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i m w w golf
National Champion and Nicholis
in Van of Stronn Ficld.
Ariateur Make? Best Round of
Day in Play for the Metro
politan Tille.
An American and n Brtfon divlded hon
ora ln the first half of th* open rhampion
flblp t ,-nnment of thfl Metropoiltan Qolf
on the Bnka of the Knplewoo.l
Plr.b yestrrdnv. .1 .1 McDermott.
the national tltle holder. repre?*ntlng the
Country Clab of Atlantir City. and Ollbert
Nl.h tb. Of Wllmlngton. Ird th" fleld at
the md of th* Brsl thlrty-aii aolai wttli
jirore* of 111
A'th-nifrh beaten Ofl the day's totnl by
th* aarrow margin of n sinp'.e atroke,
Oflwald Klrkby, tb. Englewood ?mal*ur,
the dbrtlnctlon of returntne. the best
ajoora ol lha day, a arflltant ?, made dur
Bag tve nfternoon. lt wns all thr more
. followlng aa M did. a dleap
potntlr.p early paff< rmauc*, due to nn un
? te eircumatanc* whlle plnytni; the
twelfth bole.
An Idea of th* 'nst pi"* ha'.rz set by the
- ma*y b* pnthered when it ls re
BMmbered thal rdn* nf ,r? rorty-alahl
atarters finished the tr.lrty-slx holes bet?
ter th;,n Ita Jamoa Themfon, of th?
T'hSadeiphla Country ClUb, "'.th 115. led
Jftek Hobens, the home "pro" by a Ftroke.
Hohena was gflnerally ragaTded as a llke
tf winner. but after getflne Tl ln the morn?
lng took four fltrokee more on his BflOOnd
The ever ir.creaslnc promlnenre of the
homebreds waa notleenble ln Ol. efforts
of M 3 Brady, ol Wcdlaeton: Tom Mo
Namara. of Boaton, and Willlam Hnnley.
of H*W Hiven. Brady bad 14T, Hanley
.i*X and McXnmir\ |
To return to Klrkby. everythlng went
well ln th* mornlng nntil the fatal twelfth
hm* wns raachflal ror r',?', cnrr1 to ,hnt
point showerl even 4s The trouble bepan
wlth a pu!l*d drive whlch landed Ma bnll
alonaaMe of tha flfto*nth te* box. From
Ita peniliar positlon Klrkby found lt next
to Imposglble to tOOCh the bnll with his
club, and fo-ir ptr^kes flrerfl WflNfltfld before
he finally pot ih* rubber core to mov*.
After that, th* hest he couid get for the
hol* wns m V BveU then. Klrkby cam*
hamfl ln 40. whlch gave him n 77 for th*
Ther* w*r* no larees to mar bia nfter?
noon Bulianiaina. unle? the extra pyta
on the second nnd tbtrd creens be termed
t lefe. VYom therfl to the flnlsh. however.
.-?*!> hol* wns made ln efJhflf 4 or
I t.*h thr*. agot nt th* atataenth,
i hl i is well over four hundred yards.
lelnc esrecially credltable, As h* bOtfld a
j | || for | I "n the home trr,...n
thfl Eni aa | . bamptoa racelvcd ? llberal
?.mm the gallery, for
ol Fikjht. Klrkby
:.,ifi male thfl bome* I pournay in 32.
4-, nnd flv* BtrokOfl better tl.an
pnr f"i Ihfl full " onth* flgo,
ln a club ccanpetltlen nt Englewood, Kfrk
? . ?? H ataj
.?:?... ? ?: for l a Unka. Hla
eavrd ..f fl yaetarday a ia ns toUowe:
4 ;. (44*34 I
I . I ? ? ?"- *
When th* far-drlvlng VM hoUa mad* the
m rntng n und tn in even >. II kx ..
? f thi ' 'l hurt du?
lltng H all,
? ? ? ?
baah of the i ? tthig lnto the
i rooa W'eik
I *d run
iht ti ? tlme, but he aattli
oavn ad wl erlal grll cam*
.... .. || -,
. |, , | I In the ef
' ? nd T ?m SdcKamara,
or the "two Ma | i :en:lv
. tn the
75 to hlfl part
n*rv 3 aven golng
? ? .'". The
? I
wlth i ? ick; ?
... plete I
c . IBB4444.14 rr
1" 14 4" i 4 - :? :.".
i i i : i :
, I 4 4 4 4 ft 8 8-34
rolkrwfld ? 71
? ? ' ? ? 148 for thi day
, ? rning
i ro nd
i .
I round
-. 10 '.4 111
? ..in
? ' . ' 7 1 148
151 ll'.
ra i4i
;.. j ii.
. , ? ' . . II 1 "? I
Kox H ? ' II
F- M 7' 77 1"'!
;', ,i im
. v., 7] |5]
.7 7 "?
?i 72 laa
? 7T l'i
aa i -. M tl l&l
I ;- :? 188
" \"
'. ? I 81, 131
I 84v IM
74 M 198
'I 7 7 IM
< ?- -,?: |B
I l B1 Tl II
K ! BO I07J
<?: 17".
. !??'
Fi 0 ?
fuinji-h bafl< ball ?u?*
f, | j, |i ? nnd K'?'f
ii.i, k
? .
to rall b< nd fo.
oatakx u N WT
A !>V? x 7 ".Jiffv tenl nough
for two to ileep wlth con
.... m ith (olnted pol. nnd '??'rrt\luet%
b?g. wtm
15and VJ WAKKi:N ST., n?-ar Broadway
O0WALD kirkbt.
Amateur colfr-r who mad* the h*st round
in competltlon with profeaalonalfl f?r
the metropoiitan championahlp.
Bassford Defeats Burchard on
Courts at Dunwoodie.
Miss Ellen Barry, by Default, Ar
rives in Firal Round of
Women's Singles.
Malntalnlng nn inylnr-ir.l* pr.8lt|on in d*ep
ro. irt Ahrnham Bappford. Jr . of 1
vllle.. surprlaed th* apeetntorp y*pt*rdav 1n
th* semi-f.nal round of the Hudson Rlv*r
rhinipionship lawn t*nn!s tourna'-nent rv
defeatlng Rns." Burchard, of poweiton. at
, ?:. j -4,, <y-2. Th* tally waa i? gam** to in
and Ba polnfp to 77 A:- a result Bar-fford.
a form*r '"v-rnell T'nlveraltv *\rert, ls
roupled wlth Homer W. Ouernsev, of
Pi iic^k*epe1*. and a fonnrr hrVl*r. for th*
i.;;. ar.d title ln th* men's Plnelep
Hnssford Ptartod well Ii" rnn four
pfraight gamep, k*T'np up an *ver1aptlriR
,]rlv* for plaeemeat He did not niake an
*-r'T !n th*** four gamea, BO Burchard,
a former ehampton. only senred four polntp
- ard w n tha Afth game on hla p-'v! ??
. so tooh the Blath by awlftly played
hota. lt waa hla lnpt of the a*t. how?
ever. aa Ttappford BCOred lt at ?-2 in pome
-,,i hotly eontaatad raill*a.
? aeeond aet waa clooelj fought
ard had aegun to fmd the Btde Hnea j
.,, hla i ? thal Baaaford only got
econd and Btxth came?. The thlrd
of ralllei Bai aford
. d ? ourl wi 11, while. on hi? atde Burch
aemed to loae hla range and drlve o il
? .. erltteal ataaea Flva of th*
eight gamee arenl to deuca before Baaaford
There wera many defaulta ln th? women'a
Of tha heat in tha *?
Mlaa Bllen Barry, of Weal Polat, arrVveiJ
ln th* finai round by a denult. Mra.
Waltei A. Bethel and Cotoaal L H. Holt,
0f \V, ? polnl wera defeated In the flrat
I nf the mlxed doublea by the Bronx
vlUe palr, Mra. Henry H. Burdl k ai
p, Lattlmer, at <;--.'5.. r> -4 ln th* aeml-flnal
round tha aame palr def. ? Ellan
and Colonel Waiter A. B< thi . ol
? Petnti nt ?'? -'. r?<
i of the men'a doublaa win
be .].??? ed thi afternoon aad the women's
aventa to-morrow.
11 oa:
. a alnglea;
Baaaford Jr.,
? ;. poweiton,
nrai ?? Mlii
Ih .'
I i ??. 8. faull
.... | -, ? ? . ... f..? ? a '
.! -a i Mir
., ?
roun i Mlai !' n Bai
. b Dieta Broni
round 1 .t. I.. I:
? . nd D
? ,-, and Raaa Bui
?? ' ?? ;
7 "
i ... i(r,?? Ttir
?'??1 <? B
n elle.de
. ? ?
7. and J 4l*a indei Del
re i
v by default:
?i a - .'. y p. Lal
...... ?? ? ? ? ?
H ? IVaat polnt. 8 8. fl I
i ? ? ? ?.?
? i ' .
Mu ll- ? i ? ?? i irdlch nd \ :
ivllli ?.??!?. ati and
,. er Del Mai Dui ?.>??? i
<\ i oionel Walt,
onxville dafeat.
and . ? lon. | Waiter '
t, 8?I 8 i
Morgan Offers Wolgait $1,000 a
Round to Eox Browfl Here.
Brlti ' I tlmore bantai ? and
; ' ? ? ? ' k!vn. Wei i
? ? tan-round ba ita
? r x B ignei gnd Packay Honuney.
Twa ntleth C< ? tui
?.-r. | . ? gnd ' I
.hr* margln of rletory in both
? an ?Ired \d Wolgai I laat
? offertng l i ?!..->. b round
? * en to N. r. ' and I a 1 'town
-.n I auperlor to
l th it there would I
- i.t-. io inda ..'i tha < '?ar-t Di i
that in . oi i attloB In t - i
Ih i or rea away, and
. he would : tand and fi hi m
: rown v III ki o k blm
? Ui li ii roundfl
The hout between Brttl aad Wagaer aaa
bul al tha end thera ?? ra
few In Ihe hall wiu, were nol wlWag to
onora to the Baltlmore boy.
Uttlfl Brttl Bhowed a da gree or
pkin whl. ? ha lat
ti i battled hard aad ian.i*?i p..iiir heavy
arlth hla rtghl baad, bul arhllfl be
. ng ona puncb th* youth from thd
ktonumenl < it v landed two "i thraa
Wagner made hla beai ahowhaf ln tbfl
ninlh round II- t'.reed th* jn..- uml Pat
ir I ilown J.ritt's oafOOJOa by flheer fury
of nttj. v. ataay hard bwing* < raahad bonta
t.. ti.. faea und bOdy, and a h-ft i uff on
tba aeeh eaugbi Brttl off his halanafl un-i
? i him it araa naore a abp than i
eleaa kno. i.i.,un, for Uriit lunapad up at
onr* iinhnrm*d
it waa th* gid M..;-iv*'ii grh whtoh .ar
ri*d Tarry mroaagli ti.e ranka of tha teath
arwetfbta yeara ago tbat aaw- Phllly
througb i" hla vletoi i Ha boaod a all in
tbe nial I aad b: aha ai buHdog i iur
gffl had U riiade tiie Lt-Uai ol ll on i/uinu. j
Acl Wolgast Encfs Clamor for a
Chance to Win His Title.
Chnxlcy Ponin Fnils to Pay a
Fino and Roari from Presi
dent I.ynch.
Out of the mn.= s of ceafllcting reports
COItCernlng the nex? bont for the llsht
weisht champlOfiahtp of the arorld, h!* ?!d*
r-rtp and loudiv flhonted .-hniienses contflfl a
Mifmei.t from Tom McOflrey, of I,os An
geles. WhO has the confidence of hoyine
".'nns," that Wolgaal nnd Freddi* Weish
have slrr.ed to me ri hefor* his ctuq, and
wlthoul .my slde bat of 08,088, probably on
Tbankaglvlng Day. Thla meana thal aaatt
Wella, 'Tackey- McFarlmid and "Knock
out" Brown wlll bava to aa h ?' awher.
for houts nnd pubUclty, aa Wolaaal aayi
he need? n rc?t nnd proposc." to take one.
lt looks as if T'm Jonefl, WbO I* h.mdllnc
the chnmpion. had plck*d 8Ut the ea.-ie-t
bay of tha lot bat walght queatlona nnd
other cenaMerattoni mad* 11 peaatbta to
difpoaa of the othera untll some futura
Althougb Danny Morpnn posted li.^"^ ta
hind a match letween "Kr.ockouf Brown
nnd Ad WoigBflt, and offend to Dflt the;
champion any part of BM8I oa the raault.
there was Uttle chince Of the match belng
made ?On. Word" Morgan changi
Idaaa for tha match ? d l i ndlllona
thereof flt the ]a?t mlnUtC, Md Wlll C0n?
nect only to meatlng the champion ln n
ten-ronnd bOUt here in N?W Vork. Tom
jonea, the manager of Wolgaal, deellned
yeaterday by wlr* to ovaa eoaaader the
Wlth Wolgaal nnd Walah palrad off, th*
way la now open for ? inectlng between
Wella, tho champion of Oraat Brlteto, ar.d
m, Parland, wall* Browa can ro on facin-,'
?flcond ratera to bla hearl ' '? i"'"ln'
ning wlth Joa Fwrguaon at Albany.
rharley Dooln, manager of the Pbllllea,
did not play agalnai Clndnnatl yeaterday.
ror the raaaon tbal Prealdenl Lynch aaM
nay. Il develop d ai National ******** \
beadquartera yeaterday thal .1 Bna
Impoaad by O'Day. one of the umplrea on
joly 4. had nol been pald, ^ that ur.
Lynch auapended hlm untn the money is
,ecelvea Dooln waa Bned for aotllng a
ball, and under tbe rulea bad fiv* daya tn
whlcb to remlt tbe amount. No doubt. th.
aj ek la now on Iti way. and Dooln wlll he
back m thi Cray thla aftarnoon.
Word cam. from Phlladelpbla laal nlght
thnt Hora e F? ??? 1 would prnteat Un
. . , 1 Clndnnatl yeaterday on the -
Uiat 1 injuetly barred frompiay
ma- The money to pay hla fino was offered
to one of tbe umplree, who refu
t on the gn und that he waa 1
qualined agenl and thal it mual bfl aent tn
NaUonal League headquartera In New ror*.
??Buga" Raymond, the pltcher of the
GlanU who ia ln dlsgraca at preaent,
had n nairow eflcape from death In maklng
a baoh dlve in three feet of water
awlmmlng al 168th Btreet yeaterday. 11*
ttruck tha bottom wlth his head and
r hla neck, He ? -
I from thc water in a daaed condltlon,
1 ,1 loon recovered.
K. IfeDoaald, manager of Matt Wella,
th* Bngllah llghtwelghl champion. recelved
., ,.,,!?, . . yflflterday from "'i he uon
don Bportlng Ufe" offerlng a pur?e ol $20.
,... for n Bghl betwaen Wella and "Packj
McParland, ol Chlcago, ln Decembar.
??Sportlaa Mfe" probably la acttng for
a m* Londoa 1 oxhni eluh.
Charley Bfurphy! ewner of the Chlcago
Cubfl, la aald to hava afferi 1 ?-v
0*Toole ?nd KeUy, th* atar bat!
gt pa || , ; ib of tha American AaaodaUon.
Bnoa Klrkpatrick, a thlrd baaeman of
the Dayton club of the Centi
who has mad* a nam* for hlraeell
hard hltti r and fa?l man on the baa 8 ha ?
I irchaacd bj thi Brooklyn clu
report at the doae ot thi ?
1.. ifl Beason
Tony Bmlth, wl 0 waa aeeured by the Bu
perbaa from the T aronto cl ib of tl Baat
e,n Leagufl wh*n Dolly Btark ii
kn), ha* bei n n I irw 1 to tb. aan a club
araa ? hard worker, l ed th*
nnlsh to hold hla pla. e at 1 !-i or as ?
utlllty Inflekh r.
The propoflfld deal between fl '
amerlcana and thfl Boaton '
wl leb reporti when tha Wh <?
were maklng thelr flret trlp tl rough the
k-,m it up onr- more, it wafl reported
,',...,-, . thai John 1. Taylor, owi
thfl Red B ia, waa anxkw* to trad. bi
. n f..r two or mbr* playera noa
Ing Chlcago unlforma, poaalbly ? ? I
aquare f? r the Harry Lord deal ktal yt 11
,. ,jd tl a1 T lor aranta B. "tr. a pltch
, p ... , . tcher, for whom wltM
an'oth( . thrown ln he is wllllng to
. 11 ? "?*"
Ber. _
I rooi bou! wll be aeen al th* National
Bportlng Club of Amerlca to-nlght, wh. n
??jewey" Bmlth, the BrHlah heavywelght,
hp,i "Porky" Flynn, the Boaton man, meel
ln lh<- innin conteat Uh al ono tim*
?rai amateur champion heavywelgbl ol
? Brltaln, bul wa? unwhw enough to
boa Tomm Bun w hla flrst appearau ?
in th rankfl of the prol Bmlth
?raa beaten eaaily by th. fon ?
plon. bul ln thi la ? two ?? u baa hn
; ,1 wonderfutly, and 11 la aald among
tboae who I '-11 hi hl prepara?
for th* bou1 wlth Flynn that th.
? .., wlll havi to I- al hl ? ? H
to win
Jlm Kiir^-. th. heavywelghl boxi
aorely grlevi I ov< r tha reports thnt 1 ?
peraun '?'1 Hhf"" n,m in " "
laai few montha H? fell cahed upon to
di torl.1 bra b raab rdai la ? '? l
.. 1 .,, the aportlni edltor. He aald:
ia 1 ?.,, Bom* I ? ln th* paflt
. iti p| Ing 1 match wlth Jo*
Icanette. Now, 1 wl?k 10 flUtfl Uial when
1 ? ,., jeanette m New v.,rk I w* 1 vei
Blck man ind wai nt rather for 1
than th? rlng I dld r. 1 want to b< ?
T-m Bharkey pn valled upon me to enter
thfl "ng. MS arm was 80 WflaJl that !
could bardly puncn the bai Jaai tt< li
B ,0%v f, | ... it- found out II. 'I 1 ? '?"
in tralnlng for i bout, and ba called I
o/l ,;,. 1 1 ? ajng mattarfl ? uBly he wenl
tralnlng, and when hi w?* 1 gl l
eballenged m. to bM hha. ir Jeanetu wl l
m-vri m< "ii Jul - . B< ? ?' nai mi ? | own
condlttona, flnd It 1 don'i ??? " hlm I wlll
donaU my and 11 Untpuri ? ';;;'""">?
Defeats Oeorge Church und
Holds Bronxvillc Cup.
Bavtai blmaelf by brtlllanl apuri ai artll
r)i tlme. Ouatava )?'. Ton
fully defendad h 1 boldlng ol tl ? I
vllla Chfllleag* 1 up by d*f?*Ung Oaorgi \i
Ch rch, hla ? h Ulangar, m Bv* ?
iflti at 8-8, 4-8, t-4, *-*\ i
on the Bronxvllla Athletli I
t illf ? . ? -> ??? B
Tartee in lha fourth m the rooBB Prtnce
t?n intarachelaatl rJuBmafoa s*ern?-d to
bava ia. match aaaa, >*? b. iad tom.hard
aad wns witiiin twa fltnahaa af rl ,"11
ln ih'- flrM nnd flflCOttd BfltB ChUTOh
jump'-i tO lh" n-t TflMMTfl h* **** < ]
: ai ,1 1 ocked off dii of Toui aaraTa
Wlth two Bflta ,i,.wn. Touqhard
,.1, fldlad 'i I ?? ,i"'' playad blra cloaaly, bul
ard found tba openlng* Church I?? 1
ftt | | aad B -love, ,,nd al I I and B
1, ? , in lh* fonrtb f-t Kaeh uhk- Toui hard
?i ,.|,,,i and ?-,' ? 1 Ihi ball through an 1
aVerti d defeal 1 l bi I "" d hll s*-1
ond 1*1 w* Un Uopby,
Tel! Eeats Ca
California rv. Decisivelv
Defltea-ted ir\ Lawn
Tennis at Seabrfght.
The Baabfighl lnwn 't*rnla fournament
wa.-. ront!nu*d yesterd.iy. nlthout,-h the
weather mad? thincp ancomfortabla nllk*
for hoth playera and Bpectatora A match
ln the Bhtglefl and another In th* doublea
wera the only oaaa nJayed In th* alnglt*
for tha AeheUfl cup Theodora Roo
I'ell. the natlonal Indoor .-hampfnn. worked
his way to the flnal round in a Kyl* that
lefl no do.iht that bo was at th* top of his
gama His otajMaaaal In thfl aaaal-bnal waa
i arleton R. Qerdflaar. the rrark Callfornlan.
Pell aroo with tba acora of r.-i, I
Th* Indoor oharnpion WOrkfld IiIp ha.-k
band atrokaa to parfeetlonoaOardnor, who
aaemad to he oompletely al aaa in the flrst
BBt ln the aacOBd r-et alnrdn*r Bteadl 1
BUd dld much hetter. hut he COUld nol CODfl
arlth i'ell, who abowed a aaa atreah ol
,...i to tba very last aaa Pall occuplea
. ??? Baetlon, where he wlll liave to walt
till n-morrow for tha wlnn.-r of tha I."n^
i ahney mateh in the lowr aactjaa. The
t holder of tha e ip la Wathanlal W.
Tha doublea match araa ln tha eeml-flnal
. arben Melvtlla H. Long and Catie*
h m of Wm\
Sanction Issued for L-bor Day
Races at Brighton Beach.
in eddttlOH to th* Boaetlon f-<r the
? four boor automoMla raca frr
Auguat i ?nd I there wlll be rartntr at tha
? -n Ba ii.h motordi om.i Ba ? ?<?
I and 4. w!.*n ? matln. i luled.
The w r trophy agaln erlll ba raced for,
aleo tba Remy grand braaaard and ti
bo thal thi weekly salary drawlng braa
. , ..,., . ...... ... i aaveral drlvera
the Bummer month
Tha maaagjemaal la pUnnlng to olfar
n ? rdrome helmel Thi prlaa alao arlll
B flalary knducement but ?-?
eompeted f"r by cara of llmtted dlapl.
E \ Moroa dlractor of contaata for tba
rdrome, i* plannlng on I ivlag thla
priz* gtven for a taa n !- race foi r< of
IOO biehefl nnd leea in dteplacement with a
mlnlmnm weighl ef tlOO pounda, oi 'he
tsalj Hon as prevalled al I
Indian ? tor Bpeadv a: nn I ol -M '>'
... 'hi.ii waa won by Ray Harroua with
?? - - ? n waap.
Elghl raeaa wul ba on tha eard aach
d aad the Remy braea .rd wlll be the
ng in th* free f"r all o| an ra e, pro
I ., tiiat th* wloaer of th*
;,' ? ;.. holda it after tho twenty f,v>r
a . entei ? thal raa e Othera lae ll
a preeented In the llmtted dlaplaee
rii-r.f clase, and th* new helmel with th*
rled Induca ment wlll go for th?
free for all ra e
Th* early announ<-*mmt of th* date will
t of the gathertng of a greater fleld
than api ir d al th* [ndepei
Beveral of th* Orand Prtae
an.i Vai derl 111 cup i ara ar. i .? ? r>- I to
compa te,
prol manaj for the Ba na
Auto Import Company, advl <i tha man
? .-nt that ha would antar th* Q
i rize rara al Brlghtofl Beach, aa ha wlll
. tl etn n ady fi r tha Bavannah ?
befora Labor Day. Thla wlll btiner In
eompetltloa a cia j ol cara II I
a never befora eompeted on a motor
. or mlle track. Tha mai i
,\ill start at 'J'"" P. Hl. on .-a.-li nay of Bep
r 2 and 1.
\ Marton ear haa arrlved In Ai
.'itv from Albany wlth offldal ma -
of greetlnga fr m Qovernor Wa and Mayor
. any for Oarry Hern
Orand Bxalted Ruler of tl a BIka, at th?
ii ? ?
The Marton, aa fhe ofn.-tal ear at fhe
convention, led n numbei of auto
? .. and there wera aome flfty or
ra in th* pro. eaal n upon Ita
I ii ulantle City; tl avlng
i, |ned it al ? l lavta along Ihe routa
\v. K. Hadlei. aalaa mi i
Charlea E I '""? geaeral '
r the Marton. n eelva
- tn aii any from lh? G
..n.; .,, ..i and lefl thera t
i: ? -?. M. I . M
and other gti
rleton Gardner
ton R, riardner met Ravmond IV littla BBd
Karl If Behr, fhe palr of InternntlonaliPtP.
lt wa-. n flTrely a*t-to. hut the vlrtory fell
... the Cabfbralaaa, v.-ith th* taby ol 1 *
.1 -Tt Uttle and I.ehr wer* on thelr Baettle,
and riK'it from the pfart the former bagan
to rniash evervfhlng he eould aome wlthln
ranga of. Vary ofren ba had a hard job.
for Long Rent pomo vicloua oneg neroas the
\ n*' Ap a hflBSfl Lotal and tiardner dld
flaa enurt coverlng. and when they
are in harne.-p a Uttle longer Wlll tOka 0
lot of liBBltng from tho lest doublea In the
Uttle and Behr gave the Callfornl
ana the better aiguiuaut in th* flrat aet,
bul th*y tlr*d In the aecond. Ivwg and
Qardner are ln the krwor sertlon of the
Iraw, en .' awa'.r th* winners of the I.ar
I,r.-ritl',i.riunimer game.
Tha summary followa
I Mlfl ?"hall*ni$* rup UaHflJ flnal round)?T.
r Paii dafaated Garhoa R QerdBer, ?- l. o?8.
Mau'a dr.ublos (??rnl flnal r*L-nrl)?Melvllle II.
. LnriB and Carlton R. Gardner dafeatad Raymond
|D Uttle aad r.ui h u.-nr. fi?4. e?s.
In order to glve the gallery an exhlhltfon
of .1 flrst i-iH.sa ma.teh ln mlxed dOUbaOa
Mlaa Haaal Hotebktaa, the natlonal ebaav
haa boan braltol and wlll maka her
I appearanca at BaaBeiajbt this aft*;noon.
III play wlth A. S. Finhney. and tho
oppofltng pehr w-lil he Miss Ad*lald* Prown
14 Hudgon Rtver champlon, and Will
[ lam J. f'lothler.
Meadow Brook Magpies Win
Fast Polo Match.
Paat nllona and fr** hlttlng wlth the
malletfl canied th* polo four .,f the Meadow
1 \; 1 .!? ?.- through to a vtetory roo
in the aeml-flnal r...m.i for tbe
1 iway Ffuntlng Club cupa. The four
? -1 tha flrat team af Qreat Haa k by a
icora of 11.^ goala to r.\ goala on the
' ' ?'- H'inttnir Club al
?. Long island. .\h tha famoufl
Internatlonal player, Devereug Mllburn,
i on tiie Qreat N'*"k alde, tha ?
ii!*rp of Maadow i:ro?k had an advaatage
of two goala oa th.? baadteap. Bul th*
daahlng rMin;r of Raymond I7*lmont and of
1: B Raynal was bo good that when tbe
. loalng . iged in tha elghth ;
amall dlffarenca arould not have
ted tiie reauit hai lha two teama eom
[x r. 1 upon a la v.-.: baa
Devereux Mllburn and Hamiiton Hadden
gava 1 'i" Mi doa Brook >;.-... , 1 . ?
ridlng off thal they are not likely to {??: . ??'
Tha rldera ind poalaa wera in ronst.mt
[n tha aecond perlod Mllburn, ln
? ? ? ' hla galloplnglrushes, mal I
Cowdln at fall tilr, wlth the rrsult fh.it the
larr*r's aaddle Btrap hroke. Ti.* N".>. .1 of
t fl Magplea maaaged to ?.n*k to hla pony.
,. li it waa neceaaary to ?rop the match
i ?]'!' th* gear could ba flxed ao aa ro avoui
any dlaaater.
on th* Magpi* Blde, Raymond Balmoni
waa foremoet ln all of the exciting playa
In tha aecond perlod ha caugbl tba ball
froni Reynal nnd carried lt down toward
hla goal post, when he saw Devereua
Mllbui for hbn and knew ha wo iM
i v. . >n the oppoalte Blde of MU
.. r CoaVdln waa ra. lng, nnd Bal?
moni i ui the ball inder Mllburn to Cow?
dln, who carried II on down fleld, Mll irn
tlon to hlm, whicfa
ont a ehanca to eneah la and bc ra
irn waa i idlng i 'owdln off.
in the tl if.i i"-i'i -l Mllburn
I "? ? I ln ? ? '- | .!-. ?
i ? u rld !. u off I.- Rej i
i i."i napping. Mllbui n came ba -i< I
atta k -?? i- ''"? all was rolling toward
ind, tvardfng off the attack of Reynal
: i a brilllant lead
'I" ?- ? up !',."..
M I?R. B r....'.r.al. 4
. ?
? n. 4
" ? -.- . .1
Total nandkap .14
RO 1 B. C. CowdlB . l
. j
.. .0
Ba k J. Q Mii1 urn, fr. 3
. 18
? " -v Brook M
nt, 4; K s Bernat.
red b< handlcap?2
. ?_? ?? ? r foul b* W
it. \s>r ? 11 Vi ---..mIs. 1'r.r l',\tA\.
' ? ? ? n.ix Milburi . 8; EX , ? C
.1 .; Mlll irn, Ir. 1 Loal b penalt) -
r. Q Mllburn, jr \."
I . . t: .. 1 ? ?
7 | | .1.1 lt<?8
Motor Cars
Stevens-Duryea Motor Cars for the season of
1912 are not cxperimenfal flrst year designs.
The Modci AA, 43.8 H. P. six-cylinder car
criginaily brought out three years ago, has
proved its success. It is now offered with refine
ments and improvements and with added equip
ment that wi I still further enhance its comfort,
efficiency and ease of operation.
In 1905 the Stevens-Duryea Company made
and advocated six-cylinder cars. Up to yester
day certain " wise ones" called sixes " Fads."
But consider how many are now making or
introducing Sixes.
Our leadcrship is acknowledged in other re
spects; the three cardinal Stevens-Duryea
principles employed by UI since 1904--the
"Mulliple Disc Dry Plate Clutch," " Unit
Power Plant" and "Three Point Support"?
are heing widely adopted. These original ideas
would not be used by others unless they were
unquestioned successes. Detailed information
Stevens-Duryea Company
Chitoper I'alli, MaiMchutrtti
New York: A. G. Spalding & Brot., 1875 Broadway
Brought Out Major Delmar and
Swcet Maric Amono; Otbcrs.
Alhany. Julv 12. - Alfa P ataaDonald,
kn-wii tO mrfmen a\\ over the country.
diad laet nlght at his home. it, Ifenanda.
after an lllncaa whteh eonfln*d him to his
hed for mora than aeven months. His.' itb
waa Indire.tly the result of an Injury 18 hia
iplne Biiatainwi aix years n?o al ? grand
Clrcult rnce meeting ln B> hlgan. Baf l**
laat four yeara hla lower 08884 had bflHfll
pnralyze.l, 888 to hl* Injury.
Mr ilaqiPoaall waa ban al Hartford,
tf. Y . on Aprll 22. 1M<*. the .ion of h 1888008
horaeman. and drove hln nrat raOB when
BOVen yeara Bld. When fifteen years of nge
he waa a publlc tralner Amona the ra8t**1
horsea he rWclopel were IfajOV Delmer
(l'J*%>, Sweel Mario (202) ar.d Darlel
Baltimcre Shuts Out Skeeters
Without Difficulty.
Baltimore shut out Jeraey <"l?y yaaiafday
J by a acore of 4 to 0. The home team could
not flolve Frork's rurvea only flve hits
! helng mal" off hla delivery. Bf88B made.
I a three-h.iqRer. hut froze nt third The
| Oriole* bunched thelr hlt3 ln the third
inning. A slnajle. a 81888 of tW0-bagg8T*
ajid a triple ar.d a baae on balls netted 3
runs Seymour'a triple and a slngle e^ve
them a run ln the nlnth.
The aenre follows:
rai.timork JZRgET CiTT
abrihro a e| akrll ; ?
PflMBt, sa. 4 1 1 O 2 0 Drecn. 21, 4<>1 I 4 B
K.'.t:, 2t 300 2 o<? ijettinan, cf400 1 00
Corcor'n.lb 40 2 1 2 0. T'olan. 3b. !f 4.'
Echmldt.lb 80 0 10 10 w*lia, If . 1 " 1 0 " '
t :-. our.cf 411 2 0 0 Full tn lf.3h 2 00 " I
waii-i., lf.. 401 3 00 AbaMta. Ib. 30 114 00
H'muller.rf 4 12 6 00 Wtaeeler. rf. 300 I 00
Kaun c .. 4"0 2 10 IXoacb, *? 301 ?'. ."
Frock, p lll t 00 But lar, c .301 fl 00
Juatua. 1 ? ? 1. ' "
|Klaaang?r, p l 0 1.
!*Pennoch .. 1 ?? .
ItCarmlehaei 1 0(.
Tbtalfl BliigfUl r**alB....8108 8TIBB
?Bflttad tm Joatflfl in fifth laatiag. IJflattad aw
Tullerton ln nlnth It.nin*
Balttaafln .8 8 I 8 8 0 ? 0 1?4
j^r?^v r?|tv (. o " ? B D
Two-base Mta?Oorcoran, Paraat Thr*
hlti 8 -. mour, Frock, Br*?n Bteleo
lalla?Off Juatua I Etrucb out?By rn
bv Klaaanaer. 2 Hlti - - 4 ln 5 inn
ma-a Lafi on b**aa -Baltlmcia, 4, Jerae
' '.?- 1 '1 rt]! ??-? KHU n aad ;
Provldenc* around up ? ? rlaa in Kawarb
yflflterday arlth .1 vlctory over the Indlana
Tho srore wai 4 to I. In tha ninth innins
the Braves had tWO BM n on !-aseF nnd none
out. hut were unflblfl tO g*t tha Bfl
runs aeross
abrlbco t ? abr lh DO a *
ArxWson.lf 3 1 2 <> 11 Bfllley, rf. 40 0 1 "(>
At* 2b. .. 3 00 | lO|Agl*r, Ib ? II lll ""
Pany. et.. 411 -' (" K*lly, ll ?'" - ? fl,> ?
Elaton, rf. S ll . Daltoi f. 80 1 1 10|
Tarleton.lb 4 1 3 T 20 hnlth 2\ 4113 10
Olllcapla.Sb 101 I 20 l>--urlen. ??? 10 2 I 4"
Roca. bi 4..0 3 2 0 R*ama, 3b. 41 2 1 3 0
FItasar'll.c ?"?",1 I 00 McCarty, e 3" 0 4 3 0
lllna, p.... I.I i" -M'v.r .. i?> o 0 o.>
; VoarlDkla.p 1 " ? ? 3 0
; t,?- . . 1 ,1 1 0 (i 0 |
1 i?e . 00 0 .. 80
Phonta. p.. io 1 0 10
Cady, c.... 10 0 0 00;
|ty,p 0(? 0 0 10
Totalfl.. 30 4 7 27 11 1 Totala ..3?3 12 27 17 0
tRatte^l for Vewlnk'a In fourth IflatlflJ tRar.
for I*? m fourth n nlnc *Batt*d for M'Caithy
ln elghth Innins
!r.;? ... J .. fl 8 8 8 8 0 0?4
Hawark .888818,8 8 8?8
BaerlBea ' Ata Btolan baaca Laa, lar
latoa. Taro-baaa hltfl laler Bmlth, naimn
Tl re*-b*?* hlt?Pflrry. Baaa on ballfl?Off
Vowinkle, 1; off McOianlty, '-; off Bllna, 3
Btruck out By Vowlnkl* I; by Bhoata 1; by
siine. 7. Wlll Hlta?Ofl Vo
wtnkla, d ln 4 Innlnn^; "ff Bhonta, 1 In 4 Inn
; . ... ? v-..\,.:??? I(lenc?,
I. Doublc p - -!?!?? ? al rarleton Ata
Ha> i< an^i Tarletofl Tim* 1:88. rmplrafl?
Ralligan and Wrlehi Attandaac*?800
Bookmakers Dcsert Stalls i
Grand Circuit Meeting.
Govornor Marsliall's Order, Hoa
evcr, Makes Or!y Private '
Wf/.tfcrs Possible.
laolohapolla. July l? Tha ,^IU
i the bOOkm<.k*r? were derjertM fh!? flfJ*
r.oon f.~r rhe Becond -.? af tlaa qJ*^
1 rireult neetfng fn thla city hy rh, ?*
nf Qovernor MorabalL
The npare under Ihe Mg graaaaaaflla
tt* Btate Fair Orounda, where tlu/ifea.
were loeated, waa thronged raaaaat.
with n erowd aager ta . ? ... '
down on the favorltea, bul to-day it-T
galOt, and only prlvata e-agera were Baaa
Cotaifdarabla na ?' '* in tw
way, hut It Ib aald ? ? . -,g n
be romp'Jre'1 arlth I ? y?ttat.
T' <? tra*k waa ln good rondlhoa m
the faotaot miie of th* leaaon ?u to
Cordod Whan Zomhrew*r. dr!v?n hy Baaa
ooverad tha ' tha ia,
ond heat .,f th* .' 88 pace. Rhe took,-.
thlrd h*at a r|u,irt*r of a >? a>ad aioa*.
and was not puBhed untll rlght it t>a
flnlah, whan Hir R. pulled up and ioat ti*
I v t ne k
All i were won ui ?::?!??,
h*at.-. nr,rj the only BurprhM OaJBBtofc
... t-.r of Akar in tba ft i ? ? raea Mu.
i had plekod tba Memphla horaa 'awiBttl
Mg Btako. bal tba bobi i do ?y
I fo tak* thlrd OMM
Th- Huguenot, di ' Benyaavagj
handlly In tha flra! ll trot. Bj
'"- 18 Murpea
hoMlng the r*in?. and Viola. drtven, g,
Ed 04 :'? fOT - ' 0488
Th* f immni'v folfcl ' ?
TROTTtN'; I II ' I 488 ~HPF7r7 !\ fT;-*^
Pl Rf] |
Th? Huguanot, \. v bi Cataaaa 'J.
I l t
Caaeada, <-h h CMurphyi I | ,
Vlola StronK. h m > . - 111
V.'lllt i. h rr. -. 4 ca '
b. g. 1 Vala ..-.-. . dla
Tlma?8 is;5. i :. ??. .13
PACIRO BB tv rrvg,
PUi -
aar.arb.ai ''111
Blr R . b g .??'..; 4 } j
Akar, c h rOf ra i } I ,
Don, eh * . Browai. \ | |
Bt ar King. b. ', j j.
Tlm*. - ? - . . t ,
TROTTTKa 8:18 Cl '? - :x THP.ra,
? Ral, r> k, by Browa Ral d t
Benyoni -11
l^adv Wlllow, t-r m iDeerea) ... jj
r>r. Jon?. blk. b. ...... II
i - Hai. b m iChi ' ? i .
Mary waik*r. Mk . J'a
LflB Wl r n r a iDodgi ? ..i
Tlme. 2 1044. - '?'?
rn - |l ?
p^t^,. th? ccr.or't, h h . by Mr Pl'k#r
ton fValaatlnal . . . 11
Band (Y.r'.. B. Bt i"Wlla B) . II
\jn\ \ .'?? rh. g. iM*Mahon) . 4!
P.*rrha A . br m. (Klmlla) . II
John D., b. k (Brookai . ll
V.'.- lland T.v.'ot-. - f .aV*i
Al Terente:
R H l
Tomnto. 3 o f) n 1 a . o a?| 4 1
Montreal. 8 0 0 8 1-4 f I
? t Bartn U'.
gECOXD 'i.lM 7-.
n n p
ptaatraal . 0 1 1001 ? I ': j I
Toroata ,...!? I 0 I 0 * 0 0-8 ? I
Batteraaa Del ? aad B aaOjl u:
< Umplrefl Karli
Was Your Horse One
of the 1,200?
There were 140,000 horses hauling loads in New
York daily unlil the hot spell scttled upon the city.
Twclvc hundred of these horses died in harness
from the heat.
Almost one out of every ten. And thous3nds
more wind hroken or ruined for hard scrvice.
It's hard to-day to buy a good horse for $250.
Yet if these horses each were worth $2S0 the
total loss in horseflesh would have been $300,000.
But this was not the most important loss. 1 liink
of the delayed deliveries, the lost business, the
chaos in the transportation systems.
$300,000 is a lot of money. It would purchase
100 mighty good motor trucks. These trucks would
last twice as long as the horses. According to
figures in the Department of Agriculture the average
life of a truck horse is in the neighborhood of only
four years.
Motor trucks nevcr die.
Sometimes parts of them give out just like parts
of any machinery. If a motor ceases to show life
after long service a new one can be installed. Or
new brakes, a new transmission, new whecls, new
axles, new tires, or any part.
A motor truck, in fact, really has perpetual life.
Motor trucks nevcr succumb to heat. They
travel as far and as fast on l sizzling day as on a cool
day. They never tire. They travel as rapidly at the
end of thc day as at the beginning. They can work
extra hours without eliort.
Ihcse statements are made with particular refer
ence to the
motor truck.
out stopp
An Alco truck has run six days and nights with
^topping-1,009 miles. It holds the world's record
iTh? \Ico is hui,t hy an organi/.ation that datef
back to 1835 as movers of the world's goods. It is
built by an organization with a capital of $50,000,000.
lt is built in four sizes?a 2 ton, 3K ton, 5 too
and ft1 _. ton.
1 et us haul your goods for you on any hot day.
You II appreciate the differencc in time, money and
ef hciencv.
Phone Columbus 5300.
American Locomotive Company
Broadway at Sixty-second Street.

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