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|((, f ,^n ,, fi-r. Ttirmn* ABBBl flUtOP. 1
V" LXXI....N* 23,(i2*j
l.'-*la.? imil tn iiinrriin. f;iir:
li|ln weal wlnda
m:\v-vokk. sixday. n i.v ? imi-iivi: paims-iiity-kkjht pages. **
Scnd Stone Crashmg Through
Window. Seizc Tray and
Escape After Murder.
Police Sock Throo Men and
Woman Accomplice?Cab
Makes Off at High Specd
?Number Unknown.
ir. f-iphf cf erowda "f ahoppera, Adolph
Ptr-m. a fewelry aaleaman employed by
.Ificr.h Ja.-.'l.y ;it N l, 189 Sixtli avnil".
???<= shot through tht heart and kllled
Into irist nlght by dartng thievce whom
hr trled t" previ 11 maklng ofl a Ith .1' w*
r ? .) ;it .v.-.iNki The three men
immltted tbe murder and robbery
get a?vav in a tHM'Hh so riui. kl?" that
rv rnc 'n tbe perwd I lad llme to take
the numbei Ot the rab. A large f,,r. e of
detectlvee from Headquartera Ib eeareh
' . ? r the men and a woman accom*
plice, ??he la aald to ha?e alded them.
Btern t?;,c behlnd thr- rounter ahortl)
? k. . hen ?* man sent a
)-A'Ec atona rrashlng throuch tha window
r ? t o atore. The thlevca walted untll
. avated traJn ?" paealng to breah
tht aiodow, and th* nolae ot too fi>in^r
glaea ?was ecarcelj notlced by tiv.se who
iwn. prsMtp n the s'roef. Thi br-r.k ln
t . window "as lavse rn"'x:i t<-> permll
? . ? . f to ?e*7r- f, tray fllled wlth Jew
. ?? ,nd r ;n .T'-f ss thr- strref wlth i'
i; 4 nlghl W.B ? Ol ?red by bla tWO* Ottl
Ija, -ind na gol Into a tnxi<-ab oii
Ihe northeeel rorner of 13th atreel
j- vth avenue T?ith tha jewelry. stern
ri,--hrr) from behlnd the rounter, .?aiinir
f.^r I elp, bul as he rea. hed Ihe *i"or one
I rirti fired a bullet thfOUgtl hia
hearl There ^"r?? no tn-ium r?r rara
ng and i1'"" aound of the ahol Im*
? r ,?f.;\- broughl a bhj, rrowd t tha
spr.t wiirr*. thr- Beleam.n tell.
tbe en lem< t whlch l >lle.ed th*
ahootlng the threu mi gol away ?n the
-!.. txiii'h wenl al a high rate ol
r)ov ii sixth avenue. Dr. Ke*
^t Vlncent'B Hoepltal, who hhs called,
taid St*-" had been ki'led inetantJy. Hia
body ? i to tha Charlea atreel
Peraona told the r-r-ii.-**
? ed 1 i ? automoblle In
whld thr men eacaped had flve numbers.
? nry rould r< m< i the i
Hundreds Pi??inr. Few Witnesses.
tlthougrh there vr^r hundrede ol per*
paaali g the Btore and ln the nriph
borbood.tbepot1<*ewere aiie to find few
? tual murder. The
?>itnesses that wera found told conflirt-I
I gtorlea at to tbe detalla of tbe affair.
Jaroby waa ao exclted thnt lt ??an aome]
i,i.ijr>p , ouid ..t'faIn any
g ||k* a ' "h< renl a1 ?? rnl from
The follo. ng fai ta weri from
bo. ei rr. He waa ln the ri ar of hls
?.rrl* - on an opt|. lan'a
.\ -t..ft elderly woman ?? bom
he do* ember to ha ? ? a**ei be
f< u. entei d th* Btore and t"i*l hlm -he
. | her eyea exarr.lned. He waa ex
amlning her eyea when i ? heard ?? i raah
an*l imin. diati ly after, it
4 . h oul of th*
man ? ho had ahol Bten
flred ;? Bhol at hlm. He waa nol hlt, and
I ? ii Into the automoblle,
whirfi carrled hun and blfl confederatea
Tbe atora aindowi th nn
entrance to the atore between th*- two
Btern waa behlnd the counter "ti the
goutbern end ..: the atora The oppootte
counter wa.s in charge of anoth* r aaaiat
ant, Jai ? - Farouhar, of So. 2027 Web
ati' avenue, the Bronx.
Wa1tlt:K unti! tWO elevatf-d trains
arere paaalng, one of th*- mlacreanta
broke th<- window that waa Immedlately
ln front <>f Btern'a counter. n la r.'.t
known f..r certaln whether he broke it
wtth a at* or not, bm iio atona waa
four d. Bome of the police ara Incllned
f> belleve thal the wlndo. waa broken
by a hammer <>r aome almllar Inatrum* nl
whloh tht- thlef took away wlth hlm
Strrn mn out of tb*- Btore He gol a
few feel froea the threahold when a maa
atepped almoal In frbnl .>f hlm ami flred
two shr.ts. Ona of tbe ahota acnl
ihroiiKh hls rlght breaat. Bt* ?
gatad and then wheeled around.
"I'm ghot!" he > rl* d, and atumbled inio
the gtore and felL 111 raa dcad before
asstntatit-r airlred,
Llfta Tray of Rings from Window.
IVMIe the ahoottng waa gotng on the
maa v\ho broke the window atuch hia
hand thiouph s-?ine iron protectlng bara
thal were aboui four Inchee ln wldth and
grabbad a traj "i dlamond rl iga. it u.ia
nec*aaaari for bim t" i?*ist the tray to a
perpendtrular poaltlon to enable hlm to
wi?hdra\? it throiiRh thr bara, bul aa the
rinjfs arere ael wlth claapa be dropped
t one.
Jacob) ran oul and ??.ii- flrnl ut. \Vhn8
happened then ia nol rlear. but tl.. ii is
Httle doubt thal th.- men Jumped Into an
antoanoblle aiid K*>t away, Pkrquhar
!? ui aimonf af 11?*- Innermoal end >>i hia
rounter and he only <auKht a gllmpae <>f
thr- alaycr. Mr, Jacoby, however, and
thr- other wltneaaea aeem to i"> agreed
thai ih*- man waa anderaiaed, probably
under .'? feel I rncbea In h< hrbt, and wore
rbirk elotb* 8.
Th*- poltce belleve th*' .h"i?- gffalr araa
pr* -arranx* *l Tli< \ l?*lii-\i- the men
drove up in the automoblle, Tbe men
left thr- rbauflfeur In charjBa el the ma*
rhln* and then arenl Immedlately <mt
aule tho ?t?r*3 mik! walte,| for aa oppor
f ii rt i t v WBOB tho noisr of the eleVBted
^tiiiiih would defladen the aound of breek
?im? ihe window. They belleve ih. man
??iih tbe revolver araa deaperate enouajb
... |.ia<-.' blmeelf ln ihe i>o!'iti"ii where h
|"ui*i guard hi- confederatea whlla the
jgL.ntetiih ?.r th< wlndo. wera i.oinic |
laki-n \n h.-ri st<m Bppearnil the rob
ber ??a.s fuiiy prepared i"t tb* em? r
genr) and shot liin
?tara waa tfelrty-aeven yeara ui*i. u.
li\. d ai No. |32 \\ ??- i 12th -'?'? el Tha
police dcacrlbe Ihe rohbcrj Bnd murder
Ht one of the moal daring loba I tlu
hist..r\ ol downtown rrlnu Tliere avre
hundreda ..f ahoppera pa/alng the atore
?tt the tlme, peraona u.-rc golng t" and
from ih<- elevated atatlon and the Uud
ri'ii Ii.!'.?=. ai.d tlu- iventM vi as BblaZI
w itli lieht n ln n the r1 i. \. - dld their
work. There were pol emen wlthln a
ahort dlatance ln all dlrectlona, bul the
work of the three in< n \? .-t ^ done aii
quli-kly tliit thej had no i hai ce to v ;ipt -
ure th. ui.
Patrolman Bloaa, of ihe i i" Wi -t
UOth atreei atatlon, waa at Hith atreet
and Blxth avenue, t^.> blocka way. when
he heard tl).- ahots. He rapped for bs<
aJstance and r.m to Ihe scene, where ha
s.".ii jolned bj aeveral other *>tTi
? ? ? s No t:a.i tiie* automobllc could
i.i found
Thmk It Was ~ Tounnq Car,
\mong ihe wltneaaea that th* police
obtained a'era men who aald they were
Charlea Horen, a clerk of Na 122 West
44th Btre*Pt, and Wllllam Drake, a priv
ate detei'tlve ol No ll Weat ISih atreet.
Draki aaa ii" numtiei on ti.'- automu
hile. bul Heren aald Ihe flral three num?
bers were -"'T'.*. followed b> one m" poeal
bly two other numberag Drake sniii he
wag eornlni from a clgar Btore opposlte,
a*hen the ahootlng occurTed. He ld^^v
hla police uhistir- nnd aummoned as.-ist
,-,i ? .-. ',.- said Both ngieed ihai the
auto w;..- .-> red touring ' -ii.
,\ ii imber nf >.>11rik men, who were
atandlng outalde a luncli room oppoaite,
aeemed agreed aa r,. t .- general charac
?.--?,-- of ihe ,-nr Thomaa Caaey ->f
No. 124 Weal 3uth Btreet, who aald he
aaa ronnerted wlth the ofllee nf the
Imer ? ?: Fc-dcratlon nf Lahor, told the
: e tha! th>- \. hl< !? ? is a red taxl
ah Ma aald the macl ? ns h*aded
-...-t .11 13th atreet. From his atory, lt
nnsht ba Inferred lhal there were four
men ln th*> j.arM. Hl 88ld lhal a thlrd
man waa atandlng gui rdlng tl ? '??
t e t w r> man ?"? "> and Iho* machlne
Blarted off, leai Ing the man wl ?
ii-. n atandlng outalde ll Thla man, ?*'
cording m Caaey, ran after Ihe car and
ba fore II i ad goi up apaed ' e man
agt rj ln hop a. oard Thla wo I nd
cata thal then wai ? " addi
r;. ii t" l!;ri <? mrn
When Inspe* lor Hug ?? ned
lhal ihe flral three numbers of ti" au
tr.mobile were 57P- fl general alarm waa
a< nt out to nll artatlom tn InveBt gati all
automohllea bi ? n >eai - i ? i ?? '' r**"
first numbi if=.
Mr. .la- obj told :-i
years ago, a hen he ha l a I* i.? 8
al Bpting nnd Hudaon Btreet, i aome
whal alroilar attempl "as mada to rob
him, but "ti that occaalon he po\ \- tha
men. An attempl was slso mada t.> r"i>
him he said. three I ? 81 - BgO, WheB he
had hli Jewelry Btore on Blxth avenua,
a few blocka '?? oa ' a preaenl atora
Ho sai,i that h* n led a ato< k valued
... s'.."iiiikiii He haa onlj been a tenanl
. . ? illshment t uoe May
5, when he moved from li i former s ixth
avenue Btore.
Some Secn Wedged Tightly Be?
tween Jagged Pieces of Steel.
Havana, Ji lj 22 Parta of bodiaa sup?
1 repreaenl Bla or ai en memberx
? ? .- craa of thi Mi ? ? ? 'r overed
- fti rnoon, brli glng ?p lo alevi n tha
? ? rai found. All wi d ot ered
i.. neath thi enm mou aaa of ? "? kaga
? , * utrai siiiK-rs: ructuri - ar th?
Inverted ronnlng tower. Tha bonea were
piled in a confuaed maaa Hardly a
member ii Intact, moal of them ahowlag
<??. ideni e of th< I ? " ' '? :1 '"'
. ? d in
? . ? lertioa ol the ahip.
li is i.. ;i.1 that tl b* dli t are I *
lora who wen eping ' ? "l"*n
. gtarboard maln ?? ' ,'"'
? entral ?- iperi trui 1 ire, I ie nlghl "f thi
dlaaati 1 excoasivelj hot
Thi re is not thi eaal hi pe ??'' tha
n of anj ol the .Ilea.
Oth< r bones are ' bul cannot be
r-i covi ;? d 11 Hl the r< of the
. , Born* ari tlgl ? ? ged be
ta m n jagged pii cea *,r rual eti el.
Exploratlon of the eard room and of
flt-era1 etaterooma la atlll Impoeslble on
in'i * 1 the .aal ae* mulatlon of
mud. A pumpjoi i'1 ? n moval of the
?eml-fluld mud haa been riagcd and will
probabl] ha | rt Into op ratlon to-mor
row, In the mean tlmi ahi 1 entrlfugal
wlll remove ihi laal remnants
? ? m.iii the dam
Th.. \M,rk of dlaai 1 titig the 1 n - k ige
dro-aei tyl? ne *--as a 111 aoon ix be
I ter whli-h 1 xploratlon of thi
tei lor of tl aill make rapid pi og
Man Sells Household Bffectf, In?
cluding Spouse, for S74.
u Ti rraph to 1 ' - -
Plttaburg, July '-'-' .J"'.n Bvaa, a
I farmer 81 Weetmoreland Clty, ""ld hln
houoel idii goods, hla ? 1 Ickena hla <ifK
and all tha othor 1.utn ment of tiie
home t" ? leorge :-? li-aan, a nalghbor,
I three wi * ka an" Acmrdlng t? a hlred
; ,,,;,,, on tli* I 'in ';> ? Tge Lai ""? *' the
I gala Included Bvan'a a Ife as w< II
Beleaan BMived the rhattels, ln* ludlag
tha arlfa, to the other end of the county. '
Tha wlfa appeared wllllng enough Latl
,?,., could ri"t itand 1 arrylng auch ?'
tlilng on bla conaclenc*?, and coaiplalaatl
lo ii nearby burgi aa Bi leean, Bvan ai d
Ifra Bvan ara In Jail on varlous caargas,
f. llowing a fv for-all flght thal ansaad
when Bvan cailed al Belaaan'a and askad
to ba taken hi aa a Ixnarder,
Larlmai aaya tl " apaclaed pun haaa
prlca ror th*- Job lot, Including thi wlfa,
waa $7*< Tha farmhand saya a pap r
was drawa up, ln whlch th<- tranafer "i'i
Mis. Bvan a*as Included In the iranaac
tloa. Tha paper has dlaappeared. .M'^.
Bvan aays ahe doean'l care ?'ho lha
courl tiatidf- her ovei i". Evan aaya ha j
Milii the houlehoM ^,<?\< and h;r-- wlfe
juet w< nt along,
? Hartford*! Conn., July .'- ln auai?*nding
the ButomoMIe Ih-enae of Thornton *'
Tiiavrr. <.f New ^ ? 1 u. a thi outcoma pf J
.1 i-oinplalnl that h* waa drlvlng ii ""
untawfal siii.'i. ;-?.. 1. t.-,i > of Btati Rogei
iu.t.s ?tiiat Thayer wa? drltlng hla cai 't
a arraater Bpa*>d than aaa raaaenaMe and
propi r. a la a 1 hara< tetii "? ? ' >"?"?
rvnl,|. ii- ilrtvi n pai . i< ? l:ii lj UHflM fn 111
, Nea ?-i h Biate." . 1
Angry Synan Empties Auto
matic Revolver in a
Crowded Car.
Man Told to Keep OfT Running
Board Shoots Motorman. in
Back -Had Been in This
Country Five Years.
North Adama, Mass, jui &. ln
fm lata d at ihe , nmmand "f thi motor?
man t" t'.-t barh from the running
'iM.ard and atay in hifl **eat untll the , ur
atopped, Paldo Mallak, a Bytian. twen
t? -i'ti. \ ".ii> <.id. auddenl? dre a an
automatlc revolver and flred ten ahota
Into a ? rowd* d ?I* rtrlc i a- "t: the < lie
atiire f-trr-t railway lo-day, Inatantl)
killing thr- motorman and a young
woman, woundlng two woman prohably
t.itail?. and ?<?> erel? In Iu* ng
other wom ?
Th* dead
.;i a
f?.KB. Mlaa Martl * tarenlj
.... aiantl?
Hi Tl -.""rr- r f. ;? : ?r ? ' ? l an* I hlllad
?| I,. inj ?
? i Mn i ' ira e1*l. ef
ra; bullet ll ' - . c i -
.,., M... . .. , r,. .. .
?_.-.. - >? . ? rifl ? ? '? ? ,1:
?lt|. 8'
i :.i t Mlaw - ? ? a f Ada
, . |, ../. , .
Blfl v M 4. hn'. ? -? . i ? ' ihlra
BOVir. Mtl ' ' '
hull'l - ? i
l h e ahol 'i' i
,f p t( ifte ??
I T ? ?
,\s h* flred tli*
?7"d bj .1 .1 Mootiej i
look awaj the re%*o ?
?.-,. i . R? rlan j imped '?? m Ih
' running w ard dna n an embanl
. , , ihroui th* diial
buahea ..i l '? bottom. Man? men foi
lowi rj hlm do. n Ihi * mbankm* i t, and
aa ba ai pea i d In .m ??! en (l< d on*
them lhr?*. ? atone, ??? rh Bti i< fl Ma'
u,k ,t, th* ' ead I'- dropi "i hia knlfe
;it,d fell "ti hia handa and kne*. Before
rtae thi ro.d Jumped on hlm
and I.- wa b nd foot
. . :?' Nortl \
broughl ?'? ? i ? ??'
do* lorfl f* und that tl ?? motorm in II* ?
had bei i t through the back md tt
?:,.-, . . On the flo*
Drit and "? '?'??'? "eta "f '
the bodj ?? Mlaa Man ... ?- ?' ? ' '
.... -.'.?? Dlatra
I . ? ? ad icr. B* m i
waa moiirnlng o%er th*
.r. ,,.,r the patnof a
. ?? ?? ih* ' '
. waa ahn* at ui - - arlth a
bullet wound In hei hl|
May de from Wound.
Beik of the Kaler bi ?"
,i . t, rd ? Mra II
on the ? nd of 1 -? ' ' ' "
d. and aha reo*
. .. . , f\ ?
: wlll rea t fal x'^ I i
..',. -..? i ? ?
? on al Ihe ? l
,. re a hool teachei ? ba the
cith* r woman a i und* d, aai on the rth
Beat, b* h nd N' i a Hall
All of th* Injun d
N..rt'i Adama Hoapltal M
taken to th* North Adama i. ata
Hon and lo. ked up bul aftei ??.ird ??!.? n
II x'..,. ? , .I the ahooting had "? -
i-uri"i arroaa Ih* line In Adama he ??as
., ,,,|, r, ,i to the po ? ? f thal to. n.
Th< re were alxl i lh< rai
v h'M Mallak boarded !t In Ad ima
i -. ntn The Byrlan l i
dlrectl) t ? hlnd l i motoi ma n. and ?
t he rar reached th* p I ? Ihe
town IHii !"? Ma. nal -'i ihe ?
<i 1.1ur. Arthur rroaa, thal he wanted to
I. t off. Mallak i roa di d oul d Iha
motorman ?'"") Btood on tlu rui
. . .? >.i aa tlu ? ar bIov ? d up The motoi - i
man waa heard to Bpeak t' hlm ra itlon- j
Ing ? laa about ?^??i: ti n ofl the ?*ai when !
,i a*aa la motlon and t.iima; him to get
ba* k to hia a* al
Turned Gun on Womtn.
Meu n. hile the rai ia .
JubI i.i I'-i. ii ? am* to .. top \i i
pulled oul a large ten elioi autu i atl* re- :
volver ;ii>d began fitini Ha almed the
llr.-t bullet iin? - tlj al the be* i of tl -
motorman, and th* n tui im d on l he i
? n paaa* ngei? in tha geata behlnd hlm
and flred polnl blank ttll hia revolver
.i emptli ti
Maii.ik rame to thla rounti fi un Bj < la
ii?.- year i ago, and up t<> thi ??
ago had i"' ii a "i klng ui a rotton mlll
III North Adama He haa two bmtheta,
who ar* proprtetora "i ? frul! ator* ln
North Adama.
Mallak became lullen after hia an l
and rrfueed t" talk The police betlevA
11 ? ?? anl Inaane audd* aai j
Pickets in Launch Rcpelled from
Steamship in Bay.
i'. plte ihe ahortag* nf a large numoar
4- -i.\i. ihe ateamahlp rarollaa, af thg
Porto rtlco i.in.-. aell* 'i un iim* for s.m
Jua. yakterdaj aith a rre. ntadi np rhleflj
..i Btrfke breakera
? rff libertj laland ihe Carolina auchored
.arall ihe ;itti?;ii >,' addltlonal men, a
launch fllted arlth Btrlka i ?i ? -u*- - v folkrwea
in i tu the anchoraga and Bhouted appeala
tn the maa to laavi tha ?? ael They wer.1
anawered with a ahowei af potatoaa aad
ii. nf ' i>.il. aad when they peratated Ihe
ahlp'fl ii""" araa turned on them Tha launch
waa nearlj awamped before the pteketa
Were diiven <>ff. Thi fi.n romplemenl of
men foi Iha ete. waa atgnad before nlght- I
fall and th*- <'ar.iiiiii etll prohably saii '
thla mornlag
Thera araa h delaj In llie miink of me,
s*n Jarinto, of tha Mallory Une, becauaa
the tii.ini-ii reported late The delaj waa
-ii.t due to the sirtke. beeauae tba company j
i - ,in ,1^1. etin nl wlth th<- unlona
Ty*' eoBadence fund ?.r thr- Ctiatom H"u-e
recdved a eontrlbutlon yeaterday, when h
reglatered letter paatrnarkfld "Kingaton, I
Jamaica." broughl Ihrea gl hiiis from anl
unknown peraen auaTertng from reaaorao
over .rn avaaalo. ha Iha paymem <>t dutlee.
The ir-itrr waa dat*-' lulj 18, 191] and ihe
?>ni? expiunatlo. U contalned aaa Con-1
?-? lentc Mom > " _ i
. i
hi m:y CLAY i BATTIE, JR
The i - ung Ri< hmond, \ a . banki r, ?bo
is formall. ged a Ih killing hl
m ,-i . oroi ? r*i |ury.
\4 ifa
Ddawavc's Grcat Performance
Changcs Naval Opinion.
Waahlngton Jul; 32 The sp1* nd d
i-. ? formann >-r the hattleahip Delawaw
on her crulee to and from Bngland and
alnn her return to Amerlcan WBtera hag
been made tl < aubje* i of a a|. n
porl lasu* - fmm thi Nai Department,
whl* h .ngl.lea a drtermlnatlon
on thi parl ? l ? ??"?' lala to equlp
future hattli i ? ' ? Ise and ap?e>d
wlth tt i r o ting ' ati Bd >f lurbini ??
I ?
The remarkal ? feal ire ? ' the ? i
t' , , ihthltlon nf ? nai * ? d iran
far i ? g I ' ' ' lha Ami i ?
,,.,.,,, ... .,...-. Ti ?? Di ll " '?
made the round tr1| ? n d a itho it
taklng *"i bi ? at< rea oi ? oal, ret a
ahi nrrlved In ll - rountn ahi
.. . ? . it? m i ?*?" i
? ?.
. raordl
ial aprlng
..fi. i !? t irning from a . i ulae <-f I ? ?"?'
m... a. thi i '? aa an *a !,i> only " f< "
,,.....,. .... .. ? . i powered trial
<? ! < * . l ? f
, -, '??'". ? ' ? ?
Colorado Citir.ons Said to Have
Raided Ranch.
I . ? . ? I ' . " ? " ;. rg l- ; ? ?
i ? ? de
etru< ttoi i ? ?? I raldlng the
i ii s. ? ?? . ? ged bomi -
Iterllng, <'-d warranla "f*
f, . ...d ni the haada r*f tha ITnltad
- ,-. ? ? ? ? .-???'
, ? e of then ratad
, th ha dollara.
. . I !?? M 1).
.. i , . ? f nf th fleld dtvlal
? . ? . ! ' I? ln.lf l'f
imed tn the warranla
. i .. i ? pterl ng i ank
? ?, ? ? . - ? ? ? ? -i :". i ? - c
Peeta i i ? ? '''' cattle
i ,iHi, 11 Kchwari ? v l ?-'
ami J..hn Hlndt, brothers; Ole Blmon
aen ??' i ? ? I Buford Halloa - Mil
II. Van I'.-ir. ;,:; ni Ighboting
? ?: ??.!- rh h inda,
Ti, t chargea thal tl - objei ?
' ? . . ?. tn drlve BCott off his
... ?!.. \. , i line ba
. ,1 ., . I. ? 1 ? '? US' .| ll\
ii , , .-1 . ,.i Iiui hanai Vfoi ? tti -ir.-l
r* foi mon than a q artet "i ? een
I ,| . ' . , s. ott n ?'!?.! t,. s, ii ,,i
,ve ofl ?: 'ori ;' *i lo
hii pi:.- ?? and -ii r. - i Im ?? l ?
i . rounl
\i ? . ,i aith rlfli -. e >lali l i on
the i. 11. l ? r ?- 'i'i'- ai'd al Ihe s. '.tt
? ,.-:, ,i ii.i i.r. ak, .!? Btro) ed
houaea. barn fci?-< iwlng rropa '
nrted ofl . ? i a'.!.- i olla In larx.-1
? i ? 1 i. .i.ii .ii,. Ifl i'. "? *i ni la.008. |
Young Woman from Pittsburg
Hoped Relir Would Help Her
...???. etlarrttt] i aeat two ? ? ai ?
,,i,i ,., i tta g, wbo i aim ta i hi? rltj oa
Monda] lo attead ih*' aervlcea >.f tlu
,,.,,? ,,, ~i inn al the i 'hun i. ol Bl J< an
,_,. |:,. nati ' ? ' Wth atn et, dled In
i;, i ,. n.. ; ,, ? ? iti rda The
v, imati aiio araa ln ? veakei -i ? ? nditlon
,. i,.,, |.,,. ighl i ? nii- clty, had i ??> n im ept
i,|.ti Btnira ? i.i.ii.i and raipe to Naa
^,,ik with i>.: r..iiiei end naotber Hai
tlon grea arorae abortlj afi.-r her ar
rivai ,-.,,. . ? . ,, - . i'ciii i.i lha homa of
;i fi |i nd Bt No - 78181 alreet
\i - Oarritt) aaa unable t" attead the
, ^ .,n Monda;. bul ? .ir ,it a fl aii
edndoB "i her frlead'a home, wblek la dl
,,,!,. ,|,|M..ii. ihe church, and watched
ii,,, pro<. -n..ii "f n'tii ted peraana n ho ?n-*
,, ,,.,| io hav< I he r*all< of Bl Ano admlnla
1.1. ,i io Hm i.' W ' dneadaj Mis: tlai
,.,ii i.^nii..i t-ii.nk.-iii aiifllclaiitl) '" Im
rarrled ? ro Ihe atreei to the - hur h
il, r ..ii.iiii'.n had apparenttj Itnproved on
Tburada) .i ihi igaln \i-ik-.i the church
Thurada) nlghl ahe grea aora aad ?< phj
pl, i.,,, aai ralli >i In and n inalm *i al hei
!? ,i-i,i.. s. veral houn
Bboi tl) i" f"i- mldnlglil on Thurad i ?
Mlaa ilarrltt) bariim* hyateri?Ml The ptay?
i,i,,M >4.ih reealled, and he recommended
lhal the youtag aoman be removad lo ?<
hoapltal, whlch waa done.' An .nit>ri"<\ aill
!?? held to-da) bj i-id.-i of the * teronei
Man Found on Mountain Wriile Baby
Dies at Eighty-three.
l,.,ii-..!i- i?? nn . Jul) 8 One " ini'-r nlghl
,u-iii- tbrve yaara ?ii" a Mrs Hamel, of
laauralvlna, heard crlea naar b) on the
mountalnalde, ami Invaallflnatlag ahe found
,ni iniHiit .i few daya <>i*i Bhe nanied hini
Andrea bfouataln, from iiie ptaca whaara
i,. w a fouad
MountalB wenl to aehool, graw t" maa
.I nnd iiiaril"! bUi stlll he heard noth
mn ?.f hi- paraats, altbougb he laqulred
averywhera. Hla aifa itti ?n*i he ^retv
Kelpleaa and aboul ntnataen yaara aga
v. ,(i4 taken lo tbe eauarti baana Durlag bla
last daya tne oM anaa waakl ?it and taik
|.? hlinself nf a father and innilier he had
nevei eea i*aSterday he i|ad fr-.m a
. n.,1, of .1- ri- a). and bla !hsi flAardii
aara; l aai Botaf i? -<-c .....tn auoa."
Young Virginian. Charged with
Wife Murder. Taken to
Richmond for Safety.
Prisoner Still Maintains His In
nocence. and Seems Mo^t Col
lected of All Persons Con
nected with the Crime.
i B i > learaph lo Tba THbuna 1
Rl* hmond, V*a . Julj 22. Henry Claj
F.-atti*'. |r., waa accuaed bj the coroner*!
iur? hk thr. murderer ..f hi-c young wife,
who waa aaaaaalnated Tueeday 'nlgh!
laat, ln thi followlng verdlct, rendered
this afternoon ft the cloaa of a two daya' :
m?eetlgatlon of the myatery
"\\'<. the gentlemen of the Jury ?e
ir, ie,i I,? the poroner on Jui) \b, IHI'
j,r*i *iui? aworn to * i? >. tho bod) of Mra.
Louiai Owen B. Baattle, t-? Inqulre when.
...iirr*' and bj whal meana ',,r' B?ld
Ixtulae Owen B. Beattla rame t.. her
death, ii.- "ti '"it oath. nnd thal the aald
Lauulae Owen B. Beattla rame t" her
deatl --ii Ihe nlghl of Julj Is- IM I, h"
i ....,, 10.45 and ll o'* lock. on 'he Mld
Ir.thian Turnplke at a polnl aboui Ihre*
mllea a eai of BJ 'hn ond and one-fourt
of a mlle weal of the (.'olored Chureh. aa
i reaull nf a gunahot wound, the aama
belng flred h her huaband, Henrs Clay
Beatt ?? |r "
Beveral hundred people were gatl ? I
abnul the I omi of ('oroi e ' '^ 't1-' 'n !
, 'heeterfl* Id Poiint; ?hen tl la ae dl* i :
i i -. ad thla aft* rn. and nf all I
,., i ,. |;,,( (Oi e thr* igh tho laal two daya'
henrlng ol thr- raa* the ... cuaed
bai d ??? ai Ihi moal .I and colleoted.
lt, am ? had Ihe laal word "f th* v< r*
ith than Henry
n. attle Btnp u b mat* h to anoth* r
, . >ng tl al bond could
not bi I rolehe* bi ked that he be di n
paal bla h? m* r? he could get a I
;)?ri boi ' lothaa
Te'ls of PurcHase of ttun.
Paul i<r.,M ? who tfl onald* '?. b ma
.... n ror thi i roaa il ? aag
I ihe aftern.i and
... ,i .,, tl ? pui ' aai <?' ll - gun. ili
, .?;..8B. hond, aad belng
unabl* to glve lt waa aent 1 ? "?'
,;. 0 , ? ili, logi thi r wlth i
Binford who falled n her effortfl to
,. . fathei or brotbei f th* ae*
, , man ball her ou! ln the i im ol
|] ....
i-1 g 1 .'? ' '"1 ,,v
?? ... " that
lh) tuthorltlei were afraW to Keep
Beattl* I ? tl-"' 'l? ">rflpw Count3 '
after thi coroner'fl Jury returned IU ?? r
did piactng tha ? rlme upon hln this
it arreetlng th.ung
nn thi '-" ' "' '?"" '? ';'
through tlu greal erowd whlch
had gathered outalde t*oi ei Lovlng'a
. ,; ,.; m tha Inqueal ai d earrled I In.
I ? . ri, hmond. Before VI ? ?l '? ??"??">'
ha had ???? ved the prell nlnai ? u
. | ;.. a/aa rommltted lo la
ilt the i tloi of the Cheeterneld
Count, grand Jury, whlch .te Au*
KUSt 14
Beattte, I * ???"* ' " ? i,s ,,,!<' " '" ''",
Henrtro Countj Jall n an automoblle.
, rdered b moequlto nel purchaaed si
,,?, ,?. a^uld protert hlmaelf from moe
qutt0a to-nlght, i riplah li g ' ??' n" **"
.? 11. to their blt* a
,M1 th,4 statid Paul Beattle Idenl ed
the gun found bj the negr.man as
,h, gun he pur* I aaed and gave to hia
. ,..1S.?. m. Wctnatein, a pawnbroker,
... .. told the gua ?iu" Identltled 11 as
the one be aold to Paul Beattle, and
Mandy Uexandei tha negro won in ? o
found the gun on the railroad croealng,
Identlfh 'i ll b? the om ahe found
Subiect to Epdeptic Fita.
(:, nvei "i Paul Beattl* rxplaln hia
i? rvoun breakdown aa ? omlng from bla
bi Ini .'rr'-' ted ?? ni.aetonal epl
apeiia H< waa aubjected to fl vlgoroua
croaa-examlnatlon thla afternoon, the
, oron* i alaowlng tbe examlnatlon to go
ra yond the uaual llmita of.roner'a In?
queal becauae of tl??' unuaual clr* um
?tani ea aurroundlng the . rlme.
Tha aenlor Bealile sat l ? elde his aon
at the boerlng, hia atrong face and whll )
hair drewlng to hlm much aympathy.
u/hen ihe verdfc! ^;,> ri ad hia arm
moved to th*- boy'a ahoulder and for al
tlme reated on hln head, aa though ab-I
k> ntmlndedly amoothlng hia hair. Aftei
, moment'fl ronveraatlon wlth la attor- i
,,, j ii i Baattle, bi . drew his arm i
tightl) around tha boy, holdlng his face j
down for a moment, then turned and en*
!, ,,.,i ,i notor ? ai and * as drii ap homa
a nmni.i i of wltneeeefl nol pla* ad "ti
tha atand lo-daj were recognlaed for
their appearanee b ore the i'heaterfleld
grand |urj on Auguel 11 al 10 oi* lock.
?>Y, fai iei and mother >.r thi mur
,i, r. il a ..man have taken i harge of Un
u\o weeks-old Infant, whoae rrtea for Ita
mother were a.. plalntivelj heard on th.
nlghl the mother laj a corpee.
Inquest Seniationai.
Th* iwiueal iNtM'eedlnga iin> afternoon
were genaallonal ln the extretne The
hearlng yeaterdaj afternoon, culmlnat
Ing in the arreal of Beattle on tbe charge
;,n had i.n expectlng tiu> police t
make for two daya, exclted popular feel
mi. t.i Buch a pltch thal the police re
aervea wera ordered oul to maintaln or* I
o>r to-day. Tha erowd aurged aboui
and mutu ?? d, bul there waa no attempi
tu hHini the prleoner or Interfere wlth |
tba proceedlnga. Paul Beattle, axhauat- ,
,,[ from the effecta of tne convulalona
whlch eelaed hlm when he a/aa arreated
yeaterday, waa the chlef wltncea before
tba Inqueel to-day. While lie araa teU'ng
in.??. "t Henry Beattle'a requesi and
wlth monej furalahed i>? the latter, h.
bougbl th*- K'm wlth whlch Mrs Laoulae
Beattle waa kllled, the nitneea falnted.
PhyaJdana were aijnunoned aad ha u?*
revtved after Bfteea mlautea,
Th.- couein'a leetlmony, formlng thei
mlaelng llng oi the ehaln of clrcum*,
Ht.tiiti.il evldence forged bj the detec?
tlvea. satlsfled the Jlir?.
I'aill Beattl*- Bt the iii(|ije.st slat.'.l Ihat
be in?*i been in a hoapltal alnce yeater*
LuulLuuril uu af .inj y.i.c V.
Prohibition Apparently Wins by
10.000 Majority.
i. r< -'. b* ' ? T ? ? I
AuaUn, Ti a . Julv '-"-' Teaaa ai par
ently has voted for prohlWtlon. Tlte
Btata < hai.man of tha aatf-i?rohlbltloi
Ms ccmcedes defeal bwy l?.f*J0 maorlt)
Iata roncedca defeal by M1.000 majority.
., ? reai h 50,000,
w ii. n three-fourths of lha irolea eaal
ln to dsy'a elactlon had be*>n * ounted
tl . i rohibltlonlata were leadlng b) 3.4411.
i'i. i" mldnlghl 339.773 voteo had been
j,,.iinted for Returaa fron aii the
laraer towna are ln, aad as the rural
dlatrteta ara agalnal tha aadtoon, there
eeema no doubi lhal tha Btate has gona
liovarnor Colqultl thla afternoon pra
dicted th.it Texas would repudlata Btate
wide prohibition by a majoiity of al
leasl I0V.0U0 The Oovartaot eaal hla
vote aith the "weta" al bla homa la Tot
reii. _u wtmI hundred Bchool ehildreB,
who apparently <li*i nol agrea wlth hun.
followed him to the potia, aingini "Teaas
i l-iiiK I >ry."
Th.- vote ?as .-n .. "onsUtuUoiial
amendment to prohlbil thi aaleand raaa
ufacturc of llquor.
Hundreds See Man Jump to
Death in Brooklyn Street.
in full vlew of hundreda of peraona on
the Brooklyn nui of the Manhattaa
Brldge, an unidentifled man. aboul thlr
ty.flve yaara *.id. well dreaaed, vaulted
over the i<.w <-r ralllng <-.n tha north pn.m
enad* late veaterday afternoon and was
dashed to death In Adama atreet, arhlch
U - ii e hundn 4 fael directly under this
part ..f ihe brldge. Tho man'a aci wa
? _??' ed bj man) aromen, and a number
of them Bcreamed and ran frantlcally in
(?? < <?? dlrertlon
There un? nothlng on rhe bod) hy
-.',,- i i" i.i'-nii!' ll f' waa reir.oved to
the Brnoklj n morgua.
r- i ... vl. ' ?? aulclde aald
i ? v aiki d i "iu rh,- n, a ] ork
aide, and ar Intervals would Btop aad
I, r>k doa ri into t ? a Bter. Whea ba
reacbed thi parl of tha brldge oarar
Adama atreet he etood gaslng dowafrard
for aome tlme, and I ten aithoui a word,
. I'nii.od the railing and leapad over.
Dog Jumps Into Tub Where Ma
rine Reptile Is Prisoner.
Bloomfli i*i. N J., Jul: __ (8pe* ial)
A anapplng turtle welghlng thlrty-lva
pounda aiilrh Charlea Wllaon caught In
Davey'a mlll pond thla morning, blt <ifT
I . end ?: "Buga Raymond'a" nose.
i.not th< I as. ball pltch* r, >"it
a coll ?
Mr \\ -. n ad plav * d tha I irtle in a
-.. asht i.i.. preparatory t" convertlng it
Into aoup, when "Buga" ? llmbed li to ,v'
tub. The tui tle dld tlu- r<-si
Ir was rmt untll Mr WllaOB i ui I
hlg ' irtle'a head <iff atlth a hatchet that
? g .?.? ' a aa freeal Thi cantna i!? bl
auch agonj thal Its ownar, it la belloved.
.. vi '" K'll it.
Sparks Flv from Laborer's Head
and He Dies Instantly.
Prank Conenro, a laborer, ot No. .'.'I
i:.i-' i'jr atreei xaa killed last plght
in a manhole of tha Metropolltan Btreet
Rallway Company, at Seventh avenua
and l Ith atraat. Conenrro I a*i been
a*orking ln the hole iixmp aome wlrea
n-hen his head iame In contact wlth
whal la known aa "the channel raii.''
ir to ih*- thlrd rall on the i '? i atad
rhe m nut< * 'oneni o a head hil l ? rall
there iras a ahower of sparks and
flaahes from tl >? hole. They attracted tha
attention of Patrolman Meade of th"
Charlea atreet Btatlon. A number "f
other men ivere worklng In the ln.ie, ,m,i
e hen the a< ? Ideni "> i iirri d * 'onenro'g
bod) dropped to the bottom. The other
men lifted tiie bod) out. nnd Dr. Morria,
., st Vlneent's Hoapltal, was cailed. Ha
said the man was killed the Instanl his
b< ad struck the electrlc a Iree
Little Boy Hurt by Auto as Baby
Brother Arrives.
ln runnlng backward n> catch a ball
thrown i" hun !?' "i1" of hla playmatee,
Prank O'Doaaell, eleven ye.,rs old, Mvlng
aith hla parenta ?t .\... S74 Central avenua,
.Vllllamaburg, araa run <i"?n by an auto*
ni,.ti , ,i f. w di'i.is from his imiiie yeater
da) aftei i.n Tbe boy was taken to tha
Buahwtck Hoapltal, ami it u.-s *.i\,\ thereI
laal nlghl that his rlghl leg was brokea
an.l thal be had Internal Injurlea
The . ar a aa oa m .1 and opera) d 1>)
Predeiick Kotsele, a bullder, of Ke ??
Buahwlck avenue, Brooklyn ?after taklng
tbe bo) i" He hoapltal M ? Kotsele drova
?in the Hamburg avenue atal. aad totd
lieutenanl Brannan whal had kappi ? I
vt the i.-.|U?-si ..f tha Meutenaul Kotsele
tban wenl te *???-? fJ/Donnell home to ten
the boy'a parenta <>f the accldent,
The flral pereon Mr. Kotaele found there
was the boy'a father, lamea O'Donnell.
Katurally, Kotsele was aoraewaal exctted,
ami Btarted ln i<> tell Ihe ator) In a loud
i,.ii.- iiTiiinii.il guteted him, telllng him
thal he eapi ? ted a i.- a ani rai in the
famll) any mlnute. Preaently, tbe n-i ??,
ram.il and Informed O'Donnell thal he
was t1'- father of a baby boy. Bbe aaid]
ih.ii both mother and bab) are dolng weli
Woman Doctor Introduces Young
Mother to Bouncing Boy.
Mr Btork aUghted al tha Weat Bbare
ferry bouaa, al w.-st M Btreet, laal nlghl
,,,,,i |i fi a healthy fourteen-pound i ?
bo) for Ifra. Annle Dotch, tw< iil\-luiir
yaara old, <>r No. BB Eaal ."ith Btreet. Mrs.
Dotch, a uuIh Hiiagarlan woaaaa, was ,i.
s.-ited b) ber huaband aonaa niontha ago,
tbe police aay. Bha weat i<> Taanaravtlle,
n ^ . whara Bha w*arkad as ? wattreaa
she decidad yastsrday tn came i" Nea
\ ,-i _ aad rater a boapttaL
Bbe had just i> ii a ferryboat, and araa
walklng toward th*- atraat entrence, when
ihe Btatlon naaatar suw- her giagaar an.i
real a? if abattt ta falL Ha want ta her
aid and helpad her to the Walttng iimnt. A
, iiiw.i qutafcty eollactad, aad then i>r.
St'-lla S- haffer. h woman do. t"r. |8W wluu
ailed Mim DOtCh and usked Ihe men and
most ef tha waaTtea to leava tba araltbag
i...,ni. Thla was done. and I)r. >'< hafTVr
?oaa preaaatad to ihe mother a bouncing
Dr, Bralaard, of the New tork Heapttal,
tln-n arrived and took the mother and bahv
iu u.a Uusi'iui, whara .um ara Uuiug walL
Final Vote Was 53 to 27. All
Amendments Being Rejected
by Large Majorities.
Twenty-one Republicans For
and 24 Against tho Agree
mcnt ? Democrats
Stood 32 to 3.
Prehminary ateps taken in negotia
tions of 1909 over maximum and mini
mum clause of Payne tanff bill.
Formal negotiationa begun at Al?
bany, when Preeident Taft met W.
S. Fieldinq. Canadian Mmiater of
Finance, and William Patteraon. Ca?
nadian Minister of Cuatoma, in
March. 1910.
Negotiation of detada begun when
Henry M. Hoyt and Charlea M. Peppar
went to Ottawa in November. 1910.
Negotiationa reeumed when Mr.
Fieldinq and Mr. Patteraon viaitad
Washington in January, 1911.
Tha agreement submitted to Con
qress in a apecial message by tha
President. January 26. 1911.
The agreement Bpproved by tha
Republ'can Houae of the laat Con
gress, February 14, 1911.
The aqreement approved by tha
Democratic Houae of tha Conqresa,
April 27. 1911.
The aoreement approved by tha
Republican Senate. July 22, 1911.
Tha enactinq bill will ba siqned
by President Taft on Wedneaday,
July 26.
The Canadian anactmq meaaura ia
atill pend.nq in Parliament at Ottawa.
\Vmm 'tlie Trit'1-1* Itl-'B'l )
tVaahlngton. July tt.?By ? vaata ef
.?t I) otte IOS4. than tWO to r.tir. the S*m,,to
t..-day paaaed the Canadian rectpcocti >
i ll wlthoul amendmi-nt and broughl '"
a cloee, wlth a vtctory for the edflBlnle*
tratlon, the long flght extendfng euer
i.itts of two Beeekma >'f Congraga On
the flnal rollcall the Benate st..".i ?*>?".
t.. 27, 32 Democrata and 21 llepubllcaiia
votlng for the bill and .'! Democratg ai i
ji Republtcana votlng agalnat it
Slxteen aeparate legtalatlve Bttacka In
the form ??:' amendmenta, arere made "ti
ihe ranks arrayed ln aupport <.f tbe mea*
ure, bul the) remalned unbrokea. T1*e
eealve aaaaulta, Inatead of attalnlng
"iijei-t. only aerved tuaocentuati l
areakneea of the opponenta of the bill, and
I'roiu tha tlme tbe votlng began on the
firsi amcndmenl offered by Benator M* -
Cumber it waa apparent, ?s it aai :"'-i
for ? long tlme, that ..u bope af taVx kiug
lt.-' Jialll ..t fi'.' :aM h. ,,r ur lini
about Ita defeal ? .- alterlng Ita provla
waa ai an end.
Ph< ? oti .n ?!? ? . .. followa:
R< pub imi - for tlu blll Bradtey, Ken
tu* kj ; Brandi gi. und McLean, Con*
1 ? ? ti. it; Brigga, New ,r. reej . Brown,
Nebraeka; Burton, Ohlo; Crane and
Lodg*. Masaui ?. .... tte; i ulloiia. Illlnole,
n igg* nhi im, I'olorado; Jon* ? and r.-n.
dexter, lVa*hington; Nixon, N'cvada;
P* nroai, Penne; Ivanta; i'. rklna .
w.'iks. Caltfornla; Richardson. I>ei.,
??..!??-. i:....i, \..\. Vork; tttepheneon.
VVIacunalu; Towmiencl. Mkhfgun; w i-i?
mon . Rhode leland.
Demo* rata ror th* l i ?, i li ar*
gia; Bankh t*J and Johnetpn, tlabanaa;
Bi > .rn ..md Fletch* r. Floridu; Chatuix-r*
' 'r. gon; * hiiti.ti and tVatson, \,. -t
Vlrginla; t'ulberaon. Texaa; Davia, Ar*
Poeter, Louiatena; llore and
Owen, Oklahoma; llit, n.... k. \. m.i v....
Johnaon, Maine; Kern and rllilvely, i.i.i ?
ana; Martin and 8wanaun, Vlrginla; Mar*
tlne, New Jereej Myern, Montana; New.
Nevada; O'Uormai N ? Fork;
Overman. North CamllnH; Payntei,
Kentucky; Pomerene, Ohlo; i:...i atul
Stone, Miaaouri; rJmlth, Mary land;
tfmith, South Carolina; i.. lo Tenuea*
\\ llllama, Mlaetaaippl.
Republlcana agalnal ti;- brll Borah
and Heyburn, Idaho; Bourne. Oregoi
Briattow and Curtla, Kantma; Burnham,
[Nea Hampehlre; Clapp and Nelaoii,
Minneaota; Clark and Warren, \\4...
mlng; Crawford and liatnbte, Bouth Da*
Ikota; Cummlna and Kenyon, lowa;
Dlxon, Montana; Gronna an.l McCnm*
ber, North Dakota: La Pollette. Wieceo*
ain: Llppltt, Rhode laland; Lorinter, n
I llnola; Oliver, Pennaylvanta; I'a;,.. v? r
Imont; Smith, Michlgan, and ffmireti
Democrata agalnal the i.ili Batley,
Texaa; Clarke, Arkanaaa, and Plrmiona,
North ' "arollna.
Th" Renatora who ????(.? gbaagat
Da I'ott. Delaware; Frye, Maine; fjgla
llnger, Nee Hampehlre; Lea, Tenneeneei.
Percy, Mlaataatppl; Rayner, Marrbtad.
and Tiilman, Bouth Carolina. Tha >> n
,it.,i? ??im wera aeaaeerl ba! did nm \"te
becauae of belng BBlred wera i ?uIitik
iiuii. V'ermont; Buthaglaad, L'tab, hhJ
Thornton, Loulatana.
Preaident Taft Oehghtad.
I'lom the Wblte Houea Preeaienl T*n
folloaed tha votea <>n tho aaaandaaemg
;in*i thi tin.ii paaaagi "f tbe '>a11 with iha
keeneet Intereet
?I .un very much gratined ami d ?
ligbted thal the mii is paaaad*" h*> bbM
it indlcatee the Increaaa *>r mutualle
i.i n.-ii.'iai relatlona between rdn.nU ana]
this country."
Th? Prealdeni recelved many ? >n
gratulattona beftwi learlng Waahtagaag]
for Beverly at 5:35 p, m. to apend t!i?
areek end. In replj be said ii*- ?an gi-t
tlng antirely to.> much credtt, and tiiat
Secretan Knox really was entltled ;u
tha gn ateel pralae.
The Prealdeni wlll be baok In Watta*
Ington "ti Tuaaday. Benator Penroea
wlio lid the roiipriHlty tlKht in tba laa*
at*-, dlned wlth the Preaident on boa l
hls train to-nlghL iu reply to cetv
gratulattong tha Benator, as ba mado hia
aray Ibrough the Unlon Btatlon t?i Ihi
PreaMant'a *ar. aald. ' it was aaaw."
Benator Penroaa predkted that c.n
greaa arould adjonfn aot later than A'i*
gust 0 or Ha
Baoaaaa gf tbe early adjournmanl >.|
tho Houae. many of tho membera <>i
whlch came over to tho Sonatr rhan?i>ei
tn fljratch the rtoae **f tho contest, lt wai
ittipossihi.' to tranaaatt tho i.ui to tlu
Preaident to-day. After belng enroilef
it wlll be laid before the Houae m x|
aTedaaedair f?>r the signature of t..i
.,,1 ... .??! aii tif-l.

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