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Baarloua, and occu****ed on tiie B**oadway
train. Ono younK woman, nineteen yeara
old, vns taken unoonseious to n drttg
atore opposlte th.* :t.iti.>n by Patrolman
Bheehan. Dr. Ha. r. ol Floarer H.spiini.
attended her.
In atrlklTig confjaal ?hp the oomfort
ablf situati-.n in whlch workmen in the
Hudson tubes found themselve*- yeater?
day. Thrso men wore in winter unl
forms. the temperature under the Hud?
son River at noon being Just 04. or "M
deftrees lower than that of the Weather
Burenu f>>r Manhattan.
Teter Hoffmnn. of No. r.-'i East 7.">th
atreet. araa arrested last niKht by Pa
trolman Arthur Davlg And l.ieked up in
the East 07th street Btatlon <harged
with fglonloua aasaull and Intoxlcatton.
Hoffman. accordlng t.i the Btory Davla
told, was rraddenly partly craaed try the
heat nn.i ran from his horne carrylng a
adeaver In hla haurrd.
Almost Severs "Cop's" Fingers.
Pavis aald lv* trled to get the kntfe,
bul Hoffman realeted, and in the en?
ar.lnp rrtniggM Davtafa ri>.:ht lian.l W88
cut ar.d t4\n (,f hla Bngora paurtly aev
er< .1. HolTman, *4h.. i- a driver In the
Street Cleaning Department and ? pow?
grfully bulll man, had nearly g.-t Davla
on his back when aastetanca arrived.
The pntr.ilmnn called a ptlflrg taxi
cab. and ln tin* flqht t.i g- t llnffmnn into
the cab tha driver got free an.i stumbled
into an Iron ralttng, cuttlng his haad.
He was first taken to the rivFhyteri.in
Hoopltal where Dr. Bmlth dreaaed the
John Miller, whe la a baker by ?
t:on. Uvlng al N" 228 "Eaal 87th atreet,
Long Island Clty, was a vtctlm of the
heat featearday, cauaed chiefly, it is l .*
lleved, b] carrylng his money on his per?
aon H;s m..ney, in grcenbacka, waa
placed insiri.4 a cloth. whlch was wrapped
ln many folda 88 8 k:i.'l of b
around his body.
Miller is employed at No. TW Btemway
avenue. Long Ia u I Itj Hi waa af
work, when he BUddenly lt 11. An amhu
lanre araa caJlad fr(.m Bt John'a Hoe
pitai. Aa the attendanta at the hospital
were tmdreeslnf blm, preparatory to civ
lrg hlm u cool bath. they came upon the
band.ige. It waa quickly remo- d, and
then the attendant.-. were surprised to
find th.-.t Inetea-d of an oi andage
lt was a uvlnga bank. When the bllla
were countod they were found to amounl
to $7.r?o.
Mlaa Margaret Brlght -v 06 An?
drew street, Bayonne, N .i . i"-1 ame In
aane yeate .1 and
was locked up. Ji '. M Carthy, nn or
derly at 1 C11 ittended so
: m<in>- heal vlctima that he waa hlmaelf
over omi . ia1 nlghl
Water Supply Heid Up.
it waa " need at the
off.ce r.f Water Commiaaioner Hf*nry P.
Thompaon yesterda afternoon that in
? apite of the Inti
, the water aupply had nol been lowared
any more i * r da* tb ig tha araek
of June 20. The
Water offl have been
exerois:ng thi- utmoal < ar,- in the use
of watei . ? and water waete.
Nearly all th.-* publU fountaipa bava
been shut off until tl tlpped
ln ar! Iltlon to this 125 I ra have
been aent ..'a' to aeek for water "
and b aka The inapi ? l
their wr.i,. ,.n,l 80 far
ln that aeci reported K),
000 haika' The arerk of ti la Water
Was;. Bureau. lt 1 ? aJ
n saved the rll l? .> |
Howi ver, In apli
arciaed the Water Department thero
r- malna t the
? ? t. <,n!y ? 000
of 44 atei i'i the :? .*-? i ?? ? l 56,
000,000.000 | time last
I'n f his
; ? ,. nine
yeais r>;d, <->f .Nn. 777 T.-r.th
through tl alr shaft to the bai
and \\ as taki lt. ..'
th* Weat 47th.
velt i'. re lt wa
eufferlng from ??jirirs, l
8 rham.e t
Long Rran<*h. N. J., enjoyi I the < 6
per;r- a re of al?
most in Inute, be glnnlng at
no.-ir. ). Bterda* 11 ?; ort re
<?? ? : at tha local Weather Bureau from
Wllllam D Martin, thr- ofnclal ari
o*****e**ver at that reaort, He u-lephonrd
that 81 IL' -52 P m. the temperaMre w.is
imi rjcgreea an.i thal at 1:30 o'clock it
had failen to 7^.
Three Men and Girl Rescucd at
Hudson Park, New Rochelle.
' ? ,:?-.- \vn
lnr* ln abchc V.-\\. off Hudaon I'ark, New
Roebella, afwnnon Jacob
8tr)**e, <^f Near Roeballa, araa trying to
?wlm rn 8 COI*b Uffl preoerror, when he
flhpr-'d off anrl rai.k PflTTy HortOB, a
llfesaser. rowed out t blm and tiie drown
ir.K mi ? i ? Im by the neck and
The 144.. fought un?
tll thej . hath
Qaorgfl I.uhtnan. an atl late ot Dartraouth
??n, reacuad Antbony Farr, r.f Went
New Ro bai . who ;. :mp?*<i oft thf Boat
not notJcli | i-'irr
? ? flarlm and nearl* dragged Luh
Luhmai i ? m a Mom r,n
t1 ; ' waa taken
a-v4'4t4 loua aad **evtved.
A faw mlnutea aftei I irr araa r<*.?cu(?<i,
join Sarinf, ef Tonkerfl, alipped <>ff the
float ?? -t aaa i.*ini* roeked by a 4
of ho4s ;.n'l Kfrl-. \l" rarm up iir,,l, r tba
flr.at a:.. -.. 1 i.v John Mcrgan, of
th*- Maa 1.
Mary M01 i -? ?- ab yeara old, ..f Tho
I ? ? ? .- aith m..:*''?
raaar I
fall 1
-, r.f the "? Rowing
? ? , ? .
Lieuter.a:.t MtCann " >:. the Job"
When Formtail Gjcs Dry.
| ' ?
aad ?-???.
t- ? .i T ? -nt ? ? moo boya
whi hri.l I.. I .-m. thi: -(??
on* <ic ' .1 t ,- to tha
H2.1 Btreel poll a -;at><>n. Tb<
Into thi ted tbe 1 onditlona
to I.i. tenant noa on tba
The Ua it" eaat, 44 h ? bo).-. 1 f bla
o\'.n. a b 1.4 fuii <.f aympathy. He
r. , ? da to tbe bath room an.i
Thi '- Bl ? V .1 '? .
rri'it tha ? t < alk .1 ap 1*81*
Coarunlaaloner Bte ai and told hlm that thr
v ..i.i :n the 1 . . ? '
time leilli
. on i ln f<
11 ? ? thal tha
...,o i ^..uiiiai *b.uu b, thla imun
heats wk mm
East and West Again Report
Prostrations and Deaths.
Chicago Practically Only Point to
Get Definitive Breaking
of Wave.
HKTt TO Kl'M-__-.
Chlcag* ls tho l Bly point fr^m whtcn
rniriM r report of a deflnitlve hreaklng of
tho heat ar*** WhlCh haa held prai'llcally
gll tba country in a deadlg graep for flve
Hain fell ln New England. aa hereahouts
ard elfctrkal storms rf nnexamplod fury
I in many plareB raared ln n wide area ln tho
i Baat bttt they hrotipht no nppreriahle re
j lief from the death deBllr.g heat and rui
Kxcept in I'hiraKo. moreover, tho rain
r.m" at the end of the day, whtCh hatt
been as hot and h.imld practloally 8fl aay
Of Itfl four prede'ressors nf the artdlBpread
'heat wave, and death;. and prostrations
cptiniif-,1 t,. ho as niimoro.is generally.
oiitsido of thm city tho number of futal- |
Itlon d ;e to tho heat wa? greatesl in H.'il
tUnora and Phlladalpbl*, both of whieh
, iti. s reported slxte?-n. 1'rnvlden, <? ara* a
c)oea pp.ond. with flfteen, fnlloweil by
?? '. ire vvith fourteen.
N. vv Knadand, Wher* lha F'lfTering has
traaacended any atarllar aaparleaca thoro,
aaw practlcally no abatement eithor of the
tomperature or Its off.-, rt* of tho pr*
daya, and not a few of Ita .ities reported
four. tlvo and six death* each. while fac
toriefl vvoro closed and othor extraoidmary
measurefl wera takon against tha estraor
riii.nrv . , ndmons.
Aubum, N. Y , as on tho preoedlnR day,
reported the hie-hest tanaperature, tha ther-j
Daometar thara repistering lii Boston was |
thr- only other city 18 loport a temperature
ln excess of io.. the menury in tha Naw
Knsland metropolls touching IM
Reporta of rain wero rec*lved alao from
Kansas, MUaOUrl and Oklaboma At plaoaa
. to New York, a? la thla clty, lt waa
eaplalned that the rain thai fell hiought no
appreclable rellef from the atlfling atmoa
. ondltlona of tho week, I
reaultlng fall in temperaturea waa olT*el bl
humidity, an agenl of almoei equal cSpaclty
with heal for caualni dlaeomfiigi t" ' -
Rain Brings Drop of Nearly 27
Degrees in Temperature.
8.??Two hundred and ono
deal .-: and .Tii proatratlona make up the
-..I'-tod by Chlcago* record breaking
ive, wl Ich insted for Ba** daya One
(rr* hafants, who tUi d
fron the heat, are Incloded In tbe llal of
The hoi wave waa broken Bhortly a I
,-,,-: rk thli m. rnlng by rain, whl< h
hi with it a cool bn ae and a drop
>.n the temperature of s-ix dagre**- L*t*r
tho vi i ,.; ahlfted from th.- waal to I
and th" naefcury gradually dropped,
bi : ,, clock it Btood at 88 dei ?
? - than at tha taerreai -ndmu;
? ?? rday. Ai I o ,-:,? k th" temper?
ature waa "s. compared with 18 for the
? mlnlmum tem] arature ofl
o k thla afternoon waa ~:
? hlch waa Ml lower than the
an at th. I :-,
Health Conimissioner Says City
Has Beat Plan for Its Reduetion.
li aioner L. d. i Ie aald
terda; n babiea a*ere under tho
ire of the nui Haall
ment, and that 10.188 Infanta wera undei
contla ? itnaenl Bince April .-'. when
? at of the thirt.-t.-i! m 8ta1 ?
- -? . ' mllh hav.
' i
8 deleyed ba oj't-nirt.;. ? "mmls
...:.. .-?-?? ? alecti
. and that
t that legal
reatrictloaa preventod their earller o; ?
According to tbe Commlaaioner, th.
eai haa nevai bef. ra had ?o compre
? f'.r i ha " ductloa of bafaal
m rtality aa tii? year. Every poaaible ef?
-?ii and ls belng 1 ? ? ?? ' i
? ate.
?; montha of 1811 thera war*
frf.m n!l ra'-isr-s under 8488
ye.?,!? of ai/- ir, the Clty of N*W York, as
compared aith T.34T for th.-- same perlod of
.-:?.'. al reduetion of ton d<
with b red tlon of tha death rate from
:.i a ihouaand under ona year of ago
., to 117 a thousand In lei! Duriag
of Juna there w. ra 222 d.
from dlarrhoaal dlaeaaea In Naw Tark Clty,
mpared vlth 878 fr,r the same pariod
A ., | --? -,f ita ro-itpie arork tiio diviaion
oi child hyglena, through Ita laapactora aad
distributiu lai ga quanti
? literal ire Instruotim; mothera la the
and ' arrlea on ei n
fereacee for mothors at varioua polnta
throughout tii.- city. Moreover, lecturea
ara dellvi red to a ? ? ? i ? ?
oid in ; ie publlc achooli and little mothera*
formed for the purp. aa of aid
Ing ln the preventlOB ,,f Infani mortality.
.Tamcs McGovern round Dead in Room
of House He Civned.
Jaaaea Mttfovern, ol So. 181 Eaal IOM
who haa ri know n
? 1' . M.i mlt, .'!? i j eater.
dajr morning, a rictlm of tha heit.
Thomaa Addj lanltor . f tne aparimeni io
wlil. h tha need man llred, had I .-en wor
: lac* IVedn**4lay nlghi arhen Mi i ;.<???
. rn, iv o * ? rea - I, had path
etlcall aald t - hlm It'a awful tin- way
I a iffera 1 rom l he heat.1 A1
lo. k .-. < Kti rday moi nlng Addy
? . al ui to hli ."?'?" ati I f,,iiiiii hlm dead,
hi -1 ., .. -n the to, ii .,.-i m ittreaa ol
l h Hl ipldate 1 vv,,..,!.--! i.. .1
'i ?; ? ? owned th. houi if. whlch ho
nd ni-o a houae ln Ea*l I I atreel
He waa fi u<t,.?? oua aaii Itad aaan,
v. as Beven v\ an I - tananta
promi tljr Bo he n i :> did not
Ife ol mll and I ad
titl hlnaaelf lt wu
? ? nce t,. remaln alone ... hla tum
m n Uttle r,",m, t>, w.-.ir threa
.-;<>thi' . ? ? ? ? Ifl ??? o I o :
? aaactl] aeven mrj morning, to aever
? ? ? ,.. ...i Ol ? ?? ?? No
.?ne ki, ?? - ? -i thai ha ha I ?
. \..! t b al i.
? ?
ii | . auaed i .v-I d< Hth> aad
? itlona in "i onau la Tha
.... Mra Robi ri Jtun ah Do
.. and i' ???,, r. < .iiroll,
alxty-flve reara old. nfii. i.iii.v th.- naaxl
mniii temperature vvas M al * pAm., bul
? tberasoBieter In a abaded alao l . (Jeti
l |M
.t M*.. Ju I Th ? ? ?
humidltj and hlgh t< mpei u ui ?? ? hli h
revaiied u i ..i I, ok ?
- - - ? i
>:n r.iai haa fall. In recenl
.,i.- Rain alao f.-ll m Kanaaa ..ua Mia
ts^uil to-day.
Tribune's Towns & Cities Contest
r"nTS~| $15,000 in Prizes f Jgft
i _I I-?
My anawera to the Towna and Cities Contest Pictures of
this date and number are:
P. O. Address,
Conteatanta ta the Towna aad Cltlea centeat muat arrlta tbe* ********* "?"??
thla COUpon. whl.h wlll apr-ear en Page I of The Trlhiin*. evory day durlng the
conf.'Bt. Llat Of prizes and rules governlng the contest appear wltn
Electric Storm Upstatc Playa;
Havoc with Orchards, However.
Albany, July I ---Foliowing a heavy eier
trirai atorm. <iui<nR whlcb onr- man araa
killeil. here to-day. two others arere proe
trated by the heat and died aoon after
a-ard. Four other ?proatratlona were re?
ported. Th* atonn waa rMcompaided by ?
terriflc wlnd, whlch played hav.* whh
ane, telegrapb and electric light
wirea, and pul le al Btreetcar aervlca oui
ef commiaalon for nearh forty-ftva mln?
utea durlng the ruah houra Only 6 ??'
dropa of raw fall, but the atmoephera
eonaldarably. Joba Wlckert, a
maker, loat hla llfa on the roof of his
home, when a bolt of llghtnlna Btruck him
,,n thr- head. I| C-ma out through the heel
of hir. Bhoe.
Interlaken, N. T.. July ft The *-e*-*e*reet
Btorm ln yeara vlalted thla aectlon
thla afteraoon, laatlng nearly an hour. j
The llghtnlng araa terrlfic an.l the wlnd
\10l nt Treos were blewn dOWH and up>
Bnd many orrhar.ls were Btrl
? f thelr frult
At Tewnt-endvftle, -da mllea from h<
large barn belonglng to Frederlek v
ti by llghtnlng, ar..'.. arlth Ita con
ta. deatroyad by fire Tha hall arai
Mvere. Born ' nea were lha alsa ef
walnuta, and bi many placea covered ihe
-ground nearly nn Inch da P.
mercury drrepped from !U tn aj riurinR
the r-torm.
.,;. i ralla, S i July ? The T**?ckbona
of the heat wave ln Northern New Voi k
araa broken thla afternoon by aevere elec
u-lcal fltorma at nrhltahall. Llghtnlng i
Btruck an.l klllerl NtchOlaa Seymom, twi
eara oM, and rrtunned two felloa laborera
? o were worklng on tbe DeUware &
B Railroad. Th" l88l weeb ha:. been!
| the hottest in the blatOry of the
? .,. tba therninmeter readlng from IA9
to 166 evory
,rn, N- v ? July 1 Hmrald i
, m . lower temi ? itun i
rable than tne higher ten perature ol
day, and the f? ? ' mltha'
iof tha ii '
? Compan* cloaed dowi
. - 0f workmen fo I 1
, , ,,. . worit. nne addlUonal ?
rflcoi-ded thal of John Z owflkl, a
? ?,.. x e thi rmomater reached Mi
B ...,',dv. N. T.. July ?
tbe Intenae heat RlogUng ?
omltted Ita pe i are to-da i oui
draft horaei and oo.
died thla tm-.rnl.o-* Of h gl P??ti
jemant atated that atj ??? i
..... k the laal week ?
;... .. ._
aater. J <
? ? ? "
.. v.in ?
n'-c ar,i there wen i erai 1
Lockport, n v, July ?' Mra <
smith. aged alghty-two, dropped d. id fron
the heat
Troy N v July a*-?Tha
? . to esact Ita t<.
nity m Troy and -rlctnlty l
.,...,, ? reported A thunderai
? : ?
r ? ,,? this aftei 'i' ???? bul i
? , .,,,?,... and to-nlgtat tha
. ***prewtve_
Thermometer Goes a Degrcc
Higher Than on Previous Day.
Philadelphia July. ? The hot wave
whlch baa ovarwhelraed thla
j:,,. paat foui daya i ontln ted with
tad rlgor
glxteen more deatha wera reported t
the Coroner to-day. maklng a tou
trizty-aeven for the heal term Tbe
temperaturi l * aa li, m ?
_ graatar thai yeaterday'a hlghest
mark Thr- arerag< lo Uw rotta k I the
Barn* aa y**at**T??ay. *"?- .,n above normal
At I o'cloi k to-nlgbi tha temperaturi i
. .,.,; Btonn ? are reported throuajh* '.
,,,, tli-- -atate lo-nlghl accemnanled by
marked decreaeea iti temperature. At I
Beranton the iherm men i diopp. d fn m ???
; .in houi Lan iat< i
reported ? aevere atorm.
The Intenae heal aaa reflpon?ible ror
many deaihs ln Penm . Ivan.4'. ?
,1 , \t Readlna two men
.?ni.- whlle loadlna haj an.l are dead M
. kln r atrl died rrom
and al 1 deatha ira ?? tad from w
iii-m _
plttal urg, July I Fourteen deatha ?"'':
-rixteea proatratlona .l'i'' te the ? 1
. . . fora mldnlgbt. Tha ofBdal tem?
. . . ....... ? wa?n ach d
ai .: 11. m a llg ? ? ?? '" ? ni| l
t - ? tbi ? iMtten
Brdtlrttore, Julj I Tba hot wav? Btruck
arlth Increaalng force al Baltlmore to-day,
an<- |he rea ? a ateen deatha, Includ-I
Ina tl al of b heal craaad woman who
flwallowed . irbollc acld, Bnd mor? than a
.,.,,,. of proatratlona Tha maxlmum af-1
ficlal lemi ? ratura 44 u aj degreea
. land, Jul ? I ' ' ? .
folloarlni a t rl k lake breee
Mef to-day lo the people of Cleveland from i
tt .? heal wave ti . m ixltnum ten* 1
de| 1? Bnlte i' illng
? 11 loflphei ?. hoa 1 1 r, ona de il ?? and
eral proati ttlona wi ted to the .
a eathei.
i,. trewi .1 iiy .; Although th.- rn laln- im
temperature lo-day aaa **ily 18 dogri
proatratlofi \?.-i?- aumerou owlag lo the;
.?? idli Thi totaj numbi 1 of
? ? ? due to h- twenty,
. f nhi. i, five wen dro** nln* ? I ? rloui
'? ? numben At I
1 cloch lo nlghl tha mi rcurj bad dropi 1
to ,..'.??
Paticnts in Btgftg Hospital Among the
Day's Heat Victiws.
1*1 Tfllagi .***- !?. 'i be | .-.. EM ?
Iforrlstoarn, N .1. j,,i. ., 1,,,..., v
Nn n. it. vard ..1 th.- Mo-rrla County Aln
? '!l"' le #1" ia ,,P.. aiuia
?" ? ' ' UtUl 08 I ?
'? ? " t of tbe'lail
laya I belleved ., , , . ,, ,,
rceyonsible tui hia Umui, tbougb Bligbl .
diseai-e Ifl plven.a-. the CSUSB by Dr Fran- .
da Olaabrook, tha BtteatMag phyMclaa
Pa rick McOa*dla, a toborar, w,,s fataltj
?tricken whlle al work on Charlea r. Poa
- irm, Joha Mt itor, a m. hanle, died
from heal pro tratlon to-day al Evergreen
'ini v\iioro he boarded Another victlm
of the heal ?*** John McG: ine. of Parelp
pany, who died in Memot ,1 HoapHal to*
?fhe heat waa Inatrumental ln cauatag tha
denth of three patlenta at tha Morrla Plalna
^la.e Hoapltal. They weri FraBCUi Cook,
old, of Hackenoack; Du?
i t'wenl s ? ,?- old. of \\. st
Hoboken, and Mlaa Bertha L'lrtch. of Kliz
ahoth. Several othera wera overeom* to
Ahe-jrn, .Iimra. liflv. iin*.tnfflre < lerk. Nn.
8*8 n>ai m.i- atreel.
BBBBee, Bruahtaa. atatj three. No. 414 Meal
ITIh alie*t, eveeeeaaa aa an aaareee
| n. nn i> Iti. ll he i.na li.-lper. at ( ?B
tr.il r*ii 8Teet, near lifith Btieetj .He.1
iefnre nio.li. nl a-?>i?tan<e rc.il.l B* 8888*
Bailev. .Inhn. Nr.. 217 ?f>' 18th atr.-et. died
In amltnl.inie on ??.r !" haaBk*****,
Pelll?1l*l. V" Hel.n. ?>4lT lliree. of N<>.
?i Headaa Btreel, Bajwaae, !*". 9.
I?.-.i!e. taaa, t*trty-lw*, N-1 IS1 F.i t T8i
atreet, hlri. Um .it a**B*
Berritran. .Imne... thiilr ris!n. Ni>. 120 l.ln
erir llt**t, atrlfken ui Imme.
< anninic. ll.t'.;. .1 . fortv-one. n .leraev flty
real aaanhaBl sirl.ken ln his aaara aml
die,| al hia horr r.
fi.hill. Pl.il'.p. thirl.. of \o. I'l Pr.....,.-. t
a'reet. >ei4..rk. ..verronie in F.nst Kiiinn.v
^(r^ri; iii^.i in ?i .i.i,>ir?'? BJaeaalaal.
fanlfielij, -liimae fift.v-riie. nf Nn. |g Maple
alr.-rl. KenniT. V -I : "lie.l in 88.
Ml<r>uel'? Hoariltnl. .Newark
fl.n.-. Inn-.fs .1 atatr, pria'er. ovrn nme
?HrfW in Ihe (?l.nmnr. Ifatefl, No. .'I fhat
haaa flaaaaa, and died ii..-re.
li.., I..-. k. r. .I.d-.n. flflv. N... IU Iliamon.l
atreel. BrnnkWn; aii?-?8 ut home.
Egry, Mlehael, afartr'fcar, North ..th street.
DreehUa i ?iia-<j u. ii-,me.
I mlhalx-r. I 8*4*488, forty, Nn. .?.7:> XprlnK
fiel.l uveiiiie, illr-l la I Ity lln.'.ital.
Iiii?-:i. Blta, Mnn. of No. 21 >prin- .u- I,
Ni-H Brk.
Garvry, Patrfrk, nf Nn. ns fitrgaaaa ataael,
nirherdt, Mary, aii aaawtha, ,,f No. r.i.; ?.,?,?
..mi avewee.
I.riu^s,. Il.mn.ih. thlrtj n'n?-. of No. ,-?fli
Ie\lnnt?>n iiven.ie. Hmnkl.n: <U".I at
l,r>. VII. Bflari E . (ni.it'.'. ?f Nnrlli Mll
? Ir.-ct. Ilr.xkl.n. tmmiajoA ?>?. a UI.or.-r
ii I'aaag I a>*r**wr*a lawfry, ha geraea
n..i. Lea* lataaJ im. arere aaaa an.l
ni.-il 1 !.*? i ??.
Il.irl.n. .I..!in. HiirMtiT... No. Bgg 4?lli
-.11,. t. Breel lyai .i."i al h"..ie.
Bedley, <.;,.- tn'- atrarbaa nt hi.
aaarhtar ahag Ib Jeeeea I kyi rmmved t.?
Bt, iinni is He*B*tal. where he rtlei.
n,.< k.i.-in Cari, ferfj f.,nr. ,-f l.ln.l....
n. ,i ; ,iie,i iii ih.- i ii\ n..s|,ii ,i. gewark.
k?ii>. Mary, atrtrkea at beaae, N>>. 888
U.-t l.'il -.Irrt-I. dled ln I'lnuer Ilomil
KfaaMager, Cari, nt N... |g llrringe atreet.
Nearar k.
laBliawge Janae* depatj nre ninr4iai of
Ihe <ilv ot ^.?^^ a ..'1. alalionerl ln KI. h
m,.ml Beaaaajh. iii.*.! nt haa home. >n .ao
H'.-ih s-'re.-t BtaalataaV Stnten lslanrl.
ii?i nichi. ii rtrtlaa of the h'.i1.
.Maier. .Iiiliua. tlf.-.->.ne. a mn-in. No. 401
>|,rii-|il'-l.l Bl ini". s.trl,k,-n late In Ihe
afteranea whOe bi narki .n.-d ia*t niuht
nt beaa
Matahan. Ifenrr \X.. forti. No SI88 Seron.l
im cmie.
Maeleraaa, ( hariea. ai\ month.. No. 818
1\ ,??: 888 BtffWt, .tri.-Krn nt home.
Mornn. ghaaaaa, f?r1.v-r1ve. No. Khf, Thlrd
aveaae, avercoaaa Bl N" .'.-'4 ihir.i a\^
BBBei tlir-rl ill .uiil.,ilrin, r nn nar t? hoa
Miirpln. Mlehael, tl.irtv-tnn. No. 117
lirliltf,- vlrc-t. Ilrookl.n; nvrrrnmi' nt the
Irtiarhla B*ga' ReSaaij. in ivuri mre.-t;
di'.l ln the llrnnkli n llnapllal.
Mr(,.nprn. Jimr., aei.nl>-. real e?t?te
Bgeag, No lfl| t.ii-.t 1888 atre.-l.
MeCorry. -. ferty, <>f n.?. 1.14 \\..t i*tg
h.r.-rt, |||, 11 in rin|.l,,vr,l In Ihe *ifiitnal
Il:ilr4 ( nnipiiiiv. nt Nn. 111 Faat 2." 1
atrr.-t; overrome In anb-rellar there.
MeKeva, Jamea. addreea BahaMrwai over
mine nt N.i. Bg I nli,,11 ?.rH.-t. Ilrn.ikl.in;
dled >,n aray t.> n.r itr..,.!,i.n MeeBattaL
NI. Nnniirii. -. thirt.i -fl\.-. Nn. ||| IVeat
Bath atreel.
(I I onnr-ll. Ph.. l.e. Inrnli hio mnnllia,
?aal 8Sd atreet nnil Aienne V.. Ilrnoklrn.
.trlrkt-n al her hont.'; dle.I in nintl-.t-r'a
-irnii in pii> aVtea'a aaaVe.
411 nnnor. I'nlri.k. Ihlrl> (h .-. V.i 2' Mnc^
ritie Btreet, eveacaeae nt haaaei .lie.i in
ntj 11. spitiii.
O'BHen, iinnnr, tmealr-etght, Bf* i*n
ir\ini{ aveaae, Braahlrai .ii^.l ut home.
rf.lli.r. Irn.-Nl. foiH elitht. Nn fllft lirat
btian, ?.vrreaaae ... h hahetar at No i..h
l*arh Bvrniir. Itrooklin: a j i?-rt in ('nmliiT
lllllll -ir .-t H.iapillll.
ipiinn. Margaret) Nn. io,, 'i, 'mii, alieet,
811II aaaa ni I?..ii'*; .lleil in 84. Ml. hiTT'a
gahlaar. i.mu. Ilahli faai. Nn. nn iiir..
Ile atreel, .tri.-ki-n al home; tlii-d ln
l.om.-rn.-,ir ll?a|.ltal.
littinani. EHaabeth.' feelj fl.e. \., 2r\r>
Irnnl alr.-r|. Il.nrkl.n; .lir.i at Imme.
K.-k.ii, 1.. garah, ?? reatj Bva, Xe Ml vi.M,r^
atreet, Braahljai aaad Bl Imme.
i;.-..i ;ii?. I'a.ri k. iwewtr**a*i ?f No. II
l\,-?t .'H.'i .tr.rt 11.; niine. N. .1
|;.,ii.Ii. Mllllii... gftj ll>>-. Nn. 125 Heat
.11.1 atrret. airnkrii al h?>ni>\
tii, Ini. akl. Ollier. ai>\ enl i -..n.-. slinrniker.
n<>. 72 Maaarea .treri. feaad drud iu hia
8c*aeeaa*g*r, Marry. f*4rty*gae, n?. ii;
Meara atreati dieii ut hla i,.,,,.
S< hn? l.rlr, ( ;ir,.lln?. fnrt. f.i.ir. >o. 737
lan \r>? avriiiu-. I hr BjbbBB, airlrken nt
li. in
S. InilUr. I.rnrc-*. H.IrM fmir. No ?2B \\e*t
184th alrr.-l. atrl.l.en at home.
gchwaeta. aJheai. aet*?tj i??, Nn. .in'l
U.-.I M.1,1 alrerl ii.,| ill llrtrlrni Mn.nl
BaaMh, .ini.n iweaty ihree. ef Ra 181 \??
.mr-, llninnne, N .1
'-i.kl.-r. I hrla.lun. af Nn. 8841 10th ?trert.
dM III the I IIv II..-i ,i ,1 V,-H.irk
>u.l.rr. laa**, ?f Nn 70? Knat 18th atreet.
.ii.-.i in Paffn aa n.>.i>iini.
I iirl.nfski. -, fnt.rlren ,l?,a. Nn. B;|3
r-iat 12th atreel. atrl.krn .,? Imme.
t nlil, iitllle.l man. fnrl.. dle.I In llnnrr II,,?.
I ni nli. Irfiula, nf No 117 I >?>! aith atreel.
lilerl in Krll^i ie lloapllal.
l.i...ell,'e Jl^nrlflli. No 177 I .uouer
Slreel, (ir, nkllll; illr.l Bt hnmr
lla'rri, tlilllain. "f N... 881 Mrllhurter
, i r?-rl, N, >\ Bl*. V J.
Storm Follows Day of Nearly
Record-Breaking Heat.
Boslon. li:,v >*. ?Th'indor BbOWflrB in varl
ona part* of New England to-day r*etrvad to
relieve for a time at lea:.t thr* trufferlng
r-aniaod by fhrfl daya of eaeeaalve h< at. ln
thla clty tha rtorm brbka at the and of a
.lav of almoat the same temporature aa tba
reeerd J*a**eaktng heal of Jul) t. To-day'a
maxlmum waa IM, i Bly half a degree less
than tha' of tho FOuith,
l>-**->a*-tnient Btorea In tho .-lt4- cloaed e?rly
la the afternooai, and ?n over New Kn-jiand
faetorl ??? were shnt down on account of the
torrid et ndltlona. Th<* day addod largely to
the number .f deatha pf the hottost ojgot
ln tho hletory "f N'ew Knrzland, and tho llet
of proatratlrr.a from heat araa artaln l.oavy.
Provldonre experleneed tho bcttest 'lay
in its bltrtory, the offloiai thei*mometar
rrirl.atorinir M-6. Ftfteen draths arere re
pOTted for tho l88t twenty-four hours.
In P->rtl?nd, Me , tli** hoat rea.-hed a max
lmnm of BA, ar.d the htimldltv was hlsrh.
Peven doaths from heat <? <*urred to-day
in aatancheeter, N H.
"-"ix deatha and thirty proatratlona were
the human toll exaeted In this ******* by the
hent tO-day. Added tn the terrors of the
.;nrre.*edonted iioat **as a shortapo \n l<-o
"and mllk. the demand for IMI eommodl
Uae m tne laat few daya navin* beea far
gfoater than the BUPply.
RfltHWU from nearly avery aectjon tell
tha -a*.io rrtory of tei-rlfk heat leavtog ln
?ta wake aeoree Of deatha and eases of
prostrations. la .everal Ma^aehusot.s
JJtlaa %nd towna mdin-triai eeiabHahmenta
?nd manufa. turinf planta were *doaed f?r
th** romafn->r of tho work en arrount of
tho into'erahlo weather CI ndltions.
Tho hoat was folt terrihly (n 1/owell,
arhere there wera ?ve ieatha and Bfty caaea
Of prostratlon. owlng to a threatenlnK
wntor famin? the authorltles had to put a
rrtop to tho flushlnK of the streets In the
tenemont difltri^ts by the flremen.
Worr-eritor reported four deatha from
heat to-day.
At Lynn tbatre were two denths and flfty
prrstratlons, and all of the shoo faetorlefl
woro fon ed t<> suspend nperntlons.
one death wns reported from Wakefleld.
Mauichoerter, Maaa, July ?..-?Sufferinjr frem
tha effecta of tho h<-at. .lamo* F. Curtla
Aaaietaat ?ecretary of the Twaenry, la re*
cuperatlng nt hls hr>mo hero trt-nlKht. Mr
Curtla waa p-*08trated on Monday. Slnr*
that time he has bOM in bad Hnd to-day lie
sat np f..r tho flrst time. Tt ls exper-t-d
that h? wlll ho ahlo to return to Washlni*
ton I.*- nest Ounday.
Health Cf**a*anl*artoBey Lederle auamented
hiE iist of not areather '?doa'te** treatepday i
by remlndlng tho puhitr* that the promla-1
f-UOUB drlnklner of quosttonahle streot hev->
ggggJtA mlKht havo had effor-tv Whtu
Comniiaal-mer bellet/aa that s.-rne 0? **
\, -t<<r* of lemonade k.ap fh*|r ,. I
clean, the hot spell has brought oyt J**
,,i ?.|?: abe aell tt-oir hevoraap-- frr,rn?V'
ot.s tbal are lefl open to duat and m,,
I which nr- roo|??d to a froozina; teurajflnaiw
; i>fi,artment Btapactora aro rn thfl j!9|
for vioiations of the aaaftary **oda hut
hitr-ket hrlKade has ber ome g proi,
itrdf. m
Reduced Rates
Atlantlc City
New Jersey Central
JULY 5 TO *o
In Iddition to Regular Serue*
SI'F.HAI. TRAIV, aa *r ?. -rnj \H
W. ttA M , I ''. U artj. *N . I 4; A j!*
vla All Ra!! Llne. Alen fltr "1*-J
r.f Sandv Honk Routfl *lll ieara faaTg
6M M . fc tt; Cedar M , 9 MI A fc, aaj
ftir?.-t tiwiaecthiw fir Atiaatla c*f?
Ttebet Ag-^nta for Da* 1
mt A^mimmf^m
(.??..j ^n-iTi^iTr<T<4j-l**rrr-. ?? flil-ajl."!-^
St. Louis
?and intermcdiate cities of the Middle
West?is not a matter of days, but of hours
via the
?the luxuriouslv appointed 24-hour train
toSt. Louis, over the k'Water Level Route."
4.00 p
Leaves New York
Arrives Dayton
Arrives Cincinnati o.^v/ M
Arrives Indianapolis 9.10 (jr
4"\rrives St. Louis 3.00 m.
') A.
8.50 A
" A\
New'York Central Lines
Railroad and Pullman tickets will be delivered upon
requesthy Special Mess**ngerwitho.*t extra charge.
New York 'Phone Brooklyn Phono
6310 Madiaon 167 Main
B. J. O'HAYER, General Ea?tern Passenger Agent
r^^ajB\ 121b Broadway, New Vork
*? LINES '1
? Old mao, why don't YOU uae the telephona aad keep cool ? ?
Use the Telephone
and Keep Cool
THgE?V" ?' WEATHE* BUREAU reported a temperature
of 92 degrees in the shade at 3 P. M. yesterday. On
the street it was more than 10 degrees hotter. As a
resuit of the intense heat during the past four davs
the great city has rclied more than ever upon the telephone
tor carrying on its business and social affairs, and the tele?
phone traffic has been much heavier than usual
Most business men abandoned all idea of tramping around
.?liy i a ?,fflces "rf used the telephone. Thev sold goods
*nH ?Lan n^rfT8' a"dukePlitheir appointments by telephone,
f ?v yf?Und,.thlVheycould *mm*a their affairs in
this way quite as well as by a personal interview
ln the home, the telephone was eauallv 'oonular lt
thaeStennrSy '? t? *f markc,in* ^ ?321 S SU
p?tt^ or/.VTP,etC.thc Vac*tion aVrangements.
Kll^ ?"??* heat-they just used
By the way, have vOU g Telephone f
Every Dcll Telephone fj tfw Centre o/ the System

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