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riioAT, JCNa. ta, tan.
TkU aaarwaaat* U g\*m* BaM v*i>
JaH H Tat TriAtuto _?"*?_**?
^U, ,A,.'-? "i,'r TT
mm ???. ,*??????*_ __irj_;'";?
TiroOdtrss ot ?< ?#<"? to IM ?#
r>; //,i? nfiixptpf _
$4 0(.
w B^BVTtOM BATga ru ^J^JJf"
i ,id. oatalOa ?f urea~~ i* _0
Dath and gaaaar. ?* "10"'',m.4 aa
Dall) ?i 1 S.nxlav ai? mnnin_.. ^ (tn
luii ;,?i?i Sundajr. ?ne year. :,?
| . . y t ??lill. ll. ? flll
i . nljr. ail nioriiha. ' H ,?,
I>a.>\ ?*n<i '?!?? va ? . j 00
Punriai ??' I? * ? l'1 '' '''". 2 00
Bgnda nnl< . or.f ..'?
or.ajmon.n.n BB Oaa rear.an.
j. t Bjaaaaa ... IMl Oaa
paii v OHM ,
Uaa-B-alk.9UA Omajama.?"?'?
tn it?.* -** oaa ???*.$18-w
PAll.Y ON1.Y:
C>r.e oieeth.I '?<? ""'"".*8 ??
Oti. month.I ??' 0*| ^fa:
Frier?_ Bt Om PaatoOU* nt New Tork aa
Erl'r ?mbbII CIbbb Matl Matter.
tbe vbwb rata uouvno.
coNGR-HS^-Btoaata: The wool aM
v , rr Free Lial hflla wara reported
; u f,on. th. Commlttee aa
, .Y,c/.,ih1 t"' debate on rec?proclt>
{.munu-d. --Ti, Houae waa aot la
wl2Ti^We^ln.t*r>bbey an,..
aoaoea of Impreaalve aplendor, more lhan
Ix Tho?s..ni) peraona w?neaoinf ^ft
Kualoeremony. which paa* o? with
JS a hltch; the -,- i ular aeatlment >.
London and throughoul k..r1h..<i waa
eVinced .nnrea. IDtBMttai and
Hublk rejolclnga Tba ?P?*ln?J
tba Amerlcan warahlpa afl Kiei, w
;,nv .nri ownere of ^?_?"?"?_
,,.,vh boata rlined with Bmperot William
ST board thr Imperlal yacht Hohen/,.!
,,.,? . Klng Oeorge paHJctpated ?J
cable ... ihe laying of tho coraerntone
of the neu FiBheraaen'a InatltuU atBi
ir.lnw- N F, A .iispHtm frow Tla
joaoa Btated thafl tho aurrender ol Jack
Moab*. the rebel leader, to tho Mexican
f^d'r?l forr-a. Ifl waa bBU?ved, would end
iho ravo.1 In Lower California.
?;ih^rt naa the llral o< tho Kuropoan . lr
,u.i avi_tor ro-teptanta i" reacb 1 trernt
irom T>i*>jt*> severai ot the nther airmen
met vith mlabape J?d?? Moore.
ihe AmerK-in e.hlM'or. won ^nnllier
i riat at the ?'i>nif.i< Horaa Bhow, Lon
DOMESTIT Ea Oovernar fatea of
lllino-s defended Benator Lorlmer before
ihe Sonati- inveatlgatlng commlttee.
?rh' relatlona of tha Mormon
, | rh beet aui ata to the Amer?
Bugai Reflnlng Company a <.??
j ,r] ... |] e Houe. augar commlttee
i.. :, former Mom ri" biahop. ? Tlie
sh\- Ma*.?arbuaetta ballol h'li w;. :
Imoualy ? . th. ordi r of fl
i et.ding In ":r Bei '? * ' Mbanj
,;,,.,.-. ,? Van Tn;. l. lr. Btate Buperln
t. ident of Banka *t Alban? gavi oufl i
Bfl .. menfl thafl be had Btarted pr.
i- gt for tho i of the atock
bold. ind Cnlori JBank of
Brooklyn ? ? wlll of Mra Mary
j-..,k,. i i . admltt. d to probate
ii Boaton; Attorni Qeneral Barlffl lm
m< dial ppeal to th< Bupreme
< '.nrt on the quei t "-.i of domli ll<
r.,iw.,i .i Valentine Lei paj maater'a
arr< Bted in Buffalo, was alli ged
to have confeaaed lo'embeaallng $46,000
r?..i.-i thr. pay cheafl of Ui^ I'nitod Bl t<
l.,(iil'-hip 43eorgia The Jurj which
-- ia trj Frank H Henwooi of Ne?
York, on d charge oi murdering Georga
?? copeland, In Denver, waa completed
\n .ilioRrri ? mt>. //I-? v i<( Richmond,
\ ., . waa captured Ihrough a letter wrlt
ic-n i". th* fugitive, iklng hia wlfe to
.i ijti him in I ii
. -]T\ s.'ii k!- m . re heavj
1 realdi i I Tafl mad ? api eches afl
illnnei a at Mai B< a. h. 1 h
iroeecutien ln i1.0 trtal of Joaepii B.
j;. ,. ight to prova morr
cf "check kutiiK." and Ihe llSO.OOflfl l".'"i
from ihe Northem Bank waa n
PreaMenfl Bhonta laaued .. Btate?
menl thai contalned no euggeetion of
what ariion |h*t Inlerborougfa would tak.>
? I. ti, aubwaj report, After wln
ruiR in awflmmIna rnnteyta in Ihe H.irl
. S..-1 .-) boj arho trled to rroea thi rlver
Iflk ? ? r\row nerl In mkletr. \\ . K
rii? gtokea decllned ihe ndvice of ihe
\r i ? rtricl 4ttorne. to chance the cbarga
BBfl Mlaa l.illian (.raham and Miss
Llhel Conrad from altempted murder to
BHaaull Many natinns v.,t< rep
resented ifl Im] r< Bi*. ? a. n lei i hei afl
Trlnlty Chureh In ihanksRhing for thi
eoronatlon of Klng Gi i Tho
Board of Bai ? approved thr- crea
ii - of new placea In ih' Thx Depart
r.i. nt, lo ' >afl jK^.oi"'.. a year. n
-i,a aatd that the National Clty Bank
?~-a^ pl^nnlna i<, fmni B aeeurtty rom
l'.?tiy < Me Inmrlred and nine stu
rVuti wara graduated bj the College of
Ihe Cltj of Nea rork Th. .
l.ii'led a.. alleged fo.>lt? >< mi |ri (ftk
n:ret. . ir Broadway
THE IVBATHER Indiratinns for t<>
?1ax Falr Ti"- lemperature yeat.
Jliprfle-r |2 aa; loa est, ll
Room ot our contamporariea are trcti
ji : garlopgl] tM paaagfe bf th?- Beuate
oi Gia4j'a Mll whlch mpairtfl the si^n
1. | of all rditoriai nrti<-los pnbUgbad b]
.BBwapapera, Boi it waa more pr baibiy
a taJBy nhlMtlen of M8anatorla1 .-..ur
kaamj" liniily hn.l bget llio vl.-iin <f |
pgcallarl| <-.\.'ice crjiforlfil nffjiok. snd
hi^ fdlou S"iin'r.r?', who HkC lilin ".r
a"iiaii>. balped blin Indulge liis aplte
a^ain^t the pre^< frenorally TM \ciy
frnt that tho rot? in ffiv.r .,f h\n liill
va* alnio<-t urniiiimous hihv proMblj
he t?ken J.s llMHCatfng tbal those ?rbo
voterl for the 1.131 ayaajg ggmied that it
w.iiil.l ko no nuiiier than tM Beuata
For. thOBgfe Tbe Trihuno iia^ liulo a'l
niiration fnr tM pr.-scnt upper .?Ikiim
Mr of tiijv st.-.tp ii feela confldeni thal
too inuoii good aenaa prevalla tix-re ?<.
pciniil fhe pas"a>;e .if so foolish an aet
0% thi* one if it were BCrlotMhj Intended
*? if it wore ineant :.s an.vihlnjr BMW1
than a Bglve K> tiie w.nin.l.'.l spirit ..f |
"_-"0<| fcllriw."
If the Uriidy bi!) does not BBCOOBtef
an ekatada la tM Aaeea-blji it wiii m
c iinter Ogja ln the ronrts. 'Hie ri?ht t>.
tgpnkM its* ojiinions BDOO pul.lle .urTnirs
irag dearly won |g tM hard fougbt hai
tl< f-T tM <ni,inoipaii<>ii o_ tM preeg.
lt 1? au Amerlcan instltution. g]i .?t.
n. iniRht wiy. Bg Anglo-Saxon traiMti.m
|l ia as in.lisponsahlc t<> tM pabllc ln Mif
forniarion of its opInlOnB as it is t<? Ihe
iiewapapors for tM exfirossinn of th<'ir>.
A BBgajpBpgr is un lnsrlfiifion with fl
clmmoter t<> livo up f... a rcputatlou tMI
lit^pires rv,n{)deiico anmrij? Its regder*
They want t<> know what it thinks. for
thelr hjfonaatlan, pfltkapg ii may he f.,r
thelr Kt-'lflaijoe iu the just f>or(oirn,'inoo
of thelr puhllo dntles o? flllmil
a eifrnod odltorigl flgoold loevttabl]
take on, to tM general view. ihe char
Bcter <>f h mere p**TroBgl Otttglrlng. If
Grady's bill pftgged TM 'fYil.ime coaM
pnhilub an opinion aboul Gradj, M( IM
publl.- would not k.o cleaily uiiderM;in.1
that lt aaa what The Tribune ihoi^-'it
about Mm. >ow4 ot the risbte of tb-.
pgajgg taag onnstitutiou of this s,,,tP '*
rggrv cara*fo1, i-eeJia-lng lin ta*-oitanl
fiiiicllon of ii nowspupor in g wlf-gova*?
liis (icmocracv. lt gaya-no law bJuu be
"jlggagtl t?> loslraiii OT ahrldrTf ?? llB>
?env ..f apeech et tal taal pra-ss." ?> ,;'"
whlcb would provent ? newsj.apiT from
gettJng Iti rlflrarg on nublk qi*a*aartonii ba
fon tti?* pcnpla aa H *** ****** :,nf, "",
aubject lo any d*aoo-anl becata** <?f the
personality <.f its writors. WOUld very
O nsi.i.T.il.lv nl-rldp' the llbarty ol tho
nowspaper and aliiuinish its cHpacity fof
thal uaefuiareaa arhleh tho .mistituiion
googht to proteel nnd liiaairf.
should the law paaa nnd be laeJd c*oti
stltiitioinl. both of which onntinf-pneio*
seem liirthly iinprol.nl.lc. ohedionee to it
would ha fnil of prartical ditticultios if
not impnssii.iliiios. Bdltortal ertfcleg
aro not produecd in siuh g way tlint re
spoiisiMHty fof their aiiih<>rshi;. .an no
cloarly Baatgned, Often they aro tho
reaull of conferencea between rarioatg
peraona, la which caae no taro Ideaa ln
an arti.'lo may BOfing from the thtSM
Boaaree. Under. ancli elieeuiatoncee wboee
nntiio should \<o sp-ued t<> tliouiV Aggtn,
gfter aajcb artidea coane fron tho pon
of tho wrltor they nro oftcn nrntaariaiij
aitcrrd. their oftoct beiiig grjoieHinea
radkally changed. Who, thon is rospon
ejble for them? Should tho name of
every ....o arho coltoboi*ataa ln the nro
dnction of aa o.iltorial arficio he algned
to ii-. or only lha name ef tho edttor
ot the newaptper? Ihe i^iilrenyenl of
tho bill is rapal.lo of d<>inc mueh harm,
is inipracticahlo. is totallj rjnrjeceagary,
;ind la, in faet. fnntastio.
*I1io union nf sixtocn RepUbllcan
Sonators. inostly insunrpnts. arlth Ihe
Democratlc minortty for the pur
poee of fordng taiiir legialatlon at
thta Mssion should ].rot.abiy be charged
up tn baaty lapalse rather than
t,. cool deUberatloii. it iraa b rnanl
featatlon of tompor rather than g gtudled
derelopmenl of factlonal pollcy. The
Itennbllcan Inaurgenta la the Benate
bare beea Nffering f?"- aome time from
g sovoro attack of Injured rtuiity. Their
attitude toward the Canadlan reciproc
Ky atrropinont hnd gijbjected Ibem to
ridicule and di?sip?tod tho polttleal eap
ital which tlioy had laid op ns arrita
tnrs for a snhstantinl "downward re
vision" of the tarlff. 'iheir oppoaitton
m tho ranadlan compact dlaeloaed tho
fnct thnt they were decidedly gverse to
barlng "rJownarard rerialon"' hpein at
homo. The only w-ri-doti a<?optai.io ro
thom was of Ibe 8ori caictilated to im
pro\o thplr own poJItical fnrtunos.
TTail th? ineurponts whon tho ra-?
nadlan agreemeni was snhmittpd to Coa> '.
er**>s announced that they would Bttp .
pori it in aplte of Ita trapalatableiiegg to
a .prtaiti propoftlon of their .iiiistitn |
pnts. hpcausp it \*as in harnmnv wlth
thoir j.'an to Mo.iro lowor dutios *T**'i
erally. 'he rounlry aroaM have applaud
o?i their poaition ns i.oth courageoiifl and
ronaiatent. Thej wotild bare prored
thelr o'lllinaTneea lo take tbe bealing
medlclne whlch Ibe* arere preacrlhing
for .'tiiors Bul Ibey arere nnerjnal lo
gmaplng an exeeptlonal poUtleal nj.por
tmir. They hitterl* attarked Ibe C*a*
nadlan riraMpraaritj bill on Ihe gronnd
that it would adversHy affect certain
local Inlereata ln thoir <.\mi atatea, nnd
tl.ry, iia\.. never recorered frotn the
abock "f flndlng lhal the eountry ac
pepted their attitude tnwnrd reclprocitj
wlth canada aa ? trae aaeaaure of their
idncerits nnd capaa*ltj aa tariff refornv
Tbrtr Indlgiiatlon againai an admln?
latratlon ni'icii uncovered Ibelr frallty
)vAr nafiiialiy been growing In Intenaity,
and ii bag now found expriMwlon In n
nt,,r.' or i'-" <l>'tii.it.' roalition wlth tbe
Democratlc minorltj lo ih-fim. reciproc
Ity bj Inelating thal Ihe pendlng Houae
bill <haii nol be consldered Bpparatelj
and <>n |ta Dierita bul be coupled wlth
other lueaanrea enlarging tbe free llal
and reviaing tlip arool, cotton and steel
|*ormerly\the Inaurgenta profesaed an
earneel dealre lo revlse certain acbed*
ulea i.ocfiu'sp ihpy lifpfipd revlaion. Sow
they are nndertaklng to ie\is.. thom prl
rnarllj bi i tneana of purchaslng (H?mo<
cratic Bupnorl with whlch i" klll oft C'g
nadlan reclproclty
it muat i?p remembered lhal the Ben
?te Inaurgenta are ig arach rommlned
as tbe adminiatratlOB is to n revlaion of
the tariff achedulea rtep hy atep and ii
tho light of Informatlon auhmltfed lo
Congjesa i>y the Tarifl Board. They
worked bard In Ihe laal Congr ~< to ne
rure a tarlff board, and most ?,f tbetn
farored Ibe creatlon of g t -a ri rf rommla
*-ion with larger powera than the preaeni
board poaaerwee. The lowa and Kansae
platforma of 1910 recommended further
tarifr revlaion In aecordance wlth the
declaratlbna of tho Republlcan natlonal
platform of u?ok. the revlaion of each
scbednle to walt upon the flndinga of g
tariff commlaalon. Yti noa tbe Weat
oi'u insui-r-ont'- are ready t?. ko Into .'
co.'iiiiinn wiii. tii,' Democrata t,. i.'\i-"
the wooi. cotton and other achedulea ofT
iintid al thla aajaanon. altbougfa tbe Tarlff
B* ard baa promlaed to bare tbe data on
whlch a revlaion miaiiit t.. be baaed ready
for uae al tbe nexl regnlar aeaaion.
Blinded by Iheir peraonal lrrltatlon, tbey
aro trylng lo repalr one error <>f Jtidg
niPiit by eommlttlng a not hor. ln their
anxlety t<> Injnre tbe admlnlatratlon
they ha\p tbrown eofaaiatencj to the
winiii ami bare d4*mon8trated thai Ibej
havo ao bonorable regard foi* th.-ir own
repeated profeaaloua and pledgea, Tho
eountry \* nol llkelj to i|p lmpia*aaed bj
gocb ?'peainit" gtateamanablp.
Mr. Aaojvlth'g announcement -thai the
Hritish gorenimenl In.tenda t.. raiifv the
Declaratlon of i/.ndon is blgbl*. Iiitereat
lup afucb oppbaltlon to that Inatru*
in.'iit lin- been expreeaed botb In Qreai
Britaln and tbe colottleg by ghlp own
?-rs. cbamberg of cominerce and othera,
on frounda to whlch aotne forca mu^r be
eona*eded. There ba, bowerer, do n-a
goaable donbl of tho abillty of tbe bjoi
eriiinent tO soi'iiro lalilicaiiuii of it by
PariUtnent. The inlniatarlal majorlty
La larga ggMiagb to gtand s<?mo defee*
tlona, bul theae will probably be few
ii tha Daeaaure la tnatte, as is prtimlaed,
one upon whlcfe the dlvlaion will ba a
.... of eonfrdence in the 8>>rernment
.N..i many Uberglg are sulticleuily op
poaed lo Hip DflJi laration lo vote *U(ainBl
i' when that would tiioan roting t?. liirn
tbe g.ivorrin.Piil out.
ri.e chlef ..bj." li'.i.s to the meaaure,
it. sot forlli l.y the I.ondon Chninlier of
i 'oinineree. are lhal if ezptajga food sup
i iiea ii) neutral \e^^elK t.. cgptvie ot 6*>
siiuetion, thal it doeg not problbil iho
conrtrralofl <>f marehantniegi lnto .n
gfltrct dcatroyera, ii.at tho deatructlon
.f neotral prlaeg arould aroit injuiy nnd
Ihat. 011 Hip vaholc. 11..- niPflsure is iin
LfaM.rablc tu Liitlch iuleiesis gggecigllyj
in isnnrlnc the fnct thnt that eonntry
is hii lslaml nnd thua ls gbgetatelf
dcpendenl upon flbe sca for flrjin"!'^1'1 ?r
supplios. while ils potonllal oppOBgBtB
.iie continentul counlrios, wtiidi coiild
bg supplied by land if all thelr pOCti
v oiv elnsed. These ohje. tiort.s. or HBbbI
of iheni. would seem tu he for.'lb'0 ?*
tbgf gn iruo. whie!i is not COOCedod
by ihe gdrocateg of tho treaty.
Bgjood question thero is murh in thf
de. laratiou lhat is . oniiiieuileblc. Iti
prcsrriptioiis coiicerniiip hlOftnuVM ?'''"'
conlrahan.l are explici! an.i reiisonahle.
an.i they suppiy i detallad code, whlcb
ims hitberto been laddng, bul which b;<s
often been necded. n la practically tM
COdC wliiHl lins been sp.-cially a.lopted
i..\ leadlng natkmg orMn there ims boen
occaakm, nnd it would aeem to be coo
rentenl and dealrable to have it perma
nently Bgreed upon s.> thal it may gutO
niatiraily gO IntO fOTCe whenev.T it i
aeeded and ao that ail tbe world wiii
know ln adrance wMI proeedure wlll
be followed bj tM naUona concemed ln
Caae Of war. On tho whole, it may be
belleved, therefore, thal Its adoption wlll
ho for tbe good of tho world.
SO MORE 1)1.1.1 Y.
Mr. BbOBtB- romnrk* gbOUl 'bo dh>
?nttefaction <>f his stnokbotdors with tM
terms offered are meanl to Indlcate tbal
tho Interboroagta Rapid Tranali <'om
pany's reaourcea for detaytng aubway
building aro by no meana exhausted. A
aharebolder'a or a Mntllioldeflr'i _?H f,,r
an iiijuiicii.iii t.> reatrab] tM o*;o!l,?^np'.',
ol leases propoaed mlghl be rofflctent to
delay an BgreemenJ with the dty, or tM
carrylng ou! nf -*-cn ?n 8|freoi_ient, for
severai years.
Boi if aerloua legal obataclea gr?
tlirnwn in tM way of an ggreetnenl be
tween ibe Interborougb company and
tho clty, tbe latter ought, bowever ri
erotfiilly. lo iiirn elsewhoro for an oper
gtor who eouM gccepl iho dty'a terma
at once. TMre aro obvlooj gdvantageg
in baving tbe Interborough companj
operate IM lines gaalgned t?. it in tbe
eonferreea' report boi tbe advantagesi
:,iV doi greol enougb t" compenaate for \
severai yeara' delay to awail tho reeull
nf a lawsuii. Ibe n ook eivon lu tiio^
companiea In wbleb t" geeep! sboold
mean a week If tiio InterMrongb
comnany'a atockholdera cannol see the
f.'ii.x of letting aome competitor become
tho major fador in the BUbwaj situaii-n
oi IfanMttan nnd Tho Bronx, go moch
the worae for tbe company.
ftEACTlOy 17" AlEAST.
PredlcUona IMl the forro> of rea<'
tion *aould he in control ai Albany if tbi
Democratlc party "as rlctorlona at the
laal state electi'-n aro hoine vorifbrl \
bill -.vhos-* nini i- to rrstoro pri/.' | _ I
ii z i'' thla Btate bag pgated both bou. ? ?
of tbe i.oci.dature The Grady bill re
gardlng bank reeerveii haa ondone mocb
lhafl aaa accompllabed, a- ? reaull ot
tbe revelatlon. "f th.' 1907 panlc, to
placi banklng npon a aafer boata i" Ibe
-tr.te. Iho CittinB hllla vx hlch arlll "taM
the March out" of I:' ? Hngtn - nntl
gambltng IflWfl nre expeeted tu pa4-^ tM
I.. gtalature. TM) carrj <"ii tbfl loug
Blandlng bargain between Tammanj gnd
.! '? gamblera. 'I he Levy election ? I 111
la certain t" paaa end is on tbe list pf
ihlngH tliat iho i,n\. rnor mual slgn In
ordi r tu can y ."it th.* ngri emenl e i.i.
ihe Tammanj boaa aa i' la currently
underato ri. ii i ?'< l'i" in IM Intereati
nf polltlcal macblnei and gima t" make
Independenfl moveroenta dlfflcull
r.n. who could pxpeefl anytbing elae
than reactlon from a tfurnhj Legl lai
are and a niurphy ftovernor'i
. i i .iii" 1 .fiiiocrai iu Iii.- I loil.f
Ri pr.-. mai Ivea wenfl on record IbbI
U'edneadaj a- wllling lo carrj ".t ,i
dlatinrt p'oolto nf th.' laal two Demo
crgtic national platforma Tbe ptatform
ni 190. sald: MWe favor the election of
??Cnit.'.i Rtatea Renatora by dlrecl rote
"nf iiie peopie,*1 gnd tho platform ofl
\'.*? aald: "We favoi ti.e plectlon of
?iniioil Btatet Benatom by dlrecl rote
"of tli.- p".i).i<-. and regard this refnrni
? a^ ii.e gatewaj to other national re
"forn.s." re1 when the HoUBC of Ifep
reaentatlvea wna aaked to concnr ." iho
Rctlon "f tho Benate tnnking poaalble I ie
Bnbraiaalon of an amendmenl to th.'
Conatitutlon aubatitntlng th.' dlrecl for
tbe Indlrecl method an.i dning in.thii.ii
elae, all tM DenHxroti in iho Houae boi
one balked. They did nol wanl t.? make
t'lHid tM declaratlona of the laa! tw,,
DBiiong] platforma, almlng Inatead ;it
forcing the Benate tn ogree to tho snh
mlaalon ..f an amendmenl wblcb would.
in Rddltion t" changing tbe method of
aelectlon, pul entlre control of Bena<
torhtl electiona in tho hand- of tho
Thla latter notlon haa never recelved
tbe Democratlc party'i aanctlon. No
body thongbi of tbe Houae iddendnm
nijiii recently, when a few eztreme
Btate righla Bouibernera aaw a cbanee
tn exacl Bometbtng Inlmlcal to national
aoverelgntj aa tbe prlce <>f their sup
pori <f tbe prlndple <>f rlire<-t electiona.
The otber Democrata stepped "W tbe
party'i platforma in order t.. yleld to
ihat demand. "The World** aald yeeter
dayY MProMbly nol mncti progress wlll
"imw be mn.lo with thi* reform until
"tbere ahall Mve been ? further Infa
Mslon ot Democracy in tM Banate." Boi
ti.e only reform whlcb the Democracy
boa asked for .ould have beon gCCOm
pltabed nitboot tMt "infMoB,'* if tbe
Iieniocrnts in the linuse bad almplj
roted to aeeepi the aniendmenl In the
. \a.t fom in wblch ii had pggfled tli.'
Senator Qradj Ifl in i-artresi in his at
templ to weaken ihe state banklng in
atltntlona The Cleoiing Houae Ajwoctgi
tion of thta dty bavlog admltted tbe
tru-t companiea <<n terma not conelBtent
wltb the Orady law cnttlng down tM
reaervea reqolred io he beld by aoch ln?
atltntlona Gradj i>* tbrflatonlng t<> make
tronblo. At bla Inataseo tho siate su
periiiteii'leiii of BtBklog ls in-tru.t.'.l
by tho Btate Senate to Inveotlgate th.*,
coodltloni under whidi state hgnklng
Inatltutlona are Bdmttted t" tM Clear
Ing Houae and tn repori promptlj ?..
ih,. Benate, Benator liiark, arbo was tM
gpokeaman f<>r Ur|dj wben iho resniu
tion pBioed, ti.e latter belng niis.-nt.
sai.i ihnt the Clearlng Houae Assnoiii
Hon waa in .. poeltlon to ''dlocrlmlnato''
nu'iiin"' eertaln i.nuks
Tbe dlaciimlnatlon i* not ggllnsl cer
laln banka, bufl Bgalnai certalg kimis of
banklng, If tbefl 'learlng Honee contlnoM
in dltcrlmlnnte ggalnat the klnd of baak<
iii^' permltted by tM Qrady law, wblcb
ii.akis it poavlble for boakan tbrongb
Inveatmeni in certala bonda t" cul ihetr
ic<?r\'- <i."\ii tn ;*in.? >st nothlng, publk
opinion wiii glwgyi MMtllfl It lh.it
law l?s u Lad law. Go\nuor L?ix as a
"hiisino** man." wlth ****^^*\Z
lu banklng. diould t*** ***** '
than tn si-rr, jf.
The Qeddeaa of Juatioe oa tha top af
tho Clty Hall rlroppod her 8*8*188- to tn
tin roof on \Vor]?.sdn>. ******* "U?
gOl tho Idea that they w-re as |M^J"
u tho retatlera* acalaa arhleh tb* t Ity naa
receniiy been couflecatlng i""1 exhlbiting
in Clty Hall r-ark la arhaagaadg guan
rjorernor nix bava retoeJ ? MH m
whlch a Tanunany snator araa Inter
Jamea k. Vardaroan is agaln runnlng
for offlce in Mlaalsalppt *lr- Varda
ninn's appaaiBlli e ln any .auipalrTn is I
sipn.ii for polltlcal bomh Ihroarlng. Ha
i. lo the atlasieeippl "red ae< ka" aa graal
a gthnulua ami aolace as the Hon. Jeff
Dnvla la to the Arkansaa ??hiii-hiiiies."
"Ben. ';." arag oueted from the loador
ahlp of ti.e majorlty, bul hla eapaclty for
bad legl ilatlon is undimlnish. d.
The twr.r,tj,.th annlversary of the mue
terlng ln of the Ial Battallon ?'r 'ho
Daval mllltla, whlch Ig to he celebrated
b) a dlnner thla evenlng, will bo appm
prlately marked by ? gpeetel trlbuta of
reapect and affectlon to Comnaodiira .t.
W. Ifilter, arho rettrea to-inorrow after
aervlng that organlaatlon arlth fnicity
.-.nd dletlnctlon during tha entlra i
ot its exiatence. Indeed, CrOnunodore
aflller may Juatly be deacrlbed a-5 the
founder of ti.e naval militia of Ihe
tJnited Btatea, whoaa preaant eondltion
of effldency and honor beara convlnclng
teatlmony tr. bia wisdom and devotton.
Hla comradea wlll aeaure him thla even?
lng th.tt they appn clate that fact in e
manner whl. n m b< aoraewhat trylng
to a modeat man, bul whlch ha cannol
fell t., remember with prttlfl and satis
i lli: I 1/ A OF THE l> IY.
"Juatlee la on Ihe himk now, I l lt?"
sald .. vlaltor to ,-. ot) Hall employi
terday, refening t.. tha aeddem whlch
aent thr Bcale from tho han.i of tho ?
of Juatlee craahlng on tho city h..ii roof.
"It'a earl) In t he moi nlni but you are th<
man a ho I that queallon."
tho employe replled i>:'..f! aiae humoi
? -k- i "A ili ibe acalea be In
apected bj C*ommli lo . r UTalah before
they are }(-,-]?<?*<)" And atlll other amar :
i that i be lady ho allow. .1 to \
rr unl i ? e goea l tel In the wetghlngl
. .-t tVonderful how mbn! imart peo
New Tork nd thej all
, ,,r". ?o the ? Ity Hall to ba aeen ? d
i hrem goltvl Dea n*e. l eur bump of ?
... ... larg. *? ? ou a
s ildl. ?
i m a rhai;". ir Sydne;
Bulli ? ?
IVritlng about th* -h^o of >??
. itrr a ?? The il
?,-... Gaaette," that t tyi
...... a n'rAri-* ImpreeMen on
(ho r,,.., . .?? "All tha fooi we ir et
ihe llttle bn a hen ? ? T ?
po... iwooden i logi i and itraa
Indeed 1 ? v rdWtton Th. line
Ihe benchea, thr- Boore, the ahelvea They
I aeei gly fl everj
?,. . r | the Bellea htai about
lorxo to aqjuat e.
nea. ' it tha io.
. . , ?
ild, hut h?* !
? ndfl I. Kolutlon to hla ou.-i v a hen ha I
he.-.ra ti.H. ? Japaneaa man Bnnuall mak< ?
awa: wlth froni elghl to ten i ^i.s "
.. ? , terribl) anno; ed
.?.. . . ... ? . ime
?a, d ? .rd hlm a Ith qui t|. ni I
'*?" ...
pl ? .. ;,, ateal Becond eh* gni up and
; . ,'?.' De
? ......
prssTS i'.; ??
? r. . ia thi arinter oi mj rj ontenl
\.. hen ? ?" ?," r ? ???.ind all the wor'd
i |
\\ ith Nature'a " ' mlatreea hli
i ? ?
ir. ihore and un."1!.....] green, whi'e i am
irdfl lono and ami ' ''" ,Vc ^"d
.-,,, ,. lacl i ( foe I, i prowl by nlghl uid
O'er fence and gate and i.ow' my dole
fni lay;
But there ?" none to h-",; a eafa lament
Bad la my lot! '
If. lady'i ugly poodle tahea hla nap
. >t. cool hotel ararenda on her lap
w M.,,, . . eare he feaata and a laaa fat
Th? aummer long, Pleaae, frlenda, noa
hava I*1" grace
Te tdoad tho oau*o of my llWtreeted raee!
ll c.
i . . -, ou hava b llttle I roi h< i, ''.. ,.
. noi Ihe yo ingeai . hild am '
... , ,|,. i ?. ppoae It'a --1 i Ight, hut
you mlghl have given me ? a tek notlce,
an: aray. Pueb
"Bchonhrunn. tho beautiful reaidenea ol
the Eanperor ef Auetrla, la all thal tha
enthualaatle tourlat agenl deocrihed lt,"
wrltea an Amerlcaii traveller, "and tha
the bulldlnga and thi woi
, . .... aaen t., be appredata d i ? people
..;,, a | ,. cahnot da aci Ibe tblnaa.
,w . aaw lha placa where ihe unfortunata
g of Roma need, where the more un
fortunate Maxlmlllan played aa i boy, and
nooka and cornera with which many. many
hiatorlcal characterfl were asaociated bul
l rnuat confaaa In Bhame, that tho people
r.f onr partv were rnoal Inter* atod lu tba
elophant whlch WB8 hot n ln th
Bei mbrunn boo tho day befora eur vtall
Tha keeper '"id na thal tho baby eould
atand alona aa hour after it araa born and
that it waa lual aa amarl ?b Ita brother,
born in tha Bauna ptai ?? la laal Tba I eall
th.- mother PTau Mlaal
"Yaa are are troiiij- m tho aaaalde agaln -
ntl but fathi ?. 1 fa he muat have
a reat." . _,
"Oolng a-fishipc. oh
? N? fte?a gning to atay at home. -tJleve
land Plaln Dealer.
A Distinction Between Anti-Racing
and Anti-Garabling Measures.
To the EdltOf Of Tha Trlhune.
In enniniunlcatloni- te the vreen and
ln other puhUelty fta^nraa of their eaaa
paign '" tr.ak down tt.o anti-gamhttng
ef ti.- Btate tha rai Ing bitereata me
trylng te rnaha it appear thal lha Hart
\("...w hllls nnd inciibiires B.lh>oqiipnt|y
paaaad b] tha Leglalataira aro ?? .nti-raeinrr
ThlB Ib not the 0888 N""' Voi k ha? not
paaaad any anU-iacang laglalatlea such .-.h
New Jeraey has upoa ?ter atatuta hooks.
Tha lawa ef Wea Jereej ef UM nol only
prevent gambilng bul prevent raetag. aii
!?.e!nit for money is a nriatle-neaner in
Kea Jeraey .\',' parraooa rjeaesal nt raeoa
;..e guOty "f mladamaaaora. Aay eorpe
,.,t:.,n arhleh keepa k piaea te whleh par.
voti.B may reaort for ensjaKlnr.- ln poolaoli
|ng of bookmaklng or f'-r i.-ttlna; upon tha
event of a liori-o raeo la pullty of a niia
derneaaor and punlahabta he a fino ,,r no(
leae than 11.88! or more than ttAtt, plu
lmprlfe.nmo.it ..f not laM lhan one year >,r
mere-Uaan Bva reara, Any eerporatloa ln
Kawflflfraey eaaaietad * effaadlag agataal
thla provlaloa la fllaawlTad ihaflaaa*, ar.d li
rorporate fraaohlaaa Baeetaa raad without
nny other proa ? dlng 18 thal 8Bd.
This la anii-ractng leglslattoa New
rerk'a raaaaaarua ara Baarel] aall gambilng
HI888U188. and I: the ....Inc a^H:..-|atlona
, ontlnue la < oi.tuid thal tha dlaactoi ? |
radag a:.-.'jciut.oiirf at.ojid nol ^ t'*;d re?
.?ponFlble for rambllnjr nn thelr vrtrn>ttA
It ia n falr ronfesMon on thelr part that
rarlnif without gBBBhHng ln WOW York
Btate 1* bnpOBBlMe. If that I* the case
rllher the rnn.stltiitlon <>f Ihe etate or the
InatltuUen of raHnR muat go, and it 1"
qulle pot-sll 1? that lf the dlroctors of rae
lag BBBOdBtlona pend?t In thelr P'p? ,0
he held le?H re-ponslh|e for RambllnK ?>n
their preaUeaa than ar<- dtraetora oi n?"'"
rooma ihey may Bfouaa peepla w'10 '"t'>
myaaHf i.av<- no ab|BBtlen to rnrina le ron
ton.l for laglBlatlOfl ln New York State
whkh l? not niereiy antl-KainhllnR leifiida
limi im! aatt-radng lejrisiation
Aay one who kr.owa the faets knowa that
the five tr.-ok- ln Xew Vork' Cltf Hr'' "nt
ary fOr the better bfOedkBg of horf<es
ii- tastlag the apaed of l.oree* nnd thal
tha gmount af money BOW lnveatted In
tboaa tracka never arooM have beea aa*
vested in them but that the preaanee ef
protected gambllng afl raeatraeka under the
Percy-aray law mada _ueh ln?eatmeal noi
only aafe bul anormoualy paolltable. I*
the GHttlna meaaora now before the pen
aie at Albaai ahould becoma * law gem*
HMriK aill eartalnly *o revlva in Bew York
Cllj nt tn becoma a curse to the cnm
moniiy. The m?asures ahouM he beaten,
and iii! gOOd rttlr.ens Hhnnld rnmblno to
fake temptatlon oul r,f ihe path ot tha
youth and BrBg4 BBrnera nf tt.is
Cnalrman ?Mtizens' Anti-nneeuauk Oam
bling Campaign Commlttee.
X' v. fork, .lane 21, lfll
Mcnace to the Health, Happiness and
| Habiliments of Open Car Passongcrs.
i 'i'n i1 a Edltor of Tha Tribune
Sir: Vmir adltOfial of to-dav. "Tha CuM
<.r Rowdylam," i-. moat admtrable. it la
Btmad at the riKht apot. Tour roferanee
to "the ijirty Ifrttta uroliin who beKms wlth
pllfering from fruil ataada and npeattlng
ai barrela, groam up to he nn insulter of
women aml a felonloua BBBaulter of men,
an.i !b finaiiy graduatad as ,-. profaaaional
thi. ? and Bsaaaatn in ,. flrVbyo or Ifonk
Eaatman gang." is correct.
These embryo rufllana oannot ba taken lu
h\ ihe a.ithoritiea too early, and it
aaema tn ma that the eareteea, ignorant,
dapraved parenta ?f auch < ihlliiren should
be heM lo account for ti.- actiona of their
i,i goi erned oifaprlag.
Along th' Lexlngton avenue surfare line.
from aboufl Wth atreel to iflXd atreet, i* i
KH.i- of youngaten who amuae themaelvaa
by hurling blta or sar'oa.e aad other of
fenalve mlasilea nt pasaengera ln tho ?>t>en
trnlle. ,u- i "U iilrne^t iinivorsullv in UBB.
i . gunday. whlli ridlng paat thal point,
i vi-, atruck Ihree tlmea by piecea ?l
? ? inrinn nnd, while iii? dtrty li'tle
? . . a-ied with demonlac Kie>-. and
thelr dlagustli - parenta aai on the porchea
and appflauded .i.e deviitry of thei, impa ?>'
Batan, noi one of whom waa m?re than
lan yeara old, and ^m.- of nrhom were not
o-.r-r <h? pco of five yeara, naJein* bj ap
I . ,. .,- . ti#i ahould taka this mHtte
in hsnd. the boya ahould be arreated and
their undealral parenta ahould ho placed
bond nnd compelled tO make tlM
. . behave Too many "f the forelgnera
. rowding our cltj aeem to think tnem
. M ? tled '" unbrldled llcenae to do
a- thev r,]?**". and theae ahould he taugbt
.., no gentle manuei to re pecfl and obey
0U] i 11 and laatitutlona.
? . .. '? i ? i iwi _
Capt.iin^ ol r-Mtticaii vTarihipi Entef
tainnd nn the Ittporial Yarht.
rjarman. ' <? i " Thi
... rramn ? pared for the .
? ? vielttng ofl',. era and
I ? -,,i dlvlaion of tha rnlted Bi >i
,. .. ?>,, | t.-. da\- Three hundred mem
..;? t-r- flVoman'a Nat? Leagui pald i
the tl gahlp Loulatana durlng me
..,., iin* of tho \ mei Icai ? ?????
Loulatan i. Ka ? . Ni w Hami ihin
Carollna, and thi oam.>f 10?
Amerlcan aonder claaa boata Beaver, i lmn
., i r i elot, .'"'I t etlng i- the li ternatlonal
,,,,.!,, , . ?.- and ' lommltteeman Men
ry Howsrd, of lh4 Baatern k'achl Club,
.. . i .. Maaa . dli i ' \'.'';' I '
Wllllam on board I ? Imperlal i achl Hn
h.enzollem tn-r.i^i I
-a -
Oommittee Arrancos Dntail? for City
EbU Oelebratlon.
'1 here nfl- :, mret'pt: ln Ihe <|tv MaU
xnctrrdav of the full commlttee appolnted
hv Mayor Oajmor to arrange for h publ ?
nt the Fourth ot .lulv. Vaiiona
? r i rogrammB, a re report. d
. ? ? itteea and api ro. ed.
The centennlal of the flral meeting of the
Cil3 Coon 11 of Nea fork wlll he co\r.
i rated al I o i lock, a receptlon heinu given
al ihat time tn deecendanta of membera
ot ihat Pouncll and of Pe Wltfl Cltaton
i ho waa then afayoi Among the deacend
nm* aill be De 1>Vltt .'linion Jonee, i
(. andaon of Mayoi Cllnton. 'ihe p-e.^nt
of Aldermen arlll meet and p u i
'? mmemorative reaolutlona
.\ band eoncerl wiU bagta al n M o'ciock
OB a Btand peming tv.n tlniu<.,iad [woon
thafl la to be bulll In fronfl of ihe Clty Hall,
aml fa.-iim th? Btand of bonor from whl. I
Governor i*ix. Mayor oaynor, Controllei
. rgaal and Preaideni llitchel of the
I of Aldermen are aapected to apcak
Thete la t'? he a cbofua or one hundred
Qerman ringena, who wlll ^ini;. amona
other thlnga, Arthur Parweli'a "Hymn '?
I | ? I !
The Mayor aml other dty offlciala and
. .. ta "H1 he eecorted by th? Continen
tala to the Btand ? l bonor afl 10 o'ciock
and arlll revlew the parade of natlone.
Thla pi ?ea ?? win Include Indlana,
Ureeka, Bohemlaaa and repraaental ??
other gatlona In natlva coaturaea.
Na.ahviile, TeUB . .lune B, PollOBrtng fl
conference bere towlay over the fighfl be?
iv.p^n iha regular Democrata of the Taa
i),-s-.e> Legtelature on one slde and the m
dependenfl Democrata and Republlcana on
thi other, n v>ac formaily announced that
tba BHhuater whloh atarted aeventj daya
.,-,, BrOUld he hroken and that those fUSlon
membera who wenfl to Alabama In order
lo l.oid np ail legtelatlon arould ba back
in tji.ir aaata to-morrow. Conceaslona ara
rald to have been made hy both BtflBB
Prom The gaanaha4i Jeurnal
Withu a few Breeka v-'w mlllion loh.*ter
fry wiii tn planted al rarloua polnta among
?i:> 1(5 i-i.iiii|' of Ceaoo Bay, Tha work
of plantlng win take aeveral Breeka, Not?
arithatanding the iar?e amouat of -*'ed lob
btera to be collected and planted ttns aea
n.n, the nrie? of tbe livr arttcle <.f regula
tion eiie la nnt likely to be within Ihe reach
of ordlnary mortala ascept for a month <t
iwn m thf aummer.
Prom Ti.e lilraraukee Jeurnal.
Tbfl govoramenl wlll prevenfl the fenaaa
tion of ? bread trust auch hh |a sald to
i.a planned by tbe bakers in a number of
the large eitiei in the "iiaht of reaaon"
a onsiii rath.r tr, he encouraged aa an
ald tO hn^handa who really llke a Uttle
home cooklng.
From Tha Reeheeter Pemoerat and Cbronla
. le
The aehema t.< Impoaa a atate t** ,.n for.
.im champagne .rea tea auapidon that
Tammany la Intereeted Ib th.? d. velopment
of the KeUka l^iKe wlne dtstrlot.
i i .un Tbi < in: iha n.-e
in- Rev i iiM.i.- m ghelden, ef Toaeka.
ii novellat-preaeher, haa iiaited ti^ .m
bei-F nf hh, p.Hl.h lo tall |um i(|| tt|,.|,.
troi_ble.? rn, matter how prlvale a pat.
V"- ?",;''_."?? '"? l?oWng for matertal
Xwi *..?> i.uvel.
Teopte and Soct'af Incidenu.
I(????.Mi xiie iritnai" aaflraaa i
Waahtngton. Jona tt-TRe ?aaratarf of
\\ ,r left traahtagtea thla afternoon fOf
Phlladelphla, and win go to Melaunoe,
Haverford, l'ei.n.. to be the gueel for .<ev
Brai <iavs of r.r. a.id Mra Robart <??
Oamble Mra Bllmaea who haa spent two
aeeka In Waahlngton. left hera this morn
mc. a?d win joto tbe leeretary for thla
ri.e poetmaeter Oenafal la attendmg um
Harvard commenrement.
I I'Miin Tba THIaaia Boraaa i
Washinglon, .Hme ... Hsmt^-. I
haa Rone to Phlladelphla lo sr-ond taamt
aaya with friend-. Ti..- lapdneF,- RiahaaM*
?ar im k. pt iii Waahlagtea bf ti.e far .-eai
confor.m '
An Impo.KillK a'ldlei. attended Ihe v?r
nn-ti.in aervicea at Bfl Jobn'a Cbnrek at
BOOB to-day. The Se.relarv of State and
Mrs. KnOB were present. and the Brltlah
Ambap*adr.r and Mrs. Hryce. Alfred .
Mit. h.il inne-. eouneellor; tha ae.-ond ?ec
r.-tarv and MrS. Kstumid Ovey and Wlll?
lam G ?'. OtadBtOOe, BttaCht, all <>f tho
embaaBj ataff, aeoompanled them The
m'mher? of the dlptomatta COTpg atill ln
the eapti.il, aii the Britier. BUbjeeta and
many other* wer? preeenl
Mr--. Bryce returned to tt.' emba ay thla
mnrnln:: from North Beach, Md., but went
to North Beach again thla afternoon that
al o mlghl remaln ar the bBB-tde of Mrs
Oeorge Toung, wlfe of the grafl aecretary.
Mr.* Bryce aeemed to be more hopefui for
young matron, bul her condltlon ta
atill c
[Pi . a Tt" TrttnuM Bureaa.]
Waahlngton. June 0 Mr. and Ifra
Arthor W. Bewall, or Phlladelphla, who
eame hera on thelr yacht, the Nar. laaua,
one of the bandaomeat craffl to anehor m
., p0t ? .,. m yeara, hav.- rai irned home.
?ii . |, .. ,. sir Thomaa and Lady Cocl -
rane. tha former a member of the Brltlah
Parliament. and Mr. and Mra Bhaad, al o
of England, accompanled them. The Nar
took Mr, and Mra. Bewall and tha
Bngllah gueata and Capttln Ftank McCoy,
Colonel Oreble and Cbloael Duan to Mouufl
Vernon thla mornlng, an'i from thera Mr.
a-:d Mrr Bewall proceeded by arater to
Baltlmore. There thev arlll leava tne boal
and go lo Phlladelphla wlth thelr gueeta
Chaogea ln the plana of Sir Thomaa Coch
rane prevent hia lilltng hia eneasement
to vinit the brother of Benator du Poafl
at hh* home at Wllmlngton, Del.
Tb" Blahop of Waahlngton and h<? chil
dren, Cbarlotte Hardlng and Alfred and
Paul Hardlng, and the Blehop'a riBter-ln<
|_Wi >l - ili.--.lt DOUgtap, left here thlfl
, | ror Ra\-en, Me . ^hr^ they wlll
cp?nd the Bumr
Mra Robert I aw Oliver wlfe ?f tho
Aaalatanfl Secretarj of War, haa e^* *A
. j,-,., 0 ,,, . ,.:?, her aon In-law and
? rr Mr and Mra '""','1 " Choato,
v. tn<i -i . ? iriei r Olover ara leav
ine Waahlngton for rort Harbor Me
thi mmer Vnn
,,-?. theii daughter, and her I
children an expeeted to from the
nrvt month to riail tl em
r Ti'lliert, ? ' ind Wa ??h\r\g
.. . . ined Mi 5YI1U ? ? '
l?l trr|, .) ,, No* \ ork on the Olymple
. . ., here until tl * ?*nd of th->
a en the I ' go to DubUn, N H ,
the; have taken a - ttage f^r tho
Mr Wlllerfl * UI dlvide 1 :k time
.... and Dubtln until
l ?.-... adjoui ? -
Mi and Mra J I aurena Van fl an a *o
rent abroad at the end of May, will refl
,,, thla eountry earl] In J md go to
%>w |..., i for the aaaaoB
Mr tad Mn I Rolltaa Morae will go to
ow, where they arlll afl ?
Kueata for a f. ' Mr *n'' Mrs
Richard T. Wtlson
Mri Henry F. Dimoch wlll leave ro<>n
for Bai Hai or on Monday,
Mr and Mrs Jamea B Haggin wlll leave
Ihe dti ? ? i) *? ' v" wi rt, where l
Bay State Attorney Oeneral Ap
peali on Question of Domicile.
p^ston. june H ii"* wiii ef Mra "?
Raker Eddy. founder of fhe Chrlatlan
, .., , aaa admltted to pi
in the Buffolk Countj Protoata Courl to
day Attorney Oeneral Jamea M. Bwlft,
0f Mrr. ,. ? med itely took an ap
rr -1 to the B ipreme Courl on the question
of domicile
Tl ? rarrylng of tha caae to ".a Bupreme
Courl brlnga the wiii atongalde enother
edlna relatlng to propertj leffl by Mra.
Bddj. ['."th a. tion Invol -' tntlally
agardlng d
teetatrlx, and II I the dealre of the
Attorney Oeneral to have both caaea trled
al i e aame time.
Th.- probate hearlng to-day waa In the
I . ar. re made
. allowanca of the wlll, ? eopy of
which waa olfered by Charli i P. ?
ated, ahowlng the
llnga ifl Concord, N.
ii , wi;,.,. ? nai la on file.
ir ia held bj the Attorn i Oei il thal
Mra Bdd; wa - doml lled In Maaa i
m the tima of her death and thal thta
Btate la entltled to the taa '? ? ' ? bbbo inl
of wm h is bbM i" be comparatlvely Bm
Ir.vcstigation of Campaign Contribu
tions Proposed by Tcxas Senator.
Wa ihington, June 8 An Inveatli
,, ,i:, ,.,,, ,,_??, eontrtbutlona ln the gen
,,,i ,-. ? *A U propo* I
l? . , .,,, ,,,,,, introduced In lha s- nate
to-.i.-iv b: Mr. nulberaon, pf Teaaa Th.
... || ve tlgation would be made b|
the Commlttee on Prlvtlegea and Electiona,
wlth Inatructlonfl to n perfl meth. da of cur
talllng iubacrlptlonfl and eonflnb-g them te
nroper and lepitlmat.' objei i
Cambrldge, Maa , 1 :''" - u"'!'s i,p''1
odi.' comel hn-* ' raai by PTofeaeer
Mi.X Wnlf. Of Hl idelh. rg, BOOOrdtUg tO B
cable meaaaga recelved al the Harvard aa
tronomi. il obaervatory to-day from the ob
?ervatory at Klel, Qermaay. The eomel
araa teen through b large lalescope <>n th.
nlght of Jnn.- io. its poaiton wa.* deacrlbed
;,? right Bscanatoa II houra M aalnutea M
Ke.ot.d-. decllnatlon plua i- degraaa M
Peorla, in J""o HL The Peorla Park
Board laal nlght, la the faoa <>f oppoattlon,
,i i i,,i ... place the broaaa st.iin.. ,,r rtoh
aii ?;. Ingereell at ti.e grami antranea to
. ilan < lek Park.
Brupawtck, Me., Juna ?:? Tha bonorary
degrea <>f doetor ef i??* w<is eenferred hy
Boardoln Collega to-day ea Henry Creeby
Ktnery. of Pfashtagtoa, ehalnaaa <>f th?
tariic hiiHr.i. and imi.<i Btatea Benator
Charlea F. Johneen
Ryrn.uee, .lune 21 Troop f? WatlOMl
Ouard of New v.nk. ai ItaTaaaual m-hhii
arana practlee, aatabltahad i new suto. r,?(
nrd iii rearkamanahlp, leeurlng hm \?-t- cent
t,u .he grdfl llme alnee Hm oaa ragulatlona
. ,? :. . Seetlva Plgura ef m.nt troa tl
ni the aeeond klgheei ever maia by
a New iuik mlllUa orgaalaatloa.
will paaa the eummer. Mra. Ha^aln arrlvet
from Kurope on Tuoaday.
Mr and Mrs. Wllllam DourlaB Slotna
who arrlved from Kuropo 0:1 T loaday, hava
gone to Klm COUft, thelr vllla at. I,#nojj
Where they wlll ppend tho Burnmor.
Mr. and Mr*. ff, St-.rr?i Wggg*, who al-o
returnod from ahroad thta week, have ?;on%
to Wewport for the a> aaon.
Mr. nnd Mra lawrence B. Klllman hava
left town for Caatuuharat, T.nnj? lalaad, t<-,r
Ulg >.jmtner.
Mr and H>| t 88*1888 S-rlhnor wlll a,|i
for Buropa a areeh frorn to morrow, to re.
main ahroad until the fall
ire. TilagiBaai "> Tho l*ra*Baaa 1
laHaQg. Maaa, Juaa 22. Arftvfaag at tha
Hotel Aarpmwell to-day were Ura DonaM
Brown, arho t- a giieal of Mrs. wiu.am f
Mrown; Ifra. A. 0. Hrown. Mlflfl <- M.
P.r./wn. I, I. Brown. Mr. and M: ? \Vn<.
ter A. Tyaon, Mr nnd Mrs I'. H 'I'.rdnn.
Mra. Bradlej I Batan, Mn Hi ?<. i'.
Barnard, afra Edward J. Hrown. Mlaa . .
'' IfUlar. Ot N'rw York. Mr. and Mr? F, R.
Beoker of U rianrllle; btr. aaai Hn ?:
(red Tuttle. Mr. aaai Mra. Maarla Pattae.
son and a. Tuttle frttaieea, of fh
Haven. Vt.
Thomas Shield- Clartta I Ifl iBBOad :n\?tt.
tlona to ti" .ottaijorp to meet .
brook Oflu*det*a bi x T adaj te f< ?.
parden cluh.
Iflaa Bophla Kurni.-H (tav a bridgi
thla afterri"on at Kdire, ,,mhe fat bei ci*H,
Mn Tltoraaa ii Hi<hH.?i>on.
Mr'. Anaon Phelpa Btokfl haa rel wn**
to ihe Stnke* farm from Nl Ba*
Mr. and Ifra. Ji ? ph H. ' 'ho ita tartei
from New V..rk to-d..y b] I I ? ' ? for
t'.oir eountry plaoa la Meekbt
they will arrive tO-moiTOar.
Lleatenant Oova rnor Loul 1 A. 1
hani. of Boaton, ,liH motor to t
to-morrov .
l>r. Arthur gwaan. who l.a* bl.,
llra John Bwana la Woeklarldgi r?
turned to New vork
\|1V m. Dwlgbt CoWer baa pon* to town.
Harry B Bhrlrer, of N< ai T< rr- la
ef llra wnitr-r Bhriver at Heate
Btockbrtdge alr. and llra 11. J Moraa,
lllaa M01 ra and C. 1 Morae, ef N< ?
ap- at Heatoa Hall.
Mrs. John A. Hanee and Mfaaa Maaal
i\*r,c.> aro giieeta ef Hra Jaaaaa T: -
ai tha Curtla Hotel
Mr-. E 8f. Shaw. of Now York, bai Bf.
rlaed al the Maplewood, ra Pltt
1 Hv Tel-arapr. 10 Tha tYI
{gjewport Juna -' - Hr and Mn H igh D.
Au blacloee, who hara aaea
r ved thla trvoBUag H U ?if fletete, Haa*
meramlth Karm.
.1 r*. a Clarh has retiirned '? n 1 v*w
Vork lialt
Mlaa MUdr?d Ton aee ad of Kea
tho gneet of Mlaa Anm* I."man
Mr. and Mr? fharlos F Hegfmaa ar
rl'.o.l from .'azonovia. N. V. to-day.
. lonel Charlea Haydea of Boatoa .
?pand tba "?!' and hor* on hli
v 1 '.deh. Tha BteeBfl I I " ' '
larter of Alezander I ''? ?i bai
gone to New york
Mr aad Mra Oeorga M
turned to Phlladelphl 1. hut arlll I 1
ln 1 flhort t
Dr. John Ridi " iad farrrl
ho'o ?nrived a' 'h- Ptdton COttag*
Begiatered at the CTaali
y <? McEven, Phillli
and 1 >hn Rl
M ind Mra. .lam?s B ' N*w
York. *??- t" take a N'e\> port
ind Mr. and Ml
Rhe< h." of Naa Tork. are a
to Nt*
vr. rave a
lun< heon 1 '? on
Mra. Amoa Tuck Fl
gono to < 'heeter, N 11
m aad Mra Joaepta r: Dflarorth. of New
york, arrlved foe tha awaeoa to daj
Mi ai A Mr;i B Rolllna M a* 1
eloeed their etay here and bava aaaa la
1 Mr aad Mi 1 R " -*?
rcn. Jr.
Alfred 0 "- anderblll -c te tut 1
farm !" Port imoutb for a ptcnle ef
th.. S'ewporl chiu ea. followln
Defendi 4ction of Direvotor of
Gcological Smvcy.
1 From Tho Trg an* ????
u/aBhlngton, Juna lt.?The See tat al
the interlor made to-day a it
., , ..,,... to Glfford Ptoel at'i ? ? ? ? . Bl
, ,? | Bmlth dlrei toi ???
gurvi y. Mr. Fl
|. fl 1
My attentlon Iih? hoer. rail. " *?
rxf ,,, wapa) ei report and ? ''
r- |ti< Iflll ' ? ? fa Ol
tne 1 ?
f land ui
' *
V hite Mountain and '
I war an rdent ??' ite ??? :"
, f thla act ii
? Smi?
ls entitled to have 1 aa:
plnci ent gecrei
Interii I I been in loui h wlth th* ttott
under tho \\ ? -k^ act, ao ?'
a 1 ? on. erna l
I. r, and In mj Ju ent 1
? . ? ? . . y resi onsibl. t
that ha ? occurrod In the
1 urrent >rea ,,
Tho ye ir -ioo* not exnir* ,:"'
end 1 thi- k an ? ' lh'
. . ? 1 nol he ???
the next meeting of tho ? ?
|b . \|.. ? ted to be '?? Id next a
proper to aay. h ? ?
r. nuli aa the aleologlcal *?
and report upon certain ?. ? 'n 'a*.
anav er to whlch tl
tiio ?,, , j. , ?? .. >? ... pend, and ? ,n'
noi be pei fum torj.
American's Horses Bcst ll Their
Classcs at Olympia Show
UM I -- Judg* !
Hood took tlral
borai 1 egei adti - lifl i a an I 1
Bhown t" a ig 'in aa the
at Olympia to-d
Judge Moore woa twe
the ,i... aj for patr of hda - ' ' ptl*'"
tona, a Ith Burg maat l '?
and wlth Lord IflaMon and I*a
tho latter palr In tha ***'
Albany. June B fjoven
Booa lo appolal aa entlrel!
mlaaton on new prla
matter to-da) arlth Colonel 8 "
BuperlntetMla al of P
ona el tha eoaamlaatoaaiTa,
?Ve hava .1 burnli
wheth-r th V ? 1'ork ntit.lt;
talna Dr B ? ' 'k
d. . ? Inqulrer.
N*w \^kcuypn,totu,Ahior^
Increaaed tm ?? ? ' ? ' . ; ,
But extravai anl axpenJ ' rea ?< \iu_\>
wlth tha booete of tho aaeeaaori aaa
..... Ytfta
?aaaa thouaand tagmra ?" >-; hi?,
collecl 118.000.000 a V**Jrotnll _l P*tf*
avmpethiea are touched.^11 ?r. ,,.
haa the rlghl Idea tbe *?>?,?;,.' ?' Lcar
pr. aecuUrag tha bagtaara araaaai
r-K.i Reeord-HaraM.
N,^ Y.-rk noi cootent wlthu?}? ^r.
Hon of maa) araya : ?'???" ';r\ aeeoad
ground. propeaeato havfl.a aubwaj -
i? noae. LrauUvtlla ttmoa
? 1. exoeeted that tha .,.r.,
erganl-rad ln tha n.-w >? k 1?** ?(>;1 u
ment wlll do mueh te prevent ?? ^g,
detect crlme In that clty. < ' ' |,,v
i- | that Mayor aJayno. hhouifl a ,?..>
'onaented - "' ??? ***^uJSa e-8-ae??J
en lha unlforn;. HO n?l?J^,hJ*?**,**>?*

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