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VOL LXXI....N* 23,623.
To-?la,v nml tomnrron. prohahl? falr.
nol iim, h , h.ii.Ki- ln temperature.
m:\v-yohk, PRIDAl
taCMy .f Neir Vork.J?^rfllraad?aMk.
P.iaBWMBBB two cr.>Tg.
Defeats Gittins Measure to Re
lieve Directors of Responsi
bility for Gambling.
Lobbyists Rcpresenting Both
SldM Work All Day?Four
Rcpublicans Vote "Ayc,"
1 8 Domocrats "No."'
r Pha Trll
20 Wlth n rrowd *?f
Irark followera and bookmakera
||ng ,,\rr ' BB miliiiK iti tha
? . \ ... c imber or lo
-? forwgrd in ihi>
Inaide of th* r.-iiiiiiK ai"uti'l the rear
th? m< tn ? ra l Aaaambly
?i - ???.: ni on 1.?"? .1 i1'.' ' Httlna rac -
... blll i y a vote of 53 to 03. The
? ? Senate ? ?
ra* Ing peopl* ? Ith the
utmoal ? 'i fi.!. n* >?. and
taacm ?? to-da; I ? n
II aaa "all over bul tho
But ;i b i] poJntmenl aaa m
for them. -s i d? long the racc
: ita* if working
aalated by
b, the Introducer of Ihe
I artli ularly afti r tl e niMguri
.'..?, The 6>i
? ? .itnl.fr
g to 1 md that i
leni alr h<
that i
..? ll an
? illsed
iraa ii"' tha
apatal Democrai
' ? ? :,. ' - ? i OUt
B l.-ok
I cl .'i-nn ov< rapread the
.-. natoi ' llttlna and the
arl had look* 6 to him to
by whlch the]
? r 8"
?. ? ' 1 al
I r ln which
. . . . ? ihr
r, I num
imber of
' thla
. ? ? ?
Eighteei Domoeratl Oppo<;e B.M.
for i
? 11 ?
? ? g nook In
..-.,-.?-. i ..'???.' a i" Ing
? .? of a numl?er
, - only foui ??? :
? ? w atera, of
Jon* ??-. ol and
I :t. of Monroe. Tha I
I the blll vr?
Chanler, Collln Day,
mond i
... ,. . ... La Reau, M<
-,? !...-. Baundera, Tromh ? i d
a a
' ?'
lly, larrell, i ?
H Herrt. '- 11 ?.n 11
i.< nn* 'i>. x ???
M ?', ?
v ON*
: smlth.
er, Warren
Urowi i ? ? Biitler,
, ? . ?? llalnes, llart,
. f| II.iM.
i i. Ita* !-?-? ?'
- I'hllllpa
. .. i rlaon Khllvel I K
? . -.?'?'. Thoi t
v. ... v Ifale,
Tne Meamng of the Bill.
ol ? dlra* tora of racetracka t<>
r for i lolatlon - : th* i
tf b. ttlng la pr-.v.-ii on
Thla proi isimi iti tba praa
. ? lc.k.-.i on i ' "'"? tWni
ipped gambling on tha
whlch tha racctrach ln
an is <iri\ ing M< ii>e.r oul of
. advocataa of tha blll
., i atong thal ttiis leatura
? ? t law 1j? imfair, ln thal lt
! punlah h man for aa offeaca
au* . ? nothtng.
a Burpi ? v.-.s aprung during tha de
? : ....ti wh> ti Aaaamblyman
Lunond, who hag alaraya
i a? <ni'- of tha i "-MI-1
gmera ln tho Lagjlalatura. cama
? bllL Ha gav* h hlffhljr 1.1 h
legal aurgunMOt, tba bajpdan <?f
. *;?s thal lh<" PIMRWH RMI w?8 un
Hla -i -? ch waa n< tachalcal, Ir
of tba aUtagmao ln th<?
AaaaanWj who n r?- nol raraad Ir aaaa'
- i. loaa to knoar whether
???<- Wdv f,,r ,.,? hKilnst tha MU f"11' ,ll,v
r.i.i blm aboul it afttrward.
? :nh! ii,ati TOBBf. <>' Wgg* bOgUT
? o oppoaad tba bUI. d<-<iare*i
,.,. |o i?. (i.-< liJ.'d 811
? i ? i rgpogeil a,,t carrU'(1 out
tha eoaaiitutlon, whlch pfatobttg gam?
l,|ing aad eallg oa th.. LaiaalatiaM to
PM8 Uwb that wlll rnake that pOMTlbla.
?M hr..,] thal tba pgaagBl b?w iM ,)iat'
in'l ln answor to th?- gdPBMatM (lt ,h'
r;i'tina bm be aald that unaVar tbla law
'" Mari ??uld Bnd ? "?""i g"ll,v "nlrf"*
h* w&a RCtually a party t? tlM ?? of
tooilourd ou f'?urih pay.
What Is the v
Restaurant Mascot?
Why is one eating house
crowded. and another, far
more sumptuously fitted.
pcrhaps. nearly empty?
Katc Masterson thinks she
Itas found out and will ex
plain her theory in
Next Sunday's
Oanaea of the Disease Discov
eied by Research Fund.
? lo : a Trlhuac 1
j London, July 21 New hRht ..f thp
? \ .4 iii tii'.> klnd haa been thrown "ti
? h the a ork of the bnpi liaJ
rancer Renearrli Pundl .lurinn th.> year.
Al the annual meetlng of the Fund yea
terdaj Blr Wllllam Church, the emlnanl
phyalctan, announced thal the relatlon
Iahlp i ii rancer beari lo tha anlnvil
w hlch It afl i an Indh Idual oni, 19
i ia in worda, cancer la nol catchlng. Tha
report of Dr. Baahford, general aaper
II 1)).. lltst tiiiio
tniiy ? ? .tea thal it la wrong to
' make atnti menta of :i dlaquleting natura
nboul ?he Increaaa of cancer.
ln general, cancer la cauaed by tha
chronlc Irrftatlon "f any partlcular parl
? ? ? bodj Thua In Tlbet. mallarnanl
groa'tha on th.- abdomlnal waFI ara
caiiaed by continual wearlng of vea* -
contalnlng hot charcoal, and In tha
? tha chawlng of i.ftHnua occaalona
In I'iiinii men ara exceedlngly
er of the gullet, bul ln
n the dlm aae la unknoa n, tha n
aon belng thal l i men bolt rlce when
i. ia hot, .I- Ing s. rv< d flrat, whlla tha
-.\ om< ii hai e to a all and t lit n thi
la coollng and non-lrrltatlng.
it waa dlacloaad lhal amall progreaa .is
vet hai made In the experlmnntal
itory i'i combatlng tho acourge,
Blr Wllllam Belbj Church, prealdeni <>f
tho Ro al Boi lety of Medlclne, said that
la for prcventlng tho aucceaaarfu*
Implantatlbn "f cancer had been teated
.ni mlce affected by apontaneoua cancer
arjven "no im Iderw e of power
elthi r t.. hii ;i1 and the dia
tlon of thi dlw as.. nr t.. i irei ent
of a] ontaneoua < ancer afti r
emoval of tho prlmary tumor."
u hlch othi r Inveatt"
p ? ilmed to obtain rmmunlty
ted ? er with vai
ma 1 been 1 d ln the labora
.... ? had nol yel bei n
aucceaaful Tl ? ta of Dr.
Baahford Bffordod evldence thal the can
cr cell la a 1 .?-..?. normal
Philndelphia Boxer Sp<eads Hoax
at Atlantic City.
Atlantic Clty. Julj 'J> (3peelal).?
' ? l.i; hla
haa dlBcovered that h
? .-r Bunburn on hla hald bpoI
? rndured a growl f ha li M
.. d \ laiton . ni ver douht
ng millionalra,
took the hint. and Inatead of appearlng
.,n ti"-- Boardwalk wi
tho raya of the Bun, appeared hatleaa
them are nuraing a flna
joung growth of b ind they
? nv hnir.
"Tonv" haan'1 appea d - n thi Board
ribed ' I a new hnir
? ?or.
Rnbbi Heller Explains Jewish Ob
jection to "Merchar.t of Venice."
I ? ? - ??:-??'
>.,.., > m ? ? Heller,
of N> w ?>rli ana, whoaa 1 pn ildenl of
fcri '"?" of Amerii an Rab
I , s | . ,j :i. t - recenl Bt. Paul con
i .. pra tlcall evei ? newapapar
? ? lopli al BI
l-;iui i -i to Bhal ? "Mi r
i lianl of V ?
isalng to-nlght I ? I ' ?? Heller
ere a aa no detnand f
, ,,it of the plaj ,if whlch Bhylock, th- J< i
. tl ?? prlntipal character. The roni
... nded that, owlng t" thr
perveralona, Inaccuraclea and manlfaal un
| u,. Jew, lt ahould not h. uaed
f.,r . ht'.if n'i atudy, bul reeenred for thelr
cldera 11 waa not thi ? rformance,
ta whlch we ob
Peraonally, ' waa greatly oppoaad to the
? ,,. Thc Merchanl of Venice ' ln my
vlew, belng i ?? of Ihi gr< at claaali i of tha
Bngltah languaxe."
Young Georgian Enriched for Courtesy
to Sick Fellow Traveller.
?.,.. ,. july 2". A ' ourteoufl acl ai
the part of WllUam B. CNeal, of Baln
brldge, ?'??'. haa been rewarded by ;? fort-*
,,,. when ''N'-'i aachangad a lowar for
un upper Bleeptng car barth with J, T.
Toung, of Oakland, Cal., four yaara ago,
the two man wara on thelr "?> to
Mr Toung Wiia K'dliK f"!
gjth, ha tboughl llttle of tha md
_y ,\. nt|) Mr. ^ o ina . onalden d II ??>
greal favor, for m hla wlll he lefl 138.880
to O'Neal, who i1- twanty-ala yaara old
(iN,.,i wda in Atlanta yeatarday nnd waa
t(ii,, ,,f (j. good fortuna by a aon af Mr
fc ? ,. v ;.., , ,,i corn. to Oaorgla to look
for I Un ___
Unions and Confederates Speak al
Peace Jubilee Campfire.
Maaaaaaa Vt. larj 2" Raply araa aaada
to-MKht ta ii'"??' who have crltielaatl tha
,?K..- fubllaa reunlog ><r Unlon and Con
raoarata rateraiia hara ?>y .. numbet ?
?paakara al tha MUBjalra, whlch cloaad tha
nroarainma for tha day Aaneag tha B|?aaJi
|L wara v.t.rana oa both Bialaa la lha
,-i'vii Wgr, aad Alharl Karn, ?* J _**_*>.
ohlo whk uhaarafl whaaa ha <ie?-iared that
tha Bouthara aaapla daaleaad th? atttud.
of thoaa ln the North "who nrver BTOelle-1
gunpowdar," but who Btaaaa ta keep awra
tho anlnioaltlfB of lha fiO'K
When laylna >" your Bumme Bt'- *?
)( t ntwi ? \ Boiiai '?.. 138 ruiiwi m ,w.t.
Cape Haytien Captured by Revo
lutionists and Foreigners
Are in Peril. ?
Yacht Owncr Forbids Bombard
ment-Request to Use Arms De
nied, He Takes Emergency
Measures to Save Livcs.
. 'ape Ha; th n, Julj 30. Cape Ha
is in th.- handa >-t the revolutlonlata, and
tha aole protectlon of Amerlcana and
other forelgnera nl thla pori is tht
Amerlcan, whlch arrlvcd here yeaterday
ng. The Unltad BtatM gunhoal
rr.frr>i aailed from here aeveral houra h<
fore th<- arrlval of tha yacht, leavlng
Amerlcan Intereata unprotected.
When tha yachl came Into the harbor
her owner, aald to Im ??! Mr. Dlck, "l
New 1 ni'k ("Ity, found the town in
b Btate of aeml anarch! T > Inaurgenta
n-ere rapidlj approachlng, and PTealdent
Blmon and hia troopa had lafl Port Ll
bert{ for Port-au-Prtnce, There wera
alao rumora t!:at tha crulaer Antolne
Blmon aaa on her waj to bombard aome
of tha porta Aa is cuatomar. under euch
iirrtinistaii.es. moal of tha rt aldi nts 1"<>k
aldea wlth tha revolutlonlata and ?o..n
ti"- authotitlea were unable tu check tha
dlsordera Mr. Dlck Informed tha ofil
i lala thal he would nol permll any bom
bardmenl b) Haytlan warahlpa and
would proti' t tha forelgnei i
Al B ... ..-k laal nighi dghtlng broke
oul in tha atreeta The aearchllght ..f tha
yachl waa kepl playing on th* houae ln
whlch the Amerlcana a'ho were brought
in from working on tha rallroad had col
."' !? .1 with their wlvea, The < h Ic a i
thoritiea niij.,] |n thla w,,rk.
At daybreak, however, tha govern?
menl waa overthrown, tha revolutlon?
lata had occupied tha town, and Iha
atreeta were fllled wlth .xnt..,! men
Bhootlng ;,t random. All tha Amerli an
women wera taken aboard the ya iht,
while the forelgn conaulatea \s ? r?- niit-.i
with r< fugeea. Theae Included generala
who had oppoaed tha revol itlon and tha
lor-ni authoritlea, in protectlng whom tha
French Conaul was allghtly wounded.
? req imi aa < abled to tba i fnlted
?v't"t<* ? tlea bj tha yachl oa n< r
for raleaae from the bond given before
leaving Nea rorh nol to uae arma, and
an anawer was returned that thera waa
no authorltj for auch n laaa* Thla
practi* ali. d< t led tha rlghl to pn
th*? 11?v?? s of Am* i icana, bul nevertl
i r. paratlona a/er* ? ontli ued to glva
auch proteel lon In anj ???? m dei med ad
\ lsai'i- .
Tho whole Amarican oolony asked i>n
medlatt i r.iti-' lii-n. ..mi it is polnted i ii
that aerioua reaulta may follow If per
mlaalon la denied the Amerlcan yachl
owner to uae iha guna wlth whlch tha
\r-ssH is aupplled, in i iu-. of emergei
until the arrlval of an Amarican war
i- - . arapi . y> i ?
i."? ?" ii ' 'onn . Jui) g) ti .
ateel yachl Amerli an, form* rlj own*
the late Archlbald u att, waa | up
by Evana l: iihk. a promlnenl member
?'f the New V"rk v.H ht Club, and head of
the firm of Dlck Brothera JI Co., benkere,
,-.- No 10 Broad atreet, v->u \.. I \> the
time of the aale li waa aald that tha yachl
I ...i been boughl f"r tha Haytlan gnvern
? bul Mr i 'i r ri foB* d to i
Ihe reporl
Tho Amerli ai waa | ? ommlsaion
.-.1 oul thr. ? .... .... .. a/aa litt.'d
? t at Hobok* ? II . d flre guna,
fnur on the ii.ali .. d i i - mi number ?in
;.;.rr d*cll th. a i matnet.t. It 1s re
pcrted, havlng i--. r? elved from Beahle
hem, ''* i.i.
After leaving lloboken, :t la further n
ported, ti... btg yacht, whlch flgured li
u atl I to ofl Brtdgeporl
a ! ?" the mu/./.i. " wlth am
munltlon from one of thi factorl - ? ?
/ merii an i am< fi om her
nfr Brtdgeporl to Nea Londnn and an
.., ir, th.- npper harbor, neai the union
t.iiiro.nl atation 1 large quantlty "f pro
? . and in"!.? ammunltlnn, li
Irged. wei ? i" ??' i 'i hei e, a nd
? ierj ti Ing was ln r* lo al ? rf for
Haytlan "war aona" when Mr Dlck
w.tb ealled home to Oarrlaon, S ^ . ":.
accounl of the lllneaa ot one of i' -
dren, 'w t>11*? he was abaenl t--!. .?
from Haytlan repreaentatlvea came thlch
and fasi. the glal of them belag Inqulriea
aboui the delay of f. convertad warahip
in stnrtin*.' BOUl
The Amerlcan flnall? w?-'^ii?*.i anchor at
n.ir, o'cloek on tVedneaday eventng, July
;j. and polntad her noaa Btralgh! for Mon
tauk I'uiiit Bha waa aoon l"st t<i view,
and the ia?t newa received from membera
of the ereu fliimnl th.- laun, h at th.- ptlb
lir landtag waa thal Mr. Dlefc ?n? aboard
with frlanda nn<l Intended to leave tha
eraii al Atlantlc ? Itj or Nawpoti Newa,
ihd chlef anglnaar of the Amerlcan. who
was empkryed by Mi Watl and had he. n
with the yachl practically atnea ahe waa
bullt, aboui a doaen j eai - ago, t
thi- nigl i aba ataamad for Bouthern arat* ra
glvlng aa .'i raaaoti thal he waa certaln
i... wi iM raacta Hayti all rlght, bul nol .-">
BUra that ha WOUld COme north again.
'ihe Amarican ia n ateal Btaam racht,
i . ,. .1 as a f'lii rlggad ahlp Bha waa bullt,
deatgned and owned by the lala Archlbald
P/att, n member of tha New York, Amei
L*archm< al and other yacht r-iuiw.
st,.. wm launchad la l*.* Her prlndpal
dlmaaudona ar* tM ? ??' i Inchea over all,
:>>? faat wat.-riin.-, M feel :. Inchaa aaam.
and M faal draft Bhe la aqulppad
with trlple axpanaton <ingtnaa Wbea her
ownerdled the yachl paaagd Into th. hnnils
,,f Mra. OraM Watl Tbomaa, who aold her
raeantly lo Mr i?('k Tha yaehl w..? i,,:,|
up for aeveral yeai i
Haytian War Ministcr Dismissed
?New Cabinet Formed.
Port au-Prinoe, July 20l Oaneral Bep
tlnui MariiiH. t!i<- gflnlator of Wmr, who
urriv.-d h-re in company with Preatdenl
Blmon gnd governmenl troopa on board
the fjarman ataaaMi s>-rin laal nlght
refpaad to dloawbark and procaedod, -?? (
exile, to Jaiiiiil. a.
The laal of the governaent'a bal
taltona embarkad gndw a ihowar ?>r lead
Th* dlvlalon eoMmanded by Qeneral
Monptahnir, Oovapnor "f pori au PrlB* ?
* ? i.iii.ii< .1 "" Bacaad puae.
Preald. nr <>f thi
ho. Ba
t. n ? ? '?
Ica Company, aa he teatlfled befori
'i he maglatrate la on tha beni b.
Maglatrat. Apple
Portland Executive Turns l\ to
His Political Advantage.
[By 1 *4
Portland, Me. Jul ? 20 Bome nelghboi
....-iu tv o amall boj ? i lln b ? cherrj tn e
belonging to i >akle> <' < urtla, M ?
of ii. ? and 1.1. phoi d to police
headquartera The automoblle patrol
tvaa aenl out, and the boya were caught
in thr ,-i.-t of eating cheniea whlch had
grown on the Mayor'a tree
Th.- l...\s were t.'ikrt, t.> pollci head
quartera and a atory u:is clrculated thal
the Mayor waa proaecutlng them, bul
he had cailed up headquartera and or
dered the boya releaaed. The atory wenl
on ita way, and waa baoomlng dlecon
tinaj, ? - Mr i "urtla la i onaldeiing
runnlitg for offlce agaln ii" cailed a
n |,i.i >. i and told him thal bo) a wi ra
... ,i, ome tn Bteal all the cherrli i thej
! f om him if lhay dld nol damage
thr- treaa. Hla orchard haa become a
r,s..rt f,.r the i i, and thi | are advo
eating hla re electlon from everj atreei
Thousands See Sun-Crazed Man
Ovcrcome by Comrade.
' I' ! > ? .
Lawrenci Ki July '.'". Women
afagpi and nfen Bhouted In excltemenl
tiiis afternoon whlli la of t
aona watched two ataeplejacka, me
, rased bj tht hi at, battle for llfe on the
top oi thi ? c:'-'"'K "ii Kunk
tnili. And after a Btruggle of flfteen
minutaa on the I ip of a fraglle ? affold
ln nnd.. r, T'.itri. k Jennlnga, thlrty-flva
yaara old of Lawrenci - ed In
aul dulng John i 'ai 9naugh, Bt a ? ? ura
hla aenlnr, wl o had Buffered a Bunatroke
Then, wlthoul loslng I :
:,.-...... i Imaelf and ('avanaugh t.. the
ground, where hi falnted Cavana igh
, d to a i oaplta '?? h< n he is
dylng from the aunatroke
Jennlnga waa al work a f> \\ feel from
the t..|. of thi ? ? Imni i. w h< n ha notli ed
that iavanaugh waa III Ha cllmbed to
the top and spoke t>- him As he dl I,
Cavanaugh, wlth a :? ? 11, i a|a -1 to
edge ol the platform, Jennlnga grabbed
him, and i ? i Bti uggled t" and fro <m
tha platform.
Deaf Mothcr Wished to Have
Daughter Get Her Savings.
in ;, ni of di BPondenc) Mra Blant hc
,i, | , riga, of N" ITU Wth atreet Bouth
Brooklyn, kllled haraelf In her home
reeterdaj bj Inhaling gaa Ilcr h."1
waa found by Jullua Blefert, of No. 506
T.'.th atreet, the guardian ..f her nlne
year-old daughter, Marguerlte, when h<
cailed al tha apartmanl laal nlghl
Mrs Jennlnga lefl two notea explaln
Ing ttiat ahe could nol hoW anj pkv ?? be
cauaa <>f daafneaa, and thal Bhe wlahed
t,> die ao thal bar daughtar mlgh! ?.-t thi
beneAi of her aavlnga, whlch amounted
to a Httle mora than W,80U In one of
tha not.'n "'"' aakad thal her father, Dr.
j. \v. Barlow, "f Brooklyn, be nol per
mltted to aee i ai Dr. Barloa wenl at
onca to tha houae when infbrmed by tha
police of hla daughter'a death.
Policenian Finds Them on Stoop and
Scents Suicide.
Whlla "ii patrol ln Central I'arU Waal
?. Bterda ? Patrolman OToi 14, of I ?
Weal ,-.,,,, rtree! atatlon, found a bundla .>f
rlothlng "ii a Btoop "t 8tth str-.-t. Ha
ri,.,t n to ti..- pottca atatlon, and aftei re
portlng to Lleutenanl Auattn wenl bacfc
to make forthar mveatlgatJofl
? gg ha left*a much axdted youth
,-iad In h riintiitiK s>'" a,Kl " patato hag
boundad hato the atatlon aad Btartled tha
lloutenan! wlth geaturwa and appeeta for
,,..,.>rlna Befora fJeutenan! Kv Un i ould
caira i.itn tha yovng maa apled lha bundla
gnd li-- araa hall dreeaed bt fora tl a Ua u
? . hla aama
Iu the intenral betwaan tylng his ahoa
iH. .?* and faurtontag >.is eoller ba aald that
,, mmt u . ?. Cartwrlgbt, <>f No. M Weal
Tl?,, ?tr..ri n<- esntalned thal ha had
gtartad for a r,m areaad tha park. as n i t*
usual eaietotn, and lhal ba thoughl ha had
i.,ft his (i.iiti.H in a aafa plaea Ha aald ba
would tnik.- dbTaraal vanlroba arranga
haraaftai r^troiman DToola ? ould
And ti" one to aupporl the theory ?r tu|.
,-ide that was at Brel auggeatad, aad a
r. portad _
Valdee, Aiaskn, July ? Tha imt ap* II
Pontiavaa in thla rletoHy, and ike glaelara
?t. meltlng .it a pherMHitenal rata, nonverl
lllK the gla< lai atn ama Into i-n ranta
II j, .1 ii, !..?-> Baada i! lamo u Adi t.
Head of Knickerbocker Concern
Makes Important Admis
sicns at Hearincj.
His Testimony Accepted Only
After He Watves All
Rights- Waldo Sticks
to Report.
Wealey M Oler, prealdeni of th<>
I Knickerbocker rce Company, whlch is
said to be tho old tru?t ln dlagutee, ip
p red aa a wltneaa yeaterdaj al the
hearlng on the Ice altuatlon before Mag
latrate Appli ton. Bul bi fore I e waa
tted to teatif) Aaalatanl Dlatrlct
Attornej Da Ford read to him all tiie
.s grantlng immunltj from proee
Icutlon t" b wltneaa al a hearlnar. After
ohtalnlng agreementa from Mr. Oler ln
;ii dlfferenl forma, backed by a
? Btati ment from iiis counael tiiat he
would nol 91 air timp < laim iinniuiiit\'
I under theee atatutea Mr. De Ford per
miit.-d thr wltneaa to tell what he kneta
jof ti,.- Inter relatlona between the great
Accordlng to a member of the Dlatrlct
Attornejr^a staff the hearlng yeaterday
broughl out through Mr. <>irr's t.-sti
more fully than had been hoped
tiiat the Amerlcan Ice f'ompany, as th>
old trual ?an cailed, nol onlj la dolng
eaa ln neighborlng Btatea but i?
Btill iii full control of tha lea altuatlon ln
N4 I York < Ity.
When Mr. Oler took the atand he said
thal he had been in ti** i.-.. bualneaa iti
New V"ik alnce 1004, and thal he was
now Ihe prealdeni of the Knickerbocker
[ce ?lompanj. and formerly waa pi -
d. nt of the Amerlcan Ice Company. Ma
aald that the Amerlcan Ice Becurtttea
Company waa formed ln 101)0 ln New
Jeraey, to reduce the capttal atock of tha
Nti-.ti.an Ice Company after ll had been
f? reed oul of Neu Fork.
"An you gn offtVer or dlrector of the
Amerlcan lee Becurltlea Company?" Mr,
l).- Ford aaked
"i thlnk not," Mr. ? Her replied.
Bul he waa thoroughl) familiar wlth
Ita bualneaa, and gava from mamory the
namea of Ita offlcera and dlrectora and
toid how it had exchanged ahara for
shara Ita preferred ato< k for thal <'f tha
trnst. and one ahare for fi.r the corn
mon atock.
Old Trust m Control.
ii, added that thej had nol been abte,
i ..... rer, to i all In all of the outatandlnat
atock of the Amerlcan company and that
aome of it waa Btill in exlatence, and ttiat
theref. tha Amerlcan Ice Company
rtlU in exlatance Tha Amerlcan Ice
Company holda 1'*> per cent. ii" aald, of
tha Btock of tha Ice Manufacturlng Corn*
pan) and tha Knickerbocker company,
At tha tlme it araa prohlblted from dolng
bualneaa ln tin* atata bj tha eourta ii
?old all of its planta and equlpmenl t.>
tbeea companlea, taking In exchange tin
Becurltlea of theae companlea ha said
Theae companlea ara now actlvely m
gaged in thc New Y..rk |oa trada
"The Amerlcan Ii >? Companj atlll ax>
ists us b New Jeraej corporatlon," Mr,
Oler said. 'and is actlvely engaged In
buadnaaa In Maryland, Malne, Penneyl*
vanta and tha Dtatrlcl "f Columbta, but
n.-t ln Neta Torh "
Mr i'. Ford made a bi.al poinl in
examlnlng Mr. i >k-i of havlng him agree
thal the followlng paragraph and ached
ui,- waa just whal Mr. < >i. r a anted t.<
:, -? ? t..:
\ Ust contalnlng the narne <>i nameg of
an) rorporatlon, copartnerahlpi aaaoctatlon
or Indlvldual bualneaa operating ln Nea
Vork arhlch have been alnce the >th da) of
Mliv || ; ,,, n<ru ara oa aad, ? ontrolled,
i,.,.,i.i or operated b) the Amerlcan Ice
i'omi>an) the Amerlcan |ce Becurltlea
I'ompany! ""? ''" Manufacturlng Compan)
or th.. Knickerbocker Ice Company, >.i ln
whlch any of the aald rorporatlona haa had
alnce th. Mh daj of May, 1911, or noa
eliher dlreotly "r Indtrectly, any In1
. rei:
BI .?'? oa ned T i
Ktii. ki '" T"w l"r
Ttit.i' ra' H >a*ta Ice ' >"
pan) , *'*'
,,,(?? l'ni-.n I ?? ?
1,000 1 ?iO
Hudaon Blvei !<-# iVtmpan) 22 MO
niaacoa Ice rompan) SMl I >?'?'
Inirrbomugh Ire rompan) l.maj i mm
li i. rhorough kt <" mpan) -.-i i.li . >
Thla stat. un nt waa iii omp inled h)
hoa Ina 'i"' flln lora and i "
tnlilliiu.il ,.ii t li 1 rag |>agr
Prendergast. Mitchel and Willcox
Flcased Mayor Silent.
Controller Prendergast. Prendent
Mitchel of the Bo.trd of Aldermen
and Chairman Wdlcox of the Public
Service Commissior" expresaed them
aelves after the meeting of the Board
of Est.mate yesterdav as aatisfied
that tho city was going to do busmess
with the B. R. T. on all the lines so
long as no acceptable agreement had
been .eacheH to have the Interbor
ough take its share.
Mayor Gnynor had no formal state
ment to maKe. lt was evident that,
while he wf?s glad that the Interbor
ough proposition had been beaten, he
did not relish the fact that his advice
as to not rfeahng with the Brooklyn
Rapid Transit Company on the pro
poaed terms had been ignored.
Controller Prendergast said: "I am
bound to be pleased with the action
taken to-day. Frankly, I would have
been better satisfied if it had been
posstble to divide the routes between
the Interborough and the B. R. T.
The conditions on which the Interbor?
ough based its proposal prevented
this. The adoption of the corporate
stock budget report and the approval
of the Lexington avenue contracts
will assure the completion of that
line in time for it to be included in
the new system."
President Mitchel said: "This means
the end of delay and the diggmg of
subways. There ahould be no further
causes to delay matters. It is a mat
ter of great s.atisfaction to me that
there is to be none. as I beheve.
Whatever else may come, there is to
be no hitch m approving the con?
tracts for the Lexington avenue
routes. Personally I would have been
glad to have given the Interborough
a share on the new hnes, but the In?
terborough would not be reasonable."
Chairman Willcox said: "I would
have been glad to have seen the terme
of the Interborough accepted, and had
that company take its part in our
carefully worked out scheme. As the
Interborough's terms did not prove
acceptable to a majonty of the Board
ct Estimate. I beheve we should do
the next best thing, and go ahead with
the triborough contracts. You may
depend upon it that the Public Ser?
vice Commission will proceed to carry
cut the programme for new transit
lines that has been .idopted."
House Restaurant Manager's
Prices Were Too High.
Waahlngton, Jui) 20 FoUowing rora
plaints from Capltol employM thar
prlcea charged In tha House reataurani
fffh> beyond th-ir means, the Commlt
tee nn Publlc Bulldlnga ami Qrounda to
day demanded the reatgnatton ?.f the
niflnaRfr, W, J. Coflln. The commlttoe
nis.i ordered the eatabliahment of h
dalry lunch ln COBnectlon wlth th*1 res?
Senate Passes Wagner Bill, Aid
ed by Emergency Message.
Albany, July 20\ Wlth the ald of nn
emergency meaaaga from Qovernor i>i*.
the Benata to-nlghl paaaad tba Wagner
blll ezemptlng tha trafti.- aquad of No*
York *'ity from the operattoR of tba aaw
three-platoon pollca ayatem law i'or
cltiea of the tirst ami aecond claee,
Civil War Parted Brothers Who
Fought on Opposite Sides.
[Rj Talagraph ln Tha THbuaa |
N,w Brttaln, Conn., July -<> rir* th<
first tlme ln * half centurjr John and
Charlea Kempahall, brotbera, met to
day. They were parted by the Qvll
War. ln Whlch John was ? rel.iM atul
Charlie ? Tanhee aoldler. They wara
liorn and gTCW up in KnoXvUla, in tln
border atate of TunnraMfi John anUeted
iti 1861 in Kane'a Confederate Battery
at Knoxvtlle ami Chaiiea Ir 1888 in
Company P, .">?ih llllnota VoJunteera
They t'x.k part In the flghl al Cumber
lami on dlfferenl akJaa. CharlM tfter
ward learned that John was t.ik.-n juis
oner after tba tgtgagement
After tbe arar John wenl toalaroa,or
clinton, III., wherebe becama proanlnenl
in bttafneM and polltlca CharlM has
heen emnlored In a* factory hara for
yaara and ls pwd comniander of Btanley
Poat, O. a R. The brothen celebratad
th> ir r?-iinion a itti a reception.
Suicide Said To Be Former New
York Man and Hotel Proprietor.
Atlantlc CSty. Julj .<> A arell ereaaed
man. Buppoeed to have baen ?) T. Dunn
of N'-w York, was found dead to-nlghl on
a bed in a i.-a.iitiK Pactffc avenM hotel.
Th.re waa .i bullel woand ln tha baart.
gnd neai bj ?? revolver araa found
Tha man waa -i .I Bfty-rlve y< .r* old
welghed Bi pounda and araa bIb feet tall.
He h oi gra) >ia'r :,,,cl ?' BMy rauataeha
The . lotbee he arore w? n mada bi ..
Broadwaj talkar Tha proprietoi of the
hotel aald the taan reglatered raMerda)
\ i t D inn Bg ? ?'? r* ? '?' ' ? '
. ? tting hia an.. doaa broughl b) Mr.-.
Ha,ri h I B Duni aejatnat Mra Llaaia h
linlme, whoaa huehead, I^eteeeter Holme,
A ,. ;i ntj Courl Judge in N< w rorai and
ai on.- time aaereur) ta afayor rlugb J
. Tha buII la n w pendlng ln Uie Bu
prema Pourt
alr Dunn ll%ed In thla rltj up to twelM
wi,,n ba weal to Nea Havan
aj ,i i..ok over Iha H.-t.i Monopole !!??
?, ,.i to s.ni Pran* laee aooa after Iha eerth.
quake, and there mat Mra Barah Beaaa
oaum, a arldoa ThM araM ntarilM i"
i.,s Angalea In IMI ln Pacamher al tha'
\i. ii.tiM aad Mra Holme, h la aald.
i,.ii ih,. i?. ast foi ii" Ba ii Mra ituna
followad them and t.i tha coapla al Al
lantie (Iti ln tha followlag aummer Thava
-,..i v,. in then it wai reported
ah'i tba reauli waa the auil ol Mra, buna
Board of Estimate Stands 10-6
on Former and 11-5 on
Latter. One Vote Short.
Threatena Furthcr Fight if
Brooklyn Company Gets Line8
and Predicts B. Lt T.
Award Will Come
to Naught.
Mitchel and Prendergast. Undiaturbed
by Gaynor's Attitude, Inniat
Upon Vote, and a Bare Ma
jority Will Suffice on
Second Ballot.
Kavtng rejaastad the propoattton of tha
[nti-1'b.irouxh Rapid Tranall CompBBy for
taklPK ita Bliafa Of lha propoaed new
tranall routea by n voto of II la a. Ital
Board of tttlaaata harnaal aitHuad yeater
day and lloed up 11 lo i lo Riv> the o%
tended ayatam lo tha Brookljrn Raaahl
Tranatt i 'ompany.
As tha kttter propoaltfoo raejulraal a
throo-quarters 94*4 or twatva COaalfaf
| up for tha fir-it tlme. aa lt dld. lt ?m
1 BBLUBBBry tO r-all another meeting fnr
10:10 O'clock thla morning lo paaa on 1t
| asrain. At this moeiing only a maj?>r1ty
ntne votea aill he requliadL II anaa
K-n.-rrtlly conMdfcred lasf nlght however,
I that th4 .(U'-stion had baan wttleaf, ??
only Boma extraordlnary and unforeaeen
i occurrenoa could ahaaga enough votea to
haal the Brooklyn Rnptd Transit
Mayor Oaynor naaoa a Btramieeja af?
, fort tO prevent actlon ln gtvtng ihe lineg
! to thc Brooklyn ruri-i Trauaarlt "I pee
dld BOW, and lt ll ati easy prodirtlnn to
, niak", ' ho dolared. "tiiat It Wlll c<j:h*j
I absolutely to naught. ' #
He fought f.?r delay, do.-lanng it waa
n grave quoatlon as to wbatlier it would
h.- (Diistitutlonal to give tho gUarBBtaa
propoaed. When ho ?aw this argaaaiaBt
made bo Impraaarioa ho wenl al I
. furthcr. anl indi-atod plain'y tiiat he
would uaa his powar of boMing up audi
parta of tha propoaed naa ro itea ?<? bad)
, not baan kagallaed. Tha rapad trans<t
a.'t provldea thal tha Mayor nmst ghra
his indivldual approval of auch routi -
Even tiiis valaad thraal dld nol mova
Controllar Pianderaaat and Prealdent
Mitchel of ti'" Board of Aldermen, who
uaafatad upoa ? rote.
Few Routea Not Legalizad.
it u*aa polnted ..ut laal ni?ht thal riu.
routof not learejlaed formod a amall part
of tho miieag.* of tha entlra ayatem;
that thaj mada onlj amall gapa hata
and there; tiiat tii?- remainder >>' th<
1 linoa could ho conatructed al ? nce it
I would nol ba neceaaar) t.< HII in theaa
gapa before tha and of Mayor Qaynor*a
t.-rin. ln caaa ba ahould pernlal iu hla ra
fusal to approva thoni.
As t<> tbe Mayor'a doclaratlon tnat
laaVaulta would follow any attempi to
atajn tha propoaad contrad wlth lha
Brooklyn Rapid Tranall Company. Praal?
<iont McAneny aald it would nol ba p<?m
sii.io t<. hoi.i np tha imiiding <.f tha Uaaa
t?. ho ((itistru.'to.I with tho oit\'a <>un
money. Tho eourta would unqueatloa
ably expedlta tiio aettJament of any i> s.ii
[niints that might ho ralaed, and. as a
mattor of publli' poliry, WOUld h, .\
tremeli loath to allow a toihnlr-ai point
to lioid up tha tranatt develof^tneni i I tha
Controllar Prendergaat worko.i iata
laat nigiit over tho contracta the Publlc
Beiflca C%9anmlaa8on has awarded f.>r the
conatruction <>r flva aafitlong of tho trt*
borough routa, whlch ara t.> go to the
Brooklyn BapM Transit Company. He
wlll be pn parad to racommend at tha
apecial meetlng of tho board thi.? mora*
ing thal the contracta ba approved and
algned. Thal recanarnandatlon wlll nn
doubtadly go thrnuarh by tlio aanaa voOa
aa wlll tha Brooklyn Rapid Transit Cora>
I au\ propoaltlon.
Theaa two propoettlona onoa paaaed by
ui" Board Of Kstimate. tho Publlc S"r
vlce Comrnlaalon wlll order tha cotv
tractora to g<> ahead an.i .lm. and wlll
begtn to proparo tho forma >>r eontract
whlch aro t,? ba entered Into wlth tha
Brooklyn Rapid Tranatt Conapany, it
is certaln lhal avary st.-p thal can ba
takon to hl,H k tho slRtiing <>f theaa ron
tracta arlll ba takon in tho mtereaf of
tho int. rhoioiiKh. Biow affactlva they
may ho rernalna to ba aacta,
Moal of tha mambara >.f tha PuMk
Bervlce Commlaalon and tha Board ?>f
Eatlmate taka a bopaful vtew of tho
i-.isi . AlthOUgfa it ts BUaOWn that p:ip?"s
are already drawn up in a Bumber <>f
aulta, they betteve aubatantlal progreae
tan ba mada ri?ht al.nig. and that 919981
suits wlll ho deddad favorably to the
clty ? ithout uiajut- dataj
How Membara Lmed Up.
The vote on tha reaotutlon t.. accept
tha propoaltlon of tha Interborough,
whlch waa i"t before the board in a ia>
porl of tha coiifarraeB by Borough Prea?
ldeni McAneny, araa as followa:
i-,,r Vaaaa. I- uaai k aa ?
t |4. ?ne?) 2 M.ii-i niiwi.i, a
... - 'J f. nti-.i:. i l . .-? B
v I Prealdi in atltfl 0
. it .'.?. ii l Preald. ii Oreaaer . w
?i i i.i ,aa
Tha llne-up of tha i".ar.i on lha proraa*
siti..ii to giN?' tho Brooklyn Rapid Traa<
vii Company tha axteaadad ayatam egread
to by it hi caaa lha Intarbotoogh n< ???
tiationa ahould coma ha BaMghl ama ia
\ atea \k.< laal
Control'r Pramleraaet 8 Mayoi Uaynor ;t
? ni Itltt'hel ...3 Preal lenl lllllai l
ni Itt'Anen) '.' Pn aldent dreaaai 1
Pn iMent Bteera , -'
Preeiilrni Cromwall l TMal . ft
T..tal . 11
When tha crowd In the >.m Counctl
Chamber, whara lha board was naetlng
HKuttii tli" aota "u Uaa Brooklyn RapkJ
Tranall propoaltlon ai ll t>. ."?. th. v a\
t.n. o Juiii|x'd t<> th" ?<>ji> lusii.n that lt
i,i,l bt mi canrlad and inad.- a ruah t'roin
4,?.iitiiui.'il on ilnrii iiaga.

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