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Battles Gamely to Bell, Though
Down for Count of Nine
in Last Round.
Concy Island Club Provides
Thrilling Sport and Loser's
Condition Is First
Laid to Hei
Twe n-ui i attli 'i '??'? rcelj on i rlda*
ln thr- ring of \'.i Brlghton Beach AtbleUc
Club. ,t Burt avenue end We t nth atreet,
Island. The men were a*i Iteratelgiu
puglllBl tf.'i well mati-hed, Koi nlneroutaUa
thi t at ;, fuiioui pace, flrat one hav
ine ib* advantage, ihen tha otber. Ib tba
tenth and laai round ooe <>f the Ih
"Fightlng Jack" Lundy, of Br<>4>klyn, land
ni a teirtfk i'i"\v on bla appoaaBt'B Jaw,
aad aa tha man fell forward, gaaplag,
Lund\ ahlfted tba btou and brought lt lor
ward %Mti all hla atreagth io thi belpleaa
man'.- BtOU
The eight humhred "membera" of thi ? i
roae from I and aome yalled 10
t i ,ll<-n man. Kii ' Bolte, to get to hia
feet, wiuie othera araroed him to tak.- bla
tni.e and I*4*uperat8. Tha "BM" vm eool,
iii apita of tiie fa.-t thal hla baad was la a
?Ahiri and that be aeemed to bava ao etm
maiid ovt hlfl mUBCli !!?' h.-atd ti;.*
Bhouta of i.,.^ frlenda iii the aodlaaace and
of hi? aecooda; he could see the blaod
isfaine,! and battered fa<*a of hla oppooeut,
walUng to pnt over the tlni.-hinr* btOW,
When he heard tha eouat of "nloe" called
out by the referaa be "rtaafl to bla faet and
went hata e furioaaa mlx-up, t.tir.ina: v,an
leeperate d4 ti rmlnaUon,
Spectatora Applaud Gamenesa.
The "Ki,i" **4.'if? aware of a dull aenaa of
reilef a-h*-n tha ball rliuaged annouoclng
l> e en?l Of the flcht. He went to hlH e'->i
ner. allowed h.s Bfl tonaa to t;.ke the glovea
from hla hand.-.. and ihea duekad
the rrin*-1- and o il of lh? rlng Aa he
Jkr-d down tha rowa of a] ctatora an.i
h?errt th* abouta atteattna hta gamene*a ln
the r.nir ho hnw^rl ,-.n.1 s-mile<1 th**0*8gh his
|***ai*ed .-ind bloody fn^o. li* had fo
gnod Brffjhl and he knew |t, B*l thfl
fnan !.a/1 MNBten him.
After being taken to hla dreaalna
'?Kid'' Bolte dreaaed himaelf *,
t? ?,...? - ? iir- pta.t.-.i ... bend
ever tn la e one of bb i boea and coll
j'i? serond* and handlera tan ir> hlm .ini
plrked him np, 'thlnklna * " oppreaalv*
aeat was reapoaBlble foi dltloti
Folc. however, i ? - ea ot hav
iti| a more aerlou irouMi lhan heal proa
ratlon. He wai lo atand on hla
fr-; aad B4N m< d "' be . \ er ?1B<
geelna thai Ifv li m ,n waa noi gi
r-tronk-e-. nli haekeri oalled an ambti
r.n,,, i.,.. .... i md H".-s..iia"' v- ? -;
iha aurgi i .v imlned the "Kid" h?
gaie ii a - hla oplni t wai
rVap. ihi flghter'a i ndltlon.
p,n\t* rema Ined at i
Thlnklna H wai queatloa of tim**
bofnr*. tha hea.on man would recover, his
tria-nds carried hlm to a s-nna-- In Uie rea'
yt n,. ed t" hlm
i,?sf th. ? ? ou d 4*. hlll thi were
grouped aboul th, Patrolman
O'Doanell, of th* Con*y Island atatlon.
.lappewd alona ,nd Inqulred Ihe n
rr., th* altual * The Ktd'B*' roodltlon
led him tO call th4 aml .ui IB* - agmn from
?r* hoapltal, an.. th? *aria**agbt*i a .< re
? to tii . InatH H
Piaced on Operatinp TaMe.
Aft?r B Ite had been piaced on the
ip-vatini*, tahi". ll a iJ leiurned lhal
?.?a.. |-. r , ifferlng from a fraetured
Btaall, ;i broken w i ' ' '" the
a_ln H< ' " iS *r'' a
bbj tim tha ??'
aok fo i ? ? - '
-, hc nsible for Bolte's , ondl
*, ,-t'r- | . . ? ? ?
rigned to arrei ' 1 tta. man
I rp at taif hon ? '4
Biookl> 11 Lundy, m twent! feur
reara old ind inarrled.
ariaed when told or ra* b# waa
raated ' med to be ln
;eo-1 Bhap4 I ' ''
ms t iken ' Bolte, m bo
,j , \ mia time rcaalned conactouaneaa
lt.-ri"? diff'i ia to * ?' ? ra .1 4.. hen
Ba t\\.> ..,? ; 1 Ihe ii.i
utai < in* veral ng wai
nan wl
1-,^ n|| ? < ithera aald lhal h.
ut,(1 |o ln nat? 1 *andj >-c th. maB rt -
i, - Injurlefl.
Whatever the "act*, Lundj waa held
Mthoui ball 10 awall tl e n mll <>f the
Kl?l r Bo te, ? ho ... .-. ,11 No
j? Qrai ? kla n, la twent) -
re yaara . ed. II waa aa ?)
_ot nlght l - ' ? '?? na. I lo act
ie an old grudge when thej aot4ved ih.
Prlda.v nlght.
At the Coaei laland Ho pltal i;,.ut nlght
\4? 1 aald tbal Bolt. ?? 8 n*1
avorablj -.. - 0 '?' b ll tha!
. , .. ... for I.;'- could noi ba <!< lar
Anta fi r tw? m y-four boura
?olice Say He Stolo from Club
Members' Lockers.
in "ii' k,-' Pn tk ?? I I rnlej 1 swlled De
.?'ti\r Ban ? ' ? ? ho ? itoa
:h"i ih'- member* of the Kloga (Tounty
rlckel Club ln the proapecl Park grounda
BBterdey afi rnoon b> arreatlng Tumley
a charsi- ?,f petty lareeaj aaj thal be
_B0 > , ex. elb ' In other thlng . H? is
reaty year old and llvea In No. 1818 Tist
re*?ti Bronklyn
Tumley form<*i ly v. . a member "p
eiu?o.rii"r.4.i ' 'rl, k
1,. ;;,..-., ... ! ? .; th. clothlag in
ifir ii.'l.. 1 ? iah, watchei i.nd otber \al
^hl.-- l;.-.-i:? l\ Tumle.4 jolned the KIurb
ountv i'i:. '.<' t <'lul.. S.wial daya ago
etnbcrt ?>i tl..- latt.-i ilub also beajan 10
ilas thitfi;: from their 1-., k.-r They gol
etecthea n.< r 1 \ an.l Uonovan, ?>f the
rooklv D?'- ?-? llur.au, 1" keep an eye
1 Tuiii!' '?
Ilair> - - hi gol Henrj J. Wlllian .
o. .'.:>.? I'ark 1'la. ? i" alip ., marki d I 5
ill into hi-, irouBt-rn poekei before i.'- pm
se,,, in bls I lay afternoon.
.fter th? ".n," Tumley, the .l-f.tr. .r
liarae. - ,1. beellne f."- Ihe loekera,
restM-i l;. id. . :i'l vni> n..,,,i away when
,,n ? 4 .-. .11. i.f!.:; lii-, move
1 ffi i.n'i iif.'.n s. ir.hini* hlm,
r aave, fr.und Ihe inarkod l 111 in his '.us
leceivers Can't Pecover $75,
000 Drawn by Forged Checks.
The r**ce1ver of thr- New York Imj-rove
lent Compai ?. of whlch Charlea I. Bpelr,
?h<> eoinniltted sulclde after wlthdrawlng
1.4900 ,,'. the company'a money from tiie
uarok.fi T. ? ' I'ompany !?y forged
iierk^, was presldent, wlll be unable t'<
siic.-r ti,, 875.O00 fr,..-n t),- t,i:st rompany,
?? on handed down by
ie Appellate Division of the Suprrtma
ourt yeaterday
Thi* court hf,.i th.-.i i!ie tiuj-t company
nd n<, knowli-dge ilut 1,,.- two ,.. ki
gn-'d T*.jtti tl.e trr-aBnrer'B iiiimo w.-i?
irgerlen untll a >-e?r nffer the wltbdrawal,
jieii- hnvtnK ,i-mi-,,-.,| ti,, r lu-cks before
..ni'.i; ,,\ft- the p ;.-?:?,.,;> t,, ii,'- trea
Mrjeii s Mijirlilc at i l.ot...-. <>n St.it.-n
?land. \\,f bo pl;inn?-d ? iu kIvc the ini
rearlon nt in>i that h?. had h.-.-n klll.d
Y a burglar. II-- waa known ?? a protlge
f the )a?e ll ll. Koi/, >- and loat neavily
1 atock apec .latlonK, It araa ^ald.
i Dcclines to Discnss Report of
Suit for Divorce.
Loa Attajetrea, July l?-Btbel BaiTymore
to-day relterated ber refuaal to i take any
atatemenl concernlng ii <r domeatlc affaira.
\t thi thcaatre, al tbe Hollywood Hotel
aad on bar tnj>>j to an.i from the dty ehe
la hedged ato**t by ftrlendfl an.i aervanta,
arho prevent any ?.u<' from queatlonlng her
a note araa s.-t-.t to Mi*--1. Barrymere'a
dresfllng room ns abe was prepariag for a
matlnei to-day.
"Mlaa Barrymore wlll aee no one," came
back the feply. "She has n.. atatemenl t>>
i: frank. nianagcr -.r Mlaa Barrymore'a
company, waa qooted t..--ibjt by a local
iper ns Baylng:
? i ara nol autlMtrtaed by Mlaa I*?rr**inora
- her family affatra, bnl i can aay
wlthoul breaklng conl*dencea thal Mlaa
. Han ) tn-'i.- "111 8UC for diVOn Bnd the
' papera ahouM be In New "fork Monday or
day, al tbe lateat."
Ai ?' laklng thr- eue from Mlaa Barrj
more, [n Lot Angelea, the niembei of her
family In and near New TTorb refuaed yea
ti rda* i.i a) aai thlng aboul her n poi ti ?!
; domeatlc troubli
Mr. Coll la livlng at* the yale <"!iih. nt
\ \\. st 'tii street, havlng gone tbere
after cloaing the houae <>f Augual Belinont,
;,r. Bt No. '.', Weal Mtb atreet where he
and his a Ife had llved up to eho
the blrth of thelr smi n Ib aald thal the
eat**aj)i**emenl between them Lr-egan aboul
thla time. -\t the cl ib it waa aald timt
Mr. <'<>H left there In the afternoon a? if
greatly pertnrbed.
"l don't know anythlng about all thi**."
he la reported to have aald. "1 <i<m't want
to talk about lt. n la all newa i" me. Bhe
Idldn'l teii me .-f anythlng llke thla. Then
i- not a word of truth iu all thla Btufl
| aboul our havlng a row In N'ew Orleana
There la no Blgalfleance t.. be attached le
the fart thal i <i!<i not accompany my wife
on her Western ton:. I have bualneaa af?
faira io look after here in New Vork.''
??.la.k'' Ba**ryinore, Mra Colfa brother.
upon whoee advloa abe la aald to have
taken a tion apain?*t ber huaband, waa
aeen last night at bla aummer home, at
Rockvllle fr-ntie. l.on-i,* laland
? 1 don't know anythlnx a'-oul It, h<*
Aald. "We nr.* not difa . alni thi matter
. ii. u!'."_
I Court Decides Heirs Cannot At?
taek Professor White's Will.
. nn Houee, thr. club for boya aud
young men at No. M3 Weat 17th etreet, ia
? i ot ita endoarmenl under the wlll of
the late Trteodore ?.; IVhlto, profeaaor of
Columbia Cniveratty, accordlng
to -. declakm banded down yeaterday ln
Vppellal Dlvleton of the Bupreme
Court Thr- dectalon aaya l la hi Ira ma] nol
now attaek th.* endowmenl or attempl to
aei aslde tne wlll
The -v'li pie an the teatator'a real ea
t;.ie. atocka aud bank .iepi.Mts- to eatabllab
.?? aociaJ reaorl for young men on the **reel
Blde, leavlng Ihe ? rl iti ln truat t.> hla
and Ibe latter'a two aona
...,-? heid that if the purpoat :?
I Whitc, had iii mind In creatlng the truat
waa clear, then II "-*; tho duti of the
laln It If poaalble
Mi Harrlei E Belleck. an a.uit of Pro
nti nd.") tl ' ? ? I
ase her rtghl In the
ti ? ough frand whi ? ? gned, nt th*
. or Profeeatti w l - i . a doeu
l ill the righta her rel
Ip mlah! fllve h< r In tl e truei pr
Th? oourl I???'. l. i ot* ever. 1
.^iu*..ed the agreemenl ln appredatlon of il e
II son annutt* i hl. h ahe n eil undi r hei
? ? , . u t* ill
Havana anil San Juan Sail. How
rver Ward Line Concessions.
a Miik?* r.r aevent* five membera nf ihe
of Ihe ateamahtp Havana, ol
Ward Lln< I ed ili d to
? n noon ?t"i i i ? ?'?
layed tl. two ho i ' >11
tf,p im.- could nol ct enough atrlki bi
ara when the veaeel wai | illed from her
?. ? i iat Rlver, to mak up
V. ord wa* ?-?nt to H P I riiffln, ?
:'???? ??-.., f i ..
..t i he Internal lonal 8< itni n' L'nlon,
and later, *.*.^i. **?' ii Praater, int.*rn*
K4H*retary of ti" unlon, and J
Vldal, aerretar] ol I i ? mi n ?>
. h. had a conf.
.with A Q Bmlth, general managei of ihe
llne, result'ng ln a aettlemenl -. *?>? a
; . . w of 1 p waa coi
Mi Bmlth pt*omleed a number of ? ? ?.
I this tt ??;. Ilni
? tl . ? ?
. ..-ii i.i . Att. ? m 'nr n .1 di Anlti ..'i wer
tl. offli lai ol 'i" Ilni to lh< di
? ;;ft- tlng 111.II ht ? Dl
.i.r. tentatlvea ?.i i
i,,, thla undi "i" ,,; i ? ' bi
* and went on I
... ? ? ? re Captain
. t-'.in Juan COUl I >" ' lh<
i-ai* ra A nunibei "r poll< e n n i.n
? ui there waa1 no tr<
. itnahlp Ban Juan, whlcb ? '
for Baa Juan, P. R . from I ooa
:.-,? ..ff st. Qeori ? ?
:,,,t h;.\< i f.iii rompli menl of ietioi
atokei b. her reaula
waltlng foi exlra men .. lit'iii. h i on
I i ;... ran In rloac to the Ban
Jtxan and urged tbe m< ri on board t'> deeerl
her and come up to the cltj >>:i the ati i?. i i
lauach. it waa aald thal Inti i n itioi al
gecretary rraaler, of the unlon, waa on
board tne launch,
Tbe aklpper ol the Ban Juan ordered the
la :. ' h awai .'an i rtenl a ? ln <?-- rm
I,, tbe ownera ln thla clty, who later ln
I i Pollce Headojuarti n A launi h
from the harbor aquad witb pollcemen <>u
board waa s>-td down t" thi veaael, but
arhea 11 arrived there th.- atrlkera had dla
appeared. it araa ebarged lhai aome ol
; . :? iken had u.-? d ab u Ive language.
Tbi Ban Jaaa, witb a full rrea got
under way for Porto Rlco ahort!) after
Night Collectinf" of Garbagc Stops
Drivers' Qratuities.
i Tbe fact thal the men who collecl the
anil garbagfl from tbe cellara ...?'
-. and ara ? pera of 1 he d I ?
.?: t'.- Departmenl of Btreel Cleanlng, had
been receiving llpa from the ree len along
their rontea for laklng tbe aah and garbagi
cana from the cellara, and gel no llpa n..\\
that nlghl worh illed, 11 developed
.,i ? , been malnly reaponalhle for
the 4-tnk.- aaltatlon among 'hc drl*
Tbe drlvera are now golna to aaltati for
.n Inrroanti In Ihe approprlatlon foi Btreel
cleanlng, ao lhai tbe men can be pald for
????? Aa th. reaidenta are In bed when
tbe carta ko round, iiti.i mual have the
.I-.- and aah .-..ns on ti. aidewi i. hi
: ... they retlre, thera ran be no more llpa.
e ? -
Sails on Schedule for Galveston. but
Leaves Cabia Pa?.-;en?er8 Behind.
Tha laadlery llaer r,.n.ho. whlcb ranghl
lare ?it i o'clock yeaterday mornlai al her
Ipiar in th.. North Rlver, aadled t>.r QaJvei
toa :.t i i'. ni. oa Bebedala. Tha iir. l
ad in taa aaatry, hut was chee^ked before
. it gol far int.. the aaloon acootnn*a*aflatlt***ui.
i Thr- pantry araa practlcalty fleetroyed, aad
s..t.;. rari>r*ta and furnlabtnga ln tb< -
eurched an.i otberwlae damaged
The Concho ??...s booked t'> taki- atxty
twe rabtn paaaenaerfl to OalvMton. but tne
proape**tlva traveflera were .< tiaaa tq %\.., i
for the Alamo, which wlll anil "ii Wednea
ilay. Aa the fire did not r.-a.h ihe ateeraga
roinpcrtmenl:'. the thlny ate4*tT*age pa sen
eri-ra wera permitte.i t<> depart <.n tbe Con?
cho when Bha naiie.i.
Tribune's Towns & Cities Contest
N?0UPHn $15,000l_jn prizes j *%??!
My answers to the Tcwns and Cities Content Pictures of
this date and number are:
P. O. Address.
ConteMants ln th* Town* and Citlaa Cont**1 BBUSl write thel: an-nvera upon
thla eOBfJOB, Whlch wlll appear on Pafie 2 "t Tiie Trlh-ine rvory day dUTlBg the
contetU. Lbit of prli-ea and rui"* gOVerolOg the toati ?t appear wlth
Results Shown After Cooler
Weather Has Arrived.
One Pulls Out Crucifix in Station
House and Has Blecsing
for Policemen.
'1. n rlr.;,tl-a and tWO pa**80Ba dri*. en either
tcniporarllv or ] <i roaaetttly 188801 wea*
added 4e.s.',er,.a4- to Ih' BOt WBVO'fl lonK
lir-r of fatalltief deaplte tha cooler wa
whlcb prearalled throughoul the metropoli?
tan dlatrtot Elghl ot thfl deatha occurred
in N arark, the vlctlma bHnt' peraona proa
irated hefore tha chang* cram*. Only four
proatratlona wera report-id tn Manhattan
and Th" Bronx. Thera wera tta In Nea
i ga;.?-'! gteera ?p "ic it: :? rn\ -oM ? ?
araa "f lha ' Ivll War. waa found dead la
io.i in -i houai at i*nr; Rkhm4?ad Btati
iBland, Mr Bteera 11*4*8 In ll -
Boldl-ra' Homa ln viri-.nta Pollnwl
leng eatabllahed ? fl torn, he vltdted ? ? i
Hrea <-?> Bi iti n la and evei oui th
He complali ? - beat on -?
\4 htle on th- ?i' Ifl Vlall Ihfl r-," of
hU aon, wha dled a few taentha ia ' ? ?
Tuttle. ?f No. 13 Orov* Plaee, Whlta I '
. aal luated fraaa thi I ?' I tell
m ? otaecioua near Ihe v ????'? ? I
ilround i He vh* found Ij b * li ?
ti -i.iv morniiiK. d^ad
?i hoaaaa i i lonnellj. an - living
at x,, .. , ' ird avi nue, 4. aa put I
,-.)? eraratlon arard *t Beaatea* H il y*a
lorda ' . rnoo 1 la* 1 eHci bel ? 1
,...., ia ???? ted b
atatlon houae iftei hla ."-Bt b* pull.
;i . rn. ir:\ and h Hati 8 upoi
en he i?id them h* 1
ior to 1 Lord aad bla ta
,... V ... i.iu Idl
: h Halt. r. of Newton, ' '
nr- ir.ini the h. -.' ind had tfl h*
nvereome bj tott-t B\ Halter ?'-.d
,1.1 . .1 ..f ii,s.rn"trf fot lha ln -1 f"'i n .- <
1 -? lotal nu.nber ef daflUha eauaad b l -
. ,. v -. ? ;-i \. wai i' glven 8*
righl ? ? ?
fti ??? "? ? ?
Oaptain Snvos Woman, H'l.sbanrl
Prowns--Other Accidents.
, ;<-.-,, l--- IrfOth wa* di ? ? ? '
? -.-... .-.f.pr ;. hard atruaale 4*1111 tta. ',,?*
runnlng lld* 18 th* Harleni BJver re-rter
enlng after ., tu| had amaetaed "'"'
Bunk tha amall Bteam launeh In abteb tb*
two arer. ? 1 j ?? Ing ., Iltl a apli
aat. 1
Th" tug, '?? hlcl owned bj " -
??? ?? . . ?-.. , v 1 runi do* n
I ? .| I (if- I.i iti- '1 V, , h.'.'irir-d in lb*
"?? dlr. <ti,,.- Rlght < n ii'.- ?
tl,'- BWell ut a I , ? t< 'fl,' r t',- ? '! I ? ?
Uttle ..,,. u mi fronl ,' if ? ?
1 apt-n,, 1 lan > Garrl -i'i ?
h ird ovi r, bul i'i',. ? ? boal
. ''ti. h.
ahlch ? -;' d 'fl - -1 r 1! Blna. I ln la I
i'.? . .1,,- wheel," ahouted Uarriaon, a.m
? \ orerboard A few 4.'44lft fltrokea 1
!,. 4.4.1 nrimmlng alda by aad* wlth H
i..,ii, ii,- , ;, ;.;:,i ii. ' the halr and
anged lo lon her alongsld. hla tug, where
ahe wai hauk*d ".. board OarrtBon tben
.--Aam back for 1/Otli Ha hati d; .,,,".,i-'i
?; blnking tbe trong tlde had b* i p1 him
some dlatance down Btream, Captaln .',;..
awana, wlth powerful .-t:okea, 1 ? 111 ,
quarter of a mll* down th. river, bul hla
4 .-.in one M i i."i h a aa
twenty-elght yeara old nn.l llved at Mo
Bryant avenue.
Thka waa oaa ,,1 four ;c .-!.|i-i,t- reported
in noarbj a al ra Th* othi 1 1 were bai ,,.....
accldent*. one pecuraing at Aabury Park,
; ,.,.!:.-!? at Nawton, \ 1. .md th,- thlrd .<t
Nea ?i i
Otto Btauch, tweaty-on* yeart old, .\:ts
drowned ln htc aurf al the Caatno bathlng
groundfl at Aflbury r.irk. He wenl ln
raii-.in)c before th" life guarda wenl <'..
duty. His hi'.th" r-ln-law, Itvlni* Helght,
waa wlth him, bul thera wera few othei
near. Both Btauch aad Helght
v.u" Bwepl <>fr tbelr feet. Thfl lattar man
agad i" catcb a llfa llne aad bold on until
help came, but Btauch waa swcpl oul to
ii,, and drown. d, Ha Hved b1 No
Nrrrth 18th atreet, Phlladelphlfl
John aiayer, aa eleven reai old bo
.. bonae la In New Ro. hi ll<. < 11 v ??< 1
from .. BkaBt In BScho Baj yaaterday, and
.1 I, ba dld not coaafl tn tii-- aurfac. John
w t'arroll, a llfeaaver, dtved for bla body.
11,. found ihat tha boy'a bathlng aull had
. ? ? in tba chain by whtcta tha Boat la
anchor. d. I "oa r rk retaaaad bim. aad ha
w..s< .aiii'-.i aahore aad r.-viv.i
Mlklta llalkovltch, a (taaalaa lad, got
. ? .......1 hla depth whlla bathlng Ui the
DValklll lUvar, aaau Naartoa, yeaterday a.-i.i
dron 1.. <J
?fhe body "f John Keaay, ol Na IH
1 'ourth avaaue, Brooklyn, waa reeovered 11
NliWtOWn I'rt'.'k near llir- .Mm-p-lli B\*enUfl
pler. WllhamBbii**g, yeaterday, 11 is tb4-iugh1
is. any u,<id<iit..iiy f. 11 overaoard
Thuraday. the daj h- dlaappaared
Ml.an.v. July *>. An lncr*8B* "f I'".??*?
_ reaoorcefl and 810*^8.188 ha t'.tai dapoaltB
of ti,.* atata aaaka ef depesll and a^acoaal
from 1'Vhruar) 2S u, .lun.- 1 of thi*. year ta
reported to-.h.y by Oaoyga C Van Tuyi.
Btate Sup. rint.-n.J. nt >.f Hankf Thi B
MUTroaa "ii **uua t war* fjajjajaji aad tba
i,.i^i d*poalta arara BHIXUM*. The 14*1*1
i,,a,-< d*ca*4BB*ed iifiring tha aaaaa perlod
1178,848, tha aniount <>n .Inn-' 7 I.'Iiik }.ll'.'.
_0,2-*8, "n Pebroarj .'v 881 hanka |*port4>d,
whlla on June 7 only 881 lnBtltutlons flled
Pittsburg Has Meagre Supply?
To-day "Dirty Shirt" Sunday.
i Bi "fart. arap ta Tl Prtl .
Plttabura*, Jnly 8.- - Pltteburg'i
j ieo aupply dropped i" three thousand
tona thla afternoon. it waa aonounced
: - ti-.s \\,.,iM noi last through the
Baturda nlght .!? Ilveilea, aad late tl
aften.n Health DI*rector w-.it-is
laaued ;.n ,.ni'i;.i warolag thal a short
agi ? ouid be expected to morrot
? Monda*. The I. ? r-ompanliw hald on to
their i. aei i >? Biippl; untll yeat<
? hi u. oa the promlse >,:' coolei w< ether,
thej mad. more llberal dlatrlbutlona thla
? morning, and the n. a*li arrivi d ha H
. a ave to-day t"<,und them ahoi i
To-nlghl the cafe* and hiitela wera on
?hon Ice i itkan ? The Hi aith Depart*
menl dln 11< d dollvi rk i lo hotela an I
... b to be ? u! do ? I. iu thi imi i ai
I aa domestlc d< llverli a.
The laundn ' lulpnn al ??' P "
broke down to-daj undei the mountaln
' oi ioIIi d linen ??? nl In. H
day dellverlea ol lauadrj had noi ' ?
' made up to>nlgbt He ft i Bha ial
thlnnod ..ut Ihe forei a1 aome of ih
-t. am laundrli a, ??< thal ihi
nhle lo operata to la! In thi * uburba
t., morroa * ill b. dlrtj ahi i Buni
T' 'i - maxlm im lemperatui
llnfanl Death kUU Falls - Ttactf
of Adults Uniisually Hlgh.
. duiing thi Th* ri
' '
nd i
.... ? ? i . ?
hag 1.71 ? ' ?
in i-M" i . ? ? Oull>
lo the denth ral ? '
? ; ?
i ? .
onlj * ??
... featur.
. .
\-;r'i*i ar* .
. ? ? talli
,-h'. lr.-r. I n I ?
. ? ? '?
[of deatha i
. . ? f
...!?? B 181-1
? . . ? ? . from ; ??> t -
is agataat I or a falllna ???'
i ... ..-??? aald
l>. ?;, ,)?? ? i ? ?
,,..i ... |1 . ?
,.. i . ? i. r havi
been obl tbe warl
. t infant morl illtj "
Sovrn I.ifiitnnants and Twelvc
Others Trunsfeircd to Preoincts.
tiaotl ? i ahai??? up ot on ? d al P.
).. a,\ iuart*i i l eat. rday 441,. n i
tnnanta and la -i ??? 8i gra I. di te llvea
?, ,-,. tranafi red from tbe Det. live Bu
r. an te varlo ia pr< clncl II la und. ?
thal mo ' of them were \- i aon il ftl<
lali Ru ? wl. ? '; "
,,.;,, ,| f, .,ni li iex '". and flenl lo Totti n
Btati n iBland A1 Po I e I lea
t,.,s, ihe uaual anawer, foi the good of the
aervlca " waa glvea r*g*rdlng lh? . laai g. ?
ti,,. 4.?-,. n iteutenant* aenl lo pr*.
wer,-. Danlal K i"oetl8*n, known a- "Hon
,. i i _n, al on* ,::'-' be id ,,' the I I.
gq _ad; \\ llllam I M ' ? r, Jolu ' Mullen,
Charlea r'ai i- >. -!;":" a A Pltaalbbona,
William Joni i md John i Noi k Th ?
,,: th. Bfl 'i" " l"v" good .'.,.''
II |a believed lhal th* ehangei reeterday
.,,.,i-, b l aalnoraa an i thai m ua) more
ebangaa wlll felloa la i f*a da
Tii.. ehaagi i a III go lato i ffe t at I
o'clo k thla nn.i nlng
Young Russian Inhales Gas and
Drinks Poison.
a i, ,iu: ni ni \i bo waa ano* n a P H
.ii, nwood killed hlnu i If vet ?? rd*} ln i
fi rniahed.n houae al N< VA ?*/. I E?th
atr. i bj Inh illng lllumlnutli a -??? thr. u -,i,
? tul e nd drlnklng ball a botlla ofel
t.-? ui. Mi - Edlth 1/ gle, aho rui II i
hei ? . aald thal Gt*eeuw4?od can ? th* ? oa
n uia) nlght aad ti Id hi r i i arould pay
i.i i neat day. nh<- found hlm dead ? ? ;,i
,i.n. an,i l tr. h- hmal, ol Plowi i H<
?ald thli ba bad baen d< ad aome hour*.
. ;r.. tiv..,",! lefl .. note ta Mra Bngle, read
i hope | ..ii aill *x< ...-. bm foi i uiklna
?. u thi trouble. i had bo moae) ; If 1 bad
?ay l would hava lefl i.."
a A not her note to thi pollra r? id
i hope that you arlll aea thal i am kepl
or ii-..,. Sum, om mlglat call f. r
Netther of tha notea bm Bterned T ? i
! a*aa alao an ampty anvelope, flddraa?i i lo
; Mtai B*a*8a l.Ml... who Hviea a it!. har
i father ;,t No If* \V. si lhlh Btreet. Bhfl
?ald lat. r tbal .;.<?:,?. ...i. who araa tweu
.:, -,,i.. -. .11 ? ,'i.i. waa ber cousl i, aad can*
aat* fraaa Ruaala thr.a iraara ago, leavtag
bta parBBta thara H? travalled bi Taxa
? mi raturaad tu Nea Tarfc Iwe moatb
Wbea i.< dla. .1 a Ith bar Th ura I ij nlgbl
h. i.,i,i b*r i.i.i. ba bad aaal al* parenti
<: ?. bul dld ..,,i i.i. n;i, i. tbat h* araa Ib
Baaaaaial atralta Qraeowood compbiloed ta
Mtaa Bdha* of bad haa Ith. and aha aoted
ti.at ba was jespe4****a**at Cofooer Pelaberg
?*rder*d tha body takea t.. ih. aaergue.
Purser Says Death Roll Will Ex
ceed Four?Ship Owners'
Survivors Say He Refu3ed to
Allow Them To Be Taken
Ashore When They Could
Have Safaly Landed.
Banta Bai I ai a, i 'al. July ' Kourteen
paaaengera >.f the ateamer Banta Roaa,
whlch broke up laal nlgh! oa the rocka
at Point Arguello, are unaccounted for lo
nlghl ..ii the llata of Puraei I'arlton. Whlle
? of thi ae may be ;iii\<* and otbn ra
probably lefl the acene of the arreck wtth
out glvlng thelr namea, L'artton bellevea
that ihe llsl ..f four knoam dead wlll be
li ngtbened Thla rlea la fully heid I i the
* rlng paaaengera of tli.* wrack, deaplte
the aaaertlona of company offldala and
aiiii> ownera thal only four aallora were
loel ui the ?
One hurdred and efejhty-sta paaa
are all thai bavi been accounted for ao far,
aay the aurvivora. Th.ro aren two hun?
dred on the ateamer, and many of the rea*
cued i 'i to-day thal the ml raln i oni a
a i,t down lo death a ben Ib irf battered
'? fe iafi~' to plet j
i . a of the I Ipwn i ked iroyagera here
recovered from ti"' nerre racklng atraln of
. . battle with tl.e breakera In the darb
night. Many of the reac icd aomi n are
tin : rati rical, ai d are undi r the cara of
phjraii lana. Thoae lhai n to oon
Hnui tha Journi | bo itli I oardi d regular
Ing < ithei - "ill take later
iralna bul a large .nt* r, ? i" clall)
. win no> be able lo traveh-for Bfl**
....! daya
Many of the pa ? nl 'nt
it, ti |r denunclatton ?.' thi ahlp'a ofBcera,
.. !,.. :,.???, .1 10 land the 1 j*"11
tha Banta 1 nded nea Point
Argui Ilo.
. ?. i.t iin Pai la a he a aa makli
? imandi r of the 1 Mned,
.,. ;,, ihe pleaa ol ,!
-4, ng, 1 . al 1. ?:? atri 1 lo ba put aah"' e '. e
t. pll. ?! t.treatli a, II la aa i, ? Ith tn<
' ?? : .ol .?' li '
from the Pa Inc t'oaat Btea
? ? 1.1 mll ne one ? > <'?'' 1 r
1 mll lt be ?? ? ? ? -
Survivors in Pitifnl Plight.
1 ,. relief iraln bearli a 1 ea ?> d >'**.
r... 1 .. 111 ia Roa > artrlt ad ln
-. ? r. irbai a earli to ?"'"?
.... tli fn - ?
ilf rlad. a a
? ?
the fa and lt a
nn.i ' ' ?
Ihe vl All
,- : none had 1 ad -i
?. ?? rda ? a
.1 m.rl ,, . .1. ..? . offi 1
? ? . ?
to reah up
a-er* I ? I I
ted. anrl I had to bi
1V ?.
of the 1 ? - ? ? '? fulli ? lotl ed Moat
.? || em a i*r?* W rat'i .*.| ln > II
Htro,r Rescue of Woman.
I I. I . ;? -..'..,
? ?
1 ? Roaa
? due to th. i< iM
tnk tn taeeager, ? ? ?
Inklltg if - - ? 1 1 1 ? ? 11
. ? ? ? ? |
a three 1 ea aald Mra. Roaa "II
the life pn
. | ? . ? ? ' raa 1
... . . .....
I mw my III ...
hair. ind Juat tl maa
urhi me ..-???>
'.;:?.? I thfll ? ?? . ? '
? ? ? . ? ? . \- M
.... ,...,.
II rhe I ? ?
talt ?
? 11
Probably Eight l 011 10 Wreck.
?*TI ? ' ? - ' all,
tl . \ 1 1
1 kn ri ' aald **) 1:
? l.nia 1 ?i.i
on- fr l nla Roaa
? ? I another from
:, ,-. ? 1 Helen p 1 irea . a hlcl
l>\ ;i rhance I
? ore
? , July 1 . ?: ' ?
feet off 1 - - rling
Ihe mouth of Homla t're. Ih tl
. ?,,, 1 Bteamal Ip < 'ompai 1 ? t< mer Banta
a in. h a-aa wreal " I
o'eloci ???'...j..' afternoon Hrloi to that
time the ati anded eamei a 1 I In
\ iin. ?- run oui t" Ihi Bteam ai hoon
. . ? . ntralla ind Hel< n P 1.idj to
be draa n ofl hi hl h tide laat night.
Bui ai that rtflfnfl wlnd tl I
;m angr* aea. 1 nd the eeaael aoon heaan
poundlng lo pi'-i >? Al rts ? r an efforl a ?*
made (?? 1 un 1 buoj llne ;.? the <'entralla,
bul the hlgh ieaa preveated thla, nn.i 11
waa declded to Ir; to paaa tlaa Ufe llne
.1 toaa tha IOO ?? el "f breah ??? ? ta 1 ??? 1 hore.
3*"ilorr. in Lifeboflt Lost.
lir.11^4 n. ihe ??????? nd oflJIci r, a ta detalled
lo i*;i|.: .ln .1 ' . l-'ur... to t.d a tli,- 'iu,.
aahore, He and hla men launched ;i llfe
I.: . : roufl pai
Meanwhlla a thronfl of raachara from tha
inils and rallroad men gathered on the
: hi ? ip the llfeboal mount 1 he
,1, t of ?' areaker for an Inatant and
t hi 11 plunge oui of alghl The foaming
aatera oorered the doomed aallora, and
the) were ni ri r aeen again.
The breechea buoj llne, howover, u.is
i. 1 aahore lt waa picked i.i. and made
and fi ":n ,; o'clock untll :. ;;.. f. ?
roua worh of tranaportlng pa
get 1 aflhoi < . ont Inued Before '?? .
the Burrlvtng membera <u the rre** were
aafel] bj bore a II h the dren< hed, acai 1
aad more or leaa byaterlcal paaaengera
C.ipliin F.iria s Statement.
1 'aptain J. 0 Parla, . mmandi r of ihe
arechad bp tmer Banta Roaa, made a atati
menl td daj ai he st,??i on the be ich
i. okli 1 al ibe fragmenl <>f hla rreaael a -. n
remalna abore watei He placed Ihe blame
f.,r tha Btrandlag of thi .-i imei and thi
ina* ..r ttvea upon tha thlrd ofBc r. 'i homaa,
aha waa aflflcar ol tba dech whea thr.
Banta Roaa weal upon the rocka befoi
dawn yeat rdai Thomaa, In defence,
Btat. .1 t'.i.it be "01 erread" the bhlp -
aad tttooght he araa ..ff 1*1.11,1 Cenceptlon,
? 1 e aouth Bl tha [..lint a hen t;,,,
Bteamer groundad
Captain farta BaM tbe mirreeil aeta hard
a-iior.- aaar BadatB* R01 u. abera 11,,
. r Btruck, and thal Thoma n< gU. t..i
tn ...ii him, aj i*. cgatomary, irhen lound
Inga wera laken
Whether 11 rn>; tin re a as lo ..f i,f,.
.itti...u; tha paaaengara la atltl ln doubi
?.-iu.- nf tha vhip's company aay poattlrel]
ihHt fiuti! threa t.. eight perlab fl, but as
yet io effr.rt haa 1 ??*-?? n ma.l.- |., ? w vk the
paaaeager llal agalnat tin- Bui-trlt-era, Aa
taa |a8B8?fiajaia lefl ben oa rarlooa kralna
.1 oompieie "*haeh hardly v\iii i>e peeaible.
Baa Ftaml-ro, July g. -K. S. Harn. Saa
,. ?.,,,.? affanl ,,f l,lv rat'lfi'' CdMl
?,r.arn8hlp company. rafuaad early to4ay
r. ;?n'iho ?'".-'" of th* droamtag af
1 . ,, iha Banta l-toea'a paaaanga-ra,
?' Sp.tcb .Uted deflnltely." ba -m.
M ? only th* aaeoaA offlcer an.l threa
. . "r the < rew wera drowoed. I car
mr' "nn ?- would hava haea laformad
;;,,,u;;::;;.- ?- "?" ?.n
drowoed." ,
I Husband Tnes to Kill Woman He
Had Not Seen for a Year.
PaaaaUc N- J.. July s.-<'harl.s Ordaa,
_ mill hand. of No. 834 Ith atraet, who
had been Be**4ai-ated froai hla aife for a
..ear met har this afUraoo* and ahot
her in the head. He then tried to klll
himaelf. At Bl Mary'a Hoapltal, arhere
sh- waa tokea, rt*r wound waa aald to
wi,.-i, l :- a lf< fell .'ft hia feel Ortaa
lurned the waa] on on himaelf and Bhot
i himaelf behlnd the righl .'ar and fell
'aloogsida his arlfe, ii?4*4aneclou*. He waa
taki n to tha Oeneral HoapltaL Tlia aar
-.. ona aay he a III recovi r.
Ordaa, aixordlng ?" th* polica, had aot
.. n hia wlfe for a .-'..i'. 4'.hei. they m.'t
.ti i..i..t'i. avenue. He s.',,k<- arith her
about th.'ir child, who la llviog wlth Ita
moth. r. and rTi.-ri auddcnly pullod oul tiie
r. volver nnd bol hi i Belli trlog that
! he bad klllad her he turiaed the we*poa
p >,ii himaelf.
Two Perish in Big Tupper Lake
and Third ln Wallkiil River.
? n N. V.. July I w. k Ledarer* a "1
ai.d Miss Sh.-ih.. lt, ,,f N*W 'i-nk. W8I*
drowned In Wk Tupper Lake at'* yrater
i'-i- ifterocon Mr. Ledgerwood, hia flrlf*
eod Mlaa Bballecb wera Ir lllag op|t**lta
hT, ? I ? ?' i big ,: h waa book.d,
-.. t are waa ao much exdtenaent In the
boal thal 11 a ia overturned, throwing the
.- ni ? Into deep * h .<t
Mr. Ledgerwood tried to Baaisl tho young
women, bul appearad ta ba Beixed arith
crampa Ile aank la leaa than ? mlnutfl
after th* accldent, Bnd did not t-nm* ap
?>c.:ii.. u. <> irf.it. rroaalag tha lake In hla
motor i.i t" i radlai Point, made a de*.
perate effort to reach th<> party, and auc
ceed. ! 'ii i-eachlng Mra. ll<sdga**wood, who
cIoiih, bul aoon reiIved
Mlaa Sh^iio.-k went .,, the lake to apen i
her ii. ation i\it'i Mra Ledgerwood agalna
ti,.- wlahea of hei relatlvea In New Vork.
aho had become alarmed bj th* reporl of
Thomaa Bulllvan, twenty .al*. reara old.
of No .:?? Cherrj raa drowned In the
v> allklll r-'f terda; nea. Bui n>-id<>.
\ \ ii-- and f. >? mpanlon w
i- i,,ii Bulllvan araa itricken ,.:t,i rpilepay
.-??id fell Into tbe water Hla companton,
?a hlm, Bfter . aearcb found Bulllvan
, out two feel of water He
? a ? employed :? tha dellvei lepartmem
"f "T ie Nea *. ork J. d ?? a - a
? ?' ?' ' an.l Mail De
willi:, n E Ledgerwood who waa drowned
nt uie- Tifpp. i i aaa Ihlrty yeara old
,.- .1 4-..-, ia ti im in Hla home '
A\'"?t 11- ? ? ? Mi s
BVhallfl Bl*o 10481 h^r life, *". as fl
.:? at No H--1 Seventh
Bvenw i'i- Ilea of both wera r> i <?? - I
Ifloon aftei ? ?? and at.- <ine .,> ar
rlve ll ' ? ?? Voi k to-nlghl II ?as t'i? ln
.... | . party i .... .
ln the Adli and then k-> Io At?
If A'-niritp in FoOfiaYinf Trail. Dng's
Evidencu Enough to Convict.
Kan lul - -The Kaaeaa a*.
Court ' iterdai uphi Id the hiood
I as an a atk**. tf th* I ?'
II rwlng fh?
I ? ? , ,
ln 1 ? ??ipn
? convleti ' 1 ??'', !n
? ?
4- . ., farmer Tih k? about Ander*
>..m - home - ? iinda a good tr ill,
ind thej ' imfl ? ".n--.
it the Ad
,ma i.ae and aro ind ' - body
. ? nded wtth tl ? v ima wora
? -r ..... -,11 ,!,_
ga i nal tdai
rt4*8olntion for Gaaapatgn Cffcrcd at
Chrvtian Endoavor Cnnvention.
Clty. Jul) - I itlon waa
i-itr.'.i.i at i g of tha I oard
,>r ini ? ? io ? il i 'briatlan
4T i'nlon indoralna ??< *???' ! *-1''
iLgn "(" i-' Iglon amona "??" Tl a
.,.,-?. ? i ' William Bhaw,
- I >>. . referred to the
rommltl.n n il -. whlch i* ex*
? ? ? ? on It.
!...:< An:-. t. I BB the plnr-a.
?.;,', i <? it]: ronventlon Tha a '?
tlon n;,f na. the board of truateea ,,.i
? . ?.., i ballol
Sehlftu Bacon. of New York, Appointcd
by Judge Hale at Portland, Me.
r t:i.n.i Me., July s Pollowuag tiie tn
iag oi Involuntary baakruptcy proceedlaga
agalnal ihe i'nlted IVIralasa Telegraph
Company of Main.. in tlw Unlted Btatea
DtBtrtct Coun to-day, Betden Iteeon, <>r
New Tork, was appolnted recelver by
Juiig. < ' ii,ara n..1,' and gave a boad <>r
110,000, The proceaa la returaabl* Jaly 17.
Not lona ago atockholdera 11 titloin-.i for
tii.. appointmeni of temporar) recelvera
an.l theae were aeiected, having a year in
whi.-h to ati dghten oul t; .- company'a af
i'.,,: ?? fai ;i - M ilne ii eoncern. d.
Committee May Look Into Ak
leged Deals with Railroads.
Chairraan Looking for Evidenci
?Not Surprised by Result of
Brussels Conference.
| gf i*. ,.'fl,apli t>. The Ti tflaaafl ]
Pittebura. July S. -The preeenre In Pitt-?
burg for iho l^st few weeka <.r an r-xpr-rt
aald to repreaenl the Btanley rommlttea tt
Waahlngton who mn,!.* extcnsive inqt-irta^
i:it<. t'.,- dlvtaon nf frelghl recelpta h.-Ur^
tho trunk Hnea and tho Bteel Corporatlta-ra
BObaldlary rallro*u]? on through haula ef
sirol prodncta, followed hy the llall h-?r?
yeaterday an.l to-day "f Repro:-entathaj
Btanley hlmaelf, revlvcd rep?rt:i >n .tn?i
drelea that the tVaahlngton Inquiry -vou!*
take .1 turn ;>i thal dlrectlon i?liea ih? ?
hearlng* are reeumed. Tin* <.r<* ratea. . n ttie
Bteel CorareraUoa i"all""oada al the h?.:.i ?f
the lakea and the termlnal do?k rhat-gaa
on i.;.ko Erle have flgure
i .. teatlmonjr al tha Waahlngton liearlnga,
but there haa been no nioiiti. n of ???
termlnal banta al the Bteel rorporailag
mllla, where i aomlwf of the ? "i; .>r.,ti.,i,*
? iti.m.is ahan 'n tbe frelglit niovemeial
Chalrman Btanley refuaed to rUr-cue- **-g
pooatl-le lim "r aBajatrj lhai aouM ka
taken ur when tbe commlttee re??me* tt,
Bflaalona. He - ald ba had ? ? party al
Pennaylranla Ballroad ofllclala to-day, hu
st<*oi Corf**oratton affalra wrro not **a
ruaaed. The eaitert, who **;t*: ln Plttahari
roo'ii"*'. Iabwe*/er. aceumulaled a maaa aj
flgurea <>n the matter of rallroad tMaiiaaj
, hargea ai tbe rallta aVlth Mr StaaW*
,,t, thla rlatl la B. W. Wi ?*-??>
mittee a general Inveatlgati i
Mr. Btanlay aald hi? vteli ' ? ? aaa ta
learn aboul tho deteriorlatloi of .t--;
manufactutinf i>i.-**>t** h:i<i of ih< ?? '?? <'-ai
expenaea whlcb wera coaatantly i anl -1
by the wltneeaea it- tbe m**cettgatloa.
;ir. w.is ?Hki*'l arhal he thoughl <' tin
.. , ,. . internatlanal atael eoafereai ? a
??An International ""?", truat wai tha
ont) thlng thal could be exp*< ted ' he ?*-.
ptted, "when Ihe L'nlted Bl ??? I i *a>
poration waa utndergotng an Inveatigatleg
ann when ;. rr.iu.-tt..n in tbe Iron Bnd t-teti
larlft waa fean d. it eertatal) aaa i
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th?ir i rodu rta Thla would ra all la largi
Importatlona at cheasae ratea N m k\
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pan "
Do you tiniik Colonel Rooeevell aaill 88
r?iior\ to teatlfy?"
? i really don't knoa," aald Mr iianley.
Court Penies Application of tho JfgB
Doruinion Copper Company
The ea parte b*dt8ncti9n ebti r**?d ?? MU
mlnertty atockbelderfl of tha N
lon Copper Cot*apaa** ta ?? ??
from ? arrj !:?(* o*a1 lt -
tha Britlab i' ''?:.n,>:'i i 'opper i'
wbereby tbe tatt?r eonceri
.?ri-? of tho Kew Doaalnloi. aaa
ael .i.ndi ln thr* Bopeeene rourt
'.-? Juatlca Page, wbe daaied th<
? bave tha Injunctloi
f . ? |bt by the ated
it waa ?? diapoted r-""^'t',r'
,. . . thar tho rontra. I W8J '"
?donabte ..r not, and, irr.- ? -? i
..Mll.! gi'.a. ;id- |U8l
\.r.,i,rf d ? .i irlag ilo* lltlga l ??
Brltl h company, aaewertng ? ?? ? n
?<?... kbotde eai
i |g loaa Batd that lf there ? ia a
H a iuld k iffer, too, atnee l<
of the ato '-. of the **->??. Domlnion eeta
, i
Driver Arrcstod After a Livolv Sm**V
up in Broadway.
Frank Kennard, deacrlblng hlnaaaH ?? I
and t-'ivin^ his .i.i.:
Amaterd im aveoua, wu locked up li ' *
(Veel flith atreei aallee -? ? nhi.
charged aitb gaaaitlt, Intoztcatioa .i. le*x*H**
Intr ii r:ir wltbOUt l lic^nfo. II'* " ?? /olBg
i.r.Mi npjvr Breadwaj raalaidaj fh i
Ib a >>u taurlng >:.r an.i at *r"h
run Into th>* rear of a friiltf*r?*r'-< a -
awBed by H ii;. ka i Ben. ef Ha V**
Broadaray. Harry IsaTaatraelo, the fli
vv;is thrown out, tbe borsea w<n
down ;.:i'l tiio wagon ??-??gt*1
The automobile tbaa Bueived ^^
knocked down fourtaan-year-oM
Dolan, i>r No. i'C AntMterdam ae aae,
brulalng his baada and kneea, He aaa
taken t" Reeaevell Haaafltal \ glrl "'1*
'\.i> lidiag with Kenaari waa t rown eali
hnr aftar ti'limx Patrettaan W Ita tl H abe
waa unlnjurad ab< ^*.'nt av^.''? arithoul >;l^
Ing her name
For Summer Comfort In the Country House
Thrse Group3 of McHtighwillow Ftirt-iture are Ready <
For Promrt SlSip4*n*nt trf>m Stock on Hand; rer-onal selrction prefcrred. btd
illttstrations with .ill dimensioiis notci w*ll br sent on mail rCs-,ccst to
those who cannot visit tli? saLsroums.
FOR $23.00
GROUPv ***** Crefk c,1**r iM ?tt n, /GROUP
unuwr i ( FIfaMnt P|din8Rockcr 0R 1 Norfolk Chair *?*"
*J\ y 1 Roundabout Table. 27 in. ***~ - Pleaiant Plair.s Chair i g
f I B.ildwin Sqtiare St-Dcl 1 Roundabout Table. 27 m.'
FOR $50.00
/ . r-> . c r i r. * I-?"'ington LcHinginf* \
l| Davenport Sof,.. 4 ft. ggg Broad JJJ j
PBfl 11D M St. Gcori*e Arm Chair I Sal-in Arm Chair 'QROUr
laliUUr* OR l New Deal Arm Chair ^ n
C j'St-C-eorgcRocker ~ I New LVal Rocker L 0
(1 Berkelcy 0v_! Table. 26x3ft I Longway Table, 22x32 \
I Capatan Stool, 16 iu.
(tr 'Gronpi ov tbii Utt WtU be sent jrci^bt fru tbrtmtboB* tbe i ftiUd SlatiS,
[Exprtii to nearby pohbU), or Seat CusbionS WtU be QvtU nitbsut
chaiee; eilber conctssion at the optiov oj tbe purcba<er.

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