
,.;., ?. natance by ni'
erviaora are
Mntlng power to appoini
no Mayor or a
d the s iperviBora are ina oi
j ol ... oount) governmenl
. however, there are n..
?. d lt ia euetomary fr.r ap"
.. , . . to !??- mmmm b?
... Mayor axer< leei ro
. ? ,,, ahlch tha auper
, , . upatata counxy. ?
.... ..... tha purpoaa of tne
? ? . nrajrner-Iievy > i i, n
wo il- hav prp^ded ?"[
"nent of the fK<ard1 of EJ*C"""
? A rorh Clty I i tbe alayor, *?-1>
. thla la tha proviaion of -
ln no <as<- doea tha '<"_ ''
a for the clty tne ?i
(..intiv, powera eaerdsed t?f tdr; countflea
arviaora Vu tha Antnmanot
, Lavj MU K'v.-_ ""?1iil'(.i" -';
powei io ap polnl rh* Board <?? ?t
?U -* i-miv:hi..i tojnake
ht tha Board of Electlona
.,, t() . political m.
daa bi aalarlea of the ? omrnie
> .. . . on- ,ha draftaman of tba
w .? reaard for uniforroltj He
,t iha aalarlaa of the i ommi^
' tha countlea ******^aJ!tlrm.
?I ould ba flKed by tho eiipe'
.. ,hei are ?
.,.arn of the ;;y"'?,'!';
' <"*k*H -P? ' .aiirte,
? U ". noi i.rlda hafl he aalarlea
? \*-, Tori Cltj < ommlaalon
? ?<i mpportlonment whlch ta tne
, ,r,,rrt nt ihat clty. i ?;tead.
revflded lhal ih^ ahould ha fl-x^ri ny
1 ? Ualaiatur* al ?.**? a reai , t
. ,atf,rd io the '**h'rAPIrpo_rd
?. prwldina oBlcaa trn <**?"%
1 Rla- _nd ^ou.pmenl ff" '^^Hri:
.. , . , . ,,K mvolvei *hf ?'"'_;
r?aa centml outalde of V' Vo H,?r?ad
fall th'* loty tn the dty ot >>* *orK- ,
Superintendent Van Tuyl Begins
Action in Union Bank Case.
Purpose to Develop AnyEvidence
Which Might Rcsult in Pun
ishment of Guityy Persons.
Alt-auay, June 22 Bunertnteudent Qaorga
'. Vaa tuyl, jr. of thg BUta Banklng De
partmeot, nrior a eogiference with Diatrict
Attornei .-uiko of Kinga County, an
nouneed to-day that ho had staned pro
ceedlnga for tha aaaeaamant ol tha atock
hoMera of the defUBCt Vnion Bank, of
Brooklyn ataparlntendent van Tuyl baa
i.een worklng almoal contlaaoaaly on the
affalra ef thr L'nlon Hank Blnce ba aa
aumed offlce, ;...d whlla tha Mquldatloa of
i e bank la prooeedlng |n an orderly man?
ner, it is Mr Van TuyP? bellef thal he
shoui.i go to tha utmoat la an andeavot to
collect whatevei auma i" ssihio for thi
honotH of th? depoaltora ot iiio inatltution.
Tha bank, nt ibe timo ns affalra were
taken ovei bj i ? Btate Banklng Depart?
ment, operated elghl branch banka end had
an ;.ccrr$.M!r? (.f twenty-three thouaand de?
poaltora Mr. Vhh Tuyl *aid to-d;.\.
l hoii?,\e i have lha matte* oi th? Union
Fa.,k well in hand al tho preaenl tlme and
11 la mj tntentlon to proceed w.iii the ..s
aeaameni of the atocknoldera as rapldl) ..s
the pro^fsses of laa arlll permll M: con
? ? ? e with 1 'istrh-t Attorna j Clai k? b Ita
reference i" m> plani .ind my prop.
that Ihe Btocknoldera ol i'-^ bank be 88
Beaeed nt once, waa m<>-1 aatlafactory . Th.o
> Utorney ha. promieed me hla fu.i
Banctlon ai d -.ipport ln .ur proveedlnsa
i " . undertake thal havi ronnee
tion n ,. ? - ii,. arork ol ? epartrnent, Hi.d
I bavi aaaured the Dlatrlcl Attorney thal
lt la mj i irpoa- m develop any ea
I il ? ? ? - red whlch might rea
tha Indlctmem and punl ineni of peraoi
a .... foi the un
.. te all uatio i of affaii a
ln B'orklnsj wlth t i Dlatrlcl Attorney I
? , ,, m the aa
virea of one or more of the for. e of ea.pi l
ank examlnera ln ihe preparation
<t evtdenee to be laid before tha u
-nd. if tho occaaion aeema to requlre
Ible i "ili he pleaaed to mako bu
? -ents. Dlatrlcl Attorney (l.irko ln
tum l"- to dealgnate ono of hla deputlea io
aaalat me
lt ip mj underatandlng t'at i ha\^ been
ralio.i upon hj Qovernoi lhx to fullj ln
le Ihe affalr* of the hank and i"
make report m ihe Governoi i ahall rarr*
eae dtrectioi ? aa ao n ,s jt ia phyal- i
callv : ? .??? nio |n do BO, and In the
? eatigat ?i hroui l <
. ? ?? man.l in the Bunktng
meni and lh? mac Inei. ol lha Dla
trict Attorney'a offlce. it w i;l he poaal
aaa to ifford the Oovernor faill Informatlon
aa to th. t ait uatlon and II wlll ?? fo
? t public, if '
l.e bo dealrea.
i? ? >m\ . \. ectatlon i ori of thia |
InveetiCHtlor: wlll as'-.iM materlally In the
llrj.iidatioti , ? llnaa -? ?' th - he a .n
lorfl. who n only be |i ild
JiO.HP "''.Ifl P 1 .,... i ;. r P
pt dure of the law
i have aakeal ".aaamblyman i.oldeteli
.. i ... rn o. ei itlon I ^ m
, .
and II (- " expeclallon th. I Mr
t.oldata ? be a mi ortam
tha nduri ? i i Inl
? | ( !aiik
..,...?.. ? i attend
, , ... ,,- ' r Btata l' mkei b' i on
vention at < ? nd on a return to
yeaterday, rontrary to hla laual
ruatom of Bpendlng tha "r
Sei . offlr-o no wlll
rernali thei l la; ? Dlati fcttoi -
nay ciarl ' : rooklyn. Im- .
mediatel* roi i r I Inveetlgatlon of the
L'nlon Bank - '(':r1 atated th it I
. r- , ence wai ranted II grand
a ould ho called i" r '?
|n July
.-! v -oi i c- i "lark of iv .-. ? ea
terda: dealgnated bflt. ell Maj an Aa
...... ittorne;
veatigatton Into the affalra ol
? r .lank. of Brooklyn, and
aaary to Inatitute eriminal proaeeu
tlona. Plana for tho Inveatlgatlon 'Mii be
,,r.| ia Mr riark'e offlce to-day,
r. ... wiu r-opfrr alth Mr. May and j
>]yman Ixauifl Ooldatein, of Klnga
,-,, nty. a '?' '" Albany In
.... Btlgation. Mi
, haa hoan retained aa a s ? i
couneel for tho Btate Ba k ng Departmenl
eart ravor of auch an ln
ition.' fcaid Dlatrl I Attornei Clark
.... day. "Tho Inveatlgatlon should ho
gk and )' aho ild ?? pubHe I
alth the co-operallon of the Btate
? and of Aaaemt lyman
..-?,.: we will b< devla.
. . ? tlve r<
i,,. . . ? ? get aon of 1
. .? ro igh tl e de. aiori ol E i i
... v'aa Tuyl to ? r: an aaai
Dn tha ? oldera of 'ho hank.
ntl Prtda: aat the Appellate Dlvlaion ln
Brooklyn rendered a decli - gard to
ny, whlch epeclflei
procedure wlll i-o In thi I
,. ?? .? . ...
Bank V*. hen <? H
a i Bank ng B inerintendei i
tried to ioa an aaaea tuguat
? ?'- ' ' -i'f''rl
?- the .Tonklnp Trual I Mr
aron m? <aso in tho Bupri ne i o irt,
t the di wa reraed b] the Ap
peilate Drrlaion. Juatlee Woodward, who
Kroit .ho opinlon, hoidma Ij ??'
oe levled on all th? Btocknoldera
? I '<_2 ? H' ^ "!l1t>
Will riagflllt Retirement Paper? to
Captain Miller. of Naval Militia.
Albany Juna -- (lovernor Dla will leava
h#rfJ f0, >,-. Torl at I p rn to-morrow to
fttt(>n<j ma twentleth anniveraarj of tho
atato naval militia at tbe Hotel Kttot
Captain Jaeob W allller, comroander of
,vai mllltla, who retired at bta own
r^nosi aftor twentj yearfl or aerw.. wui
, hii retlremenl papera from tho
Governor The Oovernor plaaa to -ot , n
to Alban; Batuxday. and probably wlll
epend Bundai at Thomeon
Tho Oovernor and aUff wfll ho ti ? -rueata
of ti,o Wanaweeka Club, of a k tho
Oovernor la ? inembar, at Ita campta'the
focthlllfl ol Mount "a. ne*r Eflaabeth
town Baaeji County. ""^ ?' '' ' ""V1'
UM General Verbeck haa < .?..o.-o. reg lar
Smy tenta for tho camperfl duHng the
Oovorti'. ? Btay. and mllltary dlaelpllne
arlll prevall,_
Important BiUs To Be Prepared Before
the Legislature Opcns.
A,t>;.r |UM fl Bllla embodylng tho
moal Imporlanl roromn.endi.tloi.s of Oov
arnor DU In hli annual nieaeage to the
n.xt LagUhature, and B-ataauraa providlng
ror a ualferm el-arter foi eWea of tha
thlrd riaaa and io atra local communltlea
tt.r rtght of bome rula oa rarioua paopoal
tlona, aa th. arlll aot ??<? compelled to go
lo tbe Leglali I ira annually foi reHaf, ara
,., ga iMi?ir.d in advance ol I a forroal
..poninK of lha aeat Baeelen, aecordmg to
plana anno-incad b) Ihe Ooa....;;> to-d?>'.
Tl .. home rule roeaaurefl 1wl11.,1"1".
boarda ol Buperviaora to regulate the aai
,,,;., of local offlcera. auch aa tewti offl
rlala and the like, and to authorlaa toaa.il
tlea to legaliae bond V loea and ahnllai
propoal tlona
Mayot Oaynoi baa found .-. eomm ? n
that baa h.led wlth even naora <-x
pediUon th;... ba aaked for feati i hvj ba
? rote ta ' ,d?ro ariiajam H D* r.e\
aaaa ef lha t*hangi of rjraOa Davinage Com
BBlaalnn la aapreaa bta imaUilcaUoei ???**'
II had dlapoa??i of BflJBJ CBBBI aoil had onlv
3W Btlll aa dn whan i appotatad "??! aad
vo>ir twe aBBoaiataa.' wrota tha \i?Vf,r.
,4Pa ? Ith tha nndoratandlna that r"fnr*
~, iarm of offlce had o,\ptro/i you wn?|?
aa all thro?a;h ntth tho work, ?0 'r"?' *
eommlaaton might oxrir* '>'>'> v,*,e pr0,
rr.r)** nr\th even more expedluon thaJ* l
^jiked for
Thousands Attend Excrcises,
Which Closc with Dancing.
CambrMBB, Ma**. Juna rr?. Akmg <he
rim ahaded patha of tba Harvard va.d
there twlnkled lo-nlgh< ihouaanda ot
coiorad iam.Mii... th* IllirmlnaUon marking I
tho rlosa of tho Harvard elaaa day taa
| tlvlttaj ivm claai an.i fnitenilty Bpraadi
hald in th* aarly avaalng tba mefabara or
tba BraduatlBf <ia?a aaeortsd tbahr falr
frlendi to Memorlal Hall, th,. gymaaatum I
o, Harvard Union to \jriri t?, the niiurinc
Ptrnlns of WBltB or <-,n-tr|i All t\uoo ot
theae lemporbry ballrootna turnlshed a inii
llnni acena Of l.eawty an?l color.
Late in tho afternoon tho alumni nwrcbod
)n ihe Btadium f<" tii* ooafettl hnu;o. whlch
began Imaiedlataly aftBr tho in oratlon,
delivered by -Man ?',iece. of Coloradol
Bprlnga. Th? iraduataa and alunml r?.n_n?.
thelr pIctureaQOa angagemenfl io the Intense
amuaemenfl ol mora tban Ihlrtj th";v..u'i
j?.,tn,i- crowded Into thr amphltbaatre,
a_ndti>a "i' tbeh cheera foi i laaa aftar
.,,,. foi Preaideni Lowell, whlla tha
j r|re ri ii' led In tha rendltton f.f favorite
! , ,!'. ...? aOOgl
?j. , axerclaei al Banden Theatra Ihla
Ing followed the ueual irrangemenfl
! inid down by pracedini Harvard aenknra it
, Brat claaa da) lo be held on Thurada)',
, bul aalde from lhafl dl!Terence ibe claow of
?ii followed cloaelj H'r lona eatabllahed.
precedenl nf graduattng rlaaai M k):**
k iho km| column aaaembled tn fronfl
Holworthy Hi II, ai d l*-i hy th"
offleer ?.f the claaa, marched lo th" llttla
, ahere the orallon, poem and ode
Were delivered. Iiolhrop Wlthlngton, tha
claaa marshal, wi th* aenlora in cheera for
prealdent tawell. Charlea Banger Colller,
,,; Kinderl ook. N . . delivered Ihe oratlon
and Harold Trowbridge Putoflfer, of Hew
Vo,k. '.. Ited bla poem wrltten for I ?'
Pollowlni th* rerttatlon of lha claaa
WtHiam areena ol Baltlmore, t"*
aenlofi ?. the eaerdaea m the Ibeatre |
-glna "Faii HBrvard."
Sr-nato AdopH 0?dj R^olution or,
Admienon of Trust Companien.
Mhany. June 22 Tbe Benat. 1
I, ? G reeoluUon direct ng
a perintendenl Van Tnyl of the Banklng
Dcpartmenfl lo Inquire Into Ihe condltloni
undel . ... hanka i nd Iruefl com
. omi arithln the operatloni ol
-,.v. vork Clearlni Ho i Thi
Intendent la lo renorl ... i ? Benate nol
late thi n I ? -?'? '"'x'
Downtown bankeri ??*" u?'
offer ai i I ??' r***on
.? , , ntroductlon bj Benatoi Orady of
.latlve m Ihe admlasion ??<
. ... ?. . . banki Into th*
,, . ??vcnt. n truai companle.
haVi wlthin ihi li n f** ***** 1>r'" 'r'
mltted as full membei ol th? Llearing
..,. th. elTorta ... ar
.... on whli ? lt ial companiea
.? i of lhal organlaatlon
"? ol .n knowl .i_<
... 0f brlni I
.ut th. r1oa*i relatlon haa been
underal.I to be lh. dealre to
I en th. -?? ""na i-n,
... '..- al i bi ? gthenlng haa
., i drmoi tratlor. In I ? paalc nf
imber of th. atati banka hava
-..,!?,. oi manj
Kewcomb, Brackrtt and Hinman Op
poM Bill AffectiiiR Municipal Branch.
elegrai <-' Triboni
Ubi , -.. ,.? Vigoroui objoctlo
, . .., io-daj b) Benaton Sewcomb.
,f.n and Hinman m th.- paaaage '?>
the upper houae of Aaaembl an A Pa?
ker'a ' I ? " " ' ? ' " " '
,,, s>a rork Cltj lo open al B*> a. m.
Inatead of ai 9. Benator Newcomb argued
that thfla would ImpoBe much hardahlp ....
Htlgante and wltneaeea In Ihe poor man*
couru Banatora Hinman and Bmcketfl
.,?! ? ? ? gea fli ti"..;rrs *om
^ ,jni,. no*. withoui trylag w
_,.,' , .- 0f ( Hall houra work In th*
I morniiiu'
,,,. Bracketl declared emphatlealU
uof tha. m t of th. idgea In New
v,?k cltj dldni huri themeelvei ? tn
. . k, and thal ihi* waa tl.
co, ri ... l calendan ind ihe lav i *
. ,. thal lf the Bupreme Pourl
(tcM there worki ? rd li proportlon
.... there wo i i I
.?-??? ? ? '
! foi addltlonal luettci \n upatate ?? ai ,
, ?;. d wouM ? ? much aaa Jua
Nrw York and dldnfl gefl bo much
ro, dolm ll elther. The blll created auch
nexl week
Ward Says Jt Answers ObjrctionR to
"Doiihlr CroRP-' Bill Recpntlv Sien?d
i uv Telesrai I l ? '?' ?
Aitar.. .Iiin* .'?? Ai.'''; ? " preaented
.. \ lemblyman Artemt ' i
,.,, . ,? |, K|8ial on Inti ???? iced b] ilm pro
poa*. b novel m ' ? i.I ?? lol marking Ha
Kgeat* tliat in each votlng booth there ba
;| rlr. ilar i ibbei atamp, nol mor. lhan
on? quartei Inch ln dla.nn?rr. making ?
Folid blaca mark, and black tnk pada, to
. i b] thi votera In marking thelr bai
lota. Inatead of lha pi lenfl | n. ' ? ? I
.. ||, and croaa marka fl.ni voter makflng
mon .han i alngle atamp mark in am
Im apace or ameartag hia ballol wouM in
valldate lt
Aasemblyman Ward conaideri thla propo
nitlon a" anewer to th" Baxe "double rroas"
blll, which Oovernoi Wi algned fl few daya
ago Thal meaaure ^ac n[.j>nqr.d h^ many
clvic organiBBtlmii becauae they heM It
C,titror\ frrt-rM r.pj r>rt it o't v for mai-klOK hai
I... in auch fi?hinn a- io Meatlfy tbem,
Hr,d po naturallv would fadlltBte vnt? bu)
ins; ^'r "Vard thlnka the voter could nc*
ihf atamr and lnk pad more oaellv than ha
rould iii* lead penei! and there wooldn't
Y,o fo murh opportunity for irstal quibhlei
_g ,,, the valldlty of ballota tims atamped, j
UN. Y.
Classof '11 Numbers 109 Grad
uates. with Seven Honor Men.
On Crutches as Rcsult of a Slide
to .Sccond Base in Brtsc
ball Game.
un, hundred and i Ina yunc men arera
graduated from the College of the aty of
New Vork yeaterday .?' Ila ah Ij Rt I an
mai rommencem i I The exerciaea l.
place ln lh" grrat hall of ihe college.
rreatdenl J< "" l! K,nVv '-"? unabli to
march a' thr head of thi proceaaloi ea
th'' wook I
lt red I ? tttoi '" a game >.f baat ba I
therefore I ? llmped w ?'< pah" of erat ?
.., ?.P, ] h i ihe U a bj tha ball whlle
i ,..?,- ,., -. ond ??? '' I " r"lnk i ' Thlfl
abaceaa maj h i?? followed r i Al an
rate, I made ? cond.'
Even before i.lock, the I .il wa? Blied
v pi, atudenta and theli frlei da Ai Ihe
rieck recorded '"? the march began, wltk
nve hundred lt ''no Tho membera of I i
faculty preeeated ?' brilHant appearanca
la ti th muttt. alored hooda l"i..r tho
roof of thr- hall a ? euapi nda >i tha llagi
,.f \)..o for.-- ;:t. u.iivoi ... ? - b] Whk h tho
faculty hooda weri bealowed The facultj
... theh aall ? '?' neatli Blaahfl. Id a
painting. "t'emmencement," whlla the
I aduatea eceaipla'ai lha fr.,nt of lh? hall.
The Rev John ( empbell ppoke tha Invo
ii tlon
I,-,. 1,'rr,,., ?.. ;??? do. I,t Of Jol Bfl HOpklllfl
ITnlveralty, who waa ? Btuden! at Clty
College Bfty-five yeara ago. dellarered the
addreaa to the graduati Hi waa n mem?
ber of the - laai of II
rro.id-nt Remaen recalled the old fltu
... ? daya Bnd rompared them Br*th thoaa
of i'v. I'.n tl.: no adi le*d the Btudentfl
nol to b* i""'" th*, bul to looh upon t1"
world rheerfully. to be reformera when
,,r. art and 10 axpect Ihelr future arorh
t.. furntah them arlth more happlneaa ol
i,c. th ? ? tho daya of thoir youth.
Prealdent Remaen .-ahi ha only reeog
... , 1 of ihe faculty a ho
ware teachera In hli ataident daya Hr '?
'...;., : ' ta ill profa Beor ol
Oreek; Adolph Werner, profeaaoi of Ccr
man, -a- A L'hariei <: Helierman, prof
n <" I .a 11 n
? Ti,. j mai noi ba bo glad to aee me
Bflai thea yeara aa 1 am to aee them.
mj , ,., ?? ? da and l< aehei 1 aald 1''
Remaen He then raM thal tho change*
la . oll. ge I ' aim ? h< a ia 1 itudent a< t
\. great
"The commeaaremenl addreaaea
Haa ....... tar, ; ?? camtlnued, ' and ao. too.
a ... . mon of to da] lhal ifl 1 funda
mental and Importanl fact, and arhen the
Bermon gets ehorter tbe people wlll llaten
rro... and '?? ? ?? knowa bul li mai n.on
,,,, ? :, hetta 1 lei 101 ? ; rtll be
enn-oi.-,! to da: alth thi Btati meni l 11
Idreaa wlll pi ebablj ho tho ia*t ->f
> . long variety; yea, ll may ho the laat
,.f .ha. klnd you may ever hear "
After thr ir4.M of 'he Bpeechea had been
delivered ihe degreea for Ifll wera con
f. red Blxty-two Bheepeklaa were givei
t.. new bachetora of arta, and fort- feut
were clalmed by iho bachelora ef flrtence
Among the baeheleri of arta arere f.
honor mon, white thr. baehelorfl "f Bdencfl
v., ited two honer mon and .>n? hlgheat
I r nor MU'lont
Prlaa awardf vro ma'1" aa fnllowa
Pan medala, Morrla Hlrach nnd Monro
\ Meyer, foi hlgheat honora la Btudlea
for me year; Cromwell medala, Monrea '?
Mei ?? foi profielency in hlatory; tVard
medah. larael Ki 't cheinl ln larael J
Kllgler, natural I '?? Jull s |,ra' ,"i,rr
moral .aophy; Thomaa 0 Behararta,
prlltlcal Brtenee Nahun. F Bhdbbe, Rng
hci, Benjamln Elwyn, (areek; Joaeph Or
llnnaky, LaUn; Louki i Hutterperl,
? .. 1 ... Juliua Drachaler, Oerman Jullu
1 . rkman, Bpanlal Cea 1 B l?j er, ? ompo
: Bltlon; Morton Oottachall, Ham B<
.? Bomi . Jacoh Bchaplro, 1 101
1 . irge N Bdwa Btorj (equal merltt;
Roiomor Buxbaum, deacriptlve geometry;
B. njamin Bcl aarti ' ?""' ' ??
1.. hmai . ilgi ira ai d geometry; Thomai
I- Cledeln. honorable mentlon. Bnd Jeaaa
Perlman publk apeakl 1
1 Prcsidrnt Scnurman Says OriQi
r.aiilv Is Need of Ago.
,.. , . s v . .' me 23 Prealdeni Jaeol
] tlould Bchurmfl *li.";"
araduatlna al i li nta ef ' ??" -; I'nlvei l
.. noon io day, Th* f rt* thrrd annual
. ,,,,. ,..,?? h 'narkod hj fine a
md a large erowd of ilaltlng alurnnl
. , ...- araduatea ? Iti I ' fl
. ., riK.i dti lomaa In medirine In Nen
. ,. ig. maka a total of .47 to be ..
a..,1 rr m ? ornel ear. 1 tlon lo
. ived advai
,.. aaTiculture and englneerlng, whl?e
.I the degree ol PI H
i? hla addreaa to tl a grad it. F ? rtdeni
aVhurman i ?
"W* thlnk out civlMaatloa neat Iti me
I -n. ' but ??'- ar? vet
., ti,. cock-i rowlna a> rl "... mornlna
Rl \., man thinkfl hia nwn tho iaht n?i
hi* na n e; * *\ no man land
upon hla ?"" f""' ? '", man "'*lk>- ?'!"""
\\f. an In flocka: wa lean on othei ?
rollow 'ho multltiidi bltndlj wi bend our
,,.. ks to M e yoke of pub k oplnlon w ??
I .,. . no ?Hf rellance; tl.ni\ vl tue w*
have 1* ronformltj Th- demand nf the
aae la for mon and n ?ma. ; hai < ";
; ,, ,.r.-. a?.|r.polBed. aelf-rellant, Independ
anl and Belf-aaeertlve Bn let? 'o|io? j
rtiBiom and routtne Hie redemptlon of
the ra'- |a ln th* eriginallty of Indlrid ?
i, | , ;., :,ir.A man of Indern ndenc. '
thnuaht '" a-hom th" world la indebted "or
Ita ad an ement. They'orlatnat*.new Ideaa.
'.- atlck io tham tlll -hov preval In
^,,r, aehere of human life and actlvtty
thSra la to day a .?all to adueated n.on fot
"'vi 'if. .r.uiv raca haa hltherto accom
Dllahed or underiakea i- bul ihe promla*
Jnd nrelude of tha achlevementfl and ti I i
l " . R rematn f^ s n , Sor la the aummoni
5 in this advertisement can bc exchanged
x lor a ??HAMILTON" Ccupon "5" and
added to fiiose obtained vvitli hundreds
of well known products, sucb as:
Bwflffl rlr-apa. QaBBBM -JiU i'oniler
Ptmnklln ktilil Klo ir _nd 'W hr-llrt
ifortaee" Claarettaa
{,' imtl ' I Otl ?rr ' a
Knl kerbecktl Hiac Ht C'j. Crarkara.
??'/ P ' M'.lh Plakas.
"_ ,;,al Ir.e Mua."
??T!:!'' " LEV Pronrlna Powiar.
Ri,nk?r. Cecoa md Chocotete
M^.aofi* HI"" Pallak und liraailtif
? ll-iinlt,,. I uuuona and Hutida
11. i a ilai>' 1 _*.-??? Hand Ha#-.
Bahn a Kremlnn Coeoaant
un, .?,,,. i? i '?? >f lad TeBa
"Plaab" Hand .laai.ar.
?.ai.i-.'a Boepa ????' i leoaaar.
p?na M..r' Byraa,
1 tty V ttOmt" BUreh.
"l-i/fii" ParfaaMB ?..d r.,iiat H?g.
pttrtr ?? r. il bar Haaki
?ilao flian bv I lunnanda af
ie gead
Braaaat (Ma Oapaa
at an/ ef tk* A?
liaaaaa -alow
tt if, m. iii tl., Nm rert CH)
WrIU far Illuatratad
Oatalac ** Baautlful
BramflumaB Vavirhtr
far II rBK? nandi
Oaaaahai hm? , 3d p,r*>f, aia *ti a ,? _i-t'hr?i' &<*>?? 3#?i .'.um _
IBth Bl . ,\ v. . li>
j lt Benlor, lee . lll vv. ltf.ih pt
Ai!?m> g anigan ('n , ftd and W*at
, h*a.ar A\o*. N?a? Tork iltj.
Mn'aitiand & 0 Flaharl). *th Ava..
<or tKi M Naa Y?rk CKf
12A4 3d Ava N?* Verk Clty.
IT, Ava. A bat 10th * lll
Hr, akl) n.
1'natrii BtetO, II*. P'rada?-, h?l-iv.
Ui. or?il k ?. atb 8i -nd -tti Ava..
Oormaa'a, ..f. 'irand Bt., Kro kirn.
e_a.4 Att, ' A.a. hmoklr
w v Pn.d?r <o. wawark, N J
Oaiamar M-v?r<~o Hr>r.r>kan. N J
Hfl* 3d Av?. B ~ -
to hlghor Berarlea nr th? npi?ortnnlty for lt
given to mon alon? The po?itlon of woman
ln any COtntminlty Ib ona ,>t the taata of
ririltaatfon That rrlterion, l do no. i.oal
tate to aay, la Batlafled by tha Amerlran
paopir better than by any other natlon on
tho fnr-e of tl., frlo|.e.
rtut thla la noi the onlv meaaure of a na
tion"B progreaa. There la another reniiire
m.-nt. nol leaa Imperioua or btndlng nnd
nol lors vltai or fundamental. Tha *oonnd
.?nt of iha ctvlUaatlon whlch any aeciety
i .- attalned ia tha condition ot it< laboring
mon and women .'an theae earn n decent
Hvelthood' And have they the loiB.ire
| requlalte for recreatlon, amiiaemeat and ln
i teliectual Improvement? Every chlld that
i? boin n.iixt have a lual chaaea for hla
! bread. Everj worker la entltled to reat,
n\ ??? li h an.' ontfrtalnme.il.
IVould >"'. ..holiMh poverty? Would vou
advance rlvlllaatlon? Then edluarate indt
|d alfl one i.y m.n. t., i... mora vlrtuoua,
p.o < Intelllgant, moro induBtriou" nnd
1 iklliful
Noi lot i.a fotRrt that loado.M aro Indtfl
penaabla mnral leadera, ariantlfic leadera
and Induatrial leadera How muck experl
leadera miy do f..r Induatry we aro Juet
; eglnnlng t,. >-oo in the wonderful demon
atratlona recentlj furntahed by nclentlflc
? flemeni And tt to iclence, though ll
haa been long in thi world, only a few
. iona r.tallxe how muck lt baa addad to
, ti.o comforl and happineaa ,<t tho toiilna
inuitltudea ln t|tic ?'^K', of the world the
-clentiai la tha greateal raformei
Mlddletown, Cona., Juaa 8 Announce
? ? of tho electlon of Ihi board el
iruateea of IVealeyan Unlvereltj waa made
to-day, ai folloara: Cephaa B Regjera.
Meriden: John i: Andrua, raear Tork;
len Oihaon, Albany; CMnton Da arttl
Burdlck, Brooklj n tl ?? Rev. Dr vtrilllam i
ii..- en. N'ea York Judge Artk ii E. iUth
ertand, Rocheeter: former Oovernor Frank
F Weak*. Mlddletown. and Pr. Amos .1
Oiveaa, Stamforrl. Tho flrat aix en- re
i elertlons __
JNormal College Diplomas for
136 Young Women.
Th- Normal <v,lleKe ef tho my of New
| rork sent onl one of ihe largeet etaaaei ln
Ita hiftorv raoterda* Baaralad. when im
yovmg women receUed the riegree af H. A.
from the pre-ldent. Dr. Cenrge S. 1'avia.
Mlaa Helen Or.iy Oe?a ? member of the
i rinaa of '7?. and B-B8 of the facultjr of the
Icoileaa nilaaniad th- uaadldatan and r>r.
Devta lecnUad the f?rt that the cbbbb wa*
leiaetrr eoalBaBpotaaaooa with MbbbbW al
tlM COllagB havtaf entered upon ita gtoAUO
Bl th- Hme that he aaaumed the preeiden-y.
IfOCh enthu*iai>m was aroueed _>*/ the
preaaatattoa of tha asedala and prir.e. by
1 irerton s. Wlatarop, Jr, praaldaal of the
Board ef Bdoeatton aad ehalnaaa of the
I,- ini of iruataaa.
-me Nelaon O. Haal aold aadBl, for the
beal evan.inatinn ln th- work of the senlor
. ... Waa woa bv Hbbj JaaaaattB XaWta,
i-aiedletorlaa of the deaa Ulai Laal" ama
alao aunaaaful la eanrtag oB ?he KaOjr
-1IVCT medal lor work in padacogka and
<l,e ciaaaleal Clah Lalia prtae, M* inr *?
translattofl of paaaaeaa fraaa Oreok and
i i atln aalecied by cBaapaHtora
There wore foorteao baaor atadaata the
' Mteaea LOttlaB Harvey. .leannette l.^vin.
Martha Hutner. I.ltllan Sohrempt tVraeia
Koatroam. r.lady.a I^vy. Irene Caaarley,
i .itborino Cavanagh. Ll'nble Suohoff. Hel
o.,o K'h-rir, Jsabolle Rogors. Edrth Havi
' land. FUrhael Kapp and Madelelne Tam
| hoi.o. of Ifela number nlne. Indudtng the
| pteaidont of tho <-rnea. MIbs t/julae Harvey,
I had taken the mathomatical courae.
Tha rhnpal waa prettlly decorated *aarlth
! ropea of oak leaves whlrh made lt loole
. .,o), althoujch the mercury waa at the
I'atial rommerucement height. Tha uaider
I KiadiiateB, all ln whlte. occnpled tho floor
ef the thapel. whlle the gallertea wera
\1 rowded wlth gueata. The gra'iuatee.
| wearlng whlte dreneea under thelr black
j trowna. ^ntere<l Juat before the farailty ln
i an ImnoalnK procesalon. tho venerabVe preal
', dent e-merltuB. Pr Thomaa Hunter, oecu
ps/f8*g *ho placo of honor at the end.
j rhe salutatory waa dellvered *by Mtee
. narvev and there waa an addreBB. bv Hor
eea V Dliaaar. rhalrnian of tho exerutha
'comniifteo of the eofJegrj, previo0B to tha
i conferrlng of tho degree* and the award of
; Priz**' ,
rrofeaaor Kdward -'. F-|ltotr. raead of ihe
, department of eduratlon and in. rharge of
tha courae for the tratnlng of teaohera n
,he rnlverBlty of Wlaconain. haa heen
artdad to tho ataff of the commlttee, of the
1 Board of K-.il mate that la maklng *n ;
j f.oara . ? arhool flvatem l ndot
sipervlelon._ -
New=York Tribune's Towns
and Cities Contest
Beginning Monday, June 26th
SY iaj
swiimk iai
gasawtM ibi
a _ .,-,*;/ ,/nfiP of contest. It is not neccssaty to send
Do not send answers until elose oi cuum****
the pictures. Only the answers are required.
1st, 2d and 3d Grand Prizes:
Three Fully Equipped Everitt
"30" Automobiles at
$1,450 Each.
4th Orand Prize?$1,100 Krakauer ftSSSKS.
Player Piano.
v. . Be ? eBhHHtleB ahertlj ?? Krakaaei Bres." 1TB I4tk Bl
nth firand Prize?$1,000 Wcser Player Piano.
,. |amr i,,,,, :i... -??. piayei L*aa be playea By kaad,
?j | m?i pedal ? r bj eleetrleitj.
, , ashlbltiea ?? Weaer Brea' arareroeaae, loi w csd Bl
oth (irand Prize $750 Christman Player Piano.
,,, ,v .,,.,. ... rhrtatmaa Beaa*, M W nfVi FL
7th firand Prize?$650 Francis Bacon Player
,,., txhtbtttoe ai H Bee n P tae Co., lll w. iggtb ft.
8th and 9th (irand Prizes -Krakauer Pianos
in Circassian Walnut, at $700.
, .. ? ibitlon a1 I aka lei Brea . II B l?tk tt
10th (irand Prize?$600 Krakauer Piano in
Mahojjany and Gold.
,,. ?. -x.,.. .,.,,, H Krakauei Baaa.', |, g Mth .??
M.mv otlirr valuable nnd attractive
prizes, to 1)0 announced shortly.
Interest in New Contest In
creases with Announcement
of (irand Prizes.
WITH thr arnouncem.nt of the attractive grand
pr:7rs tr. he given to the successful contestants
in The Trihune's great Towns and Cities Con?
test the interest increases.
Neenlcss to say that the winners will be proud pos
ressors of BUCh rich and desirablc rewards.
Each of these fine prizes has been selected with
tlie utmost care. and all stand at the top of perfection
in their class. Many of these hne prizes are the result
of years of earnest and skilled endeavor on the part of
the manufacturer.
Thus the opportunity to secure such big rewards
with so little effort on the part of the contestant should
be suffkient inspiration to spur every one with the de
terrrination to enter the contest and win.
By devoting only a few moments each day to the
solving of the interesting and entertaining Towns and
Cities pictures you may secure a fully equipped Everitt
"30" Automobile, the selling price of which is $1,450.
Also, you do not need to be the first prize winner
to get an automobile. for in this great competition there
will be three fine cars. all fully equipped and of equal
Then, if you do not care for the automobiles, there
are the grand player piano prizes, all of them superb
mstruments of the most desirable quality.
The contest will be a unique one. All that any
one will need do is to supply tne names of the towns
and cities that will be represented by the illustrations
as they appear from day to day.
NEXT MONDAY. JUNE 26, and thereafter three pict
iiies will be published each day for about sixty-tive
My answers to The Tribune'g Sg.mpie To >/ng
and Citiea Picturea%f? Mt6o4iowa:
_.^T^aS<7r>rr. u* - ?..4.aaa-**-?iaa
p <"*. -<1*r*-a.??.
. ,~ . ..?>.., >.?r,vi ahouM kr ettafl
Tge aa-ave aaea*a ataaatg 8aa ??? >*? bbbwbbi ?"?? *.
days. similar to the sample illustrations and their
answers as shown herewith.
Note the new specimen pictures that are published
aeain to-day. Study each line and figure cfosely and
carefully and try to think of the name of the town or
city each picture represents before you looic at the
answer. , , ,
Bv concentrating your mind for a few moments
you will readily see how simple and eaay this new con
test will be. There is little or nothing to do on the
part of the contestant. ,, .
All that is neccssary to gatn one of the btg rewarda
is to solve the pictures correctly and send in your
answers according to the conditions governtne the con?
test These conditions and regulations will be just as
simple and easy as the contest pictures themselves.
They will appear in The Tribune very shortly. Watch
for them. . , .
The sample pictures published are intended toi givg
every one a cleat idea as to the manner in which the
contest is to be conducted. and those who are planni'ag
to enter should be sure to note theae illustraticfl-a
carefully as it will prove of great assistanoe to them. in
solving the official pictures.
More than usual interest is already betng sbrjwn
in this novel contest. and indications point to the fact
that it will be by far the most entertaining anq in?
structive picture competition ever conducted by a daily
Tne , nntest I* arranged for evarv member or tnaatram
11 \- both old and young . .. , ..
' pa.r!,on* livlng at a dlstan.-o from or o-itetda or New
Vork will ho ellglMe to ?t.fer, as woll aa thosa t? ho five ln
Kmn!n<o?. ot The Trihuno and membera of thajr fam
11 i# ** rt ' ** ? -| *""'.*? -"I
Parenta ahould enconrajra the young peopla to *n*er.
a* tr.o\ to. have an equBl opportunlty to oapture the blg
priaea Tl e aolaring of tho puazle plcturea will prove to be
entei taininK. Inatructtve and educatlonal.
The conteat arlll i>o Btmpllclty Itaelf Each iltuatra
tion wlll represent the nama of B town or city locajed ln
tho L'nlted Btatea or Canada, and all that wm he, ra-,nired
on the pnrt of tho conteatant !s to write the name of tha
towr or elty thua plctured.
l?on't Imagtne that if jrou have not travelled exten
alvel] you ?tn be handlcapped In rempetlng, as the aature
of the puBBle-picturee to be ihown will bo auch that almoet
everybody ntu ho onabie.i to aolve tho picturen oarractly tn
nearl) all Inataoea fl ... ,? .
Bac town or c,iy to ho illiivtrat>?d wlll hear tha name
of the etata or provinca In whleh It is located rn order
that ronteetants may declde deflaltely e? to th? correct
olutiona. . , .
Tl ?? objecl ln publiahing three plcturea each da> la to
earry the conteatarta, mentally, over a largjer area af tar
rttory. and al I tlme maki tha conteat more intor
eatlna u->?i Inatru. llra
t i ,. ? ,... . ? , ,?',v i famtllar wlth tha namaa af w
number of towaa Bnd clllea located m tho rr.ita.l st.itea
,..,,! canada vel <t ma* be poaalbla that no alngle peraon
..iii be famlllai wlth hm the placea that ?tn be ahown
Prenare to entei the ronteat to-day T*n rour newa
dealer to begtn aorvlag you wlth ?' '"'."?' ot Tha Tribune
averj da? fn.i noa ea. ae thal you wlll ??? ready for the
.. ,, ,,fti,??.,! pu-turea when thei appaaar next Mon.iay.
,n*Thera wlll b. ? large llal af priaea raa aaay ?? well
t a on.. nt i ha a i nai ?
|t v .. | iu,. ,,. i of (>,.? .il. and VOlir ne? BdeaMI . a.'.l.ot
?upph you wlth Tba Tribune ragularly. write to tho c.n
leal titanager ind the psipe. wlll he delUe.e.J hv n..t,l.
Watch The Tribune Closely for Complete List
of Prizes and Conditions of Contest.
Correct Answers to Proverb Pictures
TIm Brai taeta m?m ef rh. Tr"hun? a Piaiea* taewara ??* peW afliea la tb* THtuaeel tun*
i? T?n anaarera ar? uhllatiad _at1< re '*? rhe Tribaaa publlfhee cerract a_e*eera te neieiaa
n ?-"i ?i
No. 20?Leva laughe at lockamithe.
Ne. 21 ? Laugh and grow fet

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