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"Wild Bob" Eurman Issues
Sweeping Challenge to Bordino.
Stru?gle Must Be Fought Out in
This Country on Track To
Be Selected.
"Bob" Purman, the man who baa travellM
fasfer than nnythlng Ihlne has ever trav
alled, who helds tho world'a rer-oj-ds for
ipead, for a kllomctre, mlle nnd two mlles,
the Amerlcan speedway rer-ordg for the
guerter, half, kllomctre and mV.o, and who
holda the worid's record for mile <ijrt tracka,
balleaged the celebrated Itallaa drl>
\>r, r. Bordino, who recently, at Baltburn
hy-tn* Bk ngland, drhrlni ? aM horse
power car. lowered tho world*i raeord for
one honr when he travelled 116.13 mllcs in
mlnutea, or fwenty i aa than
. j Klng Bunnan averaged al Flor
' I arhen he rlr-throned the form-r BpOOd
K ntr. Barney OMneM and trlmmed over
two aeconda oll baal marka wlth
- une Biltsea Bena that aeated OldfteM
' the spr-*d kmq thronfl
Wlthoul queattoa the ieoord of p, Bor
, the hest performam aa ol i f
ot the foretgn pilota wltb a ' ist '-ar ?lnce
Burmaa leoh to camp the record ol Camlie
| ole, who drove hls famous
kllomctre In ? I * adand, and who
lowi red tho record of Barney OldfleM, mada
Burmaa lowered the 11
marb of Jaa ita] to UM.
Te brlng aboui a eonteel between the
European and thr- Amerlcan, E. a Moroaa
the protnoter, has laeued the f-diowing
anga ro the Fiat company. wlth the
of aecurlng a match. le take place in
.... -.; y -
the world'a
? . i i ? . ?
, ? Knglanil. 11*1 18 milti ll
? Ptatea.
That lha ? llatance whlr-b jrou
? ? ,..in flve ml!'? Ol -
an ahall *r
?i p, i; uae tha S"M*
wared bla world s re<-ora
for ona h"ur
race ahall b* nin on *lth*r a r-n*
tra v a mlla motordromi
rav at ur lad . ot vian-a. Oa . and
? | tha largi
bOWBTBr, acreed that lf a rnl.e rrar-k
,4 .,,. ? ? I ? ? Ither tn?
"rrttimf. th- -
Qroueda track at Bi r??:
? rjroundi Iraeh at Deti ' " ?
?- Bt i-os
? ? race la vun at
Nbw Tork, a I ' '
ia it ahall b? run b.
n,!?>? ? ? |e |
l I ? up"" tha nrrer. .
B ? ?' t"1 -'r' ap??d
... to de
... | 'ro. nnd
i-.r-poB" a ? ? ' "t B ?b nilr
* ,,i*
MlBcted aa tha
.4 4...
? ant ona I Ihe 1 aaeti ??
of ma
r- ??? 1808 to thi preaenl
? -.,'?
, ?
ia for i
pui on for a PurBB
and bb a 1
, ? - Braat*
Klndlr ati?
?ticl Bl
, . ..>... ? "? jaOU
.? m? npon what terma
,. . . r ba arrai | ' ' rs.str-ni.
and hli I.- aa
? MORoaa
. .-t Pourth of July meet
ara ' exhlbltlon car,
B irman. unllke
wllllagneaa to uae It ln open compatltlon.
or, who ?
ictuai ? "ar- but
,,, Ket a i atcb wlth thi
I forelgner Burman la arllling that
? - flt geiteTOUfl r ?().-.: '"t IKf 11 Bt
a evei ad bj altowlng
.. ?nt to name lha dlataac ?
* wlll ceaspete and ? ? ? ?' ?
,, ,he match, E a More
. ? ,-,. aald "i d(
.t Wagner, Ami premier
... , . . ted ro Btart tl
' '
. . artver be pel I mm his
a af Ihe wager np to
t,?.. . ? indled ai wa: ll Bi ?? a- be
x. itv natlafactlon le
?,, i would prefer tha* l ?
,, ^ in ihe haada ?? i adtag
. ,.;,, Dea papei li wlll take but
time io Baagotlate tba whola d*
? if Brlghton Beael ? "*'! f>" th"
.- over wbieh the race ahall be
M4 thti ?eema th- logrJcal batUe
. ,. Be,,, Auto imporr
and tht FIAT Aute Import
Companj ara located Ib Kea Torb < tty
WOUld llke 10 800 ir rnn OB this course at
|h ,_ . ? meet ?* Burmaa ls en
wr.-d wltb hia Bena 'or thal meet: J"?*
rord for a mlle Ifl held bv
man. i atthel Ightoa Baaebihlo
... , ,vh,? he flhattered the aaark<el
n< P?m? .nd ptaeed ll al +*, thta
. ( that the m.orordrr.me is as fast ?
ad ? ' ? rmt'd Btatea of thedlrt
inaa whlla i alaa belleve that it
r.r.i'd insn.re the largeet Bnrae r-. Ihe wm
? ? ; ?
?nre claaaa, how-ever. I Insl.t upon. U
... v.innr-r take all. while the forf'lr
. , . ,:, peBjIted 'he day that BBBBBtlfl
nre onenad '
fc Bg ?f thr- match. Rurman BBtd,
? | wotdd Hha te flea the pubH? who
. ..,, ntoe thla match a raa for their
,,,,.o- wblcb i oooalde-j they gre enUUed
to Bl a!1 times. lf the mat h hl run af a
. . .. 0f ten mUea or leaa. i would suk
run baat two our of three
Ona heal lo ba wlth a flylng start.
ona baal wlth a standing rtart a?'^ ? ?
, - i heat is needd, to decidc th- mothod
, < |U start by drawliiK lots. the wlnner
io name the method to be uaed. If the
r uta ls run at a distanoe of over ten mlles
( 1? ba dflfllied in one heat or
"Outsidr- of tho above auKRestion 1 hava
,,,,.. siiKgestlons to make. ex
repUng to aay thal I am anxloua to defend
pni tltla of PPc?d ktnjf at any and all
when an oppaaaal vorthy Ib pre
ptod J. Wagnar. the etarter, Kald: I
,; that rturman la showlni? true
,htp when ho la?uea a challana;,.
Unea outllned. The car whlch
,? drove ia of greater horaepower
' thaa thi Blltaaa Hcnr lt al?o haa a
)(,M, motor, l.a?dnar a Rreater bore and
?troke than th* Bena. Surdy n-> one ean
rman ol looklng for the boal of
ll ?. thi aeatch, and i aartalaly win be
, .,,. to oftaeaate at aach a conteat. which
,,, ,?v mlad wlll attra. t a fjglg a.?? ond to
indlanapotta only."
, ,: Kroeh!l<;h. of the Bens Auto Import
(?omnaay. aald: "i would iik? M tf* ? i'*rt
o, thlfl balanea between |2,f.00 and 110.000,
..-hl* li wlll be needed as n alde purae. lf
XaSwaaWe to al. par.lea to thi^'"^ '
1 have anffli-14-iii confldence ln the BeM
H?d Biirinan lo moat earnetUy dcblre to
1 - ia (tu thla aum."
New England Roads Crowded
with Parties Going North.
Toiiring Association Scnding
Man from State to State to
Map New Routc.
Nevrr befoi have the ',,"r r,sz
routea through Ni w England I
ezcellent condll ? ara at tba prea
snt f.mo, More torlstfl are travelllng
througl ?; ut and Ifaasaentisetfs to
taina thai In aay pn
sen-or,. and exeallom reporta has.
. , .,, fv. rarioua branebea of rhe
Tourlng Club of Unerlca regardlng tha
Menl roid condltl
Many toui wl hava travalled through
v.iw England ln former years hava heen
r..\ ;,f tha aatent of re
? e new conatructlon noticei
yaar The Kaugatuck Valley. whleh is thi
loglcaJ gateway ro the Berkahlrea and
tha Whlta Mountalna, preaenta many ex
mplea of r ad Improvemi nta Jan ?
MacI) Ighway Coi
f COi flpaeted 1
work, whlch haa been under I
.. of Deput. commlaaloner '! P ?'on
Tn tt reeent conference or road ?nd tour
- s ar the Naugat
branch of 1 Toui i Hotel
Elton Waterbi ? . Deputy Commli
Coi way rtated there is noa ? i n
?Ute hlgbway. la perfect eond i
Lang laland Bound to the M
Btate Ui e Thi road - n r-'"''' '
?-onn. Maaa. ad
aeventy-Ave mllea
Peri apa ? ? ? atrlklng '
has Impreafled aul ?"' rlsta Ir
dlatrl t 1b tl - r"' '
The Btate Hlgbway Camm'*!
gl\lng apeclal attantlon to ollm i I
d .. ee, i-:,i tl ?- far l
,ver one mllllon galloi
ghwayfl. Mr. Conwi ibal
' '
laed n reo
?' lt W
I allon.
On hall nil u
,.H,,i ,.- n whli h s coatlng of i nd
modb tely apread, i ng i l
Interfi red ' ? '
Ing ara doi i ? '
al a tli ,, I
belng - ir *ni '"? ?.' n*w"
tr, tourlata taklng the -ideal U ' to the
? ti MounUlna. -
. t been let toa rd d? ng i wa;
I itchfield Conn. Thla wil i
bulldlng of three mllea of new I
%i , ,,,.. of ov.r 176,000
,;.,.-? ' " ' I ',li"' " *?"
ntareal In road In
.... - in a reeeni ln
,, jrfth *'. O Roblnaon, manaj
,ring Club'i Whlta MounUla branehj
Mount vTaahlngton, Bretton Wooda
ge extressed blmeelf aa behig atrongly ln
favor of the improvement and sztsnaloa af
the nvw Ha'mpahlra hlghwaya
??Aaotber feafure that ahould he adopt
-d- aald i:^frn-r Baaa "Ifl the ayetenn of
By tbls i mean thal all rhe roada
ahould he dlvlded mro aaetlona of frvfl irdlaa
nnd eaeh aectlon plaead in charge of ?;
rompetent man. who arlll see that ir Ifl kePt
in good condltlon." The Tourrag Clnb of
tmerles hai offared to lend its nsalstance
to tbi Oovernor in every poaslbla way thnt.
w,u aii m road lmr*TOV4wr4entfl Oovernor
Baaa wlll apand a good part of the aummer
.,, Bretton vrooda, maklng many toura from
that potnl te aaamlaa wlih a state englneer
the road condltloBa ef the itate.
An uaaSartaktng.whleb vrfJI eonneet erery
ntflire m tha i'nion wlth rotite daserripttOB
rroaa raplta] ro rapltal has Just heen an
nouaoad by the AutearioMaa Tourlng Asso
alatloa ...
fljajic aaaoelatloa has furnlahM a ear with
nll the neeeaparv paraphernslla. and el
rcady lt haa bagun Its routtag work, bavlng
eo\eie.l the NOW F.egland Mntes SBd I '"
tnrning to .vew Tork wi.h eertlfkatea from
tba, t^erretarles of Ihe BUt4M Of COBnaetJ
mt. fthode Island. aaaaeaebuaatta Vermont.
?fow Hampehlre, Malna and New york.
Tb- car ir- In ebarge of r. R Llbhart, of
the Tourlng Aaaoetotlaa Mr. Llbhart ear
ries arlth hun a maaasga from Oovernor
Foss of laaunmehiisetta to tha OoiaiBora of
all etates.
The itlnerary ns seleeted eovers the
northern atataa on the routlng trlp to the
PadflO Coaat and tba fJOUthara statea on
the return. The tour appraadasatas over
thirfy-flve thnusand mllea The routea oh
taln?l w;ll he fnrnl-hed free to aii motor
ing bodlea and elubS throughout the tOUS)
try. Ol parttoalar tatarasl win he the
routlng ln the Diikotas. Wisronsln, Arlzona,
Washington, Navada and Taxga
The plan or BEOfja of this projerr i? not
only to obtaln raluabla dntn, bul ta aaa
eourage the constructlon of U-tter highways
to each ohjei-tivo polnt. and ln this work an
effort wlll he made to ro-operate arlth tbe
hlghway departments of th* dlfferent statee.
Mr. Lthhart wlll make his .fflclal start
or. Mondav fr<.m the rity Hall. and Mayor
i;ii\noi will I"' raajoaatadi ta give the signal
for the eommen* ? ment of hla Journey to
the Padne Ceaat, via Trenton, N. J.! Har
rlriburg, I'enn ; Rlchmond, Va.; rharle.ston,
\V. Va.. J'rii.ikfoit, Ky ; I'olumhus, Ohio;
Lanalng, Mnh ; Indlanapolls, Sprlngfleld,
Hl.; Madiaon, Wla.; St. raul. De.s Molnes,
lowa; Plerte, S. I).; Top.-ku. K.m ; Lineoln.
N,h; Blsraarck, N. i>; Cbeyeana, vTyai
llelena. Mont.; Denvi. Hai-- l-ak.- <ity.
lioise, idaho; olympla, v/ubu., Balasa, Ort ,
ar'd SacrauitiUt", c*U?
Fir-st yiid for yiuto Tires
Many Owners Neglect to Care for Them. with
Conseauertt Delays and Trouble.
rtr IV. If. ?4|*^i?rt. .Ir
OtOrteta WOUld take rnn- of their
tirea, tho tlrc CNten-e WOUld taV" CBI
Itaalf, i';t tha majority of owaera knew
so htti*. about tlrea thal they were raapea
Bible for th* ' llra mai
Overweight oi l arlll qulta ire
<i lently breah thr- fabrlc, tb* reeult
? ? "bloe out." an l bj tl fl tlme '
1 the caataa ?? III ' ? bo badly
damaged that 1; ? ''
?? ? ' ? ? ? - .
wblcb a - ar :s origtnalljr fttt*
? . ?,,;! . Ho* ? ? addltional i
iiii-m .ir i i ? ? i but fea
rje ra ki
ean atand t i ?-"
trui .
i | . rate of i i ? > .3 t tha oa ar ol thal,
Notes of the Trade Picketl Up
Alonn the Row.
r '' Mock, formai .......
..... ? nd later
? t Motor i ""
.-,,?,.? i
?i rna B. Jeffery < tompei . i
mi ler motor rera
Th* T'lllman Motoi ' Bay added
. ??' - 1 ?
I ?? forelgn
. the weel avei to ?
al Porto 1 B
the 1 .
t nan ed * I ' ?*? f,f "'"
- . r ti,o compai
i ? ? ? ??
? .
I , -ed with the Bruna Auto
ol H.W
Cbalmera cara, haa
apiK.li ted 1
ivn branch of the A Blllotl Banney
;., ?, Bl '''"'' '" U'"
ner bl*_
,,. .. of thr. most lemarkabta ??
ln automoblle radng thlfl jreaj a i
rformance of the Delage ?r driven
. wlnner of r^* greal mtaaaaUon
Bl Ugbl rar race In PYanee, Juna ? Tha
.vered tha entlra -ii-tai.ee of ?? ?
over tha rough and hllly Bo
clrclt wlthout n alnffta Ure ehenge, ?? avon*
oatderlag th" eegaUtfea of
tbe "'i''1 ?
ii , Delag* and the next four cara to
wen all wjulpped wltb Mlchelln tlrea
m tba flvina hllometra spr-*d trlata on the
dav followlna Mlchelln tlrea won -n?
;ii ? iu?t, tho wlnnlna Paugeol and tha
Aiepon nnlahtng aecond, ??,.,.*.,??,,.*,.
wlth Mtehellna Time of wlnner waa BM
c, conda_,
Sampson Motor Dray Delivered
by Its Own Power.
Too larr* to be ar-eommodated In the hu?;e
freiKht Bteamera plylng aa iraHe Brta, and
far too Ma to rlde oa h freiarht car wlthout
hlttlng everhead brtdgee ? BaMBaaaog Bva
ton frelghi motor purchaeed bv the Cleve?
land MiiiinK Compeny waa eotaiaaUed to
make b 18*1 o-erlan'l run irom Iletrolt to
Hlevelaad. The remarkabta *eorney of 2.so
mllea resultod from Ihe refusal of the trans
portatlon eompaalea to bandta th* mam
moth truck.
Although some of the worst roada In the
country were COVered and Ihe truck ran
Into aeveral hanl ralllMniwaB, not odt mls
baP OOCaraad. Often the truck aank deep
in sand. Alonc- the ahoeefl of I.ako Kn*
the trip was a continuous climhtng and d?
scendlnK of hllls.
Btarttng at daybreafc on s-iturday, .Tuiv
H, with a woman aa a pasaenger, Drlver J.
BJ (',,!.? pll'itod the huce frelght motor BB
far as TOafldO the flrst day, Sanduaky the
.pcond and Chveland on the thlrd. At
? towns the truck was dr-layed by
buatneaa men who aoagyhl to learn features
of thta, the lar?>-st tru k lh*y had e?er
On arrlval at Sandusky II waa found
ti.at bo garaffl in the city had an flatraaee
larpe enntigh to permlt the Sampson to
aater, bo II was lefl in tha eneat
The fJaoHn sports and athletta caratvaJ
of th" Kilkenny Mea'a AaBOCjJattoa at
I'eltir- Park to-day piomise to fumi. h m gaa
exeellanl aport nesidea the flve-mlle bl
cvcle race, 440-yaid run and one-mlle run
thare arlll be three chamjiionshlp fooihali
Cork will tn" t Karry, Kilkenny
wlll play Klldare, aad Armagta wlll clash
vutli tiio Kilkcuui fcvtwua (eaggj
rondera why his tire mih are ao hlgh.
The folloa h ?-? hi ii faw af the wi
h rlres of dlf-rmr .--'zea are BUp|
to rarrv, nt courae, allowance belng m ide
for tl ?? usual numbar of ?. ? aengei
n*ar an i?' ? - *' ?
i'^.i . i '
l .? flva
. . :i?r. i' ??
. .....
. .
' . 1 MO
I reat man*- motorlata ihin'r.
alr tln
obaarvlni * ?? Bai? ? to
? ? n at the potnl of eoatai r ?ith tl a
? i this is one af tl a *'ir* rl waya
? . | ? r | .. ... .... .
Want a Novice Class Created to
Make Contcsts Safc.
More than n ht ndred drl
? ? - mi t In ronve.
-. | ? ; |
Boteetton ai li
tartad bj ? f?
. ?? II 1 {o | . ?
' l and m \\ '')-.'? i ? ? ?
? reaa r.r weie '?.:?- l
hrow. Bob Bun I
Rruee-nro'.'. n. < harlea Lund, llarr
i . . ,
ii . i
? ale-- i . ? i 11 ?' \ni. ? on One
?*?>>??-" 1
i i ? eni entei ed i ?
inro ? ? ? ? i.tloi cf I he :
? ! i i - . i .?
' '? ? ' '. r | . | , , f ? .
lo make iueh arrangemenl lhal d
. onti at would be i
of thelr monay 'f ... , - -.- -:
rnenta of a number of ihe dr* ara 1
ra I i ? i i ?i l hc
. ta tl al ? ? r not ful lled
whlel ihe drlvera falled to
i romlaed tl em Th.n
ip thla matti r and i" i
nneetlon aith the AutomoMla Manu
faetun rv Conti -t ts o? latlon,
' t Aui ? '2 to li. for tha
Bi|ppre^*|on of t a li . ?
Of rn'-' t*.
re was conaiderablfl dlseusalon
the aaaoclatlon favatins the runnlng *'f
raeea on one mllfl tra*'Un. gnd Ir ara -
mously d.-'ided to favar the coatlnuai
one-mtla trach raeing uader condltlona
lhal wouM hiiid ihe proraoter to pjari i
trsefe in itn abaolutaly Bafe condltlon
cordlng t" tne s.'c-ak'rs tiie manufaeturera
are ln favor ef Uj-nuts of tli.lr m.r
on oae-mlla traeka, bul thay ehja* t to tha
iiee of old horae racatraeks thar hava not
heen espat lally preajaujed] foi the u.^e pf
Another polnt diseuaaed hy the men i
881 w.is ihe bnoglng Of lltjuor Int
psddoeb ar raoa in-'-r.s ii was decldi i
unanlmoualy that the ai Tetan arrang.
arlth th- Amerlcan Automoblle Vaaoeiatlon
?n.| th.- Vtanufarturera Coutesl Ai
tlon ln I'M-vent Bliy pt rFmi lu ii'^'i'n lnl-i
tba paddocb Bttmulant of any i iture
Tlu- organlaatlon dlrected the pn
and aecretary to arrange ior the i
of 1/e.w's. snaiiK, whoaa body wlll nrrlva
from Raotae, B/Ia . ro-day. Tt wa
? I'lrd hy tbe membera thai a fund
,iiide for th? i-aie of membera ln raae of
alekneaa and for burlal In caaa ol death
lt waa ai?o deddad to recommend that
ln meets here:,fler fh'-re he tuo cla
profeaaionala and novica 11 ua. potnted
out thal a novice runnlng ;i i-ar in .-, pro
feaalonal conteat endangerad ii"' only hla
own llfe but the life nt e\erv other drlver
in tha eoataat The eatabllabmeni
aeparate "novlco" claaa would, aceordlng
t.i tbe rtawa of the membera, tend to cre
ate niiire ini'it-st In the r.niri,-'. nnd at the
;,-ine iime propare rhe novleaa for advance
iii-nt t'< the arefaaabmal ? lai
H. L. B. Ryder Starts on Long
Tour Across Country.
The hitent motorinir anthwataai to attempl
the tranvontlnental Jaunt ls Dr. 11. I.. B.
Ryder, of t'oiighkeep-ie, who atnrr-d 08 U 8
l'.nif run to the PachV Coasl yaaterday ln
B \elle "li)" Dr. Hyder nas aceompanled
hy Lloyd Perry. of Troy. Tliey will fat
9m the northern route, and aill irtaha th
looraay br aaay atagsa They ezpael to
arrlva in rian Pranclsoo sbout Auguat 28
The rar waa equlpjaad arlth ii complete
rnmplng outnt for liae In the Car \V.*t. aa
well a-* a shovel, axe and plenty of ropa to
ba used ln caaa <>f nacaailty whlla croas
ing the mountalns nr fordlng streams.
Dr Ryder atarted off uuietly as If on an
evarrday motor tour nnd aeemed ta ihink
nothlns of undertaking ? laOO-mlle trlp.
Pive yeara att'. lt would bave been bi r
ulded far and wlde BJ wor.denul. Bo greai,
howaver. has been the Improvement not
,niv ln automohilea hut more eapeclally ln
11,..' raada all over tha co intry tbal noa
ndiyi motorlats thlnk little of u 'crosS
4,vuUu*.nt trU?.
Farmers Joining the American
Automobile Association.
State OrgaUlisstiona Working
Hard for Better Highway
Oonditioni in the West.
' re ' ? tenai
i' n ? ? muat con
.dne elae,"
? t ? I Good
? ls lf
thfl farm
me I a ?' ? rgantaed
nrtille hia local e-ransr* Ib |n?r>.-,??t*ri in
tlon Ka work i
? ? ? Iim
l the i tlon la i na of i
?rate par
. . ... th
? real In
th* man tn thfl
? s;ood
lt ao ha ? ? t tha man tn
>;,t ln
. g0| . .
? ? n wlll
..... ....
. . |
? ' ?
j the road
? com
Bce 1
? ? other
i ? ? . ? | . - .
ol >>i
i- ? '?
.i i. t ;
. ? ? 'li ln
maaoo and Bay Clty,
towna. Ia
? ' ? ol ali
the BUtomol.i tha rlclalty.'1
May Bc Hcld in September if
Enoiigh Intererit Is Shown.
Tba eonteal board <>f the Amerlcan t.uio
. a ... : .tlon bi noun* ed yeoterdfl
that the i ib tour would to i m
tlme in B* ptember, If ? lea v ara
eleven eai
? ? b Ol i . -:l aro
of iai2 model lt la belleved that i
attra I i.ra of the
. ? followa:
I i-.. , ? i IJnllcd Stal
i "tni . ' ? ? ? ?'
? m< rn "i' ' ? '
f, fal] . ?? ? ": . wer t.. rend i i I
f .... '.',.;.' 0 ? ill"'l ' i
all ? '?
their ' and il" 1911 (Sliddi n tom
!i,,,,i .,a op| ortunlty for tht n d* mon
\ . | ? [oui ai nou I. ma
imi? make their d< I loui
up t? tugual '. Tha folloa ? hav
been recrtved
iiii Cunnlnghammodel "li (Pacemaker),
model ' M." 1911 ' ?hlo mod*'
??4A ? i' 11 \i..i t"?ti.'it modi i "B-1
I- rea eai a), 1811 W i hlngton .lei "D K>, '
Btrlntyre model "M-f" and IMI Ma\
well (three cara).
j. |s propo ? -I to hold th- t ui from
Waahlngton t<. Ottav i -"tne time ln Bep
,,.,,,!, r ,... . . i . Bte in be anno
,,., \m;i; ? '. nrovlded tha mlnlmum ol
thlrty < ' ' ? ??' " '"','' ,
Road eondltlona from Waahlngton ro 01
,.,,, , ,. i.: s, ..! th* h beal ln the earlj rall
.i, ,,i tom Ins ? mdltlonfl wlll obtalu
t tho wnol l ? 9 mlli a lo ha i o\
, . ?,| .... . i ,11 v ln the New Bngland aad
ll,ke Ch implaln dl itrlcta.
i \\. in 11 ? larfli i d< ilera ln tba
..., piBta
; atandard
Ot'R M .' ? I ? ? i: \ 1'': ?? IXfl I Hia U REK
I't.KKI.' ?- - ID10 Toitrh l '' i. Itk.
PACKARDS ind Tourlag
CADtl I. ?< ?" I ia i
Hai i rondltlon.
Bi iDll ' ' II ????'? from $25 up.
u |M'Sim:i.ii.-. .ili braaa, hi Bfl
?['. ip; i ompleti ? urtalni and all, 120
i gRM : offi '"ri reai mslhli pai tlea
1710-16 ?'WArT. KeS cdiBmbaaj
Sixty Drivers After Victory on
Worcester's Dead Horse Hill.
Th" only bill cllmb scheduler} |n the East
at present ls the Dead Horse ,-ilmb, Bl
Worcesfer, Miss., whhh wlll be held on
Baturday, Auguat V2. under the anaaloaa of
the Wareeeter Automoblle ciub. Kethlng
better emphaslzeg the intereat belns; shown
In the rllmh than the w?v entrles are
iielna; recftved. Blanks w*r" ssued only
| last week, and to dafe thera ar.i noarly
| sixtv rars entered (tor th* vartoua numbers.
Motorcycla entrles a'.so are COflBUag in at
a llveiv rate.
In addition to th? riimbs achednled for
cara eusrihie to competc in the vaiioaa
' lassen open to BtOCft and non-stock
machlnaa as prescrlbcl for in the 13'1
American Auiomoolle Assoclatlon contest
rulee, there wlll bo free-for-all Hitnbs and
a sp-i-lal amateur number. bi the amateur
ev*nr, whlcb ls for the Worcester County
ehamplonshtp trophy, onlv lo-: I owners
wlll he permitted ro rompet?.
The dee.l of Klft for fhls prlze stlpulates
ll niust ba won three tlmes In 8883*
eeaaloa by th>? same driver for parnaaaant
awnarehlp Jay Ctatk. ji , has won it
twlce. There wlll be an asMbattOB climb
f..r eoaaaaaretal cars and frurks, ond alao
- for motorcyclea, Bteeaa and aleetrte
propelted machlnaa Amateura wlll he per
mltted ro iirtve in any avanti proalded the
cara comply aitb the requtraaaenta of dass
and dtviatOB In each -ase Bgecgal prlzes
t<<r Bmateura ??iu ba awarded in each dass.
Batrtea etaat with John P. <^orhian, the
cbalrmaa, on Auguat I .''t midnijht.
Wlndsor, Ont., Jurv 22.?The moat surceBS
fui meetlng ever Kiven st th* windsor
track canaa r., a eleaa here this afternoon.
The card aai mada up of seven races, with
iv,.. BeHa i-ie BaUIng itakea, a dash of
? ni" mlla, tha feeture. Thla race furnished
?i Btlning Btreteh dri\e, in which Haay just
igad to last loni? enough tg hflal the
: loelng ' 'oloael Ashrneade a neck. The
li'fer n.*t a lot of lnterfer*nce ro indlni?
ii?-? Hrat tum
Pfi r ? ?? . , thrae-jaaar aHa and apwardj
I -?... BAOO \ f'ii:-.r.^Bi 0.;e?.n Bound. 114
,? ? 1 ] tn 1 and .'\*n, tlrtl bv a BBCR; j
'"! iKrvarnari, 4 fo \ 1 r0 ,, and out,
? -. toa rKenaedr), ir> to l. 3
:1 Tiin*. Itllli R?n Uiyfll,
? | ? ir, Moatcalm aad Rbbu
ia na
.,..?:. im; fnr fn.ir y*it-"11a ;
sr.| i.i.-.. ui. purae, 1808; afwit two mllflfl I
|Sg 'I'aytorji. 0 '
flr-t by & l*afl'h, L.!z*i* Plat, 180
1 B tO 1, t tO I BBd ellt. B*r-or.d. f I
1.111 ik*,mn'li|, 11 fo .".. ] tr, | ... 1 ? ?'. tlilrrl. ;
Tn".*. s .1.14. Dlnna K"n al-o raa.
I , . elllnjt; t"r Uu?fl jraar alda and up
? ?' ? furlongBi -I?ah*l. M
iDunni, i". to 1. 8 te 1 anl x to I. tir-.t by ihrea
?-.. 100 '- ? B>, 1ft tfl 1. ? to l '
? .-. .. |; Ran -.- Ibi ?. 108 i Kai ? - l?
1 .1 I.. l. third Tl .?. 1 ''?'?
I -'i-i.v. Plantltaas, star*. BMnfljr Tt , AI-]
it.ii 1^.4. a a-id Mi>j Detroit flniahM ai
-. . rBaiVa r.> sta'K*a of |i 2oo: m i
olria anl upward; e"* mlla) -
Bfl '. ttsalna) 8 to I, 2 to i nnd 4
? ? , - al As'iniea-I*. M
n*ld), ."> la l. v to ", ar,: 4 ?o .*? aaeond: rv'.na.
i*.j '.- ? rtlncer), 18 to l. ?'? fo l and - to I,
? takhui it, Bp? '
m taor flii!!i'-^
I ??-., ra (aalllnfl t r v* rea olda; pursa,
M..m*B. i"t (Koar
i ? . , ;; Bnd BBt fyr.r hv a ne<-k.
enpor 10 l i 3 to 1 and
fl fghlltlnft, .*- to 1. ? to
I . . . . . t ., - ?'- Court.
, , - i Btai flnlahad aa named.
two-jrear * la; purae,
iu,, | i half furl .ur-.) tio'i :,- i ?.
i i i. :i io i arH ? to ? flrat bjr
Iwe l*n?<th?. W ol p.,\... 104 iTVlli. B tr, 1, Hn
.-, ,. i ( ?, -. ieeoB*t; rommoner'a "maen, in*
I. >, t > f> ai'i 3 to .". third Tln-?,
,, .,.-, \, R :np. Toaat Tta'k.
iBland QUBtll and I>av May fin
laelltng; purflfl t-M- rr,r thr**
? | ttparard en? and ""? ?i\f?entri
' .. . p-. rn*.. I ta 1. S ta 1 and .
? tha itolden Butterfly.
. ii, -,r? i n to i en aa ' i ? . 'J. ?' on i:
. | 103 .Koe-n-r. 7 to 2. 7 to B and 7
? .: | .. Fulflll, afj Ofl .
.. - . - ? ed ??
For Further Details Consult t
mai r*i oedway, batwaaa sith ar.d
85th str.-t-i. featurea women'fl draaeeg nnd
garaaenta for Kiris, Mouses, am
Htoaa, comtanatlona, floor
Inga, colored curtalna. H'immer com
mlteta and groeartoa On Tuee
... ? i .., i ? ? men'a
motor '?? ' ? "? baMa
? . ?
ABRAHAM A BTIlAUt, flhroohlyn, ai
? furnttara aale, which
to-morrow, wlth offers at aa
or . ?? Booaa of tha artletaa la
),. j . <.. buffata ar.d
, bun aua eateeanea
ind rockers.
IIBARN, Weal 14th Btreet, has an i
ipply of aummer nei
:. i .-I i.1'i.ita piicea Woaaen'a
?., - women'fl dreaaea, un*
? Bhlrta iu" among th? atf/ae
?i .MiN'.PM.K B, Thlrd avenue. b?
iween tath and -???? "- enneancaa Mg
? annual Auguat rurnl
He Stops Junk Wagon on Lonely
Long Island Road at Night.
Patrolman Identifies One of Two
Prisoners as Oun Man?
Third Junkman Bscapes.
Fired on bv one of three Itallan Junkmett
returntng from a trip on Long Island.
Mounted Patrolman Jamea C. Mullen, of
th? Fluahing preolnct. Is tn the hoapirat
nurstna; a BarfOVS wound ln his left leg.
His barsa laaalrad ? buiiet ln the aacb*
near tha lugular yein, but A. C. Wrlght.
police \eterlnary, bOgea to aave Ua Ufe.
The ahoottng eOCUrrafll ar 2 9 clo-k yea?
terday mornli.g. 81 Broadway and Well
i avenue, nenr Dsjaana. ln the blackness of
1 an approai-hlng thunderstorm and on *
i lonelv road fringed on either slde wlth
! treea nnd hru?h. Two boura Iater a Junk:
j v.iisron eaatatSSSag tara men waa stopped on
: th* Pruablng ami Jaaaaaaa road. near Har
! rlsaaa avenue. and when taken to Fluahing
|a Bj lallbaa laaadaajr waa found under th-,
- Bl 8f the wagon. wlth mi empty ahella
Whleh had hoen flred raoaatly. The prla
oners said thev arata Jamea Valladlro and
Louls BBBBBBwa, Junk dealerfl, of Vo BB
Baahwleb Road. Brooklyn. Four bundrM
fe-t of laad eab!-. worth at least $S*V>, waa
found in the arsaai B88f tha Blaek stumtJ
Road. where it had heen unloaded and *?
creted. the pattaa eatd. bv rhe Daliars fo'
lowin? tha abootlng.
F.ver afP.ee the murder ef .T'illUS B T^l**
jpei, who was ahot to death and rohbed he
three men in hla saloon on the nurht af
July S laat. at Queens. two or three m1l-?
away from th? seene, of ve.sterda.v'a shoot ?
; tng. the pollee have made a rlirtd tnvestl
gatlon of aii night pioarlara. n*dJn* ouu
Proadway to m?t Mounted Patrolman
Edward Clark, who had th? other half of
tha heat, atulaaa eneountere<l a cnv-red
wagon, wlth all eurtalns drawn. Tha
drlver hatted In r-sponse to Mullen'a eorn
mand. There were three rpen ln tbal
wagon. Mullen asked what thev had ba*
sid- and what tha*/ wer- doing out ao lar-.
on- of the m-n ellmhed down and aald:
"OfTVer, I'll ahow you What 888 got ln,
here." ' ?
(lolng to the r-ar of the wafon. b?a
opened the baek rurtalnfl. Mull*?n flash*?<l
his electrie aearehhcht Into the wagon ard
aaw a heap of aatoaaaMla tlrsa oid hotti?a
and what look<d like a lor of 1-ad r1p*v
The next Instant there we*-e two gUtell
t Isto! reporta. Mullen nfterward Idenrifled
Talladlno as tho man who td'Ot him.
The nrst ahot stru-k Mullen on tba l*f5
}nK ahove the kne... the bull-t pleughinaj
I upward and 0001111;; out fn inehes aho-?
tl e polnt af entram?.
There W8S a asconi flaah. and a bullef
struck his horse. Tt - animal plunged. BtadJ
, it was al! Mullen COUld do to hold his sea'.
Th- next BBOflnanl the horse started 011 a,
w'ld pallop 8?t Broadway. Followlng thS
1 ehoorlug the Junkmen whlppM up thstf
boraa and e.-eaped la the darkness.
ilark was only a few MaohS away. Ho
! apurred hla mount. and soon came aero-m
Mullen. who had ell-ped from h!s hors*
: and was weak from the loss of blood.
Potaetlve Morrlaaay and patroimen Nleh**
olson ard Tillin.ui eapturad tba wagon and
- two men abOOl 4 e'ctoeb The horse showed,
levManeaa of havtng heen drlv-n^hard.
he Advertisements in To-day's
\ turo sa'-. whlch tb-cr1na tn-morrow. Th-ri
arlll alao be a oond-nsed budget of Bfljacfal
88188 m the last 8*8881 of the mill ard fac
tory aaaa,
BTERN BBOTKMUaj We.-t 888 Btrast
wlll Ikuc ;i clsaraaoa *aJe ta aaorrow of
women's underarannaata, women's batbtng
autte, dreaa imt aulttng Ibsaaaa, uaabtattaa
and paraa la, baatary Bnd ltn-ns. ?*>th-r
DJ may t.- had ln furnlti|r?e. bed
and beddina and aummer rugs and
? Bg ?
LORD .c TAvr.on. Braadrway ^nd c^'h
Pifth avanue and 'r,r'i aCfaat, in
ittentton to apaclal vahaaa tn brass
mattra ? . chatra and mlrrors.
i M OIDDINO 9 ?'r>. Fifth avenue, be?
T-.-een Ktb nnd i7t Btraata '':,'i allatrtlaa
, fo ,,? ta ba etTered 'his waeh
rnen'a tallored autta '"oatji. ,irea?e-4
for dre<=<\ and atraat
I w tt r.
ARN<MD. CfWfBTABLl i rrt . ~mttA.
nd tBth atreet, offer re?iuotlons In
women's linen sults and dressea. w,v, | ll 8
Kiuves a-i-i -iik and aatla faadarda,
and Country Model has
demoniftrated such won
derful flexibilitv and re
serve power that orders
are far ahead of the fac
tory output. Delivenes
are being made on sched
ule and quick achon only
\vifii secure the Fall dates
remaining open
Dcmonslratiom hy Appomftnent
Xf\e will continuc lo manufacture
rur higrtly sucreasrul 50 and 90
H P. Chain Drivc cars. a few of
which wc ean offcr for prompt
1862 Broadway New York.
Factory. 614 Laft 6 Jd StrcC
P?pr-*.ii?a4?. i.i PViiWiVlpSi*. Pittabuf*. Baltinaaaa.
CKkj*-' (Braadi). iai? I'taaciaco and Let dajflga

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