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U\XI....N* 23,597.
S^,*?! '"iX"""- giijMiii
?wra fl* nlKhi: ?o,m, ,-!?<!,..
m:\v-yohk. sunday june -??">? hmi.-fivi: 1WKTS-SIXTY pages.
|...T,,l?h, Oll ... Th- Trn.-.". A^..l,.:?. I _ -
Itain*s Home Fleet 167
Strcng- Inspected by Kmg
George at Spithead
lobilization Proves Conclusively
ftat Only Four of the Powers
Are in the Race for Big
Armi ments.
. flflM 1
_. | ? loal B| -1
I Ion m
.ai on a. ek.
: ? ? . ? ?
. .. ? ? water has beea
theatre for the
^X J bm powar (or
'. llllam IV
Iblfl fleet
" . :. ition en
"tv i dlplomatlc corpe an.i
? lad .1
? that Bi Tinnia
... . in ? par
:??: an.i two
" Blitlfl
ZTflerentefi i
I nbow circuit of
. _ ? ? Bteel jrray
?? ater, and after
- .in.1 ?n
. -h Incan.
? ? ; wltta colored
tn"" -
Profound Impression Produced.
litOTfl nrist
fl Ith pride i>y the ex
.; 7-1 r. os for
.,,.. | and inipreKr.al.U- de
a!i> aa ? whlch producad a
... ? ? :.?-;??:
-?? '
? ? ::.] royal vlalta
traln* to a ithampton
full day
? noote anchorage
of tor
traveraed wlth
I - the expei e ol
: ?
ra md th< aumix (
? ? tti
_ Btrtk ad nol
mornini i
? ...
? ?
4o_rn ?
f - ? r -tarted
Coi pagaaga aleag
.-. ?. ioon becaaM oon
? ? f rn
__-! ' ? the
. > i the
' - |
: ? . ndra, thfl Admiralty .
; ? ??...: nar in
,- ? ? | ed ifl
Recectior. on Yacht.
? |
t t from i admlra nd
I ? ? ? r.ritish B from
offlcera of the
' ?? ? ?
Klng } Sir Al I
'? ? i ? . ..-.??
^ ? ?.(??? who
y . ? ? urter
re unlm] l i What
? ? ? ?. olu
t. ? ? . tbe flui
r .... I
... . . | . trltlah
f ? ? . > Tt ad:. for an emi r
r ? from ."7.".,*M? to 1,?
? ?. mn : : J llee n -
? ?. ? ? . .
.. n an Iram* nae
I ....... fcTMIl
? ?
t ? ? . ?
: Foi Rlfhfl
the pi
? ?
, ? ..
b been supplanfl
t ...
r 12 Inch
I .
? D-e^dnonqht. Avenue
r that the 1
.- .
r the N
.... . - for
? .. ??
.i a ir? of
Amerlcan bat
? ln dtfl
tt< ry, aad
I voo di
? ?
? a ?
K;ir;:>r, i, I ? rr-yh
L. . ?. bat
tt.nl,m-- | on (wurtli iin***
President"s Brother a Passenger
in Sopwith's Craft
??*1* W, Taft, brothor ol tho Pn.si
??!, JflM | paSsonK,r ofl an aoroplane
-"t-niav at Naaaaa Boulevard, this bo
'iK hla nrst -^pcaiaaca la tho clooda
Mr. T..tt waa tha g*j*n1 of Thnmas Bop.
with, th. BrMlaa aviator, -rho eaniad hia
Mawagav ta a height of ,hno hun.
di-ed f.'.t aad flew wtth him orar tho
aurrouadlng rlllagea ,,f rjardaa Clty,
Hempateatl aad Mtoeola. Whaa Mr
Taft Bllghted aftor hi8 alr jaiint. ho ap
peared loath to leava tho machlne, anri
expreaaed hla dellght la eathuaUstlc
t< rm?.
Bealdea lha Prealdenta brether, SnP
alth eaniad aeven other peasenarera on
aa naanj ttipa, arnong thom hoinc Timo
thy I.. \\,.,ri-,irf an.i Mlaa Helen Marta.
H was Mr \\i.oiln,ff'9 peennd excuralon
above th.' earth, Ani\ ho t.>.,k h's aaai
lik'.- an oMtlmer Mlaa Marta, aftor the
flrat .vh."k had paaarfl, araa so deHghted
arlth tha rnotlon "f the aeroplana, a
Howard Wrlght, that ahe begged t.. *tay
Up 1,'ngor.
Ml - Helen Qould araa a spe.tator <.f
tho fliffht>. Bhe was askrd t<. tako a
rMe ?Ith Bo] with. bul remalnad flrmiy
Bicycle Patrolman Hurt Stop
pingr Them?Autos in Pursuit.
Wlth Bicycle Patrotman Zlmma in the
lead half a doaen automobflea gava
to .1 r inaway t-am >>f truch h raea
ivenue laal nlghl from ll'.th
atreet to 1iM.'th atreet Zlmma Btopped
ifT.-r bo had been dragged
j-ix blocks, his lega badly bruised an.l his
wn i k d,
\-r.v.; took fiighi at 143th atreet
- venth avtnue Cegennor Clocpo. the
owneT t ;c.*'il at the roins as the horaea
i >wn th^ crowded avenue
Zhnma Baa them paaa at 144th Btreet
and atarted after them. Several auto
-? Jolned in pursuit Al l.'ir.th
streel Zlmma came abreast of tho gallop
? ? .1 tho blidle of the
rai He waa Jorkod fr^m his ma- ;
chine an.l it was ground under the wheela
of th- truck. At 120th atreei tho wagon
\ atruck tho curb, Clonpo araa thrown fr..m
il an.l tha horaea sh,,.?k tho pollce
man off. Then they ran eaat in 129th
Dr. J Bmlth Petereea, of No. 112 Eaat
B5th atreet camfl up in his automoi.lle
and hell ed Zlmma into tho marhine and
began th. ae aa itn. They ovartook
the team al Lei i ivenue and 129th
sti". t. Here thi patrolman fllicei
I |n -t i] plng thi horaea
Crowd of One Thousand Tries to
Rescue Prisoners.
? .?:-. w. rt- mobbed late laal
? _- ? .it -j^th Btreet and Nlnth avenut
bj ? crowd of ona th?>usand m? n, aron an
gnd children, arho attenapta-d ta take
from ? two prlaonera lt was nol
until tho arrival of flftoon r?-serv.-s that
tho crowd waa flrtvea baek and the po
from probeJ>le .'"ath.
i Gllduff BOtfld two mon
on a charge of hffhway robbery. Bud
theVn fltruck the ofheer ?
ng blow in th" fac . and ia tho
, .-- . . ., ; llng wlth him th.
[other A crowd quickly
1 gathen d, and crlefl 'Ki!I the ? op!"
Patrohnan Hooka th< d
, ran up and CBUghl thfl "th. r ii,a: ?? I -
! eral I
? trolman and thelr prlaonera
ted along Ele***nth avenue, and eob
... re plcked op from the
.,tr, .t .-. rnembera of the crowd and
? th- offlcera Th.. ofllcera
H vallantly uith thelr night
atlcka and held on to th- Ir men.
\ |. n , ? th.- ,-r,,\M) who flympa
wlth th" poll< emen telei honed to
Headquartera tnd aoon the ro
erv< ? m the oW Weal 30th ati.I
?tation arrlved Thej charged the
crowd and foughl thoir waj to thi two
offlcera an.l thelr prlaonera, nrhb later
? . namea as Edward Kelly,
... old, and ' ? ? Mi -
i ara old
Gllduff araa painfully
. . ??;., i waa iva mueh
_ a
lOrficers and Strike Ereakers
Equally Distressed About Trip.
io Tl
i ?.. 2-1 "Thal wa
aald a pale HtUe New
yorkei ' '? ?'? "f'' Th'' -' -
M rgan liner Momua, whlch
te. on
n, r ,,. v v Vi.rk wlth a
? . ? breakera I
.. . ? ? ? itep ofl Into
! | ,n ?? . ng for flvi dayfl in that
i flhlp."
? bl nf ' ?' h U Captain
j?j n said "Next t
,i ??. raa arith i crev,
. . itll be r ?
. .? ntlmi nta
ntriki bn aki ra
thi Momua: they wen
budled eeamen" and
;h" whole, ti"' aaamen
trouble. They wen
\VUM f| ? ii called ln thfl first
cabln "mai d< mer." though if waa falr
i.,; thi r n< ,; aray down
The b alti ra wouldn't wall and the
iii. mon wouldn't Are, ao il flhlfi waa
. .... ra arenl lnto thi
M ? ' '? "?? " '''f,, *''"' ,|1"'
..? better
. , . ..,.? : .. real men In th<
aald the chlef angineer
jullua "Ordlnarllj a flreman
and ataya ius four boura
woi.i.i go down, then coma
ity mlnutaa i had thno hun?
dred argumentfl aad Bva real llghU ta
k.. ji ..t, am up."
?Thej thought th< " " '' ' -
I . the sei "nd
.. ird grimly, "Whea thai fouad th< i
? m i Bteamer chali and i raaa
tlon f'.r .lrinks. th.-> ^.>t>:< 4 I" R'>
w b: i had t.. i." t op morninga,
, . , '?,,?: itera my* ;;. and tbj n
,,,, ,_ ., . ,. . |a th. dinlng room
Tha pai aafl ?- reporl a pleaaant tr\\\
but nol tha dBcara or tho atiika brtoM
Tbe acent .1 sr,.ti,.:?, v,,t,.nl;lv\v,u.n Kln, ,;,,,_, ,,-! ***** t* ta.? ?"***?? war-nip, m, rtmtlar ta thal r_pwta?d **** ot . recetH aar.
revlew r.ff I>..v.t.
. ___?...?_.:*????
Latter Restored After 21 Years
by Operation.
Now Haven, Conn., june 24.?An o; era
tlcn on th- flkull nf Harr> WHtae, in st.
Raphael'i Hoapital, has reetored his rea?
aon, whleh lefi him twenty-on< yeara
ago, and his ipeeeh, whlch diaappeared
Bereral montha ago, reeterday a pleci
of bone waa remored which has beea
preealng Upon his brain. an.i to-day when
Dr. Morrtfl Blattery, uho performed the
operation, rfalted th<> patlent Wlltea
called to him. "Hello, Doc." Wlltafl
Uvefl in 45th Rtreet, Nea Jort Clty.
When a lad be Btepped oB the eurb
I whlle playlag ball on.- day and fell un?
der I ru.rse's hooffl. His braln was af
fected bc badly that aa aoon ea be eraa
., ifl t.. tearfl thi hoapital be araa re
moved t.> an Inaane aaylnm. H t i
been kepl under reetralnt inoal ol I
Um.- fllncfl then, returning |o hlfl
tives. who remoeed to thii dty, ai occa
smiiii! lucid Intervala
Last fall his ipeeeh failed end ibfl
operation al st Raphael'e waa reeorted to
aa .? deeperate expedlent Wllfl
thirty-slx y> ars old.
His Latest Appeal Prompted by a
Newspaper Article.
Atlaata. June 24.-Th.it the reading ef a
iper atory led Charlea W. Uoraa I i
apply for -t wrtfl of babflaa corpua in an
afforfl to ?? nre his releaflfl fr1 -
.?rai prlaon here developed to-day ln th<.
hearlng of tho applieatlon \<-fnr
v ai ...n. Ui the L'nlted Btatea Dl l
m ... ... r fi. .. Sfti ii
tence for lioiattoa ?" tho nattonal
Ing .iW".
M.ira,' read lhal aeven men conelcted -xn-i
erntenced m t><u-r-^. courta irould not b?
[eent t? the Atlanta prlflon becauae thej
\naA nofl been eenteaced to "hard labor"
an,i ..... . the aefl autborixing tbi
Btructlon of the | rlflon Im ? flpoclfl
Btati ?! thafl lt waa fl.prlaoi ror felona
dr detcnnlned thafl thaae facta fltted bla
j own caee, ?nd when Preaideni Taffl ra
' cently denled bla ?| pllcal for a pard
j no Immedlatelj to. k Bfl | iee flled a
Hon for .. hai efl wrlt.
petltion detianded .. hefluring on two
groui da it contended thafl Morae a ?
,,-, n\i t .1 >n a mlfldetnaai or cl arge, i e can.
. ,t...| laarfullj In ? ; "
,i ooialy for fetoofl H is contended
. . ihafl the flft. ? ? ? ntence la
Ixe, ln thal rhe law llmlta the aen
t ,.. t.-n jreara on mj one counfl on
! the oflTence eharged ifl i i ifl Morai
Th* governmenfl mefl Morae'fl contentlon
! hy recalllng ? aaa where ? nan .ivi. ted
il courl o" ? ?' idi ? ."? ?
f.a,. been aenfl to i Bfl it< prlaon f' r t<?'? na
judge Ne-rman will hear rurther arge
menl eexfl flA'e*ln
_ a-?
Park Commissioner Stover Com
plains Against, Police Officer.
i praufle he sald a police llentenant in
' |he Weat 152d Btreel Btatlon I . ua.
i?, n 'IneuHIng lent" to him.
p.,,.^ i~omi Bl ? ? r. whlle on ?
j tOUr bf the u] toa n . ' i; grounda
11. rday eftemoon, called itp Inep. ? tor
I IVhmittberger et Polln Headquarteri
.,, ,1 ,, ; ,rted ..... cond I ? the Heu ?
Wlth Actlng Buperintendenl Hllt:
laaloner Btover had rtatted among
plaj groundfl, th< t op n< ?!
; ;,t i.'lst >tre<t and .i terdarn u
\ it waa s" packed with ? hlldren that only
1 ;i tem could gel ot th.. aaringfl ind ap
paratua Pereoni li the ndghborhoo*!
. ,,, . omi i iln< i tb. ufl th. . hlldren,
] i,,,t ti???:? hai ? pr. '? Bfl d agulnafl the
gangi ,,f young men who have In uled
tbe groundfl ai nlght
The police Btatlon ai acroe> thfl
? ... ? from the prroundi Commtasloner
. r .,nd Mr Hllfl ?? ? * th< n ta Und
? ? hy the poll. e had nofl l i der in
.. piai .? bo m ?r. Th? Park ?'. mrnla
: Bioner could gt t n. i -? tion from
; ihe Iieatenanl
"Bul the regular ofllrera on the beal
?hould att to M." Bald th. C mmlailoner
?;-ril. tt it' ?' ' ? l!r "' th- Beutenanfl
and hBf eeaalve niwei ght a i
rclolnder from Commlaaioner Bl
? four IflPPtldi n< . .I" I ii'.t go wlth
me," aald the Park C mmlaeioner, and
thi d walk**'1 oul of tbi . : ..
land to i telephone booth oext dooi Ha
th- n called up fnape. t. r B< tunittb. rgi i
a sh?>rt time afti i I umli*
?toner retumed to tha playground and
found three patrolm. n i?n dutj then
Q.ickrr Time tr Weit Vltginla Coal Firirlt
i hrough Pullmei ? ? ? ?? i
P, .,,i.i Btal ?''? P M d dl ror St
Riidge H flnoke and fJan ?? >?? Worfollfl .-.
.... :, Spl. ndld dli.ln*; . Bl Ber>'lcfl
Tina Hitchcock Wins Over Her
Mother, Emily Randolph, Mrs.
Lindsay and Eleanora Sears.
About One Hundred Persons Per
mitted to See Contest at the
Country Club in Brook
line, Mass.
[By Tetagrapa ta Tbe Trtl
I ? Bl 8 June 24, W.arlnu ridinj?
breechea an.l ridim? aatraddle. throe
. ..,,i one matron promlnent in ao
. ? Indulged in a r?'i" poaty nv - amid
??! iam fr,.m u ?ma!l hut
? audlence al thi Brookh_i <"uun
tn Club t"-Jay. Ant'tlior matron. Mr.*.
Emtly Uadaay, of Phlladelphla, arora a
Bklli and rodo n sule Baddle.
Mlsa Tlna Hitchcock, of Hempai ad
Long laland, won th.- rru-o by
whlli tbe adoaa ot tha Baca i; I
tne aona ot Btablcmen raared
encouragement Th.- .?.,ntoat.,nts ar.>
known aoclally oa both aldea ot tho At?
lantic. They arera Mi.-s Bleaiiofa Bears,
ol thla cltj Mlaa Tlna Hitchcock, of
Hempetead, Long laland; hor mother,
MrS. Thomaa Hitchcock, jr.. <,f th.' aama
town; Mlaa Emllj Randolph, of Lake
wood, N. J. and Mra Emlly Llndaay,
?di Iphla.
Th.' race waa ln two lnp?. coverlng
throo-richths of 8 milo lt .sn* flched
uled f"r n o'clock, but it waa n :>'?
? bea Charlea H/arren piv? tha word t.,
srart The qulntel dren lota for r">nlos.
a',? rh.- beal mounl arafl drawn hy Mlaa
Tina Hitchcock. ec**ordlng t>, tho joekeya
nt whlle Mlaa Soars drew Bam, tha
; ? ^t pony in ti .? fltablea, accordlng to
the ifl? ? -
Wht . thi '* irti r ga*. ?? the a ord to go
tbo ponlea darted ? fl 111 ? ? f'ssh. wlth a
burat of cheera from the grandstand,
>!.. r- aboul "ii" hundred peraona wera
... ated Mlsa Hitchcock flashed away
ahead of the othera, train ina a lead of
flfty feel before the end of tho first lap
Tho order waa then aa fblkrnra Mlsa
Hitchcoch ln th" lead; Mi*s Randolph,
aecond; Mra. Llndaay. thlrd; Mrs Hitch?
cock, fourth, Bnd far in the roar Miss
Beara stniggled hopefully along
"!? r.- l excltemenl began wlth 'ho
tVfrinnlng of th.- laal lap. !a the racera
? ?? to?*ard the home atretch, i' n i
icen thal Mlaa Randolph was >|owly
rutchlng op aith Mis^ Httch.\< Near
-?;,? rrept whlle the ??ra:i,!
rheered enthualaatleally. Thon
..i Randi I] ' began t" use hor ri'iinj
ahip. Bhe had the pole. Tho rlder
llngged witli rlg ?*, and th. ponj ro.
B|tondi d ? ?
I ead, Mlaa Hitchcock, raridly loalng
?? ?] wildly tn tho llttle beasl
? :?? i ? ?? \n,,ri>'r whlp Saahad;
but it waa aii uai lt aa Faater and faater
r ?? rlder behlnd waa overtaking her
i:. !;ir,i Mr Lli dasy and Mrs. hu,-;
poch were rtding neck and m-k. ln tho
rear Mlaa Beara fi.iight dauntlessly, al
gh from the ? ry hoj-inninir it araa
s? en thal ahe had r:<> rhance.
\ ihoul ?-nt mi fr, ni th,- arandatand
.?: i Mlsa Randolph'a i? r 11?- black i "i y had
up t,, Miss Kltchcnck'a mount
The ta re nech and neck. Hy J uai i
narroa margln Mlaa Randolph falled to
?ln. Mra i. n la iy waa thlrd, Mra
T omaa .1 Hit bv ock was fourth, ?hlle
Mlaa B< ? (gled gamel; along ln
th- r. ar.
Th" 'udgea were a F Ftothlngham
and Aleaander Hlgglnsti n.
Tiffany Employe in Jersey Arr-sted
Here with AJleged Stolen Ooods.
Charged arlth brtagtag Btatea propertj
lnto ti,-- Btati "f Nea v^rk. Henry sroui>
fo:, ,.r \,, !?n Rldga atreet, nh,-rt Hllla,
\ j h , lockad ap "> i'"!i<" Head
? . nv Detectlrea aa] lu bp
... m i.is paaaeaalaa all* er f->. \
: it I
: , thal Bta pfer broka daa b
, '.?: ,iii,i ,-i.iinitt" i t; . prepei ".
found "a hlm araa Btolsa Ha aaM tor
ii. ,i i . ? i a eeatury I aad ba* n
ota of tha truatad employafl ,t tba fSctori
ol Tiff.inv i ' o ll Bhon IHI - Ha .-..''1
n,. |,. . mploj "i 11 tha aama i oia
:n .,,, , ,n u .. .- a ilia Bta ipfai
|rs- i-riB, ,,, | flwn floaw ..r thfl thtnga tha
pollea flay, thal ba waa arraatad
Leonard J. Boutwell, Who Says
He Is Son of a Diplomat,
Then Attempted Suicide.
Man Giving a Similar Name
Tried to Kill Himself in the
West Side Y. M. C. A.
on June 6.
| H-. T?i**r,|-ri lo Tkfl THI ""?? 1
Pi laacola, Pla., June ji?After stat
Ing thi' bfl <-ame fmm New York Clty
arry, in order t.> avoid publlclty of
? w-nt a man, who gava his name as
Leonard J Boutwell on l'aeinp his ln
! bridfl th.s morning at the home .>f
Arehdeacon \v. B. Allen, of the Episopni
dloceae bere. attacked hor wlth hia tists.
udminl-stervd a aerero beatlng an.i lai r
gttempted Ittldde. He has been arrest.-.l.
Th.. pelkfl say th.it he refUeefl tn itwk> a
further itati ment
Boutwell .-ame here sewral weekfl BgO
Wlth letters ..r IntTOdUCtlon from s..:n.>
promlnent New Tork ESplacopal clergy
men Arehdeacon Allen. .ift.r reading
the lettera 'o.-k Boutwell int<> his own
home a- a gueot Boutwell said bfl waa
the aon <.t' a f.?rmer Benator, wh<-> now
hoMfl .. dlplomatlC poet in Pwltzerland.
Hia stor\ !?> the Arehdeacon was that
he intended marrylng a gtrl elghteen
? ^r-. ..!.!. Who had hecn leadlng a way
v.,,-,! ||fe {{,. waa convlnced of h? Mj
reni worth, he aald, and Intended to
glve her a name, as he Urrai her and
iure ibe WOUld make him a g<??l
Etoutwell got the ll, r-.-.. to-day and ar
ranged for the eeremony, The eoupl?
? ,t the home -?' th? Arehdeacon.
what waa aald, the clergyman wlll not
r. . ,i. bul he aaya Boutwell brutall] at?
tacked tlie gfrl, kn.x-kin* her Ineenalble.
He then fled to hli room, locked the d....r
and turned on th" gaa. The police
i-r.>k" in the door, reeualtated him and
pul him under arreel
The Kirl t..-ni>;hf Ifl ..t th.- Archdeac
on'a h>>m<' unable t.. leave her he.i.
"Ella tVoodward'* is th<- name she,
glve* Bhe Ifl eaceedlngly pretty end
se.ms well educated. Her h-.me. she says
is in N"A Y'.rk Btate, but Bhe wlll nol
Baj in uhat town Bhe .ame to Pensa
...la by waj of N'ew Orleane. '."it itayed
ln New Ofleana only a few days.
When Boutwfl ll reached here frorr. New
Vork hi preaented among lettera of In
troductlon to Arehdeacon .llen one from
the Re\ V D Weeden, ..r N'.. t4 w i Bfl
|09th itreet, wh<?m he rlaims as god
father and cloae frlend. Jual prlor to
the hour aet for the marrlage Boutwell
drea ea th. N'< w Tork mlnlater for |100
On June t, i n.an Rlvln? hi* name as
Leonard J Boutell aad ?h>> Bald ba was a
?4..;i of ei C.wniUBfliiaii Henr) Bherman
? D, of lllln. ls. now Ifh-later ta Buriti
rrland, attempted autelde by trying to lung
hlmaelf tn m tbe baniater in th? Waai Blda
branch of the flToung Men'a Chrtatlan la
?,.|.. v,. m \\ fst STth Btreel Hi raa
t.tk'i'. ta Ploarer Hoepitel, arhera Ue recov
The foiiowint; day he aaa arralgned ln
the u ??.*! Blda courl an.i aenl to Bellevu*
for examlnatlon aa lo hia aanlti Bo far .<s
rould bfl learned laal nltfht. he ara? dla
. irged from thafl Inatltutlon .. araek 01
"Leonard J Boutell was confronted In
courl ? y Png-r B Boutell, ? i.i,.st ion o the
Ameriran lllnleter, ?"ho denounced him as
an Impofltoi
Caldwell Man Says Clevcland
Disiiked Home Town.
I'aldwHI. N. .1 . .lune -J.", (Bpe. ll)
Orover Cleveland dlaltked th. mentlon of
th.- nam>- of Caldwell, ahere hi arai
'...im. and hai repeatedly refuaed Invltn
tloni t" appear aer* on Bpeclal oci n
?s tbi Btatemenl made h> Frank k rhii
li;.s. of th.s borough, arhO giveg thii a?
nia reaaon for dedining t.? contrlbutfl to
th<- fun.i propoeed f..r th,- purchae.
th>- Cleveland blrtbptace. Mr Phllllpe |
says thi movement li unpopular wlth
other citi-.-ns hera for th.- mhii i
Mr Phllllpi aaya oM citlaeni polnted
. i| to him that when Mr Cleveland left
(..wii Blttlng on tha back part of tl*
wagon .'? .ntuin.ru hia father*! bouaeh-ld
gooda and Inepired bj waai to him
jflemed tha unjuafl ..u.H'iriR .>i h:s father,
th<- Rm Mr Cleveland, from hli Preaby
t. nar. [ ast.irafe. bfl had raaelved no\, ?:
_gain tO sit foot in CaldWO*.'
Attains 80 Miles an Hour in His
Ff.il Rlver, Maaa, June J4.?n.,.iging
ln and <iut among pleaaura oraft, sklm
raing ah?*ve th" water at on" momattt
and the next flylng ahovo tho l,.,ats, only
to settio gracefulls doam agala i fear
yards away. I llenn H. Curtlsa ghlFO tOtttO
Interestlng demonatratlon of tho work?
lng of tho hydro-aeroplane hsre lata to
Durtng all of hla eshlbltlons Curtlss
bad aa a paaaanger Lleutenaat Thewd'ow
t; Ellyaon, aeroplana ? av*art "F tha War
On his first appearanca Curtlsa apsnt
h. rr." Ume In maiMBUVrtng about the
bai 9>* thf-n' TiAn* t0 a h",ghl ?f b6'
tween three hundred and four hundred
f^.t clrcled about three times at a speed
of seventy mlles an hour. Later, with
tha wind at twenty-Bva mllaa an hoar.
b? wont through tho perfornmn. o again.
thla tlme attaining a apeed of elghtj
mneaan I.r and iwalnlnf aloft tarelvs
Boy Sent to Drug Store Eats
f Sugar Coated Tablets.
WHfred Quick. tho -d_-yeer-o4d iaaaf
Mra Barah Quick. who Uvea at Ho. 144
North 4th street. Wllliamahurg. swal
lowed a doaaa tableta contalnini bt
chlortde of inercury yeeterday, and araa
Uken to tho WllUamaburg Hospital.
Whera ft was aald he would probably
Tho chlld'a mother had aent hlm to a
drug atora wlth a prsacrtptlon for the
tableta < ?n the waj homa ha examlned
them and they looked ao mueh llks
I'candy that he was tempted to awallow
one. Tho augar coatlng prompted him
to taka mora and by the tlma he reached
I is home ho had taken th" entlw doaen.
Mrs. Qukk notlced that hor boy looked
pmle wi-.on ba reached home, and ahe
aaked him if he was Ut Ha was esplaln
Ing tho eating of the tablets arhen he
fell forward ln eoni ulalona.
Quebec Man Says Fielding Suc
cumbed to Blandishments.
Wlnnlpeg, Man.. June 24. Becauee ho
drew n parallel between Flnanca Minis
ter Ftoi'iim? and Prealdeni Taft on the
ona land and Bflunaon an-l Delllah "ti
f.-.o other, J Q M. Bergeron, of Quebec
who la accompanylng R. L Borden,
leader of the Conservatlve party. ln a
tour of tho \vost agalnat rc-ipro<-it<. la
beinK crttlclaed by Weatern Canadlan
papera. Th" Inddent is cauatng an up
rear among aettlera from tho Untted
Btatea and rlota i'i rutura meettnga ara
fl ,ir-;l
Dergeron. arho is ? poastble minister
lf Borden regalna power In the Domln
ton. in making his comperiaon, alleged
thal Mr Pleldlng- bad Buccumbed f"
Preaidentlal blandlshmenta
Al m dl< Ine Hall, Alberta, Mr Ber
geron aald thal In ustng tho femlnlne
compartson he had nol Intended aay
diecourtee* to anj woman In or out ><t
the White Houaa He admltted, how?
ever, ha had used th." Baraflon and
Dalilah Blmtla In n ''"mng to Mlnlster
Pleldlng and Prealdeni Tafl
Chief Inspector Schmittberger
Fights Crowd?Makes Arrest.
Plghting hts way through aeveral hun
,ir.-,i itaiians, Chlef Inapector Bcbmltt
berger arraeted last evenlng I'rani.i,,,
Amedeo, "f t' i 324 8th atreet aad
I". k"?l hlm up in th> r.t! str.et station
,,n a eharga of felontoua aaaault Ame
,'.... la charged aith ahootlng Qluaeppa
Locaa lo, of Na " Bt Mark ? Place, hn
brother In law. The latter waa taken I ?
Bellevue Hospital with Bve btjlleta in his
body, an.l it waa aald there lata last
night thal hla rondltloa waa aartoaa,
Ac4*ordlng to tha poUce, Amedeo mar
riad Locaacio'a alster last October Sin<-"
th'ii the feellng between ths two has
been averythlng t>ut arnlcable, Th" tare
ni.-t m st. Mark'a Placa laal niicht f??r
ti .? tirst tim.' la Bevaral weeks with
Amedeo waa another man Sev.-r..!
worda fbllowsd between Amedeo and
> . larto, and. at thi njggaatloa "f tba
stratiRor, Amedeo pulled a ravolvaf fr.<m
. k-1 .m.i ihot hla brother-la-h*-.
[nspectof Bchmlttberfljar happened la
i? naar tha flceaa of tha BhoeUng.
. - a
Nothlng more nourtahing an?1 *trengthening
II T Dewey a Sona 42*., 1*1 Palton Bt., N.Y.
|- _dvl
Helen Wilson, of New York, and
Mildred De Haven, of Brook?
lyn, Victims at Nantucket.
Blaze in Albany Leaders Boat
house Caused by Match Thrown
on Newly Oiled Floor?Young
Peopie Jurap Into Harbor
_Valet Dies frora Burns.
N'antucfcei Maaa- ?<'< ? l T r0 v,"n*
women, M.as Heleu WII ' ' ' N' ?
rork Clty. and Mlm Mlldaad Oa Hivn.
ot Brooklyn, .-md Clyeee Pahod. ? eai t.
lOOt th.tr llv.-s in a rtr* whlcb deetl ? i
a boathouee owned by BrWIam Barne*
jr.. of Albany, to-nlght Beveral othera
were Injured, Thomag fd rr. nt s w Ta***
Clty, bo badly that be may not recover.,
bi Um part] alao arera Tburlew \\>.?d
Harr.es. Id, MM of ??OWbflWOi the I ???.'
|houaa; Karry wilson. Jr. Mlaa Phmha
judhlaa, Ulat Bu?i Wlleon, tli 11 SeW
! Tork, and Mlaa T*nn<>r, of Buffalo, MIM
Helen wiis.m. whe waa killed, arai tha
I daughter of ft R jr/Baeo, of Nea ror*
' |f_m Di Hav.n. the othif vletini. w afl
the daughter af Hugh de Havea, of
' Brooklyn.
LTlygie Pahud waa the ralel of Wlllla*
Barnea w Ha araa burned ab..ut the
body and b< ? 1. and dled flhortly before
Accordlng to tha Btory told by tha
young peopie urho eecaped, tbi nre araa
; Rtarted b) a m*tch thouihtleaalp thtaWh
,,n a recently olled floor. Almost imme
IdlAtely tba najm ama Blled arltb Baaaoa
and thooa arho eecaped d*d w "nl>' hY
jumplng overboard. The valet was and
,.r the lasi to laave the boathouea. nnd
bi and Mr. K-rr v.-en- both BetiOUaty
hurned, whlla otbari of the party pat*
fered mfnot Injurlee. Th.. bodlaa of the
dead were mcee-fed. but both were
LurnM beyor.d reeognltlon.
Mother of Victim Collapflflfl.
The death of MIm WUaoa W;1* rP*
ported ?? her mother, who is a guaat
. at a hotel here. by the gWi brother aml
lalater, Harry and Eluth wi'son. They
ruahed Into tbfl hotel *Bh their cloth
! lnjr drlppMlf, sa: 'Bf, "MaflMM, we did
{all ara COUld to tata Helen. but sh- ia
! burned to a i nsp."
i The mother bnmedlately coltfpasd
Beveral ot the young peopta who
! flflcaped death by Jnmping into the ? at-r
were reaeued hy the crowd of Bummer
peopie, whe u attracted to the sp-.t
by the ilre an.. tbfl oalll for heln. Tha
boathOUM was in pl.iln slpht Qf B n<>m
lx r >.f hotels and suninirr eottaaes. F**
ef the witn.'ss's, however, reallaed until
sorr.e tlnie later that in tbfl few niin'ite_
that the rtamts laited two peraona hnl
lost thelr Ifvaa.
Th? young peopie were the gueata oi
Tburlow *?Veed Barnea, iM. the tMat
s-.ix of Mr and Mra wwiam Barnea, jr.,
..f Albany, who was havtag a houae
part;. Mr and Mrs. Parnii ara not
her.. at preaent.
Mr. Barnes Tells of Fire.
Although ln a BflfflOUi copdltlon f-ont
inhaling" Bmoke and fnmes. >oun<
Barnea waa able t-> tell a fairly complete
st'.ry >>f th.- Ire. He -aicl:
?*We were Btttlng* about the boathouse
hatenlng to a phoaograph when one >f
the vmini? men who v.a_ Bmoklag threw
a naatcfa t.> the door lt landod eloaa to
a inop whlch bad beea naad durlng tho
daj t.. oii thfl Boor an.i whleh waa Btand
lijf ln the .orner Almost imm?diate!y
the flamea apr< ad over the entire Baaf
and a mlnutfl lat. t tha room wai i m,i..i
of flre.
All "f tho door* wore clos^d. and
with on. accord we s*art'>d for them,
Mlaa Wllaon and MIm Da Haven arenB
t,, the wrong doi r ind aere aai aed in a
lamall room. The n st .>f afl reached fhe
r.uter alr and WCTe nbie t l -a' B OUT"
eelvei by himplng bitn rh- water Whaa
wo reallaed tbal MIm WTtleon ."'?' MIm
I... Haven had BOt iecaped there was no
way 'or us t.. ?to ba k after them. Mlai
wiison wai twenty-ona yeaia oM -ind
'. >,fl!ss De Hfl ? n eightei ? years old "
Tao Men L.kelv to Die.
v/oung Barnea and Thomaa Kerr *-?
ithe most lerloualy Injured. Kerr- r-? ev?
ery ts douhtful The only awmheri of
the partj t.. eacapa aithout Injury areiaj
Karn > ??' BsBb *r7llao?k baotber md
ot the burned glrl, md Mlaj
I Ph?b< Judkflna MkM Tanner, whose
home ia bi BuSal ?. had ber clothlnf
? ? ed. and araa Bllghtly Injured
T..v., r-v\; !? ? >. wl ? ? ??'? n nothflf
. I . llne taeapad wtth d BU
? ?. hm an re uninjurad.
The tlre deetroyed man;. tho'iaand dd
|lara w,,rth of vatuaMa furatture, pan
srn.ii effecta, br and curloa !>*
longlng to Mr and Mrs. Barnea Ba
eatlmatfl of th.. property Iom has beel
made. butJI aiM ba beavy, U wa? said
t . boathouee, one of the lanreet and
? .? ?:?.. Btru. turea ..f tt.-. kmd .>n
. th.. isla:..!. il.1 OU the r-nd of Coi
men lai IVharf, aurrounded aa three
, sidefl bj water, ao thal tbe town'i flre
| tiRht>-r-< ? ould not get near an ujrri to
! d.? eflfectlve '^ork.
Cannot Undcrstand Why Victimft
Did Not Escape.
Mr Marn^s tlr-? lirard "f the ire -.hen
hfl retflirned te thfl Hotel llaahattaa, whera
he ta Btaylag Bhortli after ratdatgbt He
1 waa greetlj flifllted. an.i mad,- lauaadhttg
fljiaagiflwtntfl t" rtari fot Naataebgl on
tbfl i e'deeb tram tMi BMraiag He a?td
j tha- membera >.f tba party aen ., i trtaaBfl
. of h s aon, -?n>l h.' knew them ,>m> attgbgi
||] Hfl tbOUgM Mr K.-rr was fl BrebflT IU
thb .i.>
Mr Baram aaM be a m laabli te gtmsaaB
' Btaad boa Um nre aaaM trap hh> ona* ia
[tbe boaihouae ll waa a ene-atory atruct
me aad Ihflfla irerfl pleati af flrtodowi .niii
. ihnn.flh whi. ti >?>. h|... w.i?, |.,>mi-1 tl??.
Iia. . - of lacb of detalla Mr Barnm aald
ha could aay notlilni furthai aboul th# rtr*.
M;aa Mi.dred I'f Mlirii WM ; h^ da.lgh
lei of H'.ikjh i'e Haven. the l>.ealdeat at

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