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Holy and Sinle* Salutations.
Says Mrs. Bndges.
- Mra Lucllle Bri.'.K^
r-aaatei yn Arthur H-r.
. ult. ..iU'**:
t0 hlm whlle
rra for htna,
?v"^i;;.- ^-.,i .? me
,; K awaetiag Mrs.
?diidred Brldam aev
aaaa I ea***baaged arlth Mr
:; Kt...*- ??r B88 ia a
of l nol Btnful
rom temptai
- idaatttad
, thi
, ,? from CI
*********** 'or *ae
md better the
ii wa.
y the
' efow the eonri
? -red an
hild." rontinued
-?. much ..f
,,? ? Boaai wri.it
|ad , ? -
tudylna Hr
. gee ftat.
? ll your husband tha* you
? terraey
hi d Tiad-* 088
? life Mr Brl -
*arranl Larfi Concen*3 Units ir.
$8,200,000 Corporation.
f tlie formation
? mpany. with a
i ??
? - :; 1
r evaral ceejt erna
taC. f var-'iie kinds
' *
The "nmpnniea ar<* tbe Tn -
?*-ir>any. T"tl a, N t .
laatlaa ,- l '
nnati th-0 Twei
\ ???'?? ^
lee I ~
the Qaahi
tgo, ai
\ w
?? - g I'ti-m
? ??? . ' Hut
nta D
.... ??
? i
Oparati ' ;nc:pal Cities Show 11
Fpr Cent r . rea=e for June.
bfe ? fhere la ? naritad in
? f
Of Interest
Some May Be Varied if Only
Essentiais Are Preserved.
TM general outltne a gown siiouid as
eume is >ne at 'ho fa* rhiiins about whl. h
t;,ere ia n tbeaa aaya aomethlng app**oacb
illg to the hnr.l an.l fa*1 rall B0B88 women
like to have ns an aid ln the oiderlnr* of
ih. ir riptbea Ths walat Hn* oaay ?o up
er down and Bblrts aaay Mvi a crwu^r
or i.-ss rjuaatlty of rnaterlai in t'hem. but
uo aaaaraewba* 888*801 of varlatkaa froai
tM approved Btralgbt, BB rr*r* -I'houette is
to Wcmen
serlhrd are the gowns wlth diaBonal dra
perioa of varlous klnda. These. ton. hav
th.-ir amaa, fer tM AraJpertea, betng ap
parently bound by Bfl iaw. .-an be ar
raner.-.l fo .-?n,??nl lUBerflUltlflfl of flesh or
to Mll up holloa - thev
may br Theh manageaaeni la, however, ?<
mor?- compHcatefl matter than the f.tmlliai
r-xpedlents ef uaina vertlcal lines to glve
? and hortaonal | lump
uejis. and are not t ? iK,-n bv th*
National Organization Not to
Move Away from Nsw YoiV..
TM National Woman'a MSraaa.
tion laaflf* 1 Koinc to nasve tn hsadQuartara
f-lth.-r te Waahlnarton hlcago ..r ?., any
'*W^^ r
!v--- . WITH BLAt K 1 ~ 'IA!
pifii---.tr ? - ? ? ; OF \N* L'Nl ' v; '
? | I
aeen to. i.U Brtjr if aJle*ared la
regafd t may frotfl f?ertaln
. rv . - ? t
Ited tn thfl j
of fauli ' ? ia tha
? ?*??, witli or.lv the ahnpleet
and thti t galThant ,
faairnri al preaeni awwevea, bul al the
! | ?
remed- Ing I a irloi a - ? flg ire
D froek may be
added l.-ni: i of buttona
.-?nili- 01 - " "!" I**
I helght, n who
BJ-mlag gowi ? ? "? tall ,
i i ati
ii the
the ekli
arlll form thi I of the c
. ? ? ? . ( onljr
the rrt-f
In ahai el Jual -ie
new apet ta
along on tM
ng at No. 90
inn tha atata
bls luxtai.osition wli
the same fl I to i
floor. i mul
',,r proai
Mra '
. ach of ?? matt. r ol
9- a.
. weekly
pour theli roi nto th.
Ba thi
of fool
U. S. Department oi Agriculture
?rj.8 WII.LIS L. VlOCTrll* Chief
.7 , 38.5 a.. ?>
??-? 2i.s
! "07-3/
baf| ?-0
Mt ^448
?d__. uZ
q*f~ *aW**-J0.l
C3C . *0^ -C p7G
\ /Va
2j"**aaa Uarn alp T . :5th mend.ar ; w Air
??' **??? ?' ? l.'I* p . .? ???
iv -. . ?? ?? ' atarJtetB
. . .
i a
?li kc 44
, . f BMe**MeiBti? j, .'..itt -;
' - t - r >?a
mi JtA? PrflVilll OM 0BSFF.7ATI088 TAJ""-*. AT
8 P. M. LAST aiOHT.
8Q*.'-r^'. '.Jiiy 8,
I.'urfl t empriiui-. |)i.a
BM I BM)* t.i.r.
-.of. ln 18*"5
l.o?-st ,.tir) la l8*4
i ?>< ji :?-.. ,.?? . ,1, Pn
(or 1 ?-.
Nflwaal 4.*.4- Inohaa
if.al tr. ifl mj
Uaa] c.21 la 1910
I r. ,.,
'"CH,in fe?fletal i-w-4 ....-,.,...
--j-. Mirrlin.i
? **? t-aT'.J*'n, "?."?. 1 Plione, iXl'ii llrjjnt
*"****8r u ." '*''*' ' ' '" *f-1 .??-!. I .
^'Hiuiiae all<) \j,M|,lt, \ u,ia.
.1,. ,
4.1 ,.,?,?,.
' ?
? , -
' ?
I ..-Hl u-tiiiiii Baa -.1 I
ln? .'i
late it'it ' mn
? ? ? 12
I I Tl
-: i; . -, -? ri
II ni -.. ?7 18 p !??
4 |. Ill ..". M
III^I Itlll
? '
Women Find Both Pleasure and
Profit in Laundry Work.
LataidT** ?ork. ao loni- rejrr,rri<*d aa
nrn for tiniriielllaent lahnr, f? n<*??*' I
'?r,. nf tlie 8881 .'rts ind ia provtdins one
Bf the nr-w, -t galda for the a.t'vliy Cf'
wenien. Taaihara I'olleKe ina lateiy ea
rgaraaa bath in 8*aaaaa8je inunder
'nir ar.d laundry mariHgement. and 8 *>,'r- |
piiaingl** large number af women 81*8 tak
Ing them whiio most of theaa are lookin** ?
- I?nor.t'ial return from their Bfaaftfla*,
fl _...! many t.'tk" thr- 88*8888 ln ?"r**aBeatl8
launderteg ximply that they may know
l ie up thelr own iihlrtwaists an.l
888 are also summer 1*8888888
Wtltch opi^ned on Jul:.- I nnd whlrh never ;
tud- nt?.
taaneTtaace whieh Teachera CaaT*eaea
attachi a launa****** t*a**araea is *aaa**"**a '
? fact 1 ' "v-rv student In laundry
1888881 is rei|iiired to take I year's .
rlgoroua training in .-hemlstry. hacterf
-it.it!,>n and t??xtil--'s. aa well i
graAoty faatruatlea in dom**-.!!-* and
- il launderin*?.
-. l.'ora of laundry work are
? g, ra*a**a*ajaat aoaalia***,
. pnMle hoaaee, hut it is toward the
naall hand laundry that
weeaea are more and more tend
tng t.' dlrecl thelr attenfJoa.
Pr feaaor .Vnlamln R. Andrewa, ef
? [?, ia an artiete in tha luly
'l.od HoilHekeepln*?." I?lves
pei en ef nn.' woman who iiue
tabHahed i hHnr\ laundry in aa
Sat, fr'm arhlch she ajatckly
lartera. iWe is
the ttmy in h-r own worda:
duallj* tii? erorh Incraaaed: tho t?ie
.in BTder eaaaa ky mai'
i Bie fraatle, hrnpractieal la.Iy who.
couldn'1 flo ' |i-an laundrv where
chenrd nhaanii r?h. ateaaa, eeuld
? I at on.-r-, and oh. r-ould she 88VB
thlng bach tct-mpaToa* nixiu wlthotttl
Ho the 871 rk ?rr-'w Th" wotnan BOW i
throtagl" th? week; a *raa*4**ad
? ner ranged ap aloniraide the aaaa win
I dM feraarutawa'a aorfc, aartdag,
irzin.* r)i-> women an '??
ker werfc Tl o nr*-r two \
' i idr- ind th?>v arere strlnir^nt onea
tbal the etothea ahould ho riaaad
untii iu*- arater wai aarfactly .i*>ar. aad
Hia* I 4-hou d not l" ab!.- to rind th*
tlnleat wrlnklee or roueh-dr-r-d plaeaa on i
the fi - i i dothea
WOatatO -**Otnntelned and aald that.
'.? ok tnir>. hut they tSevele*ped great prid**
rk; and l was abtfl 18 a-?k feet*
iraahed tbe unoatei-. aad
W tr" n at.,.)d and 8*841 lataf
-? f a .< r*HT8M -4t T'4-i^h-ra
i aaperlB*aBnted arlth mv
> ..- ? .<ti eaatlaatfl
talna, aad, falMag la f.n.iw ? -
?''?? or Iwe wlii.-h '...it me '
" nlddle of the thlrd month the
? ? raramped aitb Ba**stneaa,
.be greal drtaga in the Baae
*. ( themi 4itninK .
!r in rn, arltb aa many
n the I ? ind raaaae tn the iron
t waa n..t pi.-Hi rvery
:hi-4 rlrne BBVea
rork, -ind I must i*-et ttwrp
^nnss. fcr lai-k
? a ia aitti.,?t bn**a*a*aa**Me to a rt
or to r-a.-k tha ind wher<* eoald
In ..?..' . r ""o***lag bajard' The
end -f it waa only it la really just the
. i ry had f. rae* -
i i ? aaembran a li afi rae a
neal :ina hank accuvau. '
Tbe bk re rf tba Brlttsh aaffra
, ive a bi mtlf il at aama for i.:!:ikr
Ing t n who do
aroeaea ie ?
' the -ryateaa f,f paaal a
een put int.i
ati.ni to any "xfent,
ffrai t yet
Th.* : lo drop all Bubai
? ,. leeta nn-i glve thfl
mtll the vote li
lya ne advocata of
that If enm;(?li womi'tl
l it arotl
Mun ?,:. thfl aovern
* ? ? bai to
?* aub
aertptlona, auch aa for the Pr even tlon >t
eould d.
ngfl wi ? t thal
I thln! ? ? ' .
JVetous of t
Fruit Pfentiful.
; lentlful,
i i to ?? aaaa n I ? atalaa.
'. ? n ?:? \\ .islilnir -
ton m ? ? ,,!!;k- " <; '?" a doxea;
. ? -. . . ! ,w<-r
ire ln ane* ifl. ' ? UP"
st..!-- ? ata, bla kber*
, . anl '"'i *****
imi*. Rl
, aa ad 1 rto ftlco
S a pound llam
I attri are (fl .
? ?
1.1 Tbe ntrw
..i rra
pound, N'.-'-v ?wn i-ii'
? ?
? a, ind
? . ? ,
B*oaen ind
.-:,.. lorlde
fornl i
t alao | peara
Large Supoly of B'uefih.
-,i, ? there
arge aupplr el blaaa*ab hi
.... ? I '-h ar..
pound !
i | -. n
'??? '-'?''
? i rfk* aad Ea
.nd, tii.-t .,?
I anlah rnaek
Berel, blw
tai dUM
ia paaa* ?
reai -Hit buttar le
i aata ,
art of 8 i Baaage m
,,,,,.. ai the i>i' -? al Itaaa
Little Channe la Meat Pr.cflti.
vfi. inti-- Manaraaea la rneal
aata aad
M .. nta . pouad a*ad ?< U i hi pa
k ta it aeata aad
Protestant Theclogical Seminaries Show Decided Falling Off in
Number of Graduates.
All Protestant tlieotofleal -emlnarles have
now held tl-.-lr i'omrtifnr*m*titi. Reporrs
fmm them Iflflfe tiie hopea of thoae who
tflflkflg fa* Improvement in numbers r'r m**n
?tudytM .or tii, Protaataat ministry.
Thera is a sliglit faillng off. b heavy OM
in 8888* of the lnr?est semlnarles. ?n?l ta
pi.rtB from two hun.lred colleges. roverinf
? ; prin'-tpal r.nc*. are to the effe.-t t***it
there nre 15 p*'*' <enf fewer m-*n Bt eflBB*
ni.>n.-r-inf.!t thAS ? tMfl \aat wh,> "n"
nounce Hf iBlon to enter semlnarles and
"turlv ta ho 1r>rot<*8tar.t 'iifnlsrers. *-,p-*ak
ine of ..un.iitious in general. tM f***. paul
Martin. reiiistrar at Princeton. 88*88:
There na.* BOBO an improvement tn the
lan flve *?rirs FrBaOatoA had r*?f** more
atudenta in i*ii than in ihe praoadhag raar.
but I am ?!isappoint.*<l to 1-arn thal thera
are f.r'v-nlii.. fewer atudents ln a*t*a*yta
rlan semlnarles reportlng to the General
ufla*-nbty just baat, arttrieh la aaaBearBgiaaj
There ire Ef. IM UBBtad B^Btflfl BA BBtfll
IBBTlaa ala*l* young nv-n ar* eilurrite.l for
the Protaaflant ministry 11****/ al thflee
tta 8*8*8 aflflBlt, J.utiVrans aione ha** 8T.
A f?W prln.'tpal Institution;. BTaduatS N
per r*8t Thege lnstituttons number about
2tv Reportr from ? Bf them 'how 5 per
rent f?".ver *nen than last fOU -Some 8888
inaries erplaln thal thi- -rao*-* tdae***
were ex-eftlonally small. Hrew. wMra
Methodlst mmiat'-rs are trained. so show-,
whlle eUUmlng more stuiients ln other
ejaaa** tMfl Ba**r. Prinr..ton';* rlass thls
rear araa ft a* against 4* bflN paax, due
ro beglnning small and B*88trlng 8*88*t*f
fr^m d.afus in Kfl r?nk->.
B, v.mi of IM BMM4 famous srf-minarle
Brae* MUkal thaa tat M more aaaa Ihaa
-,,..-,r. bol aoainal thom eerm a?at tamo
aentaorlaa arMuatad 141 far**** men. Ifc
Coi-rntck. af ChtflBM Presbyerian. gradu?
ated fl mor- m-n Ihaa last *r*Or* the Sotuh
?ra BapUst .-emlnarv. *at Lo41?***Hla. -0
no-rs Aihurn. Pr-sbvterlan. 11 mnr-. CW
taflTO fnlvorsttv. *l*leb I* Bapttst. T BBOT*
OMrlla. Cen*rflMtloB*ali * mor-. Oarr*tti
Blbllcal InatttUte, ar Kvansfon. HflthodMt,
1 more. and ChMBgO, wlii,*h Ib Clfllgiaap
nonal. 4 more
The Oaaaflrfll, N'"*' Tr>rl<- amai the -"am
brtdg*. 81 .'amhridKe. Mass . both BptBCO
r.ai. aajB*BB8tai this ye.tr ? fararer Bfleoj
Hartforl and Yale. I'ongregat ion.il. 11
tewer'; Prin--ton. Pi?OyUrtaa. 21" taarer.
.?* Prew and Boston rniv-rslt I . M.-thod
!s.-t. n fearer
reara* -ftraitMtee from seminartes bm
igwat -aea Ifl two buiitlred cetleajao Intend
lag to anter ? mlnarlea ? held to oo Hs
cflaaraaiM by Pa*ot**tant lea*****, ea**?elal
a in.llo.ririons Bretf* BP to laat fall
ata araa aoaa* Mpro*4Mflaeni In num
bmn .in .hr* whole thara ar? i'. par sent
f....i.-r men -*-.-M.V"l ?: i-' ??"tr. or avall
.?;r'-,-s. thaa " ?
.vtnan.i Ear BBivlsa it ? n'"H
wiiat may ba th* bbb?? ae eaaflM for
thla atata ot thiaflta ia -mrtouaay fuflea.
s. m" flrs rh<--iinnieai tUspartsa and ;
ehergea repllea bt*
rM Hberal bcjdl. ' ?
eatanu srs kaalflg ba aaaabsra or frowlM
bat ajjowlj fl " a BodMfl that - ? II
,- ,,. ,-ro.Mia. that pro. 1* BB ' bfl ??r"t
... n foreura miMatoe Bffortt ara at?ad
ih- baofflBBlag in BflflaMrs, whi.-n claims
.,, aa aretl foainded. Othae aauses
,,r,- iflaall ?- '?'" nf h,1"il"
Baaa ar.d tha tasreaatag fflapo*fa\*altJea for
l-.'-mon. _
-a ?
U hrufl IM1 inaafl -ai' aaralaaa on lun
. tha fad hi
thla r-i'v. Twenty-aartfl af tbeaa m^etiaga
.> ^va**er*tt*Ue Ceaaailttea
of Ki** Y,.rl4 Cltr. I" "or.ner'on a*M I *
Rrotherho.xis and roung Faopitft -
trleua lAareaa* TM Idss,
a* bbc* aoalllary :n.^iinif?'orlaMHfld wlth
th* E**arw**i?it-*tlc Coanmlttfls and tha otaVlala
of the CbriatUn ft\**Maaror L'alon. Tha flrat
msstlBB*. al ??'-" ' P ? ;'
.,.,,. . ? i pjDBMr, >t ""'v' atra
, . . D onn- tlon arlth one
, ........ -. bm af tM eMeat aM most
ea of tM dty Mva
themaelvei Hth 1 f th*
Evangelirrtl* i loiamlttaa thls aeaaan. Aaaeaig
tha weit known ehurehaa thiM
,? siiddia Collflglatfl. OM llral Pre*
i.yterlan. Collsg .-.??' ? : atreet,
ajlgi ty-firsl latreet Church of th* Dlselple*.
Hedlng Metbedlst Bplflcopfll (?hurch,
Kl,i; .- -...- ,a I'hurrh. Sixty-flrsr. Sir.-t
I -alethodtBl Blfl**4*4ipal ''hurch, AMaaMer
he MarKetJ
Letffl -f am a - B anta aad lamb cMpa
?ne cent cheaper, t.eini*
po'.nd. Lamb Udai
mutt.in kMaeya *> ceat* a daaaaa. Oolkl
BtS, Bfl ? e| '
* ??ut.-' ? poaad.
-t.oik is ? o-nia .i pound in.l
fcenta .. potatB. PaeM la K cents a pound
moked umsju* la .'* aenta, a**aoa*d luun la
2? aM M'Seatfl a poutui fin.t aweetbreada
?? i b*jt
Sa'ads Scarce.
Well lilied as Ihe frult OBfl*. Mlfldl
illtrly aearee, this belng attrl
ii-u ware, Cora la itlll
io"- .'.,-,n h. ro
ta a hean, md kflaah
i bunctl taacflri ? and al l4*orj i a
.. .in'l -o.r
BTS ',.',t.:. bai
are- >. ? , bM toniH- ... eenta
ket. Summer i piash ara I
'.-. aaeh. liuah
, ?? ind. Wew
and .i??? ii
? bb . anta
Uptown PriceB.
ii i .Iti . ? mb an .". esnl
I eenta
.?:? , ? s ...m.i. i?,rk
s ? ? i road
itter .
b 29
.-re.nr. tnaalted 17 eenl
i Buttermllft ia .nta .i |uarl *uad
i'... ? I arrla ara ? ? ral i a pint. -*.
. a boa |. s'.
:... ki Bl i I l iri'l ? .
I r>cnta an t *?" *-Mt" rrb i ->a
Pearhaa ai i g ? anta >
ita ?< doai ? ?" pluBia
a daaen aTatarrai Uma ?
,n,i , Bfltsloupea ai ? 18 ? ? nta for tt.;- a
ar. 18 .m.i ;'. ? ?
, agea ara 88 to
i '?
? ..I .? Ifli ispa a
an. ii mn! ??',..
,,i .'..uia:...-? ar* 18 ' i,:-. a pound,
rMiaha ir* three ouiji.-s, fer ;, r*ata and
Ma. k radlahaa ar* I i anta a aitaaati
inuda i otatofl , ?? Baat* aM lein...
... , itoea 'J eenta a guart, arven peaa at* I
. , .pinrf. a*aa aM Btrlagad baaaa ira
"s. 44 . .i.i bk.-h ar.- , d
,, anta ? i raullMw.. ? ara li aM
I i-ent.-i .4 baad aaal aaajpiaai ,i u aM U
I oent-- tpl'-e
:4. fi ahall riif pre M tM 88 rasUfl <
:,i..7.eii. laMtara i ata ,i i??un,i. aal
1 ,n,m ara alao ? ?-.?nts. jratlea pUta I
i .-??niH. whltad** !'? to :.'. cflnts luii.i.ut aad
.' Mua ptM 's eai ftum at n \. .,,i
uad bbb I anta nal terflah, w.-?k
Iti-.li aii,l lilueii:-li \2 . ) 88 1 ??.,. I a
...,u,.i .m.i *r*sh ...... K'-t.-i ?<? eenta aaeb
> Aveanaa Raptist tTfhurcb, Broadway Taber
na-Ie. North Pr**sbyter*1an ?'hurr'.i nnd FB*
h*rman Chureh <>f iiarlem
Last Sunday a iirw eaalTB for open a'.r |
iiii'.tiiiKs waa aaaabflflabai in aaaaaaaaaaa
with ihe unlon sBB"***h*8a l:i Iiarlem, where
*-ix n.ighbonng churcliea have united for
the aummer. At 7..W o'clo.k ea.-h Sunday
ev.mlng diirtng July Iiie Kvnngellatl.- I om
mirtee wlll hold meet.ngs In front of tlie
Mount Morrta Raptlst Chureh, Fif.h ??.?
n -. n.'.ir i.Tth stn?>?'t, the Rev. Dr. Joel B.
Slorum. pa.it. i Durini? AiiK"*" th* gaa*
\i>e8 move to tiie apace in front ?f thfl
New York Presbyterlan Chureh. at Seventn
; avenue and 113th street. The mu?lo la led
l by rom. I and ??.?ioru!*.
Ar tha "'hapel of the Interceasion, Trtnlty
Parlah, there wlll be servtiies. with sermon, I
ai li a> m. and I \> m. The Rev A. S.
U'lnalow prea<:hes at hoth servlcea.
1 At the Scotr-h Preabyterlan Chureh there
1 wlll be B8*****lroea at 11 a. m. and * p. m. Mr.
ary win araaeh both morning ajri
, eveanag. At. 18*88 o viock in the morning
1 wlll he a twenty-mtnuti* a**8*~**l08 for young
I people. A devotionai meeting wlll be heid
i on W ednesday evening at 8 o clock.
Tha Marhle Collegiate Chureh ia alwaya
1 open and ia attended aa uaual by large
j numbera of atraiiKura from all parts of tne
eountry Dr. Allen. paaior for strangers,
wlll preicli io-moiT'iw, 11 a. m., "Doea It
I';-.:.-."' 8 p. rn., "Braadad Ct*B*fgt*a Slave."
At the West End ''ollegiate Chureh the
I Rev. Edward ri. Ral.-ton, ef t;.e Second
Bafeeniad Caanreh, Po'ignkr-epste, N. v.,
I wlll prea h.
Two Interestlng 881*1888 wlll be heid to
DW morning and pvening in the Metro
i p..iitari Teaspla, a***ab Dr. Duuois ii. Laaa
j a.4 araaeher. The morning theme w'.Il be
I "HliltOB ' li.'er. and n 188 evening "Our
; Spu-ndid Fri.-nds." The sum el &.?"> haa
I aeee* uaharad i?r. mn and Dr. Lou- ?? a
| -arr of aaajgg} to found thfl Metropolltan
Tempie U. B Crant Induatrial r'und, the
storv ot Whleh wlll be told at the evening
een tae. ?
Although the Inti-nve beat of the laat
woek. .otnlni' in .'onneetton with the holi?
day, tauacal a taaaaorary **eaB8tloa of tha
outdoor aaangellathi aaoetJaaja heid aaader
the auspi.ea of the Nar.oi.al Blbl? Inatt
tute, the Uoapel .-ampalam waa restimed on
R*ednea-lay at all tha regular outdoor
tfOOH rfii-^tinea are now being heid
Bl HTadleoa ?ajuaret t'nlon Square, Prlnting
House Bajuare, Bfaith a*~aa*Maad*aTth street!
and **888h 8V8Bt88 md Hat *r*fl*8B8. The
Prlntiag Houae Bfljoan Baaerthrag, wadek ha.
be-m attractlng so BBUeB aff-ntiori from the
fiaguentera af Park Row. la under th* di
ractlea of k. C rea***SBSaa, al LaitayeUe
College, and aorua of the aaaat praaaaaaaat
bt-ataaaaa men m lt*" .ir>* Be*a*"reaBlng
the krathTlng*".
Th>- Rev. Dr U'.i'.t. r Duncan Bnchanan,
i pa.-?lor of tin* Fcurth Avenue Pr-s..-yt-rlnn
Chureh, iioidinB: -renrlcea in Waai Hall, Co
lumbla t'nu.tsity. wlll araaeh t.-morrow
rnornlng on "The Leaal Commaitajraiaaat.**
Tha aeuete arffl taclaae Bee**Jt*?vea*i'a "''rea*
- Uoa iiv-iir.' aad a rarot**alto aeao. "But tha
iLoru la Mndful ot Hla Own," by Men
? ihn.
Hope Chureh win rreeaaln >-p*jn
all aumaat r. The Kev. K. B. Hollo'va
r i 'I pre-ich lo-morro.v, m.-rnirii*
?-V. ahag.
At Chrlat Churck, Brooklyn, there aiB
. . haags in tbe Bervlcea durlng the
.viimmer. -x leag thnt tne summrr | .
'. at I p. ta., will take tbe plaee of
the regular bunday ??< hool. Th>* tea.-h 18
havr* rereived a va.-ation. Oae person ralks
t.. the arhole acbooi aalng at8**8ear|*a*oa
BWa Naitianlci Inch 8*111 <pe-.k to-m..r
row iaaanaalng tha radeat experten.efl of
. ?? \:i:>i,... tstng Bteraopttcon
Th-* rector, ti;" Rav. rfllltam
4e. w'U prr-a.-it ^* '" W' a. rn. an.l
li T'fJ p. ra.
Tbere win ba t*a*ntnmunlon il I a m.
The Rev. L. W. Munhall wii; prea ia b
.n,. ;.'t!>4 ?trr.- t. nt BvaUBgel to-morrow at
11 a. ni alao ? '' *? r m.. and
: .-very nlfht rtaMtt araek. Tha Rei Dr. J
Wilbur < hat>m,>n will he-<ln in Tent K,van
^.?1 b three daya leeiaa of raeetlnga on
lul} lf. Th.. pr ii ln ra ai VPall
and Diead r*t**eeta ?? i Uurd areek
: hav.* been tha Rae <? *t. M.*Ph*>rson. bu
tendent: the Rev. ... W Munhall an-l
i<ev. H. Orattaa DoclaraU. a\
will be h?>l'I 81 this point and Just below
?urt brokera, Ib aaaad ataaja%\ n> u
i - -..-. aface t areeb all rruaruner
ai Tenl '.?:??'ni:o\ ii.iii. on RraTbtb avenue,
tha R8V, Thomas Houstoi:. the Icotch
wlll I .--''.n t three a
? i to-moriom alght The work la
this hall la verv pronperoiis
/?'rom I te t.v is known aa Pleaaant Bnn
. Voung
Bfen'fl Chrlatlaa Aaaoclatlon. aJfrad O.
?? ' Ifl 4 M. 1..
luncheon ln the
roo-a* aad tha Sumia: aong r****rvlce ao
?nak.. th.* aftsraoaaa eapeclally
Ar tin* Chareh of tha Aaeenalon tbe P^o
, i'*..;'ini will rneet Cor tins w.'.-k al I
p. m.. I" "Valter Le . rnian. Tba
a "Tbe < 'ongeatlon ol P p ila
arrent Leaialatlon." rhera arlll
? .. interaetlng Ital of si .-hk ?? >.
At tbe Maaaaan Aveaue ta*ethedlal Eata
, rjpal ' !'.?'! ;. to-morn w rnornli -
Rev, Wiiii.in. h OUver
,.n "Joaeph, tii" Man "ha l'ail. . el flTaat -
, tion."
!?? **2**neel Johnaon wlll praach
tne aaetand Baiaaoa ba tha wrlea on
a rnornlng al 11
- Mi tba??!'? I E| bn rg a;
in h.
The BUbJecl af the ? i ea a rnon la t.ie
Sctcnoa ehun baa w-aBorro-a wfll
Ba ; laa nt."
i. \\ iii.ur Chapman, taa '*8*lda wortd
l ait, ' arl a ba
ountry froni a ran*h*u*kable a**aa8**el
tour of th.. <ii.i wori.i. win bagta a
of taeetinga to-n*M?rrow al tba Mad
.. ii.M'tist Chureh, tha Basrnlag
Bglnntng ai U o ela k an.i the
I aorvl ? al I o'clecg arf*angar*nanta
. a th r?r. Chapiaaa for ru-e
guntla i
At iJrace Chureh. to-morroa morning at
praa* l er aml Im tba
? Payne Thuraton,
f,,4 ," ? *"*v ma Refara "hla
>!i W.l.a
aai B-ramlneai atargj men ?t
ipal CbUr li ln the Northw^,:,
. known aa i tigoraua and e4*aa>
I .... \ ? l o aeasb ni Uaa eveav
a N H Qrotoa, Of lira.-i- Pati-sh
,, >i rha rrervl aa la taa aaeaj
; | . .: .-i .f Hroadway .,i?d H'th
, .- h.-i.i weahli at U 18 f> m. oa
. and Pi Id i l a raeatregahoa
: i tSBl top. unil-ir whi-h |
breesa la aJaMaal alaraya felt, so th.u a**ea
in -4U. h eaeeealve heal a? thal >.f taa praa
neeb h la aaa aai Raatg iu
tha \ u in"i>
Cnitatian churchea nt greater Ba*B
Vork will hoid unlon Be**Vt**-*8 Bl All ?88*8*
i , tnii.'h durlng July anil Auguat Surnlay.a
\gt ii ,i m Tha Ki'v Laaa a iun.", .,
tt?- Pourtfa Cnitaiian rhur.ti. at Rraoblyn,
Aiii hav.- aharga al tha Ba**vt8aa
\t ,;!...? M. ih..di-'t K|.l.a.'..p.il CbUTCb,
whlle Dr ii. imhi- la away aa i?i-i raeatdOBa
ma BUpply IvuiiiK Julj win .<? the R?v
J. W. f'ummlnB. p*fltor of the Flrst "hteth
odlBt Eplscopal Church of Dast tt. Le-sjia.
Tl.e fomlng rJrls!8, as Seen from the
Standpolnt of New Thought." will he the
IntereBtina theme. of Dr. AlenanJer J. alr
Ivor-Tyndall. of London, Knglan,!, at
I>ury.-;t fiall to-morrow morning at U
o'cio.-k. Dr, M'Tvor-Tyndall Ib Juat --l-.a
mg a -88888888*1 vlalt of the I'nlted Statee.
The speeial meettng ls held under thfl au
8**4*C** of the Advan. ed New ThOilght flo?*l
ety and the NeW Thouahr Fei:owahlp.
Dr M'lsor-Tyndall la the edltor ot -Tba
sSwH?i:ka Magazlne ' and .4 teacher of yogl
Mai 888*81888 plulosophy He la alao the
preiidorit of the internatlonal Order of the
The Rev r>r J. Roaa Stevenson. of Bai.
tBBBflBfl, praa.-hea at the union a?rvl?*-e of
tii.* LaBajratflfl A**BBJ8 Presbyterian and
?.'llnton Avenue <;ongr*s**tional churchea
to-morrow, to be held In th* Leafayette
Avenu.- Church. Dr Stevenoon waa the
preacher last Sabbath.
The annual national eonvendon of the
Voung People s ..'hrtatlan I'nlon of the l.'r
versallst ('hurrh wlll be held thia year *t
Portland. Me , July 12 to 18. Tba conver.
tlon Is r-omposed of dele*atee from the
varlous ?.oung people s swleflee .-onnacted
with T'nlver?all8t rhurrhea, and lt M *?
peeted that tiie attendanca from *I1 over
the country wlll be laxge. TUe eonventlen
opens on Wedneaday evening. July tf. wlth
addre*Hefl of ..eloome by Governor Plalete.!
of llalne. Mayor ('urtlaa of PorMand ard
othnra, after whi<h the national presldent.
A. Ingham Blrkneli, of Boaton. wlll dellver
hla annual addreaa.
I*nd?r the auapieea of the N*-w Tirk
Fe,) *r arJon ot ("hur^hea. !n conjtmrtlrm
wlth the Bflufltfaat Clty Mlsslon Sorlerv.
fw-n'---?wo t**BflfltB8fl work ;in<1 play srhools
gfl^'llerl their guOI'fl '? *0f888*1'?' 88 the eftgl
???- n af thln r-ity Thls work. whl--h the
' "ler-ition has r-ond'ifterfl for aev?n aurn
me.s. alnv tfl derelop ln fhe <'hlldren of
the crowded -.-c:ion.i a BtiaagBB* -ptrlt o*
?o-o-.-rirlon and good ^ltlzenshlp. *'ria sup
plementing rhe work of tba puhl!,- vaca?
tlon sehool*. -.impl* manus! tralning. In
.-ludlng hammmk makfna*. -ewlng and bas
kef-y. si.nple BMdlCal rrafning. BUflfltS ard
ohJe?ttve Bihle story ?elUng, .-Omca*e tM
proaramme of the s.-hoo's. whlrh will be
!!??!? I daily ?.nn1 AugUst Ifl tf, -imrehea af
varlous denomlnatfons. Tiie federation. al
ready -<'n,lur-ting fourteen -rchools, ej-pecta
to ,idd ?lx more.
_ ?
A spe<ial proijramnie ha* .e#n arrangert
for the early ma**- at .St. Andrews CeBBnak,
Duan? stre??t and , ity HaJl P'.ac*. BB*
Baasraaas morning. BemrVj, the rnd.?rln# of
La Haeha'a bsbII known ma.<-s for malfl
? "? *a twe rlflaaa solos, i.. rg... ? At
H ,ii,1> I. an.i 'Anaela .-??? ena ly u.
Hraira. wlll be performsd bj Her'ram A.
fefers. . remarkablv ,lne mnsl.-lar. The
P.*-v. UBBa K'vers -m|| i4e rhe e:-.>ran;
Kr.ink V B.ii.lAin. --?? r--?.ir*- in.! rreas
urer f 1*84 U io BBB Trust < >>m
pany. of New Vork. uw ?>!<-< t*i *aa *?
r'si'ient of th.- N.iti.-.nal H.?w?r e Ban.v
8t a meetfng pf 1 M* of the inat.
tut'on riMtaailaj H* surreeded T!'omn
J, [rfflsrla, who radaaayam aa ? --ro-.-mdeiit.
Of the i,ank - - MM him.4eif wlth th>
Stock Bxcbanae :if.*n of i-:. Et CMpraaa
A- ,'.,. The ,pr rtora alao promoted Roh
Mm.-. from th? "irlr.. of flaalafani
asht'-r in-l m.ide iianael
be ? ?? ? rg'.
Banklng Aesoefatlon, asalatant csahler i"
_?! ' re i. :? - ?^,
R*4- JOHJI O r\.;,; o l> . Miniater Re-.
..-i --f-n praacbea U ii v. M. an<i 8 P.M.
TI1K -ll.lt., 4 4M.LF.l-l.liT--' < HTBCH.
."..h Ave an.l 28U] -'
R-v DAVID IAB -I' RP.Vr.l.. *^ D.. Mlnlat-'
tt? Jaflfl I ? D., wil preaeh at ll
\ m , i a
ig -r...p* ti p ,v ? ?
Evening?'?BrBtiile.l. rhrlflt's 11818"
mr rot ,*..*-i r \tf nit'RMi or ?it.
Vff HOI. 4*.
.-? ? -,
R?v Mi . -.; ,\-.,,??- bai [.BOO Mlalater,
""hir^h f|oa^.| .l.irlng moi-.th nf .Tul}
\v?ai Kn.i .4 < and .Tth 84
Rev HENRY BVKRTBON ,'')Br I> D . MtnlBter
Rev r-rfl-4n-: S Ra dt 11 A \L
Bta a- ? in-i r..".ih itaaal
??> 4 1 1 a m antl 4 p. tn.
REV, JOKit. F. CiflSO-*. D. 0.,
I Moflerai l ia leaeral kssaaaMy ef thfl
bur ? Wlll prea.-h^
! --,,?? a ,
! hae :--ni?I a la BO-* * rahlaBllia !ri FARIj
HALL if ra i. .1'- * : !..-itv
.1 bi ind rtrnar?4a4- ,
WaLTEl. J. BUGHaiAN, D. 0.,
MIMMHi. ntl VI IlK- ir l| \ M
tmstei . ?,-,-,?..
m 11 L M and 8 P M Preaehtna by the
riaaSil. al BTalla c l#>ge Amrori, N T.
Broadway TabernacleV
Ilr..ii.l?r,i4- rin.l '..l.'li ??lre^l.
Rev rHARL"Sfl E I i:.-'Ki-*RS< v D D., Piaior.
Rev BATMI "4i> AI.K1NS r, D "f PflTt"
..m.i. Be., aill praaeb al " \ M ind 1 r. J4.
Brf-MUa il I B8I 44 -?: e-t.
il -li o'cteek
h, ir aill ba |ri<?ai Baata rraa.
Preacher, Jaly 9.
_REV ri.< VI, A TOS4KIN9, D P _
H \l)l*-((\ IVF.M K BAPTiaf i ItfKI H.~"
I \. K.UOV I) D . l*aafor
The Voled FNanaellat.
riraa md a 'rr.ns
Madisoo Ara. MatHodist Eplscopa! CUurci
- ;e?t.
RF.v BTALLAi'* MACMl i.i.KV n n. Paa.or.
? i nlafl .;. v'.iiia.n R 011. er >q
Jaaapb, tba vu.i Who ;',.,??'. ,1 i: ? tloa '
\ , erenln-j aervlca
University Place Presbyterian Church.
.-,,. ..' iblock * graflfll
? i .;.:? ?'. i ?: v.KXUPKit n. p I'aa- -
Publlc 4-,-s,hii, i.i in?i. . ir i. I I T4 m mrt 1
... li W.-li' .,
.. ,? -4 ,
Hl ll.FIts rBF?iBYTFBt*\ 4 Hiaril
llrniiiluay anit TM >l.
Rev. vauitem Hlram Fcalhe* D D Mfiuatar,
1 - ea, lat at 11 >'< ?' ' li ,v 'he
Rev . H MU.F.-a -J.-RMAN RI<H\RPB.
,,( St^rllna. Ill
?s.iii l-eaauraa. ' _
.:>!-. U. ,.K -T .lolIN THI
Amat'-ntam \-.uue an.l iinii >?
la Ira
? i'i.iv Peanmunton
tl nn.l I , i.'-'-i. :t rat. * M?-. T ."liua F.
? - - _
m ind ??? eai I <rr##t.
I >. \ ? .- - t 1 ,' k ' ??.- .4]
ajamlnarv. <*-.!! preach a. 11 .r.-...<-K
'.,|, v.,-. nth ? - ? ti
i;.-4- HOWARD DI'PPIEMJ P P Psalnr
IKMKII. Pltr?4B*ITFBIA*4 iMiltill.
..I>ai ?,7.1, ai . i.'i'???? Bi ol 4?>- and Tth ava.
wii.i'.v MKMi.i' smiih. p tf, Paator.
ll^x iiki ' ii SM VTll. I. . luiatanl
> a ,1 I l . .11 _ \l.l. WKl.r, ,\ir*.
M.I. * ? 4 .. and"
20ih - ? ?? f*??*?'.?* at n a M . aaa
?-.? .I..4 I.Ki.V \ IIAK\ Bl
?: .
The puMI'- .-enl,?'.'.> ilivt***1
DR. n'VOMYflOALL l^"
hurrea Hall, 2.rf> ?^at 78d - ' \ M.
-lul.)l-. ? ' : ? "at ' I" 8|a Pul
tulBlBBuii -Mli %?enur aml HHI. Htreet.
ii \ >i. ..... s r, m
., , ,, Paea4e'a Fo ou Bat a <'nn.
nt ru-iistiio, .mi I'urreni i.. ?iai..- n "
M%I)I*4I)> WK PKI.-4BVTKHMN tlllKi...
\,,n.i.-.iat . orner ..I 73d m
I-.4 H'.-.MtV 8LOAME ,'OFKIN. D D . Paaior,
,% 111 t,r--B,-.i rf.' 1.' :t.? a m .ind B p m._
-.I Piiiil* MelhiMlUt l liurrh
\\.?t K.l 1 .14-11,W kfl I 44ll'l Sllfrt.
B.i.i >R4)? 1 B< EMAN D. P . Paator.
II s;rtr.? n i,v He\ P Btrneat Iftlina.*
" WR?T ??*.1> ST r>BK8HYTKltlAN - Hi flf**!.
,,, ,, 70 ,i4^, Rav 11 >) Monifeiitiall. U. P.
I'astor R*-/. l*aula Uaith-w Hweet, P P.,
4 11 ' ?"_?_
lliil I BAl-TlflT .THR.I. Broedwav ani
,,.4,,i ,, i: 4 * B II, ILI.I ">V \ v l'.iai.ir -
,>i,rn .ill auin oe, Tba l'?ai?i |,i,'?i!i.i m.irn
ig ,,, : avenlnj
? ;'. | -? Wi '1i:rV <.r* FH1FM--- -
Meettnafl for w.mtiip. ii a ra.. ?? itat gaet
iMi, at.. Ua taa aad UO fe-hermerwirn bi.,
Br< '-i- '? "
.;r \ " ' *t s
,- 11. Ui

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