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"Bloody Antietam" Checked General Lee's First Invasion of North
Charge and Recharge Surged
O'er the Trampled Field
Where Dead Lay
Piled Like Com.
T1IF. 1 attle of Antietam *'r. ek. or
Sbaipsburg, ns tha '"otifcdrratcs
caUsd it. foughl "a gaptembar it,
tfjg araa a tactlcal vletary for MeClenan
aad tha Army of tha Fataaaac, for it was
foDowed by tha return el Laaa * rarard tiie
Bouth. it gava Prasklent Llneotn ih<- op
portualty ha wtobed (or laaulng tha alatorlc
Kmandpation Froclnmatlon.
FsOowtag ui>cn th. aaeeflnl batti- nf Ball
Itun. Lsa, ?\<r rpafiy to tak<- advantaga ot
nn opportunlty, deeldad to press forward
Into Marylnn.l. The people nf that atate,
Im gatherad from ancn reports bb he re
?.i\.il, arera mifferlng dire oppr.'Ss!r>n rt
the BSnfla of th'- 1'nioii aad ripe for Jolnlni
th" t'onfederaey if only th< y had a drllv
ii'i and hall" a chame. Much would be
aalarfl If tha tonsnrt lon with lha vTest
by way of the Baltlmora t^ Ohlo Railroad
couM be cut.
u< drcaaanl ot ren^hine; llarrfaburg and
th"i" flaatroytng the long Pennaylvanla
3iaiiroad bvldge acroaa the Buaqashanna
. ouM i"' ba f I lar< ,1 .|iii klv, ;ii.<i
BJm <;ieat t^?k<H would be th.- <>'iiy other
Northern route joi.-iin*; tha Baal and the
Waat Then ht couM awlng in 'ht dircc
iion "f Phfladelphls, Baltlmore or Waah
I . ::s rlrcumatancea auggeated Morc
. t w,is ;i t-mi'tatlon t<> I..K l I la army
tt.wnn.il m regtoa overflowlng with fatneas,
i ihe Cenfederste asfcller crull hardly
V, pxpectgd io be .i good Oght*,r oq an
, \ ..I. h.
11, \ nu i" i mll ted ll ? ?? tre ?'? ith- j
, o turn back. I ?e* t"" c perhapa
j ? ....-r thfl Fstomae
, iburg betwi ? n h. stember I and .
i ? .i enca 'in ed i rlck. The army i
waa BUade up *>f the tommandfl ot L"nc-1
i'iih nnd "Stonewall" Jaekson.
it i'n had \ red'iirk ?'ii a Baturdaj On
i awlng day "Btonewair* Jaekson
?? i.i" town and. folkrwlng his nsuai;
tustora *"i a Bunday, attended a rellgkma
4 i |t ia reported that, as ugoal, he also
r. i aaleep, doabtlflsa from tha fatlgue or
aad .nd not bear th* praj -
. . ux>.<<\ by tha elergyman for ihe Union
, ?. prayera whteh, under lha rlrcum
t .4. wera not bo gt-.at a ifetnooatratloo
, iregA i. t domlnte ??a.. afterward
? 1 ?.(th hiivliiK eahiblted.
it regulred only iw>> <ih?b tor Lea to
dlsrover lhai Mai? land was not ao ' Mor
oug 1? antbralled as t<> ta bi aearch of a
- r fiotn the horrihie Yaiik<-?s and lo
;? . that Harper'a Ferry would nol drop
* to hia lnp llke an overrlpa pesr. Tha po?
?i i.f Harper*a Ferry waa essentlsl to
t ? ai icceaa <>f his plana. for it hi.ioiI at Hi*
, ? way to lh< Bli* nandnak Valk i. upon
whlch h*. depended for his route ot com
pionlestlon wltk Rl hmond nn*i tha Bouth,
J:<-Mng npon Met 'teltan'a Btownesa ol BC
I Bnd tallevhia that Harper'i Ferry
ader McClellan'a eommand, ba eount
? ! upoB the prompt evscusUon of that
; by its gsrrlsoa of mora than i
twalva thouaand man II araa ander thej
? of Qaneral llallcck, and had re
celved ordera to i-iick t<> the laat gun. lt '
?aary to detach a forca at leaat
aa ni-cat as that ol tha ganiaoo, snd
ewall" Jacka >i waa detalled io per
form laa laak al capturlng lha plccc.
On Tueaday, Beptember a, General T.ee
I an order gtvlng uirt.-ti ma lo Oen
3a kabn, UeLawa and Walker as t*>
tne parta ? were to plaj ln tha taklng
of tha i':iloa garrlson at Harper'a Ferry.
Thla has become celebrated as the "l.ost
i it detalled ln predae form the
posltlon, at its date, of every portlon ot
. rate army and th* Ir movemi ata
for tha next Bva or als daya I'oaaeaaed
<? tba ir.foriii.ition it contalned. McClellan
hava bi ? ti aMa by prompi i ctltw to
attaeh Lee*a army. cut ahaost In two hy
i ? detachawnt ol troopa to t. ke n?r
per'a Ferry, before thla detachrocnt could
Martine Says H
New Jersey's Farmer Senator
Expects to Accomplish
"a Great Deal for
the People."
Bgj JflflflM B. Morrow.
WilKN" ba i1- at home, if thr train
tir.i. arnl the renl 8StSt8
nita ar? temng tha truth.
ra i: Martlae prenouncad Marteen?la
y..ii% BBhautaa from Wall Btraet roiitieaiiy
i fUBCtlonally, the illstanee Is ImmsSB
Btblcally. t< ", no doubt. And yet
Bjiv Martine, aneaay ol Bpseumttoa?> foe
b Bfl of truMs, la a Baastor of tho United
I Then why akouM Kaassa, half
\. acroaa lha eontlaent, avar he in douhti
Btrsager than his geography, or hls ex
i ?;.??-, bowever, is Mr. Martlne'S
m.nt. He is n farmer. he declarea
um.! piougha In hia Belda aad aaaaa his n?opa
> Ithln lha zor.e and e? i-n the ahadow of
Under thr- guns of the
? .-> ot money. one ran aay. he gBTBara
whlch ht- growa and Bvsa in securlty.
AH < ha nifs f..r adooa,
? How many Umaa were you a randldate,"
l . k. il hlm, "beforo you were ol.oBtn by
t . lorate?"
ln reply t<? jrour fpiestion," he aald, "I
|oa to underMand that I never took
? Boialaatlns bacauaa i hopad to beneflt
". \ should have gaasaaad James K
M.,'ti:... if tii.it had baaa hia bIbb. My
1 urpoao from Bral to last ?vas to rtpresent
nnd elucidflto Democrati*: prinelplea. rJo I
aasaraf Four times far th? Naw Jaraay
lloiue *>f Hepr s<ntatl\es-; four t mes for
tba Nsw Jarsay Baavate; once f>>r the
BBayoralty af PlateflaM, ami th'-r-e tinies
for a sr-at in Ctaggraaa Alao, I was up
twlce, BO, IbrtOa, before our utate ron
vrntlon for the pubernatorlal munlnatlon.
AVhoiever I ran. 1* t me ?a?, I radUOBd the
DepubHcaa plurality. ciittliig It for * on
Kress on one occaslon from 1,111 to 5?X)
Ta courage and zeal. thrrefore. muat be
ndded pertinacity. 1'ndlM.eartcned, Mr.
Martine kept on talki::K' und elucldatlnjr.
l'lnally. amid tbe BBBOke of factories, the
vapor of mllU and th*' Hare of forges,
furnaces, and potterlea-^lth no one ex
Iiectlng lt, not ewn his friends?he rhttor
laatad hlmsalf into one of the highe^t and
th'.i.est honors of hls commonvvealth. A
aalf-aashar aalght hava lavsntad or appro- \
prlated a new and BBdUCtlfB lsaue or havo j
aasaagad his poiitics. a quitter arsadd have i
r*tun.<<l to hls jilomch and prunlng hook. ,
TIiub around Plainlldd and elsewhcre in
Nsw Jaraay. paaaaaaa who know Jaaaaa k.
NaillOB have aald that he ls an hon> st and '
xialstent man. Iloneat, but BBSOUBd.
.Vinlable, but lmptu* tical.lc Kloquent, but
I araalaaa. And ever gfagaang far what j
gjfl i.ills "the iieople'B rule."
Manv eutrsges have baaa aeaaanltted ln \
ti o aaaaa of tha i < opk ? i
i mi property. I'nt Miirtine. in the Jnd^- I
..f hia netghborB, blg voiead and ner
voualy actlasb a Uadly rharadar, ??a* not
. .otis. Pradstory wealta ragarded bim
aa the entertalnlng roanadtag ol local poH<
ilca The buay Incorporstora contlnued ta
iBjcarparale. avstar Bot ed Into the atocka,
Hverj wheel and every lever la tiie Demo
srstle machine waa working admlrabty.
1 j.ttii appaared WOodrow Wllaon, tbeoreu
Thg valley of the creek on whose western bank tho battla occurred Is shown in the middle ground.
iReprinted* from ?'lTarBeT'fl Weehly" throaah lha eeurteey af tha pebUahera.)
aceompHah Its purposa and rei im lo hla
Oeneral Walkar waa so impreaeed with
tho dlaaatroua ixmaeaiueBcea whli h mlghl
foIloW tlio l"S.a of this order th.it i ? plnned
it iii?i*le hla coat, and Oeneral Lona trael
menioiiz.-d tba order an.l Vchewed it up,"
an iie ramarked afterward, The Ihree
bod laa ol troopa wer.- to mareh toward tiie
terry by dlfferenl routea Tbal ef Jack
t-nn was tr>v\.i-d the weat, paasing through
Krederi.-k. orer the Catoctln Mountalnn
and through the gap ln Bouth aseuntata,
h-vmi'i. Then he was to s"Iiik around
toward Harper'a Ferry in aueh a way as t..
get lontrol of tho f"W,i! KHrriion Bl Mar?
t naburg
I'p f'om i*-e rr'a-l'-i-" ? r'- . Brltll eorn.
ee thal e?..i Beptemh*r naorn
The , luaten d F| IrfB I ' Prl I'rl. k BtBI I,
Deep aralled bi tba bllla ol Harj
rP ina .tree* raraa thi Rebel traai .
s: ? ewall Jai ka n i g al
That parl of Whlttler'a "Bai i
FYletchle" descrlblng Jarksoa'a drpartoro
fnr Harper'a Fsrry la correct. Tha in-I
dent neareat In character to that de. .
eecurred in thr viiiatze of Mlddletown. on
the other alde of the Catoctln Mountalna,
wbera iwo very pratty Blrla wlth red,
white nnd blue ribbons Boatlng from thel
halr and amall Unkm fi:i*c In thelr hapda
rusbsd from a bousa aa Ja. kn.m ap
proached and, runnlng down to tha eurb
atona Isughlngly waved thelr fln.es 4efl?
antly ln hla '
JacJuwn bowed, ralaed hla hai and, turn
Ing wlth a traca of a am le to I "?? l
marked. "W e e\l?ient!-- have do frlenda ln
thla town." There were no ahota Bred
through the fluK Perhapn he would have
treated Barbara FYletchle that way if ?-iie
e Has Plenty t(
Itad Btllck her head OUt of the wlndow a*
?hi la ?.* m i Ibed aa dolng.
Tba varloua detachmenta of troopa were
to ii. in tha ptacea aaslgned to them on the
mountaln *ide.? arouad tha ptctureeajue
porge in whlch llarper'a Kerry ite* on Pop
tember 12. lt waa Beptamber II before
Jarkaon reaehed th0 atatlon whlch he was
to lake In ordi r lo romplata lha InvaatmaBt
"f thi plaea
McClellafl dld nol wall for Laa to get
Into Pennaylvanla, as the latter thoughl hs
Bi.ni.i n<- ael off promptly Irom Wash?
Ington arlth b tieat army In numbers, m
proslmately twlca Lae'a whole forca when
unlted. it marchad by three paraiiei
routes. arltti a baggaga traln arhlch would
hava rateaded Bfty mllea if it bad baan
atretrhed oui on a sincle r"arl it ruahed
Bi-rn'? ibe ? ountry al the rate of about rdv
tr.llea a dSV. I .< 8 had crOSSSd OVSf the
mounUUna to Boonsboro.
nn septemher is, when McClellan reaehed1
Prederlck, which had bs reeently horn oc
ed by Lae'a army. luck ovartook tho
I'nion general. The '.ith Indlana Volui -
teera whlch raaebad the vlllage at noon
that day, atacked arma on iba around o
cnpled i ?? <;? ni rai D. H. Min's aii Islon
tho evenlng before. Whlla b prlvate "f
thla reglment was fralkuig over the ground
?hortly after atacklng arma bta eya fell
upon three cigara wrapped In ? plaea of
paper. He plcked tha packal up and, un
plag tha cigara found that the cover
Ing waa as order aigned by Colonel Chll?
ton, General Lee'a ad itanl general. it
w?h a copy *'f thi order arhlch Longatreet
had deemed ko preclou thsl ha "chewed lt
ather than i un Ihi rlak of its fslllni
Ihe handa of Mi * 'lellan.
?|! . ordei waa eooi In the handa of Mc
. and I,.- now knew Lee'a plana aa
Do in Reducin
(Oopyrlght hy Harrls & i:?lng )
eai, hlgb fljirif and chlSB8rtOSl. He als<
gloriiied tho people.
l'rlncet'.n's pcaaldnill. oommamliiifr, at
traettva and bi-ie. aiagant, Buava and aa
gaetoua was gfvefl lha leaderahlp of th*
"radtcala," <<r. paihapa. ba obtalaed it i>*
foree. 80 the farmer and the profrpaor-1
busoorous palr la Iba eyea of "the inter
SBtS" ard party maelilnlnts?were broiiKh
into nn ekaaoant and eneriretic brother booi
ef aaTorta aad Idaaa Tha combinatlon
commarclally, was hunaeroua PoHtlcallj
it waa rtdleoloua Wllaan Btoad f*>r tbi
Boraraorahlp. Martlaa for the aenatorablp
Both wara alecbid. Tixlay Naw laraay
aauctiiary of ihe Imrona of ladaatry hm
ut tba bydraullC enxlmera ol biisineaa, I:
i.iinnsi. ;is '?proapjaaalre*' in aaany of h
Btatutea, Jaat anacted, os Oregon or Au
Tha '!'?"r of Benator Manbn 'a f>m<~f. i
Blamys opea Hla rotce ran ba heard i.
the corrMor aithout. Tbi ^ nator all
ntand l.p when n eallar walBS into li laa
praaaBos. Then ba aill lavlta ><>u t<? ?*it
down, bavtag ahahen your band and aahad
your nama and Introduced yotl to hia aec?
retary, Blr, lt .John.
ton win see an arect nnd rnrtly man,
with toualed gray lialr, Kray niuutache and
impertal ar.d llvely may 88/80* a mlaty per
scn in COiariBga, Waarlag a ahort eoat, nn
unatsrehad ahlrt and a red riecktie. I.ike
wiso you will dlacorer a ready tHlker, one
who ni.'ikrs bigBalataaees on bla trarela
< ne wbo will ar*k you to rido If he o\er
t.ik.s you in a BflBggy whlle voti are wnlk
Iuk ln the n.nd. I ililnk he llkes to tanglo
baa halr. t<> pull ll over hia broiv and rui.
it upward at tba ehi.H of hia baad. "Any**
wsy," ha aill *hv. when he haa tba cbanea,
??I ani i oi a inoial coward." N"i a phyei
rai enwnrd vou wlll rruiaik t-' IBBrBBlf.
lamea Bmlth, tr., the dethronad Biastar of
the i.einii-1bc) of Nea leraey, Baaher an.l
mllllonain leather makar, oa* icarasi h.'th
li, ls for him.-elf.
wr 11 B8 did Bay Of Lee'a own genrrala.
i^r-'a army ?.?.** gplll in twa Hnd Harper'a
Ferry had not yet eapitulatsd. la fact, a)
that hour Jaekson araa only beginnlng his
Inveatment lt io..k>-<i hke ;. graal opoor
tunlty l?> destroy Lee'a artm- Bnd BBVB
Harper'a Frrry NmuNaneooaly.
MeClatlan'a advance had raschad FTad
erifk the da/ l*fora ln praB"ii fo have a
liflle hruah wlth the raar gUBTd <>f l*r M
army, under Qeneral \\*<u Hsmpton. In
the . oiirae of th" melN tY,|on<M M""r, a
Union ofllcer, stutir? to dasperstloa by th*
Impertlnent erltlctam of a young R'aff ?"'
rar fr*>tu lha eorpa headquartera, had
rharged orr ln the dtrectlon "f tha Confed
rraU re?r guatd. Ha was oaptttTOd nnd
? ?I off. Thla Ineldent pla?M nn Inler
ratlng ar.d pBrhaps Importsat part In lh>'
battte of nonth Meuntatn.
Wlthln an bour after tha Bodlng of T,?e>
order McClellan'a army ??> n?o?ing tsw
grd Houth Moiifitaln on liee'a fal'. Nc
flr-llnn. however, did BOl take advantajso
cf hia Information fo aer.d off anv troopa
for the diri-'-t reitef r.r Harper'a Futj
The olhar branch of l/f s artny, two ? ll
march from Harprrs Ferry, araa II ? '
Bpllt it to two parlB, thfrtSM mll*M from
flBCh ither.
Catoctln and BeUth. monBtSlBS ?i' BPUTB
of the IHue Hidg* extending northward
and aeparated by Mlddletown Valley, .,
dapreaalon b!x er eight mllea wMa Th"
t .r:ipikea leadinr toward HagaratowB aad
Bharpaburg pataa over Bouth Mountaln l
?i .:?., ? oap nnd Fsx'a <;?p. aoichea In
the mountaln from t?" hundred to three
hundred fi ?' loa ai l ? in lh< cn ?t. ?
ii, turn la approxlm it* Ij ih i u .'ti hundred
feet abova th* floor <>f tha raller. About
half aray bi tween theae 4 th* >-??."
I ? rnesni of whlch iho Potomae braaka
g Cost of Living
Has "Alwaya Had Convictions"
and Delights in "Making
Them Known to
the Public."
"You have been battllng forty-threei
yaara." i aald, "for what you call tlie rslel
ef tbe people.' Where did you gel ti"i
"Innately ali men belleva in lha ?^i
jtiatie,. nnd Intelllgence of th-- people, ;
Benator Martlae answered. "Tblnga coma ?
into one'H uf.'. bowevar, to rtiange tbal
perfectly aatural ard aound bailef tnon ?:.
for Lnstance, and plaea "ur forefath ra
hnd faltk in the poopie. Tha Calth ean ta
r*'n<i iu tha Deetaratlon *.r Independenee.
'Ali Biwltloal power la Inberenl in tha peo?
ple,' hays tha eonatltutlon of Nea Jersey
- Sectlon 2 and Artl-?!<? I IntaHlganaa ln tl;'
naa af tha power hh<i moderatlon are thua
ooiifflflaad i can't Buy when Um taMjef
b'Kun wlfh me, any BMMra than I ean l II
you why h lilv ia whlt" or .* llnl ? Ingl
ln n Iree. I do knOW, BOWev r, tl.at r.i?
opliilona were free and BISlBteroSfed be
canse I roiilil hope for no poUtlCfll ad
vaniage ln a RspubUCBfl BSlghborhoud BBd
"Ab tlme went <.n mv Convldlona
Btraogthanad. Oraal auma ol mon* y, 'm
metia., nKgrcgaiions of wealth, we '?* Ifl Ulk
us.'d to laaaan the partlcipatlon of Ihe peo?
ple ln their o?vri goN.iniii.il l Inlkcd
againat ainh psrVffSlon of pOWer 11 nd was
caiied a radlcal. Indeed, i ??..^ radlcai
.?,:?.ii?h taranty-flva yeara h.m to ...i-i.
that Baaatora in " langrese ahould ta . hon ii
dlrectly by tbe \oters and not !?<?? eiot?-i
by tha leguilaturaa <.f the Btatea. i prcaeh.'d
that doctiina ?.n ihe atump. No on ? ?!>?,
so far hh i oiii.i learn, waa argulng .hat
guaatlon then.
"i aecepted the halttatlvfl aad i f>-r> Bdu.n
when they esnaa gknsg. Noa i ga ao Car
aa io sdvoaata tha reoall *>f *>ur iu.i>:. ?*. .'??
n yoiitiK man as a boy, rather I BBW aad
venerated tha halo ihat ??as over .?.?!?..
ju<Ik.-'? heed .\ eommofl lawysr, ami often
ii niik-iitv comiiK n mi'- al that, would BtOg
out of tlie runka of hia prafSSBton mi Dhc
tion Day to tak. a place on tha bailfll VP
Brenl tbe halo at once. John Bnaltb, ir
that were hia name, hnd be.n BUdonly
Bet apart. Hsnctiflcalion throiigl, Ih8
graea af the ballot box h.ol ma bj him so
holy that he wa? beyond thw oidina-v iu
lliiuiti. s of manklnd and bo l-.r.m.l th.it
hia beretofora aaoarlala arord horame lha
laW of the land. Thtis, when John Pni'ih
spoke there was nothlna; more to he snld.
"The tranamoKrlfleation perplex.d me ;it
flrat, nfter 1 bogan lo think for myaelf,
and then to Btlmtilate my doubt,.. l> and
by i pnraatvsd the haaaaa flharaetar *?f
our bench. ln tlme I cam? to iiiink that
un Ignorant Judge BT an unju?*t |*|dga 88
a crooked Judiio ought to bt- drlven fioin
tha offlee to vrhlch ha brtnga dtscredli ar
ili.Bgniee. Then would be nothlng rCVOht
tlonary or dangerous ln tha BSaUSJea S/era
lt adopted. Iieiisions are freijupntly re
v.aed or re,a!!*d by tba hagSJOf LOUrta;
then why not rscall lha man.' if the lm?i
Ing of b judge is ln id to !"? ? ?.nnsi the
i.iT?-, it ia set asifi-' by Baachlnery provlded
for that purpowe The man htniself, |
think. Bbould be thrown oul of urt.e lf hjfl
is ieHaajaani raorall) ai dlatorta Justlce to
aome e?il end.
It was in the Antietam campaiqn that General Jackson rode through Fred
arick. Md., on his way to Harper's Ferry, an mcident which furnished the basis
for Whittior'a famous but maccurate poem, "Barbara Fnetchie." Jackson took
Harper's Ferry, with more than 12.000 pnsonera, and his troops reaehed Lee at
Sharpsburrj m time to stay tho Union tido on tha banks of tha Antietam.
through tba Blua Ridge al Harper's Kerry
l:i another notch, atyled frampton'a Qap.
This opanlng through tho mountaln arall
waii parbapa four mii.^ In Ibe raar *>f tha
Confederatfl troops, on the Haryland
helghta, overlooklng Harpar'a Ferry- A
I'nion forca paastng through it could eaaily
. ut arrnaa tha Un*- af eommunlcatlon be?
tw.iii Lea and Jackaoa.
\\. ?t of Harpor'a Ferrj lha rourae of the
Potomsi awlnga around toward th<- north,
parallel t** and only a few mllea from Bouth
Mountaln Through tha rentre <*f thla Btrlp
of iii.'loaed rolllna countrj Antietam f'reek
Bowa aouthward, rmptyini Into ihe i"?.t< -
im,i4- On lha weatern alope .f tha modeai
..aii. i of t:i<- Antietam atood tha vlllage ".
Ihai |i i irg, ii ua, mi thla alopi* and
around tlu- vtllage that tha battli *-i \"
llotam, oi Bbarpaburg. raged, L'naware
ihai i.i.ui >>f his campalgn had fallen Into
? .\| i v,.,i, i, ii,.- d. relopinenl of our
i.iIllsatlon, *?.merclsllsed bj our lova ef
mum |. i more an i more belli i?? lhai the
Unlted Btatea ahoold gel fcach t" th.- peo?
ple, winre our governmeni began, Men ara
noa rapldl] '"110111; t" thal oplnlon. They
are in both <>r *"ir polltlcal punie* and ate
known aa progreeeivea ln Nea Jereey the
Camden 1 Amboy a powerful coofeder
acy et' wealth, ruled our Legialatura for
haif a eeatury. II wa? auccseded by the
PennaylvanU company, whosa acenrs sai
in the aeata <>t our Benatora and Btepra
Bantatlvaa ami whosa lobbylata walkad in
an.l ..ui. i.'iinK what laws BhOUW l>e en
acted aad what maaauraa ahould !"? kni.-d
1 proteeted, and man.'- paraona aald 1 was
a ravotatlonlat an.l a btgot NotblBg 1
bava sver aald, notblng 1 havs ever done,
poUtlcally, has raiiaod ma any repret. Bul
Whefl I 8808888 a eundldafe for the Henaie
Beaadaloua etoiias wer.- drculated oeaaarn*
Ing aaa"
'T.-ll 888 the wi.rsl," I aaid.
'Thal I w.Mild B8 a I nll iu u (hlna Khop
if 1 evar got to Waahtagtaa*'1 BaBator Mar
tine aerloualy anawared,
"Kevertbeleaa." 1 ventured, "you wara
el.' u?d."
?I was, wtth the li.-Ip of W.-odiuw Wil
?|I"W lillleh inoli.y dld yOU si'.-nil?'*
?\(ii a farthflSagi Imaroparly.'*
What do > 1 11 bopa to accompllali7"
"I 11111 88)8 man in a|n.-.>' a Immlied. and
an hassperlaaced man at that, bul 1 boM
Ihe lilghesl fifthe iii ih" world ln ||- po^si
bllltiee for dolng t.1. Tha Prealdeni <>i
tlu- L'nlted Scies geta more .?alary than a
?Jenator, ami is hi Ibm head ot tha Mllea,
but ii4* caaaot a4^oaspUab much laa liuman
1 tha handa of ti.e cnemy, i?ee. ? half of
I Whoae army was just WSSt of the gaps
and the other half ai Harper'a Perry, waa
hoping m bag Harper'a Ferry and unlte
hN i.i..- before McClellan could eome
upon him. it was abaolutely neceaaflsry for
him I.. guaid tlu- naps nt the im.untalii*
and Ik.IiI ttu- ITnlon ?rniy back at these
polnts, if poaalblo
. ?n the mornlng "f Beptember n i'nion
forcea wara dlaeovereil i" i"- approachlag
Turner'a and Pox'a K.-.ps Traapa were
po ted, f"i Lee'a large wagoq traln had t<>
i ??? proteeted from eapture al all hasarda,
The hatiio of Bouth Mountaln, er btoons*
boro, began fairly early In the moradng.
Nellhn ,-ul.. knOW lllSl what Ihe nther slde
was plsanlng t.> do. Tha tkmfederatee
won ?> Bglle in their movementa between
one cap and the other thal the Pedi rala dld
, mr k-? t through iii the mornlng.
1 Ity by his own action. He is penned up h>
the t'onatltutlon. Bven whan he apiminta
a poatmastar st Podunk it la wlth tha ad*
vlea and roaaenl of tba Benate, a Benator
can <!.. .. greal deal for the peopla i want
[llvlng aspenaaa cut down. Hera la Wash?
ington llttla poverty la seeu. iM New York
man are daily atandlng In line and flghring
for a hlte of braad. There are hUBgry
l.uman BWtatS in all of aur large eltie*. We
Bpaad mlHlOBs for cdaoatlaa and aava hura
(i.nipelllnif ehlMrea to attend school. hut in
Pateraoa, Newejrk, Trantoa, tfobofcea and
Jersey * ity parenta are puttlng thati Utlla
nons and daiiKhtera to work thut thelr
aarnlnga may heip pay iho gracery i.nis
on Baturday rdght Oh, there is plenty to
"Are you Btlfl a worklntr fntiii.r""' 1
?I am a farnier. hm l .,,,, slxly veera old
ami aratgh 22u pounds. and. though l fael h.i
well and Btrang ns e\er, i eaa't gel up the
paraonal aalbBMasBi i obos bad iu piough
Ing, btadlng wheat and rottlag grasa Ue
Blaaa, I have only fljfty uorot left. |g j
d.-iieiid on h tenant."
"When dld you baeoBM a rWinociilT" I
?I was hoin ln the (aith, l.ui I ,iM|v
began t.? rerleet upon men. tneasiii-e* and
<\ent*'. I l.egan attendlng ptimailea when
I waa aeventeen vcara old. S.iniiitlinea only
iui. nf us WOBld he pieriont. Wo would t\x '
iil> ? tuket, neveriholeaa. BBBfly to keep j
ti,.. party togetiiei and nsske a aassanatrB.]
tlon. I hnve hIb-hv*. hnd eonvlotlona, and '
1 It is a .lellght lo make them known to the'
j ,(-?>.>? ighi. I'.Ml, i.v Jamea n. Morroar.)
Bunuide'f Gallant Men Held
Won Ground, and in the
End Confederate Hopes
Were Shattered.
Karlv that day QSMral Cam, *h8 had
? eommand of a portlon of the forcea wa
rrosBlnK ratoetin ?'reek. a stream m tha
Middletown Valley. when he was BUrprtsed
by aeeing Colonel Moor standing at the
edge Of the road. C.eneral COS, at tonl.-hel.
rode up to hlm and BSbBd how he cnme
there. He aald that after baa rapture at
Krederlrk he had been taken beyond the
mountaln and then paroled. H" ?a.? ?8W
flndlng hls way back again. "Hut Wba B
are you goinz?" lie aaked Of Ceneral COS.
In response to t.enernl Coxs reply that B
reconnolBflanre wns to be made ln the gao
: bfl involtintarlly started and BXClBlmed:
??jlv (Jod! He careful. ' Then lu s'lddenly
rbSCksd himself, remarkin*. "But 1 an
A hinf lo the wl?e was siifflolent, and
Oneral *'ox prepared for any emergenc.
The mornln* flRhts, were rhlcfly at I'ox <?
\iap. At that point General Cox repuNed
t?vo dlfferent Confederate forces, Qeaeral
Osrland, m eommand of one brigads. taing
klllad. i'ox. however. wa** caaUoua and .1 1
not pa.?s through tba gap whoae portal he
had won. but feii back to aarall rslnforea
rmnts. In the mean tlme Confederate re
inforcementB al-o rame up, and in the Af?
ternoon Bl I o'clock, *'ox baVtag BSCOlved
the fresh troops lie arlshsd, moved forWSrd
again. At nl-out the .sme time I.ong?tre?t
eame up wlth more Confederate tTOOpa.
The laat nevoro engagement began at about
:; p in. at botli gaps and rontlnued BJttll
J r.fter dark.
Tn the .ourae of the flghtlng general
IjaaSB i. ReSjOi a T'nion oflVer of jrre.a
I Bbillty, was kill?d and Colonel llayer, af
i terward Prealdeni of tiie Unltad Btataa, ama
IWOUItded. The barile of South Mountaln
I began aa a itionitOtSsanca oa tlie part of
the Inion army, ?nd before ihe da- arafl
BVOr eadi side had mtroducsd snaugh
tTOOpa to makr II a battl-. More than .' ?? I
men arara Involvad en the inion side aad
between Rtioa and IMN <>n Ihe Confe.,*rat.>
? all who could be brougtlt forward. Al?
though the T'nlon army had BBCUred an ad
, vanced poaition. it did not a.ttempt to | ?
.lown the mountaln on the other side untll
! tho rnornlng mlsta had rlaan, wban it wa
| diacovared that tha anamy, havlng save.j its
jbagsage train hy tha perslstent BtTUggle
j of ihe day before. had moved on. l.ee, who
!.ad been uigrd to COft* er.t t a te llit- IrSSPB
isl ?harpsburg, as that arould giv.* tiie por
I tlon of hia army at Hsgaistowa an oppor
tUBlty to meet him half way inutead of
belng oMIgSd to go the whole way with a
I loss of tlme, moved ba< k actoss the An
, tietam toward that place.
| On the eame day that tlie batt!" of Bouth
Mountaln took place Major GsnBTSl Frank
| lin reached Craniptons ?rap and c arned lt
with a Baagnlflcent ?-harge up through th*
ateep mountaln pass ln the face ot a hot
fir* deiivered from behlnd atona wslla
owlng to the moderate speer] arlth Whlch
Frsnklin'B corpa had been moved fsrwsrd
I un-ier McClellan'a orders, arhan hfg troops
i paaserl .lown through the pass on the nmr:.
i tng of Beatemtar u they were too lata
j to stiecor the beie?giiered garrfson af Har
| per's I'err?, not more tliHti hall a dosen
j miiea away. Comparattvely ssrly thst
j morniug the whole foree and BUppltSa nt
| |ha ferry were surrendered to JsckSOB
The fruita of Jaekasn'a aajtckly raatlsed
vlctory at that point wera 12,831 prlsotiera,
i B.SM iiniu, 71 ptaegg ef artlllery and gg*>
eral hundre.l wagons. Tne BUppMaa of
Ielothing were aralcomed bj tiie Confederate
troopa, and aome of the Confelerates ap
'paarfld la the batiie ,,r Antietam weartng
[tha federal unlforma which had i ome
Into tiuir pesseaaiea. Jaekson bad accom
pllahtd his errand again wltaeui Federal
ktterference. deeplta the fact thal l.-e'?
loal order had fallen Into MeClellsn ?
two ria?r prevtouBly. \v*?uid ha be abie to
JolaWfa tafore McClellan'a bigormj ahould
re?' r/ >v.i attai k It? Nflil a motnenl waa t i
be loat. *No aoooer had the aurrender been
aaaured than Ja kaon'a armi ar.ta off for
Bharpr?*urg. croaslng tiie Potomac al th*
ford ?it Bhepherdatown, a lown ha the tear
<>f i.ee b poaition,
t^-e bad taken up hia poaition aieng tt,e
areetern alope of the Antietam * icek. On
the afternoon of Beptembar ti Ueneral
McCMlBB and his arm?- ...me up to tha
. reat of t'10 eaatern alope ovetioaklng lha
? reek and tha ?iiiagc ,,f Bharpeburg lylng
nnionK the flelda on tbe other aide. As Me
t'lellan and his offl* i rs walkad aSong the
hillelde dlscussing the poeltton .-f thi a
o-ny. the proape. i th.it la?- spre i.l oul ta
fore them waa b pteaeing one Immsdlste
i?- in front tb.? Antietam wouad through
tiie hoiiow. the bllla rlslng genti>- on elther
side. in tba bsckgroand, oa the lefl ?'
the eentra, could ba Been tha roofs of
Bhsrpsburg. lielow th.' rlllaga wera liebH
I Inclosed by Btona fences. K\ the r:ir'.t. to
th?> north of the VttlagO, fhe grern of a
jitere of woadland atylad the Weat Wocd
was vlalble. A little white brl k Imnker
chureh. the pjft of a man namod Munim i,
and tharafora *aiir*i st. Mumma'a in bobbb
of the ronfederata reports, atood *'ut dasr
cut agalast thi tallaga st thla v. .ud.
l-'uitlier to tbe t'ia>ht and lafl wcrc wood
ad rtdgas, wlth open BaMa between. Acroaa
the rreek tatow wara aeveral brtdgea ona
on tha eatrenM rlght, <??>> rather rlosa te
gather ln tha eentra over the loarer ana
of whlch tha road from S.mth Mounfaln
rroaaad t>> Bharpeburg. A ahorl diatancj
j beio?v waa a fourth brldga, viii.-ii baa been
I caltad BurnaMa'a artAea, bseauaa >>f tha
, gsllsnl charge wM h aoMlera *<f BurnaM* a
! eorpa made acraaa it ln tl e fa ?? ..: .i got
rnflladlng hra. This is tha arcbed brldga
nsuall? seen in the pi, lures ill'iairatliig tha
liattlc of Antietam. The alope SB Ihe i?f<t
j side of the creeh was to be tlie iMttl.heM,
j ami the Httifl Daafeer ahsrsh, ite wblta
whII.h shtnin* out agalnal tlie dark ?v.?o.li
like Chriaiian BUlity in a dark and dioary
world w.i? io ba o,ie af tlie ceiures of UB8
i.enerai McClellan'a paan of a-:d u. aa
far rt.s he had one. wa* that of beglnnit ;
at the left end and working BlBttg the n,
tlie length of LeO'a line toward the seuth.
The fact that tlie troops of M I.a\> ?? An
<ler?on. A. P. llill and Walker had not ai
rlved from Hat per's tVrrv w hen he reached
Antietam did not BBTV8 to BSatOn hia
| movetnenta. Oa the afternoon of Septcm
Ler Iti Mookei'.a tftpa wa* s"nt BCTOsa thaj
cioek by two tsrdfl and the BBSSt northerly
of tbe bfldgflfl? and about atinpet beeam^
engagid with some of Mood'B troopa. |n
the course of the nlght Mansflelda eorpi
cinsnetl over near tho nama polnt. That
Bflme afternoon a porti??n of Jaekson 'a
troops reached the sceno from Uaipe.4
The moiniiiB of Septtinhor IT dawn.l
fresh Hnd falr. llooker'B trops were ou
the alert early, and before sunrlse began
tha tenlhle contest. The flrat COntact naa
Iti u cornfleld to the north of the Dunker
< hurch. The fleld was made famoua by |h?
flghttag that took place that niornln,'
among the towering atalks g| pafga) mgrn
whk-h aavarai tha gtosiui iiookt-r had
imriKised to take ihe little chureh on th"
hlllock beyond tha sarniaM, The BsM
contalned pahrbapa thlrty acrea, and wai
rlll.'d wlth Confederatea, whoae bsjBBBlll
gttnted in Ui*' nioinlng m,,, among tl ?;
shinlng leaf upeara of thg ruatllna c*u
Flve or aix inion balteries .'oaded wit.i
lanlaiei were tiiiued on tlie tlaiUl alimilla
Beaualy, and wlthln the space of a f<?\
rahautaa avary siaik in the northern ar. l
Contiaiied oa ir.mth

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