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Professional Lea
. ?? Bace, Helped
Gain Ground u- ** ? ~"'
w the Snperbas
Along by tne oup
_ .,,.?" Ara** at the throttle of the
k Lt ateam roUer. the Gl.nta flattened .
; rr^go Cub, to a .carce, recog
.Iwe b^ban nln* at ?b. mio ^rounda ;
~ afternoon. and won the second <
""tfthf^rieiby 8 8888* flf ? tO 8.
? aw.*.wnv torped tw.rW had rare ,
^S of th* 88888*8*8* machlne be wa? ,
l^toaj\a\XYSt the v.hicie .kaddiaa*
^-Twith * m.mentum heyond the power;
J ",,. aaVtwhOa champlons to resist.
.a*J m M? a*.****. not letting n -dngle
rauarded in nw i" _ ...?.,?^
rralk *4tnes allowed flve acattered
Laa fkjty twe at the vtsltora were abl? to
leaata* th* rarifled ?f?T'r>!?P^<''',' around
arond baaa, and rOTxr raachad the i>tnna
fle cf thlrd
U waa BB* preclous an opportftnlty to lose,
,. at Loana wai waJtofaaag tbe poky Phii
Bteaad Bro'-klTn wrs beattrg the Pirates.
We GiantB were able te tt* Pooln'a nlne
fer aecond rl?ce and rltmb to wH-dn half
? gtmt ot the Cdbfl.
H his been observed in th? i-ast that
H,e Cflba alwaya Plaj their ha?t game in
Baw Tork. and rarely bave the fans''
i\i an opporiunlty to Jeer at poor fielding.
? Vbb dlfferent yesterdav. Utl" Joaeph
T.nker barled the sphere to the New York
Nr.-n bl ?ne rritl.-Ki penod. Archer h*av*d
wildly to Jlaaray rw.jie. allowing Murray
to acore on an attempted double ateal.
a-rt'le thfl voung -'hlcago third tasernan
KSfTalS a Ufe at flrst b'- a poor
,0aa ha Hofraan. The 'hleago rlrst tMSS*
Tan arl Reulbacb between them rnlsod
thing* "1 l:i ?'"^f'.og flrst ln tbe fourth.
?.?dr*ve Amee a hlf, ao that. on the whole,
tn. oM riiaehlnea could bfl said to have
aripped n .meroiis an.l sundry cog?
fhanr-e ient Reulbarh. bis 'one beSl bet."
to the mound In an effort to increaae the
!?aa whirh ft" I 'ubs have acquiicd flnally
ra-aWBTaSCh Mll8T8Ba3a and palnst \k*ng effort.
Fd had ipells of pltchli.g pretty good ball. |
and whlle the Gtants got to hlm for only \
??ver Blta bl seven innlnga. throe of these
^?r. loablea and one a trtple Roulbach
l^aaad - roat** to Darot* and Wl-aon.
I ? that ws* the extent of hla w?Mn--?.
*t i*aa "Red" Ames who broke the back
?aaa ef tha 'hlcago defenr* when. wlth
rwo BBl BBd two on the bags ln the are
aal araaaa, he pole-r) a long trlp.* over
Srtiulte'*- h**d. acorlng New Tork's flrat
taaraaa Ht ? Ml of Amen baa been long
f.v?r<"ue thla senson, and natural'.y . annot
bl eipeeted fljgaifl for eome tlnie
Tn th? flrst frame T-Wman eingled, and
?'.oughf he would test Wilson's throw by
c ?. second Hc was cut by a clty
Maek. A roilickir.g raJly waa tha objeot
of much sodcltude on the part of Johnny
rvers, who spent r-onslderf. ole rme on the
rcichlna Hnp? ,n *" endeavor to start
BBBBStaBflaTa tut Ames ruled with an Iron
hird and frowned upon al! atternptB at 11
BB*a or levlti Wh*a ths < ;bs did hit
?rdaly lt w-aa enly fnr paltn slnglea. and
BjbbBBiiT ths ball aeroplaned lai* the re
eaptlve ar.d *ve>ting handa of a New *i ork
grMwell played ? apairkllng game at
Laart aecepi -.g B8?*b ek'agneea perfectiy
t:A BuUdai '? Uful Itrfflf ol Sehulte'B
hard r?r ln the nlntr, but being unable |
tf Un** ? . ? insB .?
Thecc. WBVS wh eh 'wept over the ?
little more
? -?. playen Tha temr^rature was
8s*t lafBil fer A888B. 8tad whl 8 tn* kaWaVT
Bg dc-df. *? ai ITWB ?* six
? ?? most tffe*t:ve
Had ef - irouad r? I ie New Tork
BB rk***! fa?: ea**r*/aa
rkh bi - -weii cro.".- a un n- tha
laalng, bul K.etcner
the flrat hit ofl Beul
j - irthu! ? aeeond befora wiiaon
dt***- a paafl aad both runnara ? ^ntered
baa wbea An ea *: 8ht field- ;
? -? ir!*-r had 'dttle difflculty
. snodgrsaa ln tha thlrd, but
? ? mn'r,* OP fer ;
.--.-; ? ? -r,p Brsl inning and took
error lei Merkle
..,-. - .,.v K'er) ftarfed tO II 8k?
nd, but Ai
trapped Murrai r B
nunj a f blufta t< throw to
tt? ki - 8 ' *-t*v'i v ov ever, did !
? ? . ? ...... -ir,-bOM t"
Merkle ukmg
rent out.
Pletebti . . ? .
aaa ont at thlrd vh*J 881880* ivro:nd*d
wn al uni aloi
nt 1 rnaai kriowirz that
nntn though 1 - ? araa i ehaAaOA tor a
? rasd
? ? " deeided rr,
>-? a ? ? but was paini
.e la- ;
t wa
i the .h I ?
- ? <- -. the.
fl thi Bg wli 1
' nder ia the
t - - . ^.nd ;
? ?
?? - ? . .
. .loa. il :li :
ad the |
kard '
ngted througl ri BJeh
l and Wtlai ?; ti'ling
i ? wlth s wlld ;
? - at*.
to aa< ond la the
j ?' but that was all. !
? Ofad wlth a bin
? ? it by .i Do>'e. The
''?'*r I*" 8 1 ofl Tink.-r'fl out. i
! ??* ... oda <ii<-i. b i
| the thir.l ;
T***' - went 'j-.wn oa Keuii,a<-1,
,( "1* * . ? - ? ? -v. ,e ea*].
ftlng io Bnodgnm
? ? f Rl. .
t/ **' thr*. the 4**aabi antll
when Ziniitii-rriMh yingie-'t ?
6 aat ?\ ? ,,,, 0 ., Aaaea ttghteaed up !
' H'*'' )?? le .,n,l Tllike..
i-iiii mo
. II 4 ".. | ?>"
' - < ? ' 4 .. 1 1 ?< 0 ,
**..;4.-"; 4 1 ?i i Ih 40 1 11 0 0
' ' 1 2 : ? ? .. / rr.i8n.2b 4 4) :? 8 20
:. iro
? 1 1 -i :,?i iinkei <? :..,?, i 23
? ' ?-.<,., 2 0 0
2 I 1 .'? I <l, Ar ?,ei ? . ".I ] 81 I
*??....- t ,,.. ii 4 ??;
|1<I. ,.'?, |. "I 1 U
? ? ? -.'4 113
'. 8 18 1*818 -8
u. .. o .. o o <?
. M'"' ' Tiw n?v* ?l,,rK l Two-baae
>r" lai.- Ml
,. r>evore.
? . - < i>-ii on baaii ??:
**?.,'?<: | ... .1 i,..-.i. ,,.n
- Off Realba.-li. 2
* 4 li. .1. I' Mn
? 2 iFleichar, Uli??n;
||*ii?, . . Hlta ,>ft BeuJbech, 8 ln 7
Sb?I *' "*' 1 In 1 Inning. Time 1.43
?***--"8*aaaai aad kninifl
;ue Basebali
'Baaeball Fight
in Three Leagtie*
Chlca*N*-4> al New Veark.
Ptttflbar-r *t l.rookljn.
fTnclmintl nt Boaton.
St. Looia at Philadelphia.
REsn.Ts or ajajcia yestfkp*.v
Xew Tork, || f J.l. mg .. 0.
Br-J-oklyn, 1; Fllfsbot-f, 8.
*?* Ixmla. ;,; PhlUdelpliU. 4.
Boetni). 5; (Inrlnnatt. 4.
W. L. P.( . Wi I- P.C.
rhlmi-ro. . 48 27 ,,u rittahara* 40 Hl .Mn
Xew York 44 28 .80:4 Cinclnnatl HO 40 .420
Phlla* 44 29 .art..- ltr..o-.l?n 27 44 .M?0
St. Ix)ula . 41 31 .580 Bnaton . 17 H 2">6
N*?w York at Oilraa-e.
Roaton at f-t. I^nla.
Phlladelplvla. -?t .' lereland
WflaaTflaaajtaka at Iletrolt.
< hlcatgo. I] Xew York. 3
Philadelphia. 7: fleveland- 1.
Detroit. 0; Uaahliiflten. 3.
Boaton. fl; St. Loula, 1.
W. r. p.r. ?*?*,**. l. p.r.
*T?etroll 40 ?3 .?J*I Boaton . . 37 31 .821
Phlla . 48 24 .??7 fle-reUnd 35 41 .4?1
New York 37 88 .5*9 IVash'ton 26 '7 .358
fhlraxo .1.*, .32 .*.:? *|. fxuila 19 81 .268
Bolllmore at ?warU.
I'rnrldence at .lerae.i llt-.
Montreal .,, Rorheater.
Toronto at Itrjffa'o.
?'"?" ritr. 4: PTovld#*nre. fl.
I*. ilt.ii.i.re. || Nrnark, 0.
loronin. 4; Buffulo. 8
liuflal... 0; Toronto. tt.
Montnal. 8; Knrheater. 8.
i 1'TKiiN VEAOtJB "*t\\t>ino.
?T. la p.r. tY. i.. p.r.
Rorheater 48 H .881 Biiffatln 31 84 .477
Baltlmore 47 j*1 .888 Atamrj Cltj .11 30 4f,s
Toronto 40 34 .541 Newark 88 41 .379
MonlreaJ *8" :> l . I?-, Provl.lnrr 88 19 .338
The atandlng*. in the Nalional and
Ameiiran leajpiea nrr offlrlal. aa announ.ed
from league headqnartera laat night.
Score Two Runs in Twelfth to
Defeat Pirates.
Home Runs by Byrne. Hummel
and Daubert Play Big Part
in Struggle.
A rin-rlng hit thnt rrarked off the hBt of
Tooley ln the twelftli Innlng i-nabled the
Superbai to defoat thf Pttteburg rirafs
8l TC'aehlngton Park **4**ste***day afternoon.
The sr-ore wh- 7 to 6. The gaine rmirked
the flrst trtctotrt !n the laal aerea contaata
whlch the Brooklyn team has played with
the Smoky CHy oor.tingenr Long MttJnR
played a promlnent part !n th-> confllr-r
Home runs wr-r made hy Hyrne, Hummel
and Daubert. CMlaon ta* Mii'.er made
three-bagger** whlle I 'arey an.i Hummel
each got a double. Hummel'a drive was
one of the ;r,rig4}.-.t aeen on the grounds this
?eafJon I,u<-k figured ln Danbert'a hit. an
the ball bounded ofl the foul line. into the
left fleld bleachei i
Wnen ihe Plratee came to the nat 1n the
laat lnntng Mfiier went out easily. *.vilson,
howeyer. hit to decu ahort and wa.- i-afe.
G1b?on. who replaced Btmon In the tenth.
popped ont weakly. but Ferrj hit to een
tre. and Wllaon came all ihe way ronnd
when Baitfer. daylng ln the outfleid. al- '
towed the ball to get away from hlm.'
arey. however. proved ea?.>
When 'hc- baa *avma up Daubert hit
-oiiciiy t" centre for a ba-?e. gach ".Vneat
flled out to left. but Barger ;*'.ade ample
reparatlo** for hia error by ficgiing to
right. Wllson .umbled the ball 8 rnomenr,
and ,takt> rounded to thlrd Ferry made an
ascenslon and r.af-Etd Conlaota, filling the
baae? He then h!1 7im-r,erman on the
hr-H'}. forcing DeuBerl orei r > jan [t
wa?. Ume ;-. h bit, but tl-.r- sr.ec;ai.>rs prc
ruri-r] to l* '?? '? ' ?' parti when Tooley
foale-d ofl.?' ' ? ''* oianded
hia wavs. however. nnd emaabed the sphere
r.r< the noae to axtrerne lefl rentre and
?- ght Hnrg'-*- home arltl tbe wlnnlni
ru-). ti a aa icod for threa basea
I . r | |> . '? - ??? . . ? ?
Htunmel 8nd IVaamer we:.- puf ou
for dl- ? ? ' ' the
TMrty-one playera l oh parl in the game, 4
? <. }. - ... ? . teen, whlli tl
home team ^alled fourteen Into ar*ior>
Thf- Buperbaa outbetted the Bi
rr^v4. ?? ? ? ? ta t eiSht. and wen
or. thelr ara: l ' I " ry when ?
the avei e 1 a tie
ro | - - -
- Cormer retlred in the 1
wtre ; . I f ot hlm. and ba- ked bj per
lect aupport f - gam4 aro ba^ -
- 1" eztra Innlnga. ?^??? -?? ?
men "'r'- b n -ned ln the
? , in turr '
were nl at o?*i rn ? ?
1 ha acore followa;
u, - 1 -. aori-p- ae
r . . . ff 414 ? 3re ' ri 6^2 4 0'.'
2 o g o I * - ? "?? * 9 * J ? \
o J? ?. ? IOO 0 0 0
? '. j' ' ?oo a ?i
; 01 8 70
-? . ? r, .'i r. ai
i ?? ? *v
.. ioo ? ifl
: . , 100 8 -J-'
i 160 1 80
;. 0 .. 00
?I-..-. n. ; ., .. 20
000 0 OU
101 o <
Te*. - - ' "?" '" ;
:,;^\*r~ '
? Hendrlx I
nnnlna run ?? ?
,, , ,, . .' i> ?' 0 9 J i
.. .. ?? o .' " ' ?
. . . -\L
4 tn 5 ,. r,rv H1?i o Dflj
... 2J^??1_
? . lul. t Thr. Boaton tamera ao
- ? ' ;l , - ? i, Aavt by a ?"?<-?r''
?;??. ?...'..?? '???? ?'?.""*-*"**.
tl . fleld
Ti ,- ? con fo ?" '?
^SIbi. ??? * :\\ ;.;;
80 1 14 1"
.,. i ?? 4 :. '?" * ' "'' ' . ,
* w a 1 <". 00 ralltehell rf 81 1 j , '
riMo 1 ! 00 Utf-jr.- Ill i Vn
. 4.. i i 80 ilran*. ?*' .,,, ?- 4 i
J. 40 ,; - r;;; ? ? {ob o it
83 -. io an n ?
retelfl ''',|i:,l":
o ;; ?; :: 1 S . ?
TTAl-e-e-baa. hil Balea ""?"? h| .
-.-.a- .ifl" ' "' ' ?' '*?' aralaei M?1<
*.' nrani Kiolen rjfla-i .;;.,!',,,,? - E8*?n
aer.or, p. ? ?'? - "?' '/',' ,,'i Hobiiiael:
and Hobllta* l ,;""'!'.,"?,,,! i . n ?"?> ' '
II. ... * ? . ?? ... 4 ? ?'??'? '? '[,,., baat .." ,'"1"'
Ofl Perdue, 4. off ?*****'J: ',?' *r.rd.n
SK'irfli! wrtorS.....,,,?
* Lawn Tenni
yjukb gsm snwri
Lose First Game of Western
Trip to White Sox.
Chicago Ninc Solves Caldwell's
Delivery with Ease at Timely
fhlragr., July 7 -Held helpless before the
masterly pltchlng of Kd Walsh. the New i
Vork Tankees foi off to a bad start on
thalr Weartern trlp and went down to defeat
before the <"hlcago Wliitc Sox here thla j
afternoon b] a score of .*. to Z The former
"hltleSB wonders" fell upon the curves of j
young Boy .'aldweii al timely intervale !
and wr.n the pnme arlth eaae. tn1l-.-tr.sr four
nins tn tbe BJnrl tWO Innlngs.
Onlv six hits were made off the ourves
of the big spithall twtrler. and not a man
walked. VPltb naea on the patha he tight- j
eneil np like a drum. Nhaeteafl ar-siMs were ,
mude t.rhlnrl hlm. but not n single put-out
was r -cistererl by the outfU-lders fildwell.
On the other hand. Ucpf the Box hlttlnc the
balt np ln tbe alr, and only a half dozen
aaafatfl were made hy the tnfielders Hai \
rha?e had ooiy fo ir put-outa al first. whlle i
Bert Danlela diri ?.?? much ln oantra Held.
Errora o;,ened' the avenue for two of the
Y.inkeea/ ri,n<?, ,-unl wlth perfect support
lt ls probable that Walsh would have BflOTed
B ahut-out vletorv Fuirtvsn allowerl the
flrat run f<, patteT over the pan ln the first
inning when he .Iropped McConne'l'B per- :
feet throw Ip ths ptets of Hartzell's
groi-ndei- aflcr Wolter had tripled to 1?ft ,
field The hit was really a single. but took j
a bad bound ,iv:,\ frr..,, Dougnerty. Jlnanay
Oallahan present'-d the f-erond openlnir hy
dmppinr Rfl Hartzell's fly in the j-ewnth.
1he rnnner taking two bBBBB on the bung'e,
to eeore when C'ree hit eafely to rentre.
Plrdie went to thlrd on Knight'" hit and
aeored whlle fba'e wn? foreing Knight at j
The Kox smred two runs 1ti the last half ,
of fhe flrst Innlnr Imughertv bnnged one
ta oentrc and purlnjne,! nec-ond BB I/ord
afrurk out Jlnsnay Callaban, the "come
hur-k ehamplon," bnnred safelv, and Ping
Hn,)\n rapped ono on the nose for tliree
baaea, fasf fleldlng by Wolter aJone pre- j
veatbai a nnmr run I>ougherty nnd Calla-I
han scored. however. Mc.'onnell was
passed BBd Bodl* WBB held Ofl third. whlle
7A*d*r waa thrown out flt flrst. ('nldwell
fnnner) Tannehlll ?,.. three thrown balla.
Tt,e Box aeored two more ln rhe aecond
inning. With one out. Walsh wntk.-d nnd
Dougherty hit fo rentre Pat was forced
at aecond by l-ord. but Waleh took third.
Fallahan elngled to ctntre. tcoring Waleii
and puttlng i-<-r,i on thlrd A double BteaJ
enabfed I>.rd to tally. Singlea by Lord nnd
Callahan, arlth Mi*CiMinefl'a aacrlflce ny,
added another run ln the BBVeflth.
The acora folkrwa:
ahrll. pea I -i>rlt po a <?
Deugb'ty.H 418 I 01 Danlela. cf-?oo 800
Iy.-rf. 8b.. 42 1 1 80 Wolter, rf... 4 18 800
Callahan.rt 8 13 1 00 Hartaell. 8b. 810 80
Bodle. ef.. 40 1 1 00 Cre. If- J ' 1"
Mr, -n'l:.2b 201 3 88 Knight, Bl .801 31
Zetder lh 4^>0H lO.'iiM-. lb ..400 40..
Tann'hlll.Ba 400 4 30 Oardner, 2h 80 0 100
ful.lvan. c400 .'? 2 1 4weenej 801 ?l?
v.-B ih r 311 0 80 C*W*r. ... P 80 1 0 80
Totala, S 8887188 Taataki 818 884 88
. 2 e. e e o 1 ta x?41
N<.? | . 10 0 8 0 8 3 0 ,, ?
Three baaa hlu -Wolter, Bod:*. Bacrlflce hit
?ilei'onnell. ptolen baaea Dougherty, LerS
'"?allahar Double j la: s McCenoell to Tann*
Laft on
I . . \>a Tork 1 Bni-'a or
Struck out?By ' a.n
B'a il ?' n**1' -1 88 | i
J , . . ? |'SI .-'.lan
Nap5" Make Seven B]unr.er.<5 and
Fall Easy Victims.
, n-,.^1 n j - Bevefl arroi b. Cleva
land helped tl ? Athletlc* to an ea
tr. lay \- ? *" - MlttdieU - |
aa did ' oon i->- the latter h. I
land to Bla, ti lltchell ol
ejght m, - * follow
Ibpoi abrlbi
ranei ? 40 8 101
Old ir.* f 5 0 12"
. ... 0.
[ b . 4 0 0 11 0
2J. f 411 3 80
..... i i , ."i i j;;.
2b S 12 2 0 1 -
210 2 20
01 0 11
rotali 171087121 Totali
" 1 '.." ''
? ' ? " ? '.
... ?
Slelnnli ' ?
tnn Derri-k ' a '
.. ,? bai
??'."?'?. :
1 - I j_^_;_Mullen and I a
Oardinalf Ereak Tie wit'. Six
Run? in Ninth Frame.
pn,nadelphla ' > "v*' "t -^?u!s Car
Brat dlvlslon at the
ex;,er)!-e of the phlllies here to-day, wln
..(- '.i, aucceaslon, this
tt 1 tO I when the
nlntl Innlnf "" < ?- but by ths Unu
eUred Bla i ma aers
Bcored ot, flve hli ai
'fi. -'??..-? followa
;.,,, , . ;;;,PH[.l.
abr'lbpo ae *}l}fl? 5?
' " ' ' * ' :r, ;
S> gf ? 5 ! ?
-? >t;: Ainu
?Bra . 0f>
ia 12 27 p." To4 iii aa ianiia
. tad foi Chaltnera in Blatk fnnin?r
..,.,. 000110018?8
;?..-'. ?
baaea?H lauaer
aberl Doolai I oul
B -u ii ? ) lalmeri, n I i
? r. li igglna ind :
... , .
m Loula. i Lefl on. '"jJ? ??;
la, 7. rirat ba i
..,.-.- M -C-hal
,,.,',. , ... ?_? tr. i'i u r. .- i-.a.-n and
- a
Detroit, July 7 Oray ara wiid at th?
nart Of t,,.l;"'s garn- an.l thaa, tOgetbei
wlth lucky home run drtarea by i.r.-.ke and
Delehant: enabled Iletroll lo be.-.t w., h
Ingt. n here t<,-'l;.4 bj h . on of I to
Thi acore followa:
t,r*.TROiT ' - HWOTON
at,r1b|.o a ? ai. i 1., poa e
i,,,,i,p il :< I l 8 00 m ? i . ' 4., .1 I 2 0
Hu,h ss 400 2 SOiHchael i SO 811 il
, ,,M, , f 4<?0 1 .", nb'feld 2ti 42 1 4 4"
i rf ? 1 1 i 00 .;?-'?' f 40 i l 88
. ib a i i i" oo|Li i o '.- 2 88
u ab 411 i 4<, m. Bridi M aa ., i r, i
n i,.m- 21. .1 1 ?_? r. 4 1- onro> 81 8 I 0 i> I B
Hianaa. r. 481 1 tO Heni i?. l n 0 0
laflua i 40f O 1 0 Oray, | 18 1 8 88
_: *T - .*7 14 i rotaJa. 84 81884183
:?? ii-.i'
i ,. , r.
iistoii. ioi . :1
BO-bBaW hlta-1
,, . ii. i. hai ?
.... . ? - ?
?., . ,H,,. | .. . ? - u , ihlngton
s i,, ..,,; i n.,4. oa bBll? Off Ora i ofl
... . , ., .i,,.rs B'aahlngton, i
I,. ii,.ii 2 Htru. i> ??.' I ' ?? i I,. i.b
. ,,, i PBaaan oall H. nrj. M lld pn.li
, | . -p. , ; .. ? l i,.|.t . ,? r*ai rln. . n.;
i. ? _
rlarrisl ira ? 1 rrnte* '? ?? Innli
\ ,,rk ? w .1 nlnglon, 3
rteadlng, ,.. Altuon*, 4
J.iIi.iM'.wi, v- j^ncaflte. < r.-. in ?
liu4.rl.iill. |'o|, Or. andi re da] AV M - I
H | , nl, igo Adi . -'-'" ?"J 00w.
Jrt E
English Athlete8 Confident of
Defeating Amcrican Team.
?"amhrld-re. Fntrland. July 7.?All the Ot
*?.--'-Carnbrldf-e athletes who are ln train?
ing here for the Int-rnational meet with
V.ile ,-md Harvard at the Queen's Cluh, '
'x.n<l..n. next Tuts.lay. have r.-umled Into I
fine rondltlon and are ronndr-nt of s.icceas, j
Anderson. the Kntrlish team'a l.alf mller. i
who ha-s tH'en ill. haa reco.ered, und he !
and K. .1. Daker. who wlll tun in the one- i
rr. ii*-- rar*. .ire v.nrking *?-?, Irndldly, and at ,
th.e Rarni'fl are .^ipectrd to malic reoord
?erea mcmher** of the Yale-Harvard '
track team tralned to-day on the Qtieen's j
Cluh groundf. Th.-y were .la'Tiues, Cum- !
minga. ("anf'ield, CMshoUB) Stewart and j
Holden The other membera of the team
dld thelr work nt Prefton I'ark. Rrlarhton. I
H. W, Kelley, the Harvard quartar-mlUr,
arbe fell yeaterday and strained hla ankle, |
was aUghtlg better to-day. The other
raembers of the visltlng team are ln excel
lent condltlon
Spectators Take a Hand When
the Referee Is Attacked.
A free-for-ail fight thnt soon asanmed
thfl pro**a88t*a*flM "i i *?-Ild rlot in whlch
lully flfty epectatora took part, marked the
rnd of the Paddy Siilllvan-Diivr Deahler
l.out af tho Twentteth '"entury Atliletlc
Club last night. As Charley Whlte loft the
arena he 8*88 atruck In the face l y a
rpectator. who thought that the vetoraa
referee had .ahown Heshler a preference
nnd who aelsed the oppurtunlty to take
Whlte repllrd tn klnd. and the palr
erappled and went to th.e floor exrhanping
blowa Inr.tantly the frlends of both men.
Johnny D.ily, the r.ant-imwei.'hr boxer, In
the van. rnlxed ln tho melee. hittlng every
exposed fare Ai, the comhattin** mnb
rnraysd ahout, the ralltnga of sewral i.oxoa
wer? hroken down, luid tlie seat hoiders.
?.triklns; out ln self-defence. tli. 0*CeU|*4B**tfl
were son In the battle
The .-pectators in the rear of the hall
quickly IVttWded forward. aome to dld thelr
frlends ln irouhle. otherj to ?et- the Vrawl.
They, too, Jolned flldes, and a battle royal
waped all over the floor. .Some of the mr.re I
ilmld souj?ht escape thfOajgh tre rini*. out
a denee crowd of morbldly curloua fllled
the arena, an.l relu{*e*B fought thelr way \
to the oiitaide.
The uperlnl offlcers 'inally managed to
Oiiell the dlaturbanre, hut not hefnj-,. ?ev
rr.il warrtag r-*irlt? were badly tiF**d up.
The bout betweea Sulllvan and L>eHhler
araa hardly up t<> tba standard, aad -it the .
end oplnion was larKely dlvid.d. riome
an rr in favor of ono man or th' other, |
while othera thoaglit that a .traw would
ba falr.
Ab the boye came to the centre of the
ring Bulllvan hooked over hls left, hut the
New Kngland boy Mocked and jabbed hifl
lefl te ihe face eoveral times. The former,
then hored In and lande.l a BOlld right
to ' a head, but Per-hler wea ln DO trou- \
!.!? arid boxed wei!.
With his left eye BWOllen an.l flightly
out Sulllvan forced thn paee ln the thlrd
round. He caine ln and dld hls br-st, but
[.ave teea thr. more sclentlflc and landed
the eleane- M.?*as. Hls wuflplike. left found
-a rr-ctiiiK plaee on the face of his opponent
almr'-it at arlll, but there \*.ae Uttle force j
behlnd H
Bulllvan found himself ln the fourth
perlod aad opeaierd a aaaty gash over the
? ambrldge aian'a left eye with a aoiid
rlfhl hr-r.k Hc contlnued hls faat work
ia ihe Klxth. and while Deshlcr woke up
..nd ahowed a f"a?h of whirlwlnd bozlng
ln \r.< the boaora rested irlth Bul*
tTrrsey Citv Wins ao Eleven lnn
Ing Game fro::. Grays.
tw T,.r.r-\ Clty team kept ur> Ur *?''
r-terday, when lt ilefeated
by h acore ol ? "i I Thi ?
I ? aii thr- way throuab an.'.
? ? '-rr-d eleven Inninsa to I rli
.. ?
? 4,J.r
jtring raily and
two runs to thelr acore In thelr part
- innlng. Th* Bcore followa:
- ib do a t
? . ? 40 iT BOPhfllaa, if BllTofl
? 4 : .Ata. tX . 801 ?? "
no'an 8b 6 1 " * -'" ? "'?- -- ! " " '' '".
? ? 14 '? '
' . I lo
114 3 11 *0 1 5 80
,0 0 5 20 I'ete 10 110 40
p. 40 1 (
.-, . ; j '
?"Te eut wh-r. v ? ? ?-? ?''??.
0 ?' 8 <. - ?
.. 4. ., .. 0 .1 I' l M ?
tl ? -? Geftmai
taiae hli ROflCb
? lerce, 2. Juatui Btruca n-H'
10 by Jufltue. 5. ? ' -
? er IMI ?.
2 00. L'rnp
** *-*-"' _. -
Dygert Holds the Indians te Only
Two Hits.
Balttaaon drew nearar to the top run?
of the Baatem Le**rue ladder
na* Nflwarh arblli Riieheerter \--as belns
2Tt The ? .',??'?
1 iiana ' ' -" fl
^oa e tt. i 1
-ars? ? - '
?? ??
larrf 400 100 Reama, Bb.. "oo i 2 0
E?an 0 40114 00 Cfldy. c . 300 0 40
. *. .. r 401 010 .-rr.'.-h p BOfl I 2 1
ic-tala .Mi ?87 8P , TWaJa- ?.*** t tllt 8
?Pilt morV .... 1 0 0 0 8 8 fl fl
-;..... 0 |. 0 0 0 0 1
I taa . ?? .?' Baaaa on
- on -^ .-.. - - ? -'?.,-' -* ;,ut
? -bn ? -? ' ' * ; '?"
Bmlth f.r-t baaa on a**roTa-^?ltlmora. 3
left on baaaa?Newark. 4; Baltlmore.
Parent. Hath and Bn
i Kerina Atteni
" ,:'lffr'" PlftffrOAMI
a. h r
Trrr.nto I 0 2 000000 1^4 ;i a
P.uffalr. iMIiniIMM
Hatterloa?Ha. l.man. Taaerau an.l Phelpa.
., , ?:..) UeAtlleler l**mi ?
\ I'TKHN' ON '"? v MI
Puffale ? 1 O 0 fl 1 O <i 1 I. 14 i
ftieeeiiifl-fl IJ
Bfltterlae ffhalta. Ta*f1**r, stioud and khm
,, r i ,).->,. m ninlej and Phelpa I
Kllilau an*l M'-"-"' _
?. t |(..< hiater
MOTtreal . . o 1 n
Itoehester 0 e 0
Batteiit-fl U.irke in* Hoth. Deflaattu, *-Vlt
l,,lm ^i.'l JfaOhlltf*** l'".|""" K.-n.i.i astd
\ii..ni\ 1 Blnahamton 8 (1 I i
^v r,.'-ii ??. ' VVllkea Bai n
Pa ranton, ?. ' ?"" '
Kimlra, l; 1 roi.
Trot ^ i Iimii.i. i.
For yachting and
Other Sporf.t Sce
Elex)cnth Ta/je.
3 Golf & Swimming 3
Miss Holmes and Touchard Win
Play Dashing Lawrv Tennis to Defeat Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Ravmond.
Swtnging her racquet for sweeplng drlves,
Mls.a Fmehii,- \V Hl .lines proved a vlgoroua '
flgure in thf priajTaaa of tb* lawn tennls '
tournament on th- coorta of the Bronxville
AtMet;.- \.-- -.4.-iari,.n yesterday. Miss
Holnasa and har pa*rtn*r, Oiiatava I*. ?
Touchard, ;rt tl.e se. ond round of the mlxed .
dVoublefl faced e formidable palr in Mr. and
Ifra. Bdarard RmrmovAl The latter waal
Mics I^iulse Haaunond, who was rated last |
aaaao* as the most formldable player on j
the r-ourta of the n.tst, whlle her husband
h*8 Jlgured a? ,,ne of the top ria--s col- |
',. glana ;it ths aaata'
Wlth aucb pairs perforn.lng there was aj
big gallery, and the mat.-h went through
tha lirnit of three set.*, before Mtaa Holmes j
8Bd Tou<-hard won by a score of 2?*, T?5. I
6?0. The first s<t contalncd a lot Of hur
rleaa* drlvlng, in whlch both Miss Holmes
BBd Mrs. U.iyniond dlstlngulshed them
881*4*8. On the side on wtilch Miss Ilolmea
and Tauehard playad thr two tried to w<>rk
a dashing atiack at the net. It was at
such tlni.-.s that Mn>. Raymond proved that
her ra,-qu.-t had lost none of Ita cunnlng.
She slanherl paSBlng shots over at t..p
apeed that wenf by Mi?H Holmes without
fdving her ,i chaace t/i hli the ball. Tne
men playad well, bul Mrs. Raymond wbb
taslly to the fnm In tt,la set, whbh she
scored at ?>-2.
In tha second set the matron and the
maid often had lt onf ,>n th* drlve and vol
lay. Qradually Mis*- Efbtasaa steadied m>
that she wa* hlocklng off all of M's. Hav- ,
White and Kerr Fight Their Way
to Final Round.
Beaten in Extra Hole Match
When His Ball Hits Back of
Cup on Put.
[B] r'lf8rT.-,r, Ie Tiie Tut -.
Narwbui-gh, N v., July 7-viBiting goifers
now oontrol the flttuatlon In the Inarttatlon
touriianient at tha PoweltOfl Club. The
?urvtvora for the chief cup to-day were
GardlnrrU. Whlle. of Oakh.iid nnd II K.
Kerr, Of I'kvHt.ok. The last aaaaed earned f
lils place m th? flnal braoket b- ellmlnat- :
lnc QllflMB P Tiffany. the mcdalist of the!
te. tlng round, in a match carried to 811 e*
tra hole. Whlte'a afternoon match araa
? as;., for tha best hts oppor.ent. W. Wft
terau, eould do was to halr* thrae hoJas
The hardeat of the early rnatehea was
the BBCOnd round, when H. A. Stetner. ol
Inwood. carried White to tl.e home green.
After loslnix the second ar.d thlrd holrs. !
White got going and reached the turn I
up, going out in 3? Coming rack, how-,
ever. the Oakland man fell off slightly, ,
j thereby allowlng the OthOT to draw level.
Whtte won the long fifth hole. the four
teenth Of th* mat.h, lt. a par 4 an.l then,1
halvlng the l-emalning holeu. flnished 1 up. |
A lRrge gallery followed ihe Ktir-TIf
fany match, and although I**>r: loat the
rirst hole he promptly came back arltb aj
Btiing of eight consecutive 4s This piaced ;
Kerr I up Bt th* tUTB, tne BtTOkeS read-,
Ing '.'?" to M ln hia favor.
, When Tiffany mlseed a put on the M*'
' teenth green bla cas>e looked hopcleis. for
Kerr then atood dormle l Wlth charac- ,
riffany pr*4>*e4led lo win
the lan three holes, therel BQUarl
[matcb ofl th* bonae greeni whera Kerr
. tunl!| lo aettli mattera bj
?1 puttlflg
To tiie extra hole Tlffan> n dnve ian,i
eri blm ln a bad Ua, and bfl topped his eec
; Bfld took 4 to get home.
thaa he came wlthln an a o ot halr.
,._ it, -, ; ri tl atrlklng the back of
the cup. Kerr won in i to .'-. Tha
re-id si*- '.
, Kerr eW '444444; 4-37
.. A 4 4 6 5 4 4 8 8-418
I 18 8 4 4 8 8-41--78
, *. .. B '. i t. 88 18
a?Kerr. I Tiffaay, I
Tn addltlor ' tha f.nal rour.d matohea
rrow in a ! aeta there wtll ba aa
, . -.. . edal play bai
Tbi followa:
' Kirst iliteen (eeco ?? round
- l
? n '
? ? '
I 7 to p.a
-- ?. . . io -..a., . B
?on. Pow'lton.
i 8 un, and 3 i
. f-.r.al .our.d -Wllaon baat 3
Connolly bnt 8 ?
-:-,<? slxteen (aoeond round)? J. S. Ling
lalfaklll. i->-4t c. Taylor, Powelton,
1 up. F. Burton, Jr, Pr,we:tor., beat A H
VallV Dutrf-baaa. J i] aad 1 to p.ay H 8,
rf. Twaalfaktll, beat R. .n. W
ib. 2 uP. R. J fr*vorrew. Pow. ?
? Taylor, Powelton, 4 up a: i
r'*enii-r.r.a! roaad-? T.anrhorne b-a* Burton
4 ip ar.d 3 fo pia--, Tawi orrow bea: Jennlnga.
B-a-en tifi-.t, aerCr.-l a!xtt*r. .first round)
' -Ed" Mvt-s. Powalton, teat T. H Bfyora,
-sa 1 up. R. I). BnaalL Rockland. baat
>.. h Kaldane, Powalton. 2 up ar.d 1 to p,a> ;
\v B Worcatar, Orange, b*at O K. Oag*.
..-..nge 8 up and ?? ' ' Plsyi B. H. Vall.
' Dutcbias, rea. 8 Hlrachbarg. poTeiton, l up
?emi-fl.-ial round--Sma'.l beat EJ Myers. *
up and -', to play. vall t eat Wor.-'-?*^- ?* ap
j, r -: .'? 'r- r iv.
Keeps Bay State Golf Cham
pionship in Family.
o.,,r,kl!::e. Msss July 7 -Honald J ROSB,
I arlnner of tha flrst MaaaMhusatta opaa
golf .narnrif-nshir, six yeara ngo, captured
tate tltle -..-'Hin to-day nt the Country
Club, kadln* IClehael -T nrady, of Wol
a?ton. runner-up for ihe rnited Btatea
,.;.en champ|onsh!i>. I f tw*0 strokef--.
Hosb's card for tha .-eventy-two holes
08. Alexander Hos-, his brother and
nve-tlEBe wtnner of ths state rhampton^-hlf.
w;,? thlrd, i\ith 112, and two strokes back
j0f him vas T..m M'-N'amar.i. rimtiH-iip Ifl
the weatern championship.
Brady was the artnaer nt ths Bpaelal
orlBfl off'-rfl for the t?-.-r rOUBd Of thlits
Bifl bol*a mad* ",-<la>. H.- had a <ar.l of
IfL ?rid if if srara bo! for the f*44?t .,f his
having IfllBBBfl three ahotl patS, the stat"
| tltle would hnve gOVM out of the R4BBB
ramll) for tii?- flrat Hme in the hlstory of
thes,-- in.-etings.
The .-',i<- for t,!? tii!n>-si\ i,,.ie? playsd
to-daj and ths total for ths two a*]
f"""w . ,?,.,?,
D aaal I I H ? ? . nat 184 ??"'
N, , pn, ir, w. Ilaaton .. .181 811
\|. \ lt?.aa l.r.iH I4i.ru . 184 818
--'? .??? 181 .".I l
Mu.t L'8roi.lx I, i mti-y. . isa 818
V ^ Pe. l.leB, Sl. k.i|t.l?e ... . . .1.!
,, . -,.. i 18* 881
Vi., 4 mn 188 ia
;V ,v. ,.,,/?.. M,?,... -.... ma 38*
4|ffl , . aaitl-. I I Jull ? la ,* i..in -ball
matcb *i Bkwanoh i..t-. raoralag aara. uai
.., g w.i and Walter J, T.aNi*. dafaatad
M w.i and Praderlek a Maurtln a I
,,,, r \>r.,?'.'t I I -aii'i'lon. li il"- . i ? > i -1 v ? ?
,,f , ui. an.l I t.. pla\ \ foalun of
.he rooad war- a 8 ob iif? last hole, whlch
? ?? i ajj j,y Mr, Traila.
mond'a nhots. It came ln the nlck of time
MT. and Mrs. Raymon-' were twice within
a stroke of winnlng the aet and match
right ther- beforo Mlaa Holmes and
Touchard, hy the mot-t stirrlng play, eap
tured the aet at 7 -6. The pa<-e had heen
too fast for Mrs. Raymond. who was mak?
lng her first tournament apnearan-*e since
her marrlage. Aa she, trled to cntinue
her drlvea weakened. ao that Mlaa Holmea
and Touchard. worklng with redo nbled
vlqor, acored tlie aet and match at I'lovej,
In the men's slngles W, C Allen galned
the flnal round by defeatlng A. J OstaaH
rtorf, 6?1 d-A. Tn hoth sefs Allen kept
drttdag for pl.T-emerit w-lth unerrlng alm.
Allen ls coupled with Oeorge m. Chureh.
the Prineetnn Intererholaatlc champion. for
the tlnal round te hrlng out the challenger
of Touchard
Tl.e f-umninr'- follow?;
Bronxvllle challeng* eaat aluglee laeml-flral
round)? W. C. Alleti defeated A, i Oeteaatrarf,
?"> -2, fi?4
Men'a douMea (thlrd tr-.in.U -<*a**Ot**-? M.
?"hur.-h anl W. Bla. bfl dafflaUd ti. F. Wl.lt
1-e-lc an' Ho*4*r*a**d Phiirmi'i. b) "-fault, Ahra
hani Ua-wford. ir . anrl M I. I* Galvalo <le
reated rl. Hoarard Vcah.-n an.l I" C Hadna.
R?fi, 8 ?'.. 7- 8 . ?.
Betnl flnal r'.'inri-Oaargt M Ck?Kb an.l w
Blaehfl ili-f>ateri rharlc* I* J'hnMon. Jr., ann
Cedrli Major, ?? '. 'i- 8; Abraham T'?a**nr<1.
jr an.i m. i i. Oalvale defeated W, a
(irann-r an.l I. I-eekman. ?-0. ??!
Mln-'l f|.>uM-? laecond roundi- -Mlaa Emeiir
W. Hnimea anrl QoflUvfl F. T-.uehar.l defeatM
Mr aad MFB. Edwar-I Rayrrnn'l. I -?. I ?'?
^Seml flnal 18888*- Mr BBd Mra A. r>*J*1?y
R-ltten .l-faaterl Iftflfl Cflaffl Cflflflflll Bflsl M<ir -
na f*, .-lark*. *- ?. ft-4
Miss Hotchkiss Will Play for the
Middle States Title.
Hall Tiiumphs Over Holden in I
the Liveliest Sort of
a Match.
Cl8**8rly maklng use of her chop ;troke<i.
lateraperaed with top apln drlvea, Mlaa
t-esel Hotshklee, the natiormi iroenen'e
lawn tennis .hampton. won her plaee as
challenaer for thr wonen'a etnalee ehaaa-'
plenahlp tltle ot the Mlddle Btatea tourna- :
ment un the turf courta of the Orange
Uwn T'-ni-.li CI lb, -it l**OUBtfl4n Station.
tt, J.. yeaterday. ln ta? flnal the ?"aii-;
fornta glrl defeated Miss Bdlth RatCB, an
Eaatera expert, *>-<>, 7-5
With the attraetlon of a women'a Baal m
pi-oapect, a large and fas-htonable galleiy,
aaaumMail aoout the court Whlle Mlaa
Roteh had many adrr.lre's. the upinlon prc- ,
raUed that Miss Hotchhtaa by her *88t
footlng an.l powerful drlvea. would eauaa
the match to be one-slded. Tn a DM
the reaull pteaaed hoth the aupportera of
thaBastera pteyerand the tatrCaltfornlan.
Mlaa Hotehklaa irore her aendeaa of blue!
silk, and her hair ?Aa;. ilghtly bound in |ta|
Qreeian fotde, as II ahe was prepared for a
hard atruggie. she wa? nr-r disappointed.
As ln her prevfous .jnatchea. Mlaa Hotch- I
klss at the opealttg "*8*nr|ca eet a atlff pace. |
Every tlma her racejUet went to tl.e hall I
she chot.ped It vlclouMy. The bounda came
off ln atf |Bga Miss Rotrh seetned plaving
helplesBly ar.d hopeleeery, so that the first.
ser went off fn no time at all to a lov? |
Boora I
At rhe battaalBg of the second ser Mlss
Rotcb be.'ame -rteadier and aecuatomed te
iho en..;.(? b pi ont tt ? aU Bhe began to
her raturaa deveyly, at* afier n-aii
lrg In the 881 for a tlma at 3?1 ar.d 4- 2. by
Mt of aplrlted rallytag and emaahlngl
brought the *P DM even at 5-all. Sne re-'
celved ar. ovatlon for ber plucky perrorm-1
ance. Then Mlaa Hotehhlaa aet sall for th? ,
BOt. Sne smashed in a manner that made!
M!h<= Roteh'8 rdtorta *eem llke ping pong :
That araa rhe end of lt. for the CaUfalllan
won in remarkat.le sty'.e at 1-i. and ptanda
Bj tbe eballenger of Mis. Edward Ra>
inond. fonn-rly Miss ItOViaa Hammond.!
who Wlll I ' " ****' ' "-''? Thl
nraltei Merrill Hall trlumphed oser Reu*
rl< .Ten. ir.. the Tale champion, in
. .-. ? . ( 1?8,
;_-., >_;. [| wh.- the llTelleat een of a
? ? from flrat to laat, for both etayed
and played nrell it waa drlvlag, amaahln?|
end volleylni ai hlgh praaaun Holden I
? Irlves, but Ha.i waa
? ? |e to tni'ke a return. 88 -
. bl tha Tale r':'- ar
n <n the rallies. Hall also anttcl
. -eat rnany c-f H Idan'a ?
.. \? maa aleit aad ; nni td I) tt <?
I a'-k orey the net Por a
whlle lt looked as II Holden taalfht *?-? un
. - ? At'er 5?aii had been ea
nouneed Hall made no m'.stake aoout the
next two .,'ames. a? he drove for plaeement
and acored.
t Xhe aet ?' as close. but Hall aeenrted
to have rhe upper baad Blightly all tbe
time. Ti;e Yale man hung on gamely up t.<
;-aii. oaly to have Hall agah ? ??'? ?'
Kood aho a to tho llnea and comers Hall
win meet NaUwnlel v. Mllea, of Boaton. In
tbe ..hailenge match this afternoon
The summary toUowa:
1 KiacUfl Btalflfl ? "'ll"
i r-na) i ******* *****
; Editb Boi h, 8?0, J -?'- .,??..,
u ? . latea harnpionihlp fmei ? .irie.ea.
! flnal roui 1 Waltar Merr l Ha HH Reu
ben \ Ho i?-r.. Jr-. *J-*. T?8, 8?1
i "htlxed doublaa iflrat round)- Mlai Haael Hotch
' Ki?a an' Carlton R Oanlnei ? ?- ' MlM A4e
telda Brownina and C yrradarrtck aataon. ir..
1 7_.b ?4?i o?^ Miaa Fl ran : itton and Na
! than'i?l v\' Sllefl dfl'eated Mlaa EJdlth Roteh nV.
1 Harry Torran ? ? i 8-8; Mi?? E
i routner and F. K. Claw ttotflated Mrt*. EAgai
, and 8 Dawllnaon, by default.
Fitz Herbert Pulla Up Lame and
Mad River Is Disqualifted.
Fort Erle. ont., July I.?B. <'? Hlldreth'a
Ptta Herbert, Ihe f-reet son of *B**tti*gbert*
! Morganntle, palled up iam>. after pjloplng
?j i;. tory in th.' aix furtong handicap
1 her- io-.la\.
BhlUlna dl8BBC?uatad and lrd hlm hack to
the sale*.. Where :t was said th.tt the latne
8eaa waa due to a brulaed foot
lr\ th8 tw..-\.4.ir-old race. at fl-re furlongfl.
Mr Hlldreth'a Mad River. arhlch Bnlahed
,.i. w.-is diaqnallged far roullng Terrl
bie r.oy in the Imaaeatratch. BhlUlna waa
flneil pM by the Judg?*s. M?<1 RIT8T W88
then claimi-d out of the raefl ly .1. W.
Hedrleh IW $u<?.
Defeats Harvard Club with Van Vleck
on the Mound.
k.4..i< *-? litatives of Um Harvard and fala
? IiiIim mei In thelr anawal b88>a*aall game
;,t tbe \\. ? i.-!i.-?? r I'ountry ?'iub yaatar
,1;n Hi Yale nrien wlnnlag bj a aeore ot
ii ie :'. Vap Vlacki oae >.f Yaie's faaaa-aja
luirl-r*.. dtnplayed ,l!s <'!,, "leceptlveneaa
iceeplna Hanrard'a -*oant iiKht blta well
.. iii.r.-.l . ,
Thfl early pert <'f the etNttenl was hatteil
nn i.v.'ii ii-iins. hut t!i<* t"8le iih-ii 8008
hrouKhl ti"-ir bata Into traluable use, iitif
(ollowlng ihle Itnnd feel_
Hartford. I; Si.riugneid, 1
Nrw Ilaven, 3; NNaterhury. ".
UndKeport, 6, NeW Hnt.iln, b
Other Sports
Princeton the Favorite for Big
Swimming Meet To-day.
Captain Stoddart. of Yale,
Picked to Win the Quarter
Mile Championship.
The Pririrefon Cotlofje ?.??-,, nrA
favorltes fo wlr. the pomt trophy s' the
annual Interr-ollea'lafe a<vimrn!ng rh;imp1nn
ahlps. which will be held his afternoon a*.
Sheepshead Pay, thln belng fhe third dav
of the big water carnivai. wMcb op*?ned
last Sattirday. The college men wlll srart
fhe prr,gra,nme promptly at ??^o o'<-lork.
wlth the w.-iter at hlgh tide Kollowlng the
InterooKegriate meet trlala af B*var*l Am?
ateur AlhleM-- I'nlon events wlll b* declded.
Among the <--ollege?, whl'h have entered
their best awtaBBBSTB are Ynle. Princeton,
<"orne!l, rolumbla. rollege of the (**tj of
N'ew Tork, Prown. 8yrncu?-?* and IVilllarns.
The fu'l pmgrnmnT- for tbe day ir,' lufUnff
the lnferr-olleB;|nte .-hamplonshlr-s nnd tb*
Amateur Athleti.- I'nlon rrf ?-. f'.llnxa:
loO-yard awlm isr-rarr-hj. B***y*t*d awina
<handi<*an), 188 yard awlm -"ope-ti to am
ateura who have not .von a chamr-lotighip.,
en* Balla swlm, HO'ard BWaarn, Ba*.] rd
swlm, dlvlnK contejif and BkVyjrd no !^a
Jamea E. Hullivan has been re|e.-t?-d ta
a<*t as refer** f,,r th.n day. and th? Other
ofTlrlalB wlll bl ludgrs, Arthur M^Aieeran,
Dr W. Ii. Henn'-n P T Powers a.nd A B8>
ander Flvori. tiuiers. H. S I.yona, Otto
Wahle. ' barles Ruherle, Dr .1 Bf Breen,
'.'harles Dlege*. Propper f'luat nud Mm-fi
mer Blshop, . lerk of the (8a)ara8i 1. d* B.
Handle.4 . iudges of dlvlng. A .-Ivori. C.
Pebrens snd Arthur M.A>?nan. Jr ; en?
nounrer Peter J P-unf: . atnrter. W. H.
The flnala Bl 'he Amateur Alhlerlc fr "a
evenfs and the following add'tlont-l ra.efl
and corifeafs wil! be beM t"-m ott rw after?
noon. niartlng ?t I o>io<-k flflB^*r*8al BWlrn,
4K"?-vard reiav ruce. ]-i.-vBrd awln, Naf 8*881
ewlrn and fancy dlvin?r.
Th.; raee for the n.O-yard junior tit'a
will hring toejatfler, among others, Bor
rov*?, Wilson and Wyman. of Yale; Barne*
and Gosnell. of Princeton: Omsrhack, of
penne*. ivania. I'.itmnn, Kdmunds and PuU
leyn, of .;olumblfl: Sharnherg and Hamll
ton. of (ornell, Hlsele, toughlln '..id Stern,
of the f'ollego of the C|ty of N'ew Yorkl
Iman. of Wllliams, and Smith and Mnn.
ford. of Brown It makee a well balan.erl
field. as caeh ..ne has cover. d the dist ir.'**
In.l'.or? in 1 f-X. or ).ett?x.
< aptain Stoddart. of Tfl!*, ib Um favorttw
for the sep.lor c-uarter-mlle rhHmptonsb.lp,.
bul Bben and Frank i.'ross. nt Princeton.'.
ara to be feared ns the latter beat Stod
dard for tiie indor-r lnt*f*t IL giate tltle
laat wlnter
Anthr-n.'. of Pennsylvanla. ie picked tt>
win the half mlle bwlm If he. starts, wtth,
MrLanahan. of Princeton. and P:>.d?n, of
Penn-.' Ivar.la. as the chlef ror.t nders. One
of th* CrOSB t-rothers may atart and fur?.
nish an upset. and this liolds true aleo'
In th' one-mile raee. Wlth i"ro*a out of
the ;.jtter Fertrand and Rogers of Colum
bia. rnuat be considered.
Ail the ewimnung raee* will be held over
a purveyed course ln the 6heepehead Bsy
lagoon. and the fancy diving will be done
from the regu'.atlon Amateur Atnletl-i
I'nlon lower
J?ick Doyle, the umplre. who wa* aue
pended by Presldent Lynch of the Na?
tional League for 4'ailure to know the rulee,
following B bad declslon ln the morning
srnmc on Memorlal Lay between Chlcago
and Ptttsburg. haa found u berth ln th*
Kasteiu League He had a trlal on July 4
on account of the iliness of T m Kelly.
and his work waa ao Batisfactory that
p-v-c^p-.r Barrow decided *,ester.iay to
make the appomtmenr permanent.
Only three of the e'.ght. limplres who be?
gan th* season ln the Eastern League are
left Thay are Wrfght, Murray and Hart.
Black. Pannon. Rudderham. Pendtr and
Pollock have all gon* their way and hsve
b-en reclaced by HiKigan. Keenar. Kerln,
i\e:'4-. Doyis aad Kj:.i
Connle Mack <s authorlty for the etate
i ment t.**at Pddie ,.*->:':n?, who waa Injured
Mthdon ^hi'e po!ng after a f.v ba'!
a few ca;. s ago. haa ffllly recovered. He
Wlll le back 81 '-irorA base for the Ath
- im crWcaJ aarlea with Derroit.
whlch begins on Tuesday
Th- Mandings la the Natlcaal and
Ameri^a.*) LitJB811t nennanr races as pub
i. = !--,eri :i, Tb* Mouno thls morrring are of
fldaL Ihe iigures were l?sued l = st nlght
bj Prealdeflt Ly? from Xatlona! Leagu*
i-eadquart^rs |n -h!c eltTi nnd Vv Pr?feldent
Jor.ns^n frrm Asn-MTteaa 1.':\$<\* headquar
rers. *n '"hicago The throwlng out of tY.a
l"*h!-:2?c-P!rts'. ire v-atn? on the v.o:r.\r.g of
Memorlal Day has leci to some confuelon
in the KatJonal League. and the offlcial
-?-i dlni arai ?'", uneed lo aettle mjtijajr
Dom nlcl " tartorlcl . ma.-.ager of the
"?- ???Ao. \thle>f. Club of Maw ."..-leana,
sa>s that his club Wlll bld t r the pro
i osed b. uta bai ? t*aat and ^'eli-a
land w . at d M4*Parland fot ths ; 888>
a ?? i*bt champloi :?:. p ? f tn?. wiarld
Maurice McLaughhr *? b--.. wlth Thomas
Bnr.dy I* to n.ak"- up th* doublofl lawn
tennlB lea I ll wiil represent th* Pacjfic.
? .4- m tha preiiminanea for the national
| title h' CbleaffO on Auguet 1 ar.i :. Is cn
hi? arai Baat He arlH go to boston to pla**
in tb* annual Longwocl toumament e*
I prellaatoary to bla pia\- at Chicago
,;.over Land. ^atcher of tha "Naps," haa
1 lumped tha team *4*4*ordlng to the atorv
| from Cleveland, Land was fined by the
' -ini, for BtHWng Clay PVaagar, a tlck-t
! taker at the preaa T adag, when
Fi.lger r? fus..<i te paafl a friend of Land s
? a p.irk without ,i lickat. Tbe amount
! nf thr flne Imposed ' noi known, but, d>*
i clartng that be aroaild noi pay u and wout.l
refuse t.> atay wlth tb* clBb, he pa^Ke.i hia
fj.-lj. wrd l> ft Ih* clty, deaplta --"lovaH'a
Tw* ren-round i-ou.s wlll be he'.d at tb*
Falrm.Mit Athletlc Club, "l The Bronx, to
I fllght In the main bOUt Frank Adams. tli***
' former ams'tear chaaaplwn, win ,-ia*h w.tu
j 'Bull Andeawoa, the 'u.rd hitiing boxer
! fr.'iu BraaoklyB, Wbdl* the eemi'ln.4t clasla
l wlll brtrig togeth.-r .1."- Sliear-. and Krunkle
Paas. ln the Bix-round ae*Jt whlch pr**
,,,l.s tha semi-firial ' Ki.l ' ll.rnun wlll
bOI .'oe I'.ill
Traeai aaal tiei.i atJtdataa w.-artng the colora
of the Beattle Atlileitc ClUb wlll compete lu
tho Barrett I'oun.il gajn.-.-s ut the Outteii
burg tra. k t..-tnorro?. lBt8r*al centres 1n
the BaBBthlg "f >'ourtn-y, the sprmtei. Jlra
Roaenberger an.l Owyn Ht-ni-y.
Th.- It* flghtirs of Boston arrlved ln tiata
aJty last nlght to I'ross bats wlth the N*w
York I'ire liepartinent ntne nt Bronx Ovai,
h'M Bt*r*Bt 88*1 S-'uih.-ni H,>ul.\ard, tlila
Th* BB4BB*d uitii'Uu.'.ii'!. l.i.tttnee of the
N.w T8V81 aml Park4AH.v .Irtv.ng cluba wlU
be helil thli aft. ri ?on o\er the half-mlle
trottlng tra. k a< Parkwav
Braektsa I l?>nn, 4 (88 lnningB>
l.uwren.e. I; Woicent, r, 4.
p.iii Ktvcr, |j LawalL l.
V, m P.diord. 7; Haverhllt, 8\

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