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r.ot hepitit* t'> appaal to glre the trenia*n
d'.ns welahl of Ita auppoai le auch ? cHuae
The Prealdenl ?a.i frequently later*
rupted with applause. Ho dell*r*et*8d thr*
addrcss a aecond tlma In tho larKe audl
torhini back of the main hall. into whloh
thonsandj* nh-. could not got into the
main meetiriK ha.i orowdad.
When h. firishrd ha Wll taken onl of
tha* haok d"nr <>f the hall and pla.-ed in a
rolVr chalr and rsoorttd t<? tho t'hal
fonte Hotel, fr..n. arhlch ho went to tho
car of his BpeaMal train nnd was hurried
to Caaaden, where ho i-onrded tho May
jud-to Ben B. Undaay, of Doaver. foi*
lowed rrr-s-id-'nt Taft. and his suhjrot
-*.*as "The Chrl?tinti in Pnlitirr*." Ho aald
it waa thr* ,1 it; of i hrfetlan maa to tnko
part in polttlca aa much thrir duty to
vote and asai*' ln puttlng good men Ifl
offlco aa lt waa to pi
Hooker T. Waahlngton 1880888 ln fh?*
rear auditorluifl on Tho UpHft of a
Race." an.l John Wanamaker **pOha Ofl
"The Chrlatlao Buraiaaaa Man ln ro]!
Party of Senators with Him on
the Mayflower.
Philadelphia, Jaly 3 Prealdaal Taft ar
-f**rt*ed here f- >m ktlanttc aty ai W M
O'clock to nlghl He boerded the May*
laanar at the aavy yard aad atarted on a
egaUae whleh wHI laat un'il Monda> fl*88>
a'4"'rs Penroae, Root. Browa, Hric?.*s, Tay?
lor. Poster, Ba oa and Ovennaa
ranie.l him.
Accused of Not Having Precinct
Properly Patrolled.
Chlef Tnar*"r*'**' Bchim*rt1*4trrger, whoround
a lot ef i Blm maa "ff pofll In flflM #*f hta
aar'.v aioralag loura or tha aa.- nd laatpe-.
tion dlatii. I last month. appearerj a* e ran
piainant yeaterday h*fo:? Deputy <otn
nrdaaioner Dillon In th*- trtala of laapector
John Daly and COptalO Bdarard OallnKh**""
of th? Gr*er.4. ir-h atte'-t BtatlOfl Abrahan*
latndau arpe-i-ad aa ee**i*nael for Oaptaln
Oallaaher l -"ryifnlarioner Dtlteai told 18*
8**aKtOT Schtnlttl I tO ?na44?*- MT
Landau b queartlba as tr. why notblna had
"rr-i-n d 88 tn pTOteet property and llvaa ln
I '- eretlnct. ti? ehlef lt*e8e>etof admli
ited hi dld not look '?" a poUcetaan 4* h?i
|*r*? failed to Snd hlm whe a he Buppoeed
*-,? -.-;aht to be
nn one noat tbe hMpector admltted that
there arere ae4-ente'"n deep raaaanaenta ard
that h?* dH nol look Into these t'ontin
ulnjt. tl,<? inspr.-t'ii said that he ?li>l no*
Vok lato araawaya and de?p doorwaya,
whjleh are parta of poata and li ?
pollcemen n ghl hava been atandlni Th?
trial of Captalh Oatlaaher waa eoatlt* led
until thla murnlnr laapector Daty'a h?ar
Jna ?a? p.r .->\*?t untll thla afternoon
Henry S Sv.eitzer Sues for Di?
vorce in Pittshwg.
iltlaburg, July T. Henry 1 awaltaei
aon ot the lata Qaaaral I ? B*wettaar.
who fetaataTly waa prothonotary of the
Sta"*. Sip-ame Court en'^r**-] s-uit la C88B
mon Plaaa I 0 111 No Z to-day. a&klng a
, ? .. ? | wife, m i ifai :? i barn
bers ? - I taar, ?ho
mi'iiae" to M: Bweltaar waa the arldow
gt Con i r ":?-?, - '?' T,,*' Cnlted
gtatea **"avj Sdr. Bweltser ebargad bt*
8 '- ?*-**"- cruel an 1 haybarous ti .?atmei*.'
and Indlamltlaa He aaya i it they "*****?
married on Jan ' ??'?? and th ?" I
j,, ,.]:,;:.-?.???? Pei ? wbea
,-.,. -eaerted hlm wlthoul ca ae *"**
?. , tlon in aeeklng a fhrorce
baa eaiiaed a aenyation
or"r4nr the:r ftrlenda
Action Brought in Boston for Judg
ment Given Here.
> ..--,-? ? Trl*-.,;- |
i -Maa .: . 1 -Hf^rra ' ar. Ina Tiirek
m.hn laootaa-erd a "udaTiwenl of teift la thr
ye-4' Tork aupraine Courl from v"- *1
vorKd hoaband. Waablngtoa Ir^lng
has brouahl tnill ln the suffov. e
(-r.-.rt te aatlaf) l e idawienl In the abo*ea
888-a, "ith lnta**eal Bhe Seelataa thai no
aaflart ot lha 8llBTat>B1 h88 beeW SUtlaOod. Bhe
brought aall agalnat her tormm hnattemd
tn the K8W *)(.rk Sitrrni" fo-nt ln fall
ina ia pa-? her counaei feea and a
lat**d Bum *?a.*!i 44p?.k Mr. T wek ls aow
ln Br.aton. aad hla former wife ia i-.era le
I eoi'.-ct wbat the "kaptaawa ''ourt of ttam
Tork haa aald 1* o*a*a her.
? ?
it*Mr8. Allibone Wine Divorce Suit on
Oharges of Desertion.
[Pv Teleararh ?*? ""he Trlhune ]
jiero. Hei . Jaly 7?Although Joaaph O.
i Alllhone vrtn i laintiff and Roaa Alllhon"
'defendant, .furipe Moraa to-riay trrant'*d a
. Olvo-roaj to the de**8ri*afaal i n her allea^atlotna
of deaertion. Th*. decree was tho resilt 8f
a croe?-cornplrunt of the defendant, who
? ramalned in her New Vork Clty homp
?i>lllhona fatified iti aup;>ort of Ms cla'ma nf
?eruelry. Ha aald the niarrlaae took plarn
' fn is**. ard for taataty yeara they tot
alona well enou?h. On rroa-axainlnatlo.i
he admltt-?d that BKMM ef tnelr dlfferencaa
varoae over MiPlrjeaa entarprta*>B. He atvi
-hia tfatA eiafiged in a WOfBOB'a talloiing
jbualneea. and they quanellr-d ft*8auent)}
?about the eorifttet of thrir affa're. Ml
Jbone aald hia wife told hlm onr-e sh** Wtabed
She were rlaad. hut h* d"l not fr-ur abfl
-?arou'.d klll hlm. Mr-. AJHbOtBe*B M08B M i
-war- flupportpd hy dapaatl "na from Vew
JYork Clty, and on tham th* 'idKr- grantei
'the f)?*r?a. Thr"?> 8T8 I 'Iron
? ?
; Master in Chanccn' Find.i for Wife in
Wahle Case.
M;:?t->r :n ( ian ??->? K888I, "r Hawark,
yt43t4*rf1a4 r ai with thfl Chanrery COUtt
a nnd'.riK ln thfl 8888 6f Kth.-l VlrfTia
Harvey atra nai Heary Wahle *t* a?ii*r?
tiia. , ia bc granted a aoeraa
of aaBUtraaeai of hei Baa-rlatre le wahle.
Wahle la noa aa '-InK a tr-n-jcar term ln
??-?.,c iaai bi M ,A<':* i'la'"'*
,.r, Fabrm 2 laht aad Wahle **??? ar
??(.?ited on Man '? H tbea den*wiepe*l that
j ?. ;,v ag ln Hi... k:- n at Ibe
Aft-r hla
ton?.: " ?
;, brotber of
. ol New I
a ?
A. L. WaaMfff & Ot, Charged with
U5iag Mails to Defrand.
Iridi--tiiients hi. K.na i
the maia lo defraud 8*818 Bled *f88terd8)
by Ibe 'e - d Jury a8*ln?t Arcbta
1, Wtaaier, IC***?me?t B wisne.. Jaha '.
Me>-ra e...*i ? harlea V HuflBphray. A rep
ara'r*- Indl tp*sei i egaauai tH? flrwi
of a L >.--i" at Co af ?> I '?
evenuf With whleh 011 Ih8 def-n-iantB
vi-era cr.r.'
?ji,a ehati af tho aale of
i.- tbe ;,eern In Ih** "I Blted TOBO
pah a*d Goldfli LlmltOd.'' The
Flfth avenue offlre* Of the Wianar - om
?pariy *ere raldad by poatofflce InaaatctOfd
^Ra^afendaJlta are expected to *K>3d to
tbe lndlctmenta on M-inday. I
Four Great Powers Take Most
Important Step in Conserva
tion of Natural Resources.
May Be Followed by Agreeraents
for Protection of Whaleg and
V.iiuable Blrds?Terras
of the Convention.
'(?"letn Th* TrthuriB Rureavi.]
Wnshington. July 7.-The treaty whioh
is tn accnmpllah the complete abo'.ition
of th.- killing of fur s?als and aea ottera
OB thf h'jrh aeaa. the fnrmer known ns
pelasL- sealing, was aigned to-day by tiie
representatives of the four powers?the
Unlted Rtatea, Tlussia, Japan and i.re.tt
Pritam ?which have taken part in the
conference in progress in thls etty sinee
oar!> in May.
The terms of the treaty were puh'lahed
ex'lf.s've'iV in The Tribune of June ia*\
althc.gh in the flna! negotlations iwo
mlflor ? ondltiona have been ad<ipt?,i
<>ne bj that the United Ptafa ahfill ad
an ! t" Japan. aa well aa to -llreat
irltain, |2t*).O00, th* equivalent of thla
I be ,W3u<t*>d from the shares tf
Bklflfl pied| ?' to tha countries as acals
are kil'e^ Tii- other la that If at 6ome
future fme tiie segis ratoM'sh rookeri"8
in Btltiah tenitory that c*u*try shall
Five t?, the I'nlted btatea 80 par rent of
? l< ?' 1*4 if The p'ro\rfl8!*>n that
Japan ahall dtvlde aajually 80 par ,rnt af !
the Bkina ta?/on on her r^,*.kerie? i.a.'h |
regard*d aa important only be
cause of th<- fa. t that. artth pelagte geal
ina abollahed, the Japanese herd may
?? ,?- rlally Increasa, although at the pre*.
ont time lt Ig Immaterlal. Af already
toM ln thesr. dlapBtchea, RussIb and the
T'niteo Btati a each i ontrlbuts 8fl per oent
of th? n?*t skins -that is aftel le.'uotlng
tn- ? paa; of adsBinlatratloa taken on
their rook-ries. This cofltrlbutlon ia to
be equally dlvlded between Japan and]
Greal BrltaJa. tvhlch, <d courae. m<
Joint Action for Conservation.
Thi lmport8TiC# "f th* auccetaful out
come "r thos" n*gotlatkana can hardjyl
-restlmsited I? mears that foUT |
gre*t poweis have rome together and ua
the T.-sult ?f n mlca bls negotiations have
: io proted seala and s^a ottera on
the hlgh aaa* The next logl. al atep wHl
- mllar Bgreeienl fo.' thr- protection
af wholes. others l-.oklng to the protec
? i aluabls blrds, atc. For thla rea
BOB it la regardod as th? fliOBl important
step ln tho dir?otior of cotaaervatlon ai'T
?a hlevad by the join'. action of greai
poavera and one arhlch mual ,,,mmand
th? fidmtratton and grartnde of nli ]og).
, il , ..nsovvationists, as W*U 88 of all sin
, ? o protectora of came and natural ape?
i ie?
While the pa; ment of >mi aggr*g%te
sum Of HOO<000 to be divid?d e.(.inl]v
between . anprJa and Japan will reqnlre
a.i Baaarorarl*tloai by I'ongross. it is not
hehevo.l that anv difflcultv will h* ph
oonnrererl in induclng ths legislatlve
b d: to mako th? neopapary provisir.n fn
of the importanre of the results
ed and of the further faot that thn
raturna ftota the s?ai herd last rear
amounted, iu r.und ?numhois, to ?4-.'-"V
ihk?. Protected from pe)a*i. sealing,
whieh will mean tho aa\ ing of the live?
r,f an Iflcalculable nnml-er of fa***le8, tt
in imp- ssiole to estlmate BOW grently or
BOW rnpid'y th? p?-al herd wlll in,*roa--e,
bul there la reason to batleva thal thr- ln*
craaaa WlU h* of such. proportlon* as to
make this sum insignif.cant bj .ompari
son with the ret'-Mis. Nor Ifl the con
tribUtloa on thf- part of P.wssia nnd the
Unlted States of 10 l>er ent Of their
ra'^h regarded as at all eX4**aB88V* ln
vieav of th<- great beneflta to ba derlV4Sd
fron, th.- at-,, ItkaB of pelaah* aea'lng.
Great Diffrcultiea Overcome.
Whi c all ihe partiea to the conferen- e
havo < xliihlte.l a aincere desire to arrive
at a satlafactory settloment of tt.o pr.?b
iems lnvolved, .,ni> tb-.s.- arho hBVB kept
l loae v atch of the n< g..tiati"ns have at>
pr.. i:to.l th^> fllfaVeultiaa Whlch had to bo
"in^, and it ia only through nn ap
ttlon of tii--.-'- difflculttea that ttrj
adequate id*.a < an ba f'umed af tho fair
rx-es .d' 8ll lnvolved Ae will be r*4*a)JJed,
tbe Brat Ht> p taavard th* end flnally
a ,h. rt od to-day uaa th* negotiatlon of a
troatv with ..n-rft Hrit.^in pi*vldh8g far
tho abolltlon of po'n-*:' seuiinc bj the
Caaadlar BMppei*.
Fot fifteen yea** pressuie^ad a*8B 88T
ertri) oa I'anad.i tO agr^e |,, sioh Bholl
bul B Ithi ui avall, and e\on |h*
gni.d cffl.es of Oreat Bfit*tn were |a.wer
taBg in deniing with bar colony. A spe
cial rnnrtBalaalrn of l'n,ted r-iates sena
tois ?'I i< h \ isitrd tiie island? s..?i<- tiaae
ago in ? i-iT to aaesartaln ihe a.-mai co*.
a'.i ? i,s had reported tbat tha I alted
stnte* could w*ll afford t.> eoaitrlBrBt* 25
per ?rnt <>f hei groafl car< h t<> 'anu-ia lo
Inducs that couatry t-, ataaaaloB peingi,
sealing. This roport ha.l fnund its way
into tbe hands <>f th. BUthorities ;,t <>t
tawa. ?nU the> naturaliy urgad a COB
rje*8tOfl e-pial t>> thai per'-.-ntaqo. Tii.>
negotiptions conducted ;?; thai tlma
nt,der th* eupervlaloB of Baeratara Kn..*.
and more Immediatiiy \>v Ibundler P.
Anderson, counaellor of the i.epartment
uf i-i.t*. raantltad in laaiuiing ''anuda t>
accepi U" InataBd of -?'? paa .???t.t <>i' th*
CBtch, an<1 the treaty <ira\*n tn a., ,.rrt
ance arlth IhtB nnderstanding mis tati
fjed b] tha ::- nat laat s.-ssi-.n.
Tha Contention of Japan
Wh4ii ths eonf rr.-s fc.e: iu Washing
ton tho Japanese AMldlBBBllnr, who waa
tha chlef iet8f*te fot hla couatry, aug
leated ?' Jn. bb eould hard]) b aa.
? i ; leag .iiperisati.m than
Canada Ha urge.i ths faci that prf.
, . japan hgd ratniaw d frona pi laglc
I ;,n<i :-,a?i Hought t>, conaarve h?r
0mjm om , f rd, ')iat this wouM ba made
ouraa ol othei aa
? hl. h peralatad ln k;:;mg ii.?- si?is
froaa 11.-- Japaaaaa reaokarlaa <m m* high
aeas. and ',?' flnally. dis. i-maged over
. pi ,aift of atopping thla praetlce,
japan hyl at-and-.tiod all l-.ope and had
a-t.iali'. offarad n hounty to thrae of her
aklppara wlM WOUld ongago in the traf
fl.-. Furtliern.ore. he submitted. Japan
uon hn-1 flfty-Ofia 18888la mgaged In
pelagli sealing, as agalnat three CSJM
,llan vfasela.
To ih!? ihe Pr't.^h Amhaasador re
spjnded that Can.idi had had a muchI
Tribune's Towns & Cities Contest
Sttl $15,000 in Prizcs l^t'l
My answera to the Tcwns and Citiea Conte.it Picturea of
this date and number are:
P. O. Adrlress
Coateataata m tha Towns and cntoi Conteal must wrlU their ******* l******
thla. Supon. which Wlfl -PP-ar on Ftajo 2 .4' Th, Tribua. every day dartag tho
eonteet. L'at of prlzea and rulos govera ng (he contest agajear with
lart-or number' of fOagela aagagtd m
! thla aort of aeeJlng, nnd und lubtedly
would again *?i? tha hope of endlng
palagle aeaiing to ba Bbandoaad
Tha rnlted Ptatoa and FM-r-'a both
tell that thev ootiid not nteel thoae de?
manda, and for a tlma tho nogotlatlons
pnused Flnally. h.".ovor. th*** i .untn ,
an.l Rusam -arh announced that thelr
iiii.xltnum tontrlhutirni muet be 88 per
eenl net of their resi-e. tiv- catchea, nnd,
pu-rf-ast^d that, inaamuch is thla 44ns
1*11 they could aff.->id t<. eontrlhute, oroat
Britain and Japan nftro* betw*een thoin
t-elves aa to th* d!*r1efon "f tho geperal
fund thus eatabllshe 1
Cflrtada and Japan Agree.
Th? ultlmate reaull of the propo?->*'<**-.
waa thal Canada and Japan agreed on an
equal dtvttrion of thla ar.n-"*ai furd This
mr*nt. of r*otir?"*, thal < 'anada thur- con
sart??d to a.-re-.t g% p r . "n? nr>t. i"*at*>i,| |
of |i or e*t*en 10, per coal groaa of the
catch of thr* r-.ited s-Jtnti-?. togother
?v,th B liko proportlofl Of th" Ruas: ir
eatch. Tho aaarwaatton r^f. thou made
thai Inaamucb ai Japan had b now
ainalL hut potenttall* largo. hor,i, thal
country ahould agree to eontrlhute li
pr r o^nt of h*3;* nel > at-'h. to ho divld?*d
y between T'u"-*:.-) and tho i'nlted
Btatea and this \>ns nfif^ed !?*. 81ld
(Inall* it 44as aerf.-.i. ln rlew "f tho faci
tl ft rh<- aeala ar" , nttrely *"ild and may
, 1 ?f,?n thair rookerlea al their own win,
thal ahould any aertl herd eatabllah Itaelf
on Brltlsh aoll. Qreal Rr'ain should
ci iitrlhijtr* 30 r^r r?i*t n?* of |fj eatch,
to !?? divided equally among the three
other poa ei g
Tn litW of tho nectialt] for imnii-'.iiat*
compenaatlon of the aklppere, arho bj
tho terma of the treaty will be atopped
fron* further oneaging in poiagii aeallng,
ountry, aa haa been told, consentod
to mak? i*a?"h paymenta or adrancea, to
hoth Japan and Canada, tbe equlraieni
ef eucb ad'.anr-es t.. be deducted froai
th*? ?kin.9 whlcb under tho agreenaent
would aubaequentl** be due to thoae
powera, an.i in return for thi? concesalon
the rnito.i Btatea aecured the rlghi com*
pletely to auspond kitiing on th? rook
^rie-j >\lthin tt." JurtBdlCtiOfl for BUCb tlflM
np |na* be >laem"-d ad\ it-ahl^.
Destroys Market for Pelaqic Skini.
\ feature of 'ho conveation 1 a para
graph prohlbltlng th** Importatli 1
Bealaklna into tho terrltory of 1
? ? s f. tha treat) 44, hen tak- ?
pelaglc Bealera Thr. orlglnal gra eeal
akln is practfc aiiy worthlesa unieaa . art
Ifully tanned nnd dyed, whlch can be
done to perfectloo only ln London, ao
| lhat the market fr.r polagj.. aoniokirp la
pro-'tioal]\ doatroyed by thi.- provlaion
An'.ther feature ta a proviBii.n f^r the
ms!ntf*n4n<*> of a patrol of the aeal
I "vnterf* by all the partlea to tho conven
t,..n A thnnge fr.,m th'- exi<*tinr
I ti, o, however, la found In the fa l tl al
pelaglc aealera captured hy patrolllng
1 reaaela mual ba dell*?*ered t.< thelr oura
??ruernment* fof trial.
Xhe auccaeaful putcome of the nego
Uatlona la tho oceaslon of tho utmoat
aratlfli atii.n to the Prreeldenl and to ?'-? ?
??t iry Knox. and la regarded aa refle I
? ing groHt . rodit on the dlplomacy 01"
Secretary Nagel nn.i Mr. Airrderaon, the
Amerlcan delegatee, both of arhom won
tha warm regard and reapeel of the
othor (loloKatop. Aa iiar* l con ^nid, tli"
poaartbilHy of furth. r negotlatlona and
Bgreementa whlcb may logically folloa
j this Interraatloaal arrangement, and
j uhioh in.'O" reault in th-> conaer\'8tion of
all raluable gaihe, ffih and blrda tl
1 onod 44:th exUnctlon, **t*n**8*Ututea no
| -sniaii parl ol thr ? alue of the n a ilt juat
b< liie*a ad
u la alao a matti r of Inti real thai a
thi ielegatea to ih* -wafefonce brought
with them expertl Ofl lha PrOteCtl**-*" ann
propagatton of aeala, and all agreed ln
:relief that tho wolfara of tho herda
I la pr.itn-.tr.l by the kllllng of tho 1 ?
fiuoua malea, eommonl] known aa ' bacb
alora." ?H taklag tha rlew tii-?* thelr
,eltmtnattoa makt-p f. - the a 1 fa ? 1
,i.oih femalaa an.) thelr rroung
1 ho treaty arlll ceaBtJnua for Bfteen
?eo-B nn.i thoreafter untll t*rrmloat8d bj
ont year'a notlce from any of the pow?
era coflceraed.
Oswcgo County Has Baffiing
Murder Mystery.
S4 ri- '.?>. .'? . 7 '1 1 ? i". ' of R
tled >*?* iireli la a r*t aay l ??. waa
1 found goatlng la tha Ogweaa Canal near
Phtsnlx, ??? ? north of h<
: The hand- and I " ? ? ' Ightly 44)t,i
1 -?],.na wmpptag *4* I*-.- Tbe 11 ?
'.'. unty authoritlea have >rar;.*.i ln i" fer
! rel out 8 hat apjx ara to 1 <? th<
1 murder tflyatery erer known ln thi region
John AHel, who la rmployed bj th>' ' I -
i*enl BpP< r I'ompany, aaW the bag m tho
v^ator near a taii race 1 plani He
'wi-m out in .1 nn'1 ? ' afier poklna
[tbe hagwith an nar, conctttded fiat it ...:i
' lained n badj !?? aotlfled ? ? lertaker
nd ihe t.aa waa towed aad opened.
Ihe bedl ; featurea of a
: v rra l*e\enlad He I I I ? 881 B
aboul i*'.4 r-tara old ttrobabh I faai *?
Inrbea ln hpiaht r*.:i.i aaighlBg IM frounrta.
: Tiie fflee xth" heardlraa nnrl thr- li.ilr r>:.i -k.
v,. aaa in rhopnu aautd identif* tbe Beafy
I Btverel Pyraoure men ara repoit^.l ml-.a
i ing, and a numher of people a*8Bl aai from
! fi,|a ejty to too tha bndv T!ia faittir-'i
,; i no? dltflooa tha nafkmallfy of tne m.m
An autopa.4 ravealed tl.at the virtlm had
rome to hls death from a nfo-a- from a Biuat
liHtmaaenl cn t,*a torahead No 4.iter had
entered the luna?. showing that the man
, ?? i* dead when he T\aB thrown Into the
v. flter.
Dispute Over Money Follows, but
a Would-Be Rescuer Gets It.
x . ike of i e poniinirk BennelU was
leadlng on a earl yeaterday evenlna on
thA dock of it*0 Ame.-i.-a-i Ice CompaBy.
ajai Btreet and Eaal River, Bltpped, and
,ePnr,Aiii foii into .--.> arater J4*a*pb Oa*
sino. hla brothar In-law, ahouted for help.
aad William Bebults, who aaa Btaadtng on
., a pter of the mpi Roeh Boal aad Flah*
inc Club, i'if out m a rowboat aad reached
BennelU as ba aaak tha thlrd tlma
?. hnit-/ took off hla coal and dlvad for
him Th- thlrd tim- i,e caughl Pennelli
i- ths balr
FJeary ITalldaa areatl to flevuHafa aaatst
gBCS ln a boat. pullad Bchultfl BBd fl**>
nelll abeatrd, nrA araa aaotrl to m? te the
rier a*ben Oaaslno ahouted
',.et that poclMtboofli Boatlng ln 18*
. ai ' lt Bl Ol ga ro my lu-.ther-in-law:"
Tf a) got ir
1 hei) ,irz, fjaaalBo and Welkhaa t?-;?4-1 to
BennelU by artlflctal reaplratlon
: arhea thay landed, bul Dr Lee, ",if> came
arlth an ambulan a from lha Re.-eption
Hoepltal, omnminrad Ponr-lll dead. The
BOd] was remove,! to ihe Eaal ^'h str-et
,statlon bouaa. aad * fou mlautca iBt*r
Oaastne aaal Bchulta appaared
"gchUlta fonnd my brothsr-lB-l8w"B
, pooketior.k and rafuaaa lo flvfl II to me,
aald "rassino te Lieuteeanl af. N
"Ths pock4MTboob b*t*flg* to m- 1
dropped ir when 1 dlvad fraaa the row
beal BBld Bi buHa
".'an you tell m-? wbat'fl la this B'alletT1
U*ut*nani <? v 111 of Qaaalno.
"1 don'l know arhat'8 ln It, bul I know
'that it bekmga lo my brother-ln law/' 'n
? turned ? laaalno,
S '??flt-' BBld II COntfltned (181 ln bllla
and a recHpl from "J e" Lyoaa to Pat*r
Patrolman L?yneli cama forward when he
! heard hla name meiattoB*d Tho pockat*
book araa found to eoataln 1188 tn Nlla and
th? recelpt, wblcb Lorach IdeuUftad aa "ne
j aiade oul to hlm r-n the puri baaa of a row
: boat. BV hulta got tl ? purae.
Ex-Mayor"s Brother Would
Shoot Inspcctor's Men.
? |f tny pf thosp nien '-om- Otl m-- plBC*
tr. te^r down mv garag* 1*11 abo.oi ihem,
and you had better arrest me before I*dp
anythbag desperate," rxelaliaaed Charlea
Llnkrouna, a brothei of ea Mayor <'orardt
T.inkroiun of Hackenaack, to Chlef of Pe
hro ja >b Dunn of Hackenaaek yaaterday
tfternoofl *rhen Bulldtng Iiasfiector lia\l-l
and 'i\ Isboren approached the
Linkro i alsea
l, few b ? '--fe th* chiel ai rlvad
I r.inkri.um had ft removad InapectiH*
Bt igg from thi ? d : ? n tba Ie
! got .bl feel ?> fea da ?
[LlnkrooBi ??? i ina ti for not galtlag a
1 pernatl lo bulld hli I Mayor
.- w Bell ordered n torn down, endeavor
! ing . ? ? in ordtoan
? \ Mayor Irflnkroum'a admlnlatration
K\ ??? ..? P W Bl Igg
i...iki? if ?? ? ? .'? 'i on ' .ae aad pre?
: \ pnted blood il ed. He i igget ? ? ? I
I caas be alred ln coui Irflnkroum ; man
?-' ? li ? ay, and
4 . ., | . tek ph.uie.l
rr-at i ga ige waa belng torn down Tl.e
iioors an-i one alde wen doaan befo
Attnckerl hy Boys When They Try tc
fJare Stock of Wrerked Wagon.
if patrolman Bteoai and Deta llra r.-,...;
nf the Baat 1281
atatloi i I ? " ? rtaad ai
poii.-emen they probably a ?.'??i
better pl* ? erdaj naoi nlng a hea
nrere half < ? rer of
? ? iret
thlng leemi i a larrfi' rua f"r the 11 klt
p ii whi.. ths wa?
i- i at reeti ar ran
negar rdekla*. dill p
klaa eckled
Iman) other vartetlefl ahot Into thi
? !? ? . i to n - of i.i" rott
Ijttg treai lait a hundred or more . i
? ??; advantag - of the litua
tkm Ehrha di a rked ? d ihe
? .. :n different ?
driver call, ad Patrol?
man Bto i an ui Iii attempi to drlv*
the l mai 4- lt i . ?
i-iin rir'<- of plckh a, whlch ' i
Ploth. i .-.??-.. i andaoa ha|
, aoon drippina with
? ? brhae. Bhrhardt dro\*e o9 with tha
' few i -.,!i I ?' -:" ' snd :
an.l Landa ?? wi auto th. tatloi
h in tb.the*.
Manchester Sces Pathetic Pro
cession, 2,000 Strong.
baa baaa a
p- tdual Improvemeni utlook I ri
<, aaalloti ?' trlke, tl .'re wi .<?
n>, freeh devekapm. nta l
provtstonal aettlement, aubjeci lo tba ap.
proval of ths atrlkera, betweea ths do k-i-.
ej* Bhlp
? - .-..-il l,n- I. .
averal daya ai Maaehaatar
Board r.f x ? ; i. pi
tteea ?f tha atrfkera h ia ao| yet r*?
s- :.<? i in an agreem. at
TWO I', 'is.in,! airtke,a- -.
cllngtng i" llaadr -ki, ta pa l
ati Manrhaalai ?n,i Baadford ts^day,
>* Bklng a .-ol e, II , ? Btl '1 a pa
thafj apactacl*
ln OlaagOW Marhor fof the rtrat time p,
three weeka a>,rk irga ln full ?w!n3 ;.,
rlamburg luly I Tha ataradaraa1 "ni
izatinn raftaaaa to nninad ?hipa whtek arere
unahle to dU'harge their cargo-a ln H d
land, awlBg to the do.k'is' itrlka.
Believes Uprisincj Imminent
When Troops Move at Night.
Approach of the Elections May
Not Be Unconnected with
S-.idden Display of Forc*?.
Havaaa. July 1 FoUoaarlag the diagukrl
irir r .mors yesterday ?f projactad Ufl*iB"
laga la tl.e preelaces "f OrlaBB* an-i Plnai
del Rlo, ths etty was throavn into batsaaa
axdtemeat ssasj aitar mlolnlght when
druma beal to a^uutara in Caatla La Puar.
aMt oppocite the PraaMentlal Palacei and
the garrlaoa of two huaalrad bbbb aalllad
fnrth and threw a corrlon around the Fx
e, uttve'fl homa Tha aobflera atood oa tha
defeaalre, apparentlj Intendlng to repulaa
an attack.
Boon afterward tha iroopa marhed I
t-, tiK-ir ajuart4B*fl Praaklegl Ossajea. who
? ? bad the movement from an BpB*r wln?
(lov.- ifi the palaca, axplataed afterward
j ihat tbi mansauvrea hsri heen on I
men ? for tha purpose of aaaing how
qulckly the garrtaon would b? sw* to aur-l
|round th- paiace in ,as" of amergeney
Tl.e Inddant gave rise, to rmnera that'
a revolution had br*k** 8U| ln Mavana '
Thara araa aome ada*eraa commani on th?'
actlon of . ) Prealdenl ln orderlng thej
Imajmuvre al a tim* when s,? man:. alarm*
i bag ? *i ort? ara flbread
\\ inie .-.. ths paiace It la asaerted thal th*
I oaly purpose of th* mavament araa the a*
[teimlnlng 4if the tlma jr 44011^1 rsajulra to
effect the maai-aavre-?whjbh tids Btaradag
.... ipted oniv three rolautaa?publlc oplnlon
is diapoaed to vlew thla explaaattoa BrttBi
Probably the moai reaaonable aolutlon ?f
tha innnT>m-r? 1= rh*?. ln rlaw Of the ap-l
? ine aleclloBa, ths govemment waubl|
not ba averss to iiiiaailliig ih* imprasaton
of ih^ aatatcnc* of dantjer for the purposA I
of affoidtag an excatee for piacaadtngr wlt*
extre.n.- meaaurea al aay tnornaat lt e*88*a
dealrable, thereby placlag the admtr-?:*
ti?.n In a p4M*tJoa fo ooptrol th?> slf'ia*lon
a ith bb Iron hand.
Thla i i-w uppeam to rare',v? rouflnna
tlon from ?n offl-lal statem"nt BBBied thls,
afteraooa bj Qertaral Macaa4fe, Becretar:
of rhe Int-rlor. and dtre.-tl\ ln ,-ontrol of
;.ii ti? armed fareaa Oeaeral MaeSadia
.;,:,1 thal aithoul doubi tbere exisie.i ;.
group <>f profes.-ton.ii polltlcal agttatora
. IU utmoflt to erabarraaa 'he govera
Th* governnaant dM not fe,,r this group.
he siM betng f.ii'v determlned "to s--.*r
anfo.. erder and tmpos* peaea hv i-m?,l '
fo.-, e, should the ordinsrv dar|| pieceaaaB
prove ins'.ftVient *>?, ? wlll ba main- j
talned ln Cuba, eraa aaauBalng that 88 par
,-ent Of fhe .'"ihans pro- e BO t*T88*y or 80
dfal ? al i - to attempt to .ii?firh it "
Oetaeral Maebado'a Btatsasaat la ragarded
as ha-i-tr been laaptred by Prealdenl i;?
w/. to rolea hta rt?fermlnat|r?n to uehotd j
the pollcsse of the adflBtnlatTatton r,t aay
coal Oeneral M.i.-hario aia-> taujaa 8888,8***
ln tha atatemanl to deaj a- Pr?Ideatlal
;.-?? ? ,. na 't, la oara aoca
Oeneral Monteagudo, commamler of the
ini..1 guard, whoae rsflldenca and head- ?
quartara ara la T.a Pueraa, ,i"ei(n*d to
npke 881 8t**t8888Bl re'arive to the move
li" Bt Ot ths troopc;
? o
Injunction. Prevents Coaservation of
Supply?City May Be in Darkness.
. N* v, July 1 The clty of Cohoea
,s: faclna ' witer fanatne, an,i unlesa reltef
eOBBSe soon fhe sifnatlon witi he BdflO?;?
As g reflull of an tnl>iri,-ti.,n p'ocir-d by
mill owners restraimnc the. Qahoaa
Hydra iUc Coeapaay tteaa .-onserving
water, aftai i a latter i,a,i thraataaad lo
j ahut oB tl ?? aupply owtag t.. Ittl8>*ll88 8*888
powei rdghta, .thousaada nf gaTK-un of
-.ate. !-.i\.. b.-ep permttted to run to ireet*
ar-i thla, wtth the prolonged drouth,|haa
,-.t:so<i Bcarcity af water and the enttra
dty is aufferlng.
The electrii plant whlch auppNes th* dty
witl llghl an'l power i-. liandicappe.l. as
thi ele ? i geaerated by a i??? i aa ?
an-i unlea* aome rellef is aff rded .-..>>n the
may ba In .larkn-s Tha hydraulie
compaaa aai i 11 la powerlesa to a.-t. ai l -
Int inetion r-strslns If fr?,in BteflBg "at-r
al night, aa has baen i-^ practla* The
Clty BUthOliti4tfl ?ill (il(? a.-r:'-n 10 have
tbe In; in* tloa vacated
Ro'hsrhiliia DiBpose of Her Enr-tnn
Fedty. Assesped ai $137,000.
.... i
B rton, July 7 Tha valuable mereantils
aioaaerty ... x,,a aj end 88 i ns etrcet, for
? .-i - .! .- pi ..;?? rl of I 'hrtstlfl* Nii-son. the
. .i atoga ' ? has baen pur
Loren D Ton Ie, ??! Ka 11 Btate
atreet, from Mathanlel Mayer, Lord i;.,ti.s
chiM and Baron Alfred Chatisa Rothachtld,
,-f London, who heM the property ln ir'.st
foi the farfner Mtaa .\iisson. who ts h,,*a
Ihe Countesa Caaa dl MlrancJa, of Taris.
The propert] waa a^aighl r>>- the atager
? .is bb mvsatmeai Tha otima donna
i a?i j-i.t completed .,ne ..f hei tonrfl of this
? ? ..iintr> a.?i conaldered thla plece of Bo*
' t. n realtv a ?? ,.rt purchass Thi parcel ts
a valuable one, lb* lan.l helnu a
ear for I'an.rwai and the bulldlng fo*
Neirrn Caller Arouses Ire of Woman
After Dnnking Whiakey.
Raoaoia lUchnaoad dled - ? fer.in
mo^n:ng In the Harlem rloapttal fl
itered to hlm I) Mi i Annle
Johnaon, of LVo, ? t*/i i I82d s-.eet. Both
: nre negroes >frg Johneon n.se.i a com j
, men Bhae w;i-,; board oa Rlehm n-l nn.l ahe ]
' it ao \is..r,..irt) i- al hi a ia h>,,- !
rlblj gaahed alaoul th-- head and throat
Bnaond called i >. Mra Joim-.H! -md
bua aad, Hai wrt, In tbelr baaeaoenl
->. -mnn;. brlnging wli hlm a
I fln.-k of wbiakey. Johnaon oaned up ...
drlnklng aaoai of rhe whlBke)', and whlle
be anored ea the ki'.-hen loungs nia wlfe
pfcked fl guarrel with tha oniier. Jehaaon
a tv'. waahbaard waa ia a< i on
and, find ing Blchaaond uacooadoua, ne
?ii in i-i. armcbalr ai?i walted for
j him t., rei i\.
.\t daybreab .i..hnr<,n aobered up ond
Blarrnad al Rld iiaaoad'a atuporl
' ;i.at h>- weni "'it a.i'i telephi ned to l
H. adquartei i
? -
Ticket Scllar snd Conductor on New
Haven Arrorted at Boston.
88. J ! ECdmuad p rja \,'_\ b
I lb gtatlon, 'an.l I
I n-Biik l?lr?...K^. of New fork, .. rond
? v-ra v-.rk N'ea M.n <v n ,
, Ball road, wor?
tlon r%iti, aa Inveetlgatl aa oi .,,
. ? n-i ira % '? ?;? fraud
it .a charged I .: - an-i ra
, < tbal Brook*, who r.-n on ? ?...
Ifea Y?.rk train 8V*rj ''her rlai-. ffliled . i
?i aii the tleketa ('.:i.-*te,i t>4 him. gnd
thai at s cnavaaiaai sf ,p he would laava
j fhe train an1 m.ill fhe ;.n*anrelle,| ,?,.,
i ' ?,-'k to .;oT>d4. -.?ho \4 ?uM aeii theai .
I a4*a!fi
>;<>*r\, ib c-haraed wlib eamapitat ., ,\,
f.s ,<1 lareaay aad re. ehinr atotea tonru
Whlta Brooka :? . harged with 8ea*plr8C] f,i
defi.aud ani larceny.
Twclve-Year-Old Boy Tells Par
ents of Accident?Confeases.
-jllc, v v.. July 7. wiim'.t rtoberta,
tw,,v, w'Hrsol.l. ...-dayronfoaaodl.tho
Corotm that ha Irad tha r*ot -rhlch
killed\Walr-v.hlHa.*ven->p?r-?l*1? ^ther
m Moriday ntght Ha do.-iared that H
was an accMant, an.l thnt ho m.aln
formed bla paroaU and tho ,...th.,ritiea
li(,;! m ha waa frlghtoaed.
Wllrnet ahd Oraal Roberta, both oldet
than Woalay, **nu* the boy mta the
houae on Monday evening. Ha waa dead
,i,r They aalrl U*?t ttwf Baasl *M
BUrted Into a taraall evamp of tt-oodi
Irtoklng tor punk tO UfN the following
Ajgft ua, Fourth of July. Woalay. they
rtald rof:ir*.*d tO 0*088 B ravlii". and
,,.T,.,i back toward the houaa. On their
retttlU they xald, they found him at tlie
feot of* ??' appla treo. and a small riflO,
whlch they ha.i placod In a wotob ln tha
?ro, bealde him. A bullet wofatid Ifl his
temple. thej docUrod, riauaod hta daath,
nn.i they -rtated tO thelr rarenta nnd tho
authorltlea that vVeotey muat hav
kn.x-ked tho rtfra dowa with a paaa and
ahot bla salf.
Both boya Uraal tho same -**-***-**? **** *""
daj admltted that they Baada M op
aald that. wiimot polated tho rlfta
ai VYealey. nol knowtag H waa loaded.
and pullod tha trlgger; the ball entering
the little felloWa boad. Ha *iv* almoat
Inatantly, and thou thej ?" *** blm up
and cartiod blm to lata houae.
- , !--fl-'
Blind Artor. Rrcently 111, Expires |
in His Brooklyn Home.
Thrtaraaa F Kayden, bneat-a In f*80klyn
aa th- Mind aetor, died yeaterday ?t hta
home, No M Oraene eveaue, freaa tbe ef*
fect >.r th? oppreear**** I aai on hta aroahanoA >
..!-, ? yi,. araa Btr* kea wltk paaa
monla laat Jaauary. aad whlle rocrwertng
tha attaek, hia heai'h waa never fony
alr HayderJ araa born ln **t*b*00aU**n afty
year? a?" Por tarOflty Ave *f08**a ha 44341
[connaeted wllh the Amaran'h. Rnoth ard
'Amateur theatrlcal eocletlea Wa talenta
,-on hlm e-lde popularity. and h" **** |
mueh in iemand as a raadec an.i raeltee at
ptftaaa yeara age s haal bla algbl Ha
aaa Btagagad to be inarrled but toJd bla
II ,?..?..- thal a blind man had no tlgkt '"
marr* Bhortly after ha waa atrtcken arttb
I iindneea a bewadl araa glven for bha and
upward of ?o.aJ8 araa rataed. n<? uaad the
'money to open a catt la ruiton atreet
Man, .-' iti ytanda 08 * ra: to thla uaa 1
of the runda, and tbe plaee 44'?s nol a ,
aa, ne ranUnuad actlag aatll a couplo j
, of yeara ago.
He betauged to (atlbart Cauacll. ?** A ? ?
to tho i*t?- Reglmeat aad to tha Brook j
lra lodge of Blka He wai a eba**ter
|member of the latter body and a paat ??
alted r-iie.. Tbe Blka wW hold a funeral
1 aorvlco at hla home on Monday evening.
II ia expeotod thai aU the paat eaalted
ruk ra arlll he p oaent
Judge Dendes He Can Be Tried for;
Mnrder in California.
!>a Ani-eles. Cal, Jalj I preHminary '
r| tor waa 44011 to-day by the -ttreraaeuftlea j
iu the eaaa af John J. McKamara, aaera ;
tary*treasurer of tba irrernation?i Aaaocl?
atloa of Brldge and Btructural Iron "rTork*
ara aceU8ed of connectlon with the "Lo**
angelea Times" dynamltlng /-idK<? tValterl
Bordarell auatalned tho ohjeetton te the I
ptei o* no |urtadtetten Inttfoduced in behalf
1 of the aHeged dynamlte **o**t**ptrat"8r"
jt-gge Botrdwell aald tbal tho Loa Atage*
lea courta iiave furiadlctkm over the nBa
pendlng tr-.ai af McKaaaari on nh*reteea
, hargea ef muialer
As to the allagatkaaa that extradition
bad beea .0 ompllflhed by Irregularli aa,
,,,- arh lence tei med fraud, J 1 ig"
| Botrdarall aald it a-aa tot hla -*ro*4*htce to
.?nt^r into tne CfUeatton of how a pr!- ner
was brougbt lato tbe lurtadtetlaa of his
court, i"if to trj blm aftar h? arrived
there n waa egreed that the same rul
>lng shouid Bpply to aii tbe pteaa ef no
' jl). iS.il' tl '?
Baplytag to tbe q***trttoa af the proa* iu
[tlon, if it r!*?slro?i to 'm\<' Jolui J. McNa
: mara niflai lo chargea aasinat hlm, ihe
defenca anawered by Ulog t*ae*Uaaa to
' nuash the indtctmenta, thr raotlona iieing
the aame as thoae flli 1 iti day'ln tho
r-c, ,,f h;s Btmthor, Jamea B Mi ICamara,
ao far aa tba mnrder chargea arere coa
rprn<*.l. Tbe proeei ltdon then nv>4?-<! thnt
: all atflda-. Its Hed Wtth tlie tnotiona to
quaah be atrtekea from tho r*ecea*e*a, Ar
, ... ,,..,. .. 1: de to B*a*e*row on thla
m. tlon.
-48 -?
I i
Fircmen of the Philadelphia Return to
Work at Old Wage Scale.
Tha tare hundred gmmen of tha Aaaerl an
lir.-i- Philadelphia, who atruck on Thura?
day for im advanee lo wa??*s to Ji*> a
inonl 1, declared then atrlke ofl yeaterday
1 Tho aaaertlons made by aoaae of the alrikera
m arere being pald from l*.? j
| l a B*ronth ware aald lo trta* untrue by 1
company Th" men, i* waa atated, latram \
convln .-I after b conferenee thai thelr
1, araa UloglcaL ap.l Blgned -am
real of the crew at 888 a
they had < ? ? Ing. The 1 11 * ? i ?-? l pi 1 i 1
8lt] therefore aall I ton lo ia*
m ith her reg ilar
then Teai * 1 1 Jl Ican re
? tbe I itlo a aa 1 i l nlon
of < l . ? Bi itak tald 1 te m I been
dr., if,? r-.i through a ml . Th*
oilers t r. ? ., ??! had re.-ri\ , | ,,,]
adran gea r' n 1 ju. a
n .'tuh to i>u .".? ? monl 1. The 1 ir unlon
1 .,._? * ..f marlne tirc-men in tin:- country,
. ? ?* 8... |48 .1 Baonth.
"The ('remen recetre leaa "aanes tiinn thi
i?e conttaued it i-. froa
?:' t o otiei - tbal thi ? net are
tad, ? ? ? 1 ? -., ,? - ,? aeklng
than th.> oil men accepted gtrikea
arlll be erdered oa ;Ui t?.;ir- of the Aru.-ri
. an Llne on arhlch the taalofl ratea aie not
pald to th** erewfl
\ coaference t....k piacfl yeaterday i>e
tween the oghrlala ef tie Wari Line
tbe repn ratatlvaa of 'm crewa m
? ad< on tha llne . . 1 ,, ... ?
1 ? : whleh a gem ral ,.. lK, ? ,
de....| a -!.i4 or tao age No ajfrre-i-ent
a aa reached In I ie 1 tean ttme no
baa I ??? n di ? ? .?t*f.,n arlll iren
iik>i ha rnade thla foreao -i te g-et tbe
of ti i- Havana, <.f f. w... | | ,,,?
.- '. aai] lo-daj for Havana. t.i
American Wcrtern Champion Defeats
Enghshman in Francc.
? ?*??" ? Oae ot thfl 88881 m.
rutad of tne
; I- .'.:? : . , , . . ,, ,,,.,,.(y
B ia 11 1% -'44. .*n i"harl.'. \V. gvanA
1 ?? \n, >rl an IVeatera aften golf champion] '''
;i"' '? v I ***** ' ? - I champion'
ef f.o; ind ta IMI H w )a nt',..,- man'a
right up to tba aad, when tbe Ameri.
eaa won bj lara hailee ihe acaaea rrare
"I; I a^e*?n. *f|
ln the aemi finals .1 1; Anderron. of \\ .-,
Nawton, Maaa., r<Mt Maeka* : - ,(|, ??,,
I le pl-44 . Bvaaa tn-.it Mellor hj 5 ,4t> anil 4
18 |ii\ Thua tWO AmerU-an?. Aadtraon
gad Bvaaa 44 ill .-onteat ln the flnai for the
Fram h ehamploaahlp,
One Victim May Die, and Four
Are Sent to the Hospital.
Pedler, Driving Up Dark Road,
Near Lawrence, Long Island,
Shows No Lights.
[a a eolllsaoa ia?t nlght hetween an a ita.
mohlle 8r.1 a pedler* wae-on. In lAwrine*
avenue, n?ar Kinni'iil Pl8*8 Laajnjea?a
j. mg i"ian<i. seven perasna ware .-.
jured. Ona af them ia t>?lte\ei te ba
fatal!-' 1n"i;ed FOttf of th" Me: -, . ?.,?,
taken ? Btj Isaaagai'a BoapHal ,* ?*,.
Ro. kaway. The others v ...
aaaaaa Th* vtattflsa ar*:
KK' k *? i .-1:11 tweat] r*aia fraeiura aj
, | lafi arai aad a *ci ? - J?
... . laaaaital
Hi'BKRT. Jofcn. iwealy ft* raara a afleaja
reaee avenue; ta erailone of ifce
iW and k-ee* '
KEIXEfl, rre4ert4-k. ntneteen : **r\ ? l rraatb
' -f left arn>
M UINIJET )??'-? tklrty-Bva yean "4 i?j
. -.- tral aveaa* e*i 1?loei ' 1 1
and ???,.? J
P 4 >(K RB avilll* ? ' ' *'-??>
. ? ? m- 1,844. to ha 8
-|41 ? l|?flptt*l
g] twenty ; ?*r? - ? . ,
ftraetara or ihe aarull *' " 1
?axita 1 Hi te
tjt. .m r--.-,v ri'll . *' - S *f Ma??
a .->,. par i- -* "i 1 ?**?? ? ?' <kt
UI tb* lajurad n.-n aseapt 1 taa
arara la the wagoa arht*
frntfam B-eek, a pedler of Lai reaea B4
?nd the ettasra m 'w- rasjon had ??? .4
iBotr day a was-h aaaHai ?aa^w.'abiea
tb? vtllase and w?r? on I betr aea) 8*8*
It Is said < I no ttghti
Tha autsanoMla waa Btivaa b, v*a.
man. of Cedarhurat, and --i*
. aith hlm
?fl , , ied ? -- ? raa dark and ? - 1 .?
... ,,??? te-* a-srni ln lha rear > tha -n?n
-. c r . ? ro*n orit
Thomr9"*i raeal ii haa *...-*? I ??
iebrla Bod aan araa aa
wag-m waa arreeked aad the aut ?
I I., daragged._
Forty 'Cross-ConH.nent Touriiti
from Atlantic City.
?. hteaLg*>, Jaly " Part) autoa ?
aaa eara anivad bar* laat Blgiu ? ?? *v<ar
way from .vi.in't- Clty I -
Th* party lefl Attaat Cli S i - Ha
iBtentlon of takm* a pleaaur*
that arttl 01 ar fnrtyasvea da-a \t bj*
?.nd of thai tiasa th*y aa*aaei ?? arrlwaii
< ....i a I .- ' a|
? - aleag tha PaaaaV aaast ' ?'* they
win psta a l ? Sam ? ar*" by tralr,
After leariag Oanaha tba 1 lati af
camp oul "i a my taa - laai l ? i in
tbelr own rneale. Ac ti pai '-???
la a car that has baen wa8vart--d I ta ?n
Imltatlea of an oM arh**>n*f ?*??
daya or '4? Tha* <??- ear**** >the tflnta, saaV
nary 8aparlaaeat. repatf oueflts, ete
-?a- ?
{Co tldlnga ave been -*> -'?a1'" of l4aaa>
btynaan irtlHaaa H Minaorau of HaeBaa>
BBfk, N- J ? Wba d'-iapr-eared fraa h:i
home, n IMg*>WB*ar, i week .-ar
Hinnera la prostratad fron- rbj Ha aaa
laat aaaa al the dltajaar glvari to 0
., ;,. ?? .. u itodrow fnisej * ,_???.. g
Eaawa County, at Newark. Bfl the ea-eaasj
of juna M Edward Hirn?r? a bretkeraf
the Assemhlyman. and CaBPty Clerk < t
Thompaaa, nr> r-nndnctinir theei i ck tor
Trenton. N 9 July ! v ' ' ?"-' * '
of thla .-if. a Baawasaaa daspta: ?' ' ?*?'
aajo laat Ti.es.1av is hk-l-. C*l B8>
Liirh*!, who waa u tha head of last y?*ri
celebratloB committee haa racelveilj
ation from a Breworl I
in whlch h? Bsasrta he furniabed t'aa Bka*i
rjeed ror ^? to th* VtMAA Plreare Ba Cia>
pany *raleh had the cetrtri ? E eatagi
roatraci waa f*r *'>?'"' wartl
Lake riopatcorg
Lea4e W ."? I 84 - :-' a ?
Lea*, n LI8. 81 i.OOa.ai
Atlantic City
Laai a ^^'*^t 2ird Street'
Leavfl Liberty btr-et - I Bk
*? 3ROS.
Bio: Reduetion in Prices on
Slightly Used
raauaa ro atnnr. tiam?- r.i tMXt.
id aa t"?
8 New-l ork T-,v>
Wareroom?.! 17 E. 14th St., 1'
llr?ii4 iiprea* \,e ISdtfc 1* 1 ItB 8fc
_-j'.n ll.lne.f.-n St . Br. .-k!-n ^
DfcAFNESS! '^tiB.
aa?t far * fee* 18-8*: iHal 8 * r",t
lt i# t - .- era a ? - ?t* ?
,,,, ,jrf.n,| f. r bo ikl ?? ' ' N ' '? "
ia. Broai !
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