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Company Mav Competc with the
B. R. T. for Contracts for
Operatincj Lines.
Pcssimists Point Out "Hurdles,"
but Optimists Say When Work
Is Once Begun Public Senti
ment Will Stop HoldUp.
? Blmlata began yesterda: to trj to
show how litiir- had actually been a
compltshed iti thr way of acttllng tiir
tranalt problem af th. clty by P"int4ii;
<. .t thi hurdles Ihat Mayor Gajroor could
? . of carrylng oul tha pro
gnuuM bb Iald .)???!?. ln oppoaltlon ?. ?
howavar, thosi \^h<. have been ac?
trtre in accoanpllahtng th.- reaulta alresdj
Bttalned <aii. .1 attentloo t<? tha fa* t thal
f..r fhe flr.--t tii.' ln tha history ,.f thfl
i.ropcsfd rapid transit an a.tuai com
r'r*hrnci??? projrrarume haa been paaaed
by the Boaxd ot EStlmate. Moreover,
thr Koard of Kstimatr has btdl* "l^d that
1 Ib in favnr ?f th.- terma that the
Brooklyn Bapid Tranait Company haa
plSdgad Itaelf ln v.HtirieT as wllllng t>.
, ,-im- out in tha aray of operatlng
'.?id dou 11.
Kiirthrrni.rf. arorh Ifl to ba ac\
atarted in a short tlme on parts of tha
ayatam, contractg for whlch havi
r*agdy baan U t. Th*- optlmlata ln th.'
irnn.-it Htuatmn h"ld to th" vk?W ' I
when clty money had actually b, * n
apent in constructlon p?ir.ic aenl I
??oulrl not rnrniit tho Mayor to hold up
for long thr progress of tba work.
Mayor tJavrtnr has expreased htnvelf
.- hririR oppos* d t>> any operatlng con
tracts ihat earry wlth them <* guarant* ?
..f rrofits for a. prjv-Hir company ?
..f the rarrn-ine rhargaa on tba city*a ln?
vaglmant Tt wlll ho s>>me tlme, how
e ,r_ Trfnrr j| \v\\\ \,o tirrrs^r?' to mtfr
int" ar v Mtrh rontracta 'i'1'0 Mayor*a
polnt of vlew may change t" rbn I
L'nder lh< rapid tranait law conlra la
. [.<? rafn.n of a UlM way he let al
I mr- fibpefpif-nt lO lha leflii-.K of th"
, ontraeta for thr eonatructloit Bul such
ontracta for oparatlon may be dHayr.i
? ' 'oujr as the Publlc Hrrvtre *'ommis
aion ati'i thr- r.'.ni-ii of Esl deem
. dViaal le.
Cdy to Fi*. thg Term*.
Thr- Unea that tha 1 Itj, la to con
nnh jts own money musl ba r";t 1 1
aeparate conatructlon and cquipment,
.- rui any resfarjnatb ?? bldd* r maj pui In a
? *1. Bul the ritv fixea thr. urms of
opera tlon and equlpment, and tha com
;. ? that deairea to Md mual agret to
these terma.
Thr Brooklyn Bapid Tranall ?'."' ?
already roma to an Bgreeinenl with
tho Board <?' Estlmata (tha latter ap
provlng of ? e agreement by 1 ??
H ti. |] ,t* I.. tha tfrnis it is rllllng t'>
r\cr\)t for the operation of the rontem
plated llnes. n la aafa to aaaume tlial
the oontraeta for operation and o'piip
inent that wlll ba prepared wlll be no
If-sa, favorablr f.. Ihe 1 Itj than thOM
Ag\ot<\ upon. The Interborough waa not
?? illlllK t.< a'.e.io tO BUCh trrins. Hnd
?-outd ii?.t bld for tha operation nnd
equlpmenl of Ihe Lexington avenue line
wlthout backing down on thi terma lt
I a?. h<-rn nBkinj; fr.'IIl tlK- 1 :t .
The rlty la under ii" other than a,
mora' obllgatlnn 10 jrno these rontracta
t. thr Brooklyn Rapid Tranait, ao,
? i thr Interborough grani more |ib
< r.ii ronceaaiona t'? .111 thr Brooklyn Rapid
B8lt, M would have a chance of ?.-t
th z thr oontraeta
The flrsl thlng thi Publlc Ser\*ice Com
- <?!) \\\\\ do la 1" Bet its legal de?
partmenl to \?<>;k on forma of contracl
'??r thr operation an.l equlpmenl <<f thr
1 nea, and its engineerlng departmenl at
?>..rk on Ihe preparation of plana and
apeciflcstlona for the conatructlon of the
f;- M
lf is jii ") ? ? the flrat work wlll
?. .:< na on tha revtston of thr plana for
tha Broadway Hne, from Vesey atreel t ?
'.>?)) gtrect. 'n i? waa oartgawally pinnn'-.i
pari of 1 ,. tiiborougb Bystem, and
. ad four trai ka only. Under tha plan
propoaed by the Brooklyn Bapid Tranpit
4 1 traeka will ba noeded aa far aa 9th
-trrrt t'< > :<r?- f'ir thr- nd'litii.nal trafflC
4*. 111 ooaate down Broaadwaty from the
i;:^nid\say-."il>th bii**i lino. To Change
thr numhrr *.f tra'ks ln Rroadwav tha
t'- musl be offlclally Iald out all over
Sr-o'-f^ f'f ni'-n arlll he aanl oul nt onea
? th.- neoesaary consenta nol only
for thr laying out of this* ronte, in:
??r Iho layinf; out ol' th.- other routl
? 1 under lha plan adopted by tba
Publle Bervloe Oonamlsslon ami th?
Poanl of Rsl Imate.
The rommhsdon arlll formally pawi
, ..11 these ri.ufrs by reaolutton; thea
they must >?.- senl t.. tha Board of I t
niat<- f..r approval, and then to iiw
\ia>.>r I"- hia itidi? 1'i.iai approval, ir
riO per renl of the propert) owners along
th*' route Ihen glv? their mnsent th"
route la deemed ofnclally Iald out. If
och consenta cannol ba obtainod ll bi
romea necessan ,n go before th" Appel
lale Dhrlalon of Ihe Buprerae *'ourt.
??hirh ?p)v,iut? commlaBfone*-*fl to detsr
iiiin*' th*- riiM'ssiii of Ihe roi te.
Tnborough Contracts A jproved.
aii <if th. rontracta for ii" constnac<
t.iu *>f th<- ..Nl trlborough route, four of
?? hlrli \srr>' Blgited on l'llda?. ha\ ?? been
Rpproved by th. Corporutlon <'?? .n^.-i.
H lt Ih deeased advtsnble !?> < hsnge tha
. oiit?-.'ict8 011 BCCOUnl d Ih-- <1< t< 1 mlna
tj -f Vo change Ih*. sl/.e ?>f tho Lorc und
readvert?aa ih.-m, tha Corporatlon <'<>iiii
?>?] may wlthhuM hN i-ons. i.l.
Tha Corporatlon Counaal mual flrst
approve all contraacl forms, for con*
Btruettaa aa wall as f?.r aqulptnenl and
..ptratioti. Thus tho Mayor hus it ln hls
j.:w*r throvgh his appotntea, tha Cor
poratton Counsel, to hoid up ih<- prograaB
.'. lha mpld transit work. How f;?r pub
|jr Beiillrnrnt >vould hrar ?,lth him in
aoch ebatnagtaon is n aaatter t.? ba <i?
t< rmln?'d 1 att I
*>nr hranrh <>f tha vork upon whlch
the Publk Banrtea Comrelaaiaa wlll bo
Bin as B*?on n? posslMe arlll b*J tlio Irt
"~>a; ot cootra* bi for ti"- extenalon uf
Lord & Taylor
Ifjundcd Itl26
Sale of Brass Bedsteads,
Mattresses and Springs
325 High Grade Brass Bedsteads
Various sizea and finishes, besl lacquer, straighl and
,1 posl niodcls, 1 to 10 o. a atyle
at $12.50, $15.00, $20.00, $27.50
<>>;(! S2S00. S3J..^0, !?40.00
wcrc up t*
South American llair Mattresses
Full Si/r $17..S0 Value $24.00
'Roll Edge ElasttC Felt Mattresses
S9.-S0 VaJue $11.73
/ rpbohtered Box Springs
Kxcclknt Gradc $10.00 Value $13.50
l/eaiy Woven Win Springs
$4,150 Valuc $6.00
Broadway & 20th St.; 5th Ave; 19th St.
II? Fourth svenue aubway from ?ntii
ntreci t-> 65th Btreet Bouth Brookiya
Tha i I apeclflcatlona for this
srork fa ?? aln dy I ? ?
\ o ? ? \M.rk of aii vatli k f ??? Saa
Beach, Culver and Weat End llnea of
the R R. T. to < nneel ? 'tli Ihe Fourth
bway aill 1"" puahed rapldly.
Xbis ? tlon r ork la to ba done hv
the B. R. "i". Itsi If. Thi ? or pai * mual
rertlflcate frora thr- Publlc Barvlee
ComTnlaalon ;ir*i tha Board of Batltnata
to do the elevatlnar, bul aa tha routi 8 ara
. ? . ?; ? r aill have no Indl
vidual poaer of holding up tl'" work,
\ gai |.;. ..?' the aay In ??? h i h tba
\i. ? or ? ay I ??'>'! up th- la) h.g oui ol
new routea is la be asan ls tha caaa of
the eonnaetlon betwean the Brlghton
Beach Une ni Malbone atrael .111*1 the
Fourth Bvenui aubway bj way ot Flal
bueli avenua 11 b?a been approved by
the Publlc Bervici Comrnlssloii and the
Board of Estli iste, a d for 1 ?o moi ll a
now haa baan awaltlng the approval of
the Ma: or. ii- --1- 11 ld It up, probably
with the i'i* . 1 ' r< talnlni a mw h powar
,,\, r the Bltuatlon aa poi 1 Ible.
Moal all of the . Itj ofhV lala ?-? * ra oui
,,f town ! 1 Bti rdaj. n - llng from tba
gtrenuous labors of tha week. Thej wlll
tiik.e a nea hold and map out the work
o! gettlng thlnga In motlon to carrj oui
the programme to-morrow.
Tl e flftb contracl for consti uctlon i"
Lexlngton avenue, arhlch araa approved
by tha Board of Batlmate, li thal award
ed to Charlea H. Pei kworth. Ha wlll
put up hla bond and tha eontracl wlll ba
algned thi fir,!* r-f lha ?? ? ? n<* aaya
hi li all n ady to go to a
81 jan ? -. liOns h -and, J ?
Gaynor to-day gavi ? I
st.-.i< menl aa to tha i uba i
i ?'.. ? r ? o ? ? | the Board '
F>tlmate irled In i
i, of no uae 'i hej wted Ifl l fnll
Brt 01 Priday. but 'tn givi me t Bt d
? i ' - :
nol kn< a Ihey a ere . - l I
?| ? ,. itatemenl ol a
day, howc l <-r. it vn v ?
!,, B-apapi i acco intfl I hari
.- ' i - ' l .
v.ntrai t waa ? ade wtl tb* I
li n Rai ;'i Tranall ??? any nthi
'i ha rontratrffl foi r.n i
routea were awardi d. thal
plated the routei he
I , ibfie ... petltli ii for bi nperato
ai iimple ? ihinB *?? " ;,) be
lf i ? ,-n an attempl ahould he ?
. gi-.-e ihe Brooklyn Rapid Tranall
i terhorn igti i r-ulu
I wlll ha up I " : ' ?
be it'i ompliflhed
official BLAMEfl niiGRTM
, Baya Dead Siiprrintciulcnt Oarjaad
Fatal Trolley Crash
., . ;,. v. i . ? ? B Cororiar WT.
ii Trai aj . "f i * ? aty, wl i - t
? -.. hold a" Inqtieal * ? lha deatha ol
l' .i riiwi Im, ? : ' tei dei t, ?? ?'? '*
}\ ti ; inaon, motormai .
- ?. In ? head-an * ol
Halon on the North '?
' i . mpai ? 'a Une at Rldgewood
laalatai I Proae* ut< r Jol n H Kal i '
. t ii.,- .,. - aa< k, F.-ii'i te da lhal froi
Informatlon ?t hand Mr Pll n lm a
Iblame for lha fatal ae Idenl bj taklng i4
v.ildeat trolley 'm orer lha alngla tra k
Stern Brothers
To-morrow, iScmUAnnual Salc of
in thc various w.I- and Inishca, for
Hed Rooms, Liv5ng Rooma, Dlning Rooms,
L1brar.es, also Uphoistercd and Fancy Ptecca
At Unuaual Concessions in Priees
Sclcctions mad? will bc held for futurc ddivcry if desired.
Redsteads and BedcUnc:
llrass .-iiitl Enamelled Bedsteads,
Spccial Black Hair Mattresses,
Upholstcred mikI Wbven Steel S)>n.i?s
At Decided Reductions
A Clearancc 5alc of
Summer Rugs and Mattings
Veranda Mats.
i?arlislkdcsigiis..ibyf?ft.to9b3 12 ft., al 5,2.65 to 14.90
Hcrctoforc $3.75 to 21 00
Homespun Rugs.
... Uf,'.,o9l.3 12 fl., ? $4'51) ' ^'50
ii,n[,,i .rc $6.75 i" 27.50
Bundhar Wjlton Ruggi
Kcpulai Prici $40.00, ?? ?26.50
French VVilton Rugs,
,, |M , i .-. Rrgular Pricc $55.00, al 35.00
\|sl) n? lUniaiiidcr of China and Japati Matting
\i | .il.. pai Rcductions.
Wcst 2 ttl a n d 2 2 d Strccts
and nothlng to lose. We promisc to save you at
least one liall II you order from our remnant sale.
Suit ol thc fineat material to mcaaure $18.00 or coat
and trouacra $16.00. Separatc trousers Including
whltc and atriped flanneli $5.00. They are ours if
th- atyle and tailoring are not up to your expcctatlona.
.. . ?
>?'?'?'' ,, en
? ?
. . ? ? .
? aaa i ?-.
'' |B ri
U. S. Department ot Agrtculture,
J'* Ft *\
(??Ormervaliom ?akrn al 8 r m ,7Mh ?*?_? '"?*?
ro( ?4 ur rrdured lo *?a tt.ti.
BJBBflM, cor.tm.ioua BBBB, pa" BBflflgfl po""* ? BBBS ?lr
i4.itwrna. <orml Baaa, t?**Z*Pt2f)?*2s****l****
.,?.,?. gfiwaeal, W ttm, t_-enn?. ?JI and IflOdfi
O tl*.'; 0 y>?>1 O.alv. #Cioudv. R P?
M Fepori aaBBBBL lUBBarsBy arag M *'"<i
T,fBlliC.irf? "dimlf tfmprnturf,4?tr.nd 24hour r
?tahon of 01 mch ot moif .1..* 24 hourf. tnd.ng 8 p m
XtcVy hitd ? md vf lix.ty ?M"? 10 or morf bMh ptf hoiir
B P. U. U"T KiOHT.
.1 l'.?. i.ii.ii.,,, |>au
lo, Thta Monih.
ii il 4.5A l",ihar
BM P.M in J8V*0
I 0.4J3 ln 1910
nniriai aai?a no.! v,.r4v??i. a/aaSilasiaa
jul-- 82. rii. win-!. aloaa Ibe N'? Baalaad
oaaal erlll ba Ughi '? raadarale flreal; aaldale
ah latte eoaat, iiKht vartabl*, ?aeetli arei
aaajth attaatlc coaat, it*-tit weat, aaeest v
rlaaifl aa tbe aaaatk KinrMa eoaat: eaat riuif
.-..rtM. Ilghi '.iri.ii>; 44-fli i;u:f reaat, BBed*
erale aourh, BB tl" l">4*r l.ik'-a. llR>t \nrlaMe.
?ad en lha apper lahee, moderata rarlable,
i.ro!..ii.iv ahMttaf to aortk Baaday Blgbt, v4iti.
gqaalla aa i.ak- Mlehlgan
Xae i..;"!... Mi. depreafllea thal ?mi Btrer lha
M Laarraaefl Vellej I ,;,i i aa aaaaed la ihe
Caaadtan MarlUfae Prealaeea aad Frldaf
Big M ra'ifl-<l BhliajeiB la the mlildle AtUn'.e
?iM Neaa BtHfland Btataa mul Haturrtay ln
Maine. Anoih-r dipieeelen t.:t? ereflsed the
Roeky M.iii.ii.ili a anrt ri.nv rm.ri thr pl.ilia
al.lt-a. It h.ia baaa -'it'ii'l, rl I.v local raln.
,,','r iba atateaa unn. Hai i-j Maaatala rrgiorg
?ad Ihe I'lnWia atrtl'-a.
i/>- ai Bbaarera eaattaafl la Ihe Gvtf nnd BeaCh
Aii.li.ri.- Btatea TaflaaaaalflHraa eonttsaa a?aa>
....... ihffe*aabairi Ihe eaaatfy, *>?-? i.t in ib* .4
ii. im u.ii.\'M. Hh.ie ii.i areatbflf i? asain
vir Tr"- weather ib ronaldi .
on i-'rfia v 11. iha Northa ? a
n.< atatarteara lhai i ??? rovera ls* ataina
Btatea ?UI adraaca la Um MIbbIbbIppI \hII>\? In
tka n-?' tweaty fast hoara aad ba attandi ?
Bay by ibaflraaa in Um plalaa atate* iha MIbbIi
4i;r' Vaii.y atnl tiio Bfloer t\k< raajfeBB,
sui .ia?- niKht an-l Mondaj in ft.- Obm VbUbj aad
lowar lak* raclon. Ixval ahow.-ra aiB ?I-.? ? r-.t
BMl In tlif <Jiilf an-l B..11H1 AtlBntH? at*'-'
,..|'t i.i North Carolina In Um HiMdle itlantlc
and N-?? Knfliand alataa iha arealhai ?ui ba falr
- ? ..,-. bi ?! .'ia* ' ? M ? ' ? ?. arhlle '.???!' lha
Rockj Mountaln ann plataau raglona falr t
wlll pr.vail Hnnilay and Monda Tampcratun-a
mim r,ot ehaasB matarlaJ ovar lha I i ?
.iiatn.tB rturiiia Um neil fort) rtfhl houra v
t haiigBj to Iobvbi letnpai atui ra a ili ovarBBraad tlr
mld.1l<- ilalna Mai.-? mul Ihi uppar Mll
Valley Bunday, and lha loaaai ? ?. Ihe
Ohlo Vallai and lha !?!.? raalon .M..n.u>
I or? BBfll for >|i?rtal I ocalillra I : \. -?
EBgtBBal, f.i.r t.> '!?-,? a .1 prOBBM] .M"ti'l.i) ,
M'.'lBrata UBBBBefatura; :!K|lt ?,f. wiiida.
Kor Kaatarn New Yoik. Doaltrn l'.nnavl
New J'raa?. DsaBiaare, HaryfeUad, Um luatrlrt ,.f
roluml'la and Vlrginla. f?n l*i 8881 MflSgay un
aattl?d. li'.t mu.-h 'haua- ln leBflBfltBtSTfll liKlit
v.BBt a* ItirlB, baoOnlRS TBTlflhU
r.r Weatern Paaaaylvanla H"i Wtatern N< w
,. . istaa ? kniaiiieaa ." <ia>. aaahahl rei
, . -,-.!,,. m. i -ii... al eari
?.,...- ? '-I- . M-"i-la-.- -' ?
laea ?-. ' Blted Bt <"-??
i.hi aua, lah n al v P " I eet< r-im . r? ? 11? ? 4.* :
, .,i T' mpei -iiiire. \\ aa Ihi r.
A Ui
Atlantli * n>. '8
Hiaton. W naai
BulTala . 13 il..ii.lv
I'hlrago . 18 ' load)
.N- w - irli .ma. ?"'-? ' louaj
m; ' I.-., 1
Bt. l.'Mllfl
\\ aei.lnai'.i
Lataal uiii.iai Keo.nl. Tba ralloarlns flflbelal
1. .1 (rom in- a/aathef Raacaa ihowa lb*
ebaagea In tempeaatun tor ii"- laal taraati faaar
houra 1.?,.,.,> ir-- ?? aith thi curreepoadlaa datfl
1.. 1
laui isii,
"i 77
?.? '
a n.
4 |. n 88 >
Hflfbeai leiBperatarfl reatarda 18 degreea;
I-.'..??. 1.1 m.i.iK'. 71. areragfl for earraepoiHl
log .iai<- in.- I itreraafl r..r cofreapondlng
date ih?i unn irir. / ? : i
1 1 ? r .11 .-? laj M'Mi.ii.v 4iti?. mi. 1
i,-.i .h .-ii.tnn" in 1. mi . i.i.irr, iiaju arrat
m Inti , 1 ? ? ommg i.u ... '*
i nLurvi i oiK* s i t/\rvi tno.
r- ? DAT.
\-.-.. ' ' M
' . ? 17 R D WI
.... ? - - -i
? i , ? . ? ? ? .
. A 11
, War-i
? II '
-..,: ?.
.... . ._,
? . . . i ? -..
V .
? -? . . ?;?... j ?? -, r
? \ i r
?' Iff, Juhr io
? . . ' 8...I v ?
< S'aplea. July 18 \
. - . ? a
-..??? || do Pae
'.7 M
? - I' - ? ? . r
' ? . IS i ?
i . . . | ,
I i: i ? \\ I
. ? ? ,
v ' .. ?
? ? ' . . . ? II
a .
Ita I \<-?a.l
v.,.flt I".ii-ijii n. l ire. eloaea aalli
Klngai lt II 8 I1 - '-? a n 11 00 -. an
afOMDAT, r: i i .,
KflrowtJne.Pa .bo.ROW 1.11:80ata 1:00 pai
ii B8DAT, .11 I
K r . i- ... i kol . 10:08 a m
'.i 08 ii in
1 II 30a m :? oo p m
l - - i : ? ..? loa, Prlm ?. 18 ifl) m ?-< ?'.
, Hol-A io on i m
1 ' - ?- avi ?. r*ij da . : on ?? i
?' ? ' M nts ? Bav, Bar.. : ... k. ,
rjeetlnatlon and fltaaraer. Cloaala N f pai
lalan .-. N< a /.. .iiand. a>i? ?
Ka . I,..., A..., i;.... ... , | ??
ii...-.i, (via, r-Hii Fraaclaco) tloae
? ?.??.July '.'l. ii 30
Japaa, Oorea, < hina (via s.attle)
laaba Mara .July 27, 6 ,io
- hlna. Phl Ipplnea ivia
? ?* of In.iiH . .Julv 88 8 ::o
ILtvall l.pan Oorea, fhlna ivia
i i i an l*<... Manchurla July S8 8 80
? in Kr.tii. laoo) W'llliel
Julv t| i, M
:; iliiani Phl Ipplnea ft 1i Ran
iiaii. imui V s tranaport July .11 .; .??'?
? 'orea. i hlna |vM Tacoma)?
, *??! ' .Iuiv8i, |:8B
' i tl, Mai , .- aa, ? ..u lakuida ivm
Han Pran i ? .-? Mai Ip aa 4-ir i | |g
lm an i lon .. i Mu.i |i u Beattie)
i'i''"ii"1"* .lag i 8 88
Port of Now York, Baturday, July 22,
umivri ?
, "'??'? ? ''an panla iBri, Uven. i ... ia
.-. ?? ih. iMnarn f, .
_**_" ??? ???'- pa< f. ? ,?,.,
arrlv44d ,, n . nai al i 08 ,i >n
.-..;?.,,., S.i? ?,. .;,,.,,,?,,.. Ju, t ^
? v"? rorfc and i uha Mail s. i .. ?.,., .-,
;.r,.;';v:,;,"i":,",:" x'" ?? ?" ?? ??? ???
Hieanirr Indramayu iBrl lloifa pfai 28 , .-,.?
ii" li K.11.0M .iu,,, ,;, Babang P r?nii ial ai
Olbi na. .lulj 8, IUfl?ton n, tn )?,,,.. n K(j k'
''" ""'i i"-' ?< Irrlvad al Ihe iui ;> ,i m
Hteaiiiei [y>vatahken iNor) plymouth Iui I
i ? Jul) 7 t" Rarhei v Co, .(i.i, mdee. \, '
rlvr.i ar ihe ll.., r,i >, ,, ,,,.
htea 1 ,-r Aparhe, Jarasaat .IU Ju|. n ?,?.
' >'?'"? ?-"?11 80 '-- Ihi ' 'I"!. Ha '?... irllli |?aaei
fl*'1'" aad ni li ? Paaaa : In Quaranti .
.1 1,1
?:" .' I'rlnraau Anne, Newpoal \ aa ??ad
Norfolk. lo 11.. "ii nomlnton Ha * --. wlrh pafl l
- iisbi -".-I md* !?.?-. 1 ni Quarantlm 2 80 '
1. in
Bteamei Altantaha, QbItbbIob July 0 and
Rrunawlch t". i" lha T. ?.,a ntjr .^m i-?, witti
?dai Paaaed In l)uaraatJBa 1:86 p m
ataacner iTuyaboaa IBri, Rotterdam July l? to
tleomi vv IM1..11, iu ihIIhki Arrived 11. tha Bai ,
ui 8 88 p .11
St.,111111 PrlBfl 'ler Ne.lerlanl.il ilmi.-ln, Am '
aterdam, Paramarlbo, ?". to runcti, Bdye 8 ?"?
aa i ii.? Royal I'ui'ii Weat Iniu Mail, wiih paa?
aengera, iiliIik and aadae. Bouth <>r i;.. liuii
.1 ,r il BJ p 111.
Htaauaiei :;r Paul, BeaithaniBitoa aad Cberbaara
Jul) la, i" Ihe linerlraa Une, arlth i ?.-.?>? i.k^.m
malla aad m'i.- i ...ntorM aallaa .un <.f Kira
li ? .i ,.i t_t |, i.,
Bteamer Pieiklenl UbcoIb ?"ier?, Hamborg
July l^'. n.'iiii'Kii. ai-I BouthajBpton 1.1, .. ii.
Hambufa Aii.'rii nn line, v?-111, .-177 rabln Hmt
7Vl ale.-raae MflBflflflBflfB ?*i! in-li- ArrlVI I Bl
iii. Bar ><t i 88 p '"
Bteaaaer > i,. ?.ir??1*.. Baltlmore, i,, n,,. v,. vv
Tora ar.-l Balilmori Tranaport a tlon ro, vu.i
ind?e. Panae.l ln 'j-i.iniiitln- 7 'Ju ,i m.
?aad) ll"*.!!. N .1, Jolf '-"-'. B:SU , ? Wkad
... i'I.w.ki. Ilghl iareeafl; elaar; iight aea.
Meanura i?..iii.< iiiri. Llwiaaal; PnaaMeal
iira.it ,4;. ri. iimiihuia. ABtlllaa, \.-? Orlaana;
H \ I...'keni i, h. smu riian. Havaaa, Havaaa;
a. -i'jyi.. Charleetoa, Brunankk. Bte; .Mumab.".
Stern Brothers
To-morrow, a'Clearance Sale of
Womcn's HusYm Undergarments
nf the mosl dcM.ablr matoiials. plaitl pf trimtnol with
liiph gradc cmbroi<lcrics and laces.
?,?? 85c 1.. 4.95
50c " 2.50
75c 3.25
98c " 3.95
Corset Covers,
Pett.coats, " 1-75 *' 6'9*
Prncess SHps, " IM 5M
An.l in addition
Combinations, frotu *J.25 i 4.75
An Extraordinary Purchaae of
Women's Bathiing Suils
with fitted skirt. kimono slcevea and cxtra gusset,
Mohair, in black and navy, with i Duchessc Satin, in black ^nd
striped gatin sailor collar and tic, : navy, shawl cflfccl in polkadoti,
. ?" $3.65 ' ?" $4.75
Value $5.50 ^ ^,i;r $8.75
t'onsideraMe Reductiotuj have aK<? been made in
Prices of Large Sixe Bathing Suit*.
SEO >XD 1 LO< >K
An Important Offering of
Dress and Sinting Linens,
Lmporled v01]es and Organdies
Irisli 1 iress I.inciis,
36 inches wide, yam dyed in desirablc col
Imported Vnilrs ind Organdies,
ni Rgtired .in<l tVral designs,
Regular \ alues 55?" to 75c Vard
Kreiich Suiting Linens,
l? inchea wide, comprising Ramir and Shantung
wcaves in a complete ran^r *?f shades,
Homespiin Crasheii and Automobile Snitings,
.?t. inclies wide, in white. cream an.l
natural, also black and white mixed,
Reeular Values 65c to 85c ^ ard
, 29s
it 38
Umbrellas and ParasoJs
Umbrellas, Value $\00. at^l.95
Fleav) fwilled Silk. with Xattir^.I and Mission Wood llandle
l-'arasols, Value .$2.7\ .n51.85
IMain raffeta Silks, Hemstitched and Flowered Bordcrs an<
Insertions, also i.rcen TatTeta Silk.-, with Parro. Handles.
Exceptional Reductions in the
liosiery Departmen ts
Men's Half Hose
1 i'<irtr.l Lisle Thread, iti desirable Sumtner i qC
shades, enibroidcred, double soles, Six Pairs $1.00 Pair ?"
Value 50c Pair
Women's L'sle and Silk Hosc
I" ported Lisle tn tan* an*l Mark. with tjartrr ncC
ops, double spliced soles and heels, Si\ Paira $1.40 Pair ****
Value 35c Pair
Gauze Lisle iti white, tan and black, ^Z.C
double spliced soles, garter t..;>-. Three Prs. '1*00 Pair -33
Value 50c Pair
Finesl qualtty Gauze Lisle, in white, tan ami black,
double solea nw\ toes, ?ieop garter t*.p.
Value 95c r.iir
I'ure Thread Black Silk TI<?r. garter
tops, double spliced h<le soles, Six Paira $4.35 Pai
Value $1.00 Pair
?air 65C
Imported Decorative Lj.nen5
At One-third to One-half Below Actual Value*
Real Madeira Eiand Rmbroidered Linens,
French Elandmade Cluny Laee Trinimed
Centre Piece?, nt $2.25 to 5.25
Dreaaer nnd HufTrt Scarfs, 4#5q ?? ? ??
West 23d and 22d Streets
,nn Luadna; BIBIrta <??*r?. Klngaton; MeaBeaa
,li il' Nai)l**a; El Alr.*. Oalvt-Bton; llainllti.n,
s-,Vf'uiw and ttewpori Nawa: HaMna, h>y Waat,
'.,.'? Marla LulflB ?l'*.rtt. Llsbon; Clty of SI
i^.iiiB flavaaa?h; Mtuaala iRuaai, i.ibau; *'al>'
, ,,i,' ,nri. QIbbbow; Ban Jactnto, <iaiv>*at<>ii:
,, . ,, ;, .nn, Bermttda; F\ar\ i? iKn. Havra;
Ktorfond iN*bt). I.labon: Ventura r|? Umm,
,ii,, ilontevldeo; iMawar.-. Phlladelphta; ??v
v.irk eVnithampton; uueen Mary iiiri, mnhj
Ivrea Ma?U* IBr?, RewBOrt N**., Chayenne
illrl Sa.nn.i; I'alila Hlrk.. I'lravia. Kruonlaml
tBcliu. aatararsi rtat% tNaty, sama.
i;,,,?i,. .ni'' 2\. 7 p m Oflflega WaflhlBartBa
iflaO, N?* ^ "rl. ? la I'lynmutii nii.l r|,.,
Oeeaa, J"1?' ,p TH.niiiina iltali. 1'hiladair.hla
aad N"w rark.
ItiitiBr.lain. 'uly 22. Ifl * m fotadam (DaCch)
N'bbi- York ?la Hmiloftn*..
Mnfm?or?. 'Ulyjl U-.s^rlo (Rr), N>w Vork ?ta
AlBl.-ra f.?r Manlla.
Ifaihourna, Jnly 81 it..^f. i* (Oae). ?? York
vla Itape To?n. Kromaiitl*. etr.
?..kn-nunili, Jnli- 18 -Aro?-d AinaJnca, lOar)
N?w T..rk hiiu Norfolk x la i
Monrovia ' '* ?? l?* 1'a'maa and
Meflaina, JU|V t__ ?.,_. ,.,
l^ll'.e. .TUU ? H'-vVuVj.^'V''^
IS B.l,|. ,|UUI,H, Ryj**^. go Ter,
I.lverp.,,,1 ju,v jo..,.^,. R
gneaaatoarn: Itsaretaaai',,Nr\ Tor? ?"
. via Queenatown u,e,Hala IB?, Nea Isfk
I>over. JU|V 22. 7:1.1 n m v j, .
_, 'fron, Antwert'l. V,!v TbbbT^^^1 ,R?,,,
SouthBltiptoti. Julv 22 IB.4B
Nev. Tork viai l~erbourgP " -1^8 8888818.
notterdani. Julv 23. lo a m n-...
Kaa* York vla'pou," ^' l{0,"""1"m iPut.rh'.
'ien.,*. July 10 I.ul,U?a liah ? , .
VBtwerp, Jai* <.-2. o a ,? ;.' "! . Nf Wk
V'.rk via Wer ^"""Ifli.-I iBelg.. Nrw
*'ar.lirr. julj rji ,-,!? ...
*'ape Town! i-.lv B?b5S5 7& NV* v"rW
N>v4 v..rk.. hBroanti> ?*. **? ,Hr) " ""
HHI-aiv J..I, 8, I.-1 t^'W^-Kga Vrk. <
Pfrriiu. Julj 81 Ad.iiiatn.,fl. ,,.
Mh Alglerj. for * ?tn__r*rrt \>w Tork
rork Ma l'urt bald lor?zH".** tlitt, N.w

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