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,,XXI N? 23.612.
lo-da> avil In-moirr.,, fair;
?onthweat irlnrla.
TriTaTr't.'' /iVIrf' t 'i;VT ?? CRf *i >*??* XorU. .Urarrtttr e_nA nobekam.
PKK Ti U_*l__ LT-Jil 1 KI-'ar-llHKBr ng tF.NT*..
ty-th Mercury at 88 Degrees.
Humiditv Makes City Seem
Warm as Ever.
roreca?tcr Reports Frosl in the
par West and Hints at
Li-rht Winds in Near
-' ""hUl thii, tlie
^gjnm* ' ???r'T-i'*^ ? oool
Hs s.ud that lt
?i Saturday and by
--aajda* .I thtA the
Kf?r ,., "??' Of thr- hottlo.
p ? extrai ..p.int m h:s
? ln ghowers f.^r
i4U,rAr f"r y* rterday. |
aggtm ? nt bb to sufgasl srlndsi
?gMMa ? ?? ?':' ?r,*-ds tor yaa
?j, th-" glaten ri 38 In Yel
... *i ellow-rtone
.,.?)(. t md mllea from Naw
rom iho areather
- ? mother ho*
ryi; iiK* i rtH*r riir' * last
iiat infonnatlon ar?
the temper
be Blmoat as I 'Ch
? ai d Ih. I unitdlty
tt i >."i "-.ave, * ?"! no
? the wtnda, variable,
? ? | | thi ralli.
? humldlty, though
? ? rave?
tlon offered, atri
?' r-ni th" a eatl
? ? ? iwenty
.... t 8 a. m. yesti rday
..?-.-?.?,'.... er New
\ ? ml Btates :i ti -1
an extenslve area
- ? her ar*'1 ?
... ? ? Th' barometrk ci**
ta moved i",f 'itiir
tiir mlddl
?:??- "
? '?????
Gena-a' Humldlty in th** Saddle.
.? ? * h ? ?
agnk behli ll i
-*ht be
? rr] foT tlie
****** thn it 6 iring th* day.
gOt .y,,r.n a.< thr IligVi*
as***** to
n a ill sgain fa ?i
? *,-'iT t!.!-"
la] t'-an anv
-I *~. 1 h* '
ln 1
> af on that day tha
87, bai
. ? death t from thrt
-arer**- fourteen
Mtjj - didn i tou< h 30
?? -
a'hich lt
but 11
? - . y..rk has (*;
?.. . op..ll
. " ,; ? gradually
?????. rcurj fii'i not
?i rk last
-: ? t was still al RJ
T gg DeaH from Heat.
mean ? ?"i". ko'
? ? - _????? ln th
. _ gj Tl at v ?
I ' . ? ? i. But BS
e rnotsl
?ati ? ?
|S| ? gl Old. "f
s *
... '. .
-. ? , -11 -I'
... .i i died
th an sllbl the
a-aji on
? ditiona
1 the
? ? ?.!
1 . .11 III"
. i.. i,. . i o v
? ?? Bslnf
niorro .
Wave Expected to Disappear
'fo*"e Local Thunderstorms.
'.?.?,,,, try thi
?*vUl " '"-? ? ?? general weekl ?
v?. .v'fc;1"', '
r**?)."fn' "
? Ht-r J*" * * ? '" ???"? Ml" '
? -N-ftltl J
? i ihowera.
i , iena>.J
11 oveiapread tha niidnle
kjh* .? . . ' d th
^H nr or Mon.laV
?"I be followed *ay gem
******** aa ,,,.,?,, pa,,,,
By Gcorgc Gibbs
See The Forbidden
Way.'- by rhe author of
The Bolted Door. ' in
rhe next Sunday Maga^inc
of the
New-York Tribune
Turns Back to Help Patrolman
Whose Motorcycle Is Afire.
Whl!-* William Murray, a motorcycle
patrolman, was chaaing on thr Ifudson
Boulevard, at North Bergen, n. j. >ts
teraa) evening, ;t Mr touring >ar ln
whlch were a man ai.ri two women, an.l
whlch, in the oplnlon of thr poll(*aman,
waa et4*ee_Ing tho ,?s|ir.rri Hmlt, thr- ear
bur. tt..r of the motorcycle burst, s??ttin_r
the machlna. Murray was allghtly
burned on the face and hnnds as hc
BWUng the cycla int.? 111? gutter toward a
pile 4.f (-.arnl.
Whlle tii" pollcenaan was trylng to ex
lingui.'-li th<- flamos thr- man in thr auto
moblla turned back and, drhing up t"
Murray, fleid*
"Were >".i chaaing me for exoeedlng
i ii. epeed llmil ?"
i was.'- gald Murray.
"Wall,"" wenl on the motorlat, "i am
BotT)' thal .' gave you uiiy tr.ml.le. I
iii.i n.>. know I was going too faat."
Then the automcblle owner g-^t two
niRs from lus car and pui out tl.e flamos
thal were e_itlng up thr eycli He in
f-Ls-tod on .'.'? ompanylng Murray to the
North BwiTfi"! police Btatlon, but Mur?
ray refuaed t.> make any charge.
TIk- autcani-iblle owner saM he was K.
r>. Ebbetta, ol Eaal Orange, N J. Oaa
ui Ihi women wltti hlm araa his artfa.
Tells Police Two Men Beat Her
Until She Lost Consciousness.
Mrs. Anna Waltera, or \-o. ;_.''-; Kiton
avenue. The Bronx, told the police of the
Morrtaanla Btatlon house yeaterday ihat
raa aaaaulted at I55tfa Btreet, near
Elton avenue, by two unknown men on
r'aturda*. nlght a*,r1 beaten Into uncon
BrlouBiaeaa Two detectlvei wera pui on
tjlf. c9 . and a rlarld search I belng
made * 'r the men
Mra Waltera <aid ahe waa walklng
, hi n ih. n en iumpi & oui of .4
riump of buahea and whlle one man
, h,,k<-r) h*r th**' other hli her In the fac-*.
n got et the ajrrocer'ii arare
hnocked ? I '' her handa ;<n<l Ay waa
..,* |nto the wood* There, Mrp
Waltera egld. ahe Btruggled wlth tbe
men and cdlled for help. Aa ahe uttered
tv,^ et?1 rh* ?..a" strii'-k r.n thr- if-a-l by
wi at Bha thinka waa a club and i<.8t
. ona. louat ?
When shr. regalned bohnelouaneaa alr
-ou||rfj 1 If,1.. ln* the wooda for
i .-ar': two houra, and was so weak that
ihe couM hard!: keep hor feet. Bha
flnally maneged to gei home and cmwl
up t., h<r rooma
Death Ends Boy's Attempt to
Leave House of Refuge.
Bernard Ri>-**?n eeventeen yeara old of
So 887 Buahwlck avenu*. Brooklyn. waa
drowned yeaterdaj afternoon ln th* Eaal
v hlle "" ng to ea ane Itom the
!?,.- _. ?., Randall'a Island.
Rosen. wlth three trther boy*5, alexander
Kellogg, William Marlon and William
Monahan. allpped oul of -4 ground ','.""
bulldlng and hurrled down
,,. ,[,, ..,..?-<-. ??? hen I i< threw th.oir
c-lothea off and lumped Into the river.
? aboul "? p m. an<i m ??? of th?
... ,, ^e ? orr dora of the ln
? .,.,. An older boy, rharged wlth
Ing the four, gave the alarm, and
II. .r..,, r ,..?... ? I latlt began 1 1 ahrtek;
(l,e boata the 1 ei idded to the dte
, or<* xMtiT ? r bella and whhrtlea
Motor boata Bhol oul from The I
!..,.. n boj went do* n,
aboul ' i""'"; uc[ f,'"m ,1" '
? ? _?: boai neared hlm He
mnn >. and nould not
hreaet 'hr ' -' : Th" r,r,",<
Kiiu rh< otl er b. ? * etre 1 aptur. rl
hai k v ithout realatance nnd lo ked
..,. ?,. f harbor poll<? beggn to di 1 I 1
?rl 1
Younc BoodhllM Throw Stoncs at
Bhipcoat Sturk 011 Fenrc.
g/htle Patrol nan William J Hu ??. "f ","
BrownsarlUi atatlon va. held prlaoner on
. fence by a n"'1 arhlch Impaled hla rlght
uikl* whlle ho waa Bcallna the f?nce ln an
..ffort t.. raptur* aevi ral Iwodluai ai Her
Klll,,- Btreel and _*nhat*jui tToaaini
,.-,.? t.. youngaten 1. " -dvan
. . him Whlle h. aal aatrld. ll* fenoa
.,'1 ;. the) hurhad atonea 1
Hunt ftnalll managed to gel free ane
.........,, . . where
_,. ?;,-. traated by an ambulame Burgei 1
Responds to Bather's Call for Holp and
Pulls Him Ashorc.
rrid, N J I ?
Blterl* avM aaved 1 ?'*??' ' .
,, fien - *?? ' ''-1" "",,
??? r1 iv::;,'""^*
A I.? alnking hi rried. "...
ann ii- ilimmedlal
. ?,?i awam loward hlm
piterl. '-nr- Io <i" aurf.*"
? ? ' - '?""' '?"""
ead< I ?? " '
'.'..'Iti _
TRUST f3a RECC^-RS" $''r'0,000
Proceeds of Sale of Rotkinghani Co.'b
Property Ooeg to Knickerbocker.
KaZma. N. C, Ju' ? Okmn ""' Z Z
''" TthaWco
Power comi "'. ''^ n
aama property la eonni.1. ???"?.
eelver llrectad to P*1 _ ' Tril_r
.ii,?... wo,., to tb* Kn-'K",'-;;^ li^..II,
romp*i f, ot Ni york. ???' .""' ? '
, ,, *j 'H.irfrf, due_
Rl.1 ^k*n*rf-an",,t^t"n5i
11 r rieweyd *???????* ' " ' ?' h
Ex-Judge Dittenhoefer's Firm
to Bring Action Against
Friends of Young Actress Ex
press Opinion That No Ali
mony Will Be Demanded?
Wants Custody of Child.
It was lr.anii-.rl Uito last nit*ht thnt thfl
flrm of Dittenhoefer, Qerbar * James.
with offices at No. ;?+; **t**oadway, hat*
baan retalned by Miss Ethel Ba*******-*a****e
in th<* actlon for divorce arhlch she is
aboul tn hrin-f npainst her htMbtsnd,
l'nssr-l! OrlBWOld Coll Nons "f thr mem
hors of thf finn would dlscuss tho ra.**!-*
kWl Jilt*ht. rx.'.'pt t>. Bfflrni thf .state
ment thal they would t*epre-*eni Miss
BaiT) mnrc
The r!nsr>st secrecy regarding 111 ?* en?
tire affttir is iir-inK malntatned by a 11 par
tions concerned. Just when thr* divorce
prnreodinEs will i>o brought or nn what
(rmunds could imt be aacertalned. it
was said, however, that the papera in the
divorce p**oceedlngfl are due to arrhe in
this clty from I/.'*- Angeles -a-rms thne tn
day and that actlon would be bergun as
aoon as possible.
Mt. Ciill. \vh<> hag been sta* ing at the
Yale Cluh. at No. 80 West frOtfl stryet.
lefl there nn Saturday nmrning and has
not been at thr* elub rince. Pevaral of
ths members who have remalned In lown
over Bunday are mmh pe-rturbed ..\rr
hif. absence. Bome of them made a
f-r.-ir.'h f.>r hun. but wlthoul sur.*ess.
Accordlng t" rftrambers sl thr Tale Club,
Mr. Coll hns sestned much dteturbed
sin.'-* im l<=arne.| thal hls alfe js about to
puc him fnr divorce,
Loa Angelea, Cal-, July **. - Bthel
Barrymore, so lmig as sho |g on the Pa
rir".- Coaat, arlll have nothing tn .-av re
f-arrling her **eported forthcomlng g< tkw
fnr divorce against her husband. Russell
O. r.iit. Thia Btatemenl was made this
afternoon by hrr manager, after a brlef
consultatlon with Miss BaiTymorai
Frlends of thr. yotmi actress deriare
that her "dlence is dur* tn a fr-nr of notO
rirtv and an Intense dlsllke of the klnd
of "advertlsing" the divorce must np.***
sariiv entall, rather than tn any constd
eratlon fnr hrt husband. They aa) there
is no llkellhood of a reconclliatlon and
as-?*rt that ault arlll bi begun Immed!
ately in **-.".?*?**? Tork Clty. Thay polnl onl
that Mlss Barrymore ls amply gble to
take care r.f heraelf flnanclally and rv
presfl the oplnion that she wlll a.iu for
no allmony, though sh>- may demnnd an
Bllowance fnr tne rare ann maintenance
Of her infant -inn nr a s--ttlrment ln hls
behalf. Bhe wlll. th*y aay. demand the
. ustod* of thr- chlM rjuring his mfnority.
It is said. Ioo, thal MiSS Parrvmore
aii! Introduce Into her romplalnt only
eufflcienl /acta to a*in a decree <>f divorce
and will ellminate, ? n far g* may h?
po isibli, Bill *-? nsat lonalism
Has Been 111 with Pleurisy -Re
covery Will Be Very Slow.
? P Ttrtegrapl- to f*ha T-ib-m' 1
Lok< Oeorge, N * . Julj I. Thfl con
dltion r.f Edward M Shepard, a*ho is
at iii*-? summer home here, is siightiyim
proved to night Dr 1 I. Hennlng, of
Qlena Palls, hia atter.dlng physlclsn, ar
rlved here late tim- afternoon and wlll
remain il *,ir 3lK*p?rd house through
oui tha night Thi folloarlng bulletln
asued it 10 IS to-nlghi
"Owing to an overworked, tlred nnt
and rundoa*n cundition, Mr. Bbepard
caughl cold, '?.hir-ii developed Into pleu
.nd that dlaturbed th* normal funi -
o( his organa Hla recovery uitl
be ver ' " ' Hls condltlon
1 itmea haa been rritlcal. lt preaeni
ii. ia restlng comfortably, takine nour
Nhment well, end I - general condltlon
i- ? Ughtly nnpro\.- | "
It alsn became known tn nif-'-it (hal Jir
Ilennlng had been In almosl constant
ettendance r?n Mr Bhepard gfnee Fiidsy
r ir-|ii
i..i lard M Bhepard haa paaaed througl
a mora aetioua lllneaa than man* fri**nds
ln Brooklya Imsglned, aecordini to -ta* - -
obtalned from inistworthy gourcea
? night For a luni* hla life wsg
even thoughl In dsngei bul ? rhsnge fnr
tli** Letter O' ciirre-J ofl I i. and rom
pl, t.' 1 -...?'? ? ls noa 1 apected
The" \gw\ ar'i lllneaa daten fr r-rn tlre*
weeks ag<>, although li?* had nni been IB
th** htst of hean. f"r acflM tim- prevtotflfl
Mr. Bhepard wa* et n>. tlma lrra?
tioaal. hs wsa upabl* to arouse Mmsr-if
from a turpor whteli amoUBtSd Bl tiine
,,1,11,1.1 to rimii 11*- family, who ha?l
,i 1 iv- flumtni' ii -rn , i.riov.' at,
,,,, 1 ;,u? - .;? "late, n.r-u- more snd mora
aiivlou . a i i. fl iii paaae l snd thfl 1 1
tient'a i-ondltio** failed to baprova
Sj.4 ? iaii. ti .'?' n oalM 'i In, among oth. m
i,; 1 \ \)-t .i"i;'. Mr Bhepard' phy
plclan In Brooklyn Bo thlnga w.m untll
Independence Day, ahen, II la ald, tbe
? iirfimr- for thfl bettei csnn Mi Bbepard'a
frienda belleve thai II b boI probaUfl thal
1,, arlll be ph: aieally abta i" raturn te 1
,,,;.. in ? befon full tt Ifl thoughl iils III
may havi Imrl Ita nrlgln n thfl ?.>i
,,,f -if hla rampalga ssrljr in ihe \,u.< n.r
thfl 1 nlted Btatea Betaatcn-ahlp arhlcl went
ftnall) i" Jui ll ? ' ?'' ?'" ",;,"
firemen Narrowly Escaped When
Koot oi Blazing Stable Fell.
1 1 1, .,.-.? Jul I l i" earlj lo-dfl ? -ie
-irn>? .1 tli. .? "' thfl Arthur W luxon
Tranafei fompany, bunied Ifl horsi lo
death st d eauaed |MM WO datnagi The
au-. of the tn.. Ifl tmkaowa
Three hundred an>i nfi\ .iraii horsfla, *-?? 1
Ued -il * .Ir were i|lla.rliK"l ln tbfl fOUl
?tOT) t.il.l.- -Alien thfl ""' lu.iki out llr>'
,,,,,, r. ? - < a - -41 fl in.nl.v SOS liuii'lifl of tliein
befon tha roof .in'i taallfl r***asaaal lo ih>
baaemenl n<oir* of Bf*e**aefl narrowl) ???
raped death wbea thfl raofj .ave.i ln Tbs
?tablefl w.r*. witlun Bvs btoekfl "t \ha down
town Inifllnssfl .jui?'b 1
1 ln thla iifiirii""ii di fltroyi -i th. furnl
lun w.H. ii'.u-' "f ? ? Ri ? '??. I Brotb. 1 .
?1 nn 1.1..11: 1- ? ' I"' u..' 1 her
h a-ork ol ihi Bn rw n .iMy -..i. r
i ipen v.uir mouth and ?hul youi eyes,
And ['II g'rve you something to make you wise.
Leavcs Trail of Destruction 3
Miles Long in Williamsburg.
Three Policcmen, a Bridfffl Ten
r]ov and a Baby Amo*i(*
th<* Victims.
Erom ihe tlp of his fioninK taii to th*
quivering end of his low-rr '1? ho araa a
bad a.'tr.r." The rrianner in arhlch h?i
laid hla fugay eara back along hla head,
barr-'l lii-- teeth in a grin of fi?*flanr*p aml
.-.l!0*p<l the r*rl of his oyr-s wai hut an
Indtcatlon of the volcano that smou!
,vrod wlthln. H required but half an
Opportunlty to W thopr dorma.it f-.r.-o*
run ri..- and the opportunlty ? ame la^t
\ ir"i, ago .i,.sr>ph Lukowakl, -4 llvery
-rtable keeper of No '.'?"?1 Wytha avenue,
Wllliamaburg, acqulred a m ratang Mr.
Lukowakl wka aaaured that the little
animal was "frosh from ihe piain<-." ?" I
now hr ,, t_ra ot it n- BUWed <h
hora- ..I No. M North 3d Btreet, iu*1
around the corner Itom ''ii home, and
Iried f, ? urh Ita arlld Bplrli wlth klndly
treatment. HoW did he BUl*e**ed? 1-"
t;,o tisi. of Irtjured trii
BOTIrfK. Palrlch. patralman. Bttaebe-1 te ihe
Mrfrit^r.i ava.ni' atatlon; a****** bratoea "*?
r,nri: . ?.nr"1H hv ?'? ?"* hulaur. f.irf^n
, .... ,.,., ,,-? Hoapltal -'"i 1*11
, |ggiD*f l? '? ? a*rg**n- alta. b*d i
gegford i ??*? ?'?'?|f", ''"'?*? ??'
r..,.,r? ann Vno-K. . BtlCadCd BBd h*nv
r, HEfl '? ' no- M North U treat; maltl
r .?,...;... rfii.r-'i.ri .mr. hem*.
,i .ooi RTI 1*1 n brldge lendet *? Het.
, ..,v ratVered trem |-atn*rBl*fl a""!
,.,,. ged a- .1 la brldge
MAOICI - v"'"*, Ko *s N?"'" ' '
bratoea ann Mt**; *tt**?4*d a**- I
?flgi HB1 r. M-a Mai K< M *;rt"'1
.,-,,.. Bbraaleaa ef tha akla and ??
?I .rk
,,: ?| i-i. frank. pat"**"ma? Bedferd a- i ie
?utlen; anlfen* *"r" "'"? *?*' kraleed.
RODOVgK1 Mra ItMiB Ne M Ifertli se
. ..,. bo*., badlf br*l**d fra ; ^r?-1
I aofa
roDOVBKI Mortlmera aev*o ****** *M l*?
8g Mertfc M atrmli et "^ br"'"''*?
I anoekad ?***? '?'? *HM her*-*.
HODOVBK1 l?'??'. -*? M "?f_ ,?*??''
p.r- ? br-t***- *t?d ahak** h> "'rr
? . earrtag* bl er***** m*_
? ae-J an-1 i? eiib,
voor H*nir. H* IU r.-run-r atre-H braleea
,...' BheaMer aad abraa a of . et
? ' me.
-gynen all of WllltoWhuri waa aittlng
,?, ns front do..rst.'1's ree-terday even
lBf -mjoying th-Iwmbj of the evening
hreaaea flomethlng h?*_*_?ened. From the
Hrectlon of tho Lukowakl Btablei mme
, ?ois.'. loud, i-rtoua and determlned.
There ??" a eownd aa of the beal of
maddened 'i"of? ngalnat l.rda, then a
, 1;1.,, the wild nelghlng nf b horae, and
finalli the aound of ? haavry body'* full
ii lurf.
Mrs Rodovaky, Blttlng on her Btoop
Ith har chPdran, glanced up in time
t,, s.r-.- a s'|U8t muatang, eyea aflama
nd taii ereet, bearlng do-wn on hor. gbe
lad no tlma to beal ;| ratreal Into the
ahelter >>t thn h.iu.*4.' nor lo eacape from
iho porch, The geraam raher throal
aaa equelched by tha hnnatuoua dash ?.f
ti,.- borae, whi. h haii noa reai h< d the
i,rh, tan f" ' nemj
i',,i the i.4*xt fen mlnutea theeratwhlla
I pea4**atul gatlatarlng oti tbe Rodovak)
I porch raaambled an Irigh fair. Arma
and Uraha, na?dg and faat arara mlngled
i ,,, on ronfuaed, Btruggllng maaa Tha
: | .,i. .',.,., i ii... k. 'i from II i eart laga md
Ceal?MBd oa afi.uil |>H(?
"London Times" Thinks England
Should Act Now to That End.
l.r.nd..ii, July IO "Th.^ Times" ln an
editOlial on tho AiiKln*Anier!r'an arhjtra
tion treat. thla morning oxpresses t\\* |
opmion thal the preaenl would ba an op
portun* moment for .'roat Pritaln to
open negotlationa aith Japan with a
rlew to modtfylng tlu: Anaio-.TapanfH**
alllance, ao aa to brtng it into barmony
wlth thr Anglo Amerlcan treaty.
"Thi*- Timos" bellevea that ln any .-a*-*.
no rliffVultv is llkely to arlae, either ? Ith
Japan or tho rnitod Btatea
Youn-' Man s Odd Actions in Jer
sey Get Him in Jail.
'By T?l4gragh lo tha Trlbu ? ;
Hackenaack, n. .f., .fuiy 9. Profeaaor
.luiiua M. Wlnalow, principal of the
Rldgefleld Park Hlgh Sehool, was r->--at<'\i
in his parlor thla afternoon when a
well dreaaed young man entered and
r-.-.oiiv remarked: "1 am a deaperate
man, an-i If you don'l glve me $100 tn t
hurry aomethlng Ifl eoing' to happon.'"
Mr Winsloa humored tho atranger until
hi could tell his daughter, Genevteve,
to Bummon hoip.
Boon Police Captaln Mella and Patrol?
man Betthoff arrlvod and tho hold-up
man was takon before .l.istie* Grlggs
? t im William -t. Norwood, of New
Tork," said thr prlaoner to the hiatica.
i .,'.>nj demandlng $100 from thls man.
lio aaya h?- doean'l knoa mo, hut why
.ini he converae wlth m* tor flfteen
mlnutea In hlfl own home? i refuaa to
uifikr. fitiv further Btatement, hm i will
explaln my preaence ln due time.*1 Th<*ii
hr> admitted demandlng thi* money. H*
au commltted to jaii in d-ffault of
$1/000 bail. iVorwOOd wroto a loftor fo
Mr. Root, Becretary of the Bowety
branch of the foung Men'a Chriatlan
Aeaoctation, al No 158 Bowary. Bt *?*?
a - . k. telling of his arreel and aaklng
ti if ||l Root --all at ..ri'" and pro- I
vido a lawyer fot hlm. Norwuod waa
unanned when arreated He refusea t.>
terl anjthinp about himaelf, I
Skeleton of Woman Fish Pirked Up on
Gnlf of Mexico Island.
Telegragb te Th? Trttaaaa |
Nea Orleana, Julj B That mermalda
iniiai.it the ''uif of Mexlco is tho oplnlon
i.f Tui.ni> Unlveralt) Bclentlata aud
authorltlea of the Louletana Ulatorlr_l
Bociety, aftei an examlnatton ul ? ? ikel
.....n turned ..\"r t.> the aoclety to-day b.
.'ai.tniii C. a. Thompaon, Unlted Btatea
governmenl llghthouae keeper In Pa
a-l'outf.-, near the tnouUl of th-* Missis
alppl River.
Tha i-k. leton Im ludea the artndpipe and
aplnal column. both of tbe game atruct*
,.,-.. and in the aama relatlva i...-tti.>? ? aa
mlght be found In a human The bonea
,,i n,r i,i..,.-si and "i ti.. gelvla are alm
Har to thoae of >'? woman, There la no
leg formatlon, the lower extremlt) hav?
ing been apparently provided wlth . tall
\ amall hlnge bona herami detached
and bone esperta Bay thla aaace auapended .
;, (.ni The trunk la flve InediM long and
tlu load is ..i gracefui outllne
i laptaln Thompaon, a in> found the j
woman-flah llfeleaa "t. a amall laland In |
tb*' Oull ofl the rlver*a mouth, bolled
th< sh.i.'t.'ii t.. aeparat* the fleah from
the bonm ln eompan) aith Captaln
William * Meyera, ..r Nea Or.eana,
maatei of the packel Bl itit... he i ame t..
t ,ii thia aftei noon a ith hla curioua
dla ..4. i
Low RxCuralOfl F.ireg to Colorado "Roi*k>
Mountain I.lad and "Monnl ilneei |.
i 'hi4 iro '? "i nlng an.l renlni i idora lu
ii. i .,'. ? KI I/Oiila I'.-. fe. t
* | I. i *ll lltk. I M I. ?? IIV4.I
- Adi '
Woman Creates Sensation in
Philadelphia Congregation.
Arrayed jn Striped Nightrobe and
Oolden Slippers, She Preached
Until Removed by Officer.
[Bj Ttrtflg-rasti te Tbfl trtbtmt i
Philadelphia. July JV?While the con
gregation of the Holy Tnnity Prntestant
Epis.*npai rhurrh, in Rtttenhouse Bquare,
attentlvely followed the. dls.^ourse of the
Rev. I ?r. Edward Campbell. of Wnod
bury, N. J, this morning. Mary J. Pri?.
thlrty-three y^ar-s oid. an English
wnman. who has b*-eti living at t))o Key
stnnn Hntel. entered one of thr- r^er
pews. She sllpped off her hat and a long
r*ogt nnd sfarted to tvalk np tho Blals at
tired in a gnrgeou** > t rii?-^-1 nif**htdratM
and gnlden slippers.
Speaklnjr of lost sh"op and hei di*.in<*
right in collect together ?* tt". k thal has
wandered all o\or ti>r> world, ahe ap
proached the chanci I along il"' main
aisl***. Sh?* half r-hwnted. half sli<"it?>.| .nd
fmd gnigerlv, fr.r tl.e g.,lilr-n slippers
wrrr tmne |Oq <*nmfnrtahl<\ though, as
shr- prn<-laimed, sho belleved them part
nf thr- wearing apparei arhlch madr- her
apeclally htter\ m .-pn.-ik m a. fashlonable
The memhr>rs ,,f iii?- congregation mora
ton sstonlshed i" ac* snd aai in a half
dazrd Btttttt-dS as thej -*?--* tl" B'Otttan
appmar-h th* altar rall
At th** steps she was mr-t bv ?> r- j\ev
Pr. ("amphell, who was supphlng ln thfl
ChlJJXll ln the absenre of tlie Rev. Floyd
IV. T-'inkins. The siipply reetnr guc
ceeded m dr-taminc h<*r thrro whlle art
ueher ran cutstda and called a pollce
Ry the time Ihe poll**e*man reschsd tho
rhancel ih> woman aeemed '"? he in tha
mlddle nf her sermon. Shr* was snying:
"[ hav* heen s> nt her* to lead the,
Sh'Tp bflaCk tO the flnrk. Ti. 13 I- thr
tblH and I w'll speak "
When the poli'-eman rea :hed her s>,de
and took hold of her arni sh>* dld not
i.ase to preach, nnd he wa- fnived to
tift hr-r dowB from Ihe step, whlle siu*
i rlerj:
"At last T ha\. foutld my rheep '
As f*h?> was n, Ing |n,| -aat thg pew
where she had made her toilel a few
mlnutea before. aht reached in and tm>k
oui her hai. t*oa; gnd ? palr nf bla.-k !
patenl leather slippers, and then!
i-reachad nn .1* she w..s bafng IsaJ from
tlie chureh bj Ihi poltcvinan. (in tha
tteps a larjre crowd gathered t.. hiar the!
real of her aermon, whlch ahe continued
t., the policeman.
\t tn. pollce atatlon she Inslated on:
wearlngj an entbroldered bag aa .1 eaal
nnd declared it aaa st Patrlck'a hat,
wbicb sho had Inherltcd bj dlvlne tight.
ob* ..iu ths was formerly an Rpiaco*
nallan, bul ''i't she had been accorded
?li i|i\itie r l (-;. i t to aave bouIs ind sho
thi night thi- m.i'i fashlonabd chureh lai
Philadelphia aas .he beel plaee for herj
m i" kiii this i'."iii. Bhe i-- i"'nn ii.-i'i
.r < \ mn natlon.
He Gets the Salary He Was Docked,
After All Thankfl to Acitermsn.
Ii'.ii.iri. N. I. Jal) :t i: It. .\.*ki imaii.
preatdent "f tin* Btate **enste, aho atas
Hctlng Qa**e**nor wiiih* Mr, **f*llsaa waa in
in- Weat, haa lurned over lo the Oovernor
.... ehecks ba reeetvsd fer hls bm
\i.. (lovernoi VVilaon bad been ofociall**
ilut-ked foi iii.--' amounta
The fli ?) ? bi u aaa foi aboul B >. t ? ? i
alinoat id. ? i iu. Ilai aalary ol il,. ? lov
? iii.i. ..n.l the aecond check b ? foi Hk*
for iimt daj = ui Junf.
Bloom Tells How Detectivcs
Searched GiriY Apartment,
and What They Found.
Deputy Commissioner Dillon Re
opens Investigation, and the
' City's Detectives Must Be
Cleared or Punished."
Thr- pachage of letteea fraaa W. B. Ph
Btokea t<> Ulllaa Oraham was found bv
detectlv4Mi attaehad to thi Weat flith
|Btreel poiirr statlon oa tha nlght of Ihe
lahOOttng. rxamlnr-'l an-1 piaced bjr fiem
ln a narrow paatoboard brn nnd taken
[from Mlaa tiraham aad Mlaa Conrad'a
Theae gtataaaenta v,c-o made to a 'i'i ?>
Une roportor yeaterday by John Bloota,
the wperlntendent of tho Vantna npert
arient hous.. Deputr Police Commla
jsi.-nor Dillon aent a Ceatrnl Offlee detec*
I tivo to aak Mr. Bloom to r_B*t Polteo
Headquartara to-day an.l ghre ln i
hia Btory of tho happenlngB on the nlght
of Jun- 7, 10 himself and Cmmtaaloner
A roportor lefl tho Varuna with fotir
detacttvan. of tho 0Bth atreet Btotton at
or about 0 o'clock that BaUM nlght, BBie
of tha tour carrjrlag tho paatohoard oo%
They a-anl acrn?- tho tfroei to * cerner
sai.M,., and had a drlnk. Three of the
detectlvea rrmarkrd that they were go?
ing bai-k to tho station houae. I ?
fourth to..k th" bOg and said he waa go
ing aptOWn. About two houra later Ihe
.ami- report-r -/fattad tho atatlon hlmael
nnd was told that th" box of iettera fl ?
there. but noneof them "wajaita
-olovant ta tha '?-*?*?"
Dillon Begina Inveatigatien
Deputv Coodalaaloaar Dillon. a m
Commlaalaoar Waldo ordered on Batur
ta] to Inreatlgnta tha part thr rdty fl*
tedlvee ptoyed in tlw letter myeter* and
, .,. to Bleep unt.1 he had ffiilf-h-d It
h*art\ something thal brought him from
h|g cool summ-r hom? it. ReckawB ? to
the awaltoring elty ln a hurry yeaterday
morning He want al on"" to tha Va
runa. made a peraoaal etamlnatlon af
Qia g-rla- apartment. tolkad wlth Bloom.
ezpreaaed th< optoton that II Rc-bert M.
Moora, of thalr eounael, and ? ???? s>
ttVBfl had mad" the rxaminat.op thay
ha\r- d"sorib"d It would bave Iw-n im
pogglbVr for .'umniing. houae datoctlve
uf tbe anaonla, to tmd any Iettera be
hind a trunk. and ??nt to th" 88th atreet
polire station. arhere ho ptgl Deteett***a
ICcCormlck, Bulllvan nnd othera oh tha
I'ommli"isionor liiilon then ?-'??n, fnf Bi
r\-<*l*? Patrolman Ttlly. 'ho ftrst aotlc*
ofllcer to rea.-h the 4.-mf of .h" ahooi
ing. j-o impreaaed waa he arlth the vetu*
of Mr. Bloom's teatlmony that h" s"Pt
a detoi*tlve froan Hea^dQuartara with the
requeat that iho auparintendenl of tha
Varuna. app?=ar at Headquarter* thta
morning and tel' bla atory to Mr. V | le
and hlmsolf.
Insif-ad 4>f the police m- eatlgation ha
i>i_*f practlcall) ended on Baturd ?
of thr day ga\>' it a r**n*-w?(i Impetua,
and u waa r-onat^tered hlghly probable
that Mr, Dillon'a formal reporl to i om
mlaatoner Waldo aould ba ot .. dlff.
charecter than thr. one ne contemplai ?>
making after Baturday'a inveatlgatkm.
Rtimora flew tiu.-k and faat veaterda
of proaerutiona of thoa. a*ho '.i'i ba
flnally proved reaponaible for pl i % I
i"tt"rf< ln tho poaaeaaloa of ih. Btpkea
igent and th<- metlng "?.' "t puniah'
tnenl of aome klnd. \ . ?
Ith tlu eaa* t-->ini-?<i oul tliat -i?-* >?-?.>
.-ould come from one ar tnora. of ,;" ???
loa Bourcea Magtetrate Fr* ? l, 1 ?p
Uce Department or Uia
through hor . ounael
Thoae Gu.lty WouM Suffer.
' ?r>t]itiiissioi)'?r Ptll'Mi. r*ft?r hia rei ,rr\
te Rockaway lat" yeaterday Bfternoon,
aald he would proeecute thr aork .-.f in
I "stijration until th* ?????ndu.-t of tbe oo
ii.*" offlcera lnvolved araa maila
ole.ir, and h" a,-).,4. |f gvlden<*e Of lie_*"l?
Brance or rollualon w en I
guilty would BUffer.
i> wa- underatood that ihe ? etn
sion"r had puminotied one or more m i
paper men who :yrro at th? Y-< . ? tbe
nlght of thr ahootlng to appi
hlm and fell hlm what th"4 k'"^ II
a is also underatood that hr had il ? Pa
mation to th?? effed that aov*r*\ rep'.rf.
, rs were In th" apartmeni ahortl.
Mr. Btofcaa waa ahot, nnd b" waa box
loua t>> gueatloa them. Their evldetica,
howatetr, win tiir'iw no light .>n what ???
came of the bundle of Btokea Iettera
Letters Returned, Pol.ca Said.
Detectlvea at the Wegl B9th atraeA bm*
tion told a reporter from The Tribune
aeveral days aftrr th" *_laOOting tha* ?h?>r
n.i longer had poaaaaalon of the letti a
talien from the giris' apartmeato. **Thay
aere noi materlal to tha <*aa"." they aald,
., w put thom ba.k." Oa Batarday,
after much wegreh, Commlaaioner Dillon
fdund the 'Immatarlal" Iettera la tha
statinn h-.tis- its.lt'.
As the sltuati-.n n.>w stan?K Com
gkager DHIan has dtacredlted t*unamlng'?
,s,t,.r. thal hi found them behlnd f.i"
iiunk ounael fot the defi n-*e r- .'is.-.i i.,
believe ll -t? >? t the pollog aahl th- r
im truth in H
Mr Blooaa told in-*- .->t'.r- -f 11 ?
penlnga ..f the nlghl of Jom I ] ??-"? rd i
.\ nitiK. Bealdea m**klrg th* Btoterneat
th.- the detectlvea g??t tha bun.it.' .-i lat
ter?. h- said poattlvali thal tbe lattei
W4M*a found in Mbi. Orahaaa'a trunk, -**?*i
that to tha baat of his kaowladge nelthi i
Cummlag aoi k. h Glaaapn, of eounaal
f.,t Mr. Stokos. g"t in the x'rls' apaurl
in.-nt tbat nlght. Ha pirtl-tilarlv want.-.l
it made claar thal under ao clrcum*
Btanoea wooM he i.a\.' permtttod a pri
v.it' datoctlve in th.- employ of Mr
Ptokaa i" Bearch thalr r<><>ms h.id ha
known who ba tfraai *!?? asptalned u..it
Cummlng came wiih .ity detectlvea on
tbi> gftoraooa Of Jun.' '.?, thal br l.-t hlm
no up t.i the apartmanta becauae ha
thought b*' wai one of them and thal
tha detectlvea were talklng arlth i'um
mlng, and noitliei dM BOC Bal4j dnythin-;

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