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- 4?
A Pleasant Shea. of Fresh
Summer Fiction.
alaxwell Umo, pp ;:?.',. IV Applcton
k Co.
Tli* Pcriptural .jiiotation preflxod to
Mr. Maxwoll's book Is maRtiiflecntly jus
tifled by his h. roin.-. "i.lve her of thi'
fruit nf ru>r hands. and let hor invn
avorks praiso her in IM KHtis." it nms,
aml Ml*. TboanpajOO abunduntly shows
bbbt ai.ility to win tho rieritt Brakaa, aaa*
1* a avidnw when w. flrst RUlM her ae
qualntance. thr wldow ed on.> Th.-mpaon.
over arMaa ab*s>, -*MtoMlabe*d isin," ua
the HlRh street <.f MallinRbridse. flM
B8*aa4f*a in pretty n.arly untjunlificd
BappnaaaB Her onlf child. lt ia true. is
a natbof exasporating young woman. but
?,he exasporation is for the roatloi rather
than for Mrs Thompson That gOOd
sciil Ib ton closely OCenp*8d with lovltiR
hrr tla-.-.Rl.tcr tO realiz, the full eXteOt j
of the latter's 8. !fishn.-> . rf\rid so. as at* '
?ay. she dw< Us with }08*. IM haa a '
gonlus for shopkeeping and makes hraps
rf 8*1*881 She is rvs?><*?( tf-rt Bf everv
tVdy in the town. and thrre are certain
anlld oitlzens who pori^dioally 8M for
her hand. Why should she imt remaln
ln peace? Wr:l. in tl.at CflUM ?B should
have no atory. ar.d th.refoiv Bra rejoiic
Jn the appear.ince of tM viilain ?*? th.
pleoc. for thfs moans that Mr Maxw.ll
has n capital story to tHl us. which M
la in thr v.-ry v*ifl to fell.
Mrs Thompson puta off her widowhood
8t last. and iloes this. af co.ire.-. at tho
bebeal of tho on.- man in tM wml.l sh<
*>upht not to marry TrOUblea i.une
thlck and BUB Pn* 88188 Mrs. Tliomp
aon kaae hn- wontr.i grip? Noi a Wl of
p aaa* 4-ontiniies. in spirit. to be Mr*
Thompsop. n'htefl is tO sa\. an Ifldlvld
iialltx t,.'> s*r<>T)sr t.> be obttt4>*r*t*d by tho
name of an unw.rth: aecond haarMnd,
end frlorious!; .lo h.-i oam vvrks
ber in tiie Mt** Throughoul na ehaure
tho ilevotinn <'f hor to*raa8folk. Wc aro
Tiot merely amiuacl hy Ml*. Thompson.
hut *t*J fall ln love with hoi. Fat. fair
end forty. aft-^r tho mannor of the prn
vrrMnl wldow, sho hns a .-hnrm whlch
th- Mo.,minK*v-*t of brl4j?a mtght WtJ.
Mr Maxwrl! ,1, s- rvos hlgh pralae for the
light entartadaltflB wnj i.i arhlch ho ha?
told bar atea-y, and bvm bboi* for tba
genuino IMUnf arath arhsek ba hM p<>r
trayerl hrr i M*r*rt*t*)r, makinR her one of
the most a] 'ni ath4 in of n ent Mrolne*
lieeiiletlly. this 1.4 84M of tM Ifladtag BUC
t-,s.srt ,,f th.- aeaaon.
?THE RED i.antkun Belng th* atory of
th, Onddeaa of th.- K.-.1 l/uit-'in l.ichi
Bj Rdttl Wherry. iSnao, pp.
Th. John i-fiff Oonai
This aMiiaaalBgly eaoile Btflrj of the
poxae wnr is still aaaatbar iiiustration of
KIp'liiR's faininis Hik-s al.out Eaal >.t"i
A\ tt The BBtbar, 8fllM8 knowledRe of
rhina nnd th.- .'hlnes- flre must BCTepI
sho .ortuiniy c?n\ in,?<-s her roadera <>f it
for the moment?Intenalflea the myatery
bv pn m fltlng it In the iYr. Ided parent
.f her tw.. leadini: charactera, Chl
aeae Bi*f***aM both, rho man wholly
>_?? en t., his naoiher'fl bbbbii ut ra< a, Mthag
I his father artth Ji \ iru'ct"-? that
s..ks its wtevaaalnatlon; th.- woman
d aajalaal h-rs. if. lured bj tb*
,., i..,th iq io ? an umblng iu tbi j
? . i . rr-dity thai is r'inf.'r.-' -1 ?
),. th. . ,.;.-.p. liini- power ,f fn-.iroiim.-iit
t. ui an intereatlng pat shf' i,,?v**- this
;.>a of tho Red Lantern, this Joan
,.' Ar. r.f tb.. r.o\. ra, Inapln d ^t I
ti,,. io il cf their 1. ailata r'rora
*Ai ci,.,,, .,f ber obacnra Cblt****
uark- ahe piogre?ea, \i? a flalaalonai
. .,. !?? thi Knftpti B8*a pal.-i" -
thi ahi ' ' ?,:'li ^hr
rdi r*4aa fatiatliMani. The |
? . . \> -,rt fr-un its stiikuu:
,,. ? ,,f intB Euraalan woraan the atorj
N . . k for ns \ vi.' l-h'tm-.-B of the
. n and around P< king.
,\ i, otna rharara trom ii." < nrraal run
(,r > ... ? ? landa a] arl even
Btraoni I ? nj Ub - of l?lalM IM1 tM |
aa/eai I,:." written in t*4*Ml year*
-,-r -., , i.p | R) .).- i, 1.- ? Ki Mi ? - ri
104 l.utu.M A. I '
i- flhers' i ralBe <-t th.-ir own i i
\f j,^, I. ... -,.. nii> nthualasi
r ? omprehi t.sibie r .!> t>. whieh Um re
Ihe ' bh.lli" on
( ? ..r "Toum Ufe" is Me,
, ,. ?? . ?? itorv in ?
-. i.i i, ;? >*oung Bni b left In ?
, . .. rathi ? s. ai'.i i
?.ham ffalrs, i
al,' marryi.il- lo . guardlflfl." II M f^ll J
trui. ?.. far aa lt ga** Ih **rhaurm
Ing" bt no1 te the i
h?- r ?--. NK*ted om > .-<:!. but tM pro nj j
unaccoufltabU i ntl Mjuatly i*?lta all j
m< r.tii.n '?', IM i" i**fialltj and tbi ei i :
t adveatura of lha ariwiai
i -.-a, hii.R nii'i'iiv au. .. ie, playa ao laraj*
n ..,, t iu thla laooat. I'' '? ? ,ifl ? : '"
,. . . ?.:?,!, iu tbeai ? olurani of
th.- aivetit ? ' t!" -x' n>aa of faartj ir,.in
|-|.iitiiir',ial int, KnRlish ;ir*-l Ajfl
5ction. Wi hava just eneouatflred her
<.ii.. nadra ln "Mra, ''h,,mis.,n." and
Mra aha is again, d< all antb in ;> araf
?Bhi.-ii flugaTeata that ihe author h;.s
atudii.i Mr Ibaen to Bdm* purpoae. BM
fo!i.,ws hlm aaaaly. fr-.m af:>.r. Tha
?.'.).. woman. t..,-. Ma li< r sharo of
? fo rt| Ufe'' aRuin. aad it ptamm i ei
-agrvai lon. TMr*ln He tM aaaat M I
th, .1., | er in' uiim-' of tM titl<- >>r ? g< od
J-S?-4 ?? ?.f V-, 1
TM; OATg* "i THB i'.vst B) Thoriaaa
Hr ...- ?, BUghafl i Snao, pi ?
it:. ntano'f.
Tl - aaJTl-ph:. gall.f ,l"' Brttiah
x leyaa la tb most l.k.iv pa*4*a ii, arhlrh
t,, fl. d 'Th' OatSfl ? : ' - I 8*1 ' lt ie
tj:,,, i bj t tM Bte t obx ns. <>!' a da? of
I TM visiun . i .lohn Btrong,
.,., . ||,. i, . ? , t II-,1 aloll" V.h.-ti B8
, aa ii-,iu ir. la iii" iV'.v t" a ?
t< i ? iaIimIi ho aa*aa md BBdarataiad arbta ,
lat.' ., ;.k. b hlm a.. actor ha ns a> ?
nunt. delayed for thousnnds <.f yeaia
j, ,s. a Bt, iv of i"1-!' i""1 < nn'..- or tba
Bske of it. and >>f ai"r.? ni- nt and fiarglv>>
irnt. tM rv... i:j.*< i-tK.i.K of nlil aralblag
II , .,.,. : ol ..."il' ii' LoadM and takiriR |
. ., .;,. ... ? ofa of t'o-ni i
,, | lUJ| .,. tM fi nistant aaun and of
^ hla I. Im .iitii-ti'./i. tb* 1
,,th.r enl) i'i!>'.?: ' "!,s< Ihrough tM tab
. Xbia i ?'? B8VMt*4l id
, , ,.4, rbi.r.l'.ied arith ?ru.t ls < ,ut> ntl]
m." la complb at< d arlth
..,,. :,i , ? oph , avhlli. )oi ga d
? ? . ., ij bb < i? '"? nl "f ' 'l>*'':-1 ? "
? h.it tM ntoiMi.i. m may b* abun*
gaaai Tba autieof haa .-.?rtainly not |
and Critici*sm
atrengthen-*d the offoet of hl?* BialB 9****
with a multltmlc Bf dellhorately laventcd
mlaor biniea
DAR-18 i-AY** By Clarenee B. Hu.?ord.
Illustratlona in f-olor bj Maynart du*
...i Crown, Ivo, pp. Ilt < aleaga:
A. ?*. Mr-Ourg & 08,
Tha bright. particular 8tar <>f tho?o
strcnuous and hilarlous doing** 1? out*
old friend. Hagalang OaaaHy. to whoaa
eaplotta nnd p*rt***"aaque petreonallty tae
.mth..1- deVOted an oarller voliinie <>* his.
itiiirh enjoyed la its day. and still iii d< -
matul. t?'?iiig that it har. gone int" a
flfth idltton. This new book 08*8888 with
what is prohably a novrlty ln CtMtJCy
literatuiv. tlie slmnghaiing Of Hopalong
nnd his orony. Johnny. ln n Texas . ..nst
laaa, Havifig ao luKt.w*8dg8 of mari
timo law, aad B8 proumis oxponeiuo ..f
buoko mat. s and t<>ugli bo? .nptains, tlie
two cheerfully atarl ln to tak<* cdiarga of
thinga, with the pnrposo ..f l.elng taken
back to sh.irr. A BM8I diverting atoi \.
PVjf tlu r.'St. there aro her.' ln nvorflow
ing measuro pranks and ti U ks, r-ayuses
and revohere. great quantitles of whis
bey. all thr legendary atmosphere "f tho
COWboy on the rnmpago.
Tin; house in Tin-: hbdob. By Ralph
Henr* Barbour. llluatrated by Gertrude
A. Kay. l*hno, pp Bl. Moffat, Vard
?; <*o.
Marjoiic. nearly nlneteen, tolla t!l"
story of Ber roniatiti. < ourtshlp la thr
flr.<?t person, with ? c*on**lncing -rweataaaa
and ? 'iithuelaeni thnt make OfM wond. r
at the rinlo author's al-Hity to repro.lnc*
ag) r-'iilistirally the r**t***te****hal hlgh BOt?
"f glrlisltncBB BU*I08 the Young Torson
la so imi...rtaiit a personage ln our Bc
tion it is only Just 10 dran attentio-i to
the faat that tius book is a model of
wIihi hfi light-! r-eadlng should be. aii
tho chartactera are young people. with
tho exceptlon of Marj. rle'a aunt. wh"
anowa to iiatrfectlon her proper, trustlng
pl.i. .- as an Amerlcan ohapernn. The
bouae In tha Ir^dge bartora a myatery rn
thr form cf a Man. Marjory Baakaa Ita
aoqualntance from tho platform in h ?ree
on the othar rtde of that hedge. Rer
friend Joeelyn, wh" comea to vlelt h?r,
haa 8 mystery of her own tO blde aad to
ca-anfeaa amld tho luaury of happ) teara
?ln short. there is RO letCB of plot ln thla
< hronhle nf a umimer's Bttnple BaMnga.
Toung ciris arlll llke the tale, and their
eldera may draa* aoma ?fatalnlacenl
amuaeaaent frotn Ita pagea
M. Nicolas Soyer and His Boon
for Mankind.
Slcolaa Soyer. Frontl?ple<*e. 12mo,
p|,. u:. The Sturgla fc Walton (*oin
Slnio Colonel Newnhani-I)a\ is pub
lishod his **Gour*"net"a Oulde to Burope."
>i,iin.' aovea or (ight yoara ago, n ? have
not kn.iwn a plear-utv so keen as that
which wa owe to the author >.f thla h<><>k.
Who that has lingereil at Poyot'a the
old Poyot'a bof.-re Its dlscovery hy the
tourial borde <>\cr a Beaylrt aa preiglMbffr,
made doul.ly deli-'ione by ? good bottle
of ChaMla. rMttld fall t.. kindle t" M.
Boyer'a tbeme? rnmistakni*i> he is an
artlat, born to paper i.ngg.-ry and all tho
other hlgh*ei* eted thtfiga df a perfecl
rtttaiar. in an autoWographlcal pre*fa**e
he announcea hlmaelf ea (he fTandaon of
"th. greal Soyer" and 8 former ap
prentlci t<> the faaaoua eonfeartloner,
of i '!< ni."nt-l'i rrand, "1 wa:
only iift.rt] whru i jolned hlm," nr ea: a,
"havlng, at the lat-i moment, throam
n\'t m> itituition of baltag a riorgy
man." ln nn catiirr Bg8, When mottka
were pauBch) and aported empurpled
j..w!s. Nlcolaa Soyer would nol have
allowed thus to carry his gins out
Into the world al large. He aroaW have
. i..i i.is aplrltual maatera or the
Inquiaitlon would lune done hlm to a
turn, in one af his oarn paper bags.
M Boyer wiaely <i..rf; not prvtend to
tho laurela of a dltaooverer. Tho papi r
bag haa been l?**eatatd apon by genlua
>i. thla Bul thnt Immortal ataater who
joil upon hla awofd becauae tho ttah araa
late waa nol n*n****e pasekmataly the alave
of .n Ideal. \\'m!i tbe partlculatity of b
man i ho appreclatea the aertousneaa <.f
hli .-.iiijoi t aml arould ii"t at. .>:p hla
duty to thi muse of aJavory, he aivea ua
anl dataila of thi early ? xperltnenta
: , h v.hicti he sl..*.I* paaaed to ?*?**
ati ... hH \ ? i.'-nt !in wof chef t>.
ti .? 11. a agi r i ? icheaa >.f Newcastli
bi made aome of the* Here a*e tnual
quoti hla oa n arordB:
One day, havlng eovered u piece of flah
arlth foolacap, i Inatructed tlie kit.!...n
,1 ada thi I8u0i Bhi pul ln Ioo
much i'\ a...l i..\ thi paper i*eaael began
to bubbk up .md before l could Interfere
.. alth a haiiK VVhen i . ame
m -.. ? ?. iit-ii i found that it maa
? i- r Thla kiivi m. an I.Ioh
?'l wotider whether l roultl eook by
?team?' i aald i" myaelf, VVithoui a mo
eflltation I imi aome meet, fat
i ,, ? le ...;it.-: int.. .ni en\eiope
an.i laid '. ati Ihe Irati ahelf In Ihi even.
The Inevltable bappened The papef i-'"t
? iiini Roa n Biteraard II eaploded.
I was ii..t ea*ll) dounted. i gave .. good
deal "i thOugnl to ti..- problem. Rventual
|y i came to the conclu-Hon that the ?*?*
plosinn aaa due to mj plarlng ihe paper
on the a..:id li'.ti ahelf, whlch made
it ui" ot-alble for Ihe aii i" circulate fr.eiv
around It. Acrordlngly, 1 declded to u-"*
the : id li mj ii?'-i eaperlment. Bo far
i aa the rooklng waa roncerned, the resull
was aplendld. The foad ?au dellrloualy
ti-it'i* i. im!. unfortunately, lt taeted tnost
unmlatakably <>f the paper, and to aerin !:
\..as ? t'ti". i> ..?;! .ii .| teatlon.
Thal taste of lha paper .\;'.h terribly
dla<*ouraglng, bul adventurea, as iic
Imaxira has it. are t?. the adventuroua,
. nnd M So; <f faced insurmouiiiHl.il- di'li
cultlee onlj to prove thai he, at aaj rate,
rould negotlate them Nothlnf could
ai.at?? hla aeal "i could nol real la im
bad," h* ix.itiims. "aiid often l would
geri up nt j o'elecfB in the morning n> or?
der that I miglit put my papn BB| l.?
l sotni freah teat." Bul we aattclpatf-,
I Followlng Mi Boyer'a own carefully his
'...thiil tn. thod. ?o ahould hnv-4 xplain. .1
t , . i Ittcal momi nl In hia i run
(,. ign h" had called In the Bplcera, who
had n: iiufH.-tiittd for hlm B kiiol of
paper coaamunlcatlng Bo taste. Hence
the "f*uj? i bag," a thing incomparable ln
all bagdoin And all tliia tltni tha ixn1 ?
Boyer waa burning tae mldatgtai ..ii and
tha nctondai caau to datiiiiiiBtrata thal
}ii*4 luig ralght i?' uaed la any oven, li.
toiis us baa ii.ii Laoipeii.- a I'lunkfiiti
r-raef, i am. to i.omion with a apoeial ..v. n
of hit4 own invoiitinii. which he claltni I
. ra nttal to bapar bag r*oolu rj. ln
atantb this peraoaaga waa t*aB|lenged
j.v tha champion of tba open door, if w.
Bjja t-.i di rerlbe it. la ovena '"'<i at the
Nati.mal Bchool <>l I 'ook.'i >. Iu lliokliii
bam Palace itoa.i. they foughl b "duel"
before three exporta, who taated of m.
r*a elevi n dlahea and found in lus
tavor, dcclariaa that be bad proved thal
f "cookinR in paper Ih possible in an ordi
| nary oven by illrect heat.'' Not Ofll*
j upon that venlict Ml upon t*ountle*a
Biici'osrful pxprrimcrits M. S.o.r ptaixls.
like Rii hard Wagner upofl bia pi'ii., ip!'
Of tho muBie-dramii or IIM 1I1" Wrtgh!
1 brothers on tho ini|iroRnalillity <>f th- ir
1 patr-nta.
Tb*** is m<>r<\ t.?>. ln paper baggery
j thi.n Ba*CtB the palate. i'l r exnmplo. it
|MV*8 time and lah,,r. aml is. into thfl
| l.argain, magriifiientlv sanitnry. Whi tfl
; M. S.iyi-r'h IBflthod is 08808 tiois.-.l aliroa.l
I the alr Bhould bi thi.k with p?ts. pans
.im! kottles. oxpell.d frgajfl imnunib. r<-d
' kit.hens as happV cooks discvcf that a
i>;,r.-. i of Boyer baga arlll aathrfy all, or
n.arly all. of Olfllr 0000*. Pw.-ll.-is 888 j
fiats*,uni in atagle roooaa ara aa*4Ur*d tliat ,
i here they may find tM soluti't) Of ttatm*
8 illfllculty. "With the pap.-r baa tMB*
' ia no smell." says tM mastor. F.-r that I
, alon.- he wlll ba long applaudfld. Tba :
truth is that he carr.,tfl a B888a*k8* "?* '
hope tn all bovIi ty. BOl "tily to tM rtch j
j bnt to the p,,or. "Hirls .-irtd women lhlnR j
' ak.no ln sinRio rooorts,*' M aaya, "typists. !
, i,-rks an.l achool teachera v.ouhi rathi r\
; dlne >,r sup Ofl a Mn nnd gtBUBB of rnilk
than faoa tbe trouble, after a we*ry aa\y, '
<>f rookniR a BlflBl an.l Braahhlg up after- ;
wnrd. Th. y may proaidi tbeutMbre* ?
wlth a Btmple aml sufTicient nval in half ,
! Bfl hour. aml Mte h*tb(h| to wa*b Mt
i plnte an.l a ki;if< an.l fOTk. If thej pro
CUra the now Mper MgS." Thus niay i
life if raade over and fatlgua and eanul, i
as well aa the mi.-roi,-, i,. eaal out We
foraaee ;. new hai.it and a M*? arord.
'The host'SB ln tho t.k. t apartnmnt of
tbe day will withdraw f<>v BVS lu.niit.s
behlnd a eoreen, noi to cook and curae,
! but to baggle and t,> ixam.
ut eonrae, tbere are aome thinga arhlch
[she ma\ not bagsda, auch aa beaoa
b.-,.,,-oii. ntacaroat, aovp, aeranibltJd cr>*s
und S'ot.h kait- rafMclally s.-.u, i
Morrowr. she must abid>- with Sp.irtan
rlgtdlty by tM rules. "A Bteav," aaya
rhe oracre, "must be made up of the in
pre.iients tliat coMtttUte a Btew." TM
Introductlon >>f a <iis)i ?,f BtrawMrrlefl or
a live lobater would be fHtai. it must ba
rememMred, too, that a<***ddaata arlll
i.Hpi'en. though, us bf, Boyer remarM it
is "the hoatity <>f t li lv syrtem" tliat Its
dangera are reduced to a mlnlmum. Bul
once th.- nrt 1ms been masi.-n-d tbe
baggler sails into bllss, ?1?nIti*-. Bumptu
oualy oa cod .i la ValeaM, lemon aolea
;'i la romtease, tToustadea de falaau
I la rr.y'iio. eotellettea II la Bt. Cecile,
t-M.ch obi f?;v. i (whlch Ib warranted b
ro tender t<, the lable after a BOjourn ln I
paper), marecMle of crab, and ao on
through ;. list to ael Lucullaa Btormlngl
for a bag. The llal ls, Indeed, ai ?
tlble of wellfllgh endleaa developmerit.
M. Boyer placea n?> iimit t,, hla b ope
Ue has h rbapter on Mgglng tblnga foi
Invallda and one on "Th-- Bai and the
Baebelor." He is a greal man. Hi
turna the i nt: int,, -i benleon.
Her Latest Study in Femininc
Paris. June 28.
"La Douc*ur de Vlvre," the new novel
ry Mme. Man- ll.- Tin.tvrt. publlshed by
<'almann-I.,evy. is 8 vigofOUfl BtUdy of
femlnlne paych4*dogy, replete wlth aubtle
analyaea of women* hearts and of fresh
and gflltghtful d.s.-riptlons , f rfapleSBfld
Pompeli. .Mme. Tin.-i- re i.s .. aorl ,,f
Fantln-Latour among Prench wrltera <,f
nctJon. She <!... a much more tMn hold
.1 look Ing via>-s before nature. Althougl
a aenmioufl and aentlmental reminlste,
sh<* is whai mlghl be called a lad)
pntti'iicsH of cbaatlty. Her charad r
sket.-h of Ifarle Laaubespln, .-, pun
min.ic'i young woman, edut*ated In
cordan<*s wlth conventt. >na i rei
prlnciplee, ?*ho la deeplj In loa*< aith
Claude DelanMy, an energetl, englneer,
nnd is nei'io, u-.i and ill tn Bted b her
profllgate brutr of a husband
romparlBona arlth the lumlnoua Ideall m
of th-- palntinga of the French naaBter.
Marie, aeparated from her hUBband,
llvea a Ith her fathei, a v? nei able, ah
eenl minded archaeologiat, in a town of
Nortbern France. Bh. is an arl at, ... '
Ib busy llluatratlng one of her father'a
booka TM) i." . , Naplea i" contlnue
tbelr arork. At thi Vllla de la Luns !
near Pompeli, Man. la aurrounded b)
ever)' Imaglnal Ie temptatlon. it is b
-,'it pf aenauoua cogaplraey t,, m. I |
Uttle north. rn Iclcle. Kaplea is the
land of "ia dom-eur d. vlvra." Here the
| young Itailan a ulptor, Angelo 11 Ti
-'beautlful aa a Gt*t?clan marbl* Btatue.' i
I appeara, aud ralla Ifl !<m.> with Marle
Mme. Tlnayre la b masterful expoiuader
?,r lov, pfobl .' Ihdei fl, h< r descrlpUon i
, t "the dellghta of exlBtence" during thi
summer nighta oi th. Bay ..f Na] l. ?
neera like Ihe vlbratlng phrtuaea of a
: violin, and iii!-; wlth voluptuous warmth.
I Notwithstandlng tbe pernicious lan uor
iiii.i pennaatea Marle aha rernalna falth
fui to Claude, who wrltea to ber each
i w.-ek. < ?n. day Mr huaMhd dles of apo
pl.-x;-. aiol at ';.s-t if,-. sh.- maiii.s Mr
, ,|, voted ? 'laudi.
As a pl(*tur??aque contra I to thla, laa*
Mlle '. an Coppenoll.. b couain ol Mi
.-om. s ;,, paaa a f< a daj i ai tba Vll
tba Moob whlle Mr huBMnd, the ;,i hl
tect, Van Coppenollc, ia called awa on
profaaatonal dutiea t,> Chli*ago Thla
I blond, Irldeacent, aenaual, Rubens*llka
| isabelii is sp< adily rn ? rcome amld l ?
dellghta >,f tii" modern p.iinpeiu.ii Ufe,
and vflbiahes with tbi Irreaiatlble AM lo
TM reputAtton of Naplea aa the "Paya
I du P.'-.l..'-' a play ful allualon t>. Mme,
Mi iin lii Tlna; re'a beal n-.v el, "laa
IIbbsob du p- .-I >'?" ;s thua aaved; th.
"\i.-tiii." belng the earthy taa Mlle,
Tiro Intereatlng and am n Ing booka *r<
publlabed b> I'Taaquelle. "Lord Wlll,
Avlateur, >t Auti ? Hlatolrea Cotnlquea
de i.'Aiiioii.oi'iiism,-." b) M ii. ni 4 K -
IsmaacMra, mabea g.I, light, auanmer
I reading, aad la full .,( <ir..n aaecdotea
1 and Bpiaodea aboui motoi car loutin*1 Ir
' Frafiee. "Mera ? I Montagnea d*Il ?
; by M- aii.?-i i Datuutt, la an ei
usefiil galde amld thi little known i,>
Iwnya of Pi'iim.'.it. i.itoii;.. Bouthem
ITyrol mill tbe L?ago dl Qarda r*gion. .*-'.
I Daunl iias dea*oted Be\*eral yeara t?. tba
i;ir-k oi Btud' Ini 11 I) and the Ita ai
and this is ena <>f IM n.,.s,| Inatrurtlvfl
booMtbai Mn rrcentl) appeared on ths
aubjeci .'. i i.
Cufrent T4ilk of Things Prescnt
and to Come.
\ i.,. t is imM iv iihout honi r iu Porl ,n.ii
though ba aVMa aol -?< m :,, be ,,i aaj
Kt.-at iini ori.jii. a t >-.in\ ii, bi ,.|,. |,
apeaklag h.n.is TM 8*llal annlvet*8*>r)
of tba "i**4i111 .>i Canaadm i-f.:- rotnmin
. ,.ii.,| on fftlM I" wlth BTflBl . , i,-iii,.n\.
.\ .s.iioi of twant; one i,... ? i? Kan tha
fi Btla ltl< a -ii daan, and Ml untll ih<
.'.muii boura '>t Mai arstgrnlag iM tba
merry-maklng <easo. Tiio annlverearv
is tn be ohsorvod as nn ntinual hoUday,
it may ba puhared that rospect for the
in. inorv af the port Ib not the only aentl
i:.< nt movlttg the aufdt-crrltlea. The vu
rioua chureh h***Ma**a havlng boon aup?
ir.-ssid. they have been obligi-d to eaat
boul for ? mbetltutaa arlth which to
i leaa the popuaace.
ls Poetry "Looking Up"?
ii la poaadble thal thaKngiishspeaking
countrh i we hava rafi rred to may yat ro
?urn Io aomething Hko thelr former a|>
j.K.iation of poetry. A - d'claration
rrigned by many noted names bi on the
|..lnt ..," l.-sii.' by tho Htitish Poetry So
.nty to tha odtH-HtloiiP.I nuthotltiof* of
I'M kln/dom. It urgen all th.se authoil
,,PH mm ,? arrnng.' iho . urruuliim and
Uaae table bf sohoois aaaVr their . harg.>
that poartry, in ita wldent and Ba* 888*88,
may ba racoejslaad as a rfaaoaaaaury raab*
i.. t of Btud* i that indueoments may bo
ttt red for th" Btudy, and eaaja-Hally for
Intelllgent roading raf poetry; and that all
collegea and training collcgos shall in?
stltute a chalr Of poetry.-'
Enlarging "Lippincott'a."
T.. adltOI Of ?l.iM.in.oIfs Mnga/.lno
rumouttooa that. aarghanlng with ti.o Au
cust numl.er, that p< riodioal wlll 08 ? B
larp-'l in size and that varlotia now feat
area wlll be added. aVUtm Ib trtah
loims wiii i.o ono of them
Branwell Bronte.
jlr-., tlaakHl is roHpoiifiible for tho un
pleaaanl tanpraaalea arhlch most laadara
hn\.4 rrtalnoil t*OBC*81*nlng tho brother of
tbe three glfted Brontea. Thai he was
nol ara aya the Incubua abe deagrlbed may
, .. pj in tho talk of an old Vorkshiro
womaa'noa dead* lalh quotad byaeor*
f -iiondoiit nl "T. I'.'a WtaRBf*:
From rn* glrlhood f<>r aevaral years i rre
si.ie.i with my uncle an.i aunt. Mr ane
Mra Klrb* f l**ountaln atreel Mannlng
hani i.m>.. Hredford. .At a time when
Patrlck Branwell Bronte was twenty-two
..,- twenty-threi yeara "f ?.>;'? he came to
lodge with us, and had one room f-.r nls
-1f.,iio and ther- palnted many pnrtraits
ii. wai kt-a in atature, Aimut 6 ff**'
h ehea In height, and suiriit ln I ulM,
th itigh well pronortloned, very f< at peo?
ple excepi Ittera, came lo visit hlm, nui
i remember a Mr. Thompeon, a palnter
alae i n-.'..ileri hla elater.CTiarlotte t*om
Ing, and remember her Bleterly "aya. She
atayed a ftav. and i belleve thal waa her
Onl) \lslt Thov lr.fl the hOUSO togefher.
an.i he aea her off ay the Keighiey eonrh.
l imi nol aware thai hta .aher alatera or
hla father. th.' Rev. I'airi. k Bronte\ 8V8r
.?nme to Mr. Klrbya. lt was young Mr.
Brontti'a practice to ko home it each week
end and i re.mber that. whlle aometlmea
.. toofa thfl ...arh for Keighiey. he nn
other .aatona walked to Hawotrtn acroaa
the moort*. Ha waa a very ateedy young
gi ntl. man. hla condud was exetnplary and
v.. llked hlm trery much. Ho Atayed aitn
ua aboul two yeara, and leftehe said. to go
i. a rdtuation a-- a bookkeeper. While
lodalna arlth ua he palnted mj portralt
and thoae >.f m* uncle and aunt. and all
three an accounted good llkenaaaea.
On Lnhor Questions.
rt la und- i*8t00d that Mt. John Hitoh
< ii. the labor learier, Intenda t.. puhllah
a i.a "ti aii the debated atid deeply in
terestlng queatlona concetmlng Induatry
.?md trade unlona. Ha la now givlng a
aeiiea of lecturea on theaa aubjectra.
A Jewelled Book.
A copy of tho booh arhlch araa rin?*e a
drug In Mr. Quaiitch'a "two-penny bo**,*1
la now .ui th.. markel ai ?1,000. 'ino of
the cofrtes of tha edltlon of "Omar
Khayyam." contalntog tbe illustrations
I,. bi in v> id. i, has i.i*?n ntagnlftoaatly
b.um.l t.. the order af Suth.ri.ti, tlu> COV
era havlng l**aen ael witb many preoinun
atonea. The ftroni covar haa a richly
? | dealgti of three prtadMka, and
tcb is dn'oratod with 1'. tsian aym
Thls .*r..ixHl b.i"k is nr. doilbl in
trrestini aa a curiosltjr, bul m.>st lovera
of "Oraar" would rather pore over the
Immortal veraea ln an eaally hnndlod, m
. penaivi > dltlon.
A Nir.eteeith Century Tragedy.
The terrlhle paperlence of the Donnor
, xpeditlon acroaa the plalna to Callfor
nia, ln 1846 deall arlth i>y Bfil Harte
moal ambitloua booh -haa born
descrlbed bj otae <>f its membera, whd
? bi thi n a rhlld. Itra, tSUaa P. Don
ner Houghton la a daughter "f aaorge
Donner, the leader af the party. siw
has told the atorj In a volume whlcb,
undi r the tltle of "The BatMdltkM af the
Donner Party and ita Trngb* Pate," a.
c McClura win puhllah in the autumn.
Toktoy's Estate.
Tolatoy'a home, Yaahala Pollana, haa
... purchaaed by the Ruaslan govorn
I foi $230.iagJ. The effort t" aall it
to Amerlcana failed as it was bound tn
d< for there is no eatraoraUnary enthu
..., | ,, for Tolatoy In this country. it la
amualBB to read this groteaque commenl
in the London **Qlobe":
There Ib n<. douM thal had thi Ami rl
cana acqulred the property they would
have run 11 for bII II was worth We
ahould have had pllgtimagea lo Tolatoy'a
i ome and all tl al aon "i thlng, whlch
would have been very Inconvenlent to iia
Riisfllan government; bo by etate purehaae
tin- dlflli ulty naa beea obl lati d
A New Revievv.
Tho quarterl) known ai "The Tale
i: i/iew" \\iii paaa oui "i exlatence nexl
Oc-tober, and ita plaee wlll be taken by
i. i odlcal bearing the aame name
bul < "V. rfng a mu h wiii.-r BeM. ir arlll
dlr-cusa .iit-ipt tofdea ln solonoe, hist"ty,
polltlca, pubilc nfTairs, llternture and tbe
nru n aeptrea lo r*i*f**8>***bi Amatican
thoughl ai its baat. Pi*ofeaaoY IVUbur
i. i | . io be its edltor.
Senatonal Reminiscences.
Benator Cullom, of niin.is. has pre
pared a volume ol his recoliectiona of
i ubHc iu.-. and it wlll be publiahed i>>
MoClurg. it ougbt t.. be full of onter
talnment, for its author has kii..v*.n
Waehlngton In us moal pictureaque and
1 .-\. iiit.'.- perioda An Intlnaate hlatory
of thnse |>. tiods musi eMraya be of
Th? tltle af Mr Cullom'a i.k la
i to be i' ui- v. ara of prablli Bi nktt."
A N-w Novel.
w Tho author of a novel which had aana
vugue m it-* daj uadar tha lltle of "Bob,
l ?? ..i Baftle," has wrltten a bew rftiur)
r. !:i>h ia mentloned i"or publlcatlon In Ihe
autumn. To this book atr. Olilvaal hi.-<
glven th. Buggeatlvfl tltle of "Th. Tam
i ing of John Blun! "
De Morgan and His Work.
A lettei a.l.lr.ss.'d hy Mr. Wiillam de
Mi'l lati to .ill \moi|rail < ol |r..a|,olli|.nt
la piibiifhi .i m ihe chlcago "i>iai." Ha
iu tba courae >.f thi? ?biattf: ' I
Ibavi iu v.iiu haaoBghl many totarvlawa
? ... ? nt v hatet -1 ih.. iik.- aboul
M,< imi i.-.I to boUtaar aaa i"i data. u hat
earthly u Ib a aubatratMM of facl.'" ln
ai ii th. i paragi aph ae aaj i:
. "TOB ar. QUKa light iii 84 > "UiiHng -,f.
\ .ii.- I] i < ,-i Work, and I t, tn ?atlafled
tbal U ".vill niuani so Tho coBailtlOBa
under whlch '< waa arHttan can never
recUl i am em umbered now bol otalj
witb my rapporta \^ith crltlclam, but
even mon by tbe txmatanl queetlon,
11 i v ? i nr bave i nol a rlttea aU thla
heforef M ? memorj of wbal i hava
wrltten u unaound, and it doea not do
ioi a arrlter to i'p'at klmaelfi"
A New Ohapter in the History of
Gainsborough's Painting.
Proaa Tho Pi.nd.m Daily Mail.
The last ohapter has apparenUy not
yet Mra written about the adrenturea
,,f the famous ??Stolen Duoheas" hy
.?olnsh'.roimh. which after an extrnor
dinarll) romantlc r*ar*er has round a
permanenl horn* In Mr. Plorpon! Mor
gan'a London manolon. Her very id.nti
t% is now in datiRer of belng challenge*
l,v the rlval ilaima of a twifl slster. WM
after many uanderlnfta haa returnea
from Australiii. nnd is at tM preaent
tlma enjoylng IM hoaplUlltj ol aav.
Spink. iu Kli.R street. Bi J8B84ifl ??- I
Whi.-h is the real Ducbeaa wblch tno
pretender? The qta*atlon raaiiot be oo- j
ci.ie.i until the new .-Uimant eapiaafla Mr
cMrma to tbe full Hght of day. ln tn?,
femi-obSCUrlty of her prcsont ahnde she.
atadea the suprrme t. st nnd rellos prt
tir.l\ upon .lo.irfmentHry . redontlalu
Meanwhlle it may not be without Inter
otst brlefly to Btate tha -as.- "f tba tero
Mr. Plerponl Morgan'a phture is tra
dlflOhallv BUppOeed to roprcsent OlOT
gtaaa, dauRhtor ,,f tim flrst Earl Spon
oer and rirst wife of the tifth Pnke of
1. VOnahlrc, <>f wbom there ls an a.ithen
ii, earlier portn.it b) OalnaMrough at
Althorp. Tli.- "stolen" DucheM flrat
turned up in IM praaaaalon af an oio
Bchoolnaifltraaa, from whom lt wai nougni
i,, lsir b] a Mr. Johfl Bentley for a trt
fling aum Alrcadv al that time It Md
oeen rui down to nt a place over a chim
nev-plo,. Fi-om Mr Bentley the plctut**
MSaed Int-, tln- hands ,.f Mr. Wym. Bllla.
ei ?? hoae death it was aold at Chrlatlea
iu is?.*. for IM thefl s. nsational prtce >>i
10.100 Ruineas. Tho pur.h.is-TH wen l
Mesara. Agnew. During tM niRht ?,f .\ia>
II 187a, unknown handa cul tbe plcture
out of its frame and removed if fr.?m th
Bond Btreet gallerle* All efforta to trace
th? thlevea n malned frnltleaa untll as a
reaull of B aurprlaing eotnmiinleatlon,
Mr. Morland Agnew pr**c4?*ded t<> Lhi
cago ln 1901, nnd waa Mnded th. imig
loai ireMura al tha Aaslltorlum Hotel,
||1 thfit .ity. The plOtur* WBB sub.-"
quentl) exhiblted, mel wlth Benaatlonai
aurcess, and was Bcquired. " lf" ?*??>''??
for ?25.000 by ita prest nt awner, Mr,
Plerponl Morgan.
The plctur. al Mcssr? Spink's Rallerv
ib practlcallv Idantlral wlth tim "stolen'
Duchasa, but Include* tho potrtlono whlch
Mr. Morgan'a portral! lost In the course
of its romantlc vlclMltude*. Ba clalaia
ara ael fnrth In a lenathy document,
dated London, Jul) II, llfa. Blgned John
Poater and wttneaaed by R. C. Baun-1
,lr>rs. 2', Prlnoe's Square. London, W.
This Mr John FMter, i.i the very opan*
ina pbraaa af his declaratlon, aaaartsj
that tba potrralt ripMBSDta Mt OlOT
pinn;.. but EllaaMth, aecond wlfe of
william. fifth Duke of Devonahire. Upon
ths tMglnnlng of thls Btatement dependa
the eredlblllt) of tM whole document
its aordlng is as followa: l
"I, John Featar, of tii*> city of Byd
n.y. New South B/alea, Eaetertt Auatra
lia, farmer und general merchant being
desiroua of rIvIhr the fulleal history and
all the moai Intereatlng detalla arithln
mv kflowledge eoncemlng a potrtrfll, of
Lady BlisaMth Hervey (afterward Lad*
EllaaMth Foster, often called Lady
Betty Foatar, and afterward Duchesa of
Devonahire), palntwl by Thotnas QalM
borough, an.l now meMuMflg about h
f,, t i Inches hlgh hy I feet 10 inches
broad, hereb) state with unwavering
confidenee In my ui.-mv.ry ns to all the
lacts and elrcunlatancea rekated t>. me,
that I first BOB the aald plrture in Lon?
don about the year 1881, when my father
ahowed ii t" me aa a portrait ,>f the late
Ducbeaa of Devonahire, who dled aboul
Blxteen yeara prearJoMly, and who was
fl very kind friend and patroti Of his. and
wh,, Md glven him thla plctare as a
keepsake, whlch he was na*rer to par,
Wlth durinR his life."
Tho Kift was 81 'ompani.-d by au cn
graved copMr plati of the plcture and
one hundred ImpreaBlona of lt, all ?>f i
whlch were niyartertorialy stolen aoon af?
terward and never recovered. According
to John i-'ost.'r's rccnlli-ctton, his father
told him that the ptCtUTC was palnt'd
by rjainaborough about itt*- for tba
du. hesa, who bad "aeen ;.nd admlred a
plcture by OalnaMrough of n Ducbeaa
of DevoMhlre daring iiu.t year" per
hap* Ho- Althorp portrall of Qlorsrlana.
'?The sittiups wi-.- frequent, and when
th.* pletrtfe waa flnlshed QalnaMroagh
was dlsappolnted thal he was not tb
have tn.- plcture for tha required timej
for a puhiir exhibition; but I.f was s>,
pleased wlth tM work nnd the oomposl
li'.n that he determlned to keea a copjr
of it. Bnd im aketched In a full-Blted
copy on a bjtra*e, whole-length canvaa.1
4\ni<-b h?' b'-uc;. ,l permlsslon t>. M ol
lowed to exhiblt, but this copy he never
Bniahed, and only palitt'ed the ficur.-.
leavlng the Mebgrpubd ln a aketchy
rnndltlon H* never exhiblted the r^pii
C*, as h" snl.l bfl COUld Ml part with it
for so many rr.ontha, and arouM alwaya
Mva it i" look ai."
Aud now come* the moai aig*nlflcaai
part of thia BBtoundtng Btorj :
"Wti.-ii m.\ father waa quite young he
a*na applled to b) Mr. Thomaa Lawrehce
for perrnlsalnn to aee th<> plcture whlch
belonged to hlm, Lawrenca Mvlng beei
told by Ellsabeth, the wife <>f William
fifth luik. >.f Devonahire, tlu.t sh, had
su t for tbe orlglnal (by OalnaMrough)
i? ',.,.? sh>- waa marrli d. and that sh.
Md Riv.-n It lo my father, who would,
doubtless, 1.1 hlm Be* it to palnt from
and renovate a replltra foi* a genUemati
who Md bo.iRht om either trom Qaina
borough >,'? b1 ;i aale after Qalnaborough'a
death. . . Laarreflce remarked th.it
the fao (of tli" repllca) was evidently
p.-il.- and i'.i.i. ,i ond he must reatore th.
,,.|,,, t" it. wblch lu- certalnly did, for
i'< k;>v" the , I.,-. ks and ilpa a biighl bue
llks the effect of artlflelal palnt ..ri tht
natural face. , , . Btitce that iin..
the repllca plcture has beeh frequently
, leaned and rv*stot*d, and farther f-iii-rht
reductiona made in Ita dlmenaiona. Thla
tepltca pi.tui" waa so. n by my father
Ib the houae of Mr. Bentley, plcture re
Btorer, aboul tli- year 1838, when It had
undefgons itiany changea Binci it waa
s.!;.,wn to hlm in tM untouched condl?
tlon ln win. i. it waa lefl by Qainabor.
Slnce Mr. Bentle) actually i?,iiRlit tM
"stolen" Ducheaa ln IM1 Mr, Foater saya
"aboul 18S8" tli. re cah be hit!.- doubt,
If Mi. Fuatbr' declaration is rellable,
thal the repllca mentlohed by hlm la
iii? very plcture noa ow'ned by Mr. Pter
ponl Miwgan. Thi BUppo?ed orlglnal waa
lefl to Mr. Foatar In 1161 i>> his father,
\4ii0 on i.is e*athbed communi(*atcd t>
hlm a secrel eoncemlng h.s blrth and
parentage "whlch threw a conalderable
llgbl "ii the r.-fisoii for this plcture l.av
Ing 1. , 11 glven t.? hlm "
Mr, !?'"?-? t. r's depMltlofl ls b clear, loarl
cai, atralghtforwarti Btaterneni whlch
cannot be eaally dlamlaaed as ? romantlc
Bctlon, Bul ths real tesl must be a cloae
examlnatlon of Uie all4?a*ed oiiginabpor.
trall or Lady EllaaMth Harvey, ir it t-,
\,-.-i!s evldeia.1" OalnaMrough* handl
w,,rk, Ihe onlj conclusion can i? that
the plcture iu King atreel la the one .'.>r
whlch that lady actually aat, whlle Mr.
aforgan'fl fatnoua puirhaae la a repllca
begun bj QalnBborough, Hnlahed by
Lawrenca and repeatedly reatored ond
retouched i>v oth, r handa.
Aith'.. Qylra, ln The London B*tut*daj
Rei k
Deiighl yoair eya)a upon tMlr baautai
P.-st '
Your ip.i.i upap thcir bMutyl Faed
. . Sol.l,
t'f'O.i tbelr beautjrl Surely they are
M re richly than King folomra \()
S( T"ll
witi. blaaaoned lettera an.l m elarlM
BMII tell 1 ii? n- Maater'a Wlll artth rnora
of truth
ii.,w He w.uid havt each child af Bartb
Rer'-m- fio.n Can . ln an Immotft*] KOUth
The Bun siiiii.-s un them, ralaa fal] nnd
winds blOW,
And ih*) i"j"i..- m wind*, aM Bua, aaal
why .io io.. weept Coniflidar boa tb*y
I-, not ,,.ir llf<' as lnv.-ly as a flow,.r'Ho
Uatber tbali gMabaflaa, Boul, aaal h< art
aad eyea,
To crown our HvMi antll wa, >-\ n ?.
Beloved of Beauty -Heira ..f Paia<|iHC_
AMda ln Juy, In lii.-ajlu, im- To-day,
UAH '-^M>'^r,!,'.a^,r'^ -",
ffi- \%SF* ".ard ?r.,ae...
.k.._ nn "f.e Heallame 'isna ? " ..
them oo ''?* M_uv-mt.nl dane i Art.
tfedete." '-? ,_M.-')?' ,,- ?? "Lb ?'*'?? <??
...... Praaln.e l*?;?';']r'(1?l. ,-.-,,.- ? f,
Myflter* -ln'1'* ' *Xr
atli nol ang*
,,: p piitii.iiii a noae > _
Thfl.k \\ ** f"jrPflU^m?-^fle
t.ib"mkk or oio-aaJM ratfaaw. a^aeaeh
rHV\ha Ui '''^rTi it a "iti,
R(,l,.., \V. .'Hole... A H- 1 (Mm|1
lllurtrnllmir. 8V? PP ??'?
\r, |,ii, . I-- Bfld tl*** ,!r"' "'
.1. h oardlait. (..rmi-r > Aaa*Aanirro
Lt ot f-Jf-gll** ?** "?Srts,?. nKi,ry
THE HTJ.BT Of ^MjJ^a T*U-^tM
"t',!:,* of Ihe life ol1 8 ***B*^Jrat9
. ItlVfl
IHg PUBLIC LIPB 9fJS**H-^it*L?h*i
? Btud) of the OoloBlai |"?..-? B,
Stearta n New Knadan.l 1"*',V,.'..f??
Bveratt Kliaball, Ph D., *}'**-*~*t%P'olDD
,?r ?f Hlatory ln Kmlth ^"-J***,.8^ 1P'
Mll 389. iLangmaa* Oraeta *.??"?
? |. fortti tli- praetli il r?ol il<
p :,,,,.,?a .enneeted aitb tb. IM
!,, ,,,.. Btuarl colenlal polle* In New Ens
l;M,,. a?d . atu.lv ol Dudlej M" *???"*
,,?.,.;ai rharged arlta llaa e*M*-ettoa rat laal
iTii'i "i." airioNa or th? maaiaaippi i
PU,TOa1cAL BOClETl Mlted ', '"^ "
i p,^. fleeretai Volurae XI IHJ"
Jmtt8 -.. ,., ??** lUalversltr. M *
.v-ntainin* elfhtflen new ^BtrltaUoM
... the htai. ? r tha atate, and r;-'"1-" '
nc loeal htoton al re**e*etracllori. ...il
,.n tv.o htete* ? laieratate ihtmreebl u**
k vi v *, \i\\" lha Btatoe of tiie nprto n
1 Al$J rorfc m M?n *???*? '" :"tI,,?';
IS-ae, pp. al. -,;' ' Laa*aaaane, oraea a
ce i
\n Inqirtry lato thfl raeUl end emiie-*^
condltlona ot the negro and ?"" ,lir'
?i nei aader whieh he la Braenng.
VABatllr TVI'F.S Ba**aa*a -an.l I ?h?]***'-?'**"1
frem Indetrawluflt* i.if- Bj franlr, B i ?
ter. with Twelv, Orlflnel lllai-f;.-... a
B, pp. MO. ii'ambrWge, Eng*ae4: W,
Hi Sl i A .<Jert-, l.t.l i
ikviekai ef eertaln tjrgea "f Oafoed Bad
. atnbndaa men.
Tffi: MASTKit OP BBTCV1TT. By Jeha P.
Davla tJiii... ne iiflalnaUeo. (Xewara:
i-amtil-rll (tr N'orrla.)
Brlef peraeTrajabe nn aalaeell*iieo**a ??.,|
jerta. amona taar** i.eina a**1atorft ooga,
lawt. t\.ui/. aerma ? 11
TH;; ,;rid[i li| |) bATB B) PlUlrlflfl W
li.il Illitfltratlenfl bj rontalBfl T, Fox,
< m iv. i . ?blCflgO A. C. Hl -
Clnre* * .'"?? _
Veraa By Hi rn Bol luflon Palm< i
,,p. ;ir. ?? Thfl Breara A
Jnagaatnfl CtMnpeJi] i
a flellacilea ot Balaeell8aae**a rarae.
gBANCIl BACO**] I Drama B Blanryri
M..i-:.,4.. Illnstral^-rl IStOO. PP. ?'?'
. Hpoknnr: The Alberl P. Orastrr Cam
t.atiy i
A piar in rlv acta portrajrlna Ihe ?*'???*
neaa, the atrogglee aad the aowafall of
vi.;si..\s m Jamea M. Baektoy. 12mo,
pp im ? Bai "i ??? MaJna i
K..ur leetarea ati the has-?. n ?
mee.*!". and m? a sf Cbrlatl ia ? '
'i-e blndranc?a and h. Ipa io mleal. na, an.l
-, atir-'-v . f thi pNBeel piuI thi
f irelgi
,-r-pr R) john r Ooucl ? l---i . p,
201. i Kno-n A. Mnina i
\ dia.'i r.f'"-, ,.r --...^ir. f ? | - afltotia
TraveL Advantura -.:?l Obaarvatlon In the
I-;o t-iaai iu- > ..-.? ..-?*.'?? i ? trat. -1
v ... pp \iv, SIO, (Harpei ,\ ''m-.,
PHILOflOPHT. By Xlcholai M rra* Butler
12m. ?? 81. iCol in '?? la rnlvera ly
rre?- Lehvk. A Bui i hw . .a- nta >
.. itlllle of I'tl1 ? . > >?
1.1 and i'-- Riethflal.
M \ki:'!S Belna an U tm Ical an* I>
the Ai ? uunl of th. l'i'' ; ? nl Rl ? lea nl
and Watchi i of '' ?? Pa I In I In
Abrofld. To v hl h Ia Added
PSaven Thouaand Makera. Bi K. J H
Thlrd edll ? .?''???
: uedred llluatratlona, rhl "? frati
ur.,!. Bvo l ?;? I'HI, 188. olmrl.-s -
?- ma '
Unlng nr: h flddltlonal matter a-d
etip tntndred ae*? <?? urnv Inaa.
Rl wllllam Bhakeapeare Rdlted, awttt-i
*4**tt48B, lalrttduetloi IJIoaaary. Ual I \ ?
.iniin Readlnga hh.i Belected Crltlel?n
? ?har'atta Port. 12n ?? i *->>-. taa,
i*rao*aafl v crotaeii a < ? >
K.it'KTH By ".Vllllam Shakeapeare Bdlti I
?tlth Notea [nl Ol. laar*. Llat i f
V'artorum Raadlhrta nnd Belected Crltlclan
r-t-arlotte > ?? lf*" ??? i-i - rurJIl, tt*
.Th.i- > ?'"??' ? II ?'- ,-'' ' .. ,,
Thla r.li'i..:: r- ;.r.. ni'. ? thfl Kir-' I
'eat i>r Maa
C j. w ilambler. Pommandei Ro;
Savy. llluatrated Ifntae, pp M2. (Charlea
prrilim?!?'?? UOBfl .
BlBERlA. A ii*" ?rd et Trarel, Pllmblng and
Exploration. l*% Bamuel Turner, F R. O. 8
with ii Introdttctlon by Beron Heyktna
with tn lllual ? ? photegraplifl bj
?. - ? pp. 328 . l fharlea
TBI A ft? ??? m ol 1 I llarover*. tn
. htral Af'l. , Bf \ B. i lord with Intre
doctton '?? thi Rlflhi ii oi Bli lohn it.
K? . ' . M I" 'A
aad mii"? l*tmo, pp. 318 ..'? ir
i a itM ?
BN i \ n.i.v- IPON i in: URi >WTH > r
i'RIMK \M> O'l HER ANT1 St I4'1AI, ??
tivtv \ Dlaaertatli-n Submltied l
i arnlty ??* .he Or?d ?? a -ol ol l -
and li'- ratura In I'flndld for the Ih
pr.-. ..f Dnetot of Phlloaooh) IDepartment
..' 8.iloayi '?'., ri i . - Penton 8vo
op III, '?<?? Tl i n relty of
igo Preea i
* attid f of t - |: ?. K'lve power "f the
i. irapaper ihrouah Ita e. ? unti ? '
aoelai artlvltli -
Dr. Faxton Eugenc Gcirdner Victini of
Streetcar Accident.
Dr. Paaton Eugene Oea*daer, <?'' \>. M
Weal Usl etreet, fall fraar) b Sfth rrtreet
**-*oaatewn ' u. al tii.' eetner ..f Ifadlaon
avende, ahorttj after noori yeaterday, and
w..^ i..idiv injured, his lefl fool belna
itu.siieii i.\ tha a/heal <>f the car. Beveral
tni'ii Btandlng on the froni ptatform, Dr.
rJardner aaya r*auaed hlm t.i loee \\i* bai
ance arhile aUghtiaa*, aad as the car a*aa
about to atop he \n.is jolted otf
Ur. li.irdti.r 1888 88 hla -Aay lo Ida ,dli????
it, th. Brdenhaai * .-r t?>?.? 11..n Eiu*ld ng, .,t
lladlaon avenue and Mth atreet, arh*n'the
aeddanl ...*eurn d. h.. araa t..k..., to oae
,,f the eperatlng rooana la the ardenham
Bulldlng, arhlch la oceupled **n l.*el> l.v
phyalelana, aad aa hia lajartee i?,nK
di*eaaed ha vaa raaaoved, al his 0mn re
queat, hi B taalcab to th.. Polyehnic l*loe
piiai. arhere he ra rvee on the atafl ?r aur
Boatinan Prevents Playful Scufflc from
Ending Fatally.
loaeph Burna, Baaaa yeara aU, of Ne Bl
K.iai 7Tt?i Hraai araa reaeued in,.? ,1,,
North Rlrev nt fffth at8aet hat nlghl hs
IJamea McMnhon, a boattnan. Burni and
|Wllllam HeaMn, elght \.-.us old, wera scut
tling far a hall arhea the youngei boy feli
i iti*,? ti..- waii 1
? II .-elled. 1,1.1 MeMahon Bora-ui ..
beard and Bnram to ihe plaee ?,m?1 ?','*''?'"
? ? ?>** ?'?? sni'i...t..i r - "'":
?alled f< r lieli I utrolman OoniiaiT ?i l.
\\,,i 87th atreel atatlen, got ih l
aai. and Ihe b?* w?. ,.,,,, '. '?" i'""
the worac for hla wtttlng. ' ,Uv *****
Accused ReformerJ Pastor Has
United with the Unitariar.s.
Plttsbfi-c. Jul] ! The R Jo hi n
I Diatrtek, wM raatgned the paatorste ,,f aj
[ Markr*a Iteformod church -.?.' >-n tn. w^
ghaary etavaabi ehargad blrn w'.th I ?ir?_- t,
! pr?-H<ih la acordaii.e wltl. thf ??? q (i,t
; Refortofld < ban h, baa a* .
j wlth IM L'nltartan ' hurch. ,lr. Ij
dlss.-nted from many of thi vi?w,
[Of hfs .'hurch. and When the ,
I broughl he re:i2no,i to pr* ,
fcaff-m, Whlch had ,M
| fro-ii Bflconiing lnvolved In t - 'vera*.
Mr p.i.-tri. h oMtaraa hs haa a< - ,-.* ^
Ir.vitatloii from fhe P-v l/owla <:. '." on"
a cretar) <if th<- .Anv rlca ,,r
BOdaJlon, '? Pnltarlan -.|n<
thai bis polnl ot vla a/ la r,.
. ,r,oti Mr Dtetrich baa d. : .-. inrj.
tntlon to u- coa? ' 'ha
a*irai i raitai lau i ?% t-,*.
raason Ibal a greal atraao* n. '. ,,\ g.
Mark'a R.-form-i Charcb would ? ... ^
jom tM i-'.f al L'nltarlaa ' 1
lt la BflH. ,
' in tM l/nharlaii ralnkitry a .,
-. -M-dinRfrf for ih** hi f \f.
Dastrlflh, whlch had baaa plaaned ? ,,
1 of tiie Rrf foi .- . CI .r-h
to begin im*1 al< ndaj
Hitch in Supply of St one work
Appears To Be S'r-'ious.
Thrrr- I Bfl B**fl - -t ' ,.
work for rhe new n i ?
| .'nmniirfsioriT "K-'f
I j. h.i-on. chlef i f gln er of i -.,.
partment, starteil last i
| w.ii.io. i-'riokf.rr* Couni
j stnnc for iho BtTUCtUI |
j Therr> tMy will rr.-t T. J -. ?.
dent of the Thnmpi 8 a- ?
general contract. ra fo*' tl
' L FeBlMT, of M< K tn. Mi
i ercbtteete -.ro' ' . taa
! for the atoMWork.
From rhe fact thal i ta >**
! conapoaad of flien bo pron a*-|
i it Wa - lUdg d ttl.lt ttl4 dlfl ( tfl
af .i s<-ri'.u? natura. lt .... ,, , s ?,
i tho FJtidg* Iirfpartirenr after i
.fKeeffa had i ?a* r>. i ai
\ tho (-ontracr..-- had Ml
heavy stnnework for thr- fli * - .:???
,is fast as was de*t*r*4, I .- hu
Beeti reeelved aud pat In i
i frotfl aevan to aevi ? l v\a
l -it the ? ngfasera of the B
? menl ;,r.- Bl
: Rlled in or oi
wif.ui ths iJMa for tl I rea fl*.
i/atora In the aaunli Ipal - **?*?
It waa f< I e bM
, rd ,,i;l- the ' ><ta Bl. ? *?
| 14-Ci.l ' ' '
? ,. N ? an. of Na H
'< b'it as it waa n.,t accompai i cat-g.
. | ock for sflcurll la*
not M i ot**Mer*d
' waa for 1*682.000. while 1 * hid
road** a rough ? ' ? ' t thi
1 work. but only Me bM
celared, CowailaalOBer O'Ke. aaa
j sblfl to award thi ' ' for
i mai Bpproval ? l Um Board oi .: ? ln ata.
- ?
Old Skipper Was Famoiif* for Yarns of
Fishing Banks.
CaUStatfl "BT Pr-ster. nwn. I -ktpper
Of tM famous h*hln| I ' Faamt
and tM AngMr, dled Wi I
home, Bo. *4>.7 !?? an
ty yeara old At the age of -i-rite**.
yeara he cottunanded ;. rlal t, tM
as fortUM favor^l hltfl he flold -1 ' ouiht
other vea ;. uattl fara *?
flahlng for tha tfl -rk,-: d 'he A!
in this veaael and iii ti 8 i fle*
down to th. banks, aad a - '?-? b**"*'
arlth new tal. - ??*" arMlea -; -? ? ?mten,
whlch he related m th ahl| newa report
era, thua bt InglM a Btlll ' ?
era a
banke, tfl ??? ? * Mt i I ' Poeter
?aa wil ? ? I??"??
-..?.'.. m
, the ia*herna4 n j
'*A1" " .ici.tl. wi ?
fi -
i tM wMM ; ? 'rr.-.l b. spit.. lt* ' ini tbi
Ai.i.-!.r gathered uv theii I ww:'
-; home to think ovei
; ih.- loaa of a frh ral i aptain F r haaaj
1 three brothers
Charles B. Waite Aided Proseration in
Boodl? Alde-men Oaaaa.
.'tu.rl.s B. Walte, altraal
help. d'prosi - ? ? ? fx
BelliB* tb. ir votca to "Jak. - '?'" fj|
Broadway rallroad franch ? Wl M
ln B1 -io- ph'a Ho?p1 :e ***
n id atreet, from tM ha il . Hi
dxt) yeara old.
Wait. ti. <i to ..a upal its vi lg> Ht tl*'
i:rsi fltarn of trou ',r'"y'
cutton i.< gan, but was ***
im, k. ii. raa thi n < BtHA
,.,, . ..... proprietor o ?' ******
House la Fifth avei ? tUaaaw
? laurga lortune from I ? a*t ;t
aoon melted away ln - lI*J
aald t.> Mve apent M8.O00 fl ng fi-^r.*
the electlon of (irovi ? ' "r'
nor Of thla state In 1*482. i!" was a R<a*b
ua bui had friends li 1 ??*"
Ile m.ri'.-.l Miss l.ella (
,u No ..?; i -it ' J
araa one of twanty-thares \
la tha wre. k ol the Am. i ,Ar'**
train al BalMMry, Bngland, ln ?*? ?"*?
Uved a. No "aaTWeal ?*?
be buried io-.i.iv.
Congressman's House Stnuk by Li***
ning WhUe He V/as Iii in Bed.
Man, l,.-M.-r. N II. Jul
Cyrua a gulhawa , wh.
eil from hia laed to a nelghl
i- i,la\ w h.-u : .-n.e w " '^'^B
BtBg and badl) d im - '? ?' (*r? *^L
1..II..4. sutT.I no ''n ^
Incld.-nt. He was able ' "/***** ((f
! ..i.i'p,..t-teis and thallk '''[rt
?avtM hla b*4aaa froni
! """? .,- (B
Mr. S'liiow-.M hai I ' ??' (h.,
I ufl lefl d .4 . aad haa lae*fl k.-I'H'S l?
; ,,,i much ..r tM tlma, owhag to *" *
, si, n ob ona oi
iioul leaome The f.,.-( li
$1.55 Net Postntf* o*ira
Thf Conscrvution of >*tu
Rcsomccs in rhe lW-^JB
i Itv CHABLBtaR. \**
i\ Wl ITBM ? ?>"??' ^yllmTaati
I UOOK BHOlr*. Joua SriaU'. ??' aaaj******

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