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? aits nnd otle ? I U I ? "lT from
. Btjrfea cal of the r'.rie Railroad >?
f"! immediato use. Our two ged
ajo*M *.r ib*- Fo'irth avaaua nabwaty gre
?0 per .-nf ...mpbt.d, and our Crot-.n
l.fike aqueducl worh B BB PM eani <k'ne
-1 ,ai, turh thr?- gJanJa into our
U aiagton a?. aaa aarh.
"WewPlbav* batween 1,000 and 6,000
?mbj gnd bgtwgen 800 and LOOO carts
rmployed on tht work The work wfll
ha t.?"na on 'r..m 8 o'eloch In the mora
Ing to nUdnkght ln two gaaaa. aach of
v.in h wdi havo an hdhr ror raoam. Wa
ai* golng te piish thla thlag throagh ln
I r- ol ,1 IMII' .
Chairman Wll
i...f whni ba had ekfaed th* contncta
whlch weet lo put into actual dhyglng
the work opon whlch ha had been ta
gagedaokang Tl ng sattled and
prc hare nctt .>d on b pn
gtamai*.' be aald "W<- havi ? i
tlon of our tr
all] t-, undertalu ' ?,' ? :,,w '"
: . ? i think thr . ?? taua
congratulal far a* th* cornmla
ajon la ? on* 11 ned we ai * g ab*
with thtl work as r.ipidtv *- pofl
(.?ii Monda; 'v
tiiti' that dlgi I ? *-""? " '? ''
not be later I ?ui l
Before Im ' boma
>. t Lak* Qeor| I ? ??"?
aVugti Preeklenl M v i '-" i ?
4. aaal thal i '"tr" I that tha mod
i ' ' ''
a>d arlth I ' :"n cl' '
. '- ,-lr_r
f..- |, amning '?? dl|
Boworal Bautlng Plen ^lanric
. ? ? rep
,,...._? - f h ird
I ? hl
nf iha B* ard
thr ?.
terma and coi
- | . ... ... . ? .
. ? -. il
? . ? i :
1 .
. .
i ? ?
ba i " '
. ?
??? a
i tralne i
... the nlnto
gl .. ?
? '
T la Httle Job
J ingllng, the
snd Btiretj Com] ' ' mnton
- ? prt ? I
a ?.?-,,??, f0r th? ract on 8a
? - fa, nr,i ,),-., ,,- gaoAOOO each, for
- ?.. , n. maklng ?< total
| -V.r... 1 ir.. ,v f .111 SUMt] COgB
-. ? ? iklng up m. h bond.
ru rnoon tha bonda wen
r?<,i ?i ihe roomi of
? ..- * 'ommlsalon. 11 tnofc
? 4. i ajoane tlma i" go over th?m In
ri?T?M in tho ntean tlme thr. contrao
,i When ll came time
tnctg the follow Ing had
-.ei aronad the hip tabie: chatr
- om Malt
bfi and Kuatla, Tnvla H. ?Vhltney, eee
? 11 ? der MrKlnney, gssMtant
.-, - .-- i , j Harhneaa *and Mr.
I rouneel, all of thr Pub
-,r-. - < commlaslon; Prank Bradley,
. nt; Jen ''.'?- mmi tarj.
.lani' v Lj nch, ? ouneel and Baylj
Hipktne, chlel englneer, ali ol tha con
? i, Among i th-rs wera
,; r. laggett, chlef clerk, and Helen
... ? rlerk of the commlaslon, who
?? .1 ln th- preparatku, of th* ? on
Controller Haa Bonds.
Thr four eontracti were in trip
? ?nr of whlch ;s retalaed by tha Public
? o - the secoi
, ontrnctoi thlrd '?: th i' n
..-(,ii r i . ? ?? approval both
v ..t | rned over to th* latti
Willcox and Mr,
w nn .. 4 th* pen was turned
ind Jamea Bi id
..; thi . ontra* ting 'irm. a ho afflxeO
ii,r I. ? ? b reta ned
i *': !' fltlajB n1 Of Ih'
. omi
. ? i ? ? onti h P.
I. h.iur
Bradl* atild
rn 1 rm, ncai
Kom* * rnJ vrould work all
,1, r | . ? h M ? Hipkina, th*
chlef rogli ? . the plana
so there mlghl nol ' dels
ln begtnnlnn '
the Pi ? mpan;
.... .. ? |0 ? v. i::;i
?j]?. '?(>. No v and 07th
TDth nd '??' I "? "?"? 11
betwe* A ??:.!.':?-?,
1'.<:. <'?"..
. ? rda ."
i . ilng npthei con
.,.,., >... 7 > ? ? ? ?." '"tb aad
,-..".. j > ? ? ? rded to
Charles H Pecka orth, and II
fltn?v! t hal 11 w III '"? fori algned t->
da> Tha tMal nrnonnl Im ?'? ad i
'Hm. . onti ' U la $10.13P I S I
wb ' -:" ita rm t
. ,... Prend*
a. i.i. i .. i ? pori i ? . 'i ibllll
? nr |he fl ' .'? 'iios -a 11" - ontra* ta
r.- t|,- I'ut Hc Sri rl* ? <
dtacuaeed Ihe ?.
... . . . ? ?
waa to be r*
i.. OT..I.-I tb* imli i.i'i
? | | ?.,',.
,,). . ? ? . | I ., ? . : ?
drea up a
ti ,. ,-..ri*'ad ;- ' ? ? ??' I
last nlcht
\b t<. wheth* ' - i-l be
readvertkaed on the | - Wlltj thal
lddf* mlgbl ba obtalni d, nol onlj bi
. f tb< ? n ?
. cst of matei ? ? l gone i ln the
last t/eai and the IValnwrlghl cmployen'
llabiiit.- ? ' I ?"' '"' n di ? lan <i unconatl
tutionai. tha Cantroller recomn
that tl.- Bva eontracti bd .i;.;.;<>.? <l n,
ardcr that v?"rk mlgi.t l llarted ..;
onre Th*- possibl" Mrlog h? thought
would not eornjaaaaate t-r thg tlme that
r r.uid be loal R li undt at tiie
?iih"r eontracti for worl on Lexington
s eaua wlll ba r. ad
\rt?r ihe resohitlon glvlna l Rrwk
?yn Rapid Transit the largei s,i-trj,i had
beaa pflkaaed, aa atreatdy told ihn Con*
t-oller prosonled his report and movrd
that tho contracta be approved.
?r.i prefer t.. wall for this untll we
aro suro ,,i" thr twelve VOtBg n? <ossary. '
said Presldotit M.-Aneny.
"1'd prof. r |o hav the Ma>or ho,..
aald Prealdeni Mitchel; "bul what wa
want ls gctlofl now."
Tho board wlll meel aa
stial on
Thura.iay and wlll than adjourn untll
Aaagusi Bl. ?
it was aftor f> BBeetlng lhal Pred
arlch C. Leubuacher, a lawyer, of No.
258 Mi'.'flf|iv,i\. announcod that ho would
Immedlately prepar* papera to enjoin tho
Publlc Beralta ('omm'ssi"n and tho
Board of Kstimato from pifttlng tho <-on
Btnictton contracta through. Pe d*
.-larrrl thfl gTOUtld wotild 1." that thero
, .llusi'.n hotwooi, Iho lnterboro.,5:i
Rapid Tranall Company nnd tho Rrook
?yn Papid Tranall <'ompany to hnve
? ? s h ."^tra.is awarded as WOUid
,,-to tha 1 ands of th* Inlri'l-oto-.ich
i thc Pt-ooklyn Rnpld Tran.^t bt
Iprevented from carrying out Ita eoav
j t r;o t.
vi- Leubuai ? r is prealdeni of ihe New
?? V. rl; Btat? S nclo Tax T,e?gn<\ P" Wgg
Bctivi ii; Ihe Munlcipol Daeiwcrncy,
j whlch waa the Qrst organlration to n"in
? ,,.,r f..r Mayor. Ha Wafl
Bfl Offlcet of llH Pr.'jrrrs. |vg \)?
... j. WhlCh atarfd an acitafon tO
bava iha Mayor nominated foi Oovernor
??? th regulai meating of ':-r PubU<
.- Commlaalon raaterdaj tha caur*
*n\ and chlef englnetr wen bjgtrueted to
. flnayfl a* p aBBtbll plang and
Acatloaia for tho conatniction of tho
' 1 new Bubway Hnaa ?nd fonn9
ntracl for tba aqulpment and epar
r.iin,i of them, as propoaad by lha BrooB
l ., Hapi.l Transit
nmtaatonor Maltbie e^t permUalori
t.. mo fo, tha racotd * matnorandum
s-iiov.ir,R iust whj h-- would nol lota wlth
Chairrnan trilleox and < 'omuiiaeionei <
rroll Bnd Euatfta ta i^aconunandlng
ih? accaptancf of th* Intari^croijarh'a
propoaltlon that waa d?foatod by tha
nate on Thuraday.
!-, axplanatlon of his aotion iv.mnd.*
,..i laal nlfhl
Sn ?. lhal deflntte actton haa I een
tbal i onatructlon work
ahould he puahed wlth tho utmoat spo. d
lhal rontratrta shouid be awarded
-. ,. tlon -is rapidh a* they i Bfl
:. prepared end Mdg] fleeured. T be
., Ihlfl coUrSB ahctild bo followed
I ?4K,, when th" Intorborough
Compan; refuBed, bul I wlthheld the
I <-? ? memorandnm or the nraaan
? itiofl in ordi i !'i"t 9
tm^i eppertunit) mlght be ?i-ree! for the
Interborough Company to n i rtdei Ita
. rion nnd Bccepi n contracl with the
? ? .
? Thi I aUowlna tha Interbor
. iicii company a ppeferentiaJ ciaim of 9
per renl ind th" prtvllege of maklng up
detlrienciefl In oamlngs bv Mnd rBBuefl
<ii<i nol app< al t.ind i ao adi laed
? onferteea aeveral daya aajo. Inorder
that thore may be no mlBUndeistandlnc
of mj poaition and of my reaaona for
? ? fllng f. i..in In the flnal roport to
. Board >.f Batlmata nnd Appdrtlon
ment, I ii!,"-i the rhemoragidum referred
to in t\\n meetlng this mornlng."
Engineers Make 5-Year Agree
ment with Contractors.
AnticlpaUag a gre.-.t demand f'-r ^npi
i aa i wort on the now aubwaya
- the | nit*-..! roriabl* Rafet\ Knpl
neera' ITnlon yea|erday ma.ie an agreemenl
Bfl to waaroa and conditi.?n? of work with
the Contractora' Protectivi Aaaoclatlon.
Tho agreemenl is lo <ontlnne for flva yaara
from Auguai 1. un.i v.reaks all recorda aa
to length of tlma in aur-h agre^moiiis.
Th?- anglnaara* bbuob is oompoaed of
Ing enginooig. and the memhoia of
tbe Contractora! Protectlva Aaaoclatlon do
excavatlng wort 9a .. 'arpo acala
i ndei r- nea agreemenl 1,508 englneera
wlll he patd 8478 a day for elghi houra
? ? double wagaa for evertlme, an ?d
\ an. ? nti ay over preaanl wagea
Tho iinioii abn made ;,n BflTreement wlth
( . iron i ? agui 11?* mornbei i ol whb h
, ontrai t for the < rection of Bti uctural bon
work, and -. reral other organlaatlona of
employera, and expecta on Mondai to
make an agreemenl wlth th' Maaon Bulkt
\__, n Altogether 11 was Mar^.i
? iai emenlg har] been made ou i? i.aif
of three thoueand englneera Bl .eaeed
, ? |i i . . ecreta Ihi Iron
ld yeaterday lhal Ui* >? grneera
..i hy tha league wer.- paid by the
Mr arould ool aay what th* wagee
? Hn io ba under tbe naw aarreeraent, bul
?;? i-u,\ ided for an lm reeaa on Jaa
KuhB, Loob A Co. Expcctod to
Head Syndicatp of Bunkors.
X| . ' I a ittbwiji
.. i ? ? . Brookl! n Rapid Tranall
. a ioiai axpendinir*
rt* approxli I
.. ? ,- indertaken, ?>? eordlni to n
luartera ln IVall
gu. >i a) ndl< at* "i bank
. , , ' a Po.. and ln
.?ln.in.u prohebly ihe PentrBl Trual
|. . ,. .. , ? .v "... ..f i
Vork, Bnd oi'. i. t idi nttfled
,-... VhiiiHiJi ''ii? Banl -'??? igh ' .
i uitei i's. if. it whk .i.i
-.. ould taki "?' 'iir^. t
\ few we*ka ago 11 aafl reported that
the Ai moui -?."'' il ?go, mlghi n* ln
tereated In Ih* I .al rn Rep''i Tranall
fliian.-lng. and II 1? coneldered noi unllkelj
lea that .1. < )gdi \i moui.
; restdenl "f I mo i ,< fl fl ' n ? i.-ar .>r
two at;.. becarei itlonai
. ,, t- . ,r ? . inti ? ?
.,-rl Wlth 1 - "' ItlOfl lo take |. ,rt
lha ayndleate Jaceb H. H< l>irr h..?.i ..r
Kui n u? i. h i'o.. ia ilao a 'ii.? ? tor "f thi
N u. ? :
ri.<- i :,-t.,-if,ail..n of tho I'rntiai
? i, Iti Ihi und' i v. rlMng wo ild .<;?
;.'.., ? ?
. inlrn hh of Um board ol thi
nr.....,:. ?? i ;..|>M Ti ansll < ompan; , an.l
. i ?mi. betna M ? rnllng
irlaled wrth th< Inaii
lutlon, and Ita pn ment. Jamea \l v\ (i
la .. dli ? ? ? B.kl) n Rapid
| ' 1 .- .-lf - I .I'.fer.
. entral -| i ial ' omi ?
. ihen oubl that a r ndl at*
?? ??? fvi mtereata named
?I iM'f imir. dlffleuiti tn proi ..I
.... .... normoua aui
ll,. Hrooklvn Ra| I I
.'.iii;..m. i...- biiildlna and raptlpplng ii,.,
iwarded '" II 'ni i ? ln i.
Mle. ,ii ""? " - ' 'I' \'> ..'!-'?? ' '?. |lia1
? ihi inelng I n-'ti'ii li.
Irgrtloi rompan I i om i h< ?;> ? i .<i
? ? !??),.)
? ? .i .,.i. md 87, ll ?ould -? ??'>?
would have l> pas th*
i ?? foi ? '"i.i hlnfl ti..
? .. 11.- .,?? aubwaya
". i. dld not
i>? ili. ii ii
. ? ompanj had rrreh r,\
. , . - i ailvan Ina on< balf
??f 84 i ? i i,
?ev*n-i <>' m |...in! ot. i
an Ive t ban on 1 . ? ? ? i la nd in
tha im'oi tradlng kaa! rflora than n had
gaiij. d ln tho mornln rl i ? ? loslng at
-.'?'?? ? i ii i...int ,rfi |hg
la !-k al ?? ? .'i. .1 wil)
- ompan U wil li 19,200 on
li.tr: Ifl all ' "I "ll'.in ? U> k<. aa w.it,
lUied "ii tlu iu ,\ ? i,, it
I bad ' ? ? ? ...i all the
ubway*1, lb* romuioii dropnlng <>ne.
? prefi ii- 1 i , i,..ii i
s Ung the prefei ie.j re*e\'*r*d
;,|| riUl Ofl ,!;lt "| lt H < ;,, i;, ,
?> I" i I'.xs nf
on# 'i ? I.in
,,,,,,. . ... . i . t i .
nd ana liail Bolnl under fburada
? leaa 1
Tribune's Towns & Cities Contest
[%*%] iJjfJOQ in Prizes
July. 22.
My onswers to the Towns and Cities Conteat Pictures of
this date and number are:
P. O. Addrxs*.
it tt.oM. rma Mrrr
ConraUnU ln Towne im (,ay
upon thie <?^ ^^ coWffjTB roupon mual b? returnM Answara
^^W:?^IU an*.* S.mple'ta w.U net ba cMaddertd UM
?*?? IG ^verntagthi conteat appear wlth
' onlipiierl fmn? flr?t P?t'
maglstnta of tha naf.lon, apoha wil
offli Ial re. ord belng mad? ol hli utter
When the Prealdeni i partj sta ta I
from Washington lo ntteod the culml
n.itina exorclOM of thr Manaaaaa B*?mi
centennlal reunlon gnd love fr.a.?t of th*
m. -i ? ho oppoeet. sach other ln the < 'i1 II
War the son wgg ihlnlng brlghtly. He
lind pr.t gone far dn hli way, how< ?
when Iha Btorm ? kmda began to ?
H0r,,ra ih+ delnge rame he n?d tlme ln
atop a1 Palrfea Courthouaa to look al
_-.. Washlngton'i lael wlll and teeta
menl and to get luncheon.
pl? r tniles Mll Of Faiifax Ihe PTMl
da, fs car mounted ? blll, dlimed down
m | \alley nnd dlecovered a blg toui
Ing rni itnlled In the middle of a itream
thal on ordlnnry daya la two feet wld
i?,t whlch to dai waa broadened Into b
hundred feet of yelloa swlrHng waMi
I |? i,. ralmly nwalHng <bpi'
were three t'ntted BtatM Bensl
Nrison. of Mlnneeota; Bacon, "f'lc"^ a
and Orerman, of North Carollns and
Bollritor Qenernl Lehmann. Benator
Brandegee, of Connecth ut ownw of tl i
car had ahandoned hli frienda In mld
?tream nnd had foneahead toobtalntha
aenicea of I hone or two to null them
Maior Butt Fords Torrent.
Major a. w Butt, tha Presldenfs per
?onal eld, t..?.k one look nl tha atream
and another at hia ahlnlnfl yellow boott.
Then the bootfl rame off and the major
waa In thr toirenl up to hia walst. He
geouted rlghl and left and flnalta waded
acroM ?nrl hark again.
'?We *'an get gCTCMV*' ?aid he. aa I
,8,ne beek te the walttag White H
,,,- bedrdgtled but happy, Tha Preal
deni iais-.i hia hai ln dlaalflad faahlon.
Thank you. mnjor." ha aaW; '"gel ln
;ind we'll try it."
.\? he paaaed Sermtor Brendegeea ma
r-hine the Prealdeni gravely Mluted.
*.How do you do, Benatonr' he eald.
Thr two machlBM that had sUrted
rrom Washington wlth the Prealdeni
made th. ford ln shorl order. Oi
furtherbank they stopaed. Pnaamgcar
aerecnlled Into servic nd tho
marooned were Hghtered to al
Benator Nelaon wai taken Int*
Prealdenfa car. He glanccd al hia col
uaaruM sa. back romfortablj .h *
freah rhea of tob.nd pnpatvd for
thewont Two mllea further aoul l
acc-ne was i pented. This llme tht a
,,.??,, M rordlng fallad mlMgably In
4PI?. pf Major Butta gallan! efforta to
vun , proaalng. Oni of the three Presl
dentlelcari waa aafil nhead. meaned b)
Lrrel BervlM men onl) ll ^ "? ""
rhannel and the Becnl Bervtca men
v,?,ii.i back to ahore
Major Butt trtl I. ???;, came
:,ut- AtthlTi. ' ? J
"nd their a.
|fi iMt pfforta to gel lo Ml
Thc, iook. ?? ? i t]'m ,>,,h aw;
,?d al Iho major wlth i.- ?' " ' ?'
? ...'-.? ? ? ? '. ;
,.,?. as she gased it ttdj i >od le'l of
ti,. Pr* ib nffl afd
Back nvci I i M< ' ' ?'! "' '"''
,?., travellad th- White 1
ccntslnlng aaotbei Benator. ln *lled
, ,.,,,. Bahind .i ram* a bcco
toadad wlth more Benaton and ? ??
Bw |, men v the rord Ihe) had
., , vlv H tlme I afor* they had lo
. OBCe ,,?.?- ro rarrlages, bul onca
,,,r, ,,,-,, into th* mn< hlnM ngaln
,,,fCi,t the batttefleld I ai
..,.,,,,,- pjull rel lo lh# akln, hung hl i
,,,, ,.., N4 |nd ahieM ol tht Preel
,i-nt'a -ar k\ tllTO I I ? ? ,1 t
,,?*,, tha ar lo ajulet frlghtaned b*
y,., iha law "f \ Irglnl i requlr.
rtblllsl lo i" ' form I hia dul
tha I'rr aldenl ,.??'. beying II
Rapreaentatlve Carltn, nl Vlrginla, w K"
.,;,,,,,! ? nn the prenid* nl, illen iled
\< itti ihe majoi .Imlng hoi ea and
i. ? ing lo k-"k bepp?
When tha I'" Bldenl rached
Manaaaaa Benalora Martiti nn?l '
R*.pi - tenlath i Carlln -? ? tai '
aad Hajoi Bull *.? Ith hia bo il on
. i??? ii,. onl ii Ivoi Th<
i -,i i si ii. k in i ? ? rginla road oi Ihe
PresiHant's Ple* fo, F'e?'e
'I hr> I'rr-' nl- nl I ?!?? H>t "I'l" "I 1' 0
, Mii.i Mann H< referred * Ith '? ? llng
to tha loaa of llfe and Btiffi rlni ln Iha
I ivh W <t and aald b* di plon ?! armed
itrlf* ind ?? i '" .i it .ki ba abollshed
Ba) m~' thal m* n n bo hai i i" an to i gi
kiiow v, hai ii i- nnd nnnl nu mow ol II
i in i H flidi nl add* d
ti,, ri fon i I""' i" ? "u '.?tenni nf
tha < Ivll Wm lo i kl ln lh? inov* m* i
foi ax ." l am glad to ? nnouu* ? her*
lo-da) thal ?.?* Kngland I ia ai i ? ?', ' '
? i.i. t Into ,in arbltratloi tn atj w Ith th?
i nit-ii st.iti>?, Prance haa ."in ilfled her
wlllingiu ?a to - nt* r Ini* Iha name
ti. ity Both tn atle -..tii h* algned
>slihin ten <in}f. and l axp* rl i" ba ..i I*
to sanoum - a Itbln b f< a da) a thal
ihne ..th'-r niiioiiM ii,i\o entered luto Ih*
,ii.. mi nt This nen^ i i>iIng to Ih*
veteraiia of a real ? u i- lua* I know
the? wlll ni".-'
!?? rm
i i
ih If. a hoi pltabli -td1,.
Ltlnaed Mr lafi *1tg soll ?nd n?
StreamS frTatlirr nhont \*u and rltng to
iirto shouti "t hughter flrowned Ihe
Preeldent'a rotoe, gnd he utopp-d ipeek
rng to Jolti ln thr- ktughter, ' 1 dldn'l
.', mn down here to make ? speech,'' ha
contlnued, "Th* announcemenl thal I
would make in ...i.iresa wai tbe work of
xryv preaa r preaentatlve, unauthorlMd
I merelj .-juik down to aa? howdj do."
Th*. prealdeni closed ,vith a irlbnta
t , tha sentlmenl whlch Insplred the re
Washington, Jui. H PrMldeni Tafl r?
turned te Weal ngton shortly Mfora 1
? .. ck, lat* foy dinnar, i*patter?d ??t?h Vlr
.: Bla mud, bul hapw The i;i lu< k thal
ntir-nr|?.r| hlm hl hlS 'rtp *.. Rull Hun ar.d
I m .. .... ,;;.j ti... dea*' I ' Im, foi when
rapltal fl terrlfl. down
ponr waa tn progreea P"?m<? of ihe Sr-na
r ? . ?; , and i ered for on th? trip
,., Manaaaaa rame back wlth hlm but
othera wara hr-ua-ht bar-k in one ><< I ?
intomohllea *; al weathared the atorm
and th* Vlrginla roada_
Nine Others Injured Whpn Trol
feys Mcct Hcad On.
i g, ,. ki i| i >a ?? TrlMi a i
Hackanaack, N J. Jui) II Thna men
trera killed and twelra er mora paaeangen
aerfoual* Injun d al I e eleck Hila after*
noon, when two ean "n 'he N-nii Jaraay
? troiie>- Hna ni** in a head-on cotllalea bs
i Bped and OroVa strMts. r.'drr
' v ood,
i John Hutchtneon, motormen, djad ten
[mlnutea aftei hia remoral t.? the Pateraon
Ital F J Pllgrlm, auperlatandeat er
thr- r-omjian?'. one ?.f aihuaa l?gi? waa am
putated ln tb* hoaptlal, .ii"i four houn
afterward. loim PoataHo, a paaMnger, ahm
' dler) |ri thr. hosjitij
Thr- Injured ar? .ra-'ib I'rir-dman,
conductor, Paterson, aMlp wonnds and
' brulaea; Ix>ula RlngNng, toberer, New
-,,u *<\r.re cuta "ti head; Philip
Icgruslo, Buffern. t i* t by ginas ghoul
far-r. and hesd; Lswls IMnionda. No. 77S
i r-:irrri* 11 avenue, New York, cuta on head
land face; .\l>.?r Jetnge, PMsaiC, faee and
handa cui i- glaaa; Max and ('ari Ki-r-t
|aehluna, Paaealc, faeM lacerated; WUllam
(Kata, No IM WoMt i3ot h strr.pt, New
|\ork, eruahed and eul on head; Babaltlan
, Palead, r-'uffrm. cut by glSM M fici and
Thr- North Jaraay RapM Tiaiaah
opemted Mtweea Warren Polnt Juat
Iacroaa the r:v. r from Pateraon, to Buffern,
Ihroug R dg<.I, rlohokue, \i
.?? .i m.ii.a;ih. The no th
! hound inr left Warren Peln1 at tM o'alock
in charae "f t'onductor Krledman and
Motorman Hat ritnaon L'nknown to them.
Sur* iintendenl Pllgrlm wan trarelilns
| Bouth wlth .i "wlldrM rar. benl o
tlng a i'..i t ? of i lilldren thal had )?? en ?
Ian outiui ln Pateraon li la the general
1.. lief thal ? wa tr) ine lo make tba
,?;ir>.|,... ;. iwltrh before th.- regular car
i ? ? i i g ? iama tn ba attai hed to Supei
li nl Pllgritu'a i ai Tho igh no oflli Ial
aiatemenl a out, tt wa* aald thal
b regul ??" rai l ad a i '-ar ?!?;
. sftei leavlng thi fllen Rock s?n. h
-, -''.-.I wlth hlgh m.1 in? ? -
tora and ? aaII) mak* thlrtj mllea an
I'ornni . .? . ..nn Proaecutor Wrlghf of
Bergen Count* wlll makt aa Inveetigatlon.
? a
Immcdiatrly Rrportr. Bil! lo Abol
ish Monetary Commission.
w lahlngten, lul) 21 ,\ Mttla royal avei
Mll In th* ? ? lon of l Mi
grea ?? fon ahadow. ?! 10 daj a hi... ln ad
wlth a .?ti'' .1 agr?-ei enl among
? rlan d
? .- Monetarj 1 ommlsalon, and Benator
.01 ." ti" * tnnmltte* rai
? ilgnatM ov \ |i. 1 ?.. v ,|.,,.
- - rian to attrceed Um Tha rhanae n 1
hli i'. nroa* i" ..-.. a ipeclal
MttMit. 1 tn t1'. blll tn* rommlaslon wlll
l at tbe b* ginnlni of tl itar aaa
t i.'ongr* ' I.??'<?? 1.
? ?? . ? 1 i> folloa Ing thti rhange Mi
? . ? eported from thi Pli
nilttee iha Cummlna 1 ni pr..?-i*itng for the
bj|...lnLn. ?.f th.- enmmlBBiOn ?*< tha
a ? ? 1 --1..11 Tl.pori a ?* 1
Tu. re tiH of ? poli ol >'" conunlttee t.ik?n
Ita tlon between Benalnr I'enro* ?
? .-.''?
p aald M \ ?'??? ?? ' 1
? .... u .- k .,f t'
?... .'a !? i rnlnata naturallj siin the
. ,it.,i|on ot the flnal n l I
? ? | ? ?: ?,. ii ii.i.i ti-. ? Mr. tlon '?.
I ISa ig, ..? tha ? 'iiiniuii'. blll, [1 ?i.
1 . there a .
. , ? ? ind lt went on tha
? ?
li t? nol exneeled Ibal fuiHir-i m<
lon w hi i,.^ I eld untll weli
., .. fall, and lhai than tha ron
n arlll b" -..,'i..i logathei ??? t-.i 1
., r, uort, whl< h, It is ei pe< l? I, a 111 h*
bb of tba Ol Mr
: ?? lil.i'ti' !"l
l,IU M , 1,,. ? | ? t 1 . ? 1.n the rai
. ndai Bl 1 ha 111 -1 -1"" of the 1
, -0?aj| . h 'i ' ;" M " "1 '" l"''' ''' -l"
-., .,.,,. . |n but 11 11 ? ndfl
. _? . .f., a it
Ai1 Victim Rorover from In
jttrigfl in Connrctirut To^vn
fi .? rai
? 1 . 1. t-?'? 1 n, -h-b 1 v?roner
? i Ofll* ' 'i en reCOl r>r troiii
iiillel a ? I ? ? ? > 11 r.. ? akutla
?. 1' 11 '?
? ? . fllled upoi ' ' Im ni Mgati
.1 ini
\ Torringtnn man wa ?? | .-1 ii-*.?
1.1. n I- 1 falktn countryman. and bla !ifr
. ti. 1 T01 rington man plung* ?! t?\. m? 01
more feel and land* 1 on hl i- ad bi ? iklng
,1 11. arai 1 ? ili'-. I lo ti-- l". 1 itiii in ?
1 ing 1 ondltlon, '?' rac* rM \ Nan
Hai if"i d .1 had bla akull broki n b)
falllng from .1 k.K -r bMi wblla rldl
?.. .. 1 ? i
'i hb w* "k 1 ao man wen tei Ibl] bi
and on* ? I 1 ? d ln ?* b. ?
it. - ? 1 ? helli ad to hare
mortall) htit 1 'i ? ? 1 Ihe) are hold
in. |l. ' r .pH< ?'' l?na
, 1. . \ j.,-. tad t- 1,..-,. r
. ? a n* ,. u
? 1 .inii.iini
Investigating Committoc Sus
pends Hearings, and May
Not Resume Them.
That Is One of the Reasons Given,
but Scandal Hunters May
Have Learned What Pres
ident Taft Will Say
I Prem Th* t> Ibaai a Bareaa I
'Vashlnjrton. July I'I. -Thc Controller
Bay fako MaW up io-,iny. Tho Houaa
commlttee whlch haa bc*n "Inveatl
gnting" It auddeniy baltad tts heartngB,
with no prOBpeci thnt they wlll'be
reeumed for two montha, lf ;<l all
Thera nn* g raupla of real reaacna and a
fetaned ona for tiv taaaatton of actl lt
and iho expiosion <-f the fnke.
Daapfta iho Becrecy wlth whlch Preai
danl Taft haa aiidBavorid to guard hla
anawer to the Controller Bay chargi
BupplylnjE Informatlon rallad for ln tha
Polndeater waoluUoit, it la nnuareirl to
night tii.ii tho Houaa commlttee In aome
manner mual bava obtainad nn Intima
llon of tho concluBtveneea of the Preel
tirnt'o refutatlofl of tho fako atory con
cernlng tho aiiopod Controller Bay grab
Th-- ...mmittoo guddenls davelopee1 aai
ganaxavated caso of Mcold faet,
Tho m"st chaiitable vlea of Un com
tnitteea ahrapi determlnatlorj to aban
flon the bearlngB <s to aaaume that It
wanta to gtve Louia D Brandeia Ita at
lorney, opportunity to maka a apectacu
lar appaarance In Oetobtt. Mr. Brandi la
.-nn hardly coma to Waahtafton I ?
that tlma, it if aald.
Tha. rommittor itsoif. bowever, fur
Dlghed the mo?it dlvarttng aa^laaatlon of
wb] ih.> hearlng achedulad for to da
araa nol held nnd why tho heartaga were
adtniirnod r*BUbJaCt to the CBll of tha
ebalrman." That aaptanatlon, attan by
the sorrotaf. t.. tho cemmlttaa, araa <h
_?,. ,i to I,. , -,ii\ini mg it araa
?1'nairmnii Qraham has * headache
and r?oioK;.t? Wtckersham, of Alaaka, la
, .,i ready to tagtlfy, ao tberVll ba nogeg
sion to-day. Tha heartaga arlll N n
stiin"d floon tna> be."
Thoaa "ho hava watched thc dosp-r;.t^
rfrorts of tho commlttee tn bolater up
tho faka ' Dtek-to Dlck" poatacrlpt ? an
beal explaln the exptoaloa thnt occtirred
| to-day it Bppeara to ba elther a
|of"cold faefar a "headache" that mas
llngor wlth the .liairmun untll Octobi .
bul bb addad Incentlve for thr gudden
Bbandonmenl of tha inveattiatlon doubt
!eM _ Becretan Ftohara ajantla but . f
taetiva hlnt thnt tho departmant aUnda
roa.iv to pfoaaruti for parjury anv wlt?
neaa who awean falaaly m the Inquin
II haa baen apparent for daya that the
commlttee couM not aubatantiate under
oath the rechleea ohnrgoa made stiii
anothar r^ason for tho Bbandonmenl la
u be found In lha ga>palntment of Rep
reaenUttva Burka to tho caaaxnlttae, ln
Whlch that aaaa and alert statosmar.
Chalrman Oraham. fouml htora than his
Of courae, tho growtag Indlapoaltion of
BftflB m r. Abbott. the "star" wltneaa,
,,, gwear to tho accuaation aha has made
nnharrassed tho committe** and nrompt
ed i,s Dernocratk roaaipulatara lo hall
proceedinga for, B whlle. Meanwhlle, the
..;,Ilt wUl s.-nd t" tha Benate a mea
,lK, whlch will .'"iupiet.lv refute the
entlre acheme to dlecredil the admtnje
tration and any paraon who haa bad a
band ln the developmenl of Alaakan ra
?ourcea After havlng road this meesBga
l_( i|,,iis..imlttee wlll probabli fold
up ita mapa and chartg and fake ehargaa
:,nn Btaal Bwaj to forgel the rncldent
The Inveatlgating eorrrmittee adjourned
rday to meel nt ;ho uaual hour to
day. Wltneaaea \\h.> hava been waiting
riround for dayfl to ??* cailed were prora
le,,) that they would bi ri- flnitelj ln
[ormed when their taatlmony would be
h< ard. Al tha appolnted hour this morn
itiK tho ti'uspiip.'r men and nttTidinc
Drltneaaea were told thal there would be
,,,, hearlng b <h Chalrman Graham
a _ ,,,,t ,n his ofnce and hla aecn tai i
made tl.xplanatlon.
The Official E> planation.
? The chali man i aa b hcadai he and,
baaldea, Delegat' Wlakeraham kau'l readj
t,, take thi itand." aald tha aecretary.
i don'l knou when the,commlttee will
tn. ?' .-itr.-ini mat be In a f* i da
n".. K fi r ii. <? a a ; mada lo thi
,u Brown, former private aecretary
to Bccrctarj Balllnger; Don M. Carr, aa
fllBtanl t>. ?- ?' Hahi r. Rlchard 8,
i, .,". reputed author of the mythlcal
!.. Pock" leltei. and Mlaa Abbott.
Who aaya Bhi aaa auch a letter, bul
?ron'l "? ir to lt, were ln call and bava
heen on hand lo leatifj for dava. Nbr
aaa ;"' Bgplanatlon forthcomlng ,i-< to
. nr wi. i.. rsham's unn adi
i;.ni\ thla u'aeli it waa c^'d tbal the
delegate, who denouncea thlnga Ma
and thi i Suggenhi Ime on averj oei lalon
end ano al* oppoaea leaaing an.l other
? . rvatlon m< a ;m ? - foi ttaaka, a ould
t..k" lha wltneaa atand Mr vTlckei
bI ifti appeared regularl; ?t I .mroli
i.. i oom, ' il Ik " aan'l ? all< d, and lo
.i . ? H di '-oi..p. i ? ? ? had auddeniy
bei .i.i" ' unn ad;
Tha Republlraii m*mhera of Ihi Com
rrfltl.ii i Ai-.nditnr. s ln the ln!
Departmenl wen not advlsed thal th?>
1'? m . ruti. i It.pie had d". id-.l thal th
ld be dropped. Repi
Burke, ihe Republlcan m< mb< r
eni ??" the remmltti e onlj j i
daj. an ? ?? dlng v.- preaentath - i 'attln,
... i-.- i.,? i?rti ||] for \\.><i j. i.nea i
Infl ol rhe plana untll the meetlng hour
rhK mornlng.
i >..-i i ,i-.k me ? '?. thi ii- ..i Inga h i
? ? rmgtponed " Bald Mi. Burki I
learn lhat th. R< publli an membi ra ?>!
th. . nmmlttee do nol ahare ti.nii.
'!? i" ? of tho Democrala who aeem to bi
runnlng the affalr. i Buppoae Drandela
isnt ready, .-i lhal the majorltj mem?
bi i hai ? .i.-. idi .1 among thamai
lhal ti" i. in. i.tii.r v.i reaaona for aol
contlnuing wlth lha Inveatigatlon ju-t
Mi BUI k> - .-? ll ? I l-iii BB ? iiioih|.,.| pf
th? . ? iiimift. ?? ui mgarded aa fortunatc
from tli" poini of \ i. \s of tha mlnortty.
H. t t..iui.. Ri |." eeiiiath a Haana, ui
Noilh I'likota. who is nol ?? liiwv.'f, h.ia
had b ngl] t.nii.it ih" Baajofitj mem>
bava "i th. commlttae Nr, Burki
? i Into Ihe h? uriiigs ?ith bi i,iit
raterd ind from tbe ataii m nt* ued
agalnat Ih* Indlaa-rlmlnati Baaaulta un
atipp4>i ted I>' >'. i.i. ... ? v. in. h ni t |..i .|,
membei i ? i tli.mlttee ara pron lo
mulrp in their leadlng .|ue8tions to \?it
Mr. fiurke, forTMr ehalfBian of the
Commlttee en Indtan Affaira. ^n<i now
mlnorH) member 011 thal commltlee, la
arefl rened*ln ian*i hawgaad taandOBMe
liiM-th'eia. Mia Hppolnt ment to tbe roin
mitter provad g thorn ii' the gtde of
tiioa- DemocraM who have ber?n r-ori
ducting the hearrng purefy lo mann
; o i !?, campslgn mateiisl based on gtlt
terli n generalttlea
it the eoatmittea recoven ita ner\e nnd
|f Mr. Brandela recommenda, the investi
gattOO of the Controller agjaa fakr may
be regtuned ln tha fall, ?'.hen the rooler
weather shaii hava dlastpeted Chairman
Gnham'i "headatlie," when week* *.f
BOber nieflltiition ahall havr> coui|in*d
: Delegate Wlckaraham to teatify, and ?
long Mimin-r may havo Inaptred Braa
riels, pinchot and rbmpany with aome
new Bcheme of ecojolring nublldty ind
rai mgi
Attornay general Wlckergham wiii bg
hem-.i ot. Monday by the rlouee Com?
mlttee on Judl* lar- nlattva to the
ebari;. mada i. Delegatt Wichenham.
Dix Orders One Established to
Stop Further Invasion.
any, Julj 21 Ai ihu dire* llon of
flnrernor Dli, ??< ftilly eqtrippM ?t.-ttr i .,.
t*iiological laboratery la belng established
?r tha Per! of s?>w ^.rk for tha parneea
. ' prevei '????. .1 furthei ln? aaion af cl.i
The equtpmenl ha? been iilr*p?d fr,.in thr%
atate hyglanlo laboratory, and a aufllclenl
f skilled bgCtl t io|ngi'-t - ai ? ? ?
hand to aaaaal In the Dartertologtcal work
made n^caaaar) i>: the examlaatlea "f tha
tqrjt" number ^f Immlgranta. Th? effort-*
t<. rii^'-i< tir ?! aaaa* ara belng ln-kod .-,ftr-r
by tl.r lOlnl lir?"il BUl ' ' ? "f th"
I no* I St.-ites ?n<l statr. f-,.\ ?rnin"nt and
r,f iiir, port of N>w Vork
in compllanca with Instructlena from tha
Qovernor, Btate ElMlth fommlaBlonM
Porter haa detaHed Deput) f'ommlaalonei
Dr W. B Magill, dlreetor of the
atate hyglenk laboratory; three bacteiiol
oglata and taro other laborstor? arorkera to
...rf of NeW Voik. fr. ? r.nf ri-.nte iti
avery poMlbla rnaaner to IncreaM th' ?rn
, ,!?.. of t*1" ?? anttvi measuree b'lnu
employed agatnal I - leaei Iddltlonal
. . tanca wlll M -?,"t from Albany ahould
. i arl^r. to r|r.m8n<l It.
Doty Detains Steerago Folk,
Howrver-No Cholera Deaths.
Tlir>? v,rr* 1'S hflppv flrat <-:|hi:, pggsen*
gera who arere relaaaed from Qoarantlne
\ ojiiarda v afternoon after h?'iia deta'ned
for thirtv-aiv hOUM 8fl the af??rn.?ht|i
Prtncfpa di Piemonte, of th* luhan llna,
from Oenoa and Naplea J?t. A. H. DMy,
Ti^;iith Offloer "f thr- Port, aa?? thera i ^n
lillla Of health, and they Were permitted
to z? ashon at Jeraey City.
Bteerage paaaengera ai d the i n w ot ihat
v?-?f.' -Mii fm ln Quaranttne, hewever,
?? ni m deMtaed, r>r. Doty -<aid last
i igi ? untll be i? po Itlva there ara no
caaea of ohotera sarrlera amoog them
Dr. Dot) alao freed from Quannttne
yeaterday afu o b fort) als of the pas
aengera and erew -f th< steamshtp Moltka
Theae pararin* were taker to Kit'.s I^'.ind.
The ir>nitii Offlcer laauad a statomaai
? alght that waa optlmlatlc, and read
,1.4 folloa - :
At iioffman [-.'.ind conditionfl ar*? pro
greasiiig favoiably. At Bwlnburne iMand
no dr>?.th<? have b^?n repori 1 alnca tha
last report r>f BBterdey. Al arr wetl o^
board tha detair.e.i Aacbor Llna Bt<
Perugl i
The ateamer Roma reached Quarantiaa
I last nlghl from MaraetllM and Barealona,
with Beranty-two passengera ln Ihe steer
aga. and Waa detaln*d. Thr. Rotna uaually
, take., paaaeagen at Naptee, but did not
I atop at thla port on hrr royage over, be
j cauae of tha oholera. Bha artll pi
I ba permitted to proceed te her pier to
? daj, lt waa ;=ajij. sfti r a thonugh 8g?
? amination
, Searaan in Bellevue Is Isolated
Because of Strangc Iliness.
Bellevue Hoepltal haa a pussllng |
m tiir- geraon of afanuel Bermudea, l Irty
? \ aara oid. ? flreman m a tramp Btaam?
er, who antored that Inatltutlon Thannay
alght from a rodging ht*tiaa In ROeeeraii
stn ' Bermudea ha> been placed In an
Isolated room
Aftei .1 conaultatlon laal nlght, tha hoe?
pltal phyaldai - and tha repreeentattre "r
tha Board of Ffeatth aald the) wera unde
,1,1(4,1 a II man'a allment, ami aiiiieri
thal a thorough Inveatlgapon would M
made to-da;
Bermudea toi.i tba phystdaaa that he
aaili -I from U ei pool lasl Msrch on h
tramp steamar, whlch, ha aald, did tm stop
at an) of i l?e .lara porta'.
Dra i"'1-' bi l adama, ln attondltig Ber
mudea, loti?rl svinptoma whlch, they aaM,
?-.. ?. nol pxaetl? ilk. thoae -f 1) phold, bul
:i,, thoae of i * omplalnl aln I
sractV n tl4?ai lo eholen Di Norrla,
IMtthologial at ihe hoapltal, aaamlned Her.
if tha orl of Dm
Rldg* ? "l Bdama bul remalned non-com
., nal aa lo hia opli lon ol the isa
.? . ? Rn| erlni nd. nl Kleming aald 11
..,-,. more than MkH) that Ihe reee ????
,,,? ,,. , ni chelera, bul thal In vlea of
tha, axialen.f - ' ",r-' ? al ? i e and
,,, many r,,reicti porta he tftoueht it he^t
; , M... ihe niraordlnarj prr;cautIona.
i R Telaaraph lo Tl I rlbtUM 1
Wlnated, Coan., Jui) 11 R B BnUth, aa
i. apd Thomaa Hlckey, ?? Itreman.
of iiir Central New Rngland Railroad aaw
tbe largoat hi rd of deer rver reported in
Connadloul a? the) wera pas?in(? tbroiiah
Qrantvllle, LaKween IVlaated and Norfolh,
)eMerday. Paaaeagen on th0 truiu alao
wltiieaaed the auiit
Tfn deei ware feedlng In a large open
ii.t. and aa tb- train paaaed they acampered
nit'dly Into the woodB lt **'? impoaBlhl*
... counl tha anitnala bul it la aasert*d
.? -r.. arere al laael one hundred ;u man)
h . i .> ~. <mi in tha wopdi before tha here
ln thr* open Jolned them
Claneva, Bwltserland, Jui] '' Bonon
laiaM, prog leter of "Tha DMI) Atlejitta,'
,i lireok nawapaper publlahad ra New ferb,
aan robbed of a letter of eredtt (Or h
?; i ?! lasued by -* ,'?'r?, Tork tank.
?|-.,. |,v,|,--\ to..k place aboard >* train and
tha i"'ii''.' of New Tork, Parta, Ixandon and
Hwltaerland hava been laMam d J
unr new ten year mortgage fj thc
most llberal mortgage ever offered to
borrowcrs. You have no renewgl feea
to pay for ten yeara.
You ean pay tt off at any tlme oa
thlrty daya' notlce or you ean p?.?
5100 or any multlple of $100 on anr
lntereat day.
It tempts one to save money in order
to make regular reductlons of tbe
mortgage princlpal.
Made to houae ownera in Greater
New York In amountg of $ 10,000
or less. Send to any of our officel
for a circular.
Capitai . . $ 4,375,000
Surplus fflll earned) 10,625,000
176 aVway. N. Y. 175 Renuen St., Bklyn.
350 rulton St., Jaaaica.
I nnflniie.| from flr?t page
being employed In gradlng o't froaji
p ,-. ,,, prinra and flva bundrod i, th*
BBflM friiu at <;??! ilve* Tbe Ial
wara man of th* Haytlen army, who i
;. -ni.. thelr -? .1 look to t>.. p rg
and ih* Bpad* K |' ? v* 18
90ufh ranied Imertdai for*i ? i
anaTineera for the work
in thr> mean tlme, Mr. M?*P - I
.?ht-irir,) , fr ., , ...... gg| "Oelf
H> g >t tba b'-nati. rlghl
lylng beaide tha rallroad, ?n ?
Weal lndian r>rvaloBirrflfil ? ?
tha coal and mlneral rie'n*.
rieh'T ii" did not tum ln to the ?
ratr, bul he and Mr rjick ,ie,-.,
develop them. tn! Mr M- v \ ? ,
moi flj ln \*r_r> njuantltief
CoO WS.OOO When Equifrpad
ffen. n the B ar | a- hl Anv rlcfl
a hen 'v? ro- olutlotalatg becan ? ? .
foM a-eeka ago, Mr McDonal I ? i -
arlth Prealdent Slmon and tben
Nortfa and consulted wlth Mr di .. .
othera, The imertcaa "** 19 ?
|5fi(000 and Brmed and fltted al
pense of $30,000 more An . 1
? ' ? ? a? ablppad undar commai '. '
Captaln Ha nea, a ho has aean
tropl al revolutiona The Amerlcan
sallod for Hajrti, < arr' mt Mr. _H g gnd
Mr McDonald 1 ..-?-.;. r, it la shi.i
ihat Pre :, rl llmon ua* u
$258,000 for tho no-,1 1
vVhlle Mi. im, k I9 on hlfl warlikfl
sion. bla aon, Evauu R Di< k. |r? la ba ba
- oaarried b>day In Ipcwlch, Maa
M aa Jaan Ti* )<? rman, daugl l
, and Mra Bajrard Tuckerman.
P- fore saiim? fur Hai tl Mr
| wrot? to tho Becrei
'' I.abur in v7ai gtOI
Aiiierlo^n wgfl I'. be flOtd t'
Simon, and ta reapoi to 1
tlona of tlio ge. ietajrj, Mr. Dlck g
bond ln $300X100 not to artgafi n
tilittee apainst any oagrht pea a with tha
I'nito.i Staf^s.
Waehlngton, Julj z\ Prealdent Blt
! Haytl appeara deomed to fotloa ' >
Plaz Of Moxjoo and to gi\* way te
revohitionary grovernmenf. Bcordlng t<
I vi.-ee BITlvUag here. Jn the optnion of Cap
: tain Ih-nuike*. ef the guabi
wbleti la wafeblBg lha opataAtona of t *
levolmlonista at <;onaiv<>e. tn.-. *
practlcally are vlctorioua Ha belke
| thr- to". -ns of Imrortanoe. .\. n ? ?
'aro |n ihejr pojaBeeetOn.
Preaadeat ataton baa ho*n ebllgeal ?
abandon his eaaapatga in tha aon
withdraw hla nrmy hastih to tha
whara ha arm*,] ? w9t- *i. k maa Ha a
now .-onnned to bla Ba 1 ! >? - ,
? ? - he fr,, ,no,i ;, Rew . 'abtnet, ?
Mintater for Forelgn Aftalra
iater ..r Tuhii.- Worfca, M.-z- m; MI
of tba tatarlor, B] Ivan; Mii latei l
Mchotaa; Mlnlater of p/ar, "
Mlnlatei >.f Juattee, Chatatafn, ' <??
Captaln Dismavkaa reporta thal l 11 ?
' al - "f Amarli ana g| Qona
dangered by tbe reve
of tho .-ity. whara tha population ai
to iie in fnii aympatby witl ?
This ,-onditioii has Btreng
minatlon or tho Srat.. Depertl '?" ?
iiohi.id tho BCtlaa of th* Amerleai
Iater, Mr ftirnlae, ln rOtalng tbe
? - repreaentatlveg in a proteel M
?ntemplated be ? ?
fortlfled toa na of sr ifare bb | ?
now o.-riipipd bv rebela
PteeUeally aji of ihe nortl |
laland, Mr Furuiaa teporta, ??? ? ?
of thr. ret'?i.? riie mvatutJoniati tn ?
to be marchUig en Pon -au I
Marc. fJonalvea ts ln ontit-o >Jn
th.- ravolutlonan movament, i
Pisintik. ? rep rlfl ftovernmi ? ?
ihor? have aougl * ref igo in t - ?.
an.l Prench . onaulatea
Impreaaed wlth th^ uron ef ?>
to p^nte,.t iraerican Intereala ?? [fa tl or*
<i"rn ??r? la*.? to ine aroat ?? ? *i >nr*.
tor io aall from Maalferd n t for ''?;
Ha' tiea. i r-- than twatve haura ifl
' h-^s'or had receli. .| ordei - .
frotn ihe w.-ii gami ln L?oi ^ latan i " I
.^h.-- v. .i. iteamlng aouthward ind I as*
peeted to arrtva al rape Haytlea bb laaa>
day alght,
Part-au-Prince, July V. Tlu governra/nt
slreiigtliono.i i \ i ge) men ?? ? ? ? Bhti
tha aouth durlag the nlght "n ....
m. amer, haa arganlsed .? n i
...-?-. wha
it ii from tho north
Tb* feCflegn reeldenta hav* ? ?
??oior* ti ti',.-' reapeetlvi rouatflaa ^**?
lh< ir 888988
ii..- Hen, lulj n i'ond l " *
to-daj aaaumed i mor* norraal Kpaat
nerterai Albert flalnav* la ? ll heavd at
ih* reguhar forcea, and ???? - il
guguate haa been appnlnied ? ii ii ''p'
af th.> town The revotutloflan ' ?r ?
Trou i- noa advanolng loi ." I i
Qeneral Turenn* .1 an 'i'i1, i efia?
ln i h? Itallan i >t>naul il
M.,J, front &M4*tletfil
(aa... u. a. ?r. o.< ) tr
add much to the pleasureandcomfortof Uwlwcarer.
They ean be had in a very large variety o
styles at Ltading Ckthitrs, and Marchtmt Taikra
ean make them to meaaure from exclu$iv*e styles,

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