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Grand Republic's Boiler Room
Flooded When Hull Is Ripped.
All Are Landed at Steeplechase
Picr, Coney Island. Near
Which Accident Occurred.
? l r !u>V ?' < .f.i'Tl Heplll''l' .?
vuirr rr?ft of tha lirneral SK.oum, wtth
? iera bb '.card. pai mt,. st.^cpi*
tt foney l<-land, yesterday,
VHkiri*- i..uii4. aad araa aaaabla co contim.e
rr ir-urnry tO H<?-kawn> Bhe. Iilt fl
Of B'.it'.nt-rir, d ar**4**8***a *fbmi about
??? read ofr st.-i-i. ??' ?? ??' '"'k la
\ hole was npped through b.or B8**a1 oali
b tha pon aaa* aaattlaUpa, and the
tiood soon found Its way to th? boiler room
..i. trio poit Bla*. Her englnea. however.
;t ot cimmlsslon, nor dld
i aptaln < anaaa aad hli ra*w loa4 taalt
eontacl ><f tba Mg exotttsloa V4mbnb1
,. th the *4 rerkapc below the aurl'aor
reaaed ? sh.,._ tbal waa talt bjr raraay oaa
r, hoard. Xot kn,.uM,g wh.it had haWOMd
ea roali fot Bf* r**4*?)tMrvera1
and tWO BMB, lt va:' <-ai"l. .hmipol 0\**r
taoei-d aad rmani for thi irter. Tba actlon
..f theje -aea baciaaBed th. feara of -women
.md ohildrcn who had been alaimed over
? ? butnp hato tha a"l*ecBa*e, and for a
arhtle thr- new feared a paiilc.
? iptata Carmaxi flent beloa for a reptart
en the datna^e. and W84 infonmd t Bl
iMkhlg hadly the big 8X4*****f*OB ves
ael araa la no danger. Instantly his tnen
ereat ;,m<>ne; th*) pass-f nuers nssurint; thana
ll nt thera araa tiothinK lo fc-ar ati'l thal all
Ijr arlthla .. few mlt>
., . | araa < -..fjont. d bj aa ?
? oaally Um tidc an1 bad difli<-ulty in
iv-ing. Uiifortrunatcly tho damago
80 thf i.ort sl.lo. This slde was, near
t tbe ] BT. and all th* BaaaiaBgaTB crowd
oa It givh _ the eeaael ? great Bat
li Booa as tha aaaa*l araa made fast to
? r fuH*. ft) r?r <?? -r.t of lha paeaeas* ?
rruahed to the Kangj.lank aud aaade i fl
II UM dlsombarkatl"n. roanng that
?oaae ona might haara bc-m ir.juri-d a oali
aaa aanl lo thi Ctmey lalaad Kmergency
Hospltal. but. apart from admlnlsterine;
restorativea to vv. ral wom.-n who bad
f ill 'efl the surKeotiP had t.othiiig to do.
1'he Gratfd Rt-publir aad about four hun
paaaanffrra hound for itookaway, and
r raitteaHy -.11 of liiom wnlted untll the
?teariib at PeraeOfl arrlved and continu--d
lliefr trip rn BM r. l'*aptaln Canuan sakl ho
'hougbt lha lOW ttda trougut hlm down
? 4rr an Old WTnaeh und tbal thr flnkfl <?'
?'hor had penetratc-d his bnlL
? Otauad t*. pfihii', whlob i- p4*nnHt>d
by law to carry 8.*fB8 paBBlingOiB. left F
1 at |ha Battery at 10:4.. a. m.
Ua hour later rhe waa ofl Bteepl.
-Aith her -ocuratonlatA and aoeordln?;
? F'rodei-lok IT. Blshop, president and k-n
ger of the Iron steamhoat Cona.
??.,. ? three hundred feef, or
leni off th* ] i
? .
w etarl . mps work
arater hesHti to y,n ?>?
into th'' boiler rootn aad ki*pt the lcak la'
.-ii-. k. Tii. reaael airaler ber eara .-team
(aiiir- U|i (,, 11,0 ,tt\ to Pl > '. arrfrelBflJ tbere
al i:M ??. 1,,. Th" '?.ncklnis t'"?' C"l*a'**"*"*tOB
"....I .in e-onvoy hv thi Bteajabeal ond r
her owa power arenl io Craw a **urydo*ck. la
Erfi B
it irai aald at* Ui ottl. ihi lo< **
-t"4.inin..if it!|...t..t tbal '"? Orand Re
j'ubli.- waa extunlaed oa Ua) I et thi' >*?"
an.i r.'intH bef i?? -rtlUi Bt? 00 May Ifl. ?'?
i < tin-. th. ii-i... t.n ..f iniiK aald ***eeter
U tbere h...i baan ? r* ea imlwatloB
? ?> tb< *.< i Bai "ii Jiini "
?*Tbe ihu t-.?<? tj11. - m t.. malu what la
|. .iu.) latna***). timis >.t aacuraiuai boati I
lleaat tItr** ttmaa flurtng ihe running t-r;i
BO*a,M bal-1 Mr. I'r.m. "This **.<inl<l pra.
ticall) m>.k" th< lAalinnation 0a*a*nT*T 8bOUl
avery month Of tbe s-nmnvT. Thr- annu.'il
litapectloa taJna aboul foor daya; thr. }.
? ? i ? ? ? ua Tbe U
i ? ..... , \ unin.-.i tb Oi "..I RapubBe
. . . aed aurprla* ot er t he -i1, ''*
dld rondltJon of hr>r o-.k hall "
Coiirf. Sends Sculptor to Belle -
vue for Examination.
Il - perfeetl: right an.i iir.-i'.r to k?**8
art lor aii f 881*8, hut few 111*11 r;iti iirid**r
Btand bow Thr Certaln Party eaa adore
arl tb tbelr own exetatdOO. dn* man wno
: a< -.? loaa to oi oaeive rroob a point ol
t-rfera b Ltaflriiatna J. Taegera, a sculptor,
uf No. 4V'?4 Twelftfa avenue. LotJg I*d"U**fl
Clty, aad hla partlenlar cr-rtain Part**' ta
Mlaa E****a*acea t;rim->. v, ho followa tho
aame ptrofeetdon ln thal haven o{ arti*-t**.
Mtwdougal Alle* raegera lorea Mlaa
Griinea, aad lorea ber s>> etoutly tbat aha
baa h.'i to go to court about It.
ii. met ber al ?" artlata* reunlon Ber
crai jreara aaked ijetrtaolealon to
raii. whlcb waa granted; and at flrst Mlaa
Orlmea waa pleaaed, bul :-: ? gol rather
Ured of It when ? " ;' *
clotbea of ra gei -. aai on h< r do
erery mnrrn.daj ?h< told hlm he
ha<l al ? mce with ber *vh?*n
.- to a roniparla. n with art, bnl
i nof aetei MJaa Orln ea ?
through thf* keyhcle nexl morning, and
. ? ? on tl ? at< ". bla
baad ln hla han.1- H< poked letter
, ard undi r t1 ? ttoor for bo man:
tbat Mlaa Qrlmea ha.) hlm befor, "
tr.it. Barlow, and be promlai d lo etop
? i. era kepl l ae two da:' and
when Mlaa Qrimea found hlm back oa tha
tiiini day abe appta dn to the court.
"Taegera appeared before Maglatrate Mur>
phy, in ...f.ii.i and g.nj Jefferaon Mar
K, i ,-.. ut yeati plaoe lo n blch
to drag Cupld,
??l worabip her! 1 < an'1 k< ? p ewaj. It'a
t).> nae," he walli ? !
***Bu1 ire for you,' aald ihr
"I i. ?
Thn magl trate m to r- llei - 11
be Bkepi ct? d li a few i
m -
Health ?lommlatdoi er Lt I *fl I*
lam !'. 1 i Street Cleaning <lommla
-floner, beard yeaterday tbat ? ? bathlng
. ? Rockaway and Lrverni I id be**r
. ? | i a week on a
quantil i of i ea and frult
whlcb llttered the beach tiftei roi
out cf the water, thi y were told
. .
thorouKi'i"' la f' ' watei to remove the
flltb. They alao i* an ed tl il thla coi I
waa blowli g lt lt aald thi fault
the law, w hlch permli
i. ft too near thi ahon
I -)* is what. lohn Feiiton,
-which is one of the tbftt -i^'
/ ? ?' < hero of
A New York
oes fhrofiph many rhaptets oi thrillin** < ask*
ttrr himseif. "For thr warp of his strange, adventur
carecr?Jovc and beautv, and diamonds. 1 or the
? oof <s?,me; few ct'.^s i urrents ol minr and mi: f ry."
and Sense
of Humor
rhe famous funmaker tclls all about his *.*.orl<. fraiikly
."i*nittinc* that "it is a businc-s pi*cnp08ttion fronl Rtarl
?I finish,'' and shows how hnin'-,r often depcttdt on
Penelope of the Mill
\ fine story, by a famous novehst. of th** daj s "f witch
-ati in New F.npland and of how two lovrrs outwittcd
ihe villagc powrrs. Entered in our Prizt Storj Oom
Dagobert's Children
<rrond in the *-ernrs of F'ran. o-PrusM.in whi tall S, hy a
? riter who ban been comparrd with Dutnas. 1 he tltle
?-t thi*- bXory is "The Poisoned ChaUicf.**
\lso ""Walled idtv Life," an arliclr about Chinrse utie*
by K. F. Junor, aml the la?-t instalmcnt of "The Secre
lary of Frivolous AfTairs,'' bv Mr". Jarques Futrelle,
in thf -".
Sunday iWagazine of the
New-York Tribune
MaiJed anywhen** in tbe United States for $2.00 a year.
HaU m aan QaamaaamayaTaamamaamaaaaaM
Etforts Made to Show City That
Company Is Much Abused.
E. M. Grout Explains to Mr.
Mitchel Why Subway Terms
Cannot Bp Accepted. .
Efforf.- were nude yefltafrBfl** .?? . <-nvln<e
lndlvidual m'-nil,fr- of the board ot
niatr. that th*. latarboroafb I'.ipld Tran?-it
Company had bt*fl Bm b alm.-.-d in thr
harshnesr* of fh>- tarOM lald doara for Ita
I Mtanr-e |n th?- M-Atn-ir-V\ ilh "t sub
way report. It I BOt b*Ji***d tliat tha
Infr-rhoroiiKh hai- as >>t l*-**a*u*ad enouch
encouragement to tnake BaacBtber offl r ' ?
the clti , an,l iiifnil^r1 of th4 Boaid Of aBB
tlmate Be**r*ety beltaar* that mii'Ii .',n offer
win ba ff,r" ???>.) Bg. althoaiafb rt ** batag
E arart at Qrout, who ita* baaa i.'.nn'*d
-.- coiiBBBl for tie lnterboroui*li t>? rapror
sent lt in further (UaUnr* Bitb lha titf,
took two expert acco.mtant9 fron. tha In*
terborouph c-frk'**- to tho offlee of Presldent
Mifh?i of the Board of AMennea yeetef
dny afternoon. :l',* Objoet w.'.s to n ?? tO
Bho*4* to Pre?-i,lert Ifltchel that the toter
horouph eould not poaalbly Boeapt aaf fup
the** aubaray Ibaea on tha tanaa laid .io-sn
by thr clty. Mr. Mitchel brought out Eome
expr-rts af hia ov.n aad thay went e-i** tha
flpnres toaether.
it la und. ratoi d thal M . Mltebel was
not BlUCb Itnpres... ,| with tha Idea that tho
? ity ahould modlfy i.^ tanaa so as to naka
tbeaa leaa harah. It la undarotood tbat
Mr. Grotlt BUgg* ted that the city Bbould
Kuarant.-? the Intea-borough j:,,''1".""" ? jea*
la lleu of Ita nel profJta on i I auh
Betfa Lon chalrman of th* Jotnl M-aatnlt
ti ? b t: an.-it <-'f the i bamber of
? aad tbi Mercbaata' AaaorlBtloa, who
la Orroly ol tbi o**4nton that tha work of
tha dtj b t*onf4u-**eaa a iii ba apoOad nalaaa
lha taterrxtrough companj can bi loduced
llntt allotted to it. had a long
talk wl{h Borougb Prealdent M,-An.--n>. It
ratoud thal he falled to .???..* ? ?
Presldent thal tb< t- ?
tn thr luterboro d bi tnodll
11 la not unllhelj tbat u aome aoai <-i
; not.1*4*4*4 larod from tha Intei -
boata i ,. ? *c
on Slontlaj morning BOtoi ajenabar i
.-.. ? ? tba '?'?!,tracta for
tha addi".- nal lln. a b. - en al ? m i to tha
Brookljm Kapi-i Ttraosit Compaay.
1 Bergaaat ''rain, tha neweal rnamba ,r
Pui Bervlc* i
m ben h? waa i I bat he In
: to waka them up, atarted i I : - ?
tha . all al one* Ho
offer. ?! .? r< lolution dlre. -? i to
king of tif - ?
vat. 'i i ni of . ? Inti r.ugh ' "
nn ii,i- f tl patlei tly ex
? : to bim that th* Ini I
ua. .i i ? i. thal ' id bi "ii
offered to II for tl i .??ii rovemanl
? i rm n '? wanl you lo get rei
ad. ptlo ? i ha
aald C. n'er
1 ]....' r .
. , oBtf ICtl w?-re fort.mlly pi
ented or not, a the mei ibera of the com
ii r ...-, pt Crfommia loner Idaltbia 4. -
? ? rea.lutlon. Mr. Maltbu* *-.a!,t'*rj -.
intll Mon.ii- to ? what th. Inti
w.44 an easentlal r"irf. of (t
kwer (fram then *? ai led l
ra thi
for tha Baeaotb and Elghth aareoue ro
Hi arai told thal aa thla ime aould co
throtirfi . . ? ? ' ? ? iranufl
tl -tt I. ,.| no. hra-n laid oul lt would ;
lo prepare < : '? I
ftii * i?~
Asnhrlt Bindcr Piaced 011 Roads tn Fill
Guts and Lay Dust.
. omtnlaaaloner Btoarer ha?- begun tha
Uie of Mphalt T-.n-irle** on some of the drhes
? entral Pa.rk ba an effort to tavr
and Bhniba from thr duel ot thr r**gular
macadaii! roads. aa W-Jll ns for the n
that he bai not I 08 with whlch to ie
bulld th? roada. rh? aaphalt blnder has
1.,. **real aaa ta Rlvei
Drtare, wh4M"e II bai been pte4*ed from '._?!
atreet to '.rantia tomb. II la eheap aad
? pla. ed oa
idvantaaa thaa i the aurfa
01 ' "i good condltlon
1 ha ^ eai 1 irlara and 1 imtral Drla
v.t*, park ara tbi nr~-, .., ....
?>uch a aurfa ce I ?
bad eondltlfm. I ? r^?. ? meal * IH he
the Pa
ga-eal mtaa
RUer'fd, D
, omplamM r.t dust alm e tb.
wp.f pla4*ed ",! thi roadwaj thera aad tho
foiiacr baa retalned - ? to a
markr-1 degrei i" ? entral Parl boa
ever, where oil haa been i lac. I on the
ha? drlad i' up aad I
srati.-.r-d on a" nearby follagt ;" n
placea l
A*k:: Health Uepartnient Ior Aid -|
Learns Husband Is in Ho^pital.
\ woaaaa with an anzSona look oa her
f,. . \s, ,,i to tb Hi aith l" partmeat 1 f
,,. ..... morning an,i aaked for aid
in Undlng ber buabaodi Jinramlah bunn.
-.sh,, iliaappeared la l Tuaaday. Bha aald
. _a 1 wait. ,1 aad a alted for ne?. of lu 1
1.). an.i tbougbt ha aauat
arltb an bi ctd. nt
nodlng ml aalog i- ?
ni. nt, t?ul the employe* defdded to do what
they 1 : for Mr:. Duno. -*? clert I
up t',, k> r,-raJ huMpitiii Informa lon b
ln 11 iiiinui. hi learned thal Jciaamlab
liunn 1 ad baaa >.v< rooma by t1 beat <
Toeadaj tnonung aad taken to th.
polltatj Ha pltaL Ha bad bai n k< p1 l
it 44,-i .,:?!, i? eauai bi ?? .1 found to i-i
BfJIll tl -I fl 11 li t 'i I .r ri'.'
Mr-. I'linn v<-iu oul .-I 11.. d partmeat
4,fli. '-s with ,1 . Igb "i n Itef aad al lad to
tha boaplta]_ _|
Youth Who Potsed as Telephone In
spector Must Serve Five Years.
William K'.| 1 ?'i. ?'finldt, who rohl^rl the
b*aaa <,i Banto ?'.iit..i:i. at No 7 \\>st nth
atreet, to whlcli ba riaJaad aoti 100a bf po*.
i.iK aa ,i U '.j'i,'"," la ipeotoTi a aa a al
in < leajeral f**e*l< t* atati prla
on for BOl losa ihnn t\\o BOT n.oic than
mi thi )*w*li ?!' t ba, raload
at Ji,'v". araa t**oovarad, a iti. th* aaei pttoa
,.f .1 goM mesb bag. Koppataehmldl .?
faaad to tell what ba b4wd done with the
bag. aJtaoaagb *ra**a*d by Jodg* Matgoaaa
th.it bl ? ? algbti r tf ha
did ao
ii.. |a n;n. baM yaara old aad tlvad il No
ti aVaat nth atreel ai tba time of hi?.
arrest he was
ni^ehanlel.-iri li. thfl fB4*IOO ol
?ewii g Ma ,.,,..,.. 1
Ua b ? ? '
Jniportn-s Deny Bribinf- U. S.
Customs Men to Get Rebate.
Tba Board of I altad state*= oeeta-rraj ap
praKr.r?- h"*ird further fattmory yr-.ter.1av
m . ? .1,1.11 of the eovernment that tb*
Ba Lla .'ompany has ror-eived fro;n thr
? .tHrtals rxceasive allowan-es for
I BO .all-'l r*UtaaT8, or Kakage. of l*B?ort8d
iil.- 'Ihonws M. Settle, tbe go\eriuncn?
ptt.irri<->, lntiuiateri m hls examlnation <.f
'?*' "Itno-af-es that brlbery had been ra
BOrted to hv t&e Importers ln order to re
. ,i . .;., exceaalve allowaace for the ??"*
Whiio it na.- not rt-rtad arhat "<?< ?ne
gUllillimiait I.-H'V>1 M ha-l loet at Ne*8
J ..-K i. UM ann I ItiCtagO, <>i,<! i >?."""'
plaeed tbe tigur<*s aa htgfa aa *U0?,"****
r?avld R. Ward. a repreaentative of tbe ?'?
80y at CMcagO. ln "hswer to a QU88
' tlon hy Mr. Settte. Fiid he knew nritl.ini? Of
hiibc monev being pald cuatom- oflctala to
graajt an unduo outagi allowanei on the
****. c. Oumndaga. inanagri of tba Boaton
Of Baae, Ratcltffe & Gretton, Ua**"
H8d of Tiaat, a~aT*g*ett*e8, tho importers of
I ato, teerttaled that hi had nevr at
,.??1 prrf-onully t<> brlbo any of the
? in Boaton. He said ho knevc
,.f no attempl to brflM government gaugr-rs
? . bi bad '.fl f" oharwa of tha Boatoai
offli ?
R J. T. took'. the Aiuencan agc-nt IO!
thr, Uase conoern, derllne.J to at.swer a
! r-lmllar rjtflafltioai bf Mr. Pettle at a formi r
I aarfag m repar.i tu condltlona at this pori
! When praaaed for an ans?'r he deellned
1 ,?, me ,;oi.-uit?iti..iiai ground that it rolghi
' tend lo degra.K: an.i lii?*rlniitiate blm. N ard
and Cuaunlnga MaclaJ-ncd any reapcmaibli
tty for tbe Kew rorb onlei
lrlor to the rulins of th-* Tre.i'suvy De
partmenl ln IflDJ an alle*a*anoa for outage
of three saJtona a hogshead waa made
08 lirportatintis Of Bla Tbe Rovrrmn-nt
la now endi- a-i-ortng to Bbow brlbery an.i
fratid >.n tbe part ot tba bnpetrtara m or
ner to aupport the statuto of lin.itation,;
aa appll.-able to the 08888 and UWfl he
able to fjolloct the back dutles for tho last
tweaty-flve yeara, during wbicb ttmfl tbe
allowaaoa for outago waa madr-.
The hearlng arfll b*> 1-eaumed on Moi
when ee-reeal alUiaaaaa for the g -*8i*nn*efatt
an ? mi. cted to testif>.
President of Equitable Takes
Stand for Health Bill.
Regardlng tbe attaek ina.ie by **enator
w.irks. of California, In tha upper house
on Thuraday on t!.- blll eatabUahlng a na
tionaJ departmenl of bealtb, Wllllani A.
? . ? . tbe Eq iIt*W< I ;'' * ?
aurajx ?? Boc* l aald laat nlghl tbat Ben?
ator W'orki deall almool wholly wtth the
.., 0f cui . ? whereaa tho
Bctlrltl - ' ? govi rnnu nl health om
.?i,i, v ?? conflned a i entlrel lo tbe
preventlon ol
-iiver haif b lullllon citlsen an dylng
. w, ftar," be aald, "from dlaeaaea that
roided bj thr appllcatlon of or?
Idlnary and rea rentlre meaa
tt la thi raata of Anw rt*
, ,, ;?-. ; ,.:< . Owen blll is tr: Ing to
io e ordlnate tha
pubilc I of the go*"*
or '1' Pl rtni'i t
Young French Aviator to Fly in
Amenca in Near Future.
Ufred J Molaanl au"wunced ln th*s dty
resterday that Rolend <Jarro**. the French
j aviator. who catna Ib rwcond on the Paris
Liondon-Parli cln u of about one I
aand mllea, would aooo return to *ui i
ro exbibtt under <'?r anaerteflfl ot t**e Met
r=,u,t fntearnatlonal A*ia*oi3. Mr. Moiaant
aald ti,. noteworthy - ?
pllahed ln Europe hv Oarroa on tba Paila
: and now t1"- I
n Blgbta had all bai n perfOrmed
. ? , oung Prem hmai
under contract with the Moiaant company
and in acoordant a the tern of their
ii. added tbat Garroa and Edmund An
[demara, another Molaanl Syer, would now
glva tbefa time to the conatructlon ..f the
Molaanl metal monoplane In Parla, and
that when they eppeared In New 1
the n?.ar future II would l- tO fi'-' th*l ' t-'
c ? m ichlne.
a are a ol pei lona who look
witb mlaglving upon t*M practicabillt! of
,,, .-. . tantly advoe ited
by Ml Molaanl ind if. thi machlne la
. to Amt rica thr Increaaed fame td
.I to 81*0*088
I in ita firal appcarani e.
- nti red la tha international
. , ? . i Imont Park last
? r ab tbe 84*ronautlc clown. He *^a-,
?nl in cansiiifb inirtli among tha
- avery tim. b< alttmapted to gtve
l| i"on of a man la tlltrht ln hla tmy
In the laal two
monthi c baa pravi d himself ln Europe
among the arorld'a greateat atrlatara.
j. i ,,,, ,ji, :? foraook the Demol
?eilo nrtaehlne before his reputatlon aa ?
. ountr*. ovi r Cbannel fl'- ei ha* ame
mldablfl thlng It i oa I
Wer-1th on Paper Rcvealed, However.
in Supplcmentary Proceedings.
judgi Mi A.r,.-. of Ihi i Ity Court ap
pointed t reoelver yaatmrAay lor Ogdan P
reii, who is >< proaaoti r al No i Kew
Btreel Rogi ; ter, a lawyer, ebtalnad a
? ni agalnat him for nfflS, arhlch araa
pald, and Irbater h.o\ ivn examlnod
in atip*iV-ii,. atary | Ing*
i -ii BaM i??? o i ned a i m -quarter int< ? i
i*i tbe Btaeh Jack Ckrld Mintng Company,
CaJlfornla, S4 aharea of the Afro-Llb.
rlan Da***8B8f***Beail Coaapeny, rertn'n rlgbti
?. Brooklyn fi. Jamatca Pay Rallara***
i o**apany and MI i araa ef the Brooklyn
I Undergroond Railway Co******aay, which are
ln the handa of Foeter, par value of th*.
? .. tbree mentloned -..ur'He- being t*BJBB
. r . gre ' ? ? haa a H per .-r-tu
.??I. >.' 1*18,088 tik.4:Mvt thi
m Bt < me man owee
! hlm *?""'. and he has two or three aataa
on whli h be ba i to eollecl
r, Il Btdd b< bad a reom 8l No. Ztl iiran-1
i whleh he called hta home. and that
,i da], whlch i.e barrowad.
-? a
Free-1 on One Charge, but Is Rear
restcd on Older One.
\ rt. r Judga Mulfluaea la li'-n.**-^1 b?a
. i I'.-tr-r i Jl***.. w ho haA '- > B
called to tn.il f9B*rt\ay on an 1ti.ti.-ttn. nt
charglng extorti..n, Olea waa raarraated
aad taken t., Bi*ooklya for *u*i*f*Jg**?*a*aat ..n
Monday befora .iiKig? DUu
A-ir-tint Dlatrlcl Attorney MoOulra in
fOrmed iihIk-.' Mu*a*fueaa tiiat hla praoeaa
a.rvo,-. eould not Bnd aTtageae Bataoooala,
the c.jiiipiainHtit. aml rectominataded tbe
pnaonoi b 8*dacbarge. Bataooovla r*ltaai*ged
that Olea i. id extorti i NO aad a goM watcb
*-*om htm aader thraal af -a'ising bla ar
reat on hrtaaaped ni> ebargaa,
CHea waa arreagad ba B**ooUy8
ruary for wrltlm: threatening aatXatl At
thai iimr. Ja Ige I ? ?< a**ajpi r*a*ta*td m atea ?
\\ rtaTtfl be 888 0188*8 08888 on the "*8*t**rflar
..f OeneraJ Bi -..lons he ha.i a aatectlve <i. -
taiied t.. i:>- trlal ta lake the man tnt.i
ln thi evenl ol hla dlacbarge.
i. . wer to revoke tl
..-! ? nd ? Id . !?? tat<
| Fosdick Hears Fireworks Men
Alwavs Paid for Contracts.
lOne Witness Says Friend of an
A-derman Demanded a Com
mission of $6,000.
, mlaalo-fiar Ft rahae* mveaUaa.*!*. ol
the aam F.-irth fh-eworka took H tum \*<
terdaj thal n.ay i*oB**derabl3 . niarg-1 thr
tcopt r,( tha inciuiry Hi i'i " "r'
repreaeatatlvi - of flraworai oo*apaal?* '
lon hlm wk.ttflod that It had baaa a
reg-ilarh- UfideratOOd thlng m Naw '? L
.eral yaara thal when ... ?lel*ratlon
-ea i ? ? hr-M lacludhag ftrfTaarorha .' waa
nacoflflarj r"r *-?'. *n- ? :' ';; ''" '""
tra.'t to pa*. ..,,. -...,'? ? honey" to
one. Therf wer. oaly four companl** lhal
hn.l rrfuv-rl to BBtflff lot* tl,.' fr.nd a:;re<?
ment?, Mr. Fosdick na^ told. He has BUb
ptaoaad ofll4*4B* of theai foor 4aom*aa**J4 to
get atnWaaf* of nttempt^d bold-ai ,
thoso companlea that ha\' paid tor eo?
(net* ara irawintng to toivtmlaata thara
t-o\\ es
Uaotber wltneaa eajoa forward also to
.rii of an allegad attr-mpt at a hold-up in
,-onnectiui, wltli thi- y.ar'e. ,vr-l?hration.
i,;,o ,.' Mr. 1 "lifckf. iiir-pectur- ha? found
aa Italian inanufact Uff r ? kr- in
N?w Jeraey who Baya thal ba was told bj
ii ropraaantaUara of a member ol the a'.dei
manle eommlttea that ba could have the
r-ontra-jt for a eommhurion of '?-? Ban? eanl
in fldvance. Another manufacturer hai BOW
Ibeen found who aaya thal atlll another
friend of the aama alderman told hlm that
he roulrt hav- B -".titr.T't tot V&&H *A?r*11
ef thr rireuorkrf'lf h* WOUld P8J tha BHf.8**
man h rMNnmlaalon i I N''"
The man who aald that th* (Mmtracl araa
off?.rerl to blin for B Z-> P*T 0*01 commls?lon
is ia Naw Jaraay ..nd out of tha roaofa of
Ck>mnal*-*don*r Foadlck'a aubpoaaaa. When
ba was askr-i to com< torward roltmtariljr
aad tt-.'-tify ha aald:
"If I was aure tliat ymt good govemment
men would he ln offica tOt tbe n-'-xt ten
years I would be glad to t.-tify. but the
probablllty is that y ou aill be out ot offlco
IB anoth-r two yeara, and then I wlll never
be able to atracl from the
IflcheU Naona, who made an alBdaait
that bfl bad BUppUed tha nat-nal for
twenty.four cf-i.-braMom to tl.e Unlted
Plrearorkfl Compaay at 1108 a wlebra^lon,
t.-.k-* a f-itniiar po-dtton aboul eoo*dof* to
N'.v. Y,,rk to testify.
"I bavi re..-. iverl onl* 1180 ou iny $2,100
rontra.'t. ' hfl r-ay B. "If thfl I nited I':.' -
worka Company la not peBd by the city i
wii: ni **i ? t*l ''">' i'i"ti' ? - i cant ?
to teal , -1 Iheoi and loae my
moi i ?
Say They Never hea.d of Nar.tia.
Walter C. Bootl . ol No. 83 Ub4B*t** at****t,
repre*4mttng th* \ nited nrewora* Com?
paay, told Cbmmlaaloaar Ko.-dnk yester
day that Aubrey Lo>*e, prealdeat of the
mv. and Hugh W K<:iy. vioe-prosi
dent, would , om,- from Tronton on Mon
day aad answer any q laatlooa llr. Poedlek
inight want to a*k thi iu. Mr Booth after
war.i gave out a Btatement for Love and
K?lly, saying that the mBtract of thfl
t nited Compaay wa- obtained by open
Mddlng a:,d that th*r? wa* no fraud ln
cotuiection with lt. They denl*d purehaa
inp Breworka from Nanna a*d aald U
had BBV*r B4BM*d of htSBI
At tha coufereuc* of the Brookljm aid^r
naea held ln the Borough Hall, Brooklyn,
jeatarday. Aldarraan Moi-riBoa .aald ho araa
prepared "iti; afBdaa-lta and wltua*a*a to
a***** that th* l nited 1 lroworkfc Company
bad aorehaaad a larg* part of its, flrc
v. ork*- from Nanna. Thara were twenty.
two aldermcn preflent, each of whom had
a partl .'m grt***'8a4M 1" tbe character of
-tlon ln hlfl djfltrtct A rcsolu
? aa adoptad for tba appotatment of a
eommlttea of Ihree to lay the matter be
fore thr- bo.-.rd aad ask tor the appolnt
mc-ut of B COmmlttee of Atra ineniberb of
the board to ta**eatJgat* the ehargej. Al
dermen Bent, Morrlaotl ;<nd C.mpbell were
oemed a tl.nmlttee ." ^o before tha
s., ...-, eldermen deacrlbi d the . 'ntents
0( th4 ireworka aenl to thetr dla
trl'-ts. PJacb box was -upno-ed to contaln
I48Q arori of ' aa irk*. Aldermaa Qaorta
A. MorrlBon aald that -1 b?a the aiiotment
Utaembly Dlfltrtct reached t>.n
clubhou to haa** them aat off,
anr] thal '-1 ? '? ' e, who 1 id fur
rtished thi flraworka, heard of tl.ls he
drovr up lo an automobile ar.d urged Mr.
Morrla n to uai thi I roworka.
AMerrri.in Campboll aaaeited that th* baa
sent to l,is dlatrtct eootaiaed about lu)
irortb of fireworks, m.-tt-ad of $-D) worth.
that thi piacal were ael off on Calyer Hlll
and that befora he had tlma to run do*-*ti
i'i- | i'i thr- aupply waa exiiau-t. l
.Mtcr tb* conf. n! ' of tha a'.l-;rnieii
? ? ? Conatalaatoaer I'o.-diek and ga\e
ome Infonnatloa whlch la expectcd to
be of 4..i - '?' ea f th* lai eetli itk n takes
op. ..f ;, general Inqulry Into r*alebra*
Defendr. Aldecmanic Committee.
? ..i.iu John i'- \\a^h, who wa.-- chalr*
man of the oelebratloa eoaiailttaa of the
of \,'.-nien, and, Wlth Ald.???niati
? . algn. d I tracta, at
lended tbi wmfereocfl ln Brooklyn an,i af.
terward i wi o.a tho following atatemtaat:
i?... ....... of tl ? rta of tl*e
relatton of the committee of thi Board ot
non t., tha lirework* dlaplay on thfl
Fourth of July, aad becaua4), If unan
irill ?? i\. tba ? ffeel >,f cri atlng
mlnda ,,f .-iti/etiB a convlctlon utter
4-.1.I. tha trul , i offei to
n,. pr. - . Btatement of the exact truth.
Ni,,. or appolnti rl a i ommlttee of one
to ; lan a "aafe
Itlonal ho Idaj . The
,. ? tli .1 to i lu .-..n
inbution*. It 44mh exp.c!..l to i*l-< ,i sun.
Bufflclenl to rjttlngly celebrat. thi national
bolldaj us- became our splendld clty. Tb.
, xpect. .1 dld . . ? ,i I- n am -. porti d,
. 88,000 waa i oatrlbuti d Thi clty np
propilat. .i J.-1."" \ ? li .i" c tatom, a
. ,-r.iii nlttrftM | ? ;iit.-,| lo r
vi-. Ita outlaj.
i r . committee h ,,) no j ...Ae.- tu .i ,4 1
01 - ?... 1 Into contra. ti foi mat. rlal ol ....
cter, banda an.l rtreworka Included.
Tha commlttei of dtlaeaa wai em
powered to and dld attend to all i. talu
ol prep4*4*_tloti and 1 .ntrH.-t. \|| contracta
14. r, to h, ti ac. irdance wlth condltlonM
laid down .f.ir,.ii.4r and the !>-g.ii
... K. of the Corporatlon Counsel aii ,,f
iboa.idltlona weri eoraplled wlth.
11,. . balrman vt th ? ib-commtttee .-n Bn
a-orka of the committee ol '?ulz.-n-s ap
polnted by tha Mayor appeared before the
commltl.t ii.-- Board ,,f a. 1, rnien and
aiiiniiu'-! contracta r.,t- approval On the
aaeuranci ol thi representathi
citlsena coinnittti e that ti ? pri. ?. were
?. ? nable and w Ithln prea alllng ral
aldermanlc committee bj \-..t>- orderad 1 at
tha chalrman ,.< Democrat), %a 114, tiderman
Dlemer ta Republican), algn foi tha com?
Alderman Walah aad Dlemer aa orderod
dld Btam the contracta. To "the present
wrltlng this is a full and completa nlator;
of the relatlon "f thi aldermanl. eommit
t.-e tO the nr. Workl.nn ,. |
Th.* ehalnn.in >,f thfl cltlz, i,s' ,,,, ,.ntl,
raHtee rofatrad to bg am. rmaa w ilah wa:.
Alderman Batooel Marx
Aubr-v Lore'fl nanir. api.eai a ...i the hil
letin board at No UI liro.-uiway. bat the
oftVe naraed ea tha b,.,ird a. bb la . ,,
ol the Reaitl Rubber - ompaay, aad 11
aald tiK-r. aatet ? \
. sVallli . ., gi Ki., ()
New York . Ur. of th.
*t* BUAxB bai 1.1. 111 t.jr th. Laat foui
montha, and during that tlraa Love aaa
bm .1 -i.i.ii.i al .????? "ib ? it ,,rtA ur- .
*'.' ?? "'? ' rapanj thal
1 - ? ? a. Inti r*at?d tu nr. worka, . ui
?,..,,ii- In the .apa.-ity of ? BeJee-aan No
,,. ih. ofloa knew of any ptoal be
....yyiMK to ti- United flreworka Cfc-npa**:.
wn% .'ommla-riooer roeafJcft BaM ".at tbe
, oitcern had4.n0 plant.
???,. i cea ha.i nol returned to ni*t
,|f.4k vrtth ihe Mudaon Marhaalcel Rubber
,?.??,,,? ai No 1* Dej atreei jreaterda
it waa aald there that i.'ox bad no cott-ne* -
,.?,, with ihr 1 ntted riaaworka &*******
BRd tl.ai 80 tnatl fof that t*0mf*8UI) ha.i
. v,, been **ecel*-8d then Cbenmla kw '
Poadt, h on tl ? ofh't- hand, aati that Coa
and aiothrr man In tbe employ of the
Htadaon Me..hani<al Hubber <'ompan-. man
ttynegna* In tha United ****enp8aj
Ur. Poadt- 1 -r-tpecti to bavre ibe
i.ihii ,f..r a aitneea on Mondni
.-1, .1 to rae ? ?
Trenton K. ?'.. !** 1.?AXBWBI
preeldent and ixeaaurer of the Cnlted Flr<
. ompany. and iiugh W. Kally, vte*
...t and t-KTetarj ' -?'? * refcain* d
Malcolm ??? Bucl-aaan ai -*ouii-ael ln th**
iire..-,irk inr***8tlg8tlon i" Kew fort
1 .. a and Kellj teara bath out af '"vn
to-dai aad Mr. Boehaaaui BaM ,h"rr **
no furthi r rtatetnent to bfl m^'1 ?''? ??'
E. L. A-iams Chcfien PreRident nf rf?W
York Press Association.
Rocbeater, Inly ?'. Oiflc-r-. ?eere eleetad
lai the lifty-elghth conven?lon of thfl
Iforb Praaa Aeso-*latlon to-day. Tii' |
grafnma of paper* vaa fofJoared,
thai --.unr* were omitted becavaaa of the
'? fnHv.ro of thelr autl.ors tO 888*4881 Thla
after.n tba delegatea -/tadtad m
largt -nanufactarlng plant- To-nlgbt l ?
I edltora and the woaaen of th*" pertj nt?
tended a banquel
The now offleers are. Preai knt. Edward
M Adaurae, "The Marathon Indepeii-'-***
preatdent**, George B, Mareeljua, 'The
Let-roy Oa-tette,"*' John K. Wa*brld**e "Thfl
laratoga Baratoglan;" 1*. H'Uliam ::
??Thr Roa ?"? Bevlen ;" Don C Beitfl, "Tl ?
Torb Wor.d:" Becretary and *****'
urer. A. 0 Bunnell, "Tho Danavllle Ad
vertiaer." Exccutlv* commlttee** rVIII 0
t'reenc. "Tlie Kalrport Mail:" A. B. Bcott.
"Tl.e Geneaeo Kepublican; Dr. B. ?'
Porter "Thi New *. ..rk Journal of H nt>
.atti* ," Oardtner KHne, "The Amaterdam
Rreordr-r." and ? Uke McHenr: . ' ' ?
? nango Tlmea.
foUowlng prfltlons ln bank'
were filed yeaterday ln tha Ualted Bl
rated, mbacriptlon br.ok puMlbhcra \^
and 12 ''ilft atreet; involuntary. Judc* liano
appointed Charlea A. Throckmorton r?
eelver. Llabllltlee, $57.5?; assets. ttZA*a.
LOl ^ *V. OOOS, citjar deaier. Noe. S
and Safl) liroadwav and No. "*J Whlt-hal.
atreet: Involuntary. Llabtlltlcs. **,''?'; aa
1 seta, P.OW
I JAMES M. IfAN'f.KY. rontrartir.c paint
! er No 108 Weat Mth atreet; Involuntary.
.luds-e Hand appointed Walbridge S. Taft
recelver. Uabilttle* not given; aaeeta. moon
OTTO BCHI^OBOHM, bartend*-, Mo. 1*88
fcvenue A. formerlv 8 Hquor dealer, voluu
t.ar*. Llabllltlea. m.12?: ay?et*i. M>
.- 1 ?>?.. M * 1 '"??
A.M i*.M
1 .?? -? *?**
.S1 :i * **
La .- " I-. i**a**e**ta?l as 0-V- mllflfl '4>t ef Sandy
itook .-? 8:8) p ra en **nt*raday, i* aape tad to
j, .-'. ?>-..- e\?n!nf.
Tb* Sleow Amatetl*ra, retorted aa 1,140 mllea
<-a-t of fraady Hoak ^T- I i*? a ,'1 ?/ee*aa*eay, la
expected to doek MoR*at foreneon.
Thfl St Lou-a, r-pcited aa 788 -n1>e aaa'. '?
Baad** Ho-*k at 7 Vj i. B* -.fcatarday. is expe:*.*-!
to dook ?<!-.Aa.-- tor*
rolumbia, report-d aa ?oo mil?i east ef
Eaady Hook *.-. 11:10 a m v'a'-rcU:,. la aiparlafl
to doek .*-'ir:.iay afternoon.
Th- Atnertka, r*-porterj aa IP" mllra eaat **f
?-.40 p rn **4>8terday1 i? exp*.-tei
?0 doek tht*5 fotet
The Lap.and, i*euorled a I.OBO nu'es *ait ef
H -ok H* 8 90 a n ?? . . 13 etpeeted
to flo. h M01 :
TO v.w.
\ e- poi-t 1. Bfl
**8*)lla Mara al 0, "ont Sfl Htd D
?Amerlkfl .Harr.b-ir*-. Jutie !*!? Haroh-Am
*Laflavota Havra, .luly 1.graneh
ajaaracaa, .Detnerara, June 28 , . T.-lnl'la'-l
Deutachland.P..j't?r''.ani, June 2'1.
Hudaon. Bord*aux, June 2!>.Fr'r: 'ti
S'avlaator.B.ira.*oa. July 2.
Ifobawk . ClalveatOB, July 2.
"Oolumbia.r, .ngow, Jjly 1 . -,->
?fll Loull.^outlia:: pton, July l.Amerlcai
-Morro Outle. ...Havana, Julv 6.War"
?ponilnn!.* .Turka laland, July 4.
S'-hv j.-zhitrr.trari-.nurs. Ju'ie. 2o.. Hurab-Ar ?
tvaaaa a**anaab .lu'.y 6._.-? -
inla ,.I ?? ? -p I '??? .">ir.a;':
?\ At iterda .Rotterdam, July 1.Holi-Am
'AraMe. Uverpool, Julj 8....Wbtte Btar
?La'.larl.Dovar, lulv 2.Rtri ?ta.
?Afllatl Prlne*... Irlnldad, Julj ?:.. .. r
Ancona. Nai!''-. Junt 2'J. [I
rrno, Juni -;.Gre^v
. R itterdan, June 29.. .Cranluni
."aroIi!*a .. .Palermo Junt 20.lVo.d-Ita:
Manur: >'ni- ?? I'^r'Ai .tyv.-r r?o.rpa"*!*h
V de Larrlnaae. *W Lurln. july t. .
v?4? Orlaana ?"?:? .T..-^ Pae
Bl 8ol.? '4 -?-> l-a ?
Infljfl mail.
Mait -?>'
**aa Islnr cioaea. aalla
Philadelphia southam'n. Ara. *:* a b 0:30 am
Cattle, Llverpcol. W S. 7.30 a rn 11 :tO a ni
tap. .1 ;an, San Juan. NYA-PR. 9:0i''a in 12:00 ro
Bermuiltan. Bertr.uda. Qi^be.-. 9:0iJa..i ll:"*am
Havana. Havana, ward .. .10:00 a m 1:00 pn.
Ctyde, Jamal:a. R M f1 P-10:3i>am 200 p tv
Oc-atia. Bermuda, Bai 4U...11:88a m 8*80 pra
BtUTlla Ha\tl Hav. Am.11:00 am 8*80p*n
lilnneapolla, London, At Tr. - -- *-.",.ia:..
Pennaylv-inla, Hamhura. H-A.- 0:00a ra
' allfrrnlH. OlBflBOW, Ain'h.ir.. *?iOa:ii
I * -=i. l a. Naplea, .\n<-lior.
ind, Antwarp, n s... 10-88ara
\r>?ia, .N'ai.:r-, Italian.- 11:00am
. Man lea, Pabra.. - - .?ipn
Aiitillea, N". w iirleaiii-. s l'a^ . 12:oO ni
ui" i.ranrir. Jack'TllI*. Mai 1*00 pm
? ' of ' - -ivdiitiah, t? 8*88pa*
Concho Oalvaflton, Maiior>.- t .?> p m
aa, i Mi.-i ? Hallory.. .*4i , ra
U< 'Nt.\', jt LV 10.
ifl Ctftt - Panaaaa... fl ;r' * ? IS-flfl ta
IOAT, Jl LT 11.
ilrn n. Bnraen, NOL8*fl8at*a toooa".
potailam. Rtfttter-'an,, llol A. lOKlOani
Moltke, Kaplea, h^i-i!. Am. . IUKa)a*i
I ihi p m
Cof favi . , a .
Da ilnatloaand aUat-atr. ? ??'?' .., \ ?? p m
i hi i aada, Bamoafl lai
? la Nea /.eaiatid. Auatralla ma
ria) Makurj . Ji,;y o ,- 4,
.\la San Krj: i laco) -Lur
. Julv |0 I ?
or .. . hina ivla seattle)
-r>i' M..IU .iniv 10.8*88
? ' ..'? rea, Chlna, Phlllp -
'. lan ("ranclaco) -8l*-aHia.JuI** IS, 8*80
iiawiiii . u ---aii V't'ttti'ia. ,.i Klerra.July 17,8*80
irt,i?.ii . 'orea, . !hltai i. la .--? ??? tw ?
K'ii.-.. rlo .... i ?>. .; -o
Port of Iftw York. Friday, July 7.
,,-'",!' "*r . "? Dunblrb Jtaaa i*.
iu*i -. and I'orum i -jrt, t,? Ul? C.
paarnle fJeaaaalfl Tranaatiai iique. ?tth Ofl at. - ?
taaatm and mgaa, A.rtved at 1 ?
' flpTSa, Ata ti"
? "?' ****** Lefl yiirti-atithi*. ?t ;, ;,i n m
a r Mat?i,po. Yokohama. et0 vlaTBofl
?tb4ta-at of Klra IsUqj at ?*flBa oZ
iia-i-i. ualtcn a rv>, w trt ,., ,
' tbe Bai ai 12 80 p ,,, K "'' N
..-na.raandin.ke:0^;,;^. ,
?ii r Mlnnaanoiia iur\ ?__^ .
. ,i i,.. Z' <**ri. i.ond.'n Jnn? -jk
it.. "ttlantlfl Tmtupott Un, wtth " n?T.,
I?ri and aadflfl. Lirriradi .) ,. *o '
, | na. ?*-rri*.eu at the Bar al
St.-.un-r Hamllton. \n*nnrt ka
Norfolk. to tha Old TCtonh.a?. mi**** *nA
Pa. *,, aera a,,,! ,n ).^ '"orr0",,?' ;;?', *****
in*4*f P-laware, Ph'lailai^K..
12 .i-_. ? ., ,1'1'* <n Qaaaaaii
St. ann N . , ,? . \,,,\ ,
n Baat, Am**4td ??
1. .un- r siiivn 11... ,.
' ?' ' Bar .. 1 l, ' ' ' '
? ner 6an .;.,..,,,,,? ,Ua,
S'aplea 33 and Palermo -A , }}*!****
?. to Hlrael, F**ltiiiann
ii i atdae urrlvfld a| S 1*******. V*****
? 8*1 Rlo, r,twlt v ,!,*r ?' *?** *? n*
ita aadaa, prt-,^.) ,
?- aaTaaaaa i ii- ?,
tr, ,r^. ...... ?
Li IH I, r 17 ' ,.
"Bi. ? ", ? ? ..' ?! > ,'irfi,' , .'j .
f',i.-i io ? .1 ? ll.i ??;! ? ?-,,;,. ,
- ' '.ll? 2.1 -HIM 'J, .'_**iC
ii ''? ' : '." B_
-. t^r
?41-amei . -. ?
m.i .V..r. r'.ieno Han - . *_"-*?* .
'?"ia ii? vi^ra*
? .
?-? ?; ? , /
Un.l?'r I ' ? . , _
i al. ?__
'? ?? y
Santlago, luly l
- ?
I ?
les. Ju
??apirfa. I '?
Botterdani ' ? J
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Ice Cream F'reezers.
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Winter Garden
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