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i-ii.-i-it i-rffi-viit-iM WITH I IPF\7,I- THK COtrNTESS DF, LOCKBBf, AN IM
.?> ?aal
Some Notable Dogs Make Debut
at Long Branch Show.
Brookside Sonnie and Rockcliffe
Magnet Capture the
Major Trophies.
The Maaflflctith County *<-sz aboar, at
West Knd. Lor.jr Branch. St. J.,
was 'narberi >-. ?
avhlch are experted to have promlnent
riaces ln the aheara of thla In the
future. Their ' w;.s proh?
ably the m('f notlca ? f th* facl
that mar> ef rv.. doga arb ?n In
the flrat rank at moal of tba <
tor aensons hack wrr? not to ba ar-en on
the henchr-a, laBViflg rhe fieid r]cxr for the
W'roxham Perrler. a balldeg bttcb, from
the Tr.wa.ll haan* Bt, Of MUford, TVnn . was
Bhr.wn for the flrat tlme ln the BpedaHjr
class. nnd had Uttlfl treabla 1n trettlnj- the
htae nhhon, for lt tvas tho BflflH d>c of It.
breecl ln the ahnm.
J. W. Pafson's Alredale Sotdon Pwlv
eiier. an KtigMah doP recently broughl to
thla eeantry, araa hta af ? laaa
ifr ta a v*-t\ InM ttog ,-ird Bbould de arell
durlng hia exhih|t|..n daya. K. W Brlgfl
ri-~ent aOOJUtoltlon, Wnterloo Jesfer, whlch
he bouarht f t < m a BOUralng k*nnel Ir:
land onlv a short tirne ;,cro ahowed nr to
good advantage. hut it did no' ?,'ir*v.ed in
gettlng hetter than a reeervo ln the win
nera* <ia?s for grejr] ouuda Tha flog bad
never b^en '-ho?\n hefote rlt! . ?
CO-mtry or ahroarl and was naturall" tlmid
When lf waa put ln th- rtag, an-l thlfl may
account for Us tnal " lo .:? I B bllH 08
the flrar try. Anothei dnp to nieke 1ts
dehut waa Mrs. .1. !>gget1 Polta'a Offle*
Mltes ?ebta Hv, ? tlny, flhaggy Pome
ranlan. The newcomer had the r-onnr of
getting a blue over aueh a hn. dog .,?
Mra. R S. Allard'? Potnlsnd Datnty N'iir
fler. to whlch was awarn.-d tb* reaerva
From the peint r-f vir>u nf nttendanre
both as to hprrtators and fhe rtumbl I "
dogs on the aeaefeae, tha ahaaa ??as oaaa oi
tb* beat the Monmouth COnntV < lub has
held. The JndKing began Iti the late fore
noon and everythlng wa? over two hourn
before aundown, ^hlch was a worthy tes
tJmonlal to the aiertneas of the r.fti'tms A
ceollng hreer.e from the BOrtbwaal made lt
pleasant even ln 11 . flmit | perl of tne
paddrwk. Among theae who nrera pn mn
mere Mr. and Mra M Kohert Quggeaibelm,
MiSB Ivy Warehain. Mrs Ilavies Tatnier,
Mra. H. Hrooks Kmiciii, Mi I R IimIIph,
of Boaton. and Mi 8 llinagei f-.r.i
While H. Hildetir.ni.i Wllaon, an Kngnah
Judge, waa In the rlnt; with the tv-ot tr-ih
tertiera, A. Albright. ft '??. Tlehlfl l-.m .lo. k
made a daah at t'banipjon Wai.-. "ii Inva
rter, from the aValeecott Kenneta. and the
l?ro hegan a llvely flsrht Mr. Wilson hart
juflt deciflred Ti'kie 'Km .io<k tne arteaat
nnd tbe other dog Btaoad. and thara u-*a a
let ot tnteraat ln fhe anlmal* Wlthout
, |he Judge Lorced blmaelX between
Km .1 ? d -.1 hls lianl and 1
. . ?
I j Mr vTllson eontli i
arlth I
Mr Wllaon waa al* th- c-ntre of nr
im Idei M - " v;""
etti ? ? tha
f-eT; ihe Mredalaa wer
tamea W Bprlng A1
Mr vTlIaon waa buay wlth tba I
? y;e negleeted hla own rtng and
.... tbC tb-edalea aad pul Mr.
T ? aa Ibltora of the terrtera were
ihemselve.a untll Mr Wll?
son returned.
am Balnt, a bulld ? owned by *he
Judbora Kennele, was tba causa of a loi of
exettemenl In tbe large tant ln the centra
? ? e tioid, where tba 1 ? were bali *
judged, <;<>th.ii: Satnt'fl keeper tled blm to
a polc of the teal for aafekeaplag, but the
dog got into a temper at another of 'he
nnd aprang at blm Wlth thr aprlng
.]...! down the "-nt pole, and thi
of the tent collapaed, for rhe momenl en
? ing all tha* ?.i under It It dldn'l
take long to dlaentangle rhe lot, howe-.-er,
In4 ...... ? -.ii ri" if notbii | ba I
Boylstoa Nsnee. ? Bo?ron terrier. owned
v- Thomaa Kally wba adjudged rhe wlnner
artanera blti bea i laaa of Ita braad it
....... ? ? do?r of Ha klnd
Bt n.e aboa and waa exhlbltad al its bast
advanti - ,
Xh- preaklant'i trophy for tha bast dog
ir the -.-how waa won bj BrookarJde Fonnlc,
? fifid spani.i. of ih- Brookaide Kannola
?; .i.'i n i: De Mund'a trophy for the
beal dog of oppoatte aai ta the arlnaar of
the prealdent'fl trophy wi rdad to
Ftockcllffe Magnat, f tba Bocbcllffa Kaav
naia, wlnner of the bulldog winners doga
The eunrmsrlea follow:
Iflaa Amy
-? i . igh iwlnnara dojai ?H-ren
la' Alta Marvel; HereaveeB K*n
fj rnarda rougl (wlBnera b!1 nea)
... -pn Kennela' Cady of Hi reuvex n; Har
'V.iin. reaervi
? u Inners, d"aa l- Her
i> B HCflfeford'fl
Barnsrda amooth (wtooen bllebei
ii. ? ' iba 1 h
a.i ? I Enchantreaa, raaerva
Oreat Da nea Innera, dogi ? i.u.l
?? .... reaerva
. Daaaa Iwlnnera, hltchee) Adi-.tph
voa Maedougal; Mlaa May
nera, ilnga) i.->r
?8ine Kenai ?? Pontlai . I na * Ken
lliifl?lan WolM.oiind* (wlnnera. bltch-ai?
TattanH Kennela* V'latka of Tatiana, T.nri-nlna
lala, reaervi
'? 4 (wlnnem, bltehea) -H
rinrtera, d'.ga.- F W, Brlgga'a
Heraeh-i ll: P. V i- Bler,
r, ?.-t..
* Ibbci ?. bitehea * V W.
Brlaga'a dla; )'. W. nrltr?a'?
Eaqulmaua fBinnera, Soi i l I BfliaanBe'a
North Star; Mra W G Brown'a Prlas*, r
r. iiilmi ia twlnnere, bltehea) "ana r Bor
reneon ? Bella
Patatarfl 'winn-rs. dogai Mlaa Mmv K
Throckmonoa'a ? harnpion Rirro m . _ \v
ThrtKhmonon'fl Brookdale'a Rnnaway, reaer\
Potatera le Innera, Mteheai *.. II uaa \r
noit'a Lad) i.i) if'-r.i, ay .1 Daaia'a Lady Raa
Rapllab Bettera iwlnnara, <tna?' a a ll -
brlght'a MallB d S.'ed Meadoarvlew KennelB1
- plot. M..-..I-.- . i. .\ XoU i ? aai ra
Kngllali Bettera (wlnnera, bltehea)' Meadow
ilew Kerinela' Decviora Ooooteaa Mcadoarvl-a
Kenn?ia' Meadoa lew t ady Mallaryd. reaerva
1 iri?h pettera i rlaaaia, dog???y. a. John?
aon i Bt, ClQud'.Y Ji.enmor%
bI? ii d i ahearood
? < n
- , -. ....,-, .._..-. > ti Bi ? '
'- l.'--r-l||f
| 4 .
..... . ??*? ? -
.... -
fl. bla
? .??
... > ich*B: any ot h*?r
. ? ? - P ?'
? "
? ? rga w
... ? B
i . . ., Mra. H
. i. ., ?
? ?
I TI Weal
,,???? . ? ? ....... .
? , .
r>ael ? ? ' '
. | ...
- ?
nteai al
" r '
ln n< ?
oid ihaapdoaa i* tehea)
? > ?? Mn ai
M< ??* ? Mlla T'.| le; I B n ?; klaa'a rl*
B ? 'wttjnrr* fli r*. 'ir- ? BrrB Kal
..... . Kan .- ? l
? ?-" -
, .. - rwlnm 'a mi *? P vdmaten
Hlldaarall Cblfoo; K * f Kennelr
-.. i if- .,.. reaenra
? ; ? . mlr-rm r>r?a, ' ?>??'" i?
iwlnnara; blt* ? ??? T. katttti a
? ? ? '"' '' ' ' ......
...... rlnneri d.-aii ?-Amarfla \ llvd* a
.''-.,., raHntierBi d"r*> Boekllffa Kai ??
? ? . ? ? ' ? ??' l". ' ai ln* ? Mortofl
n ? ??.?? nera M- he*J0 fi ???*" Kflaneie
Parrlei. Ho, a Iffi Kaaaata i
i. reaarva.
rriara fwlnnBraj fl' nl '? ' "fl
"... rhamtl'in
tha H ijtnakai
Ali* Bla tarrian 'wir.n*ra; hlteneB) a av.
Bati ii '"" a i- ' rlght, |r a.
i ... riaarva
?. ?. ra (wlnnara; d^iai A>n
Soroaa Patrl lan; Robart 011
ette'a . ? * ?
I . ? u rrlan iwlnBBra; bltchai - ? ?
p-jennali Champkai Olflflunarfl ''iiann*l. raaei ?
jTYn bulldoga *B?-inn?iB. d-8?' MIbb Man
winthrop'B ll'inVi Bequaat; a A. Raaanig*fl
" fs^nch blu dogfl fwlnriara hltrhaa? A F Ut
Kair'a Vounetl Mlflfl Y*rnn-a .rarh*au'a jBBBBtta
I ] i . 1-. n ??' *
naal Un ?? \
: . ?
i , ? . .. .- . i ?
? . ? i
i .
. arfurd'a
ra i? a -?-.?. -!"*?
i .......
I rlen ichea
alfa Hfioti Otri r ?'? Bati ? I
?. ? . . ,---.? , . A I
- Ba-j| ? ??
. . i
.... .,..-.., all - ?
- Bi |e ?
I'aU ?? in\ad?r
ghland whlla) l - ? - -
r? i.?nn*la' (.lenmera M - '
Weal H ? <? I . n
i Ki
! ??>'-. ' >? t. '
i .... . . ? ? .
. t
... . ...
i- . ....
rlni '? ??
. Mra
n fi
? '
4... i i:
? ? ? ,
Two Workmcn Barily Hurt ni
Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Drydoi i< $e I, kno* n In 1
tha ' ...
onate .- I " ?'? '??' ?'"' "
two men worklng thera wi i.
.,,:. ,i m- i ? ' ba*
? . .. -. . ??
. raral daya ago Admli ll L
u i?,.t .-' the yard, narroa r eaca I
ralllng foi aet to thi ncrel bod
. i | Ko :v *" - ? I
,,. .,:.:. ? :? rlght I and lt. i. I
ln tba doi' estei ay aft. rnoon aad four
Rngera were - nt ? B D i rt malndi r of tl a
hand waa bad ?? i roetaed. lt
iiuie te relefluae Beatt) from tl ? i
II'- was tak' li In 99 anOOft* lOU I OBdltlon
, ? .. Brookl) n Hi apital
\i boui star another srorkman. Olu* -
, r , ; ,,f \. || Monroa atraat, Manbal
tan f< ii bai kward bata the dock, a dlatanca
of twenty feel Hl? left 1* c wsa bn.ken
nnd hln rlghl ehoulder waa dlalorated. He
....,. | . - io the Brooklyn fl pltal
Towns and Cities Contestants will find the map
described below an aid in their work
throughout the contest.
Gray's New Commercial and
Library Map of the United
State*, Canada and Mexico.
g~r IVEN AWAY ABSOLUTELY FREE wlth a three montrnV sub
(j sc'ription to the Daily and Sunday or with a one years subscrip
tion to the Sunday
Thi? map is the result of two years' faithful work with the pen and
reorescnts a rcmarkablc photographic reproduct.on of Grays Railway
Syatem Map, which is now used by the United States Government and is
authority for transportation reference.
Printed in Colors, Sizc \9]z x 25'; in.
Send $2 00 for a three months' subscriptinn tn ihe Daily and Sunddy
Tribune, or'send $2.00 for a year b aubacription to the Sunday Tiibune,
and this
Wonderful Map will bc sent you FREE, postpaid.
154 Nas4sau St., New York.
Thosr who ate already subscriberB to The Tribune may obtain this
map at the Tribune ofhec for 25 cents, or by mai!. poslpa.d. 30 rcnts.
Detective Fires in Air and Then
Hits Fugitive in Leg.
Persona In the nelghborhood of Pleaaant
nvenue and 112th atreet early yeaterday
were greatlv exclted whr n they aaw a de
t.etjve chasing an Itailan through the
-treet-4. Th- detective was flourlshing a
lavorrar and ralling upon the man to halt.
Wben the Itailan atlll kept on runnlng the
detectlra flred ssraral Bbots in the alr and
i n.illy placed a hullet In the man's rlght
|.?g, hrtniiinK him to earth.
The man who was trylng to escapo waa
IHokIo < lmona. of Washington Park, Fort
Cheeter, wanted ba that town on a burglary
? !;ni;e. The man who =hot him WBS De
teetfva Dondero, of the East htttb atraal
atatlon. The poHca of rort Cbaatar had
cornmuatcatad aith the police of th- Fast
: >itii ureet atatlon yeaterday, asking them
to look out for Clmona, imd Dondera set
? ut to Hnd the nian.
Al H2th atreet nnd Flrst avenue Dondero
fcll in with a man who ntted the deacrlp
tion aenl out by the port Chastar police.
II" told tha Itailan he wns Undat 81X881
and atarted for the atatlon wlth hlm. Aa
tn?y were croaalng Pleaaant avenue the
man auddenly broke away and ran. Don
dftro warned hlm that be would ?hoot but
the man heeded hlm not untll the bullet
stopped hls fllght.
rimona waa taken to the Harlem Hofl
pltal. where hl? wound waa treated. and
was then looked up on a charge of belng a
fuptttve from Justlce.
- B
Head of Commercial Oable Company
Gives an Outing.
CTarence 11. Markay. president of the
Commerclal fable Company. before hls de
Iiarture for Europe gave an outing to two
hundred membera of the New Vork atalt
of the company yeaterday at Wltzels Polnt
Vlew Island.
The stenmboat Osprey ronveycd the pany
(toni New Vork to the grove. and the day
; was apant ln Btatatta eventa, a baseball
1 game atid other nmusements. Dinner waa
Bervad ln the evening and the party then
I'boarded thr> baat for home after having
j sprnt an en.loyablo day.
Oleared of Part in fitokes Letter
Detectlvea Mlchaal J. Flynn. Mlchael ft
Walsh. Thomafl H. Devery and Wllllam F.
Jui/tvan, all of the ?^?J'f^S
atatlon, who have been trled on charges
rrowlna out of the myaterlous dlsappear
ance of a bundla of the Stokea lettera frorr,
the apartmen's of Mlaa Graham and MftSS
Conrad, were found not gullty yesterday
and restored to duty.
Mr. McKay. Flrst Deputy Police Commls
eloner, preslded at the trial. He did not
give any reasons for recommendlng tha
dismisaal of the charges. and Commlaaloner
?Waldo approved his recommendatlon.
Joseph Bloom, eupertntendent of tho
Varuna apartments. was the nrincipal wlt
ness cailed against the detectlvea. He tes
tified that he aaw them tako a packaga.-af
letters, anawerlng ln daacrlptlon to the
Ptokes bundle. from Mlaa flrahamt tni_<
on the nlghl of June 7. The attark of tha
dafanoa was tentred on the credlblllty 88
this wltness. __,,
The ehara:-s against the men were jnaa>
im? false statements to a superlor * mc-r,
falllng to obey orders. and perrnluing un
authorlsed persors. to enter an apartment:
under police guard.
NO. 28 SUNDAY, JULY 23, 1911.
j New=York Tribune's Towns
j and Cities Contest
! $I5,000=?IN MORE THAN 1,000 PRIZES
0. S2.
No. 83.
No 84.
Tbe counoa upon which contestants are required to write their anawora
appeara on pa?c 2 each day ot the contest.
. 1 nol neceaeary io ?"<* the pfcturea. Answers only gre requu
[t I , n mamij three illustrationa have appeared
ed. Do net send answers until the lasr
The City in Which You Live May
Be Ilinstrated in the Contest Pictures
Solving the Contest Pictures So Likc
Meeting Old Frieods Whom You
Have .Not Sccn for a Long Time.
Pictures Easy to Solve
With New Contest Catalogue
WITH Thr Tribnne'a new Contest Catalogue.
which is now on sale and which contams all
of the correct namea of the towns and cities
to he illuatrated, .md which ig the only oth
cial and authentic reference ior conteatanta uae in
the conteat, the puzzle ptcturea are gxtremely eaay
to aolve. Por quick reference the names ol m
? na and citien are claaairied alphabettcally under
the Btatefl in arhich thev are located.
OFFICE OF THE TRIBUNE. The price ta 25
centa at the office. Bv mail, 30 centa. Mail orders
Bhould be addressed to
154 Nnssnu M.,
New York City.
To facthtate the work of rillmg orders for back
numbers and to insure prompt delivery. it will be
necessary t ir contestants to state the serial number
of the mstalments of back pictures when ordering
The serial number and date appear at the top of all
contest advertisements.
.... ....,,..- bi aBtanta Bhewld >"? raraful
. , ? n ? * ??': mlng.
It has recently been brought to the notice of the
Tribune Contest afanager that certain unscrupuloua
persons living in and near New York City are at
temntjng to Bwindle the contestants engaged in the
Tribune Towns and Cities Contests by ohenng for
sale a book which they say readtly aolves all the
puzrles in the only correct way. The Tribune takes
this means to warn all contestants against purchas
ing these books. as the entire offer is a hoax and is
only intended to defraud the contestants and enrich
the swindlers. lt is absuid for any one to state that
he knows all the correct answers when the solution
of many of the pictures is not known to any person
gmong those in charge of the contest. The only
correct and authentic book which will aid the con?
testants at all is the Tribune Contest Catalogue.
which ean be obtained only at the office of the
THE TRIBUNE'.S Towns and Cities Contest is
making a big appeal to tiiose thousandfl of readers
who enjoy such a special teature in newspaper
dom. If you are one who entcrs such contests
orcasionally. or if you have nevcr tried the game before,
here is an excellent opportunity from the standpoint of
value and variety of prizes.
Besides the appeal of such a generous prize list
there is the Rame itseif. Thousands of our readers are
trlling us in different ways that the idea of hasing such
a puzzle picture contest on the names of towns and
cities has not only caught their fancy, but that people
they meet fiom all over the state. and from other states.
are talking about it and trymg for the prizes because
they started trymg to solve the puzzles when they saw
the illustration of some town or'city they live in or
visit frequently.
It is like seeing an old friend when vou solve the
name of such a town or city from the puzzle. and then
the fascination of the Rame begins to grip you.
All that is required is a copy of The Tribune daily,
which you will en)oy aside from the contest feature. and
the Contest Catalogue. which. together with the neces
sary hai k numbeis of the paper. may be secured at
The Tribune office or by mail. as announced at the foot
of this page.
Try it to-day. and then sec if you eannot. by the
aid of the pictures. recoRnize the names of familiar
town friends, and when you've started you may be sure
of weeks of genuine pleasure. This, with the anticipa
tion of winninR one of the magnihcent prizes. wil! give
you the mcentive to snare fifteen minutes a day.
Wlth iho Conteat fataJogufl nn<i tiir- piir/f ptcturaa b*a
forr. m.ii, vou arlll im.) thal. a few rolnutaa <>f poneantra
Him nin brlng tba aoaw*?r te vou, and, onca Btartad, rau'll
i-rnhnhlv fln<) tliRt Ihe fna.lualioii of the kaiiio will koep
?..ii nt It \. 11 hoi it o\er A thOUghl of the r<wal'1 VOU tnav win
?"?- ? -?? -? *.....!? .-.-j v rt mmpi'i hrnalir. Stniply
Earti Uay foi alxty-aeveu d.)i TBfl Ii' it.e ?1 i-ubiian,
. bunday, ihrea lllustrattoaa, eai bobi o: i>th?r r?i>
rearnti - ? tiBiiie of a town or etty lo.-a'pl tn lha t'nited
m., - ,i . ,.ia. lna ..-"i.irat Bbbbii ..ti ttonday, JlMfl -,:6:h.
i r i.ii . i .'.' tha towna ?i .1 eiilefl t.i i ? i luatrated ai? o -tng
,r i s'bb forh TrtbaBB. .n^ wlll be includad ln Tha
- ? , ia-.,, BIM Bl tOWBfl BR?| ,:'...?>. WBlcB Wlll ba
... ..*c ?iui ralareaee to mnu'iunu t^r uao m tba
Ihe conteat ta opTi to atl regular t?.i.-|era of IBB Daily an-l
i ,4 . n. ing amploytfl Bnd mamban of their
.- it ib only neeeaaary io bcoiu* a
raader . f Tha Trlbuna 1 >.411y ar.d Bunday r,liu.>r.a.
,...-. - *-. m II Ui thi ra reasnted t,
,.,? ,, .,,.? upon tha coupon proalCad tbarafor. Coupoaa m*y ha
rtllrd oul with r ". P'i"'.l. typBWrl er or p'lntoj in any mamer
... c Bt* ataa:, i .- o ? .,:..
\>, . ,, , . intfl arB nof crrta n aa to t'-e n^me of thfl tini
?[1(i c ted thay b II b ? BBrmltt* 1 to aand 8ra BW
M1,,rr M h iach r"'tl"'- lf la* eorract answar ia civaa
. . ,, araptembar 12. 1811
Pl ? priBBB a "
ron. t or 11-??t
a-d tt th? r->nt"8tania aBndlna- In fha
list of nam*B to t!-? anttra a^rlBa of
The rnl
I_b_| ftrtT?Iverlll "^"" ?.ntnmohllea. BI.ISO rn. h
I_$|,|00 Hrnkaner \rl Plaver I'lano.
,%_||.000 \\ e.er nroa.' I oinhlnalion t'Urlriral I'lano.
* ni he |tl?.?e?| ha hanil. BJ f?*>l prilal or ele,-|rlri|y.
B_$8V0 TranrU Baron Arl I'lano.
*_gjgg fhrlalinan BionB' Player I'l .....
B_A??i luii Kr?l?n?ier rianoa. $70O ea.h.
10_*.??<? Iran.U BJBC8B I'laier I'liimt.
II_$1100 I4. .1. in.i I'lano.
||?$!5.o Owen-On.enn Suile.
j:t_|t?B'.'OO I arv. Hrrnnnn !?elB. BIOO r ,. i,
lf,??>!?Ji.ni> llBiniinln Iripa ?u stpant?h)p Herninilian
jft?III?$80 fare) Hrrnnnn l.adieB' Deaka, $10 earlt.
27?16?B.ftO Art ( hlna Import I ompany Breakfaat ??ela, $15
T,?12??f7A0 Arl ( lilna Impnrt fompuny t.nnrheon Sela. $11
127 ? l:IB?$100 Care.i -Hrennan Smokin$ f halra. $10 ^a.-h.
1 r, ?146?$1*10 I arey-Hrennan l.adlea' Rorkera. $10 rm h
147?Igg?$'J0 larey -Brennau Magailne Baakala. t\ enrh.
: ,1 1 ,11 $::.? 1 nken r.lovea to order. $2.60 the palr.
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Tribune Every Day and Enter the Contest While It Is Young.
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