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Klngs County Eleven Beats
Brooklyn for Second Time.
Bensonhurst Team Runs Away
with Match by Margin
of 117 Runs.
For the aecond tlme fhls neason th? Ktngfl
Coanty BtBTaB wnn thf ir rhampaonablp game
in tha rnetropoHtaa league aartea with the
Brooklyn team Tha inargtB araa aven
greater than ln the Mr-' game, tho Kinus
county plajrara acorlng 1i7 i-'m< befor*
^?er. dtepoaed "f. and afterward, alded by
game Kreat l.owling ?m th* part "f G W.
names aad .1 B. Paurha, puttlng oul the
rhamploaa for th* amall Bcora of 43.
Barnea*a record was pitanonienal, hia alew
hall and changa of pace provlag afNdttve,
Bad ha bad thr capital aaalyata of ?ix arlek*
r thlrteen runa Parka <Hd alrooal aa
well wirh four wi.-kets for twenty-nva runa
The onlv man on the Rrookhri Btdg Kettinf?
into double nc'irr-- araa G Macpberaon, wltb
ll not out.
The Bcon foltov, I
j Parkaa w. b h Poy?r. .
L R. ?'. I ?, i. H POjaar '??
C Hoyle. ' H ;'- ?? ....... 0
j ? \i , . .? m. i ?? MacpbBraon, b h
Vnwr '
j, M ihoo, ? ? ' ..... ?????
F C Oautlar. t H Poyei
? ,1 A""0 ! t. II PojTBI
j p Btaai -. i ?"i "
L A Caray. e ' Pojar, b Ru?htnn. 14
0 W Rantfle, '? H I ????' ? .... u
A H i.*wi?. i Tl Ma i.hrrBPii. r> Ruahton
la*rea , ............ II
Tatai ??*
i l POj/er, Makoa b rarkea . t
K Mj'i'Vm b. b Parkaa . 2
A Lova)! ' atabos, b Barnefl. K
?'--**: I Barnei . ?
H P' er, II ? i Ba" ?* . 1
p C M Breavna ;' Parl ? -
'j. Ma. pl' "?- '?? noi oul . '1
W Jdaaslah - Pa-k-a h R-nneB.
API' rrin, b Bftf-r-. . a
j Rr.-);.- 4 h?j la b Haraaa .... "
Jj R;,'r. . '?"??? t- pai kflfl 2
F?t-?a .
Tatal ?-. *~
The Bensonhurst aleven der.v-r.r-i Man
hattan in a league champlonahlp >
at Ulmer Park tnalnly through tha latuna
of C fi Biades and I B Ma-ball Bfl
howl'ng Of A. Bvelya The nwsln ?va<- no
less than UI runa. Benaonhura! attlng
flr?t tallled 171, while all that Man
could run up araa M. Blade* hil hard and
acored B before he w-hp out, and Ma
amassed M hefpro heinc clran ho??led
The acore followa;
C E Bla*>a. t~in out i
A paalya, b Tvara.
gj. P Raere, e Bhew, h T; ?ra .
*3 FXalyn, o Tattaraai:. b Btackhall . 24
T, A eariant. c Sr.a?^. b Hall. 2*
1 P"?a h Backiial!.
rj Vi Marar.a!!. b Tvera -.
r. f? rmnklla b Hall .
A U Oraaham. b Blar-khall.
B Reaa b Tjren .
?3 Pavali*. t.*v out . . 1
fijtra* .?.
J H Tatteraall. b Bvflfcra .... I
B T\*ra. c Sarjer.t. h B'.Hrtea. . 4
f sraw. b BJrelyn . lB
r \t Btackhall b Brelm I
0 nnscoil. b P>*lvn . . . fl
w h Btllca i P.r* a. b 1 ... i
J R-.-rn-ig1-. .- P**-?. h - '
A i Whlta t' i:vImi . I
w Barrowa ti'? ' it . 1
p s Ha". b Evelyfl . u
Teta . '*
ppn4onhi;r->t acored anotber vlcterj
\he second .xertion of the leanir>, |
the Ma.nl Bttana Into ramp 81 Cr
Park hy 1"" runa. arlth two wickets to
apai-e a E. Crawford battad well foi l
Ofl th* minning fltde, and received valuable
assiarnnce from H Bvelya, A H Walrond,
J Bvelya and T ( larka, ar erett.t .
double hguree The totals were: Manhat
tan. .?;. Benaonhurat, W
The West Indians easilv r\efp&\e<i tho
i oioniai* at Frospr-i t Park, tha aianara
acorlng IM and the loaera running up 71
1 Alleyne played in fl.ne style and S'"rr>d
fi* before [>eink: howled by Bpflflieei
The Pparran^ played the Prospect Pa- k '
elevrn at the Parade Grouadfl and defeat
ed them by 15 runs, wlth totalfl of | I tr. BJ
' qn the winning side G. Wllkes aad Merc?r
did th*. baat battlng. ar.d Duporte had the
sjnod analysis of I Wlcketfl for 6 runs.
A "e#ntury" by O. Smith waa tn* frature
of the championshlp game in the .?
aectlon. between Brooklyn anl Manhattan.
at Prospect Park. Smith hit out Ib rar"
BL>le and soon collated the bowling, and
aventually scored 119 before belng bowtad,
while Corhin. by hls partner. had i un np
do befcre he was dieposed of Th* totals
Klnga Oenaty. T6. Brooklyn. 2*7
Btaten Island Cricket Team Wins
by Fifteen Runs.
Toronto a cricket eiarvBn cloBed Ita tour in
thla vlcir.ity yesterdav oy loslng a closely
eonteated game te the Staten Ieland elevr-n
at Livlngaton. The margln of victcrj- arBfl
II runa, but lt was not unul the ninth
wlcket had fallen that tlie home eleven waa
anle to overcome tho 94 runs made by the !
When H. R. N'lroll palred up wlth A. Van |
Laar 9 runa were needed to seore a rlctory,
but the two men atayed together and hlt
off the runa and made what proved to be
the longesf Btand of the game.
J. H. Brlggs paefaraaed eredltably wltb
bat and ball. capturing 7 wlckets for 43
runa amd being not out for 26. The rop
?core of the Canadians. however, was
made by T. W. Beagram. who played a-*.id
Hy for 27. Tha only other man to gi-t Into
double ngurea waa H. I Reld, who . on
trlbuted 14.
For New York, ln addition to Nlcoll and
Van Laar. F. A W. Ireland. J. D. Keenan
an'l M. R. Cobb all batted well. while \V F
Ke*nan, Jr., captured 3 wickr-ts at tiie
amall coat of 4 runa.
The acore fotlows.
H B. Raid, b Cobb .M. U
T. W. SeaBram. b Nlcoll. -J7
(J. L. Inglia. b Cobb . ?
J. M. HaaaaaaML ? fT, K*rr,an, Jr., b J.
Kaar.a:. . 7
H. Woifendan. b Cobb. 1
J. B. BriKga, not out. i!<j
C. CanaveM, c Van Laar, b W. K?*nan. Jr... 6
W. P. Charlea, c J. Ka*nan, b V,'. Keenan. Jr. 0
J. Hardlnt, b W Ke?nan, Jr. 0
R. 8. Hart. b Irelanl . 8
B. Lambe. b Jrelaad .H. 0
Kztras .?. 5
tbibi .-.m
M R. (>>bb. c Inalla, b Reld. 12
J D. Keenan. c L^tinbe. b R*ld. 14
A t> Itoblnaon. t, lirUK*.. 1
R. W. R Powell, I, Urlgca. .'t
W. P. Keenan. c Charlas, b Brlgas. 4
W. F. Walker, b Hrlgga. V
W. K. Keenan, Jr, b Brlgga. S
B", \ W lr.land. 1 Harding, b Brlgga. IU
M. K. Nlcoll. not out. 15
P. H. Rlchardaon. b Wolfend?n. 'i
K Van \M*r, b Hrlgga. 15
Kxtraa . 7
Total .108
A closely contrsted matoh ln tha New
Tork and New Jersey Asaociation lietween
Rlchmond County and the New York Vet*
?rans waa won by the. former at Weat New
Brlghton hy a margln of 24 runa. On the
winning Bldo .1 N. Eacobal made top score
In an innlng of 18, while O. Turvlll*, foi
lowed wlth 15. F. Mawley ran up a llke
number and A Kiirnall added 14 w j{.if)
ford waa BOOOaaeful wlth the ball, taklng
hlx wickets at a coat of 18 runa. Fr)r the
Veterana A. Brown acored 23, H. Leane ||
Q VV. Havman 17 and V J. f'rendergaat 14'
F P* Kelly captured aoven wlekets for ?i
rtinfl and A. H. Durrant took thrn,. f,,r ol
Th? totals: Blchmond ?'ounty, Uf; >:ew
York Veterana. 104.
I?we?t prloaa; eaalear terma; bulldera of beat
aUaa aJlaya. 8uppllaa, aic.
1IARX BROA.. 84 Union Bquara.
Play Begins in Westchester
County Championships.
Tir-apito ? fnrtv-kriof hreese that threat
aned fo i-srn tha UVwb tennla ball aallins:
into Long Island Pound. an excellant Ifr
plnr.lng marked the oper.lnp of the annual
championships ;t the Westchester County
Lawa Tannlfl Aaaeelatloa yaeterday on the
eourtfl of thr- Kea York Atblettc Club, at
Travera lalaad. Otberwlea, the betrinning
was all thar might he des'.rrd. ni d the lo.
caU eaparta ara boand to bava a capital
?im- of It during the week, as the?
flve evetits tO he d.gpOOad "t. FollOWlnfl
B raual euatom, the mm's atngtee pui
|tha totirney iti niotlon, nnd here the fljne
Btiing of thiity-Tiir,.- eompetltora flgured
tm the draw.
i Tho inatch* rui off pretty Bvely,
and aucb prograea was mada thal thraa ol
ihe cracha worked tbelr way Into th.1
fourth round Tha trlo nre Vanderbllt
w.'.rd. w. Ejrra an.l Prederlck P. Poa
aai named won hi" poaltlon Ib u moal
pecullar way from Davld sai.ds, who bap
to ba his opponent ln tho third
Banda won tha flrat aet, at l
and waa loadlng ai B 3 ln tha aecond when
?uddenly ha retlred. The itctory waa weM
within Ha graap for he was puttlng up a
much faater game than Fou, and needed
enly cne more game Ha azplalnad after
ward thal ha did nol enter tba atnglea
arltl ? ly aeiioua Intentlon, nor did h< pur
i .-?? to go any further. 80 ha dl faulted.
IHe Intenda to plaj In tho mlxed doublee,
and tbal avent wlll oc* upj all hli att*
\ai dei blll Ward h d the hai
the .nd round
hi mel Kendall Olllett, but the
went to Ward, at I '. 8 4 in the thlrd
rlval araa l >r w hlti Bck. In the
I and trying for kllla tho
11 ...it o?, ni? matcl < .1. and tha
arou i was not a n prlaed a han
t ? tally ' .nn. to two ???'? ? i I aeta
? ? ni tha flrst set,
. .k.'.i aa If he mij;! I
win eaally, ns Ward'a ahota
?? lid. "? illj ??? tt .-.I Into i
and dti re 6?alL
? ran eui
Tho b< ccnd ."ii of
tha at. Wai ivli ? Inu al T .'.
j Elyre waa R <? Blaek ln tho
' ? i ?"? ..
6 0.
\'. ???
i \ ? , ..
- ' ' ? i
I larry
6 -' ? .? m
. - ? w.
1. 0?4 '" V> hltback -i*
? -1*
? ? .
'. Brlon
? i ?' ? . Di
.. I, fl 1
arger, >'? 4
II ? .
>. 2 ? '??- 8 .':.
I. ited H. L fiormla
Cameron Eleven Bcorei Its Ninth
Victory?Othor Matches.
\ t y i ? imea were
< hamplonahip mai
? h? a mai i
? ?? tor tlu- wlnnera
. c "fhB totala ari re
? amero
4 om on by tbe Ton>
.-?-.- un, whii ?
? ? e totrils : .
?. I" Ifahabli batted li ajtc* i form
.-? .1 .if wh?n tbe gaim ended
h totala or ag) i the
feated tba Naw foi k Aduli -
ni a 1* a | Baa. u Bmltb lool
- for 9 rui i foi Brll innla
Anglo-an ?'? feated the st
Oeorg* Th?
ng of
nd H Newbury, a ho tooh flvi
wlcketa for '< runa and two foi ..
The Bl ' nrtatopher eleven lost to tb.
Wanderera tha a on belng to <t foi
atlan took Bva wlck
Btfl for ;7 runs, in addltlon to acortng 22
not out.
Btan ' <r- the rwrnuda teaun
runs. \v. Paynton, J. Wllllama, W. Bwan,
,r. Cooper .md i>. WUUamaon did th*
battlng The nford. tt; Ber
Sew Vork i ounty loat rr. st. Tho
: owUng waa
the feal
The Danlab ?veal Indlam defaatad Fork
vide bj II ? infl i". Rlchardfl acored 14
and Newgeii " Tbe totala: Weat Ind
pj; forkvlll*
Antelopc-s Chased and Roped by
Texas Sportsman.
? '\\> mfjd to think." aayfl one of tha Re
I ,. r Company offlcials, "th.-it Buf
jonei nnfl Qultfl aomfl Wlld Weal per
former < <t courae, he la ell rlght ln a way,
and little atunta llke laaaolng Mona "nd
in tha Afrlcaa jnniTi* land la, al
?tlll his work is
"DOWfl .m rhe plattlfl Of Texas, nor'h of
Big Bprlnga, la a ranrh owned by the c. c.
Btaughtei Companj H L Blaugbter la
prealdeni and general manager of tha ian*h
and Inctdantally la totereated in tba auto?
moblle trade. Hia 1 i te iport la hunting
"it is agalnal the law to flhoot anteiope
ln Texas Blaugbter Ifl a law-abldina citl
?fln, io hr- arouldfl t Bhool i Ba for anyimng.
H* jrets out his tTUflty motor. loads it with
gaaolOBB and a bUiat, ani goea after the
game. He tJea OBfl end of the lariar to
Itjaj fllQBIlllg POJOI Of thfl nutnmnblle. Tle
handlefl tha rope arltfe one hand and the
ateertng wbeal wltb tba other. Wbea be
alghta h buncb of anteiope be throwa tha
tbrottlfl erlde open, goea down ?mong them
and deftly plantfl his nooae over the best
one ln tiie berd. ro prova thal this lan't a
fisn atory, Bob baa plenty of tropblea and
"ln a rer-ent letter to hia brother telllng
of a trip made ln the early part of the
month. h" aayfl: 'My rire? BIB Rivinp wun
ili-rful BBtlafactlOa T irot two more nnto
lopo last week Thla Baakea six ara hava
eaughl wlthout even a puncture, and you
eaa laaagtae whal a bardshlp that turf
work is on tires nt thr apoed an'r-lnp.? gen
erally forofl yoa to use. Anywuy, I do not
want aay better tlree than tha New Repub
lic niaKgard traad' "
- Ifl -
Iii-ir. It, July 11'. The foui-man team rep
reKentlii(r the WOetarfl Oolf Assorlatlon
romped away wlth tha Olympic cup match
to-day, th<? flrBt flxture of the Western
Oolf Aaaoclatlon'fl amateur r-hamplon^liip
The tram totallad IM, while the Detralt
an*i Western Pennaylvanla teams wera ii*'d
for aecond place with Ial
I'lamlield. N J.. July 22. ln ihe ??**'kly
eompetltlon f..r tha praaldant'fl and koit
riui. eapa at tha Parh c>if Club to-.iay
these aeorea were rtlarntd' a. m. Morret,
iori-17- k:, Charlea B Meraa, IM 13 -84; h.
L, Meodey, UI M *0; Dr. 11. k. Carroll,
100-7 93; u. v. Carpeatar, IM 11 tM, ano
Peter C, Bweeney, 11a II 1^1
Madgfl Wiiat la Dolly's ambition in llfe?
M.-trjorie Hhe hopes to many a mlll
lonaire and aavr* hlm from the dlagrace of
dylng rlch.-Llfe.
Eastern Players Taking More
Kindly to the Fixture.
Other Ranking Players from the
East Going to Omaha
Next Week.
A cbange baa taken plaee araeng Baatern
iawn tanala players ln thalr atUtude toward
the elay eourt ebampionehlp lOOllismant
wbleh agaln wlll be dad.I al Omaha At
i ihe beRirminK it waa antagonlatlo The
few men who went lo Omaha last aeaaon,
Ibowaver, oatna back aith aueb aJowing
mta of the toarnament nnd aB con
? i wlth it that the Baatarn topoort \t
i. ba ? unsideraMy BtTonger this yaar. Tba
Omaha Plald Club IS dolng notblng by
halvea The Waatern aplrll of hustJe and
anthtislasm has reeulted In a most elabo
iate progranuna, and a number of the Baat?
arn star.-. hava ytelded to the Infloenea aa
erted, 80 thal there. ls no doubt that tha
meetirig beginnlng on Auguat 5 arlll be aa*
tlonal in Ita aeope.
Mei.nie ii Long, the Califomlan, wlll
hla tltla In the alnglea lt wlll be
i.-mein:. r.-.i thit he m.i and dafeated vVal
i.-r M.rriii Hall, "f th*' Hamllton Orange
Tennla Club, of thla dty, In th** Hmll round
;. iv : Mail wlll make an effoi I to re
p, ,i Beala C. vTrlght, a rormi r natlona
I unp oi . alao I aa promla d the O
. that he arlll be -i competltor Rlcb
ard li 1'. mer, the Nea Jeracj State ? i ?
Sathantel W. Nllca. whom Hall dl?
i , . . ..? ln thi Ulddli Bti te? 'i illenge
? mati li .-I- d a hom lAtnt defi ated foi the
\ - . . at Seabi Ight, and i .? dcrlch U
\- dei -".?-. noa ol Readlng, Penn . art
? ., --; ? i ? whi.? enti !? 'i ':-'';i the
i ?. i - llng o.tli from otl
aill be Wall ?' ' !hli ag i a
i foi mi r holder of the Mlddte Weetem tltle;
m . ? ? gi ii ??:, n and Tbon
i. md . of ralifornla, and Paul i. M< .
. N.-'.v I 'rl- ...-. Alt ? : ..l II
_ of ihe omaha Pleld I lub ommll
lhat 125 cnttii aaaut - >i ln
doublea alao ? iii be i
Baala C Wrlgbl ..nd n.>t ?
\v. v ? .-ir.- to pair up foi thla II l
McLoughlln and 'i
i' Bundy, wlnnera of the Pa i oaat lltla,
nml regardad hs tbe comlng i atlonal chara
are to tiv for tbe honora The two
palra i imed appear llkelj ta raaeh the
?nd one oi the otbai aha ild meet
i rederli k U. Al ' Walter Hai ea
eballange ni.it- h
I'nr aome ume ihe 0
r engaged ln experlmentlng aith
mrface I rt Thej
i h -"inn bi eai o I hai ' ? repoi I
- urfaeaa are faat and trua.
? whlch -
modate eeven thouaai
? i> d ind >!?* '"1*1 wat< rpi -
, .- ... pi te ?* ih-- courl -
ln irnanv nl maj
? ? lyed
The va ue ol the prlse llal vlea wil
? ? r, go f H
> haa been expei ? '
the three i halli ng< ; th*
... . . ? .
- ? .
lei .??
prlx i ? |
aea ahlp bell
entert ",' nt featuri a hl
?i ?o much dlaa i ? fa tloi ? '??
| at Oi lenalv,
Some forn amuaement
? m avoi y evei f tha
areek Buch greal
. . ? , ?
? ? ?
llni ? ?? ?
Supply by No Means Equals the
Demand <it Prcsent.
Moal of ll ?? lawn ti bi Ii el iba, ??
g of lm ' I playera, an ? ?
IfJcul li talnlni
g< n'-rni ;md so populai ? ? .1 ihe
tun not be
?' ? lemand. Of
? :i> WI i. I tO I
from prlvate Indlvlduala and elubfl tn
? ? rhoae In charge
of the Nea Tork Btate champlonahlp and
of tha . ? . , ? .
Boutbampton, Long Island, ara at thelr
aita* end aa to . ata auppry
of halls for the * ompetltoi
fme, of the leadlng manufsetursrs of an
offldal tournamenl ball atated yeaterday
rhat he waa more than thros busdred
dosen bahlnd hli ordera for toiirnn- ?
alom rir-i thal ir waa Impoaaibla rr. aupply
r! e aholeaala and ratall portlon of tha
trada ah of ihe rubber ball foundatlona
,-ire made in Qermany, and manufacturera
ln this oountry atata rh.-it li win t?- ian
Ibla to pet more untll reyt ?eason.
The felt roverlns: Ia put on ln this eountry
Ir la posaflbls that a numher of the com
inK tOUraamentS may rlnd ir neeea?nrv to
use the aame balla for a number of matchsa
heeRi|?e of rhe Mmlted supply, ln*te,-id of
BUppljing new balla for eneh maren, __ \_
i t ? uatom.
JVaps MaKing
Stovall and Vean Gregg
Play Leading Part
in Quick Climb.
Just as the St. LatrJa OardlnalM are the
tiilk af the Natlonai league he*ause of
thelr cllmb to a. plece near the top and
th.dr exrellent pennant poaalbtlltlaa so are
tho Cleveland "Naps" the talk ef the
Amerlcan i^ague bacaosa of thalr aodden
awahaabag under th*. gnidtag kaadl of
(Jeorge Stovall. who took charire of Ihe
team wlth the season well under way.
when IfeOolra gava up the managarlal
reins as ;i hopetesfl Joh. Wlth a run of
ten BtraiKht vli toih-s, four of whii-li were
at the axpanaa <>f the tanhaae, tba "Naps"
oUmbed into tha flrst dtvtstoa for a r<v.
daya last WS8B, Wlth hrlght pt'.speets of
eventually laadlBg ln thlrd plaea Th.-y j
have heen duhhed the "B-hlte h0p8p" Of th?i i
American Ioagua. altbougb tha ainnlng ofl
the pennant ia a foriOTB hop*'. with the |
Tlgarfl a'"1 Athieties maklng a raoa aii hy j
themselves. |
Stovall deaervea all eredll for arouatng !
his team fmm seeming apathv hy his vlg
oroua, lnHpirinK laaderablp Ha has baaa
wltbout tha aarvliea *>f Larrj Lajote, <*ne
nf tba graataat aaiAaraaa In the austory al
baaaball, asoapt racaatly, as a ptaeb hitter,
whlle tha daatb "f AddlS .I*>ss and the
lllnens of Cy V'i.iiik ?-aiI.v in th" 888880
lObbad him <if tWO of his hest and Mrong
,-?t pltrhers. ln ..|.lt<- of thi*. ba haa ac
compllshed wondeta. and brougbt hla team
up wlth a rush after 8 start 88 dlsruiir
aging that few teams would have had the
courage to rally. The I'leveland team
owes mueh to the brUHant pitehlng of
Champions L
_ . *
Larncd a.nd Clothler
Beaten by Touchard
and Little.
Boaton, July 22. By outgeneralling their
opponents, Gustave F. Touchard and R?>
mond I). Uttle, the New York palr, won
their place In the flnal round of the Baat
crn i-h.i:ii|.li.nship lawn tennlfl doublea here,
Ing Of Wllllam A. I^rned. the na
tl.mHl i-hampion. and Wllllam J. Clothler
In Btralghl setB by a flcore of 7 ft, ft-ft, V *?
Baalfl C. Wrighl and Nathanlel W. N'llea
gala?d the other bracket ln the flnal
round Tha palr defeated Rleharrt Blahop
and EJdWBTd II. Uhitn-y. the latter the
rlever natlonal ilaivurd InteraoholBatlo
.hamplon of B year ago. at ft?1, ft?4. 3 %
.". B, I 'L Thla contest was a long and
gruelliag aoaaakm, with the raaadl alwaya in
,],, ,.,t unlll tha de. ltlliiK aot hnd heen
s.-i ired.
These two matehea were the -oie attrac
, tlea on the Loagwood eoartfl this after
< BOOO. Tlu- Beml-flnalfl ln th*- slnplos for the
? i.garood cup. heid by winiftm a. Lamei,
were aai over nnin Moaday, and the da*
! . dlng of the Baatern doublea tlties wili
??.. ... -'. iture on Tueeday.
Among tha followera of the ooorta asaem
I bled hen thi defeal ef vTHham h taamed
1 |n the doublea la fraughl arlth mon- meaa*
' ItiST than iust th" loss of the match. It 1ns
l, ,,, . ., gecrel thal 'he sIx-timcB natlonal
holder of the alnglea titie hnd atrong aa
plratlona ''.ward the doublefl ehamploBahlp.
Th.- facl thal Predarlck B. Alexander and
Itarold ii Hackett ar.- t>> defautl th* ehal
lenge match thla year aaemed ro glve
t.,,,,,.,1 a better chance of galnlng hls de
sit?? than in other aeaaonfl Conaequently.
he palred flrtth (Tothler. aa the two had
had prevloue eaperlence together, and the
team waa regarded i* the beel poaatbla
romblnatlon wblcb Laraed <-ouid hava
. choeen. Lamed haa aever ahown wlth any
,,, ? ln doublaa He did nol change
reeped to-day. so tbal bla record
li destlned to Btand upca tha laurehi hc
flroti in lha siiiKl.'".
Wlth the ptaylng of cbamntona, ea-cham
and Intematlonalleta as th* feature
of the day, the larirest erowd of lawn lea
Hammctt Beaten for Siwanoy
Lawn Tennis Trophy.
. . B ', ,,r*' aa threngh hia afip?
nent'a rourl for Bccurala plaeeaBent, Abra?
ham Baaaford. Jr., ef tha BroaavUle Ath
( | .:, aron the alnglea cup on
[the lawn tennla courta of the Btwanoy
-?? club, of Mo'int I'ernon, yeeter
'rin? Tbere arai an Intarrollaglata fiavor
tha r-up match, as Baaaford, foraaarl] ??
? ? red I y defaatlng Alfred lt
. 'f, r vci V'nk ITnlveralty, i
. * Bta at a-g, g?t. f?3.
-1. Baa ad aug layed h*tt*r
form than leal whlch r'ar-^.i tha
cup in his Iteeplng He broughl off hia
ke Bteadl <? a He b!
?x played tha hall -af-'- Inta Ihe ap
nlcaa t had fon ed 11 >? tp'ti
? ,i i lammet! a aa oul of
Wllh Ihi "?'??' ' rli t'nlv*r- |f <\ -
vorkinf illantlj at the top of hia
? ? rai Nea ??te lonB ?*?*?? -ind ln
-.d 'o a unimh't r flnl?h
i * -i |b polnla and never li?fl
..- . tl* compel led Ham
. tblni '? the en
l ? ?? r-a nf t he ,.,.,' h '. t |f
?' ' ? i? | ? ? e Bway a half
I olnta to Haaunatl by eata or neta
Throughonl th* thre* ? 'a Baaaford aae
-tr. kr-? f .-. laa f < ourl He
. l t|? Btrvlaa
.... ? r. ,,n1 |,in r ? r ii .( h < l< hl? -l
n tha in. wl ll*a dlmlnleh
flrtth. ?'id l?r --hanir^B ? .,',-?
aayfl made Flammeti *
Brtali Hamaaetl trled r net
? .. i? mei ? Ith dl ifltroua
I ... Hy to tl i end
The Ati ? ? ? Inatlon of
.? i. lohnaton. ir.. nnd < 'edrl ? \
B d< Ubltfl Thev
red Alfred H II. ind t>r P/lll
Ib Btralght sota al * i.
I ?> *, i .i ii i fltoa, th? raei nt a
? . ? Bngland Intarcolleglate ?ham
II in .. ... n-. part) sularlj ? "? l
Ba anaaahad tha k>1 * ?? hl* h
? . md it Roe* nbatnu i "!'i"d up
... tha baaa Itae, so that nelther ?.f
- ? iM ??*t r.. th* ball
.. a-.!?- raiit.'s Major dlaplayed sk'il
hon dropplng ' -
? | palr '.vpb OUt
Bteel was well
' ? .. r- ,\
Edward Walfl "?n tha flnal of the mn
d* reatli g Richard t
Auger nt i I, ii ? *? '? Auger acored the
t Blfl short rlrlvlng game. Ho
],,| ?t | 1 in thfl BBCOBd aet, and up fo
: n'l oraa aevaral tlmea within a atroka of
flrlnnlng WaU, however, vegan to btock
off Aug r'fl drlvea Thea he turned tbe
tablea on hlm and by faal ralnea at volley
Ing al thfl B8l WOB the se.ond aet. nfter a
long deUCB "nd \ar.taKe sesslon Auger
?hoi his boll ni thla aH. and Walfl
rather .-n-ily ar-ore.l the thlrd aet. wlth tha
r only thr.-*> sam*a. The matehea
mjara arttneaaad by ?* large and anthjuaiaatla
Paria, Julj "--? vv K VaitderMlt'a -"i"r*
aere In front ln two racaa al tha Trem
biay meetlng t< aaj His Hladegaida II
aon lha Prla Prlnce Chartta and hia Adah
tha Prla Bllnkdonny
a Great Fight
V.-an Oregg, who haa won slxteen gatnes
.,n,| l,,-i only three iIiIb sr-ason This
youngster, Bfho is only twanty-four years
old, baa turaed oul t<> ba the pltchlng
? flnd" of lha year In lha Anaartcan i^bku*.
as Orover Cleveland Ahwandar, af th?
Phllllea, haa la Ihe Katlenal fiaagua He
has WOB hve gBflflefl ftoin the *'lij,aM"
\S'hlt? Sox. tWO from Ihe Vank. 88, both by
fl h. ot.' i.f 2 tO 1, ln Wh|eh he allowed only
three and four hits, raapactlvaly; i??<* from
Bt i^niis, both "f whleh were Bhal-outa;
threa from \V'a.sitiliiBjti.n. thri'e from BoatOB
and one from Phtladelphln
Oregg is a young gtant ln size, atandtng I
feet 3 In.'iii'B and wfiKhlng cloaii to 190
pounds He araa dlacovered by Jim Me*
cuire. then a scout for tiie "Napa," in i9t#,
and purebaaed by Cleveland for \4.u*). He
ButTered aa Injury te ali arm. and dtd not
go niii' h untll lata 1B the aeaaoii. In tho
foHowlag flprlag he iieid out for more
money, and Bnally was reieased to the
I'ortland dUb under an optlon for hia re?
turn. Hls work last year In CahfOrnla
v, a.s 11111 * short of remarkabl*. He won
3J namrs and lost IH. scoring lt> ahut-otita
Bnd strlkltiK out ?7ti players. In "mi Rame
i. rattred Ifi tnen oa atrikea and ln two
others rettr*d 14 men ln the same way.
Wlth thla record ln iilnd him, the "Napa"
recalled iiim laat apatng; and while he la
stiii troubled with a areak ?nn, his work
has been n BBarhably Btnaag aad aoooaaaful.
He di pendid last year *m lerrlflc BBfljea.
hut this BflflUBBB he Ifl sa? Ing nis arm Bfl
mucii as imsslhli- and usltig a curved ball,
over arflgeh he has aimont paefleci eentaal.
H<> |a a glutton for work, but Stuvall is
iisliiK hlm wllh t'xrellent Judgtnent, ao as
ti. kI?i- his arm every' ihan.-e. {'.tckk iilm
?elf says thal he feels atronger every day
and that he haa yet to ahow hia r.-.ii
ose on Cour'f
___-? ??-? ?
nla followora that the htatorlc LflOngwood
tournament haa ever known asaombled
about the courta. The match ln whlch
Larned and Clothler. the veterana, met
Touchard and Little provad the atrongeet
magnet. From the beglnnlng Larned and
Clothler falled to dlsplay that rertatnty of
team work ao naceflftary to aucceaa ln the
doublea. On the other slde of the net
Touchard proved a host In hlmaelf. He
manceuvTed wlth llghtnlnglike rapldity.
fnder hla coaohlng T.lttle malntalned a po
altlon at the net. gradually developing hla
' ahort half volleying atrokea to parfectlon.
Touchard worked In every poaltlon ln the
court. and alwaya wlth unlformly excel
lent reaulta
Nelther Larned nor t'lothler Uved up to
hlB repuUtlon on the eourta. On:a?on
ally Larned acored on one of hla slde ime
ahots. while Clothler aecotnplish.d hla Baaa
work overhead and off the ground. But u
waa Touchard who ofteneat outKueased the
ehamplons. and he hlocked off many ol
I.arned's heat drlvea for splendldly plaj*'
? er.isslng returns. It waa the strenky hM
' vldual playlng of I.arned and Clothler that
held the aoore fairly cloae. although at
I every rrltlcal stnge Tou.d.ard and Little
|ro*e to the omaailBl and plnched out the
i Karm! , v',,A.
1 The match ln Whleh WHght ar.d Ml*?
Idefaatad Btobop aad whitney predaosd a
lot of good lawn tennis, Interspersed wit.i
many flnadttoora niotnanta Heiativ-dy. the
leslng palr .llsplaye?1 the hetter game, and
untll they baaaa to waakaa In the nrtn
8et Wrlght an*l N'lles BBamed ln danger 88
loalng. At no ataga was vVrlgbl ***"__
I ful m ahowiiiB hla oldtim.- ataadlnaaa and
hillllaney. There were Bashaa of hla fOr>
ni.r self when he got up tO the net and
? brougbt off one of hla araaabea for piare
menr Ntlea'a ebop atrokea wenl wetj at
1 ttmee but, on tbe whole. ha alwaya aaarmed
urrertaln as 18 his COOtrOl of the hall, 80
that toward the end the , ont.-st developed
Into one of BtaylOg oiialltles. at whleh
Wrlght and NH88 had the beal Of 1'
The wmmary folloara:
Eaatam aeadMea ^anaaasbta "eml ?nal
ll r i. Uttla and g r__\_j:^L,_ .', 4
? Tork, defaa.ed W -i netbler. Pblladali.hla. a. t
I w a taraeal B-uramlt, n 3.1 * * ________
I B .* Wrlght ard N * KHee. __?*_ *<fj
r gtabea aad A H WbRaay. Baatea. 8 1.8 a,
4 | 8, 8 ?. 8 2 i
New Yorkers Garner Laurels in
Games at Paterson.
Pi . - on N .1 . Jaly B Many athlataa
from greater Jfaw Tork rompatad here this
. afleiri" n In ' the annual gataea of iie
Bouth I'iiteraon IthtatlC Club, h. ld at
aVIIIard Park. and ri,.iped ofl ?,i*
Cei.i wlth the majority of the prlsaa taekaa
?nugl away Tn*" N'"" Vr,rk ''tni"*fl"r"
garnerfld the preml.r :.i irel-i in four Of
tbe six open eventa oa tha prcgiamma
and In tba etbar twi tbej i on d tw i a i
and a thlrd |iln.-e
Charlle Hanaaa, th? faal apiintar, who
rta rhe roiora of I ? Kaal Hiin Houaa,
ghOB e,1 hla metrle in rl. "1 da?h.
when i-e croaaod rhe Une ??> flrfnner ovar
a fna* fleld Itom tba ''- I ird mark In tbe
f-..,.t 84-1 ?? ' v brli rlnd
ilded him
M- ii - - i:-i^e; w tie m| eted In the P lb
Itti ? eagus laal ?
.. th,. ambd m of tbe Brooklyn
? i Toung Men'a Chrlattan laaoclatloo,
raptured thi ln the m e i un. whlle
i>ad?- n of tba Bl Agnes, tthletle Club,
.?? -.-.i- * ? - ? lea run md *,;"' w
. va; . *? ? ? i.|h aprtater, breasted
.iie in|.> a wmner in the .- yard d
Two cluba irere -'ed foi tha polnl Irophy.
botk tba Natlonai Athletlc 'luh. of rr,.,,k
ivn. ind the Tonkera Toung Ifen'a Cbrla
'i'm Af?or!.-,t|.in Bcorlng sU |> Inlv
\ Burpiiae waa furntahed Ihi api
ln ..,,. .ire? .ni'e run whl h waa thi f- il
ure of rhe progrramnw Tom the
" iSged Kiat dlatanea mnner, atarted ' i
? ? h. allowin,: handtcgpe inngitiK up ro
.rd.? rn a htM of rhlrrv one Tom
found thr- v Ing rougti for him. nnd i
rindlna thwr h? COUld not uef up ?
I- diopp4?d out nt the iwo and one half
? |- -r Tom H 'rden. a Borrel topj ?:
runner wbo araa a m*mher of t1 .> yonk
er? vounK Ifea'a Cbtiatlan Asao i i
? raetroi olltan 'croas-c iunti >
ptonahtp team for Ifdl, t""k th" le.ci ?
lap after the men 4*ere pant "'"' th* "
fltnd was never headed Hi
fi ?? -i Harry Bmlth, track captaln
Paatlme Athletlfl Club, by elghtj yarda.
3mlth ln iiirn n"s?d out Bprlngateen for
nd pla*.e hy a yarU.
it".v Dorland, tba natlonai Indooi 0-jard
tlile ho .i.i. ran from a xatch in thi
yard daah. but fnil-d to i ? pli ? ? : l?It
m im, -if the n itlonal \.' etli I'lub, *a an
thi race, u i*n Ca? y. ot the See I *
Athlel Club i >ae ?? eond
.1"" i.r mllow, the P iteraoi dl itanct i in
ner, wbo a| :t- the (Vlnged iVt i
: Iiiah-Amerlca Ubletlc ? lub, trle?l
ba placed from aeratcfa ln the i.ooi
i 'in. hut came in fourth. i*. Beckaii
th* Uttle Palla Atblatl ? A - - atlon, w n
rh.? race Loula Bcott, *>f the s "irh pater
>"n Athletlc Club, came ln aecond la tbi
rnll" run. Inmi a< rafeh.
The Bummartee follow:
l"*. | an iah indtca] '.\ on ' ??
llaaaen, iSaai si :.? ll i?- i -, yardai I. < i
.\. -. i-r \ A. iH4 rardal, aecond. II
Natmnai A. C ?? yarda). thlrd I ?? '?-.? i ?'
'-ne ifllle run (hamitcBp) \\'".i I-. Homer
B ir.'-:-. Bre .klyn Central v U i - iio
i |y-ii? 9eat\ - ith Pataraon A. i*. lacra
: "U'l. i' i- ? a M ihawk a *'. i!M i
' . i Imi. i 81 i k
no*. yard i ' ? BToo bi H Dadaoo, st
. AHi,ea .v '? . \\i::iui. Kelly, I el i \'
i .-- , -i, >v. ?. ..i. i i" .1 Keony, Mol iwk v
ihu .' 'i ln* . i 88
800 var.l .la?h ihBBdleap) W/ob b| ll OltmBB,
- \ ?.' ii .? , V ' i ? - 'i
\ A ' 111 yardai -? - oi d. I Pewei , .-? ith i .'i
? raon a ?' 16 ra> '?"? ihlrd 1 Ini. 0 M - ?'?
1,888 -.ar-1 -hi4h lhandl apl Won hi l> W
rlil . Llttla Palla a ?. (29 - ardai, all l?
1; - : ? :? i .in !. i um 119 va
M ? Mellugh ii'.tirin.e A C *:i4 yarda), thlrd
ll. LMI4.
riir.'- mi - run lhandl .i| a/on bj Tom Har
| iI?m ronki r-? v M ?? A ilBO ? arda); Harrj
--'.i ui., paatlaaa A f" (188 yarda), ?.nd; k.
aprlngateen, Tookerfl V m C a .tao rardal,
Ihlrd Tlu-", ir\ 88 I ?"'
m- llej ie;av no toaa mlla nn-i .i fui
Won I | l-.tr.-t.. ii A C '44 >at'l?i IIItghlBBB,
Dewa, lekerman and Hodaon); Bouth I'ateraon
a c ''2"< -.ar-iM. seci .1 iPoarera IX ker, ll
and Kngllati). Tlma, 4:88
Amatcurs Uso Longer Shafts in
Driving to Get Distance.
Tbe <|iiest|on <if whether Inni; or >hort
HhnftM are hii iiilvanlage in ilrlvtn* h is l.-d
Henry i.*a.-h. in "The Uoadon Platd," to
gathar data from leadini,' p**ofeaalonaIa nnd
amateura, whlch ar.- hlghty rntareattng.
He got flKure.M from BSVSn top-notch pro- !
f<-.s><i"iiais abowbag rhe latuttb of rin- shafia j
of thelr drivers to Ive: Jamea llrald. 47 -j
inehes; j. h Taylor, ItH Incboa, Harry
Vaidln. 42 iiirli<-s. QSOTge DuUCan, 181
lachas; Bdward Bay, *i t Inehaa; Jamaa
Bbaaioek, 44'* bsehea, and Tbomaa Ball, ii'-!
inehes Tiu- avarage ef lha loi was XM_\
He then seeured Bgun s from aevea I
promlnent amateurs ns f. llOWSi Itohei I \
Maxwell, 4.1 Im-lics; Taptiiln ?'. K. Hiit'h-j
baaaa, 42'.. Inehaa: k a. laancn, 44 bacbes; I
lf B. Taylor. 44 laebaa; U. K Kiiirlie, ||'3 !
tnehe.?, and W. i-. POWBfla, jr , 17 Inehes, i
whleh BttOWa an averaife of 9ft Inehes.
Among twenty amateurs he fnund t<n
playera wtth baadBeapa avataglng from '
srrateh to nine wbosa shiifts avaragad 18*81
Inehes, whlle ten wlth handli-aps from ntne
to flfteen averaged 42',s Inehes. The.se flgtjraa |
r-h'iw 8 tendenev 88 the part of amatruis |
to ineiease the length ot ; liuft as tiie t
pkayar gets on ln the cam... and this is
supported in other ways. Wbaraas as the'
professlonal Improves and r'sev his general
tendeney, as it la made to appear, I* to
'shoi ten his shaft
The profe.sviitiial.- uhe the shorier gbafta i
for the greater rertalntv of dlreotton whlch I
they yleld: the amateurs une tha lOtlgar
shafts ln it r??ekless h?rt of way f,,r (fet
tlng all the length they eaii-sometlinen at
any co??
Plays fiound Oolf, but Loses by
One Up to Whittemore.
Manoheater. Maaa. July 22.~The Eaat
trlumphed over tHe West at golf to-day
on the Eaaex County Country Club llnka,
where Parker W. Whittemore. of the home
club, defeatad Charlea ("Chlck") Evana.
Jr.. of the Edgewater, 111.. club, In the
llnal round for the Manchester cup by *?
acore of 1 up.
Whittemore gained a place in the flnalfl
ln the forenoon by default, while Evana
had a falrly difllcult taflk ln dlBposlng of
H. H. Wilder. of the Veaper Country Club,
of Lowell, by a ?core of 4 up and 2 to play.
Whittemore and Evans played ln the
Britlah amateur champlonshlp toarnament
last month, and their conteat this after?
noon drew one of the largeat Rallerles ever
seen on thfl north shore Unkfl. Tho Eaat
ern man won through better dlrection ln
hls long game. but the crtsis of the match
oame at the eleventh hole, where Whitte?
more i?ainod the lead hy alnking a putt from
tho edge of the green for a pretty 8, while
Evans, playlng in perfect form, waa one
Evans made a dr-sperate effort for a 8 on
the last yreen to square the match, but blfl
second shot found a bad lia. and he had
to be conteat wlth a 4. The cardB of the
match foiiow:
Whltfr-morarut 4 I I I I ! I f Hl
fvaaa out.8 ? 4 4 4 2 6 4 4?88
aTilttr-mnre. ln 5 8 4 (5 4 4 3 6 4- 87 7a
Flvana. ln.8 4 4 B 4 4 8 I 4 38 78
Both men played aound golf, and the gal
lery had teason to enjoy the many brllllant
shots. Two weeke ago "Chtck" Evans won
thfl amateur champlonshlp of Franc*.
I Radel and Stone Prove Strong in
the Foursomes.
| Somi-tlnal nmnda In two claaaes for the
July cup, four-ball foursomea, and a
! flweepetahefl were Included in the golf
r.togTatnnaa al tba Itoreet HUI Field ciub
yeaterday. i" L Pleraaa and Harry
IChiiatl wera the auralaora in the cias^ a
-onteBf. Whlla John .1. RadoJ and FTfld
rlion.' provad a fln* comblnatlon ln the
! fo'irsomea, wlth ? -ard of 7'i- 9 $L Badel
and A. ChlehObn led In the BW*?p?takr>s.
wlth *> net I* B OWOB got fhlrd share.
Th? aummary foiiowB:
rui rup, 'laaa a 'B?mi ra.ii roead)-? F. W.
Pleraon l>eai P .r IJatott, " up ar.d 4 ta plar:
Rai j ChrlBtl h*at W J, Ccoghtrr, 3 ap and
I1 to p n
'?Uaa B- I*r Mr.rrl8r.il brat Vlrtor Chrlfltt,
2 up nn.l I ti. play; A. M I.lnn?tt baat Alfred
PvK'-i. 2 up and I to play.
rr. r bill rotjita*um
ilroaa. Hand.rap Nat.
j narl^l .u?d Btona TO t* "1
Hwr-k^r an-l ChlBholtn. .. 78 18 M
. Krelm - and Kli irpi . . "*i II M
! Int ft .ir.) Plarson 7s t4 84
VI ..'l nn.t | 7!> I". 84
:fight bogey AT MONTCLAIR
Hodson Beats Simmons in July
Cup Contest.
\ bOgeV handlOBp in two rlnaaBB. as ?\ell
;l-final raunda for the .luly cup. wer?
dt-clded at fhe Montetalr Oolf LTub yea
tr-rria\ i, ciasi \ Walter Brown won,
llniBhlng 1 Up 0 I boge. . He went round
I ln ^ ind waa aaalBted by a 7-stroke al*
I lowance, \" W, Ooodrich, Jr., won ln the
it bbI He alao nnlahed i ip In tho mti
teBt I ? i? . up in i laaa a. a ,f.
ii. .? . ? . jr., tn at i i Blmmona ' np. hut
Ihe mai ? bb R ?' KetT and Oacar
Iward waa poatponed Th.' aummary
fi IIowb:
t'i ? ? *ur i ? ??' ? aai \ ?J Moria^n. Ir.
i ? ? k Oaca
rard pla; ed
? >i. H ' i lt C. O R^?*""'l,
I nn an| 3 I.. p|| (Valtftf Hr..?.n rr-a? P rt
?' .
? - ? - ii H. J Howtand.
? ! ' pli - l\-l.r.air baat Jol n
?; I I
i ? beal P r p*rk.
. .:.a ? ? ? . ,\ j i . . ,. , \v
Mrl lonald, I ':,? BBd :t '?? plBJ
Boaey i mdlrap, ' Ibbb a Walter Bro.?n. i
i up, t v. ?*..???? i ?'. ?? -I i d Prj'-. a
n Keri I doarn; n s MeClure, 7
y. idfl Johnaefl t
m line ? 'i. Ji | up; p r
.1 I". rflOM I r.,,-4 -
r ri aaa .. tle In thr. fonrth monthly I
i' the I " K8I |f| . : ? .Jolf i'| ib
?terdi ei een ? T. I ?? Ighl ind <'. B. '
Van Brunt, h.>t;. r..' whom retun ed net
i of 7.' Tbe courae ?.n al Ita hea-t
i large Seld turned our n ? 8,.nr^H
? ii h H'cai Net
h \ a\\ "- ni -4 ia n I
> ' i ??igi ? 7* a TtI
R W P.aleher., .. U 74
Ifawkci . :?: zt T4
U 1 ? I BB II ;?? !
W. * .......... 89 ?; :h
II ll PBI anna ... flfl 77
W S ? ? .-ji 17 ;? 1
m a pi| j ......... 'is -.1 77
1 ; \\ ? .,-_. ,-, :- 1
Morlti BO 17 ifl
H r ? 1 . Bfl jo ,->'
1. 'I I.OM ??. ??? t:, ;.,
... bi >? ri
ind ... M 7 79
I : I ll .v 1 2 7'.l
H ? . Bl it 88
? 1? ? ? ??? ai 11 k.i
'? ? ? ??? BO n 4.1
r H 1 '? -i klna . 1..^ '_u v>
109 ifl flj
VI- I ... flfl '?! 4,
.\ i: Uoddard 102 17 H
Plaj foi tha Davtdg* cup and .1 haii
- areepetakea arere 1 ar led Bl tha B itl
Ooli Club yeati rday. K. B B ron and a
net 1 ? r ft
r* iito.i wlth :'?.. polnta, whlla w
?'?r- ? n -.?"* 1 polnt, i:v ron and Downei ai-o
li n ?
',.;,; ,-? ;.
? I mflB ? I II ' p. Xel
1' R B r..n -,.' j,, - ,
A ll I ? ? ? s.-, 1]
\' '; ? ? ? . . ss 1 -, -'
' KI-.-T ? kbs
r H ir- ron ? ? ?., :.. .
' A l; I ? ? 4 .
" 44 IB
t Fl '...?..? III 4,1 - i '
W M Mi Kfllfl .t . s ? - '
; k. w ? n ?? m is ;.;
' '?' Hlti IMI
1 \v \\ ..?.'?. .-.I :>,i v. ',. :
Plalnnal 1. N .1 . Julj B Th*a membera
of tbe Plalaneld Countrj Club eagagad 1
? "awatfeet" rompetltlon lo-day, tha plan
betag t" drop the playar at each hole nhoj
had tha largeal acore. A large number en-1
gaged iu the competltlon. Dudley !i. i{:r-'
rowa, wlth a . of "?'. 1 72. :n:i Owen
I'li'inlr. . ?viiii .1 aeon of 7ii , >;:?, w,.r?. tled
for honore, both reacblng tha elghteenth '
Moirlatowa, N .) , July tt tTeorgja J,
r.ltt!.' ???"' the Winner Of fhls afternoon';
round for tha Thomafl cup at the Iforrla
I'ounty iJ.df Club, wlth Ifahlon Titn.-?.
chancellor "f the stut- ..r New Jeraey, aa
runner up. Mr. Little received ?'. polnta
toward tha trophj aad Obaneellor Pltney ll
i.olnis. a. l>. Bworda aad B, Owen Wlnarton
t|Od for thinl an.l r.-clvi'd I ;i|f a polnt. '
Tfhe aeorea: Oeorga J, little, 1 ap; Chan-1*
,iiii.r Mahlon Pttaey, even; a. d. Bworda
I down: H. Owea VVInst'in. 1 down; Vlce
Chaneellor Prederleh W, lleveaa, I down'
Prederleh H. Thomas. ri down, nnd K |{
Hall, 4 down.
-fl -
in tin? weeki>- baadleap yeaterday at the
Blcbmood Coanty Country Club Charlea
w. ptoraon won wltb a n-i Beore of "t;. j
1; I'uii'-r araa second arlth 7<. The-,. wara
forty anirlaa The Joly cup match reaulted
bj fi'lh'Ws:
fliarles Hllley beat ?J, W. Ibmevman f)
up aad ? to P'ay; \V. J. Iieaman heat t!
\v. I'ierson. I up: a. d. Bannar heat j ^
KaulT. :i ap and | to play; M. BtUpaar beat
n. C. a*aaaey, 1 up, and u. MeRau beat
A C. Caaaj. Jr.. :? aa
Jerome Travers. the melropollton cliam
plon, Played over the courae and made th?
last nlue holes ln iM. ue in?
B. T. Allen Makes New Amateur
Reeord at Fox Hllls.
Defeats W. Oatchings for the
Col. O'Donohue Oup?Wool
ley and Ketcham Win.
A new eourse reeord for amateurs waa
rnade hy B. T. Allen over the Ilnks of tho
Fox Hllls Oolf riub yeaterday. Pla'lng for
for the Colonel O'Donohue eup. Allen de
feated W. Catohlngs hy a 7 and fi margln.
Tho wlnner went out In 33, and after tha
match 8Sfldfl8i finished the byc hclee, maktng
the homeward Journey ln 3fi for a total ef
88. Thl3 heat the eourse reeord baM hy
himself hy a stroke.
The rard was aa follow?:
_T.::::::::.::i 1111 ? 11 fcS ??
In the Caaaa A handicap H. Wooller
won with a 78 net whlle E. C. Ketrhatn
won ln the n set wlth a 69 net.
The scores were aa followa:
Woollev . _\
Orofla H eari N"e_":
H. Woollay . f* iS i?
H. v. Townaaad. K '? -\
B. T Ailon. B j* 9
h. h Lioyd.H ;2 ;'.
H. D. Molloy.m 10
C7.AP3 B.
? c Ketrham. B fl H
r h. M-rown.;;;;;;;;;:::?>? ao 7*
T. W. M. Orager!'...'!!*?".IfB f> ?
ir. r. Ptk*-..$ ^ S
C. C. JaMBBBBB._______.
Deal triumphed over Glen Echo when
James T. Bmlth defeated Jease Carleton
ln the second and declsive leg of thalr
rnateh for a prlze presented by T. F. 3om
mera on the llnks of the Deal Golf Mid
i'ountry Club- yeaterday. Smith defeatel
his rlval, 6 up and I to play. The wlnner
ls prealdent of ihe Deal organlzatlon, Bjhila
Carleton holds a slmllar honor ln the St.
Loula elub. Smlfh made an ii yeaterday, a
trifle too fast for the Weaterner.
Qulre a fleld turned out for the foui-b U
handleap, .-ondltlons stlpularing that thd
aUowaaoa fl? the lowest handieap man a?
... h pulr should eount. Thla reaulred in i
irl-.le fle h-tween J S. MoDonnel and <". .1.
Idfaaa,*wltb B B ?: C. A. Oreene ani
A. V. MOrgaB, wlth 93?24?69. and H Ha
BjOttOfl and H. W. Hill. with 90-21-6? lt
the ball sw-epatakea F. C Olark won arltbj
92 21 71. whlla C IT. Hlllard was 8888118a
wlth l'>3- 30- 73.
[Hy T?>*raph to The Tribune]
r;ien Ridge, Pf. J., July '22 ? The flrst of d
mo daya' COmiJMttttOB, to '.;e played nt
. Ightaan holes each week, for two allver
enpa preeented hy Toseph D. Oallagbea
war- played on fhe Clen Ridge Oolf <'1 llb
llnks this afternoon, the CUDS to go to th*i
membar huvlng the beat net acores for I -a
two daye' play.
The scores to-day were as followa:
Grosa H' ar N-"?
l 8 Oaarvte. - g _\ l\
D H Staadtab. ? W B
.1 8/. Harr.11 22 .?
r N fcheffey .N J kJ
J B BeBB-. ? 1. g
P, u Tbonaa. 1W *? \
i -. Newell.W 9 '
" p BmM. .M 4 N
? V4-. Congdon . M I H
E r Skllien. }fla |? PJJ
ar. r Baoaamtea .aaj m ?
rour-ball foursoniea elalmed attentton en
tiie ilnks of the Kaasau i'ountry club y?s
terday. laow to.aia were la order, Harvep
Murdoek ar.d W H N't. holls wlnning wi? i
?j tlPt The aeores were.
*; o?a
H Mtndiv* and W II Nt h
olla, Ir. ........... lj
H M Ada:i ? afl T P H' ?r .1
x ?? ROofllter an1 rtllfert i-n
ni.iai ? ? ? _?_____??' i
H Ma*??'i aad * Bowera , B
H *? r-olaer a-.d VT. '1 Ojodman s7
A E Datwy and John .\-d--raon. w
C H Tobej ? I Bbefl Worer.... w
p Me^Blloab and F. *.' Jennlnga 80
W i. Hleka flnd ? E Joeea.. To
j I Allea and H E Pt-kman. jr. 94
tv v !'?4i.r and ?" H Tanc
v r pratt aad ' H *",''i*'^ ?
gj reiegrapti la Th? rrlaaae.]
Btamfora, Conn., July B -B. L aVofleM
and F A LoekWOOd ouallfled at Wee BUTH
toviav In the er.mpetirion for the
Offered hy Dr. W A. MaeDonald. They
arlll raaat in mai h ?.>'*> aaaa Bati rdaj
Th* acorea folloa
;- ..-? Kaiuttcap v ? '?
K .. ?-? " '?
\ r. kw >d
M f-rr f>. .... ''l
\ ? Pi Imer. '" ?
i, ,-. - - vra la
t rt Kaapp. ] \
<: || |<ockBread '"
T* V. Krii-pp .]"*
?? r w-'.li.-i-y "?*
-.'. ll B. ,u? ..... Jfl
.\ v rr.iv:
? ? Bi ilth ? '?''?
llateh alay m 'hree alxteens and tba
red i ard con i etltlona were'di ddad
-t the Dunwoodla Country Club yeaterday,
The claaa A red ard einner ^a? B. Rob
,.,-,,, ?lth c" 14 18, whi'e R VT. Caachota
? i i k. Dethrld re, arll ?- v x< ??v">,.
? ?. tha m a r. 1 - i'*o a tto
i__ c betwi -ii w .i Darrow and A. u
rlabcock, both a Ith 7J n.-t
Tha aumraary follow
..ii, rir^t atxteami ?ei SbbI mund> -
V j. vTataon beat A. O. VT1 I ??
?_ t , , ,,s r,.. rg? Clarb beal W. H Bl mdj. ?
? ' . . 4.
Plxi ? li B K na bea. .1 .\ Me
Itp n.i I lo p.i> .) V. Ha. I ?*?
t \v Vlea . ' ? I <tr> and ?-? te pl _
aixteei v.i. ind beal W. T Brav,
2 up ai : I ? ; ? - ' ?' ' ,:"-'>.
|i;. ?" grai
Mootetalr, K. J . July 22 a mlsad fouav
aome on tbe imks ..r the Uppar Moatclale
? oaintry Club tius aftaraoon tor enpa aro"
-..nt.'i by the club waa aron bl n M.
. 'onove un 1 Mi a .1 1.. Klng,
....... .. ?
1: o acoi ea . lloa
Oreaa H i: Set.
11 m '? ?? dn k
\ i.iinl kickera' handicap kepl the mem
bara of tha Canoe Brook Country Club
gueat>lni yeaterday. il J Cullen, with a
71 net, Btrucs ihe lueky number aad a
in tba leml-flnal round lor tha July ruv
T. i:. Hoffman heat !?'. S. Storms. 1 up,
an.l Dr Perklnn beal Dr Steela hy a 2 nn l
1 margln. The lummirj ..f tha klckei '
handl -ap followf,
r.rosn H'cap.Net.
ll. .1. Cullen..?>:: ll 11
1 ai. iTfflnger. ;?7 17.
ii Saabury .112 :to s.'
K. 1.. Bafferd. ,108 21* >-J
.1. II. lltrmm. *.?! ti >-|
Dr. Blaatfl .ss * ^
?ltbough a ."Oi! siz.-.i iieid Btaited in tba
atgbtaaa hoJa nwdal r'ay baacaaap for th.?
??luh mii-< iit tha ADawa88ls ?'iub yaatai 1
daj onlj Ihree oarda wer,- returned. L. H.
uapham won. aith s>* 11 7:.; J. .1. Downey
?"11.1. Wlth M 13 77, and F. S. K.MJer
thli.l. with 88 I -S2.

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