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^,r V'O, ?>'? |'.! | ) 8* (Ibj. fair: moderate leniperalnre. 1
a: V\l . . . ? sTi a-'i.i'i ? raw, i.r.,1,.,1,1, kho.vrr.; Hb-ii iae%aaaa
4> (ml-.
ln llfa- af \*w lork.-leraei I Hy and tlohefcl
H-KMHKHK raro I knt*.
Bulldoq and Balky Mach.nc Im
5 TheiUives and Stnp
Washington Tnp.
it Dldn't Like Btiss of Propellers.
?ind Hits One with TerritV
Force?Drop in thr
Ocean Follows.
,pt T?'e?r.rv toTbe Trll bi
Kt>. ? Julv 7.-H81T3 N Al
amyot OaB fOmVaJ av'fit.-r Who BU
pfBjitJ ? .' trll ?' n B Bton la Naw
vc-k breakine all rt ro* foi carrylng i
jjMBiT- " I kataf diatanC* fllght, and
'-her'es K HamDtoai, ri*rrowlj aacapad
- ? -.', if ao! daath, whai
thla atternooi
ft antira flrst pui Uiair H*ea ln V >P
bc beJked
... ? aaa.
?>ari takev.
rti> after Z v m
Iregt ' '"""
paopla, a
? - "
..... . - - ?
., n
"* up arlth At
. ..... couple ?'
ai ' '
11 ? "?
- . with hlrn tha
refully * Ith Hamil
? i far
. ig * inning
? ' ' '
? ?
? I wil
A Int I a ?
pro] ellar for i
? and 1 B0Ck*d one
- '
n mlnutei
. ar waa
ran dlppaMS an-l
? th*r air ??
a bit
4 ator wbrkad
it could no? BT81 ant
?:..!:, dropplrjg Into the
? h'lr.dren feel
.. j Atwood navar aaal hla head.
He rr. BO that the ba, k ?--f hla
.... - -
I before It ? ould I ?
,. ? |if, -
h T4.-rr runntng
Bd lt UP 88 tl .?*h it
titWO 1 "'"'
;. thaa u i
od, uadii -
I tha ma
en tl " ?'?cir
II hava to
ni aa on tha
thla i
? - '
the two aa*l
. ? ? "
? ????? twood
t . i altli
.? ir.k"
.. \\r.r.| a
? . | BtOB a
? ? . ?
,,,, ii.. ;
, - - . arould
nd merely 1
EngliEh'Ao. i,.- |ayi Her Husband Ifl
r-d by Indian Mv-'
- ? ? ? ?
?aad ..
m - loe.
l . indla and
"jaaAa ? | ? . ? indla
?a 1 ??>,., 4< m
r " ?-? ? ;,...-.- f..r
i beaa
i er* to
4 Bgga tr..in
',. . han.-ei
l New York to ' eioradS
HAS one of ihe new
water mspettors
called on you yet ? About
1.000 New Yorkers are
beinfc visited daily now to
see if they are wasting thr
rrecious Croton; and the
< allers meet with some
quater receptions Read
about thom m NEXT
AgeH Couple, Opposed by Chil
Hren. May Oo to Connecticut.
| By Telnrrar** te Thr T-lhiin* 1
? ttsfleld, Man-?. Jaly 7.?Axtgnafaaa Q
Grlmea, Beventy-'ala yeara old a ratlrad
livr-rvnan of K-0*""**". S. H., and Mrs.
Rutb Vlctoria B I ntlm *n*rventy-*Uiraa
?i.i. fomerty of Bpringfleld and
xhrf tlmea a wldow, have been travel
Ung for 1V..4 day** ln New England lo
Ano a i ? T marry. The- lol* away
trora Pittafleld ychterday mornii.** at i
o'cloel and arenl lo Keen<\ N". H aa
pectlnp to wed * new atate law i*e
quirea Bva days' rwldence. Next they
? to Wliichenden, llaaa, whore a
llccnse \van refuated, aa thay had no II
cenee fr<-*m this .:lty. Now thty'r." ra?
pa**-**ted ? thi ? i !*? to Connecticut
? a Ucenae la nol neeeaaary.
Mr. Ortntea'a daughter In Pittafleld
hai eonaulted eounael and la ttrytng to
prevent the wedd ng. Orlmea haa $10,000
worth 0 I CUtitli arlth him. TMr? Bal?
la:, tlne'a daughter haa burrled to ihe
Ity In an automoblk ln an attempl ta
-vettalu ! r r. who had cjuletly
[or her fourth nuptlala and car
i .?..' ? ' ".-. d.jitie dreea.
Blaze Discovered This Morning
in the Hold of the Concho.
An alartn waa turned in about l.so
thla morning for a fire In th"
old ? I the Ifallory Llne rrteamahtp
Concho, lylng at her pier al Chrlatophet
North Rl
tlc alarm ed the
tlon ol ti;.- f't. i >? partrqi n1 i" the
i.:.i7r ai 'i b i:' boal n Bpondi
? 1...- kle tt"- < 'oncbo and
lla ? began pumplng water Into
? tha liner, whlch waa said t<*
? ? ? han*
i ?
The il one ol Iti kil d,'
whlcb . : from 'he
hatchei 11 bad been battened down,
I thi onlj external evidenoa o! Ita
l i r.fir linea ol boaa attarivd
reet hydranl en trtrt tel d do** 'i
- ,i Into t1 ? h .l'i. where tha
Bn -
, i ? f or
;m.i practlcally aii h---r
idlni ra fotr her
Thr*. t.r v ns conflned *.? No. I hat.-li.
ln th< aftei part ol thi Bhlp aaad wsi
und. r < ? trol after an hour'a work.
Delectires Tberebv Recover
$1,000 in Stolen Jewelry
'- tajraph ? ? r> - rt-1**-*utre.'
Montclalr, N. .i. Juls 7.?Chlaf of De
tectivea FYed Welmer and Detectlve
Thomaa Meyer of the Easea County
amaahed open
? ? ? big vaull .">f tha
ilalr Trust Company ;ind rr.*r.v**red
aho t |*j .M"ai -vortb of Jewelrj betongtng
to Ita Eva Beck ??? Roaeland avenue,
vell whlch, Il li alleged, waa atolan
from hei Wllllati. Dalrrmple, who la
. ounty Jat.il at Nnurk
ln t ?. bank book ??'
raevllle Trual Compan* aboarlng a
t ol ?*--?' the amour I whlch Pal
rymple la alleged to have takr-n from
Mrs. it.'.. k. Tha detactlvte i.r.'k-' open
the boa .411 a aearch trarrant iaaued bj
juatl. 1 of thi P< b ? Uem L . oat, 1 f
tt is town
11. rj* ted rea dr< * ool ol thi boa two
? 1 . arrlnga, a dlamond brooi I
a dlam< nd locket, a sti.k|.in
and n number ol othei valuabh artlclea
Daln mi le roard* d 4* Ith afi
ln Bnd caah were
taken from thi porketa o1 her aklrl In
. droom on Jum i:;
1,. ? algned befon Re*
. 'aldwell, \4iiu commltted
. efaull of ball
- a -
Ciainiant for J65.31 Apprars After :<0
Years Fresidcnt on Bond.
: | ? ? queal thal 1
rt aurn m 1 d lati n al on
. . inre 1881 4-,ii bi m.i... aa
Mi Taft n turna froan London
\|. T.,rt .4 1- appointed admlnlatrator of
. .,. ,,f 1... ln 1888 l'i nif.U
>n to thi Probati 1 oun ?
. ,? h? !'i *tf :' wbli I
. ?? ho could nol bt looat
M- ...,, Sayli r, ai atto n< 1 trtab d to la*
Bttfll froiB Mrr- H
D M . ? cke, . w. .,-.-,? Iowa, atatlng
... ;,n,l thal
I . , ? ? T?fl
.nd ?? ' ***** '?'""' "f i'"
brotbera 1." ? ?'?"""*- p ' "fl ?
bonrl In |h< edmtnl iral m rl tl* ?*eaa
Husband of Aetrtajl BtH aWo iaaa
ness Man.
1 '
,.? .VII... B Btertlng.
? :??,;,;
'"'i.ilt li"r ILiv
and '4'l""! : ' '" ""'^'_
Rushrd DOOTI and Brok? Window, ,n
Clcvdand B4W
..... ,,, , Two buadredj
' ' lc* , i1',. t"t all lha I.
? '? '' a ., . 1 ?ha dlatrlbutl"
.Itoeethel. "
tn be dlacontli ?>-< ?>*??
; ?
Perspiring Men Wanted the Pool,
So She Finished Drcssinn.
Near Officr.
Said There Was Penalty for
Staying Overtime. but Law
vor for Broker'a Widow
Gets It Back
Do j r.-.i i*mesnber bo* warrti ll raa
last Thursday* That quaaatloa ina '??
fn thr. aacn* ^inss arlth "Ia It
enouarh for a-ou?" But tt is nmnagarj' to
bear in mind the areather l*4Jord of thai
day to appreclata properl] 'he indigna
ti^n of Mra. Eather Berryman nn thal
Mrs. Berryman la Ih* vldoa ol tfenrj
Wnttnea* Berrynaan, who waa i well
knowVi lirr>ker, and 1rft a 'are-e aatat*
Hlfl father tias Chanea H (Jerrynaan,
who had a flne eatate at Newporl Mr.-.
FWryman's boros bl 8t No. 5fW Madi-.-n
avenue. bul |u*1 no* aha la al Sav
Rnrheii... with her moth8r->ln-l*w, Mrs.
f'arolino BeiTynian. Ifenn Whltney
Berryman araa g brother of Ifl*. T^.rll
lard Bpericer and of Mrs Caatmlr de
Rham u- waa .'? noted golf playei and
brr-ed^-r of COlllOB
On Thursd.1' Ifra Berrymaii went to
Flelsrhman's batha, in 42d Btraet, Just
liko many other*. It. wa.? aloni? aboul
5:15 >">'elr?>k in thf afternoon. Tt is arell
to raniember that jt w^s alssllng hoi that
afternoon. an,i every one lingsrad long
IB his bath in th- tnh r,r tho sea. Mrs--.
Berryman fell warm when fho entered
the baths. and Bhe reokoned BOt Wtth
the time that Bha remalned. T<uf. aboul
5:4)5 o'clock ihe wornan attand*nt m
formod li?r that har allotted time had
explr.^d ano* that in flfteen mlnntefl tbr.
place was to be glven over to the men
bathers., of -vh^m ther. ware already ona
hundred waiting.
Not a Onick Ch.anqe Performer.
SlOWly and rrlnotar.tly tl.e bathST n
tired to har roorn to prerpara for tl ?
street Another bather al ths thns w*j
steiia Ifayhew, 'he genial trotnadlanps.
The lattor. wh.i ia bo iiaad to QUk k
.'hnna-es ol coatutnc, ratlred frorn tha
bathlhg pool BlmultaneouBly with Mrs.
B*irym*n, bnt arai OUl of her room ln h
.lift'v. Nnr s,-> Mrs, Barrj man ln a
iittie whlls there caoK a kiiocMng on
ht-r bathrrmm door l' was ths w.
attendaat, with thi announcenaent that
the nn* hundred perspiring raeu who
Mt-r.-- ^attinjc to take a plnnge wera ai?
most exhaurte.) '!? Berryrnai hurrtadj
the morr
v**hf: flnally ?mers*e,i from iiri r4jotn al
.; lis i/riork. and e\en then sh* had ndl
qUHa flniah-^d har t-illei Thia Bha b*d
to do in as aacludad a atecs as aha could
find near tha offlee of th* ba thing ejtab
liahraent much to her ,-hagr.n Thi?
'done, aha waa In a condltlon ?"?f perturba
x\nr\ that nulllfled ail the cooling effecta
of her bath fhe went to tho e.ftjr-e t,-,
zrt htr p--rar. contgtnlng $285, Bnd h?r
lewelry, coiuR*ttng of two rmp* i dla
mnnd v>?"'i,la'it an.) 8 hra
Wha! followi here la told b Mra
Ferrvnian When sh? ,ifK'-,I for thi
jewelry ihat aha had lefl In a metal boat
in tho ofTn 4. safo tha clerk Informed her
thai ?bo owed tho establlahnaenl f40, or
$5 a mintue for eight mlnutea that aha
hri-; rrtnained after ?'. O'CloCB. Ml*.
Berrynaan, alr. Ignant, bs>c*ina
run more ao, and refuaed t.? pay ths
penalt: Then, atlll according to her.
tba clerk refuaed tr. ci\. up the i?,\ with
the baublea Mrs. Berrynaan ruahed tn a
telephone, and after aome trouble she
c,.t into eommunlcatlon with hor lawyer.
Arthur Fullman, and ? xplalned the sltu?
atlon tn hin:
Lawyer Gets Puroe Bark.
Fullman rushed fnrthwtth to tho bath .
ti. mad.- a demand on tha clerk for the
pUrSS BBld the jrw.elr*. :ind thf-.l fttlK
tlonary ?l one*' dellvcred thom. Mrs.
Berryman and her l*wj*er then departed,
but ahe said lt was .1,,t tiu laat thal
ri. lachtnan'fl h*d heard fron, hor.
tntklpattfifl somowhat the gtatemenl
Bi8di laat nlfhJ by JoaapAy IHelachnun,
manager of the eartablishiaaent, It should
be h< r> told on hla authorltj thal when
tho rierk afior a little persuaslon br thi
lawyer dld hand <<i.,r'.}ir t?,\ the indlg
nutii. Mrs. Berrynaan threw the inor.-ii .->
poaltor] a! ihe derk rithout danaagf to
Mr. Flelachman denkHl h.st nlghl that
hi-- clerk tlemanded 140 imm Mr* Berrj -
aaata, bul aaked foa* 125, .--t the r?u ol H
for every nalnuti thal Mra. Barrfman
renaatned over Ihe time allotted to her.
it was aapeelally itrip.>nai,t oa a day like
Thuraday, he aald, thal tiie rule* of the
place be obaerved on accoua! of tha ona
hundred parardrlag ?nd fumlngmini who
u.-r. uaiiint* f,.r thalr turn to bathe.
iu aald aome regulattona wera eaacn*
llal in an eatabllahmenl <>f Ihe klnd for
ih, pr,.pei eondud ol th,- bualneea Aa
to hearlng further frota Mra Berryman,
Mr KU ls-hn.iin BBld. '" Ih* w..rde Of 8
well know n .*..mod|onn> . "1 don'l ?
Wilminntoti JudK*- Ruled That It Did
This One Onod
i reietr.pii te Th* Trtbai -
'.. ii.ninirton pei, jnlj 7 "it Ig hard foi
? . m to keep hla handi "tr :, -....ma, > | ?
thiB, \ whlpplng rin\4 .-.nr) Hi?n. irhlll I1
,. k.-al ii-.e- ii w?.nian BUCh n? thlr .,tie p,?.r1
Thla deri?.|.in arai made hy J tda* Cochran
ln the mUBtrfpel .Oi.it t>, ,|h> m ilrt.i,,|lv
dlamlaahag Joha Qraan, <>n irial for wir<.
l beatlng ri,. ,;,-.- ?n. ri fsrrad to th.
I Hunaan. Bocesty for Inareatlgaflon, thi
bi - - ral ? '.ii!r*n.
Ihe * Ife was leBi1f-. Int. ihl
-. rupted i?er by aaktna II tha irhola
t.,..ji,ie in. not ra,is?,i by i.rr affaetton foi
thar man 8he made a .lenlal
"Dld ? hoarder CBUM 1*041 an,l r*ur bua
t-, aeparate " Judge .',.ciir?n ,.,.
, . i baeaiBsa ha i-obi bi*,"
atd b< ta aan aobi "Hi ,-i bsati
i--f,-re th-.! boardei cama t< our liotiae.''
i . i ,-i.ii.ri bltnaalf ti ??? ? d hl a lai
i,?, <ri-.i.ii4 4>iHi tha boardei than
ii ? |udge d*lli *r*d ,,,: ? d* l v
, ., ahtpplng I-- ' offenei ln Delaware
Los Angeles Publication Says
Papers Are On Wav to
This Citv.
lActrefl OonBiilted Relat.ives Rp
forr TaVino; Step Against Riif"
f*Hl G. Oolt. Whom Shr
Marrierl Two Years Ago
r- r- tagraa* toThaTi
ingelea, Julj ' |h< I Barn
,, trr.. . >> an marrtag* lo Rua
| , ,n .', ofd I '"'? tWO '?''!? IgO, 88 :
, ??? ? ol thi roroancea ol th ? itagi, li
prepaiing to au( fo. dlvorn iceordlng to
i.r"i'i.n! reporl '?:? n Mlaa Barrymore
i ?> i'1 n**lther afflrm rtm dei " port.
-1 illl not rei r< celvi < ni *< apaper
ter, bul circhmatantlal report*
liavi emanated from her rloeeat friendi
Accordlng to -'. nemapap*. Btorj pub
i here to day, a tneaaenger hearlng
Itel of legal | ipera la on hta ?a.
10 New v--r:. iu |a to arrive there Bun
Ighl 'i 'i. buH la !?? be flled M <?
I , , ind II to Charge th? onlj Off :.< '
on whlch ? dl*>"or?*< la granted In Ner.
*, ort
Mlaa Barr* more, ano la playlng at the
Ifason Opera Houae thla wea k. haa mada
a hotel at Hollrwood her home <-iurfncr
: hpr artay. **!m haa recelved onlj her
closeat frienda, and haa avolded .aoctal
'.'ifYairc yeeterdaj ihi arenl to ;. Tir-ari"
canyon ? ilch ahi and aeveral frienda
explored. They ..id not return last i
untll a ahort tlma before Bhe waa dw j
on the .?Jtaar*".
M:-^ Barrymorc, accordlng to
frienda haa been anxioua to keep her
plaha a aecret ..n.l ivis purpoeel* ?
mained away froin New Torti untll pa
pera in ber actlon have been (lled. She \
? ? ? la to return to Ne*? rork In ai |
time t., appear in . ourt, tl ey
Thi domestlc trouble, i o fa r aa thi
. ..' the actreaa and ber young hua .
bemd are i on< ? rned, Itf aald to have i iai
ted itaelf tg friendi tnoi th ago. *
la Miid to have ? "44 n arlld oata
tenslveij before hla marrtag*1 '' waa
Buppoaed the* h< a'ould aettle down -.,r
hla marrlage.
Mlaa Barrymon haa been the kh- -? ol
Mi and Mr*- A. C Fiek, oi Sam forl .
at the Hotel Hollywood On Wedneaday
Mlaa Bar ry more and Mlaa Drew, of bar
company. efore a notary, ahera
were prepared Theae arere then
Intrustad to a meaai iger, who (. now
? -irr* itiK them Lo Neu York. John Dret
Miss Bacrymora'a uncle, and hat brother,
Jack atarrymare, an aald lo appren-a hei
i . Bamnaor* 1 all Grla aoJd
CeJt, ? lamuel Pomeroy Calt. ijr??i
d*n* of th-" United Sut^s Rt-bber Coat
paay, aran arovrted on Mareb II, 1808, bi
Hyda Park, taralve Brilea fron Boaton, hy
FathT /amea J Chlttli k reetar of the
. hurcli of thi Moal rr*. loua BL-vod. The
?Atddlng tool plaee !!1 1*r parleh house,
and tbe only wlt'neeeea arere Reaweli Celt.
., .-?.?rith'M of tbe br!dr'gr...'i> .n.l "Jaek"
Itarrymore, brother of Mlai Barrj more,
Wl ??? g8TC t\.r bridl .'.44.14
Mlaa Barrymore waa playlng m
Predertck" al t 11 *- tlma ol hei tha
-? blch came ia a aurprlai ? ' tha
Bgag 1 to Mr* ' !oll n.rl
known untll a fea daya before. p.r>for. ahe
si.ri m , ? ...? rr married it araa aecea
anrv t.> obtaln four dl?p< n Ulon . Mt ? ? ?
not being a Catl ollo
Before her ma rrlagi . ? en ?) on
ore 1 loa thal Mlai B*n y
ntorf waa engaged. Ainoi 1 thoae wbo ?*? n
mentloned aa flnaacea of tl 44 en
1 larrena Irvlng, aon of thi late *ir Henry
irving. Oerald Du Maurter, aon of Georgt*
l>u Mautier, and Erueet Laaarford, the
? tor In Julj. 1805, MI B81 r* n ot ?
arinouneed her engagemenl to 1 aptain
Harry I'raham. of lha C**4datream '..lar.l*-,
but tiir engagetneni 44.;- broken t 1 foilow
, | b Ruinora pl hei engagi ma il to
; , re-. t Ol thi 'K.MltU v. ? 1. also
, broad bul ti.- treaa iltraya emt ?. ? I
from thi ? gad tratha unmanied
. >? Morerober 84, 1808, a aon ?a* barn to
Mr and Mra. 1 oil al the hom.* ?f Augual
Belmont, No, M Eaal Hth atreet, whlch
Mr Coli bad taken for the wlnter. "Jack"
nmi Uonel Barrymore, brotben of -Mr*.
, oii tarere ?.' thelr alater*i home rrhen th.?
In Pebruary, 1810 Mra Coll 4*;, >tri. k
,.n with .ni aggravated attaek of laryngi
Ua, being foroed t.< auspend her < nK.tj-r
menl ln "Mld-Ohennel," In whlch ha ara
Bl thi K*iii|>lr> *J*heat*"e, ln thla
dty. Bha had lefl tbi atage tor a ahoii
tim.' after her marrlage, and it waa said
that im huaband full* approt/ed of ber
contlnuing ln ber prefi aai m.
it 41.1-s tn NoTamber, Mo, lhat rumora
,,f :,n laajaiigantaal betareen the formbr
i".th?*i BMiyuien aad ber husband w-rc
ctreulated The t**oupla wara ..t thal UrrJe
la St 4 i>rlf>ar.?. 44l,-r.' Mr- I ..'r araa
Mi.l . (..iiin.-l " H..tli Ml I "H
and hla arlfa wera i mphatlc tl ?
niala ol an] eoldn ? - atweei l
Ethel Barrymon .-..iii. bj ber laanlnga
tagi bj Mrthrlghi sb.
K thi at< Maurlce and ? lean -
-da Drew B ? il'M (lrsi auc .???.
oti ii.. tagi raa 1 ta .1 a ? rneenbi ,? ..t*
iiir Empli ? ? ' ....ii....-: 1 ii.-H.i^.i bj
John Drew, hei unek li i,- j.,)r t!ii,
rr-xt i4?,. yeara ah* appeared 1" -T/ondon
., membei of Bii M< ni ln ihk ?
? . Bhi fln I appi .'.ir.J aa .. t-tar ln
"Captaln Jlnka" al th* -surrirk I*beeUra
in 1888, Then followed *n*r8Ca*aaaaa bi "Cou
,1 Kate, ".*=nnii?>. ? *'A Dall'a Bouea
' Allr-f Hit 1.4 lh-4-nr**.'' "Thr Hllvri |. .
Her Btater, "Ladj PYederlcIf' ,->nri "H|d
. hatin"! "
Mlaa BaiTyntawe araa **ars***a**j ?-'iii.-Ht'.i
and I* .-..?? r>nip!i ',-.1 i- h llni-tjiet at,d .1
mualrian Bhi waa B**we*uated from thfl
. ,inv*ni ..I ii ? 884 r?.i H'.-irt ln I*hlla?l?-1
phia aad U bou thirt> thr 1 jaan old,
barlng baaa bora bi IMI
a ... 11 1 irlawoM I "it k abo l 1 ?\#Mi?a
?-iaiit yeara old. aitai attendlng achool i>,
...1 n I* . and alaawbere he ? ntti-i
.'i-inr-h- .<n.) 4\m? for n timr Intereated ln 1
oa-mpan] at Baltlc, Coaa Hla
? .r 4?- 4**4 notail on one uf the moat
iteautlful "88*888" ln niiodiv Island. and hta
father hae lon** t.f?n known aa one of the
l gaanelers "' *hu <-<?jn?r> ***a and
hia wife have been dlrereed fet about
tv-hr jrnra.
\-i unde of Roaaell Qrtawold Cali k '
**larotl B OeM, of the L'nltiil Stat"*, Cli. ul|
? ., ,|t of Ma?aB(*li'iBi>tts ?nd Rboda laland
11 parenta ?r?- of old Kaaa Bngftaad ?n
..,,,, 4i tbe time a| hla matriaa** it waa
.? ,) th >' Bua all Q < ,r>II wouM *hrf. m
., "..fi.,-.- t , .' Wfrfl Ma l.rnlhaj
\ ? rt from Loi Angelaa aaya she is aboul lo Inatltute
i,er tiu-siianiJ. Ruaaall ??. Ooll
. IP1 ? ?'?tr'-.f . filew rerl '
mt for dlvorce froaa
Recognize Thnt King Mllflt Art
on Premier's Advice
Br. ? im? ta Thfl rrtban< ?
lon, July :. \ renaarkabh --1 u gi
has come over tho T,.r> pap. - Ith re
crr! to the veto blll. They
g at the elea t nth h,.ur that thi
no rjoaslblllty ... rxlatlng elrcumaaj -
of the King refuBlng to make perr 11 ??
aidvlaed by ths Prlms Mtnlatei
? naequ. ntly th. are i xpraai -
? ililngneaa to compromlaa on ,,"? baais
. ?,; N,-\it,,ii' imendment, whlch
t the 1 lonrinaona, -<f'' r tha
veto blll baa pasaed, from tiampering
with what roinai'is pf tho rlouae of
Lorda until after thr neal general
li >n.
The "8aturdo ? Revleav*' conaitM f .
ihis Bituttlon is djcllcioua
"T-i glvi tho part* all II h*a asked for
iii return for nor a*1tlng for mors
hunaoroualy on? aldi i 't'.'fi.nt.'
ii 1s believed thai the Unlonlet iVaadera
hv.e declded uajbn t ? ' ? I , septana
of tho vatO bfll under |,p-,te?.t, wltk tl ?
inumtlnn of repe.iiing n tan th*ir return
to ptrwtT. Thoi th?-v w 111 proc.8.
raform His Houae of borda, ii is aald
pn tho baala of Introduclng th* raf.
dum into tha* conatitutlonal irjajtem.
EnglishrriH'i Will Arrive Too I.ntp
to See Brother Alive.
' - .-npu. tO T1-' rrtl BBM '
Waahlngton, Penn.. -T n t > 7.?Death to
da: won a raee againat a faat ocean
llni r. when Ptanh T. Otley, thlrty flvi
old, general manpifr/r of tho Amer
lean Intereat* of tho Jc-ssop st'oi ."'om
pany. "f Bheffagld, EUtgHBttd, dled tt hii
boma, after a ahotl 111*0****. Hla brothei
Jamea Otley, a weaithy Engtlatinian,
4>h.i la aecretan of ""* Jeaaop 3tei
Company. with tha dead man'i two
year.old s-.n. Ie r**etng tr, America ln the
hope of reachlng hla brother* bed
I.. fora Tns death.
Jamea Otley reeelved ??. cable diapat*
nr. Baturday after the tast ablp hiul
aalted. He hlred a f..st aeagolng tup at
Llverpool, overtook the ahlp tun imn
dred mllea al aaa, and ha and bla iin:*
nepheaa laoarded hor. The shtp haa ?????
\.-i reached port. a teiogrum awsiti
Mr nth j la New fork, telllng hlm o
hla brother*a death
Well Known Persons Forced to Carry
Their Own Clubs.
H.> T?lf*ra|i!i t* Thr rrl ?
F.rnox, July T. Tho Unnx . IHf ClUb. ol
Whlch Winiam D. BlOaB* ls prexldent, hn<
no oadrlles. They aro o>i a strlke for nn
advane* Itesn M to 9 eenta b rotand Tho
boya snv that they hara beaa reorivmp n,<
t)pa from Bieuabera of ih?* oi.ib, atni th;.t
their pay has dropped to balaw ?i a dav.
Club membera f<i> the boya ara more
, hlldren, and thal -,'1 oaaAa is a lif fa*
. ? lueh eaddlea, Oa most iink-, the boy<
nre froin fourteen to B*V8Bte*n years old.
thai declare. a*here*a la I^nox they ar>
often eijrht yaflU* old Bttd iinfr.jlned. nn
boy "ri,Mle,l" thi* aftentooB, an,l was
latet Baaaultad bi atrlker* Offlrtala bave
a/ernad thi iti Ikt i lo rernaJn ofl the
. i-lis,
PavM I Dana, '",; i ,:-' '
aiaclay, Itobert W, r.'terson, William D
sioain- J Bomran Lot Vta^arteo B Dsla
iieid. i. J. Otlroy, Davld n. Taylor. Han
R*yaa4aad b.i>i fTaah T Kearlng I an
, arrytng Ihelr oa i . ib i ln. ? tha l k<
h. aan
He and His New York Friends Give
$250,000 to Nevada Institution.
T' ??? .,, h t* Th Tnbunt ]
l;en. V Jul) . I.tor, I think n f
frien.1^ a",i myeelf oaa kaah atter*U aaa
aii Clarcocs H. Mackay riiinarl. wh.
waa laa! bart ta Praaldegl Btubba ol Ihe
l nlversllv of Nexada as he vleavad ?'" *?
taaurive IraproveBaanta la ihj ground ..."i
bultdiai ? ?h-n the bbIi erall .I ? i ?
. ...,'i ajed
prealdenl Btubb on hli return from - *
vork to-d*y araaounced i nf. --i |I80,.
fron. Mr Mii,'l ?? .-.'i ,i,.... .iiilu,,,i4'i
frienrls ef the unU.r'liy. the mnn^ tb bl
devoted ln part to the rons-trn. tl,,n of h
Hr-rar*. enl adnilnlstratl?n bulMhlg, t(> l**?
the flneat athlt-tlo lield ln the. \v*:,t Ce*.
.ernlng the Nea Tork frLen'1-, Ml Mack*)
told hlm they aante-l ?., gat ba vnh hlm
and beoome patron* "f thli U ?-a'.-rii haatitU
tlon. pr,'\ldin?; their Idtnttty *^? noi dli
, I'.aed
' B ? ?
ir your oomplalnt bi waal of appetit* tr)
? ii.-.-i.n Angeetura B.tten oefore meala
Loaderi Lifeboats Capsizc in
Hcavy Surf Off Point Arguello,
on California Coast.
Crew of the Santa Rosa Worked
Frantir-ally to Save the Pas
ggnifajri of tho SinkiiiaT
Pacific Stoamcr.
San Franciaco, July 7 -Se ond Offlcar
i. titmgon and three mprnher** of thg
rrea bf lha Banta Roaa were the only
onea drgwned arhea aha broka 'ip to
? off Poinl Arguello, acoording to
,,,|V,,?., recelvgd at the Paoific
Bteamship CJotnpany'a ofrW. heaw.
Theaa men laal thelr llvee arhile try?
ing to put ^ line eehore
rhe removal ot tha paaaimgftra and
began al 8*48 r>. m , and araa eoaaa
pleted gt 10.-2D o'otock. A Bpedal traln
left Honda, Cal. for Los Angelea -Tt 11
t a. Then waa no auiratiaf among
i taaengi ra
The ? gram a*aa atgned by F. w.
aaalatant to ihr Buperlntendenl
of the company.
Surf. Cal.. JulytV.?Almoat t-M paa
aengera and lailora bl the ateamer Santa
Roaa >.f the Pairlflc Coaat Bt'eamahtp
i ui. nen in pbrttj thla aitea*noon in tho
aurf wbUe trylng te eaeape from that
-1 whieh Mranded n^ar Point Ar?
Ilo h? fore dawrn to-dav.
tj? three llfeboata they wt tho Bhlp,
plunged Into tha roarlng aurf and aonn
????? flounderlng in the boillng aratara
The doom of the ateamer "'as aaaled
late r da] a en a wlnd stirred a hlgh
aea and forced thi abandonment of ef
forta to tranafer thi peaaerigera ol the
Banta Roaa to the Btean rwaadoner Cen
tralla, whlch. with the achooner Helen
r. Drew, bad p**?vlo>UBly made abortlve
efforta to Boal her.
4 tii. artnd roaa, however, thi Banta
r -, B*a*ung b**Caadald4 t<> the b**eaker**a
: and began to bt*aak up. Thr crash of
breaklng tlmbera and o*4*erstratned ata*. I
could i" heard bj th.- aireleaa aaaa al
Poinl Arguello.
Thr flrst ||j*eboa1 ?hs kuinchad at dark,
after every *rffort had beren made to
establlah boat eommunlcatloa nrtth th*;:
Ci ntralla
Th, Bhore lay onlj three hundred faat
from tha broken ahlp, bul tho lifehoai
I could not make It it bobbed llke a
?*ork on tha craat of tha breakera, nnd tha
next inatant waa Bubtmerged
Another boavt waa launa**lted by tha
frantte peopk abajard 'ho ateamer. lt
met the aamt fef-e. There arara about
nlneti en p> raona ln thta boal
A thlrd llfeboat cBpaiwaA aa it lafl the
Santa Roaa Th* govenuaenl llfeaavera
[plcked up all of thoat arho arari In the
rapalged boata aud later the remalndei
of thi ehlp'i company wen taken ofl
Thi Banta Roaa left Ban FYanclani
eatenJay arlth numeroua paaaengera for
Banta Barbara, aad ran agrouad al low
f ,i, near Point Urgui Ilo II waa thoughl
thal ahe could be Boated .*t blgb tide
Thi Bhrlner train a-reck In May, la07,
n whlch aome Maty aaaatarn membera
..i the Order of the Myatie Bhrine won
kllled, occurred within a few hundred
yards of tho point wliere thi Santa Roaa
1 atruok.
Thi- Banta Roaa araa an Iron reaael ol
?? ii: ton* IM feet i.-ng. and araa butli
Iti Philadelphia in i*--;t for tha Paelflo
? t Btearaahlp Company. Thla com*
alao ?.441.0.1 tii. Bteam***r Bpokam
. i. . i. aeni on the rocka n Beytnour
Hti .ir . Alaaka laat a? ek
Mr. and Mrs. Oeorgr Phi!.<*r of Phlla
rtelphia. lose $;*>,000 Worth in Boston.
lul* . 4\ inj. Mr and afra
pfliller "t Me Hli laaruoa atreet,
Phlladalphla were abeaal fteea taehr rporoa
[ai a loeal hotel to-*atghi falaa k.> waiiiaea
?.) th*" apartmeni and atolefCLOCOurorth
.,f (<w,-ia The mlsatntf nrttclaa tnclude s
pearl ne<*kla>-o valued at tlM\ * dlamoncl
;.,,. aluad n tB* and * coral neeklace,
tAlth plann'ini fleap H1 witb thut\ dla
Mr nn.i Mr .Phlllei u ? on thelr 4 ?
Mhtno and ' 1 !?? I o*i*8t Ib Baatoa lot Ihe
Mghi _t_
Low Ratsfl to Clncinnfltl, Louiavllle, St.
I Loula an.l Weat ' i? Chea ann Ohle Tlek*
jai- .1 utl and Broadwaj alao all ivnna
1 ft R Ti< :.? 1 ? ???! ea -VI' 1
President Savs There ls No
Doubt Aqreement with Eng
land Will Ee Siqned.
Chri?tiap Endeavo*' Onnvf?niion
Hear? Prf.is?" ffjf P^arofiil
Means of S'-Ulir.g Inter
national Dispute?.
i | >t- iph ??? The Iribun. 1
. ,., ention Hall, A"anti. Clty, luly T.
?p.-t, rh,,i)?-H,d paraona cr'>wd*d into th?
Mlllion Dolkrr Biwr to ghre |Te*Cliag to
Prejildonr Taft to-night when h4 ? 1
f!res.H.l thf- biennisl conveniioii of ih*
B>oct*ty of 'hrf?tl:.n Endeavo*- Rl
lUBtily ,-l.eero,] a. he \.alk?d Bg tha ai"''
Bf the pler. a-companied by S-nator
Bl Iggs and Mak.r B'i'ti and followed by
the Ser-ret Service men. * body of En
deavorer* rarrylnr th. 84*1*1 B8ad
Stripe1-. ?>> tiiig as esoort.
Tir V. Tv f'lark. president. o( ttst
?"hrl?t|an Fndeavor Suclet*-, .ntrod'r'-'d
the President, *-*-ho de.lared that the ne
jrottatlons for the arbitration treatv be
t-.een Great Britain and the T/nited
States had reached auch a ataga 'hai
there was ho do.-bt a* t" the Blgnlllg 8f
the paot.
"I am glad to say." t* U8S tha Pre?l
dont's own words, "tbat to-da* wa h*va
roaohod stioh a point in the nearo^atlon.
for a treaty of unrvrsa' arbitration
with one of tho great Kuropean DOWaea
that we ran confidently predlrt tho a 11? ti -
ing of a eatlsfactorv treaty. The arbi?
tration treatv heretoforo wtth Or*Bl
Prltain and other oountries bas -=-xoepted
from tho causes whl. h may bo arhltrated
tlKMBB whlch lnvolved tho \ka! Int*8*8ta
of either partj or Its honor. Tb*) trea*
which wr ar* Bjow rioeinsr arlth tar**l
P.rltaln eltmlnates these aweamAatm and
provldes ?hat all quoatlona of Interna
tlonal conoern of a Justlclabb charaoto*
ehall be submitted to the arl ltT*tl8B ot*
an tmpartial trlbunal. '
Tre*tiea with Other Naiiona.
The Prealdent expressed the BOfll ?'?**
eventually half n. duzen E?..mpran OOBn?
trles wculd make .iimilar treatics wtth
the United States, and he said II was hl*
opinlon that while auch action v.-ouU. i.'v
ab-'-lish war. U. would furnifh a feff*fhla
moans Of pre*entliig lt
Tho President left "Washingu-n amld
th- ? iosing froaks of n 88*8*8* thnnd"
6torm. His patva-t* oa:- **aa 20 dsaji
- than II arga oa ly in th* * t ?''
(when he .i.jurn-""-'*-d through Ohlo, Im
aaaa aatd Patan*. 1i anla vtth ? l*g
tur- ir.'1-ors of 100 flafra
B*h**tOC Briggs.?f He* " '''
tary Htlloe and MeJor F.ut accompi I
him At Philadelphia the P*-eit<
e*r fas attache.1 to l ?r~-,al H*l8 '
made the run to .-Uianrt'* Clty in elxt*
mlnutaa Tho flrat part of tUg Pre?
daat'a speech on tho Mlllion DollBT P\*
was devot.ed to a brief re- lew of thfl
?rark of the Ctwtstlan L'ndea^r --.. ,
eties. He a*ld
Su.-h a mov4Bneat aaanoi bul have tha
most benebctal effect apon the cinz
of a natlon like thla and i ahould ba lack
.ng m appreciation of those r-ir*-', ?
?,..ou:ar r> rorm an-1 Inoiv.dual upliftliie
l dld not s<-i->e Buch an opportuniry t
a just trtbuts to thoas who bai de trvad
ea well or tne Repuoiic; fr ann* this
?ountr*- l.as no Btate church ind eneoui
egee ths utmoat freedom of reli*
*nd praetlce. ir is a fundamental error w
Buppose that thoee who are re?pon?tDl* in
iny degree for the publlc weitar-- m?y no,
it, o\*r-.- proper way ^nc'irrf^ i l mst: -
rienta'litlo* i" bettermeni of the indiaidual
man, ail moral and religioui moveraentfl
, ,.. | ,.-..,. t ;a1 l4P.f^.rr " Iti oul
r^gipl io the denominational lurtaaictivii
m wnioh auch movemenM l ih* j leii -?? ?' ?*
,.i exerdfle their Influence They ne***
sarilv tend to a leavea of the ora
munity an.l to the rtghteouatasaa th*l e?
alteth a natlon.
Fr-.m pralae of th< Chrlatlan End4?T4?i
movonient tbe President turned to r"are
and aii.itrafion. WhfCh ho gBld COUld BM
ezpeditad by the Influimce of auch Bt**"
ganlzafluns. and add. d
In fhe last twenty-five >'.ir> we laie
i , . graat r?ro8Teaa toward w Inte na
ti?.nal condition in arhlch war is lea* likely
than heretoforo. I' la trn* that m thai
time *re hava had aeveral freak wara-tbe
war hetw.-en Thlna ann Japan, fhe war
t.eivreen RusafB and Japan. the v.ar he
nx.-en ih? Cnited Btatea a. ' Spa r ih?
44.ir between Engiand and the 1 l end.
perluuNi Boma otnerf "Jlavertheleaa aa be
? v.. ii th< ^rodt countriaa of E'urope ?
have armsd themeelvea to t - teeT|, attv-e
erman-French U'ar of 1878 peace haa
been malntalned; nr..1 m der the
ot a o.ininion dealre for p> a< e treatiei
i..-..n made arlth reference to arl tratloa
^ri'l for tbe .--tHi.ii*hnieni of a court at
The Hhk'.io for ihe MtUement of micrua
tional dlapute* V* i-iVP amollorated th*
nnotenl crusltle* m war by R*i t -om
agreements Ko* wa ars agreeing
, .? called f e deelaration of londoa.
whtch if o..nfi.'n,o,i. hs (t aeanaa llkel] I ?
t.. will take awa\ from war on thi
those prin-Mples of lawMl pira'\ th*t ha*. *
h'iuh%s characterlaed Hw deallag *l ' '
vat- property of tha citiaen. >'i en,-pii-a?
Sign Fur Seai Treat).
Just t.i-'! iy tour gre.iT p ?? ? ? > a.
,: . lai ,n and Ihe i ntt. d Pi ?.
s ? d a 1 ir .-, ..I tfeat) by whlch **a
;, ,.,. :?. rffeel to hanisli tne ?ho4.'ing 4>t
(,,..,|s, al sea In ordt r t-. pr. >e,-\-.- th.
uable her.is un ti >? land, and to i
to i ropagate it. amrli a wai to n
, ,i? t):. rur "--..I Induatrj and ?
? innan "- th* valuabli fura th ij
Beaia furnlah 't i? the ia?ginn.ng. l hop..
.,f the adoption of .js.-fui game law
ihe open ocean, whlch haa ni *\ foi
piiPleoi i.< rh.- *A;,t,i.,ti and Irrcapooatble
,s...' ,,r mei i ' ? i er) n M ? It I tb ?
,,,.,,.,,r bj tr atj of ;i wntroararay rha*
haa trouht.'-i theas four oatloni for aevera
Bjeneratlona, and
of K'
K4-er\ movement which t.t,n. ??> j...-..n
,,, 44 r ,,.1 to fumtah .1 meana of avold
InK 1. ..'lath. to reralve, ind .i ? ? i
? ,,? it auppon of ,'i oi k iniaatM
purp >aea and i thai
s.,.-.?.v of th* ? '
tr.-i'v ln Ol
Ing ai ' ???;''' '"'''
rllatlon ?'' b *.. ,r.i rh
,,, ihi dlffor. .- ea 4,4.1 ri ? - -
iraattration. *ut. th? gr. ?
.,-ar mt ? ? "
natlon mi; bi amoothed out bj tlma
ihe dlflere'ncea ma) be .i,ij>.st--,i bj
ation Inatead of ludldal ...-t.... but
Ing ludldal actlon aa ths ulttn I
10 preveni war.
l um eacegdlngl) heneful thal other
COUOtrtsa S^aldefl tir.-at itrltaui ns.111 an*epi
tbe form oi ths treat*.. or ona hki> it. 4?.i
that ws raaj have half a doaea of tl|.
1 treati?s with the Europaan countrlea look
|ng toward Hrbltrat|..|i ?>f InternationJl dlf
tereneei This whi not .ii.ohsh war bm
|. \mI1 pK.vlde a most effeetlve and ford
ble instrumei.i for .ivoidlng It ln tnanv
case*- _
Of courae '"-ar i>etaeen draat Hrltatn
and the Uaited ^t^?te>. hetwi-en Frane
and the l nited Htates and between Ger
I manv ami l ' nli d *?trtteB ls quite re
mot?, but th- idoptton h\ these areat coun
triei of arbitration and medtation aa a
mean? of Bjeatlng -*1' cor-tioieiHies mun
have the most liealihv moral effect up.u.
the world at larxe an.l muat asslst all ti
fr'endB of peare in their eiforts to make h
permanent To thla andienee and thlB great
s,,^t?,i. -wuh t's worid-wtdi influanoa, t ^8

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