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Thia neirspapcr ix 88*8*8*1 <?*'"? P?"*
lithtd lv The Trihtuw l888a*4*f***)i d
ta***8 fori earaaiarafiatM; 8af*ta8 aaaaal pn*'*
rifxrl bIbnT* 0/ 88b8**n*B8, / ? if-M.'ii IffllM
im<7. va\ IM Tgieaajti ear***" iVeae Fori*;
Oodrn MMs* a?*ea**Ta8it; tu.it cn It ? <"'?
acrrfTflr-/; r/omea ./. /.<*?'?<*-?. rre*^**i-er.
The UdreAA of the offkrrs i$ Ihe 9?kB
o/ thi* muspaptr.
S!'BSCR1PT.,'N 1.\T1 vdu"
aaa I'aid. outalde >.f ttreater N.w *? orw.
Daily an4j Baad ,4. one ninnth.'i'on
Dallv and fundiy. six mont*-B.
Daily and Sund.y. o... >eai. "-"?jj
Dallv only, one montli . afS
Daily onlv, six nv-nthf. %}?
. ynn
Sunriay only. ?,;?>-, moai 8. ., 2
Baanday onlv. er.'- year
roreirn BBiWerlptlawifl ?o ;>n < Bwntrtea m tii-?
Untveraal P<-?tal rnlon, liulu<lii>< vofltuge.
Ona month.83.88 One year.II"-*
SlNnw ONL.T:
III monthi.... S2*8 nn? v.ar.I5.v>4
Il.M, Y nVl.Y:
Ona month.88.88 0*aa yaa*.f 12 -?
Ona month _8.88 ?.$10.08
One month... . $ .88 Oaa year.**.?*?
| SO ?t ONLT:
One mon-h.... I .4*3 Oa* y?a.**-?*
Entered at the l'o.-tofli.-e al ***** YorU na
: i Claaa fltail llatter.
COSQKBB8 --s.-r.ate: bV natOTBQronna
and Thiarnton apoke against the rj I
laroclty blll; an ffT-rt to adjourn ro Mon
day w*a dtfearted - - - Tba B aa a u
not in session.
I'OHnPIN -Ex-PlwarfWent Castro was
repcrt.-d in Tesaeaiuela, having Lai ?
a aolni In Coltaaabla close to ths i
intr-a-ut-s wer.. taken by '?.* Caiwcaa
g ernrnent t,, tind him-King
*p> and Quvcn Mary airlved at
Kingal .41, Harboi for their flrst vlsit as
Bovarelgna to Dublia; they rerrialn
night aboard th- royal yachl
lliout'-nant Conne*ti won the one thou
Bund-mll, ;' aviation
8*888, which fhal?hed at Vlncennea, close
tw paris; hir winnuigs arlll be more than
$2.',.. ? ? ? Two thouaand strik.-rs'
?Atvea, wlth children , liigmg to
ekirts. paraded Mancheat. prei ntlng a
patbetic bjx 1 tacld n vv. Gatea
u _ paria to ba mendlng
rr5* H
DOMESTIi". A tl -'
aagdc sealing h
by tli. repreaentatlvea of the Unlted
ari tes, Greal Brlta . Russl i and Japan.
.i i ig* n "..'H handi d doava a
i in 1 ourta bold
imr thal hla ? urt had Jurlsdlctiou to
t- i l'n J. McNamara ,-n aurdei
iherp-- Th. Leadalatura nt Al
I Stilwell Ni w Tork
. courthou; blll from Maj
who indicat. d would i ? I
Tri.n lo Ita pi rae*airre is
?o he aitaended ae bb to giare tbe B<>ard of
Katlni Appcrtionraenl an a dl
t4o.ii : airft ?? nthi iu which to agree upon
n siie, and, fadllag to do ao, the eourt
house commisBion w< r to
af-;,-, i Twenty-. i
from the cffccl
phllad. Ipnla.
? ITY.?Stor!. ?icgiiiar
'I'her. were rnanj deal
he..;. bul . wav* thal had
; ? icti <! ai ria ? 1 b. fors the <i.-y u i*re
arway, < ausfi g a bl]
j,- r. mr.- and eorri bj onding rt
ty, . The Grsaad Hp
public'a oak hull was rl] en the
s-'nip r;<n on flubmorfje I
? - Island; her i.KT p aaei lera wers
lt i.,i. d at 8 i'i - Th
wh . to,,k Mr. Stoki 8
? - 11-..im tl asaall
testlfl. ?! t int ).. thoughI !.
t'lrth'Tirn,- th<- i nda ?? by Blfow
laor them.-f
of the
i?t y. ?
t.-rr by th '?
: I tO f
, -
n -
;?..-.. iintcj
i ? that thi
i,,li oi
InaJHl ,,
i ml rtoi a-- ;i
?r ll;,-- ? -? ? . | ?
? nnd pru
i '? iv ...... ? ;?-.
- ? ' -
? ? I
1 -
) - -1. ?
; I ' . ? ? ?
Ihl .
i ;,.. ,. , . ,,t* t;,,. | , ni'.l st-if
? nf an i"
lirna' i-.u-tl |,ri/<- <--..-i r . ? .
r-i ? ?
;.,..! peu<*eful . .'in ? -.- .-iiii)!,\ -
ind . . ?,,-.? [a lii-i,- .., war
'I I ar '--..< ;..- r.ri. . for \i fly ff[
I .iii.-i si.i*. ?? .1., n ... r, nnd
at ??- Bjaal ? '? . rtnlnl) han
),,, tbotighl f Itielf helug a |?urti t-. oi
ii' ' II ii Ihe poa
hiiijiii. ,.f w.-ii. .iii.i the . that,
II ir "..'..-.-. \' ill I ? !;:.??.' lv nuniii'iM.
Il'l Wlll : ' >? r-i-T- ? l#- v..n,,,;s.|\ -i.trct (I, ,
4 < iiuii.-r.-i.il mt. !?>?-?- of ti-, a otM V.
mi-mis ty be tbi parl .-t' 11 nd. ?
f' rt, I ...tn- . f nentral t*otu
B8**v< ln uar a-. .i.-niy .ii-!i>n-,i and B
),irft<tiv iruarantaeaj na poaalble, for Um
aaka of UbIb natlon, wblch are**ad
i.f Tli-- . ;ii, f !;.-iifr.il |n. , -..nn.,j,
BjgaJ ;t!s.. f.-r lhal >.t i ... (flth*r riowera,
i-M-ii tli?? l.4'i!L-.-r?-in<. \?lii.Ji pr.,| .-il,).
woagld wi-ti and even need t,. Bulntals
iMi'iishi- nieri*ntile relatlom \wt\, thla
i ?-iiDtrv.
In aiuiili*-!- i*Hspr.'t this iifltluij is in
ti -v-iiil nt-'d ii.-.v ,|iw, i,,.-,.,j ;,. fctot BBd
eanii'Nt r*oar*4?r*B in tbe mai ter. That i
iit Mn- | r',;n,>..il nf ..nr Sfat.- JH-purtiin-at
iiai tba j.ri/i' eoajrt, wbjen ii \< estab
lisln tf, ahall lu* rloijii.-il to flm s-taiti-. .,f
n infprnnrl'.i.nl .--.urt .,f arliitr .ri-.n. ?,r
rafikrr of arhitral Justli ll i> luipu*
pil.ii' t,, siij,|i,M- thai ui- regard arUk in
ilifft'i^i.'''* a propoaaa} liiatiintion Oirnctrn*
ir.g wblon ao iiii'i,.rtaj;t u sixggeatUm l.as
h4jei) Mada ainl lll'^.'.l \.,i ran th.-..
bo roiici-aN-.l th* gT*ifificari<,n iVlaaarh (>.
felt in Am.?; i,.. al the pA^Xawpati of ratl
flcfltf'i) nf f ln* !?"< la ral!..ii of htntfrm
and eiiacfnioiif i.f i*l?? pri/" ...iiif i.il! I.\
tho Hritisli J'ailiaMifiii. Tlint a\akl I?? -;
Uitaii the lujuiedlate a.J'.?ptlui: vt tiit ur
bltration p**opoaal, bejrt ii floea rraeafi :?
tnigatantaa] stop to~~~a***fl* lt. aaa] taa r'"-<'
li.esn with whicli vnrious nations ?!?
abandonlng their forrraer indiffercn<o or
?"-OBtlllty nnd nro slu.^ ii>- favor t>>ward
ihis uuuiirv's i"i*mial arbitration poli?*y
afaajg iu-,.-i of ftirtlicr steps in tho
mtaa) dli'i'tluii tiiilll the desired 2'?:i. 1**
THI REU \l\l\G i> IXGEB.
Tin* ninemlin.ni of Mr. Stilwell sus
|a"e8j**ed ly .Mayor I'nynor apparently
? i\. -. i iiy HaH Pai* in alni'ist as much
J daaaja/ ai ever. unloss there nre local
? obatadea t.< tba imnsion <>f the park lu
iho wny pro*at*acd I'ndt-r it tiio Board
, of *aaatataata 99* Aj>|m>rti<'!1 UM-llt i> t8
vix in-'iirhf- tn atftee upon | Mta fOf
1 i-.-urtlioiisc If it f.-iils t.. aatoct ono in
(tbat tiuie th?ni tiio CourtlvH*<*e C*MMBaf>
, vjun is t.i t'o auMnrized to seloct one.
Irtui ihe (\>uitii..u.-*- CoDunlaBtoa baa ai
' r. :nly CaaOeaBfl CttJ Hall I'ark aad i**
i.iioun to prefer ii aa i Mtc. Thon*f"iv.
if rlu* Board of B**ti*aate aml App<>rti<>n
- n.-t liml ? rrtfre la Ma months
the tirst two orf wiii.-h will bo tha \a
rati'Mi perlod of the baa rd? then tha
Courtbouee CotDnrdaslon may put tha
-.?.?iirthous.* in thfl ptaft. If Mh>-t 0 ,v
?ef wishes tu io his ulniost to keep tha
park fi-o from Inrarion ba should rag*
pst thal tlaB ann-iiiloil stilwell 1-ill for
jbld the pladng of tha propoaad baflellgaj
ln any of the eity's paika
Tho Maj*or"a attltude ln ragard to the
cuurtlnui>e prupn*-iti'.ii bi il**an**iar. Ha
dt.es n. ?! illagalae his inipatieinie grlth
all WhO are tryini" to p*fOfleet tha) par':,
aad talke of their acUHrlea aa "?>b.-irur
tfre." He btamea the delay to bulldlag
the courtli'uise upi'ti them and detlaaes
bla dlanppotatment that ho raeaavee no
??.? in-ti-uotive" MU'irostiutis frOU ?>j? l? *? -
aeala <>f tho ("oaurthouaa Mte, aa lf ao duty
to D8 i"iistru. tive hy upon him and tbe
Board af i-Mimat.* and App"rti"iiiueiit.
\ hlch has had tbe repotl of the Court
bouae C4Hn***A**eion iii favor of the park
: Bitfl plgeooboled far nearly .i year and I
balt An.i. moreoTer, he would ****e*tte
j ihe lllipi(llon that he had no power to
dlsapproTe tbe StUwell blll, on tbe
LT.uind thal it "as not ? <-ity bul 0
Icouaty bill. ra aol a blll whfch nve
-. - to take dty property froiu the
dty a dty blll? The constitution II ?**""
plieit in ragard to the biUa wUeb must
i aent 1 the Mayor nf a city for bla
npproval. It definos c-neral and special
dty lawa aa "laws ralatlag to the prop*
"erty, affalra or **overnmen1 of dtlet*,
"and the sereral depart menta thereof.'"
And II uaya that **pedaJ dty lawa, **tho?e
??whieh relate to a rdngle dty or to laaa
"than al] the cities of a ehwta\n sha I
after paaaage by the i.eL'isiaturc i.eiraiis
lnitred to the Mayor or May<>rs of the
[dtlea flffeded, for a.oppiance or rt\io<
tton. a blll which propoaea to take for
?> purpoaea o large parl of Clty Hall
Park emphatlcally doea relate to tbe
proj erty of the dty.
And a*? a lawyer what does ihe Mayor
Think of the plan by wlileh lr was p**0>
-? i t.i take the dty'i pr..perry.- Upon
' i!:is t|n?sti.m (he letter of Mr. Edward
. iman llall, ..f the Amerhvui 8
and Hlatorlc Preaervatlon Sodety, pob
llsbed in thla laaue of The Tribona, i<
Intereetlng. it recalla thal when the
praaent Tweed co*ayti*a*aa**e araa balll
niinty .>f Now V-irk DOUght thf* aitfl
fr. m the dty of Sew Tork. Thal 6howa
t. w much more ragard for law and r?-_'u
exlated ln Tweed"! dayi than at
praaent, for the StUwell blll aUuply uu*
|*tea the Courthouae ?'..iiimis--i..ii to
take as much of Ciiy llall I'ark as it
ikes for i ont* | a**poe>es, n Ithoul pa;. -
.;? tbe property 'or wftbaut any proe*
. law whaterar! rTben showing Ita
ropl for the righta of this dty to
Legislatura evl*
.lt ntly ueanl to do u tburough
Part beloaga to the whale
' .? Bronx, Qu.ra
i! .! mi <i Brooklyn?ai d we do nor
tuw ould aotborize
. County, ?Ithi il the c ?
of thi ? t con
i 11..r ;: i art
i t ir foe i?*- pu**po-aea anj more than II
v ? ? : ? -tor County !<?
-i .veniit ,i Mie ranks of the
?.;. gallanta
cali ti ? i Ubanj for the ; ??
? break dua
? irofenrionnl ganiblln-*
Bhe urgea the welg
can'l -.
malntalna thal rm ?
? . . raeei taPul
?? v.onian lobbylal Isn'l pn
: i nvelt; taya 'I Ime waa when
iu:.!. lariab with elapa uu I .?
i .? ? I 4. * oootb lawy< r.
.- rjeer
tbe w.iinaii aeaoel
higher pay, the n otnan
. ,? lai ; er and th
or i btlautbropk*
zutluns ;;.. famlllai o)
??? ln tbe ltii'I'
; >*). Thlfl in".\.st
l mlnlne actlvlty ln la \
Intereeting queriea
'? \\ IU wouia ? ?' : ? lently to advoeate
Ruinla; ! n - ball lai ? or Ihe ***a*abllah
i .. atate co***ttJBB8***loa fo raguhite
l. \i>.-. \\ i I Bhe apeak on llqnor bllla
oi rallroad ratee? afoal dh*a***i*****ertlng
?hl of aii. la thla r.? e moi e
_- ... ople lo !??' regarded na a ronfi
bul tbe old-faabloni d lobb) ist a bo
failed to pre*4*c8il the enadnenl uf anli
bag ia\x> baa falleaJ alao to brins
tbelr loptai. and that aewer aad
uoethodfl have to be
i- in in 'to leae his preajd peajV
ei. ii iu lobbylng, in
. n ii li i hc boundle**** aetlrlty
: ilr 8 "ii.an :
t /.?/: 12 /;/.'// l/.Ve DEB1 TO H iSH
Mr MeaNTa frribtate lo Waahtagton, as
? .o-a'ost {-'ngllstunau of tbe
teentb ce?ntui*j nnd the man who taughl
Greal Brltatn bow to **orei*ii ber colo
i laa and boa lo mainiaiu tha bitegrlty
ol bar i-iii| in*, i-- by ae aaeaaa otiglual
; i,. '..I. i.nt ii <onreya trntba whlch if
be protltahle now and then to re*
rh.' matter r*aaj be ?.f parely Ma
toricnl and ucademfc natea-aat, bul ii la
U..1 <m tha! ar'.'illil iiisi*"iii!l. alit OT
la/aahhagtun araa of aaejaBaM lauiish
llin'iifcr**. He was iM.rn ? siiliji-i t nf tin*
I'.r'fi*-!! iT'iHii, fi.'in win-h he r.-i-iv.il
.illtniy chmmlaa*da*8\ and ho un
doubtedly expeded t" remaln it** loyal
auhjed aii hls llfh. Ha ftaght thnaagh
his lirst \>.'tr 88 a llriti>h 08J8TN r Ih*
began Ihrhtlng la fhe Vfai af tha Rero
Infioii 88 a Ilrltish oniii-r. \> lali- i- al
tbe beglnnlng of IT7<;, long aftar Con*
eord and I'.nni-or 11111 wiu-i ba avaomed
i.-hief command of the united irmlfg Of
i the rffhirteen Coloanee, ho did s,?as a Bnt*
i-h nirlror. an.l his tlicii.*.)? wus Kttll tliat
1 01 coiitlniii'.l iini.-i) with ('roat P.rltaln
land lovaliy t,, the Brltlah erown Th*
rnlon .lack W*8 OO la 1 -= harinor at Cain
hri.lu'P. lt WM BBBMBJBSJ th* l<l'-*ic <'f
??vi-iits was U'u f-inn.'g for him that ln
B8*8Uak8 th* BliC88*l0*JU*a] Md rovoluti"iil>t
i bat ho ams,
Of vast iuiportauce were tho i-ffects
i.i tho Huvolutliui ?mi Hriii-.li r-nlmiial and
linp*r1;il pnlinot-. <Mi thls point thfl t8*>
tun.uiy of cnuipotoni autborJLiosi i*
stTOD'*, 1 hilo thiit al aic.iii)pli-?ln,.l (Mt*
is eonchi.-'ivi-. Simv th:it tlmo nn Hrit?
ish faajaajf bM snuidit t<> ....tahllsh Ur* l?
(leperitlonce. Ou th" tamtnrj, it hn*
|,< run.. pioverMnl that B88M if not all
' of tho colouie> aro ni"ro British thnu
! 4'rear Hritaiu itsolf. The Am.-rh ai
; colODiol roholl.''! against ooiupul--..r*. C a>
trihuti.iii.-4 lo th" r.-veimo? "f Uroat
I'.ritaln wlthcir ranrgaMtatton in Hritish
roiinills ; vol t'.-.l.'iv C0lC8jl<8 fnr -ivaftr
than theae *.\or<- th.ui ..ro rolBBfhrlly
I B*rarding i-iionno.H i'f>in-oss|.>iis an.l fa*
\,.rs t-i Uii-at P.ritfiin wttbMt any r.-tuni
i wbataoever, and er*n in th" fac* of llal
rafuaal t,, aaaka any rotnrn.
'I lu- .'\i.lai::itirin of ii i-: ,.h\ imisly that
GfMl l'.rit;tiii 'cru-i'".! :. BaajaJ valuaM
,*-.,'i fraaa oaar R*j*4*olntlM and bM
alBaPB beeyj aroMlng iu hor covonlal ad*
j ministratioii tho orr,,rs whloh etflj] hor
i tha l">s tif Atnorioa. Il Ifl b*4**nse sln
k*8t Ani'Ti'.'i iu 177i*? tbal ahi now bo
! ae?ur.'iy hni.is two greal doffiliilona. b
, !*ivh1 ooiiuiioinvoalth. a greal uniui aml
luauy 088*81 < .M-.uio*-. lt la bf***?88* th*
; empJi* araa raail BMnaier ??. osaittifj an.l
[a qiiartor ano tbal ir now eajoya Ha
\v..i'ii|-|.iniiraoin^ Integrfty. And ii i**
lon* of ih- gi-eatee-l tribotea wbteh ofin
hc pai.l t.i tbe ajenltia of the Hritish na*
, Hon that from bo bltter an experiersce ir
i learaeij bo bei eneeni a leaeon.
?71/1///I/ t //" l//.'. CRAM
Pui,ii,- Berrlce Cfommtefdoner Cram
bcllevea in Uriauj up to tho cbaracter
given him hy Governor Dix. He la fot
thi- "iiniuofliaio" third tra.-kiim' of tho
elevated llnea of tb* [ntawborongb
Rapld Trai.'-it Company. H<> insistf
npon th" "iiiiiiio.liat.'" l.uil.linp ?,f a sul>
way down S< v.-nth avouuo froiu 4*.'d
stroot. whlch only the Intorbnroui'h
Rapld Transll Companj .'..uid uso. Ho
i- yoiug to BM tliat tho r.-oent faro
Ib "stablishod p> i'.'Uoy Island "Imme
.'iatoly." Nn axevtm tvill s.-rve with
Mi. .1. Sortroaut Cram. Ho i-. virlllfy
iiicarniit" waan'1 that what th" I'nv
ernor aald in hi- letter of recommenfo.
tlon? With a ware <,f bla han.l ln* anni
hilatO* obsta.-lfs.
What amttera it tbal the tata?b*r*
nngb Rapaj Tranall Companj baa r*>
Jected the < ity's terma fr thlrd rTart*
inp the elevated rna.!- and f"r th.- oper
ati'iu nf a lower Wert Bld* sabway.
Mr. Cram would, ir ncceaaary, let tba
companj Mme ii- own tecma. Any?
tblng i" "accompllsh rosuits." Any*
Ihina* to got thirifr< dOM "iiiiiii"<l:alil.v."
What ruattors ii that tho C4)tjrt8 would
probably havo aomethlng to aay BbMl a
r, <?< nt faro t<? Coney [aland oialer in
viow- ..f tho Pnblle Berrlce Commlaal m*a
ihi.liiiLr tliat attcb a far* would be un
profftai.lo'.- Would th" courta dare to
Btand up before Cram? WM1 tbe ivorld
iioo.is i-s tnofi' iiaiu-. Brerarthlng i> hao
-low. if Cram bad bhd t!i" orisdnal Job
of creatlng tho earth an.l all tbat Ihe^f**
^ii (a uiatead "f laborinsj ab* daya and
refltiriai the s,-\.-ni!i :,.? wootd bave doM
it all "ininiodinl. i.\ ."
\(>l ll.l.f 8TRATIYB.
Aii,,u B. Parl-.-r'- euliagj on David B.
Hlll araa rarneet, dignlflad and oa the
whole itthig. Bul ll ati-uch w
In in- parai
. ?. Mr H - lack of rn
,i .,; ti . ? stlnet iu polltlca
r.\-,lu.l-'o Parker m
Ht "-is, hon. ' ? . ? - n
;, mattei mj thin ?
whli h
| -., ::,--:-t
? : .
An ? ??
. | | ? tion to
? !? .1 tO
nleaa i
ii Beema almoal like Irany to pratae
itor of i ? r Ite i ratatea for net
i parl '-:
. he dld noi b ? bebnj bla pref
c* to draw a rgaar ? i;
bat li" i oitaidered ; m ?re rs>
Infli ? the <
of u stal fbe<
-? n blch he had
. bosen for himaelf, be could noi
.-is n B^martOT aitbon.
i Mr. Hlll
\. ? . was
al to tbe S
? ??
| ? ,. 901, bul
'. in-. tenu a- ' ? ?? rki
? ? i.if- ??'? 31 nf tbe i ? i
waa fr.' tu'tli e cai
Pr. ald ?. tlal omli a k u ond dld
'...-,..-,. ...
5 conl ? ? .
tion lu thla Btate. > , be <i? ddi -l
!-. I,... i ?; ?,. ? ...-? eruor and noi
-..:.. , t; . - . .
K.i'vard I" .i.-. 1 fis-- ..-..-I- |
i-..\\, r. M" >!i,: ll hla '??'- '!? ?
..- ponattrr r., ba preav uted until 11 ? ?
; ? r ?:. ! ??" mi i ,ii.i n-1 ,;'ia'if.\ aa i
? ?y until Januarj 7. \^.<-.
ir bi obi i,,n- lhal Mr. ili!i ci nkj i ???
have claikoed bla aalary aa a Benator
, froni Marrb i to Dei aaaaM
4 i.i.r >.i!i, -. liu- btnaatdf t>, d4*attrnctlvu
! . ritii*iMii. BOIBS ' '.I -tiriitio-.s. .-s
? -s-u forii.i ri..- boldlna* "f atata
i. iieral ..'i".- alninltaneoual*. Th n
\. i- 1.,, su. h pri'hlbituiu in ih.- .'"iistitu
, .i thi- Btate, > < t ppobablj no puhii.*
: i.i11 iii Mr. iiiii'- p ib u W4Nild ever tblnli
oi irylBf t,< Jtrjaclfy btltnaell ton drawing
aalarj i.oth Ba Goreraag ,-t' Now ^,^
-11 . J a* Soi;;ii,.i- fr-.n. !feaa ^,,rk. 'll;.-.-.
i ,-i r.-oti-il hoafjllty ... this ,-,>.intry r>. !
i nirnl offlee boldlna, even ano*T one and
Ibe aante jnrladlrtlon. l*o pretend lo
-. rra th" atate and th.- natlon al ..n"
: : .i ih.* val.." Unte ',:. .i donbla aalary
h.if-is i> ropii-'uaiil i.. all Aniorii'.iii io>
ri.,:,s of poliiual pr.,pii"i\. Whuti-v.-:-.
the tecbnlcalltlea of th* .-as**, Unbj ara
iiiii\.-i-4-:iiiy wai**ed, aad v.h.-n a atati
.. j-, aenl to Cocgreai er i nioi..i?-r
ii ih.- Mnn-.- or Ihe Benata i** .'ic-teti a
Btate "tli'.r ,i" l.-is ih.- i--.inpiMisati.in f'?r
BM |,">t lap." wh.ii th* I??uiii.-'iisutiou
fjar tho oahaarr beiog ?
Mr. Hili taoaajd bai a Ijom lau_'ho.l ..ut
,,f |i..iiti.s if be bad ttlad ta ko.-p him
s.,|f ,,ii l?>th ih, fiiloral and the siato
paj r.,|| J'r.uii Man h 1 I.. Dw rtdkBl 81,
1M11. Ilis refusal lo acopt salniy Wblcb
I be had tiut i-iiii.. -1 a ,| whleh ln' .'"li.l
in,t rhiiin with Bdf-r*BTJ8d was n<>t a
Birifclng i-vi.l"l:r.' ?,f hi- M?MCl prohil.l."
! |l wa-s oaly an .ihli'iioo ??f his .ippivoia
taV?n nf the fltueaa ,,t ? raaVa whk*a coold
? i ut io di'parii'.i from with.<ui perll and
fflluiu- A Leltcr illusiia'iou bliouid
have been chosen to empha-ize the
trait in Mr. Ilill's --haractt r whlch his
aajloglM had in view.
CLOBVRB nv ni'\l
Na-hinst. u dispatcheH --a.v that one
Senator *at Ifl the Vice-Prer-ident's chalr
yeaterday, another addressed thp pre
sidiuij olii.er aud a third was au un
wiiiinc andltor becanse he was ne\t on
the Iist for a speecli und couldn't tell
how long it would Ih* bt'fore blfl etflJ
would .ome. The hot wave had rediued
thfl Mow < f deliberation in "tlie most
aturust doiil.erative body on eartn" te
ttrfa tiny tri-kle. Tho luibMIni? goutres
..r what threatenod to be a niijrhty voi
umo of arsniniont. dashiug aside all par?
liameni ary liinitations aud poatponlflg a
V..te on the redprodty bill or any other
bill until tho time fot 9aatW*a\mtB, have
practlcally di imi up. Old Sol dld it with
btt Uttle beatlag plant. and thus provmi
Imnpelf att 8 BMTC 80 in?lispon*<nol*'
lauxlUary In ths arawnanlam hy "arhlch
lawa hare to be mad.* ln ? body whlch
haa narar !*??" afnal t.- abmltlflg ai its
OWfl ll"W of spom-h.
Tho ouiv f.-rni ?>f closim* whlch the
Senate la wllllng ro r.rapraea M tha
clusnre of bout .whau-ti-.n. it can defy
tha pferrtooa .|iio-:iou. but it cannol
talk for nmre thafl t??> or thr.'.* ******
lontinuouslr when tho ni.-r.-ury rofiis***
to go below baa Tha tln-rnionieter Ifl
80 rosp.-iior of Uie right Of thfl inlnoiity
to irgue thfl majnrity Into iniio.-uous
desuetU'lo. It would be taatat and agaflg
for tho Srnato to bfl ita own mb-r and
n.aster in mi.Ii mattors, n majority tanV
tog upon itrolf the normal and **8*opflC
powera of a majority nnd setiinu* the
tinio at w-hecb talk shnll ond and ectJoO
begin, Bul ao torag aa tho Senate re*
roaea to be *a*rlfrgufeT~*Jna~, it is well
ihat there k* fl s-.'vernor wh.. can rrtaf
opportnnaly Inta the brflach, u waa ap?
parently wi-.- prevision of the ththflM
?Whlch tixed the .apital of the naiion ba
8 dty whose patron saint is the ram
pnnf and all-perva<iv(> ***?*&.
Now that the leading educators of the
country have ftren voice to thelr protrst
agalnat the Oa****aot flrdMBM for a anaalL
pald Board of Edtication, will the Mayor
plcase cxplain whero hf* flnds the **a****"ae>
wh^lmini? domand" for hls plan?
Even judges and Jurles had begun to
ait in court in their shirt sleeves. lf th.:
hot wavo had lasted lonsor there is BO
kaowaag what would hav hagparaad to
traditior.s of drcss.
The Interborough company has |Ot the
subuay ?<*ttl<*m'-nt put Ofl* till "next
areek*1 a traln.
Pcnnsylvania has lOSt ln the death of
Cniral Wllllam H. Kcntz a \alued
citlaeo and a polltician whaaa activltlos
eztendeal Lark aa far as the Repul.lican
Natlonal Conventi.-n 8f iBBfk to whleh
be was a delegate. He aet for two t^rms
in Congresa at the cloea <>f thr- war. and
ir.oro than thiity ypars later be entered
tha Stat" Lr-slslaturo for ih" porpOOO of
flghtlag tj'iayism and doaflfl what he
.?ould t.. Improre eaodlttoeia at Haiiaa
tiurp. Ho was a man of hlgh .?haract?r,
first aim ln polttlca was alwaya to
Bervi t'... Btate.
ti ihe rlo-ine; 0888*0*888 nt a (-mall prl?
vate eebool for boya wera a*t*er, a faw daya
? rrom tha aeaad aaar**
..-r an en*#*elope containlnt* B small si'K
? ?! . n ?.'.!.:? b wa - prlotflal:
for tbe Fourth of July. No mat
,,,..,:. rt tbal <iay II a II
\? .-.. ra aaaa Ua
? ? m ra "f th" '" '?
ld and ? ? arer"
,, , ? ??. ? . atJoa l '-k be to
to mcniory. lon wlll
: : -??:?
.'. .
n abeul
. thai pup.
Ti] ? '?? 8 "P.
., . na '? r"1*,
. Binily j./.i.t. red tl**4ariee,
? irn aud atrlni 111
MOfl :.
n -*ot*aina**il*iew tum I
-. arn law
! ? ?? ir Ji?v.
? wlll n**t fall
lf ? lt ln a pay.
? aray,
md wrone alde out.
'' :. DO ''. Ware.
U i ? Afi *aa Ontral Rail
' ?
II l a road fr- m Daareaaaaaaa, aa
-.'.-, o tn iv i anfl" I
. . - ? na n.iivs :u bag, ? -
? ? rra ."r.llns: to tli"
ii'..i.i?i.:'*. mllea ?
1 is already r.penM U
la reaurbed m two
. rlth a ball
|oa ? ' ? - ?" throf*
.. vi'l 1..
I ?-????
i kad 1 ."' ? '
rui ot tbe "dlfllcull
? ? is of rrarticall' lha BBWTBfl ??'? -
.-??! arty -raara age ar* t..*iiii
?r 10 tlir- nuni! ?
hb d w klcera ? ity gaa bv
- ??, . .aa ? i thai th.
-. . mai ?''?' par aeal et them r-m
? tha L*fl8*jumem are mui.-n-i
? ? anniiagf* i aaa lai of tha
,? -. .? ? .' . .-? ti?im* nieters of!
anttquated atyla atmpl*" becauae no tovetMor
. n ike .??"
? .. , > .t. . \\ ... p.i mey ;ir?? ttaa;
? . M ir* u???il aH eveV |
tl, Ulilti ?! -? .'... ln Knelm.i.
"I auppoaa i rou wtah te know if you'
arr- tbe flral |1rl i eeer kiss^ii?"
? So, l am Interested m kn->win?i if I win
I . ti i.i ? Ti-. . ton !'? al
Reforms Which Are Only Burdens.
To tae Edltor ef The Trfbtaata
A'oodrow aTltakxa, ta hia Aabury
Con |j*a**fl*eaa 8a t<..* Kmirth ef .luly. aald
thal hla aaotto ?? I'ut ap or r-hut ap
enam h aaw pattlag up taik f?r gaa
Btatea, thlnklng h? M "the na-!
tion'a fsi'.jkesinan." it will be . roealled
alaa that raBBaeaaaajaly after tho *teTdat*u*a-1
aj i of thi Net Jersey i.**j,'i.si.iturv, whaaj
4l i,.t ,,r radleal i-xiiiuM.m w.ih f.u-.-i.i
? :,, tha t*tovea*aof weaii ont brm tne
- ..f ti.u rarjlrala la the wim aad
woolly u.-ai aad t-.iM "*i<?-**.? ?:?i wtmrl t|
bave liont-: i am the Meaaa arho !??
to lead roa tate the wiiio- Kouoa aad
le I hH\r- thr..lt!?*d my oata stute.
. x.nni.l.-- of my j*a*r8*er, "Altli all tba
fad '. ?'? ?
Aflaaaag th.* thiriK-. bfl polated to with
piiuo was lha <j' lan . I'.'Uoti law, ?
win hare oal II ? - hy * Tr. itota $i....?>>
-?xtria ihla yaar. n<* haHeeea in aa eaaploy
aro' llablllt} aet bawanaa H aaakaa th?*
? ia Utabla an.i bea**aose it Im .
ti mg for > m**4oyea l ' aa taa if it k
Employara wlll Imva t<> laaareaee the eaafl
af tba ii.mIiki to pay f"r emptayatra' n-i
iiiiti lariiragra. arhlflh "aaaanfl that tha
employe who han to live. on thla product. |
or some other employe who wlll have to Mv.*
881 lt. wlll have to pay more. The 888
ployi* always 888 to pay ths "frelght.
?o that whl!? it look.a llke ti nop to the
8888888 lt la r.nly another l.iirden tor them
te Itar. '
The- volce of the Io. ust and of Woodrow
YVHsnn i? now heard ln the land.
Atlantlc Hlahlands. N. J..-July 6. 1911.
Title to City Hall Park Site as Basis
for Taxpayer'u Suit.
T.- tha Edltor ot The Tribune.
sir: As tha aaaaatseai * the locetlo-* or
the BCW .ourthouso in CHy Hall Tark Ifl
?ot vet aettled and mav not N fOC 88888
months yet. tkera lB ?n* B******** whlch has
not bllherto been meaUoaei. nnd whic.
? ?,,,, ba worth whlle ftar tha ********
of tbe park to bare la mind. ln erter o
paake Ihla point elaar, Ifl* ********* '"
Uve a lltUa of the hletory of the preeant
eoonty . artbouee all ?- Durtam the Twart
re-dme, when Tweed was a memher ot tne
Board of ftai-ervl-aBra of tl.e County e*
BTew Torfc, .? law waa paaaed <agrn -'?
mo, l.finf- Ctmpter W ot the law* of that
v.,.r, atatttled "An act to atuMa the Buper
vtflora of the Countj of Hew Tor"e te m ?
,,-iire and laaa rawfli for the ********** el ?
r-ourthooae in aald ...unn" ThtB act
aothcriaad tha Board of -hnterrlaera to ac
t-utre* ta the Baaaa of that board, ay ee*a
demrattnB, lard for a tewUraauae, II pre
trldad that all flxpaa-jrea ahaaM be borrne
i.v ii a txeaaury <-f the f*eemty of Mew Torta,
:,?.i ne aaaaaaiaanl BhaaM b#lmfW88-l upoa
me landa ef ethef **aa**tlea te aaftav Ihe
It wlll ho aer-n that the present court
waa e**ectea> at th.* es-peuaa of the
?? of Kew TOrlt, and I am mformed
one "f the depeurtttaaaita ef t)!'* **??>
?.-V. rfmMat that the mepoeed courthonre.
i* r.ri.'ted, wi'.l 1" 8 COUaty 0h8*g8*. TBA
rael thal the leuilheaaa la a ******* *******
<. 1*88 Jirst point to he bortia ln mind.
Oaaaaj na^k now ta nw, on April i" fl
that yaar the Boaard of ajupeaalaara of the
connty ot New Tor* voted that ta
oplnto'a ihe i-?iurt"-a-*u8e ??frtiearid he located
within the l.mlts Of Clty Hall I'ark front-;
ina* on Chambare BtreeaV* and the boawdj
?vent throiixh tho form of aakln-' thr Com
moa Coufadl of the dty of >?>w "L0Tk\
>t ?they have any ubjectloara to the Board
rf B**4>aWTlacjra taktaa that portion of tba
park frontlna on Chambera street for a
eeauaty courtrK**'?e.'' The Tweed machlne.
?..,rl:.d BWBOnthlr and there waa not a
^reak < f friction ! etv.em the county and
the . ity
Oa Mhy 7, 18*51. the Board of Supervipors
reted to aarejulra the araa ''co*********!*.-ing at
a poir.t aai the southeriy side of Chambera
atreet, thatant eaarea feet from the north
a-aeterly corner of tho bra-wastoaa bniiding|
bow aaa I for court purppaea an.i frontlna
on said nianahera atteet, running thence
weeterly al. aa tha aoutherly rdde ol
Clmmbera Btreel '-?"' fe**. Ihenae runntaa
-.- Bnd parallel With Broadway t?\
fett< .: , .. - ,..,.???- aaurterly and paraiw
- -a-xeat M f?at, and thence
r.:nnlng northerly and parallel with Broad?
way Mt feet to the p><int r.f beftnnlna; '
Upon petition of the Board of Bnper*
rlaora. Juatlce Oeoraje ?> Bantard. of the
lf. court "a lune -i. app-mte i
Wltttam P. Mavem-yer, Robert J I
ai i laaac BMl CouiiiilaMonera of hp
pt-alaal "n Scptember ' the cmmlsflon
-r,* rr-rorted. flndlna* that the Mtle to Clty
Hall Park V88ted ln the Mayor, Alder
,n. n and .'ommonalty of N8W York and
awardlng to tha Mayor. etc. H5-V'?? for the
atte ahr.%.. deeeHbed. The award waa that,
day conrirm..!. and aubaaauentl** l a
aartbouae, meaaurlna a >ut -
faet, araa bullt
88 ond point t<. b? noted la ' M
.., |jrl!! r,r'< beeooaja to thi
of Kew York- Al that tlma tbe etti
? of IfOW York were .'oterminous
rtuary i. laM when the clty was an
nbreeed row e**aa*-*ttee: the Clty
'?ark .with thi -a8ee-"*tton of thi
o( eourrae) ba-ca**oa tha ixopert*
? lene of
Hall i'ark ? ?
*: the plai -
? ? ?? ?
- New Tprk; ' **'\
v ????-?.
? to taa.
ortbouae n ?' ? ?1 ?
ta taa tbe cttlame of tho
It )..,. ,, r-a-i ated that tbeee
for 8 tixpayera
tlon of th
? i Clty Hall 1
lf auch .i laaorl
Xeaa Tork, J 'v :- :'?'?
- ' ' ' ' -
Agagi unmer
? :;il.le eXOIBPtlOB from tlv
* w.*- ther *^o wldi ?- ??
i co- ra r*4*oa*d of
g-jjaW t-inp-rn IU -
* .' '
, was a de
auuthwi at Iteeeae from tha
J .11N TBUfllaO-flT.
IVatathampton Beach, Loag island, July
J. W. (tATES mendtng rapidly
Financi--r Will Be Able to Sail frora
France Thi:, Month
Parla. JWy 1 "h^ Ph! ddan ln
a tba fOMmcler,
. ? ? a tha
i... r:.i ' aVhlla the
u .,f Mi (aataa ara aertoaa and re
qtrtrt-d eaareful attaatlan, ba addod, II weaa "
aaaaaeratioa to aay that hla eondl
? -i v ,.i alarmniK. although ther^ e8T
tatnly araa n Baaaaeni res****a**88ay tn.>rninj
. | a u aa 1 how?
,.^rl, -rlelded to treetaraaai an.i an *anp8e**4*e>
,,;-i t Biaaadfeatai itsc-ir at alght Tho phy
aietea aald fthfl "arargreae of the pati nt tuw
ard **ece**far3 had hwn inalntalncJ tluouf-h
- ? -d*?>
latlmate frlenda who aaa Mr. Gates datiy
aaj his coiidiiion Ifl much hapt*0T8d. He
l- .-ittiiif; np ln i.i- roem .it lha eotel dur>
tag thf day, lt ia leported. an.l three days
aajO drov- thrmiRh thr* B*Ma de Bouloj-ne.
An 81*88*888 ln th? throat was lanced re
caatly. aatd NrJa mada M naeflaaaarji for tha
patlanl io da no mflrtag. it la beBfla-aad bf
hla p*B**8884*B8 that he will be aht? to travel
after taa aaya, Pla - aaraaiTriiigtj have
heen mad^ for hls return U> Amerleu at th<
eod "f tha areaaatt month
graaa The *JCaa**JBa*te*i atat
The ri*4-' tl ? v alrol To?o \a **e-*mltted
t.i /?? Klabe tr.ittinK i** h pretty r?ue.bt? a*.
Btirance that Japaa aartartalaa ua hnmedl
Bte warlllm Intenttoaa
? ? ?
11*1888 The L8U ivllile ('ouiUr-Juur *al
?rt.- \M..i !? :m araraa Barn not aaaaB m
appraclate the imrh min.l.'.i etforta ?>f s. n
itt.,1 Orad-i', of N"W Y.tk. who wanta i,,
purlfy lt- Thia ia aol tha tauli ..r tiin
preaa. Nir Qraatj has r*a*r***ef b4j<-n kno'Mi a-?
a rvformer.
Veople and Si
rrraca XTM Trtaaae 8T-ar-a*a.-'
Wash.r^tor.. Julv 7.- TbS f*^?\/?
/-vv o.allers thlfl tnornli.g. It helni,
t2?Z,. S?c., -ita. .?...-.
? uTi hour*'
Prefllden. Tnfr has reeelved a Vw num
ber Of lnvltath>ne. Inr-ludinK one presentd
genator Burt*. I* ?i.i polltlcal
.?elebratlnn on Aufluat 19 at I l-vi-land bl
t^L-saU ot ******* ^?gjj
t? be thi Kue?l at dinner of the Young
Maar* lUpuWlcan CJub of Mlnneantah* ba
Septeober; one t* viait Waco, Teafc. al tba
eotton evpr-sltiori. ln Xnvombor. BBM lo at?
tend tha flrfWatlM af tba Kaw Etofend
atealaa at Lawn-nce. Maaa.. oa rav j,.
whlch waa decllnfld; another fro.u the Wa*
Aaaoeutian of Albany te v>,it IMI etty thi*
fall. and another to attend the .li.,'
the xew York Chambar ot CMbbbbi
Novembrtr 1*5
NewtOO W. OUbOTt, Vlce-Goveraor ot IM
l blllpptns*. was a luncheon Riiert l
wi-ite Houae to-day Mr. OiTberl i Id tl il
urder the Paynp t.-irlff law Phtllppli.e trmom
with fhe Datted ratataa had haeawaaad M8
per cent and wlth tha rcst of tM w..rld 18
paa cent
i-i ,. T*rr>?idr-nt, acconaaanled by BV
Penr.-s-, aTtrhTSai Br*wn, Boot, Tayli i
.-.ui, Poataa and overman. ??eaaeary HUfcaa
aad Major Baat, kaft WaatawaaTtM ai 1
o'clock this afton.oon for Phil.u..
Prer-id.-nt T.fr WH nt on lo Atianti- Cltj tfl
dettver an aflHaaa bafoea tba CtnraaBava a\a
deavor ro:fv?-ntion. law*?*haa th^r^ at U p- bb.
fa* Phlladetpbta to fe** the roat of tha
jarty on ti,.- M.iy*iow?r Tha P*Bty wlll
Mflnaia aboard th* Miyflower for tha next
. 8
MlBB Josephine OfljtMtTB, dauchter of Pro
faasar and Mrs. n. PhnaalaM Oabaxn, baa
?aaa* to the Thousand Islands, avh
Id tl.e fl-uaat of Mrs. William PoOo* l
Morgan. OB Papoose island. Pa ta*
Hi Oeborn ara at thetr country place at
. le iilsou ou th* Ibidaoai
Btewart Waller. arhoaa Biaai-rlaga to Mia*
Audrey Tflaraaflrnd Bkvcdcett is eat for July
M nt Ifaw T,or.don. CoVOU, where thfl brtde'i
pa*re*rt*. Mr nnd Ml*. CMrlBS A. hackett.
have a c-mtr- place, gave hls farawaU
baebelor dlaner laai atabi at DeiMonlco's
Among hla f*8Bl " Bloane,
Wlatar Kendaii. Cti*>rlea Bradley, J. Couper
I.ord and Julian P**1 '
Professor and Mrs. Kaphael Pr-mpelly
arlll not occupy their villa at Newport this
Beaaon, but wlll spend the summer at their
OOttaM at Dublin, N. H
Mrs. Harry Whttney McVlckar, wbfl ar?
rlved from Purore errly iri the week. has
gone to Southamrton, Lonij Island, to
sp^nd the summer with her paraots, Mr
and Mrs. 14>r.ry AahflT Rorbtns.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Louls f-lade are spend
Incr tba summer at ("anip rnderplnes on
tha V\ par Bt Baaije, -N' Y
Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Sroemaker and
Mrs. William Prock Phoemak.-r are at
Nff, Riversid". I 'onn.. for tba
Justtco and Mrs. Francls M. Scott will
eall for Europe to-day to spend the re
maindcr of tho summer abroad.
Mr and Mrs. F.dwin D Morgan, wi/.
spent the eprlnir and early summer at their
country place on Long Island, have fOOfl
to Newxaart for the remainder of tba N i
^rT'Mofris'K. J0BU*, arl st r*
turned .'roni I-Juroi o will dr. ide bar time
for tha ' 8*81*80
Lenox and Har Harbor.
Mr. BBd Ml*. J. I>an-idon Schroed.-r aro
at Ba:olon. laJlaj Isianu, tor tbe summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Freder. ? Pruyn ail
l - ? ? part of tba aeaaoa at their
mxuama ?? '*" CLawawa, ln the Thou
?and Islanda._
[Bja- - p ta*.]
Nearport, .'
,-r artth a
? '
1 -. ;-. i: ?? alr. ar.d
Mill.on Dollar Structure Contair.s
Every Modern Convenieace.
Tha new ?* Xo- !'"?
aa/eal '? '1t"1 for ln"
:./.'l..y. ia 1
. ; ci Qtalna ona ol
rootna in tba c4Mntr;
and nu
' ?
. aerlng 180 ~
-; ., urak b and
B. Brothei
? of tbe ..r '
ral been a-i to be
- eorrldoi bj
Tha ? ??> la uu*a> i
ii ia < nclrcled by
Bf -wotuy-,-- -
r>n tbe fl , ? re ua***
? ?
and f-iiower. I seven
, Tr. Ava : ? ttlatlna
, artth aii- mmaban, aa alactrlc >*en
*rt*atbuj plant, a r*frls*)nubag piaat
in rlfiMblf system.
?-a Bilay iJordca, tba a:*hit--t, ls a
r of tha Klks.
rraterruty Plans to rlaisc S100.000 for
Endownent Fiind.
JUl ? 7 -The ekklcsia )f ' *
Phl r.amm.i 1">-Mt i V: - . ? 1 n' ?
,4- H4 follirara:
Prea '. I 8H "arl e^aadeaon, Detroit;
tn irer, "*rilnaer Chrlattun, indun
L Pogua. .'if.-.nnatl
lay archon*. ' i?r ? B, \v aaaell, I ?
and 0 ii ChaaBBj. N i '. rark
fl * -rTl.i.il nubl|.-ati-->n of ?>.<* traternlt:.
BOW f l.ouisrllle, Ky . Wf,^ ord^rr-d BBOVed
h.ne. and B n HnTJay, ,,f thia ctty
ciiosen edltor.
Ih* fraternltv also Inld plans for the!
raisiig af a MMaa ajaaBaartal endov.ment '
fumi. AaaoM (ha trustee* of the fund ap
pears lha nune of ag-a7l4**a.prea|dent
Charles W, l-.ml.4nk-.
M.-inboislri' tfl the orKHnlzatl.in h-tj been
arantcd I* tha Baavat I'hib. of tM im
ty of Or^Ron.
Physiciana and Nurscs Refuae to D13
close Nature of His Hlness.
.penaj l<*iill8. V V.. JmI\ 7 -Ph\-aieum.
?,.t to-maht 4 atatemeat that Bdward
M. tiliep-inl. of N?-w >4fk. arM for the
bvai '?? o am aam i rtttadbj u ,u
hk, summer Bfl*** Bfl LausB lic rt*e, ib hold
mif bla aam, Priafaaaaaaal auajaaa -t.e tn
,-.,i.st.im Bt4?S8*8BBl ?'. but Dfllthflr
i!i\vu-uns win buUbb aa* atafl*aa**M m
1-i.r.liiie' IM nalur.- ,,f Mr BbflfBBrd* all
Baanl ?"? taa eaaaaaaa f,.t- bta rae.
iBta, Masjai r, tl... rtajMta t.? ti...
. if, ei thad his illnesa H the r88*8*1 of over
i\oik aue alllicut fvundation.
ocial Incidenu,
t Mra, Oeoiiir BJ. M^Fadden. Altwander a
m.. Uoyd T***-j*B, Mr*. Alexan'ar
haaawa and Mr. and Mrs. William Ooattka,
? 1.04?IV.
Ltspenard Slwart opened bls **m*otl ef
r-iining thta avatatag artth n dtr,r.?- 4,
! Whlta r^od**. Aftav dinner h!g b;.,?,J
? Mr aaal -Mr.--. TaBar*.
\j- Jaaaa Loari I F**da*m bjm? a laBM
j .. -i for a f*w woin-n yesterday aft,
| M - ' aal opened her
of antastabalBaj arlth a wofaan'a luncheon,
KMsha Dyer haa rati*rncd frora KewT4a*
rl. - t Maw Yoric, hi*
; arrlarad for the aunaaar.
?aa P ?? il ls at her ott?r> or.
ftar a ? oended abaeaei
naajBatsrad' H bka Caei*ne to-day wera
llermaa <?? BaajtBrVilch. Miss Cl4*4*aI4hBi y
Adee, l: J I n I ov - ti. Alexander Moai
ton, who haa urnve.j for the flumiflflr, 888
Mffl ' A?den.
| t ? ? ? ? 3.,.i Mr* Eli*>*rtd**e T ?>?.
b I thi Mtaa ra ?".????- t > \ "vruj
i froai tbelr ? I Dalaa ar%.
| Though Alifrad O. v*? '
i rrea et Oakland Paiflj
made, ready fnr th- aiaauflaj
: i -i^k from Bflvs*
' ' **>f tfi?
ft porl .'.I'.mii ? ?r. I ^o^,
I tta 'rl --. Baaa** d bl ? t-i i*.
? ?'.;?'.. | ajaa*
I Mra,
':.*n tf
? i | will hr- tha r-ieaj
j af Mr nd MI ? bjb
; flrM
i . ) Jan i B I'-.ke. Ar.
jtliur Ii.
-. ?
i m 1.0 !*lphla,
arvtved tlata ? b]bj
??-,,- ? rj
P. 4.
j; .< - :? k Ti n " u-. la ? r.omt
! r-i.,i wpi, bla pai
! Mra rfyf-iJ-.'.ar., ',r 8faw " i Sstea
. ' \J 4 11 ?
ri.irv Ni Ickga haa arrlved frots
. ??.
[Bj i . ? rrfbi -. ,
Leae*, J :'??' ' ?Mf M Da
aa bi aa la Nea v. - * .rn^
to t> ? -ainan
Mra. ?
Mlaa BaU*ra*4 K. Walla I i- i n^,
York fo.- a ihi f l Uaa ,
BBd Mrs. W. G ' i, aha
w.-ut OO a trip to tl.. -rs. <B.
I tendiag to r-miain tevt- ? ? ntw,
? ntd t* BtOCkbtl ; **fljj*
|t < old n- d raiuy on *
Mn Lfleter atatrMir ?*n ?
. * Mr i ???' -- i ?? Bt*rh
rted to-day for Naw
^iberh Tu:: ? ,
I pr* cottaaja I
1.-?;??--.-nt Commandfr an-l
H. i dfli an, U. 8. b ? ? " ? aaa
Kennath 0. Whlta, of t i
th* I: . - . ??? Bi
l-Mward ar.d John M. 8*d A'
fr.-,i L BaMvria ar ' jir. arrf
Mra. ll
rop FolsOfl - Froth
. -4 tiai-*
i to t nn a a a! <:?
I -or cet
for dormlt rles.
? . rai
? -
. .?4M
0 881
Mrs. Fr '?''
. ' at
M. Hyd
Beyond Al! Possible MiihiaBBBBI -7
Man. Says German Adr.'.iril.
p - \ Mj
" .-' BB
la s:ur.
in v. - - ****%
Biver a
' ? :'-'
? *n!**''
'- i-***4
,<4W4 B
., ,*:*.*?
I 88 888
futur T'e '*"'*'
- ? '
$1,000,000 TPUST INVALID.
Earl of Coventry i Son Objecti W
Wlta'i Di-^position ot* Incorae.
? ? . uBiajiaa*
. . - ' ""? -JW^
sou of the Earl of C :*: v
to havo the lneeme :> ?"H
? tVBJ WlthMl ral. l"* W
Migbtar cf 1*^
. tha ?
C4M8B1 u.is UfldOO* hcs.i-rsfl <?* ?*
blrth of lldn the aecond laaraaB
ef Mra, Cavaartn - '- 'c* Jffl
:' '*r'' fca*
> ad ' - ef*** H
ln , ,
4-e''M-4- a-rx'lnted *? tr-.i*te**J
tico Jamea \\. i>rdi,i. B ' 1mL1b *1
a i W?J ***^,
te dail**?jr*d t--. the ttaisteea untUJl
BflB>h*r |*4 tbi turaed i...rarcorw
i *'-8n "iuari
ns one taf tho i ' ,-*V. aal
tiiis tL, h-> done, h ktlM * ' tm u***a
Ml flVt**80d BBjra he wa-r l *ve?.Jlt I
i fllflht over S. " ^rlia.w; wB
tn. re ll ,.Thi>'"
t.> maW.- the trtp b> '**
afooi Syrac ? Hi "ald
et New York auburt*^,
' K"'*h1 ?foclogD0
.-l. aml t,. ? ii. ?? s. i
locked up on th? I
rhe N-ss i ? ?? ' " 3 K
tor ..ilUiig Irfoui-iville * ??s,-b-' ,-tki
i ork w a wleb rue Trtbuae w?j e4*ti
tnasmuoh a Louisvilie has *."^188*1
Ma a bead part*r "f111 ba*a ?*?;? w 4*?r
car. th paUt '-iu;x1^.
atdered one ot th* '??'*"''1*f,l^lS!
. a .'i.r\ i.oufiviin > ? yori
A mnn \Ni4< arrested ln tb* ^ajjg
adbarav carrylu ' "'u^
, acklack. .1 * ft bg
totf* - ? ? ? ? -'^rMider ?S
??,.. than tbat, though. to ^j^fi/Aoa
absolutel.' ife ha tb* arl ? or
L'barlotU Observer 1^
i" n- vork nt>; 1^-^855!
. many p*h>p'* ?" J.u^aira K-V
ln Juna laat yaar- "ns,*cB,ear?r-i^
one thltia- tbat la frowing c*-**1'
tei Heraid.

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