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... , ,ntcrcsts May Be More
?ft Wced Than Ever
^ ,' c,vs Premier.
Before, Says i-i?
,.__A aew sltuatlon has
?^Morocco Foraomeda:
:;:^dfr,,^- ^Kuropean
the new. , preiaartng
Prtna Mlntater Aaaulth.
J.',, ? ,s added that ln his ordnlon
.J Lovernmenfa future develWn<*
,n,evestS more ,1,
?? . . therto has been the case
Z - Ot the turn event* have
- Mr lequith'fl
elaed upon
. , to Brltlah
na with France waa al
and loud cheers broke
rh<- chamber. tbe
unltlna ln
tha minlaterlal tlec
Mr ? gtrii c expression to
laalon wlll
? . ref.ectcd
? bo heard him.
??? ? rumora of a
8 and 51 *
?i - luence
tf arai - ,,:Ht
tv, iu rjern warship to
? WUhelmatraaae hav
? ?occan
1 i
ritli goren
? ?
? ? -
- ?
ln the
Germany Desires to Ncgotiate
. France Alone.
??'.-? many
? ake knoaarn a
? ? at. nea m
iin, bul l f ? ?
? '
\ ? ?
- ?
? ? ? l-'.-.l
? . - tO tiie
; , ?
? m for
tlon of the
.- the supervlslon of
Sister of Richard Harding Davis
Marriei Kinef*s Chaplain.
ari. k Per
rlval l nd do
? mi ? '?' Nor?
? r's. Weel
' ? rlde I
af tb< Iphia,
i pj
?'?? arai
u pjhep
? ? ? ? ..'? . vlear
nd M -? . ??
ti ket - ??
? ? ? iValea Princeaa Vlc
Mn Reld,
t Sandringham,
AttA";' to Take Plaee of
' . 'or Informer.
? 4?
.'.-d oarlng
t the Ini
: d.
mt on
. ited,
* ? . Ma
. Ina. st
*'?-' Mi M ? ?') Field Jr. En
B ' LondOfl Home.
- -. -ari
. .| COH
' I ' w?nt
.ii j
: ?' ?
il .- rland,
m pass ciH iwo
Committee Stage of Veto Bill
Concluded in Upper House.
Lords Reluctant to Yield Control
of Money Bill-New Clause by
Lord Comer Adopted.
I/Ondon. July 6. The eommlttee stage of
th, Parllament blll, otherwls. known an
the veto Mll, for the curtailment of the
powers of the Lords waa OOncluded in the
Hr.iise of U.rda to-nlpht. AtthOUgh manv
amendments and new rlaupi-s s^ekina to
modlfy Ita prnvislnn-i were pronoB?>d by
indeiiendent member*., these arere nll arltb
dra4\n or re1e,-te.|
The debate throtiglioot dlaplayed irreat
rest|\ener-a nn the part of the peera a-j-alnet
th-'ir leadera, and ther*- \4-....- MKnifloant
dlfferencae of oplnion. Liord Pt Aidwyn,
who as Mlehael Edward IIIcka-Baach waa
Chanoellor ..f the ESsclx |uer ln IMI and
a-tram In 1*X-l!a<2. the flnaneial anthority on
th.. Conaervatlve side. rnore than ome de
cUned t.. \*ote with his party.
Houae of i..>rds ahowa the greateat
reluctance t.. yleld its eontrol ot money
bllls. Aa the blll leave-s the f.otds it com
?-. ., Jolnl commlttee .4?' -lx inembcr-5
of the two honses the power >.f deddlng
r or not any i.iii is a mone) blll -a
? the p,,vernment hiii repoeea
ln th- Bpeaker of the Houae ot Commona
ther, the aame commlttee arlll have
rtual powor of referrlna any tm
pr.-t mt Mll to a reterendum of the -,eopie
Ti ? reporl ataga bai I ??? n dxed by the.
for July 13. and When the blll goes
ba< k to the House ot Commona lt 1? certaln
thal ' ? a ? ? 4\ clauaea and amendment*
?arlll ?? .- blo What rourse th"
4vi'i then adopt la uneer
taln, but thi ngeal Influencea are i."in<
1 brought to baai from the atrongeat n tlon
! of the t'nionlat party to perauade tbi '? ? l
-- igalnal forctng the lovernmenl to in
\oke thr- creatlon r.f five hundred peera
Afti r iriiament Mll, re?
| latlng to bllla mher than money bllls. 44 n?
r.?s?'-4'i thi d<??? on tl ?-? new
? ividing
tment immlttee of
the ta ? termlne th- 1 haracter
of bllla and to declde whether the;. come
' within thi
. .
i mone*; bllla 1 -
? ? House of "ora
m ns alo> ?
tbe latti ae ol
4 4
I rromer fello** '"nionist
to fl
.... - with
iey de
nol 1 aiil
menl of the quesl
Lort aald when he prevtouely
. Jolnt com
? waa men
wyn' Mlni
? ommltt ? f flla
tand how mei 1 who
ft ra ...i ThU
clauae, he declared, would deati
.. ?? thi Pai
rtrayal of 11
Therefore, thi fovernmenl would
.. ?. rr;,! j.rers had spok- I
n." clauae lt 4s rpted and
?..,?-<, to tha Mll.
President Gomez Charged with
Accumulating Large Fortune.
Havana, July I Attacka recently made
on PreaMeJ ? ?; mei by a n< wapaper " 1
hown much oppoi tlon to the ad
. . ? -rjnnlna to
. ?? ; ortance. Uongr< Bn ai
?. . ,1 of the ra wspaper ' El Wa. '
rged the Pi*eerldenl with the accumula
tion of a huf-e fortune durlng tl ?? two
1 admlnlatratloa
. Isflued ? dtati
! inventory of hla eatate,
BhowB it to be ot 01 ' ? modei it<
. red prlor to hli
lenda as w< ah and undlgnlfled and
denoui ? emlea aa an atti mpl
,,, covei ? ulpal llltj Thi ? ' ol the
ln a boal
iletlng rumora.
-j-t,,, ... . roaimlttee of 1 ne ' '01 a< 1
aatlvea dli - ' * matter laal ntaht
-ed that tt did nol 1 ?
? , actlon aaainflt the P ? -
lt ia noa rumored thal ? rld* n< ?
. oi proji cted ',1 ?
.... Oriente an
Rlo Thi !'?? aldai ? la n pr< m nted aa mu h
. .?,, He u aald to have declared
ai the first atgn of d arould
.. the fleld at the head of the Rural
,-?.?., and rruah the i-evoluttonary move?
menl ln the i.'ai
,, waj learned to-nl?ht on *ood author
It, that there exleta much ureaalneaa
of whom ?
. . :,i |n Havana a? parl ol ' >e P*i
?^ ;'.:" '
., ot theli belna auddenlj cal. Into
' S'r *? A?
Report. from the ? u
?"""?" ?* ** ,m"
? iprla.ng. but tha run-ntlnua
. . . ,,i.na ln a atro 1 under
rrenl ?'v ? _
Dublin Preparing for the State
Entry on Saturday.
Duwm, July t-Th? ??"???? **
..u, v,si..?. read lo welcome
?\;V.:. ?? ? bua:?*??.?
_ lha deooratlona aloni '?*?? 11 ni
. figl
;:".?..* * ij**"
mexican strikers riot
Two KlUed and Five Woiinded in
OaTkirga by Poliea.
M#1 ? two r***?"*".
' Il
.:.? r: 'S
? ? '
.ir.liri' ni" ?"' ''"'"? of
,,,,ii. uatronlfled the cara_
? ? " "; rtS/opuc.
M-'"i' Ala.. Juh ? l" " ,,?,?, ,?
. . ? ,, heid hen b " ?; ?',.
fl rated the eeU t0.
. ?'" ?"l,Ji
Sphere of Fresh Air Fund's Ac
tivities Increased.
Report of Society Shows Cost of
Only $4 73 Each for 11,044
Vacations in 1910.
Year hv venr the places interested ln the
work of the Tribune Fresh Alr Fund In
rreasp in n'imher N'ot a year eoes by
bnt some new rcRlon extends a cordlat
Invitation to some of the p?nr children of
Now Torh Moreover. those places whl<h
onre write weleenie over the|r Ratea mmn
n!l\' repeal their InvHation senson after
Thla venr North Rennimrton. VI . Is one
of the newtjr mt4B*e8ted plaees A small
party of twehre bojra was sent thither jres
terday, and if the ahadea of Motly stark
are n..t dlsturbed* dnrlne the next twe
weeka it wlll be l.erause the dozen small
mchlns who Invaded Vermont |T8Bterdajr
are overawed hy the hlpness of the moun
talna or becauB* thal faatoue lady grew
? rmed to "hlp nolsrs" when hei
townapeople heat haok the redcoats ln that
- t.attl" of Benn'ngton whl>*h dldn f
make her a wldow.
At anv rate. Mvrv one of the do7.^r, boy
waa not only a Maj noise bul a glad ne|*.>
featerday morninsr And w-ho would not
be nt t)-e tho.icht of a rhanee from the
New York of ihe last week to the rool r*.
treats ard rrvsta! streams and lakes ef
tiie Oreen Mountalna? Then, too. thea*
rtattora arere eoint- to he entertained tn
j state Their hosfears. Mr? BjajtB von B
i McCullough, ls the danR-hter-ln-law- of a
former ."".overnor of Vermont. so that the
had no fear of the rereptjon that
wo?ild ba ircorded them
Cambridge, N v. la another of this
n<->w- Fresh Alr rentres. There nvist
' h.ive heen what the harometrle expert"
r would rall a Fresh Air " hiarh'- in the
? ? .i of F,than Allen's old r?nde7.
thli aeaiaon, for <*amhiidge. tor. 's
the foothills of the Green Moun
i tains. < ambrldge waa better off hy twenty
i of New Vork- fifire eftajr fathers taal
nieht. Whlle, 'ons>derlns* the name nf the
pln<-e. jt has an imposslble sound, r'am
hr'.lcr and Its people wlll prohahly learn
BOmethlng from them ln the next fortm.Kht,
bul it w-ll h* as nothinc comrared with the
ea of ioformat|on about eo-in'rv ltfe
rtattora irlll earrv away with
? resuit of their atar.
marked tha openine of the
\ir aeaaon,
art lea at some of th>?
inged Flfty H ap
? omi from Tenafly, N.
. mor? W4?re sent to tak. ? ?
?i , 'onv.i ?
... .. ond parl 9 of forl :?
Uttle 1 from hoapitala and -' h
? r ? , mdred
? ? ? :o tha
ird Hlll Home
? thin fourtl annual iepori ..f the
I Tribun. Fund Bociety, covering the work
of i'k- aeaaon oi ???:,,. .-am.- from tha preaa
? ??.,-. tccording to its figurea, during
ti, perlod of the fund'a exiatence,
children have h..-! vacatlona of two weeka,
;,t ;, ? ? ? ndltura ol 8781,18881 <'f
these totala, ll.r-44 ehiidren wer* sent out
? na 1810 at an expendlture of 8aa%2907,
,.r aboul il 72 a pei s?,n. Thla per caplta ? \
,r.- waa ? ? nlgheat ln tha htatory
, : ? . fund'a acUriUea end Indlcat.
, -.,,?! on th, parl "f the naanafi mi al to
i w,,rk better each year. Tha iwo
, - rtclpal Item - >.: eai ? nea for last year
? ? | . ;?> ;i paid ior the traaaportatlon
of childrei I . rta, and 04.11 I ?
p, : di t Coi thi maintenaai ? "' th* rarlaoa
... hom, ? , optaa "i' ti"' repun may
. ? !.,,.i ipon , ? |ui ?--'.
a compartaoa of tha f.gi.res for tb* cur
i-iit aeaaon iu dati ahowi tbat^about^wo
...-.,1 children i.j-.c_ th ?*? tarj-y1._:.'j-j
i., to* country and \?? ?? aboul FUt.ouu na
. ntrlbuted to tbi work 11 la evi
a.iit frOm lh? ? l - ? laUng thoa.
:?. i |...ii ,,- ., baala foi ? omputatloi
fai n ? eipta u ? ? turei ava
? k> pi pace. The manag. mi n1 ol tha
i.ii.i ii greatl) hamrmrod bj thla atat. o1
aftalta, aa the worli hai to tn planoed far
< an. ?, aad greal plaaa caaaol ba
inleaa recelpta warrant ll
i ? ? .- - ii
Kutti 6. ti and Margarel <? 8.
hureh .,f Newtown,
Bh L, M Ha'haw;. .
n ia
Vt., ? IV. H
.il.l: ' ' ? '
? \ n lan, ? . aodi i
, atharlne .1 BobWni n fll Brida*.
\ i .
jian i ran, li aad Mabel .?
: .
11 H . Mrlar. llff .?
j--. g, \v tibanjr, N v .
\..:i . i nami ,.... Inltli -
mi-- ,\..., M;..ai.,t. i. Mouni Vernon,
N ",
\ i- rj and i' M ?? .
\ U Bmitii .
E R M??* .
H. I, '.
M.a A Sa-kfit
? Kr,.,it rlahea to aand two li.
tl,. \,,\^ to .'??? country"
I E. W. D.
.1 A-Diiir Harra.t
i ? - i ' ' ? . N Y
i ... .,? my mother, ' H A < ?
- | j pei Ment, lalr, N 1."
T. 1.
M Oeer, ha?t (>ran?r>". N I
., 'annon, Maw M?' an, <'-.nn
E. lOf .
ory at A l H and a f h
Patteaon, Philadelphia
P. B. 8 .
"81 Regia I'Bbln"
? r* 8 aama I ? D
M s Detnareai
R Baal
M --? ??-,: S '-letv nf
. ? 1,-i.s , ? iini>e|
"Klndlj Minii name." a i. B
. . na offertna ' ? i '?' ?' '
clalr friend"
v c i, \v im Mo im Vernon, N v
rribuai T K H
,: ? .?? n N'- 8 R a?he1le,
N v
,. iha donor i nama Mlaa
lo noi arkn '??? ledaje, .1 / I
i- i, M N'? -. V-.ik lltj
, . .. i., n ' publlsh name, .. T I.
M,, julla i: kelaey, K, oklyri
? ,\ friend ot theaa hitla ehlldren
[... ||. nrj r M'-h?> n, Inaal. reatn,
N. V
I. .if ,' K , .
i. \ '.
.1 A I ? .
J \\ g .
? 1 Bn Hh .* .
H \ F. ..
fl, rg< II M.ie
. ihe donor*a name, Mra <
11 '? s- ,
i aara k C? ? '
"K .-!.-?.'?.'
.\ n B I "?' ' ' '
la Mi k
4. .41
:? oo
i .mi
in ,>o
| .,!, 'ir.-.. ii M,i?a
\\ rv| \. '.. .
fi IH.
1.1 IM*
1 00
] i n
B phtlllpa. BprtnBneld Maaa
. ? ""';"? . \,! p
... .,,... ! I' 188 I ti
H Ml
lii 1
,. | . , . Y,? ',-. ra. K
.. . ,- -' H M"'*
. . Harti lal*. N 1
'u- loaepl ' i reeman Bi -
241 ,?,
r, 00
1 00
r. i?
1 ,sn
2 00
11 ...
r, ae
1 ,,,1
?? .0
1 ,ai
1 ,"
H \". KI' v Hihlni -te
f |, Il.l-"
Btar ? n' V
8 00*
v di ,?it the donor'a nam,- ara
0 e. *
.,.,;.. nama,
v. tt. a ? ? ,52
" ' " BM
, H ' '
?.I ? I '?? ?
I I.,' ? ? ?"? I
.,.,-.,.,- , ? r ti
, r Ha, .?"-? a N J -
.h \|,l,,,l Jr.li ""'
Ml ii''-."n
' ' l,Awa
,. \>, Be. -i l-""*- ""* B v
1 ,.. ? 11 name, m
18 00
If. "SO
w 1.
Rubber ''"
? tl I
Mn l 1 U t:" " ' I '
11 -\ rlamlyn, Old K-.ri!.. N a
, . . ? ? nf 1
? ...
1 BB
88 00
2 ,,??
in 00
1 aa
.'. ,?i
:,,, h ,
I ' ll, -I ? t ': II
11. ?i?.i n
Ex-Senator's Life Work Re
viewed by Judge Parker.
Ex-Judge Says Cleveland Dis
claimed Any Idea of Treachery
on Ex-Governor's Part.
Alhnnv. July. ?.?A dl*fIneulahed -srather
inj- ln tbe Aaaenabiy Chamber to nii-ht mok
part ln a memorl.-.l Bervlcfl arrnnirzed by
the leKislntnre ln honor of Pa4ld Penn'tf
HIII. totmer Qo*t*e*raor nnd f. rmer United
stat.i s?nntr,r Oovernor Ma praalded nnd
the m.'iin eiilosy W88 ?1> Il\er>d hy Alton B.
Parker, former <hief jtodgt <>f thf Court
?,f Appeala, an tothrnate Mead aad i" Utl*
ea] aeaoctate of the dead Btateeman.
The Asaembly Chamber waa taetefully
draped 4vith ambtema ..f mouralng r,n a
|empr>rary platform, ere.-ted over the
spe.-iker's dr-k. 881 QovernOf Hlx. s'lr
rounded bjr hla ataff, a'atr nffl<-i*fis, mem
bara f the Court of Appeala an.i many
politlcal taaaodatea nnd friends of t'ie
dead rran, 4-hiie the rnembera of the i^c-"
i.-iatnre. who attended ho a body, ecupled
aeata ln rhe well ->f the chamber Although
tbe. heat ln th.' i.iiildinK ?a? oppreaol fl,
tbe floor and r*aJ*-e**iea wer.- 4*..-u fllled
Tinere wen s--i.-. ti<-n-d by an **ccbe8tra aad
Qovarnot r>\x in a hrief addreaa . ai^d
attentlon te th.- great w.,rk of Ifr. HIII in
? ,,f the tjoaamonwealth, wblla ludg*
Parker re.'lt?d at langtfa 'he larger
Of blfl dead friend'B lon-,* pubilc -'rvir-\
Mr Parker revlawad the frietton imwoen
Oovernor mn and Prealdenl Cleveland and
gn\* aome ijnpubllaned data m ahow that
although thr- rlvalry betarean theaa 1444.
leadera waa Intenae, Mr. Cleveland had ex*
preaaly dlaclalmed anv idea of twachenr
on Mr Hlll'a part Judge Parker aald that
Mr Clevaland imdeeatood the Bltuation.
.md thus aapreaacd blaaaell rrabaa*a*p*ently:
1 wani * du aome tlma to correci tha
falsi- impreaalon abroad that 1 elther have,
or had, an. Idea 01 impri lalon li U tne
Preaidentlal ttckel 44a.- tha vtcttm 0
treacher* in Nen Xnrh ln tl.lon 01
...x * .!,..). could underatand i.-tter tnan
i how that fleemlngly contradlctory reeuu
wai i.4.i. hed My 1 ampalgn f?>r re-electlon
v..i?.. of neceaalty, made upon a alngie na?
tlonal i.??- ie ao forced to the fron' that, aa
1 hrA foreaeen, there waa no auch
.,.. evadlng it, even lf my party or mysei
bad ao desired
., n.ind. 'he atnte campalgn
': tr to Itaelf, arlth tl eti own
aupporters men ?ri *vh<im the ???
from 1 lelneflfl ?nd polltl. al itrolnt "? vlew,
only tha remoteat Intereal Th?
hr.d thelr own organlaatlon foi th< pur
. ? 1 1 .pertj nndei nelr
? aud lurli llrtloi ey had tne
er for thi
?' . . . ,1 thai they exerclacd l
power In tl
... . Ihe 1
f thi
? ? - had a
. . fj,-.)., ,,, ,!.. go i '
... ? . ,1 the
rmltted my*
r nla
" f:,r ;|S
| . r- e.l
1 (,,,. ... Imire and pr Blfl
Klll 1 ' ' '?- ; "
?? ,;.?. ,f t| ? ?? ?
. . ,. ? v ..-:, ii kept down laaa
nl in enrrvlno* out tne
? ,,. ,; i.i. 11 ol hla partj an I our m
r>tn tiona
"Kevertheleea." Judaa Parker contlnued,
v.er?- those wirhin the party who,
. tr. auppoii It, and agatnsi
tho overwhelmtng welghl nf evldeni e to
the eontrary, rhnrt-'ed dlaloyalty en , in-.
ernor Hlll'a part The injuatlce of II "*?>
hard to hear, i';' II waa horne allentl* aaid
plalningly, aa waa hta aronl ' He
lt waa hla rule aevai lo anawer ?n at
tack, however unjuit The wneclotj
thnt li-' had done ntht for right'a ?;,!..? waa
anfflrlenl foi 'i''1 '??' othei faltM I* aa
ajg-n a 1 ad re aboi for a lae bi tlon ?
tlon when he had, ln fact, acted, If
tbe: would anawer he would not
? iltltude ? ? thlnga accom
..i bj legialatlve actlon, bul due to hla
Inti iti ? ind recommendatlon. a
The auhatltutlon ot electrocutlon for
. ng
h titul on of Labor Day and thr Batur
!t holiday.
li ran. >? of <? e richt of reiiclo.is llberty
p ibll Inatltutlonfl.
,, .,;r 1 . th< Baeoutlve >.f power to ap
. >? f,.,,.,. ,,, tak- teatlmon) on appll
for pardon*
Creatlon of l ?? Btatutor* RevUlon Com
? rlltlna of the flnal dlapoaltlon of
murder caae bj permlttlng dlrecl appeal
to the Ci url of Appeala
. . ? Ol 1 ' '?" ? ? ' ' ? ^n.l
rt<atlon ol a rommlaalon to hav general
;. ? thereof
i: ? -.-,-. arblfrallon for dla
piitee 1 ? '. ? ei and ei
Llmlti ? ? 1 ferencea und. nen
.,,,... . .... third of entate
, . ? auperaedi d I 1 ?? ? 1 al in I
. 1I1..I1 .! ? n
iy,. organlaatlon, aupervlalon
I ...1 adtnli letratlon of U u?l .p inlea
Inauguratlon of Induatrial tralnli. la
m hooli
Creatton ot Commlaalon for I'mmotion r.f
fnlformlty of l^glsl?tlon In the United
i-^tai.Hsiiment r,f rounty roadn, the pred
- o' ,..ir stat.- ?
Amendment ?f the rh-u Bervl**' law t.v
r\\ itu- a preference to ireteranfl of the (*f**t|
orlglnfltlna nf leglalatlon neamat
.?lild laboi In thla al iti
Prohibltlon ot atectloneerlng within Ifl
?,.. of the polla and ti..- ln tltutlon of rot
Ing 1.ti a
\>n. ndmenl to Penal rode requlting can
?.? to nie atatemenl of expetiaea ten
daya after .-lertjon
Btatutor) dlrectlon to rertatn .-lasses or
corporatlona t.> make areekl) paymenl of
w iikcs and aalai'
Xhlfl was n tn in, nf hlphe-t i?|enl? anrt
elean life, fearlea?, Incorruptlble, aealoua m
nolltlca, loyal lo the coundla and piinclplea
,.f hla I'.-if ? t iit; ful t.. every public n iat,
ronsclentlo iely de' oted to 'he arelfare ol
,.,. people, endurlng calumn) patlently.
eaaer to help all dlntreaa never rauntlng
hia rertltude or benen>enre?. and 1 rlng
,.. nal qtialltlea thal made nis fn.-ndsiitp
a thinp to he cherliihed with nothtag leaa
itear and Bacred than tlea of home and
. 11. -f klndird
Hv (,. death I la profeaalon 'o^-e^ an rihie,
logiral :in<i Bcholarly advocate, hla party a
notent, enthuiilaatli and pre-emlnenl lead
,.r ..,,,,! 1 intry ??> great, far aeerlng ^nd
hr'oad-mlnded atateaman
-]-,, |ha amallei rompany of hls frlenda
the losa i" '?' ?'" ''"'? tor ni-- frlendflhlp
f,>r othera, once glven, knew not rhange
or dlmlnutlon through clrcumatance or time
Ti.,. ronaolatlon thal remalna reata ln tne
truat thai hla frlendahlp knowa no el inge
I through eternltyl
n *r< ?? araph ta Ttaa Trltwne 1
rtrl.lirrf..rt <*.mn . .Tnlv * Wllllam f>arl
H- pi-dmp Jr and Mlaa Blanca Ludfl rie
Moultn *rVeat were raarrled thi* evenins
;,r st Mary*a-by-tbe? 8ea, near thi^ cttj* I
The aitnr waa banked 44ith Baater II k
Inrkspnr and blue bachelef huttnna The'
ntiiia i-arrtred a prmyet h^<u and a bea*a*fael
of llllea
Mlaa Loulae lla.ilnnl. 8 flnwet *rlrl. .ar
,,.,1 |.ok<- bnnnef fll'rd with Idne hirhelor]
l.iiftot:"- The u?herv. who 18888 Bll elaaa- j
[nafe-. nf the -rrnnrf" at ^'nle. wr,r?- hloe ,-orn
n&wera tn ha**nor "f OM Sl They were
Cdward F Sherman. '>t AII.Htn Wllfred
A Hnr,l?1e\, ..f Wfiterl.iirv . i'harh?, A
Battlg. 't New Hevea and n-nr' E E
N- |,,,nii.i of WTIIkea Barra Pann Dr W
li i, aria, rector of Bl John'a Epl*M*opalI
, ?,,,,,,' i,. pai foi mad Ihi . > '?? n oni Mr and
*Mi? Blahop plan t<> mK-' a Buropeaa tour
[Bl Tel?-flraph te Th?- Trlt.imr (
. hamton, N f . Joly l The weddlng
of Ralph Orirtlle W*llgua, ..f Rad I inh
v i a ii" i** i onnei led with lha lan Ih m
,' f n'Brlen Boardman, Ptatt | Llttleton.
,,' saa Tork. lo MI m Bt asla 1 \i
,,f n,.nt.i. whlch looh placi ,t the home
of thi brld - mother, Mra w N Moah. i
? araa one of the faehlonahle eoclal nffHlr- of
i.i,,. ,,;..nt aeaaon Pollowlng an auto
' ?,. blfe honeymoon tour Mr. and Mra u ,i
Bua uin llvi ln Red B infc
i?anonaburg, |,,nn ?lll,v ,; Oeeegja
,,, . .1 thirt\ Hv.-. 8 t\-v.-1, i,., , ,naM
II Maw *i"tk. "a- kllled, aad <'aii Pai
.'.,.,' H Bporting edltor of Waahlngton,
Penn ami ?' Outhrli.lolfeui 44.
r|?,iBii Injured lo ???<? wh? a theli t itotrno
nil, turned Mirtje near htie Browaa
1 ?, k 4. , broki n t
. .IV.ill. ,fil llJIllllhlhllllll.. III.
The person who asks ii it's "hot enough for you'*'
Short Hlll* N J. Julf '"' '>peclal).
jamea Rodgera. sdverUBtajj manager for
Harper A Brothers of New York. la dead
ai his, horn* here. a rlctim of 'he hoi weath
tt of the laat few Aaya Ha had been UI
from a aervoua bre.ikdown whlch fan into'
,.i:)in favei nd yeatarday bta temporatura
mounted to 187
Mr Rodgera had llved ln Bhorl Hllla Bloca
laat , ictober He waa with the publl
aan Ha waa a men
the Atdlae .\--...-ii,ion .-.nd tke Bpblna*
club of New rogk- Ha was also a paal
grand regeat of the Royal Arcanum la
N-,.w jeraej Ha waa bora in N?w York
Ijft, .,.?< ago ne leavaa a wife and foar
rhlldren I
ttaBl KT TERRY, one of the pioreers
I -.,,. ?,. naai - alon* the Hud
aon Klvei, dled at Klngaton yaati
ajjed -? rrty-< Ight >ears. Ha was Ui Aral
maaufacturer lo uaa sathractta cosl ha
burnlng brteh
riuure in lha Order of the Knlghtfl of
Pvthtaa and a prominent buataeefl ? -
dled ar Newburg, N Y. yesterday agad
ilxty-flve reara H? waa grand chancellor
... tha N>" York state pythlan order ln
intl was a past supreme representar i\ e
oi the fraternlty
died yeaterday al hta home in Montclair
He tearea a wlfe, Joaephtaa Ward Bouth
;,, k Ha was born in 1888, a son of AUgUBta
.. arpod Bouthach and K.ank Tllden
Smitha k Notlce of the funeral wlll be
announced later
HENRV I 'l.AY VAIIa a natlve of
Dutcheaa County, and f.-r many years a
real eatat* operator In Benaophurat, Brook
imi. dled yeaterilay al the home ,.f bla
Boa, Cari M Vall, of Paaaalr*. N. J Mr
Vall waa ln hla etaThty-flrsI year. The fu
neral will b* hi I I al Paaaalc tii-raorraw,
ill 11 ?. I.i
DR P N BINOHAM dled Bl hta home
lu New Brlghton, Staten Island. on
Wedneaday nlghl, at th* ageof aeveatj two
\rai< Th* cauM of his death waa glven
?a the excea Ive heal and worri over bla
recenl dtamlMal from the llahili .uaa ae*
vh-e He was an army aurgeon In tna
,'ivii War. and for thlrty-Ava }'?n waa ln
L-harae oj the purchaa* of medical auppllea
for tne Ea i rn ' I -'on of the llghthouae
?era k?.'?
Qucen Dowager of Portugal Will
Be Buried Saturday Near Turin.
Turla, lulj I The body or Marla Pla,
Queei l ?o?ak'.-r oi I'ortuaal, aill t* I rled
Baturday eft4rrnoon la the bastllea nt tha
royal burtal church, teaeraja, whlch atanAa
. aat of Turln.
Km? Vlctor Bmmanual ..nd Queen Heiena
wlll attend the funeral Bervlcea, uhile J,
M Lambertlnl Plnto, thi Portugueea fclnvoj
nt R< me, haa been ordered t,, Turin to
, r'l'i ??*-??''' th* Pottuajueaa govemment and
Secretary of War to Attend flonfer
cnce of Fortifications Board.
Henrv l. snir.a..n. Becretary of War, ac
companlad t,\ Mra BUrnaoa, saiied for uaa
.'anai /.ui.- yeaterday on tl.e Ualted Pruit
,n\ i ateamahtp Baata Marla Th*
ratarj aald tba trlp aaa p irstj oeM "r
i ifltaeaa, tha principal objecl ,,f whlch waa
I., ittend a coafarei.f lha board ol forti
i itlona
With Mi Btlmaon waa Brlgadlei Oeneral
4 in.. ii.** R Edward*, . l.ief of th.- Bureau
,,f iii-.ii.-i. Affalra Bhortly before tha rea
...-i aailad Major Oeneral Predertch Denl
On in l arrivad from fJovernor*a lalaad In
hla motor yachl ind bad* Mi Btlmaon and
irty K"odhy_
I ,,k> ''.''" >'" N I . lulv .'? I.ni'i 01,
bm ui araa rapld to-da; la th.adltlon ol
Bdward M Bbepsrd, arho hai aen III hara
f,? ioaa* tlma paat Mi Bbapard la Ira
provtna bj the houi hta aecretary. I*. C.
.:-a\ Bfl . itiiiiu',.,, > d tO'Blfht
Mrs. Dodge's Will Shows $80,
000 for Various Institutions.
Bpecific b4Batie8ta amoi nUng to ??n.<v?. for
half a doz^n publlc Inatitutlona and con
tingent bequeata ?,? much more for the
aame beneficlarlea ara mada ln tba win "f
Mra May C< aaitl Dodg -. flled y* '?
n the Burrogate'fl ..tii,.-. Mra ,Dodga wan
t ? aidow .t Oeorga Egleatbn Dodge, a
son >,f William EarlSlSodge Bhi dled on
al hei ? ?..untrjr home ;>: Tuaedo.
The Inatitutlona whlch benefll hy the wlll
ol Mra D dga ara Lincoln H oa .*.!. Pb.888;
Sai.t.i Clara Branch r,f tb* Wijrklng Olrl'fll
Vacatlon Bociety, 810,008; Chiidren'a Ald
B. ? li iv. 110,000; Bt John'a Qui ?'. ?' 1.000
Nea v.irk Blbta Bociety, - ? tdlron
dacka Cottagi Banltarium, Baranai Lake,
110,000, and Vaasar College, 810,008
Mra Dodge lefl to her daughter, atm.'
. *thi rln* Andi ua i aaitl Rog ra, rll
.Ir.hn B Roggra, 1100,000 outrtght; also her
<it\ ho. ae, No tl Weat 57th atreet, hei
m.-r home ind tiie rei er larga ee
for Ufe. At the death of Mr- i
it ta to go to hei
aad if not the reaidue of the es,,t. li
. ? i e dlrlded among the laatltuUoi
read] I ln one-fifth and one-tenth
I arts
To her slster. Mrs Helen ."ossitt Jul
Mra Dodge lefl <?????'. and to her broth
er-in-law. Auguatua l> Jullliard, finn.iwi
John Bhllllto Rotfors. aon-ln-law, also r*
? ? - 1100,000, Mra Lillan Btoke* Olllea*
ple, a nlece, and Mra Ellaabeth Coaattt
Btoke* Vatable, recelve $:?'.??*. e;.<h Kati
Kennedy, long a falthful aervant (n tl.e
employ of Mrs Dodge, recelvea i 000
Each aervant In her empl reara al
tha time of her death rea ? from
.he eetate of Mra Doolge, -*r.i - , | -,..rVant
.fi her employ more than three yeara and
leaa than ten ?? i ara recelvea IOT
Mtaa Valeska Buratl aill preeeat every
chorua glrl In her company with .. weeks
va.-..ii,..i ...i full aatary nnd ail hotel *x
- paid at Atlant.r Clty, atseordlBg to
an enn >ui.ment mada h.st nlght nt the
Qloba Thaatre, arbera aha is plajiag in
The Uo,\ Roee." The girlfl Wlll have the
muing in relaya of two aeel week
Heary W Bavage cloaed negotlattoaa
yeeterdaj with Frederlch Ward* for his
appearancc In the part <u' Noiaody ln the
spe^iai "Everywoman" company, which
win beRin the regutai aeaBon al the Audl
torium Theatre, ln Chlcago, ba 11 toher.
Mr Warda haa played Bhakeapearian rotaa
for twenty-flve ve.irs.
William Hammarataln baa ordered a
thousand linen ooata foi tba uaa -f the
men patrona ot Hammeratel ' Roe Gai
den during the toVrtd Bpeil A checkroom
wlll i>o aatabltahed on 'he .<>,?.. where linen
. dlfferenl ateea w-.ii be gta*en ...
thoae who M.-k for tham Tha man'a atrei l
,-,,,-u wlll be checked until he leperte, whea
| .. will return the lm."i BOBl Bad re.elve
his OWB I" return.
Be, ? gtaau ? ??'?,
? ;,
, ; , ,. ' ' ' '.
., ..f
WH ' '? ? '. '
V..i- ? o* ."IvBl of ? i a from tha
ii ii \ r.i.r lt 8 ?*?**. B J ? I*ll ?'? '? "?'?
, M 8 Blauvatt ol -
i, , ? , ? I 7*> r*-? ? ?- ll '
h, iBuahfr, Mn ? ? a (AS
Kiih ava feoaetla, Balurday, Julj ? ?t io
M" . .. ,- Befon
I 8 .-'?
,, ?. ,? D ? >".?? ra i ?.- eaan
RRiaua Ob lalj ? Ba11 Daaa wldaa al
. ' ,? ,.. bi %*? I" h. , BHth rea. run. i ,i
aVrvlrea I ???? "" ' >"'"' "f '*?? Ho"*# '"'',
., ., . , . . -I. - .i.i*-i .
I il ' i- ?,,
, ondk i tt Dovai N I ruead ir, Juh ?
, , wrinda - oBdlei M D ln lha 04?h
? "'. a ii ba
tila it. '"?">? Bo . I Proapael at.
*rlda>. Julj .. ?' J l' ?'
FRENCH Tn N**** ror* latj *?. MU, Fran
r^i. Boarea, "-Idovv of 'i^rj? ii Fr?nch.
Funeral Bervl ea ai i ' 'irl Mexico,
S \
HARRIS'iv-A|n*i W., audder.l;-. lul] t, 1011.
?r lar* realdenee So TOS Ka'.rmounr,
Plaoe. Paaaral aenrtceB "Wday, July ". a
0, 11..
H.^r.; ol Haaagera ot tr.' Sew y< rk Be'ant
...x Park leam **irri ?nef of
ol atra Eathar H-*rrman. a patroa
r.f th.- Oarden Thre-ig-liout th.* d?v'l.,pm?nt
? ?> a inatltuttofl Mra Herrraan haa been
???r*at?d ln Itfl ?'? H .iMnnai .ind
recreatlonal **ork. whleh Bha iraa on-- of tha
fusr to make poaeibl*.
N. u britt.in. BaeretaiT'
HORTOS?garah A?n?- Colllaa artfa of Oeorga
I- **v Horton. en Tueaday, Jul) * Funeral
1,-r late realdenee, So 810 L*xington
ave., BrnokK!,, an Frtdey, Jaly t, at t
? k p. in.
I bj j<, i\_on Wdneaday. Ju'.\ V at Stelton,
N J. Pet.r H Lerjon. la hia 72J yaar.
Puni ral Prldai afternoon, Jul) T ?' l *n- *t
n,pri-t Chureh. Take tr.iln 1?*''Ing
v Fenr-aylvania Railroad, rta Hud
j,.,n Teriunal. ar 12 BtMO. Return rratn
. 88 p m.
-? kTHAK?Ofl W.-rineaday. July 8, IB1L Cath
beioved at-lfe of i'm" Sathaa. nativa
9 irirf Count; .].-". Ireland ReUtt**eo
;nl,i' frlende are Invlted 'o *rr*r.d th* funeral
from ii'r lare reflidence No 234 Soeneat ?* ?
aa Frid* f, Jaly T, at I :;?> a m.
SORTl .V ? la.ibel Ncrton. af*d r}8 Fun*ral
' -The runerai Chureh." So 241 waat :3d et.
i Frank F ( an pbel Bulldlag), Frlday morn?
ing ;i ., eloek.
PHCLPI -gt iA-irel Run. Penn. en Thuraday.
1811 F*"t***ete Al*xand?r Pb.elpe. flf
"*,Vllk*B-Rarr*. Pean. Funeral a* f-turel
Batarday, Jttlr a, at ft p m
ry\n oa Tuaaaaj. Jaly *> frttS, John T. hua
?t Annle M R^?n inee alcpmnelt). Ta
r<-ral fr. m hta lat* r*aid?n-?. No ltM Cal4?r
?i Brooklyn, PHday, tba Ith trat . $> V* a m.
BCHEREB -Oa Jaly 4. i?*i, m hia Mth aaaa,
ai hta realdenee. So 227 D*an bi Brooklyn.
1 hlllp ?rh?r*r Fun*ral aervtr*B Frlday,
Jul) I It tTf) m
BMITH Oa Waafraeaday. "uiv *> 1811, ??anl*y
Bmlth Fuaeral aervleee *?ii! be h?id at
hla lati realdenee. S? 3*>n 4?'h a> . Brookbn.
on Frlday, July I, at 2 88 e'etraeb r Bt
aol rHACK Oa Jaly 9, 1911. a' Montrlalr,
aj i Bogart Qiaeraercfld S"u*hark MttraB
r.f funeral hereafter
BTADLMAtB Oa luly 5, 1911. Anna Btadl
malr "ride*** "f W.lllam Stadlmatr. afl**d
??? Funeral ? rvleea a' h*r lata r?a!d"pea.
fio 1418 **.**? i'. Fia'buah. Friday awaataflj
ai I 88
THOMBOS- Maaon Thrrm-n. M r> . aen ot
th* lata Maaen ar.d Marv Anna Thomaeo.
I'uneral ar So 181 Leitngton a\*, Pa'ur
th-a 8th, ai i" a m Pleeaa eml*
? retri Phllfldelphla papera r>a*<* <-opjr.
\ \i| \t PaeaaiC, \ J. on Thuradav. July
1811, rJanrjr .? i. Fall ?a*d an roaaa, t
tha, .' 'i.i\* formarljr o* Fia'buah Leag
l'li-id F'ineral fr-m the reflMenefl ef blfl
Bia, Mr Carl M Vaallj Sfl 9'.? t.afay*'f* ava,
Bflturda) Jull 8, en arrl\a' of ttalfl I?a*r
ina lerae) Clty lO-M a m vla Erla Prea
,,., i a' Btatiool Poughfcflopete, K. T.
I ,. .. | ...,,. , ,.p\
VAt.ENTISI Baddealy, Jul] a, a' Byraeaaa,
i . atulford Da) Valentlna, ie hla n*'h
eervleaa wttl he heid a> ina
fate r. .,....? v\ nodbildge, N I .
on Frlday, Jnlr " il wrrlaaaa
v. || rn" | , , ?
\ r, FLEET \t Toiifcirfl, N V. en Jati ?.
101 -| \\.if..--.i Van Fleei formerl) a raatdeat
,.f l'...H,kl4n. aa-d 88 ? ? -
\\'\i.i. Buddenlj on ru-eadaj lul] 1, iftli.
,?, h \\ ?? I nel '44'1 huahaad ef
FannU WaM in<s'' M?rkel>, a-ii aon ot Will
I* , Clara 8 u I, I i hla .'lat >?ar.
t* at hta la So. 2*7 tnuilnaaa
J., nr.. itlyn. oi Frlday, Jul) I, at - p m.
j?t. itn*nt at fjnhataa Caaaaiarj
v,,,,,\ it hei hom?- Bouth Sorwalk. Coaa.,
*** i .. .< 811 Eat*) Rllasheih Mooca>, -?!fe
o( Edwln v ? and daughter ot t*** lata
l h Moora Burial al Sorwalk Coaa.
nrisaOR ' ordella a. di*d a' otiumwa,
iiiiaa B*r*.-lcea al ceaaelery, Bound Brook,
a- j on Batui I, at ? ??" *. Bt
la readlly BC4*4*eell 1* tv Harl*m traln frow
Orand Ontral btatlon. Webflter and "eroraa
avenue troll*? and bv earriaga Lota 8188 up.
TaUphona 4*>^.^ .Jiamercy for Book of Vleare
Jr ? 4-i i tOl ntaiiv *
un,*. 20 Baal ?sd pi . Nflw farta citr.
FK*NK F fAMl'BKI 1.. '.'41 S *iT*at 51d 8t.
rhapi-la Prt4ai* RoOflBa, Prlvata Anibulancaa
T?l n"*4 i^haljaa
UA1M OFFICE N'> IM NaaatM atr*at
WALL BTREBT uFFICE ? No. lft Wlillara
tTTOWS OFFICE No na? Brnad4vav. ie
anv Amerlcan Dlatrkl Telaaraph Ofnee.
HMd 1AI OFFICEd So 151 Fnat I'-'ftth a>r**t,
S? 283 Weat 128th atreet. and No **|?* Wael
l2.Mh itn ei
WABU1NOTOK UL'REAL'?Waatory lulldlng.

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