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ried HorrH QoMberg laal chriatmas, but
bai hr-on Baparated Cron him for aosM
ajam On October ? 1M<*. CHarlea M -
Cutrt of No. MKH Thlrd avenue. called
on Anna nnd BSked haff la flopo wiih
him When r-he loAaamB, ho went. to tho
_oof of No WM Thlr(1 **w**> whew the
AprPl5 thH1 uvf.i. and Ulled afanaell bf
llrlng a bullet into hi? braln.
i?te laat alghl Anna had become on
iiiiBBliiBg whlla har aaother waa rmrtflra*
President Miller, Acctiseri of
Dodging, for Irr.provemcnt.
Ptaaldent Miller. of the Boreugh ot Jha
Breng. preaided afl a B.tlng la th.
. . Hall laal for I *****?"
.Uacua-fng Ihe proj ?*> ?? *T
Binei ?? *vm;:. ";r T
L vorl Weal ter A 1 t?n Ballroad
v. th ihe Boi ?
Aldermen Bagln an ! ' -?? ?
. ? .: property
ChOOl oro
.,?.,'.. r of real eetat. men are
, .. real ?-' ?
manj of ' "' "
of thelr homea
? ? tbe Lnlted
Property Ownei '"
of belng ln
f r ol 1 ;,)'1 ??a,"_1t 'J
.... . d that
n1 b . Iglng th
Mr Miller Jumped
...... ] aay artth truth
...... ..?--????
praelalmad bhnaell ln taror ot the ter
, . i ?a\i be wouM w>ti ' ? lt
?? ., O'Brlen aad Bdwaxd Farrelley
- ;________?
Explain Mysteriour. Disappear
ance of a Man Three Years Ago.
?Mtleford, Ma, June ?' * atory <?lf! *9
t-r, g-rta, ? ' in
old ked . ? a ithprifl ea 10
?, ?., john r
farmer; Ob - Men afl I ttatan
j ? ---. and Mra.
,_? rwidren, the nrefl two on ibe ehaige
af mmder *"* tbe latler ai "?n aoeeaaory.
Mea?wbile, a aaard ol tbt *ww fhrm. ln
Dayton, waa begun for tl ?? gra~a ofl I
j '? ? ?
BBUideri ;
,. ? . i eeded ? ????-?
re at the fl '~T"T1
I . ther ol
tbe chlldren, "D bo ,R
nou aervlng a i?rrr li th. countj all for
breakmi ind enterlm
atealing. whi n the older
tvo ..- . ' ?
f. man wae burled in lh< I
th- farm.
, . v ? ..' the niieqed murder ot Wey
rance three
bad nerer been aatlafactorflj
c Kpiataed.
Tha atory aa l ? ?"? ' M '"
I . b trav
,-r and llved ??-.' i . t
r into the kltchi n onj ' Mra,
Bnon afl I.;"u; an, and crled:
tz.ll Foi
Ood'a aak.. don't t> II them i am here:*'
Weymouth th. n h:..' ln anothci I
y.r ? i
ng Weymouth do n
,, . l ln tho houae, and
? ??? frora
j na I beet him . merclfullj
He dfc fli fl feu mlnut?
v ii jammed Into a baatlly Imi rovls. I
.... m I,;, h wa lt Ihe
men bad to }ump oa the body te crowd lt
ln, a rdlng to the chtldren'a i
Tbe .' lldren were not aure of tbe
apefl claimed to have aeen tha
? . . re the olBeera fl gea
, , and tbe County Attoraej
Bherlff Bmery and aeTerai
aepi tlea apent th. "':' wlth
lt li
\ red Afl
laoe f will naa thafl tbe
? ?
EapiOfflhl ol White Star Line Return
*o Their Work.
?trik* ?f eeamei
rr.' ...? f tb* ? ?; :?' j lll -.
aai da>M V ended l >-?!>. v. artten
Ibe ei ,..-? i.;ne ,ic
i-. li ? ?? , ii) and re
nl al
Btggag-df Comp?me_ Say They Yl An
IWW Crew?, Next Wcck.
of ? ? Inter
rlilch mad< a
.. ? ? ? rrewa
a*ith ol ?
ahlp ' r ? ? ' ? ? afl
D lala ol tbe
run... i .. . noit.
? li aa
id. "ii
n ??
... . ?
?..lh. comi
,..,., -. . . arere al i
11 . . | ? ri r tico Unea A
made (n ?? ? I i
of the
i . ? . : ,i ? ?
, ? ?. ? ? ?
,,. .. . | . v llne to-da;
pnrj ... . ? :? . ?? a-Hh tbe uilfl
il '
Lad Who Killed Compai loa 11 Fight Ia
Tieed by Coroner':- Im ?'
of Coronei
\ Wl lll tli"
Btreet, i
? ? ]
' t'. n
i-acani ot at tl ' and
? araa 1
i n t ? ? I ? ?
? ' I
. Hi cotn
rrled him I
' I
... that hia
NatajraJ I.axativc
Q:iicl:ly Reiievcs:^
Sick Headache,
Stomach Disordcrs,
First Battalion Celebrates Its
Twentieth Anniversary.
Organization Kas Had Only One,
Jacob W. Miller, Who
Retires To-day.
lai Battalion Nava; Rrsrnr ArtH
,.-.. i .\. y., waa imr*a*a*rad ha aa a ean
Btltuent part "f tba ?rmrii forcaa "f tha
Btate <.f New v..iii <-,. Juna 13, 1881
leadlng tha 'ist of wmmlaalonad offl n
Jl . :, W. Miivi. ??"??
. ? sia then lha battalion haa had
mn.andor, and Jaci b W. Miller
is hlfl '
i. thla twentieth annlverear* araa
rated a1 lha Hotrt A"'' i I ! '"? hun
ind ftflj or .re of Xov. York'i Cltl?
i -. night, there waa occaalon
? .;t .ea', ai ntlmeni and M
ara dlaplayed. Conmiodora MHier an
... arouM ratlra Itoaa !';. ' '??:
? ? la\ hi ..-??'ordai'r-o ? Ith B8< tlon
--.,.,. , . !. I- T.a^ alao an
nouncrd lhat tha \rrrorv r.rnro bad paaaed
luttaa io present to tha lat
V. lf. N. v . .! plot ?
. ?... m wert nth Btreet, oi whlcB
? ory.
Oovernor Dla waa unable to r>* present.
and hla apeech of apprerlatfori for arbat
Commodora Miiier had ac-onipiished 8*88
rea.i by Ueutenanl Commandei Eckford
,? T,iv . tha ?:? **8na*a**8 miiita*ry ?
.pr pi,. Goven or* apjaech, as del
eeretary, '..as in rai"' aa followa:
1- voi i- vptiromopt from thi naval rnllltla
i ' ? ajtati . ' WBW York i am iuch ?m
.. ' ?? "? "?'?' **"??
that vou he retirtvi ?i< oommodonj, .naieaa
of takln-r. the tftle of rear admiral. to
whl h ? u ara ?:.';'; - Vour ,!'"'
ervlce you have long ?"
...... or th?
. . , | ? . r. :... n bo n uch ol '
eat Ina 1
i naval mllltla ??? fl 'e " ' !1 cx"
I ; iiiy ai preclat* lh< rotlvi ? whl -li com
pel vou to rellnotilah th* poaition you have
? ? I ? ""'' ?'":*
. - and il.e Btate > pr i' ia (
-t md i '
Oovernor. 1 nt the per
...... atln
. . . ... For the njany
....... the taoK or
, -? ! sing . lh.. Ir, tb< i aval brancn
...... ? r| tla .wi rre entttled
: ? . ... I ui tlnng ,
? ? rt i a.-iing i
monumem to I te . a iaa you made your
001,, ? ????? tha leglon o1 friendfl you
will lotrj me in wlahing .
I ot the happlneaa ? l
comer frorn the eontemplation of i i
(tate and 1
i natkn . , .
To you, Commodora Miller. 1 wlah t"
i sreak a arord of personal pralae. To fl
r.-r.n. patrlotlc ; urpaaa - ou h i* e gi ? ;
ef ye illty in a generoua and
. ?? ?-. ( . .??, iai i and d< votlon
i o, n ;." umpiratlon, ar.<l hav*
the ??-??.-.?? r the rnoal
t and i .'-i uaeful naval ml! Ha tl ??'
ln any rtate of tha \ nlon You
hava been rnaater of ? noble fhlp, well
| offlcered and well manned. Voi
p:..,i, .-. ? |]p ,,..?r the Bhoala of erltl
1 ci.?m and brought !f aafelj ;,ro:Eh thp
tst of diaco irag. tat at and p ial tne
-' and do'ii.t to ;. aafe and
ir. anchorage in tba harbor of public
api roval. May th< < v< ntng <-?' ! o n life be
en lobled and enti. '?? 1 wlth th. golden glow
i f tha ?' plneaa whleh la. .ho rlch
jheel comi !.-- il ?n ol naelfiah
. publl ? duty well performed.
I kt.ov,- thal aa loni- af- life laata you ?* ill
hold .? a irm place :n lha alfectionn of jro n
li and eomradefl who to-nlghl honor
then flelvefl by honortag you,
Commodora Miller repliad amid mueh en
thualaam iio r j
^^''.'ll<l thal tlme permltted to tell the
f Naw York tl).' Btory. which you
,,tl know ao weU, ot how jo.i m<H ihe
rriala >f M..r.v'. l*jg, Yo? had been toid
what your dutlea wara io be, and to only
i a amall eateni waa tii<? Bovernmenl pro
I aramme carrled out. Tou wara aaked to
>. our homea and I ui Inoaa ai 'n-'t
ls; -ho orgragilaation waa not r.
nlaed There waa no healtatJon, no cavil
Ung. Withln twenty-four boura >*ou were
, ioua d ?' ?? ? "ti boar 1 the
Yankee thi Kahant and the Jaaon. Tour\
hiatoiian haa told the record :ii actlon |
and ln the i"!--,; exdtlnat routine work of
Ftpanlflh-Amaiican waf. At Ita cloae you
returned to your bualneaa ;<- dvlllan* amid
.. ir countrymi n, wlth
" and Fi'ok^.i inaipe from tl ? Preai
det.t nf the fnif.i S'.i'.^s n.,.l wlth I fl re
ect of th. regular navj :? reape 1 due
t,, ihut cementlna romradeahlr whlch
onl? to tho^^ \siio hava faced foc,
wind and weather together.
W'i'.i nuch traditlona you tn^n of to-day
wliL l &n\ B.irp. maintaln the atandard of
.., ootted hlatory Althouith our num*
not !"? larat youi act! n al a
rl! i t;;ne in tha navy*a developmenl waa
. i ? in the ' nai nnalj ? . even If the
: ateful, men ar i nat
? elr ideal".
. I, nei t thi gueal taole a i
r Walt, |r., Major Davld Wllaon, Ueu
: ??? V* A. Klmberly, Wlll
Ici R i'. Foi ahew,
WllllarH C. Mu ? i . Colonel F. II
. \'- i' Franl Un. i !olon< I _ v
-. Willlam Morrla, W, II.
\\ 'i. Batea, Colonel 3.
? r R .;. ? ?- ??' Beekr.ian
Wlnthrop, IT. t.. Battei - . Meutenant
indei W, l*. cronan, Rrlaadler Oea
, ,,,. wii: ? \-- rbeck, W. Butler Dui B
... ,\ alt. ? B. Hotchkln. i 'olonel C
,' Davift, i .... ii. i Lea la D, i' ??,' . )..?
i : : . Ma i' i ?.
... , ? . ? -. ommand
? . ihridge, Capl J O'B ??> and
Henry *i M ?n1 ?? ?
Xhi ? ? ' I aa a
Da*rd o ?Hea ' I ? m the at
, r?. i fjri all al .tm ihe llr.e and
Tl - y did i "i He al
all evenins \ I
? . from Ihi Ir
, . , . ? ????ii to
pfiei ?
..,,.. he 4th < '"'??
companlea rt*-i i on .
.... .| 1.- ? ed it l?t Company thelr
?,\ hile i ir ? ? H '
1 ?.. .i ?,
-, || .? ? ? ? ? ? off
" i.i ? aon
? i ?- only ? n< e rani
.?...'... i Id
Rtm Down Whflg Bhoirini Hii First.
BnachBi to Conipanion.
.. | ? . i half yeara old,
nf No 181 Lrawla atreet, aral run ?? ??? ind
I . arh.ll ' ? 1 I ?? ' treei
t . -t ,
I ? ?
?? ' ? ?
, hlld manaeed t" a ? o d rh< ir bul
? ? i ii agon ?hl. ii
? . | ?
Bill of Particulars Deniffi'ar/: Thoy
Muf-t Plead by July r).
i . . A Mll Ol ;--??'
I. all} ihe ulleged
: ? .-. antl-trual
led n aal pa. ke"i a f1 r.n Tha
.. ? n frotn Judg. i
i' i. - ? ? al I ?:: ti 1. i .< 'OUI '
nied I :.ii < ? '? i Hii.t 11". i
i ? ' | . -i ! ? t 1 .
N .'.. .,.!,. : .
Katlonai Clty B I ntinui d Ita
- ..- 171 Bhan i
at iraaa : t ?? 9 ?. tha frnal pi ei I57*.j
; ? ? ? ' . !?? I :,!i for ttflfl dai "f 1 .'?
I olatfl '' hen ? trat tlona In tl
tocl on -vi ?nd ?? al i." , No offl Ial an
noun. < menl i .-< : ? t been m id< >.f thi
plan foi ? . ? ,, mpan
whlch ahnll I ? i i ime n ' ttion to lha
Nailoi t ol tba i ' *
B . ui Itj ' oninai lo I I '
? ? report'd thai ? I ?
!-' .? .1 m l... .-'Ih . follo i Ins H'.a
|dJ .i n etlng
Naval Clerk, Held for Embezzle
ment, Weds Fiancee.
i By Telegrapg loThe Tiibuae i
Buffalo. .lune _*,. Rdarard Valentiae l*aa,
heM for adroltted tirceny >.f ?<>.."" ',"'il
iho Unlted Sii\(,.^ ateatnehlp Georgia
whlch i"' waa pajmtgater*| . w-rk, ..' C-ba
laal Februery, waa taken from h\* ?eii afl
iho couaty jell to-dai aad marrled l< Mlaa
ti'rfre? F Ketrey, daughter of eharlea a.
Ke\Aay* ef Waahlngton Lee waa ln cbarge
?>f a Unlted Btatea marabal ?nri n>p twe
Becrefl Banrtca age_ri_| who arreated him.
Tho inaninKe to.<k place ln the reCtOfy of
Trlnlty Chureh. the Rev. R. H, Harrtaon
offldattag Tha two Beceel Bervlee ! ?'
un-i Mr. Palmer, A*MM,mt Unlted **
DlBtricfl Attorney, nmt her brother,
trani Kelsey, from B ai ilngton, wen
Immedtately after tha ceren m: Im* * ??
takea baeh la i oall in lha ooBnt) JaH
th'- iiri.ie gnd ber brothei rei u*ed to
home in Washmgtoa.
Iflaa Kelaey, who waa engaged to l*o*
tt the aneged theft appeaM lo lha
Department of Juatlce le pt aUowed m
i.ri-is aome cemforl lo him new bo aoa I
trouble, and tli" autborMlee dld nol "i1
.ie lha marriaga
Waahlngton, Juna -'?" Mlaa Audrej ''
Kelaey, tiie young woman who was mar'
ried to-day lo Bdward V. hat In Buffalo,
lefi Wophlnetnn for tli<4? dty ob Tbure
day, deepite the proteetatlona of her
parenta aiui othei membera ot het fgmlly.
Mr?. Kelsey Bald to-nlght that Bhe dld BOI
!<n iw boa tong Le had beea rttei llve to
ber daughter. MUe Kelaey waa amplayed
bi tetopboae operator,
it was anneuneed to-day thafl th<
partmenl of Juatlce wlll eonduci the progi
cutlon of Lee. rho Mary Department na?
luriedlctlon tn try 'he caaa if a trlal bv
... ? martlal ahould bo ri.ome^i expedlent
Heads Delegation fa Court
Againtt Two Hotels.
I, f M< Go*J."' Pi ' l'1r'-'
Board of Aldi rmen ' 'n ,h*>
Torkvfl ? iy afti rnoon afl tbe
itlon repreaentli g the real
denta of the Btuyveaanfl Part aeetlon to
.. :-. ? ? alnafl hotela li I ie
. m] loyea ol ? I '? wi r. arreated
on rhargei ? ' dtoorderly
Mr. McGowan li pi m denfl i r H
aani Xeighborho rl fl
actlve tn eiTorta lo clean up the nelg
hood in a i. > Mfl ?'??,'p Btein
, ri Mi M. Gowan aald
four honor. . thla i
... . . i ? H has
now n acl ed a ati . ",,r acbool
. .....
? ? , stuj eaant Filgl Bd ool ha <? been
r< liclted by dlarepul ible women In our
neighl I ta n to theae |
You " befon ? i repi nt-l.t ill
rho have ui Ited
. ? rool nt the i ...
...... ndll
i e maglatrate areri
agatnal tl e i oi l Hoi - Hotel. tto.
?: Tl Ird ?? ? ? ? ' ;p ' Hotel,
\ , ii. ?; ? enue, Oeoi ? '? rh
I ... | md Charlea Gn
clerk of i ? ' wei l
VV'lih Mr, McGowan In courl wen Mon
siennr Murphy. of the Chnrdi nf the Im
.. ,-.,. ? ?? llth rtreet;
. t p^v. Dr. Botton
I Baat 111 '? ' '? 1;" "'
]?.-?. . -. ,f |he < lommltl F lUrteen, an.'
aeveral rah J
Maglatrate Bteined pufl Ihe caae >rr until I
.1 ne Tl.
Court Is Frank in Case of Man
Suing to Avoid Aiimony.
Frededrk W BMffrman haa aued to aei |
aaide ? aeparatlofl agreemeai made on |
October fl, ,''.''. between hlmaelf and hia
arlfe, Cbrtatlna Bherman, on tha ground
>f fraud, aaaerting tbal he did nol under
atand ti... provlalona of the agreemenl
Thla agreemenl provided foi the paymeni
of 15.000 to i.i wlfe In Inatalmenta, pay-l
menl belng jeeured by a mortgagi on fl
houae In Belle Harbor, Long Waa..I
redted thal they llved together aa husband I
and wlfe and had agrei d to ?? pai '? The
agreemenl al?o provided for th. ?
,if their aon,
Inatalmenfl i railtng to be pald, Mi ? - ?
mar .. , i ?..? , "ourfl t-> enforc ,
paj ment, 8h< i m in then aued I the 8u
p . .... I 'oui l tO 1 K B -nt
_ ,-, menl In tl I ' tion he called Mrs
Shi im in Chi "tina Bo . end ?/-1 to tli
he marrled Ji n. Gleaaon In June, IKh. the
r. latloni hip if the fl ? wom< n b UI form
ti,f. aubjeci of courl Inqutrj
Counael f >t Bhi rmi n told Justl. e P ige,
m argulng for a ?fl ? t the m n
court a. tion, thafl 6h< rman ? m tri. ked Into
ng ? . reem. nl, and lhafl lu wai
,.? ,,,.,. .;,.-( ,....? ? to I,.' ," 5ii?l
luatl. s Pag. "A in in m i) be woi lh
,, ,,....? ...
Queens Unprepared for Perfect
Rule V7hen Gresser Took Hold.
in behalf of ' ? ' '-'??t:"-1
end ti.e ? Itiien of tl ' Who have
aiippoded i im ? ? ' " " Inveatlgatlon
mt,, .... ? . ii irlea Mellen, eoun*
... i )M, ;.], i;:, rger, gava oufl i tatemenfl
gh< Ho ald In :
,,,, j .,. . -.ii . ii.;.-.... (Iii I hl porl
? . . |oni' . 11.... ' 'd io <;...,', ; aor
io ing lire Into thi
... ? - - ? ? .??.''?
., | ,,.,. for i atter'n removal f "om ? i
? .?..-.'? ? ?
the ? < h-,
Mr. OreaM and ll fl
t, ntlonv n rho re i ipi ortlng blui ba j a)
Hl.. in io. rati N'o tat< nl n been
ma_4 , i ? any en* li X|i
.,,, . i.. ,n. ..- -.... ? wi, deemed
... ..rt ... iei mlataken Impreealon \i,-unt
..|.. ?? Mi Greasei ew? a
..... ,....?. ? oer 'i'"n 10 the pi
.:?.. to th. ? ? ernor, ? h i
j announced ahen aaa given o il
, .. | . . pr> ? ???"' to make t
tiona to thi reporfl ?
, ., ?? nf ,. .
r?>aldente, re? anerfl mai
' rhantfl I i1.'"1 ??<? '" m" '
Mi Ordv.,,-. aho iM ' w t
nding tho
,,, ...... | ? ?. governmenl
, . ,, ,.r., - ? ; fler. he ie to N
nunished '?'?' ? ??? ?? i'"1 ' ?' n"r
?tfirt ;. ;'''t'- "?''?' '' ''?''?' ?
j,, m, ?,,. -s^i how nd latei
! i urpo
:ii Me.len enda b] aaylng lhafl bo llvlng
1 man could glvi Q ??? I.I ^???"'
!..... .-.I
Man Thought To Bo Fnghrh Sr.bjeel
Found Dead in Woods.
i ... ? ,,
h, ekeaaaek, N J . Juw B The bo
a well dreaaed man, who had been ahel la
,,, head, waa found In 'V wooda on tiie
.,..,.,,, . i. . .,' ii..- Pall adefl ne ir Im*
(inttl tblfl afterno* a I ?> rolvi i i.*.^ nea ?
I. Tha i ? H A''- de ?> .?? "'
?uiclde Tbe authoritl..- fo u I I. ''er ln
,>,,. d< ad man'i po.. ??? add ? - l to W. *.?
Ilolmea ? ara ? I Moi H i Bfl Btb
. .. i. : . \ ,,\k. whi. i? ad ?>- followg:
iirii!*1 i in - B BBhingtaa D C
.-,i . i ara rilrecied b) bla ma kal i
nl ii i'. mf.irin ri 'i in repi) 1" Vn,'r
,,.,, i ,.f \; . ;! II (hai if yOU nro (i Hrltlfll
,. i ? . nppoi tunlt! ' f goln|
.,, the Brltlah I'ona I 11< ? rai ln Nea ', a I
?:..i:r- falihfully,
Vl |j i.i am .' . QLA-M-TONE, Atlai bd.
i ;|. i ,,|.,.,., . ounti Phj Btdan, bbM
r the bodj Indl. ated l il
mau had I i dead t*,, ,? tbri?
. vtaka. i
Union Rank Depositors Being
Misled, Says Goldstein.
Counscl Says Politicians Are In
strumental in Protecting
Certain Persons.
A-aeinl-.lvn.an iMIdateln. tt KlBfa ' '?'"' j
accuaed Oovernor Wa'laal nlfbi <" how
ing oui falaa hopea la ma * ;???.-""?
i nion Bank, af Bi-eeMya, aad aitii^con
alderablfl ?c1tameo1 aad 88 Bttle heat, dug
both to lha te-aperatura. the cloaa room
<(n(, ?.. .,M(.,.ti genad tha O**^******
threatened another s--?' aa ,!'" lV"\]' "' ,
toaembij chamber al Albany uoleaa tba
Oovernor took dafinite actlon In lha anraira
of the I ank by ne\t Tu,
?t; . Gorernor bag appolatad me rpi la
eounael to the Btate Banklng nci-nt:..-.,
lo InveatJaata tba I'nion p.ar.k, aaM Mi
Ooldatein, "bul ba baa nol given ro. the
,?,.., aii t can do ifl toeall on thia
\m\ts Bnd thal aad i.oM .?oi.t-r-n-.
I inrthlng aeca-jaa I ba*re_l tbo
.,, ,. lJtln| (or i treak foi ra:
deal-matloa under tha llareland act. Tha
o, haa arrirotntad me, **\ h* baaa
dealguated me, aad I ean't make bim
, -, .nd gtvfl ma tba i?Brer te
,,., , ,.n rtili walting to heai Itow tha
. rhfl Uovr-rnor 1, tr ir.s tO de Ma beat,
,?.i ... hi Su-ierlntendeni Van Tuyl. bul
polittcal Influence la too atrong lor them.
Th, me*. who ara to ba mveat^aterj have
too mueh power for them, and thej ara
trving to kil! th.* InveBtleatlon. Lnlaa
Oovernor glvea me the power bi next ruea
day i wlll taka the flgh! lnto tba Aaaem
Uy agaln aad i arlll ferca aama actlon. 1
want toact arlth my party. bul I a-H : ' ?
away from my party unlen I g?1 aetna a
G rrernot"
... imblyman Ooldatein waa talklng to
,f ,.,,,-,: ol the Lnion Bank
uhn'a Hall No 1581 Fnlten atreet.
-????? ?" l1?
,ativ, inveatlgatlon b I ' J. ***
he had arrP d "? F* - '^ ' %"",'
been appolnted bj Oovemo. Wa te randuei
an Inqulry fo tha Banklag De**ert***?nt.
..,,-, .... ,. g li formatl w la mi poa
? " ; '; ' *St,t!ii,!S
" ro?l ' , ,
. , ,? .omewa* mUrht
, . ? |f t talked abou H bare.
. t ean tell aU I araat to bt thfl Aaaeav
",,. oovernor haa been ln rtmauiutlen
,,.', ,ha Dlatrlcl Atterney, bul rou all
.,,. , prand in -u-.-^.^
m".na It la a aecrel proceedln*.. ?** ??
I up m the grand | n
room and no on* wlll ever know what ia
to?nd out. What area.a. opt-l"
ltlon i waa ... conauiutlea arltn
Difltrid Atterney Clarka lo-di, . an? ?
... wlth ma 11 il Ibera ahould be a
public Inqulry. H? haa eommunl*_ted anta
? i oovernor to-<
?ri- Oovernoi aaya ha wlll hear all thi
. , .,, to Blt bul rou kn a
aad - aronld ? I. ? * **
them i" Albany foi irinfa. 1 arani tne
power to aubpmna wil aaaai ad hold theni
.,nrt: we ara ready lo bea* them, bul whlh*
, ;,,., waiUna for the power to ad they
. .,.. ,,, ,..,, thei arantto I n?
intry ortha lurladlctlon oi thla atate.
Thlala ? cruelal tlme. I'nleaa thi Oovernor
aame thla i .wer al enca wi wUl aerer
know anythlng."
Mr ooldatein ura*d hla I.'?' ' "k
h::^TT;TTT r.-:tt nf
? forca the lnveaU?atlon of tba affalra of
nferenc. r^erdai ln tha
onlca ol Watrlat Atti kj.v ? 8* ?
Brook! n. Mll - all May. an A* . r '
,.-.... Bt?orney ?>' Brooklyn. waa lold to
... mo.i of Ma tlme lo the Inveatlga?
tlon ol tne l'nlon Bank 11 "-"T
,. ,,., mveatlaatlon ahould t"- pnonc.
Mrs. Springer Wanted to Get
Those Sent Von Phul, It Ifl Said.
i,. ? ji ne -1 Tl ?? am letj of laabeile
,. .. rocn BpHnger, wlf? of John IV.
R| ril c,r . f> rrvet rardtallrrt, to recovet
written by bar le ? laeuia Von
I , |,| LrOula balli enlat, waa tha pd
n,ary ca lae ol th< faUl al eetlng on May
i 0f Von Phul and Oeorga B. Coi
.,,,. i , i . ,,? rrank n Henwood. ef
N>w ?,,, . a cardttlB to lh? atatetnent
niada to tha hiry yeaterday by Henwood i
I, hia opantng auteaieni In lha
at Henwood [ot thfl murdei ol i o\ ?
la",) . I 41_
gevi rai phyal. al ew o intera preceded lha
ahootlng. thfl lawyer aald, Von Phul thraat
entnK Henweod'g llta and twerlng aba
.,?!,., -, rea ?lver. '?'",">: "'?' "'?,* "''?'' * '?' n
Henvi.i :"?*"' aeveral Ilna a al Van Phul
in :i hotel bairootn.
fl . ,.,.,..,, .'...!, . omi leti .1 Ita dln el ti
ilmon: i-aaterday, contentlng Itaelf wlth
eatabllahing th. fact of Cepeland l death
and the manner ln which ha loat I la life.
,?,,...,.. samlnatlon finii". to eblaln any
? ,.,, vou Phul waa i med al tha
tlme ha w..b abot 11 waa teatlfled, oa
evor, Ibat Von PI ul waa I ? atgn r,
;..,,,,,,. knoeked H< a.I dev, n.
The defi n ?? ralled Oeorge B Ruaaell, a
? artender on duty al th< Un.I H ? flhoot.
inu. iip toattti."! t .it Henwood dld nol
i i fallen lo thfl floor.
m- Bprlngei to< k tba atand to-day, The
... , wUl n ake an efforl to ; rova lli il
eldlng Mra Bprlnger from
? ,, tlon ' H Hei wood I
, lirr,,i von Phal ? ? u'l.'t , thua leadlng up
,,, iha flgbt whleh reaulted in tha aboetlna,
... | ...... itlmony waa Inti rrupt
,,, ^moat at lt? atai*t ' ? ;' rullng of th
? that tiK a*rl4len< ? aa to ? hai ah< had
,,.m h. .i r< lardlag h lanfai
von Phul waa not .idmi. rtbli Thla for. ? 1
? fencfl te pi ice Henwood en tha itand
. , , rn ?" foi Mra, -
Hanwo ?' aald Von Phul bad I
? . ,. ,i Hi ona Hav coven i wii
li -.mted ???? ' o hfl
... ,,,, ? i proceedlnf io tel
.... ..- agalnat hla Un
bfl i ? hen ???".?? lloi ? '?? th. i H< were
.,,., ,,..1 ?. ind that I
.,.., had noi b en lald far am h rt lei
. . iiowtm..- ' ' ' " .' ? ,
llv took Henn.I from < ? itai
I ., m nuchena, h bellboj , Who te*
? . ,"? ? knocklng Hen
,,,,',1 ,| ,.r Mood half faclng Henwood.
md witli hla rlght hand ".. iu?< hip pocket
.,';..,;, ,,?1? ,.ii,n ..?? belngaWe io di i
'v. : w ith thla - ? ?'?? ,|1' ?|
.. orrow wii! renea Ita atten
illeged il reatenlng ot Hena.I i
PH ,i :?,,,.. the jury
? ???
I M . iay, who l.li wa
, ,.,.i ,,t tha laa ind adj i itnw ? i
, th. ntrollef i olBci. aad la aba
aryei ? ? ?'"''",! ' i
i.. .- .... ild < ? ' !>- alatl ?
commll ea thal U whlpplni tba pro- oaed
nea rharter lnto Bhapi
Full Summer Schedule
I \hl.S Bfl B4 l
Sunaay, June 25th
i baM laaaaa or
m tn ii- ti.ii a*aaa i
Lad Knocked Down by Wagon
While Crossing Street.
Frantle wlth grief an.i carrylqg lha
body of her dead boy in bai erwia. ?*v'r'*' j
Uarah Benedlck, <if No. .">7o Unkti HV('"
nue, Th.- Bronx, ruatied through Union
avenue yeaterday caMIng t.. her chlld lo
apeak to her. Bhe w.i*. followed by ?
crowd, who threatcned t.> f<i'>,,k -**
.irhrr ..f the wagofl wblch had run over
nn.l kill< <1 the bO
Laotle Benedlck, nlne yeara old, waa
i rogglng the avenue to.bti i gBdy wltnya
petmy liis mother had glvan tM ''''"?
when ;? wagon gnockad him l|r,w" :,n(1
the froni >? heel i ved over h.M body.
Tiio wagon waa driven hy Oncar ihall,
of No. 320 Eaal ISOth atraet. Th* drlver
pulied up ahod befori the hlod wheel
passo.i over Ui" i hild.
Patrolman Thomaa Molloy taob ,no
ii..-. fr..m under tne wagon fl"'1 ""**
carrying him to the aldaaralk, when mta.
n. nedlck, ?? h . had Beea lha acddent,
ini.' the bo] from bla arma unfi fell down
<>n hor kneea ln the BtreH nnd crled for
bim tn apeak t>. hea*. Tho pollceman
trled i" console hor. bul Bhe caught the
body in her arma and ran to her home,
The pollceman aummoned an ambulance,
bul v hon lt arrived ti.e boy waa dead.
When the mother iie.-ir.i thal tha boj
waa dead ah< fptnfl Bnd had \o i.r gt?
tended i.\ !>? Grooaawn, the ambulance
The .!:'' BT of the vnp.'n wn? lo^kfl up
mi tho ifoniaania poHce btatlon on ;i
tecbnloal .''iHr?.. of I omlclde.
TruckmanYs Wife Oavc It Up
When Harnesses Were Slashed. |
Mayefl Brand, i boaa truckman, of No
;>: pieaaani avenue, had Bn ezdtlng tim<;
asterday - ",' hia fourteen employea, who
v. ere on Btrike
.\s hi? men refuaed ,r> work, i." trled
ringle banded to baul a ten-ton englne
Crom tha l igb. it Manhattan, -.t Hth atreefl
.(li.i thi North nivor.
\. he drove th. triich lo the pi<*^ tba
Btrtkerfl mefl him, ordered him ..fr and cUi
awaj ih" harneaa Patrolman Brawley
?,, || aMa to arreat two of lh. men. Tho
mhers dfova off Bltli the trilck -.s fa*t n*
Fleventh avenue and Md atreefl and lefi II
in a ruf
Mr. J rand'a wlfe, hearing nt thr tn
? rioii to h Ip ou: bj drlvlng ??? the d<
lerted truck Aa aoon .i* ahe arrived, the
c.r|i,..r- . oi iho harneaa from the horae
iha .'r.-i.c, and one rr.oro man waa ?r
Captain Hughes Goes to 1st District to
Watch Srven Precincts
From enmmand of the "apedal Rqua.lfl
,ii\ |ai. tt" al Poll. ? Headqu irtera, < 'aptatn
.... , ,| j. Hugl' waa promote I reeti r
day n be inepeetor of thi '..*i District. Ho
? ? roungeat Inepeetor on tba force and
wlll have charge of "'.?? of ti.e most lm?
portant diatrictii in th.- .ii-.. Tho territory
. ?.. i which Inaj ector ii ig mt wlll have
command Includea ;.!! of the lowi r end of
?iti, itreel md east of
Iway to the Battery. The i.-t, 5th, rth, ;
Ith, llth, ith nnd ifth preetneta are ir.;
thal terrliorv.
inai ?. ior i lughe ? i ?< been ia .
,.. ii., atrong ? ni- aa ;.4.i wiii' h ha- I- ? i
ai tive in '? '? ?-?"'? ot i ai ?"'?' dl
and which numtx n I aboul oi ? h
. n | rg. tho other -
. i. .. . ..is of nie di partment, ..n.i I id
.:. plBca Bl Police Heedquert. i
w'v.iio .-. patrolman on prdbatlon inape. lor
Moghea aaa deteiled to poltee Headqu ir- '
tera :>? a Btenograpber. ii- waa appolnted
,,, |8M, .-i ame a m rgeant, gttaehed to the
),. . ?... Bun au. in 1 Ng, an.i in.< OtB le ??
; . ? . rmed force two
Thei.- is jo\ in po navy yaVd la Brook
:.. orcf lha repori thal tho battleeUp i
Utah, ateter Bhlp of the Florlda, wlll ba
?,.,,,. to Ihe : for h?T nnii I Ing touchea,
Lncludli ., l ? pladng of her newly d. ? gned .
, ,.,. ng low..; The j-' I nofl only over ;
,i... .n rea ? f work, but over fhe faet
.hat ti. comlng of the L'tah t-> tne govern?
menl yarda to be llnlahed kivcs tha work
iT.eu on ti." Florlda a chanee to gel her
u rough ahead of hor aiflter ahlp, an.:
makfl another argumem for tho conatruc-1
Hon of battleahlpa at governmenl yardfl
: > o i ....: is . _pe< ted m 'ho yatd aboul ,
I ?;?? |5 md ln 'i ? miantlme about a hun- ,
..?',.,i nien v ho had to be lald off will be
recalled to work on the other reaaela at
th. atatlon J
v.hrro sh" arrivo.l on Jamiary 24. Two |
daya beforg thla, bowavar, lha goi mt<. a ;
nie thal atrlpped hor bibbI aad ii^sc'na;
:,i,,i . anied her dlngy a,waj
Frorn Aflcena.on Forty-six Days.
On March i bIm K<>t away ir-.n' M
Helena, whi m Bhe arrtved en Aprll Is al
2:40 p. #?? !",,,?, ramalaed fdkeee ""tn
Aprll -?;. when iha n?t BBiat waj for
AacengloB Laland, arrtvlng there on May
::. ezactly ??< year from tho tiiM?? they aet
siiii from Bunbury. flour daya later the
pandora Btarted for Now Tork. maWng
the run to thla port ln forty-ehi daj ?
captain Arapekla -nd yaggarday that
,,, ithi r he nor Captain Blytheglvea much
attentlon lo lha belra Ib ',,"',' **U
? if w< had lo stear hei nlghl and daj.'
Iggld ihe Bpartan navlgator, MourJoorm
? would be hard, Indeed The Pandora
i,. rai II We never Uracbed ih>
wheel from Aecenelon lalaad until ara
goi to Cape Hatteraa Too weather waa
;:; ?. ni.i we dld nol havg '" bother '\ith
I the wheel Bvery day aboul noon, when
I we tooh our obger itlon, w< looked bar
ovei tq . lhal iha waa ateei Ing on the
| proper courae, nnd if aha waa ofl a blt
we made her riRht "
The two bold aallormen mada photo
praphs Of the;r Uttle ,rali a.< ahe lay g1
an. bor In < v* rj i orl Ibe: i I ilt. d gnd
theae wlll be uaed j* prool <A ibelr long
Captain Arapakia pald h< would wrlte
. narratlve book on navigation when hia
journey around the globe waa completed.
< aptatn Biyth" may take hi? photo
grapha to Copenbagen and aboa tbem
io .mundeen, Ragmuaaen nn.i tho Klng
of 'Denmark.
Beff&rded as Favorip# Froe Love'
and Against the Bible.
i Chicago, june St?Mlldred R-"ie*r: re-1
? aumed hoT teatunony to-day in tbe trlal of ;
, Bvelyn Arthur Bee, head ..f th< Abeoiuta '
'? Uffl i ult. WhO if eharged with abdUCtkMh
Mlaa Bridgea appeared mon con
[than al prevlout daya of Ibi trlal and re
pHed to queatlona In nhort, crtap Bbntencea.
Bhe wea carhori ln a Bltnpte whlt* froch
and whlte hat and Beemed tr. ba tn-' c.
?n in tbe erowded courti om.
The Booh of Truth" waa read Into tho
record al tho cloae of Mi- Brldgee'a rxam- '
natlon, deaplte Ihe objectloni of Mi Caut-I
well, repropprttlnt; Sec '
m mbera of tho .-.,?,< became gra aaj
.... idlng of tho i.h pro.led and tbe
Interest of apeel itora In tbe eourtroga -v
tense, Certaig paaaagea In th< beoh ?
regarded ea advo attag free love aad a 'ii?- .
regard ? f Ihe BlbV
One paragraph n ad to the Jury foll. ?
"Do nor think i allow the dlaslpattoa ef ,
the world II i- odlj wh n i i We rree
i make jou huaband and aife. S
Wlll Banctton whai you de becauae it is aay
wiii. i have not forgotten aoclet) In mi
ordinatlona for the peraon. four fi.Iom
li aea la nol freedom wlth aea; li i1 free
dom from aex."
Althoagh excerpta from the "booh of
truth" wen "i * nature that earned tba
cloeeei attentlon from rr.o*. of tho .,,..,.
i ? . , F. VV. Gottlleb, a Jui >r, fell ?, p
ai i alumbered peacefully for ftfteen ?
utee. Hia nap waa broken when I
cutor Burnham loudly declairaed ? para?
graph which aenl a ^-i'-' "' hluahes
i .;. the numeroua women preaent,
.. aettled ba. k in bai chalr an.i
i. iHinoa, i:. callahan, <.r 'ho ao- ?
iald thnt GottlU b'a lapse would b< ,
u?ed, If neceeaary, In applying for h neWI
triai for Bea.
Tho day waa hofl and the courtroem
erowded ' OottMeb i._.i -our..;. becomaI
ihorougt l> uaako before ll waa dlacover. I
lhafl i. atenoarapher had faiion e vtctim to |
latlgue and heat. Hl* pencil falierea Ib Ua
courae and then atopped Tha reportor a ia
Ha waa awakened bj Bl atfl "
Th.-wo who urgi thafl th. defendanl haa
an "hynnotlc - ye" . all. d attentlon to tho.
facl thafl th. " i ? umbed were tn
lino wiii- hia ririon, bul no one could awear
that he had looked with any particular ln-.
,., ity ai an) of the aleeperg - acepl the
juror. _
The Appellate Divialon of tha Bupreme
Court, Brooklyn, deeided yeeterday that
(uatic. b 'i ibe Court ol Bped il .':- Belona
Bppoini probatlonarj offlcera without
recourae lo cldl aervlce Itata, as they
hold placea of a confldentlal nature. Jaooh
BlmoiiH was appolnted ;? probatlonary offl?
eer last .l.t.ii. rj wlthoufl taklng clvll aerj
i,-. axamlnatlona. The Ifunldpal i Ivll
Bervice Commlaalon rcfueed n certlf) bla
name on the | ayroll. and he aaked Jua- .
,,,,. crane of tho Bupr. me i oort, feb h
mandamua corapelllng the commlaelon to
tte won. and th. commlaalon >r- ?
Oreat Daraage to Shippino-,
Many Persons Drovrned.
Iqiitrjue, ililli. .l-ir,. 22 ,\ i ?;-?;, ,Va
ctaaipanlad i.v raln and i i .-> ?,.
tur". sImi k thta |,l ..- ?< .1. v
<ir<.'l I'.n.IM )!({!itor *a*Jfa ? ? ,. fc?.
I?(?'? aad Bhi'.H V.'" atrtpned of
'. at it.ii.ui ahip < ? .. ?< c.
sutik. Tolea-rnph pofa wara i rn i. i
faarad thal roaatdei
dona al the nittM
jn tba ...
balMlnga. A pai
Boaa ..'.. ro j.ij ired. rtah
Tha laat hurrlcane prereding i ., ,
i.: lenoad here la I II
Tha I bitIi ane at.,. rwept F
I ii. "i, i -ui i othi r towm i
waa north .'..?i aoutl Tl ,
? i ? doa n and fall detfl ?
fl ..it'lit \.h\,. . rl
loaaea thua far i noa a ??
Port) launchei
Lak. Juni ? ?? ,
1 :.'?.< f.< t li. tl ?? Ai.'le.
pai u o, Chilt, litaa . a hun
uh:- li 11*r. I fhre*
lU-iARr- ln the ' i" anrl ,,n ?
I oter \ m,|... i .. ?. ???-?., ?
la in tr.t..i darki
atrewr wlth .'.'t>rip
*4*umero*j ? nlpa collidad : . .
Btono. Tln foui r- ?
; Bhdn ttw: t.'.rii roaa mail ' -
... . , .
ihe b.irk Hadeielne is in .
I'. the rOrirl..??>:.,t Thr. i^v . .,
, rutarr Eaaneral la pai fern ?
aa* Ing llvaa -ird ,"r-: ?
fqulque li ? aai an af ? hl ha -? .
potrUlatlon of aboul flft thotu 8 | r,
porta tn':"h nitr.ii. ?>( ?...',. af wbte| ? ..
aii 18(8*8 '>: aai ta. la tl
i> ,..; ga
a ?
Harry Tbra?her Was, IhoOfh,
and Foofht Chival-rnir.'v
tr John t. laej ?' ' een ? - ' I ? ? "?
nouldar't have been aay Bcrap
gai ,\ ley, aei ? rdfng to i 'aai i ...
A crav untfoi m, rarr 8a a regnil
atiek and patroli tl a allej fr
,ptll | i.i f l>e li. " :. ng
lar t-> atat. that fl blla he ?? ?
able io ti-." weall ? '?
?.nd ai ' --???
fttudloa in ' on ert waagi For ta
?!., . r. : r eot -AdflT I il l duty -te. aaa,
s.-rvr rn der i" tha all***]
"Tha ren fact thai '??
r'r,\u-,i upon to take a hand in - '
alley row made
... apportunlty ha had miaeed arhei : rr
THraaherv ?<- yott = - ?
I ,,!??? Ht.iW.r NO. I ' *t
... uipti.r lu tha alley |uai l '
night atita "
the alley w< bu r Ing raa
unprecedented pffalr laat i lgr/l i
it wa - the general ;??-??? n
h.a.i >??? i. aB hla na
tha open-air bout
tivr- in Ma favor But, ni rg
there waa an alr ,-t hcroi
aboul the ? I ??>',- Ipcld
... .??'?'
....... ,. j.
appi argd that 1 l aaai
be. , ,ao h. objeeted atrongly te i
ticnp tha aon-re ?:? nl aulptei
paylng to ih" aforaaaal llttl
Bofna of thg reatdenta "f the al
aantly 'J.n:...i lj.-i nlghl that XI
Payne tVhltnej, wh< ? il idlo la at
of *he alley at So If, had iinkno?ta|
Ieen tl fl eauaa of the flghi i ' ??' baa
ropr.rr.vl ln an afternoon ??
in that reralon or the afTarr it had *?*
saM that TBBTaaBBB* liari BBflUtnod tl
of driviui; iha noa raaflrtcnt out ol
:. cau m ba bad anuoi ? I .,'"'-" W i
Wlth 1'!- ??^t?.r?n::on!,?
Thi name <.f Mi - Whltney
Bport.^d along tne alley, and
aa amata**r or Birofeaalooa
stu'it''- abe a >> ildn'i rellei ?
aanoyance Bul tl il
unnecaaaary of late, lt waa
i ,? rtalted her atudlo for i
Joaeph Bha y, a ? ? i ' i' "
i.. Oeneral rfeagaeng of gaaauM l -1 *?*?
end degree after trlal on an li ' taaat
rharglng hlm wlth attempttng to n
\ |na Ray Bmltli, fl Hi!
glrl, for rafualBg to raarri i.
r, nc. .1 yeaterdaj by Judf '
ralra Reforraator*.'. When Impoaing flgr
lei c Judge Foflti tol l 8haughnea-r/i
? c ua< another rletim ef tha - i
? aWt."
Double WC Green Ttkding Stkmpa With Purebaaea Before 12 o'Ctott
" ii
Main Building?Dry Goods and Wearing Apparel
Frisbie Shirts, H & H.50
FRISBIE SHIRTS wo liberally cut, all over. The
fabrica are substantially woven. Tlie neckbaiyia, cuffs and all
other parts urc carcfiilly and correctly shaped. Even tli?
pearl buttoni are large, clear and perfectly matched. No
"seconds" are usnl. Make sure of the Frisbie label and you
make sure of Bervice, fit and ftnish. Negligee and plaited
rtvles, in white. $1.00 and $1.50.'
Frisbie Collars?15c, Tfr 25c.
The fabric! are chosen for strength. They resist wear. Four-ph and hand>ma le
ihe neck and befil ihe face. The Frisbie Curve make. them clinc tothc ncckbstnd.
, \i \i\ i'.,i:iin. llala 1 .
^nai i i-ia
i; ei ht
"Buster Brown" Hosiery $1
Four P-xra (Gaeraateed /or ./ Months) for a
Koi >.. long ago darning was part of mother'i domcstic dtities. Frtda) waa jusl ?- ,|1,UJ
riarning da) as Monday w.i^ wash daj and Tuesdaj ironing day, Bul now mother has entered
the leisure class, bacause with "Bustei Brown" hosiery she can do awa_ with all ibis drudgerfi
ho no** keeps her darning needle as g relic <>i antiquity.
"Buster Brown" hosicr) can be had foi KV1 K'N member ol the famil*. Four Pa,r~ ,,M' "^8
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Greenhut Building?' Everything for the Home'
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