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Vou LXXT ...N? 23,624,
To-da? , i,ii4,.tti..,: nlth prohabl** ahnwara.
To BBarraw. grabaMj falr-. niooVrat** wlnrla.
JULY 22, lOlL-roURTEEN J?A1JKS. ** "I'HICK ONE CENT ^*S^?gl^l^^
KfiDIKPil :
Took Armed Yacht to Islar.d to
Sell Her to Prcsideht Simon's
Prevented by Bond to U. S. Gov?
ernment from Using Guns on
Yacht to Protect Amer
icans at Cape Haytien.
rnance, it is aald, rntr-rs Intn '*?
treea of all rn<-n nl Baaaa time In thelr
extntenee. Bvana R Dleti is daacrlbed
by his frienda aa a cantloua nnd peace
loaing man. Cnutloua and paace lorlng
ar, .- . they mogt Inaael on arhen
dtsrritilnc him.
"if I were ask^d tn run up his nature
ln a word thal nrord would '?> pence
lorlng." sai.l i na of bla frienda jr<
"Mr. Dlch is thi moat cautloua man I
? ?-. .r kri"??Ti " s.r.ii another. Tet nn
othar mM "II rd j!,n1 ,ifl
his v.:? - abova a qulet tona nnd I have
uaver hea -d hlm aay a arord about hhn
;. ? ? '
that ha '? ?
y. r Mr 1':. k ;s BOW nt <';.;
ivitii Jamet P M* Donald In Iha al
.,. armer nrltli two ti,r< e
I..urdera, t\?.. iaa-poundera. two one
i r.un.i. ?-* and at - < ral aaton atlc i ichlna
guna aad a hold loaded arlth nmr unltlon
aad riftM H< ?*, accordlng I
patchca from thal port takin*
?ti; - to proted thi Amerlcana l
from thr revolutlontata, and haa aak* i
j aa iiibmIiWI from tho Waahlngton gov
ernment to uso the yacht'i guna to quell
an\ aftack r,n Ainertcana <>r Amerlcan
\ ? perty
Hy sn iloinif tha governmrnt of Preal?
deni Blmon would tif' aided !n Ita Bgl I
Baralnst the rrvnlutlnnists. an-l thla
v. r.uid ba a greal ndvaaiMaje t.> varloua
na in whlch Mr. \>)oy. and Mr
McDoautfd ara Intereeted Mr. Dtei
held hark frr.ni his ararllka )?'!'?
h werer, by a bond of 1200,000
>.. eanttougly aaitered Into wHh the
Unltad Btatea governmenl before -
,: eratera Hts nfra. I '
? t th* guna nnd nmmunltlon ahould
- . uaad arhen the veaeel araa
his rontroL
Expectad to Sell YaeM.
Mr l?ik thei ould be moch
pleaaed t. aell hia veaael to th*- goeern
? Blmon. In facl, he
, ? ? H expectlng tfj
Vnak^ thr | "
ton, says the yachl
is tha property of thr- Haytlan fovern'
ment. CarMln naaodatea nl Mr Dlch
jr. t?-iB . ir-- say the ? I purchaaed
jc.r ?? - ? ,n. Maaarwhlle th*
I roher or.iip*-? the
aa* l of war seek
1 c may dellver !,??? nnd
? ? hli money.
The r* do not need Itt.
? s ? n, besleged ln His raatle,
t pay Mr 1 >*. k has $80.01
? r v< Bael thal wlll i a uae
to him when ho r.-turns lo the
j . . \ York and larga
i amounta fi*"i up ln Haytlan
c mcr*> or 1- aa aubje* I to the
I revolutioi -ry government
raan ngo th*- Haytlan governmenl
conceeal >n for a railroad in
( republlc, and ln AugUSt ItlO, thf?
i ?.. -. . ? .--?-.,. ??
. aa in Beveral former
- . denta then broughl tha conceaalon
1 Bfew V"rk and ultima'eiy lt waa pul
u for. the Natlonal Clty r.<:nk. and
p. w. Hanry, a*ting for Pranh A. Van
. prealdeni of I ? hank, examlned
Ita roerlta After an exhauatlva ln
waJ formej to trike
Up tha conceanlon nnd davelop Hnyti
Concessions Valuable Ones
?-. tha railroad conceaaicei wenl
I ta Of land ?-n botk sidos of tha road
raluabla coal and mlneraJ land?. it
ranceoskma thal formed the
i ? ttracthra jart of thr Investment.
railroad would ba, ln fa< t. a mi ana
, ... . ;. th*- land granU and the C 88l
mlneral rlghta. Th.- graati aa
. ,i, certain nlacea for twenty mllea
: the railroad.
;.t,- formed tho Haytl Com
; wlth olBcea nl Ma M Waii sti <f.
.. KaMonal Clty Banh Bulldlng;.
| that was thr- National Kaii
r. . : pany of Haytl, with |7.000.
? 2,,! capital stoch, to buii*i
tSQ ,. . railroad, arhl* h was to be
? . ? |2Q,000 a kllometra, with tha
teed bj tha Haytian gov
r i. Paumura was praaldent
or tluu compaay.
\. 4- . ... ih-- Carlbbean Conatructlon
Ulld tl"' railroad. It has
. : i Bation of 1290.000, purely nora
u.a . a the i ndl< nM is t*. rurnlab tha
I i tha road. WT. EL Orace
. , Bi uth Am- ri- an ImOOrtlng
ar.-i axportlng flrm, conaeated lo ha the
i ? . ? ? ? sajara, and L. H. Bharmaa
of that flrm, baxama preatdanl of th?
conetri't:.-n company. .lain-s P M<"
nald. ol N" 42 Broadway, waaclmnen
to Ao tha ncttial w*.rk <-f balldlnf the
rr.ad, and Lv becama Ihe rtM)-agMddcnt
inager of th*- eoaMtruo
B. DM. bl a
dlr?<t'.r of that cona]
4fter tha eogaitnictlon eompnny cama
th* ajfaet ir.diat) Devalopmanl Conapany.
.at Importanl <-f nll Tl at
eempi develop tha ii*?fi fraata
and tha coal nnd mlneral tuneaanlnnn.
Mr ? .,,,) Mr I?i'"k 8M l"t. r
Road to Tap Entire Country.
Tha railroad is to ba ? hImk'*- taacb
from l'..rt .ni-l'rln*'.- <??i H"' i-oiith
ta *,;it, j*. rtten < n th<- n.-ith, pg
threagB th* town of Hlnchn a branch
*? to run rrom Oonalvei to Hlncba nnd
naMhar branch from Qannlvaa to Port
<** i';<ix There la rm Importanl i>ait of
*ha republtc tha railroad doga "", *?P?
?MX so f;,r ;,? invr-stiRatlon ihOWa, ii'illi
i"K aaa overlooked ln tha regated oon?
MMtMai \\.ik aai beajun **n tha rall
r?ad ii, ifarch, 1811, ona thouiand men
Some "Don'ts"
for the Dog Days
The pitiable struggle of New
Yorkers lo keep cool in the
heated term struggles which
?encrally end in rnaking them
hotter than ever?will be
\ whimsically reviewed and il
Kistrated in to-morrow's
Sunday Tribune
un lULui
Cousin Who Boucjht Shotgun
Held by the Coroner and
Attempts Suicide.
Man Accuscd of Murdering Young
Wife Exfcibits No Concern
Over Charge?Rides to Jail
Smoking- Ci^arette.
i Telearrapn ?? Tl r Trlhnnfl '
Rlchmond, Vji , July *1.?Tha awora
atatemeni ol Paul Beattie, couatn of
Henry Ckay Beattie, jr.. that h<> aad
purchaeed a ahotgun for hla couflln kaat
Baturdaj eaoaed Henry Clay Beattie,
ir.. t" hn arreated late this evenlng. Ha
nas under > xamlnation i.i the coroner*a
invr.?ticfiti"ri <>f :h^ daath Of his ulf...
Mrs. Loulae Owen Beattie, arho araa Bhol
Tuasday nipht last. whlla motorlng arlth
her haaband on the turnplka aoath of
Ifanchaster, Va Beattie aald ;i rnan
atopped thelr automoblla and after an
exchange of words levalled a ahotgun
and ?h<.t Mrs. T-toattio. The ghotgUB,
boughl hy P.-nil Beattie, ts said to he tha
one arlth whlch Mrs. Henry Ponttlo was
killod. an'1 was daltvered to Beattie hy
rm roualn on Tuatfday, the day of tha
T1 ?? warrant on whlch Beattie was ar
rged him wlth iho murder of
hla wlfe.
Pruil Iloattle W88 BlBO taken IntO CU8
tody, and collapaed. When be reooverod
he attempted to end hla llfa bul frlenda
Int . ferad, Bufferlng from a hemorrbagre,
he araa taken to the Clty Homa for med
Ical treatment, an offlcar belng in
rharco Of him.
PVdtowtng tho arrest, the exrHmination
of Henry Clai Beattie Jr.. araa reaumed,
and be was pul through the "thlrd do
preo" by the oxnmlninsr ofrVers.
The commonwealth'a Une of Queation
inp tho huaband in dla ated its bellef that
Mrs. Beattie had baan kllled In the road
wbere th.-- large bloeaj Btata waa foamd
Instrad of ln tho automobilo
Incjulry fnr the elothlng worrj by Mra
Beattie broughl out the fart that it had
been h'irned by tho famlly. with a 1o
siro. it was explalned, t.. deatroy n grew.
j-omo remlnder of the tragedy.
T'.fntti.- was on th^ atand for mora
than tWO houra, and in Bplt* of all tests,
aa tha#rec4>natructlon of tho aoene
at the moment of tho < rirno, sturk to his
oiiglnal aceount of the tragedy. in
whirh he deolarod Mrs. Beattie had been
kilicd by an unknown man aoeostad on
tho road
IflgB Beulah Blnford, the alleged af
fintty ot Beattie, was placed on the
stand. she teatlfylng to hor roiattors with
Beattie, statlng that ho spont Ifonday
niL-ht with hor, and sho also told of other
nlghta he was in hor company alnce ho
waa married laal Auguat. Bhe also tes
tlfled t" havlng a chlld of whi< h Beattie
waa the father, and aald ha bad fur
nlshed B houae for hor.
Beattie dld nol oxhil.it any emotlon or
aurprlae when arreated by Detective Me
Ifahon, and when ho entered tho .-ity
jail to-nipht he had th" alr ?.f a "drnm
m> r" entering a hoteL Aa he paasad
through the atreeta of the city in an
Butomobtle he calmly anaoked a clgBrettej
and road the extra edltlonfl "f nows
papera chronii llng the eventa "f th< day
in the myaterloua murder caaa, in whlch
his baautlful wlfa araa the vlctlra.
Mrs paul Beattie conflrmed the stato
m<nt that her huaband purchaaed a
.s'lii'tpun and ahellfl for hla cousln, and
aaya thut aft.r the murder her huaband
returned homa from ? conference wlth
ouain and remerked, "He la Btill
|lrm in tho Btatament that h*' had noth
in? to eH> with the ahootlng," Indlcatlng
that tho i-ousin had confronted tha hua*
band with tho fart that the purchaaa of
tha ahotgun arould play an importaivi
Ig tho invstipatlon.
Mra Beattie araa tho dkuarhter of R, v.
Oweri, a bualneaa man ..f Dover, i>**i.t
and a niaci of Benjamln Owen, privata
Bacretary lo the Oovernor <>f Vlrginia.
Beattie la ;i promlnenl merohant and
bi "1 Ifanchester, *Va, b eectlon ?.f
Rlchmond, on the oppoalte sid.- >.f the
Jamea Rlver. Thej were married in Au
guBt laat, and a chlld waa born t" thara
aboul t.'.r.. weeka ago.
Dcath of Woman Reveals Life of
Romance, Tragedy and Sacrifice.
Chicago. Jul>' -1 Th'' id< titlfl'atlon of
H woman aliled laat evenlng by an au
tomobtla to-dgj ravealed ? iif?- of ro
mance, tragady aad aacrrlfice. Mrs. Kat.
Porter, tha victlan, araa ? doaneaUc etn>
j,I,,,..! by IV. h Hobba, a commtaalon
merchant, arho said that yaara ago sh<
marrk-d Solwyn C Bdgar, 8 a/ealthy St
Leoula Bteel man. fr"tn whom aha aepa
rato.i efter a aon had been born. Tha
oourta gave the father cuatody of the
Accordlng to Mr. Hobba, tha taeart
brokan woman gave up bar Mi oda and
flna gowna for tha garfa of a tomaatlc,
,.,, ,i . ?,,?. to Chicago flva yaara ggo "??i
obUlned rmployment Sh.- rgcartvad ??*?
aiml latti r; from b< r aon. arlw la noaf
twenty ytmn old, but |ertda pravantad
|,.-r fr.nii ni.ttiiiK htflB
iba was alaraya afrald sh.- arould maat
Borjia of bar former aacfal rri< ri*iaa. and
v.oro h heavy v.ii to avedd i.gnHk?n
ajha became confuaed whtle i m aina '?'?
.,,..1 ind araa run ovat by * luavy au
Left to righi ..tanding) H \ Butkr, R J. F.rrinfton, I.. T. rlarkiteaa. H. A. D. Hollman, Commi..ion? Ma R. Maltbic. Arthur Mckmncy, HaH
Hrlm riark and Commi99ioner J. E Knstis.
Sitting?Travia H. VVhltney, lecretary, and CofAfl9J99i<mer William R Willcox.
m -'-??:
-. iring tha dl b ablllty to meet tha env
trarf obllgatlona
Meyer Jonasson, Retired Cloak
Manufacturer, Shoots Himself.
Had Long Suffered from Heart
Disease?Was Once Head of
Large Business Concern.
Wlth a self-infllcted bullet woond ln
his h*rirt. Meyer Jonasson, s retlradcloakj
and suit manufacturer, was found daad in
his gpartmenl on tha second floor <?f No.
333 Central Pnrli West yeaterday morn
Ins;. Mr. Jonasaon'B body araa found by
his alBter-ln-lafW, Mrs. J. Jonasson, when
Bhe wenl t.. call him at 11 o'clock in the
mornlng. His death was nol reported to
thi- pollce of th.- Wr-st Idoth streM ata
tion untll lata yerterday, when CJoronar
Hellensteln, who had he?-t, called by a
nelghboring physiclan, reported that he
had mada an < xaininatlon and found
that Mr. Jonasson had commlted sutdde.
Mr. Jonaason ai seventy-neven Man
Old and for nearly a %ear had suffered
frr.m heart dist-as.-. !!?? M%M <om
plalned to Mra Jcragason, with wh*>m he
made his home, or to either of his sono,
Harry and Joseph. Ha had been under
the rar*- of r?r. A. Rosonfeld, of l..,; g
Branch, for aome montha, and it was
thOUghl that hia condltlon was linprov
Inaj, lt waa Mr Jonaaaon'a habll to
arlse at I 0'< 1"' k every ti.on ing und take
a walk in Central I'ark. 8Jld when he
falled to appear at 11 o'doch yeaterday
Mrs. Jonaason wenl Into his room. she
found him lylng a, roSfl th.- bed wlth a
bullet wound in his Blde a revolrer,
wlth one chamber empty, waa lylng on
th*- floor near by. II Is nol known h<>w
he muffled the aound of tha shot, but lt
w,is nol h'-ai'i by an.. "ii>- in tha bouee.
jo8*.|iii Jonaason. a aon of the mer
chant, waa callad !?? the bouae, but he
could i;t?- ti,.- coroner ti" explanatton for
his fatber'i aulclde. Anotherson, 11.. r t .
ia now in Buffalo
Involuntary proce?dlngi in bankruptcy
vrr* brouajhl agalnal th.' flrtn of Meyer
Jonasson i Co in 1002. Th- llrm then
had branch housM in Plttsburg gad Bm
tr?n and was r,n?- of the larj;."?t bOUSM ln
th.- I'i'iak and suit trade in tha Unlted
states. Bmanuel W Bloomtnfdale, of
the drygooda flrm of Bloomlngdale
Brothers, waa appolnted recelyer for the
concern arlth a bond of |20O,OO0 Th.
Ilabllltlaa >.f tha concern aren estlmsited
(,t 1800,000, an.i th.- rredltora belleved
that tha aasetfl would mora than Mjual
that amouni
At th- ttma M the baahruptc) rro
ceedings Mr Jonasson Issued a state
ni. nt in a lii.h h?- aald:
'I sta.tr-.i buslneM in Ban Pranclsco
ln IBrll. ln ten \enrs I had mada a C W?
? gble Btun -'"i'1 ;' llred from i iisla* aa
i >oat ti:'- monej i had m.raa
I.. Nee V'.!1- in Is"", and started ln th^
< louk and Mllt bllglnaag, BetWgea that
ljeeo hereto affixed *m\ attcsterj by it$ Swrctary
atw! thrse ur/caeute ha*e bwrti *igr?c<l by ita Chair
runit, ntrd tbe Contb.\Ct<.k iia* * [heaamataaat i
aaaaal ? BBaVaaaVr^ naiitfil hq,. , ?....-.,
o.'rpoj-tttc scal tn Ih- hereto affixed Bad tbeie
peaBtnbi to ba .I'r.eeuW.l t>v ujf \vto_9\t <i|rVvr?]
thc fla* an.l year Kr-it ajkave ? ntUn.
Pi buc Nkbvick ('.i.M.MiriMciN :*<)r rij;: Figifr
fji.stkik.-r. ?
...? ' ;? -! - i' ? i . ..??..,.?
i, I
timo and 1M?7 tho buadneaa arrew untll
!t amounted to 93j00tMlOO gnnually. Wa
dadded to anove uptown, bul our naw
location waa unfortnnato. Th. n 1 was
taken UI and for traraa yaara waa ongble
to attond to businasa Upon my return
i found tho affaira of tha eonetra ln a
tangled rottditJoaa, aad I tuura been strug
pling ever sin.o t>. get thlriK* Btraight
ened OlJt, hut to no avalt."
Mr. Jonasson wa,s BtTUl k and sorlously
injtirod by B Btfldataaebtg autotnohile
aboul B y. ar gfo at 4J.1 stroot and
Broadway and i;i ooaiaequaaea waa con
floed in 9 hospttal for sovoral months.
Hla health was Impalred aa a reaull of
the accidant
Joaaph Jonasson ls now tho hoad of tho
c louk bouaa <>f laayar jonasson & Co.. al
No. 13 wost *jist Btreet Ha Uvea at No.
337 VWHt Milh stroot.
Mr. Jonasson wan otM of tho prlnHpnl
flgurea in tho eotnmittBaa arhtch repre
Bentad the manufarturers in tha nuiin r
(rU8 Btriko settlements, and waa a protoi'
n^nt workcr ln tho Jawtah vharitable
Bernstein and Daudet, an Editor,
Use Pistols and Swords.
I'arls. July 21. Th- playwrlpht Henry
Bernatatn, who has many dii.ls in his
reeord, added Btill another to the list to
day when be fought I.oon Daudet. odltor
nf -L'Actton Pran.alse." flrat wlth pls
tola and than wlth 9worda Both map
arerc wotuided, hut it i? belleved not
m. Bernstein took excaptSon to arttclaa
whlch appaared in M. imud.fs paper
and challenged tho adltor. Th.- duel was
hi ld this afternoon at tha Parc d.? Prin
.... bkjyck ira.k. Kour ptato] Bbota
w,r.'. exchangad, bul wIUkhiI reault
T,?. combatanU than taob Bworda ln
the flral boarl Daodel waa dlaarn*ad aad
received a Bcratcli on tha fofebead. In
tha BBcond aach dualllBt was wounded ln
tn.. arm. Davodat. wound appearad to
.?. tho mora aaYara and tha aaconda
ptopped mo flght th.- doctora Baytng the
editor waa nol aMa to k<? on.
Temperature of 88 Degrces Fahr. Un
equalled There in Five Years.
i^iinioii. luly '-'! Lendoa to-day swei
lered 18 tha hattaat waatbar in five reaia,
lha lemperatar* reacthlag ? d^Kreea in tho
.sh.,fi. i.r.rd lostke u'liiiaina. prastdtng
over the 'oiirt "f Appeal. B99d8 88 BlBaOBt
unpracedantad aaeHaea of ludlctal dignity
lo ,-i.mfort py d.-tTlng ld* BTtg Hnd permlt
ting the LarrlHtera tn court to fatlOW BBjR,
'? ha bad epfll has ik.w t*.on unhrnken for
t^.i weeka and Lendaa i* Ihreateaed with
.,., ,,, ramlaj Tho laBnda aro flecklng t.
. .,n| lha B mtrj Jfo raln lifii
f.,i|, n in lh< greata parl "f tt.*- i ouatr)
.I'lairl'ta f"t threi- eeekfl, nnd farmera aie
comi.lainmg bltterl) ot ruliud cropa. I
Mme. Denise Moore's Eiplane
Capsizes at Etampes, France.
Etampea, Prance, July 2L?Mme.
Dentse Moore ba the flrat woman trlctlm
Of aviation. Bhe wfls kill.'d at tha a*r..
drome here to-nlght Mme. Moore had
already mada aeveral llna aacenta, and
was about tr, niaki' I hlgh fllght When
aboui *>ne hundred and flfty (eai in the
atr her blplanr was CaUght by 8 gust
and capslsed. It f.-ll straight to the
earth, and thr? woman was CTUShed be
neath it.
Mme. Moore was a Freneh woman. al
thougfa aha had an Bagilsh nama. Bha
was about twenty-flva yaara old, Bha
had boped to obtaln a pUot'a llceaM next
Rushed Through Both Houses at
Last Moment.
| By TelBifrapli IS TM Trii. na 1
Albany, July IL By s rota of 29 to
1*> the BenatC to-day under I ipeclal rule
paased Beaator Btllwetri blll to author
Ina the buildinic of i courthouaa for New
Vork ?'o:mty iti Clty Hall I'ark. Man
hattan. The blll was aent immedlat.-ly
to the Ass. nibly, where lt banly paaaed
after I sbOTt debat.', the rota belng TT
tO 4!*.
Benatetr Kewcomb fought the rnaaaure.
He said thal lt did nol m.-et. as tt was
supposad to do, th.- objectlona rai?-.'. by
Mayor Qaynor lu \etoiriK a former Stll
well hiii for the Bama purj"'8*" aii this
blll would accompllah, said Benator Naw
COmh, would b*' six monlhs' *|e|,i\ ln
gettlng a new courthouee. Ha offered
,m amendment provldlraj thal tha Board
of Batlmata hava aachistva 1 ower to daal
with this subjacl for six montha after
whlch, '.' tha board bnd falted to reach
;i aolutlon of tb*- I'roiii.m. it k>< back t .
the courthouM commtsston Th.- amend
nenl wai loat I to 11, after whlch the
bill was paaaed,
This raaaaura provldea thal If aft.-r
aix montha tha courthouee eommlasion
shall nol havs Belected a alta to whlch
tha Board of Bstlmats rimll hava ggreed
ii shall mI aslda ona ba Clty Haii Park.
Thei,- is no provtslao f*>r compenaatlon
to the clty for the land thus takett, whlch
mlghl ba more in aina(than thal occu
ph ,i b] tha axaatlng ooorthouaa, *
Catcago, Juh 21 The aiactlon i>...ti>i to
day dSSldSd IS DurehnM !.'??' rotJag ma
efeinaa IM ass ln rjhlasafja at ? rael ..r tM':,
Mfl Twir hundred niu.-hlnHs ara I*. he ?le
11\.-r.-.i arlthln alght BBontha aad the antlra
conalgnmanl aithta t*. reara
\v!i,ii you K'i to ttie country, take An.
gofltura Blttera, .u. utquialto tunle.?AUvt^
Arbitration Pact with Groat
Britain and France May Be
Signed Within Ten Days.
President Has Adventurous Jour
ney from Washington to Ma
nassas, Where Veterans
Cheer His Peace Plea.
Manassas. \'a . Jui? 21.?Mud bMpat
tered after n strenuoua trip from Wash
Ington by automoblle over flooded roada
and through swollen i-reeks. Prenidrmt
Taft to-day faced an audienre niade up
ln part of wterans who wore th- BlUS
and the r.ray, within a few miles of tha
sr-eno of the hattle of Bull Run. thr> flrst
great c-onfli'-t of th.- *'i'ii War. and araa
rheered when he mada a plan tor tnter
national pea.
The Presid-nt declared that a ?eneral
arhitrntlon tr-atv with Qreal Hritain and
wlth P'ranee probably would ba sip?ied
within the next t-n days. II- added that
he hoped within the next few days to
ni nounce that three other powen would
enter into similar BgreemenU with the
Unltad States. He did not name th
natlons he had in mind. but lt was cn
erally belleved that he referred t.> <;??:?
many. it ii> and The Netherlands. Japan
ultlmately may '"me into th*' far-reach
intc peace pact but the negotlatlons wltb
that power as y.t an Mld to be^faerely
Prealdeni Taft reached Manasaos ktta
ihiB evenlng after a tempaatuoua trip. .it
was bo Btrenuoua thal the Preaidentlal
p.rty abandoned their motor -ars bew
and returned to tl'" capital by train.
Mr. Taft laughlnglj llhened his troublaa
ln gettinK t*. Bull Run to those that some
peopla flfty r?n ago had in gettlag
: i w; ? y
"l broti?ht s<ime Benaton and Repre
SCatatlveS down with ma from WashlnK
ton," ha said. "and becausa of tht- -x
ipen'ieH of th- road and the .storm and
Btrlfe of the elementa, wa eama far more
slowl) than BOtna Benaton ami R?pre
sentatlvM who cama down her- half a
century ago wenl back."
Th*. Prestdeat'i trip from IrVaahtngton
to Msnassei woald haM thriiied the
heart "f ? movlng ptctum man. H?- i?ft
a traii of atraaded automoblrM ln his
araka, mada perlloua royagea gcroaa
Btreams *>ut of th.eir hanks, Btoppad on
his way to reeeue a party ot marooned
Benaton, demandlng rotM tm reclproclty
ilS a reward; pkmghed his way throunh
ralantorma and mud, and flnally reached
tl is ?iiatorii- Uttla rlllaga at suadowa.
Tha M>r eoatalalag the se.ret Rervice
men, whlch started bravely i.eside the
Prealdeni aa ha left ;!"? Whltg rlouse,
held t" th- ri-- gamely untll within a
few mii-s "f th- battlefleld, and tht ii
Igava a deapalrlng gasp nnd Btoppad ln
th- middle of what one- was a p-a.eful
brook, but which had becema a muddy
torrent to?day. Thla stream had daunted
? 1 - . ouraga of th- Preatdenfa chauffeur,
a/ho up t.> this tlme i ad succaasfully
navlgated thre- other forda s.. the
s< i rei Ser\ ii*- car was sani ahead lo t. st
th- tiep.h of the wat.r iitui dled in the
attempl t., make th- uroertng. By a
ri-totir th- President managed to h>ko
iiate the stream nl a mora shaUow polnt
Jokea with Stranded Senatora.
Beveral of thg reecued Benatorg Btnsred
garaj arlth tb*' Iscrsl Bsrvtog men after
their automoblle shlpwreck at an earller
fold, thlg tlme were left stranded with
the deelaratlon by the Pr-sident that
they were a lot of "suaml-patters."
Oae ?>f the White BotaM Ht*'iu)KrupherB.
who had followed the President from
coaal to ooaat and from Puget Sound to
the i.ulf <'f Mexn o, Ukewlse was ahan
doaed in mtdatreeaa, nnd Mr. Taft. for
the flrst tlme stDCS he be. amc the Chttf
| CaaUauad ?a aaxoad uafc
B. R. T. Gcts Extensions and
Four Construction Con
tracts Are Signed. ?
Mayor Stn.ys Away from Mcet
ing, but Associates WaVfti No
Time ? Ready to Dig,
Says Contractor.
I):PK,nK on the mmprehenslve Bystem
or now suliwayg, In acrordanoe with the
arrroomont wlth the Bro.-klyn RapM
Transit I 'ompany, wlll boqin Ly Au
gust 1.
Coaitracaj for tho p natnn*1ob el I i
four sootions of tha teaxlagtoB avaaua
j Una, whlch had 11 an awi rdad t.. t 9
Bradlay Contracting G were
signed, aealed and dellvered last niKiu.
Thla action foreatalled arr attempt
i.,,id up tha worli b: brlnging an actl ai
for an Injun tlon to previ nt tha lettlng
ef tha contracta Buch ?< aull
ti-roateno.i yeaterday afternoon by l*rad
ertck C. Leubuacher, bul now ll wlll ba
practlcally Impi Balbla to ial t1-.- 1 "
I to Interfere arlth the diargtng.
Th- Impertant action of maklni "i ara*
Uva th- coatracta bo that arort mai ba
? . ? _ bb Boon aa tha I rvtea
Commiaston gli bb tlu rord beaan at
! exai tly 6:28 o'cloi t laat nlght, whaai
Chalrman Wilteox of tha Publ Bei
Commlaalon tooh up bla pen and atflxed
hla Bignatur*. Tho contracta aera traaa
signed ln otdar by Tt 1 Whlt ?
ratary "f tha commlaalon. ard by Fi
Bradlay. prealdent, and Jamaa Brmd ? ,
flecratary, of l ? ??' "1 '? ' Mtrmctu*B
Company, ,.
,\n Butomoblle brought
Prondorpast from his homo in BrookI: n.
Bfld at 7:3.*. oVjaOC* ha BlTiggd hla 88f
aature to tha contracta appravtag the
bonda and siKtiod a r.-rtlflmto that | ?
mone; to paj tha cijotractt waa oa
Mayor's Pov\er for Obstruction.
it awvalopad ?*at*aday that Mayor
Qaynor arould bava tha power of hoid.tig
upmora of tho propt aad Byatam than hai
baan realbjed on Thuwdajr. Aithough,
tha Broadaray routa h?s heen comr^tetaiy'
BUthorised as B f'.'ir-tra.-k line. it wHI
he necrssary to mak? it a alx-traok llne
from Vaaay Mrc<*t tO Bth street, in or?
der to ao- ornmodate all of tha Hrooklyn
Kapid Transir 'in. s.
Th.- Rr...ik!vn Kapid Transit wlll need
two additional tracks below- ttje latter
pnlnt f?.r its Le-xlnijton Avenue traina
that arlll he swit.hed ln at that polnt.
Tho iaw aaya that any vital changos 1n
tho character of tho coraBtruoajaaB, aasch
as this. r-'iulres that the routa shall be
practlcally aald out agaln. Kcrwearar, ir.
was said hv an BUthotity tn the Publlc
Baartce riinimlaaaon that shouid Mayor
Gaynor rafuaa ta give his eonaent to a
six-tra.k lino work COUld Z>> ahead on
tho f..ur tracka and tho additi-na". tMCkfl
could ba bullt after ho got out of otflca
The Hayor waa n..t praaaal nt tho
meetlng of tho Poard of F.stimate yes
terday when it was v.ted to award the
ontire systom to tho Hrooklyn Rapid
Transit and the flva cntraots f>>r the
cohstruction "f tha 1,-xington avenue
9ubway were formally appaovad. He re
alizod on Thiirsila\ thal ho COUld do
nothing: tu block tha action by his vote,
and \v?nr t" bla boma at Sf Jbbbbb.
The r.s.'iutlon t>. give all tha lines to
tho Brooklyn Kap.d Transit, arhlch n><t
eleven of tho Blxtaen M.t.-s of tho board
on Thuraday but needod twalva bl B 188
it ramo up for the tirst tlme, r.-iiuired
only nino votaa y.-stord.ij. It actUBtly
got fourteen. Pn-sid.i.t Mif. hel of the
Board of AJdannan sat as Actlng Mayor,
\'i. o-Cha!rman Hent of tha Board ,f
Ald.-rmon sat as Aoting Pr. sid. nt el
that body. Tha vota was as fottowg;
_9 No.
I r - votaa, Agnlrat - votaa
PrejMent Mlf-hel 3 Frea!-lent |f|||er 1
Cmtrolier I'ren.Iergai.' 8 Prealdent Greeaer.. 1
Vlce Chalrman Bent. . 3
PresilTit M.'Aneny. .. 2
Tre?Menf Sfeer* ... 2
Prealdent 1 "n raara I..., t
Toral.11 Tetal. ~i
Contracta Approved Quickly.
When u caina t.. approving the con
tra.-ts for tha l*aglnartnai avenue Uaa
Prosidont McAneny vaninl to paat it
OVar, as he had an und?T8tand:ng artth
Mayr Haynor that BO flfJcfa BCtton WOUld
be taken in his abBBfljca. Other nicm
bera of 1198 board insisted ujMin golng
ghead, boWBVar, and Pr.sidont McAneny,
in ordor 10 koep faith, VOtad "no," mak
Ing; the vote 1J to '2.
Prealdent McAneny pt.-pared the fol
lowinK tahle flhowkBg Iho lineg pf the
comprol oiisive systom and thu money
New aubwara. i\i |
N-w elevat*.! . _n ;\
New thlr.l tra.klng. ... ^
Tn?al . 99.1
Eitatlng etavatad . 41 i
Tftai rlstaal | laa) >., .97 4
11 4
n. . ? - . ? 1 llaaa . t?.?
Tegal ?? ai< B4V 1 ?' 01. .
Tetal tortglnal planj. t?7 1
.;?.. .... 1289
.?? lm.natriirti.in ...|i:; *mi..i
rntfl . \ ? ?.
T.>tai paymeni ..... ItU.tOD.OiBl
l'ti.I.-.- .??'tijitr., ? |i .... _J s,hi 0 aj
TotHi clt) rapnal.litiii.^n. >?*\
Cnaapaay puta Into rnnatrurtlnn llM.em.m*)
Compan) puta <niu ?qulpmeni. bS.OOD.uuo
T..UI .ail.aou '??>
Total iifw raald tiMtiBlt ltixeatnient
i. Itv an.l ,->.inp.ii>). J-.SU,tUm.uOO
Ready to Dig, Saya Bradlay.
Frank Itra.lloy. pr.-sldtnt uf tho Prad
ley Contracting CotDpaay, after the con
tracts had boon sljrned, aald:
W'o aro ready to put the shovel into
the BjroaUad the mlnute after wo are ?>r
dered to do ao by the Publlc Servlce
t'ommlsslon We ean begln slmultana
ously on all four ae^'tlona, aa wn ltave
our organlzatlona all ready and waltlng
for Juat this thing. We have a atable
at rtSth atreet and the North Rlver and
another at Stanton street and the Eaat
River, wlth a full equlptaent ol boraea,

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