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LXXI....N* 23,608.
T'.-dar. fhundrr ?h?wnn nnrt Miolfr
I n ipr>rTf>? . fnlr; ?onth n lnd?
judge Dikc Puts Police on Trail
Who Robbed 18 Houses.
Total Thefts $15,000, Police
gaV_-Prisoner. Who Ad??r
;j5ed for Bride. Weepi at
Kntr from Qirl.
. ...- . ? ' ?
ori Me'z Mtyer. "'
- H
"Al ppij,. ??? rtera h< roke down
- m '
? mis
mmitted ?
j rdoua
? come too
i ??:
. ? ?
in r-- ? ? ?: about
, . ?hriTJ
l-i- ? .- . - ?
?- ? thal
? i
' ?
?> a nutnb
, ? - . ...
f I He
... \v
linoc Tafl Oan't Bee Ho*? th^
Prtsiderjl Standi ^io H< ?'
? ?
I >
I'd a
? ? I ?
? ?
i i.
? | ?
? <,<] the
t under
I ?
6AVE his UFB for HIS DOG
** Who Vaialy Tned to Resmr Ani
?jj from Trtia Kffltdi by Bagtot.
. . . .
ngini ii<
From Blacksmith's
Helper to Stock
Evchangc Presideni
Kemarkable nse of a Povi
wlvania lad whc won hts
firsl job through thrashing
a ix ill\ wkh hi<? fists. told in
Next Sundays
I nbune
Drivrrs Threaten Strike Aga.inst
NTig-ht, Oarbage Romoval.
A commitl ? '? I'f *f nting tho ?; ',iki
n ln ihe Streei i i^nning Depart
rr-nt p?-ni ^n ultlmatum to Commti
? eaterda). threatentng lo
atrlka unleaa tha oM ayatem of r^ni.iving
hea In th< daj tlme la r
rlM ??? tli.\ c-otni't Btand
work. Thej aay it is tmpoi
? ? ? ? m t > g< i adequate sicej, in
I ir ??? . and thal tha rhange ha*
aadl) Interfered wlth theJr domeatlc er
i ? ? '?? N"t only thnt. iMit th>>
. "rk pt nlght la in
than n wraa in ih>' day
? thi cara they hava to
n aki anj noiae In hnn
? '? i laal iiiprhf at thr va
rioua atatlona and atablea of thr depart
ai ?! tiv> collection prorf-?.drd as
1 immlaaloner Edwarda naid he
had recelved HO complainl from his mrn.
"No ? \.\\ Vcirk would bc morp
than l to >" thi men of the
departmcni go oa atrike," aald he, "if
any om had oonae to me l would have
been glad to talk to him and bc wonld
? had mj anewer aithout loaa v?
F?ared His Little Grandchild
Might Be Struck.
Romerville, X. J., July ."?. Charlea
ire, of Wobdhavea,
. ?< and fatally Injured to- i
<i;iv by ?n automobile belongtag to th'
Ruperlor Thread ami Yara Worki o1
; ater al Bomerax I
M- Heaa waa apending a few da\n
\\ith his niarrtfd datishtr-r who Is noaid
Ing nt a fannhouaa alontr the Piuokftnin
road, - llea from thla nnr
Ha took his two Uttlf strnnd
rhiidrfn ou1 foi b walk The chUdren
I t.i play In B amall hrook hy th<
nd Mi H'.-s atood on tta op
ol tha road iratching them.
!. 0 Bogart, ona ol tha nmnaft<r* of th*
and a drlver * ajra In
v tha avtomoblla naarad tieaa <m*. r>f
?: mad< a naova to eome
rd hlnj. Acoordlng to Bogafl and
a n, th<? chauffevr, ,v'* o!d man
t??.'? road whan tha rnr
Iti n t< n ''??? I of Mna. H? ^-i*
? i guard and hurlad
from I ? t
|( d <>n a <"haivj Of
? ightat
Beamen, Inrited by Monarrhists,
Rnisr Armed Revolt.
. i . ? '. Dlapatchea to th? ef?
Al baa 'Hk?n placa
? i tl' '?>? In barracka irara
? ? ;i tondon newa nm ncy to
Tha aaamen, In
cited ra, bJ monarchlat aeita
? ralat an armed ravolt
I I knlvaa ar< aald to hava
idlj ? ffecl
called oiK all n^ati
IValr Hhd infr. nf\
. ?. ? g\ tlng th< revoh na?
tata of panlc aooord
Ing t dlapatcl nd elaborafc
i.- taken b\ ih* au
? . anj further ravo
Tha goi ernmeoi
.... ol tha mon
???)?' nothci
hia runda '" tha
I M1O.000 from '
\ aatah
.,,,) no meaa ig< an
pt tl ej arr qpproved |
t . . orraapondant j
? ' Badajoa, Bpatn, tf.
... i ? 5 it iraj laarnad
Portuguaaa goi
. ? ? had aararal thou
.rtharn frontler, foi
"' ?' P'ol ,l" '? '??
reatore I narch: Th? conaplracj
I . ? . ? ? ti oni ? ?
, . .,,.... Portuguaaa armj ^
e Mli '"'? of Portttgai on
I ?< . c tht h,jr
l Tu:
Inspectl Station with Waldo andi
Snes Cops ' Play Checkers.
Ma3 . ind Commlaalonar Wal
i up to th? 'I- nd? rloln pollc* ata ,
, ? , i,,k laal nlght
,. . ... had aifned hia nama
I oiioe blotter, tha uaual proo ? d
II ..: to ti.< '-" "' ,,|? '?,', |
. .,. ,; half i doaan men,
... ... -?.. . aatching
ti-tr Idla .tenti
Ing ??,'"i.'
dom. Th? thej renl to th< cella ,
mad< a careful lon.tion I
il Mayw Ckiynor atopped.
? to tha lleutenanl In
?, othei than thal thej **rt\
??' I.' IMP^JO" ' '
'?" CommlMl.'
, thing rtnrdtoi thelr mld
i irtali Th-."hlna """??'' v'"
. enue, and II *? '-'
.,. headed toi l ? l" "
n.. Mayoi )"?
ghl ? "^_J^_
1.aratlra r on c,p, SygJ
' J., ( Iti llllt'l I
I d. "?' I
I Broad ?, Aovu '
Official of U. S. Corporation Pre
sides at First Meetinq of Con
ference in Brussels.
ErTort To Be Made to Form Int.or
national Association Broadly
Similar to the St^e) Insti
tntr of This Country.
Bruaai '???. Julj ?"? -| I rte#1 Interaata
"i Amarica, Canada, England, France.
Qermgny, Belglum, Italy, fcuatrla and
Rpain irere repreaented bs 160 delegmtea
who nift In conferance to-day prelltnl
nary to thr formatlon of BT Intamatlonal
asaxx lation broadlj gli illar to the itnar?
Ican Btecl Instituti Judfi E H. Qary,
chairman of thi Board of th? IJnlted
pt ,t. - Btaal Ootporatlon, pr? alded
During the firal aeaalon ol two houra,
i ? i there waa a ftae dlacuaalon, all
who took parl approvad In prtndpla the
organlaatlon of an< Intarnatlonal bodj
Judg< Oan explalnad ppmawhal fully
hte vieu p ^on'-^Titns: .1 highminded 00
operation in buatneaa
Yjuppoaa." aald he, "thal ? company
of nv'i ? nensr-'ri m bUBlnaaa and DOBBeM
Ing much capital powar an<i influencc
ahould bj their eonduct, onjual or op
pr?i | c lecorc imlveraal dlaapproval,
riiMj'jct and antaajoniam on th< parl ol
t] publli in a brlef ?pace of <lr"p
theae men would ba'drlven oul of bual
?*f}upp v 'j producet of onv onmmodi'*'
da ahouM In anj a/aj wltbln hli
powei 111 traal all hla euatomara bou
long wrould II bi befone ,l1, pi ?|'1 ?'
?? oald i"- m banKrutpcj "
Buppnae w enaptoyw of laboi manl
featly treated hla amployaa unfairlj and
,.,,. piy, in tim.- aa ? raaull or th' artlon
,,t thoaa Interaatad, alded by publli ??n
llmant, ,i remedy would be found tnd
U ? ift? ajeai lnt< rrui tlon of buatm m
and ios^ ol monay.
'Agaln, led oa aaauna ,v,?' during ?
?iren yeai th? damand for ? prodwi
Itaa than ono-haif of rv eapa II
;., produce, and ral ^kh producet la
n-eedj and anzloua to aell more than hta
falr prwportlon and acta nccordlnglj and
thla attltudi la malntalnad untll deatna
,,-. 1:, uita a/blcb we all kno* an il
.1 .. rtala to be raadlaed
The Meai in Buainaaa.
11 iroul i be dlfflcull th< chalrm in ? on
tinued, to bring abou! th< ld< al In i"isi
.1 h rlghl dlapoeltlon, ?. -?
? .?.. md Ui< appllcatlon <<\ ihi hlgti
.ughl mlghl approxtoate thi n to
The rtral aaaentlal to thla waa thorougb
acqualntanee and rroquenl Interoourw
"Thara ahould ba oatAbMahad and con
tlnuoualy naalntatoad." Judfte Qary aald,
? ?;, i.uHtn??H8 fiiandablp "hirh compela.
1,. (..1 the ^tm?- conoarn for hla nnnt^>,,i
th.ii h< i.h^ for hunaelf II la no leaa In
prln< :pl? 'n>," "" ,;"1'1' " H"''' '"'i'1'"'1 '"
buslMM li ll poaaiblal II II la H wlll
i?. ,.,???.ihi to pay. Tfua it la in.-it aome
till|1 i( ,,,,,| t.ftan, deceU la practlaad
i,,..i thal advantlge Iihn been taheti i.\
tho? who ^>??,v, ,""" t,u?""1 l,N othara,
bul thli fad ahottld dtobeartaii 1.n<
poi axampla. tak. anj tn.n in
thla rootn engaged In conipetltlva bual
,?,?. bu! who ajra*aufB< lanth ??? qualnted
. the enthra confldanca ol aach
mMj( , ,. ,|,, rC hliv doubl tliat in II,.
,,,,, rondurl of thali affalra naithi*!
,,,,1,: ,,. dlapoged i" 'i" anytbtag uo
Kbborl! or wueaaonabl< toward th
otber? < " *hal ?M ?" 'i'1'" ' " '
i natUiaad ?? ?ettntti aaga.
Brought to Bontfa Ferry at Fvill
Speed. Broker Dio? in Hospital.
Wylk W. Bryan, a broker, living at
I Na 808 \\>st 186th atreet, ahot'himaalf
I In the h*ad a.o he laancd ovar tha after
'< raiiini? of thr munlclpal ferryboai Brona
about B o'etock yeaterday aftemoon, Hia
podj fell to tha d?- k. Tha man waa un
conaekma wh*n CaptaJn Bmlth put on
full epeed for Bouth Ferry. l?r. Orr
took tha Brekei to tha Hudaon Btreejt
Hoai ItaJ, Wherc I <? dled on titr op?*rntinK
The man'a nama and addreaa were
foui i n .1 laather book in his po< k*ts
waa alao n reoueal to inform
'? i Jonea, of No 863 n.-i^tiiornp
?'?-. <-r Brookl n; ?; L Fox, o.ir* r,{ Tv
?on \- < ... \m iici' Broadway, or Mlaa
Mullen of No 619 West Kt"'?th ntr?r-t
gha waa aumraoned t'< tha hoepltel b
shr paid Bryan eame her*, taro montha
ago from Kentucky or ivnn*?;?**. sh*
couldn'l retnefnber whlch. Bhe had ni>'
td<--a what eauaed hlm to tak* hia Itfe.
after tf-ning tha authorlttea that tha
man had a nift uid aeveral chlktren aha
lefl tii?? noepltal without explalntng her
Intanca wlth hlm Th< body waa
taken to tha morgu< to awall a elatmant.
T!,.- huii^r. at No 808 Weat 186th atreet
n?.i found to i ? ?loaed la I i 'k I
H?=lps Newport Departmpnt F.x
tingnigh Villa Blazp
ti. i'?!<T'?; h to TlM Trlb
Newport R ' lul: ?"? Miea ' '??'?
Btance vVarren, daughtei of Mr nnd Mrs.
,.- Henry Warren, "f Nea Tork, haa
added nr-^ hKhrtrt; to her llat of unuaual
aumnier "atunta Mlai Warren laal
aummei wam ^nd ua'k*d hereell Into
fama nmnn? tha rounger aet of tha aum
T,,r.? coiony, bul to-daj ah< ecUpeed ?-<)'?
prerioua afforta bj lolnlng wlth tht
,, -,r. department In extlngulah
Ing a amall flre al ""' Bruen Vllla,
owned bj Charlea B Ferkina, of Boaton
Uua Warren ?!?; ared al theflreahout
.i ? tli ta tha flremen Bha d?
Btred to take a haod, ;<nd Wlth an a>'
>.ho tf.rr- .) hola i" a t' titti wtJl behtnd
whlch then waa flra When th< appa
? ? , waa brought aha waa Kh'-n th*
nozxleand aqutrted chemlcala tl tha Bra.
lllaa Warren, bowever, aoon arlthdrev
[and left th* worl '"r tht regulai Bn
Fishing Boat Roscues the Arion. I
Adrift 0* Cape Cod
i n- r?i?ar?pti ' i
Boaton, Julj ?">? DrlftingIdlj on ?< ? 'i"
aea, tht yachl arlon, ownad bj Jacob C
Rogere, ol Nea forl ? u towed Into
? ,, Harboi i" th< Bahtng ai hoonet
Galatea thla mornlnf after ah< had
drift<d ofl Hightand Ught from Monda]
afternoon untll early Tueadaj nlght |
After bavtng ? new efjgwheel pul in ";
i ,,- piaea <??' tha ""? broken "i trw ? nglm.
. hich i auaed th< dalat . tha ya< tit. wlth
I,, party, < ontlnued to Beverlj Farm ?. I
,.?,,.,-, thi | arrlved laU U nlght
in ti.' part) beaidea Mt R >-? i ^,"
Ihd wlfa and a gueal named Baunderaon
Tl.t irtcd I '-t Frldaj mornlng from
v. n v. rk, bound (?* theli ? ummet honv i
,,, [:. rer|) To tha partj *t waa a jok- i
lhat t?ifM tkould hava been dlaaWad and
tl U| hava aacaped th< terrora ol i roa ?
lna lahore, i*wt to tha pahermen who rea
,l|(,i them thert wara nnhldden dangera
? in.li mlghl hava elalmed tha merrj
,,?rtv had ? Btorm eoma np and i aughl
i,i ?. ithoul anj aalllng perwer
The A,,,,It - 100 !?? t over all, wlth a ]
i, m ol \> I ??< _
j ??-?
Low F--"? ?nd Perfect Comtort to Colorado.
,., i i |.n<]' Ui ?l""i tralna, mornlni and
?5nTng ;. ??'? ??"??;? ?'"' Sl ,';?, , -?,
,,iL.i i ...H i ?? hivirj rlckti tnd
i i ' i ?? i A ' ' '
Druq Manufacturcr a\ri His
Bride Are Married on His
Yanht at Irvington.
Oonple Will Makc Motor Tour of
France and BwiUerland
Firsl Wife Obtained Di
vorrr Laal Hay.
F"ron. Baltfmore laal oJghi pame th*
annoonoetnant thal Captaln laaac f
Emeraon and Mrs Anne Praaton Ifc
Cormach h^d baan marrlad yeatardaj on
rhp formar*a auxlllary raeht Margarat,
In the Hudaon, off Irvington The yachl
haa baan In ti"- rlvar for more than a
weak and rumora thal thi eouple ?v.r < ? *j ;< 1
?red aboard h<"> have i.?--.-ti curranl for
., . ,-f] daya
' aptaln and Mra Emeraon plan ;<
? of a fen daya on the kfargayal
and than they arlll saii on the Unaarika
on Julj 16 '"r ? motor lour In Pranc*
gnd Bwltsarland
Mrs UcCormaoh - homi la U fning
toti Bhe and har two chlldran and hai
brothar, Fradertck Praaton, have baan
guaata of Captaln Emeraon thla a^eek.
Ura tfcCormack la an Inttmate frlend of
Mr? Bmltb Holllna fcfcKIm, daughtei of
Captaln Emeraon, who dlvorcad Dr kt<
Rapaatad raporta thal he arould arad
Mrs ICeCottnacI arara Mf^eN danlad
hv Captaln Enr?rpon < m .iun*> ?;, when
i? waa raportad that h< would mair
Mrc afoCormack fh.> followlng <iav. Cap
tain Bmaraon aaid it waa nol true H<
aald he had chartarad hla | ich! \'nrffaro?
to Edward B Smtth, a bankar, of phlla
d<-ipbia untii Baptambar '. and hla
houaaboal M trearpr to J Plerponl fcfor
| ? |l untU tht> sam<^ dat"
On Maj 29 of thip wxr \t>* Emellc
,\ Bmaraon, artfa of Captaln Emeraon,
obtained an abaolute divoxo* Cnder
t\\f ordar algnad bj Judge Haulalar, in
i ' T uii < 'oiirt. In Baltlmora, Ifra
Bmaraon racelvea 128,800 annuallj to b<
\,h\(] In monthl) Inatalmenta
Tho trouble betwaan the captaln and
\t>>. Bmaraon bagan In ISOf a*hen lh< ?
aaparatod Followlng the dlvorci Cap
Ii tf thi Emeraon hon ? In
Baltlmora and wenl to llva foi a ahoii
if Irvington on-the Hudaon wltfa
h>< daughtar, Ifra McKIm tfterward*
he travallad In tha Boutb wlth Ifra
MrKIm and Mr^ IfcCormack whom he
marrlad yeatarday.
i';i| taln Bman"ii ha tmaaaad i lai
fnrtun< rhleflj from one patenl medl
rlne Hi haa alwaya taken Rt>;tt Inter
?-i "i *?i-? naval raaarv*a organlaatlon
: nd haa ? onti Ibuti d conaddar ibl< t.. thi
i.i an< ii ??*' Iha! bodj In Raltimnri
Rpgister^d \\>0 in th^ Bu Fxplnsw,
Hurts ObsPrvor
/.,.". - llk (>lii". Julj
\Vh? n -i MHling
on lh< v brMga, probahlj thi hotteal pla*
in the eounty, Guj gtevana waa atruch bj
frotn a ihermometai whlch exi.i-.i
fmiii the ii?.it
Bti rana araa ? ammantlng oi tha facl i
thal tha naari urj wh* ragiatarli i 110 d
?<. ? w han Ihe tube bun l lh< Bj Ini ?
i iittlna hla faci badh
Tagudgalpa, Honduraa Jol) TIm
viri- ii' an Mlnlatar, Fanton k llcCraary,
i,.fi gcra i" 'ir?i foi tii- i aitad Btataa,
f \\ TH E fcfl MMI'M I ?F I '!.( rTH
i \-;. aMj a BEAT i >N Tlll. I !l RB
? . ? . . | .
\nbiirn. V V. >??>
.Iiiik ii.ni ( im. Kaaa .111
I Inroln. >H?. II"
Mil?.k.iic<-?\ OUlu. Itl
Dm ajaaaaa, lawa . ">'?
Oaaaaa I-*
Kaaaaa t llr, Ma. i"i
liiterla'-krn. V \ . IM
l linf. Mirfc. to;
( hl< ilieo . 1'i| ? _
Kmlir-trr. !?!
Itr..< UI..11. Mwm. ?"'?
llaaay . ??
KtagataMt V ^. '?"*
lolcdo . . )?"' .
gyraaaaa, v ^. '??
\Vat?Tli)\?n, V \. !'?
Batttaaara . M
f oliimhii.. Ohlo. fl
( l..\rlan.|. M
Plttaaarg . ;"'
Baataa . '?'"?
1 hBaaalpaaa . !"
t m< imiHll . ... :?<
Vr.. p,.rf. It I . II
Dl vm>.
miragn ??
riiiin.i.-iohiii t :o
Boatoa W
tlH?p|nii(l II
Kai"H? rtty, M? 1
ptttabara '
Pataal v .i I
Ncu II.i\ cn. I ?m> I
\; i.iiii t
Begtvlllc v .| ,......??
1 rpiilon. V J ?<
Fltrhburg, Ma??. .. H
gaitnaarc ..... a
Mnbnrn. M?*?. 1
< hwlaaatl .
1 Hi.i. Mirh. I
Unr<*??i"-. Maaa i
1 } nn, Wu?a. I
shelrnimr TalU. Mi>?. I
LmtcQ m?-- I
TlrnrMnn. Mr??. 1
Hna?aa, Mn?? I
^. rw aaa, v v ... 1
\t atrrtnini. \. \ ....... I
f lllon ?|?-tn?-. g. 1 .... I
?.^n*u, V V . i
Ledjafd, V f... ........ I
Inr Crfam Shortngr Imponrling
Si'pply Unoqnal to Demand.
Th* and la i-'t.' Nea York haa
iur..; heraell for tht woral nn.i h;i?
? i '?? hope. Bo long ?
drtnka held out and thei ?' -' nough
Ice cream left f.. maka >n< fprget If
onlj for a fea invlgoratlng momenta,
rii.it ? .. || | Harry Al
? ? , ? ? i ? . i. attempted
?. th< nt per atmoap
N>? v, rV ? ?? abli to amlla Ilul
terdaj th.- ?rord w'enl f>''in tha! ?'?
cream supply waa faltcrlng ^nd Nr"
jTork ihivered
Th*. flr rt Intlmatlon ol thi Impi i
i ataatrophi sam< a hi n th* J v| Kor
ton ' ?? ? n im Companj e,,,>* th< doon
p.iru fto* retall itora In tha faca
. ? ; -?.? iring atenographei ?
tli i"- thal It waa a eithei
loalng Ita proflta ihere ot r 11 eua
trrnera and 11 preferred to loea Itl prol
ii~ foi ?< a hlU at rai Inqulry
dlaoloaed thi fact that ? ? ? I
I ? torj In town a aa running i( II
greateai ? | icltj and waa "=?i" unable to
. ..ni. eithin hundrada
aqualllng tha demand
Harrj i' Horton, ont of th# d ?? ? tora
o tl ? Horton company, aald thal for tha
':. .t four da iu theli production bad
equalled 25,000 gallona a day. Th< P
ae>ll l< Cream < 'ompanj de< lart d thi lr
average production for tha laal fo?tr da: -
had been nearly double that of the prt
c*dlng four \* tha Rob< ? I Rt Id i 'om
; ? !. r i,v .-. n';iin*d al thi t. lephoni
nniii nearl; mldnlghl recelvlng tht oi
, i, i 11 .i kepi th<
But Primary Causc Will HeTer Bp
Loarned, Says Bixby.
(Yaahlngtoa July E Tha loaa ol tha
hattleahip M ilna ui Havana Harboi
. ,us..,i hj thi ? Kptoalon ol hi r thri
th< ? i ,? in ? i,
Wdlirim II Blxb) chtaf 01 ii
thi u ii,> a ho has returned from ? i- ?
.i .i Inapi iti.-n of thi
Ih. \I.H- ?
No lueh i (fed m thal produced on th
? ..^-. i could hn\ ? been <:iu>. d bj i
i |n iion from a Ithout, ha ballevea.
i;. iii-mI Hi\i'\ aald to nlght thal a poi
ti,,ii ..i' ii.. ?!?. k r?v<?r the magaalnea a <
hlown iipaard and lald backward, and
ii .? th re ' ere numeroua < ondltlona on
the hulk aa 11 llaa \n Hai ana Harboi
ivhlch proved thla
Nn exploaton from tha outaMe, tht
q.al a ild, ' ouM bai ? ? auaed tha aami
ii- uit
What th prli ? lu* ??! the ?\
ptoaton wat tleneral Btxb) tdded,
ii. m i Mill bt laarned "
i;,, id ii , Pt'aumbak. Jaffai ton, N n .
,,?i avntd ih< axeaealva heal ihaj ara
letplng undar btaakal thara bow. Advi
Greatesl Number sn Fi- Brmris
Tnta! Toll Ol I IVW to One
Hundred and Two.
V7eather Bnreau Pradicti i Cool
Wav* lo Comr from tho
Weat, bnt Not Until
To Biorrow.
Btrain of Endurini? Lon<? Sn*>ll [afgdl
Hospitals to Fxp^rt Sti!l Mor*
Snffprirfi: and Fataliti^r, Befo ?
Reli^f Arrives- -Policem.-'ii
AmoiiR tho VictiflaS.
? ? . .; ? !
for thla pai f ? athar, th<
i,,Tip.-?t aeen bj Nea rorl ? -
tlon, to om hundred
v. aterdaj a llai evaa 1 t of an
.in- . ? it i bj four ttmea tha llat iV
Bundaj and thn * tli I 1 of M wdaj
while Ii < '?...]. ,\ Tueada
? .( of daatha I itlll
complal -. aa mon
frotu houf to ho.ir
i{. ?? i.iv ? i. N
Kaa M ' - ? and in Naw Eng ?
marked lha breaking of the I eai in ?
Manhattan and The Elroi i 1 ',i ?
moal of anj parta of ih* m?<- ??? ta
dlstrici ? eati daj I rara atght
? heal thoaa two bor
ougha Brooklyn addad ^lev^n to Tii'
roii. whlla Jaraa re orded fourtaan
in addltlon to th< tha Ii ? ? aatl
matad thal Ihere ware ipward of four
hundred haaf proatrattona v-'o aocurata
hat of tb? haal pn I eould hr
mad. laea wara ta 1 thatr
homaa Inataad of I tha boapltala, whlla
.: . ? ? oth<ra dtd nol ? ? dm undai tha
, otlci of the uutli " 1tUi More '','" ta
hundred caaea of h>--^ proatratl i
tr*at??d In the publl< hoapttali
tmong tha daatha raoordad " ?? thal
of a polh eman M uirl i U ??? I ui ?
218 Naaeau atreet, Bi ? '-': " ?"?'
,;,t . ...i to tha Haedougal I
illapaed In Prln? atraat artille on
... . ? tatl ?j to ? - dutj
and dli d Hoapltal fete
?? i
I ? |di n
Ho*P'tals F.vpe<-? Ma-H Worfc.
. waa
hardlj than l '"?
humldlt: eaaed, and 1 ? ' I "
tt more opprea
during tha tarrll ? ?? I tour daya
I the genaral raf
,. rti | bul undoubtadlj graal i ? I
,.i, ntt. No hopa is bald ou< In
,. . ... . ? ? r rallaf l ' i ?
,.itAl$ :.v. ?
? fdai
.., ,. ?, vriu go
i |fi1( r yet Bj to raorro
promli ??'?".
and raln to
I . . Ro M M ' ' "" ' *'
, ,terd ? !"
i, ., tl il ' u '?''? I I A
,-,,,- tha laal foui da ' '
ota In nidal: -
,,, na had ,; ? fortum of i i :1 ok*
v m > ,,i 5.68 ln< haa of raln rtei' ">?
thei rere 1 iln.;"lf
tnd Bo '? Itlantle BU ?
,.'? rably lowar tamp ?ow
r?portad aatardaj frona h"''1 tha lower
and uppar M I '?'?? ?" ' ;' '
|uaillng or e> llng 100 de?
... .i ,. [|l ? - tharn
>.,,. higai lo ? ? Bo itl eaal " -'?- '?
..,.. YVeal ii
. ..,.,! th. i. v..- Panh u
weathi latarn New 1 ork,
.\. vv Bngland Baatarn Pai ? " ?'
New i '
ibowara I ? nlfhl ?" l< '"?"' v
.i. r ,i. wuth and anuth* I
|oWi r ti mperature l i
F.j?pect Moderation of Weather
A |, ,,. ,.,i break In ihe hoi wai In
,,, ifiddte Weal wlll occur Thuraday
,,,,, Thurada: nlght, and a auodaratloa
,,i the ararm araathar In lha uppar nh'o
Vallaj and ??>? Baatarn BI it< a
.,!,,,. bj FrM ^ or Frlday ntfhi
barometrlc dapraaafon ahlch ia noa ov< r
l Mlaalaalppl Vallay wlll advanoa aaat
wardly and ? luae local an ia ol ? loudl
Dcm and i>t.vi|.itaii..i. ovai the aouth
_ the central vallfya tha OuH u
Bouth AUantk aUtea, tha laka ragdoai
;m?i Kaa Bngland during Thuraday, and
in thi \'."''' ?-'*???> tho l,AN?r ,ake
ragton, Um uppar ,,i1?,? Vallay, Taagaaa
..... nnd th Clulf autaa Friday. Th*>
waathai arlll bi ganarallj falr, with mod
araU tamapratura, Thuraday und Fridaj
. > . tha north plalni gtataa ind Ihi
Rocky llountatn and plataaa raglana
i:. j.,.,1 ri i eivad H tha araathar borggaj

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