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Effort to Adjourn Over to Mon?
day Defeated.
Cummins Sarca3tic Over Presi
dent's Cruise?No Agree
ment to Vot*?.
; rrom The Trifava* garea
WashlnMon. July 7.-After HateBtag lo
four apeechea two - dty, ? ne on
-paad maris aad oae <ti mualclpa] goa*8**a
ment-the Benati
the lor.f* f.rin.1 <>f oratory deU*t*ared under
the moat trymi* C4*t|*dltlon8, BOUghl in valn
to-dav to fix a time for \otiti-* Ofl ihe Ciim
mina anaendmenta to the redprodty bin
and tO ndjourn over untll Monda\. It waa
evidr-nt ln ? ? ate on tbe 'i'.et?tion ol
ad.loiirnment that tlie pa<*f- of tie last few
d?ys ?Vaa be?*laalaa lo teii. Maay Baa
Mora wanaed b reat, hut othera. aotal lj
Kenfltnr* *B*AO lt, M' vf.n 88d Sftono. arere
apparentiy e*e|eiwlned thal n<> "feel ataoald
>?e ttabea antll an ogreoninil eeuM ho
reetthed Bafrag ? a*ay for b**a;nning the
Hanator Btone prnj ot that 8 vote be
taken an tbe 1 etproclt** bill arttta a!l amend
rnrnta on or befori July 9 T" thla BaTrn*
ator Cummins <?; j.oted. brat aa a counter
rroroaal ?ngg*-Me.d thnt hfa aaiaaallmeaita
a ha dlspoeed of on the legMattTe day of
Monday. Afttr s.-me debate ea tbla pro**
poaal. roinpll-atol ny o'.:-.!.!"u ntlons BU8*
aeated Bf fcenHt-.r Heyhurn, Benator CUTflU
mina arltbdraw the laqueat, and tho Sen
;itf, aa tbe naotloa of Benator *ta**-aot, ad
journed untll tbe 88081 hotir tO-lttOlTOW.
At that time the grind arfll be resumed.
vlth the peaatblllU1 that an ef?.,n may he
tnnde to foree a vote on the CU8UBb)8
anieaduienta to tbe redprodty blll, which
. r.tif-titute the rcndii'g gaaatdea. There
was 808**) quo.-tio.. W**a*rl rum of
tbe Beaata would hc ptraaaat, bul bg takinc
<ount U was calrulat'd that tifty-th"*'-**
would reiiiain ln WasbJngtOBi a Dlinber
BunTlclent te keep Um legtalatloe arbeela
taralag (n thr- apper house lf lt cotnes to a
? rls-l*. AltbOUgb tbere 81* no s'.f'
proipect f'.r to-inurrow. lt is ptrobable that
?nm" of the oppotionus of reclprodi> arlll
e-eeupy the floor to prevoat rottna on th*
smendmentF, ualeaa tbi Beaati 1 raore
a'.-4(v.s-.fui in coming to aa agraaanent than
)' tt'ij, to-day.
Debate on Adjournment.
Tn the debat* over the (fUeettOfl of ad?
journment to-day Benator Cumralna aug
geatcd ln a sarcas'i,- veln that !t was only
proper that Ibe < hairman of the Commlttee
on J-'lr.af^rf Sonator Penrose, and other
ieader.- oi th. Baaata ch' nld ba r*"<*',?I't
*^'htn a qaaatlOB so importaat aa bla
amendmentfl to the mdproclty tolll was dla
roicd of. it v.-as only proper, he eald, in
*ie*-.* of t!." fael that th^re wera no
apeechea m proapeet laal eertatn Benatora
who are to h<- the ai.est.- r.f t?;*- l*raBldonl
aa me Mayflowar Bl ould ba allowad to ea**
leg ihe aaaan br eaei a:t<*r the
nh/.h tbe Beaal I for tho last
ie4*. gaya
F'api.i progreea 4\-a.s made to-day ln dis
Toslnp o? muiti of the oratory whleb ntood
??: ibe 4\ay ..; aotleg 00 tbe redprudty
mes.-vjre. ?^'-ii'-itu; Qtronna *~m:o;.>id hi?
valuialaoua 1 a^Hir.ct the 1 U; Baai
at*ir Iltawatoa, dlfterlng trom bla ool
leaguei mi tbe ! ???ide. alae
in pppoaiiioa lo thi reclprocltjr blll, <.n the
?1 tl 11 11 would in.i'ire the Ann.rk?:i
farmer. Iaddentaliy, he ad 0 ..ud the ea
maaent tariff beaurd or
eoenmiaslon a*- the only proper eea
settllng taftfl probicnis.
? ?i Tbornton, - rlaara ea
H ana Ai -
if a tariff Qoe?
m a country ot 1
1 . |
menta 1 perlor to my own.
?hat the loi.- . r |
? n, with
aU 11 mplex probli I
mada a partlULn ; >lltl Bl but Ita
d'*f-T?ri '* * ' hou d be adji
aid of a non-partlsan br.ard. sr. tha: ?
bllls couid he framed alona a lentiflc ard
buals eal Unea
Baaatoi - -' ated federal *.~
f-U4?nce in t.h? eb'abliihn",tnt Ol tioud roada
through th<= ? - ? waya
?j-ttd tor the transportation of the
He urg?J an ;. f
faTUWO lor fire geaxa to Improva poai roada
and rura! doUl ary h U
Owen on Comrnission Governmeni
f--inator Owen rea<1 n I "
port ef tbe mment
by commlsa.on. altbi - aubject 8g
ra-en*'' t ' *? I 111 * tbe
etaainbei a*aa pr 1 1 ampty He aut*
raaed u r.ib laeal ? e****ee*a
men' ": tba dt ol Di M lai ro, be
lajd the gem " Itlaena
by p ?''*".''"**-'?' ma*** Bonli toa 1
mayor and four fcm;r.;.-.or.*r.'. arho E-!.a!'i
ha-8 ? f ti 4'inBs:-.
lagifllai Any
person c*n be nomln
tweaty-fira dtlsana Tbetai Hdatea
ba\ing tba hlgbeal rote at Un
tflnaaki ted ti dtiaena
for an ele'tion ..r.a \h<. five candidatea
ha\lng the highest vote- at 1
fonnprise 'hr> elty r'' full powera
-laajlslatlve, asaeutlvi lai. Tbey
manflae the buslnese Of a bat.k Tbere
are five bV
dtpaj-tmant of public affairs, aecond, a
d^paxtment of a.-counte and **>
a department of pUbUc Bafetgi tOUTtb, 1
depatimen' Ol *rt**08l rirovemen;.-.
and. fifth, a departaMWl of rark ?
B*C j.:oi%?rty
"The ilaycr. by Tlrt
renator 0W8B,
meet of publl aftalr
vlF.or.. over tbe Otbei
aglvei a aalary of * the* oom
mualonera n hro 1 ? The
rr-uncli. by 1 ma
othar ofhci.i. cl rl. 1
!-*lto:. taa at - ? a ludgi
urer, auUito; 1 ?
mar<h.. 1 ' ' ' ' - n> ? '
?"ooirut:-.*. ? and a
ot rjr ? r,. ceaaary ofl
Thf-r ? le< i,'.|. -
of ' .
dt:ct f\
' to detern* ne thf fltnea 1 1 ? -
Cacl ro: mi ' .
each eouimlaalonei : le foi
tbe aueoi
ment "
JentaU:, : I idvocated direct
nrlr.M":e? anH ?? ? ? referendum
and reoall.
rtown, N. 1, -luly ~ John 0 ?lon****,
axagHibH**an, ol araa ra
non.::.at...i for mimbr-i o*' A*Hta*ra8blg from
the M Dlatrlei of lefl
Warer'own, tt. T Jalj T?The P.
ran conveiituii ?oi tbe lai Aaaeeably Dia?
trict af Jeffi .'
..f Ar*' ' ":":
DRINK" habit cured
l.'ndorsf'i tr/ Pl^'aklana, Um blargjr.
ar.d liiirniri-'ds oi CtaTOd *aAgttBt I Of I<?'r
tiail-Ai"-. cali nji'iii, arrlta o? 'pbono tbo
piijHir-ian irljo traata ui> -taUaota at tba
XIJAL INSTITUTI3, 30 Eaal 82nd Bt,
New "tork Qty. Taat*aaa aaaW latadlaoB
.avjiiare. **l*i> ?l?.v BaTnl uinhu
? fi ai Tbe Ti Ibaae Bawree* '
Washlnxtoi, Julv "?
heyrnd expression by the tact that the ?8
dstan of Coramlaaloner Dennett Of the Oen- I
rr.-,i i.tind Ofllco rejectlng the tTonnlnghana
coal claims has robhed them of their Chlflf
veapon of attack on the Tnft adnainlstra- ?
tlon, thcaa laaargaota wh* have adnpted;
as thej; fllogatl "Aaything to hurt Taft '
oil hatridng on the Controllet Pay ra
full detnils of whlcn were pubhahed
in Thr- Trlbniaa of June .v, ai the raquaal i
of a correspondent. Senator La Folletfe ln ;
; recenl mngailne artlcle took o.-casioi' to
d4naoaaoe the Pi*ea**nl for making this re
lease, carefullv t-.jprt.aslng the fact Ihat
- made on the expllcit recommenda- j
Uon of tha P***8l Service, an.l to-day the,
offlcinl press agent of the La Follette B>l
rgenta IB oul with a s-envitional fake Oflj
thla name BflbJaOt hv which it 1* ob'.'io'isly j
b4apad to decfive the publlc and Injure the
Prealdent The ba?ir. of thia presa agent's j
atory is o-.?. written for "Colller't" by a j
gbbOtt, which ttaBt magfttlne found I
Uow fOf Ita rcluinns. but whlch evi
dently fouod a reniy market with the,
rea i Tha cmx of the atory is the I
alleged 'u.dlng in tiie fl** Of 'ho Depari- j
meat of tha Interior of a letter nrltten hy j
Richard -?*. Ryaa, one ot tho appUcanta for)
a raflway t'-rtniral on C'ontro"er Bay, tn
whleb Mr. Ryan is made t-> 881 that he |
had B88fl the Presldent und told hlm that i
in making his ai pikation he re pnsmted
only htaBSalt Wlth which tho Pretidcnt
was BOt BBtiaflad. und tliat he had tli.ifl 88*8
r P. Taft. aml Mr. Taft had, at Mr. Ky
cn's ra>gu4BBt, Been tha PiSaldanl and .o!i
biiii wh* Ryaa raally i aaaraaantad. whloh
had wtls-fied th.e Prealdeat as to ihe pro
prlety oi r*4*aalBg lha lands In >i uestion.
Even aa preaented la tu* atoty there la
the letter to Indloata that the
laat waa not fxercislng dua precau
tion to dataraUtaa ihat Ryaa ?** raaa***
| a bona fido railrcad und was not
lated wlth the Quggenheiflaa. As the
Btory contalna a ..umh.-r of falae Btatea
aaaesag them one. tliat Mr. Ryan
1 to thi Foref-t Servir-e. ,ir.d a recom
mendation that the lar:d uo rtleased wbb
Ihere rnfliaad; another that tho execuive
order of th* PrealdaBt was se.-ret; and Btill
BBOthar that It> tf ra Wgg 88tiB8 111 tbe BB*
teres: of th*- ftllggaflB*l*aa, lt arlll not cmi
mnnd much reapa>Ct from IntalUgSflt per
Bona, Rr.d is oblefly lntar**rtlai bi evMence
Of the desperation to which ihe La Fol
lettS insurgents tiie betflg drlvefl by the
Meadily InrrOBBlnt nopi larity of the Presi
... .i ar.d thalr own fast wanlng atrengil.
; i ths resuit of ti-.. :i- instncere stanri
3-jair.Ft Caiiadlafl rec:!procit> and tl.rir un
t*ea*oaliig bostlllty to Prei-ident Taft.
i eatab lahed a new record for - '?? ir?
Ing,the Senate by his long ipeecb in OppO
Bltlon to Canadlaa reclprortty to-day. For
tha graater part <>f the time than were juat
?mo Senntors In thr ehamher. Senator Chll
too, who was in the chair, end Senator
ThOratOB, who flfaa awaitlns; an oppor
t'mity to deltver his Bpeeeh. it la prot.-'
Bbla, too, that Mr. Oronna efltabllflhed a
re-ord for r-lenring the gallerles, althougb
rate reoorda for oonaparlaon
bar* r.ot been kent. There were ln tb*
faUertaa, by aetual oottat, just alevea per
a i 8i four of them negrosa, on? of whom i
slept peacefully ihroughout t!ie oration. It
18 bl .-omlrie perfectl> obvious that the Sen- \
BB lost all Interest in tiie oppoi-ltlon
to radprodty and is merely waltlnsr as p*>
88 may be for the Inr-urgents to ex
hauet thehf oratory and permit it to 884**
to b vou Benator smoot. who oh.ir-.-tr-u !
io xdVin.mcit over to-murrow, was uctu
yte.i largely by a purpose to fruatrats laa.
tti in hla penehant for mak- ?
paachaa only at the conclusion of ue
itatei aad whan the charaber is fairiy
aeauaa Basnator* are mementariiy
ting th.e vote. Thla is an old trk-k !
. , ? ? Wil oflSffl s-nntor, who practl.-,-,1 I:
no later tian aa tha oeeaalo* of tho vot?
,,-i th. Rool anaaandinant Wbea it ara*
,,i whO flesired 10 spsak had ,
Um vtoa Praaaiant wa<, i
Ua put tha Quaation, the WlaooflBla
rered a long fpeecr..
? ? ? xaaparatloti of s. nators |
who were anxloua ta vota ind ao hoine tie :
to sf.eak on the
inaendnaejita, snd. af all others ;
ara through, It la th<- bopa of the Senator
from Utah thai he ,.an compel Senqtor La j
Follette '" speak to*niorrow, or at leatt \
Thoniaitdt of Tonfi More of Stone
Required?Pumping Eesumed.
Saraa* July 7?The purrrr.irig out of
th" water in tha coffet'darfl Burrounding
the battleahlp Main. wa?- raaufiied thls
mtarnlag and tha depth lowerad to laa
..-i lavel of flftean l tet
The purpos-v was tO make an examlr.a
tjoti of th*: rolnforcernanta of the coffer
<jhit! f,f- condltlon appoActA to ba aatla*
it is tha Intantlon to dunap thousaanda
: a of Btona irito tha cLtm befora prav
ng la tl - fforl furthai to lowar the
of tha water ln wblch tha wrocked
? Bhlp \t^
Citba to Pay Tribute to Men Who
Hglped Her to Freedoni.
? ? , . ? ' ? ? 7 -Cuba 1b arrangin^ i
-.. tta *o the sa'.lors WhOSe llves |
ed 1 thfl destructlon of the
I * Ootnea h*ic issued a de- '
,-r.r. orderhag a apeeial den.,o'istr8tion of
(hout the repubUc aa soon]
aa Havana Harbor glve* up the dead
? ? |] publlc buildings in Cuba and
- ? Haa in* Harbor wlll fly at hslt
? afld guaaa Of thr ahore batteries wlll
rr. ftrtd at half-minute intervale for an
dsv over tn? scene of tb* wreck,
wheth. luaed by en outalde or in
. much to do wlth fte
na thal fraad Cuba.
hoarever, aa to
obt ? ? an opportualty
ikl 11 la Bjm ? tthl Uc d. rron'-'r-.tion. ps
mllitary ..nd naval offlrirs believe
that i ???-'ii ba found laa tha praa.
? |*tl*fl ?,f un.-cvering the WTOCh
Madrld ruljr f.?All the papers prlnt b>
ta< ? aal ''f Bria*8diar tJaneraJ
-. ? i.-.bv. ehlef of Bflgtoeara,
A Btatlng hia bc-llef that ths ?*?
? :i of tl.e bfltUaahlp Maine ln Ha- I
h\*rh8l *'-'>5** e*u88d by the explosion j
of .'.er rftagawi**** and not bv gn asa**ia8*] i
fori e
\ B< 8/81 Bapar here. ln commeritlng upon j
ttemaot, s?ya that lt wlll be ehown j
although SpaJn had to glve up h*r
Anieri'iii, \ 04 seniors ehe has not heen;
? ? * -
Leader6 of Opposing Republican Fac
tions Agree to Resign.
Waahlngton, Julj " After a conf'
to-day, ii WhlCh President Taft. Poatmas
ttr rjeneral rJlichaook, laeratary miles
and BMoibara aj tha twg waning faetlona
Of llabama RepubliianB tork part, lt waa
. eed thal J 0 Thompson. Repui.
i "iiBirman. leader of one fae.
! I). Barker, Pepuhikan rta
iBlttai man, v.ill reelKi.
, mroiaaora ara ta i?e alectad *i tha
i:. i, bncafl Btate Coaveatlofl o.. 4ugu*l 81
;,n'i u , deratood tnat tha fi>"on whk
? ? I,t.on w;ll ba n < ognls. 1
patr< nag* from W., hlngton.
. ... ii.,-. < r?j thal ., rupt*
hi ten rumored between Poatmas
,, | Gem ral Hit, h. <>? k und Becretary Hill.s
;? Ultcbc. . and Mr. HDKs l.,. .? di nled,
, th it thert waf4 aay fit- 'ior,.
prevent hlm from rialng to r-peak Ju-t tt
the Senate i? about to vote
of the Demorrat.a to ba rfllered froia any j
ru-plc'on cf unduly prolonglng th** aaeateti
44 88 made tnanlfest to-dny, when hMh gen
atOT Ptone nnd Benator Marttn nrged that
there be no fid'ournment over Baturday.
roptendtng that thr- *"enate ebOUld amrt
COOtlBUOUdy and r-^aoh a vote as raf'"
poadble. This I? tak>?n to Inaloate that.
with thr* rec'.procity aKreernrrnf dlapoeed of.
th?*r?* arlll ba no dlapodtloa rn tba purl of
the Democrata to prolong the nf iuti by
talklng at length at* tbdr taii.T bllla
far-t, there is reason 'o beJIeve thut they
will cheerfully conaent to vota un ihem
an soon ab Senator; ..n the othfl Bldi
This, of courae. plaee*- ad rearponalblllt:
for any delay whlch may oc-*ur aad for
taa dolav m tak.nK a rota oa tba racl
pro.-ity aifi.-tiir-nt squarely on the .1.-:'.
ders o* tt.* Republlcaa b*j*ura*aat?
virtor g. fatelaer, Dlrector of Hoaltb "f "?'?1
Pl-iilippli.es. brlaga an 1ntereatln? Btory Of
the sanitary achiexementi. of the Pnlted
States ln the islands. For t)M Brat time ln
the hlstory of the archlp-elaso, tii
axceeded th<- .'.eatha last -rear Thla meana
tbal moat of the fatal dls-ases ha4t- bean
ttamped out as a rtruM of the war 08 rata.
hy whlch the piaguc has h:-en rontrolk" I
a? the reuult of vaccinatl00. walcn has r*'
tfrminatcd smullpox. and ot tbe attlllng f,f
artesisn wella. bv Wblob eontrol baa
Rained over the varlous inte-tlnul di**> .."?*
which have ahvuys ip the prBSt 0088 PTOd ?<
tive of numeroue d.-aths. TbU8 BanlUUon
has followed the flag of the United Btttte
to fl e-reatrr rxtent tl.nn it has followed
that of any other natton, ln all of arbi a
troplral roloples the death rate BtW 8X08 ***
thnt of the rirths. The uemand f? BT
taetan wella in the rhiiippines has becoma
ao great that no meniber can be cle.;t.'ii 10
th*'Asscmbly who does not plfldge hlm.--.it
!n advance to .lo all in hla pOW8l to
,4,irr theae wella f.-r his dlsirl. '? Thla i* a
remarkahle revt-rsal of sentlment. for Wh** ;
thla type of wells wa? tlrt-t tottroduced tha |
gvllaleaa riupino exhihited great hoatilii ',
even eagaglag bi rlota tn aome ?aotloaa, aatl
llt all InslBtlng that irater brought from
th.* howels of tho earth was DOt Bt ?"?"
human belaga to drink. Oolng r.'-w to the
oppoalte e-ttremc, tba i>"ople are attribut
ha| marvellous medlcinal qualitier to thi
artesian water, and natlves tnay he aeen,
arcordlng to Dr. HetOer, oomlng from all
s-' tlona, bj train, by rmiabae nnd cn foot,
aitb Jugs and hottler. recklng tbe iweoloua
water to take home to home rftct Mend or
relatlre. Becond only to the demand forl
artealan wella is that for good ro.ids. to
Obtala whlch all candidate.s for tin* Aoaem
bly must alao pledgB th-mselvr-s. But as 8
reaull of theae demand? the natives are be- j
Comtng **e?0ndled tO tbe idea of taxation. !
fron* which they aow feel they derlre aotrta
eonerete beneflt, mstead of the proeeedal
going aolely io enrrlcb aome Bpaalah
\ VERSAT1LF. OlllCF.R-A caller on j
liencral Bl. ftf. Weavor, c- icf of tlie coaat ,
artlllery, recently waf amazed to s'.e tha: !
Offlcer maklnj-' noies ln shorthand with all
thr- .?peed nf an expert stenographer. A
queatlen brought the r-xplanatiuii thal IU
raaklng nctes on lectvires an.l in the con
duct of hls office Gimeial \Waver had
found Bteaography rraeh a help thai he
had carefully perfected himself ln that.
form of notaiion. Fnrthcrmore. it W88
fl**plalned hv on* of thA younKcr oflicera
in the Offlce of the chlef of the **088l
artlllery. the general is an expert ttle?
rapher. uslng loth fh? Mnrae and tbe |
Meyer fystem^. The lattcr, whicli iadudea i
no Bpaeea ln tba formation of the let'era '
r.f ti,? alphabet has now beon adopt'd
by th<* coast artlllery and aUo for 4<!f*
waps'lnf: in the nnvy. although some oper
rttr.-s ftill 888 the Morsr-. cod<- i.eneral
Wearer alao anjoya the reputatlon of b-?
ing one of tbe finest matheinnflcians ln tl,r>
army. and it 1? f-nid that "reoatetr* aad
tn**onr.me*ry ar<* BUCh a pastlm*? with him
that he nctualiy 'f-f? them to ealeulate
diredleaf arri dlsuneea on the golf iinks.
whicTn -iiav. however. be BOmotbtng of an j
t.-<aE-ie.raUon. *< that ae " me there
is no mar. in the 1*8881 artlllery uho ra:1 j
compete with the general ln *orblng.out
mathematlcal prohl-ma however frtsh h"
? i'. my
., g n
miy be from the Mllltary A"*8dems
Censns Statistics for 1910 Show
Growth of Exodus.
T'.'ashin'-t^n. Jul" T.--Tv;e pa'-ip!* cf tbe
United States ar*- Bteadlty d??-rf:ng 'he i
country and the farm for the ettg and |
town, accordlng to BtatlBtlci n:ad?- public \
*o-d3*.* by Uu Ceaaua Bureau I ; 'he ia.-?
tea yeara tae pareontage of r^opi*
in clti-is or other mcorporatei plaeea of (
more thaa tBB Inhabltanta tecreaaed from
?18 to 4*3 of tbe total Taraaty yeara at*o j
only 8*1 per eeal of *he total population
lived In mch Inoorporated r
in daadfytng the cenr.-js roturna ol
the bureau calla thal portion of the popula?
tion la 'rrorporriTrr* dtlea or t rwni of IJ i
or taora lnba**a*taata urb**n and tha n
mainder rural Ob 'h-.= baata, in mol
itS, o*" 46.8 p.e*- rent of thfl total, lived
i tenItoiy. and 49,84 i-'r
ci n' ln rurai tetrrltorj
oobtplaxhb or delay here .
Ckranaal fot Oottary Impcrt'-rr: Oriti*
cises CoILftctor Loeb.
Waahtaarton, July . - Complaiat of iiarea
sonahle delcys '.n obtalalag rr]. aa of go0ds
Vieid ln Btorage at ti.*- Porl of l*ew York
[waa n:dd?- te the Houae Commlttee ? n Ex
pendlturea in the Treaaury Department to
day by B A Lerett, of Nete Toi k
for biriporteri invohred la tb< eutl
vttiuati'ma BOar under tnveei
in tbe !sif> fea montha," aald Mr l<*v
ett, "a!l our goodr- have beea o**dori 1 Bt*
thn puhii: atorea, and only
succeearj. aftei long and arduoua >.fLv.i m
Baeurlng Ihe raleaae of goo.is Unported -n
March, Aprll and May. Tbi ?-r- il rrouble;
>.-n ;n delay after appralaei leot, ant
in aome caaea where the .,
paaaed tjorrecl w? ha\r- t-,e^n compellad to
? rw,? raoatba before wa eould gei them.
Oooda bB*n baan hald up wtfc- tbe ad<
vhi?. i. tn th.- \r, uail'.r. !.as i
allght, not more than R per < en?
' l have beea tO CfeUOt*-tOr Loeb !.|- . -.1
iv an.i aabed blm to ai-ize the |ood . bo
that, nader tbe law, we cr,,iiri prt t!,rm oui
under bonds, and bave baan told thai the
gooda .'.jui.i nol t- releaaed | . ..e the
Dlatrlcl Attorney war. rjondiiotlng an m<
roatlgatio** Maaawblla lardjattrtari iu srw
vr.tk, uaable to gd anythlng oui of ftor
a*.*'. bare BUrpped Bblpcaenta, and Ihetr
buatneaa is practlcally auapeaded
Machine Overtnrnf!, Pinioning Them in
Irrigation Ditch.
Porl OoUlna COI. Jaly 1 - Mra R M
Kooraem, wtf.- of the siiperlnten.lent ef ih.
Gr*at ****eatern Siii*ar C*4*rmpaai
f-later, Mrs. W. 1< Mannlfiif. ..f RaMlmore,
arara Kiiied to-adgbt wn<-n th*ir i ?
Kklddad and overturtied Into an irnjjation
diteh. PoUi women 4..... pinloned n the
?? r md drowned.
Albany. July 1 -Covirnor f?!x haa | t
Beptember U al fioea an the time irbaa h.s
4\in i;ive a beartag te Preeldani Laarreaioa 1
Cirea.-ei of the B4*f*Otl**h of fJQQOna 08 Ih"!
report of Cemmlaflloner Hamm-I iirdwa>-. of i
Ne.w York, who re ommendad Oreflaar*a re
u..j\cl "ti chargea >.t Bllegad Incompettncj
?inti ir :l.'' of 1I.14 Tha Oovernor .lesire?
io deroti IIm iraatei parl ..f hla l 1 .? dur?
lng thi m\t 104. areeafl 10 lealalattvi
aftei a'hich ln Intend to laae a racaUon. j
For Second Time Law Causes
Cut in Governor's Salary.
Trenton. tf. .1 . Jul** 7 -Governor Wood
Wttm n of hTaw Jaraaf raeefred 8 Joit
ta day when his f ilary check for Jun<- as j
. f tha " ita araa dallrerad tfl i
hlm Ta* Qoraruor BBtaaai that ba wa*
Bhori aboBl IM Ra i ld*d righl aarap
tbat BOiaae rnlatakc had ocrurred and sent,
for John l:iker. clerk In the State Trea*- |
txrer'a oflcs rfa waa aaaaaad when t*fd j
had baaa no srror. ftlker tiadd the,
Qovernor bi bad beaa do?3kad for threa
days ln June, the time when be was flniah
lng his \\ ert.-rn trlp.
ti ii clerk when ba an nt lo lha fJk>*?*tr?or,a
. fle* took th* precautlnn t0 fortlfv Wl 't
altb a eop) of tha state aaaistitajtion, aad
I thal parl of it whlch pro*14ea that
duting the il >...,..? of the OOVarflOT of the
atatts ths Prealdenl of t?h? s-nat* ahall N
the Betlng Oovsriior aad ahall ra?*!** th*
inan'i.i! beneflta of th" aa**a whlla so act
l.up. (4J*B8tOT Acfcannan ae actlns Governor
, ,i ths three daya' pay.
Thla la the a*4B>Od time the Governor has
boen docjtad atflce ha ara* alaatad Tb*
fii.-t tixoa woh when he waa awaj* dttrtag
the glQBUl part Of Miti.ii r.n his Wistern
trlp. U that tlffl* S.-nuior A.kerman diew
th* graatar part af tha Govcrnur's hularv,
the O'lV.-rn- r gettlng aboul tf"' lnstead of
}? '. ! r. yular aalary.
Will Go Aboard Battleships Here
for Long Island Battie.
Nnvai mnttjanten are praparhag for aum
rnar e8*ret88a, so li wlii not t... many
days BSfOt* .?-,,ine *.|r-nofrrripher i'rr-m tip
Btate wlll l>e told tO go tO tne BBglBC roorii
of som>> battleshlp and fetcb a bucket <>r
raeuum to the water tmder.
And when ? ragular aeantan yeila at him
at aaea* to put ?. Jtb on tha .-an,i and rn
shoot the aalve, if tne atenograpfllc ,<=aiioi
faiis to paaa Brat tha ^.,it aad follow
protnptly with tha buster h.- will prob?
ably be told to go to the slc-k bay for the
k.-y to tho starhonrd WStch.
Theae and naaay ether tbinga ln atore
for the aaval mllilla rr-rfits were talk-.-d
over oa ahora off the Qranite state, al
P7fh street and North Kiver, last nlght
among BOBBO Of the BBaaonad Bfldt*.
,' L, Poor, Ueutenaal oommander, 1st
Battery, aald that there w,?ild probably
ba 880 men from thai organlsstlon, 2-oo
from the 2d Battery an.i 100 from Rochea*
ter to pnrticip.'it.- Ifl the t-ham b*ttl88
I prairtlce aad aaa inansauvrafl under
actual conditions f.um July li, to 22. Theae
in,-ii win be dlatrlbutad on board the bat
tlethlps Ml.-.sour,, Mlssinsippl. Malna,
Wsahlngton and Ohlo, and > mb.rkatlon
arlll he Diad* at 0 a. m. n?xt B*turday.
Tiie flhtpa wil! procetd tO a reudczvui^
not yet deteraaatnad, from arhleh potnl thay
arlll make an altaoh oa ths mtran.-e t.,
I.ong Island Sound, the 8tt*Ck to OCCWt
between noon of July i*1 and noon <>r
July M.
Tho naval BtdUtla vessels asssembled af
Qardiner'a Bay, la c.,nj<m,-tion with the
torpodo boat fl-.tiiia, wlll d*fend 'he ea*
traiico to L?,ng Island BOUfld.
A toon aa embarked the naval mliitla
offloara and men arOI ba aheorbed into tha
oi-ganiaaUona ar.d aaalgaed to duty
wlth t-,.- regular crews. _
Secretary Announccs Arrangement3 for
Convention in New Orleans.
Fred k. Parnaarorth, Bacretarai af the
Amerlcan Bankara' As*od*tlon, has f*8l
r--t.ur.-d from Naw Orleana. whera he
wenl ''. n.aK' arrarfflg*ra*nta for tha con
of the a*aoelatl4Mi ln thal clty
during the week of kStn*mber fl. Iha
general progranuna. a? arranged by Bvacre
tary Parn worth an i tb? toeal commltteea,
...?-, . -..;,. ,,i of rhe admlniatra
tiva committsi of thi -i awcuitlofl, la bi
MOBd*y. N'.'vembe; 80 Committee meet
Ingi and executlve coun. I meetlna Fv.*n"
inr, dlni ei red bj th. bankers of New
iriean to ths eascutlve counciL The
. wlll be entertsined at a spcciai
evening reception.
Tueadaj Novembar fl?AaBOdatlon con
v<.nf.?c; nt 10 o'c:ock and 2 o'clock Fete
ehampetre at i Ity Park and recepUon at
,Ui trj Club Bt : o'cloi k p m Fire
ind lUumlnatlon In .he park and oa
Wedneaday, NovemhT Meetlnga of
truat compainj and clearins houe* rertionf
Automobile rides throughout the clty for,
th? women Bnd vlalt to tha water works,
?i apeeial - . n ih* ..iiernoon. j
Aii partles to meet ar Audubon Park at II
?? .. ,. attend a polo game. Re-reption
r,pd ball at th? Prench Opera House in
the evening. . M ,' . .
. November 23-Mestlngi of aav
organlsai acretarlea'
f-ect.onr. Viaitlng lha irb. r and exoursion
by bost ro K- serve Plantaticn. luncheon ,
to be *ci\t,i or tha boat -?' boata to be ;
chartered, and rei irn to *??? arranged from j
I , by ipecisJ train to be fui -
r.'-hr-d by ths IUlnoia Central Pailroad
iny. lnvitations. to all leadlng thea
? ?
Pflda; c.en >er 14 Beeond dajra con
n ' and axaeutlva councll meeting
Cntertainnaent to bt left open :- enable
ink< n ' ? ent n*ln thoa? of thalr
frlsnda who maj be la the dti
Ten Milhon Petos Higher *hin on Day
Liman'.cur Qfatt.
Mcxico Clty, Ju',> 7-On June fl, ll tha
of the flscal year, Mexi^-o'6 reserve
am?unk'i to ttj098v888 pSBOB 1 Hgoldl,
,,*crrding to a at*tenaeni madi by Pren
aeal de la* Barra to-nlghl rfThli la far
more than r? left Ifl tho treasury by
Joa4 Y'.erf Limanrour when h< n Igned Ba
afbalat*] of Plnaw - and wa.- au< i ?
Braaato afadi i o
Sin-e that tlnie the flj04*4r*aaBM Bl h
pendatl tl lat paai ef two a^proprla
i ne of eight rolllioa ai d tha orher <,t
t- 8 millir-n r"*so^, for .-xp-nsr., m-'irred n
tt.e resuit of tha rtvolutlon
?? Idant tU la Barra ar.d Miaiatar Mn
B. count for the- appar-iir gain of Bp
proarimatelv tr-n inUllOfl ,?-? ? bo| by bv .
craaaed income bat bp l rptloa ot a
polley ef emnomy. A portioa h is fcren
IVI i by rc-trenchnH-nt. but bv far a gl*at
rr part by avaldlng uuineaaaary aa>p4aridl.
a aumber ef rormer revolutlonlata arere
WOUfldad and a few killed to-day in a ClBSb
betweea Oeoeral picueroa s riiaaTdaa and a
ioav of men Btytlflg tharnaalVM "Mnder.
lat**,'1 llflder eomttUUld of Oeneral Salsa-lo,
a* inuaifi, B4*eordlni to raaagra report*
\4hieh rcr.rhed the capital to-night.
? ??
Oflkial statistics Tell of More than 20
Cases a Day in Palermo
Kome. July 7 ?Thr-. rovernm^nt tnsist.s
the |8Batr*l i?4>B4tltloa of heaiu. i
? ? |b0Ul tha country i>- most exeelh-nf. '
notwithsttindlng th? 8PPS <rai ?-. of < holera j
irt aeveral regtorta This. the governniem.,
iiibirii.i:.i-. i. IIOl A.-iati. I l.olera, and. j
therafor ri. r**ea ware noi Bnaounosd bj
.:!. -:r . -= in thi v,elief tha! Ih* Btl !?"
.: .., iiii.ii. ? ? ? . iggi rated abi-oad aaKl
r3us?- unJUatlflad apprehenalon al hoaB)
Durhai Un Brsi fortnlgbl of Juaa aeveral
of ths caaea ? i prrad ln VobIcs having
been imported. it i< >ald. from Tl'lesta i Ilj
?*:,-.-s Ware at OOO* rjunranilned BBd Soon
dlaappaared, Aim,>st alrnnPaTMrtualy Wapla*
and tba Burroundlaa rsrovtooaa wara at
tacked Thara wen a L.-ien .a.-'-s daily
,.1,,i tha .i-aiii i ita aajwog thi patl i ti
nd aboul ..ii. In I"1"
\i pgli iu,,. ? BBtdltkBia wi i- gra ?? r Tha
i,iimbarad naiara Ifl** twanla* .. <i*y.
bul tba death rai.- hei-.- alao av*f*g*d oa*
ui foui butfllda ol th*s* thara sren i i*w
.., . n aa alb r plaa* . Iropoi ted, ll i ? aald,
from Napti ,? Pah ',,,,. j
Offered to Leave Bench and i
Thrash Prosecutor in Cox Case.
nncinnatl. July 7 -rhan-lnr* that Judge
VMiiiam Dickson had "mutHateg" the reo-l
ord of the 0ea*8*ga R. Cox r**rjury
Celemaa Avery, Aaatsfant Pr088CUtOr. PTO
ri|dt?ted a prraonal aaroounter in eaaunbera
to-dav that ended In hls befni- atdt red to ,
leave the room.
The lrate pidge 1s said to have tbraataaed ;
IO leave the benr-h and admlnlater fl
BOUad thraahlng" to ih* Aaatataat Pl*08
"You mad**- up this "oill of cx-cptlons- to
suit youraelf," A**on ''-'?'1 ">? Jualgo. Th*
row followed, Arery BnatI* qultttng ffbe
indaa Dteanmn dawlared afterward that
ba had att4>mpt"fl to correct tlie iiiil ln a ;
few minor parlh uUra, and then. in ordei
to aand another hlll to the blgher court.
bad bad tbe pagaa c*ontatalnB the Intariln
eatlona and erasuie* eopfc I
Owlng to the lllnesa of AssiMnni Dfrattld
Attorney DeFord proeeeutlon of thf mem?
bera of the ao-iiiiied Lhre Poultry Truat,
?.?.ho have heen >.n trtai in Qeneral Beeetona
fo, si\ w-i-eka on a charge ef oonaplracy,
araa conducted yeaterday bj Aadatanl 1ms
trlet Attornev Elltaon Mr. DeFord'a III
i lea |a the result of .< ne-rvoua DTOakdown
he auffi-red las; ainter, when he Iobi his
wife and cbltd within a few daya of each
Mrs. Charlea Shults and Daugh?
ter, of New York, Hurt Upstate.
n, T*io**-apri to Tb? Trtaagpf-l
.-anastots, rf. Y. JtfltJ" 7.-Mre. Charlea
BhultB and her daughter, Mlss Marj*.rle*
Phulta of SfOW York. and Mra. ?Utt8*S
mother Mrs. Jane Riddell. Of CUlttenango.
were badly btulaad hy baing thrown from
tba rear seat of 8 '-la touring car when the
car hit a teJephone i-ole. about two mik-K
raBt of ranaat'-tn. tbtt lftertioon. Th- 88
rldent was caused by the cluuffaur. an -x
nerleneed drive-, turnlng hla attentlon from
tha wi.e.i to adjual hla *ap. Fred Bhulta,
* son of Mrs. Bhulta, occupled thr front
Beat with the ehauffaar. He was ?nin
iured The ebauffeur retalned h'.a ?cat aai
eacaped arltb a ellfbl In.lury to hls hand.
The car waa harlly wrecked.
The injuKd women were taken to lha
Shults aummer home al rhittenango. when
rhi? e-rentao they arere raapf-ted to be reef-,
Ing cemfartably. The ear was running
..bout twaaty-rlra mii-a an hour arben tbe
a.*r*id**nt oc?3Uj*rad.
Senatorial Investigation Ccmmittee to
Hold Session in Chlcago.
'"hl.ago, July 7. ''i.iled States Senator
liamhle, of South Pak.-ta, member of the
tr.rim.-r --eraatortal inv.-atigaiing oaanmtt**
tae arrived la Chlcago to-doy and con-.
Our new ten year mortgage 13 [Sgt
most Uberal mortgage ever offered to
borrowers. You have no rencwal (eea
to pay for ten years.
You can pay lt off at any time on
thlrty days' rotlce or you czn pay
1100 or any multiple of S100 on any
lnterest day.
It tempts one to savc money ln order
to make regular red.ictiors ol tha
mortgage principal.
Made to house owners ir Creater
New York ln amounta of 510,COO
or less. Send to any of our officcg
for a circular.
capltal . . $ 4.375,000
Surplus (all earned) J0,625,000
176 B'way. N. Y. 175 Kem?'. n St, Utm
350 fulton St , Jam?u ^.
ft-rrr-d with .t H Marble ?-*<).
attorneya for ti.- -? nmi*' ? -
Henat'.r (*amb:< aid ?
tee would* h-Vd ?
two weeka, when a
HflOflflfl arould be ealli ? ,.
mey uk*- tbe itand ta U -??
New=York Tribune's Towns
and Cities Contest
$15,000===IN MORE THAN 1,000 PR1ZES
.No. 37.
?No. 38.
l\o. 39.
The conpon upon whicli contestants are required to wnte their antwen
appears on page 2 each day of the contest.
II . not neceaaary to send the pictures. Answers only are required Do not send ar.swers until the Iggt
II ia not nc*.cb*.a *- thrce illustratlong have appeared.
Popularity of Tribune's New Competition
Grows Greater as Puzzle Numbers Go Higher
Hnter Now, as the Opportunity
Win Such Fine Prizes May
Never Occur Again.
YESTERDAY marked another busy day m The
Tribune's interesting Towns and Cities Contest.
Each day the popularity of the competition
grows greatet as new contestants from all sections
nf the country en'.er.
The number of mail otders that are constantly be?
ing recewed from out-of-town readers shows plainly
that non-residents ate working out the puzzle pictures
with as much enthusiasm and determination to win as
those who live in New York.
The contest is not yet two weeks old. and mdica
tions point to the fact that it is far ahead of all expecta
tinn*. ;** view of its popularity.
Ct course it is quite well understood that any one
can enter the contest at any time. To enter it is only
necessary to 'iecure the back numbers of the earlier
puzzles. all of which are printed in neat form together
with their answer bhnks. These back numbers may be
had at the office of The New-York Tribune, or by mail,
-?nd as specified at the foot of this announcerr.ent.
An opportunity to win an automobile. a player
piano. a handsome set of furniture, a trip or one of the
thousand other prizes of such high quality and value
does not come to one every day. Thus, if you have not
taken part in this fascinating competition. you should
not hesitate any longer, but secure the back numbers
and join the contest at once.
The simplicity of the ru'es makes it extremely easy
for every one to compete. They have been very care?
fully drawn along very broad lines, and cannot fail to
meet with the approva! of eveiy one. New contestants
entering the contest should read them carefully in order
that they may understand fully what is required of
flr-t'ires need 801 te arnf fn with the anr-wera, but where
1 .jntestant3 dealre to do so there will be r.o objectlon. A
good Idea wouM \f to CUl out the ? ounon that appears on
' of Thf Tilbune ererj daj and i.aate or pin lt to tha
puszlfl pkturts r.t tim' dat? nnd num1>er, to be fllled out later
ln uir- apecee allotteO for the anaweru.
r- ? 11 bo oaly a few daya now untu th? Contest <\va
lOfUe !a reaaV. This .-utalomuia wlll contain a large 11st of th?
towna and ritiri- k/cated ir, thf* L'Olted States at,d OanP-ia"
ard all ef thf pamea to ba llluatrated ln the contest. The
prlre ot the eatalegua ls .. oeotl at the offlre of The Trih
une By maii. U oenta ,
OrOera may b< plaoed nnw. and jhey win he **i*p<*
rvro-nntlv aa e*>*n as the catalofua la cjimpleted
THE coupon upon which contestants are re?
quired to write their answers gppetfl
on page 2 each day of the contest.
-feet* .lay foi alxtj-ktven d.ijs Tha Tritmne will publlah
**N*,lt| aud tttntay. tl'.i'.ie tlluat i atlona, car;oor.? or o.her rrp
(r4aTa*BtaileDfl ?1 lha witu I a town or dtf located ln th? Lmted
iiatoe or Canada. Thfl "nt.at basan on ilonda*,. Juaa lith
Tie namta <?' tha towna and .'itl-a to ,,.- uiuatrat'd ara belnr
Mlected ' Ina Nflw-Torh Trjbuaa, aat? irlll ba inr-iuded j? Th;
Tnhuraa Conteel Cataloaua of tbwna and cltlea. whieh wlll ba
publlaht-d a? a guld" and r<*f erer.ee to conieetania for u*?o In thfl
Tr." C*?ni?at i- >P?B ?**. -ill recular readt*rs of tha Daily and
Fundoy Tril-Ji. ?. flMflptlns emplovaa an.l m?m*,ere of thelr
f-.niliea. ?-? >i",r "??>- conteat lt la only neeeaaer*/ to beeome a
Reader of Th* TrtbUBO Tju-:\ ar.d Bunday adlUone.
r.ontMtaiita rnuat Indloate tha town and clty repreaente/i b-?
the ploture upun tha cuu* ju provtdtd therafor. <~,,u-.una may ba
fllled out With pm. penc:i. typ-.-wnter or prir.f*d Ifl
to aul* tha fanr*y of thf conte> j i*
w:-.?ra con'istants ar* no>. certa.n a? *o Cr.c vamt ot
ar.d city illuatrat-d they wlll ba perr.^.f.d to s- ? . :. ? -?")?
:nore?ana^-era to earh plcture. If t'.v> ern s ?*:*'"
Incerraet aiawers win not count aaalaai i
tr.re* ana-s-era n.ay ba writteo upon a s.n^.e
ahould fc* uasd tor nAA.'."r>aA\ arj'^era, anj
aame number ahould be kept lo^otl -: la : ?
Whtre coii^istante wishlto auDnllt but ?ne oi i
they mav do ao without liilina out the t-ntire couj
a?*-eral merrbora of a fiw.ly m*\ compet- . ?? *****
one prire wlll be -^.??.'ard^d to an:, ore bouaal
.fj. reot, and onh one aet of :.na>vera n.ay bfl ? . 188
Indlviduil cont-atan? Particlpa'lor* :n IB!
hring run wlll not debar any one fron e:uer i
Ho!l all a:.j.v?ra un'll after end Ol
a-rang* vour anawer* !n reat. numerlca! order. faatai o-ij>03i
?ecurely togcther. and dellver ar Rlflil tli?n* -?n ? o**--"
flat packasa .not .'.-.Ued or rolledi t to t*i
The tlma of rflcatvlng aBawera ?rl .
awardlng of i.rlzea However. all anawer- B1*t v * * poaltaa^fl*
the oiflce of The New York Tnbur.e or in Utfl B ??' trtoia
mldnlrht. Septemb-r 12. 19". 1
Tha pr.zea will te awarded to tb' ron'ur'v ? in ts?
cortect or nearest eorract ii*r ??! >iam -- te thi i -,;
towna and c'.tiea llluatratior.a. In tba a****nl ot *
or more peraons th* conteatant anawarln^ tho - ? ": :;
?owna and Oltlta ploturia 4'0ire.**;\? wlt*- the amall
ManVca ?*lll b? declared the winn'er. ln ciae t
t-atanta i-ubrr.it the laij s*. DtUBber of ? -. *
th* aame number of coupons. thfl oash va'ue -*f tne , i*e *Bl ot
dlvlded. .
A judgina eommlttee. to 0e BRBOune. I '
award- atrlctly upon ihe merr.a of correctners arr; ain laritfll
tha exact wording and aMlllBB ..f tha namei ?? *0,,
ritk'e as flrlll **?-' aeier-ied try Thfl Tribune ar ' a
The Tribune a TeWB* and Cltlea Catalogue.
Where ? aai <<f anearera i? aflaurel** faaten l i ** coa
t-a'.ant wi'.' be permlttad te biair.p (arlth I !
.-.M-rev late Hla or her r, irr.a upon thr apace ??' ?' '
omtt the ful! addreaa from the gi atar ma . **.
provided that eu*-h fall n.nme antl poattotfle ?"'
wntten up.>n the f.rat a'.x *nd laat alx .'oupor.a of th. *
UI eooamunlcAtlona or letter* ot h >w-f
and .'itS-a Conteat i-h'.iild be addreaa*d to tha C ~" **'?>?
KCF.U. thf; Tr.ii't nic. IS* Naaeaa 8traat. Na
1? *!?3?84.S50?-Ererett "*I0** 8818888*8*181 <1 (88 'trh.
4?at.lOO Krakauer \rt I'laver f
6?81.<X10 \Vr-.er Broa. I.lei li ?. il ri.i.-r r*i?a(v
??88S0 Fraaatta gacea tn r.it!.>.
1?91X9 rhrlalman Sona* flaier I" >i. ?
a?0?81.400 Kiakauer I'lanoa. 8700 earh
ta?8C30 r'ran, i< tlaron gtBfW I'iano.
U -.-. .in Krakamr 1'iano.
12?8458 Owrn-Hiirnu .*4iiite.
1.1?14?8JC0 r?r?***-lltenn?n S.'ia. 8100 earh
14?24?i-HOO Bermnd-i Trlpa ?i.i "iteaniilii!. n-rmndlaa.
28??8?aao Carrt-Prennan Ln.lles L'e-k?. SIO tnh.
Jl?Ifl?#750 \rt < hlnu Impori l 8888883 I'r-akfa**
8?ta, $15 each.
n?12<"?8750 Art ( hlnu Import 088888881
Ma 815 earh.
1?7?ISU?8100 farey-Brrnnun r-m-iUInc rh:4lr4. $1* earh
137?Mfl?$100 fflroy-Brennan l gaaaaf ta ?'? tr* W *?*?*
147?158??-*n I arry-Brenuun Maga/me Ba-U'i.. 1' ttih
151?4140?41,000 Lucky Cuive Farkrr lounmu leoa, 8
?51?1050?8600 Fountolp Tefla. 81 M> ea.h.
1 iintb***
Have Your Nearett Ntwtdtakr Begin to Servc You with a Copy of The
Tnbune Every Day and Enter the Contest While It ls Young.
Ba<k iiumbera mav ho i,,i.l at the offlre of The Trllnine. 188 Vaa.... .. .... ? r.i-/ I
llohnl-en I- . eea* f?r the Daily nnd fire renta for the Sun-t.. ^!!" w5, Th* l,r,'? ha.Keaj ^..rk < it? ,*r**'"\ ,,!.
-unilay Where back uumbrra air oiclrrrd b) luail oue >,a> *dA\,t.;n*^,n',* **?*? aaBBB f->r tie BalK aud 9*0 ?**-*? **L
_ "'iniuotaai for every ten number* almuld he reinltud tor i*o????"*
IWerl COTittoi Tl.e> wl||VnuTP,",1?*** xhflr w0"< of ex.vinlnit.t ? 'i ? ?eta of ",'?"'rV'sB*f*
SK ";;;:'/;??;""?? ??tta Sg-rftt'^..*****-,**-* ,'???-,;?;:; &RX& -
18. To-dav The Trihuna , ub!lahe$ ?n ' 'rov,r?> An.Wor. wa. -ft-bttflht-J ta Th. Tribune ?
.?rie.;t innKi.i to p**e**ert*a 88 8" ar i 58 -,
No l? rt r ?rMt *nd th* httl? **?? ?**? ** Cne ,n0th*r
No vZZ",9'nC< '' th# moth?' <>f qood fortune.
No. 58-H, that ha, M chanty m,riqtl n0 mfrcv.

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