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?fiffll 1 tM
Secretary Knox and Ambassador
Bryce Sign First Schcdule.
Anglo-Amcrican Peace Pact May
B-? Submitt-ed to Senate at,
Iti Present Session.
Magm ,olya-The rrlnrlple of ar
rnatlonal dlapatea, bi bo Ib*
. ?<, ualted Btatea aad
atred a p**o
' I ' Becwta** Kww
? Bryce Blgned tha
rtatn p-jcunlary elalma i
Btatea and Oreat
.. ,. , .... ? the Bpe>
H n laal
-rlth thla
?nd ambaaaa
. aneraiea m the
paaofl by .?onferrlnc
, .. rraneral arhi
? ?* lo aupi nt, by
. -. -v ronrentlon
M arll ba
.. deeoted te quei i
, ,iaa-] I la ad
that the treaity la
nd th- admlnlfltratlon
?, time for
ita foi rattfieatlea at
p ma to ho arbitrated af
. . ? ?? datlng
., . .?? 081 of
n the 1 pptae* Othera rel m
., - ?
? ? nn.i tbe
, r elalma arlll noa br- aubrolttod
? .. -| > . BpeHal
,_ emenl on i ? -ra-rernnr-enta
lalma. and pro- (
lha arbltral trl
be legltlmate and weetbj of
tlon. II aaderatood
il oa arlll n- artdtratad by a
?? : ?.4f wprfla-entntlYea ol
gtate and Great Brltaln nnd a
? wii1 ho the .a??rond under
itleai traaly of lf-aa be
the first BUb
? lertMkea undi c4*rn*/entlon
.-, v ? .? ? BpUtO,
ri b\ the HaaitM trlbunal
a, ?-. ? rltlah r**ovarnrni i I
la i a ' the prograaa of the
- - arMtratlOfl tr****t** tl nt
;.?. thr- Beatretai*] ol I'
to ai aeanicej 1*4 tbe Houae
r. herei "ae ervary
? ?-? yoxr-c. ca\ei arould bo
? ---A i*ntt?d Btatea -rovern
no*a tantlal
? a datalla of Ihe
. : ? c- % t, , rt
Monison Fails to Produce
Voncheri Deraanded in S*ibpa?Ti-i
- - .. r
luly I Tha dlgnity and
of tbe a.]h-r-oTTimltt?*-* of
--???.. e ti,^
8 - - again tramrlr-d upon
Moailaou, Itabnralng '
?? ,- -. ?-? /ienartme**r. failed ;o prorji-ro
? - ?? b "hlankef ,
tead Mr afo**T*80fi pr-"
Kr?\ saymg the i
?aj r?ed>- to a-ipply i* II
?. -? t ->;> 4eorerlna pa. m->nte
. . ? ar anaergency f'tnd. *xhir**i
tself ha* ordered -hM\ not
-. 1 acTutlay
rhe ********* ?'*". dlareajardlna tba faet that
<? a subordma**. actlrg under
1 ehiaf, aeaplrayed Itaelf for
la an att-*mpt tc ' pump '
- >he disburair.g orTVer By
- * irtual ae*et*e*atien* tbe rn*~n
ivorfld tr. make it a^p-^ar that
? dal.'
t ? -? 1 had dellberetely Ignored th?
\i- LleS preduee the John "W. I
? - rannilttae !
--.gatorp ha\e h?=,rd that ?
er fl ? ?.: ? ' fter lea
laf adJ ad tbe paymant >f a
? Atnldon c'.alm agamst the
rnant, tbe pavments being
*84di Bdrxer ladeiaalty fund Five
**ned by Mr Fo?ter <-:id Robert
? for JameB Rufua
I glanna Amldon, arere n^nt
? -day Four of the |
06 rach. and tbe other |
. ;.. - at* aa'.d to have j
... whlch is more
?- o]d ar.d **i-as originated
ae of H 0 WardL a
ihe Chlneee
? ? "/''?
, paar before the *ora
. *:-.orrc."\- H? was told to
_ . f0r v^;. v-4 chen >-o
?. 1 ? - r any ow i -
: r?t m ' 1 ? -
. , 1 ? !n a
':ama"' ? '
f the *fM*4*erbead 1 .-.*'-ar
,. r p. \... in.oke ar.d war
rrean a 1
? 1
Rivei head m tbe last th?-ee
:- b bakary rui
??. n Bernltc
trked with
? ?
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THE DA V /A *?
frron* Thr- Trlh.ine Bureau. 1 "
"U'ashlnBton. July ??
"THIXKS HE'S BOSS."-Even ln thej
ooeana nf nonsonse being talked ln oppo- j
eitlon to t'anadlan reciprocity, lt la OC?aV
eionally BOaelbla to find n f-entleman. To- |
day. for lnstance. that erudlte statesman I
from North Dakota, Senator Gronna. who j
ie reputed to hold the Bcandanavlan vote j
of hi? atati ln the hollow of hls hand. ea>
plalned rv. Ith ch.arming naivete hta **f>PO
eltion to the Canadian pact. "Wh**, Taft
thinks he's our D088T' hr exr-laimed Witb j
! a vehemeni e almost dangerous for thla j
I hot weather And in thla frank, 181*88 i
stat-rient Mr. I'.rorma eet forth as com- j
plrtely as if he had used a thousand WOTdB
tbe real reason for tbe opposltion of rerta!n ?
Penatora to Canadlan reoiprority. "Taft
and Knox think they're tho whole blamed i
governnirnt." reniarked a Repnblioan Sen- j
ator arben tl.e reclpror-ity agreem'nt araa
Brat Bubtnltted to Ce~*4**reaa, although he
?aid it prtvately. And although tho rrtatea-j
naaa wbo mada thal assertion baa since j
,,.' e to aro tho handwrltlng on the war,
aad is now "an ardent champacm** ef ro
dproclty on the floor of the Fenate, he
managea witb rxmaJderabla adrottnesa 1<>
conceal hla ardor when dlsnif?sinB the
. .;. n ln prlvate com ersntlon. And
there la, of co trse. an **latnent of truth tn
aaaertlona Pwaldeail Taft does not
think ; ?? but if la ?'boaa*' both of j
the attaatlen in this in-'
and fOl the solo reason ihat he has
. i whole people hehind hlm. An Amerlcan
Prealdenl la never a "?boae'' unleaa be has
tha people arlth him. but when he has he is
so eompletel) '?boara" tbal u proeaa, per
hapa no; unnatnrally. most galilng to tha
dignifted and erudlte geatleman r>n Capltol
Hlii eapecially theaa af the Qroaaa-La
l",.:iotte ea
...,-.. raplylna to an Inqulry of sen
? ? aald to-riay thal ? report oa
? na resolutlon proYtdlna for the
lon of tho Nntionai llonetary Com
mlftfllon mlghl bt expected aoon, a? the
Flnance Commltteo would take tho mattr-r
nP no\r week. He added that rx-Senator
Aldrlcb, chalrman ot tbe commtsBton. araa
ed in Waablnajton any day, and the
romniitteo thoufhl it proper to hear the
chalrman befora takinc BCtlon. Those
familiar with Mr. AMrlch'a vlewa know
thal lt is hla desiro that the commission
make a **epor1 Immedlately, eoncludlaa
wiili a reC8enn"*e*ndatlon lhat II be <Hs
rgi l al once. it has been charged, and
with .-ome degree of truth, that the o0m
mlflalon I as been made "a cyclone rellar
for lame duclu." Mr. Aldrlch has never
drawn a cenl of pay for hi*-- aerricea on
tho rommlsslon. and he iias. moreover,
pald all hla own tr.avellfn'* eapen?fl, -with
the eaceptlon of ? alngla vourher for some
j'7 wbicb was pald by mlatake aad eon
trary t<> hla Inatructlona. Of eours*, an
immediate report wlll mean a report em
ng the pcheme of finandal reorgant
aallon propoeed aome months aro by Mr.
Aldrloh. but it Is a safe armertlo** lhat if
the rommlec1on were to remaln in ron
Hitchcock and Hilles Said To Be
Interested in Alabama Affairs.
Secretary Accused ^f Acting fls
Head of Politiral Newi Bureau
Whicli Buppresftf Factf.
"Aashlnsrton. July (.?Most Of the proml
aamt federal oftaceheldera r.f tha Btata of
ina Invaded the TThlte Houae to-day
and laid hefere Preatdent Tafr S'.rh a ta'e
Of Repi*hll-*an f?rf<onal t\ o* thnt polltlclana
IfeCted ?r. 688 thr
beslnn'np ol a llvely '-''?* between r^st
rn^ster General Frank H Hltehcoeh and
Q D HUles, ?he Fr^sid^r.t'a aecretary, the
two l*adir.* politlcal ad*".=er? of t^m ed
^ecordtng te t>? AJabamiana, Mr Hltch
r-n-> ir behlnd thA <-and.daev of r V
Long for Republlean P*ar* .-halrman.
L^ng has the baeklni alae of P D narke
Repubiiran r^r*.,ra' commltteeman and
poatmaatei al Moblle. >.** acknowledged
fr end ^f '?-" rr.^tmasrer l>r,,r3l Mr
Hlllea ,c ?'-'?', te '? aupportlng the .-ind;
of t O Thompsor. Collector ot t
trri^1 Revenue for Alabama and for
mar.v v?ar!> Republlean =>tate rhalrman
Preeldent Taft told the de'egation thit
| t pxper-fe-l fr, ?errja T >,*=? -)'ie-tlon tn-mnr
roa it is underatood that fr.- purpoaee i
rlbutJng pat**4trnaaje the c?ate wlll be
-'i-ided '."'o two aecttona, r,,:e to v? een
tr^lled by efleV. farlton
Both Mr Hitchcock and Mr Hlllea tO
raied tha! there had v?en any troubla
aa th*m ovar the Alabama altuatlon
4f-- Hitchcock rejterated the etatement
that, he '=> OUt Of poHtlea for yood. and
Mr Hlllea deeiared ha bad bad no fight
arlth anv or* aboul appolntmenta ln thal
Fv.iitinans here are 1r*terest?d, however.
c ? ^w the atate rhalrmanshlp arlll be
se"'ed. The Preeldent may take no hand
ln th* fsht o*4*er rhe chalrmanablp. but lt
- nowifdcf-d thal RepubHcani I I -
.. -. an antltled to know "who is 4\ho
?? Waablagtai wban i' comea to conductlng
the next Preaidentla] r?mpa!i?n. Mr lilllf-s
has taken a strong Intereal ln politlcal
affairs ever sinr-e he awumed ofllce, laal
ai 9 te da i ?- ' >pmenta wera nol
.r<r:\ .\n open claah between tha
aldent'a aec
? -A.r\e\ ic 'n.nv.r.ent,
Chargea tha. B**><-retary Hilles la aotir.g
. ;.eB.i of ? "politlcal newa bureau"
w! ich "a ' nd iaauaa
gro.nded and falae' raporl ? ern'!
.... ? g Preaidi r:tiai candi
-ararc mada to-day In a letter by Repre
Horria r'f Webraaka Inaurgenl
leader ln the Ho.js-, addre??ed to the Ne
, Pn*agTeaat**e Republlean LeaaTue
Representatlre Norrta cbarajed that the
eaaed" faeta reiate to *a*mtnTaeal f-?
? candldacy of FenatAf i
? .. i ? . I -r.B'deneV
letter waa m anawer to teiegrams
... ^ebraaka piuaiaa8l*re8 deelarlng
tfajaj, repudlatlon of Praah a Bhotwell,
? tay aald, had* repreaantad hlmaelf as
Bj igent of the league and as flueh bad
-.. -?veral statementp favorlnp the
?nation nf Prealdenl Taft. Mr. Hor
rla ohargad tbal tba Bt*Ca**f-*8aalT8a ?
wronged by * "oonaplracy **f -rreet pewa
paperfl" m mjppreaalng ****9 relatlng to
... preajraaslTe morement. After referrna
t0 a aerlea of artlclea printed, Mr. Neerira
letter Ia*a8ed aa fo Iowa:
rarloufl artlclea ??*^Jtfi*S,rlS
ronaly Indlcate ^."J-f^fftaa
' ' ll" ' ?u ,? dlctated
. f wrot. them oi 'i.? ??" "
nol know that he haa an
eSge or them but II I ?"'-" '\.' ,
WBsh.riaion. July 6 The Cae****ratji| re
apportionment b,H. provldln- J *??*
memhershlpof l.a wasfa-ra^.
to tbe Hena.e le-day by?**?*?? ?t lha
of Indlana. Chalrman '?*',?? that he
Cenaua Commhtee aiino ,n^'nned by iBV
arould file a mlnorlty rm*n?.i?*n
eral membera of the commlttefl.
i tinuous aeBBlon fnr the next stx montha
lt could formulate no other so'.em* and
there would be no galn to Congrese from
OOntf*Utac the salarles of the varloua mem?
bers. Thls doea not mean, of course. that
membera other than Mr. Aldrlch have not
done good work. Excellent work hae been
done by rarloua members, notably by Mr.
Teller, the former Democratlc Senator from
ColOTSdb But lt is a fact that all avho
have taken their responsihllitles eertously
are ln entlre acrord with Mr. Aldrlch and
would be wholly unlikelv to evolve a dlf
ferent BebeaM as the resuit of further de.
HbeiBtlons. A number of pertlnent sug
K<-..?t|ons Ib connertlon with the Aldrlch
schem? have teen niado and may be adopt
ed, but there nppears to be no reason why
tl.e . ointnlssion could not promptly em
rndy iti. vlews of these suggeatlons In Its
report. for, after all, the perfectlng of
f!;,- f-rhr-m* wlll have to h* done by <"*on
H-ress as the resuit of a full and fair dls
CIMBBOa Bul lf Mr Alrlrlr-h has his way
there wlll be, nn nre,| of arlnptlng the Cum
BlBfl raSOtUtJoa, unlcss It ba ln sueh inodl
taed form as wlll amoiint merely tn a-*
ceptinic tho report rf the ,-ommlsslon that
lt* w.<rk is done.
HILLEa THK .'l*I,PniT.-'",nrles D.
Hllle.rf, secrotary to the President. hSS
manae-ed to es.-apo tne glara of publlclty
quite lonc aBOUgb, accordlnK to the vlew
r.f RepreeeatatJre Norrla, of Nebraska.
Mr lljlles has ilis.-liarg.-.1 his nrduous nnd
reaponaibla dutlea with be4Mnnlna mode.sty.
and has never even flUggeeted that he
was an "assistant President." !,,it 8*88 hlfl
?teady aiaplfcation te ihe husinoss of his
oflir-r will not save hlni. .'oroner N'orrls,
called upon by telearaaaa from his own
Btate to explaln tiie iintimely death of the
T.a Pollotta PreaMeatlal bnomiet, alpped
off in the Imd of Ita im Ipient yonth, has
held an in.jucst, nnd has declded that Se,
retary HlUea 1? tho murderer of thls Inno
r-nt. aad that Preeideaal Taft. whilo not
BCtually fulltjr of strangling the puny in
fant. Is an 84S494NB8ory befOT* tliA fact Mr
Norris tooh occaalon t,, mahe publlc to-day
a letter he had sent t<, eertaln lost and
bewihlered members of the Republican
T'rot;reFsive f.aa*UC, In which he asserted
that Mr llillcs WBB COnduCttBBJ a BOWB
bureau arhlch auppraaaed tba truth regard
ing the great pojuilariiy of the lnsiirg<-ritH,
Bnd espeelailv ..f Sniatoi Lal Folle.te, and
Iss'ird "iinderRTonnd aad false statenients"
>.s to the popularity of William Howard
Taft, the Caaadian redpnaetta- agicement
an.l other thlngs little belored hy the m
snrgentf- Mr. N'orrls- |a < onsiderate enough
to say that he doep not. believe the l'r,-si
rient "aetually writes or dtetatea" these
r-lsp Btatement*, bul he ls quite sure Mr.
Httlea is the jrullty man All thls means
many bad quaftera of an hour for Mr.
Hlllefl Al a aroduiier of news of any
BOli r has not provrd a iroader, hut If
1,? has had a "polltlcal news bureau" at
his dlapeeal aad has atlll proiiuceo" so
Uttle n<\*.s the pewspaper men ln \\ nsh
inKton want to know about if, for tt is
known to each and <-\<--rv one of them that
hr l,a= not had his share. r}. Q, ||,
Stanley Also Shocked at "Golden
Rule" Steel Agreement
f rm-. T? . ...... r,?..?,, ,
vTaahlngton, Juljr * "An Bud*ctooi pro
eeadlng" i- <he characterisatlon sdven by
ftepreaentatlre Clarton, ehairaaaa oi tha
Conanaittee nn Judltrlary, to th" rntrrn-.
BteeJ Asaoclation Jual peife^teri at
Repreaentatlva Btanley, rhalr
man of th" sp..r|a| rnrnni|ftAC nnV \nr9t
tlgatlng rhe i'nlted states S'eei Corpora
tlon, a-aa ??i|?-o ..ho-ke.-i when 'ie read t..
day thal Judge Fjlbart H Oarj ;->
ateri ?-,,.-.., ,,f o.hr-i rountiie* haa** reached
? ..f "Golden Ru'e flgreenaenl ai
th? InternatloniaJ s?eei induBtrl**
"I be!ie\e that *re e*n pro<*eed BgaJnfll
flnjr A'nerjra" rorporqtjon Ol per-On who
*r**rp into ,-n, agreement to appo-tion ter
rftorj*, reatraln ?-ade o>- ,,A,fe,-t H nao
nopola*." c"'d Representathe ,'!-^^ton "W?
m'^^' be unable to r-edch the forelaai parti^-:
to an aeieement such as that said to have
h'en mude at Rrusself. bnt we <*an nrc-er.^ ,
r-esinst the stee] rn*n of thls ro.jntrv i !
h#ii?v? t^e pberman laT?- is adequat* |f ;
not. we rsin ?nifnl 11 and make it flt thla
? Tsn't tt an Bodaetoua pT4945eedlng? F'tr^t
whlle we are i^-.-ea'.eat.ngf theae fanoara
here n* hr.t'-ie the- co abroad BBd 'n *f"r>
.a- "Wa control th? Unlted ^'"tes. now
rhe world * in ba our tarrttorr '
V.*r,'-*!'*rttit':e- BtanllTJI sees !n th.e in'er
natlonal agraanaenl a pi"" ro forectaii eom
pet|r|on ha the open market <n rhe *,v*nt a
? ir,,, o? rhe T'nlted P'St?. P'?^-l Cor*
poratlorf ls broU*h1 about
? jr- r*-" ?reel eomhlne tn t>*ls eOUBtrj 1*
djaaorred,'' snH Mr. ?faniev. ? if lt ia
ci own thgt prlcea hara been mo high for
rv:A ro?t nf prod'-otlon. \* tr.e tariff .s low
ered. tVien th? naturnl thlng would ba te
,..r.n-.-,r tr. eeoiire an agreement that wl"
pva^ent foreipn competltloji ^Y.*v. the tariff j
I. raken off I do not charge tha> Judsje
Garv t-a? thls ln vlew. but to ma 1' seem?
t, ,, thlfl .c s ra'ural mothe hehlnd tha
.- leela p^r, a arorld-arld* conamualtr
of interest. Wtth * dlvlslon of terrimr;-.
would prevent open market competltlon ir
Baorra the trust at home. and 11 see-nc,
. ne that thta 1s In mir-.d at Bruaaala
Internationa.1 Steel Organization
Planned at Brussels Meeting.
Brnsse's. Belplum. Jttly 1-Tla* Bteel men
ooacludcd thr- buatneaa whir-h had called
them together from r.ine strel-rroducir.g
trtea, ln a brief sesslon to-day, ."'nd
Bdjouraed Most Of the Amerieans 1-ft
for I'^rKs lata in th- afi'-rnoon.
Th- coBfaarenee appolnted a ommtttee of
tblrty, mada up '' memben propoeed by
e^,-h aatloaal group, to work out a plan
-, internatlonal ataal i>r8*aisstloi
submit the plsna to tba full C4?tif4n^nce
The Amerlcan memberf of the C4>Bimltte?
al? .1 ,dge B. H i-an, r-hainnan of Ihl
board of dlrectora of the Unlted lUtoa
Ste. l r-orporatlon, President Jamea A. Far
' tl,.- tame r-orporatlon, Charles M
Bchwab, rjreeldenl of the Hethlehem Bteal
Corporatlon; k. A h Oarka, pr-sident of
the Uir-kawanna Pteel -"ompany, and \*. illls
I. KlriS. vlre-r,re>.!dent of the Jones *
Laughhn Steel Comrsinv
The rr.mmtttee orgonlaed forthwlth by
making Judge Gary chalrman and W. B
Peat, nf England. i-ecretary. and adjo irned
..-/meet ngal.i when summoned bv the
, , ,mnn
FollOWlng tbelr dellherntlons the flele
^ ,..s vs. ra racel**d 81 ' ?? psla a by Kini?
Albert, and later they visited the battie
B*ld nt vVatarloo, ntaa Dsuaa outi-Me the
B*lgian < ipltal.
... ?,ary feela that dutln, t progress
hSS been niBde toward a common world
,ode ?f reellng and praetlce In steel af*
faln H" la aatlsfisd aitii the reaulu thua
liU aeeoropltahed thioutb th* mt.n.ationai
ex'-ham--' "f "!? .nloii.
Carnegie Steel Company to Snpply a
Portion for New Warships.
Rome. Jnly 1 The Itallan govemment
haa awajrded the ,-ontra . tor ?. portion ot
th* armored plateB of the new dren?1
i oughtfl io the Tarnegle Steel rompanv.
,,ne of the operallng <oinpanl> s of the
I'nlted P.ales Kte?l r'r,r|,.,rai iBO
I'nglls!', l-'.eii'fh ?n<l QerBiaa .r.inpanies
,.!.,, mada blds, afa*n this eompotttlOB aas
opened t?j forelaaa rr.mpanies hy ihe aov
ernmeni. who lahed to Inn ry (he > i.iii'.le
Uon of the dreadnoualiU, _ .
Senators Listen to Strange Story
By Works, of California.
Senator Oronna Unable to Finish
Attaek on Reciprocity Be?
cauae of the Heat.
rPVo-n Th? Trlhune Fnreau 1
Washington. July 6.?The tedium of the
debate on reciprocity and the tarlfT waa
Interrupted to-day by one of the Btrangest
-forlea ever told on tlie floor of the Senat*
-a defence of Oiristian Rrlenre by Senator
Works ln the course of a **f*a*a**Ch fiKilnst
the cstabllshment of n federal depnrtment
of pubilc health. The Senator from Cali?
fornia. takltiK the nrtihio*,, of thoae who
look on such a step aa the creatlon of a
"doctorB' trust" and an InMngetBemt on
lndlvldual lil.erty and fraadon of he|ief,
narn-.ted hls own asperlaaea and tha eX
perlences of hls family ln tho aeanli for
health Wtth a frankness that Btartled Sen?
ators out of the romplacenrw of mind to
Whleb the academio and politiial d'hate on
the tarlfl ha.i liro.jj-lit thotn. He dtfld hlfl
o4vn rcovery from an illness whlch physl
Hans had failed to relieve, the rocO*/et*y of
hla wife, who had been an Iniralld for llf
tean years, and, as the -rr-atrsi trlumph nf j
t'hristian SHenro, thr r.-Haltuine of hls
BOO from the Olutcbea of the drink habit.
"It was thla that appealcl t.i U8 08881 "
he said. "The fact that dir 80fl W8S
healed of the drink hal.lt after he had ar?
rived at the uge of maiihood aml after 88
had bocome ao addlr-ted to It that wei
nuraed him iike a ebUd-*'
Senator Works declared tbal the Amerl-;
ran Ifedtcal Society araa .?ondui'ling a cam- i
palga agalnst ?'hrlstlan Scienoe. and that I
this object would be aoeorni'llslied by h ,
federal department of health. Whlch would i
ho domlnater] hy physlcians of thr ol.l
BChOO] of tnedli'lne, although no effort at ,
auch dlaerlmlaatlea was apperent in the.
bill under discusslin.
it was evldenl that the delivory of the
Bpeach hy tba Senator fioni <'a!;',,rni,i W8S
r'tarded as an otjt a.-ion ,,f uniM lai mtcrest i
by thoae of bla beiie-, for the gaiieries, de
Bplte the stifiins heat, wer*. oecupled by an
audienen unuaually large fo. auch < nndl- i
tlona, whicli promptly dlaperaed when tba
dehate on t e. If.ro.-it y was i e^iimod.
This laiter phasfl of Seriate acttvll
day aasumed lha asped "f an ??n.iuran.e
tr-st under the trylng conditions produced
by the hol i.hvp, whlch ahowed no algna
r,r abatlng Benator Oronna, "f North Da
k<->ta. ooouplejd ihe floear for four houra,
but waa nnaMe to flnlah a long apeccb
agalnat the re-dproclty blll, whlcb, for the
moei par'. rahearsed the. objecthwifl ihat t
ha\e al ready beetn toirj in the debate He ,
ciitldaed tbe.Prealdenl as ha\ltik: exceedi i
his conatltuttonal authortty ln negotlatlng
the agreetnent and relteratad the di-mai
pre.ii.-tion ..f diaaater lo thp Amerlcan
Bonator Oronna bad a croaa fire ..f quea
tlons from Dainocrata durlng bla apo<
Benator Reed. of Ifiaaourl. a Democrat,
a?;ke.i hlm whethei he belleved the Preel |
dent WOUM *If"ii the reetproelt* blll if the
Houae and Benate paaaed lawwlth a
tnr]ff revlfllofl amendmenl .T'ri<-hed t" it
>?*** i -. don'l 4.-.U addre--. your quorli
the F'resldent. under wimse h.inrier |"OU are
operaftne:??? demandel Senarnr tfolaon, ol
Mlnneaota, arlth aome heat. "You know
M t> tni? agreement paaaed tha Houae i" a
rnajorlty of Pemoerata, and thal If i?
pasj-os here II arfll br by the aameatratngth
boa'1 aai aa, who ara Aghttng the ineaa
,ire. what the prealdenl wlll flo."
The Fenate l-,eCnt) tr, dav the new order
of ,-,.n%enlnK ar |1 O'clock. and the |onp
houra and the heat had an eppreolable I
effad on ihe energlea of Ihe fea who r?* |
malned ln thelr aeata Tbe ae deaertlng tha
Democratlc alde entirely. coi regated ln
r .... the Republlean alde, wheratbel
! debate, shorn of all formalttlea, became
rather a free-for-all conversation. The
I Vlce-Pres1dent, despalrlng of keeplng the
Senate to ttg own rules, allowed lt to take
whatevcr courae lt chose.
Philadelphia Democratic City
Committee Favors Him.
[Pv Te'?t;ra;', tn Tha Trtbuna ]
Philadelphia. July rt.?The Wooflrow
Wflson boom for the Prealdency was for
warded at the meetlng of the commit?
tee on organizatlon Of the Democratlc
Clty Committee, when -"harlea H. D<-n
nelly moved for the Hppointmcnt of a
committee of twenty-flve for the pnr
pose of organlzlng the stafe on behalf
of New Jersev's Governor
"It. ha* COOM to my attentlon," said
Mr. Donnelly, "that Pennsylvania Is one
of the flrst states under the exlstlng
primary law to ele,-t Ita delegates to th,
aaatlona] eonrentlon. This fa.-t gives
to us an opportualty to lead the country
ln the movement for the electlon ,,f
Wooilrow WllsOfl "
Tiie motion was eaurlsd unanlmotisly.
Chnlrman John F. ClOBBUB will name tl."
committee arlthln a few rjara
Prof. Elliott and Commissioner
Bovvers Call Each Other Perjurer
U .l.-hhidtun. Julj 8 A Bcea* suggestlntr
some thal 1 ave taken place in the Canaor*
rlsta* trlal in Italy lo-day cnllv.-ned the;
ra*oc4NNtlnga <.f tha Houae Ciataanlttoe on !
Expendlturea in th., Departaieat of Com>
Biercfl and \. ihor. investieatlng the charge.
that tiie ooca great goal herd of the Prib
ylov Islands Is belng wantonly ataUghtered
B] BSamtfl of the T'nlt'd St.-iles govem?
ment. Profeaaor Haary W F.lltott, fur
aeal .-xpert, and I'nlted States Flsh <'om
misrloner Rowers, win", have heen ln rnn
troarerajr aboul the seais. coa fron ted ea,-h
other before rhe eommluee., flhOOh their
tists and ex.-l.anced a seiiea nf liveljr epl?
i'r,>f.-s;.s.or Kiitott. concludlng the reading
of a Btatemeat, declared that r.-i'ted Btatea
Flsh ? 'ommlisloner Bowefc had "perjured
himseif before this committee "
"To* are a aalf*confee*4>d perjurer jraftji
aelf," retorted .'omnrssioner Bowers, add*
lllg Ihat he CI Uld prove the rharg*.
"Thal i- a rubblflblng, rottra eharga that
no man eeer dared put his name fo.
Profeeeor ffluotl reapoaded, aha king his
Bai in the dlrectlon of atr, Bowera "i n
act yoij ofi tho Witneflfl Mand for |l it
siatem. nt
' >'???. aad Ml prove the charge, too,
when you do,** Ifr, Bowera rerdtad
Pri Idlng Repreaeatativa Rothernael, of
Iranla, a Quaker, Buapended th
Arrested After Firing Shot in a Sev
enth Avenue Cafe.
The police goi Jlmmjr" Eeegan laat
n.eh' Keerran Ifl BBld hv the rleteotl'ea to
ba a Biembar of iha Oopher gang that In
festa a part or tha Weat Blde, aad ordlnar
il- hla arr^st would noi bave rlgntned
much Rut he ia a merabei of tha Bulll
v,-,ii , lan and ir- accuBed bv the O'Brlen
ta. t.on of ahooting their leader, "Buck"
HVBrlen, In ? figl | il Ljrrle Hall aomo time
Patrolman Sr-irr, nf xh.n \Ve.--t J7lh Btreel
st.tion. waa itandlng In fron! of ., aaloon
at Seventi, | . ??-. ,.>->,| 4!,, Btreel BbOUt
18 o'clock when he heard a revolvei
Inatde Ha weal 111 and fe-md Keegan and
another man Bghtlng on the Aoor Keega"
had a ,82-callbr* e"r> ln h|n hand t'ta.r
made him .. prlaoner, h-.I Partoinnn ,; l
son. of tha VTeal "7th atreel atatlon, rap
tured hta opponent, Oeorga Calltaa, of No.
w Weat ajth itreel
t.iin.n Roger*. of v, na VTeal ""flth
Btreet, had falnted from t'rleht and lav on
Boor nn.il Dr t!ov5. r.f >\, Vork Hofl
;,-?-,' broug : around
Government Renews Its Fight to
Separate Railroad.ng and Mining
Action to Vitalize Commodities
Clause of Interstate Law
Filed Yesterday.
Waabtngton, July *--The jnvonim?nt win
renew the fitrht to dlsso.late thr- areat roa! .
oarryinsr railroad* from thelr vlrftial r-on- I
Irol of mlnei. and thus vltnllze the .oni
modltlea claaaa nf n,e interstite commerce
That. the *>hlRh Vallev foal fompsnv, i
<'oyo "EtTotbera, lncc***poratod; the N'ew'
Vork & MiddlefleM Railroad and Coal Com-]
f.;,nv and the LCBBIiat KOUntaJn ''oal and i
Iron Company are not bona fhle coal com- |
panlea, but marely adjuncta to the i^hifch j
\'.illcv Rallroad and are "devlcos for ovad- J
int- the cornmodltlea clauae" is the g,,vern-,
ment's principal complalnt
it la alao alleged that the i^htgh Valtey
Rallroad. with the object of removlng com- |
r.etition. has canse.i the Lablgfa Valleyj
Coal CcAnpany to eoatrael at a loss r>r tha
output of othrr antbradte ope**atora; haa
transported the ooal over iti own lines
and through the coal company flxed the
price In N'ew Vork and other markers.
The covernnient eharges that although
tho buylng of coal from other operators
ha* been done at a loss to tli.' coal r-on,
panv, it has enabled the T^hlxh Valley j
F:.,ilroad to tratisport the eoal over ItS
llnr-s with pront from the frelght chargea. i
To support its elatan that the coal com
pany is mereiv the "dummy" through
Whleh the rallroad en*-a*-ed ln nilnlng, J
tranaporttng and Belllng coal ln vlolatlon ]
of the -cornmodltlea clause, ihe gwetrnment j
cites that the ofBcera of the rallroad and |
the .-oai eompaay are the same. and tbal |
certaln mambera of the dlreotorate and the
ezecutlve commlttee of tbe railroad are
membera of the fliractorate and aseeutbre
ccmmltte,-' of the coal company.
Autoag those so named are F.hen R.
Thomaa, Oeorge F. Baker, B. T. Btotee
bury and .James A Mlddleton
Each ef them, II la eharged, haa been
name.i to hla poaitlon ln the coal company
becauae of hla poaitlon arltb the railroad.
thereby enabllng a!' of them ?o ad on be
llf |n the lntere?t and at tne directlon
,.f ihe railroad company. it is aet forth
that the oal company 8888 the rallroad
t*otnpany*a oflleea and <icc? i>s business
,>ver ihe rallroad companv'o deaka
Aa a further allegptlon that the Laeblgh
Valley 'oai Company is an adjuaet .4' the
Leshlgb Valley lUtlrroad Ihe govcrnment'.
.?r>rnplalnt B8ya t':at atnce the capitnl Btoek
of the coal company baa been oarned by
the railroad it hir- pald no dl-iidends, that
mllllons of dollars have been edvaaced b]
the lailroad to the. cal company which
ha-. e ne\er been reitlttdod, and that the
rallroad has pati *be Intereal UP88 tli"
roai eompaay'a br.nds. being compeneated,
the governmenl olaims, by the carnlii-a;
froni transportarion of coal erec irs lln's
By proving that the I,*hl*-h Valley Ratl
rond Is Bctuallj the ,egal oemei of th.e
t.chlgh X'alley Coal .ompany's anthra *?.
or has a pecunlary Intereal ln it. the gov
arnment bopea tn hnng it? case into iine
with the recent flecfaJou of the S'lpren,.
Court In the cornmodltlea clauM caae,
atrike down dummy coal compantee a.-ri
force '!'? coal cdrrylng rallroada frono l
, ,,f,tro| ef m|| e?
Whlle, In effect the gorernment'a a-'tiop
la ? blo*a al the bo called coal truat, the
? arate from th>ir s'dt. wbtch la
noa cr appeal to the Bupreme Court
in the government'a origtnal commoditiee
.-. ar-ri.ni agalnat the anthraHte roaela
arhlch waa Irafguu la IMB the courta heid n*at
a rallroad company might Oim sto.-k ln a
coal company and not -rlolatfl rhe comniodt
tlafl rlauae if It did oot otrn er ha-.e any
jT,tpract id the tranaported coal ef that
Wltll tll8t rtc e|gfOfl |V. ,-AW?"-dttl4>c. Cl8088 I
was conetdered by many a dead l*ttar, but
Attornay General Wtekeraham ?arrled tbe
case to the Supreme Court. where It araa
derree.1 that th# govemment mlght anaetad
Ha i-omplalnt and Involve the queation of
fort as to whether the rallroad haa any lu
t?rest ln the coal whlch it. transported.
.Tudse Gray. of the I'nlted States C.reuit
."ourt of th* Kast*-rn Dlafrler of Pennayl
vanla. Mgnerj an ordar at Wllmlngton. Del.,
this morning, permlttlng the flllng of tla*
am?nded complalnt. The govemment ia rep
resented in the actlon by the Attorney Oen?
eral, James A. Fowler. hla aaslatant, and
Kdwtn P. Orosvenor. special ABSistaJU At?
tornay i.eneral.
Philadelphia, July 6.?The amended blll i>f
complaint agalnft the Lehigh Valley Rall?
road rompany, whlch has for Its oojeot tne
s.paration of coal mlnlng from the rall?
road transpoftaflon buslness under th*
.ommodltlea clauea prohlbltlng rallroad
.?oinpanien fron. transportlng commodlflea
In whl. h they ur* interested, was fll.-d m
ihe r'riit.-?i S-ates Clrcult Court thla after?
noon bj F.dwin P Gro.ivenor, BpSaCSal ?B
?Istgni to the Attorney Oaneral
The raiiroad COOiMUiy has a mont . ro
make anewer and the , ase wlll not eome
b'.forr. the court for a tion untll :-,,me ilme
in the fall.
Mrs. Bridges Tells About Daugh?
ter and 'Absolute Life' Leader.
?"hfcaR-o. July fi ?Mr?. Felicla Rees oon
cluded her test.mony to-day In the tnal of
Kvelyn Aiti.ur See, founder of the "abeo
lute life" r-ult, and Mrs. Stephen BrldgeB,
mother of Mildred Brldgc?., with whoee
abduction Kee is charged, took the wltnesa
Mra. Rees. in concludlng her testimony,
declared that Btophan Brldge.*-, who ao
Baaaa Se.-, was at one time appolnred
? d*Bl Of tli" "ahso! ita life" cu'.t, hla
dutlea i,e>ng of a bajatBaaa nature.
Mr ''anrwell, attorney for the defen^a,
a-k.-d If Brldges had not made two con
tributlons of 11*81 and 8JB8, ..specUvely.
to the <-ult, b :t Mra Kees was not allowed
to answer She waj? allowed to stata,
boararar, that Rridges had madf about
nfry dtfferaai ciaatillMrtlocui
Mrs Prldees t88tlB*d tiiat she was re
sponsihle for Mildred. whe ls i-eventeen
years old, but that the girl was left at
See's BBt with the consent of her father.
Mildred beard th>e "book ?,f truth" read
pubiiciy. tha wltaaaa aa;d
Conaiderabla tefltinaony was heard ln an
endeavor to , lear up rh>- mystery sur
ruundltig 'Haael Danner. who the de
fence aaaerteil, ta a raa/th Tbere i? peoding
BSSinal Be* al*,, a suit m whlch George.
Danner aaka 110,880 for ti.* alleged abduc?
tion and mism-atment of ht* daughter,
Haael. Mra. Bridgee said i ia bad beaa a
eonverl to "abaolute hfr'' for tux yeara.
but hHd never known "Haael Dinner,''
v. ho ie ai!.-Ke.i to ba a nayth.
Mail Delivery Reductions Subject
of Complaint Sent to Capital. ?
[ l-'re - n-a Ti'h-n-a rvjrasu |
Wsshlnzton, Julv I -Brooklvn had st
lanlDg before th? MHBmlttee -.nvestluatipg
the Poetofllc* Depai tnu-nt when Renr*
-;entati-e Redtleld. of New Vork, depoalted
I* the lap of the .-ommltt-e an armful of
prot*r<ts from Brook'ynltes, who ?ay the
tnall deliverles In that dt* BTfl UB88tl8
Tiie F'ostoffl.-e Department. lt appen-a,
has recntiy ted'iced the number ol de?
liverles in Breottyit, aad Mr Red^e'd roid
the romuiit'ee it w?? WOritdaUJ 4*'?at h4rd
ihlp la both th? bualneea and restdeotlal
senlonp. Hl read from one petttkHB de
mandlng thal th- Houaa Committee al
reaaady "thla rank latti*ttea and gros? dla.
crtminatlen." Mr. Redfleld aald thal alaca
r?.A .*r, i.-? I as been curtalled manv out
of-town patrone of Bruokl>n atorea aie
UBlng tha lon* distan-o telephone i ??
than the mails ln forwardlng ordera
.'harl^s P Orandfleld, rarst Aaslatant
Postmaater Oeneral, waa preaent, and told
tha committee that the curtalled aervlc*
ha-i been neceB^ry becauae the Brookhn
te.-eipts did noi sliow up along with other
citlea of almllai als* St- G-andfleld d?
clared thai the departnaenl Iteelf had ra
,-ri-, e,j no complainta, and he aaaured ihe
ii,. ... . rnmlttee thal if complainta wera
reglatered thej would racalre e\ery < ?n
aideratlon from tha denartmeut
Ftepreaentative Redtleid. who is a mern
her ,.- . .- mittee. araa fairly loaded
down with '?omplaint-. however, aad bta
po-k-tc bu'.ged with wntten prorests arnen
h? began to plead lha cauaa of rh? Brook
i.-n patrons of the r?<>BtofBce
bottled beers has been earned by Anheuser-Busch for "The Old Reliable"
If, impoasible to improve upon iu Qualtty and PurUy, becau.e it i. brewed only from the beat
materiala and thoroughly aged in the largeat atorage cellara m the world. Ita rmldne.. and low
percentage of alcohol makea it frienda EVERVWHERE.
w, ... j i .,-,. i The Anheu?er-Busch Agency, New York.
Bottled only ot the S Bugch ^ Qq ^^
AnYi-uuser-Busch Brewery Distnbutors s ft?d
St Uui?, Mo, ' Anheuser-Busch Newark Agency.

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